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Ncaa Penn State Report 1

Ncaa Penn State Report 1

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Published by: lc_nichols5019 on Nov 30, 2012
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In addition to the requirements of Clery Act compliance in AD74, the Freeh Report

recommended that the University Police Department review and revise its records management

procedures and improve its policies and practices regarding categorizing and reporting criminal

conduct by Penn State students, faculty, or staff.50

In addition to engaging in a review of its records management procedures, the University

Police Department has worked with the Office of Human Resources to create an internal

database to aggregate reports of employee misconduct. In addition, University policies AD39

(“Minors Involved in University Sponsored Programs . . .”) and HR99 (“Background Check

Process”) obligate all employees and persons engaged by the University to work with minors to

self-disclose criminal arrests and/or convictions within 72 hours. Planned mandatory annual

training under these policies includes employee confirmation of their understanding of this


50 See Freeh Report, ch.10, Recommendation 6.4.


In October 2012, in response to the Freeh Report’s recommendation that the police

department establish protocols to timely assign an incident number and offense classification to

all complaints received by the department, the University Police Department drafted

Policy/Procedure No. 40 on incident reporting. The draft policy requires the use of uniform

documentation methods for incidents, the recording of any arrest on campus as an incident, the

referral of incidents of student misconduct to the Office of Student Conduct, and the referral of

incidents of employee misconduct to the Office of Human Resources. It also establishes

comprehensive procedural specifications for reporting these incidents.

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