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Published by: Mohsin Khaleel on Nov 30, 2012
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Oxymorons (words that shouldnt go together): Religious Education Logical Guess Good pun Great Depression American Cheese

Express Mail Restless Sleep Clear as Mud Friendly Fire First Annual Awards Hamburger Steak Assisted Suicide Diet Muffin Fair Fight Extreme Mediocrity Literal Interpretation Awful Grate Conservative Movement Meteoric Rise Dropping Like Flies Out Like a Light Reality Television Everyone Stereotypes A Bob Hope Special Government Worker Long Shorts Authentic Reproduction Partial Cease-fire Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Self-help Group Civil war Mandatory options Common sense Hot water heater Adult male Uninvited guest Airline schedule Open Secret Mideast peace Dry lake Silent Alarm Reasonable Attorney's Fees Live recording Non-Stop Flight Non-Dairy Creamer Marital bliss Clearly confused Wireless Cable Holy war Mutual Differences Legislative restraint Congressional ethics Original copy Act naturally Found missing True replica Resident alien Advanced BASIC Country Music .

Genuine imitation Airline Food Good grief Same difference Almost exactly Government organization Sanitary landfill Alone together Legally drunk Silent scream British fashion Living dead Small crowd Business ethics American culture Athletic scholarship Black Light Chili Corporate planning Media scrutiny Forward lateral Definite maybe Liberal values Good television Honest politician Jumbo shrimp Logical Thought Moral Majority Never generalize Plastic glasses .

then." Synthetic natural gas Christian Scientists Passive aggressive Taped live Clearly misunderstood Peace force Extinct life Temporary tax increase Computer jock Computer security Political science Tight slacks Pretty ugly .Postal service Practical logic President Bush Standard options Rapid transit Social Security Sweet sorrow Union craftsman Highly depressed Soft rock Butt Head Military Intelligence Software documentation New York culture New classic Childproof "Now...

Twelve-ounce pound cake Diet ice cream Rap music Working vacation Exact estimate Religious tolerance Campaign reform Microsoft Works Bitter sweet Sensitive man Freezer burn Compassionate conservative Legal principles .

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