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BOOKS ON LAW 1. The 48 Laws of Power / Greene, Robert 2. Academic Dictionary of Law & Legislation / Chaturvedi, J.C. 3.

Administrative Law: (6th Edn.) / Massey, I.P. 4. Administrative Law / Saha, Tushar Kanti 5. Administrative Tribunals Cases (ATC) - 1986 to 1998; 38 Volumes 6. Advocacy in Court: A Beginner's Guide; (2nd Edition) / Keith, Evans 7. Advocacy Skills; 3rd Edition (First Indian Reprint) / Hyam, Michael 8. Ahmad Siddique's: Criminology / Qadri, S.M.A. 9. AIDS, Social Work and Law / Thomas, G. & et. al. 10. Algebra of Infinite Justice / Roy, Arundhati 11. Alternative Dispute Resolution What it is and How it Works / Rao, P.C. & Sheffield, William (Eds.) 12. Ambedkar on Law, Constitution and Social Justice / Shabbir, M. (Ed.) 13. Ancient Indian Law: Eternal Values in Manu Smriti / Jois, M. Rama 14. Ancient Indian Legal Philosophy: Its Relevance to Contemporary Jurisprudential Thought / Purohit, S.K. 15. Animal Laws of India; (2nd Edition) / Gandhi, Maneka & et. al. 16. Annual Digest of Human Rights-2001 / Antony, M.J. 17. Anti-Terrorism Laws: India, The United States, The United Kingdom and Israel; 2 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.) 18. The Arbitration and Conciliation Law of India With Case Law on UNCITRAL Model Law on Arbitration / Kwatra, G.K. 19. Arms Act, 1959 with Arms Rules, 1962, (11th Edition) / Malik, P.L. 20. Art of Conveyancing and Pleading; (2nd Edition) / Manohar, Murli

21. Article 356 of the Constitution of India: Promise and Performance / Prasad, K. Surya 22. Ashoka's Law Relating to Women and Their Rights / Bhatnagar, J.P. 23. Aspects of Justice; (Second Indian Reprint) / Allen, C.K. 24. A-Z of Law in Management / Kumar, Nilendra & Chaturvedi, Neha 25. B.R. Ambedkar on Federalism, Ethnicity and Gender Justice / Khan, N.H. 26. B.R. Ambedkar: Study in Law and Society / Shabbir, M. (Ed.) 27. Bail Law & Procedures With Tips to Avoid Police Harassment; 2nd Edition / Jai, Janak Raj 28. Balambhatti: Being a Commentary by Balambhatta Payagunda on the Mitaksara of Sri Vijneswara on the Yajnavalkyasmrti; 3 Volumes / Gharpure, J.R. (Ed.) 29. Bank Frauds: Prevension and Detection, (Also includes Computer and Credit Card Crimes), (2nd Edition) (with Supplement) / Sharma, B.R. (Dr.) 30. Bank Frauds-Prevention and Detection, (Also Includes Computer and Credit Card Crimes) 2nd Edition / Sharma, B.R. (Dr.) 31. Banking Law and Practice / Kumar, N. & et. al. 32. Banking System, Frauds and Legal Control / Nainta, R.P. 33. Banks & The Consumer Protection Law / Gupta, S.N. 34. The Bar on Trial; (Second Indian Reprint) / Hazell, Robert 35. Basic Documents on Human Rights; (First Indian Edition) / Brownlie, Ian & Gill, Guy S. Goodwin 36. Basic Laws on Environment / Prabhakar, V.K. (Ed.) 37. Behind the Curtain / Agrawal, C.M. 38. Bhagidari Vidhi: Law of Partnership; (6th Edition in Hindi) / Singh, Avtar 39. Bharat Ka Vaidhanik Evam Samvaidhanik Itihas: Indian Legal and Constitutional History; (2nd Edition) / Kulshreshtha, V.D.

40. Bhartiya Dand Sanhita, 1860: Indian Penal Code, 1860 (7th Edition in Hindi) / Chaturvedi, M.D. 41. Biological Diversity and International Environmental Law / Nagore, Arjun Prasad 42. Black's Law Dictionary; (7th Standard edition) / Garner, Bryan A. (Ed.) 43. The Book of Legal Anecodotes; (First Indian Reprint) / Hay, Peter 44. Bureaucratic System and Public Policy / Rao, M.G.Ramakant 45. Business Law / Bansal, C.L. 46. Business Laws / Singh, Nirmal 47. Capital's Guide to Information Technology, Cyber Laws & E-Commerce; 48. Case Law Digest 1995 on Consumer Protection / Kaushal, Anoop K. 49. Case Law Digest 1996 on Consumer Protection / Kaushal, Anoop K. 50. Case Law Digest 1997 on Consumer Protection / Kaushal, Anoop K. 51. Case Law on Commodity Taxation in Sales Tax; 3rd Edition / Krishna, Murty S. 52. Case Law on the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956; (4th Edition) / Krishna, Murty S. 53. Cases and Materials on Intellectual Property; (Second Edition) / Cornish, W.R. (Ed.) 54. Cases in Constitutional Law; 6th Edition (First Indian Reprint) / Keir & et. al. 55. Central Administrative Tribunal Digest - 1986 to 1996; 2 Volumes / Malik, Surendra 56. Checklist-Obligations of Employers Under Labour Laws; 3rd Edition / Kumar, H.L. 57. Chikitsa Nyayashastra: Medical Jurisprudence; (4th Edition in Hindi) / Babel, B.L. 58. Child Labour and the Law: Myth and Reality of Child Labour Welfare / Mehta, P.L. & et. al. 59. Child Labour in India / Ahmed, Ashhad 60. Child Rights: A Perspective on International and National Law / Rao, D. Venkateswara 61. Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity / Oommen, T.K.

62. Civil Justice in Crisis: Comparative Perspectives of Civil Procedure / Zuckerman, A.A.S. (Ed.) 63. Civil Procedure; (Reprint of Fifth Edition) / Takwani, C.K. (Thakker) 64. The Classical Law of India: Translated from French with Additions by J.Duncan M.Derrett / Lingat, Robert 65. Clinical Legal Education / Menon, N.R. Madhava 66. The Code of Civil Procedure, Together with State and High Court Amendments; (19th Edition) 67. Code of Civil Procedure; Vol.1-3 (To be completed in 5 Volumes) / Thakker, C.K. (Justice) 68. Code of Criminal Procedure together with State Amendments and Short Notes; (17th Pocket Edition) 69. Combating Organised Crime / Nair, P.M. 70. Commentaries on Advocates Act, 1961 and Bar Council Rules (Central & State) Professional Ethics with Allied Laws; (2nd Edition) / Subramanyam 71. Commentaries on Citizenship, Foreigners and Passport Acts with Rules and Allied Laws; (First Edition) / Seth 72. Commentaries on Code of Criminal Procedure; 2 Volumes (2nd Edition) with Supplement / Woodroofe 73. Commentaries on Dowary Probhited Act, 1961 with Guroodas Banerjee's Tagore Law Lectures on Law of Streedhan; (1988 Edition with Supplement) / Beri, B.P. 74. Commentaries on Employees' Provident Fundand Misc. Provisions Act 1952 with Schemes & Noti; (8th Edition) 2000 Revised By S.C. Srivastava / Srivastava, K.D. 75. Commentaries on Employees' State Insurance Act, 1948; Revised by P.L. Malik; (5th Edition) 2001 with Supplement / Srivastava, K.D. 76. Commentaries on Factories Act, 1948; (5th Edition) 2001 with Supplement / Srivastava, K.D. 77. Commentaries on General Clauses Act; (4th Edition) / Swamikamu

78. Commentaries on Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act, 1946; (Including Model Standing Orders, Recognisation of Union & Unfair Labour Practices) (4th Edition) 2000 with Supplement / Srivastava, K.D. 79. Commentaries on Law of Fundamental Rights; (4th Edition with Supplement) / Chaudhary 80. Commentaries on Law of Wills; 2 Volumes (6th Revised Edition with Latest Case Laws) / Ramamurti, Mantha 81. Commentaries on Limitation Act; (6th Revised Edition with Supplement) / Mitra, R. 82. Commentaries on Mohammedan Law; (8th Edition) / Verma 83. Commentaries on Partition Act with Model Forms and Useful Appendices; (6th Edition with Latest Case Laws) / Basu 84. Commentaries on Payment of Bonus Act, 1965; (8th Edition) 1997 with Supplement (Revised by P.L. Malik) / Srivastava, K.D. 85. Commentaries on Payment on Wages Act, 1936; (Revises by P.L. Malik (5th Edition) 2000 with Supplement / Srivastava, K.D. 86. The Commentaries on Registration Act with State Amendments & Table of Registration Fees: Central & States; (10th Edition) As Amended by Registration & other related laws (Amendment) Act, 2001 (Act No. 48 of 2001) / Row, Sanjiva 87. Commentaries on Scheduled Castes & the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Attocities) Act 1989 / Gupta, P.K. 88. Commentaries on Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923; (Revised By P.L. Malik & the Editorial Staff of SCC) (6th Edition) 1999 with Supplement / Srivastava, K.D. 89. Commentary on the Consumer Protection Act, 1986; (2nd Edition) / Barowalia, J.N. 90. Commentary on the Factories Act, 1948 / Srivastava, S.C. 91. Commentary on the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 / Srivastava, S.C. 92. Commissions & Omissions in the Administrative of Justice / Jai, Janak Raj 93. Committees and Commissions in India1947-80; 18 Volumes in 24 Parts / Kumar, Virendra 94. Company Law / Bansal, C.L.

95. Company Law / Singh, Avtar 96. Company Law / Tyagi, Madhu & Kumar, Arun 97. Company Law and Corporation Finance / Ferran, Eilis 98. Company Law; (15th Edition) (First Indian Reprint) / Mayson & et. al. 99. Company Law; (3rd Edition) (First Indian Reprint) / Boyle & et. al. 100. Company Vidhi: Company Law; 7th Edition (In Hindi) / Singh, Avtar 101. A Comparative Study of Right to Property of Women in Ancient India and Modern Hindu Law / Sahoo, Lalita Kumar (Dr.) 102. The Complete Digest of Supreme Court Cases: Since 1950 to date; Volume I to IX (Second Edition) (in about 27 volumes) / Malik, Surendra & Malik, Sudeep 103. Computer Law; (4th Edition) / Chris, Reed 104. Computer Law; 3rd Edition (First Indian Reprint) / Reed, Chris 105. The Concept of Law / Hart, H.L.A. 106. The Concept of Theft in Classical Hindu Law: An Analysis and the Idea of Punishment / Bhattacharya, Chanchal A. 107. Concise Commercial Dictionary; (First Indian Reprint) / Osborn & et. al. 108. Concise Law Dictionary; 8th Edition (Second Indian Reprint) / Osborn's 109. Concise Law of Government Contracts / Sujan, M.A. 110. Concise Legal Research; 4th Edition (First Indian Reprint) / Watt, Robert 111. Conservation through Forest Conservation Act / Rao, M. Lokeswara 112. Constitution of India (Simplified) / Mathew, P.D. 113. Constitution of India: An Analytical Approach / Saharay, H.K. 114. The Constitution of India / Nair, J. & et. al. 115. The Constitution of India; (4th Edition) / Bakshi, P.M.

116. Constitution of India; Revised by Dr. M.P. Singh (10th Edition) (Reprint) with caselaw Supplement / Shukla, V.N. 117. The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir Its Development and Comments; (3rd Edition) / Anand, Justice A.S. 118. Constitutional Choices; (First Indian Reprint) / Tribe, Laurence H. 119. Constitutional Law of India; 3 Volumes (4th Edition) / Seervai, H.M. 120. Constitutional Miscellany (Second Edition) / Iyer, V.R.Krishna 121. Constitutional Perspectives: Essays in Honour and Memory of H.M. Seervai / Venkat, Iyer 122. Constitutions of the World / Pylee, M.V. 123. Construction to Deeds and Statutes; 5th Edition (Second Indian Reprint) / Odger's 124. Constructive Industrial Relations and Labour Law / Bhatia, S.K. 125. Consumer and the Law / Vats, R.M. 126. Consumer Protection in India: Problems and Prospects / Ahmad, Farooq 127. Consumer Protection Law: Provisions and Prodcedure / Chaudhary, R.N.P. 128. Consumerism, Medicine and the Law: Emerging Voices from India / Nigam, Shalu 129. Contempt of Court / Kapoor, J.D. (Justice) 130. Contempt of Court; (6th Edition) / Ramachandran, V.G. 131. Conversion: Constitutional and Legal Implecations / Mustafa, Faizan & Sharma, Anurag 132. Conveyancing, Precedents and Forms: (6th Deluxe Edition) With free CD Rom containing Precedents and Forms. / Gopal, Shiva 133. Copyright and Trademark Laws Relating to Computers / Jain, Pankaj & Rai, Pandey Sangeet 134. Copyright Law Economy and Development / Giriappa, Somu 135. Corporate Crime, Law and Social Control / Simpson, Sally S.

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635. Supreme Court on Arbitration (Since 1950 to date) alongwith relevant statutory law; (2001 Edition with Supplement) / Surendra, Malik 636. Supreme Court on Arbitration: Since 1950 to date / Malik, Surendra 637. Supreme Court Practice & Procedure; (6th Edition) / Agarwala, B.R. 638. Supreme Court Quinquennial Digest 1991-1995; 5 Volumes / Malik, Surendra 639. Supreme Court Rules, 1966: Supreme Court Enlargement of Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction Act, 1970 Rules to regulate Proceedings for Contempt of the Supreme Court, 1975 Regulations Regarding Advocates-on-Record Examination; (2nd Edition) 640. Supreme Court Yearly Digest Series - 2001 to 2004; 4 Volumes / Malik, Surendra & Malik, Sumeet 641. Suspect Documents Their Scientific Examination; (Second Indian Reprint) / Harrison, Wilson R. 642. Sword and Wig: Memoirs of a Lord Justice; (First Indian Reprint) / Dunn, Robin 643. Taking Rights Seriously; (Second Indian Reprint) / Dworkin, Ronald 644. Technique of Advocacy; (First Indian Reprint) / Munkman, John H. 645. Telephone and the Consumer: With Reference to the Consumer Protection Act / Jaiswal, J.V.N. 646. Textbook of Criminal Law; 2nd Edition (First Indian Reprint) / Williams, Glanville 647. A Textbook of the Indian Penal Code; (3rd Edition) / Gaur, K.D. (Dr.) 648. Textbook on Criminology; 3rd Edition (First Indian Reprint) / Williams, S. Katherine 649. Textbook on International Law; (4th Edition) (First Indian Reprint) / Dixon, Martin 650. A Theory of Justice; (First Indian Reprint) / Rawls 651. Threatened Peoples, Threatened Borders-World Migration and U.S. Policy; (First Indian Reprint) / Teitelbaum & et. al. 652. Trade Marks Rules, 2002 with Trade Marks Act, 1999: Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and Rules; (4th Edition)

653. Transfer of Employees Under Labour Laws; 2nd Edition / Kumar, H.L. 654. Treatise on Criminal Law; (2nd Edition on 1987) with Supplement / Dutta, K.K. 655. A Treatise on the Specific Performance of Contract; 6th Edition (First Indian Reprint) / Fry 656. Trials and Tribulations: An Appealing Anthology of Legal Humour; (First Indian Reprint) / Daniel, White 657. Tribal Customs, Law and Justice: A Teleological Study of Adis / Pathak, Manjushree 658. Tribal Laws and Modern Legal System / Singh, Karnal & Pandey, B.B. (Dr.) 659. Tribals in Criminal Web / Ansari, M.A. 660. Tryst with Law Enforcement and Human Rights / Sen, Sankar 661. Uncommon Law & More Uncommon Law; (First Indian Reprint) (In 2 Parts) / Herbert, A.P. 662. Understanding Common Law Legislation: Drafting and Interpretation; (First Indian Edition) / Bennion, F.A.R. 663. Uniform Civil Code: An Ignored Constitutional Imperative / Ratnaparkhi, M.S. 664. Uniform Civil Code: Retrospect and Prospect / Deshta, K. 665. United Nations and the Rights of Disabled Persons: A Study in Indian Perspective / Karna, G.N. 666. United nations Framework and Rule of Law / Udara, Bhavana & Ramcharit, Sujatha 667. Universal's Criminal Manual as amended by The Code of Criminal Procedure Amendment Act, 2005; 668. Universal's Electricity Law Manual; (2nd Edition) / Abraham, Anita 669. Universal's Insurance Law Manual / Kaushal & et. al. 670. Universal's Manual of Military Law in India / Chaturvedi, Rekha 671. Universal's Manual of Para Military Forces in India / Chaturvedi, Rekha 672. Universal's Medical Negligence and Legal Remedies / Kaushal, Anoop K.

673. Universal's Motor Vehicles Manual; 3rd Edition / Kaushal, Amardeep 674. Universal's Standards of Weights & Measures Law Manual / Motion, S.K. 675. University Administration and the Law / Prasad, Anirudh 676. Unofficial Guide to Ethnical Hacking / Fadia, Ankit 677. Untouchability and the Law / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Sangh 678. Using A Law Library: A Student's Guide to Legal Research Skills; (First Indian Reprint) / Clinch, Peter 679. Uttar Pradesh Factories Manual; (2nd Edition) / Malik, P.L. 680. V.R. Krishna Iyer: A Living Legend / Krishnaswamy, P. 681. Verdict on an Outeraged Constitution: Distorted Perception of Our Constitutional Framework / Markandan, K.C. 682. Vidhishastra Ke Mool Sidhant: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory; (3rd Edition in Hindi) / Prasad, Anirudh 683. Violence, Law and Women's Rights in South Asia / Goonesekere, Savitri (Ed.) 684. Wages of Crime: Black Markets, Illegal Finance and the Underworld Economy / Naylor, R.T. 685. Wakf Laws in India; (5th Updated Edition) / Jafri, S.I. 686. Water Institutions in India: Economics, Law and Policy / Saleth, R. Maria 687. What Everybody Should Know About Labour Laws / Kumar, H.L. 688. Women and Law / Raj Kumar (Ed.) 689. Women and Law in India / Agnes, Flavia 690. Women and Law: Muslim Personal Law Perspective / Ephroz, K.N. 691. Women and the Law; (Second Edition) / Kant, Anjani (Dr.) 692. Women and Urban Crimes / Mukherjee, Doel (Dr.) 693. Women Criminals and Their Life-Style / Maniyar, Mridula

694. Women Workers and the Law / Mir, G.Q. 695. Women, Law and Public Opinion / Gupta, K. 696. Wounded Justice and the Story of Indian Police / Vadackumchery, James 697. Wrongful Restraint, Wrongful Confinement, alongwith Criminal Force, Assault, Kidnapping, Rape and Unnatural Offences; (2nd Edition with Latest Case Laws) / Gour 698. Young Criminals: Crime and Punishment in Juvenile Delinquency / Menon, Sugata

Books for Students

April, 2005

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Administrative Law Takwani, C.K. -- Prashasnik Vidhi(Administrative Law in hindi),Revised by C.K. Joshi, 1st Edition, 2005 Rs 195.00 Takwani, K.C. -- Lectures on Administrative Law, 3rd Edition, 1998, Reprinted 2004 Rs 185.00 Thakker, C.K. -- Administrative Law Out of Print Massey, I.P. -- Administrative Law, 6th Edition, 2005 Rs 285.00 Advocacy Menon, N.R.M. -- Clinical Legal Education, 1998 Edition, Reprinted 2003 Rs 285.00 Agency Ramachandran, V.G. -- Law of Agency Rs 175.00 Arbitration and Conciliation Law Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Law of Arbitration & Conciliation, 7th Edition 2005 Rs 195.00 Malhotra, I.J. -- Madhyastham Aur Sulah Adhiniyam (Arbitration and Conciliation Act in Hindi), 2nd Edition Rs 150.00 E.B.C. -- Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, 11th Edition 2004 Rs 25.00 E.B.C. -- Arbitration Act, 1940 alongwith Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, 11th Edition 2003 Rs 40.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Madhyastham, Sulah Evam Anukalpi Vivad Niptan Vidhi [Law relating to Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Disputes Resolution (in Hindi)], 2nd Edition Rs 185.00 Banking Malik, Vijay -- Law Relating to Banking & Financial Institutions, 2nd Edition Out of Print E.B.C. -- Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, 17th Edition 2003 Rs 50.00 E.B.C. -- Banking Regulation Act, 1949 together with allied Rules, 21st Edition 2004 Rs 80.00 E.B.C. -- National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development Act, 1981 with 82 & 84 Regulations, 9th Edition 2003 Rs 40.00 Carriage Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Law of Carriage (Carriage by Land, Sea and Air), 3rd Edition Rs 120.00 Child Law -- See Women & Child Law & Law Relating to Child/Law, Poverty & Development Rs 120.00 Code of Civil Procedure Thakker, Justice C.K. -- Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Vol. 1 & 2), 2002 Edition Rs 800.00 per vols. Takwani, C.K. -- Civil Procedure, 5th Edition, 2003 Rs 250.00

Chakravarti, Suranjan & B. Nath -- Cases and Materials on Civil Procedure Code, 4th Edition Under Prep. E.B.C. -- Code of Civil Procedure 1908, 19th Edition, 2004 Rs 275.00 E.B.C. -- Code of Civil Procedure 1908, 2004 Edition (Pocket) Rs 120.00 Company Law Cadbury, Adrian -- Corporate Government and Chairmanship, 1st Indian Edition, 2003 Rs 595.00 Ferran, Eilis -- Company Law and Corporate Finance, 1st Indian Edition, 2003 Rs 895.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Company Law, 14th Edition, 2004 Rs 265.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Company Vidhi (In Hindi), 7th Edition 2004 Rs 200.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Introduction to Company Law, 9th Edition Rs 95.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Company Vidhi Ek Parichay (Introduction to Company Law) (in Hindi), 3rd Edition Rs 65.00 E.B.C. -- Companies Act, 1956 (annotated) (Pkt. Edition) In Press Commercial Law Pankaj Jain and Pandey Sangeet Rai -- Copyright and Trademark Laws relating to Computers. 1st Edition 2005 Rs 285.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Principles of Mercantile Law. 7th Edition Reprinted 2005 Rs 350.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Vanijayik Vidhi ke Sidhant (Principles of Mercantile Law in Hindi), 5th Edition Rs 250.00 Constitution Khanna, H.R. -- Making of India's Constitution Rs 75.00 Mahajan, Dr. V.D. -- Constitutional Law of India, 7th Edition Rs 125.00 Shukla, Dr. V.N. -- Constitution of India, 10th Edition 2001, Reprinted October 2004 with Supplement (Hard Bound) Rs 590.00 Shukla, Dr. V.N. -- Constitution of India, 10th Edition 2001, Reprinted October 2004 with Supplement (Paperback) Rs 390.00 Singh, Mahavir -- Constitution of India (in Hindi) (in 2 Vols.),1987 Edition, with Supplement Rs 175.00 per set E.B.C. -- Constitution of India (As amended upto the Constitution 92nd Amendment Act, 2003), 26th Edition, 2004 (Paperback) Rs 150.00 E.B.C. -- Constitution of India, 22nd Edition, 2004 (Pocket) Rs 65.00 E.B.C. -- Constitution of India, 8th Edition, W/S 2004 (Pocket)(Hindi) Rs 95.00 Consumer Protection Gupta, S.P. -- Upbhokta Sanrakshan Vidhi (Law of Consumer Protection in Hindi) 2001 Edition with Supplement 2003 (Paper Back) Rs 100.00 Gupta, S.P. -- Upbhokta Sanrakshan Vidhi (Law of Consumer Protection in Hindi) 2001 Edition with Supplement 2003 (Hard Bound) Rs 200.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Law of Consumer Protection (Principles and Practice), 4th Edition, 2005 Rs 590.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Upbhokta Sanrakshan (Sidhant Evam Prakriya) (Law of Consumer Protection (Law and Practice) (in Hindi), 2nd Edition 1999 with Supplement 2003 Rs 160.00 E.B.C. -- Consumer Protection Act, 1986 with Consumer Protection Rules, 1987, 17th Edition 2004 Rs 35.00 Contract Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Law of Contract, 8th Edition, 2002 Reprinted 2004 (Covering Parts I & II) Rs 280.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Samvida Vidhi -- (Law of Contract in Hindi), 8th Edition Rs 225.00

Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Samvida Vidhi - Ek Parichay (Introduction to the Law of Contract in Hindi) Rs 90.00 Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Introduction to the Law of Contract, 3rd Edition, 1999 Rs 90.00 E.B.C. -- Indian Contract Act, 35th Edition, 2004 Rs 30.00 Conveyancing Shiva Gopal -- Conveyancing, Precedents and Forms , 6th Edition, 2004 with Free CD Rom Rs 395.00 Co-Operative Law Ahmed, Ejaz -- Commentaries on U.P. Co-operative Societies Act, 1965, 5th Edition, 1989. Revised by Justice Mahavir Singh. W/S Rs 200.00 Malik, P.L. -- Handbook of U.P. Co-operative Societies Act and Rules, 1996 Edition, Reprinted with Supplement Rs 175.00 Singh, Mahavir -- Uttar Pradesh Sahkari Samiti Adhiniyam, 1965 (Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act, 1965 in Hindi), 5th Edition (with Supplement) Rs 450.00 EBC -- U.P. Co-operative Societies Act, 1965 Rs 50.00 EBC -- U.P. Co-operative Societies Rules, 1968 Rs 70.00 EBC -- U.P. Co-operative Societies Act with Rules Rs 110.00 EBC -- U.P. Co-operative Societies Act with Rules (in Hindi) Rs 95.00 Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice and Probation of offenders Acts Babel, B.L. -- Police Anveshan (Police Investigation in Hindi), 3rd Edition 2003 Rs 135.00 Chaturvedi, M.D. -- Bhartiya Dand Sanhita, 1860 (Indian Penal Code, 1860 in Hindi), 7th Edition, 2004 Rs 295.00 Dutta, K.K. -- Treatise on Criminal Law, 2nd Edition 1987 with Supple. Rs 125.00 Huda, Shamshul -- Principles of The Law of Crimes with a Supplement by O.P. Srivastava, Reprinted with a Supplement of latest developments Rs 250.00 Malik, P.L. -- Criminal Court Handbook (Three Major Acts), 18th Edition 1992 with Supplement Rs 300.00 Kelkar, R.V. -- Criminal Procedure, Revised by Dr. K.N.C. Pillai, 4th Edition 2001, Reprinted 2004 (Hardbound) Rs 550.00 Kelkar, R.V. -- Criminal Procedure, Revised by Dr. K.N.C. Pillai, 4th Edition 2001, Reprinted 2004 (Paperback) Rs 325.00 Kelkar, R.V. -- Lectures on Criminal Procedure, 3rd Edition, 1998 Reprinted Revised by Dr. K.N.C. Pillai Rs 120.00 Pillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan -- General Principles of Criminal Law, 2003 Edition, Reprinted 2004 Rs 335.00 Srivastava, O.P. -- Apradhik Vidhi Ke Sidhant (Principles of Criminal Law in Hindi), 3rd Edition, 2005 Rs 55.00 Srivastava, O.P. -- Principles of Criminal Law (with model questions and suggested readings), 3rd Edition, Reprinted 2004 Rs 60.00 Varshni, D.P. -- How to Frame a Charge, 2nd Edition Reprinted 2000 Rs 200.00 E.B.C. -- Criminal Procedure Code, 18th Edition 2004 Rs 150.00 E.B.C. -- Criminal Procedure Code, 1973, 17th Edition 2004 (Pocket) Rs 65.00 E.B.C. -- Criminal Manual (Three Major Acts), 16th Edition, 2004 Rs 295.00 E.B.C. -- Criminal Manual (Three Major Acts), Pocket Edition, 20th Edition, 2004 Rs 195.00 E.B.C. -- Indian Penal Code, 29th Edition 2004 Rs 70.00 E.B.C. -- Indian Penal Code, 16th Edition 2004 Rs 35.00

Criminology and Penology Babel, B.L. -- Apradh Shastra (Criminology in Hindi), 2nd Edition Rs 65.00 Rani, Balmoria -- Female Criminality, A Socio-Legal Study, 1987 Edition, with Supplement Rs 50.00 Sharma, Y.S. -- Dand Shastra (Penology in Hindi) Rs 95.00 Siddique, Ahmad -- Criminology-Problems & Perspectives, 4th Edition, 1997 Reprinted Rs 210.00 Customs Act Malik, P.L. -- Customs Act, 1962, 3rd Edition with Supplement Rs 105.00 EBC -- Customs Act, 1962 with Customs (Appeal) Rules, 1982, 9th Edition 2003 Rs 85.00 Dictionaries Chopra, K. -- Law Dictionary (English to Hindi), 3rd Edition 1992, R/P 2001 (Large) Rs 175.00 Chopra, K. -- Law Dictionary (English to Hindi), 3rd Edition 1992, R/P 2005 (Pocket Edition) Rs 140.00 Economics Cooter, Robert & Ulen, Thomas -- Law and Economics, 1st Indian Edition 2004 Rs 495.00 Gopalakrishnan, K.C. -- Legal Economics (Interactional Dimensions of Economics and Law) 1998 Edition, Reprinted 2002 Rs 125.00 Environmental Law Babel, B.L. -- Van Evam Vanya Jeev Sanrakshan Vidhi (Law Relating to Forest & Wild Life Protection) (in Hindi), 3rd Edition, 2003 Rs 175.00 Shastri, Dr. Satish C. -- Environmental Law in India, 2nd Edition 2005 Rs 225.00 EBC -- Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, 10th Edition 2003 Rs 115.00 EBC -- Vanya Jeev (Sangrakshak) Adhiniyam, 1972 In Press Equity Gandhi, B.M. -- Equity, Trusts and Specific Relief, along with a chapter on Fiduciary Relationships, 3rd Edition, 2001 Rs 250.00 Evidence Chaturvedi, M.D. -- Sakshya Vidhi (Law of Evidence in Hindi), 2nd Edition, 2005 Rs 195.00 Prasad, Dr. M.S. -- Study in Law of Evidence Out of Print Sarathi, V.P. -- Law of Evidence, 5th Edition with Supplement 2003 Rs 150.00 E.B.C.-- Evidence Act, 1872, 31st Edition, 2004 Rs. 30.00 E.B.C.-- Evidence Act, 1872, 13th Edition, 2004 (Pocket) Rs. 25.00 Explosives Malik, Vijay -- Explosives Act, 1884 and Explosives Rules, 1983 together with Explosive Substances Act, 1908, Gas Cylinders Rules, 1981. Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules, 1981, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation and Supply and Distribution) Order, 1993, 11th Edition 2003 Rs 195.00 Family Law -- See under "Hindu Law", "Muslim Law" Foreign Exchange P.L. Malik -- Guide to Foreign Exchange Regulations, 2nd Edition Under Prep. E.B.C. -- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973 with Rules, 1974 (including Short Notes), 10th Edition, with Supplement Rs 50.00 Hindu Law Babel, B.L. -- Hindu Vidhi Par Pramukh Nirnaya (Cases on Hindu Law in Hindi) Rs 20.00 Gandhi, B.M. -- Hindu Law, 2nd Edition 2003 Rs 195.00 E.B.C. -- New Legislation on Hindu Law 25th Edition 2004 Rs 35.00 E.B.C. -- Hindu Succession Act, 20th Edition, 2004 Rs 15.00 E.B.C. -- Hindu Marriage Act, 22nd Edition, 2004 Rs 20.00

History Kulshreshtha, V.D. -- A Text Book of English Legal History, 3rd Edition Reprinted Rs 90.00 Murthy, Sreenivasa H.V. -- History of India, Part-I, 1993 Edition, R/P 2003 Rs 125.00 Murthy, Sreenivasa H.V. -- History of India, Part-II Rs 110.00 Human Rights Brownlie, Ian & Guy S. Goodwin-Gill -- Basic Documents on Human Rights, 1st Indian Edition 2003 Rs 890.00 Kramer, Simmonds & Steiner -- A Debate Over Rights,1st Indian Edition, 2003 Rs 545.00 Insolvency Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Law of Insolvency, 4th Edition, 2004 Rs 195.00 Insurance Singh, Dr. Avtar -- Law of Insurance, 1st Edition 2004 Rs 225.00 Intellectual Property Cornish, William -- Intellectual Property (Omnipresent, Distracting, Irrelevant?), 1st Indian Edition 2005 Rs 285.00 International Law & Human Rights Birnie, Patricia & Boyle, Alan -- International Law and the Environment, 1st Indian Edition, 2004 Rs 725.00 Brownlie, Ian -- Basic Document on International Law, 1st Indian Edition, 2003 Rs 445.00 Murthy, B.S. -- International Relations and Organisation, 1991 Edition, Reprinted 2003 Rs 110.00 Joshi, K.C. -- Antarrashtriya Vidhi Aur Manvadhikar (International Law and Human Rights in Hindi), 2003 Edition Rs 185.00 Interpretation of Statutes Lal, Bhawani -- Interpretation of Statutes Out of Print Malik, Surendra -- Supreme Court on Interpretation of Statutes Out of Print Sarathi, V.P. -- Interpretation of Statutes, 4th Edition, 2004 Rs 880.00 Judgements Singh, S.D. -- Judgments and How to Write Them, 3rd Edition, 1974 Reprinted Rs 100.00 Varshni, H.P. -- Criminal Trial and Judgment, 3rd Edition, 1981 revised by D.P. Varshni Reprinted, with Supplement Rs 70.00 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory Kramer, Matthew H. -- In Defence of Legal Positivism: Law Without Trimmings, 1st Indian Edition, 2003 Rs 550.00 Mahajan, Dr. V.D. -- Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, 5th Edition, Reprinted, 2004 Rs 140.00 Pillai, P.S.A. -- Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, 3rd Edition Reprinted Rs 80.00 Prasad, A. -- Vidhishastra ke Mool Sidhant (Jurisprudence and Legal Theory in Hindi), 2nd Edition Rs 325.00 Rama Jois -- Seeds of Modern Public Law in Ancient Indian Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition, 2000 Rs 300.00 Simmonds, N.E. -- Central Issues in Jurisprudence: Justice, Law and Rights, 1st Indian Edition, 2003 Rs 135.00 Subbarao, G.C.V. -- Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, 9th Edition 1975, Reprinted 2001 Rs 120.00 Subbarao, G.C.V. -- Vidhi Shastra evam Vidhi Ke Sidhant (Jurisprudence and Legal Theory in Hindi), Reprinted Rs 50.00 Subbarao, G.C.V. -- Q. & A. on Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, 5th Edition Rs 10.00 Labour Laws Srivastava, Dr. S.C. -- Treatise on Social Security & Labour Laws, 1st Edition, Reprinted 2005 Rs 165.00

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