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Exposed live parts within porcelain fixtures shall be suitably recessed and located so as to make it improbable that wires will come in contact with them. There shall be a spacing of at least ____ between live parts and the mounting plane of the fixture. 2. Outlets for specific appliances such as laundry equipment shall be within ____ mm of the appliance.

a. 13mm b. 15mm c. 20mm d. 25mm a. 1500 b. 1800 c. 1200 d. 2000

6. Which of the following is not a standard size fuse?

a. 110 amp b. 125 amp c. 75 amp d. 250 amp

7. Which of the following is not considered an electric vehicle by the Code?

a. industrial fork lift b. vans c. busses d. trucks

3. An enclosure designed either for surface or flush mounting and provided with a frame, mat, or trim in which a swinging door or doors are or may be hung is a ____.

a. panel board b. switchboard c. wire way d. cabinet

8. The P.E.C. covers ____. l. gas welders ll. DC rectifier arc welder lll. motor-generator arc welders lV. Resistance welders

a. l and lV only b. l, ll and lll only c. ll, lll and lV only d. l, ll, lll, and lV a. tile b. carpet c. carpet squares d. concrete

4. A metal elbow that is installed in an underground installation of rigid nonmetallic conduit and is isolated from possible contact by a minimum cover of _____ mm to any part of the elbow shall not be grounded.

a. 450 b. 500 c. 460 d. 480

9. Type FCC cable wiring system is designed for installation under ____.

5. To prevent the entrance of moisture, service-entrance conductors shall be connected to the service-drop conductor ____. I. below the level of the termination of the service-entrance cable sheath II. below the level of the service head

a. I only b. II only c. both l and ll d. neither l or ll

10. Service cables mounted in contact with a building shall be supported at intervals not exceeding ___

a. 750 mm b. 760 mm c. 670 mm d. 800 mm

11. Multi-speed motors shall be marked with the code letter designating the locked-rotor kVA horsepower for the highest speed at which the motor ____.

12. Soft-drawn or medium-drawn copper, lead in conductors for receiving antenna systems shall be permitted where the maximum span between points of support is less than ____ mm.

a. can be stalled b. can be started c. needs to be rated d. can run safely a. 11,000 b. 12,000 c. 10,000 d. 15,000

16. Amusement rides shall be maintained not less than ____ mm in any direction from overhead conductors operating at 600 volts or less, except for the supply conductors to the ride.

a. 3800 b. 4000 c. 4500 d. 5000

17. Flexible cord shall be considered as protected by a 20 amp branch circuit overcurrent device if the cord is ____.

13. Non-heating leads of heating cables operating in 230 volt system, shall have a ____ color.

a. red b. blue c. yellow d. brown

18. Infrared lamps for industrial heating appliances shall have overcurrent protection not exceeding ____ amps.

a. not less than 1800mm b. 1.0 square mm or larger c. 1.25 square mm or larger d. 0.25 mm or larger a. 30 b. 40 c. 50 d. 60

14. Wading pools are those that are constructed on or above the ground and are capable of holding water to a maximum depth of _____.

a. 1500 mm b. 1000 mm c. 1200 mm d. 1800 mm

19. The temperature limitation of MI cable is based on the ____.

15.Branch-circuit conductors within 75 mm of ballast, within the ballast compartment shall be recognized for use at temperature not lower than 90 degrees C, such as insulation type’s ________. I. THHN II. THHW III. TW IV. FEP

a. I only b. I and IV only c. I, II and IV d. I, II, III and IV

20. Overcurrent devices shall not be located in the vicinity of easily ignitable material such as in ____.

a. Amb. Temp. b. conductor insulation c. insulating materials used in the end seal d. none of these a. bedrooms b. clothes closets c. kitchens d. garages

21. Where it is impracticable to locate the service head above the point of attachment, the service head location shall be permitted not farther than _____ mm from the point of attachment

a. 600 mm b. 760 mm c. 610 mm d. 1000 mm

26. The word transformer is intended to mean a ____ transformer, single or poly-phase, identified by a single nameplate, unless otherwise indicated.

a. group b. two c. individual d. step-down

22. Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is shipped in what sizes minimum and maximum?

23. Fixtures shall be securely fastened to ceiling framing member by mechanical means such as l. rivets ll. screws lll. Bolts

a. 15mm to 100mm b. 20mm to 80mm c. 20mm to 100mm d. 10mm to 80mm a. ll only b. lll only c. ll and lll only d. l, ll and lll

27. Unused openings in boxes, raceways, and other enclosures shall be _____.

a. closed with listed device b. effectively closed c. open d. none of these a. rigid metal b. rigid PVC c. liquid-tight flexible d. EMT

28. Feeders to floating dwellings must be enclosed within ____ conduit in order to withstand the forces exerted by waves and tides.

24. Insulated conductors used in wet locations shall be ____.

a. MTW b. asbestos c. THHN d. varnish cambric a. grounded conductors b. neutral conductors c. ungrounded conductors d. none of these

29. Running open wiring on insulators, MI or MC cables, messengersupported wiring, conductors in raceway, and other approved means on the outdoor building surfaces is permitted for circuits operating at a maximum of ____ volts nominal.
30. Where a single AC conductors carrying current passes through metal with magnetic properties, the inductive effect shall be minimized by ____. I. cutting slots in the metal between the individual holes through which individual conductors pass II. passing all the conductors in the circuit through an insulating wall sufficiently large for all the conductors of the circuit

a. 600 b. 750 c. 1000 d. 4160 a. I only b. II only c. both I and II d. neither I nor II

25. In dwelling units, a multi-wire branch circuit supplying more than one device have a means to disconnect simultaneously all ______.

80% c. l only b. 34. none of these a. ll only c. load allows b. MC d. twice b. the radius c. as bus bars c. and the total load shall be computed on the basis of ____ the maximum number connected between any two phases. NM c. a. feeder. and provided w/a locknut means d. MI b. . 35. the cross-sectional area calculation shall be based on using ___ of the ellipse as a circle diameter. either l or ll d. is done in 120 / 240 d.31. plugged-in eqpt. 32. and each service. Coast Guard c. it is permitted to use a ____ demand factor for that portion of a receptacle load that exceeds 10 kva. Wiring over and under navigable water must be approved by the ____. For cables that have elliptical cross section. 4wire feeder. underground d. shall ll. Danger of electrocution b. 1/2 c. Navy a. 1/3 d. over 600v b. three times c. neither l nor ll a. the outlets shall be energized only when _____. MV 38. to indicate its purpose a. the circumference a. 50% d. 33. authority having jurisdiction d. Where two or more single-phase ranges are supplied by a 3-phase. a. exposed 40. 70% b. a. The phase current in a grounding autotransformer is ____ the neutral current. twice b. half b. Phil. half d. Type ___ is a single or multiconductor solid dielectric insulated cable rated 2001 volts or higher. l. none of these a. and branch circuit at the point where it originates shall be legibly marked ____. For non-dwelling units. Electrical ducts shall include any of the electrical conduits recognized as suitable for use _____. the same as 37. a. corps of engineers b. is identified c. The alternate source for emergency systems ____ be required to have ground-fault protection of equipment with automatic disconnecting means. 40% 36. the major diameter d. shall not 39. Disconnect c. All disconnect means required by the code. In a closed-loop and programmed power distribution system.

a. identified 42. 50 48. The secondary circuits of woundrotor alternating current motors. suitable c. 250 d. a. Each commercial building and each commercial occupancy accessible to pedestrians shall be provided at an accessible location at each entrance. 20 c. 10 45. a. 300 b. 150 c. 800 . an overcurrent device rated or set at not more than ____ percent of the rated secondary current of the transformers shall be provided in the secondary connections of each transformer. Electric discharge lighting fixtures having exposed ____ shall be installed that these parts will not be in contact with combustible material.41. a. controllers c. a. duplex c. l. Transformers and electronic power supplies shall have secondary current ratings not more than ____ milli-amperes. ll only c. 30 d. 25 c. ll and lll a. 900 b. 300 43. 12 d. conductors d. resistors b. 16 b. live parts ll. including ___ shall be permitted to be protected against overload by the motor-overload device. 650 d. 400 d. approved b. 44. a. 20 b. l only b. lll only d. hazard-proof d. A/an ____ circuit is a circuit in which any spark or thermal effect is incapable of causing ignition of a mixture of flammable or combustible material in air under prescribed test conditions. Receptacles rated _____ amperes or less directly connected to aluminum conductors shall be marked CO/ALR. listed d. Only wiring methods recognized as ____ are included in the Code. none required a. l. 50. all of these 46. explosiveproof a. A 20 ampere rated branch circuit 2 with 3.nonincendive c. 100 b.5 mm wire supplying a duplex receptacle can be loaded to a maximum of ____ amperes. Where secondary ties are used. ballasts or transformers lll. with at least one ____ for sign or outline lighting system use. 600 49. low voltage b. 350 c. auxiliary equipment 47. GFCI d. FCC cable can be installed under carpet squares no larger than ____ mm square a. outlet b. 1200 c.

225) 5) c (Ref: 2.60(a) pp.179) 21) a (Ref: 2.7(b)(1) pp.2 pp.6.1.422) 41) d (Ref: 45) a (Ref: 6.10.2 pp.1.4.16 pp.335) 25) c (Ref: 2.23(d) pp.20.1(h) pp.1 pp.1423) 35) c (Ref: 3. 305) 30) c (Ref: 3.0.4 pp. pp.1 ex pp.30.4(a) pp.8 pp.5 FPN pp.1257) 15)c (Ref: 4.1133) 33) c (Ref: 4.22 pp. 81) 50) a (Ref: 3. 415) .10.1.676) 12) a (Ref: 19) c (Ref: pp. 8) c (Ref: 6.2(c) pp.1.169) 18) c (Ref: 4.457) 23) d (Ref: 4:10.15 (f) pp.38) 28) c (Ref: 5.1 pp.1.5(b) pp.150) 11) b (Ref: 4.15(c) ex pp.22.1 pp.40.620) 2) b (Ref: notes (9) pp.617) 16) c (Ref: pp.3.13.8) 4) a (Ref: 2.2 pp.24.55.3 (a) pp.0.5(b)(3) pp. pp.1025) 17) c (Ref: 2.12(a) pp.625) 47) b (Ref: 14) b (Ref: 6.10.1130) 29) a (Ref: ex 3 pp.5 (a) pp.2(a) pp.324) 31) c (Ref: Table 2.356) 36) d (Ref: 1.2.11(a . 107) 40) d (Ref: 3.757) 27) b (Ref: 1.30.71 pp.50.4 (b) pp.1.5 (a) pp.5(d) pp.4.694) 42) c (Ref: 4.3.763) 43)a (Ref: 4.6 (a) pp.1.80.105) 32) c (Ref: 5.20.2(c) pp.2.1) a (Ref: 4.42) 37) c (Tab 9.8(c) pp.1.1.612) 24) a (Ref: 3.37) 49) a (Ref: pp. 39) a (Ref: 26) c (Ref: 4.20(b) pp.152) 6) c (Ref: pp.4.1204) 9) c (Ref: pp.5 pp.1494) 38) b (Ref: 7.1.2 (e) pp. 10) a (Ref: 2.801) 48) b (Ref: 1.1.82) 3) d (Ref: pp. 1447) 13) a (Ref: 22) a (Ref: 3.760) 34) b (Ref: 7.586) 44) a (Ref: 6.12(a) pp.169) 7) a (Ref: 6.1152) 46) b (Ref: 4.2 pp.2.b) pp. 20) b (Ref: 2.12 pp.

100% b. one in the ungrounded c. Where a motor is operating and live parts of the motor controller have over 150 volts to ground and might be exposed to repairmen. ll and lll a. Which of the following methods is not approved for conductor supports? 58. 75% c. What is the maximum time of delay permitted for the GFI to operate where the ground-fault current is 3000 amperes? a. ll and lll only d. emergency phone d. l. installed first b. single-phase AC or DC. inspected d. one in each d. 59. the branch circuit overcurrent device shall not exceed ___ amps. Circuits for ____ shall not be connected to any system containing trolley wires with a ground return. 50% d. loop connectors a. An appliance (not motor driven) is rated 1200 watts at 120 volts. A separate branch circuit shall supply the ____ receptacles. lighting and power a. one conductor grounded. and ventilation on each elevator car. a. 1 second c. two. 20 c. l.51. car lights c. one per phase in hot b. No ____ other than those specified as required for emergency use. lamps lll. emergency exit a. 15 b. relays or thermal cutouts shall be ____ conductors. 100 milliseconds a. with no marked nameplate. car-houses / power houses c.none of these . l only b. tech’n must be present b. 1 in each phase a. motor b. Installed Danger sign d. energized for the first time c. 871/2 % 60. A storage battery of suitable rating and capacity to supply and maintain at not less than ___ of system voltage the total load of the circuits supplying legally required standby power for a period of at least 1 1/2 hours. 55. a. l and ll only c. auxiliary power source. what must be done for its safe maintenance? a. The ground fault protection system shall be tested when it is _____. the minimum number and the location of overload units. and its supply system is 2-wire. kitchen and laundry b. deflecting of cables in boxes b. 2. railway stations d. When the kind of motor is singlephase AC or DC. shall be supplied by emergency lighting circuits. Fittings 54. appliances ll. insulating mats shall be provided c. 40 56. insertion of boxes c.manufactures 57. 53. 3 seconds d. such as trip coils. 30 d. 52. 1/2 second b. clamping devices d.

do not open d. l or ll only c. the sealing fitting shall be permitted ____ boundary a. a. on both sides of the d. Each receptacle of DC plugging boxes shall be rated at not less than ____ amps. a. raceway c. l only b. Division II location a conduit passing through into a nonhazardous location. According to the P.service equipment enclosure lll. screw lll. ll only c. l only b. Which of the following locations is not permitted for the use of surface raceways? a. header . bus a. l or lll only d. 8 times 66. 6 times d. 20 c. ll or lll only d. neutral d. a. A junction box used in a system rated 1000 volts shall have a marking on the box of ____. grounded c. 5 times c. caution b. l. all of the above 69. identified for underground use d. The grounding conductor communication circuits shall connected to the _____. The earth shall not be considered as an effective ______ path. suitable for soil condition b. ground-fault current b. dry location b. danger c. no seal req’d b. bottom shield d. ll or lll 63. at the first fitting a. A main bonding jumper shall be a ____.Danger HighVoltage Keep out a. a. building electrode system for be a. A protective layer which is installed between the floor and type FCC flat conductor cable to protect the cable from physical damage and may or may not be incorporated as an integral part of the cable is the ____. metallic power raceway ll. hoistways c. outer sheath c. 30 65. 25 d.61. wire ll. ll or lll 62. transition assembly b. under raised floors d. l. on either side of the c. 3 times b. high voltage service-entrance conductors are protected by a circuit breaker if it has ___ the ampacity of the conductor for its trip setting. bonding 64. 67. l. hazardous 68. 15 b. (Short circuit protection). l.C. In a Class I. A bare copper conductor can be used in an underground service ____. 70.E.

l only b. GFCI 79. the grounded service conductor ll. A manufactured wiring system shall have receptacles that are ____. l and ll only b. permanent cord c. 500% b. An area must be classed as a Class II hazardous location if it contains _____. 100% 73. 8 77. ____ of conductors in rigid nonmetallic conduit shall be made only in junction. A cord connector that is supported by a permanently installed cord pendant shall be considered a (an) _____. flammable gases d. a. ll and lll 76. l. identified a. or its shall not be required to be Where such a system is the equipment shall be 78. the attachment plug shall be ___. a. l. the equipment ground terminal in the service equipment 80. ll only c. ____. ignitablevapors c. l. outlet boxes or conduit bodies. none of these a. grounded conductor b. equipment protected by a double insulation. 6 d. splices and taps c. receptacle outlet b.71. l and lll only c. with a grounded conductor. of the locking type lll. 200% d. grounded. the grounding electrode conductor Ill. For small motors the locked-rotor current shall be assumed to be ___ the full-load current. 72. distinctively marked d. employed. the grounding conductor shall be connected to ____. lll or lV a. l. When installing a surge arrester at the service of less than 1000 volts. l or ll d. approved c. neither l nor ll a. lighting outlet d. labeled b. wiring design c. polarized a. none of the above . l and ll only d. uniquely polarized ll. of the grounding type ll. If the appliance is provided with a single-pole switching device. connections d. ll only c. the ground electrode for the service lV. 5 c. protection d. lll and lV only d. No premises wiring. a. 4 b. 75. ignitable fibers a. Stage cables used in motion picture studios for stage lighting shall be protected by means of overcurrent devices set at not more than ____ of the values given in the appropriate Code table. l. shall be electrically connected to a supply system unless the supply system contains ____. Listed system of equivalent. combustible dust b. l only b. splices b. 400% c. outlet device a. 74. ll.

grounded c. rigid PVC ll. pressure connectors lll. a. 3-way and 4-way switches shall be so wired that all switching is done in the ____ conductor. l. a l only b. 125 89. 12 c. l. In cellular metal floor raceways all of the following are true except _____. ungrounded b. II only c. 50 d. A run of flexible metal conduit may be used as an equipment grounding conductor if the conductors are protected at ____. ll or lll a. a. ll only c. grounded c. the combined cross sectional areaof all conductors cannot exceed 50% a. IMC lll. 83. 125 d. outdoor lights d. l and ll only d. 100 86. grounding 90. l. a. 150 b. I. a.81. fountains c. Non-shielded high-voltage cable. 100 c. ll only c. neutral d. l. green b. On solar photovoltaic system. 20a or more b. III only d. 300 c. 30a or less 85. For devices with screw shells. 200 87. grounding . ungrounded d. ll or lll a. Each resistance welder shall have overcurrent primary protection set at not more than ____ percent. 250 d. refrigerators 84. dishwashers b. shall be installed in ____ conduit encased in not less than 76mm of concrete. 200 b. Connection of conductors to terminal parts shall ensure a thoroughly good connection without damaging the conductors and shall be made by means of ____. disconnected outlets are removed III. rigid metal 88. solder lugs 82. Which of the following must be provided with GFCI? a. the terminal for the ____ conductor shall be the one connected to the screw shell. on a 24hour basis. IV only a. A nursing home is a building or part thereof used for the lodging. splices to flexible leads ll. 20a or less c. splices and taps can be made in junction boxes II. 30a or more d. I only b. ampacity of conductors and overcurrent devices shall not be less than ___ percent of the computed current. lll only d. l only b. boarding and nursing care. of ____ or more persons. 4 b. boxes shall be of metal and continuous w/ the raceway IV.

12 1/2 % d. 15% 92. All electric spa or hot tub water heaters shall be listed and have the heating elements subdivided into loads not exceeding ___ amperes and protected at not more than ___ amperes. ll only c. ll and lll a. I. Isolating switches over 600v shall be provided with a means for readily connecting the load side conductors to ground when disconnected from the ____. 1. 2. l only b. If constructed of uncoated sheet steel. 3. 99. The construction of metal cabinet and cutout boxes shall be such as to secure strength and rigidity. continuous duty d. bathroom ll. ____ is a combination consisting of a compressor and motor. hermetic refrigerant motorcompressor lll. individually a. it shall be mounted so that waves will not create a problem IV.75 mm c. ll and lll only c.5mm 2 93. lll only d. with no external shaft or shaft seals. it shall not be located less than 1. 45.000 volts connected by copper conductor for grounding electrode conductor of the equivalent grounding terminal shall NOT be smaller than ____. 60 96.0mm b. ll only d. 50 b. accessible b. ll only c. the motor operating in the refrigerant. Capacitor shall be permitted to be protected ____. 1. 48. 6% b. current b. Select the correct statement that pertains to a general purpose 15 amp outlet that is installed in a marina. II only c. singlephase 15 and (or) 20 amp receptacles installed in a ____ shall have GFCI protection for personnel. readily accessible c. Bedroom 94. I only b.5mm c.0 mm 100. l and ll only b. neither l nor ll a. ll and lll a. When service entrance phase conductors are larger than 1100 kcmil copper. the metal thickness should NOT be less than 2 95.00 mm d. l.500mm measured horizontally from the water line III. 8.91. l only b. 1.55 mm b. l. l. IV only a. 5. 55. air-conditioning equipment a. l. it is required by the Code to be protected by GFCI. adjustable a. equipment c. in groups ll. crawl space at or below grade level lll. both of which are enclosed in the same housing. motor-compressor ll. the bonding jumper shall have an area not less than what percent of the area of the largest phase conductor? a. III only d.35 mm . 10% c. 98. 40. 2 d. All dwelling unit 125v. l or ll d. The surge arrester for service less than 1. 97. it is in violation of the Code II. a. source of supply 2 a. 1. service cable d. l. 45 d. 60 c. Supplementary overcurrent devices shall not be required to be ____.

1434) 67) d (Ref: 2.72) 94) b (Ref: 65)d (Ref: 2.806) 72) c (Ref: 2.779) 96) c (Ref: 258) 100) d (Ref: pp.9(d) pp.10.82) 78) b (Ref: 5.160) 57) d (Ref: 3.407) 62) c (Ref: pp.6(b)(2) pp.19(b)1-3 pp.4.30.14 (a) pp.1(a) pp.4.20(a)(2) pp.1.1.2032) 70) c (Ref: 3.3.6(a) pp. 234) 74) a (Ref: 2.1208) 85) a (Ref:4.8 (a)(1-4) pp.2(c) pp.1157) 76) c (Ref: 4.4.3 pp.7 pp.0.1 pp.696) 53) b (Ref: 7.1260) 95) c (Ref: 4.959) 83) b (Ref:6.1305) 89) b (Ref: 2.329) 88) c (Ref: 6.9 pp.1.8 (a) pp.9(6)(b) pp.2.3.19(b) pp.2.65) 73) c (Ref: 2.204) 97) d (Ref: 5.12.2(e)(2) pp.0.2.10 (b&e) pp.1 (b)(1) a-g pp.2.2 pp.196) 69) d (Ref: 5.4(a)(5) pp.30.2(a) pp.0.1.5(d) pp.52.5 ex.2(a) pp.323) 58) b (Ref: 6.0.160) 60) b (Ref: 4.722) 77) a (Ref: 2.1284) 84) b (Ref: 81) d (Ref:1.12.236) 90) b (Ref: (b)(1) pp. 80) b (Ref: pp.40.1.65) 91) b (Ref: pp. pp.728) 61) d (Ref: 3.2.1184) 59) a (Ref: 64) b (Ref: 5.30.5-9 pp.1 (a-d) pp.80.1356) 56) b (Ref: 2.10 pp.3.1350) 54) b (Ref: 4.8.2(a) pp. pp.39) 82) a (Ref: 5.24.4 pp.19 pp.5.4.61) 75) c (Ref: 6.9(a) pp.2.6(c) pp.3.504) 87) d (Ref: pp.80.170) 93) a (Ref: 2.633) 55) d (Ref: 7.1.162) 63) b (Ref: 3.10(c) pp.9 pp.204) 68) a (Ref: 2.50.146) 66) d (Ref: pp.86.1033) 79) d (Ref: 71) a (Ref: 99) d (Ref: 2. 388) .42) 52) b (Ref: Table 4.1 (a-b) pp.6.737) 92) b (Ref: pp.1138) 98) d (Ref: 2.51) d (Ref: 1.30.47 pp.10.2 pp.10(c)(3) pp.578) 86) d (Ref: 3.1.30. pp.6(c) pp.

totally enclosed pipe ventilated b. 40 b. metallic or non-metallic raceways III. both l and ll d. Which of the following statements is/are true? l. cable sheaths . totally enclosed water cooled 107. a. Maximum voltage between conductors serving a submersible pump in a fountain is ___ volts. The maximum overcurrent device on a branch circuit supplying an ASME rated boiler is ____ amps. track c. generators. fitting d. II only c. both l and ll d. 600 104. neither l nor ll a. a. l only b. 150 b. l only b. both l and ll d. division I and 2 locations. and other rotating machinery shall be the following except ________. none of these a. ll only c. The size of branch-circuit conductors and overcurrent protective devices for electrode-type boilers shall be calculated on the basis of ___ percent of the total load (motors not included) a. boxes. 60 c. motors. totally enclosed nonventilated c. 250 c. trolley frame b. 75 c. 150 109. l only b. III only d. trolley wheels d. time required for its operation 103. The ____ and the bridge frame shall not be considered as electrically grounded through the bridge and trolley wheels and its respective tracks. totally enclosed fan cooled d. 125 102. A circuit breaker shall be of such design that any alteration of its ____ will require dismantling of the device or breaking of a seal for other than intended adjustments. l. short sections of raceways used to provide support or protection of cable assemblies II.101. 25 b. 100 d. a. All but which of the following shall be continuous between cabinets. trip point ll. neither l nor ll 110. neither l nor ll a. IV only 105. a. In Class III. fittings or other enclosures or outlets? I. 100 d. 300 d. junction box b. if a 1000v or less system is grounded. cell c. a. a. the grounded conductor must be run to each service 108. cable armors IV. the grounded service neutral shall not be smaller than the grounding electrode conductor II. A cellular concrete floor raceway’s grounding conductor shall connect the insert receptacles to a positive ground connection provided on the ____. on a grounded service. header 106. A device supplying running overload protection may be shunted during starting a motor when it is started _____. ll only c. ll only c. I only b.

I and II only d. 115. temperature ll. I only b. Which of the following pool parts are required to be bonded together? l. II and III only c. I. this does not include the emergency power service if the system is automatic II. this include the emergency power service III. shall d. GFCI b. II and IV c. a. Elevator shall have a single means for disconnecting all ungrounded main power supply conductors for each unit. III only d. An electrically operated organ shall have both the gen. no elevators are to operate on emergency power systems a. I. II and III d. located under a canopy where the receptacle is not subject to water run-off. able to be locked in the “off” position a. I only b. all of the above a. directly buried lV. II only c. the generator and motor shall be effectively insulated from ground and from each other II. single-type only b. IV only a. III only d. tamperproof d. Where shore-power is supplied. IV only a. II only c. I only b. II only c. Cable trays include fittings or other suitable means for _____. sound system 120. II only c. & motor frames grounded and ____. a. 117. rain proof 116. I and III only 113. I. the generator shall be effectively insulated from ground and from the motor driving it IV. A cutout box installed in a wet location shall be ____. all metal parts of an underwater IV. Above a suspended ceiling with a 15 minute fire rating a. weather proof c. duplex-type only can c. Electrical non-metallic tubing is permitted ____. I. have an enclosure that is weatherproof when the receptacle is covered lll. A receptacle installed outdoors shall be considered protected from the weather by which of the following methods? I. electric continuity lll. I only b. located under roofed open porches II. II and III a. I and II only d. I and II only c. rain-tight b. III only a. painted yellow 18. I only b. l. III only d. I only b. accessible to only authorized personnel IV. the generator and motor shall be effectively insulated from ground III. floors and ceilings with a 15 minute fire rating ll. both the generator and motor shall have double insulation 114. I. I. locking & grounding c. The branch circuit overcurrent devices in emergency circuits shall be ____. shall not 112. a slow-blow type III. receptacle outlets. I only b. receptacles rated at not less than 30 amperes or more than 50 amperes shall be of the ____ type.111. changes in direction and elevation of runs . embedded in concrete provided with approved fitting lll. ____ are located in lighting accessories. ____. this does not include the emergency power service IV. When installing office furnishings. water proof d. III only d. I. all fixed metal parts within 1500mm of the inside walls ll. II and III 118. of the reset type only II. I. 119. all forming shells and mounting brackets of a no-niche fixture unless listed for a low voltage system lll. concealed in walls.

80 c. not part of the service equipment. data processing lll. shall have a grounding conductor installed between ____. II only c. IV only a. portable signs 127. II only c. none of these 122. II and III only d. 60 d. IV only 128. outline lighting ll. is only required for over 600 volt motors II. I only b. I only b. has its own Code section c. refrigeration . shall not prohibit these motors on wooden floors III. II and III 130.2 for lead-acid. MK braid 123.121. I and III only c. is covered in the Code d. l. shielded d. I only b. l.0 for lead-acid. I. I. 1. 70 c. III only b. its grounding terminal and a ground rod III. IV only a. shall be permitted with a minimum size jumper 14mm2 IV. a.5 for the alkali III.0 for lead-acid. is not covered in the Code b. III only d. a. 35 126. A public address system ____. shall be permitted with a minimum size jumper 22mm2 III. 1. unshielded c. III only d. a. III only d. A raceway contains 45 currentcarrying conductors. shall be permitted with a minimum size jumper 8. its grounding terminal and the grounding terminal of the service equipment IV. without ground b. Multi-conductor portable cables used to connect mobile equipment and machinery above 2000 volts. I. communications ll. 200 129. Optional standby systems are typically installed to provide an alternate source of electric power for such loads as ____ systems. 2. a.0 mm2 125. III only d. its grounding terminal and bonding grid 124.0 for the alkali II. 2. In communication circuits the bonding together of all separate electrodes ____. 125 d. I only b. The ampacity of each conductor shall be reduced ____ percent. ___ shall be controlled by an externally operable switch or breaker which will open all ungrounded conductors. does not prohibit these motors from a Class I location IV. 1.5 for lead-acid. 80 b. shall not be permitted II. The battery voltage computed on the basis of ___ volts per cell for the lead-acid type and ____ volts per cell for the alkali type.0 for the alkali a. I. none of these a. II only c. I and II only a. I only b. 2. Conductors which supply one or more AC transformers or DC rectifier arc welder shall be protected by an overcurrent device rated or set at not more than ___ percent of the conductor rating. 70 b. the conductors shall be ____. II only c. III only d. II only c. I. its grounding terminal and a separate ground II. signs lll. 2. IV only a. Open motors with commutators shall be located so sparks cannot reach adjacent combustible material. 1.2 for the alkali IV. A pool panelboard. but this _____.

I. Class II control circuits and power circuits ____. AC/DC a. II & III only 136. III only d. 50 mm c. PVC raceway is not permitted 137. other than built-in does the Code consider portable if cord-connected? l. capacitance 132. In general. II only c. terminals c. low voltage b. III only d. sunlight resistant listing equipment grounding conductor may serve multiple circuits a. may occupy the same raceway ll. control room c. I only b. projection room d. stage office a. the raceway shall include ____. All lights and any receptacles adjacent to the mirror(s) and above the dressing table counters in dressing rooms of theaters shall be controlled by wall switches installed in the ____. 100 mm 135. I. Electrical non-metallic tubing is permitted to be used in sizes up to ____. 139. I and II d. 138. clothes washes lll. I only b. an equipment grounding conductor III. I and III only d. Which of the following is not a true statement concerning an equipment grounding conductor? I. grounded by fittings used for suspension or attachment of the rail II. under certain conditions. 134. grounded by a bonding conductor to a waterpipe lll. I only b. I and II only c. shall be installed in different raceways a. a fire alarm system c. functionally associated d. 80 mm d. dressing rooms b. refrigerator ll. I. I only b. Where rigid PVC conduit is used as a raceway system in bulk storage plant wiring. none of these a. none of these a. In a recreational vehicle. induction d. sides d. which major appliance. I only b. I and II only c. Induction generating equipment on systems with significant ___ may become self-excited upon loss of primary source and experience severe over-voltage as a result. 25 mm b. gas range equipment 133. II only c. effectively grounded at the x’former 140. one size of equipment grounding conductors shall be increased to compensate for voltage drop IV. A crane rail when used as a conductor shall be _____. II only d.131. IV only a. voltage b. All devices excluding panelboards provided with terminals for the attachment of conductors and intended for connection to more than one side of the circuits shall have ____ properly marked for identification. equipment grounding conductors may be required to be larger than circuits conductors II. . amperage c. conductors b. a bushing with double locknuts IV. Class I circuits and power supply circuits shall be permitted to occupy the same raceway only where the equipment powered is ____. under certain conditions. II only c. II and III a. IV only a. l. a. equipment grounding conductors may be run in parallel III.

141. Because aluminum is not a magnetic metal, there will be ___ present when aluminum conductors are grouped in a wireway.

a. no heat due to voltage b. no heating due to hysteresis c. no induced currents d. none of these

146. The neutral of a solidly grounded neutral system shall be permitted to be grounded at more than one point for ____.
l. transformers supplying conductors to a building or other structure ll. underground circuits where the neutral is exposed lll. overhead circuit installed outdoors

a. I only b. II only c. III only d. I, II and III a. I only b. II only c. III only d. IV only a. I and II only b. II and IV only c. I and III only d. III only a. 120A b. 80A c. 40A d. 100A

142. Each switchboard, switchboard section, or panelboard, if used as service equipment, shall be provided with ____.
I. a main bonding jumper II. a power circuit III. a battery charging panel IV. a 4-wire delta connected system

a. I only b. II only c. III only d. IV only a. I only b. II only c. III only d. IV only a. I only b. II only c. III only d. I, II, III & IV a. splices boxes b. arms and stems c. pancake boxes d. none of these

147. Where extensive metal in or on buildings may become energized and is subject to personal contact ___ will provide additional safety
I. adequate bonding and grounding II. bonding III. suitable ground detectors IV. none of these 148. Color braid of flexible cord used to identify the use of the grounded conductor shall be finished to show a ___ color, and the braid on the other conductor or conductors finished to show a readily distinguishable solid color or colors. l. white ll. green lll. gray lV. Light blue

143. When a diesel engine is used as the prime mover of a generator to supply emergency power, how much of site fuel is requested?
I. one-half hour of fuel supply II. one hour of fuel supply III. two hours of fuel supply IV. three hours of fuel supply 144. Where the premises wiring system has feeders supplied from more than one nominal voltage system, ungrounded conductor of a feeder where accessible, shall be identified by means of ______.
I. by separate color coding II. marking tape III. tagging IV. other approved means

149. A three-phase general purpose squirrel cage motor draws a full load current of 40A. What is the maximum size of time delay fuse that may be used for short circuit protection

145. Splices and taps shall not be located within fixture ____.

150. What is the maximum allowable voltage drop from the main circuit breaker to the farthest lamp load

a. 10% b. 5% c. 2% d. 3%

101) 102) 103) 104) 105) 106) 107) 108) 109) 110) 111) 112) 113) 114) 115) 116) 117) 118) 119) 120) 121) 122) 123) 124) 125)

d c d d a d c c a d d b b b d d b c c c d c c c b

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d c d c d a d b b c a c d a b b a c d b d a c b b

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151. Switches, flashers, and similar devices controlling transformers shall be either rated for controlling inductive load(s) or have an ampere rating not less than ___ the ampere rating of the transformer.

a. 100% b. 125% c. 200% d. 300%

156. DC conductors used for electroplating shall be protected from overcurrent by ____. l. a current sensing device which operates a disconnecting means ll. fuses or circuit breakers lll. other approved means 157. Equipment having an open-circuit voltage exceeding ___ volts shall not be installed in dwelling occupancies.

a. II only b. I & II only c. II & III only d. I, II & III a. 1000 b. 460 c. 600 d. 208

152. Solid dielectric insulated conductors operated above 2000 volts in permanent installations shall have ozone-resistant insulation and shall be ____.

a. covered b. protected c. shielded d. surface mounted a. 40 b. 50 c. 70 d. 80

153. The ampacity requirement of xray equipment shall be based on ___ percent of the momentary rating of the equipment.

158. Two-wire DC circuits used in DC system grounding in an integrated electrical system shall be permitted to be ____.

a. ungrounded b. uninsulated c. over 600v d. none of these a. bare copper b. covered metal c. bare aluminum d. covered a. I only b. II only c. III only d. I, II &

154. A grounding electrode conductor shall not be required for a system that supplies a ____ circuit and is derived from a transformer rated not more than 1000 va.

a. Class I b. Class II c. Class III d. all of these

159. Type USE service entrance cable, identified for underground use in a cabled assembly, may have a _____ concentric.

155. Motion picture projectors are ____. I. covered under theater and similar locations in the Code II. not covered in the Code III. covered in their own section of the Code IV. part of the section in the Code on motion picture studios

a. I only b. II only c. III only d. IV only

160. Each fixture of each secondary circuit of tubing for electric-discharge lighting system, having an open-circuit voltage of 1000 volts, shall have clearly legible marking reading ____. l. “Caution 1000 volts” ll. “Caution High Voltage” lll. “Danger High Voltage”

125 b. Thermoplastic insulation stiffen at temperature colder minus ____ degrees C requiring is exercised during installation at temperature. In motion-picture studios. At what angle does a header attach to a floor duct? a. 125 a. auto fuse c. overcurrent c. 250. III only d. 5 b. I.161. . a. branchcircuit a. feeder conducts to the stage may be protected. at a maximum value of ____ percent. circuit breaker a. The equipment grounding conductor in type NM cable for 15. short circuit and ground fault protection and motor overload protection shall be permitted to be combined in a single protection device where the rating or setting of the device provides the ____ protection. 165. 30 166. approved c. none of these a. 15 d. may than care such 170. For cord and attachment. and it also prevents continued flow of follow current while remaining capable of repeating these functions. 250 c. two or more d. service a. A buildings shall be permitted to have ____ set of service-entrance conductors which are tapped from one service drop. plugcord connected motor-compressor and equipment on 15 or 20 ampere branchcircuits. 125. a. overload d. 10 c. straight c. 164. 400 d. Service heads for conductors shall be ____. fuse d. 500 169. one b. IV only a. rainproof d. 250. 163. 200 b. must be the same size as the insulated circuit conductors III. II only c. may be at least one size smaller than the insulated circuit conductor II. A ____ is a protective device for limiting surge voltages by discharging or bypassing surge current. fixed or portable. 125. water-tight 162. right angle d. no 168. 20 and 30 ampere branch circuits ___. two c. surge arrester b. Motor branch-circuit. shall be ____. permanently wired d. I only b.weatherproof c. Every electric sign of any type. is required only with aluminum cable IV. 250 c. combined overload b. electrically isolated a. rain-tight b. none of these 167. with respect to ampacity. listed b. 250 d. parallel b. the rating of the attachment plug and receptacle shall not exceed 20 amperes at ___ volts or 15 amperes at ____ volts.

arc c. III only d. III only d. 100 173. temperature rise d. C II. used. III only d. IV only a. 30 c. Signs operated by electronic or electromechanical controllers located external to be sign shall have a disconnecting means located ____. that permitted for the adjacent insulated conductors . III only d. 20 b. 135 d. the raised floor is of suitable construction and the under-floor area is accessible a. both I and II d. the outdoor receptacle outlet maybe connected to one of the required small appliance circuits 177. A 240 volts single-phase room air conditioner shall be considered as a single motor unit if its rating is not more than ____ amps. II only c. 500 b. heat b. 60 deg. II and III a. 20 d. only in the controller IV. 18 c. I. IV only 180. I. 50 176. a. neither I nor II a. II only c. the instructions given by the authority having jurisdiction IV. 100 b. a. the job specifications II. 16 b. 178. Metallic enclosures of reactors and adjacent metal parts shall be installed so that the ____ from induced circulating currents will not be hazardous to personnel or constitute a fire hazard. II only c. fumes a. I. I only b. The ampacity of capacitor circuit conductors shall not be less than ___ percent of the rated current of the capacitor. or both. Which of the following statements about the connection of small appliance receptacle outlet at a dwelling is (are) correct? I. provided _____. I only b.171. the instructions included in the listing or labeling a. I. 174. Cables and receptacles associated with the information technology equipment shall be permitted under a raised floor. IV only 175. 300 c. 150 179. II only c. 24 172. II only c. in accordance with _____. I. Cells in jars of conductive materials shall be installed in trays of non-conductive materials with not more than ___ cells in the series circuit. I only b. Silicone rubber insulated fixture wire SF-1 should be limited to use where the voltage does not exceed ___ volts. their ampacities are limited to ____. within sight of the controller III. 125 c. . 90 deg. I only b. ventilation in the under-floor area is used only for information technology equipment lll. within sight of sign II. C IV. 200 d. Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed. C III. only external to the controller a. opening in raised floors for cables protect cables from abrasions II. 40 d. 75 deg. the plans III. I only b. the refrigerator can be plugged into it II. a. When bare grounded conductors are used with insulated conductors.

Fixtures shall be so constructed or installed that adjacent combustible material will not be subjected to temperature in exceed of ____ degrees C. transition assembly b. Power feed. temperature b. 185. insulated. a. I only b. II and II only c. derangement of emergency source ll. where practicable to indicate ____. 75 b. two duplex d. that the battery is not functioning lll. 20-30-40 184. other than built-in are not considered portable if cord connected? 188. II only c. 125 183. I and III c. The grounding electrode conductor shall be ___ and shall be installed in one continuous length without a splice or joint. Branch circuits supplying two or more outlets for fixed space heating equipment in a dwelling shall be rated at ____ amperes. raceway c. 15-20-30-40 c. Each patient bed in a critical care area shall be provided with a minimum of ____ receptacles(s). I. Class II. none of these a. refrigerators b. a. and shield system connection between the FCC system and other wiring systems shall be accomplished in a ____. 80 c. 100 d. l. clothes washers d. With consideration to mobile homes. Class II. electrical continuity c. solid or stranded lll. covered or bare 189. that the battery is carrying load 190. I. trench d. one duplex b. Division I III. 90 c. Field bends or modifications shall be so made that the ____ of the cable tray system and support for the cables shall be maintained. Class I. 140 186. II only a. IV only a. a. solid ll. II and III 187. Audible and visual signal devices shall be provided. water heater a. strength d. I only b. range equipment c. II and III d. Division II II. rigidity . l. III only d. 15-20-25-30 b. six 182. grounding connection. I and II only d. which of the following major appliances. a. 15-20-30 d. Storerooms and similar areas adjacent to aircraft hangars but effectively isolated shall be designated ____. 25 b.181. 185 d. Conductors supplying several motors shall have an ampacity equal to the sum of the full-load current rating of all the motors plus ___% of the highest rated motor in the group a. single c. Division II IV. I only b. shall not be classified a.

199. clamped d. Conductor overload protection is not required if ____. ___ at the building site. Which one is this? I. 8 mm d. 30 d. through floors or partitions a. neither a nor b a. and ventilation or air-handling ducts shall be so made that the possible spread of fire or products of combustion will not be ____. soldered 192. II only c. l. III only d.191. in unfinished basements. conductors are part of a limitedenergy circuit III. 15 b. taped b. I only b. breaker c. conductors are oversized by 125% II. a. 3000 volt-ampere IV. fuse b. I only b. I only b. in transit lll. interruption of the circuit can create a hazard IV. allowed c. In wiring using rigid metal conduits. 20 c. either a or b d. IV only a. Protection shall be provided for exposed conductors and equipment during process of manufacturing. underrated 198. III only d. III only d. I only b. where subject to corrosive vapor IV. II and III a. none of the above 194. 1500 volt-ampere III. II only c. IV only 195. IV only a. switch 196. substantially increased b. where exposed to corrosive vapors III. I. conduit smaller than ____ shall not be used. 15 b. 197. a. exposed d. Electrical installations in hollow spaces. II only c. A branch circuit feeding a sign which has a combination of lamps and transformers shall not exceed the rating of ____ amps. a. I. Determine the minimum appliance and laundry load required for a dwelling unit I. 4000 volt-ampere II. packaging a. 25 mm 193. Each commercial building and each commercial occupancy accessible to pedestrians shall have at least one outside sign outlet branch circuit rated at ____ amps. The words “thermally protected” appearing on the nameplate of a motor or motor compressor indicate that the motor is provided with a _____. vertical shafts. a. III only d. 20 c. 15 mm b. Knob and tube wiring splices shall be ____ unless approved devices are used. 50 200. attics or roof spaces II. II only c. erection ll. 2000 volt-ampere . bolted c. The uses of non-metallic extensions are NOT allowed in all but one of the following. 32 mm c. thermal protector d.

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must be same material III. switching surges ll. none of these a. a. 115/230v single-phase 207. and associated fittings. automatic 208. MI cable. where supplied by transformers if the transformer supply system exceeds 250v to ground a. approved b. I. l only b. II only c. 204. I only b. I. Concealed knob-and-tube wiring shall not be used in the hollow space of walls. 13 202. cable tray system . I. where supplied by transformers if the transformer supply system is ungrounded lll. a. l. must be same length IV. II. 120/240v single-phase IV.75 conductor lll. flat cable assembly b. or III a. I only b. IV only 206. I. Metal oxide surge arrester ratings are based on the magnitude and duration of overvoltage at the arrester location as affected by ____. accessible d. not be more than 600 volts ll. ll only d. l. 209. be permitted in same raceway whether AC or DC current 210. ll and lll a. ceilings and attics where such spaces ____. I. I only b. IV only a. are insulated by loose or rolled insulation material III. II only c. 120/208v three-phase III. System grounding techniques lll. l. III only d. multi-outlet assembly d. bends in the radius of the inner edge of any bend shall not be less than ___ times the external diameter of the metallic sheath for cable not more than 25mm in external diameter. 11 c. ll and lll a. are not fire rated for 3 hours IV. I only b. l and ll only c.201. . forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways is a ___. exceed 30 degrees C II. lll only d. ___ devices providing equivalent overcurrent protection in closed-loop power distribution systems shall be permitted as a substitute for fuses or circuit breakers. listed c. offset b. ll only c. l only b. 10 b. center point d. 120/240v three-phase II. III only d. wireway c. All of the following about paralleling conductors are true except ____. II only c. 12 d. IV only 205. A unit or assembly of units or sections. are not ventilated a. must terminate in the same manner II. must be enclosed in the same raceway 203. where installed as overhead conductors outside of buildings II. III only d. III only d. not exceed 7 amps overcurrent protection for 0. phase-to-ground faults a. ___ is the distance measured along the enclosure wall from the axis of the centerline of the terminal to a line passing through the center of the opening in the enclosure. II only c. radius c. AC circuits of less than 50 volts shall be grounded under which of the following? I. . Nonpower-limited fire protective signaling circuits shall ____. Distribution system for mobile home parks shall be ____.

classified 217. l. must be provided with an automatic means for starting II. both l and ll d. The installation shall comply with which of the following? I. a. l. other than fixed. For emergency systems. lll and lV 220. light fixture b. Pressure connectors 213. where dual supplies are used lll. I. Fixed electric space heating equipment requiring supply conductors with over ____ insulation shall be clearly and permanently marked. lll only b. shall be permitted to be connected by flexible cord to permanently installed receptacles. II and III a. ll only d. lll and lV only d. panel. Only wiring methods consisting of ___ shall be installed in ducts or plenums used for environmental air. Transformer enclosures lll. l. external b. I. outlet 214. 90 C o o o o 216. l. clamps ll. I only b. log c. the wiring will not be exposed to mechanical damage II. ll and lll 215. lll. a. II and III a. electric equipment located within 1. the authority having jurisdiction shall conduct or witness a test on the complete system upon installation and periodically afterward. The service conductors shall be connected to the service disconnecting means by ____ or other approved means. 60 F b. must be provided with an automatic means of transferring from one fuel supply to another. written record d. 60 C d. type NMC lll. a. or strip carrying a number of infrared lampholders shall be considered a (an) ____. readily identified b. readily accessible external d. l and ll only b. ground-fault circuit-interrupters ll. II only c. ll. appliance c. Each section. an isolated c. shall be the maximum setting possible. The prime mover of an emergency generator set ____. l only b. I. Attachment plugs shall be of a listed grounding type 15 or 20 Amps. easily sighted d. neither l or ll 212. III only d. type MI lV. 218. must have an on-site fuel supply sufficient to operate the prime mover at full demand for 2 hours a. ll and lll only c.211. l.500mm of the inside wall of the pool . The following pool equipment shall be grounded ___. chart a. flexible metallic cable a. II only c. EMT ll. ll only c. l. The rating of an adjustable trip circuit breaker having ___ means for adjusting the current setting (long-time pick-up setting). 75 C c. flexible cord shall be hard-service type 219. All boxes and enclosures for emergency circuits shall be marked so they will be ___ as a component of an emergency circuit. I only b. accessible a. l. a. Individual showcases. recognized c. III only d. A ___ shall keep of such tests. ll and lll only c. receptacle d. report b.

224. not be permitted d. II or III a. 300 b. ll and lll .be grounded c. a. ll only c. not be grounded b. l. The protective devices shall be capable of detecting and interrupting all values of current which can occur at their location in excess of their trip setting or ___. varying duty c. a means for absorbing any gases generated by arcing inside the case ll.221. audio signal generation a. l and lll only d. continuous duty d. permanent d. 500 225. data processing lll. 230. lll only d. l. l. a. 180 226. l. I or II only b. capacity a. ll. 120 d. 100 b.transportable c. refrigeration systems a. and lll a. the pressure-relief vent shall be connected to a flue that will carry such gases outside the building lll. 400 d. 500 c. boiling point ll. I. 60 b. and lll 228. sewerage disposal ll. short-time duty b. temporary 222. Legally required standby systems are typically installed to serve loads such as ___. The terminals of an electricdischarge lamp shall be considered energized where any lamp terminal is connected to a circuit of over ____ volts. Melting point lll. ll only c. ll. 200 c. 600 223. a. I or III only c. Mobile x-ray equipment is mounted on a ____ base with wheels and/or casters for moving while completely assembled. shall ____. ll and lll only c. l. I only d. In all cases the work space in front of electrical equipment shall permit at least a ___ degree opening of equipment doors or hinged panels. lll only d. a. Any motor application shall be considered as ___ unless the nature of the apparatus it drives is such that the motor will not operate continuously with load under any condition of use. 90 c. not be required to be grounded 229. A system of two-wire DC operating at greater than 50v but not greater than 300 volts. Speech-input systems lll. periodic duty a. electronic organs ll. l. portable b. An askarel-insulated transformer installed in a poorly ventilated place shall be furnished with ___. 227. l only b. 300 d. Storage batteries for diesel engine drives for fire pumps shall be ___mm above the floor. The PEC covers _____. the pressure-relief vent shall be connected to chimney that will carry such gases outside the building. l only b. l and ll only b. l.

rigid nonmetallic b. balanced d. need not be grounded a. the floor area shall be computed from the ____ dimensions of the building. provided the 2 ampacity is equivalent to a ____ mm wire. 2. 25 amp c. ceramic c. The minimum size conductor for lighting elevator circuits traveling 2 cables is ____ mm . The minimum size conductor permitted in parallel for elevator 2 lighting is ____ mm . Which of the following is not a standard classification for a branch circuit supplying several loads? 235. orangeburg d. inside b.231. 25 d. Division I c. neither a or b a.0 239. a. all of these 236. a. Division II d. 50 amp 233. Connections from headers to cabinets and other enclosures in cellular concrete floor raceways shall be made by means of ____ raceways and approved fittings. 35 240. 238. 1. Class II. outside c.0 c. Class III.80. 0. 2. 1. a. PVC b. a. metal listed c. Class I. 232.75 . need to be insulated d.25. 234. 3. Transformers rated over ___ KV shall be installed in a vault. 10 b. Cases of frames of current transformers. non-metallic d.25 b. need to be isolated c. 0. 2. in direct contact with the earth. Class II. 12 1/2 c. The neutral of feeders supplying solid-state. 20 amp b. Division I a. Locations where combustible dust is normally in heavy concentrations are designated as ____. need to be grounded b. non-currentcarrying c.0 c. a. 0. 0. rigid metal conduit a.6 d. ______ shall be permitted to be installed in concrete. a. either a or b d. currentcarrying b. 2.0 b.80. 30 amp d.5 d. isolated 237. 3-phase. or in areas subject to severe corrosive influences where protected by corrosion protection and judged suitable for the condition. the primaries of which are not over 150 volts to ground and which are used exclusively to supply current to meters ___. 1.50. When determining the load on the “volt-amps per square meter” basis. Division II b. 4-wire dimming systems shall be considered a ___ conductor.

damp or wet location ll. a. I only b. 22 b. ll only c. 100 c. I & III b. where exposed to gases. l and ll d. II & IV c. bonded a. metal hood a. l and lll 242. l only b. 14 d. 250 d. l. II only c. a. Where storage batteries are used for emergency systems they shall be ____. I. l. fumes. ll and lll c. 248. I. legibly & durably marked III. none of these a. vapors. more than 50% c. a.0 . For banks and office buildings. lll only b. 11 va/m d. ll and lll d. guard c. 125% 250. polarity d. line 246. EMT ll. ___mm and larger grounding electrode conductors shall be protected where exposed to severe physical damage. identified for grounding purposes. shall be protected in ____. phase b. or other agents a. rigid metal conduit 243. II. the receptacle loads shall be calculated to be the larger of _____. 10 va/m 245. liquids. IV only a. 2 a. alkali or acid type III. All buildings or portions of buildings or structure designed or intended as a place of assembly shall have ____ or more persons. 8. If a protective device rating is marked on an appliance. I. neither I nor II IV. A stage switchboard that is not completely enclosed dead-front and dead-rear or recessed into a wall shall be provided with ____ extending the full length of the board to protect all equipment on the board from falling objects. 8 va/m 2 2 249. the branch circuit over-current device rating shall not exceed ____ the protective device rating marked on the appliance. 500 c. Unless identified for use in the operating environment . no conductors or equipment shall be located in ____ having deteriorating effect on the conductors or equipment. 9 va/m b. where subject to physical damage. II & III d. III only d. 30 c. provided with automatic battery charging means II. IMC lll. 50 b. I. 80% d.241. angle c. & III a. II. Steel cable trays shall be used as equipment grounding conductors for circuits protected that cable tray & fittings shall be ______. mesh net d. No grounded conductor shall be attached to any terminal or lead so as to reverse designated ___. both I and II 247. 244. Service entrance cables. l. cover b. at all 2 2 b.

92. 50) 223) d (Ref: pp.2(e)(note) pp.3. 768) (Ref: 6.0.2 pp.0. 1258-59) 221) c (Ref: Table 4. 386) 207) d (Ref: 3.1. 1001) (Ref: 2.20.10. 66) (Ref: 2.2 FPN pp. 1210) 224) b (Ref: 2.1(c) pp.8(a-c) pp. 1178) (Ref: 4.22. 530) (Ref: 7.3 pp.1 (a) pp.3(5) pp. pp.2. 766) (Ref: 3. 1231) (Ref: pp. pp. 1008) (Ref: 2.1.11 pp.6(b) pp. pp. 348) (Ref: 2.2. 199) 202) d (Ref: 5.20.20. 686) 222) b (Ref: 1.1 pp.22(b) pp. 429) 209) d (Ref: 7.10.1. 623) (Ref: 7.50.15(b)(4)c pp.10.0. 1347) 220) d (Ref: 6.1. 1338) (Ref: 4.3. 540) 211) c (Ref: 4. 333) 208) a (Ref: 3.1. 615) 219) d (Ref: 7.3 pp.1.22. 67) (Ref: 6. 326) 216) c (Ref: 7.6 pp.2(a) pp.4(d) pp.12 pp. 525) 206) a (Ref: d (Ref: 2. 635) 215) c (Ref: 3.4 pp. 150) (Ref: pp. 1071) 203) d (Ref: 37) (Ref: pp. pp. pp.58.1 pp. 1353) (Ref: 2.3. 99) (Ref: 5.1.1178) (Ref: 3.40.3 pp.6(b)(2) FPN pp.2(a)(1) pp. 172) 205) d (Ref: pp.0.2.2 pp. 102) (Ref: 4.2.2. 1344) 213) a (Ref: 2.6. 1395-96) 210) b (Ref: 3. 1347) (Ref: 2.7.6 pp. pp.80.50.1. 219) . pp. 1342) 217) c (Ref: 2.1(a) pp.1(2)(b) pp. 248) 226) 227) 228) 229) 230) 231) 232) 233) 234) 235) 236) 237) 238) 239) 240) 241) 242) 243) 244) 245) 246) 247) 248) 249) 250) c d a c c d d b a d a b b b b d d c c a c d c b a (Ref: 6.32. 316) (Ref: 3. 169) 214) b (Ref: 4.1. 189) 225) b (Ref: 2.3 (a) pp. 257) 204) b (Ref: 2.2. 502) (Ref: 6.1(c) pp. 251) (Ref: 806) (Ref: 2. 156) 218) d (Ref: 4.12(d) pp.11(a) pp.1.1(b) pp.60.3 pp.4(b) FPN #2 pp. 633) (Ref: 1.5 pp.5(c)(1) pp. pp. 644) 212) a (Ref: pp.

flame retardant ll. excluding moisture III. not buried more than 300mm 259. IV only a. In grounded system. When derating the ampacity of multi-conductor cables to be installed in cable tray. III only d. the conductor that connects the circuit grounded conductor at the service and/or the equipment grounding conductor to the grounding electrode is called the ____. ll and lll 252. lounges lll. main grounding conductor II. 8 times b. grounded 258. a. unbalanced c. l. I only b. I. l. 48 times 254. a. II only c. preventing passage of gas or vapor II. the ampacity duration shall be based on ____. fungus resistant lV. 36 times d. For straight pulls. grounded conductor c. 253. ll and lll b. all of these 260.251. bonding jumpers d. a. D b. Expansion joints and telescoping sections of raceway shall be made electrically continuous by equipment ____ or other means approved for the purpose. ll and lll only c. l only b. II only c. equipment grounding conductor IV. a. limiting a possible explosion IV. the length of the box shall be not less than ___ the outside diameter. II only c. over sheath. none of these a. buried at least 150mm IV. corrosion resistant V. of the largest conductor or cable entering the box on system over 600 volts. III only d. preventing escape of powder. I. The neutral feeder conductor must be capable of carrying the maximum ____ load. both l and ll a. Sealing compound is employed with mineral-insulated cable in a class I location for the purpose of ____. extended beyond the outside walls of a building III. III only d. Which of the following are not classified patient care areas? l. encased II. the total number of current carrying conductors in the cable. I. 6 times c. I only b. I only b. M c. either l or ll d. IV only . day rooms ll. N 256. moisture resistant lll. Underground cable installed under a building shall be in a raceway that is ____. ll only b. grounding electrode conductor a. l. business offices a. l and lll c. V 257. lll and lV d. ll. common main grounding conductor III. 255. The following letter suffixes shall indicate the following: ____ for two insulated conductors laid parallel within an outer non-metallic covering. grounding conductors b. The overall covering for type NMC cable shall be ____. ll only c. demand d. connected b. the total number of current carrying conductors in the cable tray ll. R d. IV only a. lll only d.

Division I locations it is permissible to use _____. Floor boxes shall be considered to meet the requirement of the spacing receptacles on walls if they are ____. boxes. none of these a.5 sq.0 sq. 50 b. 70 c. a. The Code provides that unshielded lead-in conductors of amateur transmitting stations shall clear the building surface which is wired over by a distance not less than ____ mm. Division II c. 5 d. Class II. 20 d. l and lll only d. l. ll and lll only c. 3 263. Division I d. 262. 125 d. treated as source of heat d. flexible metal conduit d. 75 d. ll only b. 3. a. Division I a. Tap conductors for household cooking equipment supplied from a 50 amp branch circuit shall have an ampacity of not less than ____. or fittings where ____ or smaller conductors are used and protected as required. all of these 268. 2 b. 48 266. rigid metal conduit b. 42 d. 150 267.0 sq. Class II. 8. Division II b. close to the wall d. 269. In a commercial garage the pit shall be classified ___ unless provisions are made for six air changes per hour. w/in 600mm of the wall b. Each doorway leading into a vault from the building interior shall be provided with a tight fitting door having a minimum fire rating of ____ hours. by enclosing in metal c. In closed construction in a manufactured building. 4 c.261. 265. Ground clamps shall be approved for general use without protection or shall be protected ____. 30 c. 80 . Auxiliary equipment for electricdischarge lamps shall be enclosed in non-combustible cases and ___. Class I. EMT c. w/in 450mm of the wall c. a. a. not over 1500w c. 38 b. l. ll and lll a. a.5 sq. cables shall be permitted to be secured only at cabinets. b. The maximum allowable number of overcurrent device in a lighting & appliance branch circuit panel board shall be ____. 2. For general wiring in Class I. by enclosing in wood 270. not over 75mm away b. by equivalent protective covering a. 264. Class I. 100 c. none of these a.

l. 6 b. 1250 273. I. enough d. 2 d. a running position lll. shall have ____. 1200 b. 5. The ampacity for the supply conductors for a resistance welder with a duty cycle of 15% and a primary current of 21 amps is ____ amps. Tap conductors in a metal raceway for recessed fixture connections shall be limited to ___ mm in length. III only d. 4 c. a. a. ungrounded conductors that are opened simultaneously c. I only b. 9. no c. an “off position” ll. ll and lll 279. either l or ll d. l. The connection of a grounding electrode conductor to a driven ground rod is ____. serving more than one motor-compressor and other loads. II only c. load of _____ volt-amps per square meter shall be included in the load calculation. A multi-wire branch circuit may supply ____. to be installed without b. required to be readily accessible IV. 8 278. where the actual numbers of general purpose receptacle outlets are unknown.19 c. The number of square feet that each made plate electrode should present to the soil is ____.L. both l and ll a. 40 272. F. l only b.67 276. both l and ll d. 8. 2 275. an additional. 15 d. 1800 d. I. at least one starting position a. 1500 c. ll only 274. l. ll only c. l and ll only d. a. 30 c.271. a continuous duty. ll only c. required to be visible II. neither l nor ll a. none of these 280. l only b. required to be accessible III. l only b. a. not required to be accessible 277. A controller for a motorcompressor. a locked-rotor current rating not less than the combined load a. 0 d. a. In an industrial commercial building. masonry tile or similar wall. 4 c.45 b. The maximum rating of a plug fuse is ____ amps. only one utilization equipment ll. An autotransformer starter shall provide ___.72 d. . Non-metallic cabinets in a wet location shall be permitted ___ airspace between concrete. rating II. 20 b. 8 b. 6. IV only a.C.

5 285. I only b. locked d. The minimum thickness of the sealing compound in Class I. an underflow raceway b. voltage surges a. down c. shut-off 287. 290. 282. Single conductors in a cable tray shall be securely bound in circuit groups to prevent ____ due to faultcurrent magnetic forces unless single conductors are cabled together. IV only a. current unbalance b. or inside ____ of the service conductors. a header c.5 c. I. 2. 125 d. The maximum size of receiving station outdoor antenna conductor. a. 100 c. 200 286. When a controller is not within sight from the motor location the disconnect shall be capable of being ___ in the open position. furnishing access to predetermined cells of a precast cellular concrete floor. II only c. excessive movement d.0 b. is called ____. 300 283. The service disconnecting means shall be installed at a readily accessible location either outside of a building or structure. 450 c. 16 c. the box c. nearest the point of entrance b. 650 b. a. The branch circuit conductors to one or more units of a data processing system shall have an ampacity of what percent of the total connected load? a. such as triplexed assemblies. a mandrel 288. 284. which permits installation of conductors from a distribution center to the floor cells. 289.0 d. 500 d.281. fibers and flying are present IV. 45. none of these a. 18 . 45. Class II hazardous location is where ____. 2. 10. Which of the following statements about MI cable is correct? I. A transverse metal raceway for electric conductors. Receptacles located over ___ mm above the floor are not counted in the required number of receptacles along the wall. gases and vapors are present II. 1500mm distance d. it may be used in any hazardous location II. IV only a. it may be mounted flush on supporting surfaces in a wet location a. II only c. combustible dust is present III. it shall be securely supported at intervals not exceeding 3 meters IV. inductive reactance c. 3. Division I and II locations shall not be less than the trade size of the conduit and in no case less than ____ mm. shall be at least ___ square mm if a copper-clad steel conductor is used. I only b. a single run of cable shall not contain more than the equivalent of 4 quarter bends III. a cellular raceway d. where the span is ___ m. a. 22 b. III only d. 3. radioactive materials is present a. up b. 30 d. 10. III only d. 80 b.

installation of the feeders c. III only d. hatchway c. l. ___ means shall be provided to hold the blades in the open position when so set. greater than 298. 50 c. removal of the feeders d. 295. a. Multi-outlet assembly may be used ____. copper 297. 70 d. well hole d. all of these such as household cooking equipment and electric clothes dryers shall be permitted to have an additional demand factor of ___ percent applied to the amount or portion determined by the basic calculation. a. rosette type 6 feet above the floor II. I. 80 a. l. all of these 251) a (Ref: 3. neither a nor b a. integrated mechanical d. 40 b. II only c. l. Fixtures or lampholders should have no live parts normally exposed to contact unless they are ___. in hoistways c. automatic c. less than lll. when there is evidence of damage III. drawings for feeder insulations shall be provided prior to the ____. completion of installation b. EMT IV. ll only 296. ll and lll a. l only b. Rigid nonmetallic conduit a. III only d. ll only c. both a and b IV. closed b. in dry location d. The grounding conductor for secondary circuits of instrument transformers and for instrument cases 2 shall not be smaller than 3. I only b. l or ll c.11(c) pp. I. at intervals not exceeding 3 months II. I. metal ll. 299. aluminum lll. Where a double-throw knife switch has a vertical throw. I only b. Tests are to be performed and made available to the inspector on all cords sets and receptacles used for temporary wiring on construction sites. rigid metal conduit ll. Which of the following is an acceptable wiring method for the forming shell for underground sound equipment? l. locking 292.5mm ____. equal to ll. lV only a.1. l or lll d. 294. l only b.291. Hoistway is a ___ in which an elevator or dumbwaiter is designed to operate. ll and lll only c. The rating of the surge arrester shall be ___ the maximum continuous phase-to-ground power frequency voltage.10. II and III 300. where concealed b. l only b. cleat type located at least 2400mm above the floor III. lll only d. in storage battery rooms a. shaftway b. All tests shall be performed _____. A service or feeder supplying loads 293. II only c. IV only a. before use on the construction site a. IMC brass lll. Where required. 338) . l. ll and lV d.

3 exc. 84) (Ref: Table 8.1 (a) pp.3.6(a) pp.1.40. 153) (Ref: 3.40.2 (b) pp. 107) (Ref: 3.2(a) pp.6.14. 252) (Ref: 4.4 pp. 198) (Ref: pp.1.15.3 pp. 597) (Ref: 8. 821) (Ref: 4.4(c) exc. 511) (Ref: 2. 437) (Ref: 5.80. 406) (Ref: exc. 181) (Ref: exc. 1453) (Ref: 2.20. 622) (Ref: 2.6(c)(3) pp.2.12.45. 770) (Ref: 4.6 pp. 1042) (Ref: 5.1.2. .1 pp.50.50. 748) (Ref: 2.17(b) pp. pp.4(b) pp. 100) (Ref: 6.2(a) pp.2.9 pp.8(a)(2) pp. 311) (Ref: pp.30. 621) (Ref: 2.10.1(c) pp. 77) (Ref: Table 6.20. 819) (Ref: 5.9 pp.1. 501) (Ref: 2.5(c) pp.5 pp. 227) (Ref: 5. 216) (Ref: 4. 257) (Ref: 6. pp 14) (Ref: 5.2 FPN pp.8(d) pp. 1448) (Ref: 5.1&2 pp. 1223) (Ref: 4.1.20. 1277) (Ref: 1. pp.3.10.3(a)(3) pp.15(b)(2)a pp. 67) (Ref: Table 826) (Ref: 3.3. 206) (Ref: 3.10 pp.3.4(c) pp.34. 428) (Ref: 2.1.3(a) pp. pp.1.1 def. 94) 276) b (Ref: 2.90.3(b)(3) pp.1. In commercial garages.1.2.9. 717) (Ref: 3.2. generally a.30. Class I.1.11.50. 531) (Ref: 5. 711) (Ref: 3.19(a) pp.30.252) 253) 254) 255) 256) 257) 258) 259) 260) 261) 262) 263) 264) 265) 266) 267) 268) 269) 270) 271) 272) 273) 274) 275) d d b d d b d c b c a b a b a d d c c b c c d a (Ref: 3.22(a) pp.1(a) pp.50.4(a)(1) pp. pp. 111) (Ref: 4.50. 606) (Ref: 2.50.22(b)pp.2(a) exc.1 pp. 383) 277) 278) 279) 280) 281) 282) 283) 284) 285) 286) 287) 288) 289) 290) 291) 292) 293) 294) 295) 296) 297) 298) 299) 300) c d c c c c c b b a a b a b c c c d d c b c c b (Ref: 2.2.2. 84) (Ref: 5.1 pp. 1207) (Ref: 4.3(a)(6) pp.1.10.1(a)(1) pp. 962) (Ref: 2.10. 222) 301. 806) (Ref: 3.1.2 pp.3.2(a) pp.1(a)(2) pp. 917) (Ref: 2. 580) (Ref: pp.1.6(b)(2)a3 pp 1144) (Ref: 2.5(c) pp.1. 346) (Ref: 2.

A single receptacle installed on a. Division I b. Division I d. 25 d. decreasing b. Division I a. 8. ll. lV only d. Division II d. ll. 115 a. What size grounding conductor is required for a 2-wire DC generator used in conjunction with balancer set to obtain neutrals for a 3-wire system equipped with overcurrent devices that will disconnect the 3-wire system in case of excessive unbalancing of voltages or current? 310. Division I 304. 75 c. a.5 sq mm Al a. 306. 2000 an individual branch circuit shall have a rating not less than ___ percent of the rating of the branch circuit. A disconnecting means serving a hermetic refrigerant motor compressor selected on the basis of the nameplate rated load current or branch circuit selection current. b. A surge arrester is a protective device for limiting surge voltages by ____ or bypassing surge current. Overcurrent protection for electric organ circuits shall not exceed ___ amps. Class I. limiting d. 100 d. 80 c. 20 c. Division I b. amount & kind of insulating liquid whereused. 50 311. 1750 d. a. none of these a. l. Temporary electrical power and a. ll only c. Class I. In using multiple grounding electrodes. 1650 c. l only b. 125 307. discharging c. 125 b. 80 c. 302. derating 303. rated kva. 100 d. 91 d. Class I. 90 .Impedance IV.0 sq mm Al d. 126 b. 5.Each transformer shall be provided with a nameplate giving the name of the manufacturer.the floor area to a level of 460mm above grade is designated as ___. 15 b. a. 8. Class II.frequencyIll. lll&lV 305. l. The hazardous area in a pit of a spray operation without proper vapor stop is classified as a ___ location.0 sq mm Cu b. required clearances for ventilating openings 309. Division II c. 1800 b. whichever is greater shall have an ampere rating of __% of the nameplate rated load current or branch circuit selection current. a. 14 sqmmCu c. Division II c. Class II. they shall be separated one from the other at ___ mm distance apart. Class III. The disconnecting means for a 50 hp three-phase 460v induction motor shall have an ampere rating of at least ____ amps. ___ if 25 kva and larger. Class II. 63 308.

15 I. may be spliced II. Class II. The grounding conductor shall be a. Class III. and lll a. perfluoro-alkoxy 316.000 315. 900 d. simultaneously as it disconnects the ungrounded conductors III. have drain holes positioned so there is no external obstructions II. I. current d. shall be removed from the raceway a. hi. I. Solid dielectric insulated conductors operated above 2000 volts in permanent installations shall have ___ insulation and shall be shielded.600 d. Class III. identified by ____. Locations in which ignitable fibers are stored are designated as ____. one continuous green color II. all of these 317. being bare III. I only 321. 314. Fixtures shall be wired with conductors having insulation suitable for the environment conditions and ___ to which the conductors will be subjected. II only c. 5. If the allowable current carrying a. may be reinsulated III. ll. nonhazardous a. In general.600 b. I only b. ozoneresistant b. 3. A switch or circuit breaker shall disconnect the grounded conductors of a circuit ___. 318. III only d. I only b. ll and lll only c. before it disconnects the ungrounded conductors IV. The space measured horizontally above a show window must have at least one receptacle for each ___ linear mm. Signs in wet locations shall be weatherproof and ____. Division 2 d. the voltage limitation between conductors in a surface metal raceway is ____ volts. 320. voltage c. IV only a. III only d. any of these b. in none of the above ways a. have at least one drain hole in every low point lll. l only d. 200 . 1000 312. 7. the circuit conductors supplying the outlet ____.temperature d.000 c. Division 1 c. by hand levers only II. IV only a. c. temperature b. may be handled like abandoned outlets on loop wiring IV. 313. III only d. Division 2 b. installations shall be permitted for a period not to exceed ___ days for holiday decorative lighting and similar purposes. 60 c. IV only a. II only c. I. 30 d. II only c. b. a continuous green color with one or more yellow stripes IV. 3. drain holes shall not be smaller than 15mm a. 600 c. 300 b. l and ll only b. When an outlet from an under-floor raceway is discontinued. asbestos 319.

10 d. all of these 324. 90 d. The equipment bonding jumper a. III only d. two or more 20 amp circuits for the small appliance circuits II. l. 50 b. 50 b. The Philippine Electrical Code is _____. 40 c. Optical fiber cables transmit light for ___ through an optical fiber. meant to be used as an instruction manual for untrained persons III. conductor supports shall be within 150mm of a tap lll. 1000 permitted to be installed in concrete. 330 d. 115 c. surface-type snap switches shall be mounted on insulating material 325. 328. one 20 amp circuit for the washing machine llI. one 20 amp circuit for the bathroom a. l and lll only d. IV only a. orangeburg 322. a. 326. PVC d.capacity of a conductor does not correspond to the rating of a standard size over-current device. 220 b. published by Bureau of Standards a. 550 329. 500 c. The feeder for six 20 amps receptacles supplying shore power shall be calculated at ____ percent of the sum of the rating of the receptacles. 800 d. communications b. A park trailer is one built on a single chassis mounted on wheels and having a gross trailer area not exceeding ___ square meter in the setup mode. 80 c. signaling c. a. corrosion protection c. ceramic 331. I only . l only b. ll and lll a. ll only c. l and ll only c. Health care low voltage equipment frequently in contact with bodies of persons shall not exceed ___ volts. the next larger size may be used provided the current does not exceed ___ amps. the practical safeguarding of persons and property IV. l. surface-type snap switches do not need boxes ll. b. II only c. 8 330. control d. ll and lll a. 660 c. Rigid metal conduit shall be a. I. Which of the following is/are correct about open wire systems on insulators? I. 20 323. The rating of a lampholder on a circuit which operates at a voltage less than 50 volts shall be at least ____ watts. 70 b. 30 d. a. in direct contact with the earth or in areas subject to severe influences where protected by ____ and judged suitable for the condition. b. I only b. l only b. I. 100 327. l and lll only d. In a dwelling the Code requires a minimum of ____. intended to be a design manual II.

word ground d. flame-retardant lll. 200 335. liquid-tight flexible metal conduit with approved fittings a. The overall covering of UF cable shall be ____. I. l. the conductor entrance hole shall be marked with the ____.manufacturer . GFCI a. Transformers over 112 1/2 kva shall not be within ___ mm of combustible material.on the supply side of the service is sized by the rating of the ___. moisture. 200 c. flexible metal conduit II. IV only a. ll. Knife switches rated for more than 1200 amperes at 250 volts ____. 300 d. II only c. I only b. 1500 b. hard usage cable IV. service entrance conductors III. including 341. overcurrent protective device II. b. fuses 339. circuit breakers c. In a Class II location. letter G b. l only b. letter GR c. l. should be placed so that gravity tends to close them IV. load to be served 332. l only c. a. 1200 c. All electric equipment. 400 c. IV only a. 100 b. l. used with storable pools shall be protected by ____. pipe lll. What is the minimum working clearance on a circuit 300 volts to ground. service drop IV. III only d. should be connected in parallel 340. 1000 337. A single electrode consisting of a ___ which does not have a resistance to ground of 25Ω or less shall be augmented by one additional electrode. or lll 334. 500 b. may be opened under load III. a. fungus and corrosion resistant a. III only d. I only b. type AC armored cable III. rod ll. are used only as isolating switches II. any of these 336. Signs and outline lighting system a. I. IV only a. 300 d. ll and lll 338. flexible connections at motors could be made with ____. where electrically-conducting dust is present. doubleinsulation d. exposed live parts on one side and grounded parts on the other side of the working space? 333. plate a. II only c. II only c. I. l and lll only d. ll only c. A thermal barrier shall be required if the space between the resistors and reactors and any conductor would be ___ mm and below. suitable for direct burial in the earth ll. III only d. lll only d. 400 power supply cords. l. If the terminal for the equipment grounding conductor is not visible on the receptacle. 1300 d. lll and ll only b. b.

75 342. 346. l. at FLC c. all of these permitted within a wirewayprovided they are accessible.11. The rating of an over-current device for a capacitor shall be ____ 345. intermittently.3(b)(3)(a) pp. underground d. neither l nor ll a. l and ll d. are not allowed to have the ampacity reduced II. the feeder conductors ___. IV only a. factoryinstalled c.shall be marked with ____ name b. ll only c. continuous 343. 900 mm c. may have an ampacity less than specified if acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. l only b. intermittent b. Which of the following is not required on a motor nameplate? a. The conductor including splices and taps shall not fill the wireway to more than ___ percent of its area at that point. 349. as low as practicable c. I only b. voltage and current d. varying c. 25 350. Torque motors are rated for operation ____. 917) . III only d. Escalator motors classified as ___ duty. watts d. if the equipment has been listed by a qualified electrical testing laboratory. shall be a. at full torque b. or from all motors not operating at one time. a portable machine used to shaped or form plastic ll.1. 800 mm d. not over 20A b. It is the intent of the Code that ____ wiring or the construction of equipment need not be inspected at the time of installation of the equipment. Must be sized no smaller than 125% of the largest motor connected to the feeder IV. 500 mm b. II only c. voltage 347. 80 c. Must be sized not smaller than 125% of the largest motor plus other loads. III. I. Where reduced heating of the conductors results from motors operating on duty-cycle. a. Industrial machinery is defined as ___. short-time d. none of these a. 125 d. at standstill d. factoryinstalled internal b. with code letter a. b. a. less than 50A d. The vertical clearance above the roof level shall be maintained for a distance of not less than _____ in all directions from the edge of the roof. a power-driven machine not portable by hand a. maker’s name c. raceway 344. 1000 mm 348. trademark c. horsepower b. Splices and taps shall be 301) b (Ref: 5.

13pp. 734) (Ref: 6. 614) (Ref: 6.1.2. 165) (Ref: 2.90.3. 518) (Ref: 5. 1133) (Ref: 7. 1230) (Ref: pp.5(d)(2) pp. 1413) 331) a (Ref: 2.1.1. 548) 330) d (Ref: 7.1.302) 303) 304) 305) 306) 307) 308) 309) 310) 311) 312) 313) 314) 315) 316) 317) 318) 319) 320) 321) 322) 323) 324) 325) a c d d c b d a a a d d a a d a c d a c d c b c (Ref: 2.50.9(b) pp.4.70.7(c) pp. 765) (Ref: 2.1(a)(1) pp. 4) .6.6 pp. 677) 349)b (Ref:4.14. 675) 343) b (Ref: 6.2.12 pp. 242) 341) d (Ref: 6.2(a)(1) pp. pp. 1146) 342) c (Ref: 4.33 pp.7(a) pp.13 pp.4(b)(3) pp.2.6. 334) (Ref: 2.50.70. 1140) (Ref: pp.1.5 pp. 688) 346) d (Ref: 3.4.6. 444) 334) c (Ref: 5.52.1(b)(2) pp. 766) 333) d (Ref: 3.9(d)(2)(3) pp.50.50.3 pp.0.50. 804) (Ref: 5.1.10. 75) (Ref: 5. 579) (Ref: 2.4(a) pp.11 pp. 1105) 328) c (Ref: pp.7 pp.7 pp. 1143) 348) c (Ref: 4.10.41(a) pp.13 pp.50.10 pp.11(c)(1-3) pp. 144) 345) b (Ref: 4. 1149) (Ref: pp.8(b)(2) pp.6 pp. 1278) 337) d (Ref: Table 1.1(b) pp.1.0.60. 249) (Ref: 5.2 pp.4(a) pp. 993) 326) b (Ref: pp.0. 237) (Ref: 3.3. 523) (Ref: 4. 1247) 344) b (Ref: 2. 807) (Ref: 4.76.80. 1367) (Ref: 5.7 pp.3 pp.1. 507) 347) d (Ref: 6.3.0. 218) 339) c (Ref: 4.17(3) pp. 256) (Ref: 4. 89) (Ref: 2.7(a) pp.40. 781) 340) d (Ref: 2. 44) 338) d (Ref: 2.1. 449) 327) b (Ref: 5.2.2 pp.2.5(a)(1) pp.1. 742) (Ref: pp.10.2 pp.3(b)(1) pp. 79) (Ref: 2. 583) 336) d (Ref: 6.1.47 pp.1.10. 228) 332) c (Ref: 4.5 pp.20. 777) 350) a (Ref: pp.3 pp. 218) (Ref: Table 4.50.3(b) pp. 853) 335) a (Ref: 1) 329) a (Ref: 3.90.

Cable tray system shall not be used in ____ or where subject to severe physical damage. 175% of the motor nameplate current II. For over 600v. 355. hazardous locations d. all of these 357. 200 d. 500mm b. a. at maximum b. 70 c. A night club lighting dimmer installed in an ungrounded conductor shall have overcurrent protection rated at no more than ___ percent. 80 d. I only b. installation b. hoistways c. a. a. 800mm 359. 600mm c.5mm fixture wire is ____ amps 2 354. rigid nonmetallic conduit b. The room is fire-rated construction. A cord connector that is supported by a permanently installed cord pendant shall be considered____. operating c. 70 c. receptacle outlet b. 150% of the motor nameplate current III. 125 356. the current at which the motor overload device is selected to trip a. a.351. 23 d. outlet device a. permanent cord c. connection c. IV only a. a. the motor branch circuit conductors shall have an ampacity not less than _____ I. One of the following wiring methods shall be required: 353. required . 140% of the full load current from the appropriate table IV. The minimum size service for a mobile home in a mobile home park is ____ amps. 80 b. 35 358. 20 b. The ampacity of a single 3. maintenance d. What is the minimum burial depth for rigid non-metallic conduit in a dispensing station Class I. A motel conference room is designed for the assembly of 100 or more persons. tunnels b. 100 352. MI cable c. available d. NMB cable a. 24 c. Equipment intended to break current at fault levels shall have an interrupting rating sufficient for the system voltage and the current which is ___ at the line terminals of the equipment. lighting outlet d. II only c. 700mm d. 600 volt systems a. non-metallic sheathed cable d. Division 1 location? 360. III only d. Busways rated over 600 volts shall have all conductor termination and connection hardware accessible for ____. 50 b.

3 369. Live parts exposed on the front of a switchboard are present. Other equipment that is located above or below the electrical equipment shall be permitted to extend not more than ____ mm beyond the front of the electrical equipment. metal ll. 750 370.8 d. a. 75 367. 1800 d. a. thirty d. 1 d. where the voltage on busbars is 250 volts and the bars are opposite polarity. ten b. The grounding conductor for secondary circuits of instrument transformers and for instrument cases shall not be smaller than 3. 1/8 b. lll only d. 25.5sqmm. 120 365. 620 d. 150 c. l. A portable motor which has an attachment plug and receptacle may use this type of attachment as the controller provided the motor does not exceed ____ hp. 20 c. Metal surface raceways having splices and taps shall be permitted as long as the splices and taps and conductors do not fill the raceway more than ____ percent of the area of the raceway at that point a. ll and lll c. lll only d. a.4 c. a. heating barrel a. 40 b. 31. 760 b. held free in air. a. ll only c. 50 c. 19. Examples of resistance heaters are ____ l. heating blankets ll. 2300 362.. 70 d. Alkali-type battery cells in jars of conductive material shall be installed in trays of nonconductive material with not more than ____ 24 volt cells in the series circuit in any one tray. 3000 c. the minimum spacing between the parts is ____mm. copper a. forty 364. 100 b. 500 c. 30 d. l and ll only b. twenty c. 12. 15 b. l. 1/3 c. heating tape lll. a. Circuits that only supply neon tubing installations shall not be rated in excess of ____ amperes. 2500 b. ll only 366.7 b. 50 368. l only b. For hallways of ____ mm or more in length at least one receptacle outlet shall be required. the working space in front of the switchboard shall not be less than ____ mm. a. ll or lll . 130 d.361. In panelboards. aluminumlll.1 363.

a. for concealed work d.371. 20 c. 2500 d. hexagonal d. EMT shall not be used _____. a surface-mounted or recessed fluorescent fixture lll. 900. All heating elements that are replaceable ____ and are a part of an electric heater shall be legibly marked with the rating in volts and watts. 150 d. 300 374. at least ____% of the sites shall be equipped with 50 ampere. 100 378. where protected from corrosion solely by enamel c. none of these . In a recreational vehicle park with electrical supply. 0 d. 900 c. 115 b. The lead wires of heating cables are color coded for ___ identification. a. ll and lll a. a. 377. octagonal b. 2 c. round 372. 375. 125/250 volt receptacles. pendant fixture a. No parts of pendants shall be located within a zone measured ____ mm horizontally and ____ mm vertically from the top of the bathtub rim. l. 2400 b. a surface-mounted or recessed incandescent fixture with a completely enclosed lamp ll. 1200. increase c. Plug fuses and fuseholders can be used in circuits supplied by a system having a grounded neutral and having no conductor at over ____ volts to ground. a. or in volts and amperes c. lead b. 2400 379. reduce b. maintain d. voltage c. none of these a. 70 d. none of these a. 5 b. 2400. 380. A current-limiting overcurrent protective device is devices which will ____ the current flowing in the faulted circuit. in the field d. Plug fuses must have what specific shape? a. l and ll only c. by the manufacturer 373. l and lll only d. cable a. l only b. the demand for the receptacles is _____ va per square meter. wire d. for exposed work b. 3200. 125 c. Fixtures in clothes closets shall be ____ l. An office is to be wired with the number of receptacles unknown. 8 376. square c. in the shop b. 4 b.

or both. a. none of these 387. sealing a. All types FCC cable connections shall use connections identified for their use. Where a motor is connected to a branch circuit by means of an attachment plug and receptacle and individual overload protection is omitted. 20 amp at 115 volts c. 80% c. installed such that ___ against dampness and liquid spillage are provided. Vegetation such as trees shall not be used for support of ____. the instructions by the authority having jurisdiction d. overhead conductor spans 390. the job specification b. SE cable used to supply ____ shall not be subjected to conductor temperature is excess of the temperature specified for the type of insulation involved a. 110 389. mechanical load b. appliance c. used. brackets or clamps c.these 381. electric signals c. electrical continuity ll. ll and lll a. lll only d. the rating of the attachment plug and receptacle shall not exceed ____ or 250 volts. the instructions included in the listing or labeling 385. 1800 c. 15 amp at 125 volts a. motors d. Fixtures shall be so constructed that adjacent combustible material will not be subject to temperature in excess of ____ degrees C. none of . l only b. a & b d. grounded conductor c. ungrounded conductor b. 125% b. 100% d. 1600 b. 15 amp at 110 volts b. lighting b. a. 60 b. Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed. 2200 d. Motor control circuit is the circuit of a control apparatus or system that carries the _____ directing the performance of the controller but does not carry the main power current. generators 384. 115% 386. in accordance with ____ d. l. lighting fixtures b. the plans c. An overcurrent trip unit of a circuit shall be connected in series with each _____ a. ll only c. a. Separation of junction box from motor shall be permitted to be separated from the motor not more than _____mm. insulation lll. 382. 75 c. a. l. 2000 383. 90 d. The disconnecting means of a hermetic-type refrigerator compressor shall have an ampacity of at least ____ of the nameplate full load current 388. transformer a. 25 amp at 120 volts d. overcurrent device d.

lighting track o o o 399. Type ___ cable consists of three or more flat copper conductors placed edge-to-edge and separated and enclosed within an insulating assembly. an outlet box a. 300va c. NMC b. 170 C d. A manufactured assembly designed to support and energize lighting fixtures that are capable of being readily repositioned is ___ 400. The conductors. not be required to be accessible 396. Splices and taps shall be permitted in surface nonmetallic raceways having a removable cover that is accessible after installation. FCC d. 600va 393. 150 C b. I only b. When calculating the conductor fill for strut-type channel raceway with internal joiners. lighting a. MI d. 75 a. a. II only d. II & III only c. shall not fill the raceway to more than ___ percent of its area at that point. Where a fixture is recessed in fire resistant material in a building of fire resistant construction. 180va b. In a recreational vehicle park. swimming pool area b. Lighting fixtures located in the same room and not directly associated with a hydromassage bathtub.391. be a minimum 38mm2 bare d. or III 397. 398. ceiling grid lighting b. electric discharge lighting c. 30 d. 25 c. 40 c. a metal pole III. a temperature not higher than ___ shall be considered acceptable if the fixture is plainly marked that it is listed for that service. 360va d. 20 b. a. 165 C c. 40 392. A grounding electrode connection that is encased in concrete or directly buried shall ____ a. only those parts designated to be bonded shall be bonded. none of these a. 53 d. including splices and taps. exercise room d. 31 b. 40 c. bathrooms a. I. and only those parts designated to be grounded shall be grounded 394. trees II. be made only by exothermic welding c. For swimming pool water heaters rated at more than ___ amperes that have specific instructions regarding bonding and grounding. shall be installed in accordance with the requirements covering the installation of that equipment in ___ a. 30 d. 50 b. open circuit . 20 a. A lighting fixture installed outdoors is permitted to be supported by ___ I. be made accessible b. the raceway shall be permitted to be filled to ___ percent of the cross-sectional area. II. tent sites equipped with only 20 ampere supply facilities shall be calculated on the basis of ____ per site. AC c. 395. kitchen c.

1100) (Ref: 3. 164) (Table 2.51.3(2) pp.10.1 pp.10.2 FPN pp.11.1. 607) (Ref: 4.3.3(b) pp.1 pp.10. 127) (Ref: pp.31(a) pp.1(a) pp. 665) (Ref: 3. 36) (Ref: 2. 672) (Ref: 4.10.6(b) pp. 416) (Ref: 4. 628) (Ref: Table 3.5.4 pp.1.10. 1276) (Ref: 4.18. 1073) (Ref: 4.2.27. 577) (Ref: pp.1(a) pp.5(b)(2) pp. 1003) (Ref: 3.26 pp.1(d) pp.1(a)1 pp.1(a)2 pp.24.6.2 pp. 645) (Ref: 1.4 pp.2.86.13. 414) .40.2.1(c) pp.1. 585) (Ref: 3. 608) (Ref: 4.2. 1290) (Ref: 5.30.2 pp.1.3.2 pp.2(b) pp.50.5 pp.8(a) pp.3.1(a)(1) pp.2.2.10. 252) (Ref: 2. 608) (Ref: 2.7. 649) 376) 377) 378) 379) 380) 381) 382) 383) 384) 385) 386) 387) 388) 389) 390) 391) 392) 393) 394) 395) 396) 397) 398) 399) 400) c b c d b d d d c c b b b a d d a a a c b d d d d (Ref: 2.1(b)(3) pp. 497) (Ref: 3.2. 601) (Ref: 4. 1008) (Ref: 5.2(b) pp.1.20. 613) (Ref: 6.2.5. 621) (Ref: 783) (Ref: 1.13 pp.1.1. 41) (Ref: 2. 527) (Ref: 5.5(b)(1)(2) pp. 100) (Ref: 5.10.516) (Ref: 3.47 pp. 372) (Ref: 2.9.1 pp. 37) (Ref: 4.2. 642) (Ref: 2.40. 181) (Ref: 3.351) 352) 353) 354) 355) 356) 357) 358) 359) 360) 361) 362) 363) 364) 365) 366) 367) 368) 369) 370) 371) 372) 373) 374) 375) d b d b b d d c a c a d c a d b d b b c a d b a b (Ref: 5.40.1. 171) (Ref: 1.24. 942) (Ref: pp.1.9 pp.92.3(h) pp.30.5(b) pp.86.10.80. 477) (Ref: pp. 519) (Ref: 6.2.3pp.3(c) pp. 1099) (Ref: 730) (Ref: pp.3(c) pp.2(h) pp.80.2 pp. 742) (Ref: 4.5(a) pp. 181) (Ref: 4.24. 519) (Ref: 6.19 exc. 82) (Ref: 1.25 pp. 88) (Table 4.50.9 pp.2 pp. 222) (Ref: 44) (Ref: 2.80.2(a)1) pp.1.1(a)(2) pp.6.4(a) pp. 1146) (Ref: 727) (Table 4.

a. The minimum size service lateral to a branch circuit limited load is ____ copper. 8 c.0mm b. Of the two to six service disconnecting means in a panel. 3000 d. control wiring b. 1. This junction box is considered to be. 0.401. 125% 409.75mm c. 10 d. 13 c.5mm 2 2 2 406. hidden 404. a water pump intended for fire protection c. To reach a lighting fixture junction box you had to stand on a ladder. concealed b. a. PVC thick wall c.25mm b. not required . The maximum percent of overcurrent protection allowed is ____ of the input current to an autotransformer when less than 9 amps. none of these a. 12 407. 2600 b. A 2400 volt lead cable can be bent up to ____ times its diameter. 3. Unless protected by automatic sprinklers. elevator panels d. The maximum number of 15 amp receptacles permitted on a free standing office partition is ____. electrical nonmetallic tubing d. Transformer vaults shall have adequate structural strength and a minimum fire resistance of at least ____ hours. 403. 10 b. none of these a. a. supply to across the line starting 402. 6 b. 3 d. 5. 300% d. a. d. a. readily accessible c.0mm 2 2 2 408. none of these a. Aluminum fittings and enclosures shall be permitted to be used with ____ where not subject to severe corrosive influences. 6 405. A fixture rated at 6 amps requires a size ____ minimum fixture wire. a. All 125 volt single phase receptacles within ____ mm of the inside walls of a hydromassage tub shall be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter(s). 6 b. 2. 167% b. steel electrical metallic tubing 410. 2850 c. a. 2 d. accessible d. 1 ½ c. only a disconnect used for ____ is permitted to be remote from the other disconnects.5mm c. 150% c. 8. both ferrous and nonferrous conduits b. d.

grounded phase c. 60 d. 100 b. When derating the ampacity of multiconductor cables to be installed in cable tray. 0 b. III. III & IV only a. ____ must have GFCI protection in a commercial building. In other than dwelling. display pools IV. a. the ampacity of the conductors it protects shall be equal to or greater than the rating of the overcurrent device. wading and therapeutic pools and the term fountain includes ____ I. I only b. AC cable IV. 415. either I or II d. 30 d. or less with 1 minute after the capacitor is disconnected from the source of supply. Where the overcurrent device is rated over ____ amperes. II only c. I and II only b. the total number of current carrying conductors in the cable tray II. overload b. The highest current at rated voltage that a device is intended to interrupt under standard test conditions is known as ____ a. bonding jumper main .411. 200 c. a. equipment bonding jumper d. they shall be connected by metal raceways. III only d. III & IV only d. 420. ornamental pools II. 500 d. The term pool includes swimming. nonmetallic raceways or ____ may be used. neutral conductor b. institutional kitchens receptacle b. the total number of current carrying conductors in the cable. 50 417. reflection pools 418. both I and II a. The residual voltage of a capacitor shall be reduced to ___ volts. I. nonmetallic sheathed cable II. manufactured phase d. they shall not be connected to the ____ a. I. II. high leg b. II & III only c. 30 c. interrupting rating a. thermal protector d. neutral 419. the ampacity duration shall be based on ___. Where single phase loads are connected on the load side of a phase converter. a. Where fluorescent lighting fixtures are supported independently of the outlet box. I. I. I and II only b. the service disconnecting means shall have a rating of not less than ___ amperes. 15 c. branch circuit c. all of these 416. For an installation consisting of not more than two 2-wire branch circuits. 100 412. drinking fountains III. II & III only c. 20 b. A/an ___ shall be used to connect the grounding terminal of a grounding type receptacle to a grounded box. a. nominal. MI cable III. & IV a. outdoor receptacle c. MC cable 414. bathroom receptacle d. inverse time rated c. 800 413.

must be sized no smaller than 125% of the largest motor connected to the feeder IV. 1/4 c. cutout boxes a. 50 c. II only c. a. A ___ is a circuit operating at 600 volts. must be sized not smaller than 125% of the largest motor plus other loads 429. IV only a. or less. Several motors. receptacles connections c. the feeder conductors ____ I. I and II only a. I or II d. a. Overcurrent devices shall be enclosed in ____ I. 3/4 426. 16 b. orange 423. 1/2 d. branch circuit multiwire III. 10 425. IV only . Grounding terminal of service equipment if provide by the utility company a. II only c. a. Where reduced heating of the conductors results from motors operating on duty-cycle. I only b. a.421. II only c. it is permissible to omit ___ for such cords. 12 d. may have an ampacity less than specified if acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction III. 430. grounding d. it shall be located within sight from the motor controller. If a switch or circuit breaker serves as the disconnecting means for a permanently connected motor driven appliance of more than ___ horsepower. I. III only d. intermittently. nominal. Where flexible cords are permitted by the code to be permanently connected. conspicuous d. Grounding electrode conductor III. 20 c. such as the secondaries of two transformers. III only d. a. Building structure of a concrete building IV. 1/8 b. III only d. blue c. 15 b. I only b. Entrances to rooms and other guarded locations containing exposed live parts shall be marked with ___ warning signs forbidding unqualified persons to enter. 30 b. I only b. Secondary tie 427. Live parts of generators operated at more than ___ volts to ground shall not be exposed to accidental contact where accessible to unqualified persons. 40 422. none of these a. GFCI protection 424. Which one of this? I. switches b. I only b. between phases that connects two power sources or power supply point. branch circuit individual II. of from all motors not operating at one time. 150 428. II only c. A 20 ampere rated branch circuit with 3. cabinets II. Buried interior PVC water piping system II. shall be permitted on a nominal 115 volt branch circuit protected at not over ____ amperes. each not exceeding 1 horsepower in rating. 20 c. The grounding electrode for grounding communications systems may be connected to the nearest accessible location on any of the following EXCEPT one. yellow b. 30 d. are not allowed to have the ampacity reduced II.5 mm2 wire supplying a duplex receptacle can be loaded to a maximum of ____ amperes. 120 d.

Through floors or partitions 438. 80 A c. 40 A d. 2. 300 V b.75 mm c. Which one is this? I. 5 percent c.000 volts connected by copper conductor for grounding electrode conductor or the equivalent grounding terminal shall NOT be smaller than _____. where subject to corrosive vapors IV. the field bend shall be so made that the radius of the inner edge shall not be less than a certain radius for conductors. 1. 15 mm b.phase general purpose squirrel cage motor draws a full load current of 40 A. For a rigid steel conduit of trade diameter 50. the metal thickness should NOT be less than 2 437. 1.0 mm 433. a. 1. 100 A 5. According to the code the minimum insulation level for neutral conductor of residential installation which has solidly grounded system shall be______. 32 mm c.000 mm a. 2 percent d.500 mm d. The uses of non. Determine the minimum appliance and laundry load required for a dwelling unit. a. a. 4000 voltampere b. IV only a. where exposed to corrosive vapors III. 3 percent 440. If constructed of uncoated sheet steel. III only d. 25 mm 432. 250 mm c. 2000 voltampere a.directly on the surface of wall II.900 mm c.431. 375 mm . A three. 1. I only b. 750 V d. 120 A b. conduit smaller than ____ shall not be used. a. II only c. 10 percent b.000 V 436. If a 460. In wiring using rigid metal conduits. 1500 voltampere c.0 mm b. The construction of metal cabinet and cutout boxes shall be such as to secure strength and rigidity. 1.35 mm 434.V switchboard has a exposed parts on one side and grounded parts or concrete on the opposite side.metallic extensions are NOT allowed in all but one of the following. 3000 voltampere d.5 mm c.5 mm 2 2 2 d. 8. What is the maximum size of time delay fuse that may be used for short circuit protection? a. 1.55 mm b. 300 mm d. 1. 1. What working clearance between the two sides is permitted by the code? 435. 600 V c. What is the maximum allowable voltage drop from the main circuit breaker to the farthest lamp load? a. 3.00 mm d. 8 mm d. The surge arrester for service less than 1. 450 mm b. 500 mm b. What is this radius? a.

The maximum size of liquid light flexible metal conduit shall be ___ electrical raceway size. One of them is NOT valid. Underground communication conductors in raceway.000 volts in wet locations a. On hard concrete flooring b. 10 mm d. Type MC Cable b. 40 % d. 20 % b. rafters or studs. Which one is this? a. combined b. Lighting panel board 446. 100% b. 150 mm d. Where exposed to direct sunlight III. concrete or tile) under Art 10. separated c. 443. inside a. Fuse cutout b. Power systems up to 35. the cable or raceway shall be installed and supported so that the nearest outside surface of the cable or raceway is NOT less than a certain distance from the nearest edge of the framing member. 125% c. 50 mm a. Safety switch d. I only b. II only c. a. What does the symbol consisting of rectangle with solid shading indicate? a. Power systems up to 35. 35 % 442. Flat conductor cable c. Flat conductor cables may be installed in any of the following location EXCEPT one. 20 mm b. 50 mm b. The busway is open and of the ventilator type IV. shall be in a section ____ from such conductors by means of a separator (brick. II only c. 50 % c. Which one of this? I. 125 mm c. 130% d. Which one is this? . The sum of the cross-sectional areas of all contained conductors at any cross section of a wireway shall not exceed _____ of the interior cross sectional area of the wireway. Telephone exchange c. Wirings allowed to be installed outside buildings are enumerated below EXCEPT one. The space behind the panels is not for air handling purposes 448.441. hand hole or manhole containing electric light and power conductors. Open wires on insulators 450. No overcurrent devices are installed on the busway other than for an individual fixture II. Where installed in cable trays II. In damp locations 444. III only d. III only d. When installing cables or raceways type wiring method parallel to the framing members such as joists. 445.2 (a).000 volts in dry locations IV. included d. 100 mm 449. Branch circuit conductors supplying a single motor shall have an ampacity in terms of the full load current of NOT less than a.3.1. 115% 447. Rigid metal conduit d. The busway is so installed that the joints between sections and fitting are accessible for maintenance purposes III. IV only a. IV only a. Medium voltage cable shall be permitted for installation on the following EXCEPT? I. 30 mm c. Busways shall be permitted to be installed being panels if means of access are provided and if the conditions below are met. What is this distance? a. In wet locations c. I only b. For branch circuit d.

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2.000 mm b. In rigid metal wiring conduit. Branch circuits c. 8 b. Direct burial in the earth d. Armored cable b. 1. 20 mm d. a. Expansion bolts a. Non. 10 c. MV c. Metal clad cable b. 10 mm b. Where installed as open cable on brackets III. fittings. 2. the minimum length of the box in straight pulls shall NOT be less than ___ times the trade diameter of the largest raceway.conductor solid dielectric insulated cable rated 2001 volts or higher. Aerial cable 458. 6 d.451. 1. Where installed in industrial establishment where a registered master electrician will service the installation IV. a. AC 457. Sheathed cable d. Consists of three or more flat copper conductor placed edge to edge separated and enclosed within an insulating assembly. 6 mm c. Where exposed to physical damage II. 1. 1. Metal clad cables shall be permitted for installations in the following locations EXCEPT one.metallic boxes not over ____ cu. multiple cable conductors 453. I only b. Are rectangular sheet metal enclosures equipped with removable covers providing access to conductors inside? a. Which one is this? a. II only c.650 459. A type of cable which is a single or multi. 12 460. Power and control tray cables (type TC) maybe used under one of the following conditions. Signal circuits b. 15 mm 456.700 d. control boards and panel boards shall be installed on walls with a minimum clearance. conduits shall be supported at least every a. Wood plug and nail b.520 c. Cm shall be permitted only on nonmetallic wiring method. What is this clearance? a. For raceway 20 mm trade size or larger containing conductors 22 mm2 or larger. Porcelain inserts and screws 455. Metal Wireways . the entire wiring system including all boxes. III only d.725 b. Flat cable assemblies c. Where direct buried underground d. a. a.500 mm c. 3.500 mm d. 3. An outlet box should be fastened to a concrete wall by the use of a. IV only c. Busways d. In indoor wet locations. MC b. Which one is this? I. Flat conductor cable 454. FCC d.000 mm 452. Toggle bolts c.

Outdoor lighting fixtures and associated equipment shall be permitted to be supported by trees II. 1. Which of the following statements on lighting fixtures NOT correct? I. Conductors must have a clearance from windows. The largest size of electrical metallic tubing is a. 155 mm b.000 mm b. Residential buildings d. 75 mm b. I only b. Stranded conductors shall be used in a wiring a fixture supporting chain and other movable flexible parts IV.400 mm d. 700 mm c. 2 b. 125 mm c. Rigid metal conduit b. 1. sealed c. None of these a.461. 300 mm c. 800 mm 468. 200 mm 465. Metal fixtures and enclosures rated at 250 V and installed up in the ceiling shall be grounded III. hoistways c. 4 c. 3 d. . II only c. Which one is this? a. a sufficient space shall be provided to permit installation of the conductors in the enclosure. Concealed knob and tube wiring conductors shall be rigidly supported on knobs not more than a certain minimum distance apart. 900 mm b. Flat conductor cable (FCC) system shall NOT be used in the locations enumerated below EXCEPT one. porches. 2. Where raceways are exposed to widely different temperatures they shall be ___. fire escapes of NOT less than a. The minimum spacing between the bottom of the enclosure and the noninsulated bus bar shall be ____. storage battery rooms 462. IV only a. Where the conduits enter a switchboard at the bottom. Rigid nonmetallic conduit 463. bonded a. Fixtures and lighting equipment operating over 250 v shall be grounded 464. III only d. a. Damp locations c. What is this distance? d.500 mm d. 150 mm d. isolated d. Which of the raceway methods is NOT allowed to be used in a hazardous location? a. 100 mm 466. A run conduit between outlets. a. all of these 469. Locations where subject to corrosive vapors b.500 mm c. between outlet and fitting shall not contain more than the equivalent of ___ quarter-bends. 2. 5 470. Outdoors 467. Flexible metal conduits must not be used in a. 1000 mm d. 250 mm d. Liquid-tight flexible metal conduit c. grounded b. wet locations b. between fittings.

a. The minimum ampacity of wire for 10 hp. In hoistways 479. 270 degrees a. a. warning signs d. 120 degrees d. In dry locations b. Ground wire b. Where concealed c. This type of cable is a fabricated assembly of insulated conductors enclosed in a flexible metal sheath. The surface non. What is this minimum distance for condition 2? 473. heater coils b. This is required for live parts on the other side. 35 amps c. Asbestos is a type of insulator used in: a. 220 volt motor should be: 478.5 sq mm wire will safely carry 25 amps at 120 volts. Integrated gas spacer cable c. lamp chord d. 500 mm . 1300 mm b. 3-phase. 400 mm b. 800 mm c. If a 3. like concrete. junction boxes or utility boxes)? 472. 360 degrees b. 1.metallic raceway may NOT be used in the following locations EXCEPT one. The clearance from the top of a switchboard to a ceiling which is combustible shall NOT be less than ____. 1200 mm d. 30 amps d. electric welding c.000 mm b.metallic conduit shall be permitted provided it is buried NOT less than ___ below the earth level. Requires working spaces for equipment operating 600 V. 180 degrees c. what will it carry at 240 volts? a. cartridge fuse a. 1000 mm a. 1.471. Armored cable 474. 20 amps b. body belts and safety strap 475. A _____ is permanently located on the outside of each equipment enclosure door or cover permitting access to the live parts in the motor control circuit(s). Which one is this? a. 75 amps 477. the use of non. a. 600 mm c. nominal or less to ground. First aid equipment b. warning that motor control circuit disconnecting means are remotely located and specifying the location and identification of each disconnect. manhole and vaults c. 60 amps d. Medium voltage cable 476. brick or tile walls and shall be considered as grounded. a.000 mm d. 25 amps c. 15 amps d.250 mm 480. 10 amps b. In hazardous location. What is the total number of mechanical degrees that a PVC conduit run maybe bent between pull joints (pull boxes. 1. 1400 mm c. 900 mm d. Where subject to severe physical damage d.

Flexible cords used in locations where there is a lot of flying flint or fibers shall comply with following EXCEPT one. Receptacles. 175 mm c. Equipment for installation in hazardous locations must be tested and approved for use according to the classification of the hazards involved. 7 d. 484. 110 volts c. attachment plugs and similar devices shall be of the polarized type III. Aluminum fittings and enclosures shall be permitted to be used with rigid steel conduits II. III only d. These are divided into _____ groups. 250 mm d. What is this minimum distance? 490. A phase converter is usually employed to convert single. Communication wires and cables shall be separated at LEAST a certain minimum distance from service drops of electric light and power conductors. 150 mm b. Where coaxial cable is attached to building. One class 487. Two classes b. 20 d. Lamps and lamp holders for fixed lighting that are located above vehicles shall be installed not lower than 2. The ground conductor shall be connected to the ground terminal of the utilization equipment II. It shall contain in addition to the conductors. The Code requires that all energized part of electrical equipment operating at ____ or more shall be guarded against accidental contacts by approved enclosures. It shall be of type approved for extra hard usage IV. It shall be provided with suitable seal to prevent the entrance of dust a. IV only a. Which of the following statements on wiring in commercial garages and shops is NOT correct? I. Conduits shall be permitted to be used in sand fill which is subject to permanent moisture IV. I only b. 350% a. 50 c. they should have a separation of at least ____ from electric light or power cables. What is this percentage? 483. IV only a. 24 volts b. II only c. a. II only c. I only b.phase power supply so that three. 489. 6 486. The used of rigid metal conduits shall be permitted under all atmospheric conditions subject to the following conditions EXCEPT one.phase to three. 300 mm d. III only d. 230 volts d. a grounding conductor III. 200 mm 482.phase motors maybe used. I only b. Which one is this? I. 50 volts 485. The sum of the cross-sectional areas of all contained conductors at any cross section of a sheet metal auxiliary gutter shall not exceed to the percentage of the interior cross-sectional area of the sheet metal auxiliary gutter. 3 c. Ferrous metal conduits shall be permitted to be installed in concrete III. Three classes d. 30 b. For this service. 200 mm 488. 250% c. the use is permitted only indoors a. What it is this voltage? . 216% d. 173% b. III only d. the PEC specifies that the single – phase conductors shall have an ampacity of NOT less than ___ of the full load current rating of motor or load being served where the input and the output voltages are identical. which are not installed in a raceway or in cable.500 mm IV. II only c.481. Battery chargers and batteries being charged shall not be located in location classified as hazardous a. It shall be approved for use in locations which are vapor. Hazardous locations are classified by the Philippine Electrical Code in how many classes? a. Which one is this? I.filled II. Four classes c. 10 a. 100 mm b. Where the ferrous raceways are protected solely by enamel. 4 b. IV only a. 50 mm c.

grounding terminal of service equipment if provided by the utility company 2 494. Which one is this? a. 0. 200mm 2 a. grounding terminal of service equipment if provided by the utility company a. Open wires on insulators a. 150mm d. 8. 125mm c. The maximum size of liquid tight flexible metal conduit shall be ___ trade size a. 30A d. Wirings allowed to be installed outside buildings are enumerated below EXCEPT one. 1. grounding electrode conductor III. Resistors and reactors shall not be installed in close proximity to combustible materials such that it constitutes a fire hazard. 40A b. A lighting fixture shall be wired with a flexible lighting cord with a cross-sectional area of NOT less than a certain minimum area. building structure of a concrete building IV. Which one is this? I. III only d.000 volts connected by copper conductor to grounding electrode conductor or the equivalent grounding terminal shall NOT be smaller than ____ a. 5. buried interior PVC water piping system II. 100mm 493. The surge arrester for services less than 1. 155mm b. II only c. III only d. 305mm c. 200 mm c. The grounding electrode for grounding communications systems may be connected to the nearest accessible location on any of the following EXCEPT one. The grounding electrode for grounding communications systems may be connected to the nearest accessible location on any of the following EXCEPT one. 100mm a. Where the conduits enter a switchboard at the bottom. 100 mm d. Other equipment that is associated with the electrical installation and is located above or below the electrical equipment shall be permitted to extend not more than ____ mm beyond the front of the electrical equipment. I only b. What minimum clearance is required by the Code? .491. grounding electrode conductor III.0 mm2 500. 0. 2. IV only 495. buried interior PVC water piping system II.5 mm2 c. 300mm c.75 mm b. a sufficient space shall be provided to permit installation of the conductors in the enclosure. Rigid metal conduit d. 150 mm a. 3. 50mm b. Branch lighting circuits shall be protected by overcurrent devices not rated more than ___ c. Flat conductor cable 496. 50A 497. 250 mm b. II only c. building structure of a concrete building IV. Type MC cable b. 400mm d. 250mm b. The minimum spacing between the bottom of the enclosure and the noninsulated bus bar shall be ___ a. Which is this? 2 d. Which one is this? I.25 mm 499.5 mm2 d. I only b. IV only a.00 mm c. 2. 250mm d.50 mm 2 498.0 mm2 b. 20A c. 492.

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