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November 5, 2012 Stan Stanart County Clerk P.O. Box 1525 Houston, Texas 77251-1525 Dear Mr. Stanart: In light of the recent attacks on the NAACP by True the Vote, I am writing to request that you inform and/or remind Harris County poll workers that the NAACP logo is not a partisan or candidate logo and anyone wearing apparel with the NAACP logo when they show up to vote does not have to hide the logo or remove clothing with the logo on it. I am sure that it is unnecessary for the NAACP to remind the County; but the purpose for us being at polling sites was to assist senior citizens and physically handicapped voters and persons who may have felt intimidation while exercising their right to vote. Additionally, NAACP poll monitors provided bottled water for those individuals standing in long lines. The NAACP Houston Branch’s voter empowerment activities are non-partisan advocacy efforts committed to defending the suppression of one’s vote and ensuring that every person’s vote is counted. Thank you in advance for your prompt and full attention to our request Sincerely, Rev. Reginald Lillie, President Cc: Gary Bledsoe, Texas NAACP Vince Ryan, Harris County Attorney

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