Problem Solving: Biltmore


Your teacher is making you plan the fourth grade field trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Your teacher has informed you that there are 94 fourth grade students. The tickets for each student is $25. The students also have to by $5 to pay for gas on the way to Biltmore and back home. How much will need to be paid to purchase 94 tickets? How much gas money will need to be paid?
Parents attend the trip: Your teacher also told you that there will be 34 adults going on the trip. Research using the ipad to determine how much money an adult will have to pay if they want to see the Biltmore House on Friday, December 14 at an adult regular price ticket. How much is each ticket? What is the total of the adult prices for the Biltmore?

Your teachers decided to let you stay at the Biltmore Inn for one night. Remember there are 94 students. There are 48 girls and 46 boys. There can be 4 students in each room. Research to find out how much it would cost at regular price for the night of December 14. How much does one night cost? How many rooms will you need for the boys? How many for the girls? How much will it cost for the boys rooms? How much will it cost for the girls rooms? How much will it cost for all the rooms? Your teachers also decide that you will eat dinner at the Inn. Everyone must order the same meal: Red Heritage Chicken. You need to research and find out how much this meal costs. How much is the meal? What is the total cost for the 94 students? If the four fourth grade teachers also decide to eat the same meal. What is the total cost for the teachers? How much would it cost for the teachers and students? If one student had to pay for their ticket in the Biltmore of $25, gas that is $5, 1/4 of their room at the Biltmore Inn, and their Red Heritage Chicken Meal, how much would one child have to pay? Looking at the previous question, what would it cost for all 94 students ?