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In the Line of Duty

In the Line of Duty

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Published by Paisley Rae
Ontario Ombudsman's Report of PTSD in the OPP
Ontario Ombudsman's Report of PTSD in the OPP

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Published by: Paisley Rae on Nov 30, 2012
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413 Families of officers may also feel the need to discuss problems related to
operational stress injuries with professionals who are familiar with police culture.
Rachael Marshall contacted the external EAP provider shortly after her husband
Doug’s suicide. She was referred to a Vancouver-based counsellor, to whom she
spoke by phone – and who in her view, lacked any experience in dealing with
PTSD. She participated in two phone appointments, and after being advised to
engage in “breathing exercises,” which were not useful so close to her husband’s
death, she abandoned any further attempt to obtain help through this resource. Her
family sought assistance through her family doctor and continues to use the social
workers attached to that doctor’s office.

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