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Be a Master Patriji

Be a Master Patriji

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Published by: Pyramid Meditation Delhi on Nov 30, 2012
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We are all born as human beings: normal, average human beings.

But, how can we grow as perfect human beings ?... Perfect-physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually-to satisfy our myriad needs and desires? In short, how can we achieve total success in this world, in this society? It's often the case that many people invariably lead dejected lives. They are not happy with their achievements. Their needs and desires remain unfulfilled. Many even do loose hopes. There are any number of cases of suicides and there are any number of cases of people living a boring life, impatiently waiting for death to embrace them. Read More... Thousands of persons are living without knowing what life truly is ! Thousands of millions of persons are sick, unhealthy, full of mental tensions, saddled with nonharmonious inter-personal relationships. Families are continuously breaking up. All the technology of the world is not making man happy. Why is all this happening? It is because man does not study himself or herself. We lead lives studying everything else other than our own selves-whereas, the first charge on our own Self is to study ourselves, to find out who we are; to find out what we are.  Where do we come from ?

What exactly is Birth ?

What exactly is Death ?

What exactly is Life ?

What exactly is the source of Human Misery ?

What is the permanent remedy for all Miseries in human life ?

Is misery self-inflicted, or decreed by God, over which we don't have any authority ?...

. He doespranams to Gurus without knowing why he is doing it. I encountered something wonderful. I too had gone to the church without understanding Jesus Christ. what his life is.. a colleague working in my sister company-his name Ramachenna Reddy. The year 1976 was the turning point in my life. Now. never contemplating. These are all the fundamental questions which every person. when we pose proper questions to ourselves. For the first time. He does not contemplate on what Rama has achieved. He is going to grow without knowing what is growing up. what he asked us to do. every child has to put before himself or herself. how will we get relevant answers ? Without trying to look at the Sun how can we see the Sun? Without trying to climb the tree. and he used to narrate to me how he used to come out of his physical body-how he used to see Chakras-how he used to see Astral Masters and what conversations he used to have with them. If somebody else has done graduation. a friend of mine. All is a big oblivion for a normal. every man. every woman. All my earlier goals vanished. All these things. He will reap failures after failures in personal life without ever knowing the causes. I too had gone to the temples without understanding anything at all. He was having Meditational Experiences. No sooner than I heard these statements and these experiences from my friend. we will find all answers. my life was committed to them. we would like to build twohouses ! That's how it goes on ! We don't do things because we want to. They . He will be unhealthy without knowing why he is unhealthy. he doles out mechanically his petitions. He will go into samsara. without knowing exactly what the value of samsara or family life is. average person who does not put these basic questions. He will die without knowing what death is.. goes to hospitals. opened up New Horizons for me. hospitalises himself. for the first time. unless a person is bent upon finding the truth about human existence-the facts that govern human existence. he will wait for death without knowing what waiting for death is. how he became aGod. human relationships or human event formations-he is going to drift through his life aimlessly. or improve upon it ! The normal. how can we be on the tree and have a tree-view of things? So. we are required to do post graduation ! If somebody has built one house.. I too had undergone in my early life. What a shame ! When he goes to a church. for the first time. Without asking ourselves the right questions. And then. When we go to a Buddhist temple. because I was also an ordinary fellow before the year 1976. He visits temples without knowing why he is going to a temple. He goes to doctors. do we bother about Buddha's teachings ? This is the lot of the modern man ! What a shame ! All these things. when he goes to a Krishna temple he doesn't bother to think what exactly is Krishna's teaching ! He does not think twice what Krishna's life is about. family life. average person goes blindly to a Rama temple. I encountered a Master. replicate it. Because others have done it we wish to duplicate it.. Similarly. about Jesus Christ. undergoes surgeries without exactly knowing why all this is happening. even for a second.

or a businessman. or a legislator. what a beautiful tapestry they made ! Out of all these individual threads.Sarvam Jnanaplavenaiva vrujinam santarishyasi. or a clerk. whether we are an engineer. of Reincarnation. I gathered all these Spiritual Science things systematically. awaken everyone. Oh. or themes like We Create Our Own Reality. Kabir. in between the grand years 1976 to 1979. in fact. not to suffer and suffer ! That is not at all the purpose of man ! The purpose of each and every person born on this Earth. . or a student. Veerabrahmendra Swamy. of Enlightenment. That is the state of things. a wonderful Kashmiri Shawl was woven. So. or a teacher. So. There Is No Partial God Over There. into thinking of Mastery. or a bus-driver. There Is No Injustice Whatsoever. of Meditation. is to regale himself/herself with the highest possible Enjoyment. yet all that sin can be washed off. of Other Worlds. Ramana Maharshi. Entertainment and Enlightenment.. we all can be happy in our respective positions only if we are Spiritual Masters ! Jesus was a Master of Masters ! So were Buddha. or a house-wife. and since 1979 I have been wearing this Shawl over my shoulders and leading my life as a Master ! Everybody should wear this Shawl of Mastery in Spiritual Knowledge and then go happily about one's day to day life ! Everybody has to be a Master ! That is why. Guru Raghavendra Swami. Vivekananda. one by one. of the Law of Causation and Effect. into setting up the personal goal of Becoming A Master. Leadbeater and Annie Besant. Guru Nanak. even if you are more sinful than the most sinful one.paled in significance before this new theme of Mastery of Spiritual Knowledge. And what has been their single message to the whole of Mankind ? Be a Master ! That is their theme ! There can be no other theme ! Impossible! No Master's theme can be anything other than that ! My purpose is to shake every person. paapebhya sarvebhyaha papakruthamaha .. in one raft of Spiritual Knowledge. Mohammed. It means. Everyone should have Non-Stop Enjoyment and Perfect Enlightenment. Vemana-all of them were Grand Masters. No need for anybody to suffer whatsoever ! Sri Krishna said in a beautiful shloka : Api chedasi. of Spiritual Wisdom. we are born on the Earth ! We are not here to languish as half-baked individuals.

and from then on. We will not begin to practice music unless we aim at music. For some people.. Our Reality has two aspects. Be A Master . our knees are flexible and our mind is flexible. We all can become like Jesus Christ ! We all can become like Mohammed ! Each of us can be a Zoroaster. we trip over. This is the first step. As we become older and older it becomes that much more difficult to bend our knees and our mind. but very few of us live up to our own designs. we think we are very small. stupid. we hesitate to take steps. Some people are born in rural areas without much culture and education.. In that stillness of mind. that is the time we should immediately start practicing the subject. Known Smaller Reality and Unknown Greater Reality. the moment a person hears about these things. hear about Mastery in their early childhood itself and achieve it. One such example is Prahlada. We languish. That's what we are ! We delude ourselves as vincible and we dwell in ignorance. not much later in life. So. And Mastery can be obtained when we begin early in life. male or female.. plus the Cosmic Invisible Reality. the ability to still our mind whenever we want.One cannot become a Master until one aims to be a Master. They take it as a challenge and achieve it.. We do not follow up. Then the puny-personality-self dies . or we delude ourselves into thinking that " this is not for us at this early age. we make an excellent plan for ourselves before we are born. it's only at the age of sixty years that they are designed to start Meditation.. All of us. to immediately grasp its essence. Known Smaller Reality is like a pinhead and Unknown Greater Realityis like a big mountain. However. Actually we are Mountains ! Our own Invisible Greater Reality is as big as a Mountain ! This is realised as and when we become Meditators.We have to meditate ! We have to calm our minds ! What is Meditation? It is simply calming our Mind and activating our Invisible Senses and exploring our own Greater Reality. and dies on so and so date ! . When we are young. When we are born. although we hear the theme " Be A Master " so many innumerable times. It is as simple as that. make it one's own. he became a Master.. but they are designed to hear this and transform overnight ! The famous Mummidivaram Bala Yogi was born in a rural area. At whatever age we first hear about this concept. It is then that we understand the Grand Structure of the Cosmos and our own Grand Self.. that is exactly the moment to begin the practice of becoming a Master. or a Buddha or a Socrates or a Ramana Maharshi ! How? Simple! . The puny personality-self which is born on so and so date. it should become the moment-to-moment reigning deity. we are born with different designs. our Inner Senses get activated and The Inner Senses begin to throw light on whole of our own Invisible Greater Reality. The moment he heard Narada's words. he instantly became a Master ! Some others. or under these circumstances "... incapable of doing things. We have to become Masters of our mind. and to practice Mastery. I want every person who hears the theme for the first time. But when he watched the movie Pothana. having small potential.

and rivers. I want the „devotees‟ and „disciples‟ to disappear from this world ! I want everyone to practice Mastery ! How can we become Masters ? Apart from doing Meditation. Masters. one hour for reading the Right Books. Co-Seekers. So. If we are conscious of these things it is very easy to become Masters. The world is full of „devotees‟. then starts longevity or even immortality ! We have to realise our own Cosmic Self ! That is the bottomline for a would-be Master ! For this. our own Universal Self. only through hearing others' Life Experiences. and one hour for spending time with Co-Meditators. we understand that we are everybody and everybody is ourself ! There is no separation whatsoever ! There is no other ! We exist everywhere as everything. This is an on-going process. our thoughts will get controlled. wonderful scenery. then greenery. do we come to know of our own Grand Self. People who have set their goal “ Be A Master ” . Vigraha. we begin to see flashes of lights. mountains. one should cease to think casually ! These are all very.Only through Meditation. we will enter into a thought-free zone. If it is absolutely „ necessary ‟ then alone one should hear others. or Idol. apart from Sajjana Sangatya. out of our twenty-four hours. to spare for our efforts in becoming Masters. we have to do many more things. all this takes much time. . “ Mastery ” is at once easy for a Regular Sadhaka and difficult one for an irregular dabbler. That is the Goal. colours. and as everybody ! Then starts the peace that passeth understanding ! Then starts health. However. or Co-Masters. or Master. regular practice and being conscious of the goal. but even then sparingly ! Similarly. That is becoming a Master ! Once we know about our Cosmic Self. it is very hard to become Masters. by and by. Must stop talking casually ! … Must stop listening to others casually ! … Must stop reading newspapers casually ! … Must stop watching TV casually ! … If it is absolutely „necessary‟ then alone one should speak. very important and unless we become conscious of these concepts and impeccably implement them. or Guru ! As we do this. our own Cosmic Self. but never ends ! We should never be „ devotees ‟ of anybody ! We should never be „disciples‟ of anybody ! We should aim to become Masters of ourselves. When we converse with the Masters in meditation. only through Enlightenment. This process of becoming a Master begins. Meditation is very simple ! Anapanasati meditation means to sit comfortably clasping our hands. closing our eyes and observing the natural breathing without chanting any mantra. Slowly. without holding onto any form of Deity. we begin to converse with them. apart from Reading Right Books. we have to earmark. the world is full of „disciples‟. There is no doubt about it ! We should eat sparingly and sleep sparingly-to the extent the body needs ! We have to follow the Middle Path ! We should attend only to the minimum needs and eschew the rather unnecessary desires ! It is only then that we would be having sufficient time and sufficient energy at our hands. will make every thing happen. we become a Master ! However. one hour for Meditation. Then begin our Meditational Experiences. or God.

Now he understands he has to control his mind. this person who made this prayer. interacting with fellow-seekers. “ in all three worlds i. we have to hear their Meditational Experiences. Knowers ! Oh. He helps the supplicant by making him realise that . The Masters say “ You have to lift yourself through your own self. by your own efforts. and it becomes possible through constant Sajjana Sangatya. he becomes a Sadhaka. “ Trijagathi Sajjana Sangatireka – Bhavathi Bhavarnava Tarane Nauka “ It means. become a Master ”. have an open mind and not „ believe ‟ or „ disbelieve ‟ in the first place. from Mortality to Immortality is his own responsibility Others can never help ! Now he know he has to sit with his eyes closed and observe his breathing. not without. This is what Adi Shankaracharya has said in “Bhajagovindam”. in Krihsna‟s words. it becomes possible by Reading Books. Helpers ! Please help us ! ” And the Masters do answer the aspirants this way : “ Uddharedatma naatmaanaam. fellowmasters. The Master creates an environment in the seeker so that he can turn his view within himself. ” It means : “Oh. very important. and fellow senior-masters is very. “ From un Truth. Sajjana Sangatya alone leads one from Misery to Bliss ”. “ Only you can be your friend. by your own hope. And we become a Master! So.. lead us please to the truth. You should take care not to fall. it is all our own personal effort and our own personal responsibility ! Once a devotee realises that. Lead us from darkness to light. Others cannot really help.So many people have become Masters through the efforts of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies ! A newcomer is very well supported through these Masters ! A newcomer is very well placed to have the benefit of experiences of all these Masters ! For this. he stops saying his prayers ! Now he understands that going from Untruth to Truth. After a little introspection. gather a huge amount of date-personal and impersonal data. a Core Will arises in us. We should continue with our Experiments. aatmaanamavasaadayeth ! Aatmaivahyatmano bandhuratmaiva ripuraatmanaha ! “. a Core Wisdom arises in us. from mortality to immortality. You will. the Astral and the Causal. Soon.e. This is the constant refrain of every Master. It is all our own personal responsibility. Oh Masters. from Darkness to Light. We all know the classic prayer of the Hindus : “ Asatoma Sadgamaya ! Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya !! Mrithyorma Amrithangamaya !!! ” It says. who made this kind of supplication. the Physical. Only you can be your foe ”. How can we lift ourselves by our own efforts? It all happens through Practice of Meditation.

we will be wonderful musicians. Let us spread the theme “ Be A Master ” to everyone ! The world should be full of Masters ! Everybody should read more of Buddha‟s Teachings – the wonderful Four Noble Truths. We should ever strive to live in the „ moment ‟.. Leadbeater. We have to talk to them of Mastery. and our “ Jnana Chakshu “ through Reading Right Books and Sajjana Sangatya. ” Once we realise that we alone are responsible for our own Mastery. will come onto our lap ! I has to come ! So. We should implement the Teachings in our daily life impeccably. Every body should read Bhagawad Gita. we have to close our eyes and have to observe breathing that connects life and death. etc.he creates his own reality.e. a continuous celebration ! All ill-health vanishes ! We become a natural leader of the people around.” or the “Divya Chakshu”. Carlos Castaneda. Nobody is a „child‟ ! An Advanced Soul could be in a child‟s body. We should request every one to read books. Even to old people we have to talk about Mastery. We should request every one to stop having non-vegetarian food. then Devotees transform themselves into Sadhakas. now thinks of doing relevant Sadhana to become a Guru. the Middle Path and the Eight-Fold Path ! Everybody should read the New Testament of Jesus Christ. and a paragon of “ Jnana Chakshu ”. We become the natural friend of everybody !” We become naturally efficient in whatever we take up ! Whatever field we take up. We have to talk to them as Masters. We become a Master when we are a paragon of “ Divya Chakshu ”. That is the real challenge to ourselves. Nothing is impossible for a man. We should encourage all children to become Masters ! We should not consider children as „children‟. Through devotional singing t Gurus. let‟s not . One has to do the relevant Sadhana to become a Master i. or mere physical service to Gurus. to activate one‟s own “ Third Eye. all else will be added unto you ! ” It is all within ! And as everything is within. Yogananda Paramahamsa. let us contemplate on this theme “ Be A Master ”. Swami Rama. Richard Bach. Jesus Christ said “ Seek ye the Kingdom of God ! ” Then. we will be a Da Vinci ! If we take up cricket we will be a Gavaskar ! If we take up politics we will be a Gandhi ! Because of his spiritual background Gandhi became Mahatma ! So. If we take up painting. Every person should be immediately encouraged to become a Master. Let‟s never think of the past or of the future too much! What must come will come ! What ever is ours. life becomes continuous joy. Neither childhood nor old age is a barrier. If we take up music. Lobsang Rampa. books of Rajneesh. A disciple who just does service to the Guru. nor lack of education is a barrier. “ Once we become a Master. So. one cannot become a Guru or a Master. mortality and immortality. we have to open our “Divya Chakshu “ through Meditation. They have taken many births before. Jesus said “ I have become a Son of God and you can also become like me. to open. we achieve.

We should live in the moment grandly. When all familymembers become Masters. to hear. We begin to create our own under-selves. that is a Real Family ! Once we become a Master. We have to die again.worry ourselves over much about the future. new galaxies depending on our own Personal Energy ! Unless we live like a Master we cannot die as a Master. to be with ! A master is one with Everybody and Everybody is one with the Master ! . any number of times. this would be the last birth ! The two ways are crystal clear ! A master is such a pleasure to see. We get promoted to Higher Worlds. Punarapi Maranam Punarapi Janani Jatareshayanam. There is no ambiguity whatsoever ! If we want to be a „ Disciple ‟ or a „ Devotee ‟ we have to come back again and again ! But if we choose to be a Master. One has to bear the consequence . One can either postpone spirituality and come back again and again. “ If one doesn‟t heed the message “ Be A Master ” that‟s one‟s own choice. but our particular course on Earth is over. Until we become a Master. new planets. The choice is crystal clear. or take up spirituality and make the current birth the final birth. The two routes are crystal clear. we keep coming back. We may come here now and then to teach others. We may even create new worlds. or to be an example for others. we end the chain of Births and Deaths ! We don‟t have to be born again. Unless we die as a Master we cannot break this chain of Reincarnation. We have to be born again. to be born again and again. Shankaracharya said : “ Punarapi Jananam.

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