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The WheatBelly Diet Dr William Davis has now been ruled a Quack - He has grown obese with a fat stomach on his own diet. Dr. William Davis, MD the peddler of the so-called "Wheat Belly" diet is now unhealthy and unfit following his own diet. The doctor, and his diet have now been found false and an example of health fraud and quackery. Davis made unsubstantiated claims that wheat is somehow poison, that it can harm children, that it contains psychological substances, that it will give you celiac disease, the sole source of bloating, that it contains addictive mold drugs, and other queer claims, which have all been found scientifically questionable. Davis then started peddling a diet book, called "Wheatbelly", jumped on the lowcarb coat tails, went around the country giving speeches and trying to talk people out of eating things, and to instead eat a bunch of fat. That included meat fat which is called saturated fat and has been found linked to heart-damage. So his diet can cause damage to you and your family. In fact, Dr. William Davis, MD himself is now showing signs of ill health. Davis has now grown obese while following his own cockamamie diet. William Davis, following his own lowcarb, wheatless, no grain diet, full of meat, pork, beef, lard, bacon, and fat, has grown fat. He now has "gynecomastia" which is known in slang as "man-boobs", which is when a man grows a chest like a woman. This can happen often because beef and meat has been found to be estrogenic. Beef and steak contain mammalian estrogen, the women's hormone responsible for girlish feminine features. Cows are implanted with estrogen pellets. One of these is called SYNOVEX-S and it contains estrogen in the form of 17-betaestradiol. Many men don't know that eating steak is feminine. Steak and beef contain ladies' menstrual hormones. Gradually, a meat-eater will begin to grow more and more effeminized. In addition to having the juices of a "big juicy steak" doused with girlish hormones by the meat-farmers, plain unprocessed organic anti-biotic free and hormone free beef is also estrogenic. In other words Grassfed Beef is effeminizing. Why? Because upon cooking, animal meat protein forms substances called Heterocyclic Amines, or HCA's. One of these HCA's, which is also present all throughout grassfed beef is 2-amino-1-methylphenylimadazopyridine, or "PhIP". That will make a man more girly when he eats steak or BBQ over time. This is an example with Dr. William Davis. Instead of a wheatbelly which is thin, lean, fit, flat, and slim, Dr. William Davis now has a "Meat-Belly" which is a large pooch-like paunch stomach bulging out. And he has signs of droopy chest flab, widening feminine hips, and soft rounded shoulders. Even Dr. William Davis's face is becoming a moon-face, round and pudgy with jowls and a puppet-type mouth going up and down. Dr. William Davis is now trying to push his scam diet on the Dr. Oz show. The Wheatbelly Doctor William Davis appeared on Dr. Oz to hawk his version of the failed lowcarb wheatbelly diet which can actually be nutrient deficient and cause health damage and you become fatter instead of skinnier. What happens is, you first drop waterweight, which people interpret as success, but you just gain that back the next time you drink water. But this makes people think it worked, so you'll see testimonials raving about how someone vows they lost pounds. This is his trick. But the wheatbelly gets even worse. Your body begins to stink. In other words you start emitting B.O. This isn't fixed by mints or brushing your teeth or showering, what is happening is that it's a lowcarb diet which deprives your body of healthy necessary carbs and throws your body into a state called "ketosis". This keto acidosis starts forming what are called Ketones or ketone bodies inside your whole body, and they smell bad. So you start emitting a horrendous William Davis smell. Ladies, your husband will notice a horrible smell from your armpits, and even your pores. Your co workers at the office may interpret it as a vaginal uncleanliness smeall. And if a man does the diet and forms ketones, the B.O. is horrendous. Gross aromas arising from the underwear and groin that your wife will find nose-pinching. Remember, it's not from bacteria and you can't use deoderant or shower. It's coming from inside your flesh, it's from the lowcarb diet and you can't get rid of it unless you eat fruits and vegetables and carbs like grains and wheat again which wheatbelly won't let you, it's due to the ketone bodies. This is not farts, this is your entire flesh smelling. You can even smell yourself. Wheatbelly and lowcarb atkins type diets cause girls and men to emit smells. It gets even worse, the next thing a lowcarb diet does is that it starts breaking down your muscle tissue. You're eating a high protein diet, and depriving your body of carbs, so you are essentially teaching your body to eat protein. Well, what's made out of protein, your muscles, so eating a high protein diet with low carbs doesn't increase muscle, lowcarb diets

such as paleo, zone, atkins, dukan, wheatbelly, lowcarber, etc actually deplete muscle. Your muscles will grow weaker and tinier on a lowcarb diet. Why, because you've taught your own body to digest proteins, guess what else is made out of protein, your muscle tissue, and when deprived of carbs your body will essentially begin to digest itself. Why? Because you taught it to. By following a lowcarb or wheatbelly diet lacking in needed carbs. Your body and brain run on carbs. You need carbs. Carbs aren't optional, your brain operates on carbs, and so do your muscles, they obtain energy from glycogen which is in your muscle tissue and helps your muscles contract with strength, glycogen is from glucose, glucose is your blood sugar, which is carbs. If someone is in an accident, the paramedics hook you up to an IV to save your life, in that clear bag is glucose. They don't hook you up to a tube running to a lump of meat. In that Paramedics bag is glucose! That's what saves and preserves your life. Carbs. Those are carbs in that IV bag. That's what saves your life. They don't squeeze a blob of yellow animal fat into your mouth, or shove a piece of bacon down your throat, medical professionals at a hospital save your entire life with a bag full of carbohydrates. Carbs are essential to life as we know it. You live off them, and a lowcarb diet deprives you of them and carbs don't make you fat (look at Asians! eating brown rice all the time and are not fat! - Look at a horse, it eats grains and is not fat! Ever see a fat horse? Not too often. What's fat? A seal. What does a seal eat? meat. Walrus is fat. Bears are fat, they eat meat. A bull is not fat, it's raging with muscle and it eats carbs, a horse eats grain and you can see its muscle rippling even through its skin, we measure today the power of things in horsepower a horse is that muscular. Carbs don't make you fat. Marathon runners eat carbs, not meat, carbs do not make them fat. Eating too much makes you fat, and too many calories and not exercising it off. Meat diets contain more fat and more calories. And it's not the little bite of cake that makes someone 400 pounds, it's eating too much cake, too many carbs plus fats plus protein so the total calories are too much and the types of foods are bad not good. That's what makes you fat or skinny. Eat complex carbs, brown carbs, not simple white bleached carbs. Plant protein is clean, animal protein is dirty. Meat contains saturated fats which hurt the heart, plant fats like olive oil help the heart. Meat contains cholesterol, there is No cholesterol whatsoever in plants. The list goes on. Eat the good carbs not the bad carbs, eat the good plant protein not the bad animal meat protein, eat omega3 fats which come from flax and chia that are plants, avoid toxic fish oils and bad animal saturated fats that damage the heart, and avoid eating too many calories of it, it's that simple.) However it's all too easy for a Quack scamming diet doctor to come up with a gimmick like blaming it all on wheat and then making up a bunch of cockamamie stories about it being like LSD, or containing ergot, or that wheat was genetically engineered as if that meat you're eating isn't genetically bread (it was, steak and meat is genetically bred too! Even grassfed beef is genetically modified by humans in modern agricultural times. Cavemen didn't have black angus cows! So you're not evolved to eat steak, all steak today is GMO and contains genetic defects in the meat protein. Didn't know that huh.) So making up stories about how modern wheat is not like ancient wheat or somesuch nonsense is all phony. It's a fake. And a fraud. The things HE tells you to eat were also genetically derived and didn't exist in ancient times so he's fooling you. And this was why Dr. William Davis, pusher of the WheatBelly diet was classified as a Quack along with the Wheatbelly diet. Dr. William Davis, pusher of the WheatBelly diet, who tried to push his diet fakery on the Dr. Oz celebrity TV show, is now officially classified as a Quack. The WheatBelly diet will make you fatter, and Dr. William Davis himself has now grown unfit and fat following his own Wheatbelly fraud diet.

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