Adobe acquires Omniture Software

By shantanu narayen (CEO Adobe Systems Inc) Adobe's acquisition of Omniture advances its mission of revolutionizing the way the world engages with ideas and information. By combining Adobe’s content creation tools and ubiquitous clients with Omniture's web analytics, measurement, and optimization technologies, Adobe will be well positioned to deliver solutions that can transform the future of engaging experiences and e-commerce across all digital content, platforms, and devices.

Why did Adobe acquire Omniture?
Adobe's mission is to revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information. By combining our content creation tools and ubiquitous clients with Omniture's web analytics, measurement, and optimization technologies, Adobe will be well positioned to deliver solutions that can transform the future of engaging experiences and e-commerce across all digital content, platforms, and devices. While we are creating significant customer value by "completing the loop" from content creation through optimization, we also expect to benefit Adobe's own business model, accelerating both revenue and earnings growth. This acquisition:

Significantly expands Adobe's addressable market and growth potential in the global analytics and optimization markets, broadening solutions Adobe provides to the rapidly growing Internet advertising, e-commerce, and digital media markets Further expands Adobe's offering of mission-critical solutions to the enterprise. Adding Omniture's capabilities will further enhance Adobe's offerings and ability to appeal to audiences such as advertisers, publishers, retailers, online marketers, and chief marketing officers Further diversifies Adobe's business, adding a scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that captures more than a trillion transactions per quarter, an expansive partner ecosystem, and a recurring revenue model

media companies. Enables Adobe and Omniture to cross-sell solutions to the combined customer base. Pressure to measure. We will be providing an updated worldwide employee number when we report fiscal Q4 earnings on December 15. Omniture's former CEO.• • Accelerates Omniture's ability to expand into new vertical markets and geographies: Adobe's brand strength and global scale will catalyze the entry of Omniture into geographies beyond its current strong footprint in North America. How will customers benefit from the acquisition? As consumers continue to increase their time spent online. has joined Adobe as senior vice president and general manager of the new business unit.564 employees worldwide at the close of fiscal Q3 2009 (September 15. This is a transitional brand strategy. Shantanu Narayen. and enterprises — will continue to transition from traditional forms of media to the web. manufacturing. Over the next few months. agency. an Adobe company. Omniture will be referred to as Omniture. and several other industries Other Important Information: Who will lead the new Omniture Business Unit for Adobe? Josh James. Adobe customers — such as content publishers. and ultimately monetize consumers' online experiences . and parts of Asia. as we do every year. reporting to Adobe's president and CEO. Will there also be reductions among Adobe employees as a result of the acquisition? As we begin to integrate Omniture into Adobe and finalize our FY 2010 operating plan. retail. 2009). 2009. In addition. we will be evaluating considerations for the optimal product naming structure for Omniture products. optimize. What will happen to the Omniture corporate brand? Upon the close of the acquisition. How many employees does Adobe have worldwide now that the acquisition has closed? Adobe reported 7. We expect that as soon as practical the Omniture corporate brand will be retired and the company will fully align behind the Adobe corporate brand. review our overall resources and structure to ensure they align with our strategy and revenue projections going forward. Northern Europe. we expect Omniture solutions can leverage Adobe's presence in the government market. which includes media and entertainment. financial services. we will.

media and utilities (CMU). quality assurance and engineering services. With industry expertise spanning decades. About Patni: Patni is a global provider of IT services and business solutions. communications. life sciences. Manufacturing. retail and distribution (MRD). Retail. CEO of iGATE Corporation About iGATE: iGATE is the first Business Outcomes driven integrated Technology and Operations (iTOPS) solutions provider with a global delivery model. iGATE to Acquire Majority Stake in Patni Computer Systems By Phaneesh Murthy. customer interaction services & business process outsourcing. infrastructure management services. Patni's service offerings include application development and maintenance. financial services (BFS) and insurance (I). content and applications — ultimately realizing improved return on investment for their web and digital media investments. Media & Entertainment and Telecom & Hi-Tech.Banking.will mount. As a result. business and technology consulting. iGATE's unique business model aligns with the client's strategic objectives to achieve operational efficiencies. product engineering services. Insurance. increase cost variability and rationalize their current operating environment. Why iGATE took this decision. Patni services its clients through its micro-vertical focus in banking. enterprise software & systems integration services. iGATE has developed the right solutions with its Business Outcomes driven approach for industry verticals . Health Care. our customers will deliver more engaging and relevant experiences. The combination of Adobe and Omniture will ease the transition to the web for our customers by "completing the loop" from content creation through optimization. servicing Global 2000 clients. manufacturing. .

customers. and offices in 16 countries. with revenues of $252 million for the 12 months ended September 30. 22 global delivery centers.6% and 17. and the completion of the open offer for the purchase of shares of the public shareholders of Patni. 82 customers. Patni Computer Systems has 16.503. and reported revenues of $689 million for the 12 months ended September 30. viz. amounting to a total consideration of approximately $921 million. iGATE's subsidiaries will make an open offer to the public shareholders to purchase an additional 20. Gajendra Patni and Mr. We also believe that the combination will help customers get better service. 2010.Intent to scale revenues.278 employees. at a price of Rs. We believe the threshold of a billion dollar revenue will facilitate faster adoption of our iTOPS for Business Outcomes model. iGATE has 8. Mr. and expand our vertical capability. access to more service lines and deeper pools of expertise. to acquire their 45. and offices in 30 locations worldwide." The objective is to synergize the leadership team of both iGATE and Patni to create. Narendra Patni. respectively.6% stake in Patni. In accordance with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Board of India ("SEBI") and the applicable Indian rules on Takeovers and Mergers. a world-class integrated leadership team which will drive the combined company to newer horizons.5 per share. Mr. seven global delivery centers. including receipt of required regulatory approvals.4% stakes. diverse expertise across multiple verticals. over time. higher level strategic end-to-end service offerings and an established management team with a track record of proven execution are expected to strengthen iGATE's competitive position as a top-tier player in the highly-fragmented global IT industry. and private equity firm General Atlantic. Ashok Patni. 282 customers. The closing of the acquisition is subject to customary conditions. . iGATE's subsidiaries have signed definitive agreements with the three founders of Patni Computer Systems. 2010. An expanded pool of talent.556 employees. The aggregate price for the shares to be purchased in the open offer assuming full tender is estimated at $301 million..

Munjal family and Honda group both own 26% stake in the Company. After the split the Munjal family will buy Honda Motor’s 26% stake for around $1 billion. international legal counsel. Hero Honda Split By Brijmohan Lal Munjal A joint venture between the Hero Group and Honda Motor Company was established in 1984 as the Hero Honda Motors Limited At Dharuhera India.. and Ernst and Young. Hero is the brand name used by the Munjal brothers for their flagship company Hero Cycles Ltd. Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited. financial advisors. or a little less than half the current value of the stake in the stock market. For the service provider. Khaitan & Co. Differences had been brewing for a few years before the split over a variety of issues. Indian legal counsel. it also creates a discontinuity in the linearity of revenue with people iGATE's advisors include: Jefferies & Company. Managers for the Open Offer. Inc. It addresses the problem of conflicting business interests between traditional outsourcing vendors and clients by allowing clients to use and pay for only the outcome. What led to this decision? The rising differences between the two partners gradually emerged as an irritant. tax advisors.iGATE's iTOPS solution methodology is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional outsourcing models. .

-Another major irritant for Honda was the refusal of Hero Honda (mainly managed by the Munjal family) to merge the company's spare parts business with Honda's new fully owned subsidiary Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) Arrangements As per the arrangement. the Munjal family. which will be backed by bridge loans. This would have also resulted in greater royalty payments towards Honda which has already impacted the profitability of Hero Honda for many years. This SPV would eventually be thrown open for private equity participation Honda will continue to provide technology to Hero Honda motorbikes until 2014 for existing as well as future models. These are very different from the Bharat III norms being employed today. the movement has been onto the Euro – V norms. Results -The name Hero – Honda can be used upto 2015 -By 2015.-Honda's reluctance to fully and freely share technology with Hero (despite a 10-year technology tie-up that expires in 2014) -Munjal’s uneasiness over high royalty payouts to the Japanese company. The Honda group has invested a lot into technology and R & D because at the same time in the west especially the European region. will form an overseas-incorporated special purpose vehicle (SPV) to buy out Honda's entire stake. The fact of the matter is that at the end of the day Honda and Hero Group are competitors. the Bharat IV emission norms would have to be implemented by all the two – wheelers. Now this up gradation means greater investment in technology and innovation. And therefore Honda India is vary of sharing this technology with the Hero Group. . it will be a two-leg deal. led by Brijmohan Lal Munjal group. In the first part. Earlier this year the norms were upgraded from Bharat II to Bharat III for two – wheelers while to BS – IV for certain cars and SUVs.

the second largest after China. which can use the Honda name until 2014. One big challenge will be to keep its dealer network of 4. .500 touch points under control. may have a tough time protecting its market share of 60% in the motorcycles and 43% in twowheelers. -Hero Motors.-After selling off its 26% stake in Hero Honda to the Hero group. -Rivals Bajaj Auto. Japan's Honda is expected to focus on growing its share in the Indian two-wheeler market. TVS Motors. Yamaha Motors. Suzuki Motorcyle India and new entrant Mahindra 2Wheelers will all now try to use it as an opportunity to reduce the gap with the market leader. one rider everybody expects to speed up is Honda. While nobody is willing to stick his neck out and predict who will make the most out of the split.

 and the cause and  effect relationships are known. The information is available and is considered to be reliable.  When I joined AIMT I took a great risk in terms of my career as I was doing pretty good in the  corporate sector .  they cannot evaluate the interactions of the different variables.  After I completed my 10th I chose commerce as my stream of studies for the next two year which is  11th and 12th but I was uncertain about the future and scope of commerce in the market and also will  I be continuing with the same stream for my further studies or not.  I was certain that after completing my BCA I have to join a IT company for which I spent a lot of time  preparing myself for the aptitude tests and the personal interviews and to regularly brush up my  technical knowledge . people are reasonably sure about what will happen when they  make a decision.        .  DECISION UNDER CONDITION OF RISK    In a risk situation. and they are very unsure about whether or not situation may change. but it may be incomplete.which I did and finally I got through the interview and was hired for the post of  technical analyst at Adobe Systems Inc.  DECISION UNDER CONDITION OF UNCERTAINITY    In this kind of condition people have only a meager data base. based on judgment and experience. one may estimate the objective probabilities of an outcome by using mathematical models  subjective probability. Moreover. they do not know whether or not the  data are reliable. factual information may exist.and the time which it will take me to complete my MBA degree would have given  me new heights in the same sector but still I took the risk as some day or the other I had  to do post  graduation. To improve decision  making.SUNDEEP YADAV    DECISION UNDER CONDITION OF CERTAINITY  In a situation involving certainty.

 i happened to get a call for GD from 2 colleges  and the date for the GD/PI for both the colleges was same so i happened to choose one over  the other. as it was totally new for me .      B) DECISION UNDER CONDITION OF RISK   While applying for various colleges for MBA. as i decided to take the risk of leaving the 2nd  college for the 1st one as i believed that the chances of getting selected in the 1st college was  more than that in the 2nd college.        . One more decision that i  took under the condition of uncertainty was after my 10th results . The decision for applying for  only few institutes was based on various factors such as.    C) DECISION UNDER CONDITION OF UNCERTAINITY      I m totally uncertain about my future. there was a situation of risk as in. but still under this condition of uncertainty i decided  to do Masters in Business Administration and not in commerce. the fee structure. i decided to take  commerce as my subject for 11th and 12th even when i was totally uncertain whether i would  be able to understand the subject or not . the location  and most importantly whether it provides diploma or a degree. therefore i took a conscious decision to appear for the  CAT exam and another important decision that i took under conditions of certainty was that  i decided that i would apply for only few selected institutes. the overall cat percentile demanded by the institute.  NAME   –     SIMRAN SANDHU     In 21 years of my life i have taken various decisions and the decisions are as follows:‐  A) DECISION UNDER CONDITION OF CERTAINITY   I was certain that i have to do MBA. the university under which it  comes.

JAGANNATH PRASAD SRIVASTAVA CERTAINTY In a situation involving certainty. I had already decided to pursue my MBA after BBA which was then a booming career for youngsters graduating in business field and it is proving to be my best decision so far taking into account the relevant skill sets I have. . factual information may exist. they do not know whether or not the data are reliable. certainty. mathematical models Risk DecisionI had dropped one year for my CAT preparations. UNCERTAINTY In a situation of uncertainty. To improve decision making.the doctor referred me to Delhi for remedical. for appearing into this test was an uncertain decision as it may have resulted in rejection. on the other hand. and they are very unsure about whether or not situation may change One of my uncertain decisionDuring my medical test in Air Force .e. One of my certain decision is related to my studies i. uncertainty and risk.e.Examples from my life. opting M. RISK In a risk situation. decisions under three different conditions i. for example.B. people are reasonably sure about what will happen when they make a decision. but it may be incomplete. one may estimate the objective probabilities of an outcome by using. so I can say that it was a risky decision for me. that weather I will be able to get the desired college after this or I am just wasting my one year. The information is available and is considered to be reliable. people have only a meager data base. and the cause and effect relationships are known.A. finally it turned out to be good for me.

A  in good business school because professional degree is more useful than M. I have decided to done my graduation in panjab university  Chandigarh .My dream is to take  admission in top business school.but I have less marks to  adopt science stream unfortunately I take commerce stream.if u capable not one can stop u.then finally  I have  scored 72%percentage in c.Then I think why I am lost another year to preparation for cat exam.Its not  required every business school give gud placement in reputed industry.Then I would do  hard work in 12 class and take good marks in boards exams.its totally risk for me to enter in next class.its is new for me.its totally accounts and business.INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT(PANKAJ KUMAR)  When making decisions  people may face three different kinds of its really tough to get admission in good college because those time cut off percentage was very  high  in commerce stream.but  unfortunately that time my all friend to  doing  M.risk and  uncertainty from my life here are some of the instances in which I had to take decisions under these  conditions.All subjects are new for me.That a reason I have  lost my one year.  DECISIONS MAKING UNDER CERTAINITY  when I was complete my 11 standard in commerce .i have never studed before in  previous classes.i want to adopt science stream.then I give  GD AND PI in aimt campus and take admission in MBA.  DECISIONS MAKING UNDER UNCERTAINITY  After completing my graduation.i am already decided to do m.b..Then I could do preparation for cat exam but I have scored less marks in cat.  DECISIONS MAKING UNDER RISK  When I was complete my 10 class in 60 percentage board exam but it is not so much unfortunately luck by chance i  took  admission in dav college Chandigarh.  PANKAJ KUMAR  SYNDICATE‐8 ROLL NO‐27    .s.B.Those days I take lot of time to  understand accounting concepts.

 Roll No 26  SYN got. I knew that MBA was totally different and as i was working i was  not in a practise of studying .INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: (PANKAJ JOSHI)    When making decisions. I took the decision of joining and I managed my time  effectively between my studies and my job. And as a result it did help me in the long run as  expected.    Pankaj Joshi.    DECISION MAKING UNDER CERTAINTY  When I was in my graduation 2nd  year I had an opportunity to join Naukri. MBA 09.  Some turned out to be wise while some proved to be wrong and results of some are yet to come. I decided to opt for MBA. Now as I am pursuing MBA and hoping that I will  be a good manager. Choosing for continuing for my job was very easy as it came to my routine and i was  liking it. From my life here are some of the instances in which I had to take decisions under  these  conditions.So it was a bit difficult for me to opt for MBA as it was uncertain wether  I will got an another opportunity to work with such a good brand or not but I still decided to go for it  because it matched with the areas of my it was very difficult  for me to decide that weather I should go for my studies further or to grab the opportunity which  i. All these instances show how I have taken decision under different conditions.    DECISION MAKING UNDER RISK  After completing my 2nd year when I got an opportunity to work with Naukri. so.  Therefore I decided not to opt for it.    DECISION MAKING UNDER UNCERTAINTY  When I completed my graduation I had a choice to make whether I wanted to carry on with my job  or go for MBA. I decided to grab the job which I have got though that was a very risky decision because I  knew that once I will start working than it would be very difficult for me to concentrate  on my  study’s but I decided and managed well between my job and studies. people may face three different kinds of situations: Certainty.  . Risk and but as my  course in itself was very vast I thought I won’t be in position to take out time for my job. but then I realized that joining this would enhance my  knowledge and experience about the prevailing scenario and will also help me growing  beyond my field of study.

in first attempt I left many offers which was not aligned to my aspiration although I was getting descent offers of which I could have chosen one but still I reappeared in the exam which was uncertain for me . Which always kept me in fear that if I get caught I will be liable for legal punishment and set back to my dear one’s. The decision was supported by fact that I had few contacts in the police department but the situation never arose which could have led to worse consequences.Decision taken under certain condition One of my certain decision was perusing MBA after graduating in business administration which was a thoughtful decision as it had better job scope and my skills were in line with the above career. It proved to be better now as I am able to relate most of the knowledge I have.this was completely uncertain taking into account my dedication to work hard and toughness level of the CAT. And I am confident my decision would be excellent in all condition and fulfill all wishes that I dreamt of. The decision was not so good but manageable looking at the prospects and value the college can provide me which I got through my CAT score. Decision taken under risk condition: The decision to drive car throughout my graduation without a valid driving license was my risky decision. Brajesh kumar . Decision taken under uncertain condition One of my uncertain decision was that I appeared twice for CAT .if I don’t get it would have ruined my career and hope to make best out of the opportunity previously available to me .

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