AWESOME!!! A God like Jesus prayed for us too!

1. We can pray for them by ourselves.

2. We can pray for them with others.


Why do you think Jesus wants us to pray for others?

Jesus wants us to pray for others to show our love for God. Our prayer for others is a sign of our love for God and for other people.

Choose the prayer which shows good prayer for others.

1. Jesus, please help my Classmate to get well soon From his sickness. Amen.

2. Jesus, may my classmate who bullied me fail in our test. Amen.

3. Jesus, please bless my parents and their work. Amen.

4. Jesus, may the teacher give green slip to my noisy classmate. Amen.

5. Jesus, please make my big brother be loving to me. Amen.

ANSWERS: 1, 3 and 5

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