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Published by Brandi Lee
Free write on inquiry
Free write on inquiry

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Published by: Brandi Lee on Dec 03, 2012
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So far I have learned that there are more men serial killers than women serial killers and

males use more torture when they than women do. Women are silent killers, they do not try to torture their victim they usually use poison or suffication when killing someone. A female serial killers motive is usually for gain of money whereas a male serial killers main motive is the dominance and the sexual pleasure of the killings. There are more differences than similarities between male and female serial killers. A woman can usually go on a longer killing streak than a male because they are organized killers and do not leave a mess behind at the crime scene. A female serial murderers killing spree usually lasts anywhere between eight to eleven years whereas a male serial murderers killing spree usually only last around four years because they are caught. The male serial murderer usually does stalkers things whereas a woman knows her motive and does stalk she just does. 2. The thing that has surprised me the most during my research is that some FBI agents are even oblivious to the fact that there are female serial murderers, they don’t want to admit it. 3. It has mostly disturbed me that I found that some male serial killers actually go to their victims funeral or gravesite to fulfill their fantasy.

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