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Certainly a dynamic leader should be motivated the team members to see the sights of latent skills, besides that the tacit to be utilized for the innovative and creative management process for the overall excellence in personal and professional achievement. To manage the changes in organizations due to the challenges from the changing global competitive atmosphere, besides that to manage oneself, undoubtedly ideal leaders should be emerged and manage the changes both personal and professional. The personal and professional development has its role to accelerate ones personal and career advancement, moreover it has different methods and planned activities to acquire the skills consist of ongoing skills inventory, knowledge plan, skills acquisition and those are integrated with the individual performance and development plans. Admittedly it reveals the importance of the personal and professional development strategies and its proper implementation.

Outcome (Task 1) 1.1 Approaches to Self Managed Learning
Self Managed Learning is the structured approach with a strategic way of learning and it helps to provide more efficiency and performance through its structural approach. The main characteristics of this self managed learning is, it is strategic, syllabus free, self managed, shared, supported, structured and stretching. In self managed learning, the responsibility to learning to be with the learner and it can solve through different approaches of learning such as, dependent, counter dependent, independent and interdependent.

share the vision. . To perform and succeed in personal life and professional careers one should have to create knowledge through experience and learning. An effective self learner can be access by his performance through perspective and goals. 2012) 1. expansion of business units to other geographical areas. Personal and Professional skills Leadership The concept of leadership refers that it is a process of influencing people in situations with communication and generate a leader and follower atmosphere. knowing people. model the way and encourage the heart. (Alan Chapman. and blending those and generate knowledge. To compete with these changing and challenging atmosphere a leader should have to change self with an updated technological mind improved and sharpened managerial skills to lead the change. technical proficiency. strategies and outcomes and context. review the learning goals. Leader is one who challenges the process. changing organizational atmosphere. resource utilization. responsibility on workers. communicative."” Learning refers to acquiring new knowledge and skills. role model. responsibility for actions.2 Significance of Lifelong Learning The changes occur in all areas of life due to fast moving technologies. besides that the leadership emerged from self awareness. Effective learning involved with ongoing tasks.(Self Managed Learning. team building. and motivate others to act. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it. globalization. allocation of responsibilities. moreover supervision and accomplishment of responsibility. 1994-2012) ““According to Kolb (1984) "learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. decision making power.

. besides that it means change the behavior of oneself. heavy work schedules or from relationships. besides that measuring the successfulness by achievement of aim of the meeting and it depends the time management. it have an effect on the performance. practice and experience. so managing time is vital and it means managing oneself with what time actually have. due to that the proper measuring of reasons behind the stress and manage it accordingly with suitable solutions.Time Management Time never change and once it lost means lost forever. Therefore the successful chairing and successful meeting depends the leader. due to that helps to more productive and stay in cool. learning. work. and then only the leader can motivate the group and communicate in effective way to subordinate groups for solving the issues through proper manner. thoughts of emotions. The time management process possible by better organized. family. well designed agenda. so it is vital that the skill of chairing and conducting successful meetings are crucial in organizational achievements and then in personal attainments. good venue. The leader should be a good listener and even be a good teacher. Charring the Meeting The successful meeting are depends the leader and the successful chairing obtained through. The presentations skills to be developed maintained and communicated for the overall performance of both personal and organizational achievements. Stress Management Stress management refers control over ones emotions. Presentation Skills A good leader should put up with leadership qualities and have a good presentation skill to lead the group to success. Stress management is vital to perform in leadership roles otherwise.

more over it is a responsibility of learning without time dependent. evaluation and selection and implementation. Personal and Professional Skill Management Undoubtedly the above explained skill plays a crucial role with the molding of an ideal leader. the leader or manager can have a vital role to play to develop and bring it into practice. besides that skill audit and skill development how it impact on personal and professional objectives. So it is necessary to personal skill audit.1 Current Skills and Competencies The observation and evaluation of the current skills and its effectiveness will gives a clear understanding of the position that where the person is now and what are the skills to be developed and experienced. computer science. psychology and more by defining the problem. mathematics. The manager should have to prioritize his work and prepared to fasten what must do. besides that it should measure with different tools to obtain the perfect aim. ought to do and would like to do. To obtain the objectives innovative and creative management practice to be followed with continuous monitoring and feedback. engineering.1) 2. analysis. The optimization of the managerial skills individually and in organization. . as well as one can choose it own comfortable time with one of the instructional methodologies even if it is an approach to continuous learning.Problem Solving Method The one of the good qualities of a leader is good decision making or problem solving skill by analyzing the problems and arrive at a solution from alternatives with various techniques such as artificial intelligence. generate alternatives.3 Benefits of Self Managed Learning Self Managed Learning is suitable to all and it suits with various types of learning styles. development and managing it. due to that the leader can perform better and motivate the group. 1. Outcome (Task 2 and 3.

the personal strengths and weaknesses listed below. visualization of pros and cons of activities. As a result of this the significance revealed for acting with care in over all works such as running meeting. care of fire exists. significance of feedback from levels of management. feedbacks. The learning style has an important role in the process of training skills as well as development programs. audience learning style. Stephen Covey. 2010) Personal Skill Audit It is important to analyze the approach of learning style and for this purpose to list the strengths and weaknesses listing in a learning style questionnaire and identified the style. “accommodating”. so the manager is responsive to the learning style of the team individuals. The realized weaknesses can be overcome through training and development programs for to effectively achieve goals.””attaining management skills requires prioritizing work which is “important but not urgent”. The learning style of this author is. importance of visual aids.2 Development Needs and Required Activities . interpretation. the above style helps this author to manage dynamically the above discussed skills. in order to analyze the skills.The quote by Dr. plan to get future goals.(3. Skill Development The personal skill audit discloses the personal learning style and leadership skills besides that managerial behavior and activities that helps to realize own strengths and weaknesses.2) 2. besides that it helps to achieve the manager level actions of setting the deadlines. understanding and even more in acting with care and practical steps has to continue to complete the management skills.”’ (covey. it is a grouping of concrete experience and active experimentation. Analysis The learning styles consists of different merits and demerits.

The goals are set with “SMART”. such as. In order to make the objectives “SMART”. besides that the success depends the implementation of the plan. barriers. After that the implementation process executed accordingly. 2. it is essential to analyze the “SWOT” such as the strength. 2. This author belongs in “accommodative” learner and the strengths and weaknesses have an impact on managerial skills to build the team. factors that affect the techniques and tools. time and skill requirements. and such as pre planning requirements are analyzed and executed to achieve the targets. besides that this author desired to take innovative actions as well as models with practical experience achieved to recognize the pros and cons of every activity in order to create innovative management models and to verify the result for suitability. . therefore all the planning works are executed accordingly. measurable. achievable. So both the developing of personal and professional plans required activities. weaknesses.3 Plan to Meet Current and Future Needs Planning is the process of filling the gap between present and future with various tools and it helps to obtain the personal and organizational objectives. such as specific. moreover it is essential to identify the required resources and skills in planning process. and realistic more over time bound.1 Plan Implementation Process The Implementation process starts after the planning works.3. Personal Development Plan Certainly the managerial skills and learning style should have an impact on managing the team.The success depend on identifying the problems and find suitable solutions from the choices at right time. besides that it is required to be develop the skills for the effectiveness in leading and attaining targets. the success goes with those who implement the plan correctly. opportunities and threats of own skills.

Conducting Meetings Meetings are part of strategy to develop team work. Effective Presentation The art of effective presentation skill attracts listeners a great extend and it can motivate listeners and it helps to attain the meeting goal or organizational goal with limited resources and express the idea as it means. to manage the time. sharing of the work and minimization of risk. setting the long term and short term objectives. execution. views and objectives and every meeting it has an aim and the successful meeting met the aim and to conduct a successful meeting . cautious to take preventive actions. To control the stress at critical stages it is better to practice some methods such as . planning the assigned work. appearance. to be optimistic and relaxed. delivering précised points. Stress Management The stress management skill is an art and it is a grace to an ideal manager. convincing and impressing listeners in a great manner helps to present a dynamic presentation. practice meditation to maintain cool mind. besides that it helps to perform any critical situations in a pleasant manner. learn methods to deal apprehension and attend counseling as well as awareness programs. The strategy managed organizations conduct meetings for the effective management by absorbing innovative and creative ideas. it is essential to prioritizing the jobs and it can implement in time schedule and finish it in time. strategic approach to flow of presentation. The prioritizing includes the classification of work load based on the importance.4 Plans to Managing Skills Time Management Skill The achievement of skills and goals consists in time management. The methods such as improving the presentation skill. kind hearted. more over the manager can guided and to be a model for group members.2. S o it is essential to develop the presentation skill. broad minded.

the manager should have to meet the tips such as. due to that an inventory test identified as “accommodative” and the manager should knows his strength and weaknesses.the manager should have efficiency in that skill. Auditing Study Skills Learning and understanding different study skill is a part of developing a plan. It is vital to approach the targeted objectives. more over got an insight to future movements. so that it helps him manage the required changes of learning style and personality. The analysis of daily time log sheet and weekly time . The time logs and questionnaires are usually verifying for inspecting the time utilizing effectively or not. so that necessary corrective steps has taken to maximum utilization of time effectively. besides that it helps to smooth function and goals attainment. further more helps to use the time effectively. The review of this reveals the skills and tacit. and follow the agenda and more over straight talk with expression of views. develop a team. TASK 3 3. Time logs and time management questionnaire The time log is important to any manager to accomplish the works in scheduled time.2 Development Activities Plan The personal skills development activities help the manager perform better in personal life and more in professional life. To conduct an effective meeting. The findings are:- It is recognized that this author not utilized the time effectively. formation of agenda.

log sheet forced this author to change the time management strategy. The stress audit form filled duly and it revealed the stress related matters up to an extent. the time is precious and once it lost it cannot recouped.(Appendix-c) On completion of the time log it is recognized that. To identify such situations and avoid with suitable solutions is necessary. besides that started a daily plan for coordinating the routine activities. The result indexed me to the problems of stress and the remedies put in action and now feel more relaxed with a flexible cool minded and confident to take any role in an organization. so that the it is essential to recognize the reasons behind the stress by auditing it remedies should take in action for a better personal life and professional career. Auditing Stress Management The leading people should be free from bad temper. besides that a schedule for learning style diagnosis chart shown in the appendix. so the author now using the precious time carefully and effectively. besides that to enjoy a pleasant social. . personal. how much time saved and how the saved time utilized(Appendix-A. scattered and foggy mind and other stresses. A self explanatory schedule attached here with for the utilization of time from start of time management. fear. work place and relationship reasons. professional and family life. Control stress is an art and the reason behind stress due to various social. Appendix-B) .

besides that record it for verification and analysis to obtain the remedies for to improve the skill. . the manager indebted to correct himself up to a degree and be able to avoid delays in action. Specific:obtaining The specific purpose is that to develop more perfection in presentation skills by avoiding shyness. it is recognized own strengths and weaknesses up to a level. Personal Development Plan As a result of the skill audit. Meanwhile it is necessary to improve the time management by maintaining daily and weekly time table. These processes providing the author with a great confidence and the specific plan lead achievable goals. moreover it is necessary to overcome weaknesses in character to reach a position of successful manager in future.In order to hold the key position in an organization. So that it is important to get the above noted skills and considering with that the personal development plan by means of “‘SMART” analysis. audience fear by which making small presentations among friends. time log questionnaires and stress management questionnaires. besides that can perform duties more quicker than before. family members or other interested groups and get feedback from them. To reach that level the author started to perform some strategically changes in stress management such as meditation to better the mental ability to overcome stress.

These activities make a person in key level position and it is essential to perform in managerial role. . In organizational level it is necessary to do the jobs in time schedules. opportunities and threats.Measurable: . the author started to attend seminars.The objectives are not only worthy but also achievable because it is time bound and measurable.The goals set in this program are achievable and for the improvements in skill management.It is realistic and attainable in a short period of time. it is set with structured frame and it derived from a confident mind. To attain that it is practicing daily and weekly time logs to manage the activities. Time Bound:-The time bound actions are planned in order to achieve the goal such as attending seminars. Realistic: . analyzing and taking corrective steps and following stress management. because it is not dream. practice and in a preplanned structure. Achievable: . it is derived from the confidence and realization of the skills and it leading to the target with continuous learning. membership in libraries and following the time logs. weaknesses. debates. attending discussion groups. “SWOT” ANALYSIS “SWOT” represents strength. making presentations because of the time bound actions and the targeted goal in future is attainable in time bound. joined with online professional management groups to achieve the goals. It is sure that the next semester it is possible to perform with great confidence in running meeting.

negative work habits and how handling skills. business and product development. internet.etc. and benefits from net work. Strengths Listing advantages those others don’t have. connections with influential people. conferences. education if not where is the weakest area. education. position and direction of an individual or an organization and it is used for business planning. Objectives refer . it is a frame work of reviewing strategy.3 Comparison Between Own Aims and Set Objectives Aim refers the general goal and the aim of the author is to achieve a top level position in a multinational company within the next three years.“Swot”. education. Threats It discuss and realizing the obstacles facing at the moment.etc. strategic planning. The swot analysis can prepare based on the reflected best self. and what can do better than others? What personal resources can access. Weaknesses What task avoiding due to unconfident. Reflected best self based swot analysis attached (Appendix’s-D) 3. team building more over personal skill development. research report. turning the weaknesses to threat. such as skills. and additional languages. and connections. advice from specialists. the most proud achievements.etc. certifications. besides that performing the analysis gives key information. and advantage from current market. analysis is a tool used for analyzing the situation for decision making. industry growth. competitor analysis. threat changing technological change. values. Opportunities It is discussing the opportunities from all sources about new technology. challenge from changes. what others seeing strength in oneself. strategic contacts. what others seeing weaknesses in one. more over it can identify the needs to be carryout and set problems to standpoint. competitors. confident about skill development.

in theoratical study the overal litarature about the subject. But Tactics refers that the methods used to achieve the objectives. recognizing strengths and weaknesses and the concept to the approach to study has totally changed and it improved the level awareness and heritage in the society. 2006. techniques and tools ae covering. such as to get a good pass in the examination with distinction. cited by The Higher Education Academy in their research work-publication ““Work-based learning has increasingly become an area of interest for the higher education (HE) sector. and the work out of questionnaires and checklist provides the opportunity to achieve talents.1 Work Based Problems and Solutions Refers to Brennan and Little. But in actual life it will differ from theory.4 Feedback and Set Objectives The above discussed personal and professional skills are monitored with different audit methods as mentioned earlier. 2006)”” (Iain Nixon. So it is important that one has to cover the all areas of the solving process such as :Identify problem Selection of goal Generating various solutions Selection of most appropriatee solution Implementation of the solution Evaluation of solution . 2006) There is difference in theory and practice. so one has to develop work based problem solving skills.that “SMART” goal. TASK 4 4. 3. It is seen as means by which to support the personal and professional development of students who are already in work and the focus of the learning and development tends to be on the student’s workplace activities (Brennan and Little. moreover this is the lifelong knowledge acquired and it helps to make a positive change to personal life and certainly it leads to the Aim. due to that one can face and perform in real life problems.

(Gordan. 4. the followings points to be considered for the effective delivery of idea and disclose the personality. 2012) The statement explains the importance of effective communication. Communication is about whom we are and how we express ourselves and relate to the world. Communication is the message we deliver through nonverbal as well as verbal means. as well as in organizational life also it is helpful to perform effectively such as more work in minimum time . Understand the standpoint and framework. maintain and use. In order to meet this required problem solving skill and it has to develop. Express in precisely and specifically. Communicate through silence Conflict with diversity of opinions Aware of context. To be clear about the idea to be conveys. so it is vital to every manager and individual to develop dynamic communication skills to address various situations in personal and professional situations. To make the communication powerful. Integration of diversity in common ground. Maintain diplomacy and good manners. For example:- . text and subtext.3 Strategies in Time Management The effective management of time is one of the basic less stressful life and practicing time management reduces the stress and helps to maintain a personal life. it is essential to follow certain time management steps. To obtain the perfectness in time management. Action and words alignment. Communication is the ultimate expression of who we are””. 4. Responsibility and flexibility.So it is important that the whole area of the problem solving process required various tools and techniques.2 Communication ““Communication is more than the words we speak.

2012. besides that adding the professional qualities and development enable one to reach the zenith of profession and these both leads to optimization.businessdictionary. (2012. from businessballs. Retrieved October 21.htm Business Dictionary.businessballs.Plan daily Prioritize tasks No to non essential tasks Delegation of works Take time for quality job Break time consuming tasks into small tasks Practice ten minute rule for big tasks Evaluation of time Block out calendar and limit distractions for urgent and big tasks Maintain good health Attend time management courses Relax when it required Conclusion To recapitulate. http://www. business dictionary. October 21). the personal development is the basic of optimizing a person with human values and from Bibliography Work Cited Alan Chapman. (2012. October 11). Retrieved October 11.html .

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