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Published by: Allison LeCoq on Dec 04, 2012
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Problem of the Week: What’s the Order? 12/3/12 The following sports are listed in certain order. Determine the order of the following: Golf, tennis, baseball, softball, bowling, soccer, basketball. Adapted from: Are you Smart or What? A Bizarre Book of Games an Fun for Everyone (2001). Charlotte: International Puzzle Features.   Math Notes 12/3 – 12/7: We will have a quiz on multiplication, division, and subtraction with regrouping on Friday. Please contact me via email with any questions about working with students on subject matter. Science Notes 12/3 – 12/7: We will continue to look at adaptations and roles in an ecosystem. Please study all guides and vocabulary from section B in the science book. This week we will continue tracing the flow of energy through the food chain. We will look to work in the science lab near the end of this week or the beginning of next week on the topic of predators and prey. Homework 12/3 – 12/7: *Complete the circled problems in the math homework packet and turn in on Friday, December 7.   *Define terms in the yellow box on B60 in the science book and turn in on Friday, December 7.  

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