Paratha Recipe

Parathas recipe Ingredients:
For Paratha Dough (atta): Wheat Flour 2 Cups salt 1/2 tsp oil Ghee/butter/Margarine 1/2 cup water Method: If using Butter bring it room temparature. Mix flour salt & required water to make a dough consistency. Rub oil over & knead it soft .Let it rest for an hour. With a help of a rolling pin take a lemon sized dough . Roll it to a a small round & apply some butter /ghee to it. Fold into two again fold the same. Start rolling to form a triangle. Heat a flat pan ,when it gets hot add the paratha and let it cook for a minute. When it starts to get small bubbles turn around & add a small teasp of oil around the paratha. When the brown spots appear take it out & keep it in an in a covered box & serve.

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