Christians has a special time for waiting.

Each year, we get ready while waiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We call this time ADVENT.

The word “Advent” means “coming”.
Jesus is coming. As one family, we will wait for Him. And while waiting, we will prepare ourselves.


Advent Wreath is the symbol that reminds us that Jesus is coming. Let us remember some important points about the wreath:
CIRCLE : This shape symbolizes that the love of God for us has no ending.

PURPLE COLOR: This color reminds us to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. We say sorry for all the bad things that we did. And we keep our hearts pure by doing good deeds and little sacrifices.

PINK: This color symbolizes that we are happy and excited to receive and welcome Jesus not only on His birthday, but everyday.

GREEN: This color reminds us that God has given us our life. We take care of it by taking care of ourselves and by respecting other people’s life.
WHITE: This color symbolizes Jesus Himself. It also tells us that our hearts must be clean always.

We get ready for the coming of God’s Son, Jesus, to celebrate His birth at Christmas.

QUESTION TO THINK ABOUT: What is the BEST WAY FOR US to prepare for the coming of Jesus?