Accounting Orientation 2009 Leader Applications Current First Year Students

To apply for the Accounting Orientation Leader position, please submit a completed copy of this application to by Sunday February 15th before 11:59pm. General Information

Name Year & Program Email Phone Number First Aid Certified? (Y/N) Completed Orientation Leader Training sessions? (Y/N)

Group interviews will be scheduled for Sunday March 1st, 2009. Please rank you time preference: 12pm: _______

1pm: _______ 2pm: _______

Prompt responses and fast communication are valued by the Accounting Orientation Committee. Therefore, first choice of interview times will be allocated to individuals who submit their applications in advance!

This is a mandatory interview; please contact us with your reasons if you cannot make the interview. Limited alternate times may be arranged at the discretion of the Accounting Orientation Committee.

Application Questions 1) Why do you want to be a leader, and what experiences have you had that would make you a good orientation leader? (max 150 words)

2) Give an example of your commitment and time management skills. (max 150 words)

3) Describe your ideal spy gadget. (max 100 words)

4) (Optional Question) List any ideas of events or programming relating to spies and technology.

Thank you for your interest! We will be contacting successful candidates with interview times shortly!

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