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The Seven Habits of Highly Compatible Couples

The Seven Habits of Highly Compatible Couples


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Published by Michael McKee
This is the original version of my Book. A humorous take on the Seven Habits books for Relationships.

This is the original version of my Book. A humorous take on the Seven Habits books for Relationships.

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Published by: Michael McKee on Jan 31, 2009
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She doesn’t necessarily want to shop, it’s that she must shop. That is just the
way it is. Just as a shark must swim to live so must a women shop. Watching a
man shop is like watching a polar bear riding a bicycle. Yeah, they can do it,
and initially it might be entertaining, but you just know that this is not what
nature had intended. Men, being the goal oriented critters they are, always
have a destination in mind when they go to the store or, God forbid, the Mall.
They are usually very direct in their approach toward shopping. Once in the
store, and knowing what they want to buy, they locate the appropriate
department and head off toward it looking neither to the right nor to the left at
whatever merchandize may happen to be displayed.

If it is clothing he is after then simply looking at the size on the tag is
sufficient in order to determine whether or not the article of clothing will fit.
All men’s clothing are of standard sizes (xsmall, small, medium, large , xlarge,
xxlarge, etc.). All men’s clothing can also be washed together in hot water so

- 100 -

you don’t need to worry about the various colors or materials. Just find
something that suits your fancy (like yet another bright orange and green
Hawaiian shirt to be added to your collection), find the right size and buy the
sucker. No sense trying the thing on, it’s a waste of time. A woman may buy
your socks and underwear in this manner, but little else. I don’t know about
shopping for bras and panties, nobody will talk to me about it. Just as well I

When women go shopping they have many things in mind and cram in many
more as the shopping experience continues throughout the day. They know
that shopping is a marathon, not a sprint. Women can shop for hours. Men can
watch sports for hours. Neither can figure out how the other does it. Much of
the shopping experience for women is shopping for clothing. Women love to
shop for clothes in the same way that men love to drink beer and watch
football. Both are very satisfying and fulfilling experiences, for those involved.
The difference, of course, is that after shopping what does a woman gain from
the experience? Clothes? Food? Household goods? Whose measure of
fulfillment does this satisfy? Now in a man’s world, if your team, for example,
has just beat the crap out of your best buddies team, then for the next week or
so life is just not going to get any better. This is fulfillment man-style.

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