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Rats Snitchers

Rats Snitchers

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Published by: censored31 on Dec 01, 2012
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If you are reasonably cautious in your real-world dealings
and if you have prepared yourself NOT TO TALK TO
GOVERNMENT AGENTS, the chances are good that nobody
will successfully arm-twist or sweet-talk you into becoming a
snitch. Even if you get busted, you'll handle yourself in a way
that will make you less vulnerable to manipulation. (NOT
TALKING may also help you in other ways, but here we're just
talking about avoiding being pressured into snitching.)
But the simple fact is that anybody can break under the right
kind of pressure — and government agents are trained in
sophisticated terror and manipulation tactics. Once you fall into
their clutches, you may simply be in over your head. So what if,
under pressure, you agree to become a snitch — and regret it
later? What if you agree to do it, then before you actually snitch
on anybody, you realize you don't want to, can't, and won't
betray other people?
If you become a snitch and don't regret it enough to stop,
then to hell with you.
But having agreed to snitch, then changed your mind, you've
got a tough dilemma and you could use some assistance getting
out of it. You are going to have to be careful, brave, and more
than a little bit lucky to handle the situation well.
First, you need a GOOD lawyer. You should have had one
before you agreed to snitch, but definitely get one to advise you

Consider going public with your situation. Tell your
associates what happened to you. Blog about it. Put your story
out on social media. Explain the kind of pressures that were put
on you. Describe what you felt and endured while being
pushed into agreeing to snitch. Then state in the strongest terms



why you realized you would not and could not do it.
Be prepared to lose some friends. You may gain friends and
supporters by openly revealing how the cops treated you and
how you ultimately resisted. But some people will distrust you;
that's just reality.



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