What you’ll need:
Fabric – outer and lining Zipper, two inches longer in width than your device, and two and a third times longer. (My Kindle is about 6 ½” long, so my fabric was about 18” long. This eliminates the need to create a bottom seam because you’re just going to fold it up like a sandwich baggie.) You’ll need two pieces of fabric; outer fabric and lining. Due to differing sizes of Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, and a multitude of other readers, you’ll need to set your actual device on top of your fabric. Using ruler, mark 1” away from both sides of device. Mark 2” from top edge of device. Using ½” seam allowances on sides and bottom, this will leave plenty of wiggle room for width.

After cutting both lining and outer fabrics, you can serge the top edge of both lining and outer fabrics where zipper will go to keep stray threads from getting caught in zipper teeth. I wanted my lining (paw prints) to contrast on the outer front, so I turned down about 1 ½” from top, pressed flat and topstitched near lower edge. For other edge, turn under about ¼” and press.

Laying pressed top edge of outer fabric next to zipper teeth, topstitch along edge near zipper. Do the same with other bottom edge.

You now have a cylindrical casing that is open on both sides.

Check to make sure your device will fit inside your pocket! If all is well, great. Let’s continue.  Next, leaving zipper half open and lining fabric showing, sew both sides closed. Trim zipper and serge edges if desired. (In the following picture, you can see I added a pocket on the outside so I’ll always know where the cord is. Nothing worse than having a low battery and not knowing where your cord is! 

If you want a pocket on the outside, press the top and bottom edges flat, topstitch, find your center, and stitch down the pocket before adding your zipper.)

Above: This is the interior backside. Below: This is the interior front side. Very. Very important to leave that zipper open at least halfway. Or your life will become Quite. Complicated.

Turn your pocket right side out, and iron flat. (Things just always look better ironed…Just saying.) Enjoy!

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