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Free Your Body - Expand Your Health

Free Your Body - Expand Your Health

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Published by William Smith
Health can never be found at a hospital. Health starts with you taking responsibility for your future self and making conscious decisions in the present now. Make decisions today that your family or future family will be inspired by, be proud of and show gratitude for.
Health can never be found at a hospital. Health starts with you taking responsibility for your future self and making conscious decisions in the present now. Make decisions today that your family or future family will be inspired by, be proud of and show gratitude for.

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Published by: William Smith on Dec 03, 2012
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Produced by William Smith December 2012

CONTENTS Cause and effect – living or dying ................................... 4 The return to nature's garden .......................................... 5 Health begins in the mind ................................................ 6 The secret to a healthy society ......................................... 7 A healthy body is all about pH ........................................ 9 Extremely acid forming foods .......................................12 Awareness is the start of change ...................................18 The self healing human body.........................................20 During the conscious switch .........................................21 Why detox cleanse is so important ...............................22 The benefits of nature’s nutrients .................................23 Moving from deadly addictions.....................................25 In nature’s lifefood garden .............................................26 Woman ease your menstrual pain .................................30 Food definitely matters ...................................................31 Copy and share ................................................................33


A special thanks to my wonderful brother and his beautiful girlfriend who have subconsciously influenced me on the path towards a deeper and greater understanding of health. I also want to give thanks to Dr Sebi and Dr David Jubb who have immensely changed and enriched my knowledge and view of food, nutrition, health and inner self awareness.


CAUSE AND EFFECT – LIVING OR DYING Nature always seeks to be in perfect alkaline health. Creatures like parasites are Mother Nature’s contractors for breaking down and cleaning up all toxic acid waste in her environment. Their function is to joyfully break down and digest waste and then happily die thereafter. These creatures are of creation and have an important role in the divine order of life. A parasite can never exist or survive in a clean and healthy environment. There always has to be a cause for its existence. When we, human beings, start violating the divine order of life, mostly through ignorance and impatience, we automatic set up a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of parasites. And when you start disrespecting and violating your own body and being, by putting all kinds of wastes and poisons into it, you also create a perfect cause for the existence of parasites within you. And their purpose is to make sure to clean up the dead from among the living. Only a fool pays a stranger to keep him well.


THE RETURN TO NATURE'S GARDEN The manmade factory of death The day we left the abundance fruits of nature and started indulging ourselves entirely in the manmade foods was also the day we started lowering our natural vibrations, losing our minds, aging our bodies and killing ourselves. Nature creates nutrients and medicine for expanding life, while the profitable man creates addictive foods and drugs for weakening life, which mostly come in beautiful colors and in good looking dead packages. The organic garden of life I want to be as organic I can be. I want to live in an organic world, eat organic foods, breathe organic air, lie down in organic grass and watch the rays of the sun passing through organic clouds. I want to interact with organic beings and organic plants, and at the end of such a beautiful day, I want to start my evening with a hot cup of sweet organic tea. I want to live as organic as I can, for I am an organic being both in body and mind, spirit and soul.


HEALTH BEGINS IN THE MIND Health begins in the mind but it is in your body, your temple of life and light, you get the final sacred and spiritual work done - it is here you lay the real foundation for a strong and healthy conscious mind. Your body is your home, you cannot be in the garden of earth without it and it is in this home you prepare yourself for a higher consciousness transformation. A clean temple makes the work easier while a temple full of pollution slows down and makes the work harder on all levels. We are here to have fun while preparing this temple for its greater purpose but destroying your most precious gift for conscious transmutation and calling it “having fun” is pure ignorance. Ignorance always comes with a price - cause and effect work hand in hand. Something to always remember.


THE SECRET TO A HEALTHY SOCIETY The way our eating habits and patterns are today is costing us an extreme amount of our life energy. Your body is twenty-four-seven wasting a huge amount of its precious energy on digesting toxic chemical wastes, getting rid of addictive drugs and battling all kinds of parasites and disorders to keep you alive. This ongoing struggle in your body to maintain your health has now also become an external multibillion-dollar health care industry, or more accurate, a medical drug industry. Health as business model Profit is the name of the corporate game and your health is a very profitable business model. This is why greedy and parasitic corporations are seeking control over your food and feeding you heavily hybridized foods with very limited life force within them, and constantly adding to them chemicals such as coloring, preservatives and artificial taste additives. All in the name of sustaining an old economic system based on the principle of PROFIT rather than the principle of sustaining human health and longevity.


Time for inner change The secret to a healthy and intelligent society is changing diet completely. We really need to change our perception of food and develop the right mindset for nutrition, health and lifestyle. Our precious life force needs to be used more intelligently and for far greater things rather than just wasting it on getting free of a constant overload of poisonous body wastes.


A HEALTHY BODY IS ALL ABOUT PH Your body is an alkaline vehicle and needs to be in an alkaline condition to function properly. An alkaline body is body full of extra electromagnetic energy. This keeps the blood clean and its stream in perfect oxygen flow allowing cells in your body to do their daily repairing and healing work with happiness and joy. A well balanced body has a blood fluid that is slightly alkaline, at a pH range of 7.35 - 7.45. Below or above this range means symptoms and diseases. PH means potential or power of hydrogen and is measured on a scale from 0 to 14, where 7 is neutral, below 7 is acidic (sour) and above 7 is alkaline (base). A proper acidalkaline balance is very essential to good health, longevity and keeping disorders at bay. ACIDIFYING OR ALKALIZING FOOD Foods are classified as either acid forming or alkalizing depending on the effect they have on the human body. An acid forming food makes the body acidic (low pH) while an alkalizing food makes it alkaline (high pH). It is important to note that this classification is based on the effect the food has on the body after digestion, not 9

on how it tastes. A healthy cell diet is largely loaded with alkalizing foods, while a diet consisting of mainly acid forming foods will lead to over-acidity in the body tissues and cells causing diseases and parasites to breed in the body. The main reason diseases, cancers and parasites are increasing and flourishing in our society is because of the heavily acidifying foods, beverages and snacks we eat. Stress and toxic overload are other factors that deprive the cells of oxygen and other essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins leading the body to fall low in energy and build up acid. To maintain your health, your diet should consist of at least 70 percent alkaline forming foods and about 30 percent acid forming foods. And to restore your health your diet should consist of 80 percent alkaline forming foods and 20 percent acid forming foods. All to be eaten from Mother Nature’s organic garden. THE DISEASE FREE ENVIRONMENT No cancer, disease or disorder can exist in an alkaline environment. The major cause for all sicknesses is too much acid forming unnatural foods and medical drugs ending stored up in the body and causing to lower the pH level of the fluids surrounding the cells in the 10

body. A higher acid level - lower pH - will very soon lead to excessive production of mucous around the cells leading to higher occurrences of infections and diseases in your system - something you definitely want to avoid under all circumstances. BE YOUR OWN PH EXPERT Educate yourself and learn the basic differences between acid and alkaline forming foods and waters, skin and health products. This knowledge is highly valuable and priceless on your journey to becoming your own healer and health expert in a world run more and more by profit based treatment models.


EXTREMELY ACID FORMING FOODS Everything you eat has to be broken down, turned into liquid and then finally into gas before your cells are able to build with it. The complex the food is the harder your body has work. And the more enzymes, minerals and vitamins are required to complete the metabolic process. An excessive eating of high protein, high fat and high sugar based foods will lower your pH level and lead to stored acid waste in your body. An acidic body functions as a magnet for all types of diseases, disorders and parasites. Some common and extremely acidifying foods: WHITE RICE White rice is a hybrid, very high in starch and contains cyanide - a nerve toxin. This rice is heavily bleached with chemicals to become white. It leaves the refining process with very little nutrients within it. The gluten protein in white rise is water-based which is easier for the body to get rid of when consumed in moderation.


Consequences of high consumption If you are a daily white rice eater you will in the long run end up with energy deficiency, poor vision, poor posture and frequent migraine attacks. Better alternatives If you still want to have some grains now and then, better alternatives than white rice are wild rice, organic black or brown rice or millet, quinoa and amaranth. WHITE FLOUR White flour is pure starch or glue, heavily refined, bleached and completely striped of all its nutrients. Its gluten protein is non water-based which takes lots of cell energy to be broken down. Your body has to work harder in order to get quit of this highly toxic and energy consuming dead food. Avoid this sticky glue! Consequences of high consumption Excessive consumption will eventually lead to a breakdown of your digestive system causing gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance - a spectrum of disorders, including celiac disease and wheat allergy. Better alternatives Save your health and switch to better grains like 13

buckwheat, quinoa, millet and amaranth. Always look for 100 percent whole grain flour if you must have this type of carbohydrate. Eat grains in moderation. MEAT All meats are very acid forming and extremely difficult for the body to break down due to their very high protein compound. Meat is also very enzyme and energy consuming and the poor or slow digestion of it often leads to it being stored up in the digestive tracks and ending up rotten inside the body. Consequences of high consumption Excessive consumption of meat will lead to extreme insanitary conditions in your digestive track, making it a happy feasting and breeding ground for parasites and worms. These creatures will deprive you of nutrients and energy, stimulate you to put more waste into your body, while messing up your blood with pollution, leading to a range of persistent skin conditions and cancer. Better alternatives It is wise to eat less animal protein and instead go more towards fresh dark vegetables and raw organic seeds and nuts for your daily amino acids - proteins. 14

MILK Animal milk is high in protein and has a complex sugar structure which the human body, from the age of two, lacks the proper enzyme to break down. Your body will therefore use a large amount of its bone and blood calcium to try to break down these complex proteins and sugars, causing calcium deficiency in the blood and a weaker bone mass in the body. Consequences of high consumption If you are having long lasting problems with any kind of eczema, psoriasis, bad breath, ammoniac-like body odor, heavy dandruff, stomach symptoms, food allergy or osteoporosis be smart and avoid animal dairy and milk because they are the main cause of your problem and suffering. Further, most animal milk products are depleted of their organic calcium and other minerals due to pasteurization and are therefore enriched with inorganic calcium and other minerals which your body cannot use or break down. These inorganic minerals will instead remain in the body, clog your blood and stiffen your joints. Better alternatives Better choices are almond milk, coconut milk and 15

hazelnut milk if you still feel you have to drink milk. If you wish to increase you calcium intake and build a stronger bone mass, a good and rich source of calcium is sesame seeds - buy raw. Sesame contains eight times more organic calcium than your ordinary inorganic calcium milk or cheese. Sesame seeds are also rich in manganese, copper, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and zinc. WHITE SUGAR Most of us already know by now that this is a number one drug with huge addiction and sweet cravings tied to it. White sugar is a disaccharide, a complex sugar structure with extreme acid forming properties in the human body. All artificial sweetener additives such as aspartame, saccharin, neotame, splenda etc cause additions and are very harmful to the human body. Consequences of high consumption The liver has huge problem recognizing disaccharides and can therefore not break them down. This in turn creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, fungus and yeast to flourish in your system, leading to cancer - full cellular breakdown - and other detrimental health dilemmas such as obesity, diabetic, caries and so on. 16

Better alternatives Fruits from Mother Nature’s garden are whole foods containing enzymes, vitamins, minerals, water, fibers and the right type of sugar - monosaccharide - your body, cells and brain need. It is only when the sugar is isolated from the fruit and processed or the fruit is a heavy modified hybrid that its sugar becomes a health problem. Calm and ease your sugar cravings by eating more fruits from Mother Nature’s organic garden. Other better substitutes for white sugar are raw tree honey, 100 percent pure maple syrup - grade B or 100 percent pure agave syrup from cactus.


AWARENESS IS THE START OF CHANGE Almost everything we eat today is modified. This goes both for animals and plants. The crossbreeding and hybridization food factory is an important part of our modern agriculture and part of a huge and highly profitable food industry. This worldwide food laboratory, which is providing a majority of the world’s population with colorful nutrient deprived snacks and dead processed food, is actually shortening our lives by weakening and destroying our immune system through the many foreign and complex proteins, sugars and fats in these modern Franken foods - which are incompatible with the biological signature in our genes, cells and DNA. This means that our digestive system, which is 80 percent of our immune system, is constantly working overtime to free us of these foreign energy signatures and poisons we are joyfully putting into our precious body and also becoming more and more addicted to. Four hundred years of crossbreeding is now transforming into heavy GMO, genetically modified organism, a path we really, really want to avoid.


The only way we can recover and detach ourselves from our food addictions and gain back our health is to become aware of what we eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin. By relearning how to eat and start eating more of the food that is consistent with our body and life journey, we can gain back our physical strength, mental power, full capacity and true social creativity. When our biological temple becomes infected, our whole world becomes infected too, for as we all know by now, a sick society is far from a straight and clear thinking society. It is about time we break the cycle of ignorance and take control over our health and life.


THE SELF HEALING HUMAN BODY Your body is designed to protect you from over 500.000 different cellular intruders, if not even more. Mother Nature - the grand architect - did not design these intelligent space suits for us to come into them and become vulnerable to external forces. Your body has within it all the resources needed to protect and keep you alive from almost any kind of cellular intruder. It is your own master physician capable of producing any remedy and cure in any giving moment to keep you breathing in earth’s organic garden. With regard to the kind of junk fuel we are putting into our body, I must say that it is still doing a damn good job in keeping us alive in this backward reality. In order for this master physician to keep you vibrant, healthy and in an ecstatic state of life, you have to start letting it focus more on its main task and spending less time on releasing unnecessary toxic overload from your system. The body has an inherent desire to keep you in a perfect alkaline state of health and you have the ability to earn your way back to that perfectness, no matter how normal or bad your health is right now.


DURING THE CONSCIOUS SWITCH As you become aware of your unhealthy eating habits and addictions and start to make more conscious and healthier food choices, be wise and listen to your intuition and body during each new transition towards a more suitable diet for you. It is almost impossible to get rid of an addiction overnight, so have patience and go slow but be determined and make sure to set clear and reasonable goals along the road to better health. When you transition from one type of diet to a brand new type, always make sure to include a detox cleanse between each transitional step to achieve maximal nutrient absorption and to gain more desirable results. It is wise to get rid of all the old foods you are moving away from and make sure to bring in the new foods you are moving towards. Plan your new eating habit and stick to it for some period to let the body adapt. Make sure to have willpower to take necessary actions to break the old unhealthy eating habits and addictions. Make sure to have time and be in a relaxing environment when making these transitional changes.


WHY DETOX CLEANSE IS SO IMPORTANT For your body and its intestinal garden to be in trim and good shape, so it is able to give you back your true vital life energy, you have to make sure to keep your liver, gallbladder and colon flushed and cleaned up from parasites, worms, gallstones and other stored acid wastes. Moving towards a more healthy diet is a wise decision but making time to clean up your intestinal garden and its plumbing system is the first step towards a more desirable health. To ignore this first step will only lead to more health related issues and symptoms. You want to put your fresh organic lifefood in a clean body so your cells can be the ones to have all the nutritional benefits and not allowing worms and parasites be the ones to have the first bite.


THE BENEFITS OF NATURE’S NUTRIENTS All Mother Nature’s lifefood can be found growing in the wild with the ability to always reproduce itself. It contains electric life force and has an alkalizing effect on the human body, meaning it has the ability to keep cellular intruders, diseases and infections at bay. Her lifefood has a simple carbohydrate (sugar) unit, a simple protein structure and a simple fat structure. These are all easily broken down by our body and absorbed without complex digestion processes. The simple structure or information in her lifefood is extremely suitable for our biological cell structure. Nature’s lifefood is already sun cooked and is not needed to be extra cooked to be consumed. By adding more of her fresh organic lifefood to your daily meals you soon start to lose the nasty body odors and morning breaths that would otherwise require masking with poisonous deodorants and perfumes, nerve damaging and gland calcifying fluoride toothpastes and mouth flushes. When the body becomes a cooked or dead food cemetery, it also smells like one and becomes a feasting ground for all kinds of parasites.


The more you eat from Mother Nature’s garden, the better and younger you will feel in body, mind and spirit. The more energy your body will have to build new stronger cells and do greater healing works on you. The faster you will heal and recover from many health complaints such as; dry hair and skin, aches and pains that never go away, stiff joints and sore muscles, back pains and weak spine, low energy and migraine attacks, colds and infections, poor eyesight and so on. Real healing occurs when over 70 percent of the food you eat is from the alkalizing side of nature’s organic garden and lesser from the corporate factory of heavy acid forming hybrids. Mother Nature’s nutrition is preferable to eat uncooked for efficient digestion and maximal nutritional benefits.


MOVING FROM DEADLY ADDICTIONS Lifefood is about eating more of the freshness from Mother Nature and less indulging in the Frankenstein taste bud laboratory of addiction and slow painful death. This means moving more from refined processed food, meat, starch, fat and sugar products to moving more towards fresh organic vegetables, berries and fruits, raw organic seeds and nuts and providing the body with more healthier fats such as cold pressed organic olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil and sesame oil, just to name a few. It also includes bringing in organic spices and herbs, sun dried sea salts and raw organic honey and moving away from all artificial inorganic flavorings and additives as much as possible. In order to fully energize the body to heal itself you must be willing to take a new approach and start looking at food or nutrition as medicine for healing and not for satisfying emotional cravings or dealing with emotional issues through emotional eating.


IN NATURE’S LIFEFOOD GARDEN Part from all seeded fruits, berries and dark leafy greens, nature’s lifefood garden includes cucumber, broccoli, pepper, avocado, zucchini, squash, asparagus, cauliflower, mushroom, okra, olive, onion and tomato, just for naming a few. Sea vegetable, herb, algae, tree honey, bee pollen, buckwheat, seed, nut and many other foods that still retain much of their wild nature are also considered Mother Nature’s lifefood. Nature’s lifefoods are easy to prepare and do not need to be cooked. They are already sun cooked. Just pick, clean if necessary and eat them as they are. Or use your imagination and prepare a simple delicious salad – a vegetable salad or a fruit salad. Add to your vegetable salad some few raw nuts and seeds, an avocado and a few drops of cold pressed olive oil. If the salad feels too light, add some boiled quinoa. And if the meat craving is still there, add a little piece of your favorite animal protein (organic is preferable), serve with some fine organic dressing and enjoy every bite with a peaceful calm in mind and body. Or just have a light fruit smoothie or a glass of fresh pressed juice and enjoy the fresh flavor of Mother Nature’s 26

organic fruit garden - you are worth the very best of her testes. And you are worth her nutritional healing. Never be stingy in Mother Nature’s organic garden, always buy the very best you can afford. Your body deserves it. FRUITS TO AVOID OR EAT LESS OF Fruits you should definitely eat less of are heavy hybridized seedless fruits such as seedless grapes, seedless oranges and seedless watermelons etc. These hybrids contain disaccharide, a complex sugar unit the liver has problem recognizing and can therefore not break down. Excessive disaccharide consumption will destroy your teeth, set off your blood sugar balance, and over time acidify your blood and cells. Some hybrids also contain many strange proteins the body has problem recognizing and dealing with. These proteins can in sensitive bodies cause many strange health related issues and problems. The less bananas, dates, pineapples, carrots, beets and seedless grapes, seedless oranges and seedless watermelons you eat from your daily fruit basket the better for your overall health. If you still want to have some few dates, get the ones from Middle Eastern 27

countries, avoid all US. And if you still want to eat some bananas, stick to the smallest ones or the Burro. SOME GOOD OILS, SEEDS AND NUTS Most of the food we eat today contains only omega 6 fatty acids. The body also needs omega 3 and 9 which can all be received from hempseed/oil. From flex and pumpkin seed and oil you get omega 3 and from sunflower seed and oil you have omega 3 and 6. Every one of the above oils should be organic, cold pressed and came in dark bottles. For some beautiful organic saturated fats, get cold pressed coconut oil or palm oil. Some nuts with beautiful fatty acids, proteins and minerals are almond, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts. They should all be eaten raw, never roasted or cooked. When coming to nuts, eat them in moderation because most of them are acid forming in the body. Avoid cashew and peanut, they are too starchy and contain protein that is indigestible. SIMPLE KEYWORDS WHEN BUYING FOOD Your sea salts should be SUN DRIED and your dried fruits should always be SUN DRIED and free of sulphur and other nasty additives. Your oils should 28

always be COLD PRESSED and come in dark bottles. Your cocoa beans, vanilla, tree honey etc should always be 100 percent RAW. And buy everything organic if you can afford it. You are worth the best and your body should always be your first priority. There is no true happiness to life without a proper functioning first home - your own beautiful and magical body. Always begin your grocery shopping at your local organic farmers market before going to any large supermarket. CHEMISTRY 101 Everything you cook over 118 °F or 47.78 °C or light a fire to becomes a drug. You definitely don’t want to turn your beautiful and expensive lifefoods into a drug or destroy their enzymes, which are necessary for efficient digestion to occur. Try to eat these nutrient rich foods as fresh and uncooked as possible. You can still add a small amount of other light cooked food to your lifefood dish but make sure that the lifefood side is the main course if you wish to move more to the alkaline side of health. 70 percent lifefood and 30 percent light cooked food is a good principle to follow till you feel you don’t need the meat, chicken, fish, cheese or other cooked dishes on your plate anymore. 29

WOMAN EASE YOUR MENSTRUAL PAIN Women have the ability to control their menstrual cycle with a proper alkalizing lifefood diet. You do not necessarily have to menstruate once a month. You can control the cycle and flow of your menstruation through your diet, deep breathing and exercise. The more alkalizing food (mostly fresh organic fruits, berries, vegetables) you eat the lesser the flow of your period. Combined with exercise and deep breathing you can learn to delay or pause your menstrual cycle. The more acid forming food you eat the more the flow of your menstruation. If you during your period have heavy menstrual bleedings and rigorous pains, try to go more towards an alkalizing diet or switch over to an alkalizing diet a week before your menstruation and stay on this diet during your period. The worst thing you can do if having heavy bleedings and pains is to indulge yourself in chocolates, sweets, dairy products, meats and alcohols before and during your period.


FOOD DEFINITELY MATTERS Waking up from my ignorance I was once an all-eater who suffered from pollen and dust allergies, poor vision and severe migraine attacks two to three times a week. One morning, when I slowly recovered from a very horrible nightlong migraine attack, I decided to educate myself in becoming my own doctor and healer because those existing out there obviously couldn't help me and neither their chemical pills or therapies. I started learning about foods, waters and the body, and its organs and glands. And soon I realized that I had all this time been poisoning myself because of my own ignorance and lack of interest in knowing my most precious instrument for calibrating and experiencing life – my own body. In that moment I decided for real to get out of my laziness and heal every inch of my being - including my mind.
The results so far: My health and wellbeing have improved extensively and my mental capacity has increased. There is also a great calm and beautiful balance within me. * My migraines are gone and so are the allergies. * My vision is returning back to normal.


* I live now on fruits and nuts I couldn’t eat before. * I need less sleep now than before. * I eat less now but have more energy. * I have never been as clear in mind as I am now. * I even noticed that I look much younger too.

Right nutrition heals Just as the kind of fuel you put into your car will affect and determine how well and how far it will run, and how joyful the ride will be, the same goes for the kind of fuel you put into your cells. The more suitable the fuel or food is to our cellular structure the better we function as beings. To eat for better health, longevity and a healthy society is to eat more fresh foods from the alkalizing side of Mother Nature’s organic garden. Let her organic lifefood garden be your medicine for healing. You deserve an optimal and vibrant health.

Good luck and be happy so many more can be happy in your happiness. Namaste


COPY AND SHARE This information is for free. It is not for sale. Feel free to copy it and share it in its whole with family, friends and coworkers around the world. Also feel free to donate to me if you find and have use of the information in this booklet. Send your donation through PayPal to the email: fastplayer@gmail.com Thank you for your support. Love and light William


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