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2011 USATF Annual Meeting Minutes

2011 USATF Annual Meeting Minutes

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2011 USATF Annual Meeting Minutes
2011 USATF Annual Meeting Minutes

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Published by: Brianne Dyer on Nov 30, 2012
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December 1, 2011

In attendance: Don Lein, Marian Lein, Lloyd
Stephenson, Mary Rosado, David Oja, Pam
Fales, Norm Green, Bill Quinlisk, David Katz,
Madeline Bost

Athlete of the Year nominee was

Christine Kennedy.

David Katz pointed out the IAAF has moved
to drop Masters age to begin at 35. Women
may set records now only when running in a
women’s only race.

Because of age division record times being
made in races that are without a sanction,
David Katz proposed that such times attained
prior to Jan 1, 2012 be approved for records
when all other criteria is met. After January
1, 2012 no records in races without sanctions
would be recommended. David pointed out
that the race timing companies can be made
aware of current rules, as can race bib
number suppliers. Lloyd Stephenson offered
to draft a proposal to be presented at the
general committee meeting on Friday.

Lloyd Stephenson discussed the proposed
rule changes that would affect MLDR. Rule
26A is authorizing dropping the age of
masters to 35 from 40. The committee is
unanimously opposed to such a change.

Rule 84B concerns aid stations on a course.
Lloyd advised the committee that it should
oppose the rule change.

A rule concerning team uniforms should apply
to only open athletes, but appears to also
apply to master’s teams. The MLDR
committee opposes this rule.

The current period that a record may stay as
pending is five years. The committee

2011 St Louis, Missouri


supports a change to two years, beginning 1-

Mary Rosado pointed out that there is a lot of
misinformation with Masters athletes on rules
pertaining to illegal drugs and the issuance of

It was suggested that a record set by an
athlete that is competing while using a
banned substance with a TUE not be

The committee nominated Norm Green for
the Otto Essig Award, to be approved at the
general committee meeting.

Masters Hall of Fame will not have nominees
for 2011. Norm Green has resigned from
chair of the Masters Hall of Fame due to poor

The Masters Hall of Fame currently contains
124 T&F athletes, 16 Racewalk, and 48 LDR.
The committee will ask for approval to split
the MHOF into two separate sports, T&F and

The new criteria for LDR will be performances
above 85%.

RRIC’s data base goes to 1999 with
performances after 1999 incomplete.
Volunteers are needed to be on the
committee to gather data in order to nominate
candidates for MHOF.

Bill Quinlisk will present the MLDR nominees
for Harrier of the Year to the cross country
council. The committee’s nominees will be
Kathy Martin and Pete McGill.

Bill Quinlisk reported that MLDR will ask for
an additional $1,000.00 for Masters prize
money at the club championships from the
cross country council for 2012 and 2013. The
MLDR committee will attempt to obtain
matching amounts from their budget.

For 2012 the championship races that will be
in the team grand prix at the 15K, 10K, 8K,

5K, and the 3 cross country championships.
In the scoring for 2012 the minimum number
of races that must be completed to be scored
is three. The best five out of seven
championship scores will count toward the
final score in the grand prix.

Respectfully submitted

Madeline Bost

Masters LDR

General Sessions

December 2

The meeting was called to order by Chairman
Don Lein

Norm Green was selected by

acclimation for the Otto Essig Award.

Christine Kennedy and Kathryn Martin

were selected as the female Long

Distance Running Athletes of the Year.

Mbarak Hussein was selected as the

male Long Distance Running Athlete

of the Year.

The following athletes were selected as
Masters Long Distance Running Age Division
Athletes of the Year



Chris Kimbrough


Colleen DeReuck


Linda Somers Smith


Christine Kennedy


Kathryn Martin


Rae Baymiller


Libby James


Libby James


Lois Ann Gilmore


Betty Lindberg

F90 +

Evelyn Tripp

Minutes of the 33rd

Annual Meeting 2011




Mark Andrews


Mbarak Hussein


Joe Sheeran


Brian Pilcher


Terry McCluskey


Doug Goodhue


Joseph Burgasser


Charles Rose


Jerry Johncock


Lou Lodovico

M90 +

Bill Tribou

December 3, 2011

The meeting was called to order by Chair
Don Lein at 10:30 a.m.

Representatives from Ludus Tours presented
the tours available for the 2012 Olympics in
London. Of interest is that hotels and
transport to and from venues is part of the
packages but transport from the US is not,
and most important, tickets to Olympic events
is not included although Ludus Tours will
have blocks of tickets available through the

Don Lein addressed the difficulties with the
Masters Hall of Fame, LDR. Volunteers are
needed on the HOF committee. Statistics are
relatively complete up to 1999 but there is a
gap from 1999 to 2005 when Don and Marian
began gathering records.

Mary Rosado reported on Law and
Legislation. She pointed out that the new
rule pertaining to the size and placement of
logos does not apply to masters LDR. The
L&L has now asked for representation of 25%
Active Athletes from the current 20%, where

Mary Rosado introduced David Oja as the
second delegate to the WMA council. Mary
reported that the WMA council has been very
pleased with the actions by the USA
federation in anti-doping education with
booklets and seminars and webinars.
Athletes have asked that the webinars be
continued. Mary pointed out that high profile

US road races have been testing. MLDR
championship races can expect the USADA
will test at some championship races

WMA is restructuring and the council wants to
reduce their size from 15 to 8, and eliminating
the regional representatives. The US
opposes this reduction.

Bill Quinlisk reported on the 2011
championship races. A complete report is
available online. The 2012 championship list
is also online. Bill is attempting to establish a
list of previous winners in each age division
and each championship distance going back
twenty years. It would then be posted on the
masters LDR page.

Bill Roe of the Pacific Northwest association
has offered to increase the Masters purse
money to $8,600 for the club championship
meet in Seattle on December 10, 2011. Bill
Quinlisk is continuing to ask the cross country
council to balance the prize money between
open and Masters divisions at the club
championship. Currently Masters far
outnumber open runners but the purse
money is weighted toward the open division.

The team grand prix has three divisions that
are still contested and will be settled at the
club cross country meet in Seattle on
December 10th. A 5K cross country bid has
not been received for 2012 and the
committee is still open to receiving a bid.
Long Island has expressed interest in hosting
the event.

Andy Carr gave the Records report and listed
the records that he asked to be approved.
They were approved.

Andy Carr gave a brief description of the
process for having records recognized.

Andy noted that the Masters Long Distance
Running Committee will no longer be involved
with approving records as the LDR Division
will now be approving records.

2011 St Louis, Missouri


Andy was asked if he would support a rule
change that would allow for automatic
recognition of any age division records set in
a national championship. He asserted that
he would.

Acting CEO Mike McNees gave a brief talk.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Madeline Bost, Secretary

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