Complaint Letter

Professional Writing 3562W Stephanie Stoltz Complaint Letter Paragraph

My complaint letter will be addressed to the Photo Department at Wal-Mart in Richland Center Wisconsin. The purpose will inform the Photo Department of the rude customer service I was given on December 21st 2008. I went to make printed copies of a senior picture I had taken for my younger brother to pass out to relatives; however the machines were not working properly. I waited ten minutes to make sure that the machine did not just need to warm up. When I went to the service desk it took over two minutes to get an associates attention and while I was explaining what was going on, she rolled her eyes. Strategies I will use in this letter will be writing that is concise, getting the attention of the reader, yet keeping it brief. The tone of the letter will not be aggressive or insulting, rather a disappointed returning customer. I will encourage the Photo Department to be more understanding and helpful to customers who are having machine difficulties, as it is not the customers fault. I will also state what I feel needs to be done to solve this problem, to assure that other customers to not have the experience I had.

210 Delaware St. SE Minneapolis, MN 55455 January 30, 2009 Photo Department Wal-Mart 2401 Us Hwy 14 E Richland Center, WI 53581 Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing on regards of my poor experience on December 21, 2009. I am an avid photographer, and have used your facilities many times to get pictures printed. However, on this occasion printing senior pictures to hand out to relatives on Christmas one of your associates rolled her eyes at me while I was explaining what was going wrong. Apparently the host machine was acting up, thus causing problems with the machine that I was using. When I went to the counter I overheard the two associates talking about their personal lives, however not noticing me. I waited for two minutes to be noticed. While I was explaining the problem, the associate rolled her eyes. After she restarted the host machine she told me to try printing it again. When I did this machine did not have the option I needed. I asked the associate; not knowing if it was I was looking for could be in a different part of the program, she deeply sighed and told me with a rude tone to “then try another one”. Therefore, I am writing you to ask you to have your Photo Department associated properly trained in fixing the machines and remind them that technology causes problems and to remember to be more attentive when there are customers in the department. I have used the Photo Department to print hundreds of pictures and never have had problems such as the ones I experienced during my last visit. It is my hope that by informing you of my experience on the 21st of December you will meet with your employees and go over machine procedures as well of the importance to being attentive to customers. Sincerely,

Stephanie Stoltz

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