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Dear clients and friends We at Protrack Anti Poaching Unit are initiating a news letter, in which we would like to share our news and triumphs with our clientele and stakeholders. We are represented in White River, Hazyview, Tzaneen, Gravelotte, Hoedspruit and surrounding areas. In these areas the focus is unique to the specified location. As an example in the Hazyview, White River block, the major requirement is for security and reaction. Similarly the Gravleotte Tzaneen areas are more crop security orientated. Protrack remains an anti poaching unit with conservation ideals firmly entrenched, yet the services we offer are diverse. We would like to bring some new developments to your attention, among these is that Albert Ferreira former Hoedspruit detective is now managing the Mpumalanga region. Dogs are presently extensively applied to security posts and reactions with our trained tracking dogs and guard dogs. Protrack is proudly boasting our involvement in Hoedspruit community upliftment programs, where we sponsor soccer equipment to disadvantaged community members. In this news letter we will attempt to, in a concise and relevant manner address all interested parties with the events and successes in which we are involved. This will be done electronically by email and will create an interactive line of communication, where feedback in the form of criticism, praise or comment is welcomed.

…News Flash… As was reported in the Lowvelder of the 27th July 2007, a violent farm attack almost ended tragically, when Ms Marlene Böhm (75) was brutally attacked in their Zeederburg Country House on the 25 th July 2007. The assailants demanded the keys to her safe, which she refused to hand over. They then assaulted her and forced the barrel of a weapon into her mouth. Fortunately her daughter startled the group causing them to flee the scene. The incident caused Ms Böhm to suffer two dislocated shoulders and cuts in her mouth. Protrack reacted swiftly and managed to engage one of the suspects. SpesPlan, Hi-tech Security and the White River dog Unit also speedily arrived on the scene. The alleged kingpin of the group was killed in the ensuing shootout. We thank our members and the members of the SAPS and other security companies in their bravery in facing personal danger to bring the situation under control. In another incident at the Matumi farm after robbery a number of stolen goods, including a DVD player, a video machine, an electric drill and clothing, were recovered and returned to the owner.

The White River area frequently has incidences of violent crime. We urge the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour in your area.