at Columbia

Who are we?

Non-profit organization established in 1993 Group of student government leaders, club leaders, and students at large Avenue for communication between students, student governments, faculty, and the broader world

Columbia Leadership

Arvin Ahmadi

VP for Internal Affairs VP for Policy Co-Head Delegate

Michelle Vallejo

Siddhant Bhatt

What do we do?

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Work with student leaders to brainstorm/exchange ideas and take them back to their campuses “Positive peer pressure”

Ex. Gender Neutral Housing

– – –

Meet and connect with other students Learn from other schools' faculty and alumni Explore other campuses and cities

International Exchanges

Ivy-China Research, Mentorship & Exchange Program Exchange Camp with Wuhan University

What do we want to do?

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Develop more structure Constitutional Review Restructure IvyCORPS (Community Outreach & Public Service) Policy wiki

Get Involved!

If you're interested in helping with any of those projects, attending the Ivy Policy Conference in February (at Yale), going to China, or being involved in any other way, let us know! Arvin Ahmadi, Michelle Vallejo, Siddhant Bhatt,

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