Cleveland is dissected into two very distinct areas: the East Side and the West Side. there is, of course, a South Side as well, made up of such dazzling places as Brook park, parma, and Brunswick, but we find it’s best to simply act like that isn’t something that’s happening. And if you took one quick drive through there, you would probably feel the same. So let’s just concentrate on the East and West sides for now. personally, I am a West Sider. But I don’t want you to think that this has somehow colored my perception of which side is “better.” I pride myself on my ability to remain impartial. We can argue all day about which of these areas is superior, and many people do. But the fact is, they both have wonderful attributes.
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Each has great restaurants, historic buildings and unique neighborhoods. So let’s just compare the two areas based upon street layouts. Below is a map that I have created from memory that illustrates the different approaches to civic planning that the West and East sides of Cleveland decided to take.

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