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this book, waiting to load your table with enjoyment.


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Contents ^ 9 11 Introduction Some Useful Facts and Figures Hors d'oeuvres Soups Noodles 1^ & Dumplings 39 51 Vegetables & Salads Fish Poultry 73 & Game 91 113 137 Meat Egg Dishes & Pancakes Sauces & Garnishes 149 165 Puddings Bread & Desserts & RoUs 177 195 Pastries & Cakes Torten Beverages 215 237 Index 243 -[ 5 ] .

Therefore they kept only the cows. even from distant countries Hke Poland and Russia. which had to work hard producing milk and calves. That was when the famous Viermese pastry began to be made. the Germans have been in and out of Vienna. and very nourishing. and adapted to appreciative Austrian palates. The meat dishes. Food and ideas for cooking were imported from all over the continent. The innumerable noodle dishes came from Italy. for instance. They added their own — — and hghtness. their own sparkling flavouring to every dish they borrowed. The beloved sour cream came from the Slavs. the Hungarians. and Turkey from India). their way as they dance and make enthusiastically. But everything. a let's-have-a- — party feeling that is quite irresistible. which the Austrians immediately took and adapted in their own characteristic way.Introduction The — music Even in many of them Austrians cook in the same hght-heartedly. not 'fussy'. the Italians. 6 [ ] . and were kiUed only when they were old and tough. They felt that it was extravagant to keep them and have to feed them all that time while they grew up and did no useful work. Even the Romans campaigned from Vienna. and each left behind its legacy of cooking. Austria has had a long and chequered career at the cross-roads of Europe. So these mouthwatering dishes make brilliant use of old or tough or scragg>' meat. as soon as it reached Austria. Although some of the famous cakes and pastries are so wildly extravagant that they can only be used for special occasions (but well worth the extravagance!) most of the others are marvellously economical. brilliance Austrian cooking really began to develop into an art. The paprika which brightens so many Austrian dishes came from Hungary (Hungary got it got it from Turkey. Innumerable races the Turks. When Vienna became a great capital in the seventeenth century. even the great French ones. became Austrian. lavishly and — most economical dishes and there are there is gaiety and imagination. were ingeniously evolved because the Austrians were loth to kill bulls. Austrian cooking should appeal particularly to English tastes. The Austrian accent was quickly acquired! It is substantial.

. with their noodle and dump- Me many Austrian dishes. There are several You 11 need basd. may have to buy dry. are a briUiant And the sauces are so are scarce cost. Try some before you ^ ^VoT" wiU find to worth getting many unusual herbs called for. The celebrated •cm thT to that so maiy baby and a dish quite easy to master one result I^iener Schnitzel is The many veal dishes. and certainly in big cities. tarragon. . The capers. skin and bone need to rob quite cheaply. and your flavouring that the Austrians insist in then: sweet dishes for any ot these You probably won't need any special equipment most of the things you will need on hand dishes. will become a precious A I disaster. mstead of mxh a sniff of disgust. or order from bay leaves. as you will have may need a larding needle (see the mtroduction on already But you -[ 7 ]— . though. and it know them. poured sour cream down the smk dl those past times when you bemg bottle gone sour. at - ' way of supplying good filhng food at tng additions. sauerkraut. especially the more on hand. because strengths the dish. «„ ooii substantial soups. shallots. giblets. dills . or when suppUes godmothers to plain fish or Uke fairy itillating that they can be ThTStiirdo''v4'-7o%arth soups. Many of them can be grown is well m your Try chervil. There is no can often supply these dehcatessen shops aU over the Sunday's roasting bird! Many sell such thmgs as chicken country.which the Viennese are virtuosi grew buUs were kiUed. But Y^^ butcher chicken legs. chives. Paprika. garden. There Hvers. When you are several different kinds of Hungarian kind. because for the lit buying yours. you should ask quite freely Nvithout overpowering that is mnd and can be used use it. once "''As'foTthe sour cream used in so for you will be overcome with remorse ^-ou have got used to it. the year. Buy your cinnamon their borrowed dishes with charaaeristic subtle in pods if you want the truly vanilla in sticks. juniper. caU Some of the recipes. "ose Ser&ns. such as may not have for many ingredients that you marrow etc. mint. have added them to many of Austrians adore caraway seeds and dash. fennel. sweet picked cucumbers. Others you of these farms which post ftesh a herb-farm. to be turned mto possession. g^nc. enchantment. marjoram. parsley. some of them even in a window-box. thyme. herbs to any address aU through and of course caraway seeds. sorrel.

especially in the good old days but even to-day. Then you would have a fish course with sauce and maybe potatoes. then meat. with vegetables such as stuffed tomatoes or turnips. There's something about Austrian cooking that makes food seem more fun! -[ 8 ] . then a fish. but it does give that gay Austrian look The Austrians use a great to your puddings. aspics and cakes. It will — or dumplings. Even though the food is dehcious. art in the decoration of their dishes. and Viennese coffee. and a rcd-and-green salad. But you cannot make the acquaintance of Austrian food without catching the spirit of it. A mould with a hollow centre isn't absolutely the meat section). You must have one or two large and small saucepans with really heavy bases. a mincer. sharp knives. chopping boards. and cakes. with salad and/or vegetables accompanying each. then finish with a fight sweet hke stuffed melons or Vienna Foam. would be far too much for the average English apor capacity! You would begin with soup with noodles petite a deep fat-fryer. hqueurs. a sieve. a grater. And you will need have lots of exciting new jobs to do! A typical Austrian meal. For the same reason deal of a piper for piping mayormaise and icing would be a useful addition to your kitchen. And it's a pretty sure guess that no matter how conservative your family may be about food. coffee and There would be different wines throughout the meal. if you are to try all these tempting recipes. perhaps even more because it is. a double-boiler. if you hadn't had these as a snack before the meal. ideas for out-of-the-ordinary meals. and Then you would — potato wheels. You will certainly need lots of cake and bread tins. or hors d'oeuvres. and fresh rolls or bread. they won't take long to become enthusiasts about Austrian food. then chicken. You will find yourself improvising in a You will find yourself getting inspired typically Austrian way. A better way to use these recipes would be to choose a substantial soup with noodles and dumplings. or saucepan over which you can put a bowl to steam. finish off with a sweet. not to this seems too much for one meal in England today mention the expense.

16 tablespoonfuls equal 1 cup. In case it is wished to translate these into their following table gives a comparison: counterparts. ENGLISH . 3 teaspoonfuls equal 1 tablespoonful. the Liquid Measure One pint of Hquid may be regarded as equal to two American measuring cups for all practical purposes.Some useful Facts and Figures COMPARISON OF ENGLISH AND AMERICAN WEIGHTS AND MEASURES English weights and measures have been used throughout this American book.

COOKING TEMPERATURES Simmering (water) .

[ 11 ] . beer and coffee. informally but substantially. or as excitingly They would be very successful served different picnic dishes. with coffee or wine. A typical Austrian hors d'oeuvre always looked as dehcious as it tasted. guests at an evening party when you wanted to feed a lot of With the open sandwiches. you can experiment indefinitely. Try them for Ught luncheons or suppers. of course. And they weren't just snacks! Many of them are as filling as the main dish of a meal. in the afternoon with coflfee morning or tea. in the late evening with wine.Hors d^oeuvres The any Viennese loved hors d'oeuvres. They served them at In the time of the day when guests dropped in.

onion skins. then fold them into the creamed mixture. sprinkle with breadcrumbs and cook in a hot oven for 10 or 15 minutes. then tap the shells firmly all over to crack them. and serve cut in oblong quarters. Mix well. Place the peeled eggs in a deep fireproof dish. [ 12 ]- . Fill the scallop shells with this mixture. BOHEMIAN EGGS Soleier 6 SERVINGS 1 6 eggs 1 1/2 tablespoons salt 14 cup onion skin 2^2 cups water Vi teaspoons caraway seeds 6 peppercorns Hard-boil the eggs. peppercorns and caraway seeds together for 5 minutes. Place them under a running tap of cold water. Stir well together. salt. Pour over the eggs. butter 5 eggs 6 anchovy fillets 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 6 scallop shells 1 tablespoon fine breadcrumbs Cream the butter and add slowly the yolks of 5 eggs. Beat the egg whites until they are frothy. then add the anchovy fillets which have been carefully pounded beforehand. Now stir in the grated Parmesan cheese and the chives. Boil the water.ANCHOVY SHELLS Sardellen in Muscheln 6 SERVINGS 2 teaspoons chopped chives 34 lb. Stand in a cold place overnight.

Serve hot. Edam Blue cheese butter 14 lb. and serve spread on Ryvita-type bread. roll out the paste and place it in the pie tin. Beat 1 egg and 1 egg yolk into the cream and add this cream to the onion mixture which you have removed from the Fill fire. butter Yz cup thin cream ^ teaspoon pepper teaspoon paprika teaspoon nutmeg Make enough pie-crust dough for a 9 inch pie tin. Add the tomatoes coarsely chopped. Chop the bacon rashers into fairly large oblong pieces. and the seasonings. IH teaspoons paprika ^ Parmesan ^ cup sour cream Put the ^ teaspoon salt them Blue cheese through a fine mincer. mix well together. oven CHEESE SPREAD Bierkdse 6 TO 8 SERVINGS Y^ lb. melt the butter in a frying pan. slice the onions. lb. the pie paste with the onion mixture and cook in a moderate for 25 minutes. Brush the pie paste with 1 egg white and put. Edam and to the -[ 13 ]- . in a cold place for 15 minutes. add the onions and bacon and fry until the onions are golden and the bacon crisp.BOHEMIAN Zwiebelkuchen 8 PIE SERVINGS 2 eggs 1 teaspoon salt 1 1 pie dough for open pie 7 onions 2 tomatoes 7 rashers 1 oz. Stir in the sour cream. Grate the Parmesan and add with the paprika and salt. 1/4 lb. and add creamed butter.

sur. and constantly. Chop stirring them and fry them in the butter for 3 or 4 minutes. salt. sprinkle with brown in a hot oven. mix. cover and cook gently for a few minutes. pepper. and cook chives. the cream. _ [ 14 ]- . pepper and cayenne tablespoon flour and ^ o tablefew minutes. for about 10 then minutes or until the fivers are quite tender. add the cream. Serve on thin sfices of toast. pepper. Add the chopped chicken in the juice Add the mushrooms. Fold them chicken and mushdish. Cream for another add to the chicken mixture togetner with 11/2 tablespoons K spoon butter together. GOOSE LIVERS Ganseleber 4 SERVINGS Va lb. add Chop up the mushroom caps. Reduce frying pan.CHICKEN PANCAKES Huhnerpdlatschinken 4 SERVINGS 1 egg-batter pancake 1 teaspoon chopped chives mixture cooked diced 1/2 cups chicken 2 tablespoons cream Vi tablespoon flour 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms juice of 1/2 a lemon 2 tablespoons butter pinch cayenne pepper salt and pepper 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese Melt butter over a very low flame and stir meat. cover. cover and continue cooking (page pancakes with the egg-batter pancake mixture Make 4 tablespoons of the Spread these out and fill each with 4 145) over and place them chicken and mushroom mixture. Sprinkle with salt and them to the Cook very genUy Stir. unpecled. mushrooms 4 tablespoons sour salt 4 goose fivers 3 ozs. Pour on the wine. very gently for 5 mmutes. butter 4 tablespoons dry white wine cream and pepper up the fivers Get the butter sizzling hot in a frying pan. the heat to low. Pour the remainder of the in a fireproof Parmesan cheese and room mixture over them. of V' a lemon.

HAM AND MELON HORS D'OEUVRE Melone mit Schinken 6 SERVINGS 1 1 1 ripe melon 12 slices Westphalian lemon tablespoon chopped or Parma ham into 6 slices. a good pinch of salt and black pepper. Serve cold with thin rolled sHces of ham garnished with chopped mint leaves. HAM SLICES Schinkenschnitten 6 TO 8 SERVINGS Y2 cup fine bread- 2 cups ground 1/4 lb. Sprinkle the flesh of the Scoop away the seeds and fibres melon with the juice of 1 lemon. beating well as you ground ham. fill it with the mixture. Serve in slices either hot or cold. cheese. cream and twenty minutes. ham butter 1 crumbs teaspoon chopped parsley salt 1 cup thin cream 7 eggs 14 cup grated cheese and black pepper Cream the butter. Add stir add them. -[ 15 ]- . and cook in a moderate oven for Then in the the egg yolks slowly. lightly to the mixture. mint leaves Cut the melon from the inside. Line a shallow baking dish with parsley greaseproof paper. Beat the egg whites until Add the breadcrumbs and stiff. then fold them into the mixture.

Mix ohve salt oil. mix gently and serve cold. LIVER MEAT CAKE Leberkuchen 6 SERVINGS OR MORE IF SMALL 6 cups chopped livers 2 cups breadcrumbs i^ cup milk salt 1 (veal or goose) and pepper 6 eggs 1 cup cream teaspoon parsley 2 teaspoons flour a little 34 cup butter mayonnaise This hors d'oeuvre should be made some time before you want it. wine. Slice the cucumber and gherkins. vinegar. Add the finely chopped parsley. the well-beaten eggs. finely chopped onion. mustard. the cream. and pepper. Pour this mixture over the ingredients in the salad bowl. with the hd on the pan. salt. Stir the milky breadcrumbs into the minced hvers. and cook them for about 10 minutes.HERRING SALAD Heringssalat 4 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons vinegar 1 teaspoon strong 3 2 1 filleted salt herrings slices cold pork pickled cucumber 2 gherkins mustard ^2 glass white wine 1 1/2 3 apples 1 cup diced beetroot 2 cups diced cooked potato chopped onion teaspoon sugar ^ teaspoon salt pinch white pepper y^ cup ohve oil Chop the salted herrings and pork shces into fairly large pieces. sugar. and pepper. on a low heat. Then remove the hvers and mince them into a bowl. Put these with the diced beetroot Dice the peeled and cored and potatoes into a deep salad bowl. Put the chopped hvers in a pan in which you have fiist melted the butter. all apples. Melt a httle butter and brush a jelly-mould (preferably one with 16 [ ]- . Put the breadcrumbs to soak in the milk.

These are but a few of the many that can be made. as Vienna rolls. Now fill it with the liver mixture and put it to steam for 1^ hours. such rye and whole wheat. or cucumber sUces topped with mayonnaise and decorated with thin sHces of red pepper. pumpernickel. Or slices of hard boiled eggs and rolled anchovy fillets. Let it cool shghtly. variety are very colourful for cocktail SUce various types of bread. Turn it out on a serving dish. or PORK JELLY Schweinssulz . or tunny fish creamed with mayonnaise and some capers and chopped green oUves. Spread the shces with butter which has been creamed with some dry mustard. Shce with blobs of mayonnaise.a hollow centre) with it. Then sprinkle a Uttle flour over the butter. it very thinly. or various types of small German sausages. The sUces should be fairly small squares circles. Cover with cream cheese to which chives have been added. and dab it all over OPEN SANDWICHES Belegte Brotchen These sandwiches of infinite parties. sprinkle with a Uttle red pepper. or pickled herrings chopped with tomato and a little mayonnaise to bind. Remove it from the steamer.

Mix [ 18 ] . butter or cream. well together with the salt and paprika and caraway seeds. covered with the oil. mixing in well. cucumber cream cheese 2 tablespoons butter or thick cream the cheese. POTATO SALAD Kartoffelsalat 4 1 lb. placed in a bowl. very fine and add them. arrange them over the top of each. SERVINGS 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 tablespoons oil small boiled potatoes 2 tablespoons olive 1 dessertspoon chopped onion 1 chopped herrings salt teaspoon chopped parsley 2 tablespoons chopped gherkins salt and pepper potatoes should be boiled in their skins.the pork and place it in a deep serving dish surrounded by the vegetables. which are removed while they are still hot. Decorate with the The herring and gherkin pieces and serve cold. parsley and a good pinch of salt and pepper. liquid in which they were cooked over the pork Now pour the and vegetables and allow to cool and set before serving. The potatoes are then sUced into thin roimds. onion. Pile each shce of bread Slice the olives and cucumber and thickly with this mixture. SPRING CHEESE Fruhlingskdse 4 SERVINGS 2 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons paprika 2 teaspoons parsley 2 teaspoons chives a few caraway seeds 4 thick sUccs black bread 8 stuffed oUves 1 pickled V2 lb. vinegar. Decorate with sUces of hard-boiled egg. Chop the parsley and chives very.

The clear soups were used only as appetizers to huge Viennese meals. especially with the typically Austrian additions of dumplings.Soups soups are wonderfully healthy and filling. but if you plan to make them as by-products of other dishes. but even they are extremely rich and tasty. as many of the sauces as well as the soups call for stock. Most of them can be stored in a refrigerator. Many of them are quite enough to be meals in themselves. Many of the soups came originally from the peasants or from the soup-loving monks. which were either added at the last moment or cooked gently in the soup for about a quarter of an hour before serving. you will find them an economy in the end. and will therefore last for quite a time. pancakes. or boiled up every day to keep fresh. The basic stock is very similar to the French 'pot au feu'. noodles. who were sometimes given a penance of being only allowed one soup a day. etc. Austrian [ 19 ]- . and it is well worth while keeping one always going. Some of these soups may seem extravagant.

to be kept for a time in the refrigerator. Bones and water should be brought slowly to simmering-point. [ 20 1 . Either beef bones. The pot-Ud should rest in escape while saving the value of the contents. a good hghtly garnished soup. All bones should be removed before storing. Peel and halve or quarter Clean leek and celery carefully. herbs and seasonings should be added off" as it rises. Allow stock to cool in the It should become cold before being stored naturally. hft off" the which has formed on the top. Always steam to shoulder. leave the fat intaa. Simmer very for 2 to 3 hours. remember that soup boiled is soup spoiled. be used with success. bones (bones from rib roast. flavoured additionally to make or as the basic stock asked for in many recipes. carrots. 3 quarts water or water and cooked vegetable The bones and Uquid should be simmered very gently for as much such a way as to allow as 3 to 4 hours. such as trimmings a roast.PLAIN STOCK Einfache Fleischbriihe legs or 2 to 3 lbs. and the scum skimmed Vegetables. Veal bones can Either chicken or beef is ideal for clear soups.) also water mixed. wash and scrape parsnip. or chicken bones and trimmings. 3 quarts water or cooked vegetable 10 good sprigs of parsley (complete with water 2 large carrots 1 1 1 1 stems) bay leaf small teaspoon small parsnip large or 2 small onions 1 small leek (complete with green top) outer stalks of head peppercorns teaspoon whole Va allspice salt to taste of celery Wash onion. STOCK WITH VEGETABLES from 2 to 3 lbs. bones. breast. It can be stock serves excellently for clear vegetable soups. gently as soon as you are sure all the scum is gone. The refrigerator. fat If the stock is to be used If it is fairly soon.

Beat the egg yolks in a bowl. Add this mixture to the warm beer before it gets really hot. Put the beer in the top of the double boiler. Lower the heat so that the water in the boiler is only just bubbUng. Stir all the time. Add the cleaned fish in smallish pieces and cover with water. and strain. and serve at once. and the juices will emerge.FISH SOUP STOCK Fischsuppe SEVERAL DAYS' SUPPLY 1 lb. fish (heads and 2 outer stalks celery a tails will do quite well) (chopped) few sprigs parsley to garnish 2 ozs. Stir every few minutes. Longer cooking will do no harm. untH all the fish is at least 1 inch below the surface. Add celery. When the soup begins to thicken. parsley. [ 21 ]- . stir in the cinnamon. Add the sugar and cream. remove any fat. butter 1 small onion (chopped) 1 small carrot (chopped) salt to taste 1 bay leaf 2 or 3 peppercorns 1 good pinch seeds dill Fry onion lightly in butter. When cold. till golden. carrots and and cook for a few minutes over low heat. Bring to a fast simmer. stirring smoothly together. covered with a hd. add seasonings and let simaner for at least 1 Yo hours. BEER SOUP Biersuppe 6 SERVINGS 6 egg yolks 1 teaspoon ground ^4 cup cream (thin) 1 1 quart beer cup sugar cinnamon You will need a double boiler for this soup. Add water and leave to cook for about 7 minutes.

but don't boil [ 22 ] . Break the yolk of 1 egg into a basin and whip it for 1 or 2 minutes. Toast the rye bread. the While we may feel that a hostess beggared of time will be glad of this appetizing soup. to the soup. but on no account let it boil or the egg will curdle. Reduce the heat until the soup is barely simmering. Shce the hard-boiled eggs and add them. Take a little stock from the soup and blend it well into the egg. Leave for 1 5 minutes before putting them on the stove. With a potato masher or large wooden spoon. Cut into sippets and place in 4 soup plates. and serve. then bring the stock to the boil. it Warm Break each piece of bread into about six. if possible. Simmer for thirty minutes. Add salt and pepper. then carefully stir in the egg and stock mixture. If necessary. Remove the shells by first plunging them into cold water. crisp it. Pour the stock over them. and put them all in a large saucepan. break an egg on to the toast in each plate and sprinkle with parsley. Put in a warm place to keep hot. the stock. the bread quite dry. Leave for 2 minutes. Hard-boil 2 eggs. Wait 1 minute. Fry the chopped parsley in a little butter for 2 or 3 minutes. Share the stock equally over each plate and serve immediately.BEGGARMAN'S SOUP Bettelmanns-Suppe 4 4 slices rye bread SERVINGS 4 eggs 1 sufficient butter to quart stock spread chopped parsley beggar would not have four eggs. While the stock is coming rapidly to a fast simmer. 3 eggs a little smoked meat or butter salt sausages and pepper Use the end crusts of bread. fry them lightly now. If you are using sausages. with the sliced sausages or smoked meat. BREAD SOUP WITH HARD-BOILED EGGS Brotsuppe mit Eiern 6 shces stale bread 1 1 V2 pints veal stock 1/2 tablespoon chopped parsley lb. but is anyhow make sure in the oven. Sprinkle on the parsley. and butter generously. Remove the saucepan of soup from the fire. mash any bits of bread still intact.

Strain the soup through a fine strainer or sieve. 1 1 1 beef tablespoon butter sprig parsley salt 14 lb ham black pepper Chop up all the meats. skim off the scum and add the carrot and celery. vegetables. etc. and remove any fat from them. Drain. Throw the macaroni into the soup. Lower the heat until the water is just simmering gently and leave Chop pepper. When the water boils. veal lb. macaroni salt and pepper 2 tablespoons butter Put the butter in a large saucepan on the stove. a clear brown soup with dumplings. as a more Serve either strained or as or with the meat and substantial soup. stirring all the time. Return it to the saucepan. Melt the butter in it. Add the chopped meats. and put it on the fire. chopped up.BROWN MEAT SOUP Braune Kraftsuppe 10 1 1 1 SERVINGS 1/2 onion carrot stick celery lb. Boil the water separately. 23 [ ] . stir in the caraway seeds. Bring to boiling point and serve at once. Cook for 10 minutes. When it is getting brown. It is a useful soup for using as stock in other dishes too. Chop the onion finely and put it in the butter. CARAV/AY SOUP 4 Kummelsuppe TO 6 SERVINGS 1 % quart boihng water 1 V2 tablespoons flour heaped teaspoon caraway seeds ^ lb. Break the macaroni into small pieces and throw it into the boiling water. Simmer for 30 minutes. in it or on the side. Get a saucepan of salted water boiling rapidly. When it is melted. and slowly pour it onto the butter and flour. Stir occasionally.. with tight-fitting lid. alv/ays stirring. Any left-over broth will keep well if it is boiled up each day. Take a large stewing pan (about 5 pint size). the broth to cook for 3 to 4 hours. the parsley as small as possible and add it with salt and Fill up the pan with cold water. blend in the flour smoothly.

Chop up the raw meat and chicken and pigeon and put them. chicken. and white pepper. Remove the shells. before you strain it. Soup Peas. beef chicken bones 1 small pigeon or partridge small onion top of celery stick 1 teaspoon parsley white pepper salt Choose a large saucepan. with skin small carrot ^ lb. and serve with croutons on a a side dish. add 3 or 4 eggshells. the heat until the water for 4 hours. together with the bones. in the saucepan. with a bit of white sticking to them. Add little onion or garlic and simmer for from 5 to 7 minutes. Bring to the boil. as the Viennese do. Then strain the soup into a big tureen or individual bowls and garnish with chopped parsley. Pour in 2 ^2 pints of cold water. Schoberl. Add the cream. is Remove the scum as it rises. Serve the soup with Nockerln. veal 34 lb. just gently simmering. Peel the onion and add it with the celery top. salt Add [ 24 ] .CAULIFLOWER SOUP Karfiolsuppe 4 SERVINGS 1 3 cups stock 14 cup single cream ^2 cups cauliflower (white flowerets only) little ^ teaspoon chopped parsley a grated onion or croutons garhc Let the cauliflower simmer in the stock until very tender. of course. or dumphngs. CHICKEN AND VEAL BROTH Lichte Kraftsuppe 5 OR 6 SERVINGS 2^4 pints water 1 1 ^ lb. Simmer for another 45 minutes. If you prefer the soup clear. to the soup about 15 minutes before you take it off the stove. sprinkle with parsley. and Lower simmer and add it Scrub the carrot and cut off its discoloured parts whole to the soup. big enough to hold 2 quarts of water.

Boil gently for 3 or 4 minutes. Remove the soup from the fire. sprinkle with salt and pepper. [ 25 ]- . Take the giblets themselves. giblets in 2 pints of salted cold water and bring to the Reduce the heat and simmer for 1 hour. Add salt and pepper. so that Now make the dumplings: put a cup it is barely simmering. a teaspoonful at a time. Beat up the egg in a Httle water and of stir it into the flour. chicken livers 1 lb. Add 2 tablespoons sour cream.CHICKEN GIBLET SOUP WITH LIVER DUMPLINGS Suppe mit Leberkrwdeln 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 14 lb. When the soup comes to the boil. chicken Hvers very small. for 15 minutes. and cook gently over a low heat. half a cup altogether. Add the livers to the dough. or the vegetables will bum. and fry them for 3 minutes Chop up the in 1 tablespoon hot butter. plain flour in a big bowl. add the carrots and parsnips. with the cover on the saucepan. Add more water until you have added about You should have a fairly thick dough. only the gentlest of bubbles. blending them well in. butter 1 salt 1 and pepper tablespoon parsley 1 egg 1^ cups flour 1 big carrot 2 tablespoons sour cream Put the boil. if possible 3 ozs. not fast. chicken giblets medium-sized parsnip 2 or 3 chicken legs. shaking the pan every few minutes. Put the butter in a thick saucepan and when it has melted. mince them. Chop up the carrot and parsnip finely. and serve at once. Be sure the heat is very low. Blend it weU in and then slowly add the water in which the giblets have been cooking. and add them to the soup. By that time all the httle dumplings should be bobbing about on top of the soup. and push each down into the soup. Raise the heat under the soup and when it begins to bubble take the dough. Now add 1 heaped tablespoon flour. lessen the heat.

and let it begin to Gradually add the warm pea soup to it. Peel and chop the onions. Gently cook the onions until golden. first adding salt. 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 tablespoon water. Warm the sour cream but do not let it boil. then add the cream to the soup. stirring all the time. Melt the butter in the soup saucepan. Stir well. stirring all well together. salt. Cover the pan and leave over a low heat for 10 or 15 minutes. for 15 minutes. [ 26 ]- . pepper. While the soup is simmering. Add the shelled peas. Cook until the Uquid is a rich golden colour.CREAM PEA SOUP Erbsensuppe mit 6 Rahm SERVINGS teaspoon sugar and pepper 1 pint sour cream 3 onions a few caraway seeds 1 1 pint fresh peas. Remove from the fire. 1 Mix Get the stock hot in the saucepan from which tlie peas were taken and then pour it over the sieved peas in the bowl and return everything to the saucepan. place the croutons on top. Stir in 1 colour. tablespoon flour with just enough cold water to make it smooth and runny and add it to the saucepan of peas. Keep the heat low. cut some bread into quarter-inch squares and fry them in hot butter until they are golden and crisp croutons. Return the saucepan to the stove and simmer on a very low heat. When the soup is done and poured into a tureen or individual cups. then pour into a jug and it in a warm place. preferably with an asbestos mat. pepper and caraway seeds. keep tablespoon of flour. and simmer for 1 hour. Wait 2 minutes. blend it well. Old peas may tal:e more time to get tender. Then pour the whole mixture through a sieve into a bowl. shelled salt 1 pint stock 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons butter Put the butter in a large saucepan.

white flour and white pepper to taste 1 1 ozs. Add 2 tablespoons flour and stir it well into the butter. Peel and chop the onions and add them to the butter. which you have chopped up very finely. Add the stock. Do not allow to brown. onion and parsley in the butter over a low heat until tender. butter teaspoon chopped parsley Toss the cucumber. Reduce the heat to simmering point. Add 1 teaspoon vinegar and serve at once. Season to taste and serve with noodles.CUCUMBER SOUP Gurkensuppe 4 TO 5 SERVINGS 2 cups chopped 1 1^ pints stock cucumber chopped onion (rather small) 1/2 ^ pint cream salt 2 ozs. FRUGAL PEASANT SOUP Sparsame Brennsuppe 6 SERVINGS 1 teaspoon vinegar 2 pints water 2 eggs 1 tablespoon chives 1 tablespoon parsley 2 onions 1 tablespoon butter or margarine 2 or 3 tablespoons flour Put the butter in a saucepan to get hot. and let the soup simmer for 10 minutes. Gently add 2 pints of water. which should be very hot. Wait for a minute. add the cream (this way it will not curdle). When sUghtly carefully to avoid lumps. gradually. Remove the soup from the stove. then add the egg mixture to it. Cook them until they are hght brown. While it is simmering hghtly beat up 2 eggs and add to them the parsley and chives. stirring Remove from heat. stirring all the while. dumplings or bread. [ 27 ] . cooled. Add the flour.

Here is a soup closely related to a true goulash. garhc (well chopped) marjoram and salt. stewing beef (diced) 1 1 the bacon is onion rather salt) 14 clove garhc V2 V2 teaspoons paprika cup flour % teaspoon marjoram Chop bacon and 2 pints stock 2 cooked potatoes fry hghtly. and let all sizzle together.PROSPEROUS PEASANT SOUP. onions and continue frying. When [ 28 ] . add the diced beef. TYROLEAN STYLE Tiroler Brennsuppe mit Wein A slightly more expensive version of the above. Add stock gradually. of water. add a httle cold water. Keep tossing to prevent burning or sticking. Dice the potatoes and stir in 5 minutes before serving. 1 Use stock instead at the last of red wine instead of vinegar. add a gill of cream. and moment. adding 710 fat. glass GOULASH SOUP Gulaschsuppe 4 GOOD SERVINGS salt to taste (be careful if 2 ozs. allowing no lumps to form. When blended. bacon ^2 lb. Now mix in flour with care. Toss in chopped golden. The ingredients are made finer and the whole of course thinned to a soup consistency. cover and simmer over low heat for 20 minutes. Now shake in paprika. and simmer gently for 15 minutes.

onion and thyme. Lastly add the chopped parsley.LEEK SOUP Lauchsuppe 4 SERVINGS 2 pints stock or water 1 lb. then add to the soup. Frankfurters cut into small pieces may be added if desired. then pass everything through a sieve and return to the saucepan. Put them into a large saucepan of boiling water with the carrot. Boil for half an hour. Pass everything through a sieve and return it to the saucepan. Bring to the boil again. a Httle cold water. Add the onions cut into rings. Now add stock or water and boil until the vegetables are soft. Mix the flour to a smooth paste with the butter or bacon fat. celery. and add the peeled potatoes cut into small sour cream or buttermilk. Bring to the boil. Slowly braise the leeks in the butter. Add salt and pepper. SERVINGS 1 1 1/2 potatoes dessertspoon glass milk salt 1 1 1 1 1 carrot stick celery chopped parsley and pepper 1 soupspoon butter or bacon fat soupspoon flour parsnip large onion thyme Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Melt the butter in the bottom of a large saucepan. dice. Add [ 29 ]- . leeks 2 large onions 2 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons sour ^ lb. Lastly. potatoes salt cream or buttermilk Clean and wash the leeks and cut them into small pieces. parsnip. add a Httle LIGHT POTATO SOUP Lichte Kartqffelsuppe 4 lb. Blend until smooth.

cut leek into small pieces. all Clean and celery to cool. Shake in the flour. Simmer for about 15 minutes. add parsley and lemon juice. The quantities given here will do at least two meals a fine sieve. Serve immediately and very hot. chopped ^ cup butter cup water V2 cup flour ^4 y^ pints fish stock tablespoon chopped parsley 1/2 juice of lemon a little salt Gently steam the mussels in the water. carrot small leek several sprigs parsley salt to taste vegetables. adding the mussel-hquid at the same time. Now stir in the fish stock. strain. is Allow remove from heat and allow to settle. chop the carrot. chop parsley. quarter the onion. When cooked (seven to ten minutes) strain. Salt to taste. stirring and mixing. Take mussels from and save till wanted. Strain carefully through hned if necessary with cheesecloth. then reheat and put in several eggshells with a httle of the white adhering.MUSSEL SOUP Muschehuppe 4 SERVINGS 1 1 2 pints mussels % onion. [ 30 ] . for four people. If a completely clear soup wanted. and keep the hquid. Chop the mussels (not too small) and add. shells QUICK CLEAR SOUP Schnelle Fleischsuppe 8 1 SERVINGS 1 head of celery 1 bay leaf 6 or 8 peppercorns a few whole allspice 3 quarts water good-sized oxtail (11/2 to 21/2 lbs) the outside of 1 1 1 1 chicken pieces onion lb. Fry the onion in butter until golden. Many people prefer simply to remove the less attractive bits and pieces and serve this good soup with a quantity of the vegetables left in it. Combine all ingredients with water in a large pot and simmer for 1 to 2 hours. and remove all the fat.

Mix the flour with a httle cold water and then add it to the soup. Now add the buttermilk or sour cream and butter. Reduce the heat. Place in boiling water or stock and let boil for 15 minutes. Parmesan cheese Put the butter in a large saucepan to melt. return to the pan. Plunge the tomatoes in a bowl of boiling stirring occasionally. and let it come to tlie boil again. Hard-boiled eggs cut into new moons may be added to this soup. Put it to cook gently in the butter. [ 31 -^ ] . Pass through a fine sieve. Remove the soup from the fire and pour it carefully over the raw egg. SORREL SOUP Sauerampfersuppe 4 SERVINGS 1 1/2 34 1 lb. Serve at once. on a low heat. remove them and peel them. Sprinkle on a Uttle salt and white pepper. water and after 2 or 3 minutes.RICE SOUP WITH TOMATOES Paradiesapfelsuppe mit Rets 4 SERVINGS 1 6 ripe tomatoes 1 cup rice salt 1 1 onion V2 pints water tablespoon butter and white pepper /4 lb. Put the egg yolk into the bottom of the soup tureen. Scatter the rice on top of them and stir well. increase the heat and bring to the boil. Let the soup simmer for 2 minutes. Grate the cheese and pour it in a dish when the soup is served so that each person may sprinkle some on top of his bowl. fresh sorrel soupspoons butter pint stock or water y^ pint buttermilk or 1 egg yolk sour cream 3 soupspoons flour salt Clean and wash the sorrel thoroughly. Now add tlie water. and simmer gently for 30 minutes. stirring it in carefully. Stir gently. Add them to the onions and butter. and salt. Peel and chop the onion finely.

Cut up the pancakes into them Drop in the stock. Simmer gently for 10 minutes and then serve. TYROLEAN HORSERADISH SOUP Krensuppe 6 SERVINGS 1 6 big cups of beef stock tablespoon grated horseradish Bring the stock to the boil. Sprinkle the grated horseradish over the bottom of the soup tureen or individual soup bowls and pour the stock over it. Add salt and pepper to taste.TYROLEAN CLEAR SOUP WITH SLICED PANCAKES Tiroler Fridattensuppe 6 SERVINGS 2 pints veal or beef stock 4 unsweetened pancakes (Fridatten) salt and pepper narrow strips. [ 32 ]- . Heat the stock.

shredded cabbage. Fry them in hot butter or fat and sprinkle them on top of the soup. salt mushrooms 2 tablespoons butter and pepper In a large saucepan. Mix them all together. Get the stock to boiling point and pour it over vegetables. Add to it the chopped cauUflower. Cut off crusts and cut the bread into dice about Y^" cubes. Make the croutons with 3 pieces of stale bread. the onion peeled and finely chopped. the mushrooms also chopped. and the cook beef. cover the pan and let them very slowly for about 7 to 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper. stalks and all. [ 33 ] . shaking the pan occathe sionally.VIENNESE BEEF SOUP Wiener Kraftsuppe 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 1 2 cups beef pieces 1 cup chopped cauliflower quart strong beef stock 3 cups croutons 1 1 cup shredded cabbage onion V^ lb. put the butter to melt. removing any scum which forms. Let it simmer for a few minutes.

34 [ ] . Slice them. stirring all the time. mixing it well in. mince them. Cover the pan. Melt the butter in a large saucepan and put the cabbage in it until it begins to brown. before dishing it up. calf hver 6 tablespoons sour cream 2 pints meat stock 1 2 tablespoons flour salt and pepper large onion 2 bay leaves Get the fat really hot in a large saucepan. until it is all added. Peel and chop very small. Sprinkle the flour on. Chop coarsely into pieces about 2" square. Bring the soup just to the boil. Remove the pieces of hver. Season with salt and pepper and add the bay leaves. stirring aU the time. stirring it about so that all sides get sUghtly cooked. hnle by little. After 2 minutes slowly begin to add the stock. Season with salt and pepper. and put them back in the soup. get the stock to boiling point. then slowly pour it over the cabbage. Simmer gently for 1 hour. In another saucepan. Serve in individual bowls with a tablespoon of sour cream on top of each. Gently stir in the flour. Reduce heat. Simmer for 30 minutes. up the hver up the onion Put both hver and onions to fry lighdy in the fat. Add them to the soup just outside leaves. VIENNESE CREAMED LIVER SOUP Lebersuppe mit 4 Rahm tablespoon cooking fat TO 6 SERVINGS 1 1 lb. stirring all the time. stirring them well around as you do so. Fry the sausages hghtly.VIENNESE CABBAGE SOUP Wiener Kohhuppe 6 1 SERVINGS 1 1 large cabbage quart stock 6 sausages (skinless pork) 1 tablespoon flour tablespoon butter salt black pepper Clean the cabbage and remove the soiled and biggest tough Shred it up finely. and cook until the flour also starts to brown.

full Parmesan cheese ^2 teaspoon salt black pepper of fat it Grate the cheese and put frying pan and let it get really hot. salt Put the fat in the deep Put the stock in a saucepan to and pepper well together in a large in a bowl. Now put the be fried in a minute. Peel the onions and cut them into thin rings. VIENNESE ONION SOUP Wiener Zwiebelsuppe 4 SERVINGS 4 ozs. of cheese may be added at the table. They will each person sprinkles it on his soup himself). throw in a Rub When A few cooked peas and diced carrots a few minutes before serving. If you wish. 2 ozs. Cook over a low heat for 20 to 25 minutes. Bring the stock to boiling point. Mix the flour. warm. Add the onions to it. flour 4 cups stock 8 tiny white onions deep fat-frying pan. brown paper bag. (The bowl of grated cheese is passed aroimd with the soup and about until they are thoroughly coated in flour. These should be young and tender. Cook until the sprinkhng rice is completely tender and then stir in the cheese.VIENNESE MINESTRONE Minestra 4 SERVINGS 1 1 4 1/2 slices bacon cup water 1/2 small clove garlic small firm cabbage cut in quarters rice V'^^^ stock 1 salt and pepper taste to 2 level tablespoons 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese the bacon well with garUc and put into the oven in a casserole. 35 [ ] . the bacon has become very soft. put into a large pan and add the cabbage and water. seasoning and rice. and serve. Then add the stock. Put them in the paper bag with the seasoned flour and toss them floury onions in the hot deep fat. Remove them and put them on a piece of bro\^Ti paper to drain.

then add the peas and asparagus Simmer for another 7 to 10 minutes. smoked or salted pork salt lb. Sprinkle Put the stock in and chop up the tmy with flowerets. YOUNG VEGETABLE SOUP Friihlingssuppe 4 SERVINGS y^ y^ 1 Vi cup new peas 4 baby carrots cup cauliflower tips 2 young turnips Vt cup green beans a few asparagus 1 cup cream pint clear stock . all Pour plates. Remove from fire. add the peas. remove it and cut it into slices and serve it with the soup. Add the onion. 30 minutes later add the potatoes. the m Simmer gently for 20 minutes. chopped. Pour the cream. When the meat has been boiling for 1 hour. leave it in water to soak overnight also Get a large saucepan of water boiling and place the pork in it' Keep removmg the scum which forms. [ 36 ]- .tips salt and pepper tablespoon parsley a large saucepan to heat. Wash the vegetables carrots and turnips.WHITE PEA SOUP WITH PORK Erbsensuppe mit Schweinefleisch 4 1 SERVINGS 8 medium potatoes 2 lbs. and the marjoram. Chop up into a soup tureen or individual the parsley and sprinkle it on top. salt and pepper. Break the cauhflower into Add all these. and the beans to the stock. white peas or beans (dry) 3 pints water marjoram 1 small onion Put the peas to soak the night before you want to make the soup If the pork is very salt. When the meat is tender.

ALMOND SOUP Mandelsuppe 4 SERVINGS a tiny pinch ^ cup blanched. Mix together the cream. and bring to the boil. stirring all the time. SERVINGS 1 1 ^2. Return the sieved soup to the saucepan. cinnamon. and serve at once. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 45 minutes. Put 1 quart of water in a saucepan. little cold water and stir it gradually Squeeze the juice of a lemon into it as well. Place the almonds in the rest of the milk over a low heat and simmer gently. [ 37 ]- . Mix the cornflour to a smooth runny paste with a into the soup. sugar and egg yolks and beat until thoroughly frothy. fresh apricots lemon tablespoon cornflour 2 tablespoons sugar Wash and stone the apricots. Add the apricots and sugar. Then pour the soup through a sieve. Serve with pufi" pastry sticks (page 200). Stir in the whipped mixture and keep stirring until it is all thick and smooth. Add the almonds and milk slowly and with care to the cornflour. pressing the apricots through as much as possible. APRICOT SOUP Marillensuppe 4 lb. chopped almonds 2 cups milk 1 of cinna- mon 2 egg yolks level dessertspoon ^ cup cream cup caster sugar cornflour Blend the cornflour in a basin with a little cold milk.

Bring the water to the boil. into small pieces and put them into a big saucepan. and sultanas. Squeeze out the lemon juice and add it. stirring it imtil it is smooth and rimny. Mix the cornflour with a httle cold water. with the cinnamon stick and the sugar. Then press them through a sieve into a bowl and return them to the saucepan. SOUTH GERMAN STYLE Kirschkaltschale 6 SERVINGS 1 1 2 lbs. the sugar. Peel the lemon rind off neatly in one piece and add it to the water. and all. Let the soup boil for about 10 minutes. Put them in a large saucepan with nearly 2 of water. Slowly stir the cornflour into it and then add this mixture to the soap gradually. Simmer gently for 30 minutes. cornflour 6 ozs. currants. sugar Stone the cherries. stirring all the time. quarts HOT APPLE SOUP Apfelsuppe 6 1 SERVINGS 1 1 lb. Grate the lemon rind over them. sour or cooking cup currants or 2 tablespoons apples 2 tablespoons sugar 1 1 lemon cup sultanas 1 1 cornflour tablespoon butter teacup white wine Cut up the apples. fresh black cherries 1 cinnamon stick whole lemon oz. Now melt the butter in a small thick saucepan. Add it gradually. skin. stirring all the time. Cook them slowly until the apples are soft. 38 [ ] . In Austria. to the water. Chill and serve. but keep stirring it all the time. larger quantities of sugar and butter are generally used. to the soup. Simmer for another 10 minutes and then serve.COLD CHERRY SOUP. Remove the ciimamon stick and the lemon rind and pour the soup into a bowl. Add 4 pints water. core. Try experimenting with more of each and see if you like it the richer way.

such as macaroni and spaghetti. has taken the noodle and the dumpling. the home of cooks. came. now only be called -[ 39 ]- . and given them a distinction which can Austrian. from whatever country they is It originated. and certainly that country excels in varieties of noodles and other flour pastes. But Austria.ISoodles & Dumplings not quite clear in what country noodles and dumplings Italy lays claim to them.

a httle at a time into the well. depending on the size of the eggs. egg white. Leave the strips for another 30 minutes Sieve the flour. until all the Make Drop from the before cooking. Serve with soups and stews. FARFERL DOUGH Farferlteig 1 1 1 cup flour whole egg egg white 1/2 2 tablespoons water teaspoon salt — Beat the egg. add a pinch of salt and heap on a board. a well in the centre. These can be cooked in boihng salted water. Work the flour sides. Remove with a draining spoon. [ 40 ] . RoU up and cut into strips of the length and size required. Place the sheets of dough on a towel and leave to dry. Drop the crumbs in boiling salted water. Let it drop egg mixture is used up. Knead with the hands untH the dough is smooth. FINE NOODLE DOUGH Feiner Nudelteig % cup flour 2 egg yolks pinch of salt 1 tablespoon water Make in exactly the little same way it is as plain noodle dough above. Beat the eggs and the water together. or in the liquid of any dish for which they are required. Place them on a dry tea-towel and leave to dry. More or less flour may be needed.PLAIN NOODLE DOUGH Gewdhnlicher Nudelteig 2 cups flour 2 eggs 14 cup water salt in. Roll out to paper thickness. The dough should be soft. Reserve a flour in case needed. together. Put the flour into a bowl. water and salt Pour into the flour until the mixture forms small lumps or crumbs.

cooked beef 1 tablespoon parsley l^ cup butter. Season If the mixture with salt and pepper. Cut out each 2 inch square Place on an pockets in salt water for 15 minutes. Roll each in bread- Add rabbit. Place a square [ 41 ]- . the dough into 4 equal portions and ordinary noodles. not roll quite as thin as for Make the dough Do This dough other kinds. Place each on a square about 2 inches on a side. not too thm. is It is cut into pieces 11/2 to intended for fiUings. Boil the ing. chicken. The meat can be varied. ham and 2 inches square. add the melted roll each out mto a square. into balls the size of wahiuts. meat. Divide butter alternately with the egg and water. many LITTLE MEAT POCKETS Fleischtascherln pocket dough (see above) 1 1/2 1 egg tablespoon onion 1 lbs. Roll out the meat ball stretchon top of each filled sheet. melted chopped breadcrumbs salt and pepper Mince the meat. All the ingredients should be is too soft add a few breadcrumbs. dough in 4 squares. Bind with the beaten egg. the onion and chopped parsley. pork or chopped very finely. which you absorbent sheet of paper and brush with the butter have browned. Drain carefully. Lightly roll together. without with a pastry-cutter. fish. Divide crumbs.DOUGH FOR POCKETS Teigfiir Tascherln 1/4 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons water 1 1/2 1 1/2 cups flour tablespoons melted butter 1 egg but as described under Plain Dough (page 40).

nutmeg and ^ ^^ the salt.BACON DUMPLINGS Speckknodel 16 1 TO 18 DUMPLINGS pinch of nutmeg 4 gggs 2 tablespoons melted butter salt V2 cups Chopped ham.^ ^r^' ^°"^ ^ ^^"^^ °^ ^^^^ brow" sau" °. lean 1 large onion 1 1 cup breadcrumbs tablespoon chopped P^s^^y V2 and pepper cup flour "^^ '^'P "^^ °°^°°. T- -[ 42 ] .^°^ ^^ «^on in the butter "^. Stir in^the breadcrumbs.^°'' '^' ^^"^ b"«^^ ^-^^h the o^on Add ^Itl pepper. Beat the eggs and add toThe mixture sS the flour until the dough is fairly stiff. Add the fried form on diced bread to the batter Make the dough mto dumplings about the size of a soupslo^^^ Drop mto boiling salted water and cook for about 15 m 1 Cream T ^' Sn TZZ' over them. If served alone pour a little browned butter over. '''' ^^^^"^^^yB^t until bubSe° foS Tn the surface. Form into good sized du^pUi^t ^rn ^m^""k ' S Serve with soup. ov'eTth:. 3 cups flour cup butter tablespoon of the butter and fry the diced bread crisply the remaining butter and gradually add the '^''> '°"^. chopped parsley. stews and goulash. BOHEMIAN DUMPLINGS Bohmische Knodel 8 slices stale bread. diced ^ggs i cup milk salt I y2 Take It.

GraduaUy add the flour and milk until a soft served. Damp the breadcrumbs BoU in stock or soup for 20 minutes. . pepper to the melted butter. Fry the chopped parsley in a Uttle butter. They will . BUTTER DUMPLINGS Bu ttermehlnockerln 4 SERVINGS 1 1 3/4 1/2 cup flour cup milk dessertspoon melted butter whole egg egg yolk 1 14 teaspoon salt pinch of pepper Add salt together. Beat the mixture to the breadbutter the egg. and always too long. break up • it cook them in soup Serve as a garnish for soup.BREAD DUMPLINGS Semmelknodel 6 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon chopped parsley cup breadcrumbs 2 tablespoons melted 1 butter 1 whole egg 1 egg yolk a little milk 1 pinch marjoram teaspoon salt V2 melted fried parsley to the rest of tiie witii a Uttle milk. . be made just before the soup is ready to be These should boihng soup and do not teaspoon into the Drop them from a smaU allow them to cook more than left and 10 minutes. Add the add whole egg and egg yolk together. . [ 43 ]- . Beat the whole egg and the egg yolk together until well mixed. salt. marjoram and melted dumphngs with floured crumbs. Mix well and make into small hands. Gradually butter. Work all dough is obtamed. or stock. „ Serve with soup.

Ltrc^ra: ^'^^ Ponr .r"" ItX r^g^'aear^hte^'j^f^'fbreadcrumbs ^'^ *= """« Add the '''I aff th?rur dough sir Zt ?f ' is soft Form but not too 'fi™ ' ^°°^^ ^"f™^'^- into little duZ^ ^„. r beruLdt " n.° ^^^ ^ : ^^^ ^"«er and add the r the ^^= -« '"""-^ rise '™"'='- dumplmgs Serve with soup.r fliv coo^fof IS' g to the top they are done. goulash or stews.CREAM CHEESE DUMPLINGS Topfenknodel mit 4 Mehl SERVINGS 5/4 2 cups flour 1 cup breadcrumbs 2*/^ It^^^poonsalt cup butter cups cream '^che^. u'„r ai. litTi .r rul™""^hr ^7 *h™ '". JLT'T 'P°°° "=^ *= " ^"^' ">"*• dishes the^ uroiu/I ^XfofVe '^^^ -" ^^ -' Mehlnockerln FLOUR DUMPLINGS ABOUT 2 cups flour ^^^^ 16 TO 18 DUMPLINGS tablespoon melted butter pinch of salt 1 f ^s stock and egg volks f4vrrsep"air. -( 44 ] .

about the size of a hazel nut. stock or sauce about 10 minutes before the meal is to be served. Beat the The mixture yolks of eggs and bind the mixture with these. Make into very tiny balls. Add to the hver mixture Beat the eggs well and stir into the dumpling mixture. Serve with soup or goulash. Add the marrow. Put the cooked kidney in a basin. ox. Mix well. Moisten the breadcrumbs with Any Hver can be from skin or water and heat for a few minutes until it becomes like a paste. and the parsley. salt. should be firm. flour and seasoning.KIDNEY DUMPLINGS Nierenkrwdel 4 TO 5 SERVINGS 1 calf's 1 kidney tablespoon beef cup white breadcrumbs 3 egg yolks salt and pepper marrow 1 1 tablespoon butter tablespoon flour Chop the kidney finely. pepper and marjoram and cook for another 5 minutes. Chop the onion gristle. add a httle more flour. chicken or turkey. but it must be Chop it very finely. LIVER DUMPLINGS Leberknodel ABOUT 3 cups liver 114 cups bread- 18 DUMPLINGS 1 tablespoon chopped parsley teaspoon salt teaspoon ground pepper pinch marjoram 4 tablespoons butter 1 crumbs 134 cups water 1 ^ medium sized onion 2 eggs free used. Melt the butter and cook the onion and the parsley for a few minutes. If needed. Drop into the simmering soup. calf. Add more [ 45 ] . breadcrumbs. Simmer the beef marrow for about 10 minutes. Melt the butter in a pan and cook the in a very Uttle water chopped kidney. Add the Hver. Leave for about 30 minutes.

Shape into medium-sized always better to have dumphngs on the small side. Add the rice. Beat the egg whites [ 46 ]- . Form into small Fry in deep hot fat. Serve with soup SNOW DUMPLINGS Schneenockerln 6 SERVINGS 3 egg whites 3 tablespoons % teaspoon of mixed salt and pepper semolina to a very stiff froth. These are best served u^th white soups or any bouillon. Thev should take about 15 minutes. together with the parsley balls Tti^^^'T^f with floured hands. Leave for nearly an hour use a small teaspoon and drop into boihng clear soup.mixture is too soft. Drop into salted boihng water and cook for about 30 mmutes. They can also be cooked in the sauce or soup breadcrumbs If the t IS dumplmgs ( POTATO DUMPLINGS Kartoffelknodel If desired as a 1 main dish this quantity will serve fat for frying 3 people. Boil the potatoes and put them through a masher. Bind with egg yolks. Stir in the semoHna and pepper and salt very gradually. and potatoes to the melted butter. tablespoon melted butter cup rice 2 heaped tablespoons 1 2 tablespoons flour 2 egg yolks ham ^ teaspoon chopped parsley salt (lean) 4 large cooked potatoes and pepper Cook the nee so that it is dry and separated. cooked minced ham. First of all they swell a lot and secondly they are much more attractive if smaU).

TYROLEAN DUMPLINGS Tiroler 16 Knodel TO 18 DUMPLINGS 1 214 cups flour 1 cup chopped (lean) cup breadcrumbs ham Y2 teaspoon salt 34 teaspoon pepper 1 3 eggs cup milk Sieve the flour and put in a bowl. Cut into strips 1/2 an inch wide. Put in a cool place and leave it for 30 minutes. [ 47 ]- . the water boiling and salted and drop in the batter from a spoon. making a nice creamy batter. Break in the egg. Make a well in the centre.VERY SMALL DUMPLINGS Csipetke (Hungarian) 4 OR 5 SERVINGS pinch water salt 2 cups flour 1 egg Sieve the flour and heap on a board. Add the salt and pepper. alternating with water Roll out to a thickness of about until a stiff dough is formed. Cook for about 20 minutes. and stir in the flour. These are either boiled in salted water or in the sauce of the dish with which they are to be served. These can also be cooked soup or sauce. Heat the chopped ham Allow to get cool in a saucepan and stir in the breadcrumbs. pieces with the fingers. Break oflf httle 34 an inch. and stir Have in Cover and leave for a further hour. Generally they are served with goulash. into the batter. Break in the eggs one at a time and stir alternately with the milk. Make a well in the centre.

for the ha^ may anTthfiWd already basalt ^"' ^P^^^ theTo^ r"""^^ °^'^^ ^°^ '^^^ in ??^ 4?r^. Separate the eggs and beat the bmteT "^'^ '^^ ' "''^^= separate Add Wd in'toT ™'""'- '" /^' -«^« » m brown. Run to 50 minutes until golden a palette knife round the edges turn out or cu^'ur^l.L ^t ham. the noodles to this mixture. Spread the mixture'evenly over tile dish.' '" ^^"^^eS Of dough. then the pepper Be careful with the salt. 1 hour. ^"J^ served cut up small and with soup.^ '^Z^^^. Allow let golden K ge brown. Butter a large heat-proof thick dish w„h plenty of butter.'' fh!m hem . . Allow the milk. Bake a moderate oven for 40 them'fo i^h**!'" 'n boiling milk until they are tender. 45 minutes to Serve with Turt -^ a t].n . NOODLE fine PIE 1 14 cups milk 3 tablespoons butter Nudehchdberl noodle dough (page 40) ^^^ extra butter for salt and pepper pan '^°.HAM PATCHES Schinkenfleckerln 4 TO 5 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons bread- plain noodle dough dough (page 40) or line noodle ^u^bs 3 eggs ^4 teaspoon pepper 1 (page 40) 4 cup butter /2 cup cream cup minced hin butter for casserole ^fdlef Cut te'r^'. Beat the cream and add ihe eggs LduaS7 Sr . Melt fh" to '"'"o'"^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ *^ fo' ordinary Add ^^^.„ to cool m *™ "^= 'S8 "W'" » ^tiff froth and io d in to the mixture.^ouS'andXw^t"atrtil1 moderate oven fo^ salad.'^" "^°^^d "^ P]. """'' "'"" Z ^ TOs '"^^ °« Yorkshire puddLg ^ 1 48 ] I .

[ 49 ] . 20 minutes. POPPY-SEED NOODLES Mohnnudeln 4 OR 5 SERVINGS l^ cup ground plain noodle dough poppy (page 40) 4 tablespoons butter seed 1 cup sugar grated rind of lemon Cut the noodles about for about 15 minutes.NOODLES WITH CREAM CHEESE Nudeln mit Topfen 4 SERVINGS salt 1 1 plain noodle dough (page 40) 1 and pepper cup chopped ham tablespoon butter cup cream cheese Cook the noodles in salt water Strain them and shake them up until tender. about in a sieve to separate them. Melt the butter in a saucepan and shake up the chopped ham Put the noodles and cheese in a hot dish and until really hot. Shake together and s'erve in a hot dish. Add melted. Mix the sugar. but not seed and lemon rind. sprinkle the ham over the top. Sprinkle on the buttered noodles. Boil in salted water Shake to separate them. Serve with salad. Put the cheese through a coarse sieve and mix with the noodles. Drain well. Y^ "ich by 1 inch. ground poppy the butter soft.

eggs and mUk. 1 cup milk 2 eggs tablespoon butter it is This recipe is same way as dumplings. AUow to stand for at least I h„V.-"P *- [ 50 1 — .PANCAKES FOR SOUPS Fridatten 6 1 SERVINGS 6 heaped tablespoons flo^j.r Melt the butter and keep beside you in a cup Use a ver! smaU omelette pan. Sfore^rng":" ^'^ . Pour a very Uttle of the butter in and toss or turn with a palette knife. S>n^ue hke this mitil aU the batter is used up. as exactly the served with soud UltS tilted C""'^ °/*' Brown and '''"'^' *"^' '™"8h qSvTdd » ^™" the pVlhen ide the same. Let the panels getTold '"''' ""°^' "'^ ^^™^''"- m given with dumplings. Make a smooTb "tt"? of the flour. Do the oAer Set aside on a close-meshed wire tray.

. . too! We have such a wonderful supply of vegetables this country. food are reflected in these nation and ingenuity and love of good on the humble potato for mstance are Austria dishes. . gardens around with fresh vegetables brought in from the market and every little private garden producmg our towns each day. and Austrian imagiLforeign ones are imported into Vienna. that there is no excuse supply a different vegetable dishes. i- • Many m .Vegetables & Salads through most has a plentiful supply of vegetables besides native vegetables. at all for dull vegetable so abundantly. dozens of of the year. Their variations infinite. Here is enough inspiration to having the same dish every day for more than a month without . dehcious of the stuffed vegetable dishes would make the other nice thing about them is. And they look so pretty. [ 51 ]- . one twice. light meals on their own.

asparagus cup breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons butter brown the .?^i..p..>g breadcZ. ana pepper. 5>aic in tL Iu tf " '^^^ mushrooms. Bake m a medium oven for 30 minutes..bf4«fLav"I? breadcrSs M^ek over all.':. BOHEMIAN PEAS Bohmische Erbsen 4 1 SERVINGS salt '^ cup spht yellow ^o t.^^^^^^^^^^^ Stem-side downward*. Sprinkle with it and pour 4"^^^=^^" ^ "^^ butter BAKED MUSHROOMS Gebackene Pilze 4 1 SERVINGS 3 small shallots salt lb mushrooms sour cream /2 pint and pepper BrJefa:oT:trv^. uf^ 2 ablespoons butter 1 tablespoons bread- crumbs large onion [ 52 ]- .r:^.. ' ''^'"«- P"" ""^ dish.ASPARAGUS WITH BREADCRUMBS Stangenspargel 4 SERVINGS 1 Hb.

them evenly over the peas in the Cover them thickly with breadcrumbs and pour the butter left in the frying pan over the breadcrumbs. CABBAGE SALAD Krautsalat 6 1 TO 8 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons wine vinegar a 1 white cabbage few caraway seeds onion oil dried marjoram and pepper boiUng water salt 4 tablespoons oUve 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Wash finely. Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a frying-pan. Saute these in the butter for a few minutes. Place the cabbage alone in a big bowl it. Leave until completely cold. stirring every [ 15 minutes or so. and pour boiling water over water. Butter an oven dish. Peel an onion and slice it in thin rings. Sprinkle with chopped parsley just before serving. Put the cabbage. pour the sour cream over it. and stir. When they are soft lift them out with a perforated spoon and place dish. salt. Cover tightly and cook slowly at simmering point for 1% hours. vinegar. and caraway seeds and pour them all over the cabbage. marjoram. pepper. Put in a medium hot oven and leave until the breadcrumbs are browned. the cabbage and remove any soiled or old leaves. Shred it Chop up the onion. 53 ] . on top of it. shredded finely.the water and put the peas through a mincer or coarse sieve. Sprinkle with salt and caraway seeds. After 10 minutes drain off the Mix together the oil. CABBAGE WITH SOUR CREAM AND CARAWAY SEEDS Kraut mil 4 Rahm a few caraway seeds 1 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 heart of a cabbage 3 tablespoons sour tablespoon butter cream salt Melt the butter in a saucepan.

it Heat the cream without spinach. shaking Remove from the fire. [ 54 ] . then pour off the water into a jug and put the carrots to keep warm. spinach cup cream 2^ Wash dessertspoon butter tablespoons white pepper breadcrumbs the spinach carefully. and Put with some Cover it tightly occasionally. 1 1 SERVINGS a few caraway seeds 1 tablespoon chopped parsley young carrots tablespoon butter tablespoon flour Scrape the carrots and cut them into dice. a sprinkle of white pepper. very moment add the parsley chopped and stir it in. then put it in a hot serving dish. Put 2 teacups water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. melt the butter and stir in the flour. Serve at once. In the saucepan.CARROTS WITH CARAWAY SEEDS Mohre mit Kiimmel 4 1 lb. it dripping wet in a saucepan and cook for 7 minutes. and then pour over the Serve at once. CREAMED SPINACH Spinat mit Obers 4 SERVINGS ^/2 1 1 lb. letting it boil. Add Now pour in the carrot water slowly. more salt if needed. fine. Add 1 teaspoon salt and put on the lid. and let it cook until shghtly all brown. salt. the spinach. the time. Pour off water and sieve Stir the butter into it. stirring the caraway seeds and then the carrots. mixing At the last them thoroughly. Cook for 10 or 12 minutes.

shaking the pan 2 or 3 times diuring cooking. for 30 minutes. cover the pan and cook for 10 minutes. Get 3 tablespoons salted water boiling and put the leaves in it. Peel and Leave to slice the cucumber and put the sUces in the dressing. Slowly add the sour cream. In a small thick-bottomed saucepan heat the sour cream. chill DANDELION LEAVES 4 1 lb. Sprinkle with horseradish and serve. Add salt and boiling water over them. stirring all well together. IN SOUR CREAM and pepper Rohsalat in saurem Rahm SERVINGS salt dandeUon leaves 14 cup sour cream ^ teaspoon paprika Put them in a bowl and pour well. Drain pepper and stir the chopped leaves into it. Chop up the leaves coarsely.CUCUMBER 1 1 & HORSERADISH SALAD 4 Gurkensalat mit Kren SERVINGS 1 cucumber tablespoon grated horseradish 14 tablespoons olive oil dessertspoon lemon juice 3 tablespoons sour salt 1 cream and pepper Mix the olive oil and lemon juice together with salt and pepper. Reduce the heat and let the cream begin to show tiny bubbles but not quite to boil. [ 55 ] . Drain oflF all the water. Pour into a serving dish and sprinkle with paprika. Wash the dandelion leaves well.

The mixture should always be moist. (Add chopped sausage. chopped tablespoon grated 0^0^^ cup water tablespoon flour teaspoon lemon juice 1 few grains nutmeg salted water boiling in two separate Put the beans in one and the fennel in the other Cover both tightly. a grating of nutmeg and the grated onion. a httle at a time. so if necessary add a little extra butter or lard. "until the sauce thickens. cup Get a smaU amount of saucepans. Add the rest of the butter. parsley. not dry. Chop up the rashers into pieces about 1/2" square and add them to the onions. cook for 10 minutes. or It will curdle. but firm. Remove from fire. Keep warm while you make this butter sauce: Melt half of the butter in a saucepan. Put beans in a warmed dish and lay the fennel on top of them.FRIED POTATOES Gebackene Kartoffeln 4 SERVINGS 2 or 3 bacon rashers 1 tablespoon chopped parsley 4 large potatoes ns 1 °^f 2 tablespoons butter Peel the potatoes and cook them slice. add the potatoes and parsley and mix together thoroughly. the lemon juice.. in boiling salted water until soft and sprinkle with the chopped GREEN BEANS WITH FENNEL Griine Fisolen 4 SERVINGS 14 cup butter y^ 1 1 2 cups green beans ^^^ 1/2 cup fennel. Do not let the sauce boil. Let the butter or lard melt in a frying pan and add the peeled and finely chopped onions to it. [ 56 ] . blend in the flour well. Gradually add V. drain off water. always stirring constantly. Remove them. shaking the pans occasionally. When they are cooked. cold water. and stir it all the time you are making it Pour this sauce over the dish of beans and fennel and serve at once.

and serve with Frankfurters. into finger-sized pan.HOT SAUERKRAUT WITH ONIONS Gamiertes Kraut 4 SERVINGS 2 onions salt 2 1 lb. [ 57 ] . sauerkraut cup butter and pepper Pour in salted water for 10 minutes. paprika mto the mering point and cook for 30 minutes. Now small as possible and fry them hght brown in Lower the heat to sunadd the marrow pieces. Stir the and mix well. without peeling it. through a mmcer. Peel the onions Pour the butter and Melt the butter and stir the onions into it. HUNGARIAN MARROW Ungarische Kurbisse 4 1 SERVINGS 1 12" marrow or 2 6" ones 3 onions 4 ozs. and put them off the water. Pour this over the marrow. Cut up the marrow. It is now ready to serve. chipolatas Simmer the sauerkraut onions over the sauerkraut or other pork meat. marrow. Peel and chop up the omons as Melt the butter in a frying the butter. Let it sour cream Chop up the parsley and sprmkle over the heat thoroughly. Cover the pan. butter 1 1 teaspoon Hungarian paprika cup sour cream dessertspoon parsley strips.







I'^^'-l^^^ 3 ozs. butter deep pan of fat


young parsnip
green peas


stems and all Melt half the butter in a frying chopped mushrooms and let them fry hghtly for 5 mmutes, stirrmg all the time. Melt the rest of the butter in another saucepan. Add the parsnips and carrots to u a^d f^ them gently, also stirrmg, for 5 minutes. Then add them to the mushrooms, spnnkle with salt and pepper. Lift up d^e ^ture with a perforated spoon and put it in a bowl nL it uTweU Beat up the egg and gradually stir the flour into it. Pour this over the vegetables. With floured hands, take up a quarter of tLs mixture at a trnie and shape each into oval cutlel. Or'f >^u prefer, make 8 smaller cutlets. Get the fat smoking ho m a deep frymg-pan and fry each cutlet quickly to a


^^ P'^^^P' Sr^'^ Zf^ r^ 'r^^ "^^ "^^r"' mushrooms and *em Wash but do not peel the

into a pile

chop them up into





deep golde^

rir^;!l^.r-------l. or noodles.

S^rveLh salad, X^^^^^


2 tablespoons flour cup fine white

6 medium potatoes yolks of 2 eggs fat for frying



finely. Beat the yolks of 2 eggs for brushing after the balls arc prepared. Mix the' yolks in with the mashed potatoes. Shape into httle balls,

and mash the potatoes very

Save a


breadcrumbs. Fry very hot fat. This will be served with a main dish.











lb. oatmeal flour 3 potatoes 1/2 lb. cream cheese

deep pan of fat or

tablespoon chives small onion V2 cup milk
1 1



Put the

paste. Knead it well water until you have a firm but not sticky 1 thick. hands roU it out into a large roll about 1/2 and with floured 1" long. Take these httle cubes Cut this roU into pieces about and leave ready roU each one out flat. Sprinkle flour on each

flour in a bowl.



Uttle stir into


boiling salted


weU. Add salt to taste and the off the' water and mash them up omon chives and milk. Peel and chop the cream cheese, chopped of potato on each spoonful very finely and add it too. Now put a dough over and press it together so flat piece of dough, fold the pan of deep fat smoking hot that no fiUing can escape. Get the are golden brown. and cook the turnovers quickly in it until they Serve with sour milk, cream or yoghourt.


are cut up and cook the potatoes until they



spmach These turnovers are often made using

instead of potato.


are also

made with

as a filling jam, prunes, apricots,




fairly large





tablespoon flour


P'^'^^^^ teacup German

2 tablespoons butter
i cup stock pepper and salt

y2 teacup bread-



are sott but snil firm.

an oven dtsh.

Remove them and



them and nut them

tablespoon of the butter





"/PP" """ *'


°f ""^atd.



f„H H




Sprinkle breadcrumbs
grill until


ot butter.


in the oven or under a

golden brown.

Blatteln mit


a few caraway seeds
1 cup brown sauce 2 tablespoons cooking ^

lb potatoes tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 lb. sauerkraut







^heT^h" "k*""^"^ ' "':' ""° " ''°«''- Add Lle!^ K ^ tablespoon butter and the flour.

'^""^ "''"•


Cook them

for 10 off the water and


^ """^^"l ""-"g-P'" "n^ about? "Sck°"r-, """ '^"' ''°'V°"' ^ "5"=^"- G« the cooking fat really ^ hn?,!,^ V ^^ch potato square untU it is golden and crfsp. S,„l wi h hnf'^



well together nto Roll into a balfand pace






6 medium potatoes 3 onions 3 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour

tablespoon paprika


few caraway seeds

Put the butter in Peel the potatoes and cut them in halves. a frying pan to get hot. Peel and sHce the onions and fry them
in the hot butter until they are golden.

Now add the raw halved them about in the onions and butter. Sprinkle the flour over them and keep turning the potatoes in it for about 2 or 3 minutes. Now add enough water to cover the potatoes, put a lid or plate on the frying pan and lower the heat to simmering point. Cook for 30 minutes. Add salt, caraway seeds, paprika and salt.
potatoes and


sauce should be thick and creamy.
it is.


it isn't,

cook a


longer, stirring constantly, until




lard or melted

2 large raw potatoes 2 eggs 4 tablespoons flour


8 tablespoons apple sauce or cranberry sauce

Peel the potatoes and grate
a lot of

them shortly before the meal. Should Uquid form, pour som-e away. Add flour, eggs, and salt, and stir well. Melt the fat in the frying pan, and when it is very
1 it

tablespoon of the mixture at a time in the fat, out like a pancake. Lower the heat and fry golden crisp on both sides. Serve very hot with cold apple sauce or cranberry sauce.







2 sweet green peppers 2 sweet red peppers 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon

and pepper



Put the whole peppers in a bowl. Pour boiling water over them and leave for half a minute. Then plunge them into cold water. Leave half a minute and drain. Cut off the stalks of the peppers and carefully remove all the seeds. Shce up the peppers in very narrow strips. Peel and chop up the onion finely. Put the oil in a big wooden bowl. Stir in the lemon juice, salt, pepper and the chopped onions. Add the red and green peppers and toss all well together. Let stand for 2 or 3 hours before serving.

Blauer Kohl


big red cabbage

cup cream


dessertspoon sugar chestnuts

2 cups stock

A delicious accompaniment to port or sausages.
and peel them.


tough outer leaves. Place the cabbage in it. Cover tightly. Cook for 10 minutes. Remove the cabbage from the water and take out its heart, disturbing the outer leaves as Httle as you can. (Save the heart
the chestnuts and mix cabbage with them. Place the cabbage in an oven-dish and pour hot stock over it. Cook in a moderate oven for 20 minutes. The stock should simmer but not boil fast while it is cooking. At the last moment pour the cream over the cabbage and serve.
for another dish, of course.)

Boil the chestnuts the cabbage and remove any soiled or too Get a large saucepan of salted water boiling.

Chop up

them with the



stuff the




Add salt and continue to cook until the apples are very soft. Serve hot. Caresandwich in the egg and milk. Simmer for 10 minutes. put them in a shallow bowl. Put them in the saucepan. SERVINGS salt sauerkraut 4 rashers bacon 4 large apples 1 2 teaspoons flour 1 large onion cup stock it Chop the bacon and fry it the onion and add to the bacon. sauerkraut. Cut the crusts off the bread. butter one side of each and cut in two lengthwise. Increase the heat and remove the saucepan Ud. Instead of the spinach try sweetbreads. Cook for 7 minutes. shell. Beat up two of the eggs. Make a sandwich with the spinach as filling. Peel and core the apples and cut them up into quarters. Drain and chop it up very finely. then fry it crisp in a hot frying pan in which some butter is sizzling. and slice them and serve with the fried sandwiches. gently until nearly crisp. well cooked and chopped. or sausages. SPINACH BREAD FRITTERS WITH EGG Spinatkucheln mit Eiern 4 SERVINGS 8 thin slices bread 2 lbs. Remove. Boil the 4 eggs for 7 minutes. Instead of plain fully dip each it in the bread. once or twice. stirring soft. Add the milk. [ 63 ] . Drain it slightly. salt and pepper. roll breadcrumbs.SAUERKRAUT WITH APPLES Apfelkraut aus Sauerkraut 4 1 lb. Plunge them into cold water. Peel and chop Let them cook slowly until they are Put bacon and onion in a large saucepan with the Pour on the stock. Stir in the flour and mix well. spinach 6 eggs 2 tablespoons cup fine breadcrumbs 1 cup milk salt and pepper 1 chopped parsley butter Cook the spinach in a Uttle boiling salted water for 5 or 6 minutes. Cover the pan. try using rolls.

M^It the butter and let '^' S^^'L^^^^^ chopped finely. 15 minutes. simmer it a^ttS longer to reduce it and then pour it over the cucuS^rs a^d se^e T L STUFFED ARTICHOKES Faschierte Ardschocken 6 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons bread- 6 artichokes 2 demons crumbs 1 cup cream 1 ib. 1 clove garlic i salt and pepper cup stock cup sour cream St?r\h^V"'' Stir the flour mto ^own Add in a saucepan. Put in a hot oven begins to brown. tablespoon butter tablespoon flour ^°^S . add the stock. artichokes in it. Drain. If the sauce is too thin. cheese ^^^h water.STEWED CUCUMBER Gediinstete 6 Gurke SERVINGS 1 1 3 cucumbers about 8" . Melt the to salt. Then sprinkle T^ ^ breadcrumbs and grate the cheese over and leave until the cheese all. the cucumber shces. ^^"^«° 1 . constantly sth^hig' It.. butter fresh green peas ^ salt 2 ozs. the flour cook until it is shghth^ Slowly a httle at a time. salt and pepper. Then remove the cucumbers and put ^ hem a hot serving dish. Cover the pan and simmer gently for 15 minutes. '^' ^''' abouT whilf they cook. oz. for about while about 5 minutes. ^' ""e'^^b^^^Stu-. [ 64 ]- . and bring P'"' '' "^^ g^°^y ^hake them /". tllr. Vnt in the ''^'T"? Put in'rS artichokes and cook for 10 Butter an oven-dish and place the Add to the boil.

Take each leaf separately. Put the leaves in a saucepan in 2 or 3 cups of boihng. rice 1 2 medium tablespoon parsley onions butter heart. add the minced meat and cook gently for about 5 minutes. Add the onions. Remove the cabbage from the saucepan. a httle salt and pepper. chopped fine. Put a Httle butter in a frying-pan. Cover tightly and cook for 10 or 12 minutes. minced steak 14 lb. When the dish is full. Lay the parcels side by side in an oven dish. When done.STUFFED CABBAGE Krautzviirsteln 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 4 tablespoons cream or milk salt and pepper a little 1 1 large white cabbage lb. and when they begin to go soft. salted water for 5 minutes. cut the hardest part of it out. Put the rice in a saucepan. [ 65 ] . place 2 tablespoons of the stuffing on it and roll it up into a neat parcel with the ends tucked in. finely chopped. the tops of the cabbage parcels should be hghtly browned. Then put the rice in a bowl with the minced meat and onions and add the parsley. Add just enough cold water to cover and one teaspoon salt. Pull the leaves off the cabbage except for the small ones at the If the biggest ones have a very large middle stalk. pour the cream or milk over all and cook in a slow oven. but not crammed together.

Shred 2 of them. stirring all the time. stirring constantly. Add the stock or 12 water. As each is stuffed. put it in an Add oven dish. Pour in tlie sour cream and simmer for 5 minutes. the flour and let it cook until it is well browned. the heat.STUFFED CUCUMBERS Faschierte Gurke 4 SERVINGS 1 tablespoon flour 2 cups meat stock 1 tablespoon wine vinegar 4 medium 1 sized cucumbers lb. Melt the other tablespoon of butter in the frj'ing pan. rice salt and the for rice. the Cook soft. when Lower should be Remove the 6 whole peppers. Stuff the peppers with the mixture and arrange on a hot plate with mounds of plain boiled rice. Add die stock slowly. a httle at a time. the peeled tomatoes. Cut on the stove and put the goose dripping off the tops of the peppers and carefully remove all the seeds. about 10 or minutes. but still firm. the onion. minced steak or sausage meat 2 tablespoons butter pepper and salt Peel the cucumbers. Add the wine vinegar and more pepper and salt if necessary. Fry the meat gently in 1 tablespoon butter for 2 minutes. chopped finely. STUFFED GREEN PEPPERS Paprika 6 gefiillt mit Rets SERVINGS 1 cup stock or water 3 tomatoes 2 tablespoons goose dripping 8 green peppers 1 cup rice 1 onion 2 breakfast cups sour cream Put in it salt a large saucepan to get hot. Pour this sauce over the cucumbers and put them in a slow oven to cook until they are tender. Slice off their ends and scoop out the seeds with a long thin spoon. Put the 6 others in the saucepan with the goose dripping. Cover the pan. Add salt and pepper. Remove the meat and stuff each cucumber with it. — [ 66 ] .

STUFFED TOMATOES Einfache gefullte Paradiesdpfel 4 SERVINGS 3 tablespoons fresh salt 4 big tomatoes 2 big onions 1% tablespoons butter 6 shallots chopped parsley and pepper sugar butter a a little little Butter a baking dish. leaving enough at the sides to keep them firm. Fill each halved tomato with the onion and shallot mixture and put it in the baking dish. Pour a Httle of this over each tomato and put the dish in a medium oven to bake for 30 minutes. Mix them Peel and chop very finely the onions and together with the parsley. Cut the tomatoes in two and scoop out their middles. Melt the butter and stir about 14 teaspoon sugar into it. [ 67 ]- . salt and pepper. shallots.

melt the other tablespoon butter and stir into it 1 tablespoon flour. Put the oven dish in a fairly hot oven to heat for 10 minutes. stirring all the time so that they do not get overcooked. and put them all in an oven dish.STUFFED TURNIPS Ruben mit Pilzen 4 SERVINGS 1 4 turnips about 4" in diameter tablespoon parsley. rice 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour Peel the turnips. pour oflf the water and put Cut off the top of each turnip and scoop out the each with the rice and musliroom mixture. Cook them about 40 minutes in salted boiling water with the hd on the saucepan. chopped 1 % V'l lb. stirring as you do so. and add them to the onion. well in. stems and all. until it is brown. Let it cook. [ 68 ] . finely chopped. parsley. Fry Chop up the mushrooms. While they are cooking. aside in a jug. When the turnips are ready. Drain it. pour this over them. stirring all the while. In the meantime. middle. mushrooms large onion lb. Melt 1 tablespoon butter and pour it over the turnips. boil water for about 12 minutes. and serve. Add all tliis to the rice and mix it rice in salted some the onions. it Remove When Fill the pan from the fire and add finely chopped the turnips are done. Now slowly add the water in which the turnips were cooked.

Boil until half the hquid has evaporated. Peel and sUce the onion and add it with salt.SWEET-SOUR GREEN BEANS Siifi-saure griine 4 ' Bohnen SERVINGS few grains nutmeg 1 1 lb. then melted add the beans. Let these simmer for 10 or 15 minutes. Put the water in and bring it to the boil. Now stir in the butter. Fry the breadcrumbs in the rest of the butter until they are golden and then hft each potato ball out of the saucepan with a perforated spoon and toss it in the breadcrumbs. vinegar and cloves and bring to the boil. Add sugar. then add the beans and cover the pan. Put the hquid back into the saucepan and fish out the garUc clove and the bay leaf. fresh string beans 3/4 cup water salt and pepper 1 1 1 Vi tablespoons sugar V2 tablespoons tarragon vinegar 1 clove garlic small onion bay leaf 2 cloves 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon chopped parsley String the beans and cut off heads and tails. Get a saucepan of salted water rapidly boiUng and put the potatoes in. Add 1 tablespoon butter and 1 or 2 Work into a smooth dough and with floured hands make httle balls about 1/2" in diameter. tablespoons flour. bay leaf. fish out the cloves. peeled garHc clove and a large saucepan nutmeg to the water. and stir it in. potatoes dessertspoon salt 2 tablespoons butter crumbs Peel the potatoes and cut them up into fairly small pieces. Cook for 5 or 6 minutes. [ 69 ] . Let them boil for 10 minutes. Drain and rub potatoes through a sieve into a large bowl. When it is Chop up the parsley as small as possible TYROLEAN POTATO BALLS Erddpfelnudeln 4 1 1 SERVINGS 1-2 tablespoons flour 2 cups fine bread- lb. Serve at once. Get a big saucepan of salted water boiling and throw the balls into it. Pour off the water into a bowl and put the beans in a dish to keep hot. pepper. Cover and cook for 15 minutes.

until the^are crtp an" f r '^y gdden ^^^'""^fPP^^^hem. Season w^tiisak Zt tothebou'^Now ^^-S ?^ put TuffnTe"marrow.VEGETABLE MARROW PAPRIKA Kurbisse mit Paprika 4 1 SERVINGS i gm sour cream 2 teaspoons paprika vegetable marrow about 12" long 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour Peel the salt and pepper marrow and cut into pieces about the size of a matchbox Sprmkle them with salt. butter 2 tablespoons anchovy P^^^^ cup cream lb. Now place a layer of tomatoes over thrm '^^^'/^ '^'^' ^''^ ^'^'^^ ^^esan . tomatoes 6 shces white bread 2 ozs. m '"^^ " P^P"'" '" VIENNESE BAKED TOMATOES Gebackene Paradiesdpfel 6 1 SERVINGS 1 i/^ V2 lbs. [ 70 ]— . Parmesan cheese salt and pepper 4 pickled cucumbers Leave for S Plunge the tomatoes in a bowl of boiUng water. Add another layer of tomatoes al and pepper.. '^' fl°"^' ^^^ring carefully Very 'u gradually add stiU stirring.' cheese Tav anoTh ^'^'' °^ ^'""^ ^" ^OP' ^his time spreading [ each piece with anchovy ni. '' 1h cut each piece into "' P°''^^^^..C"^ ^he crusts off the bread and 3. lengthwise.V'"'' '"' ^'^' ^" m ^^^^ °^'^^ ^^e a warm tomato dish. Lower the heat the and simmer for 10 to 15 nunutes. and leave for 30 minutes."u'^'c' fiSe UaKe 'P^'^'^'^g ^"^^^o^y P^^te ofTdSiTa^tand- ^"' ' r" °''"^^ bread in the Com tLse layers' on each bread slice tor about 15 minutes for abour. then grated cheese. ^fu paste. Put a large saucepan on heTtove and ^^'""^ '"^ ''' u "^f the sour cream. but not too hot oven. Fry the shces in butter which you should first get veiy hot. and continue lnru'"".

Butter a deep oven dish. the sweetbreads finely shifting them about so that they do not bum or overcook. Cook for 2 or 3 minutes. but before it begins to colour. cover with breadcrumbs. Put 1 is stirring Remove from the fire while you beat up all the time. take out all bones. Add the parsley. Remove Put the anchovies from stove and drain. When it is melted stir in the flour. but keep it warm. and put the saucepan back on the fire to cook gently for 1 minute. Boil for 10 minutes. Wash the outside leaves. 14 tablespoons butter in a small thickbottomed saucepan. Get a saucepan large enough to hold it full of and bring it to the boil. Chop and put them in the butter to cook gently. Pour the sauce over and around it Place httle pieces of butter here there on top and put in a hot oven for 10 minutes. and and [ 71 ] . chopped fine. slowly add the milk.VIENNESE CAULIFLOWER Karfiol auf Wiener Art 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 6 pickled anchovies salt 1 1 medium-sized cauliflower and pepper 2 4 4 2 egg yolks tablespoons cream tablespoons milk tablespoons butter tablespoon parsley 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan 3 tablespoons bread- 1 lb. cut off water in its base. Get a httle of the butter melted in a frying-pan. Add this slowly to the white sauce. Put in the cauHflower and cover the saucepan. the egg yolks with the cream. Put the cauhflower in it. Add 1 dessertspoon salt. Remove the anchovies from their water. sweetbreads to soak in water. crumbs Clean the sweetbreads. and make a few slashes the cauHflower. When it blended. Now add the anchovies and the sweetbreads. and cut them up into tiny up pieces. stirring all the time.

Now add 2 tablespoons water and a third of a cup of wine vinegar. preferably calves' 4 large potatoes 4 tablespoons sour cream 3 tablespoons butter and black pepper Scrub the potatoes and put them in a saucepan of boiling salted When they are soft but firm. Reduce the heat and keep stirring all the time for 2 or 3 minutes. Pour cream over them all and sprinkle with the grated cheese. tossing It about until it is weU coated. Then put the cabbage in the saucepan. lengthwise. then put them through a mincer or mouli-grater.VIENNESE CABBAGE Kraut auf Wiener Art 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 1 White orred cabbage 2 tablespoons sugar 214 tablespoons butter 1/3 1 cup wine vinegar dessertspoon flour water salt a little In a big saucepan put 2 tablespoons butter. for 10 minutes. Fill each one with the hver stuffing. Stir in salt and pepper and the scoopedout centres of the potatoes. Arrange the potatoes that have been scooped out in a buttered oven-dish. ma ' VIENNESE POTATOES WITH LIVER STUFFING Kartoffel mit Leberfasch 4 1 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons grated cheese 2 onions salt lb. - ' [ 72 ] . drain off" the water and carefully peel off the thin skin being careful to keep the potato mtact Cut each in two. Add the sugar and let it cook. until It IS brown. Put in a hot oven until the cheese begins to brou-n. and scoop out the middle 1 eel and chop up the onions and the hver into small pieces Get the butter melted and beginning to sizzle. water. Stir well and return all to the cabbage saucepan Cook* stirrmg. Fry the onions and hver pieces in it for 3 or 4 minutes. stirring occasionally. Chop up the cabbage into smaU pieces. then serve. pour a httle of the hquid from the cabbage mto it. Get 1 dessertspoon butter hot frying pan and stir into it 1 dessertspoon flour When It is brown. liver.

and Year. fish are frequently sold ahve.Fish considAustrians are brilliantly versatile with fish. to see them swimming about m wooden troughs in the market places. He is sure to have fishmonger them occasionaUy. they fact that all their seafish has to be ering the The we good fish as should put us to shame. and it remains one hke the Austrians used a great deal of fresh-water fish. There is given in these not substitute cod or any other fish for the fishes recipes. and a a too-familiar fish Hke cod. moats or in the monastery carp which they bred in their castle which they always eat at Christmas and the New The stewponds. around us. always see that the have dull eyes. [ 73 ] . but since this is rarely fish you buy is absopossible in this country. and imported. It is a common especially on Fridays. We can get as much of the most economical foods on want to. certainly this is many of them with Paprika. fish should never lutely fresh. and the sea never very far away. and you wiU enjoy making their acquaintance. But sometimes ask your the more unfamiHar fish. Austrian sight. provided for good way of transforming no reason why you should you use the same amount. Many of these recipes call for five fish. there A With water all is no excuse for fish that has lost its first freshness. The Austrians Hke highly-seasoned fish dishes.

This is a very good way of cooking ^°"^^^' it i' ^^^^' m smelts.'if'''^^ fT^' from a family fisherman! Wash and dry the fillets. Remove the fillets from the oil and omon mixture and roll them up. Pack the fish pieces tightly each dish.BAKED PERCH Gebackener Barsch 4 SERVINGS 1 2 large perch 2. will make BAKED SOLE Gebackene Seezunge 4 SERVINGS 1 white pepper 1 tablespoon flour 4 tablespoons olive oil salt ^f°^"j and tablespoon chopped parsley 2 large onions your fishmonger to fillet the soles for you. mixing all well together. [ Ask 74 ] . and cut them into chunky pieces^ Thickly butter four individual earthenware dishes with hds Butter the hds as well. too. tablespoons capers 4 anchovy fillets 1 tablespoon chopped parsley ^2 tablespoons butter grated lemon peel salt and pepper ^^ 3 present froJ^^f/T^. Place them in the dish side bv side and sprinkle them with flour. Cut the anchovy fillets into slender strips and lay a few across each dish of fish Put the covers on the dishes and bake them in a hot oven for 15 minutes Remove from the oven. and dot capers over them. Butter an oven dish. Serve with tomato sauce. Add salt and pepper to the onions and pour the ohve oil over it. Sprinkle with finely ^ chopped fresh parsley. fhic this of lemon sauce (page 154) on the side fil"?^u^' fish dish even more deleaable. Take the filletTof sole and bury them in this mixture. Put them into a moderately hot oven and bake for 15 minutes. Peel and grate the onions coarsely into a shallow dish just big enough to hold the fish comfortably. and serve. take ofi" the hds. Sprinkle on salt and pepper and a grating of lemon peel. and bake them in it for 1 hour.

as far apart [ 75 ] . with butter. Pick up each string m you have sewn it with and dip it it into the boiUng vinegar. Leave for 45 minutes. ice water Leave for 1 then place it on a serving dish. See that each fish is separate and from the other fish.BLUE TROUT Blaugesottene Forellen 4 SERVINGS 1 dessertspoon salt big bowl of ice-water 4 very fresh txout 1 pint vinegar Do make sure that the trout are absolutely fresh. Wash them gently 1 hour before you want to eat them and sew the head of each fish to its own tail with string. Put the vinegar fish by the a large saucepan and bring it to the boil. alternatively. Handle them as Httle as possible. Get your butcher to draw them. chill and serve with a dressing of 3 parts oUve oil minute. Dot the herrings intact. carefully and serve at once with melted butter poured over them. Lower the heat and cook Remove for 10 minutes in water that is just below boilmg point. Get a large saucepan of salted water boihng. trying not to touch them except by the string. taking care to keep the yolks Sprinkle salt and pepper on the eggs. preferably Biicklinge ones tablespoon butter 8 eggs salt which your fishmonger can probably supply and pepper oven and spread the fillets in a large well-buttered from each other as possible. Bake in a moderate oven until the whites of the eggs are firm and white. Then plunge mto the bowl of to 1 part vinegar. Shde the fish very gently into it. Bt^CKLINGE HERRINGS WITH EGG Biicklinge mit 4 Ei SERVINGS 1 4 herrmgs. Fillet the herrings dish. Break the eggs into the dish around the herrings. Or.

Karpfen mit Kren
1 1



dusting of powdered horseradish or
horseradish cream 2 cups vinegar 3 cups water

carp, about 3 lb.




1 potato, 1 small turnip (all chopped


bay leaf a pinch of thyme

and pepper

and then across, into pan and simmer gently for 15 mmutes. Serve the carp with the strained pot-herbs and some of the hquid, sprinkled with a httle powdered horseradish

Scale and clean the carp. Remote the head and put it with the pot-herbs, seasoning, vinegar and water into a thick pan Boil for 20 mmutes. Cut the carp, lengthways
large pieces.


Add them

to the

Serve in a hot covered dish.




1 chopped onion 2 beaten egg yolks white pepper

carp, 2-3 lb.

y^ cup butter juice of '2 a


teaspoon finely



chopped parsley chopped onion

cup thin cream

a httle flour

^4 teaspoon paprika

Scale and clean the carp, removing the head. Allow the butter, omon, parsley and lemon juice to simmer in a thick pan until golden. Cut the fish into fairly large pieces and roll in flour, pepper and salt. Add the fish to the butter mixture, sprinkle with paprika and roll well before pouring over the cream. Stir in the egg yolks (before the pan is too hot, to avoid curdling). Garnish with parsley and sUced lemons, and serve in individual




Kabeljau mit Pfejfer

1 1

4 cod Steaks lYz" ^o 2" thick

onion, quartered small green pepper

parsley root,

scrubbed and
quartered 2 celery stalks (complete wixh tops)



fish stock

bay leaf 2 whole allspices
salt to taste

pepper. This is Rub the washed and dried fish weU with ground Put the vegetables in a large pot or fish now put on one side.
kettle with a Hd.

Cover with some of the stock and cook slowly Then lay the fish on the vegetables, cover with till all are soft. poach for about 20 mmutes, the remainder of the stock and

rather thin. Remove the fish or a Httle shorter time if the fish is the sauce through a sieve and place in a heated serving dish. Press pulp should come through). (not too fine, as most of the Austria, but cod, so good, Note: Carp is used for this dish in

cheap and easy to buy in this country,






Krebse mit Obers




2 cups crayfish in
large pieces

teaspoon onion,

cup mushrooms, chopped finely 3/4 cup melted butter ^4 cup wme vmegar 1 cup cream



teaspoon parsley,


chopped and pinch cayenne pepper

a touch of salt and the '' "^"^^^ °^^^ ^ ^-^' Se'pl^cenrfish''^''/" °^^'^;?^^^^ .°"^^ °^ twice but meanwhile keeping Se hd on Turn the mixture into a the on. buttered casserole or individual oven dishes. Meantime blend the vinegar and he unti thick and pour over the fish. Bake in a mod! rate oven (350^ forl5 mmutes, or put it under the grill

parsley, crayfish pSLVci'atfiT meat

P"^*^fip^^y chopped mushrooms, onion and




with creamed potatoes or boiled




Heringe in Rahmsauce

8 tablespoons sour

4 fresh herrings

2 tablespoons butter 4 small anchovies

cream cup breadcrumbs salt and pepper


Butter an oven dish. Put in the fillets of herring. sour cream. Sprinkle thickly with



and pepper

in a

along the top of each herring. Dot with butter moderate oven for 30 minures.

breadcrumbs Shce up the anchovies into narrow

Season u^th
ov er


and lay Bake




Aal mit Wein
1 eel

2 lemons 2 eggs
V2 pint stock

tablespoon chopped

3 glasses dry white



tablespoon butter teaspoon made


tablespoon vinegar teaspoon sugar


mustard and pepper

pieces and 4 hours before the meal, chop up the eel into 2-inch leave them these in a jug. Sprmkle them well with salt, and put put them cold place for 31/2 hours. Then remove them and
in a

together. in a saucepan, so that they are tightly packed them. Chop the parsley finely and lay it wine over

Pour the on top of wine to just the eels. Put a tight Ud on the saucepan. Bring the heat, and leave to simmer gently under boiUng point. Reduce the hard-boil 2 eggs, and until the eels are tender. In the meantime, remove the yolks from them into a bowl. With a fork mash up it mto the the egg yolks smoothly. Melt the butter and stir and then gradually add it to the egg and yolks. Warm the stock teaspoon butter mixture. Add salt, pepper, made mustard and 1
saucepan of sugar. Slowly add the vinegar. Put this sauce into a point but do not let it boil. Remove and bring it just to boiUng lemons and the eels and put them in a serving dish. SUce the two accompanied by arrange them around the eel pieces, and serve,
the sauce in a sauceboat.




Fisch mitfeinen

i teaspoon parsley 2 teaspoons butter 1 teaspoon flour




whole small sea or nver fish, or fish


74 lb. mushrooms 1 large onion


pepper and


Chop up

butter, salt

Sprinkle half the herbs from the pan, then turn the and fry agam. Turn once more, sprinkle the remainder of the herbs, then turn and fry for a further minute. Serve

are golden.

mushrooms and put them with and pepper to simmer in a covered pan. Dust the widi flour, pepper and salt and fry gently until both sides

the parsley, onions and

cress sauce (page 159).

with water-


y^ cup sour cream

2 lbs. any seafish

teaspoon paprika 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 onion


fish or



Roll each fish piece get thoroughly coated. Get the butter melted a saucepan or large thick frying pan. Peel the onion and then grate it coarsely into the hot butter. Stir it about a bit 1 hen add the floury fish pieces. Sprinkle the paprika over the fash pieces on both sides, then cover the saucepan with a hd or plate and cook gently on a low heat for 10 minutes. Then, gradually, pour in the stock, which should be hot, stirring gently Simmer for another 10 minutes. Then remove the saucepan from the fire and very carefully blend in the sour cream Put the saucepan back on the low heat, stir gently until the liquid thickens, then remove, and serve at once.


and remove their scales, guts, heads, and tails. Wash, and dry the pieces well in a clean towel. Cut the pieces into smaller pieces about 1 inch square. Put the flour on a plate and mix It well with a dessertspoon of salt.
this flour,

Fillet the fishes







and bake for 20 minutes in a moderate for oven. and fry them in the butter. Add the chopped anchovy. Gradually stir in the sour cream. lemon juice and stock and cook till a medium-thick sauce is arrived at. Cut it up into small pieces. Return fish to sauce and reheat slowly but very thoroughly. Toss parsley and shallots in melted butter over low heat. Then sprinkle Hghtly with freshly ground pepper. Stir all gently together until everything is well blended. well chopped. Raise the heat and fry the fish quickly in this mixture till golden on both sides. too. then turn it all into a buttered oven dish. Add the capers. and the juice of the lemon. any white 2 onions 1 1 salt lemon black pepper 1 tablespoon butter Clean and skin and fillet the fish (saving skin.FISH WITH CAPER SAUCE Fisch mit Kapernsauce 4 1 SERVINGS 1 heaping tablespoon capers fish wine glass sour cream tablespoon parsley 1 Yi lbs. Add the fish to the onions. the parsley. Peel and chop up the onions finely. Remove fish and blend flour with the remaining contents of the pan. heads. and tails soup or stock). Melt the butter. FLOUNDER STEAK WITH ANCHOVY SAUCE Schollenschnitzel mit Sardellensauce 4 SERVINGS 1 4 steaks of flounder 2 ozs. Add salt and pepper. 81 ] [ . Grate a httle of the rind in. butter 1 dessertspoon heaped teaspoon flour 1 small chopped chopped parsley 1 anchovy juice of tablespoon chopped shallots or chives ^ lemon 34 cup fish stock or water Well wash the fish and salt very delicately.

Then leave the fish in it to soak for 30 minutes. Squeeze the lemon juice into a low bowl and turn each mackerel in it several times. Beat egg yolks with water. roll in breadcrumbs and fry in clean. are free of chips. or a fraction longer for very big oysters. Peel off the lemon rinds in one long peel and then chop it up into small pieces and stuff it up the cavity of each fish. deep hot fat for 1 minute. Drain and be sure the oysters to serve . but every hostess owes it to herself them once in a while. in a frying-pan and fry the fish in it quickly on both Serve with horseradish sauce. he must guarantee their freshness. they are so dehcious If the fishmonger opens the oysters for you. make sure that the shells are absolutely tight. FRIED MACKEREL Gebratene Makrelen 4 SERVINGS 4 lemons salt and pepper oil 4 medium-sized mackerels 2 tablespoons olive Clean the mackerels and cut off their tails. . FRIED OYSTERS Gebratene Austem 4 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 2 tablespoons really fine 2 dozen large oysters 2 small egg yolks 1 tablespoon water breadcrumbs Oysters are of course a luxury. Then roll each oyster in cheese.. dip in egg water. [ 82 ]- . If you prefer to open them yourself. Get the olive oil smoking hot sides.

too. tizing. fry the onion hghtly in butter. When done. Lift the fish from the dish. drain the fillets on a piece of crumpled paper. Bake for 25 minutes. Now heat some of the oil in a frying-pan. or a Uttle longer if the fish is more than 1^" thick. a coloured vegetable. butter tablespoon paprika salt and ground pepper to taste In a large roasting-pan. They are also very deUcious chilled and served cold. Wash them and leave them to dry in a clean cloth. When Beat tlie cream with paprika. hot. is attractive and appegolden. If the oil seems to be used up.HADDOCK WITH PAPRIKA Schellfisch mit 4 Paprika SERVINGS Yi cup cream 1 4 good portions of haddock 1 sliced onion 2 ozs. such as tomatoes or a side dish of green and red pepper salad (page 62). In serving. strain the sauce and serve on top of the portions. A mustard sauce (page 159) is a good choice to go with them. Turn the fish fillets and add more salt and pepper and lemon juice. [ 83 ]- . if necessary. put the herrings in it and sprinkle them with salt and pepper and the juice of the lemons. HERRINGS 4 IN OIL Heringe in Ol gebraten SERVINGS 2 lemons oil 4 herrings 2 tablespoons olive salt and pepper Cut oflF the heads and tails of the herrings. add more. Scale and fillet them by cutting along the backbone and gently easing off the fillets with your hand. salt and pepper and pour it over the fish. and serve them immediately. Add a Httle more oil. place the fish steaks on top. When it is good and hot.

The time needed depends on the size of the fish. LOBSTER AND COLD SAUCE Hummer 4 mit kalter Sauce SERVINGS 4 eggs 6 tablespoons ohve oil 1 tablespoon French 1 1 lobster small onion 2 lemons salt and white pepper mustard a httle parsley 2 egg yolks Put on a saucepan big with salted water and bring it to the boil. and serve. salt 1 1 large turbot or cod large piece larding mushrooms \^ lb. cauliflower bacon 4 onions and pepper butter a little Clean and scale the fish but leave it whole. previously warmed. Butter a large bakingPeel and sHce the onions and lay them over the bottom of the tin. basting every 5 minutes. SUce up the bacon into thin tin. Bake slowly in a moderate oven. and whole. arrange the cauliflower and mushrooms in alternate mushroom caps. and arrange them all over the fish so that it is entirely covered with them. in a httle butter. when it should be a brilliant red. break the cauhflower into httle flowerets and cook them in a Httle rapidly-boihng salted water for 7 minutes. Boil for 30 minutes. Wash the lobster in plenty of fresh water and then plunge it into the boiling water. While it is cooking. unpeeled When heaps around it. put it in a serving-dish. until the fish is tender. Season with salt and pepper. Dot with butter. Remove it from the fire and let it cool The lobster should be alive if possible. keeping the hd tightly on the pan. Fill it enough . Drain. to hold the lobster. Put the fish on top of them.LARDED FISH Gespickter Fisch 4 SERVINGS \\ lb. Fry the strips hghtly. [ 84 ] . very the fish is done.

Put the saucepan back on the fire. Scrub them well. and beat them together with a the water. you buy them. Boil from the lemons. passing the sauce separately. this sauce into carefully. Move the saucepan of mussels to the back of tablespoon hot. Then lower the heat and fish mussel has opened. Blend in 1 tablespoon flour. MUSSELS 4 IN WINE pint dry white wine Muscheln mit Wein SERVINGS 1 2 quarts mussels 3 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon black 2 egg yolks 1 tablespoon flour 1 peppercorns 2 lemons cup sour cream the mussels are tightly closed when or 4 times. stirring well m. Press the yolks through a sieve and then add lobster out of the Peel the onion and grate it in also. SheU them and scrape out the spoon. Add the Bring to boihng point. Put everything into a and serve with very thin brown sprinkle with chopped parsley bread and butter. [ 85 • ] . and rinse them 3 peppercorns. Take out any half-shells with no every the stove on them. them well. Take the Put the pieces of lobster carefully remove its shell. Add olive oil. serve. water and servmg dish. of the Uquid stirring all the time. meat in the same mixture. Hard-boil 4 eggs. and gradually add about a cup blending it in very slowly and from the saucepan of mussels. Crush the wine. pour a Put the mussels. When it is smooth and thickening. warm sauceboat. and . Beat up the egg yolks. Remove the saucepan from the fire. remove any hard roe from the lobster and save Now put the yolks of 2 eggs into a bowl and beat salt wooden and white pepper. very slowly. also. but it for the sauce. Put them in a large stewing saucepan. and the mussels. and cream gradually add the egg yolks to the contents. them. simmer gently until for 1 minute. the juice with salt and 2 tablespoons butter. including the rest of the hquid in which they were cooked. Add the sour and stir well. mustard. into a fairly deep serving-dish. In a small thick saucepan. melt 1 Make quite sure that all to keep butter. stirring all the time. the juice of the lemons.

and when it is fairly hot (but no^ sizzLng) add the fillets.7otfth': SOLE IN WINE Seezunge mit Wein 4 SERVINGS 2 glasses dry white 1 4soles.'.obo. Sprinkle each one with s'alt.. Dry them thoroughly bv wrappmg them in a clean tea-towel and leaving them fofa' few mmutes Melt the butter.omons chopped-up brown.PAPRIKA MACKEREL Makrelen mit Paprika 4 SERVINGS i 2 large mackerel 1 tablespoon egg Hungarian paprika black pepper 2 tablespoons butter 2 onions 4 tablespoons sour cream Cut off the heads and taUs of the mackerel. Now t^:^ :a::s"LTt^: the other tawfspoon rfbuTef^ldH''>''TK"'™-*"'" " "• ^^" .fiUetcd 4 tablespoons butter salt and pepper wine cup white breadcrumbs — worth asking your fishmonger to do the filleting of the soles you so that they keep a good shape. pepper Td It is for ' [ 86 ]- .^^'^'^ "' ' '°''^™ °^=° and leave to cook fo72n ro of' '^'f"">' "" "'« *« fish and pm~n ""T ^''™warm a wfrT servmg-plate m a warm Zl A^ J"k *' "'™ " ^ ''°*'- M- 2h^ f f • place.tablespoon chonn^H™. Add the fish m butterinasauce^'andXfte anH it imti] thev are soft h^ fillets and tuJn them Lt"v i^fhT? Whisk it until iUs ""^ P^PP"weu/andfo„r o"*the fish Pnf^r".i-: z:z::^!' -" -"^ ^-^ not.^'':Shtfi^-- =beat the ^£LT . 1 Clean skin »nH '° **'" .

Season tomatoes. to do if you first plunge them into boiling separately will be easier When they are SUce them and cook them gently in a Uttle butter. skin a thick saucetime make the sauce: melt 2 tablespoons butter in milk pan over a low flame. Ughtly buttered serving-dish. Serve at once. Butter an oven bacon. pepper and they are ready and golden. Turn each one over and sprinkle the breadcrumbs too. stirring all the time. The fillets should be with salt. Add the flour gradually. over the fire until it is simmering. [ 87 ] .other sides breadcrumbs. Skin the water. Pour the sauce and serve. Cover with the leave for 15 minutes. and stir well. Pour the lay them in into the frying-pan where the fish were cooked. which pepper. Remove the fish dish from cooked. TROUT WITH TOMATO AND BACON Forellen mit Paradiesdpfeln 4 SERVINGS 1 4 small fresh trout 4 large ripe tomatoes 2 1/2 tablespoons butter cup milk slices fat 4 salt bacon and pepper 2 tablespoons flour and fillet the fish. and then pour it Leave it on the fish in the serving-dish. Lift them out with a fishsUce when wine a hot. Stir until the sauce thickens. In the meaninto a moderate oven and Cut off the heads and tails. them to the milk sauce. Put the dish dish and lay the fillets in it. add over the fish the oven and discard the bacon. Warm the nearly to boiling-point and pour it gradually mto with salt and the flour and butter.

When the fish are taken out. cover with oil and leave for 30 minutes. dust the fish with flour seasoned with a httle salt and white pepper Frv turning from side to side. [ 88 ]- .TROUT FRIED Forellen in 4 IN OIL Ol gebraten SERVINGS flour 4 small trout olive oil fine salt parsley 1 and white pepper lemon For butter mayonnaise: 34 cup warmed butter 2 tablespoons vinegar 14 teaspoon salt 14 teaspoon pepper a little 4 raw egg yolks 14 cup oil or more juice of 2 lemons made mustard ingredients together otherwise beat first with a wooden spoon. Chill and serve in an clecttic Cut the trout open for about 2" underneath. While the oil heats in a pan. dram m a colander. until the fish are golden. then with a rotary beater. To make the mayonnaise. Place the fish in4 acrossways shts bowl or dish. clean and wash ^uicWy ms:de and out in cold water. Make 3 o'r m the fish and dust with fine salt. Serve cither with melted butter ' Drown butter or butter mayonnaise. beat all the mixer if possible. Garnish with parsley and shces of lemon.

into a thick mayonnaise sauce. with the Leave to chill. and roll it in a plate of flour. and cucumbers very small and mix For this them thoroughly. sprinkle it with pepper. filleted trout lb. For chop up the parsley. fish. capers. and fry Serve at once with the cold sauce in a sauceboat. They should be an even golden colour.TYROLEAN TROUT Tiroler Forellen 4 SERVINGS 1 2 lbs. After you have washed the trout fillets. you should make the sauce a bit beforehand so that it is ready and waiting for the this sauce. dessertspoon % 1 butter chopped chives 2 dill cucumbers 2 tablespoons capers 2 cups mayonnaise salt and pepper 2 lemons dessertspoon chopped parsley sauce (see page 160) deUcious quick way of doing trout. Get the butter melted and beginning to sizzle in the frying-pan. -[ 89 ]- . which should be eaten the minute it is done. chives. rub each with salt. Put them on a warm serving dish and surround them with thin shces of the lemon. Put in the fillets them quickly on both sides.

then lay it in the dish Put the oU m a frying-pan. mushrooms 2 lemons 1 4 tablespoons bread- crumbs salt cup olive oil white pepper them about weU until they are well blended. you want a large earthenware or glass oven dish with it weU aU over with oil. and then put all this mixture over the fish in the oven dish. with the juice of the 2 lemons. Stir well. stir in the breadcrumbs. Keep stirring and after about 4 or 5 minutes. Cover the oven dish and put It a moderate oven for about 45 minutes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. stems. Take a sharp knife and gash the fish several tunes on each side. skins. turbot parsley onion ^ lb. Chop up the parsley and add it. slant-wise. This is particularly good served with green sauce (page 152) or Hollandaise sauce (page ^ 153). and add them too. and all.TURBOT WITH MUSHROOMS Steinbutt mit Pilzen 4 SERVINGS a little 2 1 lbs. even the hd. Wrap the fish in a dry cloth after washing it. Toss this For a hd. Wipe m a [ 90 ] . Chop up the onions and put them in it Chop up the mushrooms.

That is Paprika or Hungarian Pepper. all regions of gastronomic k ustxia has so /\ supremacy.Poultry & Game many brilliant ways of cooking poultry and game. A most [ 91 ]- . and makes them entirely Austrian. They in turn had brought it from India. The hghtness and sparkle of the Austrian cook has. It was introduced to Hungary by the Turks. It varies in strength. exciting condiment was gained from Hungary. that one has come to associate them entirely with -l~JL Austria. That which is used in Austria is only moderate so can be added in tablespoons. given the dishes a national individuahty which disposes of their origin. who had dominated them for nearly 200 years. in fact. in Germany. however. But the origins of a great many dishes lay. It is bright scarlet and colours as well as flavours the dishes in which it is used. Italy and Hungary.

game and meat. so that a little bit of the fat bacon sticks out each end. Sprinkle with lemon juice and garnish with 1 or 2 shces of lemon. for poultry. The bacon it Thread FRIED CHICKEN Wiener Backhuhn 4 TO 5 SERVINGS yolks of 2 eggs butter or fat salt 2 young chickens. Serve with lettuce salad and sliced hard-boiled eggs. not more than 4 months old fl*^ur fine and pepper breadcrumbs Sprinkle with salt and allow to stand for Brush with the yolks of egg (beaten). Leave for about Disjoint the chickens. It must have a very large eye. 10 minutes. is cut into strips about an inch or 1 14 inches long. Now roll in the fine breadcrumbs. Dip the joints in flour. salt and pepper. Fry in piping hot butter or lard until the pieces are golden brown. Sprinkle with the paprika. Shce the onions and cook in the hot butter until a golden brown. Drain on paper and place at once on a hot dish in a warm oven. It is rather Uke our packing or carpet needle. CHICKEN PAPRIKA Paprikahuhn 6 SERVINGS 3 teaspoons paprika yolks of 2 eggs salt 1 2 young frying chickens 4 tablespoons butter 1 cup sour cream 5 onions and pepper flour tablespoon sieved Quarter the chickens.Larding In Austria and Hungary this is a very" important part of their cooking. 30 minutes. through the eye of the needle and push through the skin of the bird or meat which you are cooking. Dust with flour. Make the incisions small enough. Beat the yolks of eggs and add to the sour ~[ 92 ] . Add the chicken quarters and allow to cook until slightly coloured. It is necessary to have a larding-needle.

floui and 2 or 3 Sprinkle with about 1 tablespoon these also. heart and liver of and pepper any poukry any left-over pieces of cooked poultry 4 onions paprika flour goose fat Add the ^blets and brown Slice the onions and cook in goose fat. and pepper. Put one cup of the 1/2 vegetable to the chicken. Lastly add the mushrooms the stock and cook for a few in deep dishes with boiled and cook for another 15 minutes. This or rice. Cover the pan and Cover the chicken mixture with this. Remove from heat of stock in and cook for another Add tiie remainder of and sprinkle the flour in and seasoning.cream. Add all the vegetables but lemon. Serve rice and chopped parsley. CHICKEN RAGOUT Hiihnerragout 5 1 TO 6 SERVINGS 2 cups of good stock 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 2 tablespoons butter 1 medium sized chicken 1 1 stick celery cup button mushrooms 1 1 tablespoon flour carrot salt parsnip into joints V2 and pepper lemon and smallish pieces. Cover and the diced leave the mushrooms whole. Mix gently together. minutes. also juice 30 minutes. Fry in the butter cook slowly for 30 minutes. cover the ragout. Cut the chicken GIBLET AND COOKED POULTRY RAGOUT TO 6 1 Gefliigelragout 4 SERVINGS or 2 cups stock salt The neck. or 10 minutes. Serve with macaroni [ 93 ] . giblets. Warm the stock and teaspoons paprika. Dice in a deep saucepan. Season with salt turther cooked poultry pieces and simmer for a Add the left-over potato balls. Simmer for 1 hour. can be served with noodles simmer for about 20 minutes.

he cut in pieces. tablespoon melted ^"«^^ '""'^ '"^"^^ and pepper SS'l""'' S\^ breL^wi^n^l peas aTd thV .^H''"'^^'- vf stfetral^tTr. Lard the ^" ^ ^^^^" "^^^ ^^e cooked rice.K ^'"P^ ^^«"^ ^ ^^h long. or Tyrolean dumplings « if (page STUFFED CHICKEN Gefiilltes 6 1 young chicken 4shcesoffatbacon Huhn SERVINGS 2 tablespoons boiled green peas ^ °^ f°"^ mushrooms yolk of 1 ese salt 1 "? . r?H.CASSEROLE OF CHICKEN Gediinstete 4 Huhner SERVINGS 6 anchovies i Ismail chicken 4 tablespoons bread2 1 teaspoon tabrpoLs onion butter iuicfo^fTS^^ chicken stock flour salt and pepper 47). .^^^^^^^^ 94 [ ] . and the melted butter °?"J^^°«"^^ ?' '''^ '^'^^' S^^-" ^"th salt a^d j^p"'. prSed^TlL'Zm^snpt'y/^ofV^'^ -" "'* «>i^. nooaies (jDage 40).

3 tablespoons of melted butter. to cover the stuffing See that enough neck skm has been left with a mixture of the salt well Dry the inside of the bird and rub above stuffing and and marjoram. and pepper. Pour the 1/2 cup of melted on the size and for 45 minutes or 1 hour. Bake age of the bird. Turn the wing flaps fold the chicken in a roastmgthe skin and so hold aU in place. breast up. Now add Beat the egg yolks in a basin. Stuif the breast only with the under to catch breast skin over it. [ 95 ] . Cook slowly for about 10 mmutes.ROAST STUFFED CHICKEN GefiiUtes Huhn ANOTHER METHOD 4 SERVINGS 1 1 small roasting chicken teaspoon salt 14 teaspoon marjoram Stuffing: 1 cup fine white breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons melted butter 2 egg yolks 1 egg white 1 1/2 some V2 teaspoon salt freshly ground cup cream cup butter pepper 8 cooked shrimps Pour Add the cream over the breadcrumbs and allow to soak. Chop the shrimps this to peas and finally add the white stuffing. add the salt and stir them the breadcrumb mixture. depending bird. Add the green tiie into the of egg beaten stiffly. Place the butter over the whole pan.

'T^'''saucepan. are a very ^ ^ SACHER CHICKEN Sacher f> Huhn SERVINGS 2 or 3 lamb's swcet- 1 roasting chicken ^ cups sausage meat 1 breads goose's hver Madeira wine salt and pepper "^ " """ '"^ ^^"^^8^ '"^. Serve this dish with a garnish of ''" '"^ ^^"^=«^ '"'^'"-- » Z the fSS nrp'otlSet ~ '"""^ P"'' "'"'^ ^^°'^' aspa^'agus and [ 96 ] . Chop ™' f Cook '^ melted butter.Season with saJt and n?nn''''"Tf iJ^ir'alt'Ld pepper. butter 2 tablespoons ^°^°"^ chopped parsley """^ ^"^ "^'"^ in a th^ck. Have some melted butter ready.HUNGARIAN CHICKEN STEW Ungarisches Huhnerragout 8 SERVINGS of y^ teaspoon salt 8 joints or portions young chicken ^ tablespoons . Cook them with the sfew. °" ^"^ ^°^ ^° ^i-°^er very slol a very hnf dish. the chicken portions incluS Spnnkle with the salt and paprika. Strain the hquid hot H^'r^'^" '^'?'v P°''^^^' ^'°^ left ^^ P^" a°d place on and serve separately Plain noodles (page 40). or flour nice addition to this dish. ^Coverilwi^tSf '""^ '''' ^^^ u^tn r T""' IT. melted"butter'"m' nearly ready add When about 3 tablespoons ^'=" °f "= ^l^*" ^'i roast hour" basting 'J"*"^' 1 hour. deep Add 2 teaspoons paprika 2 cups of chicken stock 2 tablespoons tomato puree ^?t^^X the giblets. dumphngs (page 44).frequently. r. ^^^ P^^l^y '^ the butter.

and cut all mto separate portions. Put all into a thick. put in the bouquet garni and allow to simmer for that time. and vinegar. About 10 minutes before the cooking is finished. soup. the onion and the hver in the butter. Cut up the hver and the onion. the top. and a sprig of parsley in a muslin bag and set on one side. Brown the portions of fowl. a bay leaf. Pour over this the wine. Simmer gently for about 2 hours or until the chicken is tender. deep pan and cook slowly until the contents are nearly dry. calf or 1 salt ox and ground black pepper ^ cup vinegar For the Disjoint the fowl. Remove the mushn bag and skim [ 97 ] . Add the breadcrumbs and cook gently for a few minutes. tie a sprig of thyme. bouquet garni.OLD CHICKEN 6 IN SAUCE Alte Huhner in Sauce SERVINGS 1 1 old chicken onion 1 tablespoon butter 1 bouquet garni 1 cup red wine 2 cups brown soup 1 cup brown breadcrumbs piece of liver.

until the chicken is tender. carrot parsley. Add and mix well.CHICKEN IN 6 BUTTER SAUCE SERVINGS 2 cups chicken stock 2 tablespoons butter salt 1 Hiihner mit Buttersauce 1 1 1 young chicken onion carrot stick celery and pepper 1 1/2 teaspoon parsley (chopped) 34 cup button mush- teaspoon paprika buttersauce (page 151) rooms and Truss the chicken and leave whole. Baste well with the butter. Add the butter sauce. Remove the chicken to a hot serving dish. is all these vegetables together in butter in a thick. CHICKEN 6 portions of cold IN 6 WINE PASTRY Hiihner in Weinteig SERVINGS cooked chicken salt and pepper flour wine pastry (page 200) deep fat for frying lemon salted. 'with the lid on. Place the chicken on this bed of vegetables. Garnish with slices of lemon. Pour immediately over the chicken. Leave the mushrooms whole. Roll the chicken portions in flour which has been peppered and Roll each one in the wine pastry. there the chicken stock and simmer. with the skins on. Boil the stock for about 10 or more minutes until it has become considerably less. deep pan with the lid on. [ 98 ]- . Chop the onion. Replace the hd and simmer gently until Cook no hquid left. Fry in deep hot fat. celery.

Add salt and pepper to the flour and roll the chicken pieces Chop butter. Cut the chicken into portions.CHICKEN WITH GREEN SAUCE Hiihner mit griiner Sauce 6 SERVINGS 2 cups chicken soup 2 tablespoons butter flour salt 1 1 1 roasting chicken stick celery 14 onion cup button mush- and pepper rooms green sauce (page 152) the onion and cook together with the mushrooms in the Add a pinch of salt and a shake of pepper. ROAST DUCK Gehratene Ente 6 TO 8 SERVINGS fresh grape leaves or 1 good'Sized duck a handful of fresh parsley This is excellent served cold as the parsley detracts from the fattiness. Do not seal up. simmer gently Place the chicken in this mixture. in this. Pour the soup over and Serve with green sauce. 15 minutes to each pound. Use a thick deep pan. Roast in a moderate oven. bird itself must not be allowed to rest in the fat. Place it on a grid in the roasting pan. Stuff" the inside with the grape leaves or the parsley. The bird will baste itself. [ 99 ] . for 1 hour. making 6 good helpings. The Serve with mixed salad.

Serve with young peas and small new potatoes. Stuff the inside of the bird with this mixture and roast in the oven for about 30 minutes. -[ 100 ] . Add the cooked giblets to the soaked breadcrumbs. Serve duck garnished with these sUces of orange. This depends on the size of the bird. Stuff the inside of the bird and roast in a moderate oven for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. depending on the size of the bird. Season and bind together with the 2 beaten eggs. Soak the breadcrumbs in the cream. Soak the breadcrumbs in the milk.ROAST DUCK Gebratene Ente ANOTHER METHOD 6 1 SERVINGS 14 cup milk good-sized young duck 1 1 tablespoon butter (melted) cup white bread- 2 eggs 1 orange a little red wine crumbs Chop the liver and heart of the duck and boil until tender. Season well with salt and pepper. Cut the orange into shces and soak in the red wine. ROAST DUCKLING Gebratenes Entchen 3 TO 4 SERVINGS 6 1 1 1 young duckhng tablespoon butter cup white bread- mushrooms mushrooms or 1 cup of button 14 crumbs 2 eggs 1 teaspoon chopped parsley cup cream salt and pepper 3 chopped shallots Cook the mushrooms in the butter. together with the butter. To this add the parsley and shallots.

Take the bird out and place it on a hot serving dish.MARINATED DUCK Hausente I als Wildente SERVINGS l^ teaspoon ground 1 1 duck teaspoon thyme large old black pepper 2 anchovies Mash the anchovies and mix the thyme and pepper with them. Marinade: 1 cup water onion 2 teaspoons chopped parsley 2 cups red wine 1 2 1 stalks celery carrot Chop the celery and carrot coarsely. During that time turn over once or twice but keep covered. Slice the onion. Cover with the water and wine. Put all into a covered roasting-pan and cook for about 2 hours. Bring to the boil and let simmer for a few minutes. Pour over the duck and allow to stand for 24 hours. Rub the inside of the duck with this mixture and place it m a large basin. [ 101 ] . Remove the cover and allow to brown for another 20 minutes. Serve separately with dumplings or boiled rice. in a very moderate oven. Strain the marinade and thicken it to make gravy.

Add the cream. as the bird has enough fat of its own for basting. 102 When uncovered [ ] . Serve with mixed green salad. Have the oven a httle over moderate and allow 20 minutes to the pound. carrot and stick of celery and fry in the butter. may be used instead of the above. Season. Chop the onion. do not cover the roasting-pan. with the egg (beaten). 1 8 salt lumps sugar and pepper jelly rcdcurrant Goose stuffings 2. ROAST GOOSE Gebratene Gans AND STUFFING 1 young goose 4 sweet apples 2 sprigs marjoram NO. Baste regularly. 3. The cooking in each case is practically the same. if desired. When before bringing to the table. Pour this sauce over the duck dish. If you wish the skin on die breast to be crisp.STUFFED DUCK Faschierte Ente 8 1 SERVINGS salt 1 large duck ^ cup rice boiled in stock giblets 1 1/2 and pepper onion carrot 1 1 stick celery egg Vz 1 cup cream tablespoon butter 1 cup white breadcrumbs cup brown soup marjoram flour Dust with flour which and pepper added. Chop the giblets finely and add together with the breadcrumbs to the cooked rice. and 4 on pages 103—104. but it is if you wish it to as well to baste it be soft. and roast in the oven. Blend the cooked vegetables with the rice mixture and bind all together has salt Rub the duck very lightly with marjoram. once or twice. It is best to set a goose on a grid in a roastingpan. Cook for a few minutes. then put the hd on. cooked take the duck out and place on a hot servingPour off" the fat from the pan and pour in the soup. Stuif the inside of the bird with this mixture.

Stir in the and prepare the mustard. Mix the teaspoon salt teaspoon mustard teaspoon ground black pepper breadcrumbs. 3 1 1 cup chopped ham cup boiled rice egg off easily. little over. Add the chopped ham and the boiled rice. Place in the body of the GOOSE STUFFING 2 cups chestnuts 6 sweet apples 1 i/^ NO. Add the bread- crumbs and bind all together with the egg. Stuff the inside of the goose with these and leave the back end open. Peel and core two together. Peel and core the apples and cut in quarters. allowing 20 minutes to the pound and a jelly. Serve with redcurrant GOOSE STUFFING 4 large onions 2 dessert apples 4 cups white bread1 1 NO. bird. 2 ^ crumbs 3 or 4 sage leaves Boil the onions until soft.Rub the bird well with salt and pepper and rub the inside with the sprigs of marjoram. Drain well the apples. Roast the goose. Place -[ 103 ] . Add Chop the sage leaves these and the salt to the onion-apple mixture. Cut in quarters. Peel and core the apples and put two lumps of sugar inside each apple. in the body of the bird. (The rice should be boiled rapidly so that the grains are separate). cup breadcrumbs Boil the chestnuts until the peel comes Peel and cut in half. Mix together. well beaten. and chop.

Cook the veal pieces in the butter for a very few minutes. Add the breadcrumbs. Salt and pepper to taste. 1 turkey fat for larding bacon several large sheets of greased paper 3 cups finely-minced veal pieces cup white breadcrumbs salt and pepper ^/4 cup butter 1 egg 1 Lard the breast of the bird as directed on page 92. Chop mushrooms and cook together for another few minutes. weU beaten. if possible fastening them underneath so that the turkey is entirely wrapped up.GOOSE STUFFING 1 NO. In this case omit the breadcrumbs and the egg but make butter sauce (page 151) and pour over the liver mixture. With the larding of the breast and the steam enclosed in the paper it should be self-basting. place 3 or 4 sheets of greased paper over the bird. Allow 20 minutes to the pound when cooking and 20 over. Vol-au-Vent cases (page 212). As a well-stuffed breast is inclined to cook too quickly. -[ 104 ] - . This stuffing can be used as a filling for Chop the hver and cook it with the bacon in the butter. 4 goose liver 1 1 egg tablespoon dry wliite H cup mushrooms Yo 1 cup chopped bacon tablespoon butter cup fine breadsalt wine and pepper 1 crumbs the Mix together with the breadcnunbs. Beat the egg and bind the stuffing mixture together with this. Stuff die breast of the bird with it. Add the wine and bind together with the egg. See that plenty of breast skin has been left to cover and hold in the stuffing. Mix well and add salt and pepper to taste. ROAST TURKEY AND STUFFING Gebratener Truthahn 1 NO.

2 cup breadcrumbs butter grated rind lemon 1 tablespoon dry 2 level tablespoons salt 1 white wine and pepper 1 teaspoon chopped parsley egg the beards Beard the oysters and cut in pieces. 3 cup minced ham cup white breadcrumbs salt and pepper 2 eggs Mix Add the seathe chicken. truffles in the butter and leave to get Add to tlie truffles the salt. Stuff the breast with this. weU beaten.TURKEY STUFFING 18 oysters 1 NO. TURKEY STUFFING 1 NO. Mix together oyster Uquor and then strain. pepper. Cook the pmch of nutmeg and crumbs. hghtly beaten. Simmer the the breadcrumbs. ham and breadcrumbs together. and salt and pepper. Melt the butter and add parsley. with the eggs. Mix well. parsley. Sur it alternately with Add the lightly-beaten egg and enough of the oyster oysters. cold. [ 105 ] . the the wine to the breadcrumb nnxture. lemon rind. Add the shallot and the bread- Bind aU together with the two eggs. TURKEY STUFFING 2 cups minced chicken 1 1 NO. If preferred soning. m m hquor to make a soft stuffing. Bind together use only the yolks of the eggs. 4 y2 cups truffles 1 1 Y2 cups bread- teaspoon chopped shallot crumbs 2 eggs 1 teaspoon chopped parsley nutmeg salt and pepper Yz cup melted butter Cook the shallot shghdy.

fried in butter. Add the thj^nc.TURKEY STUFFING 3 cups of chestnuts Boil 1 NO. compote is a very nice addition. salt and pepper and the glass of red wine. Lard the breasts as described on page 92. Melt the butter and mix with the Put in the body of the bird. Add the salt and pepper and the mixed herbs. TURKEY STUFFING 1 NO. chopped aiichovy and chopped onion. chestnuts. Mash weU. Melt a httle of the m a pan and put in the chopped calves' hver. Stuff the breast with this ^^' ROAST PIGEON Gebratene Tauben 2 TO 3 SERVINGS i 2 or 3 pigeons bacon fat for larding 1/2 cup chopped large anchovy 1 (boned) onion hver 14 teaspoon thyme 1 glass red wine calves' y^ salt cup butter and pepper serving. 6 72 1 cup breadcrumbs cup of grated mixed nuts egg i/g teaspoon mixed herbs salt and pepper weU Alix together the breadcrmnbs and the grated nuts. Bind together with the eee beaten. Green -[ 106 ]- . Cook well and allow to cool a httle Stuff tne pigeons with this mixture. 5 tablespoon butter and slon. Sour cream can be poured over them if hked before butter salad or frmt Serve with white breadcrumbs. and roast the birds in the remainder ot the butter.

ZVIETHOD fat bacon for larding fresh parsley Lard the breasts parsley. half. gravy add the juice to it. Stuff the insides oven for about 30 minutes. Return the thickened the oven for 20 mmutes. Cover tightly and flour and minutes. rest of the butter and add the bake in a very moderate prepared pigeons. Melt the finishing with a layer of mushrooms. blend some oven for about 40 to the casserole. Stir aU together and return to with parsley over the surface and serve m Sprinkle the chopped noodles or nockerhi (pages 40. and pigeon pieces Pour over the salt and pepper. When cooked. Put a layer of the again a layer of mushrooms of this. Allow 1 pigeon to a person. Always salt and flour the of the birds with fresh breasts before larding. as described on page 92. chopped SUce the mushrooms. 43).ROAST PIGEON Gebratene Tauben ANOTHER 2 to 4 pigeons. in a moderate Roast PIGEON WITH MUSHROOMS Tauben mit Pilzen 6 TO 7 SERVINGS teaspoon salt teaspoon ground pepper 1 Vi tablespoons flour 1 6 pigeons 4 cups sHced mush- 1/4 rooms 34 cup butter fresh parsley. then some pieces of pigeon. [ 107 ] . Melt half the butter unpeeled. sHced mushrooms on top bottom of a casserole. Clean the birds and spUt them in the and put including the stalks.

Shce the onion into the butter Baste frequently. blackcurrant jelly and salad' Put the gravy in a grav>'-boat." chestnuts [ 108 j — . on a se^mg ROAST PHEASANT Gebratener Fasan 3 1 TO 4 SERVINGS 2 cups chestnuts salt cock pheasant cup fat pork fat bacon for larding 1 and pepper butter for roasting Lard the breast of the pheasant as described on page 92. Garnish with watercress and serve with baked potatoes. have been heaped. Sprinkle if with salt. Time about 45^nu^es depending on the size of the bird. Season with sali. on which the calves' brains. Take the bird out of The m m m its sauce. Pla7e surrounded by the shces of fried bread. Fry the shces of bread butter.- GUINEAFOWL Perlhuhn 4 1 SERVINGS i guineafowl cup bacon for larding V2 cup sour cream V2 cup butter slices of bread fat % cup milk i calves' brains onion salt and pepper Clean the guineafowl and lard the breast as described on page 92 flesh IS very dry and lean. depending on the size of the bird berve on a bed of watercress ^vith green salad and redcurrant jeUy. pepper and a httle sugan Stuff the bird with this and cook in a moder^e oven for about 30 to 40 minutes. Pour in the sour cream. Roast a moderately hot oven in butter. so this is essential. well drained. dish. Stew the calves brams milk until weU cooked. Boil the Peel and put through a coarse sieve Chop the fat pork smaU and mix with the chestnuts.

to get the flavours in the roasting-pan.ROAST PARTRIDGE Gebratenes Rebhuhn 2 SERVINGS salt 1 2 young partridges fat bacon for larding and pepper cup sour cream (see Dust the bird with flour and salt. Place the fried hot Put a few sprigs round the birds. the insides of the birds but do not cut the with strmg. They should shallots. remainder of the Before the snipe are quite cooked. Roast in a qmck take about 20 minutes. Mix with the chopped and lemon peel. Serve the sauce separately. Fry the rounds of bread in butter. ROAST SNIPE Gebratene Schnepfe 2 TO 3 SERVINGS a httle stock 1 1 3 or 4 snipe fat bacon for covering glass of red xvine 1 tablespoon chopped lemon peel brown breadcrumbs egg yolk several rounds parsley 2 or 3 shaUots of fried bread stewed pineapple a Uttle sour cream Remove heads off. fiver and hearts. Partridges can be for about 35 minutes. Serve stufl^ed garnish with sHced oranges. Chop the butter and stock. Mix with egg yolk and m brown breadcrumbs. or mushroom stuffing (page 104). AUow to get quite wine and the sour cream to the bread Remove the birds to a servuig dish. chopped parsley. pineapple. Cook in butter until the fiver and heart are weU cooked. of watercress to garnish and serve with stewed [ 109 ] . a fittle of the wine. salad and with truffle stuffing (page 105). add the roastuig pan. Leave for a few minutes on a bed of vine leaves well mixed. Baste Roast in butter in a moderate oven cooked pour the sour cream over the bird When frequently. pfied with the fiver mixture. bird with a sUce of fat bacon and tie Cover each oven The long beak is tucked underneath. Lard the breast page 92). Remove the birds and serve with green on a serving-dish.

I 110 ]- . let Serve with stewed redcurrants or redcurrant jeDy. Now put the hare in the heart of Sis and let stew until quite tender. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes. piping hot. Place on a dish and cover with the sauce. Put the hare back in the stew-pj which IS now qmte clean and pour the strained sauce over it U)ver with the sauce again and add a httle sour cream When ready remove the hare and carve it into single portions. Lard it with strips of fat bacon Shce all the vegetables and place together with^ hked Cover with the wine and stock. if not the hare with salt and pepper.ROAST HARE Geddmpfter Hose 6 SERVINGS 1 tat I ^^^ ^^^^o^s ^ bacon for larding teaspoon chopped I onions ? 1 clove garlic 1 teaspoon thyme parsley 2 cups red wine 2 cups of stock 1 i turnip bay leaf and rosemary grated rind of lemon Rub see page 92). Remove the hare when really tender and stram the sauce.

Chop Joint the rabbits and cut into 10 pieces. in the cream a the is tender. Place pour the sauce over. for about 15 minutes. Serve with in the centre of a deep dish and croutons of fried bread as garnish. -[ 111 ] . Cover tightly and let simmer slowly until Add meat Sprinkle the flour over and add the tomato puree. the water.RABBIT PAPRIKA Kaninchen mit Paprika 8 SERVINGS tablespoon tomato puree 2 tablespoons butter 1 2 medium-sized rabbits 1 1 1 1/2 green pepper tablespoon paprika onion cup water salt 1/2 1 teacup sour cream tablespoon flour only the best. add seasoning and let cook over this. Uttle at a time until the sauce is thick and Stir the pieces creamy. using Sprinkle the paprika the onion and fry golden brown in the butter. of rabbit in it. If too thick add a Httle milk or water. Put the pieces Just have the rabbit browned shghtly.

Stir in 2 weh-beaten eggs. Mince the pork and bacon. parsley and bay leaf salt and pepper short crust (page 199) Cook the rabbit in water until tender. salt and pepper.RABBIT PIE Kaninchenpastete 5 TO 6 SERVINGS V-z 1 1 large rabbit cup of lean pork 34 cup bacon tablespoon butter 2 eggs 1 teaspoon thyme. and cook gently in the butter. Make the short pastr>'. Garnish with parsley and cucumber and serve witn salad. Well grease a shallow. m '^^i5j^ [ 112 ] . flat bakmg-tm and hne with pastry. Cover with pastrv' and bake a moderate oven for 40 to 45 minutes. Add the herbs. Cut into fairly large pieces. Put all in a basin and mix gently. Disjoint it and take all the meat off the bones. This is verv dehcious served cold. Spread the rabbit mixture over this so that there is just one thick layer.

[ 113 ]- . are made Lambs are killed after that which it is hard to beat. for which we of fine recipes for cooking veal and elderly etemaUy grateful. table. fuJ other hand pigs. The are killed. Cattle of the Balkan countries as well. beast is slaughtered breeding purposes. it must have served a useful hfe in for the has produced a multitude This scarcity of prime beef. It is cows are kept not bred for beef in the same way as here. The undercut or fiUet is the only should be average cuts. in aU stages of their Uves.Meat any of us must at one time or another have wondered seemed impossible to get an ordinary piece of beef for roasting. so that the recipes for could afford to slaughter rich joints use of. So for these—what we should caU— provide epicurean reapes cuts" of meat. beef. when very young. so that before a full-grown another capacity. except those kept for The bull calves are for milking. whole. They are even roasted thev are not lolled until they have yielded But difficult many bags of wool. Only the very joint that can be compared to our a yearling. however. Austria and Hungary On the from such an animal are few and far between. in Austria or Hungary or indeed any it why really quite simple.

Turn over and do both sides. then in the beaten yolks &ld^Ss"^^ "' ^^p^" '^^ '^^° '''''' -^ ^^y ^ *e shces in hot butter until a golden brown. arranged alternately with ohves. Cook the VIENNA SCHNITZEL Wiener Schnitzel ANOTHER METHOD 5 TO 6 SERVINGS i 2 lbs. prepared juice of 2 or 3 lemons cup fine breadcrumbs 2 egg yolks flour 1 cup butter 12 anchovy fillets salt and pepper 1 teaspoon paprika with shces of lemon. They should be firm and dry. do It yourself. to -[ 114 ] . crumbs salt and pepper 34 cup butter butcher knows from the leg of veal. Melt half of the butter and add the mashed anchovies and the paprika.VIENNA SCHNITZEL Wiener Schnitzel 5 TO 6 SERVINGS fine 2 2 egg yolks lbs. Dip the shces If they are too thick you must in flour. veal shces. Before cooking prepare the sauce. Mix weU and keep hot. Serve on a hot dish. Dip them in the beaten yolks of egg and finally in the fine white breadcrumbs. garnished with shces of lemon. or the The how to do this. which has shces should be beaten out unS they are ahnost wafer thin and the fibres broken. stoned. Place on a hot dish and serve immediately. It only takes a few minutes. of veal in the lemon juice for 1 hour RoU which salt and pepper has been added. Pour the sauce over and garnish slices Marinate the them in flour. In the remainder of the melted butter cook the schnitzel until a golden brown on each side. veal slices white bread- °o^ The veal for this should be cut fillet. Any good been boned.

weU breadcrumbs. STUFFED VEAL Gefiillter 6 1 Kalbsbraten TO 8 SERVINGS 1 leg veal cup breadcrumbs 4 onions 1 calf's kidney salt and pepper 2 egg yolks fat sour cream Remove meat. Be careful not to paper fairly thick. Place on the veal. Brown in a httle fat onions and yolks of eggs. breadcrumbs Vi cup butter are going to cook it. . Again dip m and cover the piece of veal completely. 25 minutes to the Roast in butter in a moderate oven. . one side Do the same with all four pieces and leave them on for an hour. cover it about 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs. shake off any surplus. the bone from the leg and flatten out the calf's Chop the kidney small. a piece of meat. Garnish with sHces of .VIENNA SCHNITZEL A LA HASE Wiener Schnitzel a la Hase 4 SERVINGS 4 fillets veal. 115 ]- Add the [ . into it. weU with flour. salt and pepper. . They should be to break the meat or even to coatings. cream over and serve done. Take 3 soupbruised but not broken. Take Now dip it into the egg. Now prepare the one tablespoons flour Put 3 plates and place them in a row. Allow Do not serve underpound and an extra 25 minutes if necessary. Break the 2 eggs mto: the and mix 1 teaspoon salt weU In the tinrd plate put next one and beat them hghtly with a fork. . . mediately. Beat each one out break the muscles. Prepare the veal at least an hour before you should be should be cut from the thigh of the calf and The fillets thinness. into the breadcrumb plate seeing that it is weU covered. Bind with the Roll up and tie with strmg. sides should be cnsp Fry in melted butter fairly slowly. Both lemon and serve imand golden brown. When finished pour the hot sour with salad. weighing 2 eggs salt about 1/4 lb. beaten. .

m Cook in a fairly the new It IS. Serve piping hot. Cover the pan and cook over a low heat for 5 or 6^miutes ^°^^ stock. Place the meat on the onion and put the young It m as hot oven for 20 to 25 minutes. [ 116 ] . Chop the onion and put a deep casserole in the butter. Lard with strips of bacon as described on page 92. Serve witrverfmaU dumphngs (page 47) or bacon dumplings (page 42) Veal chops or steaks can be used in this recipe. lat fat bacon for larding tor lardmg 1 1 young carrots young turnip« turnips i°^°" ^°"^ ^*^°^^ lb new potatoes cup butter salt and pepper ¥2 Roll the meat in flour which has been salted and peppered. Now put potatoes and a cupful of good stock or soup. stewing veal lb jb. melted. Simmer for a few minutes. thin slices fillet ^. Follow the same mstruaions but allow longer for cooking.PAPRIKA VEAL Paprika -Kalbsschnitzel 4 1 SERVINGS lb./ lemon juice 1/2 cup stock 2 tablespoons flour salt /2 pint sour cream .°^°^^ 1 and pepper tablespoon paprika "^'^t ^Tr!T' ^^ °^ ""^ ^° ^"°^°" ^^^'^ f°r 1 hour. Serve in the casserole tightly.^^^ . brown separate mn^ T Sate pan. ZSa D^ Z^'T "^r" ^f r. Pour over the meat and cook for another 5 minutes. Lay the browned slices of meat on them in a ''"'V^ top of the omons. Take off the hd and incase the hea to allow the top to get golden-brown. Add salt and pepper.'"^^ Slice the ^^°-^- Sprinkle wf^ ^^ ^ VEAL STEW 6 TO 7 SERVINGS 1 2 lbs. Scrub the young carrots and turnips and leave them whole. Cook quickly for another 20 minutes.

STUFFED LOIN OF VEAL Gewickelter Nierenbraten 6 TO 8 SERVINGS loin of veal 1 cup fine white breadcrumbs dessertspoon 4 mushrooms 1 chopped parsley grated rind of lemon juice of 1 lemon minced fat bacon 4 anchovy fillets 1 cup stock 1 egg yolk salt and pepper cup melted butter 1 34 cups ^ Remove the bones and skin from the loin. add a Uttle milk. onion. roll up. Do not cover. yolk. It should take 25 minutes to the pound. carrots and turnips into the melted butter. browning sHghtly. Allow all to cook for a few minutes. Season with pepper and salt and moisten with the egg Stuff the loin and is not enough. Add the white stock and continue simmering until 117 [ ] . Brown in a large casserole in the melted butter. Chop the mushrooms and bacon and mash the anchovies. pepper and paprika. Add the salt. Turn it several If this times. Serve the sauce separately. Pour over the stock and roast in a moderate oven until tender. Put these. Tie with string or skewer it together. Mix together. Have the veal chopped in fairsized pieces. mushrooms. Mix together with the breadcnmibs. VEAL GOULASH Kalbsfleischgulasch 4 TO 5 SERVINGS 1 breast of veal cup chopped bacon 1 chopped onion 1 cup cream 1 cup chopped carrots and turnips salt and pepper 1 1 tablespoon tomato puree 4 chopped mushrooms 14 cup butter 1 cup white stock or soup teaspoon paprika Melt the butter in a casserole. turning to get it all brown. Rub over with lemon juice. the chopped bacon. parsley and grated rind of lemon.

good bacon or uncooked ham 2 tablespoons capers cup butter onion 12 anchovies 1/^ 2 cups white wine 1 teaspoon ground cup cream pepper Do not bone the leg of veal. Serve with salad and rice or noodles. Seal the holes over with butter. Make a number of holes in the surface with a skewer or ice pick. Put the kidneys in the bone cavity in the leg. been left. Place the joint on a serving-dish and pour the sauce into another saucepan. Cut the bacon into httle chunky bits about 1 inch long. Now add the capers and the pepper and cook for another 15 minutes. Melt the butter in a roasting-pan and put the leg of veal and the onions in it. leg of veal lbs. Pour in the cream and reheat but do not allow to boil. Cover the pan and cook very slowly for about 2 hours. Pour the wine over. Put the 118 joint in this. Tie neatly with string in 3 places. Pour the cream [ ] . ROAST VEAL WITH KIDNEYS AND PAPRIKA Kalbsnieretibraten mit Paprika 8 TO 10 SERVINGS 14 ] 5 or 6 lbs. Into each hole push a piece of bacon and a bit of anchovy. on which the fat has hberally with paprika. depending on the size of the joint. Serve with noodles or potato balls (pages 40. Allow 25 minutes per pound and 25 minutes over. Add the tomato purde and cook for a further few minutes. butter in a roasting-pan. LEG OF VEAL LARDED Gespickter Kalbschlegel 8 TO 10 SERVINGS i^ 1 4 1 to 5 lbs. Serve separately. Lastly stir in the cream and allow to get quite hot. leg of veal 2 veal kidneys ^4 4 cup cream cup water tablespoon paprika cup butter 1 Spread the kidneys.the meat is tender. Shce the onion. Melt the Bone the leg of veal. 58).

[ 119 ] . minutes in a moderate oven. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve immediately. salt and pepper. the peppercorns and the bay leaf. Cook slowly until the brains are tender. sUced kidneys and truffles. FILLET STEAK LARDED Lungenbraten Filets 4 SERVINGS 8 mushrooms 2 lamb's kidneys a few truffles |/2 cup butter 4 fillets fat of steak bacon for larding several sHces of salt smoked tongue and pepper Have the steaks about ^4 inch thick. Slice the kidneys and truffles. With a larding needle lace the steaks with alternate strips of bacon and tongue. Remove the skin of the brains and place in a saucepan with 1 tablespoon melted butter and the juice of the lemon. Serve the steaks very hot. Roast uncovered and baste frequently. Thicken the sauce with flour and serve separately. Season with Cook very hghtly in half the melted butter. CALVES' BRAINS Kalbsgehim 1 small onion 2 black peppercorns melted butter 1 bay leaf of 1 calves' brains juice lemon Wash the brains and boil for 5 minutes in water to which you have added the onions. Cook these together with the mushrooms in melted butter. garnished with the mushrooms. The inside should be underdone. Time 25 minutes to the pound and 25 extra. Garnish with cucumber and serve with green salad and saut6 potatoes.and water mixed over all. Pour a httle melted butter over them. Cut the bacon and smoked tongue into very thin inch lengths.

capers. sprinkle with a httle flour and add the cream and the brown stock. they are soft. Cut a deep slit in the meat and push this stuffing in. Put the meat for a few minutes under the grill and seal both sides. Now place the meat on the vegetables in the sauce. Moisten 'with of the brown stock. Baste occasionally. the a httle minced bacon and breadcrumbs. Cover the pan and cook for about 30 minutes. of beef should be about 11/2 inches thick and in one Prepare a stuffing from one onion chopped finely parsley.ROAST FILLET OF BEEF ESTERHAZY Esterhazy Rostbraten 8 SERVINGS 1 3 4 2 2 2 1 lbs. arid bottom. Lastly add the Madeira and cook for When it as much as possible between the top the carrots. the other onion. Mix well. the celery and Fry aU these very hghtly in some of the butter spreading meat put on a serving-dish and the sauce served This can be served in the casserole. Chop the parsmps. another 5 minutes. fillet of beef teaspoon chopped parsley carrots onions sticks celery 14 cup butter parsnips 2 teaspoons capers 1 teaspoon paprika cup brown breadcrumbs stock brown cup Madeira wine cup cream salt and pepper ^4 cup minced bacon y^ 1 The fillet piece. [ 120 ] . or the separately.

simmer for about 2 hours. legs etc. [ 121 ] . 6 stalks celery 3 carrots 2 small onions 4 sprigs parsley or rough such as neck. the melted butter over and cover tightly slowly until tender. TYROLEAN BEEF Tiroler Speckbraten ABOUT 3 to 4 lbs. Simmer for 2 to 21/2 hours. parsley and a large saucepan. Now let in a neat piece. The beef should be the large onion in its skin in the oven for about not too fat. Place the meat in a large deep cover the meat with it. beef (rump or chicken giblets. lean 8 SERVINGS melted butter beef fat bacon for larding chopped onions pepper and salt with the sttips Dust the joint with pepper and salt. depends meat from time to time as the length of cooking Test the This should be served with on the thickness and age of the beef.BOILED BEEF Gesottenes Rindjieisch 8 TO 10 SERVINGS 1 4 2 lbs. to tlie boil and then lower the heat. Serve with horse-radish cream. bay leaf brisket) lbs. unpeeled in large pieces in Put the chicken parts and the vegetables cut Add the peppercorns. 1 2 pimentos 6 peppercorns large onion. bay leaf Cover weU with water and bring to the boil. pimentos. Use a of bacon Cook with the lid. Pour as described on page 92. horse-radish cream and noodles (see page 40). parts. Brmg Strain the stock and baked onion. probably 2 hours. Lard the beef thick roastmg-pot. Bake heavy pot with the 30 minutes.

carrots. hours. Return to the oven and simmer Intil the meat is tender. Bind weU beaten and well seasoned with salt and Soak the breadcrumbs in a with the two noodles. in the casserole m m MEAT LOAF Faschierter Braten 4 1 TO 5 SERVINGS 3/^ lb. Serve with macaroni or mixture into a loaf. berve the casserole with potatoes. the pinch of mace and any other seasomng you may hke. beef 1 1 pork cup white bread'^^"^^bs . including the the onions. this the pork. lean lb. Lastly stir in the white wine. [ 122 ] . eggs. Mix the two together. turnips and figs. which hasT'''°!'been dusted with salt Roast a moderate oven for 1 hour. add the cream to the juice round the loaf. Bake in a moderate oven for about 1 to 1 1^. Baste oc^ionall^Poi^ off any excess fat and cover the meat and vegetables with the brown stock. Add the herbs. teaspoon mixed herbs y^ 14 cup cream cup butter little salt and pepper 2 eggs a milk little Mince the beef and milk. About 10 minutes before removing from the oven. lid meat. pepper Shane Melt the butter in a roasting pan and place the loaf m it. lean beef 4 onions cup brown breadcrumbs 3 green figs 3 cups white wine 2 cups brown stock ^ 1 ^^^^P' ^'^rots pinch mace 'A cup butter ^alt and pepper flour Chop Grease a large heavy casserole with butter.VIENNESE STEWED BEEF Wiener Saftbraten 8 TO 10 SERVINGS i 6 lbs. ^if'^T^u ^"' ^ ^^ m Melt some butter ^^°PP^d ^^getables and the and pepper. Stuthe breadcrumbs.

the paprika Add the meat cubes.HUNGARIAN GOULASH Ungarisckes Gulasch 4 TO 5 SERVINGS 1 1 1/2 lb. in a thick casserole. Serve chopped parsley. Dumphngs can be for about 11/2 hours. Now cover with the and cook until the meat is sUghtly browned. lean beef tablespoon paprika 5 onions 1 clove garUc 2 cups stock or soup a few caraway seeds salt 1 and pepper tablespoon butter in a thick casserole. Simmer accompanied by noodles or served with this. soup or stock. Skin and slice the tomatoes. [ 123 ] . Melt the butter golden brown. to the melted butter Lay them on paprika. but it is usually in this until they are macaroni. potatoes or macaroni. Brown evenly. Remove any skin and fat from the meat and cut the pieces of meat. crushed. Garnish with HUNGARIAN GOULASH Ungarisches Gulasch ANOTHER METHOD 4 SERVINGS 1 1 1/2 lbs. Cover on a flat dish surrounded by piped mashed about 1 hour. 2 onions 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon salt 1 1 dessertspoon paprika lb. Cover the casserole caraway seeds. together with Add salt. tomatoes teaspoon chopped parsley into inch cubes. Chop the onions and add these. Cut the meat into inch cubes. pepper and tightly and cook slowly for top of the meat and onions. Season with salt and pepper. beef steak lean veal lb. Shce the onions and cook them and the the garhc.

Return to theTeat and "n" mttil the mixture thickens. LIS tl r^ar'^""" the^o'vS?""'' Remove from the heat and mix in the tablespoon of melted buS.ox TONGUE WITH HORSE-RADISH Ochsenzunge mit Kren 6 1 TO 8 SERVINGS tablespoon melted butter 4 tablespoons cream 1 tablespoon white i ox tongue 2 tablespoons grated horse-radish 2 egg yolks salt ^^"P'^^f^ and pepper a little breadcrumbs mustard and vinegar Boil the tongue in salted water for 2 hours Removp frr. and the cream. also the breadcrumbs. Strain the sauce and stir in the beaten ^'* salta^^d pepper andah^muS '"' "^^ '""^ ™ " "»' ''"'^^ ^^ -'i PO- — [ 124 J . *i.n.

Put the onions.TONGUE WITH CAPER SAUCE Zunge mit Kapernsauce 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 1 1 1 ox tongue cup sour cream teaspoon chopped parsley tablespoon capers cup butter 2 small onions 1 34 cup flour 1 juice of lemon 14 cup of finely ^ cup white wine 1 chopped Hver cup brown stock or soup finely. Stir this in to the sauce Cook the tongue but do not let it boil. With the flour and the rest of the melted butter make a paste and add the lemon juice. the onion. chopped with the parsley and liver in a thick saucepan in half the butter. CARAWAY GOULASH Kwnmelfleisch 3 TO 4 SERVINGS of lean beef onion a few cloves 1 1^ lbs. ^ teaspoon caraway seeds y2 teaspoon paprika salt vinegar water pieces. Cut the beef into smallish Put the beef pieces. Add a little vinegar and salt. Simmer until the meat is tender. the caraway seeds and paprika into a thick pan with enough water to cover. Stick the cloves into the peeled onion. [ 125 ] . When golden-brown add the stock and the wine and simmer. together as in previous recipe. Ser/e the tongue whole and pour the sauce over it on the serving dish. Lastly add the cream and the capers. Serve with noodles or macaroni.

lemon rind. Add omons and fry golden-brown. minced beef minced pork 2 tablespoons egg chopped parsley 2 tablespoons butter for patties grated rind of 14 lemon Yi % teaspoon ground for cup butter frying 3 tablespoons chopped onion pepper cup breadcrumbs juice of 14 lemon ^ cup white wine 1 Separate the egg. not splintered. Add % Melt 14 cup of butter in a fiying-pan.VIENNESE HAMBURGERS Klops SERVINGS 1 1 1 lb. Let stand for 30 minutes. Cream 2 tablespoons butter and add the egg yolk. soaked in milk. [ 126 ] . lb. the minced meats. Put the patties m and brown them quickly on both sides. Raise the heat. not with a chopper. seasonings and the breadcrumbs. the parsley and BRAISED OXTAIL Gediinsteter Ochsenschlepp 8 1 1 SERVINGS 8 cups water Yz Y2 teaspoon 1 bay leaf 5 allspice 1 1 ox-tail (about 4 lbs. Divide into patties about inch thick. Last of all fold in the white of egg stiffly beaten.) carrot 1 1 onion parsnip cup vinegar thyme outside stalks of one head celery 1. Turn down the heat and add the lemon juice and wine. tablespoon sugar 1 6 peppercorns clove garUc tablespoon flour cup cream Cut the oxtail in 2-inch pieces so that the bone is with a knife. Serve the patties on a hot serving-dish with the sauce in a separate bowl. Allow to cook for 20 minutes over a low heat.

Slice the carrot. Chop the celery. Leave soaking for 2 days. Strain the vegetables and put on one side until cool. noodles or dumplings. Serve in a large casserole. Melt the sugar in a thick Add the strained saucepan and allow to turn golden-brown. Return to the saucepan and bring to boiling point. Shake the flour over these and add the strained Uquid. Cook for 15 minutes. vegetables. together with the spices. with HUNTSMAN'S BEEFSTEAKS 8 SERVINGS . Add the cream but do not allow to boil again. Lower heat and let simmer for about 2 hours or until the meat is tender but not falling away from the bone. Bring to the boil and while hot pour over the pieces of oxtail. parsnip. Remove as much of the fat as possible. Remove the oxtail pieces and place on a hot serving-dish. Add all and vinegar.and onion. Bring to boiling-point. to the water Replace the oxtail pieces. Strain again and sieve the vegetables.

and bay leaves. peppercorns Leave overnight. wash the meat and roast as usual. Cover it with the water. Place the joint in a covered roastingf ^2^ J . Sprinkle with salt. Add half the water. Place in a roasting pan and pomthe butter. The meat should not be allowed to brown. POT-ROASTED LAMB Gediinstetes Lammfleisch 8 SERVINGS 1 1 1 1 fore-quarter or cup butter y^ teaspoons salt shoulder young ^snib 1 cup water clove garhc the joint with the garlic. Use half suet and half butter.MEAT 4 lbs. lean IN 8 VINEGAR SERVINGS 2 bay leaves 6 peppercorns. Serve with salad and rice. melted. Chop the vegetables and the onion. black and white Saiierbraten ABOUT beef without bone 5 pints water 1 pint wine vinegar Wash the meat and place in a basin. Rub over it ROAST LOIN OF MUTTON Gebratener Schopsenriicken 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 1 loin of fat 1 1 1 mutton bacon for larding onion flour 1 carrot parsnip small turnip salt cup brown stock and pepper Cut the bacon into strips and lard the loin as directed on page 92. The water should be boiling' Next day. Roast in a moderate oven and allow 15 minutes to the pound. Dust with flour to which you have added salt and pepper. Add water as needed. Cook in a slow oven for about 2 hours. vinegar. with the hd on.

turning the leg. the LEG OF MUTTON Schdpsenschlegel 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 1 small turnip 2 cups brown stock 2 glasses white wine leg of mutton fat bacon for larding 2 2 2 4 onions carrots salt parsnips stalks celery ground pepper Lard the leg of mutton very freely as directed on page 92. Add 2 tablespoons of 1 brown stock. Place these in the bottom of a covered roasting-pan. Place on a hot deep dish and pour over the butter sauce. Serve separately. depending on the size of the loin (30 minutes to one pound). and butter. Remove and dust them with the flour.pan Surrounded by the vegetables. Cover and cook in a moderate oven for l^^ Pour the brown stock over and roast again. Serve the the gravy a hot serving-dish surrounded by the vegetables. Add these to the cooked mushrooms Soak the sUces of meat in hot water. Place the hours. Stir them together. When cooked pour over the remainder of the stock. Bake in a moderate oven for about 1/2 to 2 hours. . It will probably take 2 hours. LAMB COOKED WITH MUSHROOMS Lammfleisch mit Pilzen 2 TO 3 SERVINGS 1 8 sUces of lamb 14 cup butter 1 cup mushrooms dessertspoon flour (page 151) 1 teaspoon chopped parsley butter sauce Cook the mushrooms and the sUces of meat from the water parsley in the butter. Allow to get quite hot. meat on Finally add the wine. Serve surrounded by the vegetables. depending on the weight of the joint. Salt and pepper it lavishly. Chop the vegetables and the onions. [ 129 ] . the gravy separate. leg on top.

' salt and pepper. Serve very hot with the chopped parsley sprinkled over the top.STUFFED SADDLE OF LAMB Gefullter Schopsenriicken 8 TO 10 SERVINGS 1 saddle of young lamb 6 shallots 1 teaspoon chopped parsley oiiion 1 cup chopped lean 2 eggs V2 1 ham salt cup beef marrow tablespoon butter and pepper fat for roasting 1 cup breadcrumbs stock & flour for gravy Remove the bones and as much fat as possible from the saddle Trim neatly and rub all over with the onion (or a clove of garhc). parsley. Baste frequently. depending on the size of the saddle. and simmer slowly for about 1 . 58) are usually served with [ 130 ] . the DumpHngs this dish. leaving about 2 tablespoons hquid. ' them with the mutton pieces into the water salt. or potato balls (pages 43. This dish is served with the gravy poured over. ground black pepper and paprika. Let it stand overnight ham. Add the breadcrumbs and bind together with the 2 eggs. Thicken this with flour and add brown stock for gravy. STEWED MUTTON Gekochtes Schdpsenfleisch 6 SERVINGS dessertspoon paprika 4 onions 1 4 cups mutton pieces 3 cups water 1 1 cup vinegar tablespoon parsley (chopped) salt and ground black pepper Chop the onions. Stuff the saddle with this. in the butter. Add Bring to the boil or until the meat is tender. Roll and tie with string. Chop the Cook until golden Season with salt and pepper. to 2 hours. finely. well beaten. Roast in a moderate oven for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Pour off some of the fat. shallots and marrow very in a cool place. Put and vinegar.

Add a good pinch of Cover with water and bring to the boil. marjoram. Skim off the fat.BREAST OF LAMB 8 IN MARJORAM SAUCE 4 tablespoons flour 6 large cooked potatoes Schopsenbrust in Dostensauce SERVINGS 4 lbs. Reheat in the oven and then brown hghtly under a grill. and leave to get cool. Blend the flour with the fat and add the strained Reheat and stir until it is creamy. Put the meat and the potatoes in alternate layers in a casserole. Strain the hquor from the meat. In the meantime the potatoes have been cooked and allowed to cool. finishing with a layer of potatoes. Serve with beet salad and endive or chicory. quartered. Put the pieces and the onion. Cut in shces. Let simmer for salt. Add the crushed Uquor. ^nK)^ [ 131 ]- . breast young lamb 1 large onion 2 teaspoons crushed water salt marjoram Cut the breast into small pieces. Pour over the marjoram sauce. 1 hour. in a saucepan. Do not bone.

Add to the butter and cook very slowly. Chop the lamb's heart. celery and onions. Do not boil rapidly. The sauce should be fairly thick. Serve in a casserole. Now slowly add the brown stock. Melt the butter in a thick saucepan. parsnip. just covering. until the flesh comes away and add to this and cook again for about 15 minutes. with young green peas or green beans. Chop the hver from the bones salt water. cook until all are well mixed. and allow to simmer for 10 minutes. Clean and wipe with a cloth. Sprinkle with flour. Add the clove of garUc and [ 132 y . the carrot. very hot. Add the meat from the head. in salted water.LAMB'S HEAD Lammskopf 5 1 SERVINGS 1 1 lamb's head lamb's heart 1/2 a lamb's liver 2 onions 3 cups brown stock 1 carrot parsnip 2 stalks celery with green tops 1 tablespoon butter salt flour 1 and pepper clove garlic Soak the lamb's head in Simmer easily. pepper and salt.

ROAST LEG OF PORK Naturgebratener Schweinschlegel 8 SERVINGS 1 teaspoon paprika water leg of pork 1 clove garlic 14 teaspoons salt 1 Cut the rind through left on. Let stand for at least 1 hour. peppercorns and salt. Use the natural juice as gravy. Loin can be for cooking a leg is 40 minutes per pound. Simmer until they are reduced to a pulp. in strips for crackling. season with salt. SHce the vegetables and Put these and the leg of pork into a large saucepan. This is usually served shced on a hot serving-dish with the sauce poured over. [ 133 ] . boiling water and cook until the skin is tender. Serve with rice or noodles and any vegetable. allspice. The skin should be brown and crisp when Time finished. Baste frequently. Strain. Turn the skin side Mash up and increase the heat. Add the leg of pork with a damp cloth. Bring to the boil and simmer imtil the meat is cooked (35 minutes to the pound). Rub the meat with this mixture. Dumplings or noodles should accompany it. cooked the same way but the cooking time is 35 minutes per pound. Place Add about 4 cups the leg skin side down in a roasting pan. the garhc. if the skin has been the clove of garlic with the salt and paprika. BOILED LEG OF PORK Gekochter Schweinschlegel 8 1 leg of pork 2 carrots 2 parsnips 1 small turnip TO 10 SERVINGS 2 onions 1 clove garUc 2 allspice 6 peppercorns salt 1 12 medium-sized tomatoes Yz cups white wine Wipe onions. Skin the tomatoes and boil in the white wine.

Stuff the leg with this. This may take V/2. Dust with salt and pepper. Put in a large roasting-pan. Set the stuffed leg on the bed of vegetables and cover. vegetables. Wipe with a damp cloth. anchovies and capers finely. Serve the gravy separately.STUFFED LEG OF PORK Faschierter Schweinschlegel 8 TO 10 SERVINGS 1 i/^ leg of pork 1 1 1 egg carrot parsnip stalk of celery 2 tablespoons capers plain boiled rice 4 small onions 6 anchovies cup breadcrumbs grated Parmesan cheese salt 1 and pepper cup brown soup or stock Take the bone out of the leg of pork. salt and pepper inside and out. [ 134 ] . strained. Allow string. to 2 hours The washed but the head depending on the size. Turn from time to time. Slice the vegetables to get golden-brown. Chop the onions. Mix with the breadcrumbs and bind with Rub Fold over and tie with and place in a roasting-pan with a little fat. Place slices of lemon on top. a well-beaten egg. When nearly cooked pour over a cupful of good brown soup and continue until quite cooked. Roast in a moderate oven until golden brown. sucking pig tablespoon capers lemon 1 cup cream salt and pepper pig should have been prepared for roasting. Lift the meat out and serve on a hot dish surrounded by the Boiled rice. allowing 35 minutes to the pound. Roast in a moderate oven. cleaned and left on. SUCKING PIG Spanferkel 8 1 SERVINGS 1 . noodles or macaroni can be served with this dish. Take the lid off and sprinkle the meat with grated Parmesan cheese.

Bring slowly to the boil and simmer for one Allow it to get cold in the water. rise for the second time. Bake in a slow boned.sUghtly. Butter sauce (page 151) to which has been added brown sugar. This can be served hot in the Then remove to be served cold. With to escape fork prick the dough several times to allow the steam it oven during cooking. Turn the sealed side down. damping the edges to seal. Drain the ham and pat it dry with a dry towel. It is usually one whole in its mouth. allow to cool in the dough. Place the ham on the dough. with cut truffles. Knead it until smooth. Serve hot. 45 minutes for baking. top side down. Wrap a up as a parcel. Heat BAKED HAM Gebackener Schinken oder Schinken in Brotteig 1 ham (about 10 lbs. -[ 135 ] . Make bread dough hour. Serve garnished and cucumber. allow another If the ham has been for 31/2 to 4 hours.) cold water mild cured 5 juniper berries 1 bay leaf bread dough (Milchbrot) (page 181) butter sauce bunch of parsley (page 151) Put the ham in cold water with the crushed jumper berries. either hot or cold. the dough to RoU out to 1/2 inch thick. Pour over the caper cream. dough. thyme. Place garnished with lemon and the pig on a large dish. can be 1 tablespoon French mustard and 1 teaspoon served with this. hard-boiled eggs breadcrumbs. Allow (page 181). bay leaf and parsley. If it is Cover with fine golden toasted the dough and skin together. Chop the capers and mix with the cream.

seeds and ribs. Mix well and cook for another 30 minutes. Add the cooked rice. Wash them well and drain tliem. Crush the clove of garhc and mix with the minced pork and chopped onion. 1 Cut the pork STUFFED GREEN PEPPERS Gefullte Paprika 6 SERVINGS egg onion 1 dessertspoon paprika tomato puree 1 1 6 green peppers % 1 minced pork Vi cup rice lb. Shred the cabbage. and lastly the beaten egg. Add the hot water and the pork pieces. Serve heaped on a hot dish with boiled potatoes. Simmer also for 1 hour with the pan covered. When both mixtures are cooked add them together. Put in a thick pan with 1 tablespoon butter and the cream. lean pork 3 large onions Yz cup sour cream salt dessertspoon paprika 1 1 and pepper cabbage cup hot water 2 tablespoons butter in inch sUces. Cut the stalks and remove the insides. Slice the onions. Sprinkle with the paprika. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with noodles (page 40). Place in a fireproof dish and pour over I'o cup of tomato pur^e.PORK WITH CABBAGE Schweinefleisch mit 5 Kraut TO 6 SERVINGS 1 2 lbs. -[ 136 ]- . Cover and simmer for about 1 hour. clove garhc salt and pepper off the peppers Boil the rice until cooked but the grains separate. Season with salt and pepper. Cook them in tablespoon hot butter. Season with salt and paprika. Stuff the peppers with this. Bake in a moderate oven until the peppers are tender.

You can never complain that eggs are dull in the hands of the Austrians. and the Palatschinken are very thin. Some get sweet fillings and become puddings. And there are some that are and pancakes. or souffles and custard. Some get decorated and become hors d'oeuvres. Many of these recipes. a cross betv\^een fritters Some go into soups [ 137 ] . that it is hard to translate their names. There are so many different kinds of Austrian pancakes and fritters. and stews. For instance. variations are endless. and especially for children's The hands The teas. the Schmarrens are very thick pancakes. are quite filling enough to be used as main dishes for lunch or light suppers. which were used as side dishes.Egg Dishes & Pancakes egg becomes more versatile than ever in the ingenious of the Austrians.

PLAIN OMELETTE Eier Omelette 4 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons butter 6 eggs salt and pepper Beat the eggs gently together and add the salt and pepper to taste. Now beat [ 138 ]- . Reduce the heat and cook until the underside of omelette is set but not burnt. ham. Steam for at least 2 hours or even longer. as it should be soft at the centre when served. Put some of the stuffing in the centre of this. and when hot pour in the beaten eggs. in a frying-pan. Heat the butter in a pan. Serve hot with salad and puree of potatoes. salt and pepper and bind together with the beaten egg yolks. Roll up the pancake. up the 4 eggs with a httle salt. Now roll up and serve. secure it with a cocktail stick and keep aside in a warm oven while making the rest of the pancakes in a similar manner. Place in a circular tube mould which has been brushed with butter. Soak the breadcrumbs in milk. ROLLED EGGS Gerollte Eierspeise 4 SERVINGS 2 cups minced chicken 4 eggs salt and pepper butter 34 cup milk cup minced ham cup breadcrumbs 2 egg yolks 1 1 First prepare the stuffing. Mix together with the chicken. The omelette should be rolled while still shghtly wet at the centre. Melt a piece of butter Pour in enough of the beaten egg to form a httle pancake.

Eierkuchen mit Schinken

2 teaspoons chives pinch of pepper teaspoon salt

5 slices of bread

6 eggs

^ cup chopped ham
2 cups milk



the crust of the bread, which should be very



Beat it into a batter. Add the salt in the 6 eggs. Beat this thoroughly until well mixed. Add the chives and the chopped ham. Mix again and put into a buttered casserole. Bake in a slow oven for 45 minutes.

and let it and pepper and break
the milk on


Osterreichische Eier

2 anchovies 2 teaspoons ohve 2 mushrooms

4 eggs
shce cooked ham 2 teaspoons vinegar



and pepper

Remove the yolks carefully, cutting the Hard-boil the eggs. whites in half. Put the yolks in a dish. Poach the mushrooms
until tender

and chop them


ham and add to this


vinegar, salt

finely. Mix with the egg yolks. Chop mixture. Chop the anchovies and mix with and pepper. Blend aU these ingredients

together into a nice paste.

Stuff the halves of egg wliite. Serve on httle dishes, with some of the mixture surrounding them.




Eier mit schwarzer Butter


6 eggs
Y2 tablespoon vinegar

and pepper

3 tablespoons butter

Simmer 2 tablespoons of the butter in a pan. When it begins to turn brown add to it the vinegar. Continue to simmer until required. Now scramble the eggs with the remaining butter and
transfer into individual serving dishes.

of the black butter sauce.

Over each dish pour some Serve immediately.

Eier auf Kasserole


2 2 4 2

raw eggs tablespoons butter hard-boiled eggs

tablespoon chopped

4 good-sized mushsalt

rooms and pepper

Beat the raw eggs well. Cream the butter and stir in the beaten eggs until smooth. Roughly chop the hard-boiled eggs and add them to the mixture. Stir in the chopped parsley. Season with salt and pepper (not too much salt). This mixture is now poured Place the into a well-buttered casserole and tightly covered. casserole in a pot of water which should reach half way up the

Bake in


moderate oven for about 20 minutes.

Serve witli tomato sauce.




Eier mit Krebshutter

crayfish butter

4 eggs, hard-boiled 1 teaspoon chopped

(page 164)

and pepper

^ cup milk
2 egg yolks

y^ cup ragout of veal or chicken

Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half and carefully remove the yolks. Take the raw egg-yolks, the breadcrumbs, a httle milk, the crayfish butter (page 164) and parsley, and make a stuffing to fill the hollow of the eggs. Season v/ith salt and pepper. Take 4 small bakingdishes and butter them. Place the stuifed eggs in the dishes, two stuffed eggs to each dish, and surround with ragout.
Bake in a



hot oven for 15 minutes. Serve in the individual is equally good hot or cold.

Tiroler Eierspeise


4 hard-boiled eggs cup fresh cream salt and pepper 1 tablespoon butter 4 anchovies

^ teaspoon chopped

4 potatoes 14 cup breadcrumbs

Cook the potatoes and cut them

into thin slices. Place a layer of these on the bottom of a well-buttered dish. Over the potatoes place a layer of sHced hard-boiled eggs and chopped anchovy and

until the ingredients have been used up layer by layer. the cream with the chopped parsley, salt and pepper, and pour over the dish. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake in





to hot


in the oven, the dishes can

oven for 30 minutes. If the breadcrumbs fail to be finished ofiF under the grill.




2 tablespoons butter
5 eggs

5 tablespoons sugar V2 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons flour

cup milk

Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Make a smooth batter by mixing well the flour, salt, sugar and milk, and beating in the egg yolks. Take a casserole or heavy pan and melt the butter in it. Whip the egg whites till stiff and fold into the batter. Pour the

mixture into the hot butter in the casserole or pan, and bake for 30 minutes in hot oven. When using the pan fry very hot and turn till golden-brown. Use two forks to tear the pancake roughly
into pieces.



6 eggs
1 1

teaspoon chopped

tablespoon cream


and pepper

parsley y2 cup breadcrumbs V2 teaspoon butter



Hard-boil 4 of the eggs and chop into fine pieces.

Beat up


Mix and work


together the chopped eggs, the

mushroom, also chopped, the parsley, butter, cream, breadcrumbs this and the beaten egg. Season with salt and pepper. Form If not soft enough to stick add cutlets or balls. mixture into Beat up the last egg and a httle milk. Dust the cutlets with flour.
breadcrumbs and fry dip each cutlet or ball into it, then dip into Serve with salad. in deep fat.







9 eggs

Bechamel sauce
(page 150)

and pepper

pinch nutmeg

breadcrumbs deep fat

finely. Stir up the chopped eggs, nutmeg and a little salt and pepper. Bind this mixture with some thick Bechamel sauce. Make this into cutlets or balls as desired. Beat up the remaining egg and dip the cutlets or balls into this. Dip them once again in the breadcrumbs and fry in deep fat. Spinach is good served with this dish.

Hard-boil 8 eggs and chop



1 cup grated cheese 2 tablespoons butter




9 whole eggs 3 extra egg yolks
1 1

cup cream cup flour


white pepper

Beat up 3 whole eggs and three egg yolks until they are bubbly. Put a saucepan on the stove and melt the butter in it. Blend the flour smoothly into the butter. Slowly add the beaten egg mixture and a httle salt and pepper. Stir this mixture constantly until it gets really thick. Remove from the heat and leave for a while. Butter a warm oven dish. Beat up 6 more egg yolks with the cream until hght and airy, and in another bowl beat up the six egg whites until they are stiff. Pour the egg yolks and cream into the cooling mixture in the saucepan and blend them in until the batter has a cream-Uke texture. Now stir in the grated cheese (Parmesan is a favourite for this), and lastly fold in the stiff eggwhites. Pour all this into the buttered oven-dish and bake in a fairly hot oven for 45 minutes.



the [ 144 ] . Now add the whipped egg whites. and chop up into medium-sized pieces. Add salt and continue to beat. sharing it equally between them. Make a cream sauce using mushroom water and mix in the chopped mushrooms. cover this again with the last pancake and pour the mushroom sauce over all. pour in the mixture. mushrooms 6 tablespoons bread- oz. Cook the mushrooms in a httle salted water for 15 minutes. Bake in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes. which is retained. asparagus 1 ^ lb.ASPARAGUS PANCAKE Spargeltorte 4 SERVINGS ^ lb. Remove when set. cover with another pancake and sprinkle with the grated Parmesan cheese. Serve hot. Sprinkle the breadcnmibs over the bottom of each pan. butter y^ 1 cup cream sauce tablespoon milk 2 eggs cup Parmesan cheese crumbs tablespoon flour pinch of salt 1 14 Cook the asparagus and put aside in a warm dish with the butter melting over it. Now place one pancake on a dish and cover with the asparagus. then remove from the water. Make a smooth paste with the flour and milk and beat in the egg yolk. Take 3 pans and grease well.

[ 145 ]- . Last of all beat in the whipped whites of the eggs. If a savoury garnish is desired use less sugar in the batter or leave out altogether. Mix up the milk. then divide roughly into pieces and serve with a sprinkling of sugar. Butter well a baking dish and pour in the mixture. EGG BATTER PANCAKE Palatschinken 4 SERVINGS 1 1 cup flour sifted cup milk salt 3 eggs 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons sugar ^ cup cream pinch of the sugar and salt to the sifted flour and beat in the eggs smooth batter is obtained. This mixture should have as until a Add thorough a beating as possible. almond drops and ground almonds. Get the fiying-pan very hot. Leave to stand for at least 30 minutes. Cottage cheese makes a good garnish for these pancakes. beating all the time. The batter should be spread as thinly and evenly Brown very lightly and turn. the sugar. Add the cream and milk gradually. the butter. as possible. Bake in a hot oven for 45 minutes. melt a small piece of butter into in 3 tablespoons (or it and pour more or less according to the size of the pan) of batter. The pancakes should be fried very carefully in the butter. the egg yolks.ALMOND PANCAKES Mandelschmarren 4 SERVINGS 1 % cup of milk 6 eggs 2 tablespoons ground 14 tablespoons sugar 2 drops of almond essence almonds 1 14 tablespoons butter Separate the eggs and whip the whites. Serve sprinkled with sugar or sugar of cinnamon as desired. Beat all together well.

[ 146 ] . Beat up the yolks. The ideal garnish is spring cheese (see EGG BATTER WITH CREAM Eierkuchen mit 4 Rahm SERVINGS 1 5 eggs ^3 1 ^2 tablespoons cup flour butter tablespoon sugar 1 V2 cups sour cream Separate the eggs. Bake in a moderate oven for 1 hour and dust with sugar into a batter. Fry carefully in butter as in the previous Palatschinken. pinch of salt Mix the cream. hors d'oeuvres). add salt and milk and flour.EGG BATTER PANCAKE Palatschinken ANOTHER METHOD 4 SERVINGS 1 1 3 eggs 1 1/2 cups flour 1/^ teaspoon salt cups milk Separate the eggs. beating until a smooth mixture is obtained. Now fold in the egg whites before serving. Beat the whites of the eggs and fold into the batter v/hen ready to start cooking. the sugar and salt and beat again and pour the mixture into a baking dish. and beat smooth Work in the flour for another 10 minutes. the yolks. Stand for at least 30 minutes. in which the butter has been heated.

rather roughly. beat well. AUSTRIAN PANCAKE Schmarren 4 SERVINGS 14 cup of milk 1 cup of flour 3 tablespoons butter 4 eggs % cup sugar a pinch of salt Beat the egg yolks. Add milk and pieces. dish. iVlix into small squares. When the mixture The bread. The flour and milk should be beaten in. which should be stale.SCHMARREN MADE WITH BREAD Semmelschmarren 4 SERVINGS 1 6 slices of bread pinch of salt 4 tablespoons butter cup milk 2 eggs is trimmed of its crust and cut the milk and eggs. the pan. ready heated A The Schmarren can also ciimamon can be sprinkled also if be baked in an oven in a baking- with hot melted butter to receive the batter. Then using 2 forks tear the pancake into rough pieces and continue to cook until a golden brown is obtained on all sides. add salt and pour over the bread. Allow to stand until the bread has well softened and cook in a hot pan with the butter. Serve hot with little sugar sprinkled over. sugar and butter together. When lightly brown turn over and using two forks tear the pancake into fairly large-sized Separate the eggs. has browned on one side turn it over and cook for a few minutes on the other. Pour the mixture in to a pan with very hot butter in it and fry for a few minutes on a medium heat. salt. till all is used. Whip the egg whites and fold in. desired. flour. shaking brown is obtained. [ 147 ] . a little at a time. till a nice golden Turn the pieces over and over.

Bake for 45 minutes in hot Q^^^^^tMtUJUU^t^ik^ - [ 148 ]- . Add also the chestnut puree. Serve immediately. Whip the egg whites and fold into the mixture and pour into the dish. Brush a souffle dish with the remaining butter.CHESTNUT SOUFFLfi Kastanienkoch A SERVINGS 3 tablespoons vanilla sugar 6 eggs 3^ tablespoons butter 1 ^ cups chestnut puree Mix 3 tablespoons butter with 3 tablespoons vanilla sugar and beat well adding the beaten yolks of the eggs which have been separated. oven.

of course. If you have neither. you want to achieve the true Austrian flavour. that if typical touches. once you have tried them. then always make your sauces in a bowl on top of a saucepan of boiling water. Hot water could be substituted. These are on the whole simpler than most sauces. They seem more complicated and difficult than they are. Some of these sauces have particularly deUcate flavours. -[ 149 ] . You must watch it hke a hawk. but then you would lose the lovely rich flavour. The Austrians borrowed them from all over the world. you must always keep a stock-pot going. But anyhow. A burnt sauce is a spoiled sauce. even if their names put you off! It won't take long to acquire a taste for them. especially the famous sour cream ones. and after all. always. adding their own So many Austrian sauces call for stock. and plenty of patience. the flavour is the big point of the sauce. Do not be afraid to experiment with the unusual ones.Sauces & Garnishes frighten many beginners at cookery. and pamper it like a baby. You must Sauces have a really thick-bottomed saucepan or a double-boiler. depending for their success on their subtle flavourings. the secret of a successful sauce is merely careful blending.

SAUCE Bl^CHAMEL Bechamelsauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons flour salt 2 ozs. pepper. salt. and the parsley finely chopped. butter 1 cupful milk and pepper Let the butter melt in a saucepan over a low flame. and to stir slowly until the sauce has thickened. Blend everything well together and serve the sauce hot. Pound up Melt the butter in a thick-bottomed saucepan. stirring all the while. stir with a wooden spoon for 2 or 3 minutes. Add to them the breadcrumbs. Add the sieved egg yolks and the pounded anchovies. Continue to cook and gently. the anchovies.ANCHOVY SAUCE Sardellensauce 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 1 8 anchovy 4 eggs fillets tablespoon butter salt 14 cup breadcrumbs oil 2 tablespoons pepper and 1 1 ^ cup vinegar 2 sprigs parsley Hard-boil the eggs. Add the flour. Mix the oil and vinegar together in a bowl. stirring slowly all the time. Heat the milk and add it drop by drop to the flour. and when it is well blended and smooth. pour on slowly 1 cup of boiling water. Do not allow the flour to become brown. Mix them all well together and then add them to the sauce in the saucepan. tablespoon flour cup hot water Remove the yolks and sieve them. Stir the flour into the butter. -[ 150 ]- .

Then add the remaining butter in tiny pieces and the capers with a Uttle of their juice. butter. butter salt 1 and pepper shallot SHce the shallots thinly. Add the flour and stir a littie with a wooden spoon until it browns. Add 3 ozs. and stir over a saucepan of boiling water until the sauce becomes frothy. DILL SAUCE Dillsauce 4 SERVINGS 1 1 1 oz. and serve hot or chiU and serve cold. blend in the flour. fairly thick.BUTTER SAUCE Buttersauce 1 tablespoon butter stock pepper and salt 1/4 cups of white 2 tablespoons fine white flour Melt the butter in a saucepan. Before it boils. Salt and pepper to taste. put them into a saucepan with the vinegar and simmer until the vinegar is reduced by half. stirring the while. When the sauce has thickened add the dill and it is ready to serve. Gradually add the stock and stir until the whole is a smooth. If necessary. butter tablespoon chopped dill ^ tablespoons flour 1 cup meat stock Melt the butter over a low flame or in a double boiler. Add the hot meat or chicken stock very gradually. BUTTER SAUCE WITH CAPERS Buttersauce mit 4 Kapem SERVINGS 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 tablespoons capers a Uttie caper juice 4 ozs. [ 151 ] . remove from the heat and stir until quite smooth. creamy sauce.

Add some salt and a httle pepper. Mix in the chopped herbs and juice. A roUing cutter is good for this. Chop very finely. The finished sauce should be a bright green. Beat a httle longer. Slowly stir in the cream.FISH SAUCE. Save this juice. Salt and pepper to taste. -[ 152 ]- . Add the stock and cream gradually and stir until the sauce is thick and creamy. Melt the butter and stir in the flour until quite smooth. and then add the juice of the Pour the sauce into a jug and leave in a cold place to chill before serving. If chervil and sorrel arc unobtainable. 2 tablespoons of chives can be used. minute or two. Warm the fish stock and gently beat it into the egg yolks and cream. GREEN SAUCE Griine Sauce 2 tablespoons chervil 14 cup white stock 1^ cup butter 2 tablespoons parsley 2 tablespoons white flour 2 tablespoons sorrel 14 cup cream pepper and salt The herbs should be fresh and green. Fischsauce mit 4 CREAMY Rahm 1 SERVINGS ^ cup fish stock Yz cup cream salt lemon and pepper 4 egg yolks Beat the egg yolks in a bowl. as it chops finely and at the same time squeezes out the juice. Keep beating the sauce slowly and it steadily for a lemon.

It should be golden and thick. or in a bowl which can be placed over a saucepan of boiling water. Put in the grated horseradish and the vinegar. and your sauce is ready for use. Cool before Warm serving. slowly add the sour milk. Add the juice of a lemon. gradually add the blending it well in and always stirring. Add salt. Cool.HOLLANDAISE SAUCE Hollandische Sauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 3 egg yolks salt 1 1/2 lb. in it. a Httle at a time. Add the vinegar. When it is melted. Put the butter flour. Stir weU until the sauce thickens. Lower the heat and simmer for a few minutes. salt and egg yolks. -[ 153 ] . but not boil. constantly stirring. When it is smooth. stirring all the time. butter 1 dessertspoon vinegar lemon A sauce that can transform a simple dish of fish or vegetables. the butter in a double boiler. Stir well. HORSERADISH SAUCE Krensauce 2 tablespoons grated horseradish 1 tablespoon butter 1 3 teaspoons white wine vinegar V2 P"i^ sour milk or cream salt tablespoon flour Put the sour milk or cream in a saucepan to warm. Take another saucepan and put it on the stove. but not sizzling. but do not let it boil.

Use either hot or cold. always stirring. Scoop out all the flesh from the second lemon and add these juicy chunks to the sauce. Add the remaining stock and the juice ofthe lemon.LEMON SAUCE Zitronensauce 4 TO . stirring all the time. it smoothly as you pour. pour in the hot water. and gendy cook them in it with salt and pepper. of the stove to keep hot. and add the juice from one of them. Do not the flour get at all brown. Now pour in the wine. and continue to stir until all is well blended and beginning to thicken. To be used hot. Grate the rinds of the 2 lemons into the sauce. Very gradually. always stirring. and a few grains of grated nutmeg. Bring almost to the boil. 6 SERVINGS 1 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups boiling water 1/2 2 lemons cup sugar a few grains of nutmeg Melt the butter and then slowly blend the flour into it. Chop up mushroom caps and stems. and then add the sauce at the back ofthe stove. Remove the saucepan from the fire. Add the sugar. stirring flour mixture. let MUSHROOM AND WINE SAUCE Sauce tnit Pilzen und Wein 4 SERVINGS white pepper salt 1 y^ lb. Heat nearly all the stock and pour it gradually into the Set the saucepan at the back In a small thick saucepan melt a httle butter. [ 154 ] . mushrooms 34 tablespoons butter V2 tablespoons flour 14 1 1 cup white wine lemon 2 cups stock Melt the butter in a big thick saucepan and blend in the flour smoothly.

Chop the anchovies and add them too. and serve hot. Very slowly add the stock. saucepan) and then slowly add it to the flour and oil. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper. and add salt and white pepper if necessary. stirring all the time. Mix well together and serve. and slowly stir the flour Heat the stock to just below boiling-point (in another into it. for three or four minutes. Add the finely chopped parsley. Taste. Very good with hot or cold mutton and with plain fish dishes. Stone the oUves and chop them up. Stir in the flour smoothly.OLIVE SAUCE Olivensauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 tablespoon flour 2 cups clear stock 8 green olives 1 tablespoon olive oil a few grains cayenne pepper salt and pepper fillets 4 anchovy Heat the ohve oil a thick large saucepan. Stir again. PARSLEY SAUCE Petersiliensauce 4 SERVINGS 1 tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups clear stock 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley salt white pepper Melt the butter in a double boiler. Especially suitable for fish. stirring all the time until the sauce is thick and creamy. -[ 155 ] . salt and pepper. Add them to the sauce. Cook slowly.

Leave for 10 minutes. Cover the saucepan and simmer for 30 minutes. Take off" the stove and throw in a few eggshells with a little egg white still sticking to them. and suitable for dishes that are finished off" under the grill or in the oven. RICH GRAVY SAUCE Bratemauce 4 1 TO 6 SERVINGS 4 marrow bones 1 bay leaf 1 cup raw meat pieces Yi cup 1 chopped ham clove % onion 2 cups meat stock cup red wine or sherry basil. Remove the saucepan from the fire and squeeze the juice from the lemon into the sauce. Excellent with fish or game. Peel and chop the onion and add it to the stock. add one by one the brown sugar. Slowly stir in the hot stock. stirring each in carefully as you add it. pepper and 1 teaspoon salt. Reheat but do not boil and serve at once. the bay leaf. clove. [ 156 ] . black pepper and a small amount of salt. When it is all smoothly blended. then strain. wine.RED WINE SAUCE Weinsauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS salt ^ cup red wine 1 lemon teaspoon brown sugar black pepper 1 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup meat stock Put the stock in a saucepan to heat. Blend the flour carefully into the butter. Melt the butter in a mediumsized saucepan with a thick base. salt tarragon and pepper Scoop out the marrow from the marrow bones and put them in half the meat stock in a thick saucepan on a low heat. Put in pinches of basil and tarragon. Now pour in the rest of the meat stock and the wine and simmer for another 30 minutes.

Melt the butter in the top part. stirring for a minute or two. Cook. Add the sorrel leaves. But please do not let it boil or it will spoil. Use this sauce hot or cold. httle by Httle. Then melt 1 1 teaspoon hot butter in a small saucepan. Dry them them very finely. [ 157 ]- . Blend in the flour until Pour on gradually the stock. Cook them for 5 minutes a mincer and chop Cut off the stalks of the small leaves. tablespoon butter in a big saucepan. Season witli salt and pepper. stirring all the time. add the sour cream. Remove the saucepan from the heat and cool a httle. pepper and grains of nutmeg. It is wiser to Slowly add the lemon juice. salt. in SOUR CREAM SAUCE Saure Rahmsauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 2 cups sour cream 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 few grains nutmeg salt white pepper lemon use a double boiler for this sauce. well in a cloth. from the fire and sowly stir in the sour cream. over slowly-boiling water. Gently blend in the flour. replace the saucepan on the stove and reheat. then. which should be quite it is smooth. Use hot or cold.SORREL SAUCE Sauerampfersauce 6 1 1/2 SERVINGS salt tablespoons butter and pepper % cup sour cream big handful fresh sorrel leaves 2 tablespoons flour 21/2 cups clear stock Use hot water for washmg then put them through the leaves. If hot. Remove hot.

parsley. Press through a sieve and return to the saucepan. salt. foUowing the instructions for mayonnaise. You can transform cold meat or fried fish dishes with this sauce! TOMATO SAUCE. tomatoes. heifie 6 SERVINGS sprig of 1/2 8 tomatoes 1 onion /4 carrot thyme bay leaf sprig of parsley 1 clove of garlic 1 dessertspoon butter wineglass white wine and pepper pinch of paprika salt Peel the tomatoes and cut them into quarters. stir together over a low heat and serve hot. I [ 158 ]- . HOT Paradiesdpfehauce. pepper and a glass of wine. Add the butter and paprika. mustard and egg yolk in a shallow bowl or soup plate and mix well. When all the oil has been incorporated. Cook gently for about 30 minutes. Shce the onion and carrot and put them in a saucepan with the garhc. and then mix in the chopped chervil. pepper. Add the olive oil. capers and juniper. drop by drop. tarragon. bay leaf. parsley. add the very finely chopped onion with the vinegar. thyme.TARTAR SAUCE Sauce Tartare 6 SERVINGS 4 chopped juniper berries 1 1 1 1 small onion teaspoon chopped chervil 1 1 1 teaspoon chopped tarragon teaspoon wine vinegar teaspoon chopped parsley egg yolk cup oUve oil 1 teaspoon French mustard pinch salt and black pepper 1 teaspoon chopped capers Put the salt.

VIENNESE MUSTARD SAUCE Wiener Senfsauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 1 4 tablespoons butter salt and pepper 6 egg yolks 1 cup white stock lemon % tablespoons French mustard Use a double boiler. Heat the stock and then add it gradually to the butter. WATERCRESS SAUCE Brunnenkressensauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS salt big 1 1 bunch of watercress cup stock cup white wine 6 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons toasted breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons vinegar Place the butter in a small but heavy saucepan or in a double Sprinkle in. and flour mixture. Add the wine and vinegar. stirring all the time. when the butter has melted. Then stir in the flour. Serve hot or cold. Remove from the fire and squeeze in the Serve juice of the lemon. [ 159 ] . stirring as you pour it. Increase the heat and bring the sauce ahnost to boiling-point. Cook them on a low heat in the butter until they are golden-brown. in the boiler only slowly boihng. the stock slowly. Beat the egg Be sure that nothing is too hot and keep the water gradually. and keep with salt and pepper. Season with salt. stirring Sprinkle all the time. Blend well. breadcrumbs. Add stirring until the sauce thickens. crumb. one drop at a time and always stirring. Add the finely chopped watercress and remove at once from the stove. Melt the butter in the top of it and stir yolks and stir them in very in the French mustard. the toasted boiler. hot or cold.

Do not allow the flour to brown. adding the ohve oil drop by drop. Now add 1 small table- spoon wine vinegar. butter 1 cup of hot stock clear oz. you can save your mayonnaise by taking a third egg yolk. making sure to keep stirring. You may get better results by using an egg-beater instead of a fork for mixing.WHITE SAUCE Weifie Sauce 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 2 07S. Put the yolks in a soup plate. until all the oil has been incorporated in the sauce. If the sauce should go wrong and the egg yolks and ohve oil separate. Stir with a fork. and add the sauce to it a httle at a time. Keep stirring all the time. if preferred. stirring all the time. stir in 1 dessertspoonful cream. or lemon juice. beat salt Season with it. Add a pinch of salt and pepper. instead of uniting to form a thick shiny creamy sauce. Serve hot. stirring with for 2 or 3 minutes. If you want a thinner sauce. The secret is to add the ohve oil very. Increase the flow of the ohve oil to a trickle and gradually more quickly. Add a httle hot clear stock and stir well. Then add the rest of the stock and sinmier for a few minutes. and adding the spoilt mayonnaise to it slowly. [ 160 ] . MAYONNAISE SAUCE Mayonnaise 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 2 egg yolks y2 pint ohve oil tablespoon wine vinegar salt and pepper Many people are wary of making their own mayonnaise but it is so much more dehghtful than the bought kind that it is well worth making. flour salt 1 egg yolk drop of vinegar and pepper the butter in a saucepan on a low flame. placing it in another soup plate. and pepper. and a drop of vinegar. Put the egg yolk a Warm wooden spoon in a warm basin. very slowly to begin with.

Wash ^ cold fish dishes. spinach teaspoon chopped chervil 2 egg yolks 14 pint olive oil 1 1 teaspoon chopped chives 1 tablespoon wine vinegar teaspoon chopped tarragon salt and pepper Dry it in a clean tea-towel and chop it up very Put 2 egg yolks in a soup plate. season with a pinch pint oUve of salt and pepper. and stir with a fork. tarragon and spinach and mix into the sauce. This mayonnaise is very pretty and is an attractive addition to the spinach. Add oil.GREEN MAYONNAISE Griine Mayonnaise 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 14 lb. finely. Gradually increase the rate at which the ohve oil is added to a steady trickle. until all the oUve oil has been incorporated. Add 1 tablespoon wine vinegar (lemon juice is a very good alternative) and the chopped chives. stirring all the time. stirring throughout. drop by drop. -[ 161 ]- .

It now ready to [ 162 ]- . is out of them. and add to them 1 raw egg yolk and 1 tablespoon French mustard. is and mix them into your mayonnaise. as for mayonnaise. Remove them with the same spoon. When all the oil has been added. Fish them out with a perforated spoon and put them in cold water for 1 minute. Chop them up as finely as possible. Plunge the tarragon. parsley and chervil into boiUng salted water and boil for 1 minute. Then add the olive oil. stirring.' MUSTARD MAYONNAISE Sen/mayonnaise 4 SERVINGS 1 y2 cup olive oil 4 hard-boiled eggs 1 tablespoon French mustard sprig each of tarragon. stir 1 tablespoon tarragon vinegar into the sauce. drop by drop. chervil. bumet. and wrap them in a towel so that most of the moisture serve. parsley. 1 tablespoon tarragon vinegar egg yolk bumet Cream the yolks of 4 hard-boiled eggs.

butter. butter 6 anchovy fillets Cream the spoon. salt. Beat vigorously. put the oUve oil. fillets and add them to the butter. It is also very good on toast. In a bowl. Then slowly add the cream. stirring gently. vinegar. boil. Boil for 5 minutes. to the stock. Serve as a sauce [ 163 ]- . chill. Set to chill. Pour into a jug. Remove from the stove. pepper. etc. An interesting hors d'oeuvre spread on thin melba toast. ANCHOVY BUTTER Sardellenbutter 4 TO 6 SERVINGS pinch of cayenne pepper % lb. crispbread or pastry. with the grated horseradish. Add Mix well with a wooden Put into an earthenware pot and or garnish. and paprika. and whisk them all fiercely together. Add this mixture to the horseradish and stock. Pound up the anchovy the cayenne pepper. When it is cold your relish is ready.HORSERADISH RELISH Essigkren 6 TO 8 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons chives 1 teaspoon paprika 4 tablespoons clear stock salt ^ cup grated horseradish 1 cup cream 2 tablespoons melted butter 2 tablespoons vinegar white pepper Put the stock in a saucepan on the stove and bring it just to the Chop the chives up finely and add them.

wash the crayfish in several waters. pounding all savagely together. Remove them from the water. shell them and pound them up. Now pour it over whatever it is to accompany.BLACK BUTTER Schwarze Butter 6 SERVINGS 2 1^ tablespoons vinegar 1/4 lb. Put in an earthenware pot. and mix it well into the crayfish. Chill and serve. actually). [ 164 ]- . Put the vinegar in the hot pan and boil it until it is reduced by half and pour it over the butter. CRAYFISH BUTTER Krebsbutter 6 SERVINGS dash of cayenne pepper 12 crayfish 2 cups butter If you would rather. butter Put the butter in a saucepan and cook until it becomes a rather dark brown (not black. Soften the buner by leaving it in a warm place or over boihng water. and then plunge them in boihng salted water and cook for 10 minutes. use 2 tins of crayfish instead. Otherwise.

course it only trouble about the Austrian ideas for the pudding that there are so many of them. and the famous Strudel Some of these puddings are in the Cakes and Pastries section. but others. Besides the recipes given in this section. The is [ 165 ] . You'll find exciting new ideas for using our old standby. and all so deHcious that would take years for you to try all of them. frankly extravagant. So if And very sweet sweets! complete without a pudding or sweet you want a true Austrian pudding don't is Puddings range from frothy whips that melt in your mouth and are perfect to finish off a heavy meal. to very substantial ones that would make a very hght meal amply satisfying. don't forget the sweet pancakes under the pancake section.Puddings & Desserts How No the Austrians love sweets! Austrian meal fruit dish. the apple. stint the sugar. like the deUcious versions of bread-and-butter pudding. are brilliant ways of using up left- over scraps. which the Viennese particularly like and use with such imagination.

0 minutes.f. if Jou were by nl a fir' th^n a layer of sUced apples' SprinSe I '" 1^- oT-£-t»^:--£eai meantr.^^ • • with a few strawberries. arranged criss-cross. Remt 'puddSg ""' '""'' '^^ ^8S ^"'^^ over it.v^rrhn^^^^^ sticks them with frr . ^ °^ ^^^^ TYROLEAN BREAD-AND-BUTTER PUDDING Tiroler Scheiterhaufer 4 TO 6 SERVINGS tablespoon currants tablespoon sultanas ^ teaspoons ground i 1 6 1 slices white bread aWespoon butter tablespoons sugar 4 ." SVurr^ts sSta^^ In the tL't Se eTg° '"' ''?' ^" *=" '°2«he?.M 2 cups milk A cinnamon 4 egg yolks 'ShT.MELONS WITH CREAM AND STRAWBERRIES Gefiilhe Melonen mit 4 Rahm und Erdbeeren SERVINGS 1/ ^ •„ A cup vaniUa sugar or i/^ more cup thick cream Cut the melons in two and scoop out the seed<. r-^r-. „ .^cr''Sef:rer. and serve. and ftr. mn of the pudding a """' "'= egg-and-miik mixture is set a^d the 'L^'^' top oV^r yX tl l^r' t "add tt IT • reS delicious golden-brown. — [ 166 ]- .-:.h. ii the remaining melon in smaU neat pieces t^Snec^eno^^""' """^ "'''*'• F^^'-^^j taiung care not to damaee the rinH Put *-i.

Add a very few grains of salt. then fold them into the chocolate mixture. Let it cool. sugar as it begins to thicken. NIGGER 4 IN HIS 6 SHIRT Mohr im Hemd TO SERVINGS 5 ozs. and serve. vanilla sugar Put the chocolate in ^2 water in a saucepan on the stove. until it pudding. Pour the cream in heaps over all the piiit is Keep stirring it. hour drain them. melted. and raisins. set the raisins to soak in water. melted and thick. mix the apple sauce with the breadcrumbs. Then tap the sides of the mould. Let it cool. all the butter. -[ 167 ]- . either white. Pour this mixture into a buttered oven dish and bake in a moderate oven for 35 minutes. adding 1 oz. Whip up the cream. Beat up the whites of the eggs until they are stiff.VIENNESE BEGGARMAN'S PUDDING Bettelmann 4 SERVINGS 3 tablespoons seedless raisins (or seeded) 2 tablespoons 2 eggs % cup 1 stale bread- crumbs 2 cups apple sauce 14 almonds After hours before the meal. Beat the eggs well and add them too. but stir it frequently as it cools. In a bowl. and turn out the pudding on to a serving dish. or a mixture any stale of all or any of them. stir in 5 ozs. unsweetened ^ pint whipping cream a few grains of salt chocolate 8 eggs 6 ozs. When it is quite cool. or brown or rye. and the well-beaten yolks of the eggs. or until it is golden-brown on top. Make the breadcrumbs by grating 1 left-over bread. Put the whole mixture into a well-buttered pudding mould and steam it for 45 minutes over boiling water. Chop the almonds finely and add them to the breadcrumbs. of the sugar.

well-beaten up first. add the other 3 ozs suear" and the egg yolks. Butter a pudding mould. and then sprinkle it with oz sugar Cream the butter in a bowl. grated chocolate (semi-sweet) 2 tablespoons butter Put the rolls to soak in the milk. together' ^"^^rf L. preferably one with a hoUow middle. If you are not using a pudding mould with a hollow centre. Beat ud "^'^ ^'' ^^^' ^^^" ^gh^y f°^d them i^ '^' ^""^^^^ ^°d ^"g^ed pudding for half an hour.HOT CHOCOLATE PUDDING Heifier Schokoladenpudding 4 31/2 ozs.Th a Tl^'''^ "^'^ ^V^'' in. then pour the )am over the top and around the sides of the pudding m^d -[ 168 ]- . Mix all thoroughly H '^' °^ ^"^ '^^'''^ ^fT'Tn A' '""' ^''"^mixture. Heat about six tablespoons of strawberry jam and when the pudding is ready and turned out of its on to a servmg dish. fill the hollow with the hot jam. TO 6 SERVINGS 2 white bread rolls 4 eggs i cup milk strawberry jam vaniUa sugar (page 176) 2 ozs. stirring them the moistL oui Add them to the well ot them.

fold in the sugar with the vanilla essence and spread over the top of the pudding. bottom of a baking-dish which has been buttered. POLISH APPLES Apfel auf polnische Art 4 SERVINGS raisins % cup sugar 2 cups browned boiled chopped breadcrumbs 4 cups apple sauce pinch of cinnamon 2 tablespoons butter 1 chestnuts teaspoon grated lemon rind Place the sugar. Put the butter. Repeat these layers till all the ingredients are used up. mix well and set aside to the rum. Bake in a hot oven for 30 minutes. Put a layer of this mixture on the cool. orange juice together. Repeat layers of rice. it is ^ rum strawberry jam apple sauce 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon orange juice tender. Over it put a layer of jam and then apple sauce. until the dish is full. The last layer should be of breadcrumbs in order to obtain best results. Then strain. Bake in a hot oven for fifteen minutes and serve Add this Then stir in hot. Allow this mixture to cool. jam and apple sauce. Put into a buttered baking-dish a layer of the breadcrumb mixture. cinnamon and grated rind of lemon in a pan and cook until browned. breadcrumbs. Mix apple sauce and raisins. Beat the egg whites.RADETZKY RICE Radetzky-Reis 4 SERVINGS 4 teaspoons cup sugar 2 tablespoons butter 1 1/^ cups rice 3 egg whites 2 tablespoons sugar drop of vanilla essence 4 cups milk Boil the rice in milk until sugar. then a layer of apple sauce and raisins and then a layer of chestnuts. [ 169 ] '- . but care must be taken that it is not allowed to coagulate. heavy pan and cook and lemon juice in a mixture to the rice. butter.

d^ ?^" a thick creani Mix ^^P '^^:^^:^. Bake for about 45 minutes -[ 170 ]- .separ"e1y3. — 4 C thSe "- ^^ apricoT -L^ts pudding hot with the thinned apricot jam. Jk'?^ ^^'u' the bakmg-dish. into ^"^ ^^^ '' '''' ^^ ''' ^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^'^d^'^ i^st ^oTd '^''?'' "^^^"^ ^ " ^""^""^^ cooking-dish in a hot before pouring "' ^^^PP"^ "^^ . ^^^ '^^ -^^. ahnond essence. Beat intoTl^ cream the ahnonds. drop of almond ^^^^°^^ . butter and su7a? th.ALMOND PUDDING Mandelkoch 4 SERVINGS 14 cup sugar i/^ cup semolina Yj A cup ground Hr f ? . EMPEROR'S PUDDING Kaiser Koch SERVINGS 14 V^ cup washed rice yzcupnulk 1 tablespoon butter a drop of ahnond cup ground ahnonds y^ 4 eggs cup sugar essence The rice is first cooked in the milk until a thick mixture is obtained The butter is now stirred in and the mixture set aside to cool The eggs are now separated and the yolks beaten up with the sugar e^tc^ared' ovfn^'Tr^" ^nr. Stand this aside to cool. a cup boiling water tablespoon butter 5 eggs ^ apricot jam iC fT Ser^'e the the semolina and milk in a double boiler and cook until IS obtained.

Mix the clove. laid in the bottom of the mould. The mixture is in a hot oven for 45 minutes. This pudding may be served Bake cold. yolks and the sugar thoroughly. -[ 171 ]- . peel. then sliced and of the eggs. FRUIT PUDDING Koch mit 4 Friichten SERVINGS 4 eggs 34 cup sugar 14 cup flour ^ cup butter fresh plums or apples Separate the yolks and whites of the eggs. whipped whites Just before pouring the mixture into this add the fruit is first stoned and peeled. Add the butter and beat Brush some butter around a ring mould and then dust with flour.RED WINE PUDDING Burgunder Koch 4 SERVINGS Vi cup sugar 1 clove 3 egg yolks 1 cup red wine apricot iam 1 tablespoon butter grated lemon peel seedless raisins slices of bread chopped blanched almonds chopped candied peel Remove the crusts from the bread and bake for a short time in the Put jam between the sUces of bread and place in the bottom oven. The poured over it. Bake in a hot oven for 30 minutes. Beat together the egg further. and of a baking-dish. Sprinkle over these candied peel. this Set aside to cool. lemon together. wine and sugar and cook almonds. raisins. Add the beaten yolks of the eggs to mixture and pour over the contents of the baking-dish.

then mix them into the strawberries blend n^ all weU together. and in ^^^ whl^wr'. Pile the mixture into a large oven-S oven-dish ^ and bake slowly for half an hour. or ^ fruit. then beat a whisk or rotary egg-beater. golde'bt^n^Temr Place on a hot dish VIENNESE WHIPPED CREAM Wiener Schlagobers 4 1 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar pint whipped cream w!fflv' k''''^/^' ^ a ^^* a whisk or rotary egg-beater and add the sugar gradually. Mash them with S [ 172 J _____ . Beat up the egg-whit^ until they are stiff. as soon as the cream LgfnsostlfSi Ths whipped cream is used for numerous puddif on t^ of coffee and chocolate.> Then add the milk and beat into a smooth batter iS^^ltth/lad in a deep pan and when it is really hot pour in the battS frorn '' it '' ' ^^"P^^^^ on some paper.VIENNESE PANCAKE Fridatten 4 SERVINGS 3 eggs salt cup flour V2 cup milk 34 lard l^^ Zr"^ with a stramer and dram Mix the eggs in an earthenware bowl and add the flour bit bv h. The cream '°^ ^^' '°^^ ''' '^^ i.Get a bowl ice-cold.i^^' Ja^ ^^P ^'^^ ^°"''.' other STRAWBERRY WHIP Geschdumtes Erdbeerkoch 4 1 SERVINGS 4 whites of eggs cup strawberries 2 tablespoons sugar the strawberries up thoroughly with the sugar.^he refrigerator^ ^ many Ty?.

SOUR CREAM MOULD Gefrorener sauer 4 1 Rohm SERVINGS 2 tablespoons milk chocolate ^A cup vanilla sugar 1 cup sour cream macaroons 2 tablespoons crushed tablespoon rum Break up the chocolate into tiny pieces with a rolling pin. begins to thicken. crushed macaroons. the crushed chocolate. add sugar and rum. Pour of water which is just off the boil on to the gelatine in a cup another bowl. stirring as you do so. Pour with the pudding mixture into it and leave in a very cold place for 3 or 4 hours. Pour the mixture into a cold wet jelly mould and put in a refrigerator until it is frozen. Then sprinkle it stir it into the whipped cream. Whip the cream and when it begins to thicken add the vanilla sugar to it. When the coflfee and gelatine mixture is just beginning to set. [ 173 ]- .COFFEE CREAM JELLY Kqffeecreme. whip it up well with a whisk or rotary beater imtil it is frothy. half stirring all the time. Add the plain sugar and stir again. Wet a jelly mould and coarse white sugar or coloured coffee-sugar crystals. Whip When it the sour cream with an egg-whisk or rotary beater. Mix the coffee and gelatine mixtures togethet thoroughly and put in a cold place. and mix all well together.Gelee 4 SERVINGS 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar 4 tablespoons plain sugar 4 teaspoons instant coffee 4 tablespoons water 2 cups thick cream 1 tablespoon gelatine Pour half a cup of boiUng water over the instant coffee in a bowl.

on both sides. Drain on a piece of crumoled Toss quickly in a plateful of caste^r sugar ^^en^ ' [ 174 ]— .^^^ *= iemon irce with cold water. When it hs coot? '^aT'' '""> ''°"' °^'Sg and sugar. 'S°° tablespoons maraschino liqueur cup vanilla sugar Separate the egg yolks from the whites. t It Into the yolks slowlv L in well.i° ^h' bilbem^ Te the buCr -^^^ '^ P^. bilberries (or raspberries.) 1/2 sugar 2 tablespoons butter lb.VIENNESE LEMON FOAM Wiener Luft 4 1 SERVINGS 2 eggs water as necessary ^2 dessertspoon gelatine i 2. Slowly stir in the wine ' V"^°°'^^'""• ^^^^ "^. Wet the gelaune wdr'w«"Jr^*°"'"«"j.? water ^'''*' ---'i^™ »^^ t^brtrtu'aurf^r''f "• [""'>'• S^P^"«=ly beat up the f .^^°P ^P«°^"l^ of the batter in it and fry n It andV^ u ^T"^ crisp brown paper thickly coated with the sugar. ^l egg whites until '"'° "^- and then add a /fr th'" '^^"". etc. Stir = wea Pu the bow in a 'm'" f bowl 11"cold place to get thoroughly chilled Then h^.^ ™"' 'h^ 8='^"°' i^ dissolved. mix in the salt. ant2 liX ^ sMff/nH . caster Put the flour in a bowl.^^' ^ i^"' """Id "th BILBERRY FRITTERS Heidelbeertascherln 4 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 ^"P ^°^^ cup white wine pincnofsalt J 1 lb.

mixing them well in. and serve. is or 13 minutes should tender but not mushy. Set it in a cold place. stirring occasionally. Whip up the cream until just slowly add to it the rest of the sugar. but the cherries are particularly dehcious. Remove from the fire and cool. When it is set. turn it out on with a dish. JeUies or other sorts of fruits could be used instead of the oranges. and pour the mixture into it. For festive occasions try brandied cherries! [ 175 ] . Dissolve the gelatine in a httle water. gelatine Put the milk in a saucepan with the rice and vanilla pod. preferably a refrigerator. instead of the cherries. About 12 be long enough. Wet very a pudding mould. Add Cook until the rice 1 tablespoon sugar and a tiny pinch of salt. Stir this cream-and-sugar mixture into the rice. Chop up the candied cherries and add them to the it is stiff.COLD RICE BOMBE Kalter Rets 4 1 1 TO 6 SERVINGS 1 1/2 cup rice tablespoons vanilla sugar vanilla pod 1 pint milk y2 pint whipping 2 oranges 1 tablespoon candied cherries tiny pinch salt cream 1/2 oz. and various sorts of raw or cooked fruits added to the pudding itself. then rice. Peel and shce the oranges and surround the pudding them.

VANILLA SUGAR Vanillezucker 3 lbs. sugar 1 vanilla pod This IS is flavoursome than vaniUa extraa. and it pod into small pieces ^ -[ 176 ]- . If you are using very httle of thfs^sug^ a ne' vaniUa pod every 2 or 3 months ' is enough much more something every Austrian household has on hand. mixing it well together with wha" IS akeady there. You cut the vai^lla and mix it with the sugar and put it in ^1^^ The sugar won't be properly flavoured for 3 dayf When '^u use sonie sugar. Once a month take out the vanilla piec^^d nu in new ones. add a bit more.

[ 177 ]- . All utensils and ingredients used in baking with yeast should baking. These dehghtful recipes are easy to make at home. and like living things should only have a gentle heat to make Great heat will kill it. Our seeming indifference to the freshness of our breads shocks a true lover of Viennese baking. but. variety of seasonings. all it other grow. freslmess. unlike our rather limited creations. but not hot. Make certain can be obtained from a baker or flour merchant. Rolls over two or three hours old are considered stale. it should be of the consistency of putty. is it is It be warm. It fresh. if fresh. It is compressed.Bread & Rolls famous for its The bread and its of Vienna is lightness. although in England there seems to be a great reluctance to use yeast in home that easy to get and very easy to use. not crumbly. Yeast is a Uving thing.

salt and flavouring).ORDINARY BREAD Hausbrot 4 TO 6 LOAVES 7 cups 5 large potatoes. As in all other bread recipes half the quantities may be used if a smaller amount is It required. can be white or brown. half filUng them. The potatoes are added to help to keep it fresh for several days. Bake in a moderate oven for 1 hour or more. which is for general use. take 2 tablespoons and blend with the yeast. tablespoon caraway or coriander This bread. Make a hole in the centre and add the liquid yeast. Flatten and shape into loaves. Cover with a warm cloth and let rise until Cook the potatoes. Put into bread tins. leaving them light and separated. a mixture of the two flours. Knead with the hand. Add the remainder of the potato water and mix well. When the water is cooled to blood heat. Put the potatoes through a masher which really sieves them. depending on the size of the loaves. Brush the tops with water or milk. and leave to rise for another 30 minutes. [ 178 ]- . Turn out on to a floured board and knead well until the dough is quite smooth. Grease a bowl and put m the dough. potatoes. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl (flours. in the bowl. Stir until the yeast is dissolved. Drain and pour the water into a bowl There should be about 3 to 4 cupfuls. brown flour peeled and cut up 31/2 cups potato water 2 tablespoons yeast ^^ ^ 5 cups white flour 1 y^ tablespoons salt 1 oz. it is at least twice the size. or preferred.

Always cover with a light cloth to keep the Put flour (sieved) in bowl. baking After ten minutes of hot baking. Allow to rise until the size is doubled.POTATO BREAD Erddpfelbrot 2 TO 3 LOAVES 1 1 6 cups flour 14 cup butter 14 cup cup cream V2 cups cooked potato lukewarm 1 water ^ cup raisins egg ^ cup butter 1 oz. the cream and lastly the liquid yeast. then turn out on to floured board and knead until smooth. Allow to rise for 30 minutes. butter into it. •[ 179 ]- . raisins (which have been and well drained). Add the plunged into hot water Dissolve 2 tablespoons lukewarm water and let Shred the sieved potatoes. lower the heat and finish the at a moderate heat for 50 to 55 minutes. yeast the yeast in stand for 10 minutes. Knead for a few minutes. heat in. Shape into loaves and put into pans.

PLAITED BREAD Striezel 1 TO 2 LOAVES DEPENDING ON SIZE REQUIRED 1 1 1 5 cups flour 5 tablespoons sugar 34 teaspoonful salt 1/2 cup milk egg extra egg yolk cup butter 2 ozs. Add the sugar and salt. Divide one half into 4 parts. Roll the remaining piece into a twist. then reduce the temperature to bake for about 40 minutes to an hour. parts into a plait. Make this Divide the second half into 3 parts. m Brush the tops of these Striezel with the white of egg. Add about a cupful of flour and beat until It IS a batter. For 10 minutes bake in a hot oven. having divided It 2 pieces. Allow Now and not tough. Divide into 2 parts. Brush this with milk and place the twist on top. yeast to blood heat. Dissolve the yeast in milk to nearly boiling-point and then allowed Melt the butter and cool which has been brought to cool to blood-heat. add the egg and egg yolk. Knead together 2 of these parts. and divide this into 3 parts. Make these 3 into a plait. Place The dough should be elastic in a warm place in a greased bowl and allow to rise for 30 minutes. Stir until these are to stand for 5 minutes. mixed with milk. moderate and -[ 180 . dissolved. beaten together. Add the butter and remainder of the flour alternately until the mixture has become a fairly stiff" dough Turm on to a floured board and knead well. left from the yolk used in the recipe. Brush the largest plait with milk and place the next plait on top. Press these plaits into an oval shape and leave to rise to double their size.

Have the oven hot and bake for 10 minutes. and let stand for 5 minutes. Shape the dough into a long triangle. down the middle. Turn out on to and knead very well unul the dough is perfectly smooth and elastic. and fold over the tail end. and add to the flour. Leave it to rise on a greased tin until the size is doubled. alternately with the melted butter. Grease a warmed bowl and place the dough in it. [ 181 ] . yeast % cup melted butter 1 teaspoon aniseed. Mould the loaf into an oval shape. Make a well in the sieved flour and add the yeast mixture. also warm. Add the sugar and salt.MILKBREAD Milchbrot 2 TO 3 LOAVES ^ 1 6 cups flour cup sugar 14 cups milk 1 oz. length about 2 feet. Stir well. Brush the top with milk and white of egg beaten together. Beat all well. Lower to moderate and continue baking a floured board for 45 minutes. caraway or fennel if liked ^ teaspoon salt Dissolve the yeast in 2 tablespoons lukewarm milk. until the dough is smooth and ready for kneading. Allow the milk to cool from near boiling-point to blood-heat. The flavouring can go in any time after the Hquid has been added. Cover with a Ught cloth and let stand in a warm place for 30 minutes. Roll the bread up from the wide end. about 6 inches wide one end and 2 inches the other.

yeast 3 tablespoons hot water salt. Add the remaining flour as required.CHEESE BREAD Kdsebrot 1 GOOD-SIZED LOAF 1 2 cups flour 74 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon sugar Vi 1 tablespoon tepid water egg cup grated cheese y^ oz. Pour this into the flour mixture. or until Dissolve the this To twice the it is size. butter and honey into a pan. Stir well. Cover with a clean cloth and allow to rise for about 1 hour. Add a httle flour and stir. HONEY BREAD Honigbrot 1 GOOD-SIZED LOAF y^ 1 1 2 cups flour teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon cinnamon 34 teaspoon salt 1 cup sugar tablespoon butter cup milk cup honey y^ When baking this bread remember that it is easily burned. Shape into a loaf and place in a greased tin. and sugar in the hot water and leave to cool add the yeast dissolved in the tepid water. [ . Mix all powder. Stir in the beaten egg and the grated cheese. but do not aUow the dough to become tough. Warm and stir all the time until they are well blended. so watch it carefully. the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Put in to a floured bread tin and bake in a moderate oven for 1 hour. This can be iced or caster sugar 182 may be ] dusted on top. This bread is not kneaded. brush with melted butter and allow to cool. Turn on to a floured board and knead. Have a moderate oven and bake for 45 minutes. stir the baking soda. When cooked. except the baking Put the milk. Now into this.

BROWN BREAD Hausbrot 1 GOOD-SIZED LOAF 2 cups water 1 tablespoon beef suet or lard 2 cups wholemeal flour 14 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar ^ oz. Bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes. Remember this dough must not be too Replace in the bowl and cover with a warm cloth. To test. Knead again and shape. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl. Allow to rise for another 20 minutes. yeast A simple recipe for ordinary brown bread. Without this. Rub in the beef suet. Only half fill them. to make the dough a Httle richer and also to help to keep it moist. Mow and hoUow-sounding. to rise until double the size. Make a well in the centre of the flour and add the yeast. Cream the yeast and sugar. which should be firm firm. brown bread is inclined to be dry. Add half the water. Turn on to a floured board and knead thoroughly. Warm the water to blood-heat. Then reduce to moderate and bake for another 40 to 50 minutes. The loaves should be brown on top. Add more of the warm water until a nice soft dough is obtained. [ 183 ] . Put into tins which have been greased and dusted with wholemeal flour. Stand in a warm place. Beef suet is frequently used for this type of bread. Cover with a sprinkling of flour from the sides and let stand five minutes. turn one out and tap the bottom.

for about 10 minutes. Shce as thin as you wish. SALT ROLLS Salzstangerln ABOUT 3 cups flour 1 teaspoon sugar V2 teaspoon salt caraway seeds 1 cup milk 24 1 tablespoon beef suet or lard oz. Knead for a few minutes in the bowl and then turn on to a floured board. Mix well. and salt. which has been boiled and cooled to blood-heat. cover with warm [ — 184 ] . Dissolve the yeast in this the sugar and salt. Allow to cool.ZWIEBACK Long thin rolls. Bake in a slow oven until both sides are a mce brown. Sieve the flour with the nutmeg. If necessary turn the shces to ensure Add Beat the butter and eggs Now even browning. Place in a bowl and cover with a cloth. bake in a hot oven for about 25 minutes. Leave in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size. Melt the fat and work in alternately with the flour. and let stand tor 5 mmutes. almost toastlike. about 3 inches thick. Stir and let stand for 5 minutes. Boil the milk and reduce to blood-heat. Untranslatable 1/2 3 cups flour teaspoon salt 1/2 cup miLk 4 tablespoons melted butter 4 tablespoons sugar ^ teaspoon powdered nutmeg 2 eggs Blend the yeast with the sugar. Place them on a greased baking-tin Leave to rise again. together alternately with the flour to the yeast mixture Mix well with the hand and knead for a short time. The thimier they are the crisper. smooth and Knead wcU until elastic. Put back in warmed bowl. Divide in pieces and mould into long rolls. yeast 1 water A Add savoury roll to serve with dinner or savoury snacks. Add the milk.

Bake in a hot oven for about 20 minutes. Sprinkle well with poppy seeds. Knead in the Add bowl with the hand until the dough is smooth and elastic. Cover with a warm cloth and allow to stand for about 30 minutes. egg tablespoon butter cup milk H poppy seeds and allow to cool to blood heat. mixed with water. Brush with a httle of the egg which you have saved. Roll the dough out to about 14 inch thickness. Dissolve the yeast the sugar and salt and let it stand for 5 minutes. Divide the dough into three parts and plait it. cover again with cloth and let stand Brush with water. flour and milk alternately and work it in. [ 185 ]- . cloth POPPY-SEED ROLL Mohnkipfel 1 TO 2 DEPENDING ON SIZE 1 1 2 cups flour 1 tablespoon sugar 14 teaspoon salt Y2 oz. Cut into lengths about 1 inch by 6.and let rise until the bulk is doubled. Leave for a few minutes and then knead again. sprinkle with salt and caraway seeds (if Hked). Add the butter. Melt the butter and let it cool to the same heat as the milk. Place on a greased baking-tin. until the bulk has considerably increased. yeast Boil the milk in it. Mould it gently so tliat each end is pointed. Bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes.

Place on a warmed. These should be golden-brown and very hght. derisive gesture. Mix a httle. yeast cup of butter egg to glaze yeast. Mix to a soft dough and add more milk if required. Pour this into the well also. Put a warm bowl and cover with cloth. Warm the flour add the salt and rub the butter mto it. yeast 2 egg yolks These rolls were first made in the seventeenth century. Replace it in the warm bowl and cover with a cloth. Glaze with beaten egg and bake in a hot oven for 15 to 30 minutes. Knead weU. Blend the yeast and sugar. blame Put the flour in a bowl with the salt and leave in a warm place. Turn on to a floured board and knead weU again. greased tin and leave for another 10 to 20 minutes. a well in the centre of the flour and put in the yeast. Knead with the hand in the bowl until the dough is smooth. Leave for 1 hour until the size is at least doubled. ovals or twists. Bring the milk to the boil and allow to cool to blood heat Dissolve the yeast most of this. after the withdrawal of the Turks from the siege of Vienna. the milk sHghtly and beat in the egg yolks. to mock could not be pinned on anyone. Warm the butter and add to the mixture. and if questions were asked. Leave Make Warm to rise [ 186 ] . Make a hole in the centre of this and add the liquid m m CRESCENT ROLLS Kipfeln ABOUT 114 cups flour 1 V2 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 12 3 tablespoons cream. It was rather a dehghtful. until hquid. or creamy milk 14 cup butter oz.MILK ROLLS Milchrollen 4 GOOD-SIZED ROLLS 1/2 i/^ 4 cups flour teaspoon salt about 1 cup milk 1/2 oz. using part of the Turkish emblem the retreating enemy. Shape into roUs. Turn on to a floured board and knead until bubbles form.

Blend the yeast and sugar. Cut agam in half from corner to corner. ahnond fiUing (page 190). chopped crystaUized cherries. Cover inch thick. Brush over with beaten egg and milk. Bring to blood-heat. Suggested fiUings: jam. and add the milk and water. Add the milk and water to the melted butter. Use only a small quantity of fiUings. Knead hghtly with cloth and set to rise for about 30 minutes. Warm it shghtly. [ 187 ]- . be used for these. until the dough starts to work again. yeast tablespoon sugar egg and milk to glaze 1 cup melted butter yeast doughs can Any of the plainer recipe. up from comer to comer and CRESCENT ROLLS WITH VARIOUS FILLINGS Kipfeln 5 cups flour l^ teaspoon salt 1 1 1 cup milk and water oz. Roll the dough out thinly and cut in 6 inch Roll squares or smaller if desired. Cut into 6 inch Roll out the dough to about squares. should be very soft. or a small piece of rolled ham. Bake Roll up in a hot oven for about 20 minutes. nut and date. % On the base of the triangle place the fiUing. Sieve the flour and salt in a bowl. and elastic. or the a htde finger of sausage meat. then bend to crescent shape. Bend the crescent into the usual shape. also cream cheese. Make a well until smooth in the flour and pour in this mixture. Leave for a few minutes on a greased baking sheet. pressing down the point. but this is a sUghtly which will enhance the flavouring of the filhngs. it get near to the corner. making 2 triangles. chopped stoned raisins and candied peel.for 30 It minutes or until the dough has swelled to twice its size. Do not let the points.



either the plain

dough or the

finer yeast

dough recommended

lor kipfehi.

See pages 186 and 187.
1 1


cup cream




cup butter

2 tablespoons water

the butter and beat in with the cream cheese. Add the If the mixture is still too moist add more flour. Now a^d about half of the cheese mixture in dabs on top of the dough Work It by removing to a floured board and kneading well* Place agam the bowl (warmed) and leave until the dough has doubled Its size. Cut the remaining cheese into httle finger-length pieces. When the dough has fully risen, roll out agaiS and fut into 6 inch squares. Place a finger piece of cheese in the centre, angle-ways. RoU from corner to corner. Brush with beaten egg and water. Bake in a hot oven for 20 to 25 minutes
flour slowly.





4 cups flour
72 teaspoon salt


cup melted butter cup milk cup white wine

cup sugar
oz. yeast

6 egg yolks


Sieve the flour and the salt together. Make a well in the centre Blend the yeast and the sugar and a httle of the milk, shghtly warmed. Pour this into the well. Cover with a httle flour and leave to work for 5 minutes. Melt the butter, beat the egg yolks and add this to the dough. Beat with the hand until the mixture is soft smooth and sticky. Cover with a warm cloth and leave until the dough has doubled its size. Now add the wine and knead well in the bowl again. Roll out the dough to about a '/, inch thickness. Cut into large squares, about 9 or 10 inches. Roll from corner to comer Brush with beaten egg and put on a floured baking-tin. Leave



a few minutes longer so that they


rise a little

more before

for about 40 minutes. If small brioches are required, divide this mkture into an equal number of small and larger balls. Grease some patty pans. Place the larger ball at the bottom. Make a hole in the centre and put

Bake in a hot oven

but a small ball in. Brush with egg. Follow the same procedure take as long as the large brioches. these, of course, will not


4 cups flour 1 pinch of salt )4 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 5 egg yolks

3 whole eggs

^ teaspoon vanilla
Yz cup

warm milk

oz. yeast

This is a fine hght dough and can be used for making a variety of rolls and pastries, usually with filhngs such as jam, fruit, almonds or cream cheese mixture. If these quantities are used several of the recipes given can be made and so a variety of deUcious cakes and
breads provided. Warm the milk and the butter and allow them to remain at bloodheat. Work the yeasf and the sugar together and stir tliis into the


milk. Beat the butter, egg yolks, whole eggs'and salt to a cream and add the yeast mixture. Mix well together. Work the flour and the vanilla essence in gradually. Mix with a knife until the knife comes clean. Cover the dough with a warm cloth and set to rise in a warm place until the size is doubled. This is now ready for use in the various recipes suggested. It can

be rolled out and used

as directed.





dough recipe (page


Almond filling:

cup ground almonds
breadcrumbs cup caster sugar

4 whites of egg 2 drops almond

2 tablespoons white


chopped seeded
raisins as required

to cool

the mgredients together smoothly. When the dough has roU out very thinly, if possible less than ^4 inch thick 5ipread the ahnond fiUing over the complete surface. Sprinkle the raisms over this. Brush the edges of the dough with water. Roll up neatly and brush with melted butter. Sprinkle caster sugar over the top. Bake a moderate oven for about 45 minutes. Allow


and cut

in slices.







as in recipe

on page


For these, various


can be used: prune butter, jam, nut



Nut filling:

cup grated hazelnuts



tablespoon butter cup cream or top

14 cup Brazil or any

nuts 2 tablespoons


milk teaspoon vanilla


^ cup sugar



together forming a paste.

Almond filling

cup ground ahnonds

4 egg whites ^2 cup caster sugar
2 drops ahnond essence

2 tablespoons bread-


Work all the ingredients together to form a stiflf paste. The dough, which has already risen to twice its size,



ready for rolling out. Roll out on a floured board to a thickness to 1/2 an inch. Cut into small squares, about 2 to of about 3 inches. Spread with the mixture. Roll up from side to side. Do not pinch. Place on a buttered tin if possible not touching. Brush the tops and sides with melted butter. Leave in a warm place to rise imtil they are twice the size. Bake in a moderate oven


for 45

minutes to







dough mixture


page 189).

4 whites of eggs
tinned fruit or jam
Strain any tinned fruit

8 tablespoons caster sugar




Pineapple, straw-

berries, raspberries or apricots are very good. Roll out the dough which has risen to twice its size. Cut into a round to fit a sandwich

Leave for a few minutes in a warm


Fill the tin


the fruit.

Beat the whites of egg to a very stiff mixture, fold in the caster For one tin, it will only take half this mixture. Spread on top of the flan. Sprinkle with grated nuts. Bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes.

Bohmische Dalken

Use the


dough recipe


page 189).

butter to fry

caster sugar



the dough has risen to t%vice its size, roll it out to about inch thick. Cut into small rounds, hke pancakes or drop

Melt some butter in a very clean pan, such an omelette pan. Fry the rounds in this. They should be a lovely golden brown. Spread one round with jam and cover with another. Dust with caster sugar. Can be eaten hot or cold.
scones, not too large.




Brush the edges of the dough with water. a moderate oven for 1 hour. When cool. Filling: 1 1/2 cup white breadcrumbs cup stoned or chopped raisins will 6 eggs H cup chopped dates V2 cup sugar ^ cup butter Most people immediately connect the word 'Luft' with the this is 'Airy Yeastair or flying. To make the filling. Roll out the yeast dough fairly thinly.FAIRY YEAST-CAKES Luftiger Germstrudel r Use yeast 2 ROLLS AND ABOUT 16 SLICES dough recipe as for crescent rolls or Kipfeln (page 186). slices. beat the yolks and whites of eggs separately. Mix all the ingredients and lastly fold in the whites of egg. cut in Bake in [ 193 ] . so the only possible translation for 'Fairy cakes' or for the sake of euphony and a true description Yeast-cakes'. together See that the whites are very stiff. Spread with above filling. Roll up and brush the top with melted butter and sprinkle with caster sugar.

Beat xht eggs well and melt the butter to blood-heat. in a large greased baking tin with deep sides. When the [ 194 ]- . except the melted butter a palette knife to mix. It should then be crumbly.STREUSEL CAKE Streuselkuchen 1 1 LARGE CAKE 2 eggs grated rind of lemon 14 cup milk 1 21/4 cups flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon salt 6 tablespoons melted butter oz. dough has nsen brush over the top vvith the melted butter. Put it back into a greased bowl and let it and Prepare your yeast dough. u^^ ^i^"^' doubled. Bring milk to the boil and allow to cool to blood-heat Dissolve the yeast in this and add the sugar m IS It ?«^ mT'i. Ijpnnkle the Streusel on top as thickly as you hke. Add the eggs and the lemon rmd to the yeast mixture. While the dough is rising prepare the Streusel. Dust with and leave to rise for another 40 minutes. yeast Thish a cake with a yeast dough base and a Streusel mixture sal Stir weU and aUow to stand for 5 minutes. Then add the flour and the melted butter alternately. as follows: 1 Place flour cup sugar % cup butter re cup melted butter 1 tablespoon cinnamon % cup flour Mix usmg a moderate oven for about 45 minutes. Bake in all these ingredients together. Knead weU until the dough is verv smooth and elastic. RoU the dough ^°' ^^°"' ^^ °^°"^^5> °r ^til its bulk out to about 3/eofan inch thick. Beat with the hand until well mixed Turn the dough out on to a floured board and leave a warm place for about 10 minutes.

There is for its pastries is famed all the world over no Hmit to their variety and fascination. pastry in various forms is the basis of To the savoury and sweet. small and large. Vienna. [ 195 1 . more excmng and cakes. recipes could be obtained. to us.Pastries & Cakes jam The making infinite of pastry at home means. tarts. and an Viennese. variations are The many and the recipes countless. of course. pies savoury and sweet. and were even possible to visit every village in Austria. variety of cakes. fruit and possibly sausage rolls. Different if it parts of the country have their own speciahty.

Fold the dough over the butter from the top and from the bottom. This roUing and folding process must be repeated at least 6 times. Beat the centre where the butter IS to spread it towards each end. but allow ice-cold water to run over It to keep it cool. The pastry is now ready to be used in the various recipes m ^^ PUFF PASTRY A ncher and more elaborate method 1 1/^ 3 cups flour 2 beaten egg yolks 4 tablespoons cream cold water if needed tablespoons white wine ^ teaspoon salt 1 y^ cups hard butter parts. and roU ^"^"^S process once and leave to get cold for "u°"^\i^^P.PUFF PASTRY Butterteig 2 cups white flour 11/4 cups butter 7 tablespoons cold juice water of 1/4 lemon Cut a third of the butter off and set on one side. Sieve the rest of the flour v^ith the salt on to a pastry board. Put the flour into a cold bowl. 3 Work [ 196 ] . m into. Beat It out flat and leave to chill. Work with the knife until a smooth dough is obtained. Knead until lum out on a floured board and roU out until about quite smooth! 1/4 inch thick Place the cold pat of butter in the centre of the dough so that it is kngthways from left to right. addmg as much water as is needed. Fold the dough towards the middle from the left and right hand sides. Do not freeze. For very fancy pastries the roUing and folding and chilhng can be repeated up to 10 times. Add some of the water and the lemon juice. Beat the Divide the flour thin shces. Set on one side in a cool place.^^^ about 20 imnutes. Work the remaining two thirds a basin until soft. Beat again. Cut the smaU piece of butter mto it with a palette knife. leavmg the dough about 10 minutes between each manipulation. Into one third cut the butter together until it has formed into a dough. Make a hole in the centre.

Cover with warm cloth and leave to rise for 30 minutes. YEAST PUFF PASTRY Butterteig mit Germ l^A cups milk 3 cups flour 14 cup sugar 14 oz.egg yolks. making three thicknesses with the butter in between. add the cream and the white wine. It should be about 18 inches long by about 9 inches. Cover with a cloth and allow 30 minutes. in colour. Pour it into the hole. alternately with the remainder of the It flour. must be soft so it into a roll. Divide the butter roll in half. Beat the eggs and melted butter together until Ught To this add the yeast flour mixture. [ 197 ]- . Add the milk and about to rise for about 1/2 cup of the flour. stand in a warm place until doubled in bulk. Cool it. yeast Y2 teaspoon salt ^ cup melted butter 2 eggs 1 cup butter Bring the milk to the boil and allow to cool to blood-heat. and treat it exactly the same as the previous puff pastry. It is now ready for use as required. Now cut the second half of the butter in as many sHces and place on top of the double thickness. Roll this out thinly. Shape a nice smooth dough. Place the butter dough aheady worked in the centre. Fold the bottom third over this. Work the cup Let it of butter until soft but allow ice-cold water to nm over it. Knead until it is go gently with the floiu:. Roll the dough out on to a floured board. Work to a dough with a palette knife. Place the sUces in the centre of the dough covering one third of it. Cutt)ne half into many slices. Work the yeast and sugar together until hquid. Fold the top third over this. Fold and roll and chill (as directed in the first recipe for pufi" pastry) 3 times. add the salt. Turn the other way and roll out.

a little at a time and stir. BISCUIT PASTRY Biskuitteig 2 cups flour 8 eggs (separated) 1 cup fine sugar Beat the sugar and egg yolks together until really takes about 15 to 20 minutes if done by hand. This cake is very delicious if spht in layers and any filling together with whipped cream spread on each layer. fold and chill. It is Have all the ingredients cool. Add the salt now ready for use. Pour the mixture in and bake in a hot oven for about them and [ 198 ] . RoU. Dust the top with powdered icing sugar. Mix with kmfe until it is a smooth dough. Butter a deep cake-tin with a loose base. Beat the egg yolks and add them together with the water and vinegar. Turn out on a floured board. Roll to about 1/4 inch thick. Repeat this 3 times. Beat the whites fold creamy This Add the flour of egg very stiffly 45 minutes. in the same way as for puff pastry (page 196). into the flour mixture. a palette knife.QUICK PUFF PASTRY Schneller Butterteig 2 cups flour 1 1/2 cup butter teaspoon salt 4 egg yolks 14 cup water 1 tablespoon vinegar Cut the butter into the flour with and mix well.

the slowly until salt. and savoury. Add the egg yolks and the brandy Work in the flour. mocha cream (page 233) or coffee cream (page 213). Wrap in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Roll out to about it is in a cloth and put % This pastry If sweet a is little useful as a crust for pies both sweet sugar can be added to the dough. [ 199 ] . e. ate oven for 30 minutes. Add the grated lemon rind. a Uttle at a time. or with any small fruit \\dth whipped cream on top. Line greased patty-pans and bake in a moder- Cream alternately. into the flour with a palette knife. Work all to a smooth dough. Add the beaten and lemon juice. These can be filled with various creams and decorated. g. TARTLET PASTRY Tortelettenteig 2 cups flour 2 egg yolks 1 tablespoon sugar 14 cup butter 1 wineglass rum 1/2 or brandy teaspoon grated lemon rind the butter and sugar. tartlet size. Roll out and cut in rounds. Finally add the sour cream it a very soft dough.SHORT PASTRY Miirbeteig 3 cups flour 2 egg yolks 1 cup butter 5 tablespoons sour pinch of salt 1 teaspoon lemon juice cream Cut the butter egg yolks. to 1/2 inch thick.

still with the knife. flans and the base of cakes. Cut into strips about 4 or 5 mches long. Dust with caster sugar. Roll out the pastry to about 1/4 inch thickness. Cut and mix w. . W^fi. ^'^n?r^ FRENCH PASTRY Fladen 3 cups flour 2 cups butter Vz cup sugar 14 1/^ cup cream teaspoon salt Put the cold well.^"' tiie sugar. which should be very into this with a palette knife. They can be left flat. Now knead with the hand until the paste is smooth. Bake in a hot oven for 20 minutes until golden 1 hese can be served with soup or stews. or t^visted hke cork-screws.[ 200 ] . cream and salt ' I I ^ ^^and mix^ J^' r" PUFF PASTRY STICKS Butterteigstangeln Use the puff" pastry from the recipes on pages 196-197. thoroughly. Use this pastry for rolling fx^t™ such as bananas or shces of apple. If served with cofiee. Fold the stiffly bea^n whites of eggs in.WINE PASTRY Weinteig 2 cups white flour 4 whites of eggs 72 cup white wine pinch of salt i teaspoon hot oU Stir in the hot oil and wine. Fry in deep fat or oil It should be a golden brown. Chill in the refrigerator Use for tartlets. dip the ends in melted chocolate or other icing. mto the flour into a bowl and cut the butter.'"^'with a palette knife until the dough is smooth. Turn out on to a floured "^'''.

Rub the first sticky dough Toss and flour again. cheese. It wiU be sticky at first. knead again. Put Now stretch by hand dough in the middle and roll out shghtly. [ 201 ]- . stretch the dough. leave it and go to work As you pull and one on another thickness. It is intended always to on. melted butter. Flour down from the sides into the off your hands the hands and knead. Mix the egg. which should always be part gets thin enough. Knead until it becomes smooth and elastic. such fiUing ready. together to seal the contents.STRUDEL DOUGH Strudelteig 2 cups flour I egg 1 tablespoon melted butter % cup lukewarm water salt rolled out should not be Strudel dough is rather like a noodle dough. should be and follow the instructions given above. It should be stretched by have hand on a clean floured hnen cloth. Pour in the egg-andand the flour falls butter mixture and add the salt. Stir gently so that well. Stretch once and in a warm place for about 1 hour. the Cover the table with a linen cloth and dust with flour. before you It is important to remember to have your paper-thin when ready. Beat the eggs well. chocolate. as apples. The filling be the dough while it is still on the cloth. It should be possible to get it all of an even water Put the flour on a board. section. cherries and so a fiUing. It can then placed on Pinch the edges roUed up and got into shape by hfting the cloth. Make a well in the flour. and on a board in the usual way. Do not fill right to the edges. Leave it covered once or twice.

s^'rh^r. '^' "^"y "' ^PP^^ S^^del. but Stone and [ 202 ] . Pinch the ends together. Do not fill^|ht to Se "^^ '^^^ ^ ^^^ brush and seal.'''''^l'5^are not shce cherries which sweet. wnen cold dust with icing sugar. grated rind cup 1/2 lemon raisins (seecUess) 72 cup chopped walnuts ^4 cup sugar 1/2 cup melted butter Core and peel the apples. With xhtJ^Z "^^ ^"^ "^°^> «^ ^^'^h ^e dough is lyin^ roU^the A Strudel up. T f tT^ ^rf ^^ S CHERRY STRUDEL Kirschenstrudel Use Strudel dough recipe (page 201). ^P lace Se seaed side down on the baking sheet. Mix with all the other mgredients and spread over the Strudel do^gh A^e^t wha ever size you wish The larger it is the better fla^ur k^eni to have Pour some of the melted butter on top. Brush the top Se meked butter Bake for 45 minutes in a moderate oven. SUce very thinly.APPLE STRUDEL Apfelstrudel Use Strudel dough 3 large apples 1/2 recipe (page 201).

To the and the beaten eggs. sugar.CREAM CHEESE STRUDEL Strudel mit Topfen Use Strudel dough 1 1 recipe (page 201). cream. in the top and bake in a moderate Allow to cool and then dust with icing sugar. add the stoned raisms. dough. [ 203 ] . Add the cream and the lemon Stir in the sultanas. Cream the butter and creamed butter mixture add the cheese through a sieve. Spread the edges with a pastry brush. Have the mixture. cinnamon. the egg whites beaten stiffly. Cut small sUts Seal the edges. Wet up and seal. Wet the edges of the dough. Add the beaten egg rind. 3 cups sour cream grated rind of 1 small 1 2 tablespoons lemon cup sultanas (J)lumped) warmed butter Cream the butter and sugar. Make a few cuts on the top. RoU mixture on the dough. Put the cream Beat the eggs well. lemon rind. Now fold these into the This "should be enough for two or three Strudeki. Bake in a moderthe top v^th ate oven for about 1 hour. yolks one by one. Every 10 minutes brush the melted butter. Roll up as in sealed side downward. cup butter t eggs. CREAM STRUDEL Rahmstrudel Use 1/2 Strudel dough recipe (page 201). Spread this filling over the Strudel Lastly Apple Strudel. separated cup sugar Y2. cheese. Turn the oven for about 1 hour. This is to allow the steam to escape so that the dough will not burst. cup cream cheese cup cream grated rind of 1 small lemon 4 whole eggs 1 2 tablespoons butter 34 cup fine sugar 14 teaspoon ground cup seedless (small) raisins cinnamon sugar.

Spread this stuffing on the dough. Beat the yolks and add to the Add the sugar.CHOCOLATE STRUDEL Schokoladens trudel Use Stxudel dough 1 recipe (page 201). Cut in shces. Wet the edges. Also have ready a large pot of boiling salted water. Place this on the buttered paper. Roll and seal. Cut little slits in the tops. Lastly fold in the egg whites. [ 204 ] . Lastly stir in the stiffly whipped whites of eggs. Bake in a moderate oven for from 45 minutes to 1 hour. 1 tablespoon cooking chocolate. Stir in the egg yolks. Melt the chocolate and butter in a pan but do not allow to get too hot. Spread the mixture on the strips. Serve hot. Separate the egg-yolks and whites. grated heaped tablespoon ground almonds essence 8 eggs 1 ^4 teaspoon vanilla cup of brown breadcrumbs % cup sugar 2 tablespoons butter Roll out the chilled dough and cut in several strips. 6 eggs a Uttle salt and pepper crumbs Strudeln can be filled with any meat and vegetable fillings. Brush with melted butter. beaten. They are then usually boiled or steamed. breadcrumbs and seasoning. Only this recipe is given as any chopped meat or vegetables bound together with eggs can be used and the procedure is the same. BACON STRUDEL Schinkenstrudel Use Strudel dough 3 cups chopped bacon 1 cup white bread- recipe (page 201). Tie up in shape in the linen cloth and boil for 2 hours. RoU up and seal. Mix together the chopped bacon. Separate the egg yolk and whites. Have ready a linen cloth with a sheet of buttered paper on it. breadcrumbs. When cold sprinkle with icing sugar. melted chocolate and butter. almonds and vanilla essence. cut in slices. Wet the edges of the strips of dough with a pastry brush.

Fry in deep fat until golden brown. Mix well.WINE STRUDEL Weinstrudel Use Stnidel dough 2 cups breadcrumbs 14 cup white sugar recipe (page 201). Bake in a hot oven for about 10 minutes. Warm a bowl and mix together the flour. Work the whole into a dough. Pour the yeast mixture into the flour and add the melted butter. be served with sweet puddings or stews and savouries. Blend the yeast with the creamy milk. Beat in the egg yolks and the whole egg. Add the sugar and half of the wine. Fill the Strudel Dough as directed in the other Strudebi. Dredge well with caster sugar. Cover with a warm cloth and leave to rise to twice the size. according to what you are going to garnish. Roll and seal. sugar and salt. [ 205 ] . until it does not stick to the spoon. It should be a nice golden brown. Pour over the remainder of the wine and bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes more. FRIED STRAWS Gebackenes Stroh 6 OR 8 SERVINGS WITH MAIN DISH V2 cup creamy milk Y2 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon butter 3 egg yolks 1 whole egg tablespoon sugar 2 cups flour 1 deep fat for frying 1 (melted) tablespoon yeast Beat the egg yolks and the whole egg separately. Knead again and cut into thin strips. 3 tablespoons butter 1 bottle white wine Fry the breadcrumbs in the butter until a golden brown. They can (Parmesan). Sprinkle with sugar or cheese Drain on greaseproof paper.

It should be a nice creamy batter.HONEY-CAKES Mein 3^2 cups flour ^2 cup honey 1 cup sugar Yi cup ground almonds 1 egg teaspoon baking-soda 2 tablespoons water 1 Lieblingshonigkuchen 54 cup citron and orange peel level chopped cup butter pinch of cinnamon. The icing can be omitted altogether if desired. m m BISHOP^S BREAD Bischofbrot \ cup chopped citron peel. Pour into a bowl and gradually stir the flour. Mix all the dry ingredients together. powdered cloves. Bake about 15 to 20 minutes a moderate oven. nut or chocolate icing (see pages 234-236). When cold ice with rum. Stir in all the other ingredients. 34 cup butter 1 ^ cup sugar 5 egg yolks 5 egg whites rind and juice orange-peel and cooking chocolate (in little lumps. This recipe bums rather easily. Fold the flour mixture and the whites of eggs into the butter mixture alternately. -[ a loose base. Beat very well and add tlie lemon juice. not grated) of 1 1 lemon cup flour Beat the butter and sugar to a cream. Melt the butter and stir in. Roll out and cut in fancy shapes. sultanas. Mix well together and place in the refrigerator for several hours. Pour into a well-greased deep cake-tin with for 1 hour in a moderate oven. Bake 206 ]- . Beat the egg whites to a stifi" froth. nutmeg and mixed spice V4 Melt the honey and sugar in the water. alternately with the beaten egg. one at a time. Add the egg yolks wellbeaten.

a forcing-bag Take some Florentine cream (page 213) and pipe from on top of the fruit. can be used. raspberries. loaves. ICnead until quite smooth. Roll the pastry thinly. Bake in a moderate fresh fruit into each oven for 20 minutes. [ 207 . Knead together until well blended. the Chop the other ingredients including the rum. Fresh or tinned such as strawberries. Bake in and the Form ^ hours. 1 cup mixed nuts. Line the tartlet tins. FLORENTINE TARTLETS Florentiner Torteletten Use Tartlet Pastry (page 199). a all the fruits together. Pour in the yeast mixture and mix to a soft dough.FRUIT LOAF Kletzenbrot 2 GOOD-SIZED LOAVES 1 1 4 cups brown flour cups luke-warm milk 1 cup prunes large teaspoon ^ yeast 1 Yz cups stoned raisins (stoned) 1 1 Y2. cherries or gooseberries. fruit. hazel and almonds (chopped) teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup figs cup dates (stones) cup citron peel lemon bitter 1 and ground cloves 2 tablespoons sugar 1 orange ^ glass rum pinch salt Melt the yeast in the luke-warm milk. Chop hours. Sieve the flour and make a well in the centre. the nuts roughly. walnut. Cover with a warm cloth and leave to rise until doubled in size. When cool put some tartlet. Add all Let stand for several fruits When dough is risen together. Allow to rise in a warm moderate oven for about 1 to 1 ready mix all into long place for another hour.

Mix in the floiu:. rcveaUng the filling. pinch the edges together. fillings can be used. Cut in squares. Lastly The mixture should be spread thinly. Brush the tops with beaten egg yolk. almonds and grated chocolate alternately. or short pastry (page 199). Sprinkle with coarse sugar and bake in a moderate oven from 20 to 25 minutes. Place the other on top. Roll the pastry out to about inch thickness. Gradually add the flour and beat all until hght and smooth [ 208 ] . Spread one piece with warm jam. Place a good teaspoonful of the fillin g in the centre of the ^ Any About 1 inch of each corner. Add the sugar and beat for another 15 minutes.CHOCOLATE SLICES Schokoladenschni tun 1 cup flour 1 cup grated cooking chocolate 34 cup sugar 6 eggs (separated) 1 jam chocolate icing cup ground ahnonds (page 234) Work the butter and sugar to a cream. Add the beaten egg yolks. Fold the points back. Bake in a moderate oven for about 45 minutes. Lift the four corners towards the centre. While still warm cut in two pieces. fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Ice with chocolate icing. They should be golden brown. almond or nut (page 191) or just plain jam. Place on a greased baking-dish. VIENNESE BISCUITS Wiener Biskuits 5 eggs 1 1 cup caster sugar 14 cups flour (not self raising) Beat the eggs for 5 minutes. VIENNA TURNOVERS Wiener Maultaschen Use first puff pastry recipe (page 196). from the tips squares. Put in a large flat baking-sheet with sides. Cut in slices.

leaving space between. Gradually add the eggs and the flour.Have ready some baking sheets. of Beat until Ught. Allow to cool on the on top and finally baking sheet. Bake in a moderate Cream oven for 20 or 30 minutes. Sprinkle the chopped add a dusting of sugar. Separate the whole egg. buttered and floured. Butter a sheet Uttle grease-proof paper and place on a large baking sheet. Add the vanilla sti£f fold in the flour. Add the currants. and nuts then with the white. 209 ] . Beat the 6 egg whites to a and dabs on to froth and fold into the mixture. golden brown. Brush the biscuits with the yolk. leaving room for the Bake in a fairly cool oven for about 40 minutes. Drop heaps from a teaspoon. Then remove carefully to a wire tray and let dry off TEA COOKIES Teebrotchen ABOUT 2 cups flour y2 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 24 3 eggs ^ cup sultanas or currants the butter and sugar. Put the into the mixture into a forcing-bag and gently force the biscuits Dredge with caster sugar and bake shape of an hour-glass. Pipe this mixture in biscuits to a large buttered baking sheet. stiffly whipped. Mix well. They are more attractive [ if kept small. Serve with dessert. spread. Mix well. m NUT BISCUITS Nufibiskuits 3 egg yolks 34 cup sugar 1 1/2 cups flour vanilla essence 6 egg whites 1 1 whole egg cup chopped nuts a httle dusting sugar essence Beat the 3 egg yolks and sugar together. They should be a very Ught a hot oven for about 8 minutes.

Return to the oven for a few minutes to set the frosting. Pour the mixture in on this. Place on a thick baking-tin and bake for about 1 hour. Put the flour in a warmed bowl. Cover and leave to rise until the moulds This. Put the eggs in a hole in the centre of the flour. The nearest thing that one can suggest is a large jam jar with straight sides). Add the butter and sugar. Now add the flour and stir over the heat until very smooth. Blanch and shce the ahnonds very finely and strew on the buttered sides of the mould. Melt the butter. Warm the milk in a saucepan. Add the melted butter. Finally stir in the raisins and currants. Brush the tops of the cookies with the meringue mixture. in a warm place. (These moulds are essential for the Gugelhupf. Mow m VIENNA GUGELHUPF Wiener Gugelhupf ABOUT V2 1/4 2 TO 3 3 cups flour cup butter 1 cup caster sugar cup milk cup stoned raisins and currants 12 sweet ahnonds y^ 1 tablespoon yeast 3 eggs Dissolve the yeast in a little warm milk. Let cool and add the whole eggs and egg yolk one at a time. fiUing only three quaners full. Have a cyUndrical mould well greased. Mix each one weU before adding the next Pipe from a pastry-bag in fancy shapes on a greased baking sheet Bake a moderate oven for 25 to 35 minutes. to get just to boiling point.COFFEE COOKIES Kaffeekikhlein ABOUT 1 1/4 12 cup flour cup butter 4 eggs 3 tablespoons sugar l tablespoon caster sugar Separate one whole egg and leave the white on one side. Beat the egg whites stiffly together with the tablespoon of caster sugar. Mix all very well together until very smooth. This mixture would make at least three. Put the moulds are full. [ 210 ] . the sugar and the dissolved yeast.

Warm and yolk. alternately. Now add the grated orange rind and juice. Beat the eggs and add them to the butter mixture. Beat the egg Lastly add the whites very fold into the mixture. also the raisins. flour alternately. Set 30 minutes. a Uttle sugar. Cover with a few tablespoons of flour. having sprinkled the grated nuts round the sides. Dust with icing sugar or coat with chocolate icing (see page 234). GUGELHUPF 2 1 1 OR 3 CAKES grated rind and juice cup milk ^ 1 cup butter cup sugar of 1 orange ^ cup stoned raisins soaked in 4 eggs tablespoon yeast 3^/2 cups flour ^ cup rum Dissolve the yeast in the milk. To this. Place on a wire tray and dust with caster sugar. which has been brought to the boil and allowed to cool. Allow to cool in the mould for 10 minutes and then remove to a wire tray to finish cooling. add the yeast mixture and the aside in a warm place and cover again. [ 211 ] . depends on the size of the mould. It should turn out easily when sufficiently baked. Pour the mixture into a well-buttered cylindrical mould. flour the butter and beat into it one egg and a drop or two of vanilla essence Repeat stiiffly this until all these are used up.of course. baking powder. a little at a time. Allow to rise for Cream the butter and sugar. RICH GUGELHUPF Feiner Gugelhupf 2 CAKES 2 tablespoons grated 2 cups flour 4 eggs 5 tablespoons milk ^2 cup sugar 14 cup butter almonds ^ teaspoon vanilla 1 essence tablespoon baking powder Separate the eggs. Bake in a moderate oven for about 1 hour.

in a moderate oven. Place them carefully on a baking sheet for ovening. Dust the sides with dry breadcrumbs. Fill the mould or moulds half full only. Place the first ring on top. Add2 tablespoons [ Blend the yeast with of the warm milk. a Grease a large cyUndrical mould. according to the size of Vol-au-vent you want. Bake in a hot oven for about 45 minutes. or smaU plate or a tumbler. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Continue until all are used up. cut out a circle from the centre. depending on the size of the mould. Cut at least 5 of these. Make 212 ] . the sugar until hquid. On the smaller Vol-au-Vent. Allow to cool for 10 minutes before turning out on to a wire tray! When quite cold dust with icing sugar. warm VOL-AU-VENT Pastetchen This must be included under pastries as it is made from either of the first two puflf pastry recipes on page 196. dipped in water. Fill with various mixtures. on the pastry and cut round it. Damp the edge of the round base with a pastry brush. Take one of these rounds as the base. Put a cake tin. Roll it out thinly on a floured board. Sprinkle the baking sheet with cold water before placing the cases on it. depending on the size of your Vol-au-Vent. On the large one. The rings which you have cut out of the centres are the hds. naturaUy the rims are less wide. The steam helps to keep the shape. Place the lid on top and serve hot or cold. the ring left should not be less than 2 mches wide. On the other rounds. DOUGHNUTS Krapfen ABOUT 2 cups flour 1 tablespoon sugar a pinch salt cup milk 18 % Warm a 2 tablespoons melted butter 4 egg yolks 1 egg white 2 teaspoons yeast 1 cup milk (warm) J2in bowl and put the flour and salt in. The pastry should be very cold before starting. Damp this in turn and place the next ring on top.Set in place to rise until they are quite full.

Roll up what dough is left. Knead again.mixture into this a hole in the centre of the flour. Divide about 1/2 inch thickness. FLORENTINE CREAM Florentiner Rahm I/2 8 egg yolks 2 whole eggs cup sugar % cup melted butter a few drops vanilla essence Beat the egg yolks and the whole eggs together. Fill the tartlets When the sugar is and squeeze a pyramid of whipped cream on top. Pinch the edges together and cut right through to the board. mark out ckcles on one half. Pour the yeast with a warm cloth. hollow and cover Beat the egg yolks and the butter. many in as they swell consid- Dust with granulated sugar COFFEE CREAM Kajfeecreme ^2 cup sugar 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons strong coffee 2 egg yolks coffee Melt the butter and sugar together in a saucepan. Place all the doughnuts on a floured board and leave in a warm place imtil they have risen well. Roll out each to pan cutter. Have a pan of deep clean fat very should hot. Cover again and the leave in a warm place until it has doubled its size. With dough in two. Drop the doughnuts in and fry golden brown. Add the quite dissolved beat in the over a gentle heat. Drain on and serve while fresh. Place one on top of each jammed circle. yolks. Work all this together until you have a fine smooth dough. They a plain patty take 7 to 8 minutes. add the rest of the warm milk and beat to a cream. Work this mixture into the flour and yeast. Add the sugar and the vanilla essence. Brush these rounds with a wet pastry brush. erably. Melt the butter very slowly in a double [ 213 ] . and beat thoregg oughly until the mixture becomes like a cream. Remove the saucepan from the heat. Leave in a warm place to rise. Beat the egg white to a stiff froth and fold in. Put a dot of jam in the centre. Do not put too absorbent paper. On the other half of the dough cut out the same size circles. Repeat the process until all the dough is used up.

Work together and use as directed. Place in the refrigerator until quite cool. Stir in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Allow and use as directed. ik \ 214 ]- . Stir in the egg-and-sugar mixture.pan. Add the breadcrumbs and almond essence. NUT FILLING Nufifiillung 1 cup grated mixed nuts vanilla essence 34 1 cup sugar tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons brown 34 breadcrumbs cup cream Work all to get very cold together until a fairly stiif paste has been formed. Stir aU until it thickens to a fa^ly thick consistency. ALMOND FILLING Mandelfiillung cup ground almonds 34 cup caster sugar 2 drops almond 1 4 egg whites 2 tablespoons white breadcrumbs essence Mix the all the almonds and sugar together. Beat unul a light cream.

The nearest confection that we know to which Even then it is the American strawberry shortcake. but they are many different ways.Torten Torte can be called a cake. for the Torte is is not really very like it except in occaalways highly decorated and usually associated with festive I r fT^he I I sions. This can nuts and even cheese. be compared the making. also always large. -[ 215 ] . In fact there is no end to the ingenuity used by the Viennese and Hungarians in this fascinating branch of cooking. Torten can have many layers and they can be flat. be incorporated in the mixture or whipped and added on top m of the various fillings. but it is so far removed from the usual conception of a cake tliat it is almost untranslatit can able. Various fruits are used but always there must be cream.

Butter 4 large deep sandwich tins. ahnonds. sugar. Bake in a hot oven for 30 minutes. Add the butter and sugar. cinnamon and grated lemon rind. % [ 216 ] . currant or strawberry 2 egg yolks 1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon grated rind and juice of 1 lemon This must have come from the city of Linz. Add these to the flour mixture together with the juice of the lemon. When cool put more fresh jam in between the lattice work. Fold in the flour and the grated lemon rind. Ice with fondant icing and decorate with cherries and angehca. Allow to cool in the tins. Sprinkle with caster sugar. Fill the flan with jam and cover the top with criss-cross strips. and cut in long strips about inch wide. Turn out very carefully on a flat surface. Beat well until the mixture is creamy. Spread the mixture equally in these 4 tins. in upper Austria. Nevertheless it has been associated with Vienna for so long that it has come to be thought completely Viennese. Remove the paste to a floured board and roll out to 1/4 inch thickness. raspberry. Sieve the flour and mix in all the dry ingredients. This paste should be kept very cool until the time of evening. Serve with whipped cream. Line a greased flan or sandwich tin with the paste. Work the butter and egg yolks together until smooth. Serve with whipped cream. Roll out what is left over again.VIENNA TORTE Wiener Torte 4 whole eggs 1 1/2 cups white sugar 1 cup butter 4 egg yolks 21/2 cups flour 1 teaspoon grated apricot lemon rind jam fondant icing (page 232) cream Beat the egg yolks and the whole eggs together. Bake in a hot oven for about 35 minutes. LINZER TORTE 1 1/^ 1 1/2 cups flour 14 cup sugar cup butter cup ground ahnonds 2 cups jam. and place on top of each other. Spread each layer with apricot jam. Mix well.

nutmeg. work in the egg yolks and cake work in the ground ahnonds. Roll out to Sieve the flour and 14 inch thick. Spread jam on each layer and brush the little top gate with burnt sugar icing. Cover the top with whipped cream. Butter a round cake-tin flour. Spread the bottom half of the top layer with jam and place one on top of the other. When cold cut the Torte in half. Spread the lower half with apricot jam and wliipped cream. sugar. Now butter and sugar. Beat the butter and 2 eggs together until smooth and creamy. Mix well and turn on to a floured board. cinnamon and rind of lemon. Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth and dust with and fold these in last of all. Decorate the top with a few pistachio nuts. Add these to the flour mixture. Bake all three in a moderate oven for 45 minutes. Allow to cool before turning out. Bake in a moderate oven for 1 hour. TRIESTER TORTE 8 egg yolks 14 cup butter % cup apricot fine plain cake crumbs 2 egg whites 14 cup ground 3/4 almonds cup sugar jam whipped cream Cream the crumbs.BROWN LINZER TORTE 2 cups brown or 14 teaspoon ground wholemeal flour 1 cup brown sugar 2 cups ground almonds 1 cup melted butter 3 eggs nutmeg 14 teaspoon ground cinnamon grated rind of half lemon mix m all the dry mgredients. With what is left make a treUis work for a third tin. with beaten egg before baking. Brush the top one. Line greased sandwich over tins with the paste. almonds. When completed drop a fresh jam in the holes of the lattice work. the gate. -[ 217 1- . Turn out when cool.

in the tune of the beat the whites to a stiff froth. Cook in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes AJlow to cool and spread with plenty of apricot jam.TRAUNKIRCHENER TORTE V2 cup butter 2 egg whites Y2 2 cups white flour 1 cup icing sugar apricot cup sugar jam equaUy aU three. Add this to the mixture. also the icing sugar. Add the yolks to the creamed butter and sugar and beat again. Cover this with chocolate icing [ 218 ] . Fold in the whites of egg and the flour alternately and mix well. Cream the butter and sugar. Pile on top of each other. into Beat the butter and sugar to a cream. Allow to get very cold. Cover one half with raspberry jam and place the other on top. Warm 1/0 a cup of apricot jam and beat in the whipped white of the eggs. Divide the mixture between than and bake m a moderate oven for about 45 minutes to 1 hour Allow the cakes to cool. It can be kept for several day« and IS improved. sieved Butter 3 sandwich-tins and pour the mixture SACHER TORTE 1 ^ cups cooking chocolate V2 cups fine white 1 5 eggs raspberry jam chocolate icing sugar 1 V2 cups flour (page 234) 2 tablespoons rum This takes jovial. She was a rather tough' agar-smoking lady. Beat weU. Butter and flour 2 cake tins or Torte tins. This can be spread over the top of the Torte or piped in fancy patterns. Separate the eggs and the owner of a famous hotel in Vienna Emperor Franz Joseph. Melt the chocolate on a saucepan with anything as dehcate as the Sacher Torte. whom one would certainly not associate its name from wiAahttlerumandaflowtocool. Work in the white flour.

rather deep. Place on the cold pastry after they are cool. Add the lemon peel and cinnamon. Place in a large flan-dish. into the flour. Apple 8 apples filling: ^ lemon peel. Add the ground ahnonds. Filling: 3 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks cups caster sugar 1 grated rind of 1 orange grated rind of 1 lemon ^ % cup of ground juice of the almonds lemon Beat the whole eggs. being careful not to break up the quarters. Roll it up and let it get cold. Add % while you prepare the rest. soft. Mix the wine. until the dough is also the drops of lemon juice. the egg yolks and the sugar together unti creamy and hght yellow. Roll out about Leave to get cold again for the apples are bulky. still keeping Drain all liquid ofi". grated small stick cinnamon ^ cup sugar 1 1 cup water cup white wine Peel and quarter the apples. 219 ] to an hour until the [ ^ . Leave some space between each quarter for the next their shape. 10 minutes in the refrigerator will do. fillin g to be poured over. and bring slowly to the boil. the grated rinds of orange and lemon. water and sugar. together the sour cream gradually. Mix all together. Pour over the apples. of an inch thick. Pour this over the apples. also the lemon juice. Beat the egg yolks and add.APPLE TORTE Apfeltorte 1 cup butter 2^2 cups flour pinch of salt 2 egg yolks 4 tablespoons sour milk or cream a few drops of lemon juice Cut the butter with the salt. Cook very slowly until the apples are half cooked. Bake in a moderate oven for 45 minutes filling is set and yellow in colour.

BUTTER TORTE 10 eggs % cup fine white sugar 2 cups fine white . Add the melted butter and ahnonds beatmg all the time. Allow the rounds to cool. Stir in the Cream alternately. On the top one spread a thin layer of jam only. the butter and sugar. Melt the butter. Beat the egg whites to a stiff firoth and fold mto the mixnire. a spoonful at ORANGE TORTE Orangentorte grated rind and juice 1 14 cup butter of 1 orange cup fine white flour 4 eggs separated orange butter (page 232) 1 cup sugar Add the beaten egg yolks and flour orange rind and juice. Spread two of the rounds with jam and whipped cream. Bake in a moderate oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Whip the egg whites stiffly and fold into the mixture. Bake in a moderate oven for 30 mmutes. a tmie.^ 3^ cup ground almonds jam whipped cream butter icing (page 235) ^o^r % cup butter Separate the egg yolks and the whites. Divide the mixture between the three. Cover with butter icing (page 235). Cover with orange butter. Grease and flour 3 cake-tins. Beat the egg yolks and add alternately with the flour to the sugar until aU are used up. Put in a buttered and floured deep cake-tin with a loose base. [ 220 ] .

Glaze The with a transparent glaze (see page 235). and bake in a moderate oven for 1 hour. refrigerator until cooled. Chop fresh fruit Pile about an inch thick and evenly on top. CHESTNUT TORTE Kastanientorte 1 cup butter 4 tablespoons hght cream 2 or 3 drops of lemon 21/2 cups flour salt 2 egg yolks pinch juice Put the flour into a bowl and cut the butter into it with a knife. fresh or almonds 3^ cup sugar tinned strawberry. turn out. add the cream until you have Wrap in a cloth and put in the Let Roll out the cold pastry and Hne the bottom of a deep cake tin. raspberry. See that the walls are it come up the sides about 1 inch. Stir Add the egg yolks and salt to the flour mixture. apricots bananas or pineapple Beat the butter and sugar to a cream. Put the dough in and level the is Bake in a moderate oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour. [ 221 ] . or a mixture. Mix the lemon juice with the cream. this top should be fairly level. ground almonds and cinnamon. Work in the flour. flour a round cake-tin. Grease and top off. Fill with chestnut filling (page 232) greased as well as the bottom.FRUIT TORTE Fruchttorte 1/2 cup butter cups flour 1 1/2 a pinch of ground cloves or cinna- 14 cup ground mon any fruits. and finally a soft rather crumbly dough. When it cool. Beat to a smooth dough.

Spread this on two l^ge round tms. Ice the top with ^ P '^ nut icmg (page 235). Allow to cool before turning out. Now add the mashed chestn^^ J 1 I ' cup mashed chestnuts 1/^ 2 egg whites cup caster sugar 2 tablespoons rum Mix aU these together until they are a creamy paste. Filling: 1 Mash the chestnuts as finely as possible. Work into a paste.RADETZKY CHESTNUT TORTE Radetzky-Kastanientorte 1 1/2 cups caster sugar 4 cups boiled 1 saltspoon dry coffee chestnuts 1 14 egg yolks cup butter and egg yolks alternately. weU greased and floured. Spread on the lower round. CHEESE TORTE Kasetorte Pastry Lining: 3 cups white flour 1 14 cup cream cup butter 4 egg yolks V2 teaspoon salt sides about Fill level the dough and leave it in the refrigerator until really cold. until it up in a cloth 1 inch. the cream and m it with a knife smooth and not too moist. Roll salt. Cream the butter and sugar and add the dry coffee. with cheese fiUing (page 233) and bake in a moderate oven for about 45 minutes. Allow to cool in the tins before removing. Allow it to come up the ^ IS Work Sieve the flour into a bowl and cut the butter into the beaten egg yolks. Place the other round on top. When cold. [ 222 ]— . roU it out and Hne the bottom of a greased and floured cake-tin. Bake for about 45 minutes ma moderate oven.

Beat the whites to a stiff froth. until the whole is stiff but quite hght. Separate the eggs. together until creamy. alternately with the nuts to the egg mixture. Bake in a moderate oven for about Fill and cover with Mocha cream (page 233). Butter 2 large cake-tins and pour the they are mixture in. COFFEE CREAM CAKE Mokkatorte cup flour cup ground almonds 34 cup sugar 1 3/4 4 eggs 1 tablespoon strong black coffee (Mocha) Beat the yolks and sugar Separate the egg yolks and whites.DATE TORTE WITH NUTS Datteltorte mit Niissen 1 cup dates chopped very finely cup nuts. Beat the whites until they are stiff and fold in. and add these the vanilla essence. [ 223 ] . Bake in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes. Spread the bottom layer of the Torte with redcurrant jelly and whipped cream. Add the ground almonds and the tablespoon of coffee. grated teaspoon baking 5 large eggs 1 1 1 1 cup white sugar tablespoon vanilla essence powder Beat the yolks and the sugar together until creamy and Hght coloured. Fold this in alternately with the flour. Add the baking powder and Dust the dates with flour. Ice with lemon icing (page 236). and dust with flour. Grease 2 cake-tins 30 minutes.

Fold in the flour and egg whites alternately. Decorate with a few roughly chopped nuts. hazelnuts. Mix smoothly. Bake in a slow oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Add the nuts and mix well together. and serve with whipped cream. Beat the yolks and sugar together until creamy. Pour the mixture into the tin. dry a few drops of almond extract 7 eggs 1 1/2 white bread- crumbs 1 ^ cups ground almonds cups caster sugar Separate the whites of egg and beat to a stiff froth.MACAROON TORTE Makronentorte y2 cup fine. NUT TORTE Nu_^torte 1 cup sugar 6 ^ggs 1 Yz cups of grated nuts (can be wal- 14 cup flour \ rum y^ teaspoonful grated lemon peel 1 tablespoon nuts. spht in half and spread bottom half with raspberry jam and whipped cream. [ 224 ]- . Put in large sandwich or cake tin. Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth. or filberts) Separate the yolks and whites of the eggs. Bake in a moderate oven for 40 to 45 minutes. Gradually until the mixture is very stiff (as for meringue). Grease a cake tin and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. This can also be iced with rum frosting (page 236). adding the rum and grated lemon peel. Decorate with small macaroons. When cold. until mixed well. add the sugar and beat Add it is all the ground ahnonds and the breadcrumbs alternately.

Pour the mixture in and bake in a moderate oven for about 1 hour.LAYER CAKE Doboschtorte 1 cup fine white flour % cup sugar 8 eggs pinch salt 1 teaspoon vanilla essence This is a Torte from Hungary and can have anything from 5 to 8 layers. until quite smooth. and dust vsith flour. Fold the whites into the eggand-sugar mixture. Grease a cake-tin and dust with fine dry breadcrumbs. SNOW TORTE Schneetorte 1 14 cups caster sugar 6 large egg whites ^^ 2 tablespoons flour 1 com- cup fine white flour teaspoon vanilla essence % cup melted butter floiur Beat egg-whites Fold into the flour mixture. When well mixed stir in the melted butter. Butter five or six sandwich-tins Stir gently after each addition. sugar. Sieve the flour 2 or 3 times. Mix again. Divide the mixture between them and bake in a moderate oven for 10 or 15 minutes. but not too stiff. Add vanilla essence. Gradually add the flour in small quantities. together. 225 [ ] . coat with lemon icing and decorate with candied firuits. Lemon Icing: % cup icing sugar 1 grated rind of ^2 tablespoon lemon juice 1 lemon tablespoon water Add all together and stir water. Beat the egg-yolks and sugar until hght Separate the eggs. Beat the whites to a Ught froth. to a light firoth. If necessary as add more Spread on the cake soon as prepared. — 236). or until the tops are see chocolate golden brown. Allow to cool ready for the filling Cover the filling with burnt sugar idng (page filling (page 234). Sieve the corn-flour. and creamy. When cake has cooled. until the whole is smooth and creamy. and not too stijff.

Mix well. Stir in the grated rind. Add the raisins.) MADEIRA CAKE Sandtorte 1 V2 cups butter 1 14 cups sugar 2^ cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder icing sugar or corn-flour 8 eggs. with the lemon juice and rum. Fold in the egg whites. Grease two 9-inch cake-tins and sprinkle with fine breadcrumbs. Mix very lightly and well. Add the sugar and egg yolks alternately. beaten to a light but not too stiff froth. well buttered and dusted with flour. cinnamon. Remove from tins and allow to cool. Brush rum over the top of the bottom layer. lemon rind and the poppy seed.POPPY-SEED TORTE Mohntorte 2 cups sugar % cup raisins y2 teaspoon cloves grated rind of V2 lemon 1 ground teaspoon ground ^ cup nun Plirnip the raisins in the y^ cinnamon cup poppy seeds 10 eggs I Separate the egg yolks and whites. Sieve the flour and baking powder and a pinch of salt. Pile whipped cream on top of the Torte. Now fold into the mixture. Have the egg whites beaten fairly stiffly. Add to the butter mixture. Place one on top of the other. Pour into a round 9inch cake tin. (This can be done with a pestle and mortar if no grinding machine is availwell. Drain Beat the egg yolks and sugar until creamy. able). cloves. rum. separated 2 tablespoons apricot juice rum 1 jam and grated rind of lemon ^ or brandy egg white chopped nuts Cream the butter. (Whipped cream can also be spread between the layers if hked. Divide the mixture in two and bake in a moderate oven for about 1 hour. [ 226 ] . Grind the poppy seeds as finely as possible. Use tins with separate bottoms. and the bottom of the top layer.

Melt chocolate. Beat the one egg white very stiffly. Beat the egg whites until stiff but not too stiff. Put in a cool oven Bake for 1 Remove from for 20 minutes. as the cake can be easily removed. Melt the chocolate in the water. Let it cool. Sprinkle with icing sugar and chopped nuts. Chocolate Icing: y^ cup cooking chocolate 4 tablespoons icing sugar 6 tablespoons water for Add the sugar and cook slowly put a pair of clean scissors in and open the blades. A loose-bottomed tin should be used. Fold into the mixture as it is now. To test it. then ice with Cream yolks chocolate icing. add the almonds. Serve with whipped cream. about 10 minutes. CHOCOLATE TORTE Schokoladentorte 6 eggs 14 cup butter % cup ground ahnonds ^A cup sugar % cup cooking chocolate Separate the the butter and sugar together until light. Mix and stir into the mixture. Let cool and brush the top with jam sauce. If it spins a thread between the two. and whites of 5 of the eggs. Beat the egg yolks and 1 whole egg together. then it is ready. [ 227 ] . Pour the mixture into a greased. Stir into the butter and cream mixture. Sauce: a Uttle wine.hour in a moderate oven. but keep stirring. Warm the jam. Add Allow to cool and brush the top of the cake. Serve with whipped cream. Cover the jam with this. Brush the top with warmed apricot jam. the tin and allow to cool. deep flan-tin and bake in a moderate oven for 1 hour. Spread at once on the cake and smooth with a palette knife. Jam Any jam.

BISCUIT TORTE biscuit mixture as we know it. Chocolate Frosting: Yi cup cooking chocolate 4 tablespoons icing sugar 6 tablespoons water Melt the chocolate in the water. When cold this Torte can be cut into small fancy shapes. Bake in a moderate oven for about 1 hour. Let cool but keep stirring. Add the flour little by little. Add the sugar and cook slowly If it spins a thread. but a light cake mixture which can be used for any Torte base. but in this instance it is cut into small fancy shapes. Spread at once on the top of the Tone. Add the juice and grated rind of lemon. it is ready for use. When cool cover with chocolate firosting. Each one may be spUt in two and jam-spread. stirring each time. [ 228 ]- . sandwich fashion. separated juice and grated rind cup fine sugar any jam 1 of lemon 2 cups flour Beat the sugar and egg yolks until a Hght cream. The top it for about 10 minutes. Not a 12 eggs. can be decorated if preferred. Lastly fold in the egg whites beaten to a stiff froth. Butter a large square tin and dust with fine white breadcrumbs.

While for about 30 minutes. and finally add the sour salt to you have a a cloth and minutes. Blend the flour with 1 tablespoon of the cream. Brush with beaten egg and at least 9 more Place in the refirigerator for a few white breadcrumbs. at the same temperature. Place in a large cake-tm. and add the partly baked now. Put flour into a bowl and cut the butter into Add the egg yolks and it. cherries. the lemon juice with the cream. The cake is only it is in the oven prepare the filling. Return to the cake firom the oven and pour this mixture oven and bake for 45 minutes Serve with whipped cream. Roll out this now put in the refrigerator for about 10 of an inch thick. Wrap m % FiUing: 2 eggs. sugar and beat well. Fold into the mixttire but not too over it. Bake in a moderate oven minutes. Add cmnamon and Add the egg yolks and that the sugar is lemon juice and again beat weU to make sure tablespoons of the sour Now add the remaining 4 dissolved. beaten to a h^t cream and mix thoroughly. cold dough to about sprinkle with fine inches. Have the egg whites last of aU. Stir. to sour cream until mixttire. soft the flour and rather crumbly dough. 1 ake tne stiff froth. Remove.CHERRY TORTE Kirschtorte 1 cup butter light 4 tablespoons cream 2 or 3 drops lemon juice 214 cups flour 2 egg yolks pinch salt 1 egg beaten with water 3 cups stoned cherries Mix it with a knife. separated 1/2 tablespoon flour 5 tablespoons light 2 tablespoons sugar pinch of ground juice cream cinnamon of 1/2 lemon until quite smooth. - — [ 229 ]- .

Whip When weU. On the fourth draw a lattice design. Pipe the remainder in the lattice pattern on the top one. put a cake tm on a sheet of greaseproof paper. PUe the whipped cream and fruit in the centre and place the lattice fid on top. Whip -[ 230 ]- . menngue. the egg whites very stiffly. The base is ali about at all. the remainder into a forcing bag. The next two layers are rings of meringue the same size laid on top of the base. Draw round and cut out 4 11/2 made of meringue mixture in four layers make but well worth the effort. When you are more experienced it will not be necessary to draw these fines circles. Turn the circles upside down so that the pencil marks will not touch the cake. Pipe the m"eringue on the next two circles the outer ring.MERINGUE TORTE Spanische Windtorte 8 egg whites 214 cups ^"Sar fine caster 2 cups thick cream Chopped glace cherries and angelica Y2 teaspoonful vanilla essence This is a Torte entirely It is difficuh to Leave the first one blank. Draw a fine inside the rim inches on the second and third circles. To prepare for this. Filling the cream very stiffly and add the chopped cherries and Place the two rings on top of the base. angelica. The last is a lattice work ring covering the whole torte and its contents. Leave in the oven all night before removing. Put Y> m Bake at once in a cool oven for 1 hour. Fold the sugar into this the mixture is stiff drop the vanilla essence in and mix Spread over the bottom circle about an inch high. This is for the hd.

Bake in a moderate oven for 30 to 35 minutes. Syrup for flavouring: Yz cup water 1 tablespoon sugar 3 tablespoons rum Mix these ingredients together and moisten both pieces of cake. Beat again until it is very Ught and creamy. Beat the 7 egg yolks and the remaining 2 eggs together imtil they are creamy. Turn the two jam sides together and glaze with rum frosting (page 236). Beat the egg whites very stiffly. Divide the batter between the two. Fold in the flour. Fold into the mixture.PUNCH TORTE Punschtorte 2 cups fine white selfraising flour 1 1/4 cups sugar of juice 9 eggs and grated rind 1 lemon Separate the yolks and whites of 7 eggs. when cool. a httle at a time. -[ 231 ] . Grease and flour 2 cake-tins fairly deep. Spread both layers with raspberry or strawberry jam. Add the lemon rind and juice. Add the sugar gradually.

[ 232 ] . add the sugar and egg yolks alternately. Cream the butter. If it gets too thick add a few drops more water or lemon juice. Beat well. Beat the whites very stiffly.FONDANT ICING 2 cups fine white sugar % cup water pinch cream of tartar Put the sugar and water into the top part of a double saucepan. ORANGE BUTTER 2 cups thick cream 1 2 tablespoons water cup icing sugar grated rind of 1 4 egg yolks orange Melt the sugar on a gentle heat mixed with the water until it is quite clear. CHESTNUT FILLING 2 cups chestnuts. Whip the cream stiffly and fold into the mixture. Cool and beat in the egg yolks and the grated orange rind. Add the chestnut mixture to the egg yolk mixture and lastly fold in the whites. It is now ready to use as direaed. It is now ready for use. They will then sieve easily. Melt gently but do not overheat. cover with the cup of milk and cook slowly until they are very soft. before mashing. When the icing sticks to the back of a spoon it is ready. 1 cup milk cup sugar mashed and sieved ^ cup butter 14 5 eggs separated After the chestnuts have been boiled soft and peeled. As soon as the icing is the right consistency spread it on top of the cake. Add the cream of tartar.

separated 2 cups cream cheese 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups flour 1 tablespoon butter the flour into Beat the cheese until soft. Add the untU the mixture is like a creamy Put in a double boiler and cook custard. MOCHA CREAM % cup sugar 1/2 Vz cup strong black cup butter Mocha (coffee coffee 3 egg yolks cup size) coffee and stir well. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar. you can get Uttle imitation coffee beans in chocolate If they make a nice decoration.CHEESE FILLING 6 eggs. When this is all smooth and creamy. and the into the lined tin. Mix this in with half of the Torte. Allow to cool. Spread Beat the butter to a cream. Pour the mixture stiffly beaten egg whites. the custard. Work it. Warm the Beat in the egg yolks butter and the fold sugar. Cover the top and sides with or sweets. half on top. m or as directed. beat in alternately with the milk. -[ 233 ]- . Place the other the cream on top of the lower the remamder.

Beat the butter. put a clean pair of scissors in and open the blades. it is ready. [ 234 ]- . Add the sugar and cook slowly for about 10 minutes. Spread on top of the layers of cake but not on the top one. This will help to dry the frosting quickly.CHOCOLATE FILLING 1 cup grated chcx:olate i/^ cup butter % cup icing sugar pinch of ground cinnamon Warm the butter (do not melt). Cover the top with burnt sugar icing (page 236). The cake can be placed in a cool oven which has had the heat turned off. To test it. Let it cool slightly. Spread mimediately over the cake and smooth with a palette knife. stirring the while. If it spins a thread between the two. CHOCOLATE ICING OR FROSTING /4 cup cooking chocolate ' 4 tablespoons icing sugar 6 tablespoons water Melt the chocolate in water in a gentle heat. icing sugar and cinnamon until creamy. Serve with whipped cream. chocolate.

Spread on top of the Torte. This will set the icing. beat in the NUT ICING % cup icing sugar 2 tablespoons grated nuts Beat the egg whites to a 5 egg whites Then beat the sugar lightly stiff froth. Boil all together until it becomes thick and clear. and place in a cool oven. -[ 235 ] . It is now ready for use and should be of the consistency of butter. either piled on top or placed in a separate bowl. cool. Dust with in and add the sifted icing sugar. Add the sugar and mix well. grated nuts. Remove from the oven and allow to get quite cool before turning out. BUTTER ICING 1 cup icing sugar 2 tablespoons water 1 drop almond essence 4 egg yolks cups thick cream 1 ^ When Do not overheat. Spread this on top of the fruit and leave to set firm. Melt the sugar in the water until quite clear. egg yolks and the almond essence. Whip the cream and fold lastly into the mixtiure.TRANSPARENT GLAZE 2 tablespoons flour com- 2 or 3 tablespoons sugar 2 cups any fruit juice Blend the cornflour with a little of the fruit juice. Serve with whipped cream. Add the remainder of the fruit juice.

RUM FROSTING 1 1 cup icing sugar Yz tablespoons 1 tablespoon water rum Dissolve the sugar and water over a gentle heat. Allow to cool. Keep stirring. Add the rum. BURNT SUGAR ICING Gebrannter Zucker Yi cup white sugar and water still 2 tablespoons water Cook the sugar in a saucepan until brown. until the mixture coats the spoon. it is quite smooth. While warm brush it turns a golden over the cake top.LEMON ICING l^cups 1 icing sugar 2 tablespoons juice lemon 1 V2 tablespoons water grated rind of lemon Mix all together with a palette knife until Spread with the same knife. then use immediately as directed. directed. drop by drop. or use as -[ 236 ]- .

They of course. the Turks who gave Coffee. are traditional Austrian party-tare. is left large bags of with every kind of cream in every sort of is infinitely varied proportion. use Hungarian ones. and the hot especially the fruit punches. If you want were brought into Vienna Austrian food. In Vienna. wines from the Moselle. punches given to guests on arrival and departure them.Beverages Vienna's great contribution to the own. the wines from other countnes the wine-loving inhabitants. But it was world's beverages. The Punches and bowles seasonal fruit. with Uqueur. the Rhineland. with chocolate. but never put ice drinks m The Austrians Uked their m [ 237 ] . ^ r u are not enough of them Austrian wines are deUcious. Many from other countries. cold. made of wmter. but there only supphed ancient city vineyards to export. or suitable wines to go with — it behind after a battle! Viennese coflfee or France. She has made it her the Viennese their first taste for it.

to a cup of hot black coffee. Bring to the boil. stir It in before adding the cream. and stir. Hold a teaspoon face downward over each cup and add the cream. taking care to remove it from m a saucepan. and also of Alsace and the Black Forest. and this time add a teaspoon of cold water. the heat the moment the coffee reaches boihng-point. Now put in the powdered coffee. cool for a few seconds and repeat. If you wish to add sugar. Add the sugar and aUow it to dissolve. Allow it to settle for 3 minutes. slowly pouring It over the back of the spoon. a brandy distilled from cherries. — -[ 238 ] . In this way the cream wiU remain cold and frothy on top of the coffee. Yet again bring it to boiUng-point. and serve. TURKISH COFFEE Turkischer Kaffee ^ FOR 4 SMALL CUPS (DEMITASSE) 6-8 lumps sugar 1 Yz cups water 4 teaspoons powdered coffee In the absence of a real Turkish coffee-pot this coffee can be made Put the water in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. again removing it Allow it to when boihng- pomt IS reached. KIRSCHWASSER COFFEE Kaffee mit Kirsch This coffee is made simply by adding a shot (according to taste) of Kirsch.WHIPPED CREAM COFFEE Kaffee mit Schlagobers strong black coffee cream sugar Make some good strong coflFee. Whip the cream. Sweeten the cream with a httle sugar Pour the hot black coffee into cups or glasses. aUowing a good tablespoon for each cup. Kirsch is the speciality of Switzerland.

for Immediately before serving add the champagne. and remove the seeds. taking care to remove the white inner skin.WHIPPED CREAM CHOCOLATE Kakao mit 4 tablespoons chocolate powder Schlagohers 1 pint milk 3 tablespoons sugar % cup cream Boil the milk and add it the 2 teaspoons sugar. and fill the glass with soda water. add 2 teaspoons orange syrup. Squeeze the juice from the remaining oranges and mix into it the Y^ cup of sugar. Heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Sweeten with sugar to taste. into sections them STRAWBERRY BOWLE Erdbeerbowie 4 1 SERVINGS 2 bottles of Rhine packet frozen strawberries wine 1/3 1 cup of sugar orange ^ bottle champagne Place the fruit in a bowl with the orange juice and sUvers of orange peel added. Add water and lemon extract and allow to cool. Put the hot chocolate into cups and serve 1 teaspoon each cup with a large blob of cream on top. Pour on the wine and place in the refrigerator. [ 239 ] . Sprinkle with sugar and stir together. or on ice. Put a couple of orange sections in a glass. at least 1 hour. ice cubes. ORANGE SHERBET Orangensc}ierbett 4 SERVINGS 4 oranges ^ cup water Yi cup sugar Split ^ teaspoon lemon extract all Peel 2 oranges. Whip gradually to the chocolate powder and the cream until it is stiff with sugar.

remove when hot and add the rum. with the sugar to the Strain off the water. ICED PEACH PUNCH Pfirsichbowle ANOTHER METHOD 4 SERVINGS 1 1 6 ripe peaches 1 cup sugar botde red wine bottle Rhine wine Va bottle champagne recipe. difference that the red wine used instead of VANILLA PUNCH Punsch mit Vanillengeschmack 4 1 cup sugar 3 pints water SERVINGS % vanilla pod 2 oranges ^ lemon % cup rum Chop liquid vanilla % cup tea Add it pod into small pieces. Serve immediately. and any white wine can be used if necessary. and cook over a low heat for 30 minutes. all This is made similarly to the previous is with the sole white. Heat once more. Immediately before serving add the rest of the Rhine wine and the champagne.ICED PEACH PUNCH Pfirsichbowle 4 SERVINGS 1 6 ripe peaches 2 bottles Rhine wine cup sugar A ^ bottle champagne Put the peeled and sliced peaches in a bowl. and sprinkle them with sugar. Soda water can be substituted for the champagne. Pour over them a bottle of Rhine wine and allow to stand for two hours in the refrigerator. [ 240 ] . and add to it the tea and the juices of the oranges and lemon.

Add the rest in a dish of the wine. Serve while hot. Allow to stand for 12 hours. 1 pint water Y2 cup sugar 14 cup rum Bring the water to the Remove from boil. and just before serving pour in the champagne.NECTAR Nektar 4 SERVINGS 1 5 ripe eating apples 1 lemon bottle Rhine wine % bottle Champagne 14 cup sugar Peel the apples. Allow to stand for 1 with the sugar and slivers of hour. Pour on the hot strained tea and heat the whole mixture. Put in the sugar and stir until dissolved. Sprinkle the sugar over this and pour in half a bottle of wine. ORANGE AND TEA PUNCH 14 lb. the heat and add the rum. Place them and add thin shvers of the lemon peel and the strained juice of the lemons. sugar % lemon 1 2 oranges 1 pint hot tea Press the juice from the oranges and cup rum lemon and put into a bowl lemon peel. Soda water may be used instead of champagne and where necessary any dry white wine can be substituted for the Rhine wine. Add the rum before serving. GROG 4 SERVINGS . core them. [ 241 ] . and slice them thinly.

Serve cold. 1 cup pineapple juice and the white wine. into the liquid. Half a bottle of white wine and half a bottle of champagne may be used instead of 1 bottle of white wine. [ 242 ] . together with the sugar and orange juice. Strain the liquid through a cheese cloth. Rub the lump sugar juice bowl with the MILK WITH ALMONDS Mandelmilch 1 cup chopped almonds tablespoon sugar 3 cups water 1 tablespoon orange juice 1 Stir the chopped almonds into the water until the liquid becomes milky white. Now pound them to a powder.CARDINAL'S CORDIAL Kardinal 1 bottle sweet white 14 lb. When the sugar has dissolved serve very cold with ice. Put this. Allow the chopped almonds to dry for short time. 1 lump sugar wine orange skin 1 cup pineapple juice orange ice well with orange skin and place in a punch of 1 orange.

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sUfi-saure. 2i Beggarman's Pudding. 163 Anchovy Sauce. 79 Beef. 169 Apricot Soup. 64 Biscuit Torte. 170 Almond Soup. Tyrolean. 174 Bischofbrot. 82 Blauer Kohl. gebackener. 74 Barsch. 62 Blaugesottene Forellen. 206 219 Apostelkuchen. 52 Bohemian Pie. I45 Almond Pudding. 121 Boiled Leg of Pork. 192 Bohmische Erbsen. 202 Beggarman's Soup. 22 Bierkase. 75 Austrian Eggs. 120 Beef Soup. 122 Beefsteaks. gebratene. 92 Bacon Dumplings.Aal mit Wein. faschierte. 204 Baked Eggs with Ham. Bishop's. 37 Artichokes. 202 Apple Torte. Nut. 37 Alte Huhner in Sauce. 121 Beef. Green. Biskuitteig. 97 Beer Soup. 23 Bread. faschierter. 122 Bratensauce. Viennese. Bilberry Fritters. 63 Apfehtrudel. 56 Bowie. 60 Asparagus Pancake. Green. Stuffed. 13 Biersuppe. Viennese. 52 Austern. 135 Baked Perch. 209 Biscuits. I39 Baked Ham. 69 Boiled Beef. Boiled. 22 Belegte Brotchen. 75 Backhuhn. 169 Apfelkraut aus Sauerkraut. 13 Bohmische Dalken. 126 Braten. 206 Biskuits. 133 Beans. 42 Bacon Strudel. 147 Blue Trout. 167 Anchovy Butter. 52 Bohmische Knodel. 156 Bechamel Sauce. 12 Bohemian Peas. Wiener. 150 Anchovy Shells. grune. 164 Blatteln mit Kraut. 198 Apple Soup. 17 Bettelmann. Sweet-Sovir. 69 Bohemian Dumplings. Viennese. 206 [ 245 ]- . 1 39 Austrian Pancake. PoUsh. 33 Braune Kraftsuppe. Roast Fillet of. Strawberry. 150 ! Beef. 208 Bishop's Bread. 12 Apfel auf polnische Art. 21 Apfehuppe. 219 Apples. 38 Apple Strudel. 239 Braised Oxtail. 64 Artischocken. 74 Beans. 74 Baked Sole. 121 Beef. Hot. Wiener. 38 Apfeltorte. Viennese Stewed. 127 Almond Filling. 188 Biscuit Pastry. 42 Bohnen. 228 Biscuits. Huntsman's. Esterhazy. 144 Asparagus with Breadcrumbs. 167 Bettelmanns-Suppe. 198 208 Black Butter. 42 Bohemian Eggs. with Fennel. 214 Almond Pancakes.

197 Butterteig. 196 94 Chicken. Streusel. 27 Brioches. Ordinary. 143 Cheese Spread. 182 Cabbage Soup. 75 BUcklinge mit Ei. 125 Caraway Soup. 24 Cauliflower. 179 Bread Soup with Hard-boiled Eggs. 119 Bread. 222 Cherry Soup. South German Style. Plaited. 229 Chestnut Filling. 131 Caraway Goulash. Cold. Layer. 72 Cabbage with Sour Cream and Caraway Seeds. Carp with Horseradish. 22 Bread-and-Butter Pudding. 235 Butter Sauce. 93 Cabbage Salad. with Chestnuts. 25 Chicken in Butter Sauce. 222 Chicken and Veal Broth. schneller. 24 Chicken. 28 Brennsuppe. 225 Cake. 71 Brown Bread. 92 Chicken Ragout. 151 Butterteig. 242 Brennsuppe mit Wein. 53 [ 246 ]- . Tyrolean.Bread. 178 Bread. 98 Chicken. 65 Bread Dumplings. 181 Bread. 233 Cheese Souffle. 221 Chestnut Torte. Viennese. 34 Cabbage. 220 Buttermehlnockerln. Red. 97 Butterteig mit Germ. Radetzky. 13 Cheese Torte. Potato. 43 Bread. Stuflfed. 22 Casseroled Eggs. in Sauce. 62 Chicken Pancakes. Cheese. 43 Buttersauce mit Kapem. DumpUngs. sparsame. 182 Cheese Filling. 148 Chestnut Torte. Milk. 23 Cardinal's Cordial. 23 Brunnenkressensauce. Brown. Honey. 194 Calves' Brains. 217 Brown Meat Soup. 140 Cauliflower Soup. 200 Cabbage. 38 59 Bucklinge Herrings with Egg. belegte. Viennese. 98 Chicken in Wine Pastry. Viennese. 53 Cake. iji Burnt Sugar Icing. 17 Brotsuppe mit Eiern. 76 Carp with Paprika Sauce. Buchteln. 151 Butter Sauce with Capers. 191 1 Cheese Bread. 183 Bread. Casserole of. 54 Casserole of Chicken. 14 Chicken Paprika. 166 Breast of Lamb in Marjoram Sauce. 75 Burgunder Koch. 76 Carrots with Caraway Seeds. 43 Butter Icing. 183 Brown Linzer Torte. 236 Butter Cherry Strudel. 188 Brdtchen. 202 Cherry Torte. 180 Cabbage. Old. 198 Butterteigstangeln. Fried. 94 Tiroler. 151 Butter Torte. 182 Bread. 232 Chestnut Souffle. 92 Chicken Giblet Soup with Liver Dumplings.

102 Duckling. 208 Chocolate Strudel. Kirschwasser. 42 Creamed. 95 Chicken. 99. 239 Date Torte with Nuts. Snow. Stewed. 55 Whipped Cream. 66 Dalken. Bohemian. 238 Coffee. Egg. 46 Dumplings. 40 Dough. 47 Eels in Wine. Tyrolean. 40 Coffee Cream. 188 Croquettes. 168 Cucumber and Horseradish 55 Salad. 204 Chocolate Torte. Strudel. 186 Crescent Rolls with Various Fillings. 94 Chicken with Green Sauce. 38 Duck. Stuffed. 142. 192 Chocolate SUces. 234 Chocolate Frosting. 44 Dumplings. 210 Dough. 223 Cream Jelly. 47 Chicken Stew. 100 Cookies. 96 Chicken. Dough. loi Duck. Marinated. 143 Csipetke. 212 Whipped Cream. 187 Egg Batter Pancake. 238 Coffee. 77 Coffee Cookies.Chickenj Roast Stuffed. 30 Clear Soup with Sliced Pancakes. Cream Cheese. 47 DvmipUngs. Stuffed. Butter. Sacher. Bacon. 44 Dumplings. Plain Noodle. South German Style. 45 Cream Pea Soup. Potato. 188 Cream Cheese DumpUngs. 46 DimipUngs. 99 Chocolate FiUing. 32 Doboschtorte. 100 Duck. 203 Creamed Crayfish. Roast. 238 Cold Cherry Soup. 40 Dough. 203 Dumplings. 234 Chocolate Icing. 189 Doughnuts. 96 Crescents. Cream Cheese. bdhmische. 223 Clear Soup. 210 Cookies. Roast. 213 Coffee Coffee Dough for Pockets. Flour. 44 Cream Cheese Strudel. 64 Cucumbers. 42 Diamplings. 173 Coffee. Fine Noodle. Kidney. Hungarian. 45 Dumplings. 234 Chocolate Pudding. 227 Chocolate. 41 Cream Cake. Yeast. 34 Crescent Rolls. Farferl. Viennese. Cucvimber Soup. Hot. Coffee. Tea. Dandelion Leaves in Sour Cream. 164 Cra>'fish3 DumpUngs. Stuffed. 1455 146 [ 247 ]- . 27 Cucumber. 225 Cod with Pepper. Bread. 223 Datteltorte mit Nussen. 78 Creamed Herrings with Anchovies. Liver. Turkish. 43 Dumplings. 78 DvimpUngs. Quick. 209 Crayfish Butter. Dill Sauce. 151 Tyrolean. 26 Cream Strudel. 201 Dough. 79 Creamed Liver Soup. 43 DumpUngs. Very SmaU. 78 Cream Cheese Crescents.

56 Emperor's Pancake. 138 Eierspeise. 120 Forellen in Olgebraten. 89 Dough. 75 Esterhazy-Rostbraten. Baked with Ham. 213 Florentine Tartlets. Creamy. Fruit. 152 Fish Soup Stock. Stuffed. 213 Florentiner Torteletten. 139 Eierspeise. 140 Eier Omelette. Casseroled. 140 Eggs. 207 Flounder Steak with Anchovy Sauce. gerollte. 142 Emperor's Pudding. 44 Fondant Icing. 69 Erddpfelbrot. Tiroler.Egg Batter with Cream. Fasan. Rolled. 102 Faschierte Gurke. 119 of Beef Esterhazy. 84 Fischgulasch. 239 Erdbeerkoch. 87 Fairy Ycast-Cakcs. 207 Florentiner Erbsensuppe mit Rahm. 20 Einfache gefullte Paradiesdpfel. 146 Eierkuchen mit Schinken. 172 Essigkren. gebratenes. 84 Fish Sauce. 170 Entchen. 66 Faschierter Braten. 80 Eier mit Krebsbtitter. 80 Fisolen Grune. 142. 100 Ente. 120 Fillet Steak Larded. osterreichische. 52 Fladen. 141 Eier mit schwarzer Butter. 81 Fischsauce mit Fischsuppe. 141 Faschierter Schweinschlegel. geschdumtes. 12 Paschierte Artischocken. 143 Eggs. 140 Lungenbraten-. Roast. 108 [ 248 ] . gespickter. 119 Filets. 40 40 French Pastry. 36 Erddpfelnudeln. 140 Eier auf Kasserole. 152 Eierkroketten. 139 HjcA Fi5c/i mi'r /ein^n Krdutem. 26 Erbsensuppe mit Schweinefleisch. 40 Eggs Tyrolean Style. 139 Eggs. 143 Eierkuchen mit Rahm. 134 Feiner Gugelhupf. 172 Farferlteig. 193 Farferl Forellen. 21 Rahm. faschierte. 81 Erdbeerbowle. 67 Chopped Herbs. 99. 30 Florentine Cream. 200 Flan. 200 Fricandeau. 116 Fridatten. 163 Flour Dumplings. 80 Fish with Caper Sauce. schnelle. 142. 141 Eggs with Black Butter. Larded. 58. 102 Ente. blaugesottem. 41 Fleischsuppe. 138 Eier. Austrian. gebratene. 139 Eggs. 232 Forellen. 80 mif Kapemsauce. 146 Egg Croquettes. 192 Fleisch-Tascherln. 64 Faschierte Ente. Tiroler. gebratener. Fillet Fisch. 21 Fish Stew. with Crayfish Butter. 122 Eggs. 100 Erbsen. 50. 88 Forellen mit Paradiesdpfeln. 138 Eggs. 211 Feirur Nudelteig. 81 Fish with Einfache Fleischbruhe. 179 Rahm. 141 Fish. bohmische. Bohemian.

136 Sauce. 18 Huhn. 192 Fruit Loaf. 138 Fruit Torte. 109 Gebratene Tauben. 156 Beans. Bilberry. Caraway. 104 Goulash. 40 Giblet and Cooked Poultry Ragout. 166 Frosting. Germstrudel. 193 1 30 Fruit Flan. 115 Fruchttorte. 126 Gediinstetes Lammfleisch. 152 Gedunstete Gurke. 70 Gebackene Pilze. 69 Grune Fisolen. 123 Goulash Soup. 14 Goose. 189 Gerollte Eierspeise. 118 Garniertes Kraut. sufi-saure. 100 Gebratene Gans. 102 Goose Stuffing. 221 Geschdumtes Erdbeerkoch. 94 Gugelhupf. 84 Gespickter Kalbschlegel. 94. 36 Gekochtes Schdpsenfleisch. 82 Gebratene Ente. 64 GedUnstete Huhner. Roast. 56 Mayonnaise. 117 Gebackene Kartoffeln. 172 Gesottenes Rindfleisch. Gefrorener sourer GefUllte Rohm. 211 [ 249 ]- . 57 Gevnckelter Nierenbraten. 66. 236 Gefullter Kalbsbraten. GefQllte Paprika. 106. Hungarian. 207 Fruit Pudding. 74 Gebackener Barsch. 102 Goose Livers. 221 GefuUter SchopsenrQcken. 93 Fried Mackerel. 152 Gebratener Truthahn. 205 Fridattensuppey Tiroler. Rich. 69 Beans with Fennel. 52 93 Gebackene Seezunge. 128 GeflUgelragoiit. 128 Gravy Green Green Green Green Green Sauce. Chocolate. 103. 130 Frugal Peasant Soup. 241 Grune Bohnen. 107 Gebratener Fasan. 14 Gespickter Fisch. 82 Gebratene Schnepfe. 136 Rum. no Griine Mayonnaise. luftiger. 82 Fried Straws. 32 Fritters. 56 Geddmpfter Hase. Gebackene Paradiesapfel. 82 Fried Oysters. 56 Gewohnlicher Nudelteig. 92 Gedtinsteter Ochsenschlepp. 27 FrQhlingskdse. 117 Gebratene Makrelen. 74 Gebackener Schinken. 173 Melonen mit Rahm und Erd- 174 beeren. 205 Gebrannter Zucker. 125 Goulash. 100 Gebratenes Rebhuhn. 121 GanSjgebratene. 133 Gefalltes FrUhlingssuppe. 234 Frosting. 28 Goulash. 104 Gebratenes Entchen. Stuffed. 236 Gebratene Austern. Veal. 161 Peppers.Fried Chicken. 102 Gdnseleber. 109 Grog. 108 Gebratener Schopsenrucken. 135 Gebackenes Stroh. 95 Gekochter Schweinschlegel. 161 Griine Sauce. Sweet-Sour. 171 Germteig. 99.

93 Huhnerpalatschinken. loi Heidelbeertascherln. 75 Herrings. Viennese. 168 Huhn. Chocolate. Roast. 168 Heringe in Ol gebraten. 210 Herring Salad. 210 Gugelhupf. 182 Honey Cakes. Biicklingc. 206 Honigbrot. 1 1 1 Horseradish Sauce. Honey Bread. gefalltes. 16 Herrings. 153 Horseradish Soup. Paprika-. gediinstete. 239 gefilllter. 115 Kalbschlegel. Fondant. Baked. Fisch-.1 8 Gugelhupf. Creamed. Lemon. geddmpfter. 83 Heringe in Rahmsauce. Hungarian Chicken Stew.feiner. 238 Kaffee mit Schlagobers. 80 Gulasch. 78 Heringssalat. 96 Hahner. 178. 153 Kaiserkoch. 235 Hdjier Schokoladenpudding. 236 no no Icing. 213 KaffeekHchlein. 84 Haddock with Paprika. 119 Kalbsnierenbraten mit Paprika. Wiener. 98 Huhner mit Buttersauce. 83 Ham and Melon Hors-d'Oeuvre. faschierte. 92 Hahner. 210 94 95 Guineafowl. 38 Hot Chocolate Pudding. 174 Icing. Gugelhupf. Ham Ham Patches. 173 Herrings in Oil. 14 Hummer mit kalter Sauce. 238 78 Kaffeecreme-Gelee. Butter. 55 Gurkensuppe. 123 15 Ham. 183 Hausente ah Wildente. with Anchovies. ungarisches. tUrkischer. Kaffee mit Kirsch. 48 Slices. Paprika-. 126 Hare. alte. 64 Gurkensalat nth Kren. 16 Kabeljau mit Pfejfer. Rich. 236 Nut. 108 Gulasch. 99 Gulaschsuppe. 32 16 [ 250 ]- . 238 Kaffee. 135 Hungarian Marrow. 117 Horseradish Relish. Huhn. 98 Hiihner mit grUner Sauce. 153 Holldndische Sauce. Sacher-. 77 Kaffeecretne. 234 Icing. 123 Gurke. Hase. Hausbrot. 66 Gurke. 127 Iced Peach Punch. in Sauce. 94. Vienna. 83 Hollandaise Sauce. 21 Hot Apple Soup. Kalbs-. Tyrolean. 240 Icing. gespickter. 97 HUhner in Weinteig. 15 Hamburgers. 182 Kalbsbraten. 28 Gulasch. Kalbsschnitzel. Burnt Sugar. 117 Huhn. with Egg. 27 Huhnerragout. 163 Kalbshim. 57 Huntsman's Beefsteaks. 118 Kalbsgulasch. 142 Kakao mit Schlagobers. 170 Kaiserschmarren. 235 Icing. 232 Icing. 211 Gugelhupf. gediinstete. 96 Hungarian Goulash.

126 Coflfecj 238 Kletzenbroty 207 Lamb. 229 Kirschwasser Klops. 24 Kraftsuppe. Kajfee-. 34 -[ 251 ] . Kirschkaltschale. 62 Kardinaly 242 Karfiol auf Wiener Art. garniertes. 46 Lammfleisch mit Pilzen. Topfen-. 65 Krebsbutter. Nieren-. gebackene. lichte. 148 Kastanientorte. Zillertaler. lichte. 164 Kartoffelsuppe. 132 Knodel. 112 ATocA mjf FrUchten. 210 Kiimmelfleisch. 45 Knddel. 175 Koch. 53 Krautsalat. 43 Knddel. gedunstetes. Stuffed Saddle of. 29 Layer Cake. 23 Kurbisse mit Paprika. 222 Kastanienkoch. 84 Larded Leg of Veal. 45 Kipfeln. 61 Kartoffelsalat. Pot-roasted. Kaiser-. 143 Kdsebrot. 188 Kirschstrudel. Leber-. 56 Krapfen. 57 Kartqffelknodel. 32 KUchlein. Mandel-. mit Mehl. Speck-. Kartoffel-. ungarische. Radetzky. 34 Kraftsuppe. 186. 171 ^o/i/j blauer. Wiener. 132 Lammfleisch. 187 Kipfeln. 76 Kartojfeln. 153 Krensuppe. 47 Knodel. Senf-. 212 Karpfen. Paprika-. Larded Fillet Steak. 18 Kraut mit Rahm. 78 Krensauce. 92 Lauchsuppe. 59 Kraut auf Wiener Art. in Marjoram Sauce. Tiroler. 24 Karpfen mit Kren. bohmische. 38 Kirschtorte. 72 Kartqffelgidasch. 61 Kartoffeln."!! Karfiolsuppe. 45 44 ^ocA. 171 iCocA. 222 Kiimmelsuppe. Wiener. 170 Leber kuchen. 76 Kohlsuppe. 29 Krebse mit Obers. 33 Krapfen. 128 Knodel. 125 Kdseauflauf. 225 Leberknddel. 60 Kartoffelpuffer. Topfen-. 42 Knddel. 202 Lamb. 129 Lammskopf. 45 Knddel. 42 Knddel. 131 Lamb Cooked 129 with Mushrooms. Kaninchenpastete. Semmel-. 182 Kdsetorte. 53 Krautvjurstel. 46 Kartojfel mit faschierter Leber. 22 Kastanientorte. 128 Lamb.1 1 Kalter Rets. 170 11 Kaninchen mit Paprika. 119 Larded Fish. 72 Kraut. Breast of. 130 Lamb's Head. Burgunder. 16 Lebersuppe mit Rahm. 70 Kurbisse. 57 Kidney Dumplings. 118 Larding.

Hungarian. 122 Meat Pockets. 58 Mushrooms. Brown. 29 Linzer Torte. 129 [ 252 ] . 85 Muschehuppe. 41 Liver Dumplings. 134 Leg of Veal. 159 Mutton. 170 Mandelmilch. Fruit. 199 Muscheln mit Wein. 174 Luftiger Germstrudel. Viermese. 128 Loin of Veal. 57 Marrow Paprika. Stuffed. 226 Macaroon Torte. 186 34 Loaf. Viennese. Wiener. 154 Meat in Vinegar. 82 Makrelen mit Paprika. 181 Milchrollen. gefUllte. Little. 119 Mohn-Nudeln. 242 Mandehchmarren. 30 Madeira Cake. 118 Lemon Foam. Baked. 230 Milchbrot. 236 Sauce. 49 Mohnkipfel. 45 Liver Meat Cake. Roast. 214 Mushroom and Wine Sauce. 162 Mayonnaise Sauce. Boiled. 41 Mehlnockerln. 86 Makronentorte. 161 Mayonnaise. 160 Lemon Lemon Icing. 117 Luft. 233 Mokkatorte. 208 Leg of Pork. 129 Leg of Pork. 85 Mustard Mayonnaise. 84 Loin of Mutton. Stuffed. Wiener. 166 Melons with Cream and Strawberries. 133 Marrow. 15 Melonen. Green. Viennese. 242 Milkbread. Paprika. 207 Milk RoUs. 226 Makrelen. Leg of. 174 Mayonnaise. gebratene. 37 Marillensuppe . 37 Marinated Duck. 181 Minestra. Meringue Torte. 44 Lichte Kartoffelsuppe. Roast. 86 Mohr im Hemd. 206 Melone mit Schinken. 193 Lungenbratenfilets. Mushroom Cutlets. 35 Minestrone. Creamed Viennese. 167 1 Mohre mit KUmmel.Leek Soup. 206 Mein Lieblingshonigkuchen. 223 Lobster and Cold Sauce. 35 Mocha Cream. loi Mustard Sauce. 54 Murbeteig. 29 Lichte KraftsuppCy 24 Lieblingshonigkuchen. 217 Little mit Rahm und Erdbeeren. 224 MandelfUllung. Mein. Light Potato Soup. 186 Milk with Almonds. 30 Mussels in Wine. 128 Meat Loaf. 133 Leg of Pork. Fried. 82 Mackerel. 29 Leg of Mutton. Larded. 162 154 Mandelkoch. 52 Mussel Soup. 185 Mohntorte. 16 Liver Soup. Mustard. 224 Mackerel. 70 Maultasclien. 145 Mandehuppe. 166 Meat Pockets. 216 Linzer Torte.

70 Ochsenzunge mit Kern. 86 Paprika. 125 Ox Tongue with Horsc-Radish. 172 Pancakes. 40 Pancake. 198 Pastry. gewohnlicher. gedunsteter. Filling. 198 Open Sandwiches. 35 Pastetchen. 40 Nudelteig. 40 Noodle Pie. Chicken. Fine. Austrian. 155 Omelette. Viennese. 241 Oysters. gefQllte. Asparagus. Pufif. 136 209 Paprikahuhn. Puff. 92 Nudelteig. 126 Paradiesdpfel. 145 Pancakes. feiner. 49 Noodles with Cream Cheese. Nudeln mit Topfen. Chicken. 145. icing. 145. Quick Puff. Orange Butter. 116 Paradiesdpfel. Roast Loin of. 146 Pancake. 235 Torte. with Jam. Braised. French. 128 Osterreichische Eier. 138 Onion Soup. 241 Nierenbraten. with Sauerkraut. Fried. 146 Pancake. Egg Batter. 220 Orangenscherbett. 158 Old Chicken in Sauce. 50 Pancakes. 200 Pastry. Biscuit. 239 241 Pastry. Paprika. Short. einfache. 232 Orange Sherbet.1 Mutton. 11 Nut Nut Nut Nut Biscviits. 124 Oxtail. 45 Nigger in his Shirt. Stewed. 192 Paprika. heifie. 116 Paprika-Kalbsschnitzel. 124 Paradiesdpfelsauce. Yeast. 224 209 214 Paprika Mackerel. 82 Nektar. Mokn-. gebackene. 130 Naturgebratener Schweinschlegel. 117 Palatschinken. 142 Pancake. gefullte. 49 Nudeln. 147 Nierenknodel. 196 Pastry. 49 Nudeln. gervickeJter. Tartlet. 144 Pancake. 40 Nufibiskuits. Poppy-Seed. Ox Tongue with Caper Sauce. 48 60 Pancakes. 220 Pastry. Viennese. 66 Paprika. 200 Orangentorte. 97 Paradiesdpfehuppe mit Reis. 48 Noodles. 69 Pancakes for Soups. 155 Partridge. 224 67 Ochsenschlepp. 109 Olive Sauce. Roast. 212 Pastry. 58. gefullt mit Reis. 239 Orange Torte. 167 Noodle Dough. Potato. 92 Paprikakarpfen. Erddpfel-. Emperor's. 49 Nudelschoberl. 31 Parsley Sauce. 17 Orange and Tea Pvmch. 76 NuJ3f»ll""iy 214 Nufitorte. 14 Noodle Dough. 199 [ 253 ]- . 1 39 Mutton. Paprika Veal. Almond. 199 Pastry Sticks. Plain. Plain. Rabbit. 126 133 Nectar.

136 Potato and Cheese Turnovers. 106. 133 Pork. 59 Potato Balls. 231 Punch. 200 Potato Wheels. 198 Puff Pastry Sticks. 241 Punch Torte. 46 Potato Pancakes with Sauerkraut. 66. 69 Potato Bread. 128 Prosperous Peasant Soup. 107 Pigeon with Mushrooms. Roast Leg of. Fried. 203 Rebhuhn. Roast. 29 Potato Stew. 112 Punch. 56 Potatoes in Mustard Sauce. Hiihner-. 134 Pork with Cabbage. 169 in Poppy-Seed Noodles. 200 Puff Pastry. 62 Cabbage with Chestnuts. Radetzky-. Iced Peach. 59 Potato and Cheese Turnovers. 240 Pheasant. 108 Petersiliensauce. 61 Potatoes. 61 Red Red Red Red and Green Pepper Salad. Giblet and Cooked Poultry. 58 Potato Balls. 26 Peach Punch. Rabbit. 175 Rets. 93 Redout. Radetzky Chestnut Torte. Frugal. 52 Peasant Soup. 28 Lamb. Rabbit Pie. 222 Radetzky-Kastanientorte. gebackene. 136 Perch. 109 60 Potato Salad. Florentiner. Tj-rolean Style. Viennese. 197 Pfirsichbowle. Yeast Puff. Little Meat. 169 [ 254 ]- . 240 Punsch mit Vanillengeschmack. 52 Plaited Bread. Radetzky Rice. with Liver Stuffing. 17 Pork. 72 Pastry. 49 Poppy-Seed Roll. 196 Puff Pastry. Stuffed Green. 28 Pot-roasted Peppers. 180 Pockets. Roast. gebratenes. Baked. Chicken. 179 Potato Dumplings. 74 Perlhuhn. Light. 171 Wine Sauce.Pastry. 169 133 Pork Jelly. Gefliigel-. Yeast. Prosperous. 240 Punschtorte. 231 Pigeon. 169 Ragout. 60 Potatoes. 240 Peas. 222 Radetzky-Reis. 41 Quick Clear Soup. 93 Ragout. Tyrolean. 156 Rets. 112 Pockets. 155 Puff Pastry. 197 Pea Soup. 93 Rahm. Bohemian. 198 Rabbit Paprika. Orange and Tea. Stuffed Leg of. Boiled Leg of. Vanilla. 41 Polish Apples. 93 Ragout. Quick. 107 Pilzschnitzely 58 Pilze. 62 Wine Pudding. 213 Rahmstrudel. Cream. 30 Quick Puff Pastry. Wine. kalter. 240 Punch. Tyrolean Style. 108 Pie. 185 Poppy-Seed Torte. 226 Pork. Iced. 27 Peasant Soup. Dough for. 18 Potato Soup.

63 10 Roast Leg of Pork. Hot. 17 -[ 255 ] . Wiener. gesottenes. 95 Schinken. 130 Sandwiches. lOO Roast Duckling. 147 Poppy-Seed. 172 I "^ rika. gebratene. 135 Schinken in Brotteig. 114 Schnitzel. 15 Roast Turkey.Rice Bombe. 122 Salt Rolls. Esterhazy-. Vienna. gefrorener. Schokoladen-. Wiener. 46 Schneetorte. Milk. with Onions. 150 Rich Gravy Sauce. Sacher-Huhn.gekochtes. Pilz-. 236 Sacher Chicken. Tiroler. 12 Sardellenbutter. 115 168 Schnitzel. 157 Sourer Rahm. 107 Roast Snipe. 30 RoUs. 109 Roast Stuffed Chicken. 96 Schnitzel. gebackener. 166 Schellfisch mit Paprika. 120 Roter.und-Griiner-Paprika-Salat. 173 Schsiterhaufer. 106. Vienna. 218 Saftbraten. a la Hase. 226 81 Schopsenbrust in Dostensauce. 48 Schlagobers. 138 Rolls. Salt. 1 Sauerkraut. 120 Roast Goose. 156 Rindfleisch. Cold. Schmarren. 185 Schmarren made with Bread. 102 Roast Hare. Schnitzel a la Hase. 227 Schollenschnitzel mit Sardellensauce. 109 Roast Pheasant. 57 Sauerkraut. 128 Roast Partridge. heifier. 115 Schnitzel. 147 Schmarren. Crescent. 99. Wiener. 204 Schokoladentorte. 133 Roast Loin of Mutton. with Various Fill- t ings. 58 62 Ruben mit Pilzen. witli Apples. 186 SchneUer Butterteig. 158 Saner ampfersauce. 154 Sauce Tartare. Salzstangerln. 184 Rostbraten. 198 Schnepfe. 147 Schneenockerln. 175 Rice. 100 Roast Fillet of Beef Esterhazy. 96 Sacher Tone. Wiener. 55 Roll. ic8 Sauce Rahmsauce. 109 Schnitten. 186 Rolls. Crescent. Semmel-. 187 Schnelle Fleischsuppe. 83 Roast Pigeon. 204 Schinkenflecker In. 169 Sardellen in Muscheln. 104 Roast Veal with Kidneys and Pap- Schinkenstrudel. 31 Sardellensauce. 225 Rolled Eggs. 208 RoUs. 163 Rice Soup with Tomatoes. 208 Schokoladenstrudel. 157 Sauerampfersuppe. 114 Sckokoladenpudding. 128 Roast Duck. 121 Sauce mit Pilzen und Wein. 118 Rohnsalat in saurem Rahm. 31 Sauerbraten. 135 Schinkenschnitten. Open. Radetzky. 68 Rum Frosting. 184 Sandtorte. 184 Schokoladenschnitten. 131 Schopsenfleisch.

122 Stewed Mutton. 203 Strudel Cream Cheese. 134 Spinach Bread Fritters with Egg. Sole. Chocolate. 21 Stock. gebackenes. 202 Strudel. 205 Snow Dumplings. 86 Sorrel Sauce. Yeast. Hungarian Chicken. Fillet Larded. 27 Speckknodely 42 Stuffed Chicken. 148 Strudel mit Topfen. gebackene. 96 Stew. 201 Souffle. 239 Strawberry Whip. 194 Stew. 54 Spinat mit Obers. 109 x8o Stroh. 147 Senfkartoffeln. Sherbet. 117 Stuffed Saddle of Lamb. 80 Stew. 203 Dough. 20 Streuselkuchert. Roast. Fried. 90 Schweimchlegel. 115 [ 256 ]- . 63 SchopsenrUcken. 74 Sole in Wine. 200 Schwarze Butter. 12 Strudel. 194 Striezel. 119 Steinbutt mit Pilzen. 130 Stock. 52 Spargeltorte. 136 Schweinssulz. Strudel. 159 Strawberry Bowie. 18 Stangeln. 203 Strudel.Schdpsenriicken. 157 Spanferkel. 172 Straws. 86 Semmelknodely 43 Stock with Vegetables. 134 Spanische Windtorte. 20 Schweinschlegel. 141 Stuffed Stuffed Speckbraten. 136 Leg of Pork. 204 Strudel. Stangen-. Orange. 130 Stuffed Veal. Cheese. 134 Schiveinschlegel. 63 Spinach. 201 Sour Cream Mould. Apple. 94 StuflFed Chicken. Plain. 162 Sen/sauce. Tiroler. 143 Cream. 46 Snow Torte. faschierter. 157 Sorrel Soup. 239 Short Pastry. 205 Streusel Cake. Roast. 60 Sen/mayonnaise. Viennese. 204 Strudel. Baked. 202 Strudel. 208 Snipe. Chestnut. 225 Soleier. 205 Strudel. 144 Sparsame Brennsuppe. Creamed. Cherry. 74 Seezunge mil Wein. 17 Stangenspargel. 129 Spring Cheese. 102 Sttiffed Eggs with Crayfish Butter. Bacon. gekochter. Butterteig-. Veal. gefulltery 130 SchdpsenschUgel. 173 Sour Cream Sauce. 164 Schweinefleisch mil Kraut . 190 Strudelteig. 52 Steak. Fish. 133 Stewed Beef. Fish Soup.naturgebratenery 133 Seezunge. 230 Spargel. Wine. 121 Green Peppers. Wiener . 199 Slices.gebratener. 128 Spinatkucheln mit Eiem. Chocolate. 54 Stuffed Loin of Veal. 95 Stuffed Duck. 116 Semmelschmarren. 31 Souffle.

87 Truthahn. 218 Triester Torte. Snow. 226 Torte. gebratene. Stuffed. 88 Trout. 121 Topfenknodel mit Mehl. Triester. 32 Tyrolean Dumplings. Nut. 69 Tyrolean Trout. 188 Turkish Coffee. Stuffed. 222 Torte. 32 Tiroler Knodel. Viennese Baked. 67 Tomatoes. Trout with Tomato and Bacon. 57 Ungarisches Gulasch. Chocolate. Sacher-. Florentiner. Fleisch-. Torte. 217 Tiroler Brennsuppe mit Weirty 28 Tiroler Eierspeise. Date. 224 Torte. 107 Tea Cookies. 199 Tartlets. 158 Tartlet Pastry. 221 Torte. 221 Torte. 229 Torte. 70 Tarkischer Kaffee. 217 Torte. 238 Turnips. 228 Torte. 166 Tyrolean Clear Soup with Sliced Pancakes. Butter. 90 Turkey. 104 Stuffing. 68 Turnovers. 218 Torte. 238 Tongue with Caper Sauce. Traunkirchener Torte. 47 Tyrolean Horseradish Soup.Suiffingj Goose. 158 Turbot with Mushrooms. 222 Sweet-Sour Green Beans. 224 Torte. 104 — 106 Sucking Pig. 125 Tongue with Horse-Radish. 104 Turkey Stuffing. Punch. gebratener. 217 Torte. Biscuit. Florentine. 207 Torte. Blue. 220 Torte. 219 Torte. 225 Torte. Vienna. 134 Suppe mit Leberknodeln. Radetzky Chestnut. Roast. 209 Teigfiir Tascherln. 121 Tomato Sauce. Linzer. 235 Tortelettenteig. 227 Torte. Poppy-Seed. Hot. Orange. 216 -[ 257 ]- . 44 Torte. Meringue. 75 Trout Fried in Oil. Torte. 166 Tiroler Speckbraten. Fruit. 69 Tartar Sauce. Chestnut. Cherry. Tyrolean. 89 Trout. 41 Tascherlriy Teigfiir. 123 Ungarisches Hiihnerragout. Tyrolean Bread-and-Butter Pudding. 103. 104 47 Tiroler Scheiterhaufer. 220 Torte. 141 Tiroler Forellen. grUne Bohnen. 209 Teebrotchen. 208 Tyrolean Beef. 106. 25 SuB-saure. 218 Tascherln. 124 Topfenkipfeln. 96 Torte. 231 Torte. Macaroon. 223 Tyrolean Potato Balls. 41 199 Transparent Glaze. with Nuts. 216 Torteletten. 32 Brown Linzer. 69 Torte. Apple. 104 106 — Tomatoes. 89 Tiroler Fridattensuppe. Cheese. Vienna. 230 Turkey. Traunkirchener. 41 Tauben. 89 Ungarische KUrbisse. 107 207 Tauten mit Pilzen.

Roast. Wiener. 212 Watercress Sauce. 118 Veal. 236 Zunge mit Kapernsauce. 240 Vanilla Sugar. Paprika. 16 White Sauce. 200 Strudel. 114 Wiener Maultaschen. 197 Yeast Strudel. 36 Vienna Gugelhupf. 205 Viennese Hamburgers. 200 Weifie Sauce. Viennese. 210 Wiener Kohhuppe. 172 White Pea Soup with Pork. 205 Weinteig. Stuffed Loin of. 34 Viennese Cauliflower.Vanilla Punch. 125 Zwieback. 70 Viennese Beef Soup. 184 Zwiebelsuppe. 118 Veal Stew. 115 Wierur Senfsauce.gebrannter. 159 Wsinsauce. 208 Veal. 36 Zillertaler Krapfen. 193 Yeast Dough. 114 Wiener Schnitzel a la Hase. 160 Wiener Backhuhn. 116 Whipped Cream Chocolate. 70 Vegetable Soup. 154 Viennese Stewed Beef. 192 Yeast Puff Pastry. 172 Wiener Schnitzel. 33 Viennese Beggarman's Pudding. 115 Vienna Torte.i67 Viennese Biscuits. 126 Viennese Lemon Foam. 115 Veal. 159 Wiener Torte. 32 Wiener Luft. 35 Zzviebelkuchen. 208 Viennese Cabbage. 156 Zucker. 216 Wiefier Zwiebelsuppe. 34 Wiener Kraftsuppe. 172 Vol-au-Vent. 176 Weinstrudel. 117 Veal. 174 Viermese Minestrone. 174 Vegetable Marrow Paprika. 239 Whipped Cream Coffee. Stuffed. 216 Vierma Turnovers. Larded Leg of. 159 Viennese Onion Soup. with Kidneys and Paprika. 35 Viennese Mustard Sauce. 189 Yeast Pancakes with Jam. 116 Veal. 35 Vienna Schnitzel k la Hase. 208 Wiener Saftbraten^ 122 Wiener Schlagobers. 160 Veal Goulash. 35 Viennese Pancake. 172 Viennese Potatoes with Liver Stuffing. 210 Vienna Schnitzel. Fairy. 71 Viennese Creamed Liver Soup. 190 Young Vegetable Soup. 122 Viennese Whipped Cream. 13 . 92 Wiener Biskuits. 238 Whipped Cream. 208 Viennese Baked Tomatoes. 176 Vanillezucker. 72 Viennese Cabbage Soup. 34 Wine Wine Pastry. 117 Wiener Gugelhupf. 59 Zitronensauce. 72 Yeast Cakes.




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