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Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Compact Ambient Air Quality monitoring station for O3, CO, CO2, SO2, H2S, NOx, VOC (BTEX) PM10, PM2.5 & weather station.

World first out of Box Plug & Play. Compact, built in AC. No separate shelter/rooms are required. Wall or mast mounting. No floor space needed hence no buiding permission required. Capable of measuring : O3, CO, SO2, H2S, NOx, VOC(BTEX), PM10/2.5, Meteorological data , Indoor air quality. Integral Zero air supply for internal sensors calibration. Built in Computer (data storage 5 years +). Requires 10% of the space (0.7 x 0.3 x 1m). Has only 10% of the weight (75kg). Requires 10% of the electricity (750 watt). Reduces need of on site services through remote service features. Lowest operating cost (less consumables). Low maintenance (50% over others). Remote diagnostic. Intrusion alert SMS. Email message in case of any problem.. LAN, WLAN, Internet connectivity (GSM / GPRS).
Range : Ozone : Upto 20ppm, CO upto 1000ppm, SO2 upto 10ppm, H2S upto 10ppm, NOx upto 20ppm, Dust upto 2500 microgm/m3. Field Mounted Panel Size : 1100mm(H), 400mm(D), 780mm(W). Weight : 75Kg. Mounting : Wall/Mast. Power supply : 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz , 670Watt. Ambient temp : -20 to +55 deg.c. Built in Computer for 5year data logging. Other sensor.

Wind speed. Wind direction. Ambient temperature & humidity. Solar Radiation. Barometric pressure.

Forget the AC shelters, AC room required for traditional rack mounted Ambient Air Quality monitoring stations. We offer you World first "Out of Box" Plug & play AAQMS which can be mounted on wall, mast or in any utility vehicle. Ideal product for monitoring the ambient air pollution in the Industries, High ways, tunnels & for Indoor air quality monitoring in seminar halls, theatre, cinema hall, shopping malls etc.