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Six Dollar Shirt

Six Dollar Shirt


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Published by chrisy2956
Shirt made from 6 1dollar bills
Shirt made from 6 1dollar bills

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Published by: chrisy2956 on Jan 30, 2009
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Six Dollar shirt Materials; --6 crisp new one dollar bills --1 card stock shirt form -- double sided

scotch tape --paper tie or paper punched button Instructions: 1. (All six dollars) Fold the white edges in toward the picture of Washington, starting with the long sides, then the short ends. (if you fold so that a little sliver of green gets included, no white will show on the green side.) Set aside two of these.

Two of the dollars) Fold in half. (green side showing) Set aside. Later when this dollar is assembled onto the collar of the card stock form, fold the top right corners together so they touch in the front forming a collar. Fold so that the number 1 shows on each side.

2. (Two of the dollars) Fold along the edge of the “ONE” (the full length on the green side both top and bottom. 3. (Now comes the tricky part) The next folds gets tucked behind the “ONE” so that the edge of the “ONE” is lined up with “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on the top and “ONE DOLLAR” on the bottom.

5. Assembly

Iron all six folded dollars flat

Use the scotch tape to attach the dollars to the card stock form. A. Attach the flat dollars side by side on the front of the form. B. Attach the two dollars (instruction # 4) in the center on top of the flat dollars with the word “ONE” facing in the same direction for all four dollars, (green side up).

C. D. E.

Stick a piece of tape on the cardboard collar on the front. Slip the folded dollar (instruction #2 ) over the cardstock. Attach tape to the front edges and fold over to form a collar. The last folded dollar (instruction #2) is placed behind the card stock ¾’s of the way down. The two edges are folded to the front so that the 1’s are showing (then taped) forming the cuffs of the shirt. Attach a paper tie for a boy or a bow and paper buttons for a girl.

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