Company's management structure Organization and Staffing Plan Positions within the organizational structure

Main Tools

Manager's Desktop

Provides access to all Human Resources data and transactions in one location

Hourly (paid for each hour worked) Employees Salaries (not paid based on hours worked) Time management Record employee working times Cross Application Time Sheets (CATS) Provide the data to applications Remuneration elements of an employee’s pay SAP Production Planning module Payroll Statutory and voluntary deductions SAP Payroll module SAP Controlling module

Advanced Human Resources Features

Payroll run

Travel request

Human Resources (HR)

Travel Management

Management approval

Travel reservations

For replacing key employees when they leave the company Training and Development Career and Succession Planning Based on employee's requirements and qualifications Mobile time management Allow employees use cellular phone to record their working times, absences, and etc.

Management of family and medical leave

It deducts the absences according to allowable leave

Domestic partner handling

Additional Human Resources Features

Administration of long-term incentives

Provides more options for processing long-term incentives.

Personnel cost planning

It defines and evaluates planning scenarios to generate/forecast cost estimates

Management and payroll for global employees

Relocation plans, visas and work permits, housing, taxes, bonus pay

Management by objectives

It supports the MBO approach performance appraisals

Any discrepancies noted in error log

Organization's roles and responsibilities well managed Benefits Find and manage right employees to achieve the company's goals

Data are simplified by an integrated information system

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