Marx a Materialist (body is real; soul not) secular Jew atheist negative view - attack on Xtianity, less on Judaism

capital society kept people oppressive in their freedom to serve the interest of the rich, factory owners religion was apart of the oppression; that it encouraged it starts with the assumption that all religions are false Marx = religion is an illusion; it encourages religion presents false picture th at reality that people take to be true. 2)where does religion come from? society; people in power produced by humans and human society. 3) religion expresses how people wrongly think of themselves. Xtianity shows how they view themselves 4_religion expresses the real suffering of people in society and provides consol idation. religion helps people get thru the day 5. the task of the criticism of religion is to unmask religion as illusion, so t hat people see their situations as it truly is, then they will seek to end their genuine suffering Xtianity produces slavery, gender inequality but some within the religion makes them want to improve their fellow man's lives. i.e. King, Malcohm X religion mak es you aware of injustice Like Hume, Marx thinks science will gradually replace religion


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