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Published by: Kwong Hwo Tiang on Dec 03, 2012
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The relay produces fixed, rolling and peak demand values, using the Reset Demand
menu cell it is possible to reset these quantities via the User Interface or the remote
Fixed demand values
The fixed demand value is the average value of a quantity over the specified interval;
values are produced for each phase current and for three phase real and reactive
power. The fixed demand values displayed by the relay are those for the previous
interval, the values are updated at the end of the fixed demand period.
Rolling demand values
The rolling demand values are similar to the fixed demand values, the difference
being that a sliding window is used. The rolling demand window consists of a
number of smaller sub-periods. The resolution of the sliding window is the sub-
period length, with the displayed values being updated at the end of each of the sub-
Peak demand values
Peak demand values are produced for each phase current and the real and reactive
power quantities. These display the maximum value of the measured quantity since
the last reset of the demand values.

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