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Deathwatch Salamanders and Iron Hands

Deathwatch Salamanders and Iron Hands

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Published by: George Jones on Dec 02, 2012
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The following are house rules created for using Iron Hands and Salamanders within the Deathwatch

RPG. These are in no way official by any means. None of them have psychic powers as that would have been quite a bit of work. Additionally, the chapte rs have no new rules at all and instead use existing Solo/Squad -Mode abilities. This was done again for my ease as a game master. These should work well enough for any player wishing to use them. --Ryan Powell (rpowell@deathguard.org)

The Iron Hands
“A warrior’s heart should be as iron: Unforgiving, unyielding, and uncaring of all except duty. With such a heart, a warrior can stand against the terrors of the universe unbowed and unbroken.” –Attributed to Ferrus Manus

Iron Hands Characters
The hatred the Iron Hands feel towards weakness and corruption has an effect on the Chapter's doctrine and operations, a belief that even extends to their own bodies . Iron Hands Space Marines gain the following benefits: +5 Intelligence, +5 Willpower and the Righteous Zeal Solo Mode ability. Bionics: Iron Hands characters do not start with a Chapter Trapping; instead they gain one good -quality cybernetic left hand.

Suffer No Weakness
Suffer No Weakness is a Demeanour unique to Space Marines from the Iron Hands Chapter. The Iron Hands have a reputation for being relatively straightforward and incredibly harsh. The hatred of all weaknesses is harnessed and focused by the Iron Fathers for use in battle, where the Chapter will fight with renowned intensity and determination, regardless of the opponent. The bitter Marines will advance in a machine-like and relentless fashion, throwing themselves violently at the enemy.

Iron Hands Chapter Advances
Advance Tech-Use Tech-Use +10 Tech-Use +20 Lore: Forbidden (Adeptus Mechanicus) Lore: Forbidden (Adeptus Mechanicus) +10 Lore: Forbidden (Adeptus Mechanicus) +20 Hatred (Chaos Space Marines) Hatred (Heretics) Hatred (Mutants) The Flesh is Weak 1 The Flesh is Weak 2 Talented (Drive [Ground Vehicles[) Cost 200 200 200 400 400 400 500 500 500 1000 1000 500 Type Skill Skill Skill Skill Skill Skill Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent The Flesh is Weak 1 Lore: Forbidden (Adeptus Mechanicus) Lore: Forbidden (Adeptus Mechanicus) +10 Tech-Use Tech-Use +10 Prerequisites

2 3 4 5 a . These renegades are considered arch-enemies of the Iron Hands and furious. you received a particularly vivid vision of the Istvaan massacre as if you were there yourself. Protector: The Iron Hands have strong ties to the Mechanicus and on one occasion your squad was called into service to act as protectors of a Mechanicus Explorator team. on the ground. and in space. The memory of this vision remains with you to this day. having fought in the air. Tank Gunner: You have served your Chapter as the gunner in one of the Chapter’s armoured vehicles. Thunderhawk Gunner: You have served your Chapter as the gunner for one of the powerful thunderhawk gunships.Squad Mode Abilities Attack Pattern: Holy Vengeance Defensive Stance: Feel No Pain Iron Hands Pasts 1d5 Result 1 Past Experiences Bitter Vengeance: You have fought face-to-face with Chaos Space Marines from the Emperors Children Legion. You have fought in the vanguard of several armoured assaults. and the machine spirits of such vehicles are well known to you. You helped successfully protect the escavation/recovery of some manner of ancient archeotechnology. A Vision: Shortly after your inception into the chapter. You have a unique perspective on the battlefield. no quarter battles erupt whenever they meet. perhaps a Predator or Land Raider.

a trait not common in many of the more unpredictable chapters .The Salamanders “Into the Fires of Battle. self-sacrificing and loyal. Promethean Cult Promethean Cult is a Demeanour unique to Space Marines from the Salamanders Chapter. The primary form of worship among the Salamanders is the Promethean Cult. Salamanders Space Marines gain the following benefits: +5 Willpower. Restrictions: Salamanders Space Marines may not select the Deathwatch Assault Marine Specialities. +5 Fellowship and the Stoic Defense Solo Mode ability. which places a great deal of emphasis on being self-sufficient. Unto the Anvil of War!" Salamanders Characters The Salamanders have a legendary reputation amongst the people of the Imperium as stalwart and honorable allies. Salamanders Chapter Advances Advance Trade: Armourer Trade: Armourer +10 Trade: Armourer +20 Charm Charm +10 Charm +20 Hatred (Chaos Space Marines) Cleanse and Purify Good Reputation (Imperial Guard) Duty Unto Death Armour-Monger Peer (Imperial Guard) Cost 200 200 200 400 400 400 500 500 800 1000 1000 500 Type Skill Skill Skill Skill Skill Skill Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent Talent WP 45 Charm Charm +10 Trade: Armourer Trade: Armourer +10 Prerequisites Squad Mode Abilities Attack Pattern: Sustained Suppression Defensive Stance: Immovable Defense .

having encountered a particularly dangerous enemy. their claws able to rend through power armor with horrifying ease. The battle to cleanse the moons of Ymgarl of the Genestealers was a hard one for the xenos were both fast and deadly. the Forgefather is tasked with tracking down the lost relics of Vulkan and returning them to the Chapter. and smaller craft to support their operations on a planet’s surface. Assisted the Forgefather: Removed from the command structure. Salamanders Pasts 1d5 Result 1 Past Experiences Sole Survivor: The Space Marines are mighty warriors. battle-barges. Having fought many battles amongst the stars. You learned this bitter lesson first-hand. perhaps a Tyranid Hive Tyrant or Chaos daemon prince. After several years of learning. Service in the Fleet: Most Space Marine Chapters maintain a number of strike cruisers. having passed all tests required of him. as you are the only survivor of your squad. Confers the s ame abilities as a Wolf Pelt. who were later found to be a race of Tyranid bio forms who had reverted to a feral state so far separated from the Hive Mind. Salamander Hide Pelt A small piece of Noctourne salamander hide typically worn on a shoulderpad or as a loincloth. 2 3 4 5 a . Confers the same abilities as a Tempest Amulet.Salamanders Chapter Trappings Sigil of the Forge A symbol of honor blessed by Salamander chaplains. but they are not invincible. Trained an Apprentice: You took upon a young apprentice who wished to join the chapter. you may have commanded a rapid strike vessel. Ymgarl Veteran: The Salamander's aided in the discovery and destruction of the Ymgarl Gen estealers. the youth was taken to Prometheus and eventually joined the ranks of the Salamanders. or perhaps served as an officer aboard a larger ship. You were part of a force tasked with assisting the Forgefather on one such quest.

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