Nursing as an Art and a Science Nursing is considered to be both an art and a science.

In my opinion, one cannot be a good nurse unless he or she understands and is sufficient in the art and the science of nursing. One without the other only makes for an inadequate nurse. My goal in nursing school is to become both sufficient in the art and the science of nursing. The science of nursing refers to the skills and the technical knowledge that a nurse acquires in school and in the clinical setting. This is the aspect of nursing that is learned and can be taught. It is critical for nurses to be competent in these skills and nursing knowledge in order to provide their patients with the best possible care. However, a nurse who is simply competent in the science of nursing will not be able to connect with the patient or form a relationship. This is why the art of nursing is so important. The art of nursing is the innate aspect of nursing. A nurse can be told to be caring, compassionate and a good listener, but ultimately it must come from within the nurse. The art of nursing is just as important as the science of nursing. A nurse must always have a positive attitude and genuinely care about the patient. The patient’s health and wishes must always be put first and feel like the center of the nurse’s attention. The art of nursing enables the nurse to connect to the patient and build a relationship. Building a relationship establishes trust that is vital in providing care to the patient. I feel that to be a good nurse, one must be successful in the art and science of nursing. Without the art of nursing, a nurse would be able to give treatments, but

would not be able to provide care and connect with the patient, which could end up hindering the patient’s healing. If a nurse is sufficient in the art of nursing but not the science, then he or she will be extremely caring but will be dangerous to the patient’s health because they will not know how to administer treatments or give appropriate medical care.

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