Bahria University

Islamabad Campus

Final Term Examination (Spring-2011)
Department of Management Sciences (Undergraduate Studies) Instructor Name: M Akram Program: BSS IV A Date: -------/ 05/2011 Max Marks: 40 Instructions: I. Attempt all questions. Be precise and relevant II. It is a closed book/ notes examination.

Course: HRM Time Allowed: 2 Hrs Time:

Q. No 1

Describe the potential problems associated with ‘graphic- type rating scales’ for performance appraisal? 10


As a Manager HRM, how will you establish pay rates for your employees while ensuring external, internal and procedural equity? 10


What do you understand by the term ‘collective bargaining’ in labour relations management? Enlist the subjects covered by the main sections of a typical ‘contract agreement’ between management and labour union? 10

Q. No.4

As a Chief Safety Officer of a renowned automobile manufacturing company, how can you reduce the occurrence of unsafe acts on the part of your employees?

Good Luck!

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