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Topic (Romans 1:18-32) Verse

About God Verse

He is a God of wrath 18
God may be known 19, 28
God is Self-revealing 19
He is the Creator 20, 24
God's attributes displayed in general revelation 20
God is eternal 20
God is powerful 20
God is holy ("incorruptible") 23
He is to be glorified ('blessed") 21,25
He is the Righteous Judge 32
He is absolute Truth 25
God sets the standards (of right and wrong) 26-ff.
He is to be loved (implied from "haters of God") 30
God reacts to mans' rejection of Him: "gave them up" 24. 26, 28
God gives life … and takes life ("deserving of death") 32
About Man Verse
Men are "unrighteous … ungodly" (Romans 3:10) 18
Men "suppress truth" 18
Men have a innate consciousness of God (Pascal: "There is a God shaped vacuum in the 19
heart of every man")
Attributes of God are known by men - "shown to them" 20
Men are "without excuse" 20
Men: dishonor instead of honor ("glorify") God 21
Men: unthankful instead of thankful 21
Men: futile in thoughts (instead of profitable) 21
Men: Dark and foolish thoughts about God 21
Men: Fools instead of wise towards God 22
Men are naturally idolatrous 23
There is a continuum (degrees of) sinfulness 26-31
There are "natural" and unnatural sexual mores 26-27
Men "do not like to retain the knowledge ofGod" 28
Debased behavior is rooted in debased thinking 28-ff.
Men "invent evil things" 30
Men have an inherent knowledge that God judges sin 32
Men willingly and knowingly sin 32
Men willingly and knowingly approve of others' sinful acts 32
About Philosophy - the study of truth Verse
Reality of Truth / Error (Lie) 25
Reality of Good / Evil 29-30
Reality of the Eternal / Temporal ("death") 20 w 32
Reality of Holiness / Unrighteousness 18, 29
Truth (absolute) can be known by revelation 18, 19, 25, 28, 32