Luke Caldwell, Church of England Cathechist

Reverend Luke Caldwell was a Metis Anglican Priest married to Sarah Sabiston. “In the winter of 1863-64, Caldwell went with the Reverend William Stagg to Fairford to study the Ministry. He returned to Fort Pelly in the spring of 1864. Caldwell was placed in charge of the Mission at Fort Pelly and remained there for some time. He taught the children of the Post on Sundays, after holding Divine Service which was conducted in both English and the Native language.”1 Family Scrip Applications: Caldwell, Sarah; for her deceased husband, Rev. Luke Caldwell; claim no. 1621; born: 1873 at Fort Pelly; died: July, 1876 at Fort Lacorne; address: Fairford Settlement; father: Indian; mother: Louise Ledoux (Métis); married: 1856 at Fairford Settlement to Sarah Sabiston; children living: 4; children deceased: 3; heirs: Sarah Sabiston (widow), $32.00; Mary Jane, wife of Kemper Garioch, $32.00; William Staff Caldwell, $32.00; John McLean Caldwell, $32.00; Jemima Caldwell, $32.00. Sabiston, Sarah; for her deceased daughter, Catherine; address: Fairford Mission; born: 11 February, 1869 at Fort Pelly; died: November, 1876 at Fort a la Corne, Saskatchewan; father: Luke Caldwell (deceased Métis); mother: Sarah Sabiston (Métis and deponent); heirs: Sarah Sabiston, $48.00; William Stagg Caldwell, $48.00; John McLean Caldwell, $48.00; Jemima Caldwell, $48.00; Mary Jane Caldwell, $48.00; claim no. 1622.


Taken From: Fort Pelly Journal of Daily Occurrences, 1863 W.H. Long, Regina Archaeological Society, Regina, Saskatchewan Published March 1987