INT. FOOD COURT Jess is still sitting by herself when Myra appears right next to her.

Jess jumps . JESS Shit. MYRA Jumpy are we? Myra gives Jess a bag with her food. MYRA (cont'd) Sorry, hun. Myra sets Casey's bag of food on the table next to Jess. Malcolm and other boy sea t themselves across from Myra and Jess. BOY God that line. . . MALCOLM Hey babe. Myra rolls her eyes. Myra pulls out a fry and goes to take a bit when the boy grabs it from her. RONA LD STRODE (17) a totally geek, light brown hair, dark eyes, know-it-all, loves p ot. A kid trapped in a teenager's body. He eats her fry. MYRA Ass! Buy your own. RONALD Whatever. You don't need to add a couple more pounds to your weight. You're already big enough. MYRA Fuck you! JESS Don't mess with a woman and their weight. Myra nods. Takes another fry, eats it. Casey appears, sits next to Jess. JESS (cont'd) What did you get him? CASEY Snow globe. MYRA That's cute. MALCOLM

Gonna give him a great big kiss? JESS Fuck off, Malcolm. This isn't a sappy lifetime movie. CASEY I like sappy love stories. MYRA You're such a woman. RONALD Transgender? CASEY Male. Casey starts eating his burger. MALCOLM You guys are fucked up. JESS I should've got pizza. Ronald takes a bite of his pizza. RONALD Boo, you whore. MYRA Oh my God, I love Mean Girls! MALCOLM Here she goes again. MYRA Shut up!

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