Secret Invasion

By Eric S Brown
Originally published in The Guide

A vast armada of enemy, alien vessels encircles the Earth. Aliens walk among us clothed in human form. Technology has been crippled and trust is a fleeting and dangerous thing. The intergalactic empire of the shape shifting Skrulls has long sought to lay claim to our world for its own and in Marvel Comics’ line wide event “Secret Invasion,” they may just make that desire a reality. Iron Man has been struck by a virus disabling his armor and all Stark Tech on Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D. has fallen. Reed Richards, of the Fantastic Four, among others, has already been taken prisoner. And even Asgard, home of the Mighty Thor, itself is under siege. What little hope remains for the heroes of the Marvel Universe rests in the hands of a freshly returned from a self imposed exile Nick Fury and his new team of “Howling Commandos.” Though an interesting premise, many fans were skeptical that Secret Invasion would live up to Marvel’s Civil War and World War Hulk events of recent years and perhaps even more rolled their eyes with apathetic “event burn out” until the first issue hit the stands five months ago. Now most Marvel fans find themselves completely enthralled in what has proven to be Marvel’s most well written and suspenseful event to date. So far the series has stunned readers by revealing such major characters as Spiderwoman, Blackbolt, and Elektra to have been Skrull agents in disguise for years leaving readers wondering just where in Marvel history the characters were replaced by the green skin shape shifters. But don’t think the series is all about intrigue and suspense. Secret Invasion also really kicks up the action on a global scale as the Skrull’s army of foot soldiers and genetically altered super beings strike everywhere from New York to Kazar’s Savage Land beneath the South Pole. With many of Marvel’s “big guns” like the Hulk, the Silver Surfer, and Captain America either out of the picture or busy with their own problems, will the remaining heroes be able to pull it together and save the world? And even if they do, how much darker of a place will the world of Marvel grow in the post Civil War era of its comics?

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