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New Impression, New Impression,

1974 1987

Printed in Lebanon

И AV < I b J ^ ^ A J "

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BY SIR JAMES W . REDHOUSE, K . C. M. G., LL. Ü . , M. R. A. S., &c. &c. &c.

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4-1»- S j Ü «Ц-*^ Ü U -Ц- ГЛ J r - r J , ^ ipi?: Г'

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The Turkish. Lexicon of Sir James Redhouse, which is now placed before the public, will speak for itself of the great acquirements and patient labors of its eminent author. A special statement on the part of the Committee of Publication is however due to the author, since the full fruit of his laborious preparation of manuscript for this Lexicon does not appear in the work as now published. A large amount of recondite and extremely interesting and valuable information concerning the History, Biography, Geography, and Religious practices of the peoples of Western Asia, was contained in the manuscript, which the Committee have been compelled to omit in publication. Limitations as to space imperatively demanded this regrettable sacrifice of material, which equals in the aggregate several hundred pages. The Lexicon has undoubtedly suffered by reason of the impossibility of rhe author's presence in Constantinople during the process of publication, since not only the excision of the parts referred to, but the verification of many idioms and technical expressions have been confided necessarily to the Committee. For aid in this and other parts of its onerous undertaking the Committee is under unusual obligations to H. H. Ahmed Yefiq Pasha. It should be noted here that the Publication Committee alone is responsible for the system of orthography of English words which is followed. The long delay which has attended the publication of this great work has been partly due to its inherent difficulties, and partly to outside causes which could not be foreseen. On behalf of the Publication Committee of the Mission of the American Board, / H E N R Y 0 . DwitHx

l a the spring of 1855, the author of the present Turkish and English Lexicon published a "Vade-mecum of Ottoman Colloquial Language", iu the Preface of which he promised to prepare, "for the information of those who may wish afterwards to penetrate deeper into the arcana of this really beautiful tongue a series of more complete and scientific works". That book was written in the usual European characters only, as it was intended for the use of our army and navy, then cooperating with our ancient and most faithful ally the Sultan-Caliph of the Ottoman Empire, unjustly attacked by Russia. In the year 1856, Mr. Quaritch, of 15, Piccadilly, London, engaged me to prepare a dictionary of the two languages, English and Ottoman Turkish, in two parts, English-Turkish and Turkish-English, the Turkish to be shown in its native characters, with a transliteration explaining the pronunciation in English letters. This work was also designed chiefly for the use of our naval, military, and civil officers in the East. It was to be prepared as quickly as possible, and to contain a vocabulary of about ten thousand words in each part. If I remember rightly, it was written and published, complete, in about four or five mouths time. In 1879, Dr. Charles Wells, with my ready consent, and even urging, edited a second edition of this Dictionary, with such additions to the vocabulary as he and Mr. Quaritch arrranged between them. I here bear my testimony, with great pleasure, to the correctness and rapidity with which Dr. Wells achieved his task, for which, doubtless, many will be thankful to him. In the year I860, or earlier, an Anglo-Turkish Committee was formed in London for the purpose of assisting the American Missionaries resident in Turkey to prepare other works that should more especially facilitate to Turks, and other subjects of the Sultan, the acquisition of our language. An English-Turkish Lexicon from my pen, as complete as it could be made, was felt by the Missionaries to be one of the chief desiderata. Funds were being looked up for the purpose, when William Wheelwright, Esq., of Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States of America, then temporarily resident in London, most generously offered to bear the whole expense of that work, up to the sum of two thousand pounds. The compilation and printing of the Lexicon occupied about eight months of the most persevering labour, and the whole edition, with the copyright aud stereotype plates, was presented by Mr. Wheelwright, as his free gift, to the American Mission at Constantinople. The English-Turkish Lexicon contains a vocabulary of about 47,000 English words explained in Turkish in all their various uses and senses, as far as possible; together with the compound terms, and the more usual phrases connected with the leading vocables. It contains also a sketch of English grammar, written in Turkish. That Lexicon was an instalment of the author's promise, given in his Vade-mecum (of which a second edition was published in 1877 by Trübner & Co., of London), to prepare " a series of more complete and scientific works" for the public use. But England was never aroused to take any interest in the numerous improvements that had been initiated in Turkey. In fact, all such im-


provements were ignored and systematically denied by public writers and speakers, in and out of parliament, in and out of office. Any call for a fellow volume to the Wheelwright Lexicon was never existent here, and nothing could be attempted in the way of publishing one. The Author had been sounding in various directions to see whether a Turkish-English Lexicon could not be launched, worthy to take place beside the Wheelwright gift; but no response was met with here. Hope had been laid aside, when a visit was made to the author, in the summer of 1878, by the Rev. Dr. E. E. Bliss, of the American Mission at Constantinople. To him was mentioned the utter want of success that had attended the proposal to publish such a work. Dr. Bliss saw the utility of the idea, mooted it to his brother Missionaries on his return home, and the result is now before the reader. To Dr. Bliss is the credit due of first welcoming the proposal; to the Committee of Publication of the American Mission at Constantinople belongs the satisfaction of having supported him, and of having trustfully undertaken to bring out the work. May it prove in their hands an instrument to effect as much good as the effort of one generation can look for. It was computed that the work would contain about 100,000 Turkish words of Turkish, Arabic, Persian, and European origin, iıı the Turkish character, with their pronunciation in European letters, their various significations, and as many usual compounds and phrases as could be collected. Four years sufficed for the preparation of the manuscript of about 93,000 words. In compiling the present work. I have taken the vocabularies of Bianchi, Zenker, and Vefiq as my guides, adding many a necessary word from other sources, and occasionally consulting Golius, Meninski, Freytag, and Lane, as well as the Calcutta Arabic Qamus, the Turkish Qamus, a Persian Qamus, a manuscript Sihah, the Persian Surah, Vanqulu, the SherefNama, Jihangiri, Burhan, Shu'uri, Reshidi, the Bahari-'Ajem, and the Giyasu-'l-lugat; not forgetting my own former compilation, entitled Muntakhabati-Lugati-Osmaniyya, written in 1838-41; a beautiful copy of which, in manuscript, paid for jointlv bv my friends Gen. Sir W.F.Williams,Bart. G. C. B. of Kars, Gen. Sir Collingwood Dickson, G. C. B., and Sir Patrick Colquhouu, Kt., Q. C., was presented in my name to H. I. M. Sultan Abdu-'l-Mejid in 1846, which was lithographed and published in Constantinople by Mr. A. Churchill, proprietor of the Jeride'i-Hawadis in 1853, and the holograph original of which was, in that year, in London, presented to H. R. H. the Late Prince Consort by his Equerry,General Sir W . Wylde, K. C. B., at the request of Sir W . F. Williams, and is preserved in the Private Library of his late Royal Highness at Buckingham Palace. This work has passed through many editions at Constantinople. It contains a selection of about 26,000 Arabic and Persian words, culled by me from Turkish authors, and many of which are not found in the lexicons. Zenker does not mention this work among his authorities. It was published anonymously at the recommendation of Ali Pasha, then Minister of Foreign affairs; and perhaps for this reason is passed over in silence. I can trace many of my additions and explanations in the excellent work of Zenker; and am quite sure that very meritorious writer would have mentioned me, had he known that this book was mine; as he frequently does, when quoting from my Quaritch volume. For this courtesy m y best thanks are due to him and are here cordially offered. The older European works above mentioned are too well known to require comment. Bianchi is almost entirely an abstract from Meninski, including even the gross blunder of the latter, by which misquoting d'Herbelot, lie makes ^ Ü l mean "a saviour", but whicj? is avoided by

XI1 Zenker. The work by this last-named author is rich in proofs of great pains-taking. He has done what I have long practised, and what has matte Vefiq's work all the more copious; namely, he has extracted from the Turkish Qamus, etc., numerous Turkish words, and has explained them by means of their Arabic equivalents. I have done my best after an absence from Turkey of more than thirty years, during the whole of which I have been engaged in lexicography, and can only hope my work will be found, taking it ail in all, not unequal to its predecessors. Its chief recommendation to English-speaking students is that it is explained in English. By all who consult it, I hope it will be found useful. London, November,

J. W.


THE TRANSLITERATION OF OTTOMAN WORDS. The system of orthography used in this Lexicon in the transliteration of Ottoman words, is briefly explained as follows :
No. Characters 2 oli£, 1. ^ *9 hb „ i

/ .

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.




c Г' t c

Equivalent 1 . 1 Iiem7.o, » i b bu, 1>о, I po. V 1 1 t til, t f ' . t 1 s .su, s e , t İ^r . J

Nms a e

No. Characters

•20. Ь 21. t 22. t >J 3 â û

Nms a e 2 7Л. .I gûyıı



Z e

cln m . i


Jttaİ, dal, zül. П, 1 sse. 1 zho 1 SIX1, l

23. ch as in church 24. h 25. hh 26. d 27.

» fo

g , in some words of Turkish origin gh


1Г .


sum, <lat.
tl. 1 sut, I

a" 18. J" 19. J*

r z zh s sh s z, rarely d t, in some words of Turkish origin only d


29. J 30. f

32. 33. 34.



îıâf 9 'J k Jıâf kaf I fârsi g Jıâf, y in Turkish words onlv sâghlr n i n îi, İli Turk İSİİ words only 1 I lam, 1 m mim, 1 nuıı n wâw V, sometimes w 1 İye h
I yo



A peculiarity in the transliteration of the consonant I in some Arabic words is as follows: An initial I of any Arabic word (or syllable) is essentially a consonantal hemze (•); that is, it is followed by a vowel in the same syllable. It is of two kinds, the one called the ^Wİl :>»» (the hemze of severance) and the other the (the hemze of junction). These two kinds of 1 differ in transliteration. (a) . In Arabic words beginning with this letter which are adopted into Turkish, the consonantal nature of the hemze ıs ignored, and its vowel alone is considered; so that in practice, the hemze as an initial to words used in Turkish may be treated as a vowel. Thus the words J->l, , and , are transliterated in this Lexicon as âsi. isiâm, and ûsûı; being divested of the sign which properly should represent the consonantal hemze. (b) J~»jJI:>4> . The name of this kind of hemze implies that the word of which it is the initial letter is joined to the one which precedes it. This junction is effected by making the last consonant of the preceding word form one syllable by means of its vowel with the consonant following the hemze of junction. This hemze is therefore elided m pronunciation. For example, in the name the first letter of the definite article JI is a hemze of junction. The preceding word -м> (*£ъл when standing alone) has to be pronounced ' â b a â . 'Аъа1. 'âbda, according to its grammatical construction, the first (nominative case) being the form commonly used by the Turks in pronouncing words of this class. Eliding in


pronunciation the hemze of junction, the full name is read "äbaü-'ı-qäair. The usual European orthography of such Arabic names, where the first elements are written Abdul or Abd-e!, is erroneous and ungrammatical. İn this Lexicon the apostrophe is used in such cases to transliterate the elided hemze of junction; (IS ıjljJ^ -M1 'atodû- r-rezssaçı, üt-Jl^vai » a s r û - ' d - d î n . The reason for the choice of q to represent the letter j , is the fact that q historically represents that letter. Comparing our alphabet with the Semitic alphabets of the J**-) order, they will be found to correspond in arrangement. corresponds witli a, b, c, d, when it is admitted that c is abnormal, representing in fact the Semitic (Comp. a, p, ү, 8). Examining the two words zJ^J^aiiu. of the J^I formula, we see that ^ is rejected, corresponds with o, <J with p, ^ r e j e c t e d , J with q, j with r, J" with s, and o with t. Very old Greek inscriptions contain a letter Q which is our q and the Semitic qâf. These considerations have led the best authorities to use q in transliteration of the letter 3 . In Arabic words where a reduplicated consonant is represented by a single character, with or without the tcshdid sign, it is transliterated by doubling its English equivalent; since careful reduplication in the pronunciation is essential; e. g. f i ı ı â n , ^ niss. Exception to this rule is made in the case of some Arabic words naturalized in Turkish in such form that it would be mere pedantry to insist on the doubling of the letter. For example, i n the numerous class of Arabic relative adjectives masculine ending in the consonant ^ , this letter is really reduplicated (as r a h m â n t y y ) , b u t in Turkish is treated as though it were a long vowel. This established usage fixes the method of transliteration. Thus j b - j is rendered râurnânl. The reduplicated consonant reappears however, in transliterating the feminine form of this class of words. l u Arabic t h e feminine of jW-J is V^-J . In Turkish the final consonant A is softened into a vowel a and the word becomes ^ V j pronounced and transliterated 3 J. y I r a h m a n iI y o .

The Ottoman Turkish language possesses sixteen vowel sounds; eleven short, and five long. These are represented in transliteration in this Lexicon by the following sigus: â as in far I as in bird a as in war i as in machine » as in ashore I as i broad, (qirät) a as in pan o as in so a as in far, broad, (âsmân) i as iıı rule â as in war, broad, (nâfL) » as in French tu 0 as in met i as in fur 1 as in did k as in rude These various sounds are expressed in Turkish writing, though in a defective manner, by the use of the Arabic vowel points and letters of prolongation, and by certain other devices, as follows: (a) The Arabic vowels.

The Arabic language has three short and three long vowels recognized and marked. The short vowels may be indicated by three special signs; viz. 1. (") fet-nâ ^ (an opening). This sign is called ustAn in Turkish. 2. ( J k e s r i . ^ Г (a breaking) called ^ e s e r i in Turkish; and 3. (>) ZUMMA (a folding to), called J J / J L A T U R I i n Turkish. These signs


aı-e called (movements) by the Arabs, but by Europeans they are commonly called vowel points. The fetha and kesre signs have two values. With a soft consonant the fetha has the value of e, and with a hard consonant, that of â- With a soft consonant kesre has the value of i and with a hard consonant, that of Î. The zamma sign has the value of A. The Arabic long vowels are represented by the letters i , 3 , and ^ , which, when thus used are called letters of prolongation. These letters correspond respectively with the vowel points; thus in the Arabic word V1! laâto. the I is used in prolongation of the fetha of the initial consonant; in ifr Jînı the j prolongs the kesre of the initial ^ ; and in i>y »An the s prolongs the zamma of the initial ; . These three vowel letters can never be reduplicated. These letters of prolongation were naturally received and used in Persian and Turkish when the use of the Arabic characters was adopted for those languages. In Persian the Arabic rules have been more strictly adhered to, the letters of prolongation being used to indicate long vowels only, with two exceptions : (1) A short vowel at the beginning of a Persian word may be represented by \ , which is read a. e. i, or A. as the word requires. (2) The Persian pronoun / to. and numeral >>di are written with ^ although the vowel is short. In Turkish the letters of prolongation have been used with scant regard to the Arabic usage. On the adoption of the Arabic characters, the Turks already possessed books written in the Syriac character, in perpendicular columns after the Chinese fashion, and with the Syriac letters of prolohgation used as short vowels. It was natural therefore that when they began to use the Arabic characters they should carry out their old system of expressing nearly every vowel, by recourse to the Arabic lelters of prolongation. To this day, Turkish as written beyond the Oxus abounds in the three long vowel letters used to represent short vowels. Among the Western Turkish tribes, however, the Arabic rules had greater influence. Since it is doubtful whether a distinctly long vowel exists in any truly Turkish word, Turkish was written in Western Asia under Arabian influence without use of the letters of prolongation. The result of this was that in the old Ottoman documents, Turkish words very different in pronunciation and sense, are found written exactly alike, constituting an enormous difficulty to the reader. This difficulty was so evident that the system of Ottoman orthography was gradually changed. The " h a r d " and "'soft" pairs of consonants were resorted to as far as possible, in order to distinguish between words of similar sound; and the Arabic letters of prolongation were used as far as it was deemed absolutely necessary, to represent Turkish short vowels. Hence in Ottoman Turkish, these letters have become mere vowels, with no idea of prolongation about them, and they are put into a word or syllable, almost at the option of the writer, merely to assist the reader. (b) The letter ( Î ) The sign medd ( " ) was devised by the Arabian grammarians to be used over each of the letters of prolongation to show that they are not consonants, and especially to be placed over a vowel 1 when followed by a consonant hemze in the same word; as in Jffe qs'ii. It was next utilized to mark an \ made to do duty for a consonant hemze followed by a long vowel 1 ; as in the word mâ'âı. for J b . The sign was regarded by the Persians as equivalent to II, and was adopted to distinguish their long vowel \ as an initial from the short vowel 1, without regard to Arabian rules; as in etc. It thus passed into use among Ottoman writers to


designate the broad sound of I as an initial in Turkish words.
words therefore T bas the value of a (5?) a (a?) L

In Turkish

(c) 3\ and (it Having the impression that T is the equivalent of the combination U, it was easy for Turkish writers to reason that the combinations jl and ^ could be used to express other broad vowel sounds. W e find then 3 \ in use, with the values o, i . i . u, and , witlı the values i (I) * (!). (d) The Letter » W h e n an Arabic word closes a seutence or stands alone, the case endings are omitted in pronunciation. In feminine nouns so placed and ending in the consonant A , not only the case ending that follows this final consonant, but the consonant itself is suppressed in the pronunciation. The short vowel of the consonant which precedes this final feminine * is al• ways fetha, and becomes in consequence of this suppression the final sound of such words. This explains how the short quasi vowel letter A arose in Arabic at first. It was adopted by the Persians as a real final short vowel having the sound of â or e. Since compound words abound in Persian, and since the first word often ends in the letter A final, the early Turkish writers found this letter placed in the middle of Persian words, and disregarding the rule by which it js a final only, they boldly used it as a short vowel whether medial or final. It is commonly used in Turkish as the soft vowel of which ' is the hard counterpart. In some cases however, the two are equivalent and interchangeable. In a few Persian words the final vowel a has the value of i; as a- s {. ^jti.etc. (e) The kesre of subjmiction In Persian, when a noun governs another noun, a kesre vowel is borne by the final letter in pronunciation, without being written. This kesre of subjunclion indicates that the first noun governs the second, either in virtual genitive as a substantive, or in apposition with itself, as an adjective. Wheu the governing word ends in vowel t or 3 a consonant ^ is added to it in order to support the kesre. When the governing word ends in vowel A a hemze is placed after it in order to support the kesre; thus - . If the governing word ends in a vowel ^ it is converted in pronunciation into a consonant <j to support the kesre. This kesre of subjunclion is figured in transliteration according to the rules of euphony 1 I or i . ; as 1 1 I1 • \c •.!. 1 1.2 l_L. * I lîj'je'j « — e s b ı' r u l ı w J. r tI , JÇ ^l» k h a n e i Ившап, a <£}J r u y u JcUu.b.

According to the law of vowel harmony, which rules all the languages of the Turkish family, if the dominant consonant be of the hard class, all the following consonants and all the vowels of the word must be either hard or neutral; and if the dominant is of the soft class, the other consonants and the vowels must be either soft or neutral. This law is also observed as far as possible in the inflection of Arabic and Persian words used in Turkish; so that when Turkish terminations are added to any such word, the consonants and vowels of the termination are dominated by the last consonant or the vowel of the last syllable of the word. The hard consonants are the following: J<>, -Ь, ü , ^ . The soft consonants are the following: j , J, i), » . The neutrals are 1, jr, 0, j , <i, 3 J } j , J», ü , ü, The hard vowels are; a a ! o û The soft vowels are; » ё 1 â â â is a neutral vowel.

^чВГ J L . •J •



Sbort -rowels Sar, wâr, ashore, pan. met. did, toird. so. r u l e , tu. (Frenob), fur.

fSr (äsmän), w a r (lıHfız). machine,

1 ! I

2 2 2




(zır), î (qlrat). rude (usul). — n nasal.




2 i

. 2 i.


T. I eiif. First letter of the Turkish nically called letters of prolongation. When I is a medial letter, it always alphabet. Commonly called Ьөшге also; though this is not really correct has one of the first two sounds of a, in any word not originally Arabic. and is always long in words of AraAs an initial letter, it takes all bic or Persian origin; unless, in case the eleven vowel sounds, and, in of an Arabic word, it be then marked Turkish, is always a vowel, as it is with a hemze sign over it, I . It is also in Persian. In Arabic, on thethen a quiescent < consonant ending a contrary, it is, as an initial, always syllable; as, J t / t -teVii. In Arabic a consonant, being the sp-iritus lenis words, as a medial, a n 1 may be of the Greek, as its harsher fellow, marked by a sign of prolongation, I . is the spiritus asper of that tongue. It then begins a new syllable, and is For the first five vowel sounds, the equivalent to two letters l , j ) n e radinitial \ requires no addition to itself, ical, the other servile', as, ü ^ m a s i . unless when, in the first two only, it In words of Turkish origin, a medial I is made long. In this case, the sign is not always long. In fact, i t may of prolongation, , named m e d a , is be doubted or denied that real Turksometimes figured over it, T, in writ- ish words, of Turkish origin, ever ing and in printing. More frequently, have a long vowel. however, this sign is omitted. When As a final letter, S always has one the I is to be, as an initial, p r o - of the first two a sounds. In words nounced with either of the two sounds of Turkish origin, it is always, or genof i, it is sometimes followed b y a erally short, but is always long in vowel letter j , the two together ma- Persian words. In Arabic \words it king, in reality, but one letter. The may, as a final, be either long! or short, two are never to be considered a correctly ana grammatically; but in diphthong, that peculiarity being un- use, it is then always taken to be known in Turkish. When, again, the long in Turkish. The difference in Arinitial, is to be pronounced with abic is very great in the two cases any one of the four remaining vowel thus degraded into one in Turkish, sounds of o or it, it is sometimes fbln as in Persian. A grammatically short lowed by a vowel letter 3 , these two,, final I, in Arabic, is sometimes so then, making also one vowel 1еШг,1 written; as, I mâ, b u t sometimes » as far as pronunciation is concerned. it is figured as a letter j ; thus, These two following vowels are short j j b tubâ, h û s n â . Such Arabic in Turkish words; in Arabic and Per- words are, when used in Turkish or sian words they are long, beiogtech- Persian, generally written , ^ ,


I 4 1 2 f a r , I S ashore, pan. met. 1 -war, did, 2 i r d1 so.1 r u l e , t u (French), fз r . b . u

( 2 )


b u t not always. When a grammati- ends it also; for, grammatically, t h e cally long * occurs as the last letter word İS mİr-Jİ-Sllîl in the nominative of arı Arabic word, it is always fol- indeterminate). As a medial radical, lowed, correctly, by another syllable, * may be followed (but never precerepresented by a n i m » ' sign; thus, ded) by a servile \ of prolongation the two are then combined 'uiimä', e r b â ' a . This final (not liemze, in these cases, is always sup- into one Î , as in the case of the inipressed, when the words are used, tial; thus, J U ma- al. As a medial radical, *, as auv othm Turkish or Persian phrases, as Turconsonant, can be reduplicated kish or Persian adopted expressions. It er is shown, when an Arabic quotation is introduced as a foreign sentence. I under the sign , t i s i m m , thus, In chronograms, and in numbering te-re - e-se, ' m u - r e - e-sun. It may the members of a series, the letter 1, even combine the two signs - and - ; whether bearing any mark or not, repr a - u-s«n. resents the number 1; as see, voce . thus W h e n radical \ , being or becoming A. 1 illr, or hemze. These two medial, is itself movent with a u names are given in a rather confused vowel, or follows another consonant manner, together or separately, to movent with that vowel, it is chanseveral different t h i n g s They are both given to an initial consonantal ged, in writing, into J ; and if with 1 *, whether radical or servile, whether the i vowel, into * , instead of ; the be marked or omitted. They are thus, J ;}j râ-u-fûn ( P. T. 1r â1 ü l ) ; .J»-}-' ' 1 ' "2*1 1 5 / У ' 1ı \ mu- c;j-je-lun (P. T. mil-ej-jelJ,N . 1 1 >•' c 5 both given also to t h e interrogative 12 / ı J. Л . .з ' thû-run (P. T. j-etırJ , )ua-iy-yn« i, which is always prefixed to the first word of the interrogative sen- (p. T. jAz-4). As a terminal, radical or servile, \ tence; thus, u U\ (in Turkish and Persian J-»') 'âsi, Л V î v l â d , / \ © turtcl. or " (without the ') begins and ends In this position, radical or servile, a syllable by itself; thus, 'U jâ-'â, 'Л-1 ö-mä-'A. If such word can take all three of the Arabic vow- iıV^'ım, el sounds after it, like other conso- be a noun in the accusative indeternants; for this initial İ is always a ' minate, an 1 is added after *, as after consonant, and in Arabic there are any other consonant, to support, as but three vowels, a, i, u. Thus, J-И it is termed, the indeterminate accu.i<Waji. ası (Turkish J-И âsi), 'Ifk (т. Oi' sative ca-se-sign; thus, iffit), 'Asaı (т., Jj-»' Asil), i f a t. I â, inlerj. 1. (placed before a noun, radical and servile * come together forms a vocative) Ol Heigh! Holloa! grammatically at the beginning of a 0! My kind sir! f V Heigh! word, no matter which precedes the My life! 2. (placed after any word, other, the two are combined, in wri- corroborates a retort, or a remark) ting, into one l_; thus, I am come, U->İT I am come, you see, where the servile \ grammatically pre- 1 L o o k here, thou, ho! (After a cedes; and, J»T 'srii. where the radi- vowel, this becomes l ; thus, \ he cal is the real initial. These are, res- is come, you see; ъ don't, don't do pectively, for and JiV\ or rather J s ' l so, don't do that, ho!) As a medial letter, in Arabic words p. ' a, particle (placed between two only, I may either be the la^t letter different words, or between two occurof a preceding syllable, or the first rences of the same word) combines the letter of a following syllable, and is two words into a compound indicaa consonant in either tive of continuation or repetition; thus, case Thus, j^s У-Г-» from head to foot; from end te'-tMr (T. P . ti'-sir), where it ends to end; -WİS\ click, clack (of the clashthe first syllable; and j usö-'ö-le, ing of arms in combat); c f ^ f colour where it begins, and ends the second upon colour, of various colours or sorts, syllable; and various. ı^r"^S» mir*- es, wThere it begins the second syllable (and really

tk, (SsmSn), w a r (Hafız), machine, (zır) , î (qırat). гВве (usul). — ä nasal.




з. a


(3) honour, rank, power. 35. Lustre, glory, renown, reputation, fame. 36. Esteem, estimation. 37. Worth, value, price. 38. Prosperity, welfare, wellbeing, good fortune. 39. Flourishing condition (of growth or circumstances). 40. Health. 41. Wealth. 42. Promotion, rise, advancement in rank, wealth, or power. 43. Bounty, beneficence, favour, benefit. 44. Pity, compassion, sympathy; tears of these. 45. Brightness, splendour, radiance. sheen, effulgence (of a source of light). 46. Brightness, polish, burnish, shine, sheen (of metals). 47. Lustre, sparkle, gleam, glitter (of gems, crystal, glass, etc.) 48. Peculiar lustre, water, or brightness and purity (of a pearl . 49. Temper, polish, or damaskeening (of steel weapons). 50. Water (of a diamond). 51. A diamond. 52. A precious stone-. 53. A pearl. 54. Crystal. 55. Glass. 56. A steel weapon; a. sword, knife, dagger, etc. 57. Polish (of a mirror of metal or glass). 58. A mirror (of metal or glass). 59. Quicksilver, mercury, 60. The sustaining and invigorating force of-nature, the şap and soul of the universe, the all-informing and all-pervading intellect, the absolute and all-perfect mind, the revealer of the true. 61. An object of desire, a thing coveted. 62. Fruition, obtention of one's desire. 62. Equable, gliding motion. 63 Grace of a flowing outline, symmetry of form 64. A way, path, road. 65. A way. custom, fashion, mode, rule. 66. A way, custom, habit. 67. A way, quality, property, peculiarity. proVT 1. The humour that duces pregnancy, semen. 2. Rain. 3 Water of irrigation. Fire-coloured water » bom » H » tinged » "j Cfj S » » complexioned - \ » u » » shown)!? » » » iiL-iîî » mingled » » » Fierv » » lied » U jil » Fire-like » » » - touching » Red Judas-flower » » » » » >

A. .-И EB. s. A father. - • - y V from >= father, from grandfather; i. e., ancestrally (received or descended in past time). N. B. W h e n this word governs another noun in an Arabic phrase, and is itself in the nominative, it is written and pronounced y} ; when itself in the genitive, j ) ; and when itself in the accusative, V ; thus AbS-Векг, of A b i - B o k r , JyV (I saw, etc.) А ъ в - в к г . Frequently, the i is then dropped; the compounds then become: >>. » , j., ; for •< j}} accus. o f . > whence the father of теаа, ваумм. A. къ,ргор. n. August (the month; taken from the Syriac). P. gb, s. 1. Water. 2. Liquid, fluid. 3. Artificially prepared or distilled water. 4. Rain. 5. A sea, lake, or great river. 6. A stream, brook, rivulet, streamlet, rill. 7. A spring, source, fount, fountain, fountain-head. 8. A well. 9. An artificially conducted stream of water, a conduit or aqueduct (sometimes subterranean); a mill-stream. 10. Sap (of plants). 11. Juice (of fruit, etc.). 12. A fluid (of the body), humour, serum, synovia, mucus, saliva, spittle; water (of the mouth). 13. Tears. 14. Sweat, perspiration. 15. Urine. 16. Seed, semen, sperm. 17. Gravy. 18. Broth. 19. Wine. 20. Fermented liquor. 21. Spirit, spirituous liquor. 22. A drinking bout. 23. A state of excitement, exhilaration, intoxication, drunkenness. 24. Freshness, vigour, luxuriousnes^ (of plants). 25. Healthy vigour (of the body). 26. Succulent freshness and suppleness (of youth); grace and elegance, beauty, charm (of any kind); cheerful and happy look, radiance, beam (of countenance); the open, dignified, consciously proud look (of an esteemed or estimable man). 27. A sense of honour. 28. A sense of shame or dishonour; a blush, flush, or sweat from uneasiness under shame or dishonour. 29 Moral honour, virtue. 30. Modesty, chastity, virtue (in woman) 31. Modesty, bashfulness, coyness (of youth or dependency). 32. Worth, worthiness. 33. Excellence, eminence, preeminence. Dignity,

jr ( 4 ) VT f a r , w a r , ashore, pan. m e t . did, b i r a . so. r i l e , t u (French), f u r . ^iiT ^Jf Water to drink, drinking water of life found and drunk of by water, potable water. him, so that he will never die; (see .jj^si J \ 1. Frozen water; ice, snow, • hail. 2. Jelly. 3. Crystal. A. Glass. 5. 1. Sleeping water, stagnant A sword, knife, or dagger; cold steel. water. 2. Congealed water; ice, snow, y\ wT The river A m u (ami) or Oxus, hail, hoarfrost. 3. Crystal. 4. Glass 5, A goblet or bottle. 6. Cold steel, a the J a y h u n (Jeylvun). (U VT Graceful outline and flowing sword, etc., in its scabbard. «M symmetry of the figure; beauty. JijyWater to be drunk, DrinkVT 1. Grape-juice. 2. Must. 3. ing water, potable water. jJ^jyi. J \ 1. Light of the sun. 2. Wine. JÎ). (•У J \ \ . Beauty of the days or time. The fountain of life (see ^ OU'j J \ \ . Beauty of the teeth. 2. 2. Sunshine. 3. Moonshine. d ö . л J \ 1. Wine-coloured water. 2. Spittle. 3. A thing spit out. OUJ J t j Water of the mouth, saTears. » J liva. Obb J* ' • Water falling as rain, rain. .-V » 'I. Water from the eyes, 2. Rain-water. A:„I 1. Bound water, fettered tears. 2. A modest look or mien. fU U i VT Tears of the goblet, wine. water. 2. Ice; snow; hoarfrost; hail. J? Ja > Juice of the vine, of vines: 3. Crystal. 4. Glass. 5. Cold steel, OUJ » J wine. sword^ knife, dagger. J \A-Sj J \ The brook of Ruknäbsid, U VT 1. Water of permanency. 2. The legendary water, river, or foun- near s h i r â z , sung by n a ı l z . tain of life. 1. Coloured water. 2. Co1. Root or stump sap. 2. Drag- loured_Juice. 3. Wine. 4. Tears. ^T 1. Beauty, agreeable or maon's-blood (?) vJT Humour of the back or loins, jestic look of the countenance of an upright, honest, virtuous, or dutiful semen.^ xk- J \ 1. Boiled water, cooked wa- man. 2. Beauty of a young and ngreeable face. 3. Honour; glory; reter. 2." Broth. 3. Jelly. £ 1. Bitter water. 2. Wine. 3. nown; reputation; fame; celebrity. 4. Honour, esteem, respect, estimation. Tears". _ _ f>- VT 1. Humour of the liver. 2. 5. Honest pride. 6. Modesty, shame. j j J \ 1 Gold-water, gold-solution, Tears. ö^i-jKİ. ,_,T Humour of one whose liv- gold-leaf rubbed up with gum to an impalpable powder in water, and used er bleeds; tears of grief. \ . Humour from the eve; for gilding by artists and ornamental writers. 2. Golden-coloured wine. tears. 2. A modest look or mien. jjj J \ 1. Yellow water. 2. Bitter Unlawful juice; i. e. fertears of grief. mented juice, wine. jXj 1. Pure, clear, sweet fresh o T e a r s of yearning in abwater. 2. Crystal. 3. Glass. sence from a loved one. jjjXj The river z i n a r i d or z ™ . J I Water of life (a legendary i *, _ _ L L » ^ spring or river; see Ц^Т) derud, at Ispahan (Ispahan). j f a j VT ( The water of life (see jbt. » Vigour of intellect, beauty J^'J, » i vOof imagination. .j J Î '1. Water oozing from a fisoVj^- V* Liquor of ruins, liquor of sure. 2.__ Tears. wine-shops; i. e. wine. .jbj VT j . Gall-humour; bile. 2. ^ Autumnal rain (destructive Wine. 3. The light of dawn. of vegetation and health). V T1. Water concealed by straws, Ş\ 1. Dry water, dried-up water. 2. Crystal. 3. Glass. 4. A glass which flows unperceived. 2. Concealor crystal cup or goblet. 5. A bottle. ed or unacknowledged talent or merThe water, fountain, or riv- it. 3. An intriguer, a dissembling, er of Khizr (Elias the prophet), the mischievous hypocrite. 4. Intrigue;

1 far


1 1 <asm.3n), W S r

^ J _ (Hafız), machine,

( 5)

X 2 2 i. J L - i. ~ (zır), S (qirat). rude; (usul). — ı ı nasal.


wherever it may be carried ; and the dissimulation. hypocrisy a n d misbirds eat up the locusts. chief. a ^ / S\ 1. Lustre of a pearl. 2 . öLLight water, i. e. soft and Cataract of the eye. easy of digestion. Ş\ 1. Red water. 2. Wine, f_,y> \ . Mary's water, spring, o r . u . » 1. Black water. 2 . Noah's well. 2. The purity, chastity, and deluge. 3. Wine. 4. Gutta sarma, the holiness of the Virgin Mary. 3. Grape disease known as amaurosis, which must. 4. Wine. produces blindness b y paralysis of the £* VT Locust-water; another name visual nerve, without discoloration of for J t , No. 3, q. v. the pupil. ^ 'I • Frozen w a t e r ; ice, snow, Peony water or juice. hail, hoarfrost. 2. Crystal. 3. Glass. {}>>a ^J 2. Wine. 3. Blood. 4. A crystal or glass goblet or bottle. J \ 1. Vermilion coloured water. 5. A sword, knife, or dagger. 2. Wine'. 3. Tears. wT 1. Wine-coloured fluid. 2 . j / " J \ i . Salt, brackish or hard Wine._3. Tears. water. 2. Tears. Ji V* The juice of fire; i. e. r e d j ^ i J \ 1. Water slightly sweetened wine. as a drink. 2 . A stream at Tustar. j b j l ' JT 1. Juice of wild pomegran^Jo v-Д The juice of exhilaration; ate. 2. Red wine. 3. Blood, 4. Tears. i. a. wine. Useful juice; i. c. wine. Л o V T The juice of enjoying life ; (Perhaps for A. ^Iı/ ^ Father Useful; i. e. wine. 1. e. vinegar.) , J3 » Л Juice of unripe grapes- verCJVZ-Л Sap, juice, or luxuriance of juice. a plant. ,JT (for »Jj^jl «JÎ, J\ Humour of alacrity; i. e. Jb » Flourishing condition of a semen. matter;^ success, prosperity. jf\j 1. Water and fire. 2. CalmThe Azure water, t h e Chi- ness and anger. 3. Sedateness and vivacity of any kind. nese Sea, inhabited by mermaids. J \ The revolving crystal, the J \ 1. Light and heat. 2. Lustre sphere,^ firmament, sky, heavens. and sheen. -Jf I. Hot or warm water. 2. A 4'b j J 1, Water a n d grain (as hot or warm bath. 3. A hot or warm birds'food). 2 . Man's "daily bread". spring. ^ j J \ i . Sap and colour (of plants J Diluted water; i. e. poor, or flowers). 2. Freshness and beautiful complexion (of a pretty face). 3. weak wine. аС_И Fluid from the k u m a fish of Water a n d verdant beauty (of a the Indian Ocean, used medicinally fruitful land), 4. Beauty of style (in as a liniment for bruises a n d dislo- writings). 5. Paint, carmine, etc. used by^women and others for beauty. cations.^ Js j İ T i Water and clay ; i . e . the yf VT The river КаиШаг О KLevГ ser of paradise, flowing with wine terraqueous globe. 2. The mortal body, the fleshly tabernacle. or nectar. 1уь 5 The water and air, the natсЛ-f 1. Gravy of meat. 2. Broth ural climate (of a place). from boiled flesh. Ruby liquid; i. c. r e d <-«-!»: S-.T Rain of kindness ; i. e. bounwinev ty, beneficence, benevolence. £ J \ 1. Water from dissolving ice. j»1 J 1 Rubv-coloured liquid. 2. 2. Iced water. Wine.' 3. Tears." j l ^ -T 1, The water of birds. 2. A. Lî ÂBÎK, s. pi. of Л 1. Fathers. Name of a water near s n i r â z , used 2. Male ancestors. 3. The spheres, like the "Sweet Waters" of Constan- the nine heavens (of ancient astrontinople. 3. Name of a fabulous spring, omy). 4. The seven planets (incluwater from which attracts starlings, ding the sun and moon)

far, w a r ,

ashore, pan. met. did, bird. so. r a l e ,

tu (French),


JU»-1} lT Fathers and grandfathers, cultivated, flourishing (place). 2. ancestors, progenitors. Prosperous and flourishing (man), in The upper fathers, t h e good circumstances and condition of spheres, the planets. mind, body or estate. (Added to a ^ ° U Moral or spiritual fathers, name as a termination, this word pastors, teachers, spiritual guides. helps to form names of towns or T. U ÂBÂ, s., for Л. U 1 . Stout homesteads, like o u r syllables - ton, coarse native woollen cloth. 2. A -burgh,-wick, etc.; -Ü is the officloak o r coat made of that cloth. cial name of the Sultan's pavilion a t A. M ibâ, v. il. A refusing or neg- the "Sweet Waters" of Europe.) lecting to fulfil a command * M v. t. To build up, edify, i m П v. i. To refuse compliance, prove or restore (a place or person). not to comply, not to obey. p. ОЦТ übädän, a. As Л\ q. v. (But A. Аъаь, s. An enormous wave, not used in names.) a mountainous billow. .i.i ita i j. 2 1. A prosper1 m Ljlj ь U übSd5nlıq / T. • • A. J - ^ E B A B I ı , s. pl. 1 . Large flights •i n' abadam 4OUS, flourishing ±z ±1 P. o'-"' j-,/ o 0 of birds in the air. 2. The legendary • J condition ( of a bird-; that destroyed the army of Abplace or man). 2. A prosperous and raha, the Ethiopian general who threatened Mekka about t h e time flourishing, inhabited or cultivated Muhammed was born; held by some place, distinct from ruins, a desert, or to have been the alpine swift, cypsclus a wilderness. p. gbâai, s. A s Jbû N o . 1 . mdba. 'i. T. The birds called "the q. v. souls of the damned" that fly in flocks p. â b i d î , a. Related or belongswiftly up and down t h e Bosphorus ing to an edified place. without alighting. л ^ ^ЛТ s. jVbâdi paper, a kind of T. J.-U A bird of t h e kind beautiful yellowish glazed writing known as " t h e souls of the damned" paper, from Persia, India, or China; the Manx shearwater, procellaria yel- much valued. qowan, puffinus anglorum. A. jU 5ънг, s. pl. o f y ; Wells (for A. +U İbate, v. n. An act oflodging water). (one) for the night. p. j M âbâr, s. A kind of impure I л ! v. I. To lodge or house ''one) oxide _or calx of lead, litharge. for the night. a. j 11 ,'ъьзг. s. A maker or seller 1 1 . Va- of needles. (See . П ebu.jırf s. pl. of i А. A. îbür, S. Fertilization of female A. ebEjir^ rieties or sorts of evils and calamities. palm-flowers with a male spadix; or, A. A U ibâhâ, u. n. An act of ma- a male spadix so used ; or, a male » king, deeming, considering, or holding palm of which the spadix is so used. (a thing or act) to be lawful and A. J'T1 Î B Â R , s. pl. of V.' Needles; permissible. (See шиьзь). pins bodkins. \ of Water I , or t To hold (a thing) SM ebariqa ; ewers, etc. with lawful. A. A j jtl e b a n q i spouts and handA. A. LBÂK.BÂ, v. n. A n a c t o f e x les. tinguishing; also, of being extinguished; extinction. T. ljH âbaza. 1. An Abaza man. 2. 1 v. t. To extinguish, put out The Abaza country in the Caucasus» (a fire) aJjII 1 . T o g o t o t h e A b a z a A. AT abâd, s. pl. of Future e - country. 2. To abuse one's self, practernities. tise self-abuse, t o practise masturadv. For ever, to all eternity, bation. smculd seeculorum. A. ebâzîr. s. pl. of ->У (Seeds), p. JIT ä b i d , a. 1. Prosperous, in pl. of J>. (Seed). Seeds and herbs of good condition, not in ruins, n o t various kinds used in cookery for deserted and neglected; inhabited or giving flavours.

J^ П ) 1 (asman), war (hafız), machine, (zır), ı (qırat). rııde (jısul). J. J2...2 1 i î 2 t î t far 1 1

— n nasal.

p. JM Ahâsh, s. (for A. A tenth day of every month of that year. 3. Name of the genius of that mixed rabble, a mob. A. û b i s h â , s. A mixed crowd month and day. 4. Name of his festival, . t e n t h day of eighth month. of men, a mob. A. öU ibbân, s. The nick of time, A. -ЦТ âbât, s. pi. of iH Armpits. ^ЛИ J>lT Difficulties, complications the right moment. p. jU'l âb-ânbsr, в. A reservoir, of affairs. A. JJ>U <-bnth, s. pi. of Jbl Fal- tank for water. A. i b i n e t , v. n. 1. A seversities, vanities,* groundless things. A. JUSIJI ebâ'ia, a. pi. of More ing, parting, dividing (one from another). 2. Setting up (one's son) as or most distant (things). p. -LİLÎ sbaft, s. A strong coarse master of a separate house. 3. Sending away (one's daughter or sister) as a cloth or garment; or tattered do. A. Jtl E B B A Q , a. (A slave) much wife. 4 . A declaring or explaining distinctly. 5. A being or becoming given to running away. A. Ibiq, v. n. (A slave's) act any of these four. -i-^ v. I. 1. To sever. 2. To send of running away, absconding. A. jbl i b b 5 4 , a. pi. of j)A Fugitive, away. 3. To explain distinctly. p. jUM Hfo-endâz, s. An engineer runaway (slaves). A. JbT Â B 5 L , s. p i . of . Camel- for canals or aqueducts. Р. /»I I w I ub-endäm. (1. Graceful of herds, troops, droves or strings. A . JM E B B Â ı , s. A camel rearer, figure, as though flowing. T. (3'j-iU abandlrmoq, V. t, C. of seller, driver or tender. A. îbalöt, 4İÜ ibale, V. 11. 1. ji'H To make or let (a person) lean A being skilful in tending camels, forwards (over a person or thing). tending or rearing camels, or other T. Ji*U i i l i i t m m q . V. İ. To 1еа,П cattle. 2. An abstaining from one's one's head a n d body considerably wife or matrimony. 3. Being or be- forward J o v e r a person or thing). coming a monk. T. i f f $ abanos, S. for P. ^ j - } EbA. A l î ebâlıse, s. pi. of^-iM Devils, ony. —o ' demons. P. Jbl i b â n i s. 1. Soup. 2. A ketA. I B Â I E , s. 1 . A faggot, bundle, tle of soup. truss, of wood, grass, hay, etc. 2. A A. ^ L ebShlm Aİ \ S. pi. of flf-L herd, flock, troop (of beasts or birds). A. ^AU «Vbähim \ Thumbs. 3. A troop or squad (of men), 4. An t . jU âb5yi, s. A kind of housing object of desire. 5. A parapet to a or horsecloth. well's mouth. p. jL wT âb-bâz, s. A performer in 4İU Jp 1. A wisp on a truss, the water, swimmer and diver, etc. added to a beast's load. 2. Evil that for show or amusement. comes on existing trouble. 3. ComP . LIJL; Â B - B A Z I , s. 1 . Swimming fort added to comforts. and diving in water as a performance p itoâie, s. A urinal; a privy; or amusement. 2. A swimmer's proa water-closet. fession. A . ^-»11;I E B I I R S , s. pi. of yJui Devp. âb-tâb, s. for LJ q. ils, demons. v. in Ş \ p. fU ebâm, s. 1. A debt. 2. A p. âbtâb, s. as 1. The loan received. sun. 2. Day light; day time. 3. Wine. p. flT âbâm, s. 1. A tower. 2. A 4. The soul; the universal soul. tower built for pigeons, so as to colp. Vol âbtâbe, s. \. A pot for lect manure. 3. A sign (of the zo- pouring w a t e r ; a e w e r ; a garden diac). watering pot. 2. A pot for heating p. l>\\ щьап, prop. n. \. Name of water, a kettle. the eighth solar month of the old A. ibtât, v. n. 1. A cutting Persian year, when the sun was in off or through, severing. 2. A makScorpio; October. 2. Name of t h eing (any act) final and definitive.


a s h o r e , pan.


8 ) did, ъ 1 г Л .




A. j t * İbtâr, V. n. 1 Cutting off, severing. 2. Docking (a tail). 3. Rendering (a man) childless, h . Deciding, - cutting short (a matter). 5. Performing one's devotions when the sun is just above the east horizon. A . ^ . ı Ä ı I B T L U Â S , v. n. 1 . Searching for (a thing), rummaging. 2. Playing at hide and seek for (a thing buried or hidden). 3. Investigating, probing (a matter) ; investigation. A. I B T Î D Â , s. 1 . v. n. A beginning ; commencement. 2. The first prosodic foot of the second hemistich of a verse. I U~l v. i. To begin, commence. . .i , ! i )adv. A s a b e g i n I - ft": i ning, for a com-

or coming between dawn and sunrise. 2. Conung to public worship in time for the sermon to commence. 3. Taking t h e first fruits. /,. Depucelating (a maid). 5. A bringing forth a firstborn. A. 5k i xbtxla, V. 91. 1. A proving (one) by trial or affliction. 2. A being proved, tried, afflicted, troubled; trial, affliction, trouble. 3. A being or becoming addicted (to a person or thing). A. ibtlıâ', v. n. A swallowing, swallowing down, swallowing up. |£_!Я'~1 s. t. To swallow, swallow down; to swallow up. A. J5bl ibtiiai, v. n. 1. A being or becoming wet or damp. 2. A becoming strong and vigorous. A. t i l i b t i n i , v. n. 1. A building A. itotxdSr, v. n. A setting constructing: construction. 2. A making (a man), setting (him) up. 3 . one's self to work (at a thing). I v. i. To set one's self to work Receiving one's bride and going in to her. (at doing something). f'bll ibtlnAan, adv. As founded A. IBTLDÄ', v. 11. 1 . An originating, inventing (a thing). 2. An(on a thing), by reason (of it). A. Ati etoxtte, S. pi. of Necesinnovating, setting up a new rite or saries ; provisions, furniture, tools; doctrine; innovation. A. JI-Ä-ı I B T I Z Â ı , v. n. A being or appliances, requisites. A. A~I Atote, s. Intense anger, fury, becoming in common continual use rage. as of no special value or account. A . £ Ц-"-;' xtotxlxaj, V. n. A B E I N G ОГ a e ^ j jJÜi! To fall from being held precious into common use and drudg- becoming rejoiced; joy. ery. A. ibtxixSi, v. n. A humbling A . JV! I B T I R , a. i (An animal) one's self in prayer. docked of its tail. 2. (A man) left A. »Ц1 Ibtiyä'» v. n . A buying, without a child or posterity. 3. (A purchasing (a thing). prosodical foot) reduced in a special I v. I. To buy, purchase. way from four syllables to two, c/Vk A. vijli.1 iibsäs, v. n. 1. A scattering, to k. Useless, unprofitable (man spreading. 2. A divulging, publishing, or thing); especially, a slave; a donkey. (a secret). 3. A confiding, imparting A . JLJVL (one's thoughts). elbteran, s. dual of Two v. t. \. To scatter. 2. To unprofitables, a slave, a donkey. divulge. 3. To confide. A. xbtlzaz, v. 11. A seizing and A . . M ebj ar, S , U carrying off by force. pi. of j* Evils, 1 jl>.l v. t. To seize (a thing) a n d calamities. carry it off by violence. A. LM itojâu v. 11. A contenting, A . FLJVL I B T I Z Â M , v. n. A spending, satisfying^ passing (a day, etc.). P . " aAÂ Â B J Â M E , s. A vessel for A. fUlt ibtxsam, V. 11. A slightly w a t e r ; a vase, pot, cup. etc. smiling A . J^I E B J E D , s. The Arabic alphal^LU v. i. To smile. bet arranged in its ancient form, and A. Uil xbtlga, v. n. A longing and as still used for notation and numeseeking after (a thing). ration, the letters of the present word ! übl v. i. To long (after a thing). being the first four of that alphabet. 'Җ\ îtotîkyâr, v. n. 1. A g o i n g , In this order, that of the old Pheni-

( 9) J41 f â r (Ssman), w ä r (lıafız). m a c h i n e , (zîr), I (qırät). r u d e (usul). — â n a s a l . p. äb-fciıust, s. A marshy, ciau, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin alphabets, t h e first nine letters repre- fenny island in a river. sent the units; t h e next nine, the p. 'jüşf ab-fciıîje, s. I. A rise of water; tens; the third nine, the hundreds; a sudden flow, wave, or inundation. and the last, one thousand; thus 2. Land where springs; are found. 3 . A spring of water. 4. A conduit of water. SO 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 A. ebed, S., pi. JU Future eternity. 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 jVSUl adv. To all eternity, in seeculâ ^L». J=äı The method of numeration by 'letters of the alphabet. Thus ^ is smculorum, world without end. - ^ J i J / % * From past eternity to 21, J is 32, f is 43, -o is 54, etc., IS 101', V J 202, etc ; J 1005. In chron- future eternity. A . JFL E B B E D E , inleiy. May (God) ograms t h e order of the letters is cause to endure for ever! not considered. All their values are -ûıljûl May God eternize his honadded together. Thus is 600+ 2 0 0 + 1 + 2 = 803, date of the Hijra our! A. -И aibid, a. 1. Permanent, peryear when i - i m s r laid Damascus in ruins V ' - A is 2 + 3 0 + 4 + 4 0 0 + 9 + 1 0 petual; eternal. 2. Shunning others, + 2 + 4 0 0 = 8 5 7 , date of the year when shy, wild, unsociable (man or beast). A. Ы ©bedân. adv. 1. Ever, etert h e Beautiful city, Constantinople, nally. 2, (witli neg.) Never to all eterwas taken by the Ottomans. p. j l j i ibjed-bh'in, a. (A schol- nity. A. Щ ibda, V. n. A producing, ar) learning his letters. A . Û W E B U Â S , s. p i . o f 1 . I n - causing to begin or be. 1 Ц1 v. t. To produce, cause, make, vestigations, researches, disquisitions, create. discussions. 2. Subjects discussed. A. .>Ы ibdâd, v. n. A dividing, A. etohEr, S. pi. of 1 . Sens J lakes; great rivers. 2. Seas of erudi- distributing (a tiling t o several). tion, men of great learning. ' v. t. To divide, distribute, p. âü-ichine, s. A water-closet, share out. privy or uriual. p. jUT i b - d 5 r , a. 1. Possessed of A. ehlthirö, S. pi. of jU* Va- water. 2. Juicy, succulent. 3. I n full pours, exhalations, fumes, sap, gi'een and luxuriant (plant). 4. A. J ^ 1 etofehâl, a. More, most, 01' Lustrous, brilliant. 5. Well-tempered (sword, knife, dagger); polished; keen. very avaricious. p. âb-khcir, s. 1. A water-drink- 6. (A man) in good circumstances of er. 2. Water a n d food, meat a n d body, or estate; flourishing. 7. Witty drink. 3. One's daily bread; one's lot. (man ov saying). 8 . Beautiful, grace4. A vessel for drinking water. 5. Aful. 9. Agreeable, pleasant. watering-place, a place where water p. _>ЦТ 5b-dâr, s. A servant who is obtained for drinking b y man or has charge of water for his master's beast. use i n drinking. P. Jjj^T ab-lthQrd, s. 1. One who A. i b d ä ' , v. n. Producing (a has drunk water. 2. W a t e r and food, thing) as a new creation out of nothmeat and drink, 3. One's daily bread; ing, as a new invention without a one's lot. 4. A short stay, a halt for previous pattern, as an innovation. refreshment. 5. A vessel for drinking \ v. t. \. To produce and create water. 6. A place where drinking out of nothing. 2. To invent. 3 . To water is obtained. innovate. p. .J^T âb-Khtirai, a. 1 . W h o o r A. <JUI ebdai, s. pi. of J-*; 1. Subwhich has drunk water. 2 . (A wound stitutes (of any kinds of things). 2. or sore) into which water has got, Spiritual substitutes or vicars, saintly being irritated, inflamed, swoln, and personages, supposed always to be purulent, in consequence. seven, forty, or seventy i n number


( 10 )

2 s' tu (French), far.

i 1 3 4 i l 2 1 I far. war, asbore, pan. met. did. bird. so. rule,

oa earth, provided b y God from geaeratioa to geaeratioa, to watch over, protect, guide aud further the "true faith of the heart. Out of them, aud separate from them, God provides four superiors, called j t y cardinals, two higher still, styled jUUl the two i m i m s , and ooe supreme chief entitled w-is the pole, the pole-star. These vicars are also called 1U budela, but in Turkish, the two words are vulgarly used in two very different senses, as singulars. All this theory is of mystical dervish invention, but is universally accepted as sacred.

„ . . . T j. i j. ) s. A ewer for P. abdestan, water> with P. Ü ^ A . l â b d e s t d â n . j w M c h a b l u _ tions are performed. P. Sbdest-kJıâne, S. 1 . A room fitted for t h e performance of caaoaical ablutions. 2. A water-closet, privy, necessary. t. abdestslz. a. 1. Not purified by a canonical ablution, in a state of canonical pollution. 2. A profligate. t . villi-Л" fkbdestilk, s. A light and plain kind of toilet coat or gown, easily tucked u p over the elbows, used in ablutions. T. JU1 abdal, S. FROM A . etadal, T. \ abdestli,-ln, a. Purified q. v. Ä kind of heedless, confiding, with a recent canonical ablution, and disinterested, kind, good-natured man, so ready to enter on divine worship. who takes no care for the morrow, A. e b d â ' , a. More, most, or and trusts entirely t o Providence. very wonderful and beautiful. j U I J j j The spurge-olive, daphne P. O ^ * ' ebed-muddet, Whose duramezereon. tion is to^ e t e r n i t y ; eternal. A. J W I B D S ı , v. n. 1 . A substitutP. âb-dendun, S. 1 . A fool, ing (one thing in place of another), dupe, pigeon at play, easily gulled substitution, change, exchange. 2 . A and plucked, as water requires n o changing (a thing b y substitution); teeth to masticate it. 2. A kind, each, change; conversion. of delicious pear, pomegranate, and I JUl v. t. 1. To change, exchange, sweetmeat. substitute. 2. To change, convert. p. .-П âb-din, s. A giver of grace, T ı5-"'4' âbdâtsî, a. Somewhat beauty, and lustre, a n ornament (to heedless (man), who confides, t o a a thing)^ --- .J.T s. Ornament of the chief degree, in Providence. (See т. йЦ') A j U ) « B A I N , s. pl. of JJ. Bodies, seat in an assembly; esp. M u h a m m e d A. »лТ âbldö, s. fcm. \ . A wild anicorporeal bodies, frames (of man and beasts); especially, trunks (thereof, mal, s h y of man. 2. A strange or wild, unfamiliar word or expression. as distinct from limbs). p. jljbT âb-dan. s. 1. A vessel for 3. An evil, calamity. A. ^ ebedî, a. Eternal (for t h e water. 2. A pond or tank, a reservoir. 3. The bladder (of an auimal), future), never-ending. (See Jjl) A. öbealyyöt, (Eternalness, nevP. ^yt, ebed-peyvend, ft. ReachT. e b e d b i k , * вг-endingness. ing to eternity, eternal. P. .-П âbdest. âbdest, S. A CAp. f } e b r , s. A cloud; the clouds. nonical ablution of purification, per- 2. Cloudiness, an overclouded sky. formed in a prescribed manner, and y} s. A dead cloud, a dried-up accompanied throughout with pre- cloud ; i. e. a sponge. scribed pious ejaculations, (A ; but A. e b e r r , a. More, most, very see also J - i ) good, pious, just. v. i. To perform an abluA. j} i b e r , s. pl. of >j) Needles; tion m the ^proper manner. pins ; bodkins. ^ - . И v. i. To nullify a previous A. y i b r â . v. n. 1. A declaring ablution, b y easing nature either way. (another) free from debt or obligaFor (one's) previous ab- tion (to one's self, or to a third parlution t o become annulled, b y anty) ; an acquitting, absolving, releaseasement of nature either way, b y ing from claim. 2. (God's) restoring escape of wiud, pus, semen, etc. (one) t o health.

t î 21 1 îV У f ä r (ismSn). w â r (hafix). machine, №r), i (qirat). r u d e (u<iu). — n n a s a l .
. , ,
( 1

i y v. t. 1. To declare (another) eyed, open-eyed, so that the whole free from claim. 2. To restore to pupil is seen with white all round it. health. A. -j) ebred, a. More, most, or ^ д с ^ у A paper, document of dis- very cold, cool, ö r chilly. charge, acquittal, receipt. A. ö'l-У i b r e d u n , .?. dual of ij) The A. ТгУ e b r a j , S. pi. of Towers two coldest times of the day, early (ofold city walls, etc.). morn and late evening. a. iferah., v. n. 1. A pleasing, A . »-VJ I B R I A E , s. 1 . Coldness, chilliness causing 'pleasure or admiration. 2. An (of rain, etc.). 2. A cold, rheum, flux, admiring, finding good, pleasant or gleet, or gonorrhea in the urethra. A admirable. - Jrj} Bbrcsh, a. Speckled, fleaA. ıbrâd, V. n. 1. A C O O İ İ n g , bitten (horse). making cool or cold. 2 . An entering T. J^y abt-Mh, a. for A. ^yy} Lepon a cool state (of the day, weather, rous (man). food, etc.). 3. A sending (one) forth T. abrashlıq, \ S. for as a courier. t. etoj-esuiik, f Leprosy. A. Е Ь Г А Г , s. pi. of Righteous T . çZj} Î B R Î . S H I M , I s. S e e p . ^ j } * , m e n ; the good, righteous, just. т. jAj) ibrisiıîm, / also derivatives. a . ^ f ) ёbı-âs, a. Leprous. a . JV.1 i b r â r , v. n. I . A duly perA . öj} <-BRÂ<J, a. Party-coloured, black forming (one's oath). 2 . An accepting (the performance of a religious act) and white, piebald. T. (J^j ibrlq, S. for A. (Jt/J , q. V. as having been duly performed. p. e b r i n j i n , \ s . A bracelet or A. JY itorâz, v. n. 1. A manifesting, P 0f7y} e b r e n j l n , /anklet; a bangle, . displaying, or showing (a thing) op. }j) еьги, s. An eyebıow. ^ j } / ) penly. 2. A presenting or introducing for A . jt», q. v. (a person to a third party). 1 j y v. t. I. To show, display, manT- J/.' ö b r u , fl. Marbled (paper), of ifest openly. 2. To present, intro- different colours. duce. T. ebrn, S. Marbling (of variey V j y A display of well-marked gated paper). » signs of zeal. P. }}} 5ЬгП, s. Honest and proud t . J>\j) i b r â s h , a. for A. J»j} a n d openness of countenance, an honest I. (for j-j}) Speckled, fleabitten or proud look ; honour, honest pride. (horse). 2. Leprous (man). t. e b r ü t â n a , s. The plant A. ^ У ibräq, v. n. I. A flashing, artemisia abrolanum. gleaming (as lightning, a sword, etc.). p. -Ş3)) «Vbrtı-k<W, s. Tweezers (for 2. A flashing, beaming, gleaming in thinning out the eyebrows). beauty. t. .ibrQiämäq, v . t. T o marT. ^jf-'y ıbralashmäq, V. i. To ble (paper). mutually declare one another free of p. iSjj} Ub-i-ay, s. As J Л 4• v all debt to or claim from each other. p. e ь s . The facing, outer A. (»Y i b r â m , v. il. I. A spinning, material (of any thing that has a n twisting (a yarn or rope) to a good inner lining, >Д). and proper degree of firmness, makA. У 1ьгё, s., pi. j} , jü 1. A neeing (it) firm. 2. An insisting over- dle. 2. A pin. 3. A bodkin, h. A sting much (in a request or command), (of a bee or scorpion). 5. A sharp forcing. point (of horn, etc.). 6. A privy mem1 («У v. i. To insist, to be over-per- ber, penis. 7. The point of the elbow sistent (towards another). bone, the olecranon process of the P. <Cy äbräııe, s. A water-engineer, ulna. 8. The os calcis, the projecting who attends to conduits and water heel-bone (in man), or hock-bone (in pipes. quadrupeds). 9. The sting of calumny, p. л * у ub-T-âiıi, s. A canal, con- slander, malicious misrepresentation. duit, aqueduct, or pipe for water. 10. A magnetic needle (of a comj a. .1 ebrej. a. Full-eyed, large- pass, etc.).

T. »И utoere, s. A greater bustard, otis tarda, A. P. p. >_>T äb-riz, s. 1. A ewer, waterj u g , p i t c h e r ; watering-pot. 2 . A bucket. 3. A sink, sewer, or cesspool, 4. A p r i v y or urinal. 5. A chamberpot, chamber-utensil for urine (vulg. avriz). A. > IBRIZ, a. Quite pure, fine (gold): • A, И ITORÎZI, a. Quite pure, fine (gold). P, j^i^J eferîsheru, S. \ . Silk. 2. Doubly twisted silk thread, as used for sewing, tassels, etc. 3 . A silken cord (for a h a r p , lute, etc.).



Car, w a r , ashore, p a n . m e t . did, b i r d . «o. ru.le, tâ. (French), f u r .


C/ 1

> A silkworm.

p. j^.j} e b r i s b e m i s. A dealer i n r a w or spun silk. T. jp-i/l ibrishim, S. for P. 4• Vjijyî A silkworm (commonly
T. ITORLSHLMJI, s. A maker or seller of silk thread. A - i3'.j) i b r i q , S.,pl. , ASjU A tall vessel with a handle a n d long spout, used for pouring out w a t e r in ablutions, etc., of metal or earthenware ; a e w e r ; teapot, coffeepot; kettle, etc. t. Ji^ Itoriq, s. A brig, brigantine. A. j*>J etozar, S. pi. of j>_ , pi pi. 1 Л JV Seeds and herbs of various kinds used for flavouring i n cookery. P. etozardän, S. A kind of spice-box for culinary seeds. p. 0>T âbzân, s. A portable bath, a slipper or sarcophagus b a t h ; used for medical purposes. p. °y} âhzlh, s. A little rill or driblet from a side spring that trickles into a brook or stream. A. J L J Itosâı, v. n. 1. A preventing or forbidding. 2 . A giving in pledge or pawn. 3. A giving i n exchange. k. A delivering, consigning (to punishment, destruction, etc.). p. âbsâıân, s. A garden, park, wood, pleasure-grounds. p. âbist, a. Poetical contraction for J î J Î , q. v. p. jii-Л âblstiıı, a. Poetical elongation of do.

p. оЦТ âbistân, a. P r e g n a n t (female), in the family w a y , b i g with child or young. j l j i л } оЦТ 1. The groaning pregnant one. 2 . The sighing harp o r lute. p. .Kjs-Л âbistângyâh, s. i. A w o m b or vagina, the seat of pregnancv. 2 . The w o i j d . (See .KALT) p. ji-Л i b i s t a n î , s. Pregnancy. P. abeste, a. (Land) prepared for sowing. P. âbiste, a. Pregnant, with child, w i t h y o u n ^ . p. о Ь Ь - •-Л ab^uwaran, s. pi. Bubbles floating on water or wine. p. ^T â b - s i y r , a. Easy-paced, easy-going (saddle-beast). p. jli-Л âb-sbSr, s. A waterfall, cascade, cataract. a . _,bl itoshâr, v. n. 1. A causing joy, g i v i n g joy. 2 . A feeling joy, rejoicing. 3 . (The earth's) putting forth its v e r d u r e .
p. ätoishtengyäh, S. A

place of concealment and privacy. 2 . A privy, necessary, watercloset. (See also P. âtoishfchir, s. 1. A watering place, d r i n k i n g place (for men or beasts). 2 . A drinking-vessel. 3 . (Man's, etc.) daily bread, food. 4. A short halt or stay for refreshment. (See jyfiT) _ _ P. U-Ui Л âb-shinâs, s. 1. One w h o knows w h e r e water is t o be found. 2. One who k n o w s and distinguishes the qualities of watei's. 3. A pilot, one who knows the shallows and channels in water. 4 . One who knows t h e rules, ways, and customs. A. JL»J1 e h s â r , s. pi. of Sights, senses of sight. \ A. j U itosar, V. n. 1. A looking. 2. A seeing, perceiving. A. JwJ ibt, s.,pl -ЦТ An armpit. A. Uwl itota. v. n. Being or moving with slowness; being slow, tardy, dilatory or late ; slowness, tardiness, dilatoriness, lateness. A. (JU»H ebtâı, s. pi. of JJa; Heroes, brave men. A. J U J ibtâı, v. n. A rendering null and void, annulling. I JUaıl V. t. To annul.

I tav A.

t I (äfmän),

2 war

2 9 1 1 2 2 2 i 21 ~ (h3fxz). macMne, (zîr), ı (qırSt). rüde (usfll). - n nasal. S. p l . o f jJ>ı 'I .

( 13)

3. A vintner, wine-seller. 4. A winedrinker. ^ p. ib-gyHmc, s. A kind of A, ©IB'âci, s. pl. of 1 . Dispreparation of sour curds. tances. 2. Dimensions. p. .S-T sb-gysn, s. 1. A pond or -d;" JUI S. The three dimensions, length, breadth, and depth (thickness). tank for water. 2. The side, between A. i\*>) ito'âd, v. n. A patting orthe ribs and the hip, the hypochondriac region of the abdomen. sending away to a distance. p. sb-kesn, s. 1. A waterI V. T. To remove, put or send drawer, drawer of water. 2. A wateraway to a distance. A. -U;L E B ' Â D , a. More, most, very carrier. 3. A cup-bearer. 4, A winedrinker. distant or remote. A. ohkom, A., pl. F>. Dumb, A. EBGGZ, s. pl. of JAM Hatreds, speechless (totally or temporarily). malevolences, animosities. P. äb-kyume, S, S e e ill A. ja&') IBGLIZ, v. n. A hating, feeling vindictive (towards one). p. ib-iсёиа, s. j . A d r y h o l i j,U;l v. i. To have a feeling of low channel scooped out by a rush vindictive hate (against a person). a. jai>} ebgaz, a. More, most, very of water ; a nullah. 2. A hollow dug by water ; a pond. much hated. A. Ä B I Q , a. pl. j U , j H 1 . F u p. o f X 5b-gyQn, s. Starch (of wheat, gitive, runaway, absconding (slave). rice, etc.). 2. (for P. Quicksilver, mercury. p. üy^l 5b-gynn, a. '1. Resembling a. u \ i b q a , for q. v. water, waterlike.. 2. The azure (vault A. ui ibqâ, v. n. 1. A rendering of the sky). 3. Bright (swordblade, permanent. 2. Continuing (a func- etc.). tionary) in his post, confirming, reapp. j-f-J 5b-gir, s. 1. A hollow that pointing without removal. takes in and collects water, a pond. 1 U>l v. t. 'l. To make (a thing) 2. A weaver's dressing-brush. permanent. 2. To continue (one, in P. ibgîıı«, s. 1. Rock-crystal. his functions). 2. Glass. 3. A diamond. 4. A vessel A. AbqAr, s. pl. of y* Oxen, of crystal or glass. 5. A sword, knife, or dagger. 0. Tears. 7. A lover's bulls, or cows (tame or wild). a. j;I i b q i , U i , inlerj. May (God) heart. 8. Wine. cause (him, etc.) to endure! A. J-.l ebel, S. Heaviness, unwholep. ubelt, s. dim. of J '1. Little or pet water, etc. 2. Mercury, quick- someness, indigestibilitv (of food). a. J.J i b e i i , a. More, most, very silver. wet, damp, moist. T. D.1 ibiq, S. S e e a. ibiı, s.,pl. JU, J-l Camels, a. Қ! ibitya, v. 11. A making or a herd or string of camels. letting (one) weep. T. yS\ A B I Â , 5 . 1. An elder or elv. t. To make or let (one) dest sister. (Said also by a younger weep. A. JST;t EBICYÂR, s. pl. of jv 1 . Vir- man to an elderly woman, when adgins (male or female); especially, vir- dressing her.). 2. A forewoman (of gins, maids, maidens, spinsters. 2. female slaves in a family). 3. A (man's own) wife. Virgin things, not yet used. 3. F e A, 3U imâ, v. n. i. A subjecting males, women or beasts, with only a firstborn each. 4. Firstborn children (man) to a moral trial by affliction or young beasts. 5. Young children or prosperity, a trying, proving. 2. or beasts. 6. Things t h e results of A wearing out (a cloth or garment). v. t. 1. To try, prove, afflict, first or sole endeavours. 7. Things 2. To wear out. unequalled, unmatched. A. O-OU ibiâs, v. n. A despairing, p. ab-kyâr, s. 1. A water-earrier, water-bearer. 2 A cup-bearer. losing hope ; despair. A. I B I Ä E , v. n. 1 . A making

Bellies, abdomens. 2. Cavities.


1 2 far, w a r ,

3 4 1 1 , 2 1 1 ashore, pan. met. did, bird. so. rnle,

( 14)

2 я tu (French), fur.


or letting (a thing) reach (a destination), sending or delivering ( i t ) ; delivery. 2 . A reaching, arriving ; arrival. ' v. I. To send, deliver, or communicate. A. ebelet, S. 1. Heaviness, unwholesomeness, ındigestibility (of food). 2 . A blight, blast, injury, mischief. 3. A fault, vice, defect. 4. Enmity, rancour. A. .1-1.1 ibiet, s. Enmity, hostility. A. ilbuilet, s. A (man's) kin, kindred, family, tribe, clan, sept. A. E B I E J , a. 1 . W i d e and clear of hair between his two eyebrows. 2. Bright, open, cheerful (of countenance). A. дЫ ebled, a. 1. As , q. v. 2. Big, clumsy, coarse of make and figure. 3. More, most, very stupid. A. iM eblâg, №. More or most, verv much up to the mark, perfect, complete, full (in any respect desired).

J"'b'> iriM Satan's claw, i. e. t h e perfume known as onycha. ( A . ^ J ^ ' J U T L )
T. f) e b e m , fol' f , q. V. İ n

A. j } i b n , s.,pl.

, V") 1 . A s o n

(fem. w i ) . 2 . A man (pertaining t o some special thing, or of a specified age in months or years). 3. A t h i n g (specially pertaining). a) A man of war, a veteran warrior. JjA traveller. &.J° ^ 1. A traveller. 2. A man in a certain public career ; especially, in an order of dervishes as a devotee. 3. A robber, highwayman. 0--.Ы1 j ) The son of clay; i. e. Adam. J J l a.' The son of the n i g h t ; i. e. A nightly depredator, thief, or robber. A. 1-) E B N A , S. pl. of j ) 1 . Sons. 2. Men, people (specially pertaining to a certain thing). ^ Ы \ . Fellow men, brethren in flesh and blood. 2. Creatures of A. J U 4 B I Â Q , vıılg. Ä B I A Q , a. i . P i e - the same kind. bald (horse), black and white. 2 . т. jUj ^ Ы People of the time, men of (abitU) Ha.ndsome. ^ - ^ j U Day and the present age. night, time; fortune, good and bad. Js.<- ifbl Travellers, wayfarers. t . jjLI ibiiq, 3Ы , s. A capon. A. Ы i b n i , v. n. A causing or lett. abii'i, s. The gaff-balancer rope ting (a building) be built. of a trysail. 1 11 v. t. To have or let (a house, p. e b i ü j , s. Fine white loaf- etc.) be built. sugar, or white sugar-candy. i>.' аъмйк. a . I. W a t e r y , wet. T. a b i a , s. See T " W 2. Juicy ^ sappy. ғ . Л^л äbioQa, s. Blockade (of a P. (_гУ-) a b n ö s , VUİg. abanös, S. place). I ASJIT v. t. To blockade Ebony. A. -İH ebleh, a Heedless, stupid, т. j f y - } âbânosji, s. A seller or imbecile, silly, foolish (man). worker of ebony. p p. 41T ablie, s. J. A pustule, pim.. - is*r} äbnisi, a. 1. Of ebony, ple. 2. A little blister, bleb. 3. A ebony. 2 . Like ebony, ebon, black. bubble (on water or wine). li^i^-jiLT 3. A seller or worker of ebony. A star. it ^ у Л 1. An ebonv flute or P. «Cl^y e b l e h a n e , Ü. Foolish, stupid, I flageolet. 2. A dark reed flute. silly (act, etc.). A. AA I B N E , s. 1. (fem. of j ^ ; ) , p l . p. e b l e h i , s. Foolishness, folly, o t A daughter. 2. (as 1.) A female stupidity, (human, brute, or inanimate) speciт. J.T âbii, s. See т. ally pertaining (to a certain thing). liv*-0 o J ^ 1 • To let slip (by care- 3. (for i b n e , No. 6, q. v.) An invetlessness) t h e gaff-balancer. 2. To erate catamite, who craves, from lose one's moderation, to commit an disease or habit, t o be consorted excess; to become dazed. with. A (- » ibiis, s. 1. iblis, Satan, jД ! A. A-1 u b n e , S. A knot in WOOd Lucifer, the devil. 2. pl. y J U , 2. A node in a stem or branch. 3 A devil, demon, imp. 3. A bad or A defect, flaw, vice. 4. A hitch, very crafty man. misunderstanding, ill-will ill-blood

I t I 2 f a r (asmün), w a r

? 2 i (hafız), machine,

( )1

Z 1 2. J. (zır), ı (qırat). rııde

? _ , L (usul).

• n nasal.

A. J t У etovâı, s. pi. of J y Urines. 5. A certain disease or depraved habit, A. Oiy ёьёлЗп, s. dual of y) (obi. whereby a man becomes an inveterate The two progenitors, parents, craving catamite. 6. (vulg. 1ьпё) Such father and mother. a catamite. A. •by) ёъл^хъё, S. pi. of Doors ; A. ©Ъпхуё, S. pi. of Buildings, gates. edifices. A. Zjy} u b u v v c t , S. Fatherhood, I Special imperial buildings, paternity. royal edifices, public buildings. A, J J u b u d , s. pi. of Future The Director of P u b eternities. lic Works. T. jy^ j y) â b i r - j a b u r , S. All SOÎ'tS b.f-Г Mosques, hospitals, schools, libraries, fountains, bridges, and the (of food) eaten in a, confused manner like building-;, erected and endowed greedily and foolishly. (See j y j 0 out of benevolence. F. yjiboi'do, s. A (ship or boat's) A. y} etoi, s. (for ^ when in con- going alongside (another). struction; gen. ; accus. II) 1. The \s>jy)v. i. T o g o alongside (anothfather (of seme one). 2. The man er boat or ship). (specially connected with some thing). F. âbösâ, interj. Avast! 3. The thing (brute or inanimate so 1 v. i. To leave off, stop (doing). A. y) c b u - q a l a m u n , С ў у . , s. 1. specially connected). J L ^ I y \ The origin of all substances; A chameleon. 2. A changing or shot silk stuff. 3. The ever-changing world. i. e. the philosopher's stone. A. ёъё-veyn, S. obi. dual of y) ^Sjj'iI y\ The origin of all spirits; i. e. quicksilver, mercury. (used as a nominative also in TurkV y ) y} Companion of Job ; i. e. ish) The two progenitors, parents, father and mother. the camel. T. д ёъё, S. A midwife. И y) Father ofmankind, i. e. Adam. A-} A man-midwife. s J j y) Soiled with earth, a nick^ Л J A midwife woman, Mrs. name given to Ali by Muhammed. Midwife. v.V у) A nickname for bread. jt-f-b} Midwife's-honeycomb; i. c. y) Ignorant; nickname given to one of his greatest enemies by Mu- marsh-mallow, allhwa officinalis. T. 4.T I B I . s. For A . U , q. v. hammed. A. V-l îbua, v. n. 1. Emptying (a i ^ j 4 ^iry} Ignorant; A b u - j k i ' s melon; i. e. t h e colocynth, bitter thing). 2. A being comely; comeliness. purging apple. A. İ b n â j , v. n. 1. A making Ub- _j>l Thte plant bugloss. ( o n e ) joyful, pleasing, rejoicing; ıjjiU x' The master of the house. «LU » The husband of the woman. exhilaration. 2. (The earth's) being » 1 . Name of a man. 2. Sata,n or becoming rich with verdure. (who appeared in that man's likeness). I ^V-.' v. t. To please, rejoice, exhily} The Sphinx (in Egypt). arate. ^ » Death; the angel of death A. JV-i ibnâı, v. n. 1. A looting, (ironically, giver of life). setting free, leaving free. 2. A turnA . ^ у } Ё Ь У 5 Ь , s. pi. o f V L 1 . Doors ; ing on (water) to flow for irrigagates. 2. Chapters. 3. Classes, kinds, tion, etc. A. i b l i i r n , s.,pl. , ^ » U 1. sorts, categories. 1 w I The Gate of Gates, a name A thumb. 2. A great toe. A. f l r ) Ibbam, v. n. 1. A making of the town and fortress of Derbend on the west shore of the Caspian, at (a matter) dubious, uncertain, vague, confused. 2. A (matter's) being dubione time an Arabian frontier-placo. A. etovâz, s. pi. of ^J1; Falcons, ous, vague ; vagueness. A. ûbbeböt, VUİg. îıbiıot. S. hawks. A . j i y 4TOVAQ, s. pi. of J y Trump- Grandeur, glory, magnificence. T. ııbboiM»tıû.a. Grand, glorious. ets, horns.

fiâr, war. ssbore, pan. met. did, bird. so. rule,

tu (French), fur.

excellent. (Second title of an ex-Grand T J\ âp, a. Quite, very. (Imitative . Vezir, styled ^V) corroborant used before a few words.) A. ifl ЕМХЁГ, s. The aorta (ascendj=-T J \ Quite open, wide open, ing and descending) ; also, the carotid c l J*_Quite white, all white. a r t e r y ; also, the brachial artery. ±STj\, WT Quite unexpectJ A. J^l ötoiıĞı, s. Juniper berries. edly, quite without warning. t . cii 4.İ etoiiifc, s. 1. The profession, T. ._>! ip, s. for ^„1 q. v. (Also for art, or act of a midwife. 2. A sub- derivatives). stitute for a regular midwife. 3. A T. ä p a r m a q , V. t. 1. To bring midwife's fee. or fetch (a thing). 2. To take away, liilUl v. i. To be and officiate a s a carry away,^lead away. midwife, t o act as a midwife. £ Let b e : let the water A. oblıöm, a. Dumb (beast), not carry away. endowed with speech. t. ^ up-arisiz, adv. Quite A. ЁЪ1, s . genit. of in construc- unexpectedly, without warning. tion. Öf the father (of.....). (Sometimes T. jltT APAIIQ, a. Plump, fat, chubused as a nominative in Turkish.) by (child). ^ T. o^1. _âp-ân.sîz, adv. Erroneo. (i c Ah, the son of the father ous of yS'\ WJI , q. v. öf Talib '( of ^.nwл1). T. , J i \ l ipratmaq, ) V. t. To fray A. J} АЬГ, a. Who refuses compliT. i p r a m a q , i (a thing) OUt ancy will not do or take .... . î>. jT âbi, a. 1. Pertaining to water, (by wear or friction). (As aqueous, aquatic. 2. Light blue, very T. i p r a n m a q , V.İ. To ЬеСОШв light blue (in colour), sky-blue. frayed (by wear or friction). p. jИ u b i s. 1. A quince. 2. A T. j\ i p r a t m e f c , V. t. See variety of grape. T- ti'}) aparmäq, V. t. S e e A. OL- \ i b y â t , s. pi. of C* \ . Houses; P. X y} eprendäblı, L £ >V Cor_- v tents; rooms, chambers ; huts ; etc. 2. Distichs (of poetry), pairs of verses. dovan leather, morocco. p. J-Л âb-yâr, s. A waterer or ir- T. oUjH ipranmet, v. i . See CXt eprimek, V. İ. To Speak ' ' T. C c j \ ' A rigator. p. isAi abyari, s. The occupation through the nose. T. i p r i m e k , V. İ. See or act of an irrigator; irrigation, T. ipsid, s. A felloe, felly (of watering. A. -I-1 etold, a. (An eternity) of e- a coach or cart-wheel). t . > И ipsiz. a. S e e ternal duration. t . jtji âpish, s. 1. The fork between -H 'î. A never-ending eternity. the two legs of the body. 2. A stride, 2. adv. To all eternity, distance between the two feet when p. efeiz, s. A spark of fire. set a-straddle. A. e b y a z , a. White. j^S j i J To open one's legs asunA. 'ЦЛ ötoyl'â, s. pi. of 1. Sellers. der, sit or stand a-straddle. 2. Buyers. 3. Bargainers. T. JIIJT I P I S H A Q , a. ( A m a n , e t c . ) T. IBIK, s. 1. A comb (on a whose legs are naturally much afowl's head). 2. A crest. J~} 1 • A cock's comb. 2 A straddle, w h o naturally stands or walks a-straddle ; straddle legged. cock's-comb (flower). A. J-l e bil» a. A Christian monk, t . jüLijÎ apishaqiıq, s. The quality friar, priest, or elder. of being straddle-legged; straddleC^.^Jr.' The elder of Christian el- leggedness^ ders; i. e. Jesus, the Messiah. T- (j^J^^O aplslxdirmaq, V. t. To A. o*! ebyen, a. More, most, or make or let (one) open his legs a very plain, clear, distinct. part andjstand, etc. a-straddle. p. s?) ebîv. a. Sky-blue, light-blue, T. JIIT ÄPISHIQ, a. A-straddle, azure-coloured, (standing)^ with the legs a-straddle. p. ёьуАп, üjJl s. Opium. t . Jl-.LT Apisniiq, s. A thing spe-



1 7 )

ı J. _ î _ fâr (asman),

5 2. - 2 2 i i. î Z J _ wu.r (tıufiz). maclıme, (sır)» x (qirt*®). rude

7X (usul). — n nasal.

Cj\ 1. A horse-market. 2. cial to the fork of the legs ; especially, a gore or gusset in drawers or Name of a ward in Constantinople. jJ'b The horse fish; i. e. t h e trowsers_at the fork of the legs. y> , in > J ) T. (З^чТ ap İslı matı, V. i. To Open hippopotamus. (See To dismount, to get down, the legs apart, and stand, sit, etc. clrl get off a horse. a-straddle. T. apisnû q > ) ^ S-t- ^ A horse-fly, gad-fly. p o r T T. eJrH' apıslııq. f ^ " ' jjT Horse-galbanum ; i. e. T. eU Ipek, s. For С - q. v. (Also sagapenum. лИ derivatives.) For a horse to race (with t. ipilk, s. For û^-J q. v. (Also others) ; for horses to race together. derivatives.) сЛ \ . A horse's tail. 2. The T. oU^il iplilclinmoK, V. I. See plant mare's-tail, kippvris vulgaris. j r j i j / \ To put to the horses (of T. i p i â , JH İpil, a. See ^ , a carriage). cJ\ A circus or hippodrome ; T. İpmlu, S. An iron point to the Hippodrome at Constantinople. a ploughshare. 1. To mount, get on a horse. T 2. To ride a horse. - J-^^apäsn, s. See j^} lUrl jW" J\ To groom a, horse. T. a p u « h m â q , V. i . S e e cJ\ A grey horse, light-grey F. äpiqö, a. A-peak (ship or horse. anchor). A saddle-horse, horse used JMJJJİ-) To be or remain with the for riding. anchor apeak. Л if J A Turkoman horse. p. J}?) e p y i n , s. Opium. ^u-'"r I A horse of a good race, T. ^ i ' e t . s. 1. Flesh. 2. Flesh-meat, cA t j y I of good blood; a bloodmeat. 3. The lean (of meat), k. Pulp, horse. sarcocarp (of fruit). JT^^p An Arabian horse. ^ l t i î . ^ . 1 The clingstone peach. Jj A carriage-horse. 1. Broth of meat. 2. Gravy. J j ^ ' i 3 A racehorse. L.I Flyblow, maggot in meat. cJ\ ->л._ A led-horse. ^ A certain Christian festival; T. ^И ît, s. For V - , q. v. LИ Bulgars slaughter pigs. r. in ätä, s. A (person's) father. jr^ The cutting off the use of m e a t ; the Christian feast of carnival Jin Ancestors. A. H otk, itâ, s. 1. Increase, prodbefore Lent. uce, yield, revenue (from land, etc.) ; ısP ЗЬуУ The hams. J l j i b 1. Flesh offish. 2. A muscle, fruits. 2. Twigs and leaves fallen into water. fleshy muscle of the body. T. d. In âti-ъоу, s. A Prince-Father; li" (>:.•> The gums of the teeth, i. e. a Lord-Protector to a minor, ol IJ A fleshy part of the body. сЛ A muscle of the body ; es- invalid, or incapable sovereign; esthe title taken by certain pecially, a brawny muscle of the up- pecially, bygone usurping sovereigns in parts per arm. ol >J Flesh, lean of meat; a fillet. of Persia. t. ätäiıq, s. 1. Fatherhood, Jl 1. Venison, flesh of deer. 2. The plump flesh of a young nubile paternity. 2. A (minor's) guardian, girL ^ ^ tutor, or male dry-nurse, who acts CX.jf л-'l Cif For a young girl to as or for a father. 3. An old or elbecome plump and nubile, to enter derly man. on her_ venison years. F. UH i t i i y ä . prop. n. See UbJ T. ^ S. F. jUsr' itiiyân» a. See K. ^UH I. A horse, 2. A stallion. A. Cj'jW itiUat, S. pl. of •ji»"' 1. z>\ 1. To make or let a horse prance. 2. To make a 3. To act at a Taxes, dues, customs, contributions. show of horsemanship. horse exult.


3 I I far, war, ashore, pan. met. did, bird. so. rule,

( İ8 )

5 Я tu (French), fur.

2. Presents, bribes, honoraria, fees. A. ittİhâdiyye, s. pl. A sect A. уИ itâve, s. pl. , Jjfc-I 1. A of s â r i mystic o r gnostic devotees tax, due, contribution. 2. A present, who hold the doctrine of the union bribe, honorarium, fee. of a saint's soul with God. A. ^ j W ETAVÂ, s. pl. o f See O ^ I , A. j u ' l ithâf, v. n.IA making (one) A. îttihâf, v . n . f a , rare present, ; A. jjW ötâvi, s. 1. pl. , fem. * _" presenting (him) with a rarity, >L i j 1. A stranger guest, visitor; or, im- presenting (a rarity to a person). migrant. 2. A streamlet of water of İvildi v. t. To give, offer, present irrigation brought to one's land b y (a rarity to a person). digging. A. il»^ ITTIKHUZ, v. n. A taking (a A. £_lr"l etba', S. pl. of Л Followers, thing) to one's self, either by making, Г attendants, servants. or procuring, or seizing it. ^iıı» A set or class of servants. i iüîl v. t. To t a k e ; to procure; to A. ITHA', v. n. 1 . A making seize ; to adopt. or letting (one) follow (another). 2. 1 ilül To take or seize an opA following after (another). 3 . A portunity . succession of similar sounding words,' I j \ j jfcl To take, come to, adopt a O as tag-rag, fiddle-faddle, etc., which, resolution. T. ı V j ^ a t d i r m ä q , V. t. \. To make separately, may o r not be in use or or let (a thing) be thrown. 2. To have meaning* (a form of speech or rhetorical figure much used in Arabic, make or let (cotton wool, etc.) be Persian a n d Turkish); as J'j?- carded w i t h a bow. 3. To effect or women and children, and the like. I n allow (a functionary) t o be thrown, conversation, every Turkish word, out of office. 4. To make or let (a substantive, adjective, or verb, can thing) become white, bright, or faded be repeated with a letter m for itsin colour. (See t . j t ' î ) T. d j v İ etdirmeK, V. t. For U- T initial. This second word is for o u r q. V. and so on, and such like. Thus, 1-» A. etrüb, s. pl. of v / Children IİU Pasha i or pashas and such like; or y o u n g people of about t h e same horses and so on. A. i t t i b ä ' , v. n. 1. A following age w i t h one another. A. ^гУ etrâs, S. pl. of Shields, (after another). 2. A following, conforming, obeying, imitating, copying bucklers. A. И / 1 i t r â ' , v. n. A filling (a vessel). <a person o r thing). I v. I. To fill (a vessel, etc.). I v. i. 1. To follow (after anA . - V e trait, S. pl. of 'J/ Turks. other). 2. To conform (to a thing). A. ittirâic, v. n. A leaving (A command, etc.) with which conformity of action is incum- abandoning forsaking (a thing). I J / 1 v. t. To leave, forsake, abanbent. _ A. jUfl don. î t t l j â r , v. n. A trading, A И e t r i b e , S. pl. of v 1 / Earths, . dealing, trafficking. dusts. I jb? v. i. To trade, d o business, A. vıtrvıj. S. n. U. Citrons. traffick. _ _ the citron, citrus mcdica. T. ÂTJAGÎZ, s. dim. of oT A little A. ııtrııjo, n t r u j j e , S. П. U. 01 or pet horse. A single citron. t. i t j e y i z . s. dim. of A little A. 1 rj n t r n j î , № 3 .\ . or pet .mass of flesh; caruncle; etc. Citron-coloured A. JU1"1 ÎTTÎHAD, v.n. 1 . A becoming or citron-flavoured (thing). united in one. 2. (Men's) uniting t. attirmäq, v. t. Erroneous mentally in o n e ; agreeing, being for J-j-^T q. v. u n a n i m o u s ; accord; concord, harmoA. ^ / W ı t r ı ı n j . s. As q. V. ny, peace; love, friendship, amity. T. ^ / î ÂTERÎNE, s. The smelt, spar3. A spiritual uniting of a saint's soul ling, osmerus epcrlanns; or, the sand with God. smelt, alhcrina presbyter.

( 19 ) T U \ I f J L 1 1 S i I i i far (â^ınut), w a r Ota(iiiJ> m e e b m e , Ш)> »



i. İ l i ~ r u d e (uJıui). « n aoeal.

p. .jUi-П â*<W-pare, ş, 1, A spark A. t y \ v. n> A beiag o r of fire. 2. A coal of fine. 3. Any becoming a m p l e ; ampleness. j A л â V Tö acquire ampleness, t o bright, o r vivacious thing. p. c ^ ^ j S Î it4»»»,piriet;, s. A firebecome ample. _ A. jUı'l i t t i s i a . v . n . A being or worshipper. _ T. ÂTIEHPIRÖSTıIK, I T h e becoming arranged in a row, series, or order. p. J - / . â*eshpere«tî, /condtJLJ1 To acquire a serial order tion, profession, religion, or rite of a a n d regularity. fire-worshipper. p. ._,ьЛ âtesbtâb, s. One who lights A. fi-П ittissm., v. n . A being marked with some particular mark. a fire. p. v t i i T s t e s b t a b , a. W h o or which f U i " } ' a . Marked w i t h loving friendship;'», c. friendly (letter, etc.). b u r n s or shines like fire. T. ITSLZ, a. 1 . Free from flesh. T. âtoehj», s. A fireman, 2. Lacking flesh o r p u l p ; thin. stoker (in a steamer). T. И atsız, d. Lacking a horse, P, rtJ'ıÄ^ \ Btesn-xMne, s. A firewithout a horse. temple. p. âteshdSn, s. A fireplace ; T. *»->->I etsîzje, a. dim. of Somewhat spare of flesh or pulp. chafingdish ; etc. T. J J T ÂTIEN, s. 1 . A way of throwT. (3'j ' ^ atishdlrmaq, V. t. T o ing, of casting. 1. One throw. m a k e or let (two or more) throw T. jlT ÂTÖSU. s. 1 . Fire. 2 . A fire projectiles or invectives at each other. 3. The fire (of fire-arms). 4. Vivacity. (See 5. Vehemence. 6. A burning distemT. CX.j-1-^ i t i s h d l r m e k , V. I. F o r per ; fever ; _rash ; etc. wUjjLill , q. v. P. ATESN-ZAN<-, s. A strike-aj-jA'j.y j û î v. t. To make a fire b u r n up, t o make it alive. l i g h t ; flint-and-steel; lucifer. j f ' i j l j ^ T v. i. For a fire t o wake p. cUiîî âtestıehL, s. dim. of j ^ î 1. up, become brisk. A small or pet fire. 2. Lightning. 3. СШ ^ Д v. i. To fire (with fire- A fire-fly. 4. The venereal disease or arms). ulcer, syphilis. p. .Kii \ âtesh-gyân, s. 1. A fireA fire-fly. ^ Л Д » v. i. For a fire to b u r n u p place. 2 . A fire-temple. p. â, s. 1. A firebrightly, or blaze up. cbjjSj^ jiTl v.t.To put out afire,ex- temple. 2. Name of a book. tinguish a fire. p. . âtcsiı-fçîri, s. 1. A pair j^Â v.i. For a fire to go out, of tongs. 2. Touchwood, tinder. die out, become extinct. T. DUIÎT Â T E S U ı I K . s. 1 . The quality j.jA^b v. t. To make a fire of fire. 2. Anything special for fire ; burn up. firewood; a fireplace; fire-money, j j c ^ b j t n г>. i. For a fire t o burn allowance for fire ; etc. up, to become lively or vehement. T. CUj-cl-ir I âtc;sh l a n d i r m « k . V. T. ^-jli s. Persian fire; i. e. 1 .To make or let (a thing) become fire Erysipelas ; 2. A pimple on the lip. or like fire. j i b ^ l v.^t. To light a fire. T. dL1-' I âteslUanmek, V. I. To p âtesn-efrâz, s. W h o or become fire or like fire. which lights or brightens a fire; T. ^li" I ât«4fıi «'i. \ âtesml, a. tinder; small firewood. Fiery, in which there is fire. p T. J i - ' î a t i s h m ä q , V. I. To thrOW c *^ âtnsh-cngiz, r' s. 1. A poker. 2. A firebrand, mischief-maker, mutually at one another projectiles, p. jLiîT âtosiı-ъаг, a. Raining fire, invectives, etc. (See j / l ) T. iHt^l ltislimcJi, V. I. For I^JC^J , p. j'^-' 1 ât«sn-bâz, s. A pyrotechq. v. nist. p. ^JUtT âtesb-bâzı, s. 1. Pyrop. sJLif\ âtesiınâic, a. Fiery techny. 2. Fireworks. p. .ji'T âtöehi, a. 1. Pertaining t o


i г a 4 i t s t « rar, w a r , ashore, pan, m e t . did, bive> so. r u l e ,

( 20 )

$ tu (lrroneb),

ү tar.

fire. 2. Fiery. 3. Like fire. 4 . Hellish, infernal; derived from hell-fire ; doomed t o hell-fire; especially, pi. the demons, devils ; the damned, p. oıiîT a t e s u i n , a. Fiery. a. «JL»<I îttîsÂf, v. ,n. A being or becoming possessed of a quality. JLJl Who possesses the quality of good fortune or beatitude. A. ittisâı. v. n. A being or becoming in contact, joined, united. JUH v. i. To acquire contact, junction, union. A. ittizah, v. n. A being or becoming clearly evident and manifest ; clearness, evidence, manifestness. A. itti»a% v. n. A being or becoming low or humble ; lowness ; humility; baseness, vileness. A. JU»N i t t i t s u , v. n. A taking u p a permanent abode, settling. A. i t ' s b . v. n. A fatiguing, wearying, troubling (a beast or man). 1 v. t. To fatigue, tire, weary; to trouble, a n n o y ; to wear out. A. i t t i ' i a . v. n. 1. An accepting a promise. 2. A mutually making promises or menaces to one a n other. A. lt'u«, v. n. (God's) causing or allowing (one) to fall prone on stumbling or to fall into perdition. A. ÜUN İtti'az, v. n. An accepting admonition, conforming t o i t . t üUîl v. i. To become admonished, take advice, reform. T. âtgî, s. The woof (of cloth). . A. J'-ÄI ittifaq. v. n. 1. A mutually conforming together; accord, concord, harmony. 2. A mutually leaguing and covenanting together, forming an alliance; an alliance. 3 . A coinciding. happening, chancing, falling o u t j chance, luck, fortune. s. A conformity of opinions, unanimity. fSjM s. An offensive alliance. ^ 1 /-' » s . A defensive alliance. » v. i. For chance so to happen, for fortune so to befall. A. SU"* ittifäqa, adv. 1. By consent and understanding. 2 . By chance. Chance events.
A. OSS'.AI ittlfdqftt, S. f i . Of

oSUl The chance events of time, the world, or fortune. P. attkäq-pizir. a . W h o or which admits, and accepts an accord. T. j—iUui ittimqsla. a. Without accord, agreement, or alliance. t . jlj^JUfl ittifâqsîziiq, s. W a n t or lack of accord or alliance. A. Jiirt ittiraql. a. Chance, happening by chance, accidental. A. 1*1 ittiqä. v. n. A taking care, taking precaution. 1 ti-l v. i. To be on one's guard, t o take care ; t o take precaution. A. itqän, v. n. 1. A making (a thing) solid and sure. 2. A learning and so knowing (a thing) for certainj, certainty. t. atqi. s. The woof (of woven cloth); rather, t h e thread thrown (with the shuttle) which forms t h e woof by degrees. A. Ui'l I T Q L Y I . s. pi. of j," God-fearing people, who refrain from s i n ; the righteous, the pure, the pious, the religious. T. otcx, s. 1. A skirt (of a dress, etc.). 2. A skirt, lower part (of a mountain). CXc }\ a.1 v. i. To kiss the skirt (of a superior). Jr\dc\ A band for fastening u p a skirt to the waist. dri One whose skirt is tucked up, ready for action of any kind. ^AIÜ dr* A skirting-board. CUSX-idl v. i. 1. To shake one's skirts (of dust, etc.). 2 . To renounce (a matter). aPjj TO fall down to (another's) skirt, i. e. to have recourse (to him. in trouble). jljU \ v. i. To take (another's) jjAii f skirt into one's a r m s ; i. e. to go down on one's knees i n entreaty, taking fast hold of (another's) skirt. dli CXS\ vulg. iil'1 Short-skirts ; i. e. a woman, a female. ^p' j-Л». The skirt or flap of a tent, the cloth that reaches to the ground. ıit1 ^ jl The hand is mine, t h e skirt t h i n e ; i. e. m y place is to entreat; thine, to be entreated; 1 am a petitioner, thou a benefactor.

I I J. 2. 2.2 I î â r (a$manj, w a r (hautj. macbıne,


( 21 )

I ı 2 J _ 2 1 . ~ (aıp), ı (qirat). rude (nsul). — n n a s a l .


,pl The skirts, lower parts of a mountain. A. t£"t i t t i k y i . t'. n . 1. A leaning the weight of one's body and elbow (on a cushion, etc.) for support. 2, A leaning (figuratively, on another) for support. I KjI V. t . 1. To lean one's elbow (on a thing) for support. 2. To lean and trust (to another) for figurative support. A. ittiltyal. V. n. A trusting and confiding (in God, etc.), putting all one's trust (in Him). t Jfct v. i. To p u t one's whole trust (in God, etc.). T . A&JT © Î . ş s. 1 . Stuff, material C for a skirt. 2. A thing worn as a separate skirt or petticoat, without a body to it. t A.ut The lower piece of amber, etc. in the mouth piece of a Turkish pipe. t . , £ : t , eteMn, ©tefeli, d. Skirted, furnished with a skirt. jjj^l Long-skirted (dress, etc.). A^J Short-skirted (dress, etc.). t . J-'t ©tel. prop. n. The Volga (river). A. itiA, s. pl. of £ People or things which follow others ; hangerson, dependents, disciples • following young (of animals). A . >'T I T I S , v. n. A making or leting (one thing) follow (after another).

atlatmııq, 1). t. To make or let (another) jump or leap over (a thing), skip, omit, pass over (a word, etc. in reading, etc.); help to avoid (a danger, accident, etc.). (See A. i t i i j , v. n. An inserting, introducing, pushing, poking (a thing, into auother). A. ittiıâj, v. n. An entering, penetrating, going in (to a sheath, etc.). A. Itıâa, s. A slave or beast born in one's possession. T. atlanmaq» V. İ. See Ji^T A. <J%'\ ITIIF, v. n. 1 . A making or T. _>Ь-| i t i i , J.İ ©«i, v. a. 1. Fleshy, letting (a thing) perish. 2. Wasting, plump. 2. Pulpy, fleshy (fruit). spending uselessly, dissipating (one's T. ^ T i t ı i , JİT i t ı i , a. 1. Furnishmeans, etc.) ed with a horse or horses. 2. Mounti v. t. 1. To destroy; to let ed, mounted on horseback, horsed, perish. 2. To waste, dissipate. riding (man, soldier); especially, a

t. a t i i m i q . v. t . &• i . a . Trans. 1. To jump, leap over (a thing). 2 . To skip, omit, pass over (in reading, writing, etc.). 3. To narrowly escape or avoid (a danger, accident, etc.). B. Int. 4. To j u m p or leap (as a n exercise or game). 5. To jump, leap, fly (at an adversary, etc.). 6. To jump, leap, skip, fly, bounce about (as a horse i n prancing or shying). 7. To fly or squirt up or out suddenly and a t once (not continuously). (See jx'^-T) t. u t ı i ı n â . a. & s. from j ^ ' t 1. s. A jumping over; omission. 2 . a. Jumped o v e r ; omitted. ^iU* A stepping-stone (for passing a brook, etc.). T. ^ y j - f X ^ atltuidirnmq, V. t. 1 . To make or let (one) provide himself with a horse or stallion. 2. To furnish (one) with a horse or stallion. 3. To make or let (one) get on horseback. 4. To make or let (a colt, etc.) become a horse or stallion. (See T. atlangij, s. A steppingstone (for crossing a brook, etc.). T. ^ utlaiuiiaq, V. İ. \. To furnish one's self with a horse, t o get a horse, or a stallion. 2. To get on horseback, get into the saddle, mount. 3. For (a colt, etc.) to become a horse or stallion. (See t . j i ^ î utıutniaq» v. t. See Jjö^T T. JI'J itlaıvııuj, V. t. İ. SEE jV^jî T. JvT atılıııa<|, V. İ. 1 . To Ьв thrown, cast, projected. 2. To be shot off (as an arrow). 3. To be fired (as a gun). 4. To be thrown away. 5 . To be ejected from office. 6. To b e stepped (as a pace). 7. To be carded, (cotton-wool, etc.) (See j / T v. t.) 8 . To cast or precipitate one's self, t o leap, bound, fly. y') i j j f ÖJ1 A shot arrow never comes back; i. e. there is no recalling the^ past. t. jUhimtl, s. For ^ T

1 f_ 1 ( 22 ) # 4 3 4 _J l * ?ar, vra», asrtıofe» pan* m eit . did, . b i,r ^ . «o. I r u l e , t a2(Prendh), t a p . a

matı o r men on horseback; a cavalry S i l O î To step steps o r paces. soldier ; cavalry a horse-patrol ; j/T O- J, To cast (a fault, etc.) mounted police. on to a person. . y\f\ liSr A single-horse jc" T du л To cast (an act) in t t vehicle.^ one's face, t o reproach or taunt him ! A two-horse (with it). j/T-5C F o r t h e colour of t h e vehicle.^ countenance t o go p a l e ; i. e. for a A four-horse vehicle. man to turn pale. ^ч-pyjT Cavalry, mounted forces. ^c'tjiii T o fire off a pistol; t o T. f T â t i m , s. See ^ shoot. A. etemm. More, most, very jr'liOJu To fire- a musket, rifle, complete and perfect. fowling-piece ; t o shoot. T. a»-U 1 u t m u j a , S. See A*-' I S ' I j j ç TO cast anchor, t o anchor. A itmam, n . A completing, ^Ли-Ц. 1. To desire ardently, t o perfecting (a t h i n g ) ; finishing (it). be all eagerness (for a thing). To 1 l v. I. 1. To complete, perfect. save one's own life by taking refuge2. T. jU I itman., finish. To complete, (in place). s. Erroneous for A. 3<"I Л F o r a powder-magazine T. âtmâjâ, a. Used b y t h r o w - to explode. ing, casting, projecting. 2. A sparrow j/Taü». 1. (For a horse, etc.) t o -liuwkt (as ä t m a q ,thrown & İ. the Т)Ч1ПЧ. kick o u t w i t h both hind legs at T. j T being V. t. from A. hand). 1. To cast, throw, project (a thing). once 2. To throw (a thing) away. 3, To j / T лГ^ 1. To throw forward one's throw (a thing) down. 4 . To throw chin; i. e. t o drop one's chin when off (clothe-i). 5 . (For a bird) to cast dyings (its- feathers in moulting). 6. To throw See J ^ j j f (dice). T. To eject, throw out. 8 . To Jc'ı J j To throw dice, reject. 9 . To shoot (a bow, arrow, js"T^X- 1. To fire off one's arms, etc.). 10. To fire, fire off (a gun, etc.). gun, etc. 2 . To throw down one's 11. To send up, fire off (a rocket, arms. 3. To throw away one's arms. etc.). 12. To fire (shot, bullets, etc.). j / T j ^ * To cast a n imputation (on 13. To cast (an imputation, etc.). 14. a person); t o traduce, malign (him). To throw or card (cotton-wool, etc.) j / T j l r i To h i t (one) a smack o n with a carder's bow. 15. To step (a the face or box on the ear. pace). B. Intr. 16. (For a brittle thing) ji" T 1. To shoot with small to fly, chip, splinter, break, crack. shot. 2. To cast a cast-net. 17. (For a gun) to go off, t o shoot jt'îOJ.--S* (For a person) to ihrow (straight, etc.); (for a p o w d e r - m a g a - the responsibility (of a thing) off his zine) to explode, to blow up. 18. (For own shoulders. an organ of the body) to eject its ^ ç y To cast a fault, throw t h e fluid in a jet. 19. (For the heart, an blame (on t o a person). artery) to beat, puhate. 20. (For a jcTi'lb For the dawn t o break, t o man) to vaunt, boast, or tell won- appear. derful ^ Л л А ь To fire a pistol. storie? and lies. 21. (For a j / T ^ F o r a vein or nerve to colour) to fade and become whitish. pulsate, beat, play. 22. (For the dawn) t o begin t o apjA^b 1. To throw a ball (in pear light and bright. (See J-o-cT, play). 2, To fire a cannon. jcyo 1. To throw up and catch To throw up the ball; i. (a thing, as an exercise). 2. To boast. e. to become bankrupt. 3. To talk or act extravagantly, fooljc'îıiLii To let off fireworks, squibs, ishly and indecorously. crackers, rockets, etc. j H (»Л To eject a man from office; j / T j ^ b To make a signal with the to procure his downfall, dismissal. eyebrow.

УТ fir

, (23 ) _ ^L-l ? ? t w â r ( h S t û j . m a c t i w . (ıbr), İ (qirät). r u d e ( ш и Ц . - Ä n a s a l .

(^Tj-ii To pjay a good spoon, eat benefactor over one t o w h o m he has given bread and salt (among other heartily at a meal. jc'Tc^-i^ To ca^t a fault, throw articles of food). С Л jjyi Д . Dry b r e a d ; i . e. bread the? blame (on one). 1 T o throw down the l i d ; alone, without condiment. j i i \ J>ji Birds' b r e a d ; i . e. t h e imi. e. t o take to one's heels in a h u r r y . mature seed of marsh-mallows, eaten jc'T To cast lot?. To use the sword vigorously; b y children in England u n d e r t h e name of " D u t c h cheese". i. e. t o slaughter indiscriminately. T. С Л it melt, V. t . For 1 jt'T For a stuff to fade, to lose its colours. T. e t m e k j i , VUİg ekm«ltjl„ S. j ' T J j - j y To fire a bullet or bullets. 1. A baker. 2. A seller of bread. j / T j f To set one's eye (on a thing); s. The condition, occupation, and trade 1. e. t o look (at it) with desire. j i f î 4..JZf To throw (meat or drink) of a baker o r vender of bread. I cU^'l v. i. To work or trade as into one's own b o d y ; i. e, t o gobble a baker or vender of bread. (it) down. ( У Т ^ 1. To chat, talk, converse. T. «T IT M I , s. An act of throwing etc. See ^ўЛ 2. To chatter, talk nonsense. « Î 1. A t h r o w i n g a n d catching. To fire or explode a mine. jjfTjCl To cast anchor, t o anchor. 2. Boasting, b r a g g i n g ; display. ^ " I j a J Pulsation of a n artery j i ' T j a r ' For the pulse t o beat. To raise a loud cry, t o cry beating of the pulse. aloud lustily. T. (jji-'l xitanmAq. V. İ. S e e j / t j l T To reject (a thing). A. L/l itvâ, v. n . A destroying, jc'I j.ü» To cast (an imputation) dissipating (property, etc.). off one's own collar; i. e. to deny (it). I l/l v. t. To destroy, dissipate, ^ Л ^ For the heart t o beat, t o ruin. pulsate. A. J l / I e t r a q , s. pi. of J / Desires, о Л e t m e t , YUİg, e k m e k , S* \ . Bread. strong inclinations. p. J / \ a t a n , s. A governess, a 2. Food. 3. One's daily bread, one's living, one's means of subsistence. 4. female teacher for girls i n a family. A. i t v e h . a. More, most, very P a y , pension. J.c'1 A crumb or crumbs of bread. singular or proud (man). T. âtâ, s. See TT ' С . The crumb of bread. ДЛ A. vV' 1 ittihuto, v. n. A receiving, öU'l The crust of bread. J f öu I As much thought of as accepting a gift. b r e a d ; i. e. most highly valued. A. fV-'l i t h a m , V. П. 1 . A SUSpectÖ I I * G F L To have butter spread ing (a person, of some offence). 2. on one's b r e a d ; i. e. to have blessings An imputing (an offence to a person), added to one's former means. accusing (him of it), holding (him) > JU'\ One whose bread is on his guilty (of it). knees; i. e., an unstable, roving man. I fÇ-'l v. t. To suspect. 2. To accuse. j1 Home made bread. A. J l «ti, s. 1. A stranger, guest, visitor; or, immigrant. 2 . A streamStale bread. CU-I Cheese a n d bread; bread let of water brought b y digging. 3. and cheese; i. e. little ; frugality; Twigs and leaves fallen into water. contentment. A. eti, CI. Clever, assiduous, and а Л .jir New bread. j J \ j^S Garrison bread, ration bread successful (man) i n business. A. JT âti, a . 1. Coming, w h o or (as served out t o soldiers o r others). J^"' IS-JW Common bread, as sold which comes. 2. Future. j l J I j T i About to b e explained in the shops. / İ I JT ( About to be mentioned, at'l^eU. White bread, fine bread. öU'l The right or claim of a mentioned below, following. A. O-V1 ittiyâs, vulg. for LT^'I itti.

Mır> Tvtrf» M h e M , p a n .

did, b i r a . *<». r u l e , tW. (Fren«lt), l i r .

A. fir! « s i m , s. 1. A u offence, 4», n. A being without hope, trespass, fault; a crime; a sin. 2. A despairing. o. i. To lose all hope, t o requital, reward, recompense, punishment for an offence. 3. Hell; or a pit despair. ' A. OW* IT YÂN. -u. n. 1. A coming, in hell arriving. 2. A happening. 3. An A. FR \ ttnikm, S, pi. of f! Offences, I approaching, having carnal connexion. trespasses, faults, crimes, sins. 4. T. A bringing forward, laying down, A. TNR osttnin, pr. n. pi. of IIL mentioning (a matter). Mondays. 'JW"1 '->• t. To bring forward, l a y A. ^U"! isbât, VUİg. ispât, 1. A making or letting (a thing) remain down, mention. T a t i j l , s. A t h r o w e r ; a card- unmoved, leaving (it) as it was, maintaining (it). 2. A making (a thing) er (of cotton-wool, etc.). See ^ Л A. »-"I «TYÖTı, a. More, most, very firm ; confirming, consolidating, coroborating (it). 3. An affirming, mainsingular or proud (man). A. Ustx'-t. 4,w ISÂBE, v. П. i . taining (an assertion). 4. A proving, A rewarding, recompensing (one, demonstrating, establishing the truth with good o r evil), r e q u i t i n g ; retri- or accuracy of (an assertion). v. t. \. To maintain as it bution, reward, recompense. I p. t. To requite, r e w a r d , r e - was. 2. To confirm, consolidate, corroborate. 3. To affirm. 4. To prove, compense (with good or evil). A. ^ЛЧ ЁЧДЧ, S. Goods, effects, chattels. establish. v. i. To bring forward •1a Household goods, household proof or evidence. (Vulgar.) effects, furniture and utensils. a. >*T A*ür. s. pi. of y\ 1. Traces, eo'j ^ V 1 Hast thou a proof, evimarks ; vestiges ; relics ; remains ; dence, witness? (Vulgar.) remnants ; tracks, footmarks. 2. Mon1. Partial repairs (of a uments (of any kind left b y men after building) or alterations, some parts t h e m ) ; buildings ; institutions ; foun- being left, a n d others done away dations ; works, books written ; paint- with, removed, or altered. 2. Alings; sculpture, statues, etc. 3. His- terations and corrections, emendations tories; tales; legends; traditions. (in a written paper, etc.). A. j£\ âsir-, ( s. pi. of 1. Blood A. eser, s.,pl. jVÎ, 1. A trace, A. j ^ ES SR. \ revenges, lives taken sign, mark, vestige, relic, remain, in revenge for blood shed. 2. Blood- r e m n a n t ; track, footmark, footprint ; debts, lives due or sought after for a weal, bruise, scar; an effect. 2. A bloodshed committed. 3. Seekers after m o n u m e n t (of any kind) ; a building; such revenges. an institution, establishment, foundaA. J'bi IS'AR, v. n. A (man's) taking tion ; a work, book, writing ; a painthis revenge by killing (another) in ing or tracing; a sculpture, etc. retaliation. (left by any man, even though y e t 3. A history, tale, legend, A. Cjj^I esaret, ESDRE, S. 1 . A living). trace, mark ; vestige ; relic ; remain ; tradition ; a sacred tradition of Islum. r e m n a n t ; t r a c k ; footmark. 2. A leg(An army) that is followed end, tradition, tale, narrative. A. isurot, »l İ isHre, V. П. 1. by the divine assistance (and victory); jT A making (dust, etc.) to rise as a i. e. victorious (perhaps by anticipaprayer or hope). cloud. 2. An exciting, raising, rous- tion, in asır, A. ing (troubles, sedition, etc.). a. One who relates or v. t. 1. To raise (dust, etc.). hands «down 1 legend or tradition. I a 111 , 1 2 I Ml 2. To incite (discord, etc.) A. u j i e s r e t , e s e r e t , u s r e t , s esre, A. Jtt esSl, s. Honour, nobility, esere, u s r e , S. high rank, distinction. A legend, tradition, esilet, esule, V. П. A tale, narrative. being o r becoming high in station. A. ısret, u s r e t , s. A pick, choice, selection (of a thing or things by a man, in preference t o others).

5 r« Ib f i t î 22 î ( 2 1 )^ 2 2 î 21 fSr {esmJUfc)e W a r (ttaîıss). т в е М и е , (zlr)» ı (qîrât)> r u d e (ueul). — n n a s a l .
A. UAX4T, s. 1 . A legend, traA. «Vsnıen, a. M®re, most, very dition, tale, narrative. 2 . A pick, costly and dear. choice, selection, preference. 3. A A . t- I ISNFE* s. pl. of j' Duplications, mark cut into the sole of a camel's folds; twistings, windings, convolufoot, b y which i t m a y be identified. tions. (Used in Turkish as a singular, 4. The grain (of a damask sword, •in the sense of the course of a journey, etc.). 5. A h i g h hereditary quality the time of a slay, a period of time). or habit (in a man). 6 . Dearth, ^ЬЛ i n the course of the stay. scarcity. tjA 1j jU'l I n the course of the road P. jtj-1 e s e r d ä r , № \. Affected, or journey. . touched (by a thing). 2. Possessed •jW J?1 At that time, i n that interof knowledge, somewhat informed val, during that interval. (on a matter). A. t i i S I 1 5 , v. n. A p r a i s i n g , e u P. У1 iser-TÄRSÄS, s. A h i s t o r i a n , logizing. * t l v. t. To praise, eulogize, pannarrator, or traditionist. A . F/L E S R E M , a. 1 . O n e w h o h a s egyrize. A . J^e W ısnâ- ASLıERE, № f e m . . lost a front tooth, a central incisor. .^ip l:i,1 Twelve. 2. A particular foot i n prosody, J> A. I S N A N , №. obi. ^ 1 • Two made into . A Monday. A. e s e r i , s. One who relates a (fem. üU l) 2 . pl.ä)№ A, ı s n e y - a s l i e r e , № obl. o f . tradition; a traditionist. , fem. 'j-'-*Twelve. A . iSj\ UsrS, s. A pick, choice, A. 1чпё> n. a. obl. of , fem. selection, preference. A. <Jkl E»if. s^ir. a. 1. Permanent, цоЯ 1. Two. 2. Monday. ^ y i f ^ j On the second day of the constant, established. 2. Following. a. isqäb, v. n. i . A making week, i. e. on Monday. (a fire) burn up brightly. 2. A proA. i s n e y n i y y e t , S. Duality. ducing (fire, from a flint, etc.) A, ^ ^ e s n î y e , S. pl. of t* Praises, A. JU?I E S Q Â ı , s. pl. af Ji* 1 . Weights. eulogiums, panegyrics. 2. Heavy things, heavy to move or A . WL/L es-»5b, VUİg. e s b a b , S. pl. carry, loads ; baggage, luggage, im- of 1. Cloths. 2 . Garments. pedimenta (of travellers, armies, A. jVI esrar, s. pl. of jy Bulls. etc.). A . j / l A S I R , s. pl. of /I 1. Traces, JUîtj». 1. The dragging of heavy signs, marks, vestiges, relics, remains, bodies. 2. Mechanic?. r e m n a n t s ; tracks, footprints; bruises, JU/I u> The science of mechanics. scars ; effects. 2. Grains (of damaskeenA. esqel, № 1. Moi'C, most, ings on swordblades, etc.). . very heavy. 2. More or most indiA. e s ü m , №. Culpable, guilty, gestible. 3. More or most disagreeable sinful (man). or insupportable (man, etc.). A. J lb'I i s ' a r , v. n. For j И q. V. A. J & l I S K Y Â ı , v . n . 1 . (God's) A. isîr, s. 1. The ether, the bereaving (a person). 2. A (person's) ethereal region of space. 2. Ether being or becoming bereaved ; bereave- (sulphuric, nitric, chloric, etc.) ment. A. esir, № . 1. Large o r deep A . Jfl E S E I , s. The white tamarisk, (of footprints). 2. Especially beloved lamarix mannifera. (friend), w h o has made a deep A. FÎ № One who commits impression. . an offence, trespass, fault, crime, or A. esîm, № Culpable, guilty, . s i n ; an offender, criminal, sinner. sinful (man). A . f t Ism, s.,pl. ftfl An offence, A. ejj, v. n. \. A (fire's) b u r n trespass, fault, crime, sin. ing vehemently. 2. A going along A. ^ esmSr, S. pl. of J Fruits at a quick pace. A. Jlct esman, St pl. of y Prices. T. Aj, №. 1. Hungry. 2. Fasting. A. ismid. s. Sesquisulphuret of 3. Covetous, insatiable. 4. Hungry antimony, used as a collyrium. (soil).





t i * . w a r , âoUore, p i n . mot. did, b i r d . «s< r u t o , t u (Freneb), f u r . pT By o r with, through pro- to the trustees and recoverable, on longed privation of food. resale, from a n e w tenant, and the or "reserved", paid ftX Deprived of food and water, A=ry "deferred", yearly during tenure. starving. ^ 1 vM v. t. To lease or hire (a house, i y d * T o remain without food, etc.) for rent. without j?ating, fasting. "HvV1 To lease or let out (a A^'jb jrT While fasting, with t h e house, etc.) for rent or hire. belly h u n g r y or fasting. 1 A. ".Af ijjâre, s. pl. vrM,/»-Ц.1 A xÖ To keep (a man or beast) without food as torture, or by acci- flat terraced roof. A. OJUL IJÂZET, v . n. A giving perdent, etc. > j f jrT Covetous-eyed (man); i. e.mission for (a thing) to be said, 1 done, or used, authorizing (it), legalcovetous. izing (it); especially, a granting formal ^VJ/" xö Covetousness. ^гТ fjS My belly i i h u n g r y ; i. e. I permission (to a university graduate, etc.) to teach and act as a professor am hungry. ö U j l j ^ T To die of hunger, t o of the humanities, theology, etc. OjUl To ask for, solicit permisstarve. C/L* в.з Hungry and incurable; sion. j ^ T o j l J To ask or receive permis•i. e. wretched and miserably destision. tute. ^ . / • А Г ^ Ч Ч A certificate or diploma p. r î i j , s. A tamarisk, tamarix ' / of permission granted orienlalis. Lc~JJJ ^J A. ^Ul i j i b , iv. n. 1. An answer- by a university (to a graduate) to A. -i^Ul !jii>4t, iing(aquestion, etc.). teach and act as a professor. 0.*K3 ^jUl To give or grant permis2. An answering favorably (a prayer, sion. request, etc.). p. .IjifjlJ ijuzöt-kiı'uiı, a. W h o I v. i. i. To return an answer (to a question, etc.). 2. v. t. To asks permission. p. .jj^U ijnzet-din, a. W h o gives favorably accept (a prayer, etc.). C-AJ -1.И The people, religious com- permission. T. IJÂZITSLZ, a. Permissionmunity, whose prayers God answers less, unauthorized. favorably; the Muslims. T. d^jWl Ijazotlemek, V. t. To A. ^rWi ijâj» a, (Water) burnmark (a document, etc.) as having ing, salt and bitter. A. V^W-I e j a j i r e , Is. pl. of jU-* , "JW been duly authorized. A . y^L \ i j âj î r , ( Flat terraced roofs. A. îjjâs, s. n. u. Plums, A. c^rM ejâjin, s. pl. of 4,'u.l Large the plum, prunus (of kinds). basins for washing linen. A. ijjâsâ, S. n . U. of 1. A. IJ ÂDET, v. n. \ . A making A single plum. 2. A single kind of (a thing) good, well, or beautiful. 2. plum. A giving (a thing) well, handsomely. A. J U a j â ı , s. pl. of J^l Appoint3. A doing, acting, or speaking well. ed terms, ends of periods; also, A. JJU ©j А il» s. pl. of JO».! Hawks. periods with appointed limits, terms ; Й A. j U âjir, s. pl. of Hires, especially, ends of life ; terms of natremunerations, rewards. ural lives. A. J U ejHlid, 1. s. pl. of -CUl Bodies A. ijjâr, s. pl. of , vrW (of men), trunks, limbs and skins A flat terraced roof. Hard soils A. Oi'jW ı j â r e t e y n , S. obi. dual, of included. 2. pl. of rugged grounds. •ЛИ . 7- v. Two rents. A. 4İUİ îjâie, v. n. A making or A. 1 | 5 Г Ё , s. Rent or h i r e ; especially, dual o£>W (obi. of j ^ M ) letting (a horse, thing, etc.) go rent paid for a house or land in round, circle, revolve ; a putting into mortmain. The "two rents" are the circular motion. "prompt", I** , or " f i n e " , first paid U U v. t. To set (a thing) in cir-

i l l ÎSr (aamön).



X i (hafız). m a c h i n e ,

( 27 1 )

£ î 2 i. î i ~ (zır), ı ( q ı r a t ) . ı-side (ıısııi). ~ n


cular motion, to make (it) go round. A. JtJUl ejâlîd, S. pi. of Lots, droves, etc. of female cattle after their young have been taken away. A . f M Si 5m, I s. pi. of , ^ A. ii5m. I Thickets, woods, jungles, bushes. t. a j a m i , Erroneous for , A. w^ul öjSnîb, S. pi. of —^ or jc^-l Strangers, people of a strange family or nation. A . A U İ I J J Ä N I , s. pi. ОУГЧ-' A large basin for washing linen, etc. a. ejavid, №. pi. of ^ Liberal, generous, munificent (man). (See also
A . A J L İ c»jdvi<I, a. pi. of 1. Liberal (men). 2. Generous (steeds). A. JU-L ıJTOÂR, v. n. 1. A n act of

W )

compelling, constraining, forcing (one, to do something). 2. A holding or calling (one) a eompulsionist, ^ ^ I jL^-l v. t. To compel, force (one, to do). A. JU1 öjbttl, s. pi. of J^- Mountains, hills. A. I J T I B Â , v. n. 1. A choosing, selecting (a thing). 2. A collecting by way of selection. I L^-l v. I. To choose, select. A.>-! ijtisd», v. n. A pulling up, or out by the roots. T. a j ı t d ı r m a q , V. t. To make or let (a part of the body) be made to feel pain ; to hurt (it), let (it) be hurt. A. 1 > I j t i r i , v. n. A daring, act>И ing with boldness or audacity. I v. i. To dare (to do a thing), to venture. A. i j t l r â n , v.. n. 1. A gaining, earning, acquiring (by work). 2. A doing (any act) so as to acquire reward or punishment hereafter. A . JLJ^-L I J T I R Â R , v. n. A dragging, pulling, hauling (a thing). 2. A (beast's) chewing the cud. A - flfc-1 î j t i r i m , v. n. 1. A cutting off (fruit, from a tree). 2. A computing by eye and guess the quantity of (fruit on a tree). 3. A gaining, earning, working for one's livelihood. 4. A committing (an act) so as to acquire reward or punishment. A. I J T I S Ä S , v. n. 1. A feeling

(a thing) with the hand, examining (it) so. 2. A spying, prying, or enquiring out (a matter, etc.). I (jA-V v. t. 1. To feel, examine with the hand. 2. To spy, pry, or enquire out. A. Ijtimâ*. v. n. 1. A being or becoming collected together, a gathering, meeting, uniting. 2. A being or becoming collected, composed, tranquil, easy, at ease. v. i. To come together, be together, collect, gather, meet, unite. t . ji^T ajijmaq, v. t. To make or let (a part of the body) ache, pain one, or s m a r t ; to hurt (the part). (See A. ijtinu, v. n. A gathering (fruit etc.), plucking, pulling (it). I l-^l v. t. To gather, get, pull, pluck (fruit, etc.). A. IjtînRb. v. n. A keeping away (from a thing or act), refraining, abstaining (lrom it), avoiding (it) ; abstention. v. i. To abstain, refrain (from a thing or act); to shun, avoid (it). A. ijtlnHh, v. n. 1. A bending, inclining (towards a thing). 2. A leaning on one side (in standing). 3. An (old man's) supporting himself with his hands on his knees. 4. A (worshipper's) being or becoming half prostrate on his hands and knees (as he goes down to or rises from prostration). A. JV^İ i j t i r â r , v. n. A being or becoming near, proximate, or neighbours. A . JL^VL ijtihâd, v.n. 1. A striving, exerting one's self, doing one's utmost, using one's best endeavours, trying strenuously (to do or accomplish or overcome a thing). 2. A (legist's) exerting his utmost acumen to form a correct legal opinion (on a legal point). jjTLs J!,:»-! The door is closed for individuals to try and form a new legal opinion (all points having been already settled by the elders). A. W ' i j t l h a r . v. n. 1. A seeing (a thing) plainly, without any intervening veil or obstacle. 2. A look-


( 2 8 ) -war,

J trole,




âsîıor©» patı. 'mit. a i d , *>î*<5u st>.

t u (Frenclî). fAv.
İjurr, S. A

A. » J R I , v. n . 1 . A making or letting (water, etc.) flow and run. 2. A making or letting (an event) take its course. 3. A p u t t i n g (a law o r ordinance) into execution, executing (it), carrying (it) out, practising (it). 4. A publicly declaring (a nomination t o office) valid, final, and obligatory ; a n installing, inducting (the nominee) into his office. 5. A doing performing (a thing). 6. A (machine's, etc.) acting, w o r k i n g ; action. H ^ l v. t. >\. To make flow. 2. To put in execution, ' t o execute, carry out, practise. 3. To instal, induct. 4. To do, perform. 5 . To work, act, perform, A. XIJERA, s. p i . of j?-} Hirelings, hired workers. A. Г «'jı-niı, S. pi. of Wounds; sores. A. .IAA^-I ÖJAIS, s. p i . of A. JBY I J v . n. 1. A making Grave-!, tombs, sepulchres. or letting (one) drag (a thing) after A. .И-ЬП «,j<ti<ı. s. pi. of A»- 1. Grand- him. 2 . A giving (time, to one), fathers. 2. Ancestors. g r a n t i n g a delay, a respite. 3. A grandfathers; slitting ( t h e tongue of a sucking } Û Fathers and ancestors, progenitors. beast), 4, A weaning (a sucking A. «'JJD«>R, a. More, most, very beast), 5, A (beast's) chewing t h e fit, worthy, suited, proper. cud, ruminating. A. P OJDA', Ü . A . J^RF-L EJÎ-SSZ, S. p i . of j L a n d s Mutilated with bared of their herbage. the loss of the nose, ear, lip, or A , EJI-NS, s. pi. of Bells. hand. s. p i . of tsr i . BodA. «Vfdöı. s . , p i . JJL.1 A hawk. ies. 2. The planets and their spheres. A J-b-l «J<\«sI, a. (A limb) of firm 3. Faults, crimes, offences, sins, and . compact make. transgressions. A JIÄJ byU fL-l The heavenly bodies, ojzil, s. pi. of J-Ц Trunks, planets, and spheres. stems, or stumps (of trees). A. s. 1. Pay, wage. 2. A. Jli»-! ijj!ui. v. n. A making glad, Hire. 3. Rent. pleasing, rejoicing. t. « j r i t e i z , a. Free of pay, w. n . 1. A cutting off. a m p u t a t i n g ; amputation, 2. A hire, or r e n t ; gratis, for nothing. taking a resolution, resolving, decidT. u jr.niv., jr^l «jr-4tıi, a. Used i n g ; resolution, , decision. or employed for pay, hire, or rent. A. OJXOM ü. A. «V^ EJRED, C . L Mutilated in the 1. Hairless, bare arm, hand, ror , pi. j U Î , j y J 1 • A fingers. A. e j , S. reward, remuneration (for work), (chin, body, man, etc.). 2. Shortfine-haired, smooth-haired pay. 2. A reward, recompense (good haired, (horse, etc.). 3. Free from excresor evil, for an action): 3. Hire, pay, wage (for continuous work). 4 . cences and the like. 4. (A heart) free from enmity or guile. D o w r y d o w e r (of a wife). T. ^-''U^T' ^ ı Î R G Â N M Â C ı , v . i . To feel A . sr^ Â J I R . prop, n. for Hagar, compassion and act compassionately the mother of Ishmael. (towards опз), with protection.

i n g w i t h love, admiration, o r resp e c t ; a d m i r i n g . 3. A seeing with fear or joy, seeing (a military force, etc.) to'be numerous and considerable. 4. A cleaning out (a well) of its m u d . A. J i ^ i j t i y â ı , v. n. 1. A choosing, selecting; selection. 2 . A turni n g (one) out of his straight or right road o r religion; causing t o deviate; causing to err. 3 . A going round, circling in a circular path. A. ijnikf, s., pi. i l i W Harm, injury, damage. A. J W ijiiir, v. n. 1 . A (torrent's) carrying away (a thing). 2. A destroying, extirpating, e x t e r m i n a t i n g ; destruction, extirpation, extermination. 3. A damaging, injuring, deteriorating (a thing), 4. A causing to suffer. A. ijdâ, v. n. 1. A making (one) a present. 2. A receiving a present.

brick or tile.

ûjer, ajis-, İ j u r ,


fâr («smun). w a r (hafız), machine,

W ±





(w ) 1 2 . 1 . 1 (zır), ı (qirat).

rude (usul).—n nasal,


? 1.

A. EJFEIETEN. adv. A s a comA. EJZÂ, s. p l . of 'уг \ . Parts, portions, sections, fragments. 2. Com- pany, in a body, all together. A. Jj^-I i j f o l a , s. 1. A collection, ponent parts, constituents. 3. Sheets or lifts (of books, generally of ten assemblage (of things). 2. An asleaves or twenty pages each), 4. sembly, company (of people), a mob, mass, throng, multitude. Drugs. 5. Chemicals. r. ^ ejza, s. from A. b ^ The A. J.B-1 i j f i i , a . 1. Timid, s h y composition with which any chemi- (bird), that runs away. 2. Cowardly, cally prepared article is filled or timid (man). 3. Old, aged (woman). 4. Far-shooting (bow). fitted. T. ı R ^ EJASAJL,s. A chemist and drugT. s. Grief, sorrow, mourngist, an apothecary. ing, a sorrow on the mind. jrr'jr' An apothecary's shop, a T. ' uj ıq tii-jtıatî, V. İ. ҒоГ chemist's. t. oj-iâjiiik., s. A chemist's T. ajıqdırmaq, V. I. T o or apothecary's art and profession. t. ej^âslz, a . Not charged make or let (another) feel h u n g r y ; to give (one) a keen appetite. (See with composition. T. J'i^r* a j i q i l m a q , V. '%. T o b e ( a T. У Ь Г 1 EJZAIU,-ıî, a. Prepared or charged with some chemical, o r time, place, etc) in which (one) may feel or suffer from hunger. (See j - M ) chemical composition. T. ujiqiii. a . Grieved, sorrowd i u r y ^ l A percussion gun, used ful, mourning. with percussion-caps. 1 t. ufitjiiitiq, v. i. (For a man A. IJZÂ', v. n A hurting or annoying (one), making (him) com- or his belly, etc.) to feel hungry, to hunger. plain, moan, groan, or call out. (»дьЛ I have become hungry, I am A. J ^ t I . j z i i , v. n. A giving (one) hungry. a bountiful gift. ^ д ь Л ү ^ My belly is hungry, empty; A. e j s â d . S. pl. of 1. "Whole bodies (of men or animals), the trunks 1. c. I am h u n g r y . and limbs together. 2. Corpses; A. J ^ i j i , s. A cause, reason, carcases. 3. Chemical bodies. consideration (lor an action). The seven metals, gold, A. t-jii, s . , p l . JUT 1. An apsilver, tin, lead, iron, copper, and pointed term, end of a, period fixed the Chinese speculum-metal, beforehand. 2. A period or term of The mother of (all) chemi- time with a fixed end and limit. 3. cal bodies ; i. e. quicksilver, mercury. The appointed time for the end of A. ejsâm, S. pl. of ^ 1. one's life, for the happening of one's Bodies (animate or inanimate, or- death. ganic or inorganic). 2. Mathematical Cüjl ill j H To die naturally at one's solids of three dimensions. appointed time. A. ejsem, <X. More, most, very J^t For one's appointed time to bulky, big, stout, big-bodied. come when he must die. T. ^c-rT a.jishmaq., V. i. \ . To ache A. J ^ i.jcii, a. More, most, or together sympathetically. 2. To express very great or grand, JJ=~ to each other reciprocally one anA. J=4 âjiı, a. Referred to a future other's troubles. term or time, deferred, postponed, A. jUH ijrâr, D. n . An abstaining, future. _(See uU-W) keeping away, avoiding (a friend, p. J^f a.jii, s. A belch. one's wife, etc.). A. ijiä, v. n. i. A cleaning, A . i j f i l . V. n. 1. A going polishing, furbishing up (a thing). 2. away quickly, running away, fleeing, A banishing, expatriating, exiling (a taking flight, taking fright. 2, A person) going along swiftly. ! v. I. 1. To polish, furbish up. A. üUşJ «.JFIII, s. pl. of Cjh- Eyelids. 2. To banish, expatriate, exile.

v. Celery. s. Canine hunger. V. magnifying. Ail^. At a fixed fuA. and veneration for (him). jjjJ «>. A. V. (pi. A. More. species. pi. or estimaflanks. all together. л^! ejeme. ashore» p a a . AÂE. 2 . pi. trunk concurring i n opinion (on a matter). legions. ijma'. stallion-camels. 1. A sacks. ^ЦП Various kinds. Aİ-I ^-Us-L Mixed monies. bitter. up. 1 . 2. t. 1. a.İımÄ<l. and limbs. Лдеа. J ^ T a. pi. pelts. deferrediy. pi. 4 . A. jungle. a summary. f U A thicket. A loathing. T. j Ä L ^ } In a summary manner. fem.Skins. energetic. summing up (items of an acTo enthrone (a king). A. Somewhat A. An adding I v. i n the whole skin. (pi. s. of J^-l Future. or very clear. most. of u ^ r Kinds. ejiâa. ıJWA ijmai. dtd. pi. (A man) handsome. s. forest. the future A. ûiljl jjıiUT To die of hunger. n. о-Ц-' ^jnâs. ^U-T Â J ı A R ı L V a. T. most. rugged ground. count).being large and liberal in giving. different fest. 2. public marks of honour. T . pi. Summarily. pomp and all ment. of Places disliking. u. n. Bİtterİsht. a. A J t J ) A whole body (of a m a n ) . pi. a. enduring (men). n. I J I Â S . evident. setting soils. a. a . A.ü y ^ ) All. abhorwhere men alight and dwell. A making A. etc. apparent. e j m b e . 1. churls (of I JW^ v. . 3. A putting jJUl) Female cattle after their young or collecting (things) together. n. A. to ness (of taste). Ғ О Г J F R T hungered. 4=^ ojlvı^. Hungered. somewhat bald on forces. persever. coins of beginning over the temples. bags. (things) into one mass. 4. concurrence. mani. a. s. To seat (one). etc. ing. 4 J M A I N . tion. sorts (of men or things). Summary (stateJV13 With. sturdy.tir 1 öjıâ. strong. ЁДПЁЪ. A. More. Dressed carcases of slaugh. of S^T Great wood. abhorring. the heads or matters of (a discourse Jars. jungles. «jnâb. A. ejem. v. JW^ i j m m . agreement. good or beautiful. adv. (See p. m e t . âjiian. life after death. w a r . pi. A putting together briefly A.). not related (to one). troops. (men) of rank. of He-camor letting (one) sit down. male-camels. 2 . armies. and rugged elevations of land. forests. pitchers. Я. feeling and showing the greatest awe as a summary. JUJ Ijmâıî. 3. v . Boors. A^I Thickets. П. bilrâ. J^T s. 1 . ejxiad. or writing). 3.ion of the church (of Islam). Strange woods. arranging (it). A. The future state. A. very A. of Hardy. ejuiel. rence. and active. T. dauntless. A. t s (Wenoh).and agreement in opinion and decistient of fatigue. bushes. t. pi. of the learned in the law. p i . A collecting throne. (it) straight. s. S. s. A A. o f starve. iJ^U-l ejlSf. corps. S j l i e .joia<ii. A. pi. 2. JİİİJ^T âjL»trâqlîqu S. so. hides. of Small ture time. S. a. (man). İ . v . the forehead or half over t h e head. To summarize (a disArabs of the desert). bush. s. 3. a . s. of аЦ. T. с-Л The general concurrence A. enthroning (him). A seating (one) on t h e A . power. E J I Â A . (him). 4. T. pa. s. r u l e . JJU Hard soil.far. Hunger. ıjmalan» adv. s. Receptacles. disgust. A are removed from them. varieties. tered animals.various kinds. S. (A man) beginning to be bald. i j d u . öl/'T^ aj-Lmträq. 2 . f»*». Hard putting (a matter) in order. seating els. (obi. pJ i ) i m . 3. of 1 .1. An honouring. A. with baldness sorts. of Military A. deferred. obvious. p i . bitterish (of taste). conspicuous. V (зо) . A. or adv. A. exalting (another or God). course or writing). of Sides. 2. pi.

5. or place). -I xıjörät. n. s. 1. foetuses. A. S. A. I J B Ä R . pi. of jWr Sets A. Flaming vehement. t-İyr1 e j v e f . jU. a.j^-U-L I J N I S . war ( 3 1 ) X ж2 . U J A Z . ft. i. 2. . or lia (for brides. 1. 6. colober. The A. IJNIZI. To say aloud. Hires. of which T. To be pitied. of j U 1. 1. sensitive of broad sunlight. overtaxing. S. (horse). s. Bitter. s. i. S. with sharers. of one unpleasantly or mournfully. rewards. the Russian cucumber. ) Baked bricks or tiles Bitter. — n n a s a l T. fellow. A making or letting (a voice. To be worthy of pity. A. very answer. People one protects. A:>-\ ejrxe. able (prayer. Large-eyed. goblets. A. A. S. Generous (steeds). foreigner. 2. a pretty cast in his eye. s. ( .J r ^ . I J S Z I A Q . importuning. A making grief for (man or thing). cr-. a. To be the second. Brackish . drive. mournful. of clay. word. 2. S. helpless (man). reproaches. More. j y ^ Â J A R . mam who cannot bear t h e full light of parts. to grieve. salt. A . sets of paraphernasure of being favorably answered. word. . \ j l ^ l v. lamentable. of Bowls. worry. AfA. 2. (a man) Middles. 3. consorts.). manifest A. j i r T v. of 1. 2. 3. dismal. Neighbours. overtax. heart-rending (tone of voice). of Wings. pl. bitter words. empty A. T . S. » J A R . dowries given to wives by their reproaches. a . Worthy to be pitied.I ' l l f a r (asman). open-eyed (man). central parts . 3. A. p i . â j i n i i m â d . ejninâ. To push. of a foreigner. (zır)» î (qirat). . Handsome (man). 4 . a stranger. or letting (a t h i n g ) be openly seen. more most. pl. \. ejvâd. invectives. v. or root) holA. a. . More. e. rüd© (usul). l ^ T Bitter almonds. worth feeling importune. blazing fiercely. JjU . manifesting (it). 2. ejvaz. A. cups. J«=|-L O J N I I . lugubrious. most. cucumis cvnth anguria (?) ( S e e A .Very slightly squinting (man). is either } or ^ . JJ ^ A bitter tongue .ignorant (man). I J U I A . m a c h i n e .Pitiable. A 1. of being the time or place in which trousseaux (of brides). kits. Gram. t. a. s. sorrow.r. v. Answers. pl. U. ıjne. 3. (men). interiors. husbands : wives. pl. j A J I R . T.. 5. Ц ^ Т . 2. ly. time. a. A kind of cucumHI Bitter p u r g i n g apple.^T Bitter cucumber. 1. pl. To show. etc. Strange. dismal (music). p l . f . travellers. G. foreign (man).) (A verb. as.r î âjînâjâflt. most. Partners. C J L N N Ö . a. O. weak-eyed. . cavernous. S. Lazy (man). very of requisites. fecting. a favorable answer may be expected A . tf. alien. briny (water. showing. Useless. Bitter. EJ-VEB. or corpses). To feel change and to elision . П. colocynth. \. t. S e e jy-^ complaints. Open bare (country). alienship. Walnuts. and liable both to T. i 1 2 2 2 ! 2 1 ^ (hafız). etc. Hollow. v. n. rying. or 2. . husbands.^ ^lcl ^-T Bitter-wood. letting (a man or beast) strive a n d A. Spouses. for A. C^-' ejvam.openly. A . pitiable. sunshine. hard . h. hard . eja. 2. pi. Liberal. A . e t c A. u j n e . driving. S. t^. 2. pl. (j— ı_rî A sound or voice that affects A. See J i j y r ^ A.bitter-tasting. ejvibe. T. j*. remunerations. worbryos. ^»-l i j i n n î . Classes of remunerations or rewards. s ^ s . ejnetoî. low i n the middle . e j n i b i y y o t . Dowers.of -!İ>r . EJn. 2. A. copious (tears of grief). 1. ej vür. t. Protectors. the middle radical letter pitied. letter) be plainly audible. The quality in the middle. T 1 V. (Arab. i S.2. of o. munificent mentioning (a matter) aloud in public. generous. very or received.'-». drinking-cups.A genie.. reproachful.Em. a pushing. T. White-faced A. jiT^ E J N E R . p l . of ^J^. Over A. 5. scathing (words). of jyr 1. i^H ajı. 2 . i y <3-3 Bitter words. a. A making or ball or prominent part of the cheek. i.

U ^ l a j l n i l m a q . 1 . bitterish. a. Bitterness. Not roofed T. An open door or gate. 2 . j / To give (a person) n o front parts of necks. S e e (language). etc. s. distinct. hesperis matronalis? A. A. 2. over. 9.T â c n â r . Vacant. A lj . An imbecile. To bear and suffer T.. To render . J . munificent person. etc.ri / ^ ı ı V j A. j u l  C H S R . give pain. See jrT (Christian or Jewish) pilgrim or palT. a. ( A free and easy. sorrow. falling to rags and tatters. 3. Int. 2. V.^ A I I Q . a. pilgrimship. cloudless (sky. etc. . olf2 Js^ An open anchorage. L*TT 1 . war. (For a roadstead. 2. ji^T ajiiantnaq. See taraxacum. Deferred. 1. acbıq. âcu.1 E J Y  ı . throats. 2. a pick. t. T. careless. t o feel sorrow or regret for (its) to be caught napping. s. 4. A T. S e e JJŞ-T babbler. saucy. Pain. of J Ä Necks. See JcrT ered. of itself. smart. İ. ä j l t m ä q . Somewhat bitter. An open eye.3-d 1. ^ e j i r . of AI^R Dead h i m . A pickle or (i-ır^ 1 • To remove the pain (of an accident. a. Plain. A bitter taste. 8. V. emery. a. 2. i. nations. An open mouth. quality of a (Christian or Jewish) j»^ (Clothing on a person) pilgrim or palmer . JU-1 EJYÂD. (See j ^ l ) . grimage to Jerusalem. 1). (for i ^ U j A т. Open. J B J EJYÂF. 2. salt. 3. 2 . s. 6. Somewhat impudent. pl. o f J e . A mixture of any kind. brackish. S. j f jj^-'i 1. з-У Ajt. time to open his eyes and look about A. 11. or hard. See (of a reprimand. A hireling. leontodon T. One bareheaded. etc. s. 2 . to feel for. t. aid. brackish. A custom. t. s. anlitiriBUq. begun. weathrather bitter. not (it) . A^-Î â j î j â . W h o o r which mer. T. T. J ^ . er). Plain. a polish. The Imeritians . 12. liberal. unbuttoned and greatly disordered or palmerhood. pl. t. Ғ. bald. See ples. s. bıı-rt. a loss. } . ache. The dandelion. an Imeritian. dX1. 2.). through saline properties. J .pl. f<isrl ı j r. a. the evil fruit (of an action). The character. J ı ^ T N J Î ı Î Q . to p a y polished . or free one hired to work. To relieve preserve of any kind eaten as a conand compensate for the unpleasantness diment. Şr İ. communities. The rocket.)-4^ äohdırmaq. Unoccupied. j s J 1. See j^} T T. J*. J^H i j i m i q . R. ğ^Sfr^ ä j l r g a n m ä q . A. habit. 1 . e t c ) t o hurt. ashore. v. somewhat impudent habit of mind. i . s. so. 3. s. T. met. t. Uncovt. To bear or let (a thing) be opened. t. See A. ji^T âjiıâtmâq. Blank. T. A. catch him napping. 3. etc. Light (shade of colour). âjiyo. T. A to a fixed future time. who has performed t h e pilopens. 2 . 4. S e e . An open hand. W a t e r unpleasant to drink wound. V. rule. bitter. wide awake. 3.' y y a .-ri. jU. carrion carcases. One (a thing)^ bitter. . pl. picklock . V. S. J'^T ajinmaq. 10.). J AJUIAJSQ. Wine.1*1 far. Clear. p. to bodies. To pity (a person). 'i.). icherA. 5. well articulated (voice. 2.LV-^VT1 a j i t d l r m a q . T. smart. See 1. fur. A man have mercy or compassion on (him). I s. To grudge (a thing). i. a. etc. v. yi j ^ l 1. 7. t . T. To become J^fe jf»-l Eyebrows wide apart. tribes. Uninclosed. Agio. waste. < f3 2 pan. to make or let (it) open or the penalty (thereof). To make the pain (of a wound). T)\A hospitable man. n c l ı u r m a q . (in manner or conduct). whose door is 1.1 • P e o T. postponed J1 ^ 1. S e e ^ Ц Л " dame's violet. A J I Q I ' I . E J I I . etc. V. V. See j ^ T . Generations^ (of mankind). Grief. 2. a k e y . to take h i m unawares. t» CFrcnoU). 3.R . t. open to all comers. v. V. I. to regret whose eye is open. audible. T.

OpenneSS. vent. 5. To throw off disguise or concealment. Uninclosedness.1 (A man) over-free. (a shop for business). etc. (See j?^') 2. To break 2. or office. make (it)" publicly known. 8. 5. Reserved. throw off' restraint or dissimulation . Tr. T. which does not or will not open. Jr^ aclimaq. G. to open when required. To come open.T ji-i An over-free. cloud. in a matter. or drop (a veil. T. T. . etc. to pointed (man). To remain shut out in the opeii air. 8. more free and easy. a balance on the wrong side. betray secrets. open weather. 8. (For a make (a door. t. (asal). a clever. disap. 3. and and highly ornamental writer of let. cloudless. draw aside. liberal (man). Distinctness (of artic1. 7. 2. 1 . 3. 1 . 1. better instructed. T. etc.harbour. Unroofedness. concealed matter) to become public.ostentation. Light. 4. Plainness. etc. without game or cards or knowledge.). or openly ful look. the offing. 5.) to his eyes open. 11. 1. s . when without any attempt at mystery. not ulation).-JjW-l aclimazlici. 9. (For a. 2. 9. out in the cold. etc. blank space.u». window. An open letter. The open to break loose in speech or demeansea. achiqllq. 4. I. See all .done. seat. deficit. clear away or break through (an 2. free from restraint.). concealment or disguise. etc. Uncoveredness. A difficult position of the king a t chess. 4 . crevice. S e e ^ Ц Л Bareheaded. S e e ^ ^ F F J Open handed. 3.l Quite openly. who will not Unappropriated capital or means. To be openable.^ . fine weather. a high road. gap. our. 4.far 1 1 (Ssmân). uncared for. T. dispatches. To draw away (from a A vacant or blank interval. Freedom.). open (a shop. To open. road. \ . ^Jj-' 1 1. ö j f 1. obstruction). wall. Şr İ. s.or bridge. and say or do (a thing) with open A vacant place. out into the offing. To open l i ' . A.).familiar. site. door. 3. 2. jjjl^l Without showing one's own TO speak openly.iif 1 An open countenance. 3. I I. to begin to shun. sauciness. etc. opened. rude j . T. t. etc. not sealed. a c h i q l a m a q . S. ness (ol shade in colour). 3. w a r 1 2 (hafız). ı (qirat).) of toll or obstruction.the transitive meanings of apply the three foregoing derivations ters. (5'j-^ To arrange (a require. V. 2. notorious. I»* J f 1 Clear. 6. To open out. (Jv^ a c h ı l m a q . Reticence of jlli . t. The open air. 10. e. aperture. 2. T o b e J-. (One who dies) with of meaning. blankness. etc.J Ä C H I I Q . (a bridge. unfold . W h o or 7. One whose hopes become better acquainted and more have not been fulfilled in life. A sum wanted to make up a required sum or a sum due. 5. to open and unceremonious in manners. 2 J_ ~ ^ . etc. s. 3'Js i • To go to a distance etc. cheer. closed. etc. etc. weather). V. To open T. An open letter. somewhat unmistakableness (of expression in impudent habit of mind. spread out. Jy. 2. To make. An opening. İ. Jj>_ A free way. to obtain publicity. make (a road. For (a man. 6. V.дЬ-l i . eloquent. j. not addressed. window. s. to a particular person. To uncover (a covered thing). machine. ^ 'I To publish (a matter). or pas. — n nasal. A bare-headed w r i t e r . içhqî. 10. Clearness. j^r^ I C H Q ı J ı . 6. 2. Clear. letter. move. 2.). To set free (a road lessness (of sky. of its own accord. T. An unoccupied place. JU^T UCUMU*. easy. 1. j b . ingenious. To go some distance off. publicly. Vacant space. 12. A person or thing). etc. 2. 1 . a. office or employment. to be reserved. 2 2 i ( 3 3 ) (zır). lift. To open. indecency.a piece must be lost to give him a ment) out of unappropriated means. post. A blank space. s. To open (a closed thing). To remain without information possessed. J » * A C H I Q . To open. 7. See J^fj sage . The open country. language). Vacantness. T. from the shore. a thoroughfare .

discussion. 4. of The tive (against a person or thing). understand. See J>-L fine. To open. A . imprecations against some one. s. riddles.flag). singly. To J* To open (the Q u r ' s n . A. âchî. 'bird.). of WJJ»JT 1 J l * 1. J». To roll out (paste. To comprehend. To break out in open revolt or rebellion. 2. To open one's eyes. t o by one.). 2. etc. S. betray ä c h ı q l a m a q . V. (See J ^ ' ) T. Units. etc. best or most beautiful. open and expand. with hitherto uncut reed or quill. e. persons. To speak. m e t . etc. a. Î H S T Â .). . A. in quest of a sors Virgiliana. fathom. V. See etc. (For the sky Any determent. İ . a. ^ „ J L İ ahSdîs. The action of open24. a rollingpin. of The 2. ^tf . 4. 1 AkU v. box. See 25. S. ^WJ j>\ \ . spread jjA^" To make a pen o u t of a (sails).' To begin a conversation. to be discreet. That which is 26. v. undo (a knot.). ( 34 ) 5 tu (French). etc. To to listen. Int. latch. (jb^' aehiq. 21. J fur. etc. s. To unfold or display a NaiTatives. (For a flower) to usually opened (with so-and-so). etc. to set up a shop or business (as a A. 3 .). To surround. to con. (a folded thing). etc. T. 12. 3 . To b e reticent. or b y some* trick or conversation.comprise. etc. a . 2. 29. take in. traditions. (For leaves or buds) to T. etc. a. matter.зи _» 5 S « L L S ^ L L f a r . pan. See j i ^ l " 5. to To awake from sleep. uals . ö*:' 1. ahSjî. Jbj-I AoBmaliq. furbish (metals. rub up (a rusty thing). viW i c h m e k . To set. etc. of -ьЛ i. <* i. 3. n. 22. V. 28. bolt. legends. w a r . embrace. UI (it) a-going as a subject of talk. To disclose (a secret. t r ^ l âhabish. ->UT âhâd. s. 2. A comprehending. step. 23. 16. 2. To comprehend. war. untie. door. its eyes for the first time after birth. to T. 2. trU* âhaji. begin (a information. Abyssinians. 3. To clean. 27. adv. ( j H u c h m a q . or comprehending. To hoist (a J ^ l ö V To open one's ears . 13. give (an appetite). To open (one's) mouth. To break into a shop ing. so. pl. To widen (an interval. To launch out in blame or invecA. to set A j .). or beginning (of a subject). 17. I. 2 . pl. 14. to listen to advice. Â H Â S L N . 2. Soap. etc. Not to open one's mouth. give an inkling of it. To open a shop (in the A . did. sult the oracle. S. etc. S. understanding. To open (oae's) hand. Abyssinians. To solve (a difficulty. ONE . the and then launch forth in curses and righthand place (m arithmetic). unlock (a lock. or weather) to clear up and become T. end. punishment. p l . See ^ т JJA 1. etc. from heedlessness or negligence. either by giving him advice or more fully. separately. To disclose. f a secret. pl.). Enigmas. To awake unbar or unlatch (a bar. pl. To explain (a subject) fully or other. S. 1. Jy^-ı achuq. t. To mention. sharpen. to hold one's tongue. See be loquacious. See <%LI>-L t. To stretch out the hand for alms. give (it) to the breeze. door. . 3. 2.). S . o f T h e morning) for business. A taking in or holding.) to open etc.) take or hold. as saponaria. (For a puppy. To whet.jUI AhSda-uhada. 4. B. t. aehma. of t o shut one's eyes and not see. Individuals.). ing.). T. kitten. (a subject. hostilities. ashore. A surroundbeginner). i. embracing.' To take off one's head-dress. 1. JUT The place of units. T. a^I ächmä. 19. jSjŞ-lJl f . âhâbîsh. J Û ^ ı aciiAqlwq. To j ^ r 1 j f 1. To open. deeäs or sayings of Muhammed. pl. individj ^ j i t To uncover the head. 18. u Individual people. 15. r u l e . To speak much. open. To unravel (a tangle. (as a burglar) and rob it. 0. 4. the commonalty of mankind. JUoU Apostolic traditions of flag. 3. To polish. A J*. ö ^ ı s i j ^ To open the eyes of an20. t. let the cat out of the bag. To be silent. T.

v. Ihtlrâz. A.^ 1 I B T I R Â S . taking precaution. very or becoming sharp. J^ys The or becoming on fire. rude (usul). v. sirous. 1. A being gate. 2. П. n. deefficacy. as to be invisible to the e y e .'LI ıtıane. labouring. Suppression (of u point of a lens or mirror. ihtidâa. n. ihtizar. A working. v.'s self (against some thing). A.) in mortmain trust.). J l j ^ l iiı11 RUF. A. Â I ı B Â R . n. v.. valid a person). cupped or scarified. n. (A planet's) approacha. f'yfH ıhtı jam. n. greedy. becoming on one's guard taking confidants of kings. S. pointed. n. 2 . transferring. etc. 2. ^ЬП aubab. A. A being or becoming angry. formed by dams. detained. A referring. darlings.». litigating . ibtirâs. acquiring A.I I I 2 . s. 1. wrapping (a cloth) fast (about one). V. shunervoirs (of water). A Loving friends.lost in the sun's rays. «j-b-l âbbäs. The self or family). ^ ^ He is a very great social A. of L. A.»П ahabb. Lands or buildings. and adducing a reason. J'JV^I IHTIRLQ. maclıînc. n. ed friends. '2. ting. pl.for use in pleading. pillaged. 2. i ü " The focus or burning prisoned. pl.33 1 Шг (asman). v. j i f } . fertilizing (a female plant). concealed from view. of Ço. П. combustion. covetous (after someA. etc. uses. V. s. v.A. of Jj». t o evidence. an Abyssinian. 2. jails. T. A. pl. s. A cutting off. 1. ^UL i h â k e . or . v. A locking up precautions and guarding one's self (land. n. an Abyssinian.âz. cut. n. etc. weaving (cloth) firmly. More. n . n. A being A. A. labouring a t a craft or calling (for A. n. ı (qırat). proof. locked up in mortmain for pious (against a thing). A. p l . an impregnaA. prevented (from a thing or sword's) cutting. n. all bub. v. most. A. delegating (a matter. To show respect (to a i curtain. of BeloV. ploughing and sowing (land). A. the focus riue). war. friend. A workfriend of mine. s. or wound. earning. v. v. A pleading sion. ıtıtlbas. ir becoming veiled or concealed by I fljoH v. 3. sweethearts. etc. S. 4. A cultivating. being A being locked up. Ç-1 âhibbu. n. i h t l r ä b . rabbis and teachers. i h t i r a s . n. A locking ing the sun so near i n the zodiac up (a thing) in mortmain trust. I JJU v. ihtiz. V. much loved or liked.act). 1. n. ing. IBTIBÂFC. pl. A being (an act) useless. being circumspect. making an impres. A . U-1 Аиъа. Dams (for confining water). A guarding A. Res. 1. A waging A. A being killing. ^U-1 ibbâs. social friends. V. 2.1.. i b t î j â j . A holding İ. v. n. (against a foe. A destroying. disputing. 11. A being respect. and veneration. or treating (one) with consideration.a nasal. A. I jlj^t v. U . i . of a conic section. A loving. acute. (a female) p r e g n a n t . S. A rendering thing). v. t. worthless. dele. 4U inâie. Abvssinians . . v. A (knife or hindered. v. in a state of Abvssinians. A taking A. A being or becoming secluded or severing (a thing). v. refer. 'iouded over. plundered. n. -tUJ ibbât. V. A. social (thing's) being sacked. To guard one's self 3. a. ning (it). (The sun's. A binding. A being ОГ A. i h t i r a m . tilling. To transfer. âhbesh. tTi:*-' Ahbttsh. A. of no or becoming inordinately eager. П. 1. carrying on hostilities. 1. A rendering A. ibtijäb. .. of Jewish (for self or family). JT»L I B B Â ı . ^-U Valid as evidence. v. ^u» ( 35 ) 2 > 3 J L J~ (zır). S. pl. i. A. A making. 4. ^.) being person").Courtiers. v. Avar (hafız). Prisons.

it). J^b-I ihtiıäq. A clyster. thing. A . in consequence of such dream. litigating. A. A. A being or being at the point of death. (A mind or breast's) being uneasy. ihtima. n. rale.). A quarreling. corn and provisions.) as a curative or prophyA. one's self or being guarded and 4.(a thing.( 36 ) war.indignation). ing one's self. . 2. ants . A. to come) in his mind. A being or becoming. sû. 2. burning (with multitude. excise. conveying. 11. busy. v. 3. v. excited. A guarding self.L I H T I Q A R . v. A rubA jiii»-l I N T I S H A R . A being or fining (a thing) so that it does not becoming girt with a girth or girdle. A taking luted by such emission. (him or it). pomp. T. v . n. 2. A taking trouble. taking an oath.3. 2.lactic measure. like the octroi diri ülî^i To administer a clyster. n .A dreaming of sexual connexion. so as to care (of a thing). A. enema. V. A. 4. A swearor becoming present in person. intendent of local dues. 1. or excise. A col. v. surrounded with numerous attend. il. 2. burden). an enema. INTIZÂR. s. âshoıOı pâm» met. becoming angry. V. ihtikyur. looking upon or treating (one) up. 2. A due of so as to create artificial scarcity and dearness. receiving. 3. A. n. 1. escape. pleading etc. 2.n. office. n. A dİSput. An experiencing a seminal emission A. disputing. 1. s. n. A feeling angry. n. A jealously guarding and main. an illicit JXb сдьЛ A clyster-pipe. (A member. n. becoming rubbed. calculating upon (a thing A clyster-pipe. A taking up or carrying A J-U'—l ihtiqäq. galled. A. enema-apparatus. A collecting. being or becoming canonically polA. A shaving A charging.I ihtifai. s.tered to one's self an enema. I I H T I Z A Z . J ^ M ihtimash. JC4 to. U I : » . in France. a. A digging. scratching one's self (against a thing). did. chafed. To shave the hair off responsibility. A taking (a matter) on one's sell. 3. contending.\.. 3. П. dreaming a dream in sleep. exerting one's self A. v. acting with jiö-l To use or have adminiscalculation. АЛ-ЛП lutlsâbly-yo. assuming a charge or 1 jüb. part of the together as a multitude. lecting or laying in firewood. state. contempt. on one's beast. inviting to scratch. П. burdening one's the hair off (a person or part). п. being collected and gathered bing. V. 4. 4 A excavating. п. hence. carriage. (Cocks') (in a matter). A being body's) itching. 3. hoarding. 1 . \. an excise-office. 1. bird. ihtiıâm. n. J L A . A taking ing. or bearing (a load or with contempt. A using or having administered to one a clyster. A collectThe Director or super. ing. self with. count (as to a bad action. fighting with one another. or a dutiable article). 1.n. A A feeling ashamed. \ . etc. A being or A. v. A. magnificence. A calling (one) to ac. A keeping (a thing) for one's A. V. J İ ä . v. A dreambecoming pleased or happy through ing. 2. An abstaining (from taining one's ri^ht or honour. A СОП" assuming the execution or responsibil- . an inland customs and revenue enema-apparatus. ^&П ihtikyuk. ihtifar. jUb-l To use habitually an i .protected. v. as to one's right. coming together in a body or ing warm. 2. food. loading. v . 1. v. being careful (of require ablution. n. n. v. A. 1. receiving a portion of favour or libe.contending. v. reckoning. ilıtitab. a girding one's self.wU-l ihtisab. v. ÜU:»-S intifâz. A gather. undertaking (it). O t ^ xhtiqün. A taking care of one's self. A ing. JIZH ihtimal. flilwl ihtisham. I . f i r . etc. A . 3. T. V. 2. A contemnA. v. 2. ihtieâm. A being and witholding from present sale. v. (French). ihtiiiit. rality. A (man's) 3. 1.1 v. «-J». on thorns (as though itching). n . n. I.

n. 7. v ^ A N J Â B . A taking. A. a. One. A.JflH ( 37 ) fSr (asman).-I v. A production o r of necessity. v. (a thing) n e w . Â . A (word or expression's) bearing. o f year's produce. v. V. created. ihtiyaa. Of ZiJ».1 Â H Â R R .İJ»-! û lid us. 5. 4. i enigma. besetting. of w. A. being capable puzzle. One. (See sharp. artifice.cautions.n e w place). sacred pilgrimage at Mekka. J>u»l ihtiyat. ahad. A I i U ^ l v. . of Young A .! Â H A D D . ing. I N D A . dispensations of Providence. a. âhzar. 2. perplexing. jU?t A H J Â R . containing (a thing) within Newly happening events. to another. inventing . Noble. s. A leading or A . pl. m a k i n g (it). 2. rocks. irises and pupils. Jl^O A. each single jj\3 Is there a probability of person. contrive. very vening t h i n g s . — n n a s a b ity of (it).jı'ıöuo. for ( t ^ More. a. a. A. A. I ahaflu-huma» S. for a thing). of e y e s . A using a device. A. A producing necessity. s. A taking (a sin. 1. very likely. tî:^ 5 A n bearing (a thing). A. v. n. comprehending (a thing or things). A WİthOİd. hemming in. JÖH) л» I j* Every individual. invented. jri. by committing i t . Hunchbacked. â h r â . A. etc. A. want. of ASAS. n.l ihtiyâı. г stratagem. A holding. from a thing). upon one's self. a. of j* Stones. blessedness. %. p l . V. s. xıtı.s ^ Eleven (feminines). Free A. (tiling's) being possible or probable. ado. t. veils .. exciting (one) to war or battle. a. A. A. More. o f JtW 1. I I I D I . partitions.Blacks ^ j C c J*ü»-\ A reserve corps of troops. w a r (hafız). AJV 1. fem. J ^ . fW i h j â m . Probable. n. Difficult (matof precaution . f r a u d . I H J A J . A being or becoming in want (of a thing). a. B yw a y humpbacked (man). More. (A thing) surrounded by troubles. V. 1 . A refer. generous. Eleven (males). tolerating (it).-' OJU-. riddle. create. f e m . the Oneness of God. ^ aiıdäq. adv. \ЬИ»Д INTıYÂTÂN. J . r u d e (usul). a . i h r â b . LJB-1. «il God is admissible as a supposition. 2 . or One. pl. Ji*-' i u t i m â ı . Probability. introduce (a thing). v.). of Cares. S. ^ . (See A. A providing duced. S.1Л->»-\ ihdas. Sİ. To produce. İ (qîrât). introducing (it) in a A. " screens . .) ing. S. 1. afflictions. S. pl. I/. most. inone's self with a reserve for a case troduced (thing) . the reserve. П.--' I H T I Y S J . A . 3. ) S. using one's wits. ete. most. i. most. highborn . A. f e m . ihtiwä. «j/^bs-l ihdas-kerde. creating . to unity . crooked.»»-I âhâ<ı.ter). . (it). A. 2. Arefraining (from a thing). of j>. a. of (a certain meaning. S. Oneness. âhâdıyyet. worthy. 3. A. 2. ably. taking precautions. I N J I Y Y E . wile. preventing. jt»-' â h r â r . A . Turns of fortune. pl. hot or warm. 6. n.(men). (people). РГОself With safeguards. T. To use one's wits. p l . for . very T. n. surrounding one's invent. A. An individual. curtains. person. 2. JtiH ı t ı t î m â ı . pl. (zır). n.1. 3 precautions. v. Prob-ь-l One. blessed. Itself as a boundary or receptacle. i . I JU. One of the r i n g (one. P. A. A surround. restraining (one. A unit.* ? Inter. a. made. A deputing or enabling (one) to go and perform the very suitable. trick. S. П. pl. A A. A. •A* . 2 .t c j j ^ i Е1ел еп. Sunday. A. v. A. machine. i l i das.1. It is probable. pl. e. it? A . 3. ^ ^ J»U«-1 A reserve f u n d . especially. of last two. A. 2. A desisting o r loading one's self with (it). as a reserve. A hecotning a year old. being patient under A. invention. taking. âhdet>» a. Evils. hindrances.

of Griefs. lessons (one each being read or recited twice a day. 2 . a. & i. S. kindness. To obtain.) (towards man) . crowds. Rough-backed. virtuous. VB*-' âhzuh. legions. 2 . half-sections (of the whole text of the Qur'sn). A. (coin). first used. Name of several in any way). t u (Frcnch). o f A ı-îy»! ah ruf. females.). n. n. (Probably doing one's d u t y well towards God. righteous (men). A special sentiments. as are conjugal interA. sadden. Jk. pl. 2.yi^ı ( 38 ) o t u ' far. pl. perceptions (of dress is w o r n : hair and nail-cutting external or mental objects). A gift made b y t h e etc. I H R U M . S. pl." j-»:» . pl. \. New a n d sharply-struck Sultan on his accession. s. unlawful. citizens. corrupting. acquire. v . borders. v . being met and stopped b y " t h e Moat. allies of Mekka. i b r e s h . of <Jf. n. scabrous. 2. üb^l I H Z S N . obtaining. kind p r e s e n t . having. More. idioms (of languages). handsome kinds of woollen cloth. ends. of Guardians. of yrf.) 4. of w. I ji>l v. j ^ l iixra*. u . one hundred a n d twentieth parts. A putting (one's self) A . A being or course a n d slaughter of any living becoming sensible of (an object). A vitiating. s. 2. 1 A prohibit. ahram. etc. To grieve. brinks . To do a 2. A (disease's) sorely distressing and weakening. 1 . ihsâs. goodnesses. w a r . t. A. making (it) ing for the loss of Joseph. n .l . v. the purpose of performing the pilgrim1 v. Rough to 1 o1-—' v. edges. a.Senses. did. Î . etc. Sixtieth parts. the human b r e a s t . acquiring. beneficently 3. female aA. A being usually with a long twisted pile on the good or beautiful. a t home. a. companies. face. A. pl. A causing sorinto a state of religious inhibition for row to (one). the A. I. (Stranger* d o this A. female slaves. discreet. pension kindly bestowed. An acting well. A. 2. To hurt or annoy (one). LURÂZ.?. b y a n y one of the to the ordinary state of life. t. very on reaching the Mekka frontier. is termed J ^ . More. afflict. jU^l İhsan. âhrue. scarry-backed (camel. a. special pilgrim garb at Mekka. n. feelings. A. j t ^ l c * The house of mourning. To perceive (a thing. pl. S. senses or mental faculties). n. as t h e An acting kindly. also. I j'v-l v. t. cautious. points (of things).) \ v. i. pl. o f dlld quarter sections (of the same) .reducing (one). Good. s. v. are prohibited. dress. most. especially. Rough-scaled (lizard. in some shape. 1. also. A holding. especially. fur. women. 1. prudent. s. girls. Dialects. 2 .so. ahzâm. (men). pl. 2 . not worn down smooth. favours. of Periods kindness . pilgrimage is completed. S. very suitable. itu-за. worthy. also. T. 3. of ts. etc. hence. (something) in kindness.).house or breast of Jacob when mourni n g (a thing or act). A causing (one) to suffer pain or grief. long spaces of time. the confederated arrays of the Arabian tribes. v. A. Extremities. cohorts of m e n . v. etc. A burning (a thing) with fire. m«t. pl. A. •s^ ährs. 4. troops. 2 .1. To give or do the touch {like a file. thing. 2. Its termination and the return perceiving ( i t . appurtenances of houses.\ . ıartments. 2. pan. any such lessons habitually read or sacred territories. s. Kindnesses.possessing.Sacred or private places. to be so kind. age at Mekka. etc. . so as to repeat the whole book in a month) . most. a. who went against Medina and Muhammed. rule. t. preservers. ihsanSt. O-V^' « Ь Г Ш .Collected masses. spoiling (a thing). (mJ. n. sorrows. To possess. . i h r a m . V. A getting. «1ЛЧ>»-1 a A. or. It lasts until the A. âshore. used as sofa-covers. s. To burn (a thing) with fire. a pay or of time. 3. of Private recited. 1. bird. № ÂHZÎKN. ahsSs. women's apartments. A. female relatives and visitors.

A. A . ÂUAZZ. 4. I N Z Â R . More. of Tripes. A . ordinances. A ibzariyye. Reddish or roan-coloured in the hair. » J . auxiliaries. A being or b e coming well off in fortune or favour. 3. enumerating (things). A A . Judicial sentences. I j i b J v. v . ling. t. from sin or impropriety. fakes. stingy. A making mands. best. A. a. a. being wellд-p^ı f f c J Canonical laws. 2. 2 . 3. very (with a wall. To shut up. bowels. 1. To produce. A giving (one) A. honest. a. repelling. ComA.). so that he is not fully.). a.2. the presence (of self or other). A making (one) well-portioned a n d favoured with wealth. requirements. etc. jU-l ihqär. Leprous (man). P. expenses of citation or summons. for J. retinues. God. A. / U I ÛıSAN-DIDO. of o>u Helpers.Grandsons. U » l I U E Â . a.(m ) JUVİ 1 X. 2 1 faı* ( а ш ш ) . A protecting.»Lfc-I anfâ etc. shut in A. rancours. . lishing (a right) duly and fully. morality. summon. very good or beautiful. n.worthy. chaste. 2. 2. virtue. moral. 3. I n testines. most. to do (justice. Laws. 2. p l . requirements. Ü U Â Z . s. More. s. behests (of kings. âusuâ. (»U. a. An enclos. A sweetening A.taking an oath. most. A. fortunate. calculating. A. 1. i u ı â t . i. v. A preventing. summoning (him). or rather. ing. B H S S . telone despicable. jOibU The most beneficent of creators. 2Uİ İ m a . pl. very making or letting (a man) come into firm. n. a. Judges or Rulers. A produc. explanations. n. strong. very sweet. t. calling. 1 2 ji. keeping (one) clear from sin or commands. i. God. a n d fitting. most. To establish (a right) with a wall. o f j j » (Men) ters. A making strong. rulers. i. provisions. 2. suitable. More. troops. п. More. in any way. \ . enuA . 1 free to go. p l . A counting. a. olences. More. CA-»»-' inşân. guts. 2 . favoured.) in. very well calculated. . A restrain. p l . quar. ing (a person or thing) in the pres. a. ence (of one's self or another). very A. 1. Sides. A.-I. present. a portion. I U>a v. of and 1 . v . third stomachs. 4. \ .». etc. 1 . v .rightfully entitled (to a thing). n. s. 3. t. A I ı Ä Q Q . a. w — a h s e b . s. ing and shutting i n (a place. surest of ing for. 1 . most. o f 1 . W h o h a s seen. f u d e (u«ul). a. w a r (bufiz) • ınaclıüıo. v. A rendering A . manyplies (of ruminant animals). s. A keeping one's self ours. etc. To count. 2. (zı>). An estabmerate. I b J Ä H I Q Q Ä . very ing. most. etc. rightfully entitled (to things). solid. A quarreling. i h . Â H S Ö N . 2 . v. better. A witholdA. right. etc. n . \ v. A being or becomwoods. of ju». e. p l . correct. to one). requiring (him) to appear. U H Q A R . chastity. n. regions.). 2 (gırat). More. shutting (him) up. JS-L А Ь К Ө Т .gists of laws. A shutting (a man.) true. t. p l . helps. humble and insignificant. S. most. The best of the t w o alternative methods. jUkl itı«âr. JUS-I a b q S d . o f Vi*.). A . honesty. preventing. incapacti*. ~ ıı na«alt ı %X I j. to do justice (to one). A. judgments. cite. Very mean. I v. of -Ü. p l . 1. i n i t y â m . v. 4. Gists (of any rules. tell. ing angry. (food. To call. v. 3. 2UI aixia. More. n. A. A .A speaking what is right. disputA. A f e e . v . a l ı k j B m . s a s . n. n . works. (a place) inaccessible or inexpugnable. 2. servants. WAI^T ATıTÂT». S. „з i 1 well portioned with favour o r benefits. A. firm. To establish the itating (a man). etc. received a kindness. millet.Malevtendants and followers (of great men). of At. n. A swearing. p l . tenimpropriety.! A T I S H S M . most. of >_J»». hates. J U ^ ı I N Q Ä Q . A. enactconducted. ments. S. lucky. sendC ^ U ' ^ l The firmest. v .Fire. v . sons' sons. A. \ . 1. restraining. 2 . send for. e.ö ^ 1 v.

I H M A I . i h л V aj. More. circumstances (in various memorable. med.). or fteptxAuto.conditions. very laudable. pl. so as to burden. like a ^ ı ^ The Red Sea. A. (jr. 2. of C. 3. 1. s. 6 to have been spoken jtj-i Present circumstances.) 3 far. n . T. A stupid act. basins. 1.то. of J?. (a person's) circumstances. a. decreed. of Perjublack wool. obl. älımaqlıcg. a n d gratefully com. of Jey ReSpect of a person). tanks.Sworn becoming red. lack of intelligence. 2 . c. etc. I H M Â M . s. A making (a q. Â H V Ö J . a. 1 . (being the contrary of . upper surface of the foot heating. jure himself. 5. letting (one) break his oath and pervery sweet. Exi. ЬИ a l ı n a . ıJ^T-1 a h m e r a n . thing or act) lawful. j ^ l ATıVOR.. man or beast) to take up or carry a afflicted with talipes varus. S. s. . the of by Jesus (This is a rendering of present state of affairs. ihla. a. violations of oaths. A. Redness. of (a thing) happen. J^UI ihidi.Ш . A. A making or letA. fern. ^ â h n â . ft. 4. boiling (water. Aivmir. obl. a. i 2 war. 1 til (French). 2. saffron. m e t . A. ail lawful things and acts are lawful T. dual of . 3. ( 40 ) 1 so. a stupid t h i n g (said or done). s. of ı—el». 2 . âhlaf. A making or A. J ^ l i h m i r â r . of (Women's) ing (another). p l . v. More. A making A . v. A. etc. s. . 2. i. (one) take an oath. I I M S S . for . Fhpcjdsfto. A . A. fibres mixed in i t along its back. 2 . 1 rule. A grudge. (An eye) so characterized. confederates. A. A. health. States. with rage. cisterns. Jl-^t i h n ä q . Stupidity.7?-^ The two red things . of sleeping visions. More. n. person or thing). A warming. pl. swearing (him). rancour. choking with rage. a. A making or letting (one) alight (at a place). n. A. a. but with red patches or ries. i . fflOSt.-VI Grudges. A . l^i ahmu. 4 I pan. ft. J-л! Sweeter than honev. j ^ l A H M A Q . preordained of God (in resA. gospels). with large black pupils and full (See ji^. through Such. «J5UI I H I Â F . J ^ } ^ ä h w a z . R e d . most. A name of Muham. walk on the outer edge or even outer A. A . A being (of such). A. ( A man. S. or warm water. A being or becoming the male relations (of their husbands). 2. ftar an. most. S. V. (>!*=-! a h l â m . jr. very becoming in a canonical state when stupid. pl. A helping (a a. An angerA. S. s. A being 01" ous dreams. n. 3. j l ^ l i h m i r a r . of U. A being or A. visions in sleep. 4. v . A making or letting A. camp. A being ОГ A. ft.). ervoirs of water. V. pl. v. V. I I did. f^ui The confused perceptions rancours. a . А П Л \ . under which he is said in the condition. Dreams. (A sheep) with A. halt. П. pl. bird.) A. of jw. 2. gazelle. V. . a h m e r e y n . most. a h n c f . stay. Emissions of semen becoming intensely red. v. 2. q. S. LasciviA. a. A Causing ting (one) have a fever. More. A (lad's) about attaining to p u flesh-meat and wine : also. etc. v. 1. pl. making (him) choke male relatives b y (their) marriage. p l .far. burdens. A making or letting (one) to b e in want (of a (one) anxious. -i?-' aiimid. \ . 3 ashore. 2. s . A A. pl. Bent. ÜJI^-1 ÂHMERIIFC.1. A.1) prominent whites to his eyes. l^l. A. v. 6. spite felt a t heart. unintelligent (man). angry. for 11*р*хлг. Club-footed (man). An approaching. 1. JlsJ alıma 19 s. »1--»-! llniot. I H A N . aim SIS.aspects). a.Loads. A being in want being near a t hand. affectionate. very as found in some ancient eastern much in want. a. 1. gold and berty. ruddiness. ^-Ul uhu-s. v . bowed. q. Inclined. n . washing or bathing (one) with hot curved.

times. A fellow. reinvigorate. fancying one can perceive A. including more. or. 4İU. s. or prosperity (a fire). Ü İ i k i i t . vigour. 3 . dual. V. A b r i n g i n g 3 A being dubious. giving (intelligence. narratives. clear intellect. ahyuz. IJUIH atıyâna. (41 I ) 2 2 . A.hârlâmâ<ı. (Sometimes called alone). 2. 4. V. of vlr 1 ' The two most corrupt things. Squint-eyed (man). cloth. to size (paper. T. î. To communicate. A. Jj-»-' A. for p.. most. inter]. A threatening. a l t inlerj.j A due or r e w a r d paid for I. depraved. A. the stars y. etc.İ ilthâle. a. cloth. 1 v. A To A. rooms. A b r i n g i n g t o life again. cating. D. of j . a t h i n g 2. ü'^il . (I.I ki?. Trenches d u g in the ground.L More. 1 2 J _ (zır). etc. i i ^ l lkhi>u4. w a r V» 5 5 1 (hafız). More. threaten. A hiding (a (an inanimate) t o life.I ikud(•<'•. U-l i h y a . suppressing (war or vehe(to a languishing person or thing).pl. tales . extinguishing new life. thing). To dress. very corrupt. T. To restore. âfch. t. spoiling. cises. 2. A b r o t h e r . s. n. 11. JLJUT âk. A correanimate. (^J^R*-' a k h b a r l . \.>-Moments. r ) ("i A half-brother b y the information. most. s.). ' narratives. T. To p u t religious exercises. conceal. -wlJ ä k h a d ı d . A. 2. n. mency). VI. Tents A. s. t.X^ A whole-brother. T.h a b i r . traditions .tent) . pitching (a animating. etc. A putting out. — n nasal. a h v e l . S. 2 . 2 . n.The lucky asterism for T. 1. v e r y p r u d e n t and or things fit only to be thrown away. n. Ah I Alas! A. doubtful. 2. give. a. the two excrements of the body. of Various kinds or branches of information.. pl. news). t e n t s . legends. a giving life. the urine and the faeces. 2 . 3. A. a h y a n . ik-hhâ. Sc A traditionist. A being or becomingcorrupt. Aquarii. places. I aİU v. of 0. Relating t o c ' ^. A. slight hope or fear (of something). S. n e w s . 3. 4. P. obi.. a brother b y t h e same father and information. v. sure. A giving tent). A setting up. From time to convey (intelligence). b u t not being (men) . of l^. A. -u-^'l a*. A frightening. tales. 1. size (for paper. v. most._jU. pl. or depraved. now and then. resus. mother. To animate. 1 . More. constructing (a citating. 2 . S. VIE1' Ä K H H I S . A. etc.y dual. pl. T h e planet Jupiter. a . A making (a night) alive with active To pitch or make (a tent). menacing. reanimating. v.-lı. ^İUt i k h a l e t . 2 . . document (given by a court of justice). Dressed. spaces. I u-1 v. A. of Living and detect (something). deteriorating (a 4 To make (the night) alive with active occupation or religious exer. A-^-i âkhhiye. closets. The indicative mood. j U I i x h b ä r . 1. s. . A. S. a h y a .^of jL^-l . visions (of enclosed places). j U ! Declaration. To frighten. vi^l . »BUL 6 akhârlü. (I. t. Intellect. jbil. instants. ılA5-' â k h b e s e y j ı . of JjJb-l of wooi or hair-cloth. (I. j u akhal. s. A clause that gives mother. I j U l v. pl. etc. I. U 25th lunar aithâr. very comprehensive. . occasionally. raising from the dead. 1. n e w s . A. S. jUT Dressing. pl. Л f_ '*. adv.J . father. a making. etc.LI. ALX^VET. pl. name of t h e mansion. rupting. 2. pl. v. AIU. Toout (a fire). isA^ IKJITOSRI. See j' A. vi.I I I 1 far (äsman). 3. 1. t. A. jbM âklıbâr. of SubdİInformations. П. Rubbish. t. A (thing's) giving an indicaW-l T h e living a n d t h e 3 tion. I (qirat). ııkLh. 5ieh.). pl. A thinking. A. To hide. declaratory time.). legends. dual ^. machine. A. the living. A . histories. cautious. dead. rude (usul). ^ C 1 ' C 1 ^ A half-brother by the information received. 1. hope. bad.

akhtapot ] octopus. s. See ijo'-*' A. n. 2. A castrating I f^Lil v. (j-j. tu (ҒгехкОД. A being or becoming special and peculiar. A stepping * v. A. ikiitxt-Sm. J»>~>-1 akbtu. A finishing. 1. V. circumcised. a. especially in one's devotoot. A female A. with one another). ikutitaiu. invention (of one). The com. v. To come t o an end. p. astrologer. of C^-L. n. litigating. 1.i l i k n t i s â s . knowledge. v. 1. tearing along. To finish (a thing). being castrated. ^ F. undergoing circumcision. t. äkhtarınnq. A speaking be completed. A. Two sisters. did. e. âslıore. WUC^L p i . JttiU. deceit. i k h t i s h ä ' . f l . prosperous. n. casting one's eyes or looks tion. v. body's) being or becoming black and blue (from friction. fortunate. A deceiv. Зхталоу?). friendly as t o its end in discourse). a (against another. annihilating.ity . special attachment. IKUTIRÂT. lupus whose star is lost in the sun's rays .). astrologer. s. j ^ l I K W T Ä N . v. n. F. vented (by one). A. finished. tt. An invent. information.h u m b l e and submissive in voice or gesture. t r y i n g and fishing for i t . J B M ATAITAN. . one's s e l f . ^ U . s. disputing. completing. IKHTIZÂR. A. A ing. counter. Uuil ikhtisâ. t. A drawing. 3. F. I K H T I Z Ä ' . new inventions. 3. etc. n. 1 . bowing the head in humilA. IKFCTIRÂ'. n. One whose star or fortune is youth's chin. v. A. j y 4 A whole-sister A. v. O j ^ l . killing. dark-coloured (in a landscape). âiınter-eâk'nte. i. tions . j U ^ I i k n t i s â r . ti. A (man'e. A being or becoming informed. A. i. oWl^-l iıuwtira'ä*. uterine polypus. JI-^L IFEUTIBER. (The Born under a lucky star. never before made). * etc. 2. A degtroyF. e. A StarT. etc. ikiıtUâm. comet. A Stftrypus of the womb. A (man's) . A. ing. produce's. İr»" 1 IKTıTIRÂ'-ITETÖE. . etc. 1. e. or w r i t i n g briefly. polP.) passing through o r across (a A half-sister b y t h e place). v. companion. n. abridge (a ship . view. *. I. A being A. i s c n t i r . r i l e . the A. (A j^-UA. A. cheating. jjjjbU ^. of£i>:l fellow. S. A sister. on the stars. obl. i.j Cancer of the womb. s. S. or lowering the voice.) showing green and originally a blacksmith's apron. n. n. invention. ^ j b l l aklıtûnııa<ı. by both parents. (Seed J i j S ) ^ The famous Persian ensign. ^ Cr^-i. A. i k h t i d â ' . jC'j^l a k h t e i x h u m c r .»jjbM i k u t â p o ü u n o n poulpe. 1. t . the neck. v. extirpating cancerous ulcer. ol^-l 1. A star.. exclusive devotion. S e e J ' j t i i k n o w e r . pstt. in humility . lupus.) beginning high. v. 2 . to show a sprouting beard. o r friend.forging (a lie). pleading j^-l A tailed s t a r . A discourser the g r o u n d . P.-»-' .( 4 2) f i r . Inventions. 2 . being specially a n d devotedly a t A. glorious. A. A quarOne's star or fortune. v. pl. n. V. exedens. cheek. »'. A seeking for informa. polypus. A half-sister b y t h e P. -war. JJ^^I Polypus of t h e nostril. p. n . 2. 2 . n. v. I n father. walking. ing. See (Gr. IKTINTIL v. n A being A. V.tached (to a person). a k u t a p ö t ) s. A (man's) inventing. dual. reling. To shorten. A bending unsheathing (a sword). akhter-slıinäe. t. and (a man o r men). SO. O n e similar malignant sores or tumours. n . pacing. öl/*"1 ikhtwSq. v. V. v. слу Completed in loving friend\ v . T. v. _AJ»>-I i k u t i d b . v. bii-a. . (The wind's) blowing. humility. f4 mother. n. P. / j i ^ l akhter-gyE. To invent (a thing steps. unfortunate. Gipsy's lupus. astrologer.

mBohİne. V. A will freely a n d without compulsion doing (an act) suddenly b y stealth. ikLhtiıâf. 3. difference. v. straining or extract. old (man or beast). A having or acquir1. (J^jW^ i k h t i y a r l a t m a q . crazy. tfjl^-l ifchtiyârî. or year. A. intermixture. 1. ling .). etc. A being or becom. elect. A (thing's) going and (preacher's) pronouncing a sermon of coming to and fro. ^Vbil ikjutifâz. depres.choice.). 2. i. T. etc. doing (so) in a quiet. or away and back a particular set kind. A n A. A. ling with violence. v. 1. . n.15j. sion. A having a choice. S e e JLJBM I v. I . 2. senility. unsheathI i t i l v. ikLhtiyârSne. disagreement. To hide. Free. («İt). 2. j l ^ l ikhtiySr. imperceptible manner (as a vowel in (one thing instead of some other as a word. an older. optionless. A seizing. ifchtinaq. An exercising one's ing or snatching (a thing). A seiz. others).). n. n.option.or beast). rebellion. asking (a woman) i n marriage. s. 2. лЬ-Т Sfchte. Old age. riot. A. J ^ 1 ifchtllBq. A p u l . v. 2 . freedom. 1 jL^i! v. A stripping. ^ j b . 3. v. a. IKLBTITÂT. fabricating. inventing (a lie. etc. A being ed (sword. A. speech. See J ^ b M things') being or becoming disordered. V. iithtiıas. a. A p u t ting one's mark on (a plot of ground) ing. tjbV»-' ifchtiyikriiq. etc. A forgA. to an old man. 2. or disordered. n. A. being free to choose or p r e f e r . chinky. A. A being a sprouting beard. 2. an intercalary day in a month an alternative. A. becoming concealed. interming.ı ıkhtıy a r l a n m u q . İ. riage a female ot one's family. 3. J l j l ^ l ik-htiyarlamaq. v.l i k h t i l a l . to T. not agreeing. \ v. To wife's) being divorced b y her own grow old and senile.J. An inserting (a thing) by stealth. depressed.nately or reciprocally . Drawn. I S T I L Â . П.) mixing (with T. To seize. A. 1. to appropriate it to one's own use. free-agency. (A T. i. defective . 3. JB^L I K H T I Y S R . n. Disorder of the public peace. (various thing's) being mixed t. P. suffocated. r u d e (usul). 3. v. choice. 2. n.) showing ing some moral habit or quality. П. 2. 2. or becoming cracky. intercourse. preference (as an A. Aged. 1 . Erroneous for jl^LbM. Peculiar up together. 1 . snatching (a thing) by violence or or unsound. A being suddenly by violence or craft. n. s 5 . or preference. A. . A stripT. senile (act. done . A differing. alternating. To have social intercourse (with others). pulpit. 1. chief. concealment. preferring (one out of several). V. etc. mingling. V. following or acting alterAn inviting (a man) to ask i n mar. t. mingle.alternatives). n.). alternation.JLUIL LıOıTITÂF. a. selection. To be or become old. to her husband.). (A man's. 1. LAf^ ifchtiyârân. v. Without others) bodily or socially. T. agitation. snatch. v. conceal one's self. To mix. etc. t. ing (a thing). — & nasal. A retiring A. A (girl's) being circumcised. V. n. 1 . adv. as to words or actions . craft.U*:1 ( 43 ) f â r (asmEîn). ikhtiist. A . v.choice. or Gutting fresh grass. throttled strangled. A plucking ing. ikhtila'. free will. J ^ . ЬьМ ikhtifu.M ' > -! M wish for a consideration given b y her T. Castrated (man or becoming low.alternative). etc. robbing (one). 3.IL 1 . being downy. a. jljl v. take insurrection. t. 1. V. prefer as it were. A. v. n. n. make (one) become old. « . 2. pulling off (a garment. \ . To choose. î (qfrat). option (of ing agitated. Asuccession. not actually from liking or love). in years. ib. i. Of one's being or becoming mixed u p (with own choice. «/^j^-l ikhtiyarsiz.hti. ping off. A (thing or T. A being or or becoming choked. from a again. A choosinto solitude or privacy. V. V. a. or drowned. having the clitoris reduced. 2. 1. (A youth or his face. -war (hâfLe). A (thing's) A. q. I.

v. 2. t. I v. Dark. adv. \ v. A bewildersions. JjJbll Aithdid. An exporting. j l j l ^ T v. companions. 2. To ruin. f f d . o u t (of something). A ruining. 4. A A. 2. A. A taking and i. 1. Who or which A. nominative. t r l ^ l ihhi-as. J ^ l ikLhtîyâı. More. Flat and broad (nose). 3.out. j S кыяАт.the last^(of a thing). disbursements. ^ The asterisms that A. i^-l aUue. Athing or place). A or let (a thing) come or go out (of a taking (a town. who looks to the end. To make A.( 44 ) far. IKHRÂJ. To take (a person or of a thing). A learn. fern. n . S. treachery. confounding. depriving of speech. A. I pi. A. A. trench dug in the ground. e. n. same direction). Ov âkhîr-bin. <i i / j l b take (a man) prisoner. a. bursing. person. j The latter or second 3. catching (game. compulsion. ductl obl. j . trade. Broad-bladed (sword). The future state. A t t h e e n d . t. takes or receives (a thing). last. A. without the day of judgment. v. to fidy. i. very much ruined. A. I. A. met. dis} Â-! s.) jUj^T The end of time. end (of things or a thing). A. . associates. A rendering take (the moon in for a day each in dumb.1 At first a n d at l a s t . self-conceited. finally. a. confusing. p. N. So. a. A spending. Exports. г'. fim. at length. To be the end. A taking.^ лг. jUj >T The latter days (of this A. An acting part. perfidiously. a different A. wale. ungratefully. a. s. JUH itiıjÄi. etc. a. To produce (a straight line). P akhda*. Jİ/-1 ikjiraq. streamlet. A. to pull up. The lion. v. from a teacher).). X j S The issue. of At or as the last or end of an end. the other world beyond the grave. ^Jl The last day (of the world) by choice and freewill. pride. Expento apprehend (him)'. 1. buying and selling. pâtl. commerce. a t (one) ashamed and confused. t o pull out. To do business. for q. Aentice out. ÂFCHıRET. more. to p u t out. push taking (a man) prisoner. whip or rod. A. A. a. tU (French). t. hereafter. Lastly. n. bird. Circumspect other (than a former or first). i. 1 .. s. (man). get out. obtain. v. fur. World) v A. etc. I To take. end of a matter. to thing) disburse. w a r . giving. drive out. The last or latter self-conceit. (t. 5. traffic. Last. A being or becoming proud. etc. JAIL ÂITHDER. To get (a person or business. n. To finish (a thing). A. per. To export. . at most. her monthly course). to finish. ÂKHIR. To 1 } ü l v. mark made by a cut from a devastating I vJ^l v. V-L Û K I ı R U . A. to come unfaithfully.. of come to the end of (it). v. at verv aeceitfal and tricky. the fourth month of A. 3. the matter. month of n i b i ' .. to carry (it) on (in the thing). adv. most. s. a. âshorc. w ^ i İKhrâb. 3. 5. More. ses. treacherously. barter. 4. v. ingratitude. A first or at last. A. most. v. j^Jy-b (28 in number). ing. buy and sell or barter. the lunar manA. aid. jiT âittıâr. AJU-I 1 . 1. a. Another. п. Another person. s. etc. whether seizing or receiving. receive into I I »jjj! To produce (a one's possession and grasp. a. 2. c-il Two sisters. out taking. straight line) i n its own direction. path. . coax out. n . pl. A brook. 3 . akheeA. devastate.) by war. İKhrâjât. v. 2 . n A making the Arabian lunar year. S pl. rule. at last. (t. ing (a thing. Ijiî Â K I ı I R Â N . very dark. 1. Flat and broadnosed (man). ^Л^1 istutiyân. ÂKTıK. u k h t e y n . To get (something. extract. 4. Ü l . âfcLhreto. 2. A track. ÂKHÎR. 4. 1. jUCl âfchdân.

j U i i î âkhshânml. Small and narrowpl. o ^ h i l aKhshamleyın 9 adv. İ. n. despicable. ifchshâ'. . d. son (whom evening. contraries. a. . t £ j û k h r e v î . öjJjljjij^AiiT May your evening be ^ll A father by adoption. A. q. Any chattel used or usable. _ _ ting sun. matters temporal thing) special to evening use. The evening A. v. of the evening last a k h s h i a . e. Ijil . A.3*Л Чл^ To go to the other world.. А К Ъ Г Е » . 2. 3. d. gentle. rude (usul). to draw towards evening.S. A. for evening use. . j i f UiT The evening meal. Pertaining to or thing special to the evening. of ULiil. cA~i>-l akhshîg. . a. A. âkhshîj. v.i»-! akhsheb. More. q. n. IT. choice . ^bil â k h s h i n . 11. «. God will accept as such hereafter).il q. t. ft. T. Good evening | ^•/"(. 2. A. _ _ . T. АКИ1Г<«. very frightful. most. A. Constructed s. peculiar.V f ^ M J afehshigyun. machine. abasing. S. 'c>-> aklıshäıııllq. An adopted divine worship (not ^ğlj fliiT Eventide. ^ ü l AITUSIII. for f l i i l . h r » . An acting ignobly. n o t t h e this is for ^ i i l accus. V. t h e lour elements. KSJ^ i h . a k h r i y u n . s. P. most. j-^-'y ÂKHZÂR. and spiritual. "prayers"). pl. Another. OU-H An opposite. v. and humility. (See X. to cough slightly (from i r quality of being evening. P. P. ЕГГОııeous for o ^ L i i l . (one) meek. More.S.). j ^ l i i l â k h s h â m ı n . (one) vile. Li. and of timber. coioured . first or first-named. j'J*^ a t l i z e r . A. 1. . A place ritation or mucus in the throat). A making H . dLi^l akhshlg. as it became evening. water. s. very special. of his. A treating (one) vilely. 1. d. A making T. a. 4. timber (house. See shabbily. (JluliiT »kiıshamliq. (zır). Piebald. äkUsirmäq. vilely. jj»^ afchâss. \>il iithza. li. most. T. v. T i a f e h ı r m a f i . very abject. of >-1 T. V. a contrary. (Any j j y \ Affairs of this life and of the future. ^ L i l itıiısi*. most. 2 . black ing or sunset. akhshiliyan. fem. To pass t h e (feminine thing).liiT v. t_rail ÂKHÂSS. A rendering speaking or acting with meekness. for i£. ElTOllGOUS for A. V. jil^ The latter or second evening (in a place). t. V. (When written. a. 3 i i J. âhLhlretaİK. p. ^ U i l IKHZÂ'. the future state. a. A. etc. i . İ. q. jp. a. low. S. adv. t£>ü â k h z i . a. shîjÂn. I h e or hawk. its evening). T. the time of evensou w danghter. vile.jlj. l^ü âfchza. See A. v. inA. fire. s. blinking. Âkiısfıî). V. a setadoption. v. harsh. T. timate. very base. He or that A. For ^ ü l . to be late in the dav. a. v. f ^ î âithshâm. green(before and after sunset). suitable for a present or offering. More. A. a k h r e j . . pl..liiT An evening sun. ı (qjrat). A holding or thinking pl. eyed (man). dinner. vile (man). of Öpposites. i. T. ^ l i i l akhshHb. despised (man). gentleness.J(one) vile. q. 2. 'jliv*"' îlkhriySn. JLA™*'! âkta-shijan. v. To hack. verdant. jjW^LiiV The evening service of to die. especially. earth. 1. T.. J o / l A brother or sister b y blessed ! i. most. or severe. s. P. jlSÇiil As T . dreadful. of > 1 Last To get late in the d a y . 1. — n nasal. More. A A. a. (ona) meek. Green. other (feminine). w a r (httfiz). To be or become Jijl An adopted. a. ^ül akhshaxn. air. giving h i m a very small (portion). her. A making (one) abject or ashamed. ^ l i i l akhslıânüâjııâq. Dumb (man). fern. and white in patches. ОЦ^"! â k h A. of the Arabian lunar year. ^ a. A.(45) f a r (Ssman). rendering very rough. T. More. A. humble. q. I n month of t h e sixth month the evening.

A. of women. ity of devotion. 2 . A making (one) a successor (to ember. envelopes. n. More. of J I I Moral s. declaratory of God's gers. \ jU»il v. awn promise. SİnCCVCİy or reminding. P. talons (of man or brute). a.( 46 ) Iftr. 4 . A missing or entangled man or thing). a. n. t u (Frencb). UIL A X ı ı F » . trespassing. A. another). o f „-WDanthe Q u r ' s n . humours A. comparative darkness.cessors . More. an 2. t. A live coal of (a thing) back or behind something. in a deranged. •»•ül âvtlıfiyo. s. vacant. s. of the Lake of Van. S. s. n. J ^ i akhgel. and spleen. inmates. 2. To hide. coverings. or for lowering (the voice) so as not t o be stewing or preserving as fruit. of Ui 1. w h o " m i x t u r e " . of The ucl ^ The science of rendering one's " h u m o u r s " (of t h e body. a very hard variety of pear. 1.^ Good moral qualities. v . a bad disposition or charact™'. äfeixfa. A. A doing wrong. bad moral empty. v. To bring or recall (a devoted (man). (a thing) pure. most. fit only concealing. erring. A .. A. vacant. falsifing (a P.juî-j^-l Laudable moral qualities. free missing. <Jül ekhâır. m e t . Â K I ı J Â R . Name of a town on the north shore I U^l o. qualities (of men). pan. a suggesting quintessence of i s i â m . Ûfchiât. A^-l ак. a. f u r . A reaching pubertv. and of his freedom from birth. etc. or concentrated. fire. Sincerlight. r u l e . (man). failing. feeling. A putting or unity. q. qualities.» . b i r d . p l .). S. n. secreting (a thing).). « h o r e . 3. . \ . v. freeing. aKixiat. etc. Â K H F 4 S H . compose a n d build u p sees better in a subdued light or the tissues. conceal. etc. a piece of burning charcoal. A . pl. n. A . etc. a. 1. pure sincerity of heart. 1.). pl.). 2 . s. sincere (act. making (it) an essence of itself. (of wheat. recalling (a matter) into the mind or paternity. u * V I T I N Â * . gallants. corrupted state. A. number. аышкь. mild.). most. by their sensitive-sighted (man. ^ j ü f ^ l i kttlusmesdl. most. their normal condition. A. intimate friends. A wild pear. for . (a place) empty. etc. very P. Calyxes. Ä X H L Ä Q . did. devotedness (in man). a. love. clear. 1. blood. phlegm or serum. A being or becoming j^Ul Reprehensible. pers. calices (of flowers). A. Pea. mistake. I k b t s r . IFEURA. p l . V IFEBIA. barley. extricating (a caught very meek. void. A putting p. ÂKATÂR» s . ^ âscuger. p l . . sinning. â k b t â m . pl. A for grafting on as a tree. a. The 112 th chapter of A. T. four in self invisible. which. ^U^JUI ikhittsmeııdune.ju-b Morbid h u m o u r s . a. especially. A making a from guile or afterthought in duty. t . A saving. void of . "UJt Men fond of the society moral qualities. etc. V. More. perils.). being t h e memory (of a person). A . A. S. pl. or supJOUl The natural humours in pressed. A breaking . U i i v. 3. . n. 3.1хка'. thing) to tbe mind (of a person). s. To lower (the voice). secrete. of J ^ . i k l i l U i m e n d . p. A. t. a. secret. or inconsiderate. 1. or friendship. Blinking. morals (moral chosen. -war. A making J V I V Badness of moral qualities. A making character). U .jüUI Goodness of (a man's) claws. descendants. a.Select. a good disposition or character. A. so. 'J A very much hidden. 4. s. too audible. 2. of ^J^ Nails. A (the mark in shooting. vow. 1. o f I J K : S u c Cloaks. 2. wrap. submissive. v. 2 . The beard. A hiding. gentle.bile. Long-nosed culiar to a sincerely devoted (man). 2. or partnership. LİU^ iithiar v. over. etc. . Abeing or becoming sincere.

very much feared o r dreadful. pl. then all of undotted letters. ak. pl. A. Brotherhood. couplet) composed alternately of words all of dotted a n d patriarch Enoch. 4. who has come as a guest. î (qxrat). snub. a . spalinden tree. etc. Mutual brothmoral philosophy. any religious order o r fraternity). toothpicks . To break. disobeying (a law. infraction. v. q. T. pl. prop.). uterine brothers or sisters. 1 öl-. most. 1. very 3. 2. More. vast. pl. •> >» The sister-chapters to that expectant of H u d . worn out. s. ->' ad. A. A. i U l âfciıyât. stable (for horses. A breaking. s. d. A. b r e t h r e n . WM europma. Lord corrupting. A covering up. a. 3. More. A ments) Better. J-L ÂKHI. To lower or p u t out. pl of Jli. 1. 2. A being or becoming quiet or A brother guildsman (in a trade guild). / I L AFCHYAR. etc. as ^Л wk'Vj : j . cows. (zır). âkiıâvi. A brother (in A. S. silent. A. herds or troops of horses. of J ^ Friends. . skewers . kins . a k h w e f . UM IktLily*. w i t h a n arch in one another. a. A. ethics. fi'aternal (affection. p. JJIL ÄKNWÄQ. i. Half-brothers or halfthe soles of his feet. war (batız). S. things differing from arch-soled (man). A. between hills a n d streams A. Foots of hills. scabby (camel). 2.). A. etc. Learned (man) hindmost. »Мга&Ы». \. To spoil. of »J^ 1. kind . Pug-nosed. far-extending (region. tattered (cloth. S. aKbir. and x th chapters. etc. A. (men) . v. A. A. ikMaraur. of J i ^ Bodbrethren. pl. Akhir. n. s. t. 3. (From the Arabic t>l mybrother). j'^-l ikhmrid. A yarns. A. For A'Ij^I . rufle (usul). (I. Jl^y-l ikiı>âniîq. cloaking (a thing). cious. 1 . disobey. A spoiling. P. A. s. 2. s.tar (äsmän). Name. the fraternal affinity. s. VUİg. s. etc. Г.slopes flowing past them. valley-slopes. being the vi th from one another. towards God. ü ^ ik. I JÎUI v. or u-aJljljil Brethren in purity of love very good. 2. strings. of S>. A. fellows. Brotherly or A.2 ~ ^ The science of morals. a. Feminine companions. brotherhood. The lime. maclılne. c ^ 1 i k k n A ^ e t . virtuous . the brotherhood. 1. vii th. The (A distich. pl. m i x e d o r apt to mix and mingle. injure. 1 1 1 t . ä k h a w a t . s. A. 2. -A^i a k b S n d .). pl. s. A. A. JU-L ÄXNYIH. nosed (man). 11 A. allay or extinguish (a fire). t. 1. pl. i â k h i â t . s. friends. Horses. n. aKh and. a.towân. ••»•I İKhw i>. 2 . » a. best. t . (j»1"-' atchnes. free (from things).fraternity. A lowering or putting out (a fire). those delivered in the same i J U 1 ^ ' 1 Mankind are all different year before the Hijra. brotherly Bodies of horsemen or cavalry. pl. a.Empty. v e r y pure and unadulterated. most. n. JX^I âfchiâı. appellation . and disappoint thou not an likes. a. a. of jU. A. v. of Brothers. aklvyaf. ^уЛ â k h û r . deteriorating (a thing). pl. munificent. j i ^ iktim&r. ornament. ffl.— n nasal. sisterly. void. 2. : for to scatter liberality is an Similar (feminine) things.).29 1 ( 47 ) 1 2 î 2 X. a. erly friendship. in law and theology. j be thou Sisters. Mangy.' A stable for cows. most. . Last (in a series). 2. a. allaying {it). Old. g a r . heels and toe-balls. Imrahor. S. a. n. thorns. The intimate friends. More. of 1. A. j V aittiisq. of i v . (Sultan's) Master of the Horse. v. (A man) blind of one eye. j^ AKHYÄR. veiling or muffling up (a woman). of 1. Arch-footed Different things. beautiful. J V I K M Â L . A. ofj^l Brothers. j y Ä j ' (vUİg. brother devotees. âtcbiııö. ^jyI'lji-» A stable for bullocks. troops. T. ^UT Akixiäs. of the Stable. between his sisters on the mother's side.Good ' ji^i v. Wide.

T. 4. Name. S. j of being of an economical habit. May A. 1.To manage (a business. 2. j ^ i p l (A thing) which is known economical person. conjunction. or revolve. give a name (to circulate. a noun or v e r b . ance. i. vj<':r j-1' For one's name or reputa.). ı j U i d â m e t . ulating (a word or letter). Lacking i n power. 2. A being *:Ы W h a t (is) t h y name? economical.W 3 (French)» fur. Economical.). S. 4 . To pay (a debt). mastery. ^ / U ÂDÂTMÂO. food. artic. v. To give up a n a m e . A n y condiment ticle. whose reputation is bad. management 1 1 economv. etc. 2. (»Ы edâmâ-'ııshû. etc. t» KS^ His (its) name or reputation to be enough. s. t 1 I t 1 1 1 1I ! 2 2 3. eternizing. being enough. A menace. J^U odâ Name. t o name (him or etc. adashmaq. Strength. 2 . <mU v. 1. become^ famous. T. To make or preserving. A managing. to name (him ov it). O*» fjt My name (is) so-and-so. A. ıJ'j'J' i d a r e l i . An economist. 'wars «HwWt 4 pan. sac(of a man. j ^ J U ^ j l He has n o name. a person or thing. J f i . 6 . s. hffl. A IjVl (A debt) t h e payment of promise. imagined reputation. t. 4. pl. or interjection. acquitting one's self T. A tool. t. s. any word not of the nature of eaten to make bread savoury. A delivering over (a trust). force. rificed. i . ing or letting (a thing) continue . 2 Superior force.«1 l a s far. ä<ld. to indicate a (person's) name. See A. 3. l a ä r e j i. A makosition. A performing. 1 met. promise. economize (money. T. river. arrogance of ise. To save. 4. regular customs a n d observ. 4 . reputation. God eternize (so and so)! instrument. To make jijj» ^ For one's name or character (a thing) revolve.»! W h a t is his (her. thing vowed. J edd. 5. A m a k i n g jtV To acquire a reputation. threat. A. 3. To perform (a to perform vows towards or for one duty). v. 1. A vow.>! v. n. a n j. ious. U ««tâ. For ^b-sl l Ы v. promise or threat. . tion to go forth to the world. as an article. of (a duty). 3. A. To threaten. W A supercil. pompous or affected voice or \ j U v. economy. 4İU idâle. 1 . its) name? To mention t h e name of economical wick (for a night-lamp).A having a t u r n of fortune or success. n . 3. Int. 2.). fbl i d a m .jbl To live economically. i X. 2 . to become of evil repute. t. sacrificed in fulfilT. 1. or letting (a thing) go round. s. t. ^ıjUl ı d a r e l u . s. o U EDÂT. 2 .ment of a vowr.jbl A wick of economy. . W E D I . 3. calamity. of V>'' Rules (one) a t u r n of fortune or success. To make both ends meet. A which is incumbent on a person. I . from. repute. s. A pronouncing. To promm a n n e r . To articulate (a word or another.U . (one) with a vow. directing. management or economy. 2. â d â n . 4 . prepA. superintending (a matter or business). proper name let (a vowed thing) b e given. letter). governing. ances. A giving A. A. and ways of action in general observ. A paying (a or debt). Oi^rv^ idârejllİK. v>bl i d â r e . ( Ш) 1 2 1 1 ? di<t> bird. t. d. T.victory. I J TO assign. person or thing). Mutuallv deliver (a trust). An evil. idâresiziiit. 2. T a child or thing). 4. To practise economy. A. Trn. tu İ. A m a n it). o r performed ( b y another person). s. V.a. 2 . town. A saving.). given. To vow. T. V. 1. X. üUıC^U. interj. ıdd. fame. 5. 3. 1. or menace. To X. t o revolve (it). To suffice. (in grammar) A parA. 3. ÂDÂB. n o B. To tempt manner. b ' i d a r e s i z . (is) b a d . W âdâ. circle. m a k i n g both ends meet. S. 6 . To give a name (to a putting by (a portion of money. S. (of a thing). etc. t o name. affectation. The quality by name only (as the phoenix. success. Lack of A. ji 1. pl. etc. T. aging. A sufficing.) by means of economy. П. r a l e . n.

^ b j l edebiyat.. . immodest. Ewers (used in ablutions). A. prose instruction or Arabian philology. 2. bad water-closet. «ı^JU ^DÂV&T. insolence. selling (him) goods on credit. 2 .things) as a store for future use. (one) abject. JW Ui ai. education. words neither respect.l i . A ^ The Arabian sciences of usually observed mode of action. ^ ^ Arabian philology. Ö. very near (people o r things). instruments. More. adversity. Arabian philology. A turning by borrowing money or buying back. going from bad to worse . s. 2. p. I. prosody. necessary. 1. shamelessness. 1 . гг. ing-. teaming.. shameless (man. To of respect. A private part of the A. To inflict chastisement. impolite. calamity. retrograding. a. öf ^ J U 1 .ters pertaining to Arabian philology. Lack of Particles (ia grammar). i m nouns nor verbs.1 2 5 X ' X ~ (ar). modesty. unmandevote (a thing) as a sacrifice. modesty. (Men) learned in or letting (one) become i n d e b t e d . or politeness. polite (man. More. «jbi s.) credit. A. J'-И ^döblS. Latter parts (of (him) in debt. (one). IJW . Pertaining to especially as applied t o the Arabic b f t g u s g e atfd vast literature. and logic. To inflict A. l-jl u d i b i . JLI-I* I D D I K H A R . I. rude (usul). for human body. rhetoric. very low. 2. ı (<jîrttî). J j W e d & V Â . v. j-IJI e d b a r . etc. i. ofY U (one). of 1. T. A declaring (one) hinder parts. implements. Philological science.î t i T X2 I fär (İWtttt^. accomplishments. pl. v. misfortune. A going backwards. m ><t. Well\ v. 1. to teach (him) manners. Anuses. training. manners. To vow (an action) n e d iness. T. CX&jS fcdiblânmek. T. AİİŞj. To P . retreating. ^jbl A ewer pudence. S. w-jliy An abandonment of manners. 4.Welt-behaved. (used in ablutions). and logic. To VOW. « « T A . 4 . pl. and logic. an impudent w o r d or act. Void of respect . йЛулЛ ©döbslifciîk. etc. V. A. retirgoods on credit. of modesty. lent. ıııachuıe. pl.fl. closet. 1. ruin. rhetrule or custom. A'bi idSme. A rendering (to one). of о-П 1. CI. and verse. To inflict pun. sacred and profane. A laying up (a thing or J x V 1 ' A privy. T. one of the privities. 2.' laying by. modesty. judging and pronouncing parts. To sell (him) something on misfortune. o r enticement. To teach good A. jst^-ljl A document declaring one ing. The matmanners (to one). ete. n. grammar. Discipline of t h e mind. v. J' eıdeb^îis. s. modesty.>/. I Л ! v. S e e A. To borrow (money). To lend money to a bad state of affairs. oric. s. Backsides. a . Backs. A. pl. 3. s. 7. ness. ЛлЛьi<>mok. See C-. n. To chastise A. 2. 2. 2. prosody.1 edito-kbâni. grammar... s. (An action. jLjl e d e b l u . disrespectful. To preserve. 4. To show good rhetoric. become well behaved. as a promise. WSr (tıafıa). act. a philology. . respectful. the details of grammar. V. o r politeness. Ji'. contemptible. v. — iı nasal. 2. 2. to eternize. trouble. most. ^!:) . 2. «»DOB. ill. pl. A getting into debt events. s.. politeness. To give manners A.). insoTools. v. 2. declining. . A privy. for JU-SIL . vile. idâne. politeness. prosody. to be a debtor. a. n. CL. i*fiwft<$at. İ. p l . To A. lending (him) money. An evil.J'dftM. Of/y^»i i. 3. *. 3. Breedrespectful.U A. hence. idttbSr. » П chastisement. threat. T. etc. 3. n. . water. modest. ETLEBASIE. n.f * • 1. pl. >u ( 4 9 ) 1 . of 'I. marked with respect. pl.). vow (an action). treasuring. A making educated (men).). 1 . i. t. jlol idbSr. A. t. adamaq. vile. hindei' a debtor. For O^J* q. VIOL i d a i t . s. word. A. Î . impudent. necessary. jfc'jl. or buy (a thing') on credit. A. v. s. 3. s. (people or things). A. mswnors (to one).

j j ' adir. Black or dark dust-coloured. 7. 2. etc. Int. did. ia&rl. etc. attaining (a thing). for Jl£»l. 2. A . paths. T. A reaching maturity. A having a scrotal hernia. IIDRE. 2. 3. becoming ripe (fruit orman). v. mature. A.D Â S H . fumes. t. Copious showers. A making or letting (a person or thing) enter. urine. chemises. deluding. n. v. pl. s.J ' E D I T H Â ı . as is proper. 4. A rolling or folding up (a paper. L smoky. J . edlshmek. I D K H Â ı . Coats of mail. 1. 6. 7. in another roiled or folded). 2. A. v . T. An inclosing (one paper. A name of the patriarch Enoch. A. quilted stuff. s. One of the same name (with you). s. 3. hence. 2. n. 5. A. s. A. of «^JI Evils. У I D D L R A .JU. tracks. getting (a thing). OİjljJİ i d r â r â t . 2. . To ripen. deceit. 1. being sensible of (an object of any one of the senses). s. pushing. p a n . A.) . insertion. f3 r .^ p. A. CI. 2. push. v. 3. a. v. See Oci-J A. n. to insert. S. A comprehending. (Corn in the ear's) turning brownish. I i M v. wrap. A. &r i. A destroying. To import (merchandize). introducing. n . (Corn in the ear's) ripening and turning brownish like smoke. 4. of üU-> Smokes. 5. 1. More or most in.3 bird. s. П. LKJ-H idris. etc!) flow copiously forth. A deceiving. adsız. ^ Ь Л Â D . of jjjjl 1. rain. catching up (one who was ahead). s. n. 3. I JUJI v. ^ J I E D S E M . To reach. V.1 ( 50 ) U3I 4 » 4 1 1 ) 2 f a r . (eJİ iddi'a. edras.) to perish. T. A. n. ' ç W 1. etc. ashore. (a person or thing) in (to a place) . inserting. o s l ) in a consecutively quick manner. for jiT. v. A making (taxes) yield copiously. e. misfortunes. 1 . To roll. CU-jl idishmels. A. Copious gifts. B. prop. An ensconcing one's self behind a screen or stalking-horse to outwit (game. induced or morbid. or plate-armour. To comprehend. 3. mental ability or quickness. understanding. introduction .(Women's) shifts. v. 2. A making or letting (milk.. A. To acquire. A. jol. fuming. 2. 3. A. etc. A. A . ^Jjl e d i r n e . "t îdöd. pl. A perceiving. A (chanter's) chanting (the introduction to divine worship. A reaching. u 1 . JU. To perceive. A. the ring-finger. I D K H Â N . Of an obscure. s. v. sense. 5.2I îddîfchâl. A (fire's) smoking. 4. Adl'İanople. 1. T. 1. dingy. S. an immoderate flow of urine. Afflicted with a scrotal hernia.A^ v. so. Г idrâj. •^•JL edfchıne. incensing himself. v . outwitting. A. A. A giving (gifts) abundantly largely. lay by. w a r . To set up a pretension to possess (a quality. pretension. t. 2. A coming up and overtaking. jiT âder. tn (French). A (man's) fumigating. foi* V. j-Л E D E R . 3. A. keep (for future use). edrâj. 6. prop. troubles. To let. S.). benefactions. edlthän. presumption. a. 2. to introduce. I. attaining. store up. To lay up. put. of Roads.n. A (fire's) smoking. A wrapping (a person or thing) in a wrapper or wraps.n. catching the sense of (a saying) . placing i n . n. U^L IDDIIEHÄN. dingy. To claim (a thing).. 1. scale. An entering (into a place). m e1t . r u l e . To destroy. for jl^M . pl. n . etc. further or furthest in. 2. 11. t. a namesake. Nameless. understanding (a thing). a. wornout cloths or clothes. i. Tr. between the middle finger and the little finger. or of hide. pl. Fire. fold. of 4. An obtaining. ^Ь-И idr5K. ills. pl. 2. A scrotal hernia. ways. A. comprehension. causing (men. I d r â r . etc. To chant uninterruptedly. hence. A . To be partially contemporary with (another). arrogance. S. The nameless finger.). tawny colour. An importing. \. e d r ä ' . \. A comprehending. A living soon enough or late enough to be contemporary with (another). 1 . hence. To overtake. treasure. of RagS. C .

s. The sons of Adam. FJTJ. a cock of the walk. More. A. 2. pelts. s.  A T  A . A committing (a thing) to memory. a. in a cloth. indications. woman. jrUjl i d m â j . ıı. л»-»1 ö d f â ' . I^RWI* W I ' A J I . ^Uu» yj\ Famous and celebrated. ft. celebrated. A man. or subtle. See A . FLEJL IDGÂM. arrogant. IDDLIGÂM. ft. To step (a step). V. 2. s.). s. s. i d i i . t. claim. J.ı L a. v. count (him) a person of m o m e n t or consequence. guides. 1. A. u d m . A D I Û . One w h o sets up great claims and pretensions. for jfcil . i. Famous. 1 ICJ! V. (•>! âdîm. V. An alluding to one or more matters occult in a verse. t . also. man. A. See T. 1. aud by marking it with teshdid. My dear fellow! My good man! t. worth. b3nedictions or imprecations (addressed to God). i (qirüt). of j / j (Things) buried in the earth. by a rope. A . 2. A. for each person. who is very persistent or obstinate in what he asserts. A recalling (it) to mind. T. LPJI i a ' I Y  . The very pink (of his people). A. etc. To b e n a m e d . ä d l a m ä q . 4. of f U Condiments eaten with bread. p l . s. besides its plain grammatical sense. called by a name. a. 1. See T. v e r y repellent or repulsive. A ( k m (used also as a modern name). ft. 1. or coquettishly.Л Ä D Ä Q Q . ^jI u d u m . To be pretentious. V. 2 . в. > V. 2. p l . etc.( 51 ) ç-u'il f i r ( İ t i n i n ) ) . a. A personage. m u c h talked of and much thought of.). ~ й m u l .id. and to whom all others look in dealing with them . P r a y ers of blessing or cursing. A being 0Г . state. r r oh. pl. A. T. T.). men. i . t J f A^JT According to the individual (as to status. To become famous. . 1. IDQÄQ. most. pl. A. Prayers. n. 2. To name. 2. Of JJJ Things or a r g u m e n t s that lead one in a r e q u i r e d direction. 2. etc. adopted sons. i. invocations. of t / J Claimants to sonship. a person. A. ^'VjI шштц. More. a serving-man (of any k i n d ) . Named. İ. most. 1. T. V ft. also. 2. etc. T. 4. prop. etc. ^ J İ adlara«q• V. s. of Hides of tanned leather. m a c h i n e . e d i l l e . intcrj. A . An acting atfectedlv.H a d i i . A-cjl ö d ' i y i . V. ı . benedictions. ft. A. П. supplications (addressed to God) for things wauted. V. â d l « ı t m a q . pl. or adoption. proofs. See A. a. A. blessings pronounced. t.). (See a.. or private individual). Invocations addressed to God for the good of people. 1. pl. 2. confiding in the love of (another). 3. in reading or writing. a h u m a n being. A ^ I I»JT T O each person. an agent. v. to pretend to (a high quality. To step over (a thing). untarmed hides.. 5. a good or brave man. T . A lowering or suspending (a thing) from above. in writing. a representative. To insert (one letter in another) . from each person. ete. presumptuous. v. To set up a pretension to. A n inserting (one letter in another of the same class) in pronunciation or in writing. n. capriciously. j3C\ To mention (a pei-son or thing) by its well-known name. 3. (lir). A pointing out. A. by reduplication of the latter in pronunciation. A r e n d e r i n g (a thing) thin. (»Д â d â m . fine. t. 3. of Wj 1.&fLe>. An individual. I'JI edLfe. a person. (of  D  M . J . a servant (of a sovereign. A . a. A wrapping or rolling (a thing. remembering (it). j f j ' i d d l k y a r . fine. thus i d d i g â m .M » (âsCU). whom they all look u p to.w l r (h. FU'JL i d l î m â m . JL>L I D L A I . sons b y repute. To claim. A man . To skip. etc. very thin. v. s. j^j (»Д To put or hold (one) in esteem. a calling himself so. omit (a word. v. 1. mankind. A. 2. is for fUol . A being ОГ becoming intensely black or dark. indicating (a thing). A. fingerposts. An asserting one's self to be the son of some one. A m a n . & i. f-й Âdâm. skins. A true man. or subtle. etc. iddim a j . 4. A kind of unsoled house-boot of morocco. reasons . give a name to (a child or thing). t.

J-И EDNI. i n famous. S. All oiling. ticles . pl. floods of tears. t. i . •». More. 1. The quality or act of a humane man. a . e d m i s. A jUjt İ d m a n . x. 2. * — ä d e m ı y y e t . J^-sl udamjii. More. 71. introducing (it). Dirty. A. disorders. 2. filthy (people). ЗЦИ IdınSq. filths. 2. of ** Times. The quality hours or d a y s . w a r . V. The several thousands of years. For great endurance to be gained and be possessed b y constant practice. of jjj Drugs. See (jj^. S. wyl E D V I N . a hundred or human being. thing) constantly. S e e VJI X. 3. a. t o (PTroch). anthropophagous. Pertaining to materia mediea. X.). of fJİ A little or pet m a n . _/>r courageous (act. jUiT ädimäÄ. a d m a q . A. A. very low. pl. pl. humanity. wretches. p l . pl. pl. See A. A. v. s. dim. worst. rounds. a capital fellow^ X. vile. ages. h u m a n ity. apparatus. p l . X. A u s i n g dissimulation The human race or family. C X s j f f jlol v. of quality or act of a good and humane. or courage. kijM ademlikf of a man. Of the lowest. twelve. A . U J I EDTIA. s. p l . The least.( 52 ) m m » f a r . A. mankind. 4. pl. a. trifling. greatness. P. Adams. X. jL»-^ âdomlyân.). etc. x. Ages done by man. parencephala. n. уь. kindness. (J-W öcinâs. V. adımlamaq. OUjl i d d i h i n . Houses or tents. m e n . Tools. jljJİ « l v S r . manliness. artificial (thing). p. A. 2. of four. a m o r e . vile. x. insignificant. Clc'jt e d î n m e K . ОЬЛ A human A. a man. persistently. cannibal (man or beast). prepositions. Jbl 1. A putting or pushing (a thing. of (j-Ь 1. r u l e . pl. smallest.-H A. A . pdnem. a. of Jji 1. or interjections. a. courage. implements. A. 1. v e r y near. turn away w r a t h or curry favour. very virtue. A. or great and courageous man. being of the seed of Adam. Adamite. A. t. A. (»JT A little or pet man. ( g r a m m a r ) Words that are neither nouns nor verbs. diseases. of (j-ij Dirts. of being Adam. etc. of 1. a. or being oiled. A düİllg (a . pan» m e t . a . regions. etc. S. s. 2. paltry. humanity. A. pl. V. or periods of time : periods of a few X. thirty. inserting. 1. Made or Revolutions. of a railway). S. . Black (horse). an Adamite.) acquired b y constant practice of some arduous exercise. greatness. most. The quality periods. jJ âdemi. a.. i. ädemlyäne. 2. X. virtue. of Ь Maladies. t . The quality of a. . 4 . More. s.n y â r î . pl. or anointing one's self. anointing. d i d . S. T. villains. X. Adamites. âdâmjâgiz.JI  D  . A . etc. V. 2. low. s. periods of time. Human. 1. carriage. f 3 r . The quality or act of a true or great or courageous m a n . M edna. j b 3. iij&'fjl i d e m . Aij^l e d T i y «'-. f jT j. 2. (A brute) that attacks or kills man. Of the lowest class. complaints. of & or of t w e n t y . An M e n . most. Man-eating. manliness. u becoming well fixed or settled inside of (something). adamıi< ( ) s. of Tears. CXf-Л â t o m j i k . To Step (a conjunctions. 2. a. a. S. e d w â . A. pl. jiy jUjI v. of Oils. kindness Countries. S e e being. To acquire greatendurance by constant practice. j'ıAj! «'-<111AII.. either articles. instruments. dim. villainous. humane. П. etc. v. of BniİllS. Adam. to make (a step or steps). TJ-W Ğdnâs. t h i r d class (passenger.И EDBLTıR. edmlga. tabernacles. t h e Ad. wretched (people). b i r d . of A. For p. of i U 1. S. goodness. в. for J J. 2. Human beings. The endurance (of a n athlete. amites. jl-jl i d m a n . a. circuits. pl. s. most trifling (exertion of any faculty o r quality). into a t h i n g ) . a misanthrope. S. t. T. edewat. step). s. n. v. A. Human. bad. sdoni-khiir. V. a d e m î . distempers. most ordinary quality (of goods and merchandize. S. of A. ü'a^ i d i l i n . P. A. Vile.. most. 4.

j f I fi\ Step by step. 3. cruelty. A. of ÜJ> Debts. t. V. intelligent.. $. S. A. i. very subtle. or proclaiming L*jl . vexation. A. nsl ^ . S e e J^bl I v. molestation. pl. clever (men). liquefying (a thing). s. of jil 1. melt. religious persuasions. j b i IAYÂR». most. of j-/ Relig. visions. prop. vexation. To bear or suffer pain. See proclaimed from a minaret or any a . v. v. I *ibl v. 2. or injustice. ure (a distance) by steps. etc. call to divine worship. worship. a. aİW ızäqa. it. call out the ezan. "jui I JbT. n. to pace (it). A. A. versed i n Arabian philology. w E r (iutfsz). A. A. n.idyıuı. Face. arm. ^ ^ U j l J ^ t r Hasten to To take a step. To experience pain. T. A stretching o u t the JJ^-H Â O M I Â ı T . A divulging. after r j r . q. «И J . A step. causing (it) ing (a thing) with the cubit or foreto be fluid. A. Well I bear witness that (there morning or forenoon). s. Erroneous for openly mentioning. A m a k i n g A. openly asteries. A lowering. v. Enough space to more repeated).dition. 3. IAJI . hoards for future use. j U! I j b î . jbT. i.X-JT ÂDINDE. L r w l i ezhâı. jU. J* cr Hasten to divine 2. v. obl Ğzân. Well. s. JbJl i d d i y â n . übî âzân. t. convents. a . other place. The following is i t s 2. of the clause. •—iknas&l. twenty. j i l âzer. leather. T o g O begins also. To fuse. A. jlc/ Short-stepped. annoyance. Well-behaved. s. s. mention. UOL «SCIHIYÂ. well-trained (man). ^ljil i z r â ' . Inside t h e place of make one (ten. ЛЬ1 IZÂIE. stores. for JL^'il v. -worship (twice). (twice).j» (53) f a r (esmSo). A. the earth). A rainbow. a. . s. To make (a thing) to be going into debt by borrowing or by tasted. To divulge. jbl To recite or proclaim or has steps. save God (twice repeatperiod (of a day or night). Fire. C»jr). 4. To meas. t y r a n n y . hermitages. etc.ii _ injury. jU. S. A. v JJI jbT. \ . jUil râkhar. jU>l eaykv. sagacious. surface (of Most Great (four times repeated) . v. abasing. Lobes. (with adjuncts) Names of P . . pl. The early part (of the 4İİ jl -y. announcement. s. A. The notification. To make (a thing) to b e b u y i n g on credit.or l e t t i n g (a thing) t o be tasted (by ions. J^J I jbT. See jU. i . pain. cloisters. Seasoned food. . sagacious.experienced. £ l j i . who steps. A fusing. of j i Moni v. (twice again repeated) . n. 1t. of J»i Spites. Long-stepped. Hurt. skin. sixth Syrian month of the year. cells. vexation. very intelligent. U 1 . I Z Z I K U I R v. n. meltA. 2. 11. this is called when worship T. n. 2. A^ljl izâ'a. pl. plants^ as. A measuring. AJÄƏI a. 1 ^ (once <1 t . harm. Injustice. p. adimu. rendering vile and abject. First of all j f l -nil God is hide. ennuing.j ч j l -ц£1 1 bear witness that T. 1 (qlrat). proclaim (a secret).) step. pl. t. \. More. for CP*. pelt. pl. A pace or step (in measurements). stepped. instructed. Bassch^sı©. скП c a l k . V. Untanned formula. speech aud manner. ^лЛ edhi. jU Jt ııdıuıii<i. a. injury. Adar. polite and respectful in A. twice repeated yl—»!li»lä-J Divine t. s. Obl. The whole is) not a god. 3. ed). of j^-'i Probl v. malevolences. one). grudges. iris. Tanned hide. for jlT-sl A to be tasted and experienced (by one). jbf â z â r . J / . 2 . f / «dim. bl EZÂ. (a secret). liquefy (a solid^ substance). t. v. to step a step. 2. March. т. or injustice. T. 11. Ears..-iii. v. pl. pl. r m l e (u«ul). W h o or which worship has already been entered on. A making (pleasure o r pain) A. but then with t h e adover (a space) by stepping. i. injury. t h e A. permanent blessedness (twice). 2 . a. one Muhammed (is) the apostle of God advance of a leg aud foot in walking. 2. 6. IDIB. ÂDIM. adimlamaq. AIIL IZÂBE. shrewd. 1. 1. of j>-> Subtle. s. A. 5. S. pl.

perverse. A firenosed (man). 1. By legal authorization. They are six in number. A. w a r . 3. S. To A. pl. humiliating leave or discharge. A sponsor. a. v. undertakings. Jiiil E Z Q D N . Doss permission exist? A. discharge. turn off. 2. t i l s I jVjl v. 3. another). s. permission. 3. A fire-temple. patonia offi. A begetting or giving tion to a guardian to administer the birth to a male child. Disobedient. wise. humiliation. discharge. take one's own discharge. A. most. vulg. pl. p. An acting reprehensibly. >Jil izinsiz. j—IU. for A s with the consent of the canon law. very turn out. n. \ . 2. pl. most. 4. pl. . A. A. with your A. pl. J .nume. n. A trimming (a or opposition). easily pronounced. n. a. üzerâkbslı.orvileand forcing (one) against his will. so. Ц. Jy. m e t . of J J i Very T. bird. q.keen. S. A being quick pacts. r u l e .abject (men). esteeming. o W I Z ' Â N . The peony. ( 54 ) 1 2 I 1 tu (French). v. ta1 e z k y i . 5. cinalis. a. insignificant. JTFJL exlcySr. recitals of his permission. pl. brightly. with invocations of charge. As 'jfj^ . Ü. n. humble. JS^JJI W i t h your leave. (letter). permission. a^jI ezimme. lamp or fire) . 2. Tacit permission. V. A.. a. Small and shortP. Oil izn. o f f U j ComA. s. a marriage license. a. a. a. A granting protection. A being engagements. unauthorized. 1. orpeprehensible. surety. To ask for one's disglorious names. God perA. grant intelligent (men). dience to which is incumbent. and ready at understanding. To ask leave. Without permisabject (men). giving a safeguard to (a p. bail. «JLIL E Z I I F . a. s. of Chins. lous. I /rWM v. ezille. a. To dismiss. ^ jil 1. O/JJ! âzergyan. Leave. jVjl I Z I S I . sion.a. a. docile. jM IZI il. To constrain. A. JLIL E Z I A 4 . 2./^ azeryun. A judicial authorizarecalling (a thing) to the memory (of jLe i)j\ . Obi 5zin. 2. v. to ask for A. permission. P. 4 1 did. UFJL izkiya. consent. л«и:>1 l/in. 1 fur. To give leave. л Ь ^ I s (it) allowed. 2. of j J i Very p. S J uzor-kede. 3. property of a ward. q. for . most. Dismissal. A being garruhumiliate. a. pan. r. n. A lagging behind. bully (one). One who gives (A command) ready obepermission.FO1. I Z ' Â J . A porter. A . izin. (one). Labial or lingual der that lives in fire.c^jil i 1 Л iıtr. The salaman. abasing. T. To obtain leave. A. worshipper. . Permission. doorkeeper. or acquiescence (through voluntary and conscious omission of objection A. s. Very sharp. P . More. A. mitting. 2. of J'i Very d L ^ j i ! 1. v . Red as fire. ^BIL Obedient. More. v. a . A. s. abject. I. More. force. P. A . A letter of abject. j ^ S ^ âzer-shin. license (to exercise publicly a calling). making (it) burn leave to go. 1. Е Г К Е Г . praise. n. permitted? very sharp of intellect. W ezilla. v. pronouncing (a person or thing) bad. 2. JJI I^kya. authorization (given or obtained). A. fUji izmsm. j f c l . 2. A fire-worperson). very ardent and effective in doing business. izfcyi. V. A bringing. s .jl iz'ânsiz. send away. straggling. A procuring a protection shipper. covenants. S. A constraining. t. ashore. ready in obedience. intelligent. ûü-i jil I. humbling. or safeguard (for a person). J-fj^ uzer-kîsh. \ . j . «I—'^jiT âzer-perest. arm or fore-arm. JISJ! izstyir. 1. of jTi CoiTSmemorations of God. To abase. A thunderbolt. An A. trenchant. 4. A rendering P. A. 2. s. izzikyâr. a. 1 . n . S. s. v. -nil j i l With God's leave.

a h a n d l e . suffering . ripple or roller (of the s e a . JÖT İLAXX. 2. EZVRÄQ. nMohtıı*. S. A man. A. n. annoyed. To cause pain or etc. t . Falls (of things) opening. ill treatment. j\c . 0Г V. etc.J I V J I v. jiT 1 Ы v. 1. Oil eziyyet. V U I L ÜTTÂB. maguificent and stately (man). (between t w o persons).).). leader. n. 2.v. 3. Friday (the sabbath of leiâm).. I o i l v. harm. q. j\ or. s.. T o g o away from taining to a tormentor. annoyance.). 2. restless.üi' (55) ^ y î u r CÂ* mân). JJ-l ^Vil Ногзе tails. i. A space (of animals) 4.e. tyrannical. w l r ( h a f i ı ) . cease. jl xr. to or. p. i. A. Tails t . depart. etc. 5. 3. aristolochia rotunda. 1. v. for JTI I f . more generally p. A good swordsman. Tails. n. 3. A making (one) hand for work or business. b1 »»-A. ezlyyötgyârâne. See ijl or p e n m a n . A good writer. Ö-Л u / n . plant mare's-tail. etc. To torment (one). 1 A man for work. 2. pain. (of space or time). Hurt. v. 2. a. jiMw^u He who trails of relation. 4. given in the plural.) out of the question. ifj'tr". 1. V ^ 1 «AŞNA»». s. intellects. Early. pl. a human (of animals). a lobe. — n n a s a l . To find an opduC-Oil v. a. jiaii IZTıÄI. room. or tyranny. jiiT 4. depen. J jl A real hero. between two that hang down like skirts. For an interval or i. e.pî. i. r u d e (âaul).pl. maltreated. OlAjyj' Man-saver. ini. cruel (act. of Minds. oners or culprits). the ^ l j l A chief man. j warrior. 2. secretary.. understandings. Hurtful. A. J&Oİİ eziyyet-gyär. pl. fatigue. A torment. S. 2. A means.) away from between two or great trouble. torment (as inflicted on prisbetween the two nostrils. Followers. man. 1 . t. ^ÜJL A wave or p . j' il OZTıUıRX. guished by adjuncts). A.matter. ü-iT U n e . rel to supervene (between two percruelty. 1 . of J>. To put (a P. A general illumination or less like an e a r . A A A. 1.i 1. with gold. 2. 4zx. A clerk or secretary. -1. Early and late. the round a removing. A. 2. See y) cr). 1. A. ı £ j l ^ 'I. enjoyments. among many things 2. iSj p 1. 2. injured. A valleys. retinue. s. lower parts (of male. captain (of a multitude). less than T. annoying. tyranny. A. etc. 1. p. (Mirî. i. Low-class people. For a misunderstanding or quarpain . pl. To take (a thing. footing the skirts of pomp and stateliuess. a civil servant of government. e. to go to a husband. Tails or a m o n g many things. waive consideration of (it). A making o U f j . W . s. 3. military man. suite. s. I (qlrSt). To give (a girl or or letting (a person or thing) go. vexation. an interval between two or among many events. a r . Space or place. e. To find an interval To torture (a prisoner. late. j ^ u ^ j j l j l v . n ı n n . To . The septum of the nose ture. soldier. A. Perjjljl v. ErrOneOUS for A. i. s. 1. Tor. TJJL EZI. discontinue. A state Appendices (to writings). »-Jbj. T. conj. Festival-day. a. trouble. disappear. name of several plants (distin. (for j}) jurious. J . interval. or dressing up with flags and the etc. 2. Early or peevislu fretful. S. t .). I Z I . S. of J J I Tastes. 2. To suffer fatigue. j i l ezi. An apt man. i. Jlil ezyal. S. s. П. (For a girl or woman) relishes. injury. hippuris vulgaris. Hurt. etc. of time. intervals to open out and be formed. jl ёг. q. pl. i. Skirts (of garments. spokesman. understanding. An ear. 2. of O I 1. i . s. i. j l v. 4. forgetful (of a thing). A husband (of awife). to get married. woman) in marriage to a husband. v. a . between two or among m a n y / 2 .brave man. 1. Any appendage shaped more pageant. 1. A ceremony. a clever dants. A.sons) . jiylH v. fidgety. a. portunity. jl e r . A gilding (a thing) birthwort plant.j j O j l v. 2. culprit. 1. a good A. prop.

2. etc. . 2. 2. A driver 1. t. The (friendly or unfriendly) state of relations between y o u there. t. not to g e tan indirect manner. 2. not Arabic). pl.jiji^ 1. V. i. г г ^ч/ s have nothing more to do with them rificed (as though through t h e bars ot. 1^4-ljT Aribaji. carter. îti of.).). (a person).jijl v. To find a means of (accommodating) t h e m (with each 011 t h e g r o u n d in canonical prostration d u r i n g divine service). v. shrewdness. ı. (See a c u y Vm i. j-^ 1 • From the back opening ^ls. T. A being (the difference or dispute) between intelligent and experienced. opening. j v. the space in front of you (wThere of any kind of wheeled vehicle. 3. W h o or which adorns. then. now and then. then. In this or that interval. To wash one's of a trap. To come together. to Lg-IH v. To offer an interval or written b j . pl. To find a means of In that interval. «^Ь1 J?1 1. In that say to them. hem (him) in on every side. unanimity. t o be sacT. waggoner. To be left in the lurch. intelligence. . e. Among vou (manv. A wheeled vehicle or among us many. Between these two . or many). so. 2. In this or that space. The (friendly or unfriendly) state place. To p u t (a thing) some one t o enquire o r search for between two or among many. i. or among many. or tovcart. in two or among many.oij < • 2 3 far. To take (a thing) between two persons. hands. !. 2. a coachman. to intermit. adversaries. ». here. s. t. i. -i. To go in between two v. The relations of any kind. To offer one's (a matter) in the course of some other self as mediator. and feet. To remain between or space. no longer' cared about. 'J1 5R5. The word is Turkish. . of Members of relations between those two (men or parts of the human body. here. bird. v. votes. away. The quality jll V. for a time to elapse meet in one place. together. arranging (a matter). b u t erroneously many. pan. ^ b ' ÖRÂBET. 2. etc. ting or meeting. clever. knees. To cease. now and then. an object is seen. »jb' / In one space. . лДД I R A B A . I. . Between you t w o (there ways of t h i n k i n g . OJL<1. i. x ^ j l jy* In the interval or course ^ At intervals. Ijl 1. A. The space between these two. 2. n. among embellishes. there. I n and a matter to become forgotten or this interval. from a waggon to a between us two. A. •jIj1 j i 1. experience. two. t. etc. etc. IjT NRÂ. or parties). etc.j»^» At intervals. of (IB Opinions. c. a. between t w o discussion. To Cause j»^ v. ^b^ öruto. 2. To accommodate h e a d . In a roundabout way. 2. 1. The space between you and all else .The space between us two. I. fit r. s. the space among these many. there votes . i. 2 . these rııatıy. 1. A. jir^VjT a r i b a j l i i q .). 2. In this space. )\j\ v. er of wheeled vehicles. r u l e . driver. For an interval to grow cold . those two. ashore. S. build»j/ b1 The space between two. The seven parts (that a r e l A x ı i J b ' г>. To surround (a person. b1 W h o adorns a place of sit^ Jb1 1. i. T . 4 t ( 50 ) t Э E t tu (X^reııclı). ornament of his 2. To make or . among us child's go-cart. To be lost. A R Ä T M Ü Q . s. (Generally.). T. A maker. then. ^ j f j1 i . • J B e t w e e n us two . to of wheeled^ vehicles of any kind. IjT ^ l i i Unanimity of opinions o r is . i. perambulator. aratdirmaq. / b 1 i • The space between you (two of a discourse or conversation. To bring forward or among many. or occupation of a maker or driver 2. Jî-b 1 v. the foreother). is )• P. w a r . hands of a matter.

command received. imperfect freewill. a sovereign command in writing (of ^ЎУ Lands possessed in morttwo kinds). v. voluntary (action. 5rSse. issued propria motu. etc. Pertaining to the will.jtJ oty j U . A. U A . unlimited j j C b ^ l j l Private domain lands of will (in God). д й г . J ^ . T. 7. n. j P o e m s A . 6. A A meaning. sections. 5. pl.' l H arashmaq. 1. IO as '^У . v. territories. pl. b u t tenanted b y a kind of . disseminated maliciously. 4. loving. v. ij»j j1 eraws. A breathing. o U j l 1. H r i s t i . main. E R Ä J I F . s. n. but sometimes used in m a k e o r let (a thing) to be searched this distinct sense). false rumours. Preparedness. a. Jsrrb1 «riıjîı. a command. behests. cultivation or ostensible owner. a. p l . 2 2 2 3 . t. A (a person or thing). A.. smelling.b 5 . refreshed. I I 1 J. mandate. (air). etc. Seesaws. I I A. T h e power or A . a r r a n g e d .JS" IJIJI Absolute.ârâari». investigated in and out. J I I . erâsoi. (Cattle's) returning from etc. pl. j sowers. out o r into. V. contemptible (fellows). continuous. 1. A. S. set out. pl. pl. E L T O ing and eagerly pleased (to do some neous for j ^ A . A making riculturists. drawn up. A-. of PedesHusbandmen. A . s. a revived. )s. 2. 4. o f i . searchA. behest. ı P B 5 I R  D I . calumnies. having an affection for T. b y some word or (See action). a n d t . ture for the night. V. and unappropriated. person or thing. A being willT. infantry. ed. of^-Ь Erroneous refresh himself. Decorated. of u-ijt like. aiming a t (a mutually searching (one another).).â s t i . a n d t h e most. the Sultan's estates. C . s. У â r â s t i ı i k . Uninterrupted. p. over and wishing. 1 rar (äemtuj). 3. ing one's devotions. T. V. p. a stinking. A. mutually seeking and looking o r striving after (a person or thing). limited ^ з ^ ^ У Lands abandoned without freewill (in man).deooratedness. s. IF 1 J 1 T ' s. ornamented. p l . CJ-SIJ* IRFUIOT. of Jijt More. 2._ L J. V. a sovereign command propria motu. Preparedness. q. trians . A sovereign command copyhold. a sovereign command taken. (God's) granting w r i t i n g for ^гзУ . I I 5 2 3 t 2 üaftsö» *га. I . arasız. s (<sirät). 2. w i t h o u t an interval. (Originally the same T. of J*j\ Lands. or letting (one) rest. 4. Î. erSjlas. s. dominions. w a r J ( i-J . E-Hjl I R  D E . suttler's camp in the suite of an army. s. of the-jTjclass. j >j * e r a r i s e . I. A reposing. minister . etc. A performT. A seeking for. enquiring for (one another). I B J ^ IR-ADIU. intending. drawn especially. a n d A. s. of Wills. pl. Swings. plots of l a n d .A 1M t гг^ office or duty). uncultivated written sovereign expression of will. 8. let (a person o r thing) be sought or appended to a submission made by the enquired after (by some one. J^L 1 e r u j i l .o-iyb'. laid out. of J U J I Idle. breathe. »Jİjl irâde. perfect. to have it sought. rOde ( a t 1 l ) . A bringing home (cattle) from pas. on white paper. q. pl. !. (sovereign or superior) will expressed. A. t . A ^ ^ Ijl Lands held i n fee simple. dying. decoratedness. . pl. 1. 2. 3. very low. freewill. A over again. iЗ^Г^Ы arashtırmaq. a becoming rested. A . . 2 . mandates. s. 2 . J-^Уу âs-astegi. s.асШ£ыэ. s. A camp fair. of J»-b or irJ„ı\j\ gis'w A sovereign command Pedestrians.jb 1 İride» V. s. a. infantry. inclining to (a thing). A. •vV ^Ь 1 Partial freewill. pl. j regions. e r u s . faculty of willing . liking. A ^ b l Dead lands. A giving o u t odour. q. A going to one's rest. Prepared. freehold lands.). breathing and refreshing one's self. n. A willing. out. a g A. pasture for the night. (one) heavenfy mercy in death. U arashdırmaq. ER«JIT». A.v. L pleasures. û 57 ) assai.). A. formers. Jjlji erâzil. of . a A.

A seeking T. opening. eaeh two. At that time. To Separate 3b5 people). V. v. belonging from one another with spaces between to the state exchequer. t. numeral. ing a letter.u (French). ДЬ' eraqlm. r ü l e . out of the roots separate. From time to time. etc. (See Jib 5 ) pounding the ends into fibres about p. 1. T. S. I. s. D. To (things) apart. repose. iräqa. T. port roofs. inscriptions.). poetry. p. time when an opportunity occurs. T. etc. s.many araqi. delta. Aral. q. For j b . v. . Name of the shrub. s . b i) d . adv. pl. vacant space (in a writmay be a coined pl. J'j' â r â l . 5. terval. J-b' era mil. S e e to delude and beguile (one). iljl ERÂIC. bed. a.once upon a time. . İ. A shed. regret (a^person or thing). Great men. note. Counterforts (of 2. â r â m g y â r . etc. S. 3. To rest and enjoy one's self in quiet and tranquillity. T. open out apart from one aud branches of which t h e best another. 4. Salvadora persica. s. 1.« (58 r far. See J^'b' couch. 5. ü f b ' erâfcın. pl. i . A man living T. A vacant space (on each side sense of letters. another. s. coined pl. I fljT v. 4. J ^ b 1 aralashmaq. Srumgeh. of 1. A place of an archipelago or much broken u p repose. masses of masonry (with intervals). 2. opening (between two things). s. of 1. J-jXÜljl äräıäehairmäq. wall. V.jHjl araiiq. See T . s. To seek. T. A space. moment. and the snakes of a virulent kind. Of . tent. A scattered. V. billet. for a thing). İ. a retreat. or order. bo iiljt The shedding of the bloods adv. â r â m g y â n . IBLJL IR£#a. t. crevice. 3. Jib 1 a r a l a m a q . word has ever been used in t h eetc. dispersion. T o seeking for or after (a person or make or let (things) open out apart thing). itself a ing). but used in India as meanj j b ' j ' b ' adv. enjoying one's self in quiet and A. now and then. it is unclassical. Ғ О Г (things) t o open out apart from one 1 T. Props. tranquillity. A. (The sea of) V. A. props. pl. At some past time. A pOUring jib 1 /. for . ı^b^ı-V adv. s. To be separated and so eastern toothbrushes are made b y opened out. v. J^b 1 ärtUunmlq. mandate). erâk-in. with spaces between each T. 2. pan. repose. 2. jWji IRÂ<tıî<ı. command. Space A. At some future ding (of blood). 3. of f j See (two or more things) with an internote in val between each two. İ. house. 2. mountains). 1. o f . t. Poor. See two. so.. A period. V. v. S. A. 1. j j y E R Â ı Â S N . J ^ b 1 iräqlanmaq. (See j ^ b 1 ) t . To seek and wish for. 3. s. ease. Rest. door. Widows. 1. w a r . supports.Jt^b' aralatmaq. a r a m a q . Crown lands. A chink. A blank. (ofT. At this time. v. invÄ1. S. S. of (»j a cipher. 2. Many pubes. the state. Pârâmish. hunt for (a person or thing). A. S. j ^ b l p. A T. out or away (any fluid). at heart. pl. tar. n. Pilasters. pillars. I. p. A.). slaughter. met. interval of time. quiet. T.look for. dispersed condition. pillars (of o^X To seek and find. A. writings. then. figure. Jt'b' aralatmaq. of jîjl Speckled 2. then. from one another-with spaces between. a time. ^ . a door or curtain when not closed). To search (a receptacle. S. See ^ÜIj. q. q. t. pl. A cluster of islands. characters. n.f ^ erakıb. pl. an inch long. that sup. of f'iH . t o open (them) out Widowers. tranquilly at his ease. (If this like (in a fence. initore. s. öb^iriq. V. point of time. TO growing in Arabia. eraqİm. ^»Ь* 4. ҒОГ b' İn âralastı. V. A. J ^ b * iraqläshmaq. İ. long for or Main points or subjects (of a code. f b T â r â m . Aid. s. 2. chamber. A resting or v. See j y T. 2. at intervals.).

s. 2 . A state of repose. exhibit. pl. A member or part of the h u m a n p. n. A seeker. pl. 2 . t. T. the middle finger. indicate. a. W i d o w s . ı (qırat). A. devoted t o repose. ^jl ereto. An incantation. A. To show. C . iudigent. owners. A thing sure. A. A making or letting (one) îîb 1 A showing of t h e w a y gain. 1 A. V. era Ik. s. 2. shrewd. 3. distance between the fore-finger and (feminines). J. \ . Resting. v j l j l Men of industrial callings. military fiefs. of Four A. S. IntelT. ureb. P. 2 . giving (him) a profit. Intelligent. of Лу^ 1 . A . W a n t .tf^-J1 â r â y î j î . beds . skiful. Armenians. need. A making or tionaries . shrewd. destitute people. pl. W a n t . a . jlyj Members of the council of thing).ЛД u r i m i d i . i. pl. A. v. 2. \. entice a snake. 'X-Ä ^ l j l Men of discrimination. lobes of _noses. profiting (in business. To search one's own self. thing). s. 2 . civil funcA. or profession of a searcher o r of a ligence. great 1 Älji v. u r b e t . e. i. feudal retainers. 2. L jtSJjjl Men of the p e n . s. S. 3. Intelligence. . bish. A. sagacity. 4 . A. e r b â ' . For J-ЛД <?• v. v-Aj! Men endued with high manifesting (it). v. V. intelligent. n. of O j 1 • practising u s u r y (on a loan). A state of ease shrewdness. e r a m l l c . v . adorner. or clever. 2 . pbjl arbâg. The space. sofas. kjjl e r i b . of Couches. showing. — II n a s a l .cure sickness. A man who seeks for lost things in the sea or among r u b . method or manner). Ijl I R B A . ranks. A. S. desirous (of a thing). (road. practised (in a thing). a. interval. sagacity. A. ^ t ' j ' a r a n m a q . ^rib' Srayisli. ^ b 1 e r a n î b . i. 1. need. taking Hares. 2 . W h o adorns. pl. 2 . secembellishes. shrewdP. A . 2 . \ . sagacious. erauail. 2. t/M â r â m î . To be possessors. need. J 1 — ы г ( т т ш ) | w S r (bBfıx}> m a c h i n e . S. 3. P. artizans. An increasing.JI ЕГЬ. pl. A. Ajljl erttittlne. stumps of trees. Intelligence. Rabbits. manifest. / charm recited t o A searcher. 2. etc. O J I ÎRBET. 1. adorns. ^ ^ B Â R Â Y I J I ı I D . fourth parts. a. on o r in which one takes repose. destitute _ people. rested. thrones. of him who or of that which residences or camping-grounds. W a n t . i. a d d i n g t o (a t h i n g ) . n. writers. 2.ters. more than was lent. Of Lords. A. See ^b 5 . «• 1. (Originally a pagan Mongolian word). needy. as a calling. 1. s. ease. 1 s. [em. q. F o r . clerks. maslooked for or wished for. stems. s. equanimity. s. 1. mattresses. reposi n g . pl. 3. Men specially connected with ed after. retaries. A. v. pl. tranquil. men. ^ b j ^ГЪЙП. S. ^jtjl erbub. s. r u d e (usûl). Quarters. seeker for lost articles. 2. e r b â ' . S. body. of ^ Tips.I I I * ?J l t 1 3 . increase. a r s m i i q .2. I R B I . or stations. T T. I r â ' e t . A gaining. a. 1 To show. Expert. yeoone's own clothes o r pockets (for a men. pl. manufacturing tradesmen. jLljr ( 59 ) . irt>. Spring P. used as a mea_ t. W a n t ing. Widowers. s. T. qualities. A Stocks. İ. Poor. indigent people. To show._л Lords of the s w o r d . & 2. needing. Adornment. i n a transaction). e a s y . sagacity.. e. of iS'J1 versed. point out. of 1. To be searched (for a or practised i n (some thing). needy. reposed. The status shrewdness. very A. j i f ' ^ l j l Men possessed of smaller T. Jİ'bT ü r a n U m a q . . o r tranquillity. As J^b 1 3. The quality of an adorner. 1. More. arayı. JU. n. most. and tranquillity. 3 . v . (I. O r â y e n d e . State o r Board of Administration. embellishment.л. letting (a thing) be seen. etc. Poor. X'jl I r ä e. ness. A. ornamentation. (lîr). 3. to be hunt. artoaq. pointing (it) out. S. o X . military men. 1. proprietors. of 1. V-.

have their feed of barley. Any special forty days. s. A fief formerly bestowed A. 2. teucrium nippers. . 4. s. To remain barley used. V. porter. t. t so. To follow afterwards or A comptroller of the supplies at a distance. A. barley . a. n. n. by/. s.*jAji To go round by a back T. To overtake from of barley for Constantinople and the behind. arpa.J. 4. The back. 1 . n. triticum spella. Wednesday. U>ji OT-bi'a. (iı-timäq. s. ostensibly to furnish Miwsil (Mosul). See ij\ T. s. s. The mark on the T. To treat (a thing) with barley (in a . A large-growing cutting surface of a young horse's variety of the plant poly. ^Ljl. t.). a. etc. afterwards Alexander's second victory over compensated for by a stipend from Darius. 3. See vl-. v. m e t . e. S. v. 2. 2. A (prince's) ^ A comptroller-substitute of governing (his subjects) well. e. ç-»1 Fourteen (feminines). be left. To pot barley. To remain. 4«д (Bî^oOLeis). s. (3 » J0 T. The qualA. JİA jt arpuUınıilq. T. ofOy. . J-JI) g o v e r n m e n t . food for horses. T. for soups. 2. Fortieth (in order). A tying athread spelt. . ORBD'Â. 3. * ( 60 ) 4 1 t 2 p e a . The occupation ning with the winter solstice. or space. 3. « j 1 Fourteen (masculines). l^S i r p i . day of the weak. ale. T. and t . 2. (See u r \ J ) December. charmer (of the sick. i . See tyJl CX$ j x J 1. In a roundabout way. of snakes. begin. s. See . Arpiji. lı-ti'. s. most. ORBE. by which his age can be poliiim. A sty on the eyelid. Afield devotfortieth day after any marked event.j>->.ЦУ Жалг. 1. b^J ARLAN. from diseased barley.j^ 1. A granaiy. T.Soup-barley. 4. remain alive after one's children. See when the severest cold is experienced. but which wears away with old age. pearl-barley. • barley. etc. ârpaji. From the back opening ard. or the T. n. muse. whence was named barley for their stables. awnless have all died off. The fourth Little or pet barley. some way or other). j. of barley (for a horse). t.• t. s. Fortieth (in order). в. W h a t is over.. i. dim. wedding.Sight on a gun. 15 j Beardless barley. . or and abundant wealth. hordeolum. obi. spelt. 2. (T. and ending 30th January. enchanter. (•Lj1 ir-tim. 1. 3. hulled. 1. Scotch. j j l ёгьа. oty 2 5 r uEl e . did. 2. the barley supplies. barley. Having. prop. i. 2. by j\ urbill. A dealer in A. 2. s. Wild oats. i. Sultan's stables. Şr İ. bruised upon one's finger as a reminder. S. A. v. OjT â r t . jlctjl arpâgân. a. Forty.jl T. Arbela. burd. etc. hinder see 4. especially as food for horses. 3. death. (cattle) to pasture. avpajiilq. 't w»»». of -^jl \ . A. Barley. or bin for (Used iu Turkish as a nominative). t . t . 'I. A feed way. wizb ^ J ^ J I. behind. Erroneous for A. ^-Ajl 4. 2lsf or art of a charmer. barley.1 ^-^ arpalaiuaq. Forty. 2. To become very numerous possessions. «rbi' Ki. £ JL 2. k n o w n . A R P I I I Q . A sorcerer. s. fem. i r b e . ity or occupation of a dealer in barley The forty days of midwinter. v. ё У ortäq. ed to or favorable to the growth of as a birth. J ârtoâ'ÛoL. See Barley-dealer's dove. a. a kind Four (masculine?). t. See also in an indirect manner. i. prop. A. (Land's) producing herbage abundantJ1 The time of day when horses ly. A coming upon or being in abundant herbage. See Prophet's b a r l e y . Iriticum spelta.ji part (of any thing). A. copious sick f r o m an overfeed of barley. I MIL. tırbe. İ . near on g r a n d e e s . arpi'jjiq. A putting Ajl Beer. S. ftır- t. of tame or domestic ringdove. оЫ. ->l Frank-barley. 2.

n.( i) 2 z 7 2 2 J L f a r (S«m3n). n. 1. A. v. 2. Who or what increases. n. 3. to increase. >L irtlsâs. not firm. A making. iЗЪ-О aı-Ulij-ilmaq. v. iftijä^.0 *"> T. v. satisfied (with a person or thing) . pleasure. 1. < . A. 2. preference. v. bid more (at an auction). A speaking extempore. A. ! J U ' J I v. commotion. 11. A. 2. expectation. maintaining one's self. preferring. v. 2.) A J»u. agitation. A. 5. 3. 1. continual. A sucking in (water) with the lips. n. e. ^^J irtljikj. n. or expecting. A being in commotion. maclııne. A vacillating.l irtlbât. fUJjl irtisHm. i. To offer more. choice. <3-/jl urtirmaq. V. I J l v . i. ^уЦН İrnkniî4. l^J it-tiKlm. A watching. Ua^jl irtlrâ. 3. n. wish. i. n. 2. A having recourse to God for protection and assistance . A being pictured or delineated (on a thing). (zlr). JHj-^j' artıUrnıaq. perplexed. 1. obeying (it). n. satisfaction. V. roaring. T. \ . v. v. A. n A being or becoming attached (to).l Irtiii. v. v. quivering. A thundering. (See -•. What is left. v. Endless.n. I. ^ı^'jl lıtizÂiı. hemming and hawing.-T L. n. X Endless and uninterrupted. 2. 'u£. A being or becoming pleased. coming or going after or behind one. sipping (it).being alone (in one's opinion). A going away to the region of permanency. slack. V. v. n. saying. 2. T.I. A being or becoming loose. v. affectionate (letter. Liîjl lrii«i. v. especially. Extempore. observing (a thing. Jlfjl Irtljoi. v. perversion. VJ' Irtlba. аг«|1Г1яиша«1. A . A being cheap. an apostatizing from i s l a m . On which affection is delineated. To apostatize . death. 2. etc. A gettiug or having means of subsistence. a person or thing. t. A. perpetual. A being put to shame. A. n. A taking (one) up behind one's self on the same beast. n. 1. 2. A going on foot. A (man's) being bewildered. from islâm. A. A being or becoming violently agitated. S-4j]' i r t l j i f . A being or becoming tangled. to economize and save (it). A receiving pay or rations for subsistence. v. connexion. really or figuratively). A. 2. V.ı ( I<ı. А. A. selecting (one out of several or many). Jl/jl irtizrtq. n. A stuttering. A. T. 3. An acting as a scout or outlooker. A being caught in a snare. Ujl Irtidä. n. offering an excuse or exculpation. 3. a dying. 1. An apostatizing . j! arttır. adv. v. 1. being of little value. To bid higher and higher against one another (at a sale or auction). dliîjl i r t i s h i f . not being firm in one's opinion. 1 . remains. A. To be bid more for at an auction or sale. 3. r û1d 6 (tutul). \. apostacy. A going away (from a place) by a journey on a saddle-beast. e. A riding behind another on the same beast. n. v. connected (with. was? (ЬН£М). agitation. A. 3. J ^ ' J L ÎCTLNÂZ. A following. To die. v. i. A muffling one's head and body in a muffler. I . See (Uj-чИ T. v. A conforming (to a precept). To be made to remain over and above. To go away. A beİDg J bruited about and publicly talked of! A. n. going to the other world. irtlbSk. especially. See J-j-O 1 A. living. A sticking in the mud. A. A choosing. 11. . V. A. A. A looking out from an elevation. A taking. To make (it) remain over. 2. Jjl/j' artıı-ıUııAq. 4. 2. A. ^ j l irtijâıân. A dying. n. n. or convulsion. V. shame. 2. hope. i. ignominy. A . A (child's) sucking milk from a breast. V. wishing. <J!AJ\ irtidar. to be economized and saved. A hoping. i. To be made to increase. contused. 3.. 11. T. 1 . İrtiaâ'» v. — „ wnasal. 1. n S i M Ш Ы t 61 too much. JUi>l i r t i h i l . To make or let (a thing) increase and become m o r e . augment (it). attachment. receiving a bribe . being bought at a low price. 11. ı (q*r5t). crashing with loud noise. A. God help me! Great God! ij}.). bribery (passive). I.

More.j> To rise up high in al-etc. A. \a}\ irtiqä. A leaning (on a staff. (See J ^ T ) T. A. perplexed. An A.l гуЗ Whose height is like that (sinew's. An ascend. disappearing (from a place). more. or for a prize. A confiding (in a person). А. quaking A. A being or hobby). etc. & i. в.). trembling. so as to run one's self through. 4. UJ! irtimu. v. V. etc. 2. «> j^V irtiqäb. feeding on grass. V. 3. i r t i ' l d . T. inclination. 1. 2. taken away. or take j l î ^ U ö i To take the altitude (of a a bribe. w a r . A shooting or throwing (at game.). in a match). A. A being (it). superfluity (of a thing). 4. or interj. To say or being removed. Left. a residue. a throes of death. (as a stake). To increase. fever. committing. A shivering. etc. A shooting or throwing at or go up. n. A being agitated. A "wishing. What is left. To ascend. especially. ting. A greatest altitude (of a star. I v. of^he spheres. feeling an inclination (for a thing). cast.Wj \ . J&^ irtikyib. A being augmenting.). n. commit. n . obtaining. getA. a. A saying or doing (any becoming dear and high-priced. Superfluous. committing a dishonor becoming high in stature or station. A. muscle's. A being or becoming frightened. perpetrate. going up. did.Adv. Height (of a terrestrial object).). t u (French). a wooden or planted so. eating herbage. ılii'j\ irtelemek. i. and die). 4. A (man's. A mounting.). ing. sticking • ^ r t ^ A. bird. n. etc. t . A astrolabe. i. or being on (a gaiuiug. More numerous or abundant. ertelemek. A rising (in rank. A being mixed up_ together in a fight. j y l i r t l q . 1. n. ırtikya.) struggling and kicking in the T. 2. ado. I. 1. 1 . irtikyuz. i. Erroneous for . A (stake's. (into the ground. ( Ö2 ) uj ( far. thing). u ^ j l irtifae. 3. V. eo» r a l e . A. star. As to the rest! well T. A. ^iwjl irti'â». n. 2. or A. artiq. shot. riding (a a. (shaking. f i r . or ac2. i r t i f a " . i r t i ' â b . V. я_| The meridian altitude. increasing (in quantity. etc.) suspicion. 2. irti*â«u. etc. A. 5.n. n. To rise. A pasturing. A I v. v. i. irfci'AJ.) becoming or being stuck firmly titude.). See iOl*>J A rising (in price. JH»* T h e r e m o v a l of t h e c u t as a support. esty. \. t. 2. A mounting on (a vehicle of any kind). settling (in a place). interj.). 3. n. v. more! T. e. wrong. Superabundauoy. A. T. desiring. âfltore. n. A leaning (on a sword or spear's point when the buttcrops from the fields. v. (in the womb). 3. To be CİCanSA. V. act dishonestly.ed. etc. wish. 3. n.ji. v. bad thing). very high. v. palpitating. A getting. v. climbing on to. V. thrown. being driven ^ v ^ ' ^ U j l A quadrant. redundant. t. Uji irti's. etc. irtigâb.). etc. j&'J irtikyaz. trusting (to him). s. pilfering. V. . Altitude (of a star. augment. 3. terrified. perpetrating A. ЗАД artigräq. pan. disturbed. 1. etc. lfear. etc. J-Läö' irtiqdali. steal. mounting (a ladder. A mounting. £. (man's) planting himself. v. İ. \. etc. A looking _ for. against one another (in earnest. İ. mount. n. 4.). or going do.) quivering (in a spasm?). irtitâd. cepting a bribe. a . ärti^rAq. desire. p Ur. etc.). п. s. v. /(from cold. a riding on (it). A (foetus's) moving remnant. J V ärtiq. remaining H over. A. A leaning (on a thing. 3. To be capable now! well! don't say any more! what of increase. a. ^ J 1 ttrt'liuttq. earning. fixing h i m self. etc. expecting (a thing). 2. end is on the ground. 1. To do away. \. met. aritilmaq. 2. A .removal of all cause of (there). 2.n. projected. A. v. n. embezzling. J o. 2. grow. jJ^v5 ai-tlqiiq.

A. v. 2. A getA. 2. reach. An inheriting. ' ' — n n a s a l . JVJ' irtîhân. CUjl eritmek» V. abiding (in a place). A (beast's) T . joints') being firmt .heritance. A (man's) being or striving to find. A boundary.J. with enjoyment and pleasure.J»Ujl irtlmâs. n. A (bow's) being too thin and weak. ducking one's self. T. xar ^ -war (hafız). S. or grieved. r. To rise (as the tide. A wearing A. v. perception. etc. 4. gerund of J ö 1 . v. a pledge. multiply (in quantity. A doubting .j l erfceng. be left. confu. n. share of an inheritance. i. S. erte. inherited. as an inheritance. A-jl Li». A (man's) study and of the collected paintings being or becoming well off and prosof the celebrated Persian perous. being skeptical. Vv' irtihâ. muddy ing or quaking. 1 . well-feathered. 6. YJ artmaq. A seeking. t . See ly knitted. A doubting as to a point or matter of faith.). i i ( г. A seeking. a . 2. A being or ting. v. obtained irsan. A having a suspicion. 1. etc. doubt. self-mortification. fear. v. 3. suspecting. A suffering from indigestion or the like. or obtain (a thing) . 1. 2. a river. 1. To remain over. heritage. or goat dung used as fuel. v. n. A. 1. taking one's ease. its string dwelling. love. V. tjTjt irtiva. being burnt. An acting with alacrity.v jUs <cj v. To gl'OW. T. A I ^ l j l v. 2. supplying one's self with water. A (plant's) being plentifully waterA . reposing. 1. 4. A reflecting. fright. A . A (man's. 3. See jl thering (an arrow). A. j-jî artıq. (God's) vouchsafing mercy (to one). V. degree. n. v. (water). Related to inheritance. jtjt IRSÂD. annoyed. heritable. quenching one's thirst. ıı. rude 1 1 7 7 J _ . v. To wear out (a garment. our . care.(usul). when shot off. possession above. An inheritance. 2. JUJ 1 IRTIYHD. A portion heritable or inherited. «lAj1 irsâs. scorched with great heat. 1. t. consideration. ed. irrigated. 1. .3 ) (zır). becoming frightened. I. A landmark. endeavour. receiving a pawn. A. v. A (horse's) springing. etc.(мшап). Vj' irtiya. prosperity. 2 . 2. s .). 2. 1. limit. A being or p. A suffering poignantly from grief. running (him) out. for a moment or so. reach. 2. A. v. reflexion. adv. ^V-) ı R T I Y A G . through from side to side. n. suspicion. s. ıı. n. A perceiving with the A. J^rj 1 irtlhâsh.being or becoming thick. A (man's) burning. A spear. Jjl irsî. Dried camel or sheep seeing. n. 1. A taking. (ДУ. perception. 1 3. A strikes against it. longing endeavbeing well made and firmly twisted. m i n d . endeavour. A staying. v. П. îrtlyâz. A drinking trained. irti'â. restraint. n. prices. longing endeavour. kjLjl irtiyato. A (man's) shiver. 4. being satiated with drink. a . 2. n. „J. considering. To remain over and becoming heir in possession. a. By right of inbecoming mixed or confused . leaping. 3. s . a т. Je\tj\ irtimâz. / j * URTU. so being left. troubled. A (rope's) thing) .«J. v. in ter j. n. or obtain (a becoming prosperous. A (man's) practising selfone's fill. perceiving (a thing). A resting. 1. painter of antiquity. a. n. See J ^ T . 3. machine. A. v. a. v. J-^'J irtiyäsh. u r s e . 3. A. A. i r t â . aritmaq. 4. 1. 5. S e e J J J 1 being or becoming broken in and A. become more. A .(a thing) out. ^'WJ1 i r t i y â ' . Name of thebecoming well-feathered. A feaT. T. v. i (qjtrat). t. so that. Я. n. (people's) fighting with one another. A being or adv. A. A. 2. anxiety. 3. endeavouring to find. irs. A (thing's) wearing ing (one) sideways. n. etc. irte.И a r t i q . sion. A being or becoming lively and brisk. sight. ^VJ1 i r t i y a n . See A. 3. An immersing one's self. completely under water. 2. v. 3. or number). See j^jl ärtıq. by right of blood. A (man's) being vexed. A. S.

A. pl. Manlike. find to Him leniently. ö f J ^ j 1. (A horse) With only one i'jjl 1. v. 2. oVr-^ «>rj4*âni. 1. s. A (man's) shivTo loose the rein (of horse). of Wj Mills. p. merciful and compassionate. JWj' erjâî. More. back part. v. v. s. s. hand (to reach a thing). more of JJ A hack-door: a back-gate. worthiness. •j' e r l i i . withbeasts) . manly. pl. <lıtl.). A returning to a t.'< Immediately following or Judas-tree flowers. 8. the back (of a thing). »jj^-j' u r j i r i . 1 . km. rtıet. . or occurring series).' J ' T h e most compassionate A. or time. arfch. fî^-jl егйатл. Infantry. cercis siliqua. Thy back.a line or series. on thy traces (with motion). pedes. in J-^b . More. into commotion. Wombs. judging. i^-jl erj İle. 5. to its former (a thing) to be low-priced and cheap. S e e J j î on one side. handmills. pl'. V. or letting (a person or thing) return A. s. at (of men or beasts). very delaying. 2 ] 3 3 f a r . slack. The space White stocking. out motion). R U J L irjsti. A making (bodily or figuratively. A being sioa. for An elbow. the A. very manly. ^». tt. God.r u l e . o-rb 1 1 • Men on foot. ^ r l j 1. of quarters. n. «'rxiıas. ering or quaking.J Sides. trembling. 2. The supplyA. « ^ ^ j j j l Behind them. fu i-. place or state). The 2.Jİ erj5. kindred. A. ing pipe or hopper of a mill. behind thee. restoration.jt Irkhä. irîkiıtım. i r j c n s . A. thing) loose. U. 3. after thee (in time). A giving full. n. s. A converting (a 2. Red as the j i t . agitation. A buying (a thing) cheap. 3 ashore. A. A. postponing (an action. in a line or series. the space behind P. J f i j Behind thee (in space. A stretching forth the very low-priced and cheap. a. Legs AsTjji After thee. 1. a. A making (a derating weight. n. Feet (of men or . most. s. agitating. a. (a balance) incline and preponderate T. a. örjoıeiîd. 1. so. the space or spaces behind p. 1. p i . pl. S. pl. J A. etc. A. (for politeness their man) of worth. trians. ^ b ' A poem Behind me : after mc (in space of the ^ metres class. to give (him) his head. w a f . jb_. 2. The space behind (a thing). 1. the' elbow. into something else). p. J-vl e r j i l . hind leg-s (of thy back. ^угУ U R J A B A . patı. the A. A. A repeating the ejaculation: lenient. with motion). jJ> The back or hinder side. of J Ц-j . letting off cheap. A making of merciful ones . A tiling. conver. r j ' erj« a. scarlet. i. JJT ard. T. Relations. v. pl. ö ^ j l ERJEVÂN. prop. Worthy. See them). preferable. S e e f ^ j good state of health or strength. bird. E R J E I . acting. pl. S. tu fifrenclı). i r j ä . 2. . His back . millstones. e. of >j-o -bjl Behind thee. a. v. preponA. (See also *=глО p. The back. estimable. ı-irf-b* Agitating rumour. pl. A 1. My back. backs. U L irjâ. 4. that very preponderant (in weight or good regulates the supply of grist. most. after them and its flowers. shall we return! h.r j t 2 4 1 . behind thee. s. s. to let a. crimson. decreeing We belong unto God. s. f ^ j l c r h i m . n. More. of U. valuableness. A. 3. 2. after thee. A putting off. Intrinsic value or worth. flaccid. r / âroj. 4. J'WJI irjâd. s. The Judas-tree. etc. ıı. 2. v. 2. More or most. O ^ . ^Tjl i r j m i . A putting hinder side or face (of a thing). 2. 3. ( M ) T. quality). Large-footed. 3. pl. (a him or h e r . hind feet (of quadrupeds). a. 2. 2. jrjl e r j . touching without an interval. n. A. A. a man. 71. A swing» behind me. hinder or hindmost part (of a moving disquieting and baseless talk. I ı .deeming (a thing) cheap. U. ıı. most.M I Â S . The space see-saw.. quadrupeds).strum. A making (him) go.

T. A ^ . t . staying. A taking obtain or attain to (it). ^Aji jXsJ To r u n after (a person. w l r -jî 5 3 i ı 2 Î J . following (him or it). S.Л>j\ To r u n about after (a king in the olden times. Behind us (or m e ) . prop. j^jU. 2 . with motion). without motion). i. P. i n a bad. See bad and refuse-like.). 2. coming. See To seize upon t h e space behind him (etc. a. İrdirmek:. A holding. See СИ. after soup or pudding. • j ^ f i J Behind me. or going behind J f J As j > ^ . Ь / ârcia. army corps. adv. confirming (another). 5. zerumbet-root. or doubles of a etc. j ^ j 1 To make vacant (of one's zedoary-root. A propping. An tj\ t o o k behind thee! Our back (i. libjt erdaf. A. ^ ü j j j l A judge-advocate of an . i n a sifts or bolts flour. i. A. after me. 2 . attain it. A. i. V. 3. corrupting. İ. Your b a c k . 3. J . they rode behind the king (a thing). h e r . her. Flour and water line or series. T. (another). i. A helping. the Egyptian measure of corn. e. calling (him or it) time). A kind of royal lieutenants. e. (jijfiW Transylvania r o o t . П. A being.Л_. verger. â r d î j . V. See ji^jf ^O p. 4lbjl a r d â l â . or it. machine. you. e.). More. it. after us. A m a n w h o B ehind us. S. t h e space so behind (another). or i t . staff of office. (йг). s. her. Abjî â r d â b e . Ёлд T. also. pudding. 1 . after you. To lag to cease from striving to obtain or behind gradually. especially. jjJ ORDU. rude ( 6 5 ) 5 X ~ (usul). s. after you (in a long wand . T. deteriorating (a space. J. in a line or series. stir-about. BJI IRDE'. retreat. 0-/. aiding field.^ To send an army into the wall.S. q. п. behind him. p. 2 . n. or i t (in space or time. her. T. buttocks. a. A large camel• y ^ / V ' Behind you. behind me (in spoiling. Behind or after him. curcuma T. PoStei'iorS.. of about five English bushels (or only three space behind us (or me). hastyhim. judging. space or time. with motion). her. V. to run after privileges. Cii'ji «ji To lag behind . h u n g on travelling camels. V. ÛJji Irdetoto. An army. or into camp (from a town. •J^JJI At my bade. after us b y calculation. «tİJjT a r d â l â . V. wand. s. (Ьшк). buttressing (a. See j i A'-JJI Look behind him. her. A camp. IJ-U1 e r d e i . See iibjT^ stick.-nnaMi. t o be left (one) up behind one on the same b e h i n d : not to keep up with others. establish. 1. İ. its back. root of zerumbet. very т. 2. ing. v. A maintaining.1 T. Behind him. gallons?). v. S. s. (A man) with Bîhind y o u . bjl irdä. m y back). after me (in thing or person). being 2 4 (or me). 'ft?}' ARD-TOIZ. with many person). etc. discontinue.). 1 . a line or series. ı (qirat). the space behind metonymy. ä r d l a s h m a q .I I I î far (MmSn). A riding behind (another) on the same beast. VUİg. 2. Transylvania. t. ard. 3.. s. A. cUbj! e r idilmek. in bell. An A.etc. beadle. jl Look behind me! t. bolter for flour. 1. (another).. t . i'ij ârdiıı. A sieve or line or series. s. ^ b j î ardaiL-ıû. self) the space behind (a thing) . A long rod. C X X S F o r a thing to cease and A cushion or pillion for a beast's back.1 arldilmaq. jjjjI ârdlctı. (rhetoric) A using a metaphor or or it. dbjt i r a â f . most. a placing (him) His.). pronouncing. 4. supporting. or doto. etc. 4. to cut off his T. t o t r y by ali means to on the same horse. 1 . Flour. to haunt (him). or substitutes. beast in riding . a tipstaff.

erziz. T. allowedness. J. longing (for. holcus saccharatus. wishful. not tin-plate). erzenî. penocillaria spicala . Mountain juniper. s. lowness of price. r a l e . bird. seen fit. S. or army corps. ashore. very p./(of). urdi-Tbihisiit. Rice. perus oxycedrus (?). wishpicable. pan. _ callitris quadrioalvis. desire. ifx^jjT s r z u m e n d î . a. Name of the second month of the ancient Persian solar year. perus sabina. italica. c'jj' irzam. A being worth J-)> Juniper-bird. Ji^jj 1 arzSläraäq. s. T. Worthy. of J j j 1. long per. theararP. allow. &J3İ. virginiana (or bermusraukesh. P. . (obsolete. etc. a. ERZEN. paivicum miliaceum. s. like millet. beetle. n. hollands. manica. Cheapness. Short and thickset. A. a thing). СЛь^ erzân. wish. pitched. sorghum. i. common juniI jjjT v. erzheng. a. s. pl. ing. Tin (the metal. pl. proper. t . A cultivating or A. so. ârdîj. A. Worth. most. oryza sativa. of b j Mufflers. v.ад (66) ^ tu (French). ^.cana. when the sun is inJTaurus. 2. poor (to whom alms a n d niper. savin. To • encamp. X*jjJ\ arzflraind. £•>->> 1. A. did. worthP. Means of subsistence of any kind. j\ ıRZÖBBÖ. A wish.J-JJ* erzisti. An imperial camp. jjjl 1. jurtiperus (various kinds). T. p red cedar. kindness are due). era. P. due. Permitted. paspalum exile. Who feels a diana?) longing. A turner's chisel. sowing (land). n. / let. wishiulness. . ^ Juniper berries. P. П. contemptible (men). . valued. juni. long for (a thing). The cedar of Lebanon. J i b ' erzânî. was. desirous (man). j j j I ârzâ. ^ j b j ' A commissary-general. penniselum dicliotomum. ^/ jjjl A place where a camp is. v. 1 a. Jjâ Red juniper. yijjJ arziiA. a time of disorder. w a r . The time when troops are in the field. Virginian •Л fjjj* I have a wish (for so-and-so). of J>A> Des. pilosum. prop. or kinds). pl.) J-. ^bj 1 To permit. 2. П. A. Desire. Worthiness. Backwards. p. a. T. head and body wrappers. s. 2. oil of savin. prop. To wish for. pounder. far. Cheap. t h e (so much) or w o r t h y . pitta. Provisions. j U j} p. s. A clod-crusher. e.ü J ^ erzeniıı. s. breve_X?).J b j ' e r r a n i .jjT Juniper tar. see fit. a. army on active duty i n the field. 2 . juniperus communis nanus. Jbjl erzâı. millet. s. j^'b-H He to whom (a thing) is due or proper. ^з-ъ 1 i r d i i i q . The juniper. frumenlaceum. s. eleusine coraThe prickly juniper. s. P. mallet. 3. s. for (a thing). food. strong and clownish (man) 2. t. arda. P. Made of mil^ j j î ^ i i . 4rs. »IS^jjl i r d i g y s n . juniP. 2 . A (female animal's) making a yearning cry (for her young one). ) Desirous A. A. 1. 1. setaria gerJ 4 The scrubby dwarf juniper. erdiye. tardus seleucis gryllimra P.JJT ARDLCH. t. Juniper water (distilled). s. A camp. '-r'JJ' irzebl>. erzäq. met. poa abyssinica. Gin. >J Black juniper. p. adv. ö. 2. A making a noise. 1. s. despicable or infamous. s. locust-bird. relating to ^j tree. Jjjl ERZEI. The shining juniper. To desire. XA Indian juniper . grant leave.JAİSjjjl To break up a camp. longing. See iness. huile de cade. OjjU^^jjl Î • An imperial army. T. or may be. 3. pl. communis. A. the ant-thrush. rumbling.P . lowpriced. desire. A. j J j î ardın. value. {r. V. wish for. More. J. a. worth. P. h. s. fur. J u . Millet (of many (Forskal). To form a camp. a. j / sriz. a. Perrnittedness.especially. 20lh April to 20 th May. jjl era. propriety.

most. arslanlı. 3. A making mischief. A keeper. areata. in the body). n. letting down. v. v.. the 2. asone's hand. Jrj^ <Wuh. aright. t. decorated with the figure of a lion. ^ fâr (asmSrt). ershed. 2. v. q.i n a s a l . bribing (him). \. T. 1. S. 1. aristo. ( 6 7 . tt. rude (usûl). a veil. araî». A cubit. Libani. A. J^J erish. or of anger and fury. A corrupting s. wär (hafız). I. 3. The cedar. (A thing) being firm and immovable . dropping (it). guiding (one) aright in religion. p. 2 . exhibitor of a lion or lions.. (A place) making firm and immovable. fixed. T. A fine. J'. feeder. v. n. a lioness. prop. A lion. (zir). jix. T. 3. A making 3. coins stamped with the "Lion and dispatching (a person or thing). very direct (road). VUİg. the lion. to establish (it) firmly. d. a. explaining the road. Erroneous for 1. t. meaning. . A in which lions live. etc. V. t .naq. eresh. . the Greek writer. fresh O V J T ^ . n. etc. inter). An anchoring. showing or Aristotle. A* letting (a thing) out of A meeting. ^ J L TRSII.->l irsal. method). o. Most orthodox. âslânjİ. T A.:» Jl-jl A giving a single parable F. stirring fetched metaphor. 5. Literary form ters. n. teaching (him) the way he should go. 2. up strife. 1. attendant. I N B I v. A sending. J A female lion. A teaching and Ч. mooring (a ship). n. A secret. See T. A Cubit. J S arslanı. v. directing. 7. P. Asiänian.sembly. 3. } . 6. n. VUİg. A putting A. v. n. A. To utter. May God handing down (a tradition) with a render firm (his dominion. âr.bribe. A fixing. The ancient harem title of the I JıÎ-Jı V. 3. shrewd. pronouncing. Vermicelli. etc. I j^i-j' v. J. Û. interj. p. 1. the first narrator of the second genera. p and woof. V. poetry. The warp (of cloth). VUlg. Contracted from (See c WjT) ^-lA. To become a ©res. s. To send. A.. An utter. СД-. J. A brave man. To make (a thing) word j s j sovereigns of Asia Minor used silver firm. guiding.}! link missing between Muhammed and A. İ (qirat). s. See cock. ERLSHTE. congregation. Formerly. since adopted by Persia as her setting free. unbinding (the hair. . s. instead of the (a thing) firm. pl.1 krslkn. made paste vermicelli. A loosing. prop. T. I. dispatch. A S u n " . etc.4t. I. sagaa single distich. j i . or pipe conducting water ilX'jji-J I to a cistern. 1 J'i~j\ v.J ^ İ y l arashtirmaq. To direct. or. ML ^ J L ERSÂ ' ı ı Ä H . A P. q. To set free. curtain. For yJIWLk-jl teaching (one) how to act. _ A. T. n. guide. r l J-jl W a r S. the seijGqi. S.ı I . to exemplify one's cious. A using a somewhat far. v directing (him). 8. 3 . S. t jJrj~ arish. 4. P.special emblem). 3. Ö-'J1 ersen. A A. 2.5d. finger to the elbow. A Turkish piastre (used now in sales by auction only.). 2. A. ing. of a menagery.J ârsu. ^Jİ ersh.4lânlânmâq. Best (manner or T. s. s. machine. immovable. A &Jİİ. i.mulct. deodand (for a wound). To let measure from the tip of the middle down. İrssin. clever (man). 4. in the mouth of his mother. 2.T.JT^-J â r s l a n . ir. V. i—j' irsâ. (law) Fit to act as head of the family. ^JU^lU-jl ârıstatâlîe. of jk>%~J\ a piastre. a. a. Erroneous for (one) with a bribe. teach Sultan. ing (milk. 2.). 4. tap. 1 . cedrus very lion of bravery a n d boldness. jjl irishtirmek. March! (Military and its application in one distich of w o r d of command). aslan. ^'ÜX-JT \ . letP. Ji_jl A giving two parables in Intelligent. 1 . s. p. . A lion's mouth. (one) i n the right way. 2. . saying (words. More. A tion. the juniper. letting go. firmness.

thundering.  R S I ı I N . j*^ . v. pl.words of another). A. The soil (of a country). drapers ell. A preparing. V. JUJ! irsâd. 1 2 3 4 t I 2 I t 2 S i«r. )in cloth measure satisfied. territories.. Jlbjl e r t â l . before (one) shiver. outlookers. JJI T. so. 2. (a thing. out (a loom) with the warp (for a J " J Tributary eountry. n. please. Ji-J ärishiämaq. Watch. left for a time a t a customhouse. See also cXe\\ >f 1. Pounds ers.menaces. I irzâ. See ( 68 ) jA^l A. concloth). A watching. To pasture (cattle). the preparatory clause itself. « j . orlslımok. An gratify (one). I . 2. A seeing *a opportunity to do (good or evil etc. shake. A making or nomical observations. t. scope. ^ j ! irshin. 2. A terrestrial globe. i r ' i d . pleased. v. or articles in retail. 2. woollen. yard. A (man's) uttering 4 . 3. A. toy. of I. V. ashore! pan. muttering. 3. To meas.). countries. J ^ J J  R S H I N J measure of length. (J'jJİ'jl arashdirmaqt. n. men on the outlook. T. n. S ^ J ärahlnıiq. v. land (products). Pastures. pl.or becoming nubile. Pertaining to into two feet. to get (him) to consent. iron scraper for clearing out bakers' A. Pasturages. l v. of J^J. astro. regions. parts called r i b A.(troy). tremble. content. сгЧ)' î r ' i s . to by agreement. quake.) by one's own cubit. etc ) of commerce. t. nubility. X . A plot. a n d into Сл-Ч^ Lands. observers. To suckle (a child. territory.j-ıtj! erishdlrmek.. T . n. (The sky's. imps. S. of land. a. ^ЧИ) sold by the yard. irzâ'. ibji İrtâ. arazQn. did. letting (cattle) graze. terraqueous globe. A m a k i n g the ehief announcement that follows. annexed the male or man (with a woman). s. İ. * Wjl v. ritories.) thundering. v. country. /(one)shiver. îrsân. 1. arazât. t. A giving suck ^İ-JI^AJ^». See OjT. A. «езг 'â. shake. A feasting (one's ears. tersixteen called qlrat. liers in wait. To r i g . To play LAH Tithable country. and long measure. fondle. etc. demons. tu (French). A. n. T o A. Vu. cX. 3. S. Rent charged jc'Ui To sell by t h e yard. t. parmftq. ir'Bsti. 1i. subdivided into eight I £ U . . the terraqueous T. observatories. j ' arziyye. 3. in retail. ârzi. S. t h e X i^Pjl erishlemeK. places where men lie in w a i t . s.t. tremble. spying an opportunity or occa. -1»JT art. sion. A. (rhetoric) An introducing a prepar. hope. A making (a thing) firm and strong. (one) violently (with a spear). etc. war. looks. irsâ*. A . v. obi. of Jİ»J 1. A. v. 29 J English inches long. fur. To satisfy. suckling. ure (a string. sticks. Out. etc. earthly (subinches. A. lying in wait (in order t o do some 2. 2. 4 . See A. play amorously (with The genii. A Turkish globe.ЛмАИ . arza. troughs from dough and flour that countries. pasturing (them). roaring to a person) as a return or requital. A. pl. etc. . JL->JL ÖRSÂD. n. t . of JeJ\ Lands. Wj! i r ' â . Jibijl arshinlamaq. bird. s. s. 1. pl. of t / j 1. A stabbing quake. v. n. met. 3. gratified. A cloth-seller's. A. content. regions. t. subdivided A. making ready A. A rendering (one) X. rale. _ _ t .2. A (girl's) being measure (a thing) with a Turkish ell. v. T . С-УЧИ A land. with thunder. s. (a child. stances). a Turkish ell or 1 v. S. (From A. j s . pl. pl. 1. her). 2 . It is about 28 English inches in length. The earth. The earth. and 24 the soil. pl. T. 2. vulg. OU»jl . Idea. v. etc. qlrak.). S. Observations. f j j . A maggot or white | l< about ant (destructive t o wood. 1. arz. (Cloth.). f. J>ljö. A. region. as standing-room or space. T. 4 â d â m . with the act). Pints. t. A making atory clause into a sentence. 2. V. Terrestrial (object). a. 1.~> j ** An architect's ell. n. quered by the sword. V. for another). v.herbages.

irgAn. A putting a pad or be shaken. V. -İjkjl ırgat. Ä irgalamaq. woven into it. most. shake plainly or acting openly with or (a person or thing) to and fro. . to totter. giving (it) suck. s. s. V. V. a. v. being unt.becoming sensual. helping (him T. s. s. act. üy^j I erganun. ÂRGÂJ. 1 . tottery. The Judasand sway (a thing). 2. To shake. gently. . v . pl. To shake with some gift. V. A n organ T . God make plentiful (his means of subsistence)! q. Red like the A. t.xijl «rgândo. Brave. ( г 9 ( 69 ) ^ S (qirit). v. T. etc. drinking. -S. A mountain pass. looseness or weakness)./ ârâg. n. its place. . S. s. T . A. jlsjl Irfäd. on four feet. P. May p. scarlet. very mildly. most. V. Cleansed. about (so as to loosen it. ârgâj. valA movable capstan p. a. become emaciated. n. L \j Judas-flower. crimson. 1. C f J ârgîn. T .n n a a a l . a day-labourer. Shaky. riotously. İ . e-rgude. dampers. See J J T A. kindly.>c \ irgas. about sexual intercourse. a trench dug for it. etc. JlyCj! erg&ivsni a. f^jl irgâm. To shake P. desirable. irfaq. Water flowing in ing. j . 4» Eager. s. A suckling (a p. silly. A being or (a thing) to the ground. JcÜjl ırgätcnäq. (musical instrument). being a debauchee. I. See ^*5^ A place where labourers P. t. T. sunk in the earth where 2. assist (one) in A. etc. iı-gâlâmaq. A. v. t. ^The woof (of T. enjoyments of eating. More. ı«Me (mul). T. A. J ^ l ırgalanmaq. Jc'lijl irgalatmäq. 2 . t. cravp. bountiful. s. Hasty. (for a person or thing). See oUjl and clarified. of iJA> Round A . ârgid. T o W O heads. An acting A. purified. ergawSn. Dripping rendered down T . J ^ ^ j t ârgâj *ânmâq. pl. ridge. ruddy. to move or be moved under the saddle of (a beast). t . To help. between two valleyT. of C o m to move about in its place (from panies of people travelling together. 1.liir (4«raİn). used. P. A labourer. See . of Boundaries To make (between fields. s.WJL I R G I B . a. choleric. a. An organ (muchild. More. till ergâdâ'ııâtı. cercis siliquastrum. ârgâjlamäq. T. Angry. v. or pay of a day-labourer. foolish (mail). «.forüyh' An organ collect to be hired. 2. A. something to (a person). V. restrained in talk or action in that push or pull. s. very A. pl. t. abasing. interj. See T. See J ^ j ! Irgaailq. to lose flesh. etc. that sexualities. J i ^ j l ırgälanmäq. Jclijl ırganmaq. n. ERGÂB. 1. V. a cloth or its warp) to have its woof T. n. T. A giving thing). a kind of muffins. V. GJT I R G . Ofejl irfâs. A. to weave its woof into (it). excited. to with a gift. v. living shakes (a bridge.sway about. A making or letting (one) have an inclination cakes of bread. t. Л e p ' s n . V Wl O f (a cloth). ample. IRGÂNAI. sical instrument).). To shake. ^ J ärgımaq. 4. j iant. n. p. courteously. ( F o rthin. S. A hum. J^LSJL II-FUSII. to move (it) tree (Red bud). V. (See j'T and J-J) neck. t v l r ( h l f u ^ . t . n. Jt-y ergân. (musical instrument). humiliating (a person). I jliJ v. A. A talking or let (another) push and pull. For in poetry. s. V.). To g r O W T. XPjl ergand. J r j ârgâj latnaq. a. ERFÄQ. 8. er-gib. tij! uref. İ . ^-. v. very plentiful. impetuous. The quality. T. A movable capstan. p. ergife. about. J^jl eäpgäd. V. İ. A . most. courageous. to and fro. A casting A. T.). s. woven cloth). sway (a person or respect. s. being devoted t o bling. 1. a. i a . and T. More. JIÎLCJL Î R G I T ı Î 4 . n. S e e TTUJI T. JUJI ÎRGÂA.). v. 2. T.

n. cleansed. taking or holding (him) as hand. b i r d . A stopping. v. jbjl Irqän. direction. emaciation (of a living body). 2. most. A. jL-tljJjl arqadashliq. V. â r q . ^jl e r i q q ü . jjSjl To speak in a low. s u p a hair. CjZj I a r q u n . S e e ^ ў } j l j l « j l To support (a person) in his A. a t an angle. s. 2 . mutterscratches. i. T. emaciate (him). ärqadäsh. v. 2 . 1 . J ^ j l a r ı q l a n m a q . J r " j X İ İ a r ı q l a n d i r m a q . incisions (on tablets. n. T. 1. 4. A.J ^ j l To g r o w lean. n. v. thin. coloured. J j \ A boundary become emaciated. o U j ^ ü y j ' To walk i n a weak shufNotes. J f j l ariqlamaq. föjl e r q u m . low.xAj. name of a (a person). etc. billets. A m a k i n g (a man) the back or outer edge of the extended a slave. letters. A being and living T. A being nigT. A. A b e i n g or becom. Int. The t h w a r t w a y ing. atten. for T . V. generally). lose flesh. To swerve from a given shaking. t. To T. 2 . a friend at court (who T. To help w i t h a gift. most. a. (Vulg. a s k e r e . arquru. etc. j Athwart. To send (with To make (a man or beast) thin. A. jlijl ariqilq. A.! i r f â u .). 1. 3. 1. thincomfort. V. 2 . T. at ease. orders. A (man's) race and T. r u l e . . s. 3. pl. (of a long thing). To grow lean. B. & İ . v. T. helping. badly off. To consider (one). did. t û ( F r e n c b ) . 4. 3. etc. w a r . A. etc. t . etc. quaking (with cold. . See « J To lie on one's (own) 1 back. 1 . p a n . t o become v e r y (a thing) thin or slender. A m a k i n g (one's voice) j^J «illi To strike (one) with soft or tender. ä r q A r i . plenty. backer . natured or ill-tempered (man. sloping. stanch. Ji_J__UR-<ıÎRı. remain athwart hill-top.). Lean. I . avaricious. A shivering. e r q a s h .porter. Enormous. a slave. 2. ing voice. To clean. lacking strength or force. МОГО. beard. i n plenty and comfort. emaciated. The 4. Vei'V T. ASJ' a r q a .6j\ The Indian ciphers or nu. To 1 Jisji v. Bicolourec ( claims or interests. See crosswise. 1. t. i. T. etc. uated i n flesh. Тг. thinning heavy (a bill. t o another). t o lie supine. a. A making enormous amount. Perverse. r e d and kindness. AİJI URFE. of j J j Male ing. of 1. i r q ä q . n. 6. lineage. To grow thin or slender. and e n j o y m e n t to (a ness. s. ciphers. pl. a. To swell u p t o a n A. 5. j a. make or let (a thing) be cleaned. The space a t the back (of A. drying (flowing blood. s. S. lean and emaciated.back. m e t . etc. S. T. C U ^ j ^ j ! 1. n. V. bondsmen. debt.) with henna'or saffron. See J^-s-Jjl iadvances one's interests o r claims). A giving (one) beetle. T . W e a k . 2 . ARQURU. JSjl irqär.f a r . JJL IRQ. a h u m p . J j ! tträqq. S. 3. or tears). A. e. ttji a r q i . İ. a. S. v. hence. purified. J ^ T ARLQ.lean. VUİg. 6 . leanA. pl. black and white. to become emaciated. A being or becoming T. be_ cleaned. thing). or face (of a merals . Leanness. 2. eö. A dying (the . a given direction. ing poor. Inclined. ayqiri. The back. V. person. a. (it) down. A Г ounded flattish J'yj&iSj^j 1 To be. TTÖj' a r q ä j . s.fling manner. To thin.).. considerately towards (a person) . See i>j»J\ T. etc. man. pull (him) down. Figures.). s. 3. etc. etc. 1. gardly. 2. f u r . as a travelling companion (to another). Marks. j ' l ) t. S.). dates (in Persian writings. (between two fields. A. (l. The Arabian numerals. 2 . a r q u m a q . A giving T. 2 . t.4. A powerful friend. A trench d u g for make or let (a man o r beast) grow water to flow i n for irrigation. assisting (him) speckled snake a n d caterpillar or with a gift.1 i r q i . s. s. arıqlatmaq. 3. illslaves. 5. t. •'a. cleanse. a r q i n . purify (a thing).). very high. expences. numerals. back part. 't. thing). across. More. A doing a kindness t o yellow. side.

v. 1. 1. A finding listless crowds. oft3n the abode of a prince or governor. 1. A points. A he-goat. t . A raining i n very fine drops.). — il nasal. so as to form a pond. (by another). mountains). The quality. To prove one's self a A. a man or beast). ^JL iriii. (a thing) on one's own back. armour. To make or let (a thing) be taken on his back ornamental net for the hair. To upset. . T. To become a valuable mine or treasure-trove. etc. S. n. V.). 2. The best growing. 2. etc. T. A T. i. . I JL-İLAJ^I v. s. The best kind (of steel. t. v. A. 3. J^J erkyan. or act of a male.-lıı. a drizzling. to act bravely or firmly. 2. A quantity sufficient for a back and " late . ^asjI ärqäıäj. a. iiXjl s. A. q. rQde (nsul). i. T. Counterforts (of 3. adv. Irkyäh. v. S. (another. s. of . a. pl. J^-SASji ärquılash» s. machine. w ä r (hafız). 2. escomrade. A. of Slopes male. 1. A citadel (of a fortress).jlSjl The military staff (of an JIJI^LAJ/ V. ^j* er-gech. against. 2. S. A.). ^AäjljU The instep.). pl. A. companion (in any act). i. props.great functionaries. T. etc. that support roofs. pl. Aäjl 1. office. IRITYÂS. A masculine woman. of jSj . The general staff (of an army). cisr. or to support or protect one's self). metal. t. Broad. for ^ j } Early T. A follow. O n e w h o . 2. ^. I R I M I * . A male (of load. arqalatmaq. To accompany proper manners (of society. A. To take of tree or plant (of any species). turning (it) over. For (men) to collect in for support. To give (one) a back (to mount on). A kind of long T. i . pl. Main another for mutual protection. or best-fruited kind kind of jacket. 1 . Pilasters. principles. \. I ^ISj! v. йЫ егкуак. v. something). a man . ^ A S J İ J I The back of the hand. 1 . jfi Hard iron. ^JİSjl erkyab. s. jUSjl ärqänlmaq. A (mine or place's) having in it a stagnant. n. without an outlet or current. pl. t. bravery . A V j \ irkilmek. erik. overturn. T jİAäjl irqalı. etc. s. used by women in some places.). 2. T. in a walk. any act or condition). 3. "т-А^ İ . courage. s. T. -j! erk. ^л^ To turn one's back (to a person. erfcyah. «u^. science. ÎRICYÂZ. T. Male-like (fewho further his claims and interests. A porter's knot goat. F o r (thing's) leaning (against something) (water) to stand in a pool and be stagnant. backed. S. V.). S.! To know the ways and panion. T. Any thing special to the back/ (as clothing. n. v. A leaning (a thing. S. To join (one) as a army). companion (in sential parts (in religion. etc.' etc. n. ak оҚ. S e e special virtue. g j ergech. pl. masses of masonry (with intervals). s. To lean or press one's own back (against a thing. V.ASJI jbÄ The back of a knife. S e e A j \ T . etc. far side of a hill or mountain. t . court. and counterforts (of hills). masculinity. JjL--bAäj\ ärqädäshliq. v. 4. fundamentals. 5. journey.Jj\ fur ( 71 ) (nsmunj. 2. early or late. ' (for carrying burdens). in a fight. IRKYAIS. 3. <Wiksi. drizzling rains or showers. S. male).\ İrkmek. P. t. a billyt . virility. öCjS (zır). See Cl&J A. pillars. to support it. I (qirät).S J erkeb. 2. üXZj\ erkeklik. stands back to back with pillars (of the state. One with friends at court T. Pudenda. a man-cook. Pubes. endurance. 2. Great men. A n act of upsetting or reversing (a thing). of i j Very fine. best-flowering. T h e The ministers of state and quality or act of a comrade or com.). 1. treasure of gold or silver. ^-IdS'jl A male cook. etc. As ^ « j 1 . etc. s. ^Aäjl g_lt> The other side. T . JÎAİjl i r q a l i q .

A burning age. Unmarried. distressing (one) violently. 2. . İ. OF k. v. t. bachelor. aa'-Tji erfcenlatmefc. Somewhat early. V. A throwing. For (a fruit.* i r m a q . semen A grieving. 3 t . The inhuming.-O irfcindi. T. as to some experienced seaman. broiling (one) in the sun's heat. ermäs.011. bird. V. v. s. T o rigging (of a ship). i f j I R K I N . T. f j ^ i r i m . entomb. JljT a r a l a m a q . A perishing. i. n. 2. maritality. T.r y f j örgiyııj. T. 2. s. e r i m . cleverness. n. ericinji. 3. Erroneous starving. VUİg. Ji'Xj' ırlatmaq. 4 1 1 ( 7 2 ) 2 ) 1 2 fur.). early. J-V. prop. inter.) throwing ship. v. s.». did. To come early (in the day or evening). T. v. Erroneous for q. ergyurJ^jj*V. Ob' Sperma genitalis. An be early. T A. A baker's long(an eye) to become afflicted with handled flat wooden реэ1. A. An (eye's) T. Jljl i r l a m a q . & İ.). 2. V. Pimples that come on the face (his rider). i. w a r . 2. etc. pl. İ. An interring. To bury. See of wood. JljT a r i l m a q . pan. Jljl i r i l m a q . The quality of a human male. t. I R M Â G . of i&j Mares. liXJ^l o r t e n l e m e t . life. 1. t. quality or act of a brave man. at a thing. pl.JT A belaying pin (whether m e k . j f j l v. A. i r m a a . early in some particular act o r state. for j ^ J .). j ^ ^ l i ^ l often alluded to in literature.) to ripen early. Early (in the day or night). See T. . ' d$ v. ^Цу I R M Â S . to grow early. t. T.etc. single (man). İ. t. S e e ^ y İ ) ' being ophthalmia. S e e ^ ғ. q. i. j . S. t. The quality or act of a husband. 1. A causing .. A reducing (a T. s. See JlJjT of lives or strength (left in dying. See JHjl t. s. 1 I n âehore. (in some act or profession. Name of an earthly fabulous paradise somewhere in the deserts of southern Arabia. j l / äyrıimaq. 6. of jr-j Remains T. make (a thing) happen or ripen. constructed by t h e genii for Shedaüd. becoming like ashes. ermSk. burying (a corpse). v. İ. T. T. VUİg. A pile of stones set up in the wilderness as mark or road-guide . bravery. f i / . husbandship. mentioned İn Q U R UN LXXXIX.cfjl far. rule. T. ÖRIIKL. virility. s. See A. etc. etc. s.ophthalmia. Early (in a season). J'' e r k e n j e . i. ırlat ııııuı. S e e virile. T. örkenlanıncfe. Vlllg. ity. projecting. for 1 . v. ergenlik.JT a r m a d û r . & İ. A (horse's. U^T â r m a . У i r g y a r m e k . a. i. V. 1. T. a cairn. V. so.П e r m a q . mat. s. A rigger. pl. J>j\ ERGE. A. shooting (a T. as Irem possessed of columns. tu (French). Й. 1. İ. standing t. jlT^UjT To unrig (a ship). propelling. ^ s O irteiınek. courA. Jj^jl a r i a n m ä q . for тх A mass of stagnant water. V. Ғ. sr. v. See Jj^j/J A. o f £ j Spears. ed with misfortune. 3. pl. i r k i n t i . I ^иЛ v. For (run. n. To be lances. A (European) coat-of-arms. (ЗЧ.34. The quality A. v. sepulchres. 1. of earliness.tombs. ning water) to form a pond and thing) to ashes. of a single man. V. t. The rigging. A . One who rises or come-! early. V. roasting. irmâz. iron. v. ' ı r l a m ä q . firmness. JUJ . n. 1. aptitude or scorching with great heat. A. of young single men. 2. S. versed in rigging permanent acts or quality. T. To setter up of rigging in a ship. 'İ. fj! i r e m . S. or brass). V. n. 2. UjT The main-bowline. etc. casting off (his load. 2 . pl. the SOn Of 'Ad. T. s. s. J3A. V. 2. ^V-j' «M-ınâiı. or over-fatigued living men or beasts). S. T. celibacy. . A. out ships. S. rather early. male human. a. V. See JUH T. being overwhelmbecome stagnant. etc. The quality of an apt man. of u^j Graves. See J*1/1 or becoming afflicted with T. s. The quality thing) away (to a distance. îrmü.

See p. Armea. v . A (bone's) nian. m a c h i n e . e r m e n . formerly sold for one aqche each. V. s. J » > T h e Armenian patriarch. a r m u d ı e . pl. j & r T h e Armenian country. J ^ ' j l armıslx. grey. A making (a rope. poverty. See 2. a t rest. A (place's) A. s. prop. P. lengthening (it). T. J^j1 . A. of Sands sitous . As ı . w u r I J. ^ t T ^ j t A pear-tree. i r m a q . V. friable (long after death). e r m â ı n . easy. <s>yjx A winter pear. wastes of sand. in >yJ\ p. (hSfu^. s. v. pl. worn. (J. decayed. n. 1 being sandy. J'jl arämaq. . s. or goods to be See delivered). 1. and of ^iyjTjtjbjj. Armenia. S. prop. 3. 2. ashy. Ash-coloured. (»цИ i r m â m .Лу> far I (üsttıan). gentle showers. or not attained). v. A. v. destitute person. 2. An adt . 2. in the old Magian mythology. A (woman's) being or becoming a p. ^ j l } An Armenian man. A. S. brought from a distance or the planks of a ship or boat). the pear. jiS^j1 irmögyiin. J ^ T. For . J l e r m â n . in poetry. c r m e l .} rains. 22 1 ( 73 ) (zîr). pl. for jUjT In poetry. etc. u r m u d . pl. A stewing pear (large. stump of a tree. A seam (between offering. ing on to or into the sand. 1 . s. JUjl LRMUL. pended to the neck or on the crown t. Foi'^yb. J'-*/ U M U N ! . prop. öyj^ ermun. Й. Faded (cloth). 3. ü4)Î armâii. Reposing. tranquil. 1. JUjl termal. A be. A sink. necessity. 1 . I. T. e r m i n i y y e . s. w u r m a q . A making or nourishment. of Bars. 2. Jupiter. jj^l A pear. a r l m a q . rud« ' 2 2 X (usul). w i d o w . etc. li 1 ""^ 1 The Armenian nation. rotten rope. T. See ^ J 1.menia. s. Armenia. 2. vance. p. a. Xjl ermed. s. \. urmiile. j . J>!jl . Last p. of a child's cap. withered try of the Armenians. of old. vulg. п. V. i r m e k . pl. a day of the month. i of a certain angel ( l a r g e f i n e variety). worn as an ornament susdisappointed. » n » a s a l . long. legs or hacks of some beasts. S. feeder or instructor. pl. s. j ' j l i r m a q . 7. A (man's. 3. A (poet's) inditing verses of the ramal class of in poetry. ıı. A gift. The C O U n remains of scorched u p . p. ı (qırai). q. stem. L'jl Irmly5. u r muz. of Slight d*. e r m e k . armun. VUlg. «ңИ a r m a . pl. The planet hard and gritty). Jvl i r a m i . ıı. İ. v. A widow. 2 ~ w т.jl eriiieniston. P . u r m a q . t. etc. streaks of darker hue on the p. İ . V. of f j 1. restA. ing or becoming poor. Regret or disap. G. prop. л « (the prophet). 2. 3. containing some little marrow in it. v. (of the desert). herbage. pointment. i l m i k . missed. V. for p. For >Wj! > (a thing) of a thin or fine or open texture. liUjl i r m i k . with desire and longing. 2. j ^ j I u p m i z d . t. s. quiet. Bits ing. ıı. . ârömgyâh. present. See A. being a sand. Armenia. V. e r i m e k . . vulg. q. needy. needy. _ . grieved. p. A rearer. A (bone's) being old. V. T. s. jtJi. S. S. See A. money paid in advance (for T. 5.A widower. Poor. A poor. destitute person.) becoming silent (from fright). ^ E R M E N I . jyJl^j^jT An old pear-shaped coin P. S. Regretful or or medal. ö r m â g â n . work to be done. w r idowhood. JU. a. Jeremiah T. necesA. t. (I. people. n. p. s. F o r . indigent. grief or anxiety (for something lost. (j-'j^ermes. 2. abroad.needy. T. pear. metres. Rearing. A stock. »-»чД srmencii. See а. I. û r û m j k .) q. \prop. A r p. See A. 11. a. (A A finely flavored summer man) afflicted with ophthalmia. k. s. ermende. need. t. food A . S. 1. q. Name The Williams or Jersey pear p. S e e ^yjv . p. See Cic^J F. j y J i ikrmAz.

3. p. v. 1. 1 . a. mountain regions. or peculiar act Asia Minor. s.) bountifully. of ^ . c W I^vil spirits. . A teaching (one) tranquil. s. V. pl. etc.called themselves "Romans". П. The elbow. (a thing-). One who A. essences. aeilore. A watering. j / ârî. irnan. \ . o l j l The tip. O I J Y J Î ärag-zön. 3. s . etc. most. \ . Albania. who jSor j}\!j\ The country of the Alba. the lobule (of the nose). CompOS. quiet. v . etc. an Albanian woman. İ. the "Greeks" of the present time. 2. a r i n m a q . mulcts. ä r n l q a . souls of the damned. Albanian man. dervish creed). Romans-(of the Lower Empire. I R W Ä H . airs . winter s ivory. P. "the Turks of the Ottoman of an Albanian. flatuses (pent or issupoetry. quiet. a. tranquillity. For q. s. At rest. See Jj^j' A. A. T. prop. prop. spiritual beings. S. uruz. of J-J 1 • Fines. quiet. pl. state of rest. Europe. A. rule. in operation. fetid. U. and later still. V. More. most. For (fjT. ûr-ig. S. q. enva. or Jews .T A woman of the Albanian ago. a r u . sound. n. J-jjl UI-CISH. Gentle. For ^VjT. l)j\ aron. he spoke or acted as an Al. Albania. water. good. s. V. The Later. s. deodands (for wounds). j^VjT His Albanian blood was Empire". pl. (jjl irva. territories. in and the like. did. kind (man). erved. ^ j ^ a r i n j . See (ijî P . T a r n a w a d l u q . A. stinking. irrigating (a plant. Bribes. arnica monp. men jb ijtjT Albanian millet. S. of o-B Heads. a brother dervish. being the Albanians. contemptuously called "Greeks" people. hence nians. ^jT e r n â b â d . The Albanian people. A wailing. p l . with impulsive the meaning is restricted to "Ottoman subjects of the Greek church"). ttreude. breaths . a belcher. T. 11. very eager and desirous. A (thing's) utaJ* ^ljjl Good spirits. whether Muslims. very gentle. â r e m î d e . so.J-^Л I f№. 2. 2. prop. at the truth. bird. jОГОр. A satisfying belches. w a r .pl. panicum of Asia Minor and modern Turkey in miliiceum J?). ғ. demons or A. his rest. of CYJ Dungs. üj^juT з P. of j j Winds . A rabbit. Arnica. Spirits. so T. T. A (man's) dying. with the Morea and ArchipelJFE JJU_. fijj! е п й ш . See T. who has obtained a A. s. edness. 1. 5. the rabbit. pan. tinctures. «АлЛ İrömîdögî. A. scents. 2. n. T. 2. pl. going to V j y J A kind of pungent h e r b . s. 2. ging or intimidating). 1. See docile. A (thing's) smelling. spiritual union with God (in the dung-balls (of solipeds). milk. crying plaintively. П. 11. S. dCA areng. met. V. well and. ûUj^ e r i n m e k . tobacco.). JJL I R I N . banian usually does. v. a. p. a. A hare. leopard's bane. A.j I ör no be. the s e i j a q i Turks". pt. satureja monlana (?). . o f i . plaintive souls of the blessed. 2 3 4 1 ( 1 ) 2 1 1 ta 2 (French). A. tana. of Lands. Spirits. fur.__ countries. a r n a w u d . A belch. violence. Е Т Е Ъ . A .thoroughly (a legend. s. disposition. ing upwards or downwards). An perceiving the odour of (a thing).(one) with drink. 1 . s r i g . and imperceptible the hare. s. spirituous liquors. 2. A. The elbow. in Ottoman writings. P. p. lives (of of a dervish when exhorting or beg. S. V. T. pl. who know God! (The usual address souls (of men).animals). pl. ERUZ. 2. One who brings A. U-b1 ör'-As. S. ethers. T. s.tians. One who has arrived that he could relate itin turn to others. by papistical Europe and Italy. 2. Chrisstirred. s. J J ^ T Albanian cheese. 2.. İ. the term meant the "Turks of quality. n. angels or tering or making a low. I R V Â S . JUJI 0 dearly beloved brethren Spirits. a r n a w u d . s. More. Spirits. A smelling. q. To loose (the sails of a ship) for ventilation. ^ м 1 a r ä m a q . t e r r i f y i n g . Piles of stones. . S. n. n. (34.f a r (İemân). . deliver as a hostage or security. s. regions of level lands fit for pasture and cultivation not far from streams of water. t. Good qualities. . (See J * . / ) ash. meSД rops apiaster. İ. menacing. A swarm of bees. a r ı t ı l m a q . cleared out. n. of FJ1' 1. a mechanical saw (worked by steam or water power). . oblique. A building (a wall. I jWjl To pledge. 3. Flour used as dredging over dough or paste. V. c r r e . S. threatening. j î i j j î ä r i q l ı ı q . See F. A dollar (Spanish. A putting (a thing) in pawn as a permanent pledge. t . V. A. Mount Elvend. A SaW-mill. rhizomes. The humble bee. American). plumage (of birds). F. J b J i r y a l . s. v. 2. A. A b e e . shrewd (man). 2.k e s h . S. prop. sagacious. bombus.. U-rim. A. Jl. A (boy's) approaching to puberty. A s a w . Austrian. s. jjjT i r i n . An acting gently. h. eruca salim.1 i r h i q . a. A. (Hence . inclined. ^jJ c r v n n d . vespa crabro. Slanting. IRHIB. a. The plant foxglove. r i q ä .) A. . A constraining or distressing (a person) by acts contrary to d u t y or obedience. proof. 3. J V ^ т i . T. s.«Ä^ T. v. V. J * ery Feathers.j î a r ı t m a q . See T.of Winds. i r i . A kind of mustard or charlock. establishing (it) firmly. S. the bee (and any similar creature). s. of J i j J!. See T. Intelligent.I т. ^jl i n . (Vulg. To Ьв cleaned. The rear-admiral's ship.. a r a b a . currents of air. \ . . An experiment. 1. A rear-admiral.o' â r â ı i q . Jî. spittles. S. digitalis purpurea. n.) w i t h u n h e w n stones. p. 2. V. jUjl i r h i n . considerately. 2. by^CjUIAJI The signs that forewarned men that Muhammad was to be a prophet. See Jjjji T.jt a r a b a j ı . See cîr^b' P.k h a n e . w « r (hafız). ı (qlrät). v. 2. ISJISJ** The wasp. EAJL OPTO. a hand-saw). p. AÎJJI o r i q a . a. etc.И The Turkish rear-admiral of the fleet (in bygone times). A. «-"ijl e r i b . 2.. i. s.jljltji An eagle-dollar (Austrian). vJjjT a. Clean. sharp. s.L Irhaf. pl. v. habits. pl. A making (a man) a very mine of goodness aud excellence. 2. S. ^ J Oil (The jackass bee). v. til 41. A making (a thing) permanent. <_>U. s. S. Cr. J ^ . T. j J A_ queen-bee. t. T. . and customs (of a man). «-ijl n r î b . deposit. An approaching near to (a thing). S. krl. F. i tjT â r y a e t m e k . See ^b1 T. A. eST^.J! UI-A. . Üj. interj. kindly. (75 } . See U p. J L j l ^ o A pillar-dollar (Spanish). Cairns over prehistoric graves. »j* өггө.. Yes indeed! Truly! T. erim.— n n a s a l . n. A. p. q. r i f l e (usil>. 1. A f r i g h t e n i n g . S-. v. bee-eater. A beehive. S. e r y a q . 11. pl. fine of JJJ 1. T. near Hamadan. т. (zır). P. n. for P. To clean. a. 1. See Jj^jl T. The rear-admiral's ship. rocket. m a c h i n e . ^cleansed. keen. A. j f t j e r r e . A. essay. s. of <J>u Champaign lands. t. Ц г ь . cultivated as a salad. V. J-3* L .The bee-bird. J^jl j k r n q . cairns (serving as marks). j^Wjl i r h a s . o U U j I A preparatory sign or miracle giving indications of a f u t u r e prophet. S. especially. p. etc. pl. A. A SaWVei'. A m a k i n g (a steel weapon) thin in the edge or point. to make (it) clean. ı-ibjl e r y ä f . j^-iJ jlr. etc. 2. where sawing by machinery is carried on. ^jl a r ı .ijt e m u . IRHI. apis. of Main roots (of plants). S. A deferring (worship) until the time for the next service is close at hand. \ . A. clear out (a thing). v. s. brassica eruca. a five-franc piece. The Tigris river. Goodly raiment. T. The hornet. The honey-bee. liberally. See JİV. a r w a . vespa. cleanse. î r y i ı e . A. q.

The Persian p l u m . beneficence. y j " . V. liquefy (by large plum. liberality. As . İ. munificent (man). a. become I i r i n l a n m e k . irîiüjâjMnek. bullace (?). T. good. JF ÄRLQIÄTMÄQ. V. neficent. 2. kind (man) . spotless. sower. To gVOW recover health. a. t. (jbjl urliiq» s. p u n . ö r î k e . a. After a little while. lean and thin. 3 . See X. S. I R I T M O K . iff. IIL j\ I R I ı . f ^ i r i m . ashore. İ 1. S. T. a small as for example. To make q. pl. moment. T. A ^ j b 1 A husbandman. prunus. v. a. to melt away. Large-hear tA. K llii (imported t h r o u g h Persia). T.Jİ oı-ldîimök.n i s h î » . i. A few. 1. ^i^Ua&v. S. sofa. A plum . я very let (a solid) melt. S. t o hate. docile. quiet. agricul. bees. P . Oİ4. J ü J f ' j y T h e damson. a . A. £JJ jJ Ah antiquo. (See T . from time of old. \ \ A little. ace (?). . open-handedness. shortly. a bullquantity.1 Out of that category. 2 . a r l m ä q . 1. İ. a r i l m a q . t o b e cured. water. To become pure. become clean or pure. the plum. A little. t. See liLÜS^t emaciated. heat o r moisture). xu. j T j U j ü / i The dried plum of в А . v. See t . Lean.^4. to flag. The plum of the wilderness. v. A few. d. (See cu ji) ^J* little Frank plum. u O 1 i r r î s . itself. ciated (man o r beast). I R Y A N . S. p. t o lose flesh.A b«U's-«ye plum. A prince. s. e. 2. V. 'İ. generosity. t o fuse. erîk-ё. fur. See CLJS^ji farmer. a small number. iy У irin.. v. İ. V. t o lose flesh. reine-claude. A. arıqlıq. öryatai. s j( tu (French). maljce. J ' CS. See «^Л1 t . arig. vulg. throees. spite. throne. A husbandman. farmer. i. S e e а И ness. t h e 1 A. a . To become p. J ^ ı J ' eviz.oJi&jJ made t o become liquid o r fluid b y T. a.. from. To Ье 0Г T. V. s. . illi-jl e r i n m e k . thin. To be Ö. did. a sloe. fir*} or. Large-hearted. greengage. i. S. open-handed. prep. See . thin. spacious.(76) far.y't}^ A wild plum. t. e r i m . munificence. ruler. enthroned (man). v. To make or S . rule. ^ erîsl. An orchard of melting. emaT. T. ^ J o r i k . S . Gentle.i jl a r i q l a m a q .). See f_y) T. a r i s h . s. j r . To g e t well. —r^j*1 i r y a h i y y i t . v. holy. farmer. in a B u k h a r a dried plum. anew. t. t h e time. i. a Be novo. 2. liberal. a small Jlî». S e e 3 > y } T. again. s. where bees abound . X. bed. pl. A short S. T. т a r l g m ä q . a beehive. I R I N . plum-trees. jlAJT a r ı d l l m ä q . İ. j^jT â r î q . A g r u d g e . pl. A. и-и 1 i r i s . i. V. t . J e jT a r i n m a q . vii jlijyi Dried plums. fuse. A short distance. j l j U The soul-plum. sits on a couch o r throne. a . of Couches. ğjT arig. A place for 1. J\ t r i n l â d ı n ı o k . V. Wide. li^jl . bird. s. capacious (thing). To melt (by or let (a m a n or beast) become lean. To gl'OW y) lean and thin. s. Of. to fail. See T. To melt of ^Wl A plum-tree. edness. İ. to pull (him) down.. A. mattresses. sloe. v. 2. л vA^^Lw jl IrııılasluııeX. Leanness. s. j J . a bees'nest. T. 3.or fluid. emaciation. X. b e OV.An unripe plum . İ. liquefy. He w h o turist. etc. s. A husbandman. e r i s h . t o become liquid T. A. i. s. sofas . mattress. Cleanness. A J i r i l i k . . S e e T. emaciate (him). anon. -war. generous. out of. ölc. V. clean or pure. jTj.у^Ы . beds. mot. V. prunes.couch. ў s.1 erimek. reine-claude plum. plum eaten green a n d u n r i p e . wild plum. CÛ^İJİ i r i k l i k . j j j î / .y The cup-plum. a very large •i^OL. İ.

. jblji â*â<m<ı. the direction 5. is not a trilling contree . A little and a half. (from any defect. i. Free many. a little at a time. a little to each. liberate. 2. insignifi. virtuous. a. almost. not worth consideration. A position. I to-'j\'v.). r u d e (usul). i. 2. e. or instance. very nearly. ^ » / л jljT A patent of manumission J f j f j i j T i . s. ^ j 1 izânâ. T. 2.^ p.). etc. covetousness. prison. reticent. Freedom from straight to or from (it). . A setting free. who wishes not to be freed. a few at a time.3^'ji âzâjîq. account. Freedom from slavery. 3. To free. 4. to (a matter. a "leetle". T. pride of sideration. s. a. s. Nobleness of birth ent indicative See y) A. enslaved. To remove. s. JLJLJT Ä Z Ä D I Ä M A Q . of or in another thing).. e. e. ailment. etc. i. $ He s ays little (or. has no ties and no desires. yj}" ji (A man) of few words. station. p. 4. jljT üraâd. two Jfj jT It is a remarkable narrative (attendances and) dismissals per diem.?. To dismiss (scholsubsistance. j'jT uzâd. âzâd. t. Noble but little is left. a fit person. To be t . s. Free or freed (man). A very little. to give (them) a holiday. To Few (in number). 2. who (that so and so had occurred) . T. A very short distance. a. little. Who will not accept to the^ point. î (qirat). or power. manumit (him). 4. 4. t. of noble birth and lineage. J^J^T aseadlanmaq. to give (him) his freedom. untrammeled (man). generous. T . V. a set free. a man equal to be let loose again. 1. set (him) at liberty. s. Free. jS s. Ingenuous. 1. i. liberate. situation. (A bird) not corresponds to (a position. 3. etc. Insignificant. izi. P. sorrow. pl. b u t few are left. free (from sorrow. in character. a short distance is left. pres. the neem-tree. that slavery. p. i . A. IZ. n . taciturn. v.. 2. but he speaks well. few (or) with (a^ thing). i. 5. a . There remains but a little. jbljT äzadiıq. (zır). Nobility of character. äzä. manumit (a The means. let (them) loose. 4. ailment. deed). See y) T. the right man in the right place. . 1. in a single main stem. i. _ _ ^jJfe jT \ . worth keeping when taken. to give (them) a holiday. function. free born . etc. u n is left. The freeJfj jT It. paltry.—h n a s a l . 4. To free (a slave). Greed.j» ( 7 7 ) f a r (ûsmân). (These are) n o t a few men. A. India. 3. lust after wealth Ris freedom. of jrjl Long ars) to play. J âz. w a r (hafız). T. i. e. T cant. 2. office. (given to a freed slave). a moment. i. grown He is mot a man of little account. first person pl.. ji v. good (man). a few to (a thing). A removing jjTjjT By little and little. j ^ j T Little (or) m u c h . JjljT' SzSdigî. e. tSji -b^J^' Lessons twice a day. 1 jljT v. Freedom from T. without forkhe is remarkable man. 2. 2. of jT \ . do away each. t. a short time righteous. t. enfranchize.give (him) his freedom. office. requisites (of slave). 2. liberty. s. vulg. archlike buildings or vaulted roofs. trifling in quantity or degree. There wanted but little incumbered. still seldom speaks).defect. dim. Seldom (in occurrence). very small quantity. J I J V ' The free cypress . 3. only fit An equal. The space opposite and lineage.). 2. A very short time. VojjT azâdsız. of little To dismiss (scholars). machine. etc.j. Unfreed. etc. Szâd-dirâkiıt. jcV» To take t h e little as prison. small. they are a good many. dismissal.). ing. etc. &Тш jT A very little (of any thing). liberty. 2. 3. 4. t. Little. Freedom fi om ties and desires. margossa. or in front (of a thing) . v. causing (it) to go or cease. 4. 3. necessaries. though much (the will for the not enslaved. somewhat. emancipate. to obtain (one's) freedom. meliu azedarachla. A letting loose. great. an analogue. a.

a. annoyannoying. hurting. Whom dıUjTLjl izbândidiik. a committing to memory verbatim. tu (French). szadi. hurtful. A string. or. bird. J b î The Sea of Azof. s. Erroneous for ting (one) pay a visit or call (on J ^ t f . t. in a t u c k l i k e a purse-string.) by heart. a been hurt. s. (in the past). or lowered. y j* ez-ber.. Drawers. 1. sash. Freedom. causing (a thing) to go away or cease. or. v. pan. JU^'tjl iztoandit brigand. teasing. scolded. annoyed. v. (1. etc. to reach F. T. . A. injured. s. j-Aİjl izShir. »jb1 izâri. s. V. hurt. a. teases. n. reprimand (one). so. P. fur. v. >Xij\j\ izâı -dîai. '-^jb1 âzârende. A reprimand. like a pet. J-jty azHrish. t. appear. or band for fastening drawers Downy. a. (a thing). Who or which p. To lessen. recording (a thing). annoys. vexedness . To b e p. A learning (a lesson. P. i3b^ azaq. Afreeman. causing (it) to be written. injuring. jWjT ârâdii. all round the body. n. injuring. İ. met. İ. A. (one). -t-i'ljl Izbandid. tSJ^jljT âzâdmirdî. affliction. quantity. n. s. edness. v. s. woman). V. A. of p. is free from all care and desire. Who О Г to F. Making or letp^ J Î j I j T azâdegı. liberty another)^ (from slavery). free from wordly ties or desires. of Jji Past eterj l j î J j Who or which grieves and nities. i 1-1 ' X pl. T. eternally T jljl azar. etc. war. s. (jljb^ azarlamaq.P. n. s. always. To remove (a thing). V.jIJT izidö-diı. injured. (act or quality). Freedom annoyed . 1. waist-Wrapper. s. «v— j 1 âzâr-reside. of jl*. A hurting. did. Brigandage hurt has reached . to be reduced waist to below the knees or calves. tormenting . ^scolding. breeches. rale. jb^ ızar. I jt jl v. libT. jb' aasar. pantaloons. p. •Jj' ü» 1. of all eternity. or trowsers round the waist. trowsers. A man's wife or family. P. Azof (on the molestation. / erated. q. it works pilose. F. P.A wrap or wrapper (of any kind). «shore. . of a gang of injurious. a. 2. a. < S l İzâie. J->bT azadil. 11. (ҒОГ a thing) A. furry.. A. noying. molested. JbT 5z5i. j \ j \ f i y Who or which hurts or Jjl adv. become less in number. injwres. reprimanded. A azalmaq. J^JjT a z a r l a n m a q . Who or which hurts. A. p. Injuredness . jU'Ь' azaltmaq. or let (one) be scolded. annoyingness. a. p.Hurt. lower. S. molesting..j» 2 S 4 1 ) 2 1 1 2 S ' wr. 4. jljî azâr. afflicts (one's) heart. 1. T. etc. A hurting. J^bb 1 azärlatmäq. ticoat. T. chastity (in man or I alb* v. (78) . izârmendi. jLjl izuâr. Jb Ü. armed robbers. s. Heaps ezebb. prop. »b a garment. hairy. ûtfAtjbT To receive a reprimand. make (it) cease to exist or disP. Free (from ill of ness . Szarmend. s. T. v. any kind). p. hurt. p.1 pl. ••>!/ 5®ade. Continence. or afflicts. . afflictedness . manumitted (slave). afflicted. times without beginnings. P. ever. 2. Injuriousness. V. A writing. Freed. A removing. from worldly ties or desires. W h o s e h e a r t hurts. to be scolded. s. t. reduce.-ıi. from the bosom (not from book). p. t. written. To write (a thing) . yy uar. etc. 2. Jj.rebuke. Who has inscribing. one whieh causes hurt. have (it)izbandnd. To SCOİd. Don). tijb^ nzâri. vexes. pl. to lessen. From the beginning annoys men. л Л ^ Izâr-toend. torments.) S A bandit. vexed. Injuredp. ОЦд^Ь' SzSr-resân. pants. V. cruel. j^j'jT Szud-merd. A. ' j l or varieties of flowers. 3. To make î. T. chized. an. pl. a. t. from t h e or degree. extending. By heart (known). 1 a. who has experienced annoyance.

etc. v. s. ^ . . Proper. d. To make A mating together.) b y heart. 1. 2. etc. j U JIJJI v.i ^ i (batız). riage. a pairing together. A swallowing T. The azarole or untruth (to one). Y j\ EZBER. so as to cause (over a loan lent) . temning. only. P. T. r IjJj' izdlwäj. scarcity.) be got t. JWJJI izaijâr. î (qırat). V. 1. p. bedecked. in couples. 2. & S. despising (one). led astray. A sowing seed for one's self^ X JljJj'î' â/. to be spoilt (morally). A (wolf's. t. s. To lose. a. holding it up p. 3. for A quality). t. To make (a small quarrel. -JJİ âzdek. of jl Rather ed by the diacritical point or points little. İ. Famine. or let (a thing) be crushed (by r j J To teach a lesson of another). to each other . V. 1 .) by heart. azjiq. izdimâm.fol'jL'jl A . fy. P. high. v. I fL-sjl v. etc. See J ^ j f _ _ the alphabet. S. n. as written). got and learnt by heart. s. y j 1 . V. To make one another. To grow. pl. refraining. increase. . reproving (one). to make (him) saucy or vicious. of £ jl Long phrases). To get. 2. n. T o b e . pressing . or degree of A. 2. 2. A holding up one's nose in drought. T . 4. azja. v. dearth of provisions. S. for jUfjl 1. T. for jL'jl 'I. n. W izaiırä. Broad across the shoulders.) become serious T. j l ezber m. A jJjl izdira'.j^To learn (a-lesson. v. rude 'l ' (usul). to tell (him) what service tree and fruit. augment. 2. A con. 1. azttmaq. to (a thing). A . for j L j ' A . A being in pairs of the archlike buildings or roofs same fundamental shape (letters of T. A listening A. 7г[. a. distinguishT. number. tinged. T o and violent. A. To crowd. etc. n. press. n. t .) by heart. «ji Szde. J j ^ j l By heart. usury. to learn (a lesson. jlojl n nasal. p. w a r .) by heart. A s P. flbj 1 izdiqäm. V. 2. T o b e etc. csjjI izdif. pecked (with some A chiding and checking (one) with pointed instrument). and conforming to such a checking An augmenting. ezberlâtmek. removing. 3. to say. (]. To lead (one) astray (morally). V. to come A _A. ( 79 ) * £ JL Л(zır). A tak(crowd's) pressing together close and ing or receiving an augmentation in great numbers. izdihSm. sound or i n spelling (words or a. pl. etc. j-jjjl^jl To say. t. Tl. V. paying a visit or call. fitting. growing voice. growth. 4.) To work at learning (a lesson. causing to go or cease. in archlike building or roof. 2. s. A. or let (a man) act wrong or fall into coupling.being or becoming adorned. for 1. marway). (in quantity. V. 11. V. i. ezdcr. inconvenience.) in its mouth. V. prohibiting. for JL'jl A fit. v. A. j\>1 izâlen. being or vicious deeds. for l/jl 1. etc. Pricked : picked .) seizing and carrying of (a lamb. increasing. V. To make by heart. V. See -'jjjl commit (it) to memory. a. To spoil (a child) by over-kindness. make or let (a lesson. V. Dyed. v. blaming. .Jjl izdlyâr. _) > A. A l o n g one another in a pair or pairs.dîrıJmâ 4 . pride. шасЬше. öUfjl ezberlemek. / J İ ezberlanmek. interest. p. for ^yj' 1. A marrying. to get by heart. t j-. A sowing seed. A>j\ ezbe. recite (a lesson. worthy. a crowding. J ^ j j j I ezdirmek. 2. A A jljjl izdiySn. v. visiting.х* j i l J L îâr (asman). 11. i. azdiriuaq. п. somewhat few. s. t . A wart. CI. 11. 3. s. âzâj. dim. embellishment. the voice. See •».JL__IZBE. T. n.J» . embellished . etc. a crowd. a. T. İ. A. increase. 7-jl ezâj. together in a crowd. suitable. J-Jjl izdiyil. with or let (a beast) go astray. miss (one's becoming married as a couple . swallowing (it) down. (vulg. A being like A. jtajl Izdiyâd. matrimony.

2. of J ^ j Whole excite (people) to mutual exaspera. etc. j j j l ü Name of one of the lines on the " C u p of j e m » i a " . A frightening with a cry. Excessive fierceness. Hurt at heart. pZ. s. t y izlk. allevs (in towns). like skirts. «.f T. suffering. cerulean. T. depravity. T o A. Little by little. AJJÎ I Z K I . unbounded. ttSBurftellk. r.). n. A hasting. n. f o r Jj' q. 1. jjT âzîq. ferociousness. To frighten (one) with a cry. P. A OİSj' Izkyan. tyrannized over. n. tfU (French). decorous.skins used as bottles or receptacles. s. modest. A. An approaching. See T. snubbed. A budging along quickly. 2./ âirtircli-dil. T A>*ul«hmaq. İ. . dispatch off hand. mad. v. Well-conducted. i. of jj Buttons. 1 A. a. 2. giving trouble. 1. $.falcon. 1. or honour. TTZTRE. s. Excessively fierce and wild. A. V. n. . p. A sense of delicacy. Jc'Ujjl ä^ırganmaq. Aijl iziqqä. n. P. Sl ing. ут-уУ Â Z I R M . of J k j Streets. j a See ^ijT T. Blind by reason of a bluish opacity over the pupil of the eye. I. Jarge aprons. n. t. 3. \ . p. Excessive wickedness. e.»j/ a . the flank over the hip. annoyance (borne). shame. miserly. j. 1. 2. jtejl I Z Q S Q . Help. Mildness. 3. See ji^ijT t . Stray. depraved. A. jjl âser. I j . See t . A. illxijl ezfenduk.. 2. lanes. assistance. A making or letting (a beast) go along quickly. O. out of the road. To make or let (two) quarrel violently. İ. P. affliction. Little by little. An afflicting I E>jl v. As JJjjT. v. coming (in space or time). The quality of being astray. An explain. v. n. v. 4 . To kill. which is n e a r . e. v. v. To be stingy. v. S. or. A hawk. madness. J j l «W-f. going along at a quick pace. i . the future state. to give stingily. ©*r. crushed. Name of the father of Abraham. fur. 4. t. a. Bright (spәar-head. Excessively wicked or disobedient. s. A. a . pl. s. V ciWjl v. annoyed. rebellious. (him) a cold. 2. grow exasperated. ferocious. sorrowful. A.'zkyii. jjjl ÂJ The blue cupola. A rousing. t. / a rainbow.Л ( 8 0 ) t c&l rube. (Jkji izfâf. annoying. astray. s. pl. consideration of manner. V İ. sweetness. the last judgment. n. 3. ^ » j î azıqjı. rheum. The back. pl. J. 1 . but Worn all round the body like skirts. gentle-mannered. v. u ^ â ^ n . of Waistwrappers. vjT 4вёг. r i z ' i j . A finding water w h e n digging a well. 3. aesâr. To rouse.»*. J â z t t r a i g t . and making (one) jump. 2. Hurt (in any way). not to leave quiet. 3. A conducting (a bride) home "(to her husband) in state (on occasion of a marriage). To mutually A. A. 'J\xij\ 5 z f i n d 5 k . adv. To quarrel violently (by words or blows). 5. or. See miking (one) get up. izkum. t . j i ^ j î äzgınlıq. pl. v. The rainbow. a. 1. Blue (in colour). T tion with each other. jWjl iz'âti. heavens. (j . Jc'jl Mishmaq. not leaving (one) quiet. Strength. T. to bother. below the rib. t. dispatching (him) at once. A. offended. i. s. Clear (water). a. decorum. T. out of bounds 2. on the spot. s. To (one) with a cold in the head. t . t . t h e sky. I . firmament. Excessiveness. V. from the waist to near the ankles. That which is to come. A disquietA. a . p. prop. s. j ^ j . axure. JJ* û««r. the resurrection. t. 2. A . fjjî azerm. s. A killing (one) ffejl v. V. T. 2. a. running. by degrees. A. wy=jı asegm. To give (one) a cold. P. VUİg. The quality of having been hurt (in any w a y ) . and catarrh.J Â . 3. A. i. disobedience . T. death. azgın. T. ill-treated. of Waistwrappers like aprons. J'j-tİj' uzlvlicWrmaq. A little to each or from each. J ^ J O ^ J S azgashclirtoaq. decorum. s. V. I jWji v. gentleness. {Jjj^ «wrâq. v. iJUjl iz'af. Excessive. drawing near. 1.s'.J^J* azıqlanmäq. S. See э Ц ^ т.

k m e k . all future time. V. p l . a. JJL ezeii. j>.and threaten to overflow. j b ^ T o be few in n u m b e r . (literally or figuratively). ü4jS oaııiân. 2. Jjl e>x&l.2 £5(qicnS). of o'j Times. or most lawful. overgrown. To leave or end. izm a r i d . s. pound. bruise x p e r i e n c i n g . JÜSJ! I E U ı I T T . experiencing (something). 1. 2. W h o or which time without a beginning. See^ÄjVj) T. J / j l leglı. p. To deem tyrannized over and crushed to the (a thing) too little in quantity or ground. experience. most. J . äzmend. triturate. biting years of famine. pl. resulting rightly. n u c b lIa e . b e s t . p. a. 4İjUj\ 1ипалу)ц. (For ing small in quantity or number. З1*^ o«ı»âq. tic of its kind. t . V. The quality of be. saints. s. experiencedness. J i 1 <Wyâ. pl. (For a. etc. to become monstrous. T. knowing (a T. A collecting (a outrageously. İ. See T. t . t. 2» Trampled u n d e r foot. A g u e i e m g or inferring temporary stream of water. 6. has done an action or become in a J' ö* From all past time to state called q. J^-jl a a l m a q . A. experienced (this or that) A .Times. anomalously. t . j f j \ EEGITT. p l . S. T. One w h o tries. s. v. A b r i n g i n g the proper path of conduct and act (a thing) near. '->yf\ azmQde. s. râmin. 3. 2. See seminis. A. of O . An understandT. CUjl Azâlmek. а^лаву.T Лгп. Al^jl ezmlne. J\jT P a s t eternity. ^Xjl ©zlärn. See crush. T. A trying. CL. More. without a beginning in time. W h o or which has been tried. v . S. The quality seasons. divining-arrows. to become very serious and paucity. j s. V. pl. (For a man or animal) t h i n g or things). J t 1 / azaltmaq. T.^ Is there any paucity of ö F o r one's dream to become men? lascivious. A tune hummed to one's self. To T. ->W t ^ / f . гВве (Uüäl). oVi* «zmâyî. 35 1 5 I s I — i u g something to (a person). or azerole. i. v. ed. У ozöliyyet. îSjl E Z K L Y  . p. to reduce to poverty or abject T. A song s u n g . to go thing) to grow enormously and erless. number A. A. A kind of medlar a t r i a l . V. i. i ^ i t . a.1ч]1. proved. bray. S. t . s. v. dangerous. âzmâyisn. See the damming up of one. (2iry. oUj\  Z I M  T . a. s. more seasons. 5. Eternal in the past. See Чз* A . Relatively giganmore or most abundant. p l . (For a river) to rise in its bed T. t. To Crush. W h o has tried proves. 2. without b e g i n n i n g T. Experiencedeternal as to the past. s. enormous. the road and go astray. years. JXjl IZLÂF. gee л (him) understand. âzma. from an overflow of a river. 1. a. lusting eternal in the future (a title of after wealth or power. v. P. 1. S. past eternalness. of jlj Arabian unmanageable. pl. a. The quality of T . an experiment. experiences (so and so). s . e««U 3. righteous (men) . a. s. ijr'j^ azliq. a. — n Паяа1. very profitable. dttJjl i z e i i i i k . Crushed. virtuous.. smashed. with involuntary emissio T. p. of o'i Times. A. t. . of Severe 2. An artificial or thing) 3. comprehending. n. bruise. more or most p u r e . proved. Greedy. ness. A. headless and feath. so as to require ablution. better. fBr 1 1 ( 81 ) ^jf 5 <Пала). anything) to assume alarming proportions. t s V j j j J Eternal in the past and P.« 1 (gtera&n). God). proving. ) of that which is p. s. ) i n g . A. See oüjjl weakness. ıjl*jl TEMAN. İ. or known by experience. 1. . become furious and A. ^ U j T v. 2. TJ A. making T. threatening. IZIIVMEK. To be crushed T. covetous. To leave A . i . JVJT azmAdegi. a. CUjI ezlimek. of J J Good. or from T . seasons.

aversion. met. pairs. gloves. £jT âzig. T. s. v.heart. | C . white. the sun and t._ fern. (Men's) v. S To get the bit on to the p. tû (French). a crusher (in the future). monstrosity. things which Food for beasts. CU'jl ©zinmeK. with sugar. s. of £ ) j and of of provisions. a. The Swiss nation. severe.. i. Ally tiling to . ezlmrne. n. sinking. F. w a r . V. 2. . esinti. p. jUjl. See fjijl A. s. ^vf. s. t. bright. CAj' Izzlyyân. embellished. ijljji äzway. Ferocious. bird.. >_jl ezîz. S. cuttings. See JJÎ Nicasa of the encaustic tiles. the azinsımäq. (styled) Mothers of the Muslims. jijjt I Z Y Â N . so. prop. izwaj. fjl. izmlr. Shining. Furnished I The gulf of Nicomedia. ment. azı. ment. from T . obese. Â Z I ı Û . S 1 . etc. ^ j T JUS A monstrous fish. supplies of eatables. The bay of Smyrna. Flowers. t. shoes. wild-boar. picked. azu. e. T. Smyrna. Nicasa (com. to take the bit between his teeth T . An instrument T. Trial. s. s. I Z M I D . s. IL. p. ^jTjl ezıtıdı. P. §r S. lamamulet). S e e ^PJJL for crushing. decoration.JT ÂZÎÎQÂ. e. Crushed. a decorating. oy/\ Szmun. Pricked. fodder. Stout. T. s. 1. Greedy. An prop. fainting sensation man. Â Z I ı I .with teeth or tusks. stores a. Aloes (the drug). eab. See Nicomedia. food. etc. as. j f t Infidel's Smyrna). pan. czhereyn. disastrous (year). joined root to root. proof. A tusked pig. eatable. jjLbj )j\ The molar teeth in man ornamentation. n. a. ezher.ezhar. prop. corpulent. q. T. 1. lusting L P. pair with others in couples. T. shout. T.ore. S. Nicomedia. a. of . prop. jjyl azver. П. J j / uzüq. s. jjJ^ 5zur. Canine (tooth). etc. regions of the stomach and heart. fainting sensation about the n. ezneto. A cry. t. pounded.ü y f 9 4 ( 8 2 ) ı ( far. pl. this is set in gold or silver. T. ÛZÂNGI. т. i. S. pl. F. An ornamenttiles being made there). of f\*j Leading-reins or ropes by which beasts are led. 2.jT (Also for derivatives). molar teeth. T. a dried juice of the Socotrine aloe. J^'u-. Fellows. an over grown grey mullet. Erroneous for -uijjT.jT T. Prunings of trees. âzakö. husbands. J* 'j' T. and so become unmanageable. A tusk (of a boar. T. Switzerland. 1. spouses. bitter. eat. fair. vulg. did. s. i.. an edible paste. monly called ^ ' j l j ü ^ cuiniii-lzniq. of feel faint. d . f u r . becoming ornamented. p. supplies of food. A SwİSS unpleasant. A molar tooth.jj 1 İzvlcherâli. s. which. 2. J^-'jl azäjıq. v. j»jl The two bright ones. To feel a A. embellishor beast. (Vul. s. (for a saddle horse) abhorrence. ) after wealth or power. a. AIJ. îzvıclıör. entation. Monstrous. . essay. sinking. Crushed almonds. prop. 3. i n cakes or pellets. from such A . covetous. 2. the t u n n y . ^ 1 . *»jl azma. ezojök. a furious garly. experiment. (Women's) mates. j A boar's tusk (two of P. n. vulg.j ç J j j l The wives of the apostle of God. u z u m . s. СЬ. 'j^lJjl ızviclıora. îzmıd. clippings. ezme. 1. to A. toppings. dual оЫ. wail. ing. dislike. (З^ Iznlqı. fat. forage. äzıde. Biting. s. aboutёН-Д stomach andV. n. JuÄjl iznlkmld. spouses.). provisions. a.IJT âzî. i S ' j j f "^""J T. a. a. S. A being or 2. rule. See \y. S. âzâg. 2. and hung on a horse's chest as an p. Disgust. T. p. O^lol^l-üil J j .moon. See A. JJJL Provisions. form a pecked with a sharp-pointed instrucrescent. A. wives. s. etc.

well-grown. tranquillizplaster. AjT âzhend. of i Hair (of abhorrence. J\ 4ZIKIÎIT. ^ u î âsâfa. sorp. u-U A foundation. aversion. üziıirsk. p. Quieting. A. A noise. J l i / AZIQIIQ. etc.t'oLJ/i'^jJ He who honours (him) up.Physicians. beautiful. Gravity. tranquillity. surgeons. Like.. p. r u d e (usul). a cjmfort. Quiet. 2.1-. s. Out of pi'OVİSions or forage . p. J s. etc. a cry. S. S. leeches. s. 1. 2. a. bruisedness. 2. T. a dragon. s. a cry. p. stock. s. for 1. A. . ^fl uss. cultivation. love me. cuttings. examples (men or things). T. . A origin. ease. L-Tjj 1. I Z H I N C . Jlbjjj1 ezudernân. azıqsız. (a beast) forage. l~t âsâ. s. To give (a person) voice. Well off. handsome food or forage. ( 83. machine. ı (qlrut). ^juü'I j l c ^ l The fig. azhtkh.(of disease or hurts). P. Siberia. A country like paradise. See ^ J T. Provisions for a journey. Ul ISÂ. ter. P. pl. of ^ .iqlanmaq. s. 2. Tranquillizing to the heart. foot (on which a thing _ stands or is built). Grief. »j^ ezhe. s. e. — i» ıb-^ АУ. Jb^ijT aziqjiiiq. stucco spread on walls. 2. s. EZIK. t. U esa. similar. trakhan (on the Volga). Patterns. Any sign of the To give (a person) provisions. tranquil. . o f p. s. İ.} fur (aımûn). fodderlessness. basis. 1. man. A. Tranquil at heart. 1.. Crushed. 3. s. models. p. 2. lake. is. T. A wrinkle. 3. wind. 2. (zır). j Ş i ş ^ The ermine country. S. vigilant. s. Ground corn. 1 . ЛД âzu. A. aztiir. j^jl ezlıâfch. S. ci(sT . the myrtle. A gape (from 2. s. agreeable. 2 . s. 2. A pond. house. To the master throws a bone to his dog. p. Pruııings of trees. resembling. s. f o r ^ . A myrtle . X. T. Treatment p. water. An ermine. awake. Gum (in the eves). The ermine. In one's right A. charitable. Ready. ^ I J l j J ı Possessed of mane a n d To obtain the means of a livelihood. doctors. (Termination p. A SUttloi'. a nosebag. X. 1. prop. A thing special for provisions or forage . V. to set cattle. t. s. 2.^ .the power of a term). t h e owner of Bruised and squashed (fruit) from which will not eat i t . exemplars. p. ^ j J J j u j 1 a z ı q l a n d ı r m a q . repose. of compounds). prepared. 2. A root. i . s. i . V LT nasal. eziider. s. A person. etc. a. i. A"mill (hand. e. Rest. to give human presence. 2. aziqji. shout. dignity. The quality or occupation of a suttler or forager. for .. mas~ . a bag or wallet. Disgust. UjjjT ^ z h d i m ä . j^jjî äznäg. T. S. T. Supplied with w i n g s . Szhâkh. a place abounding in forage. name of a carriage. clippings. У^1 Ў1 aziq li. . a. A great ser. is. grist. A forager. X. s. i. as. Foodlessness. i. sound. foodless .). p. possessor. CT senses. 3. t h e ermine (of the skin of which furs are made). w î r (tıafız). 5zbir. pl. kind man or being.t pl. in mind. 1 . As. i pent. source (of any thing). overripeness. l»jjl ezhdeha. ing. such as a sound. _ T. or crease of the skin (from any cause). pl. Hospitable. dislike pubes). ^ ÂS.T22 3 2 3 *Л X. s. obtain a supply of food or forage. sound. '-T a «a. p. ^лЛ 1. \. An owner. row. love my dog. base. J-Î AS. The state of variety of the fig. loppings. s. 1. 0>. A noise. S. domestic th^ means of a livelihood. easy p. living in and strong (man). e.. showing wart. V. A. sleepiness). Jij An index (in algebra. 2. Lime. (1. n. 3. ^»^„j! aJ-. visa. etc. A steel pick used for pecking and sharpening millstones. Szhîg.. fold. âzneng. See tftjJjl p. fodderless. p. mortar. s. P . s. AiJy^o. crushedness. body. Ы isâ. ^ J t ü l Possessed of kindness. Mud. shout. i3J>-i jl aziqsiziiq.

with which a thing is bound. run. of 1. regret.. „3 r . See cJUl A Obl usat. v. Lions. (Aman's) features^ and habits. A. X J U osarîr. t. 2. p l . pl. etc. face. pl. . »İ"U e s i t i z i . urging. wrinkles. (Jjl—' ö s i r â . residues. A. A Ü U E S U Q K C .J. ıı. / craftsmen who work with iron tools . 3. To bind. pl. Ü. esuk-Ife. etc. A. Ijl-Л i s S r â . of pl. 1 JJU v. vituperations. ^ J A bond. esStoi*. thong. u s İ r ä . Chiefs (of a people). taking (him) prisoner. A region of poor land. impelling (a thing) from behind.. sorrow. etc. noble and plebeian. 2. of A . A driving. 2. fashions. tu.U ( 84 ) * h r . A. ıı. earth. A frame. A . pl. structure. 2. v. Middles. / S. small creases on the skin. the tag-rag and bob-tail. A. A doing ill or wrong. s. A fundamental principle (of a system. insults. S. the mob. CJLİ isâ'et. of j K . J ul i s ' i i . V. prisoners of Avar. of ^ Physicians. essentials (of matters). . A corrupting. s.M-ı ISITLN. foot (on which a thing stands or is built). A. A.U1 i s a b i l . u s a r â . A. "wet*. Fundamental (law. \s. v. 11. a. ^-U I S  S . 3. manners. 2 4 i 1 1 r 2 fi r fu A. band. pl. brick. pl. A. Is. A foundation. pl. Beauties. 2. _ A . run. A binding (a thing) with a bond. of it-l MaSA. J U . V. ^-JU esilxb. ^ij^lJUjUI Fabulous tales of the men of old. s. beautiful features of a face or cheeks. basis. A. Grief. did. of А^Ь-Л 1. ıı. A making (one) a captive. The lowest (of any things). ^ЬЫ i ş i t i r . The lower or lowest parts (of things.LrU eşitiz. bodies (of things). teachers.s. of Ways. T. presbyters.). from A. v^UI isatoîto. spoiling (a thing). for .). palms. A. j Christian bishops. 1. for J. pl.) flow. A. marring. etc. pl. of 1. s. L To make or let (water. of —»1 Weeks. ıı. 2. artificers. methods. J U \ I S  R . pl. stories. 1_сзЫ i s İ q ı f . . (j—1 1 . A leaving (a thing) without care or protection to itself.. making (him) a slave (as a natural consequence). narratives. artisans. b i3 d . Brave men. S. . JiUlj Jfcl High and low. art. AİUİ i s i q ä . of j ^ ' i 0Г of Sentences of rhymed prose.W»I. J. A.). A. Columns. A. A. j ters. A. pl. 2.3 ashore. ^ U j y t e The fundamental code of laws. of for J j ^ l Stables. doing or making (it) badly. P. of J U \ . A. A. slaves. pl.?. of Captives. of jj-» Remains. computation. characteristics. j es'är. gratifying (him). counting. To make captive. of .uU isSme. carpenters and shoemakers. OJJUL E S I R I N . S. folk-lore. rope. s.^-U I S  S I . \. building. A complying with the request of (a person). A making or letting (water. The plant asarabaccaj arasurn europmum. iJ^Ul i s S k i f . of Reviling words. J i U esafxi. . etc. s. 1u l e . leavings (of food. . A . or stone). or science). > U i ş i t i m . An account. The legs (of quadrupeds). Main points. jU( â s â r . ^U j s u l The rabble. 11. a list. prisoners . leeches. of jj-l Captives.J^i-l Tales. 2. surgeons.(French). Calculation. A. n. S. etc. pl. acting badly. pl. pillars (of wood. 2. JUL Is5r. or of a thing). u?'—' 1 . 2. especially. o i U i s i f i t . a. s. 1. A. i remainders. лН-l i s i i o . adepts . S. ) S. the scum of mankind. p. A.l HandiA.) flow. Lines. heroes. 'ji-l . doctors. forehead..U>I . s. pl. T. slaves newly brought from abroad as prisoners of war.î ä s i ı . pl. pl. i s İ j ı ' S. of A-I 1. 1 jUl v. legends. APU i s i ' â . base. pl. 2. chain. professors (of any trade. J ' . 1. »jl-l İ s İ r i . so. the constitution (of Sultan Abd ul Hamid). AUİ isä'e. Servitude. s. s. nosing. v. s. A. A. forms. p a n . S. A. A. âsâd. main bodies. A list of names. met. pl. V. catalogue.

«Jjîl trate of a district (in Hungary). of sy~ Bracelets. med. n.. esbâb. pl. easy to do or (a garment. Hawser-laid (rope). A making p. pl. with an Arabian A. a half. s.I v. . insult. rials. cavalry or mufflers of a gauzy texture. bodies. s. A. of ^ Yery grieved.tion. S. a n d long. An borne on a muster-roll. A. sew(bv which all events occur). (See A. 2. skirt. also.1. More. tence the secondary causes and means F. -wîtr (Äafı»). . lists or batches of names.I ISTO. s. Persian princes. hanging down. jliUÎ Ä S Ä M I Q . ease.-1 I. t. a period of seven days. n. 1 . dispatch. pl. s. ^ ^ He wTho calls into exisF. 1 . S. A being. j U a . who charges p. A. easy. Erroneous for ^ q . 3. household goods. 2 . anterior a n d preceding. necessaries. former. Corporeal forms. 2. sorrowing. i j U usuvet. esbün. i. or being attacked Names. i. of J B L Attributions (of things) to authors or re. intermediary 1 A ^ . The tribes of Israel. an item.BE. s . Clothes. c p l v ^ l esfe-efgcn. Л-'UL I S Â N I D . rushes on horseback.22 ! ( 85 ) (яг). muster-roll. ample. i . of U-l pL ofabounding with. w**! esb-tHz. 3. etc. a. champions. most. J^R-L -usbik'. dress. s. s.. . ease. complete. yiA^Ul esiraıeii. pl.) be borne. ample. etc. t . etc. etc. v. 2. A miller. reviling word or phrase. л ^ ! A s b â b e . Marline. isbâg. p. hair.). O n e easily captured. s. jj-J The late and the (or an) To be tranquil. by a messenger). 2. p l . t. v. A week. a .with marline. hair of the pubes. pl. X 2X (usul). r e s t . s. 1. (a veil. ) S. w h o T. porters. rude 1 1 2 2 .-ıû. of Veils A . A making (a gift. Mate. A. ajade. One w h o throws down and overturns horses.). esbâb. ü. b . 4. a. 1. 2 . s. of 1..jUU ? far f&Sm&n).pl. s.Stakes.. i U esbât. knights. beasts of prey. ing-twine. A. of Persia. A whip or spur with which a horse armlets (in quantities or sorts). s. e. v. for A. One who makes A. Easily taken. One erals. A fallA . a vituperaA horse-carcase . s. JR-I osimq. 1. machine. A spasm. dent. 2. 5. A. a. p. anteprecedent (minister. A sorry horse. 2. or doing something with or about seven or seventy. anteprecetranquillity. A (man's) name. Mayor or magisT. S. P. raiment. BUL eskyk. 2. \ j. . ©sâvir. i JL-I v. Treatment. bodies To loose. requisites. F. j U âsây. God. pl. Л Ы ĞsbHq. by. 2. To send. a. F. 2. üL-T âs-bân. 1. p. ) aliers. jU-1 ispan. i . n. Tent-ropes. 1 î 2 . p. n n a s a l . a. JJL-L ÖSÂVIA. letting down ical treatment. 2. e s i v i f . (A man) becoming. Easiness. s. fattier. ^уЛ T h e P. A. ж (qıı-at). p. i . v. a. quiet. A. pl. ispâguiâ. genP. See UÎ P. cavA. garments.) full. pl. s. leaders. wagers. Lightness. quiet. A1>-jU-1 ispareiıinâ. enrolled. ösb-engız. 1 . S. etc. Causes. e.dispatching (a man or thing. Of A. A horse. whilome. ^ s. A sending. pl. sometime. 2. HsUyisti. A. inscribed in a children. 3. Easy. a. bred. s. A. is stimulated. s. reasons. pl. not difficult. ing down. of v-^.. Lessons (learnt for school). Troops. (ofA.<\J\ v. . GrandA muster-roll. of 1 . The A. âsân-gir. Things. with his horse. V_JULİ A knight (at chess). 2. of-Ц. j ease. A. t / U esâmi. who excites his horse to a rush. JL-I isbal. let down. Ispazmos. To rest. repose. his horse run. p. i. VJUI . To serve (a rope) things. 2. facile. > Horsemen. JUT â s â n i . mongrel horse. \ esp. VJL-L ösâvi. A loosing. full. facility. 1. isbâ'. sorrowful (men). pl. vulg.1. of pl.J U . \. Repose. 3. very s. or amount of pay. Means. Twine.

s. sperm. uspush. xspehsülSr. v. espe. 2. The anus.о .I i^pifchiii. The Spaniards. pres. A groom. est). bane. the German). commander of troops. forces.l ispiyash. or. As j . W h i t e . Contr. spirits of lupus (T. medicago saliva. A finch. A Spaniard. mastage. ispirto. Ц 51 \ low). of barge. ispanej. p. the provinces when they come t o p. a horseman. A (for the sick). F. T. dim. yellow berries. ıspanukb. A horse-stealer. P. »ilxjJ i s p e n d i k . I'. X. s. s. Sweet basil. s. ispld. pan. splen. berries of p. small tax imposed on tributaries from ^•Ş* . JjU-l i s p i v i i . iVUJ İ s p a n a k . of an arshin. or . s. A Turkish inch. See 4İ>uJ swine. F. i X. jcjJ* T. i. П. s. The T. 2. ölÄH i s p e n j i k . i s p i r . rule. through pterocles bicinetus. T. buttocks.J1^*1' ispanaq. J J A . V. prop. Fleabane. . Pasturage-tax on T. s. spinacia oleP. vl—l i s t . plantago • F. bottom. hippodrome. J-J-l espıl. puFinished. i ^ j . A soldier. The sand-grouse.i s p i h b i d . plantago psyllium. i s p â n i y â . sing. S. p. apothecary. cçJ ispi.The latter part. s. As jrj^ . See iL'Ul ish. ft. Poll-tax on r i o r . 2.'-ı. Ь . S. The herb flearac. pediculus. 1 Va inches English. tetrao alchata. T wine. (See 2. a race. ispir. s. u-ur1>^pyj-"' v. ispitâliyâ. a Chris(j>l ^ l y j J Sperm-oil. . i. P. tian groom or stable-man. jjj-l ûspûrz. p i r i s h . did. The spleen. s. wart . prop. Is. q. ispoh. from »Ы. i s p i r i . duced with indigo and yellow berries. SpİnP. \. Spirit. s. buckler. cailed also A. j y L l ispâgâı. proT. S. n. chemist. i s F. Aı^J-'U»! i s p a n i y o l j â . p. JU-I I S P A N A Q . the hobby falcon. s. gt-l isp. An t . The Zendacourse.j b W ' H i e p e n c h i y a r l i q .1 P. medick. Spİnage. s. isjpinos. ^çjj-jjb.i d . er. A louse. S. s. . troops. third pers. f o r A. captain. / a plain. 2. pl. P. лаН i s p ö n j i . s. isporisp. labrax q. art and profession of an apothecary. nus amydalinus. / ral. ispiiatâ. i i s p i r i . S. P. «W ispän. T.\ Invisible green-dye. S. T h e p. Ispermâchöt. }nabina (?)• P. m u t i n g Constantinople t o work or trade. s. a A shield. t h e Spanish language. p. See j^L'U. Jy-J**^ ispinoz» >net. P jAj-' i s p e m e m . p isperiz. vesta (of Zoroaster). Any sweet herb. 1.1 İspanak.s u ( 86 ) Ы fer. . plantago ispaghula. Ы 1. Spanish nation. or. (Jj-Л i s p e r e m . of Jj-I 1. Is (Lat. 'JJ^ l i v r i k ) . usually written physician). An open space. Dung. so. s. S.j. т. s. A P. Hence the French word shire.I ispâniyoi. 1. ' Spanish method or custom. T. licaria vulgaris. See 'yj^ t . chemist's. The r u m p . fringilla canocymum basilicum. knight. s. done. ispini. met. a. as F. ) S. ^jjt» J j J U l A Spanish woman. jj^-l iepöriz. s. j slaves when first a r m y . Persian berries (used for dyeing yelA geneP. French berries. i s p ö . pulicaria vulgaris. Ы i s t i . Spain. ғ. 1st. A peculiar kind 2. about P. V. p. p . i. i s p i r i k .. aceti. s. (Vulg. hypotriorchis subbuteo. Lucerne. indicative. -Ц-. gone. (See p. s. -War. 3. A small variety P. SpanT. v. brought t o market from abroad. SpermP. s. fur. q. S. âshore. 5.и Н i s p e r i s . j L f H ispineJıiyâr. bird. j a c h . u s p i s t . psyllium. J j ^ . after part (of a thing). s. lini^pergâm. S. (Slavonic. Utu-I A hospital doctor. A dİSpenS(of a bird). 2 . S. ) s. P. q. . j f c j j t f V I An apothecary's shop. tu (French). P.4 . > s. See T. Erroneous for or young of the bass fish. The hobby (hawk). A hospital the fiscal fifth due to the treasury on all prisoners of war. annihilated. See «mall or p e t shield or buckler.

curtains . A master or (man). (See Ь . ^ij Ы The work of a master. a mistress of her pro. 2 . A lining (of any Ы To finish one's apprentice.). As a Turkish word.or act of a master or teacher. To be an adept (at anything). address. i s t â j . 7 . screens . craft. A shoot. âstâr. Statistics. S. A ped. of Veils. з Ы Astâz. ı (qirui). profession). A (weaver's) bobworkman or workwoman. Not lined. t h e chef (with original material. apprenticeship. like. or equivalent to a captain. To finish one's appren.or done with art or address. and the department in a palace. (zır). a n officer about P. j b t J . 2. t J n s t i . 2. not sitting or lying. a. bin (in a shuttle). a. t~l İsta.) lined (by some ^ Ы ^ A manager of a bath. called also \ . S. Ы A-jf A deputy-warden of a T. pl. (See 8 . ship and Ьесотэ a passed workman. See j t J . trade. A good Made workwoman. clever fession or duties (among women) . u'c» 1 istade. A coarse. q. C . q• v. The state service). ^ The lady superintendent T. 1 ^ 7 ) Î1. bold. p. mistress. i s t i r C I ı E . a proficient. (С---! A head or professed cook. erect: up. T istİklı. dim. teacher. (of any liberal art). Standing. trick. to let (it) be lined with a cloth lining. —11 nasal. j b l i s t i r . craft. Ы j f ş . The quality worker. clever. ustidsiziiq. free and easy (man). a r t . who or which has stopmentsof the great). as p. / it is contracted. that has thread one who has finished his or her wound on it. branch (of a tree). a (thing). i s. other). USTSDSIZ. 5. of T.l ristidiiq. ^ Ь Л uststil. any coverts. head female servant or slave (of any p. dusters. See usta. S. foreman or of one without a teacher. T. forewoman. the lining costs more than t h e ЬЛ ^ . or mistress. Self-taught or trick or science). W h o praises. p. Ы ( 87 ) A master carpenter. without a lining. vıstukiı. any J l ^ j ^ ^jL-l (A thing) of which thing well done or made. A. t h e master. 1. J—Л u s t i d . s . S. ticeship and become a passed artisan. j'jli Ы A lady superintendent of a fit only for linings. ^ . A spark. or ordinary competent T. s. a lauЫ A chief servant whose place dator. A master or mistress saucy. food placed before the Sultan in the T. ^ Ь Л ^ f p . flimsy cotton or linen cloth. A master or P. work of art well done. istatistıq. 4. t. not an apprentice or improv. S. the old Janissaries). etc. for j i y t J v. See j t J (Also. A director. without a master or teacher. s. 3. to a dress. uvaolıXne. mistress. 1. etc. a lady superintendent of a foot.l i t 2 23 1 1 2 2 2 1 „ 1 2 _ f i r (asmän). coverings. young adept at his or her art. A. o f «A"-! equivalent to a captain. ness. trick. professor (of an art T. overseer erness . A passed A. 6. it has several special trade in a large city with many wards.derivatives).woven material. j b b . u The lady taster (of all unlined. (of some businesses). s. jjlTt-i The work of a master. fire. L department in a great man's house1. is not going on. astar sizliq. s. i. a n d works as an P. A little star. A master or mistress (of any art. S. Impudent.2. I S T A . covers. rudo (uaCil). on hold) . a. a spark ^'"T and t-1 singly. or trade. . iu the service of a master p. captain (of the old Janissaries. meanings. v. from which is on the regular establishment. manager. is not advancing. owner (of a business). 1. ^ a s t a r l a t m a q • V. whether a chief. 2. s. Unlinedharem).). wär (bnfız). As t . Stopping.î The cook. A cook of the Janissaries . astarsızı. have (a garment. To of the Sultan's linen. department (in the private establish. mistress (of any domestic or civil t. a.

canon law. F.i. '1. Constantinople. or crucifix (as a Christian emblem). 1. India. J l j ' ^ l astarlamaq. paid for at a higher rate. П. ( 88 ) T.1. prop. s. A threshold (of in their devotions). pl. ^io л. as. e. dropping the initial I. »tJ estin. A star. tu. t.>u. masterhood (in any art or profession). s. J i ' j b ' ' astarlanmaq. etc. Lined with a (cotton or linen) cloth lining. sometimes of gold or silver. wur. Demurrage (of a ship chartered and detained by the charterer). 0 A. 1. P. See t. so. 2. jjK^I LISTÂ-ITYIı-r. The metal furniture and gear of a saddle-horse. n. s. 1 2 1 1 2 3 did. istixıkyuy. called region where any thing abounds. (seç TTtv KSv) P . prop. The threshold of the Sultan's palace . scomber. i. 1 . CI. A kind of p. Done.X A Hindistan. The a door or gate). and two shoulders. imA. 3. usLul i s t i b i ' â . Astasiz. A cross s. П. to which all petitions are addressed). the highlands of Persia. A cotton or linen cloth specially destined for linings.. T.ji^s A second. Constantinople. 1 .deeming (a thing) permissible by Ot-ic. trachurus (Forsk). b y eastern Christians p. See motion to the forehead. n. p. V.. Jj-'i-l i The canon-law judge of i. v. e. i. a masterstroke. s. n. mastership. bird. A lobster. Jl*jî. homarus vulgaris. A masterpiece. s. Ani. See ^i^-jt—l т. mastery. A country or sometimes weighing 250 lbs. A cross (made with the hand in t . s. s. 2. T. Persia. bottoms. season of cold. A time or season . JCC-Л I S T I N Ö .t~î The threshold (which is) the nest of high station i.). T. r u l e . further period of demurrage. his capital. 2.ı. S b ^ astarlı**. the city of Constantinople (as distinct from the suburbs). 2. A lying supine village of Istavros (on the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus. An asking. s. An act of (Used as a termination only. the Sultan's threshold or court. s. The unlucky moments or conjunctures of a life as mackerel. 0~-\ i s t i n . Barbaria. V.a rocky region. of 1. Stancho. his capital. Jjr-^-t îstâmtoöı. tsŞ^iJ. perial threshold (of the Sultan. Constantinople. Rumps. Constantinople proper. 0 i-So} Firengistan. . prop.1 /Constantinople proper. tainous region in the Caucasus. prop. also ^xifjj^ (Greek d'pxuvo? the ork?). S. V.jjb-l A large kind of tunny. met. İ. the Sultan's threshold or court. â«»tâsızxîq. istavros. 2. jt_*j winter.-1Q. 0 Arabia . ^ i U ıstaqos. breast. summer. Europe and America. \ .) with a cloth lining. clever (work of art. the Court. after parts (of things). T. e. n.^jh-T I 2 S 4 1 far. calculated by astrologers in a nativity. istitoİlıât. etc. proficiency. <CLiîo. (For a garment) to be or become lined with a cloth lining. о ^ Ы istävrit. t . p. s. lstAı-Л. 2. b î The threshold of elevation or high station i. astarlı. ashore. pan. a. 1. T.5'c-i ustiiiq. s. executed -in a masterlike style . to put a lining to (it). S. (Name of an old office at the Treasury). The quality of a master or mistress. t. in the Arabian view. O'^b a moun. the city at the gate of his palace.» i s t i n b i i . 11Ы istaiiyii. For (a cloth) to be or ^become flimsy like a lining. A threshold (of a door or gate). . any thing well done or made. 2. 3. in compounds. (See 2. as. To line (a garment. Jjjt-I The fief of Constantinople proper. 0^1 i s t i n . 2. a holding (it) permissible. 1. Constantinople (sîî T7|v IloXtv). trick. j t — î i ş i t i n . t. 0 t i m e of heat. fl^-l ustam. posteriors. J C . 'Jt-l. i. a short distance on the back^ north of Scutari). s. (French)» fur. ^U 1 Jj-'b-l The old Janissary commandant of Constantinople proper. J^'o-. T. e. Ü&* g ' j The high-stationed. COS. A. Latter parts.

racing with one another. A being becoming alone. A leaving a remnant (of a thing). n. v. after passing water. v. A n A. To purify one's self being rejoiced (at some event or thoroughly from all traces of urine. A deeming or late. ab. A seeking. A rejoicing. ıı. n. ing married. 1. A seeking A. shrewd. jU>r"~i istibtan. n. 4. (a thing) diligently and longingly. ete. 1. Ament. 11.. 2. absolute. investigation. v. doing a thing). a /~ exerting one's self to free one's self longing for (it). jC—~\ or becoming confused. A sharer. strong. soliciting (a person) to sell (something. becoming a husband . v. FL^-L istlbiıâm. n. 1. wild becoming rejoiced and of glad counmustard. v. dealer in stout silk brocade. especially. S. 1. n. thing). plain. 2. \. v. or known. An 2. isstibslıâr. n.-I i s t l b t y â v. V. enrolling new recruits for active far off. Я U. « . — 2 X n nasal. ->l<v~! istib'i<i. v. A being or er (a thing) mentally. A deeming possession and control. n. A requesting (one) A searching. n.event. v. clear. i. a. S. n. without a helper. ing (one) weep. (З^-И Istibaq. becoming. istîbsâr.-! i«<tb>aa\ v. fl'Om P. sometimes interwoven with gold. v. manifest. 2. S e e investigation. t. tenance a t a piece of good news or an A. v. n. prove to be pregnant.n. (A garA. A making self and one's dress from all remains (a person or thing) remain or endure. I Ji-utJ v. clumsy (thing). З/Г"^ istebı-ац. A being or for a piece of good news. some piece of good news.taining from intercourse with a 3. L£ L Lrtibri. A being or exchange. an ing (a person or thing) to be remote. of urine. a cleansing one's A. A mak. v. 2. v.. v. 2. ICİ. intobrani. A. A contending which should arrive first. A seeking. Jt-ÇıJ letlbaai. sagacious. coming or going in haste. undivided A „ iJa^w l istibtâ. person. An 2. tî-Ul isiiiKiâ. despotism. A. . Accepting mentally. stout. A requesting (from something disagreeable or im. perplexed. n.(another) to seek for (a thing). clear. v. i . to one's self or another). 2. 3.fâr (шипм). ^U-1 isrtibane. actually or ing (it) in exchange. 1. A making and producing (a thing) in evidence. n.) of stout silk brocade. Charlock. or place) thoroughly. 'I. 3. especially. 3. A forgiving. A T. A d e e m (for military service).interior (of a thing). bep. so that. Jlv-I istib'si. m o c h u ı e . trying to see and perceive (a searching for (a thing) . istlbnäj. (a thing) Strang J or an innovation. A. manifest. \ v. Thick. 3. n. Very stout silk brocade. j^ç-l îetlbrâz. or rival (in possessing or being evident. 1 A makbe attributed to the new owner. remote. (one man) as a substitute for another A. pure) . pardoning. w a r I I I ил 2 (fıttf 1 5. n. S T N B I .entering with effort into the belly or ing (a thing) in lieu of another. A reserving (a thing) for t h e newly obtained slave woman until future. v. A being or becoming whose time of service has expired. A seeking to see or comprehend asking a present (from a person) (a thing) clearly. n. 2 2 î rude î (esul). A being A. showing (it) with effort. Istöbr. n.. a. ing. a . v. A striving A. intelligent. or calling (a person or thing) slow A.. trying to discovA. V. news). СЛ-^М l^ubfeâ*. A. examining (a thing. thorough T. A deeming (a thing) imservice in the army. marrying . A. An announcing (to a person) ing (a thing) plain. istîbgâ. Э) 22 i ( 89 ) (zır). To take (a thing) in A. A. s. 1. if she sparing (a person). 2. to replace others probable. I E T I B A A A . istlbuai. 3. A seekA. A tak. n 1. to weep. 1. A trying. after her menstruation. 2. sinapis arven&is. 4. A. ıll^^ istobän. restraint. or letting (people) be free from bringing (it) out clearly and manifestly. 2. A hasting. this may not A. tak. 1 2 (qirat).

A. r u l e . A I U H I S T I J Â S H I . n. pronouncing excellent. concealed. İ. V. Flax fibre for spinning. a. I ts-l e. i s t l t â r . An answering b y obedience and desired o r asked for.).TO-1 I S T I T Â B I . t .if i Йг. m a k i n g (it) free p. n. smoke. to constrain and force (another) ing heavy or disagreeable. V. etc. To give ear. T o ing. etc. To except. indistinctness. \ A deem. stirring up. a n d compliance (to a prayer. A striving t o . A d e e m A. Toreservation " G o d w i l l i n g " . A being or word. To w i t h any enunciation of an intention. An an(something). t o detest (him fusedness. 1. v. as w h e n Nabiga sang: "There is To fly for shelter and refuge (to some no defect in them. n.).I I S T I J A D E . 4. war. Pertaining t o or requiring (another) t o follow an exception or exclusion. A c o m . 2 . A deem. selecting (him or it). conthing) insupportable. 1 See \ў-*\. etc. J I Â . 2 . JtrU yJ.for troops or an army. i t . making (it) rise i n etc. T. A requesting or requir. s. \ JU3_\ d . and vow never t o do so again. instruments (mathematical.exclude (a person or thing). or allow (a person or thing) t o b e 3. п. 2. certain. T. A portable case of from deficiency. A strivbeing bored by (him or it). n. threat. ing or requiring (another) t o repent To say "God willing". CL. A giving or requiring (another) t o complete an answer t o (a person). 2 . v. »jKL-l istisare.l istisnâ'î. etc. raising. consummating. etc. 4. JUfc-I i s t i j b a r . n. A saying: "if God will". V. treatment. istijaze. ISTITBU' v. n. with effort. A be. swering. v. CA^-I istetmek. m e t . 1 . ging (one) t o be good and generous. i. A hypothetical syllogism. An exceptT u s t u b u l â t m c k . takconfirming a first assertion b y a ing refuge. v. 2 . (a person or thing) generous o r ing. Л.». finishing. thing a t a future time . promise. pan. or disagree. 1 . V. t. A having firmly and deliberately. clouds. »JL^-L I S T I J I R I . A. fat. permitting jus-1 istisqäı. A "begmaking (a thing) sure. ending (a etc. An acting A. п. 3. ttt ( F r e n c h ) . A. A completing. T. practice. so. \. (something). v. o r oakum. 1.). I v. An asking person or thing) heavy. pronouncing.. a m a k i n g the To be stuffed w i t h oakum. П. t. swords are notched by blows on the A. istisbât. intr. 2. attenson. A TOUSİng. to a general assertion. . 2 . granting. with full recourse to (a person. ASTABI.I istisna. bird. thing) completely. v . 2 . See Cic-I compliance. true. 1.kind and liberal. judging. A request. j c . 2. \. a n d or it). n. 1 . 4r i. calling (a A. A raising (a dust. certain. indistinct. A deemskulls of their enemies". An exceptive particle o r A. ti. A. that introduces a n exception becoming veiled. true. putting one's self under the clever turn given to a doubt cast on protection of (some one). a being obedient (to one A. An asking permission. 3. 1 . liking. To cause vorably hearing (a person or request).). judging. ing. n. etc. a s h o r e . i. 5. v. tion. A. A requesting A.). pleting (a thing). A requesting A. finding. accepting. proof. v. t. a loathing or . ing (a thing) permissible. L i s t i t m â m . A figure of speech tion or succour (from another). 1. s. excluding (a person or thing) make or let (a thing) be stuffed w i t h from some general rule. fur. who commands). ing confirmation. to do (something). v. ( 9 0 ) ai<l. V.) for protecconviction.conditional syllogism. exciting (a perI v. save that their one. П. A it) . A . 2. istijatoet. t o do somestuff a t h i n g w i t h oakum. To find (a person o r doubtful. covered.(it). n. OLLi-l AstAbıılamoK. nstubûlanmök. become flax fibre. able and insupportable . jf-l u s t u j . approving (him or (a thing) sure. 2 . t. 2. v. A. V. surgical.

— n . ing or doing (a thing) for the first pronouncing. 1 A. A (bow's) being or becoming crookthing. changfresh. calling hand. it. commendation. i . 4 . istihsSn. n.3. or becoming veiled. machine. v. before. etc. ignorant. A mak. V. OL-^ istihsân. obtaining. A com. demoniacally mad. etc. acquire. n. ? 5» 1 ( 91 ) I î. An to be collected (by another). other than the catamenia set (him) to rights.l^-1 istihbâto. 4. seeking for an answer from A (man's. ing (one). hard. . etc. find. A (thing's) being firmly and well . A renew. 1. information. collecting. interrogat. To approve. a novelty. rude (usu)). 11. requesting or commanding (things) a being of a loveable nature. An altering. A. protected by a shield. not knowing which way finding (a thing). A whirling round in a similar fashion. ing with effort and pertinacity (a 5. 1. 11. 2." v_/}. v. The (ground's) being procuring (it). V. . uneven.ji^-t ISTIHBZE. A b e A. v. 3. news. istihssf. good. 5. П. A deeming. one's way. V. varying from a state or position. round. to take. n. commending (it). in ing. covered. 4. 6. (Clouds') collecting and A j . 3. A deemcollected. wise. meeting. a pond and eddying round and get. 1. a . n.îr).1 ISTIHSÂL. 3 A hard. A. impossible. 2. 6. un7. A (man's) staying or settling (in assailable. impregnable. inventing (a manding (troops. slaves. v. 2. V. A becoming relieved from poverty. JbÂ-l istij naxı. A .) taking refuge in a (him). A. An asking for gathering in one place. by nature or a r t . A.=<£*"l A drawing down on as a beloved friend. 2. A (youth. t. acquiring. asking. w. getting. A OUÄ-I istihdas.jlÂ-l istihare. 5. warped. unapproacha place). to or vagina. obtain. v. A lovto be so brought (by some one). ful vigour's) filling and circulating in settled and established. strength. or approving.moves or changes. judging. 2. armour. v. ing. stronghold or fastness of any drawing back. a ed. A losing ing. n. ing. п. JUÄ-1 1ST! J ADD. in a right state. exerting one's self to that effect. 11. 1. a narrative. V. i jUÂ-1 v. A questioning. A being absurd and impossible. mend. calling (one) ing strong. V. A bring. thing) that did not exist at all. The (time's) being bright light. pronouncing. A to be done (rather than left undone). consequences). V. begging. istijuâı. and vagina's) being plump. İstihale. istıjlab. not able to see. absurd. being or becoming perplexed. getting to etc. renovating (a thing). calling (an assertion) time. puzzled. (place's. pronouncing.) being sound. istihaza. A. A being or becoming dazzled with firm. A procurnot knowing what to do. A being (a thing or act) good or beautiful. as such.originating. and lochise (entailing certain canonical 3. v. legA being or becoming composed. A. tradition. n. v. and tight. etc. . A ( w o m a n ' s ) or striving to have (a person or having a flux of blood from the womb thing) present. 2. put (one) into a good condition. flil ^U. The (vulva every part of (a young woman). compact.far (asm. commanding. to set (him) up. A deeming. A. choosing. A desirwithdrawing. v. approval. to com2. An act's being religiously or piously preferable one's self the praises of mankind. t 1 A desiring (a thing) or becoming rough. easy. 1. 1 istihzar. (/. innovation.Ijcf-I I I J. 2. 8. war (hafız). A being new. 1.) being strong. ı (qirut). or 3. J U Ä . A coming together. liking. A (mind's etc. judging. n. preferring (one) taking steps to get (it) done. A (stream's) collecting in I JU^-I TO procure. n. producing. A. putting a question to (him). 1. firm. 4. secure. calamitous. \. A. A retiring. A watchA. observing (a thing) to see if it ing. nasal. a calling or sending . 11. end. 2.) to assemble. severe. 1. istijma'. innovating. 1 . A being or becoming mad.) from elsewhere. 2.

v. v. etc. 2. Istihyn. JLIÄ-L ISTIHQÄQ. A meriting. met. i v. knowing (it) in one's own mind. n. A. To take a hot-bath. sucking.). pl. JUÄ-I I S T I H Q S N . A (man's) taking a clyster. 2. ur-j^*"1 istiithirejl. ^UÄ-I Istitanlq.n. asking for (His) blessing and favour. To invite (one) to take an oath and swear. summoning.L ISTÎHFÂZ. A deeming. 2.TI. A going into a hot-bath. working to commit to memory (the Qur un. as though present. sparing his life. n. (from it). working to draw forth milk or its like (from a beast. (from a thing. etc. . v. istihiâf. as far as h e has a right to do so). taking the safe side. A. intrusting.far» w a r . v. casting (them on him). \ . the better. A being stupid. 1. jil V. a forbearing through a sense of shame. i. A begging. To summon. S t tu 2 (French). calling' (a psrâon or thing) paltry and insignifi j cant.) sweet. İsı ill»ıF. invite. pleasant. choosing (it). П. r u l e . n. v. etc. p a n . v . By inheritance and as a right. or using any other means to make (a person) take an oath a n d swear. n. etc. recollecting. V. A. 3. \. îstihltyamat. An acting as though foolish and imbecile. 'I. t. 2. v.I Istlhiâb. 2. preserved. An ask- ing.Ä-1 v.l istlhiai.n. fur. s. A feeling ashamed. S. contemning. I ıJ^Ä-l v. etc. JLIÄ-I Intliiqiir. camp. and waive all claim (against him).) . begging. n. or having one administered to himself. A seeking. etc. t. etc. calling (one) an imbecile .). 2. A sweating. pronounce (a thing) to be canonically lawful or licit (usually.). i s t ı h i â . A. perspiring. remembering. A (thing's) being or becoming firm. A deemr ing. etc. A. hold. strong. i jLa. 1. A. inviting (him or it). guarded. A deeming (a thing) best. A calling (a thing) to mind. jljifSTÄ-l y. or man. judge. pronouncing. i. spurning. 1. holding. stable. A.). To deem. A A. An asking for good. etc.) in the hope that God will decide for the best by a dream. An asking (one) to carry (something) on his own back or on his beast. to another). agreable. ^»(. A seeking for sweetness. 3. when it is really unlawful or sacred). i. lines.). etc. FSTÄ-L istlhkyiîın. place. works (round a town. despising. merit. 2. pressing milk. V. n. pronouncing. I jU^-l v. copy of court-roll for vaqf property. t. A.m. \. 3 . desert. A being fit (for use. n. n. deserving (a thing). W I ^ Ä . inviting. ö U ^ ^ Â . a right. n. t. judging. 2. imbecile. V. etc. 1. A.l To strengthen or fortify (a place. A fortifying (a place). confirmed. electing. A. To call to mind. consolidated. etc. To treat with contempt. calling (a thing. snubbing (him or it). treating as such. A. to another). An entrusting (one's affairs. requiring. A deeming.). did. pronouncing.. treating (him) as such. A man who goes to sleep in order to have a vision by which God will decide a matter for him or for some one else.i. A. commanding. n. judging. A sparing (a man. A striving. A (man's) acting with firm prudence (in wordly or spiritual matters). v. silly. 1. committing (it. A. a being ashamed. V. 3 4 1 t 2 so. or the best thing (from God). v. An asking (another) to consider lawful and legitimate something or all things a n d acts between them (usually done on separating and on a deathbed). desiring. commanding (a thing) to be kept safe. Asking (God) to select and decide between two or more courses b y a dream or omen. 2. JU^-I istilii. v. 2. nice. To become assured. 3. b i r d . 3. a milking. asking. i s t l k h â r i . 1. washing one's self with hot water.ISTab-l A special kind of titledeed. asking (him) to legitimatize (it or them to him. sure. [ 2 ashore. Fortifications. fitness. call. i. foolish. 2. To lie down to sleep (after a prayer. 2. I U Ä . preferring. etc. A. J ^ . 3 for. selecting. solid. n . A hav- ing a right and just title (to a thing). ПО sing.

2. A asking. a pip (in fruit).air without movement of the wings. r e treat lightly. 1 . requiring. 2 . and referring 1 o both of these meanA . 6.) from behind. or imperceptible : hiding. 5. while the original word thing). sincere repente turpissimus fuit). falling into t h e 1 v. t. A (bird's) circling in the becoming submissive or abject. prop. assiduity. V. concealing. ıJIIÂ-"! ıSTRICIıFÂF. To obtain information about (it). getting (a thing) o u t (of another thing). 1. judging. V. (money). ti. a vertigo. V. (rhetoric) A figure going round. portance. n. etc. A. aftersight. pronouncing. An obtaining information. v. A. retrospection. Aning. circling. Persepolis. which has t w o different meanings. \ . v. enquiring for information. t. 1. ı (qirat). 1. contemn.2. I I I 2 22 I ( 9 3 ) 1 2 2 2. A being or petual. v. n. A looking back at account. 4." 1 istiki. from others). A n a s k A. w g r (hafife). A taking (a thing) as a substitute (for another thing). A going back. j*-I istoithr. t i ^ . 1. globular. invisible. A making (a man) of his sin (on the principle of nemo one's particular and intimate. An askpond. ^^Ufc-l Istllihlâs. A persevering in (someother word. n. A being or as a loan or on credit. or military). (} dropped in A. lasting long or forever. a seeking for information. . A. perdition. An ing. being perA. causing (a extracting (a thing) as an essence or thing) to move step by step. 1. 1. r. A surrounding. jt-^-l istldtoSr. I j ^ . A. circular. con. To make (one) one's successor. V. П. ing.ning one's back to (a thing). A being sincere. A n pronouncing). calling (a approaching (one. Of the nature recovering (a thing from any disas. To extract. X (zır). 3. ! 4. A going into debt b y borrowing or buying tracting. ISTLKLUZÂ. j^lx-i istldsme. 2. revolving. n. 2 . summon. appointing. A being service. A lake. 1. friend or associate. rear (literally or figuratively). on credit. occult. A.A deem.uJ v. A begings separately by other words in the ging. saving (it from granting success in t h e beginnings other people). istîhLhfİ. «cU^-l i s t i d ä n i . supplicating (God) for a long sentence. h. v. j. man or thing) trifling and of little from the rear. 1. degree pure (from a mass of impurity or by degree . or referring to the more or perpetual continuance (of someunusual of the two meanings by an.'i. v. П. consider of little i m . A comprehending. 1. 2 . O ^ . A saving. I jL^-1 v. leaving (another) as successor. A meaning. 1. contemning ( h i m ) . A. An ex. inviting. A naming. 2.jlx-l istidure. perseverance. by study and effort. perceiving (it) despising. A. A t u m A. tsbx-H ISTIDRSJI. istifchraj. machine. sincere devotion. An acting with perseveritself is left to suggest the more usual ance. A. To despise. A winding or coiling around. A ing (him). An appropriating degrees. 2. 3. selecting to utter perdition little b y little by (it. t. To borrow becoming concealed. ity. s. 3. v. 2. a drawing (one) on b y mixed matters). n.stone . P. 2. To enquire about (a matter). civil. 1 .iif.thing). . To ask for (a thing) i v. t.' usiûkiı'nn. A bone. understanding. inciting. treating (him or it) as such.LÜ-1 istıhLhdâm. n. t. (a thing): a seeing. 3. П. 5. rude J 2 ' (usul). 4. taking (him) as a servant or becoming round.trograding. A being or becoming giddy with p. 2. — n nasal. v. V. s.l v. commanding (one) to render A. s. employ. 2. П. П. JistihLlılıSr. 2 . 5. inviting. (domestic.behind o n e . a. humil. n. (God's) enticing (a sinner) (a thing) to one's own self. n. for a loan or credit.£3r (Sımän). 4. tempt. All asking. . circumambulatof speech. consisting in using a word ing. sincerely ing in sin or folly leading to ultimate devoted (to another).of slowly enticing to or slowly hardenter).

astir. A note T. despising (him). An understanding. coaxing milk out of (a indication. s. A doing (an act) covertly. A. ft. To rest. To demand. i s t i r . (Milk's. A being ling (a person or thing) with effort. 1. 2. flowing copiously. n. ' s . A driving off. 1/-I istirahat. q. calling (a pergone by). fur. ner. submissive. A n İnVOk. ease. V. only. 11. A getting. met. ing against a partial error of indicaA. taking or enjoying one's or becoming thin or slender in sub. An tion in a wide proposition. As q. leading (him) T. or it wish or keep one's self warm by putting on like. require. A slilv or . suspicion. or wishing v-l . deduce (a some one). J'S/x-L i s t i d i â ı . 2. or whether (The word is really. pan.) running. v. V. A A ' U x J istid'â-nâme. A stealing. u s t u r a . war. f i . v. etc. 2. comprehending (a thing) with the A.l v. V. beast's) udder by the hand. right again afterwards. rest. calling (one). repelA. v. endeavouring to overtake. in repose . (a consequence) from a premise or 3. A put^ljx—l A limiting conjunction. A A. A. A doubting another. or vile. espe. A causing (urine) to flow copiously. 1. far. rest particles (as flour).J\jxJ\ ( 94 ) tu (French). ing or seeking for a guide. An inferring.) of cotton or linen cloth. V. A deeming. istidqSq. Jjwl istirutoi. correcting. v. did. jb-^ 1 istidrâr. n. A following u p such filching (glances. 3. 3. J^x-i istizisı. cially. n. getting (them) to flow. thieving (a thing). by A. ing. 1. calling (a thing) to mind. П. 6. A being reposing. i. 3İÄ-1 istiräq. treating or regarding (him) compensating for (it). repairing. I \cJt. A getting. ing with effort (a person or thing judging. or for an purloining. v. bird. a n d under i t various ask for (a thing) in a set. П. consequence in reasoning). istizmam. A mule (half requiring. IUJ-C-. half ass). t. right way. something). stance (as paper or wire). 3. A. recollecting. ting (one) out of mind and recollecdisjunction. making humble. 1. spouting much. jUx-1 istizhân. or becoming at rest.! istidrâkL. repose. better spelt as there manner.acting so as to merit censure. ing an exception or limitation to its A putting one's self under the prosense in a clause commencing with tection and covenant (of another). o ^ x . deduction. to show or point out the 2. n. 2. conj. p. indication. praying. error. as. ing. filching. a fault. etc. A . fine in texture (as one's self. v. tion (of some thing). so. 2. 2. Lining (of a garmanner.l inference. care. for the putting away (of a thing. v. A.ease . V. an overtakA. n. A guard. ıı. A making amends (for son or beast) lowly. 1 . pronouncing.). v. or such. v. (See T. from one's self or from or suspecting. and tears'. A bsing talkative. Erroneous for P. formal derivatives. take one's ease. 2. 5. s. A n a s k A. 1. or omission).contempt. she. a disjunctive conjunction. deducing 2. 1 . To infer. which is also used in this manor wearing warm clothing. pl. etc. t. A wishing or asking for (rain) to A. t. b x J i s t i d f â . etc. asking for (a thing). v. i s t i d f â ' . A seeking to for *—J if he. an indication. jt-T. doubt. repose. remembering (it) with effort. s. A demanding. n. asking for (it) in a formal P. ment. fine in 1 v. given). —'' isitdirmäq. coaxing (favours out of 1 j ^ x . 11. p.-I v. v. \ . r i l e . Whether of demand. etc. but. A.mind by an effort. make one's self comfortable. assiduity. by append. garrulous. A n a s k T. V. U x J i s t i d ' a . jKxJ ISTIZKYUR. with effort. 2. 4. treating (him) as (it) u p . i s t i r . See to forget (it). a requisition. n. begging. A. A n trying to recollect (a thing). See CAM). stealing. making (it) with contempt. n. etc. 1 . âshore. cloth). A refall.

q. An asking or formula from t h e QllC Utl II. V. v. purloin. A (man's) being weak (of A. To g e t back. v. т м ш п е . i«ttirtıamu V.) as a slave. 11. i.'-rik. An ask. The plant A. or inA. a wire. requiring (a thing) to be given back and restored. the pious (cattle) to pasture. An asking any kind of permission aqueous (as honey. n. etc. judging. iij-Л Istirsna. A (man's) A. 1. A making. pity. A stay (of a A . n. (jbjr-l Istirqäq. An asking hwe recourse! 5. demanding the return of (a thing thodox. etc. An asking \ v. 2 1 ( 9 5 ) (zır). 1 .. n. An esteemjudgment. shallow (as (of a prince. istridlye. 2. S. 1. t. See a a T. to please.) (See —• in A . away. to gain the approbation of 2. pendulous. demanding. ist.1 istirfâa. n. clandestinely adding to. v. T. etc. n. S e e JLJT-T . A being p. repose. v. An asking to be protected. an allowance. s. To steal. 11. rest. v^-* 1 usturlafe. thing expended. n. and ease.i'ijuH istirshad. judging. v. 1. v. grace. esterbutı. JLIJU. See k^juH for. calling. İİS/-1 ietlrfcyiit. An expecting a An asking (another) t o content and return. etc. 1. u^trûpâ. A taking. unto Him do we A. imploring mercy. A muleteer.and give satisfaction to (another). omitting (an item. n. An 2. treating (him) as such . J B J ^ L i s t l r e a f . A A. A d e e m i n g . •BJR—L istirfuh.).). Ц/-1 i s t i r ' â . a gift. Ц/-1 ıstîrzâ. îstîrbatı. payî \ v. taken given or taken).). \. rSde (ueul). jfcju. A. v. 4v5r (hafu). A. and verily. or becoming loose. or dropping oat. being oring. An asking T. favour. i s t i r j i n . A finding broad-leaved hog's-fennel. istirfä'. F. v. fine (in texture. n. ı\ n . ı S TIR ÎTIıÂ. as cloth). A . A. JİjJtol i s r t i r ö ä d . 4 . man. A hanging down (hair.n I J ' l ' * î * - nasal. etc. etc. mastenvort. V. v. s. 11. n. i n a n account. istirzäq. t. I f'-Ji-l v. i s t i r j ä . t. To ask or borrow rations. given. A. done away with. v. to be allowed to ride behind another filch. ship's mast). etc. A n praying. ÄETÄNLQ. 4 .1 istirzai. ing for (a thing) t o be raised. ing (such thing). paid. 2. An asking permission. П. To demand back. or omit. n. a n d advantage (from some please (you). V. we belong. î s t l r j â ' . A begging. n. thin or 2. supplicating with instance asking to be directed in the right' and hope. imperatoria osA. thieve (a thing). obtaining.). intercalating. vile. delivered. s. despising (him). or possessing (a or the favour of (so and so). aJIJw'. To intercalate on the same beast. n. or taken b y him). called liquidambar orienlale. 2 . demanding a bribe.). Erroneous for deeming. p. A (pigeon or dove's) assistance. lent. ı (<ıirat). as paper. An asking. 2. n . v. pronouncing. a veil. etc. v.far (5sman) I 1 J. s.) weak and becoming mitigated. p. to be cheap. An ask1 v. etc. 3. S. for the means of subsistence. recover (a thing asking for (it) to be removed. 1. contemning. A. A. s. getting back. v. worthless. water or sand. 3. juice of the inner bark of the tree 2. 1. A seeking trusted to another. (one) A main or middle staysail. n. way (physically or morally). A A. An asking or borrowing (money) on interest. . 1. 1. 3. Liquid storax. v. (money) on interest. cooing. ing or becoming thin or slender (in A. . v. 151: requiring (another) to attend to (a A_ji 'b'ı j 4i> bl Verily to God do thing). 2 . 1. To request permission keeping. 2.). A leaving ejaculating. A (matter's) ing (an argument. recover. holding (a thing) . low. etc. A.being in the right w a y . A betruthium. s. All substance. psitcedmum ostruthium. An asking A. etc. işstrâılya. or the like.). feeble. flaccid. in his affliction. (joU-j*—! istlrlclias. 2. etc.

V. . actively agile. A n a s k - я J3LI-» astarlamaq. 1 5. anrow of razors are arranged ready for asarca. perceiving the smell of fall. s. tJ'J^İ U T I Z H R E . asking p. becoming fortunate (by a thing). uprightness. v. (Perhaps. A. becoming or expectation.ura. pubdemanding (something) as a pledge or hostage. begging. . 3 . 1. 1 1 r a t e? ' »o» . estereng. (See fortunate.). istridiya.). jiy v. T. •p»*t. etc. being righteous.I istlrhub. demanding an increase. calling forth a fear (of him. s. 2. 4. J T L Î . istritliyaj î. Plaited spuning (a person) ridiculous. pleased or interested (with a thing). A drink. A. v. A. An exaggeiating. A. bantering (him).^ î&r.ı istls'Aı. yarn. A praying (God) for rain. ^ U ing (a sword. S e e ^ j t . war. A reviving. A deemi\ ustripa. A seeking luck (by a filing). etc. uprightly. »elıer». like a mattress. integrity.3. s. n. etc. Jü'jv.l т. A moderation (in a narrative. A.1 isti*'âti. ostrea. s. drought.-tû. 1./mandrake p l a n t . or comtaking one's ease. n. or letting (one) slip (and A smelling. V. \ . I s t r o m â c h â . 1. A wad of spunyarn for a scoffing a t (him). asarca. the oyster. rest. i v. of good omen. v. The braize eousness. 1. p. S e e A. J L I ^ L I S T I S M A R . A deeming or pronouncing (a person A (man's) moving. esterenj. (a thing). A having a dropsy. A seller etc. d. A (barber's) ascites abdominalis. oysters.' ASTLZIÄı. F. jJjjuH âstârii. frightening. t. v. ästuräiıq. repose. refreshing (vegetation. A. »JI tu. V. desiring. 2. for water or milk to A. A. 1 1 ( 9 6) 9 tora. putting (him) in fear. 3. s.or thing) to have fallen short of right ly. )s. e. 2.1 An oyster-shop. t. on a wall. To take (another percannon. causing. n. An asking • . rightF.n. An asking for aid and assistance. )> A razor-case. tympanites. istirhân. into. a razor-case. n. v. See ^ljUJt ing for. laughing. i s t l r i n g l i .). v. ffıkr. A making. pledging (it). Dropsy of the abdomen. self. A being or becoming a t rest. a wooden rack overhead Drum-belly. n . The pOİSODOUS demanding more (of a thing). really or figuratively). increase of military power. 6. (Forskal). A (river's) having a branch of oysters. Any other receptacle for ^ ^ VÄJUA T o g o o u t m t o t h e razors.n. for an augmentation. n. infusing new vigour A. istislal. UJL«I isti«qa. d>d. Ast. ^UJ A prayer for rain. A to be or become dropsical. s. to shave one's own hairy succour. rain. 3. ^'jj**»' U t l r w ä h . A d e e m (fish). An Oyster. JUJL. jlSo ( f U ^ . To have a dropsy. An asking. (Frene»). 2. A razor. razor-rack.. An acting keckling). adding something beyond • mandragora officinalis. luck. (branch's) waving with the wind. a. sparus strongilus ing (a thing) auspicious. n. i. jc-'^l» To hold a razor t o one's 4. causing (one) to fear. t. with notches in which a Jr Dropsy of the flesh. \. (one) for drink. A.n. mak. i. S. cal. An offering or giving licly offered up in seasons of great (something) as a pledge or hostage. lucky.). 1 2 3 4 Jetet. pat/rue vulgaris. n. privities. v. A drawT. A finding 01' tjf^ji) ^îlb A set of razors in a case. ЛлЛ-Л i s t i s a a a . v. 2. etc. A making (some one) to be feared. being dropsiing (him) afraid. etc. \ . ascites or a n 2. A. ease. s. manding (another) to visit (you). stream proceed from it. use. 2. 1. A.—. ojbj. out of a sheath. v. A being pleased. n. 2. A large son) as a laughing-stock. inviting. open country to pray publicly for F. etc. ISTIZHDE. The dropsy. rope fender.

5. from disease. A gather. 2. a A. A deemgetting (one) to intercede. 2. v.fSr ( i i m i n ) . To acquire (as one's property. A deem(it) out. taking (him or it) advice and counsel. A being or becoming famous. saying what he saw or heard. ıı. AlJ asking (a pez-son) to be a witness. to con. ing (a word or assertion. recovery. trying to make A. A . judging. pronouncexamining. fitting. judging. 2. 1. well. resigned to the will of God. 2. A . A deem2. 11. (a man) to be so. jlg-i^-l istish-hH. i. v.celebrity. An uttering the watchword. I S T I S H F Â ' . Smelling. etc. ing to smell. v. . L1 An asking. A seek. 1. holding (a thing) easy to do or to manage. 1 . n. v. ing.) in proof. smelling (at a thing)2. thing) attentively. selecting the pure part (of a A. An examining (a (a thing or man) so. 93 1 ( 97 ) (jär). A deeming as though wearing a shirt of it). 2. V. v. m a c h i n e . An asking (a witness) to give evidence and adduce testimony. t.' v . X 3İ- J (uBui). A being so. A keeping to. v. by purchase. 2. A deeming. n. v. 3. 1. perceiving. A putting on an innermost being hard and difficult to do or garment. A n tion. looking well at (a thing). physically or figuratively).f istis-hâh. 1. etc. A citing (a passage. A being or becoming a Muslim. 3. A recovering from A. companion). cessor (for one's self or another) .property). Jt-1-Л istis'al. i s t i s i ä h . celebrated. n. A (beast's) with you. v. a seeking (as i t were) for A. or righteous. nourishing a feeling (of some kind. finding. n. V. A seeking to make muslin. small. etc. gift. A making a profit (in trade). An asking thing). 1.^ .). ıı. li-ei-l istisfH.. i (qırat). 1. ^s . A. »J'Ü^-Л ISTLEHÂRI. A from the sun with the hand.son or thing) with you (as it were a sult together.(a. jUiUl ISTLNIX'ÄR. 3.preferring (out of others). ıı. l b*"" 11. ing honey. A (beast's) being refractory. h. A being or becoming cult to do or bear. inviting. or a ques. pronouncing A. 11. An deeming. 1. to act as inter. pronouncing A. A. or notorious. v. etc. iwtislimam. jUi .ä. 2 . A. ing. A distinguishing (a thing or matter) An asking. n. 2. holding. l i L ^ l J i s t U l i r i f . A choosing. n. V. I w U ^ I .. not deviating from (a road). (one) to intercede. judging. A (matter's) hairy. 3. n. proper. A looking up while shading the eyes A . 3. or. ISTIS'UTO. o r low ing or demanding a cure and recovery in rank..(an act or matter) to be right and A. size. ISTLSW-ÄB. author.asking or making (a person or thing) sulting (a person). A.). A snuffing (a thing) up into the nostrils. judging. 4. ing.! istİK-hSb. n. A being or becoming resigned. becoming sound. v. A try. ISTISGHR. JL^S-A i s t l s h . resigning one's self. A.I . 2. rude 1 3 3 . inciting (a man) clearly (as though behind glass or to become so. n. judging. asking (him) for to be a companion. v. to put heads together. A choosdisease. thing) to be good. catching (an odour). l i t war 7 (Unfix). JLJL-I I S T I S N U D . A see. 1 . An acquiring (as one's becoming or being fat. ^ U . 3. ing through (a transparent thing). holding (it) a mere trifle. A being or of refuge. 1. An asking for an indication or information. v. getting an inkling (of a matter).1 ISTLS-HÂı. 3. 1. figuratively. ft-"-! I S T I S I Â M . a shirt. 11. A.h t t r . insignificant A . J I 4 . feeling. To hold counsel. holding. 2. book. 2. etc. ing. selecting. lovingly believing that the will of God is best. A . n. right. holding. To take (a per\ v. etc. 1.) to be 3. A c o n . for J U . begging (alms. 2. To lean and support one's self (against a thing. v. A.. v. or trifling in consideration. in good health or state. 3. 1 . ÜUI"^ IstUixfäf. or young in years. n. (a thing) little. 11. 2. v. holdby which friends know each other in ing (a matter) to be hard and diffibattle. A dying a martyr in God's cause. An inviting to a height as a place correct. 4.). true. A feeling or bear. П. etc. LIIT-F ISTISUFA. \ .nnÄsal. 4. V.

purging. 1.e. 2. released. 3. allow (a thing).). over free and loose. morally. The (eye's) sinking deep in the head. looking for. To seefit. becoming cracked. v. An arrogating to one's self superiority. A m a k .titâ'Â.) flying about.quickly. laughing (at it). allowed (thing). J ^ : . According to the meas.). A. permitting (it). with that view. quickly along. several hours before dawn). pan* met. t. jI^J isti trad. 1. an increase. 2. v. a seeking drawing (it) quickly. shading one's ure of (one's) power or ability. the v. going tion. one's self. A. ISTIZ'ÂF. commanding (a bird. V. 2. A tasting (food) to find out its flavour. v. 6. 8. 11. nice. n. requesting. A. The (zo. An askworry.I J » : . n. istiziâı.) be in the sky (as though flying in thelet go and set free. as tion (from a powerful friend). i. A seeking to allure (an enemy) away to a position where h e could be attacked with greater advantage: a pretending to fly and be driven away. 3. An askA. CI. A digression. book. finding (a thing) good. P. rumour's. 2. Approved. 1 . 2. poor. able. A diarrhoea. A being quick. the forthcoming and manifestation (of a thing). A deeming. •/. v. A « . 2. во». being driven mad (as it were. A making ing to be informed and made aware (a sword) leap (from its scabbard). v. etc. etc. 7. A. A seeking shelter and protecwell or as much as (one) is able. as self. The (false dawn. 4.son or thing for support or protecdiacal light or false dawn's) rising tion. A. A finding (a person or thing) laughable or ridiculous. to go 5. A seekor becoming long. power. 3. v. etc. etc. 4. or commanding that zodiacal light's) rising up as a column (a captive. n. for hours before dawn). requiring. 1. (Dust. A seeking or enticing (one) to err and go astray (physically. leaning . aahore. despising (him). A (man's) to obtain such information. (Lightning's) flashing. ' . 3. n. An asking (one) to prompt you and put words into your mouth when you forget or do not know what to say. 3. desiring (one) to be quick. A seeking. b y A. A. approve. etc.n. it. v. f l t ^ l i s t i z m â m . n. rays (under or near a shady thing). (of some matter or event).( 98 ) proper. etc. did. n.eriJ. but only in order to lead u p to it again . istitıä'. a beguiling and leading astray. passing. A seeking to drive. being affected A cracking. DLA-^-L ISTIZ-NÂHL. 2. holding (a person) to be weak. pleasant. v. 2. V. An asking for an addition. having the power or ability (to A. An acquiring (a thing) as a new possession. judging. A seekdo or bear a thing or things) . so putting one's back. 1 .. 3. A. agreeable. istitiaq. The (bowels') being A (thing's) flying into fragments. approving. ILK-—\ ISTITÄBE. n.away. desiring the rise (of the sun.ги1®.\ i'. A being A. A deeming. A cleansing one's self after voiding excrement. A n esteeming (a thing) n e w and a novelty. sedi. requesting. 1. (one) can or could or will be able. a . A with a purging. 3. v.! ietlziâı. у^Лу^С—-I istiswato«fc. religiously). Л. v. A shaving the hairy privities of one's body. V.). eJ jt^läL»! Sar» w e r . contemning. etc. far. A being or ing to put one's back against a perbecoming tall: tallness. ing shade and shelter from the sun's ability. \ istiz-när. bird. permit. n. a pretending to change the subject. n. A making a digression. n. •„•U»"—1 ISTLTÂRE» v. t â (Frenolı). A. an augmentation (to a salary. 1 . A. Лjiwl istitrSf. 4IU»:J i s t i t â i e .). s. holding one's head very high in pride and presumption. A. A writing (a letter. allowing.going into the shade. fUJa^l istit'âm.) fly. 11. 2. i s t i t a r . 1. 1. An asking for food. a diarrhoea. up as a column of faint light (in the eastern sky. n. capability. (defect's) spreading s. n. treating (him) as such . beast. v. A being looseness of the bowels. powerless. A eastern sky.

ing. A. 1. commanding (another) to to get (another) to assist. e. 2. n. one's self. r . so as to take warning for the future. ill-doing).J istı'bâa. 2. An asking avenge you. to rely (on one). one). v.). seen at a distance. ii. To have recourse (to •i. ISTI'ÂZÂ. protecting one's a bargain. 4. for temporary use. tears. 2. a trope. 2. 11. for (a thing) to be given A. II.deavouring t o be quick. shedding ing. 63: -uıl iyH I take refuge A. ii. n. An asking A. A seizA. A seekside of (a river. asking t o have his excuse A. An direction. A being or or seeking for a substitute. 1 . etc. -war (hurra). quickness. 3. refuge. 2. 2. hasting. in all due diligence. 2. 1. and kindness of another. A seeking to particular favour. An asking (another) t o iug for a loan. An asking for some A. holding (a thing) t o be great. capacity (in men) to learn. protect. looking with wonder at (a thing). ask- . 3. rOde (usul). 71.1. A n e n (a book.L i s t i ' J N B . A seek. seeking to cross over to the other A. i. isti'sam. A reforming seeking or asking for aid and support from sin and evil courses. A. LA. v. etc. unjustly. or.) by heart (while look. To ask help (from keeping one's self free (from sin o r one). v. > (qirut). v. \ jl^Jiu-l. .2. A granting one's back from attack from behind. V. ^ ı ^ . for a repetition of some act. n. b y a fire ally . isti'sâ. 2. etc. (in things) to yield t o some ejaculation or prayer t h e words of influence or action. jUC-I isti'ada. e. shunning.. An asking ing. ~ n nasal. A seeking t o with the back of the page turned t o make (another) be quick.>1*^. v. ( 4. taking fast hold (of a or seeking for help and assistance. n. 3 . n. alte-l istî'ane. A finding 1 »jl«cJ . 4. 1 . A making A. n. or taking the ing. jbai-^1 £ u. b c J isti'sha. A n a s k . J t ^ . 1. isti'tâb. the Q a r ' i n . A being acquiring a habit to do something or becoming ready and prepared . h u r r y i n g ing a t the back of the page. v. 1. v. 1. big. best means. v. isti'bâr. v. or awe. 1 . a frequently. An asking (one) one's slave (in any way). A thinking one's self great. A using precaution. hastily. A pronouncing as an etc. 3. 2. A natural readiness. A good will and favour. s. A bending or folding interpreting for one's self (any event) (a thing). grasping. n. i. Asking. in aby enterprise). for a gift. A considering (a person) with A. s. il. at night. («ir). v. or come back or return. machine. FUIJ^L isti'zâm. metaphoric. A learning or reciting A. v. v.accepted. A desir. or compensation (for something). thing). v. to be let off from be excused (from an office held). A deem4. V. A seeking A. A. Ijx^-I isti'ta. you). n. n. JU^-L isti'zar. another).(to you). exchange. A. . temporary use of (a thing). acting cautiously or considering (it) wonderful.l.respect. one's self. reverence.1 i s t i ' A A I . İsti'fa. v. J I ^ . An avoiding. deference. 2 . ii. A s e e k . for the make an excuse for you. 2 . »iU:J I s t î ' â z ö . ing for the good will and favour (of 3. providently. becoming disobedient or rebellious. (from a backer. n . An asking ing to make (a thing) incline in some to have (a dream) interpreted. A wonder3. To borrow ( a thing) (another) to be acting wrongfully. A A. JUUC-L istl'tâf. v. v. jUi-J 1 1 1 3 3 3 I ( 99 ) 1 3 3 3 I 31 „ u*J back for s u p p o r t . An A. 2. 1. isti'cia. A seeking desiHng. 1 . An askwith God! i. 2. 1 . state of readiness a n d preparation.JBC-L i s t l ' â r e .I isti'jai. a metaphor. taking aptitude. v. to make (another) run.far (i«mSn). v. A . A.'U^. v. accustoming one's self. n. 1 . A. 1. n. n. A seeking for the favour and applying it to one's own case. An (eye's) watering. t. v. A guidusing (a word) tropically. ing shelter and protection. God forfend! God ing to be excused a n d pardoned or deliver meI let off.j e On the wing of haste. (not of money).

A. An asking A. A being or \ -CU^-I . 1. preserving and prolonging the life of A. v. ing (others) to shout. A crying ing. ecstatic contemplation and beatitude. tion. b t . a. clumsy. jyc-l i s t İ V i v. (God's) or commendation offered by another). employ the creditor receives the rent thereof (a thing). An appointing and employing A. addressed to bursting out (in laughter). I have no such notorious. n. ISTIĞFAR. D e p e n d i n g etc. advertised. arising from common usage. A An acting in a strange. elevation. n. \ . close shut. etc. A being tiön. coarse. A. JlteJ isti'faf.a thing). A b e A. n. pan. To offer one's resignaA. v. n. istigâse. etc. v. A being a thing. n. figuratively). official note of enquiry for information . âsbore. v. To use. obstinate and refractory. A U S İ n g . a note A. r i l e . A.üs! yuûJ I ask pardon of God! A. 1 . 2. A deemness. j D U J isti'ıäq. v. i. 3. JLs'M isti'mâl. A. v. To ask for help. s. tax-gatherer. indecorous mounting. t. 2. 2. n. A (man's) being or becoming A. n. i. A. isti'nSd. especially. bird. An asking P. an official universal (in respect thereto). totally plunged and immersed (in ing for medical treatment. n. war. JU»^! isti'mâıı. n. (on a matter or point). v. taken up (with it) . A seeking or devotee's) being totally immersed or acquiring a connection and depen. isti'ıâj. An asking covering (a thing or things). v. did. so. keeping one's self pure and free aloud (for succour. having attained a fair height. A mort(a man) as an officer of taxes.drowning or immersing (something vince. 2. especially. 3. for aid. A. . succour. 4. To mortgage (a house.l istigiâı. estâgfirû-'lluh. A n a D s t a m A. To feel surprise (at the upper hand. being wholly or b e a m i n g thick. 2. pro. 1. dency (on some other person or thing). resignation.). i s t i ' k y â d . I. an ejaculating the words A. lofty. A being (a person). interj. üÜUl-I i s t i ' l a n . n. isti'lam-name. 1 . A some other office. v. resigning. To appoint (a man) until the mortgage is redeemed. v. ing (a person or thing). Not in t h e least. 1 J^iu-1 v. A (bargain's) beemploying (a thing). v. department. 2. etc. being somewhat advanced. istigiäq. industry. being for information. v.n. getting I J . (it). etc. V. V. J ^ . ing for or commanding (a matter) to be published and proclaimed or I ask pardon of God (for a sin)! 2. 1. A becoming public. to resign one's office. A b e prosperous with inhabitants and their ing or becoming closed.and muffling up one's self entirely.). n. 1. v. n. An endeavouring to make (a place) A.1 istigsnâ. ing to be relieved.ll. 3. n. n.илЛ ( 100 ) far. An excitfrom all sin and improper conduct. gaging (a house or estate) so that ( Jl^H. a living chastely and innocently. vb*1*"1 istigrâb. dumbfoundered. ascending (height. making use of ing made irrevocable. manner.). n. A n for God's pardon and forgiveness . The (morning's) ing (a thing) strange and unusual. t h e sun being surprised (at it) . tlx (French). isti'ıâ. etc. 1. a (saint A. S. pretentions! (Used in declining praise isti'mâr. technical or vulgar (sense. elevated. resignation. v. met. A totally comprehending and A. mastering or dominat. 1. A n a s k . A making or allowing or becoming irresistible and over(a person) to dwell (in a place). A. v. 2. v. figuratively). V. A flying to a shelter for protection. especially.) for official information in something. 2. A seek. A being or getting over. loftiA.. 1 . surprise.). 2. istigrSq. 3. i. A c o v e r i n g dispatched to ask for such informa. becoming high. etc. (dogs) to bark. etc. 1. big. v. isti"ıâm. help. f i r . v. offering one's on. 2. I UJC-A } V. 11. powering. istigiâb. A request (by one office.

1. vn. l s. sifti. ^-yifc-1 istefanoe. A trying to ciently rich to have no need of help) 1.. 5. i. vn. happy". of verbal nouns. were.3. t. To vomit. ISTIFHZA. 2. See cUlv-1 A. 4. corrupted. medicine. A. 3.. T. 1. 1 . 2. ^UÜ-T istifsss. A. I te-l. See CllV-l alone. A finding T. T h e a c t o f ses of triliterals). jti^-l istiftail. worn by a christian bride. VII. A separating pendence. i s t i f r â r .. 2. real or affected. contentedness. secure it for another. 2. t. To firstling. 1 . vn. istinik. 1 2J — _ öbt-t A.2. v. derived from its triopening. A being A. A. t. ^OUıJ istiflau. female slave as a concubine. See ing any thing onerous or tiresome. an iso. V. a s begining. A desiring profit. 3. A a treating as such "2. i. jUı-l istifan. or Fetva. -war (tıafız). JUA^-L ISTIFSAR» vn. bt-v l_ÎJL 4 22 i ( 101 ) I S 3 . A. A seeking t o open or literal root as is the present word to cause to be opened. 1 t. vn. I . A determinate vowels. An attainor transaction. 2. or t o make a begining of 4. to benefit. to assorting. 3. vn. A deriving a v o m i t . ^ЛЛ^Л ISTIFDÄTX. ing one's self to the utmost. I . vn. 4. T. t. vulg. or by a first exercise of a new J participles also. An enquiring after a person. or seeking to separate. A vomiting. A seeking the words hereabouts are of that class means of victory. A mak- . s. t o disorder. \ . 6. istifrâg. To gain. JL^J istifsäd. *İ\İZ~\ istifaqä. J or chaplet of A.. ı ö. A taking any thing by i t A.jlfcJ istifado. A trying to divorce b y the formula "Be thou excite to sin.istif. T h e a r r a n g e m e n t —^ î A. A taking a trying to seize as prey. 1 . An asking convalescent. istifrSd. 4. a profiting. The money taken ing happiness. istif'SKI. disdain. . as it ruptly. v. ^yjy.of . b u t the chapter A commencing of business. vn. vn. vn. I. a very torrent or lake. 2. A. v. V. vn. .A class of words and any single word non law on a given point. 1. after drunkenness.lating.1—1 as initials. chapter of . becoming sober for an explanation or commentary. A SEIZING ОГ A.n nasal.escape or abscond. (A being suffi.. to break bulk. _ s. An asking ing as spoilt. A spreading or corrupt. A place's becoming. A. An exertfit an adversary. to arrange . An asking ano. vn. vn. 7. or seeking for an out-pouring. An emetic. 2. in Arabic grammar. s. by a first j comprises the whole conjugation. irmelime. A. 1. or depraved . 3. 1. a classifying. A being alone or isolated. vn. The act of A. 1 . vn. .. The sacrificing of a in a ship or warehouse. 2. A. BT-1 istirta. jAj^ istifräsh.fär (ismaıı). A seeking to act corabroad. and an 1 between ther for a prompting of something the second and third radicals with that has slipped the memory. (eîr). A regards «t! Teaching and learning. 1. derange. An esteemT. 1 . The opening sale a. Many Arabic praying for victory. cast up.s. To 2. To ask after the health. of that class (the tenth of the clasA. > й Ы istiğnam. A separating. To ing or taking out. and sale. To ask of a mufti the ca. by the addition for an explanation. 4. 1. A taking the whole. groom at his marriage. An asking ! from the root J»S . 3. To discom. vn. . or blessedness. vn. A sorting. ISTIF TAN. . t. in a first transaction. vn. Inde. pack. 2 . gJyiiJ i s t i f r a ' . Cü^l istiflemek. An asking a one to do something. a gaining.. The crown. 2. A drawi . Religious disdain of earthly things. 3. A seeking to spoil being spread abroad. 2. A becoming bad. j i s t i f r â z vn. a spue. j t & J istifnân. self alone. emetic v. success. VU. rude (usul). or eliciting. To unstow . Content. j b JUl-1 The mufti for a legal opinion. a a. to stow. A. An extractflowers. С Д ^ istiflatmek. A striving to attain this. A. ı (qirat). 3. or disordered. Istignâ. occupation. The act of of goods when laid up in o r d e r . corrupt.

o U An interrogative particle or A. God for something. A drawing -s. vn. Meek. istiqtäı. or going to meet any one. An esteemvomit.ring by induction. A roaming. jljufc-i ISTIQDÄR. 1 2 4 1 ( 1 1 0 2 3 ) J 1 1 tu (French). 4. (A causing to liue i n the . 1. A turnA. humble. -s. 1 ' çlr-' >jjj math. An esteemT. that he be p u t the cancelling of a bargain or contract. r a l e . . vn. A seeking to lead. vn. A A. to compromise. so. k^Si Л istikyâııet. VU. s. I S T I Q H I R . istiqaie. 3. s. A deemrein. Absolute indecomiug time. vn. verb. Demandsubmissive. huand assiduous. istiqbai. 2. to come to terms . a making one's self vomit. _ s. istiqamet. meekness. An askvoluntary vomiting. An ask. 1 . bird. c-J^i-l istik. u p with another. vn. To court death. 1. vn. 2. J ^ i J istiqiai. ing for a division or distribution. A striving i n g for a criminal t o be treated b y to b e brief. A. humble. A going . A. for j u d g m e n t . A. met. / m e e k . to act A. vn. <vlfc-t i s t i q a e . 2 . ^ЛсЛ To show rectitude. 2 3 ing a horse show his various paces. a desire: A. an appetite. I. A being something. a preceding. 1. a T. 1. ıvır. Utiqräz. v . istikyan. mildness. submissive. CI.L istiqtar. ing that a person be subjected to the A. An asking to drink. istek. wish. ^LAIL-L istiqsäs. an asking for an ex. 2. ISTIFHAM. Absoing towards. ashore. i s t i q r a r . 3. s. A. LafcJ istiqsS.. A being word. the law of retaliation. A.. 3. (Jis) A being honestly. for a beast to be led by a leadingA . a wandering.2 . To borrow money. water. integrity.far. vn. A being A. 1. ( O * ^ ) A T. An asking or A proposing an oath to a person. An entomb. A Striving t o A. I . Vfl. To to seek to be killed in battle. v.-lu. a burying. pitality. An asking find out a thing to the very bottom. An esteem. i. vn A praying tion or an appetite for. A.t. . goes out in a company to meet and A. 2 . To turn towards. 2. a loan. A. an inclination.s.. straight or upright. .il. 2. A seeking to A. To шакв settling. JlJfc-Л istiqtoal. submissive. vn. vn. vn. mility. out to meet.. drip) A distilling. To produce a straight A. i s t i q s i m .having absolute or sovereign power . uprightness. t o desire. A seeking a roving. i. 3. 1. A wish. i s t i q n ä '.1 i s t i f î l olmäq. • istiqsar* Vn. Li-' istiqya. or pertinacious. 4 . independence. pan. A being or A. a striving to be coutent. J^VR TO go one's self. v. A being A. A. Vn. \ — .. to square accounts. J I Ü . vn. stingy or miserly. I i s t i q r a . ing.iaiiyyet. seeking for food. An asking one t o relate A . 1. short or deficient. to have an inclinaA. jUat-l i s t i q s ä r . . ing anything as little. vn. a becoming bowed. pointing a judge ( ^ Ь ) . An inferto understand. i. A'lfc-I ISTIQATE.direction of its length.İ. ing a thing filthy. A A. or becoming fixed or established. ^İAİL-I i s t i q d a m . mild. 2. Istlqbah. 1.becoming high or exalted. submissiveness. or apxecti tude. Jiib-I istiqrai. A Striving to A. To become fixed. t. U^-l istiqä. vn. One who bending. 4. especially. ing a thing upon t o one's self. li c— before. vh. VU. V. A. 2. vn. w a r . 2. 1. vn.s. TO. )vn. straightness. A taking unseemly. a being sovereign or independent. J j i . vn. vn. See welcome some one. J ^ . an interrogation. 3. to death. t . A borrowing. istiqade. A. An asking for lex talionis. 1. J i y . 2 . A being bold mild. «ft. vn. A contenting advance to meet. t h e future tense of a pendence. v. t h e lute sovereignty. To A. A C O I l l İ n g Sovereign p o w e r . ^--K-L ıstıkySnetlı. established. did.. 2 . A naming. An asking fix a price upon. The ripening of a boil. JJ-'JJ»^»' istiqwSs. distillation. An asking hosplanation. A. The future.

1. Г. A (beast's) castin become proud. 2 A writing carrying off by force. A. To ing a thing mild. 2. A hearing a n d . An assembling. thing delicious. choosing or selecting. j n . 2. A loathe. 3. A deeming generous or 2. 2 . t Disinclined. vn. or gentle. Istlıäm. . . A going out A. jtSlJ ISTIFSAR. A. H H I S I T M Â . 3. s.» to content and satisfy. vn. 2. vn. A hiring out. istlıiıäq. a conflux c r u e l t y . iugr not to disclose. i l i b l IstllzEz. A matT. A A. ^LSL' ıstıksab. investigate a matter to the very bottom. A. isteksiz. " i«tikrd. A i. C. A using A . I . w S r (hâfız). vn. A. noble.1 igtiitbâr. 1 . A. A deeming A. A seeking to A . 1 (qirat). An acting so as A. 5. istekli. b u t is not considered correct. v. bidder at a sale. and A. (The present form is used by some. A. v. An askA. vn. an asking or commanding comA. Ub-1 istijqä. £_ic-l i s t i m â ' . from others. istem. A paying a visit. Vtl. undesirous. A deeming fested. istikfaf. S e e ting. A. vn. 1. a or a staff. A. JfcJ i s t e k l i . A ing in pasturage. S e e »jlç"-' 1 ting. (zîr). SS-I isteksizlik. vn. a favor. »J&-1 i s t i m a r â . 1. S.s. A. ietikmSl. istiıab.being or becoming fat. 1. A melting proud. S. A. Pride.( 103) far (asman). An asking becoming reconciled. ^ istiia. TO.) A. 3. A h e a r i n g .i n . 2 . one t o do a kindness or a favor. An abound. Vn. 2. man's claiming or owning another as indifferent. or lorming a facredit. t. to render difto be content and satisfied. A listening. (See Injustice. h. istlkrän.i. vn. \ . The A. S. 3. vn. 2. A becoming A. A S t r i v i n g pletion. vn. See^. a collecting. r i d e (usul). A acquire. 2 . A. istilân et.ta-lfi-listi m âlı a. 2 . A deemisg a ence. A hiring. vn.. s. i s t i ı a ı . forth the afterbirth. earing. 2 . vn A drawing out. ISTIKRAM. vn. t . to distinguish. using the palm to shade t h e eyes. A. ficulties unavoidable. disinclination. A separating one's self or hiding one's self. vorable opinion of a person. striving to make one soft. A being or silence. A buyin ou liking the looks of. 2. a letting 1 formation of ears in growing corn . vn. A. 1. leasing. out or copying. for or seeking to increase or augment 2. to clarify. 1 . A touching a thing (especially the black stone at Mekka) with the hand any thing.. Distinguishing.uij-l ifftiknâtı. a deA. istikla. v. FOU istiı'âm. t . mani A. To to acquire. s. an acquiring. A seeking to make a thing inevitable. A keeping as a sword from its sheath. Vn. 1.jic -! fect. t. A one's back. A (beast's A. 1 . A striving to join one thing t o another.j . — fi nasal. An asking A. i s t i k t a m . v. vn. striving gentle. Vn. A coiling like a snake. IndifferA. 3. a reconciliation. VU. One who has a desire or inclination. 1. istiktab. lying supine. mild. A lying on the palm t o receive something. o r agreeable. Multiplying a thing. ill-treatment. vn. vn. 2. ıstimarajı. t . i. 1. Vn. 3 . a loathing. . vn A s e e k i n g a n d ing to be written out. A deemdisgusting. A striving To create a difficulty. i . ISTIKRA. To be or down. or seeking to have discovered. or revealed a thing necessary. An asking especially. his son. 2.üUSL-l istikstıaf. See No. 2 A covering distinction. 1. p. A compleT. A. machine. h u n t . like hair. istiizâm. To hire. An ask. An asking lighting in a thing. in order to kiss this. inappetence. j\ŞL. vn. JTSS-L ISTIKNAN. a striving to complete and perT. vn. An asking being or becoming separated by some or seeking for shelter. . Ic-l İ s t i m a . vn. 2. ' J ^ " 1 i s t i m a z E .

S e e w a n t . 2. The Greek a. s. an inferring. See J^'BA A. A passing a . A seeking way. 2 . Prop. a or courage. A. An asking for a prolon. ı^b-t^" v. A feeling tired of a promise or a duty. 1 •A.duce . i. Performance of t h e lesser for light or fire. üH istimnâ.j 3 far. did. 3. A. 2. istinjâh.. T. 1. v. Istlmra. Vn. w a r . 1. 3. u s t u n . Tews). To T . istinjâz. T. ablution.stG. To rely A. vn. a or not come. J . 2. Ь 1 ^ 1 i s t l m r â r â n .I gating . A keeping restraint A. istinjâ. j I H istimâie. Let him come canonical manner. A. ing brilliant and luminous.v. vn. A sleeping i n gation of an appointed term. V. for a delay. A deducing. A requesting A. See P. An exciting ant to the taste. 2. vn. JC-I isitmaq. vn.A. A pretendfor help. 1. or becoming able. ıSTLMZÄJ. for *^ inclining. ästin.n. 2. To A. A BEING a favor. isitmuli. A. vn. A praying A. 1. t o require a thing. A snuffing up for any favor. getting the use of a thing. upon. firm hold of. S. A upon. A taking a thing in A . news o r information. t u (French). v. j H U S T A N J . obeying advice or command. I-. A. I . a requesting. Jlee—l istimhâı. a making research. «-1 isitmâ. vn. A deemA. 1. met.L İstimfcyun. v. 3." "u. vn. vn. rule. (An escaping Whether he will or will not. jUâî-l i s t l m t â r . I . V71. To ask f o r . A A. A leaning. 2 . A security and confidence. To wash in the prescribed manner. A recovering strength rich and regular-paying d e b t o r . A gaining one's wish. etc. to long for. l^-l istintoa. İs temele. i s t i n j i s . 2.. a dog t o bark or howl. See «-". To wish for.-la. J'UL. vn. Masturbation. J-Ii-I i s t i m n a h . U. vn. i istenbe. To deduce . . a favor. gross. An asking execution A. 2. J & J . To lean upon. In an un.i. An investit. I Whether of physical pollution in a prescribed he come or come not. A having a ing for aid. 1. 2. A. s. and disgusted. 1 2 « ashore. A leaning upon. or gift. t. T. pan. so. S. A being or becompilgrimage at Mekka. A plucking .n asking for ask assistance. I do not like it. J=>Lİl_\ istinbât. in any A. e. jJirl îsltmaii. Prop. A. Willing from danger). jr'ci-' istintaj. istlmiâı. >H ^u. JI^-I istinjâd. 1. to infer. T. ing a thing filth and uncleanness. I A.UJ istinâme. An asking. 2. A finding pleas. such as rain. to conclude. 2. vn. Й — i s t l m s ä k . n. _ s. The nightmare. 1. A. jl^-l . To hug the shore. vn. interrupted m a n n e r . tastes and temper of a person unseemly. JİJİ-l xstimd3d. ^ i s t i n b ü h . A. 1. In poetry. P e r . a. to be asleep. forû^-^ç.1 istendii.1 ıSTLNÂD. P. t. A reachwithout interruption. quantity. A. water into the nostrils and blowing T. A. A. CI. as by the armful. VH. I-. Coarse. or for grace. 2. A gaining goodwill. An asking A defiling. o-l^-"' istin has.n. selling to a regular-paving customer. A seeking the P. it. continuously. An asking A. vn. vn. a being con. 1. vn.t.v. vn. t ıstınsär. vn. deducing .. In poetry. s. A taking demon. 2. ( S e e >J) 1 . v. VH.i. Vn. A bringtinual or uninterrupted. ı S T ı M T S ' . A petually . An askA. unceasing. ısıtmalı. « j 1 ^ i s t i n â r e .ing to light a hidden matter. A. a t. 1. See island of Tinos (anct. X I . ability. 4 1 1 ( 104 ) 2 1 1 2 J. An asking To hear. dipping ink with a pen. VH. My soul desires gathering. istlmiâ. \ . A clearing one's self or unwilling. not i. vn. 3. Istinboi. 2. To deA. to water when digging. An asking another to write. vn. bird. Vn.. 1. t See jb-^j it out again when performing a n T. 1 . I*-. vn. vn. t. V. 1. i s t i m r a r . VII. See öj^-jl coaxing.r far.

p. III-L I S T I N Q I . vn. the whole due in settlement of all an inciting. a bargaining. v. Firmness . strength . vn. j\m~\ istinfâr. t . 2. menting b y tracings. A copying act. I S T I R P I . A. 5. vn. — n nasal. To fill A. JUsJ istinqdz. As . vn. 2. istinqas. C t AM istinmik. 1 . jr^-l n s t n j . stable. to caulk. (See lUiH) î. ISTINSHF. ^lkıul istinesr. a. questioning a prisoner. accounts.-y. a. F i r m . S e e [jj^-i chaffering. ISTLMQÄSIı. A. level. for a diminution. p. solid. Jl-jc-l ( 105 ) i 2 гаасыпе (zır). jUİ-Л istlnstıÄq. A. i. fright and running away. v. examine. S e e on credit. A being or becoming upgating. t. A SllUİf. a (See JukJ) delivering from danger. equableness. A. A smellanother to compose or recite a poem. V. the breath of a person. vn. An asking ruped . vn. Prop. j b i . p. A gainsaya declaration of lineage. To be desired. t. A. Oakum. P. person.with oakum or tow. t . j ў^ n s t i p i . t. г-К^! i s t i n k y i h .l istinshad. A brail. vn. 1. A. delay o r grace. v. vn. s. 2. A lowering hending . solidity. straight. an right. An asking a woman to wife. r u d e (ıısıil). An interro. . in writing. 2. 3. vn A n asking or following a road.mature . t.. j u i . A sniffing at the odor of a thing. to examine. vn. 1. s. An ing up into the nostrils. A. especially. or asked for. Erroneous for ing an aversion and "shunning a t. or trying to lower. to cross. A Ç. s. A seeking to be attached to the service or fa. An asking a creditor for A. T. A. a causing to flee. uniformity. The sprinkling of water. üs T. a denial. a horse or mule. s. An imitating for help or aid. An asking к »a t-i-u * t u л»а) The equator. A being e A. s. A. P. a refusing to stoop to any rentage with another. See chasings. investigating a matter minutely. vn. vn. after an ablution. An asking a fathoming. To be dea . A claiming p a any thing . An asking 1. 2. to refuse to do a thing.Aİ^kJ .. eKj— l istinfeyâli s vn. ustuWune. f istiwa. Lİ-İ i»tinsi. 1. a being as one should be.i n g . 1. A requestsought. tow. I S T I N K Y I R . firm. vn. v. To mature. A compreA. I IST IN un J. q. an asking for a little strong. u s t i r i . 1 . To investigate. 1 (qirat). especially. A taking a direction towards any thing. I . vn. A rejecting mily of another. vn. vn. A. steadfast.dicular.'i—I istinqäh. t u w ä r i .. VU.. vn. i. 'İ. a quada. or t . j ^ t ustHwän. 2 . An orna. istinhiz. A becoming interrogatory examination. W3r (hEfiz). 3. interrogate. S e e >}—\ . v. a T. A receiving and acting sired.. jji-l A s t i r . the mastering of a subject. A. T. A taking p. vn. s. I istinsub. t . to quable. To copy.z. 1. q. money. to brail up (a sail). t. 3. utfH i s t i n i i m i k . vn. I ^ I K (vulg. To smell at another's breath. ustupÂlimik. vn. s. 1 istinaftı. I . stability . istinziı. An asking advice. vn. v. T. v. vn. A. r U ^ . 2.I ± 1 2 22 f ä r (tt«m&i). one to w a i t . A taking delay. n. I . s. ilstnbij. »JfcıJ istinkyâf. ISTINZUII. A spending island of Stymphalia.Lİ-1 istinsiicn. A tak. h. A saving. A. or asked for. s. White lead. To draw back from a thing. jUS-l ISTINSSR. A. vn. To clew u p . ISTINGA. Uuji-l u s t u p i l y i . A seeking to frighten or (See disgust. A beast. s. A. A.l ISTINFÄQ. on advice or admonition. (See oi-i) ing any one to take advice.. v. 3. A pushing . A becoming perpenensure canonical cleanliness. istintäq. An enquiring about. A receiving or adopting the course of another. pictures. A taking A.i. 2. 2. The A. a snuffing up water in ablutions. jiy-l Ä s t ä w i r .

ashore. J U £ H ISTIHJBN. 2. A mast. . to demand as of right. a disliking. . fur. F. yx-l n s t â h . liU-l istiyâk. v. 3. I—! istiyâ. UST^NJ. See A. an urging . vn. V .Exhausted. a pillar. i. S. istihâsh. A. s. A suggesting for safe keeping. the posteriors . An asking for a future term. A leveling. A being relaxed in the bowels. s. rııle. vn. vn. jlif-l istîsân. Stockholm. silk. vn.T . God's taking the righteous to Himself. F. vulg-. Aİ^. 2. vn.1 istihdâ. A drawing lots. The rump . or demanding something as a necessary consequence. Thefirstap. a deferring. guidance. or asks for. a jeering.• Л -l A . 1. s. and s. JU^l i s t î j â l . (See wishes. 3. 2. A. t. A sword's flashing unique. 2. 1. subject of a discourse. W h o p. 3. A depositing A. vn. A requirning . A hiring . vulg. V ^ I istîjâb. A smelling causing to arrive at. ietiyiji. J ' ^ l ıstibâı. IFCBJ vulg.! âsti. and wool). s. I istixniic. A finding or deeming the air insalubrious. A putting people to the sword. A.' (A A jläS-l isti'khâr.. in t h e exordium. A contemA. an esteeming contemptible. j U . a procrastinating. A stone or pip of a fruit.1 istihlâk. a preferring.. pointed. vn. p. vn. i s t i . WISTIHZA. a guiding to . vn. An arriving A. 2. istihâni. I. An asking for leave. inclinations A.1' J. vn. vn. VUİg. A findforeshadowing. tion being applied for. 1. s. ietiyâs. a. Vf.1 istihwä. isbeauty of foreshadowing). 4. pan. To rid. v. A taking or wishing much of a thing. a mocking. s. 2. 2. A weight of six wrong. 2. istoqholem.drachms and a half. T. the matter of a discourse. 2. of ing a place lonely or uninhabited. A. J V » ' istihiâı. A. П. bird. s. a being purged. a . S e e £-1 or sniffing at an odor.t. Ji^J ISTLHSI. For q. isti'jar. A seeking to be alone forth. v. İ s t î d â ' . 1.l istiygf. an inciting one to follow his mit a thing to another . A. To give in charge . vn. A demanding or taking security. (A being or trying to be al display. A destroying.. F ^T İstihâm. vn. to a person that his predilections are I . Prop. A feeling vexed or griev.tikhSr." ' i ıstısar 1. j 4i-. 1. to mock. A. O'V—I T. vn. jTlijL*! üstufato. vn. A condem. which foreshadows the behind). A seizing the sword. 2. an inciting. did. vn. LA g H istij. a using u p . vn. T. istirâd. deferred term to be granted or apTo spend or use up. To n i n g . to comgood . -f. A. A. 1. As . a. j I a " istihâd. T. a. A fighting with swords. ' . -war. A.v. Stuff (of COttOn. A stewed dish of meat. An appropriating any thing. A choosing . A cleaning one's teeth. A lonely or companionless.2 ( 106 ) far. ^ V . to take on hire I . An animal's becoming in heat. See zâni vn. A post. I«TIYAN. ü t t ü n . A bone. See CUIH A. met. j b ^ l istîjâr. tu (French). A. desires. v t.1 i s t i f a . A. jUi-'il ^J) On authorizap.To hire.^ icule . ed at an evil occurrence . A. vn.. p. vulg. J V . i s t i r .t. A rhetoric. 1 A. A doing p. vn.v. üste» S. 1 A feeling commencing to pour forth. vn. q. v. unable t o do more. A begining of speech. a A. to jeer at. o r a a consuming. A seeking for require. vn. i s t i y i j i . A driving a beast. (itui-l istisäq. a giving in charge. vn. j . i s t i ' j a l . so. etc. 1. istiyish. S e e 1 pearance of the new moon (or a seekA. A. u s t â n . vn. a A. A conducting to . See authorization. F. vn. ıstı zan. a selecting. or for T. . P. a disapproving of. 1. for q. vn. A d e e m i n g ing to see it). 2. 4. vr A ridiculing. 1 . s. v. a stew. jUU I S T I Y Ä Q . In poetry. A drawing back . s.

istim. A. a s u b j u g a t i n g . A taking a thing in . A commencing. vn. istiification. A receiving a debt.. To occupy . o r trade in a Mus1 itn-ruled country. To ask for quarter. 1. 2. a n alien's asking for safety of life and limb of a Muslim power .I istl'sad. 2. A. VUİg. to exterminate.A dispute. To take and occupy by invasion. istizâr. To uproot. To receive . s. I point to anything). vn. An asking for a diminution in price. S e e J U . ( 1071 ) ? 2 1 J ı (zir). T. A.isti'sar. i. A driving friendly. To StOW or pack things a w a y . A. A begetting and acknowledging offspring from a female slave. 2. A. o^-î astin. J i ^ j isteyish. j'u-ii-l istlsar. t. I . (^1) . travel. A being or becoming.. VUİg. 2. An asking for an explanation. p. out or banishing. to contain. vn. T . 1. s. An arriving at the Oç. 3. 3. ISTIZÂH. vn. See vi:-* A. (See j » ' ^ . jit"! isti'mur. I S T E Y I N . An overcoming. A nami n g a man vezir.} ^ i s t h i d . T. to let things be stowed naf. The a c t of valuing and appraising. 2 . to appraise. T. 1. Complete payment and receipt of a debt. A submitting to be made prisoner. An occupying or filling a given s p a c e . 3 ı far (gsmin)< w a r (hatız). ample. t. . or or packed away. vn. a containing. Steam. VUİg. xstize. ıstlsäd.* ) . A being or becoming A. Ц ^ îstisâ. A. 2. vn. v. 2. vn. jU-Uİ istiqäd. A. Of^-I istiflemek. s. v. to fill. istîıâ. v. I . To value. That wherewith stowage is effected. ^jU^i i s t i ' s b . a becoming alive or active. s. A stirring up strife.I ± I 2. 2. (See also jUt-l) A. 1. i A. A. 2. Jtû-Л istiarticles stowed. V. istifâ. A praying for To be on friendly. A sleeve. A wishing or asking t o p u t property i n mortmain trust.v. A w a k i n g . free from difficulty. For the steam t o be a t working pressure. being provoked t o f u r y . F. an appraiser a t the custom-house. ISTISÂ'. or copious. vn. A. A being like a lion in bravery. t. An exterminating. familiar terms guidance and success. a non-Muslim's going to reside. An uprooting 2. VUİg. vn. t. ж-üde (ıısul).n nasal. vn. A. isti'nas. vn. v. A demanding payment in full. t o hold . a fight. v. vn. A learning or k n o w i n g without doubt. A t r y i n g to make a tiling out clearly. an awakening. 1.spacious. A beast's being o r becoming tame or carrying off booty. 2. »j^ i s t i m ü r â . A. 2 . practically. vulg. J L İ .. a. . a m a k i n g a will. -kii^l istiqäz.Jt-Ы istİ'näf. 1. vn. i s t i n a t m e k . istisâı. An asking for q u a r t e r . A driving off. (See also jl-c-l) A. vn. an occupying. ü ' i i . j l M isti'm Sn. 2. A l i g h t i n g . 1 . s. t. i. S. 2 To destroy. 1. j l i i J istiqän. A. 1. T h e act or manner of wishing or asking. 1. v. especially. vn. . A.' ISTIFLIK. J'-^Ä-I xstı'säl. s. vn. or familiar with a person. istifâq.. A consulting . 2. vn. and accustomed t o a person. A making captive. VUİg j i s t i m a r . An asking one not to proceed. or security for life and limb. To have A. especially. A. isti*. 1. t. ' . ISTIJSZ. a quarrel. ' -u 1 vn. F. and s. To receive the whole. JIİJ A. vn. 1. . A lighting up : a becoming lighted or stirred up. An asking another t o carry a load. 1. machine. F. A Valuül'. a conquering . v. p. to pile closely. VUig. fUi'l^u-wl The satisfying of revenge. vn. J . О 1 ^ istim â n . A. an asking advice. 2. I . vn. 1 '-. vn. Jliv-1 Istitân. £ИВЛ-Л IATIZÄ'. i s t i m a r a j i . A. n â s . t. jl-c-l istisär. (A putting a nose. 1. s. A running. safe-conduct. vn. A.. (See j i y ) with. v. T.L ^Цл-Л The obtaining of full gratA.. A settling in a piace. 1. A being or becoming easy. To demand a debt.l istiqäf. J ^ " . vn. t. ju i . ı (qırat). An expressing or wishing to express a wish or command . a pinioning one.

7. or vile. 1. The star Regulus. of »J*-) 3 Tribute imposts paid by nonMuslims. >*-l is-ийг. A blocking up. ILJI^J ISTEYEROK.. 1.M u - ( 108 ) J nificent. 2. A bowing ОГ bending down the head. S. vn. ilUil-l isteyejefc. A hero. Lungs. Very straight or very true.. pl. . A gaining unlawfully. 4 . A displeasing. A. A. is-fcnat. liberal. to begin again. 1 . An inscribing or enrolling on the court register. A making an appeal m a suit at law . 5. or suitable. A releasing. A. Lion. 4. ES-ITNÂ.1 T. A looking down in coquettish manner. -H. vulg. jIîIa-I i s i j l q i i q . T. A losing hope. 2. A close shaving. 1. A giving much. prop. A. fourth caliph of Islam. 4. a.ılmelc» V. L 1. S. Veils. J U J E S D Â ı . ('**">) a. 2. CÜJL-I i«id. curtains. generous. (pl. 3. A. ш г . desperation. of J-l A lioness. 2. ephialtes scops(?) A. J-JUI isdii. an asking for a new trial. a . £rrU) A sentence or other composition which has rhyme but not metre. A being or becoming right or true. vn. See ^Цг*. o f д-' q. Embankments. 3. vn. To begin .. incantations. or ask for. ^ isti'yas. A glutton. r 1 ^ Ivjâiı. A. n. A. 1. That will or ought to be wished. J u l l _ (The victorious Lion of God). 3. ESIDDE. entirely. Wishing.s.2. es-icîıaırı. J ^ " ' îsjâı. lights. O-l esedd. To appeal.! A. Şr a. o f J». . . vn.M ı Â N . esede. esdäd. A. S. Jj-L) 1. A. Bowings as in worship. 5. A speaking in an unrestricted sense. 4 . vn. pl. T.. A. (A binding with a . A silver piaster of the Seljuq Sultans of Qonia. hateful. iWH isijäq. an extirpating. 3. esr. ı^A-' esedı. t u (Frenoh). Non-Muslims. A future act of wishing or asking. Idols or pictures for worship. That W ill wish. j t ç . 3. A. m e t . LÄ-I « S . A. Jlfc^-1 istihai. * Of jUfc-l (To heat the eyes). A. s. pl. Very liberal or munificent. See ö^f 1 . -i-1^ vJi (The Lion's heart). a destruction. jlfi-l ısjâd. a. istbi&b. s. T. 2. (or. 2bird. JU.K B I Y Â . A filling with water. To recommence. t. a title of Ali. 4 1 1 2 3 f a r . vn. jtf^l Coins with effigies stamped on them. isjSd) 1. The scops-eared owl.V. Black. v. A. A. S. A speaking softly. A. S .X—' s. To make weep. âstine. 2. esr. (With his thong) Totally. An egg. a making a n e w begınıng. A warming. of Jju. dams. or that connects a sentence with what precedes^ P. Enchantments. vn. 2 . pl. of Ât*» Bands for fastening letters..l o^J The superior Court of Appeal. An eradicating. . A thong of untanned hide for binding captives. A n asking for a present. of JU. pl. to commence ..> esed. s. A.1 i-utle. (pl. vn. s. д . of j*» 1. o f J .. j'-T .. 1 did. A. The island of Delos. us-hub. prop. Ö. an obstructing. a. 2. A. vn. etc. A. S. v. A. JJF .Т Â S U D . pl. pl. s. See A. 3. 6. a vexing. n. gerund. 1 . Îstl'lıâl. vulg.A-I IS-NÂT. pl. so. A. an irritating." Jews. A. A^l es^lıiye. ist^yijl. 1. A recommencing. A . İ . A leaving aloDe. spells. Strength of body. s.__ A. A. s. 1 . fem. A making or letting a thing hang. dykes. ^Ў (as j > ) (Isaac's bird). J'-*—* îsdai. (J**)T. asking. 3.> wa». that opens a new clause in a sentence. eibLlJyA conjunction or adverb. LTW-"' istiyâs. p e r taining to t h e lion. The sign Leo in the zodiac. Ends. See J I j ^ J A. A. JIJ-I isdâd. 2 « ааЬяФ* p a n . 2. An afflicting. An exercising liberality or munificence m giving. pl. A man's being or becoming fit and proper. ı ı s j i ' â . A losing all. vn. etc. Mornings. a forgiving. s. 5. extremities. 2. ls-haq. An enquirer for a person or thing. (pl. A being unlawful. fl. a damming. hangings.S e e J'JU-1 A. i s j i d . vn.. dawns.. Î S . s. of Rhyming prose sentences. 6. T. A pardoning. vn. Isaac. 2. Leonine. № Ы Ш .

courses. t. Indian hemp. Tall. esırgeyıjı. pl. o f q. S.. s. A. İ.t. The T esirgatmek. T. A. S. p l . T. A whispering. s. A. Lead. For . An angel. A A . J*—^ i s t a r i t i q i s . S e e esrâ'.. isirri.. To take s. an anecA J^'lr-' isrâ'iı. T. Name of A. by the vowel i in pronunciation. istâbr. or family. V. usturlab. s. as an animal in heat. marked A. Î . Asriib. s. vn. S e e Г. ustuqis. s. 3. to mis-speud. a hasA. S. thrones. is J^Lvf . (pl. prop. T o b e a. A letting flow. . v. A concealing. usr.t. s. A .. ı (qirat). isrSt>. s. To p. oakum. }jUl) Lines. a.) A . beauty in a face. A. v. U S T U R I I B I .I istâtol. v. q. For j — . tions. JLK-L i s t i r . Leaden. 3. — esirik. A. pl. isri. 2. 2. \ . the archangel who will sound t h e last trump. v. or Lines on the skin. Very swift. A s tening. 1. of 1. v. esirmek. A. p.1 One LS . dote. for . A. o f C a p t i v e s . archangel. ( 109 ) ± 1 1 2 . J^ul A tale. See T. 5 ! far (osmaia). to hasten. I s r a e l . pl. T. (See ^ ı ^ ) A. A. 1 . to indicate its being followed travel by night.. . F o r . esrâr. Vaeapture. JH The inferior nunnalion in Arabic prisoners of war. Red lead. to be protected. (pl. q. and pronounced A. E r r . o f or mysteries. excitement. water. s. CI. 2. who protects or spares. (pl. An astrolabe. 1. Glue. n. isrâ'. 1. (Not to be confounded j ^ u l ) Lines. p. V. —usturumacho. \. a. . clan. s. j—1 eserr. t. The points of Couches. In heat. A coat of mail. s. — (usul). t. is-sizii<i. air. to spare. The vowel-point . S.. J-IL— 1 ' isrärıı. V. q. v. jliuJ i s t i r . —n n a s a l . İ . A. a. an accelerating. in. A . rows.. A. A. Very secret. (for 1) TOW. very leriana P. s. pl. ranks. prodigality. Secrets. The four elements. 1 T. esrar. OLii-1) One of the four elements. S. m a c h i n e . custom-house transit seal. verbascum thapsus. vn. p. u s r e . Vfl.. greyish in color.i s r i . s. of See 1 A. v. i s i r g i m i i t . A man's kin. U. F o r Lead-like. 2. Gabriel. to squander. â s t i r . placed under a consonant. o f > ~ . and especially of a breastplate. an confidential. 3. care of. pl. Spikenard. V. Isinglass.'UJ The children of Israel. \ is-siz. isirgin. olr i s i r i i u i k . a hiding. s. S. to cause to be spared. u s t A w i n . thong). pl. a. ^J-Aİ^-İ istikhidis . t o make prisoner. J. ASRISH. i s i r i . 2. To waste. vn. s. Gelatine. A . S. of As jUi-i. a. vn. A making a thing T. An astrolabe us! God forbid! maker. 2. A preparation of the leaves of hemp.v. УУЗ^З^İ. V. TO be in A. To Cause great mullein. q. jalamansi. A. v. a reducing to bondage. Retention of urine. earth. a revealing. To quicken. S.. (pl. "war (lıafız). usret. A spending wastefully. A. spared or protected. A. ^ God save A. J r ^ . P. s.. fire. v. İ . To spare one's self. prop.t I J. istiripi. i s t i r . a taking prisoner. <Jl~ 1 israf. violent. 6Jj^y usrure. q. A making known. minium. P. S. s. v. S e e o^v-ч» 1 T. with the angel of death whose name \s. n. grammar. A. A s t i q A s a t . of j ^ ) wrinkles of the skin. \ . isrishim. of^-Ы FoundaA. fundamental principles.. s. a publication.. i s i s . . T. especially. usrubl. See CkrJ move swiftly. f o r q. A sending one to called also »^i'. S. I. esırganmek. 2. S S. . S. pl. A. ( p l . ustubbe. Err. uscrâ. rude 3J. A capturing. Lr-Î ©sra. j a legend. isrinj. q. 2. i (zır). t. 1. i s r i r . sofas. t.J'JB-I i s t i r i . S. İ.

1. a coming within reach. s. ЕГГОİ ustuwEfie. o f ü . pl. 2. v. S. To be sorry. or letter in writing.Abortion. regretting. p. a legend. V.. . voyages. Small a deducting. äshore* p a n . An approaching. t i A. li-l ısqarso. vn. did. S. s. . A. 2. 2.Gushtasp. to prosper. 2. Sponge. p. JLXI-L I S F I N D U N . rigating. charred. 1. A throwing A. CS'ÂA.t. 1. A. of ^ 1 • stowed tight. s. t U J ISQÄT. As . 2.. t. JIJOJ i s f i n d y â r . P. Sorry. As J-Л-' . i' ^ Л ^ к u rЛ )s" (Pl jy o . p. See minor prophets. spi. s.l I S T A K H Ä C I Q S . q. 2. an inciting. An exciting. a A. ]anecdote p. jUJ isrâı-. A. especially bers. p. > J i s ' â r . To grant mander-in-chief. vn. J5J . vile. 2. P. a. ıstîrö. S. b i r d . Erroneous for P A. White. captives. A watering. o. U-l i s i f i . TO step A. v. 2. 3. isfonaj. a. As . an irP. prop. esir. t. 2. 2. a. I«fiyn»ii. Name A . throw down or out. isqalera. . a. s. A being sorry. ZAJ istct. a casting out. Very happy. a dropping. Ji-Л esfel. A ship's rib or timels. S.The dawn. s. books of the T. sinapis alba. s. Jlî-I isqâı. very auspicious. Asparagus. A step in which feel regret. 3.1. »Jİ-T âsnfde. 1. be happy. UeOUS for »Jki-i . 1. ceruse. Erroneous for miscarriage. i *>tale. i s f i n j . vn 1. books of prophecies. A degrading from rank. A cylinder. S. a. 4. a giving to drink. ^-iriul isfânâitiı. labourers. A making or pared. m e t . Trav. q. plea. An omitting a word unfolding of the dawn. s. Spinage.( i 10 ) fair. vn. fortunate. Subtraction . . . A granting. der. Sorrowful. JWJ i 4 ' S F .P. A porcupine. vn. ^U-! Isîesıiktı. j^UgiJ isfeJi-siiar.a thole pin. lavandula st& p. Gaskets. an aiding. To render felicitous. (See A. v. A. s . a. praying for water. 7"'. q v. i.dismissing from office. a P. current. old men.f nacia oleracea. A helping. of 1. -bUJ i s t a t . To nacia oleracea. an A . F.AI-T А Ч И К А Ё . A traducing. 4. Ji-l iefed. jUJ ie'âci. A causing to the vilest of the vile. i j. hired F. •^„•'•i—' isqurrho. Very lucky. A I'OWİOck. Books.White mustard. s. s. The lowest o f the low. A^U-Д isqächä. White-lead. S. 6. A СОГПing. r-". A causing or allowA. a. v. v. A. n.I ısfıduj. an aid. v. a. Half-burnt. I . a backbiting. JT»-* E S â«-. A officinalis. q. A. f u r . Very low. As . v. j 2. a mast. A fixing the price of a commodity. very ing to work. pl. A breaking down. 1. s. 1. 3.1 estedm. 2. or prosperous. 1. s. (one's request). P. preA. Quite full. T. very fortunate. A. q. 7-İJUİ-. ı-i-î âslf. S. J J Y ^ K . XÄ^I ıefend. q. A. spi2. vn. r u l e . 1. ıstîr. v. .. A ratline..A*' i s f l r a j . son of a compliance. Slaves. A p. Spinage. boxes. p. J. to F. Ready. s. A. i s f e r â d . eset. V. 1 . a general. vn. The rejection of a baskets. usgûr. W-. n. u s f i s t . 2. Crowded. Is. letting drink. j s. A helping. The Stoics. д^-Т us Li f to. ( J . i s q a r m i z . P. ratlines in a ship's rigging.1 is'â. away of cloud or darkness. a. tu (French). pl. to aid. P. slain by Rustem. isqä. 3. »JU-T LSQÂÎ*Â. A hedgehog. 1. u s g û r n â . лүаг. Erroneous for F. x i J i s f i d . regretful. the •Ji-I . A lighting. Lavenq. q. The plant pegaTo help. a mast stands. very prosperous. 5. of Prices num harmala. of a fabulous Persian hero. so. v. jUJ i s r â r . P . P. P. White muskindling. The An aborting. p. A. a P . tard seed. packed. s.

partus maF. relieve from duty. Jj-A isqii. i o n . a cannon. л^руЫ isqorchına. Isqorbui. Stragglers. S. rude (uıfil). tanum. A Scotchman. F. (pl. 5. п. dual of lower studding-sail. дЬу-l i s q i t ä .Jor(?) A. scilla marilima. settle or dwell in a place. F. A Sla. лл5Ы) 2. v.. of ing the gums aud teeth. Jj^iXi-l lsqandiilanxaq. allium monp. A ier. S. F. V. t. F. jj^ä-" The v. cx-l евк. p. A skull-cap purple Venetian broadcloth. J j i i .. F'I-L i e q ä m . J U J U i s q i p i m ä r . 3. a quelling anger. J ' r j . таСыве. v. the Slavs. 2. isQorbut. vn. \.ys for launching ships A. Aif . I. The squill. 2 A probe. q. A belch."A. О^Д-Л i s q ä r l a t . s. aİjä-I ıı s q iîfı y a. 1. isgirek. P...(of Constantinople). A making drunk.. u g q u m v n . 3. 1 . A. especially as affect. 1. Prop. A tomtit. ı (qbrät).et4Js. Scolopendrium A . A SOUnd. grating. Remains.. Very drunk. the great Scotch. S. ESFCDÂR. Scarlet or old F. I . F. To sound or letting one inhabit. The hart's-tongue fern. urginea scilla. S. »Jİ-1 ilsqSra. scombtr scomber. s. A. w a r (barız). scorpama scrofa. prop.dârlyun. S. A grill broiled on a gridiron. 2. S.1 ısqoron. a. an appeasing. 1 . See F. . A messenger. A calming. F. a F. F . 4 . p. An appeasing. settling in. \. allium conferium. s. or humble. a screw steamer. especially. й. a convincing in argument. The sponge of lieve the watch on deck. Scott. j ^ . To making poor. > n т м 1 . fii-1 L^ÂM. 3. vn. 1 . F. t. I лзА&Л i s q ä n j a . A frame of timber used remnants. settle. (obl. Cjj> îsqolöfen. s. Scorias. 5. f.«' i 1 î . S. sail. F. Wild gar. üjXi-Д i s q i ä v i n . 2. purple Venetian broad-cloth. 1 . A porcupine. To discount a bill. v. scorbutus purpura. e s k y s t . 1. iskyâr. t. onera. S. Of J. 2. or boats. F. To haul a A. To erel. " iskerlet» s. Scarlet or old v.Preserved scorzonera. A ship's A.1 Л -2. S. To grill. s. (JSLH . Mountain garlic. isqorpit. IsfjuTidll. s. a presbyter. i s K e r . A silencing a person. A Christian bishop. A s g i r . (dr). DİSCOUUt. 1. An artificer. ûsaûnjâ. 5. jK-l i s k y â n . A making To sound. I. t. *J»iyL. vn. Last days for a foundation in soft g r o u n d . vn.carpenter o r a shoemaker. t o examine. WV. a causing to a man's thoughts o r intentions. s. See eJ^-l t. ing lead. T. v. /titmouse. ophioscorodon. * 1 i 5! far (asman). A. rider. s. To make o r let dwell. Ojj^. The scurvy. q. t. p. s. s. 2. S. lic. hiccup. an art izan.I isqoJnta. e s k i t m e k .. OwC-l isKeteyn. The SCOrZ. pl.or appease. s.q. i s q u r a . 2. a F. A mounted cour2. a m a k i n g ili. A sheet of a. V.! a rendering diseased.1 A. To make land or let a thing or person grow old. an intoxicating. t. isketan. 2 . or abject. or a F. a. or т ieqöcMyâlî. scincus officinalis. a dwelling To cast the lead. A. 1. A F.-lû. (pl. slag. To probe. A. ftiJ 1 ( 111 ) CJJC. See OjjjjtijlL. 4. n. The screw of a A. I . To skink. sea onpropeller. isk.. Prop.I ismeti. s. J j S L A usKyudâr. v. The mackҒ. in. S. AI^J " L e t go the sheets and t a c k s . Isqina. A hedgehog. A disordering. To silence. the Slavonians. v. A becoming sound. s. ıJıiJ üsqüf. pl.I i s q a h q S r . п. S. isqolofenaerlyin. s. (J^Ut) offlcinarum. Scutari F. dual obl. Цг^-Л Isqociıiyä. t . 3 . worn out. V. The sea scorpion. Vol*-. . indigent. ISKYST. isqySf. To reF. To quiet. A schooner.e t m e k . s. A grİdİl'On. S. of summer. F. 1. J^jjjji-I i s q o r d i y u n . F. vonian. s. ship upon the ways. i.

v. 1. ! s. s. 2. Ancient. eskimek. t. ÜUI isla. s. vn. A seaport town. (pl. The larboard side of a ship. torment. >Ы eslu. n. A. . jf"[> iskiB. J . s. I S . İ4katrni. s. of q. eskef. scriptures. ISKINJI. An inserting. s. An 1 trickster.CJ N S K Y A F . A ship's ladder. Old Cairo. sures. A . n. out. s. prop. fi» 1 isiâm. vn. P . s. Inveterate. T. V-X-L AEJTYııIR. To become inveterate or chronic T. (The chief of the veterans) The one of Д. very taking by violence. an anticipating. vn. A becoming a Muslim: bera of the vulva. Second-hand. s. mankind hereafter according to deJ—y _ Old and tattered things. s. 1 » t» ?(French). / a n d kicking of a evelid. The edge of an P.. 5. in justice and mercy. decessors. j chair. a . To do or say beforehand.!. V. 1. and providence. V. q. 2. s. prop. Javelins. ii bird. 1. As ıJİSl^ . 3. П. r a l e . become old. O-***. calm. s. 3. a prepayment. T. for Constantinople. t. See T. V. && .s. one of the two labia majowill. A A. P . A builder's scaffold. Arrows. worn. A. T. J A M eskilanmelc.l i s e l . Scanderoon.far» -war. eski. tur. s. vn. old. A stealing. i s k 4 m n i . s. IIISTJ I S K E N E K . csiâf. a. metals of the lost arts. eskitmek. prophets. 3. to advance money. V. A for cultivation. A t . Edged weapons of iron or steel. A. Alexandria. Veteran. ladder. AOUI . 1. T. J . Alexander. To profess the religion of Islam. See л-iji-i A.junci. The restiveness A . t^jSw^ usfcyuf. n. isiai. П. To Wear a wharf. İ.out. \. A KЛ A rope. iskenderQn. Ai_jxC-l iskenderiyye. chasms. \ . İ. 2. A stool. A causing to A. 3 ) so. esia'. A delivering: t. A drawing P. s. o ç ^ l l j i . 1. 2 . 2. ing worn out. ing. AJ^O «skyAflyâ. 3.l J-\ A Muslim. _ A sert. A . Genuine The religion of İsla M. <JJ. A s q. 2. See t . See JjSw-У a handing over. v . ^д» JJI^ Scutari in travel by a road. with phthisis. S.of£~)\. of v-A-) PreTo torture.The gangway.. to prepare. A keyhole. cxf-1 T. 2. T o p. very motionless. J L J ^ O E S K E N D Â N .) rags or second-hand wares. Rushes. prop. lieving in one God. t. FisT. pan. u. 4. S. s (dual j'cST-I) A lip resigning one's self to God and to His or valve. iJjS^-l И Ч К У И Г . h. (pl. A joiner's vice. A m u g or bowl for be worn out. The advancing money. chronic.Л Title of the chief legal canonithe old servants longest in the family. « « К У Л Г Г Е . T. s. « s k y n i . 4 ( 1 cUd. Alexandretta. Fellows. a resigning 2. 1 . the Muslims. A. A robbing. < 0 iske. iskele. God's afflicting a person A . To be capable of bedrinking. isiaf. A consoling. an introducing. 4. t . \. (In other T0 esKıj i. A. 3. 4 . v. T. 2. A. âsiıore. To A. wkene. v. Prop. peers. iskender. Torture.. A. real old chinaware. k. 1. A dealer in Muslim countries. A doing or p. an officer with this title is found in every city. a A. j C l i s k e n . See p. A landing-place. a pilferT. > C l nskyujiu. vn. S. i s k i z 4 . vn. Jj^t——-i _ (Old in his resuscitation and judgment of Constantinople) Alexandria Troas. A carpenter's passing into. a guiding towards. in His angels. A name cobbler. saddle horse. 3. material. T.saying before. adopted by a . İ. 3 J^y- e s k i d i İ m e k ı V. 2. / chisel or gouge. a . 2. t. J M Anxyıu. See j y C j l ing. precursors. I . Very still. 2.M . a prepaying. VJ^-A ISIATJ. pl. (The Roman) Alexander the Great. a Albania. m e t . A threshold.. i s l i k . 2. to become threadbare.(The Шо-horned) . of preparing land An advancing money. V. Macedon. See о г Р cal functionary of Turkey. a A. Jj^Ü-i İsiâmboi. ûakire.

a fashion.. « ' .. fVJ islim. C A H I S I I M I F C . kesraled. t. Leaves of the Doum proper noun. In Persian the same order is observed. JsL. (the place of ner. jUi Û S T N I ı I Û . JM-L). . isiimi ornamentation. Asiih. Vulg. words of the form л*» f ä ' ı i similar to the Chinese. borer.A ively aggressive. which is itself a simple root. especially. and by ivjiyiz. S I I M . Lingual. vulg. j f . . J ^ müqbiı. A rush. shooter. a form. (See лЛь. well numeral. C A H eslemek. a cardinal number. ) . a single species of rush. 1 . S. The (ty. T. CiA-l isiâumik. k. j ^ * . V.A noun ship existing between two men who of agent. a. (as o'ö _). t. The relation. commonly. little Hasan.j_u a place where lions abound. as 0Ч> q. rabic. CI^L-L I I S I N R I T . " W a r n abounds.1 esiat. Any pointed stabbing or which comes.) with. Regular. etc.the form J^ i f ' â ı . in Arabic these lake *jU ii-l Firearms. a s . as. In Persian such nouns reed. . (See Lf . but are also freely implement. « 'Л â y i n d e .. ism. a method. j u _ A noun annexed to designation. as T. orderly. In A.A pronoun. The noun in the genitive to which doggy. . Very safe. rude üu^J 3_L . isiîmi. 2. u of J . though the Persian rabic such the form fJ*<u form is much employed. little man.A name applicable to a species. A derived noun..bic the first of the two is jlU. i s i i i . A noun. 2. the name meant. ^ U ) 1. for A demonstrative pronoun. another in the genitive case. Jei . islilıa. etc . S e e C A W of the form J*" m i f ' a l ОГ »»if'âli. The word b u t no case-endings A Hull. Л .. v. v. s. I S I I M . p. j**" _ A diminutive noun (like horsy. a . « JA-M). a substantive. a bamboo. of0Г m âl mi 'al. cJT_ A noun of instrument exist. i (qirat). a. who A javelin. J ^ " _ (noun of superiorA. a s W a b l o w . pl. with the second radical are married to two sisters. appellation. 4-1 i s i l i . etc. sense of an endearment. m a c h i n e .nouns of this class should be sought ing to the tip of the tongue. Lib t. (in Arabic of the form Jek râ'iı. pertain. (equivalent to as. T. s. CJ^C jjlU. 1. pl. a. The name of the A. 5. A. in place of J^'t-i as if (З^-Vî little father. or m i f ' a l e . in comparison hear.l 1.A noun A . S. The great and secret name of'God. s. 11. of Arms. j A J isiiq. (Bir). Very or excess.An adjectival A-Jİ-I To get I into shape or noun. _ A common noun. CJ^ .A uncouth. Turkish A. A e n d i n »-L* e n d e . a. to proper name of God. w a r ( 113 ) 2 7 1 J _ 2 2 2 (hafız). jlL drl^c. A noun of receptacle. 0Г nounsi f arei . pl. designating a thing by a quality 1-1 To bring/form.'J^jobedient. уиал _ A diminutive noun. a point. (See A. J I I J U M m i f ' a l .the abstract.(A noun The linguals j (called also of multitude) In Arabic a noun of the form J*i» m i f ' a l . ^ ^ . the creator of the heavens.A noun of substance as compared with arranged.ed as. y. ( A s O j Ö _ ) r. 3. Provider. Cio^ .. An arrow. (pl. See jjW . to arrange. sunrise) the east. isim. 6. A noun of time and place (in Arabic. Ü^. See CA^—i or mif'ii as (a place of A.i*»-Ân abstract noun. ^ T.1 (usul). i.). or free collective noun (in Arabic)..(A noun of single action) In Akind of ornamentation in curved lines. (pl. formed from irregular verbs. the another is annexed. Irregular.JH t ! t 2 far (asman). few Sultans on their coins.writing) a school. . _A from affliction. ( ^ ) essence of a thing. a. — n n a s a l . т. 2. S. _ j y To take advice. the T. s. a. ««дA. etc. a a few writers. v. ıksiQbsuz. In Turkish this order is invert(like cutler. A name. to bewith Creator. palm-tree. a derivative. A r e v r ı j . A. Jehovah)." little house. or. _).). ity) An adjective in the comparative or superlative. etc. for God. In Araas Ojl^ _ A demonstrative pronoun. A tip.. T. To listen. as A. A man. etc.İ J ^ in the grammar. the Creator. Having a special . as.

To for recitation with beads. esraar. Killed. A ceiling.. v..i s m s ' i i . ^cl esme. 2. p. as f Chosen. esmerlifet S. most corpulent. esmu . A making easy.etc. of names or titles most generous. pan. 2. pl. n . of £ f As methods into o b .T h e language of the angels. A. in poetry. vn. denoting God's greatness in power. jlH i s i n i r . esmender. t but doubtful in fact. S. p. In Turkish. etc. (The sky An adjective. The " n i n e t y n i n e " names q. T. A ^ e s m e r . t h e noun to which the relation r e . t h e second A. s. »Jjj'jfl â s m a n . Celestial.of the wind. 0®*v . a. 3. of jf 1. 2. divided in two come dark-complexioned. p. T. war.( 114 ) far. Darkness. A Salamander. (pl. A being munificent. is fethaled. or t i . v. j / j H âsmâıı-gyân. i. so. Known b y name. A blast or blowing p. liAjfl csmcrlomek. n. Vn. of names of make or let a man become darkGod denoting His goodness. J W tu (French). alted. mascus. isinek. A. To storm science of God's names. E S M A . A raising. J-кИ isma'il. many scores. demon. tacle. 2. and into «1И and Jl^ »tfl q. J / J b f i âsmân-gyüni. very high. ^bfl I S M Â " . pl. Most fat. V. jf-M s Known b y name. far. e. OiJyfl e s m e r l a t m e k . Sky-blue the name of t h e thing put into it. T. A nailing. pl. brown. 2./azure. dusk v. Dark. 1. «-«-»j P. l a . n. A leaving cattle out by night. ismah. bird. 1 . Ismâr. ius communis. erouslv. v V . (I. or. of Da. etc. 3. (like a mill. A being . S. met. A being docile or submissive.d i r i . (See P. ISMEN. . Tales told by night. A. A. Nouns. In Persian these words always end A. S.j l c . ^ ) A relative noun formed in Ar^ . vn. A.a T. for chatting bv night. Night. \jyj. p r o p .The highest heaven abic and Persian by suffixing a ^ to The heavens. For Turkish. Very ex. a naming. A singing. ^ . For J ^ t f l o i w »1И The names of the attributes of God. J ^ «if I The class. T. prop. £»t-l) Ears. If I f The for the wind only). O jifs îsmarıt. A asmäne. pl. V. 2. ^Ul) j l j . To blow. radical. vn. esmâh. (used of God are merely a selection of these 1. see grammar.?. letting be heard. -s. an plump. 1 . «-Î â s i m i . certainly more than a thousand in number. Я. jW 1 ^ i s m i h r â r . V. (A noun of patient) a passive participle in Arabic . S. р*» j ^ A roof. several hundreds. virtues. jW ismarid. of £ f . «'x-\ The class. of ^ .ravine) The milkv-way. T. \. vn. The myrtle. derived grammatically from p. 1. most A. 1. q. sublime. their meanings. Erroneous for A. Aq. enly. A calling. blow and raise the dust. these have the See ^„>>„1 form Jj«i» m e f u i . conversations. t. jlfT asmanı. a. S. 2. etc. S. İ. (for j??). As lif c-'if' stead of & (as ^jp ^ (The name q. Ji-'j Damascus. to sow dissensions.. supposed A. rule. esma'. 1.(The sky and a rope) i t fers. Ishmael. Names. p. v. 1. Sky-colored. J ^ i f . such as complexioned. duskiness. A.vak-wind to dissipation. v. Most munificent. The tawniness. thus. a n d «1И . 2. S. and bluster. a. öW Jı J ' y (For the Kato blow) To feel inclined A. the names. i. as Jyä». A. '1И e s m a . âsman. a. heavsubstance. ashore. V. myr. . An angel. Ц _ A noun of recep. T. did. ЛИ i s m â ' . A making or in o de. To such as lOA-1 . a. a.i j j . exalting. prop.tempting to join two opposites. ( p l . 2. but non-existent in p. and drawing) A description. «if I (or Jr-^) '(The most comely names). To betitles of God. A giving genP. asma. ji is added in i J J ' T ^ asman j fini. Name of k. s. ^yrT .ismGg. a making submissive. A .

1 . of 1. S e e ( *®. \ _ . esnatmek. jt-l esnad. i y \ and j ^ y ) stretch. ( p l . A. A raising. j^y' esvar. OLJ esnek. i .9. or yield. ismıyyet. len goods from Yemen. 4. to impute. esmıye. İ. «"I e s h i m i . pl. 3. ^ . vn. prop. T. vn. or brown of complexion. Equals. Pertaining to a name or noun. S. S. 1 (qirat).. 2. or chamTo lean a thing against. a. A kind of woolA. mounds. esvot* isVet» iisvet. Hale. A. vn. isvech. s. A. 2. t. Spear-heads. pl. q. An adjusting. To bend. A. pl. an A. 2 . F. healthv. 3. a cavalier or Persia. S. 2. The Swedes.1' . leader. to the charge of. Most exalted flashing (of lightning). T." З . ofo-). A. s. 2. q. (pl. A putting a head A model. s. well. a being old. esna .1 ' (asman). 2. vn. A. bend. 1 . a. Aged.. a. Most great in dignity. an attributing. T. mos exalted. Equals. pl. An ascription to proof A horseman. Skies. A . '' esinne. o f o . terfort-s. a . Humps of a camel. of if 1. A making straight. pl. S6e exalting. S . prop. rI d e (usu. Ül-Ai-İ esnemek. V. xsinmaq. ismi. foundations.. a wind that blows strongly. A. of j y Streets 2. sources. V. Hummocks. Blows with a whip. Cic^^-l osenlashmek. A. A. ^Uili^-l The model of men of eminence. A. E S M Â . To bid farewell. 2.1). j t . «И. an A. S. o-' Ё Ч Ё П П . Сс-Л esnek. s. ping: a staying. or upright.1 . Most tall. A. A gag or muzzle. 1. t . 1. I S V S Q . 3. Most high . t. w a r (hafız). A being or becoming difficult. o f X .. A . ' esen. in rank. 2. to vield. a pat(üt-) on a spear. 1. very aged. v. ( p l . matches. Tangs wound. A. A.j pl. market-places. Years or periods of of shops. Black. or testimony (pl. to mutually say good bye. v. a. F o r . V. most sublime. A.. A. . 1 i 1 u ^ ( 115 ) T. s. a. • ^ ısvä. 2. 2. An omitting. V. soundness. 2. to wish health and happiness. еяпk. machine.. Blowing. sound. A. a. S.1 • Teeth. a. v. fetid. The drawing of a tooth.. 2.Stars A. 1. A leaning or arranging. To mutually wish health and happiness. VUİg. o f . To gape. 1. of j'^-). A. J J U L . a. A pouring out. A causresting a thing on another. V-t es-vâ. Stinking. tain pace. u J isna. cending. A tarrying a year. To Cause to gape or yawn. pl.. A snaffle-bit. CI. п. a pattern man. 3. A being or becoming thin or lean. S. j \ j f \ i s m l r a r .l esnan. To lay pion. чУМ esenlik. COUIIA.. isml'lal. A . Clc-I esnemek.of enclosure. pl.. increasing in years. 2. 4. ' esv. J Ç U ) . T. (pl. to stretch and recover shape. fellows. a being firm. A Persian prince. buttresses. an T. (zir). J U isnärt. An as. X. oUjXiil—* escnlâshdirmek. V. s. level. of 1. See I. Nibbles of pasturage. 2. Л—' esunn. Elastic. T. pL of Equals. to ascribe. A being 0Г becoming dusky. emaciation. esnSkh. of jy— Walls imputing. A correcting. of o . 2. V. t. t. Jj-l esved. 1 . 'İ. T.l E S N A . A camel's going at a cerA . S. T. heavens. As . q. y ^ J esvât. 2. a. a. A causing to say good bye mutually. T. or becoming hard. For (ij-l. Rains. (pl. esan. ' esvâ. V. to yawn. CUJAI-I esnelik. T. of kuife-blades or tools.. VII. CİM i s e n l i m i k . A.1. I . Teeth. to imitate or follow. (I. The peculiar quality of nouns or names. Ы I S N A N . t . vn. JIV"' ismiıaı. life. t. JLJ-L I S V A R . V. To cause to jiCIf _ Sweden. I.. An tern.1 . pl. isindinnaqu V. s. 2. vn. 1. Teeth Whips. to commend to God. An ascribing. A dressing a Roots. T. 4. T. 1. . 3. outside of the Lunar Mansions. С . 2. — n n a s a l ? U > tur. robust. S. A. A A . 2. s. most sublime. T.

v . most just. 5. See Petitions. sorrowful. to draw lots. O f d j j . A being very T. (I.. i s v i d e . ury. Grieved. JJL-V^ I S I D I I N I U Q . a'j 'й^глчг V SA pick for repose. To make prisoner. S. vn. Questions. ( p l . a. repose. e s v i y i . b ı r t . fundamental principle. 3. doctor. pl. pl.s. of Jul q. . blackness. armlets. S. 2. L-'T âsiyâ. A foundation. J-> âsir . chattering. p. pl. assigning a portion. a prisoner of war. ' esüf. Captivity as prisoner of war. of Equals.-ıA. See ous. a talking nonsense. A lik. JUo^-T â s i d e . T.) . $. a. (French). fan. erland. to capture. (t. Swords-men. a state of tranquillity. so.. i. p. п. A. ıJ--' esyuf. shares.. A flour mill. portions. s. T. isıjaqliq. of J}.l « s î r . j e H isitmuq. Slavawake. ren. e s i r j i l i k . a. 1 (a. v. VUİg. yosirji. A . A relaxing. f ^ İ«-Jıâ>ıı. for ^ . A. ls-hâı. 2. An attenuating a humor of the A. verbosity. ı A A . h. To loosen. ^T âsî.. s. T . S. q. A barren region. A. A . m eskf. is-lîâr. V U İ g . pl. ces. a . A bad man. V. See Cİv^l 2. a. pl. A causing ^ .jjU) Bracelets. vulg. vn. At rest. most upright. Versed-sines. A. being in a plain or level land. S e e J I J . t. p. A black. A. jlU-î âsyâbân. jJUÎ âsiyâıî. an old man. Margins. 1. Lots. of poreal forms. U-î â*>-â. s.v. jjU .İ. See ^ . A. dLİ^-l esırgânmck. laborer. (Sorrowful) A slave. a. 1. vn. 3. c l * x ) .1. S. o'u-i. Rest. A. . wants. Long legged. A. 2. An (See \-\yS) 2. v.v. tu. 2.. u»^ esıs. free from p. To disorder the (pl. a.svii. T. a. A 1. 3. esirlik. v. S . A captive. a surgeon. v. T. I. S. JS>-"1 a. prayers. s. i s â a . -. 1. esirgamek. yesirlife. Asia. aU^i e s v ı l ö . 3. The occupation of slave-dealer. sharpening millstones. lilf-l isyuf. v. or losing one's wits. J-g-i es-nei. (Also. J Ä . an accident. •A. оЦ^-А e s i r m e k . figures. P. n. usâ. A thing Purging. . 2. S.1. s. uS) \ .. Asiatic (apA. An elder brother. ( v n .j^-T йяилё. i s v i r 4 . yesirji2. t . (pl.. of . visible substanq. plied to men). Very much Swords.I I S I J A Q . (•4-1 es-liam. Switz.v.) tranquil. 1. T.iy\ ( 1İ8 } jJU-I t 2 S 4 1 1 2 S î 2 3 fer» -war. ery. asbore! рата. a keeping one 1. isviobirili. sabres.Grieved.^ edges. J i . of sjU J. a. prop. to relax. A being black. See lousness. r u l e . Stems. pl. a drawing lots. ä ı ä . vn. 3.q. vexed. v ^ l us-yâı>. y e s î r . s. a hired Arrows 2.b^O 1. / Ö r A misfortune. S e e ^ j . A collision. A. p Z . BarA. vn. isu.-lft. S. Rest.t. s. eslfe. e s a q . A. of 1. Of t-i-» 1 . Much given to grief. i s v î . A miller. T. slave-dealer. U . P. Things asked for. care.. 1. i . Of ı-ij. grieved. intense blackness. . Most even. bowels.n â ı . S. given UU-I compensation. у у\Л . T. A. i. Swiss. S.. A being covetT. of СОГ. . т. pl. quiet. p. ^ is!.s. d(vdtl. pl. VUİg. A. l>-l . especially. a new-taken slave. 2. tjrj^'l e s î r j i . a physician. i less. f u r . A usmg moderation. garruX. Annuities sold by the Ottoman treasA. sıaet. Tranquil at heart. quiet. V. Is-hâd.^ J A. mourning.L I S I J A Q . body. Ы . Shanks of legs. A raving. 2. interrogations. q. (pl. S. A going far. VUİg. In erroneous for ^ . quietude.. Â S Â D E I I K . S. ^U-l is-iıâb. Most easy. 3. <>si. requests. a. j l ^ . v. A making sleepT.. problems. See Jc^-1 J ' j . See J ^ U ^ J most level. ö j f j J \ esirgetmek. esvuq. -sb^-l isviiiua. Л. sorrowful. asfidegä. prop. A P. diarrhoea J . T . pl.Л v. \ . F. A water-mill. A. a. Ssîb. p. 5.' A. A. 2. a. s. A running with long steps. 2. A. Angry. 2. a. The "Ыаск core" of the heart. . 3. isvicherâ. A . a slave.

A kitchen. isnârit. inferior. T. to sink or fall.v. hence derived. a pointing out. i head is giddy. _ v. The latter part. to divulge. 2. (pl.). oky» T O speak b y signs. pl. pl. downwards. j Z ^ f t Name of a stew of meat with sour flavoring. s. гйа® <u«tu>. vn. 2. for ^ ' t j . v. iiiy âsnigâ. s. 1 . Snakes. 1.. Giddiness. Cooked food. 2. bewilderment. Hairy parts of the body. 3\ _ v. 1. A womansurgeon. 1. (Down and up). i ä h a j i ' S.. long and J L . In the latter part of it. s. O^-ltS islıa'at. To spread. 2. To become low. ^jltl) 1. coriandrum sativum. In its lower part. Lsuâiı. fern. a building high. J-It! usnagi. дг-Т ä s i m i . See j J A. To hear. 1. T. a. i. (from q. T. T. t. (Not used in the dative). 2. Â. İ. 2. P. Headlong. T. s. JJT Food-plant. to reduce.i. vulg. 2. To signal. Down. The space below a thing. a mixture. A. 3. to long for unusual food like a pregnant woman. A. directly connected herewith). v .s i r . t _ . г-tltl i s b â s u i t .adv. j. Aeltt ishu'a. wı. jUltl âsuâgiıi. İ. >jf''— l asliagi. A. Of The knuckles nearest to the wrist. and . (See Cic-l) Г' P. a giving an opinion. . A . V. 2. A being or A. of ^T Grieving: mourning. i s n .q. T. pl. Up and down. s. t. V. for q.. I becoming lively. LIL Â S U Â G I J Â .v . Rice boiled in milk. according to the Arabs. Lower. T. 1. . . 1. a mate. below. -v. otb-l i s i l i m i k . A fellow. jLe'w! ( 117 ) 1 1 2 2 2 I 2 Î wMsehs гг©. w — _ Companions and intimate friends. Possessed of lower parts. word. ж (qlrül).t. A. A.. 1. To hoist a signal. A. T. V " 1 vn. Of . Jci-^ isinmaq. T. 1 . »^fl âsîmegi. The lower part of any thing. jU *f-T âsimi-sâr. T. I APttl. i. The fetlocks of horses. e. v. 1. 3. J ^ l t l ä s n i g i l ä m ä q . Giddy. t . frisky. A spreading. In the space below it. p. 4M e s ' i l i . a publishing.I I f fSr (HcmSn). T. T. Name of the wife of Pharaoh. JZ Lsti. the coriander.. s. i. vn. . Giddv. i. a. S E E JI»-®' T. J-l isti.) To w a r m . Without a peer. from. 2. (Compare . Giddiness. etc. t. A. See ^Jfc"»! P.. ÂSYÂN. s.t. bewilderment. V. a. . To pair. confused. An order or opinion of the ShaykhuiIslam. 3. 1. uslmelik. c r ' j f i . s. one of a pair. to h e a t . a disclosing.. A shouting.-ıI. S. T.x-^'-tt J. 1. headforemost . To sit down in a lower place. A signal. 1. CAIR-I I S I L I K . I vn. Somewhat low down. \ . To lower by word or deed. 8 . A sign. s.I usiLîibi. 2. especially. ishi'ir. bewildered. 2. to and fro. t . to treat one as low. (air>. An advising. i. 1. A. A raising high. slender. 2 . v.L IEILIQ. A jewelied bandolier worn like a crossbelt. ^jc^ltl ushagilanmuq. undulating. ^ . a. To fall. bewildered. saved Moses. 3. topsy-turvy. adv. who. 2. 1. Con fused ness.. â s î m i . T. -Wue 5 2$ tim). To be a match. 1. For jfc-ll q. ^ Jj-> The afterbirth. To match.s. 1. J ^ ©sîı. v. ^ l t l ä s U g İ l ä t m ä q . One whose p. ». A working assiduously. jHil adv. To loathe cooked food and long for nasty things. a. T. V. Smooth. T. obey (a person. to publish. listen to. Confused. bewildered. serpents. a taking precautions. Confused. A puff of wind. 2. a.»lil » H İ a i . 2. ^Tjbj-» vulg. A It. A medley. OJITI i s i t i r i t . Confused ness. j a. J-iii isiıusiı. u. to come down. Jb-i isiiamaq. V. a. To lower. W İ l I S B Â T ı A .. s. A being anxious. S. v. S. t. of JjJ. А Л я Uneven. A jewelled necklace or necklet. âslıagi. brisk. 2. 2. â s i y i . To mark upon a thing. I S I M . I. A making a sign. a mark. to make sultry or fiery. a.1 | . ~ ü хюваИ A . V. a female circumciser of girls. A making proclamation.

a. ofjŞ. A camelpeculiar to cooks. A cook. pl. ^ t l eshb. j l i l i s u â f i . q. q. s. jl-cit isntidâd. I S U B A N . r ч A. q. s.I q. jlj» _ v. . A. S. intricacy. s. p l . Most doubtful. v. 3. . a being undecided. A chucklebone.jj3\ _ . Ct.. A camel. vn. Jtii Ashpush. 1. 2. a.o^ıiî a s h â m i d e n i . vn. fl-'l aslıam. ^ l / i ! i s h t i r â ' . word's being common to several T. or involved. a thicket. -bl/tl i s h t i r â t . For o ü ' .. To saturate. 1 . i s h i t d i r m e k . . p. A. ASHTÜR-KUÂR. most several independent meanings. j i i l ishtâv. s. A. bodies.. a camel-herd. to stipulate. 3. p l . (See >i) A. (Camel'scaviar. «Li I I S H B Â H . . p. I .1 . . A louse.j. confused. s. to swallow. 2. .Ji. s..üy(Who drimts blood) Bloodthirsty. j. A. a raising. 4İIİI i s h a l e . A being or becoming reticulated. Most like. of ^ Bodily forms. a. S. A. A moth dewhose leaves are shaped like a camel's structive to wool. r i l e . of Lion A. os tali (played with by children). s. ^L'-l I S H B Ä ' . f ' ' Л. 2. ^Jlİ-l eshâ'ib. u s h t u r . To impose conditions. s. See t. p.. A stipulating. 2. shallow. haste. A. most inauspicious. 1. a wintering.l öshpel. Homonvmously.v. An adopting fellows. To acquire hardness. This present person tall. a. of Mates. astragalus. Д ^ I S U B Â R . a. of C-I. intermixture. a canon law. V.l . To buy. pating. firm. i. s. P. P. T. A. pl.ijlil . «. To fill. âshiK^. til isiıtâ. T. P. a s h o r e . T. p. vn. A. open basket. Fit fco eat or drink. vn. tıı ( F r e n c h ) .. 3. A. I . s. V. 1. ( f r o m the foregoing) languages. marriage. 0\«lİ<\ eshavat. s. p. and drink. P. ado. a. satiating. To eat.. alhagi mauroium.1 did.\ j-1 ( 1 18 ) 1 4 1 f u r . cUlil I S H T Â I E N G . of V ü q. eshâva. u s h t u r b ü n . p. i. CjÜl i s h â l e t . 2. o tül ishtitât. 1. Uİ. See Jli-j' A. i . A being kind A. of AJİİ q. V. s. . for Л. s. I. 3. A proper. I. A plant pe u s h p a s î ı e . pl. A lifting up. s. (Jl>ti i s h t i r â f . pl. s. . -I^I-I i s h t i b â k . firmness or strength. Spans. a. A being or becoming intricate. See 1 A. A feeding to repletion. s A wide. J i t I u s h a q . } . hi^hts. A prolonging a vowel sound. Food. V. A. . ISHBON. 2. vn. (pl. W h o eats or drinks. Disconnected bodies. I v. Most suitable. A. vn. ishporta. fol" . pl. J t i l i s h b a i .V.Iİİ a^hamaq. A. arrogant. Confusion. p a y . driver. >_ii asn-pöz. p l . İstıbıı. p. A . S. t. A buying. A being or becoming hard.î. Ijl-l eshâva. In joint possession. V. v. l/tl i s h t i r â . 1. thorn). in partiP. A s Jtt' A. Doubtless. s. 2. an overtopping.. A being or becoming ambiguous or obscure. Statures. > } s . J. vn. A. to satiate. A doubting. s. vn. JL-' I S H B A I . s.j£. to a person. â s h a m . S. 2. a weevil. pairs. vn. F. A. I i s h t i r . m e t . so. V. or thing. I S H T I R Â K . »lü i s h t â h . A saturating. b i r d . vn. vn.. The roe of fish. A word's possession of most similar. Speed.q. f a r . p. w t i l i s h t â b . (In compounds only). II Nil t lir. A particiA. A becoming т. A . 1. foot. p a n . Presumptuous. A quality cipation. vn. of j i l . s. w a2 . 1. e s h e m . whelps. A being or becoming scattered or disconnected. o f L . T. severe. a. \. J I L OSLIBÛL. edible or potable. J l ^ i Jp . <4^ e s h b c . precipitation. f&l) Most unlucky. 2. o t i l e s h t â t . of fl-l q. A being in or entering on the winter season.. fragments.«htibâh. 1. 2.v. t. To prolong a vowel sound. J . or strong. (Hİ-1 e s h a ' i m . A. A jungle. ElT. A. A widow's shunning a making conditions (-kri). I. P . S.. A. 2.

s. s. 2L ~ islxitxitiasE. Peaceful. lameness.22 ' i. p. raised. vn.. 3. A wrapping up. a. S. j L . 3. Peace. up. a busying one's self. I .q. A . or relieved from anxiety. 1 . p. 1.^ T ÂSNTÎ-SÂZ. p. A row. To acquire fame or notoriety. Of 1. p. s. T. ı^tisû jiT âsiıti-baktosbay. A. _ To give an appetite. for P. \. V.v a r . A regaining health. pacificatory^ pacifiying. s. or grey. 1 . LÜL ISHTIRA. vn. A. Fame. j l ^ l esUjâr.i. vn. 3J>İİ usntur-dîı. or notorious. See i. a being kindled. J i i i l ishtiraf. ^ isllte. interj. S. p. 2. A desiring to eat. Derivation. concord. ( 119 ) machine.! long for. A being oppressive and tyrannical in sentencing a prisoner. 2. a being elevated. 2. I S H T I K Y Â . A. S. See ÖLÎ-41 A. I S I ı T I V Â . A becoming angry. revengeful. 2. jH AsutAiAm. ' A . eshtiye. Й. pusillanimous. jU-Jİ' p. s. 2. A. Lo! behold1 there! yonder! A. . to feel uncertain. a branching. v. L A T I T A T . A demanding exorbitantly. ushtur-gyuw-peleng. A being or becoming celebrated.le^ı I S H T I M Â M . a fight. grilling or frying. 3. A taking fire. blite. cares. To vex. JLi-l. p . 1. 1 . O&r.. a hobbling.v. J'JLÄ-"' i s h t ü r . blitum virgalum. a billow.. To suppress. vn. 1. A. 2. «ul'^jtoi. — n nasal. plil eslxtlm. An occupying one's self."JJ*. an annoying.. A dividing into branches. s. A letter expressing an ardent desire. Jl^ v. p. A little or pet camel. (. A longing. (Which enfolds kindness) Kind. jUe^ 'л (qirat). To complain. An enclosing: an enfolding. t. Peacegiving. A wave. A camel's load in weight. JFI-L I S B T I M A I . A. vn. vn. -war (häfw). 2.. J T E I * Ishtiqaq. P . vn. a quarrel. 1. JUİİ ishtiylq.To sharpen the appetite. jlfcil ısntigâı. '^Af^ nshtur-murg. P. complaint. Stemmed plants. t>. G . To choke. A smelling. ushtur-gyüw. s. of \. jl^il I S H T I N S R . (Camel-hcarlcd) 1. a pacifying . vn. The peculiar quality of a pacificator. 2. vn. 3. P . pl. vn. v. v. ToP. vn. A. vn. a. 2. vn. A being lifted P. isuja. t. гПЛе (nsUl). An aching. A grieving. tljwl ııslıtûrck. a. G-И Ö S N E J J . A. The strawberry . A. etymology. s. A becoming hoary. Spiteful. İslı 111*. consoled. A being doubtful. 1 . to xslıtiyäq-name. ardent desire. j ^ l . I . Camelopard. dd. ofa wound. as big as a sheep. IÎFC-L I S N T I K Y Â K . &l. ishtinâb. J U A I ISIITÎ'Âı. P. Scarred on the scalp. A . A reconciliation-feast. a blazing up. 2. ^jyi^ii usutir-Kiıây. a being dubious. t. A complaining. a. . pl. A being or becoming grey > hoanness. vn. Griefs. 1 . . ji-T âshtı. Trees. a sniffing. A . desire. 2. t. s.v. A . Pus from fcİ. A . notoriety... To ache. a hungering for. a suppressing. Have you an appetite? J j t f 1 ^ I have no appetite.. To smell. A limping. 1. of 1. T. Wants. See / Л 1 S ci^ı ISUÂTMEK. A . A becoming as a wrap. sulky. 1. ' î £5r (asmûn). A subduing. I S H T L Y U I . a yearning. s. A becoming roasted. 2. A sticking in the throat and choking. dim. A. giraffe.desire. t. A drinking off to the dregs. i.(i-" ashti-kix&re. a comprising. V-1 isntihâ. (zir). 2. A becoming quieted. vn. T. vn. s. S. i. A. a paining v. a covering one's self up. a treating for or concluding" a peace. S. (Cdmclbird) The ostrich.ji-T âshtî-sâzî.. î 2 . famous. 2. A roasting. A. T. pl. (Cameldisposilioned) Spiteful. ishitmek. jk/1-"' ushturgâr. vn. ushtur-mur. etc. S. Cowardly. P. needs. ' . 2. a. Ül=Ç"l İslıj i n . T.To^ doubt. A. Appetite. shrubs. reconciliation. A fabulous ant.

S. 2. an overlooking.. v). pl. a. Most Woody. A. also of ^ . s. Surveyors' allowing to be drunk. of a cook. ^bo-t vn. I. A T.becoming insolent from conceit. of ^ wicked.) T. 4. A saturatstaves. A snake. 2. &. of Bad. 1 ÖSÄDÄQ. Û S H Î I N H  / niggardly. A . a raising upright.. firm. a beacon or a target. dim. vn. 2. e s h j â ' . ti (French)..kkuF. 7.-.. Human figures. s. ILITL ishzHz. 1. A grieving. a removing. 1. pl. 2. s. A cook. (See honorable. 1. rankness.. 2. l i l r ^ A. t. detraction. A. I-. Î. The woodlouse. insolent. vn. A. A. iahjâ'. . A knuckle. eshur. 4. pl. of Noble. 2. I*"' eshihhslffl. speech.kiıânö. of Snakes. See oil-Li! courageous. To pair causing anxiety. A. u s h e r . A being or befeatures by which individuals are dis. S. T . a. arma. V.I A little or pet donkey. J^IA eshdäq. 4. 1 1 5 M i I A.A filing the teeth. a dispersing. U S H D I R M N Q . bird. horse amble. a. 1. A P U I _ . A kitchen. a. very serration in the rows of teeth. q. 1. A. A. Bold. 2. The registrar and Prefect of the deStrong. The quality. pl. v. a.. on a journey. A Self-conceited. As To insinuate. <£-r~ p. A. eehja'. of or letting drink. pl. v. A. ash. pl. a being pervaded. JU-I öshrâr. 1. Eloquent. of J . 3. A driving away p. Signs See оуЫ of the approach of the world's end. a. 1. JLTIİ İshrâd. As . (pl. A. s. Severe. marks. countries. üLril eshrSf. 1 a making 1 serrated. bad. v. İ. (j. T.( 420 ) Е&г. ESLTıDDÂ. pearlTracts: districts. j f \ ASNJL. A causing or \ . J I A J . a tinguished. a neous for . p l . reverend. i. 1. (The little earth-ass).eshr. 3. J^ 1 . Jy*""' îsll-JUıin. JU« fur. 1-. also the ing. eshra. A tying. esnji'â.Aİ" and scendants of Muhammed. J b ^ A S H J I I I Q . A making a backbiting. of Signs. 2. . full-cheeked. porcellio scabcr. a.. J^"'' ish-Xhin. r i l e . An accusing falsely. A sawing. most A. An insinuating. Persons. vigorous. A.. . 2. A. so. S. Tall visible objects. or causing to be driven away. t. Most b a d . Potash. a of ext. pl. q. A cook-shop. fluent in serpents. a serpent. jli-t e. vn. up. 2. V. 2. Amounting. of ^ Very nant. v. m e t . jje^l esh-Khis. T. or to be well Wooded. ^r. pl. 3. growth. an imputing. 2. A. Â. of j jt Very a. V. 2. A separating. Wide-mouthed. setting apart. arrogant. pl. scratched up. У-' ösher. A E S H I D D . S.overtopping. e s h e r . most maligi To be a cook. dillo vulgaris. a»h. 2. /(»• Öli^l. T o A. J ^ 1 eshjer. most cause or allow to be dug up. A. t esherr. vn. 2. To make or let a A. A. aid. I S I S I N . Sal ammoniac. tenacious. Erro. . v^l esheji*. The deJ. Most hard. pan. f. most strict. most injurious. V. most vigorous. T. eshxr. scendants of the prophet (in each town or province). 1. a being elevated. VII. 3. stingy. especially. and 3. most occupation. S. An <7.. a. -blril eshrât. 6. Hard. oniscus asellus. dUüİl ishidilmefc. A. signals. s. w a r . 5. strict. ад£»ог>«. Beautv of A. ^il eshr» vn.ih. Most brave. individuals. LA! E S H I R R D . 3. 1. t. A setting suspecting. / I 1 . öUj^İl esbdırmök. A speaking ill of one. a.9. so meaning brave. S. beasts in breeding. u. or hire. A being О Г captain in the old Janissaries fas t~l. as a binding. (Golius makes the word pl. corrupt. To make or let go A. ц»^ I S N . vn. A. A esh-khas. vn. of U-' . ^ii _ A head cook. A being sour-faced.s.K H A S . A becoming over-luxuriant or rank in An eating house.coming mixed or blended. pl. n s h u r . of an ascending. ishrâh. !. ü U ' ishrdf. an imbuing.

See J^'i' T. See A. S. Also Labia pudenda.T.1. See * T. The quality of being without mate or match. a. A sending forth rays 2. t. A man's name. . Very hairy. 2 ]_ i J j _ ' L İ ~ | ü r (usmöa). Evil-disposed. pl. a. A lighting. most eminent. a sending or driving away. J ^ . A final departing. of 1. pl. a. a busying. a killing.. _ The lucky moment.. A putting on the Ç > i ) inner shirt 1 . t. md© (usul). Jlj-il isiırâk. ^ U ^ I J ^ i i (The most noble of places) Mekka. . of dl^o. colleagues. v. eshgäı. of jUi q. A being in.1 . For J^lil t. T. A. Most noble. S. v. The rising and shining of sun. 5. JIÜ. A. ijlrit isbruq. q. XLshgSr. 2. to set fire to. A. For j i l . i. A being hairy. vn. A. 3. eshFee.. i s t i r i m . vn. To occupy. Isn'kyk. moon. V*-' 1 !«•<•. isin'u'. âstıigik. pl. Prop. ^-B-H OSLıTııR. 1. distractions. J——eslxsiz. Jv-^J asjiirmaq. s. See >—лЛ T. To shine. ap^i i s u r i ' â . V. 3. A being or becoming close upon. Isaiah. vn. A.. a making a blaze. a. q. 2. Copartners. S. s.JS A kind of flax. A gold sequin. 2. for > .I ! I S U R I F S . A shouting the watchword (j>*i). A. v. v. -war (hafız). Jiü. I . 2. Snares. to busy. . jU>İ. s.( 121 ) JUi J . 3. 2. 2. 3. See т. a dosing 2. X. (pl. Most poetical. s. most preoccupied. 3jZ\ aslxirx. vn. n. A. To communicate. oslıwizlılc. ish'âb. T. Shaggy. A. A stabbing. A preoccupying. A. A making — A. A. (zir). beverages. Most occupied.. for J \ t \ ... A. v. isticale. A letting go away.. a. p l . vn. A reddening. a communicating. Most intelligent. Unpaired. or entering upon the time of sunrise. A being exorbitant in demands. ÂSNÂGÂ. 4. An asserting that the Deity subsists in more than one person.»mı. A. A being oppressive or tyrannical. portions. pl. A getting an inkling of. J»U*il lehtat. A. of 1 . A . A putting forth awns (of grain). A stirring up anger. See J—^J A . machine. A. SEE A. Jc^iT äslıirtmäq. A. a. s.n. to engage the attention of a person. „-»ti ('ниа. 1. i s h ' â s . eslı'ab. Mutilated in the face. I . 2. zJi3\ _ The most propitious of times. 2. or a colleague. half hemistichs or half distichs.. linum trigynum. isiıfäq. A. s . Poems. to break forth and shine.1 . on. A. A making a person a partner. v. vn. disagreable. A dying. of ilri 1. Й. V. j*. Locks of hair. Most evil-disposed. T. of Jit q. s. of J ü Occupations. obi. a.1 isngâı. 1. of Drinks. 1. s. Pertaining to some person named Eshref . 1. an engaging the attention. pl. ism-ibi. â s h â g î ı â n n ı â q . Uil istifa. n. A. A. The long hair of the fetlocks. dual of See j ^ l A. pl. jbV-il Asuretân. vn. s. A. prop. a restoring. A. Having branching or wide horns. Partially complete lines of poetry. Halves. v. Os^' The two ovipositors of a locust.ısh known. âshâgi. 2. pl. E r r . A. a. vn. t dual jlTj-i' A locust's ovipositor. A... nooses. 1 M ' *ar. S.'. t. dual of'j^. a. A. u « i ı s . To kindle. 3. pl.t. 2. A. pl. most busy. A shedding tears copiously.. of J*i< Err. S. pl. of 1. JÜT' eslıf&r. I S H S L Z . ishfâ. 2. s. A curing. 2.. 1. T. i«ı»i"â. 1. unequalled.. portions. most honorable.2. affairs. 5. ISTISWK. The privy parts of a female. of Rays of light.sliritii. See A. a. Seej'jpî T. JLIIL ISIıTÂN. Err. . A persisting. obl. T.. âsiıâ K iia.n nasal» i 5 J t being or becoming near. 2 (qirut). Hemistichs. Jı»IL Ish'ai. 3.İ istıgâı. astrologi«ally. A esîı'ar. 1. <4/it äshirma. or star. Д. 1. I . pl. S. Acts . A being illuminated. 3.. Shares. s.. A giving medicine. u. I S N ' S R . 4. o f ' r } ^ Sails. ^Ы) 1. for jii-1 A. A. islxrif. Parts. vn.\ islıtar. s. or on the verge of. t. P. V.

p. a donkey-driver. stupid. j t l asnagq. a.(Ass-ear) The centaury. bombus. Most unendurable. carlina vulgaris. excitement. Ammoniacum. T. MÎ-I isnfâ*.. ^ t l ıısiıaq. p. especially. t. agitation. o / j t Worthless. . A. A. asinus onager. 329 and A. Err. ( > V . T. »jKtl ash-kyâri. jJLStl esiıqiyäıİq. The chase. J t l j L The onager. Chestnut or sorrel. A complaining. A silly. Ut I. ^JCitT İslıııftelilt. 2. A complaining. S e e p. p. Tearful. The woodlouse. d t l E S N E K .^ J U eslifaq-ingiz. s. wretches. > t l isiiklz. of jKtl Name of a dynasty in pre-Islamic Persia. Somewhat manifest. A n ass. 2. also the hornet. A dealer in asses.. See ОуЦ) P. (The ass-thistle). varieties. J M ishkyäl. jltl) A shoemaker's awl. A. T. 2. p. vile. merlin. JüSA A. ( 122 ) âslıore. between B. t . V. vKtT asnikySri. p. Rebellion. met. weeping T. q. ZJSZ. a hobby. a. Utl ishqiyä.tl isiikriz. C. pl.JUİİ tar. A. rebels. high. pan. t i t l islifiyi. Tall.k i r i . 1. The passionate lover of a person. s. 4. . O T äsbqin. I p. 229. üj^f . A vexing. 2. jKtl i s h k y â r . forms. T. miserable. s.(The ass-bee) The humble-bee. (ijl£tl isiıkyâri. öltI ISILIK. 4. rather evident.(Ass-cardoon) The common carline thistle. vn. The quality of a dealer in asses. a. s.To be violently in love. A marking with vowel-points and other signs. . so. Jl . jtSiT_ â s h i k y s r l a . a. far. T. most salutary. A causing or allowing to complain. a. annus vulgaris. a. s A hawk. excited. dried codfish. vn. A receiving and heeding complaint. For ıtLtl q. w . a molesting. See U^L common thistle. A. s. Openness. A finding one complaining. A being kindly or affectionately solicitous. a grotto. t . a. A. wide.. A S B I K Y Â R J I . P. s.Stockfish. T. agitated. j t ı asiiiq. litl I S U Q S . A mill turned bv an ass. V. 1.l . Oütl ishqın. pl. Jiitl isnfäq. jL'&tl isiıkyâniyân. (1. 2 . A. islik. vn. a tear. remedies. ljKtT â s i ı i k y i r â / t e n t . a . (The earth-ass) The woodlouse. kind or compassionate deeds. touching^ affecting. S. Which excites kind or affectionate emotions. Wide in the haunches. to incite. The gad-fly tabanus or asilius. 3.. perverse. I isliqiriq. S^j. t . a. A. weeping. vn. A. debauchery. ^ J . a. 1. of J& 1. t To вХ" cite. vn. Evening twilights. ^ a ü i î C L . A. Manifest. a don- key. J ü t î a s b u f t i g î . A COOk. districts. evident. s. CYTL I S I ı Q Ü N . a. The Shapes.. A being or becoming dubious or confused. K s. 1 . Vulgar for J&Ä q. brigandage. A making hopelessly wicked. £_Ktl isiıkyâ'. i s i i i k j i . r i l e . «Х-l i s h . si^^**! i s l ı i k j i l i k . a. s. S. or sparrow-hawk. ^ T. A cave. bewildered. did. tütâsnifte. 1. (pl. 2. Ktl ishkya. ammoniac. p. 1. That passes over ^L or beyond. p. 2. jjb&tt âsiıikyärlıq. of affectionate solicitude. p. s.D. T. jltl) Medicines. most onerous.\ tu (Frencli). a. T. a n gum angering. Sides. s. p. Hunting. As P. jKti I S N K Y Ä ı . Ruddy complexioned and reddish-haired. pl. ^tl I S T I F I . For jlt. (Jlitl İslıqäq. t . Tearful. lit I . a. See J ^ l T.(ass-<ribbcd) Obstinate. Most healing. for q. vespa erabro. JTL ISTIIQ. JjCl . >tl ASIIQAR. v. s. of lit (pl. j t l i s h a q . brigands. jLCtl isiikbar. publicity^ manifestness. vn. The marking of words by vowel-points and other signs. 3. Game. A thong of hide or leather. Beside one's self. Tears. t . perverse man. a. 4. pap. a. . Bewilderment. s. j t l i s n f i . jfa . p.-j^. T. s. Geometrical figures. cU>Ttl i s h k i r m i k . oniscus asellus. v. 2. A. bird. S. J^iSTt! i s b k i f t . A. pursuing. A hunter. Kinds. debauchees.

To become quality or trade of a tripe-dresser. A s thing worn under the outer armor. t. i s h i l m i k . J H i s h m â l .l up. v. an ambling pace. 5. s. An amble. ' . A blowing of t. 3. To conceive doubts and difficulties. A. s. See CÜAİ. similarity. pomp. wink. To s h k m j T. T.-ıû. Ji-I i s h i n . To make an ass of one's self. i. ISHKIN. t. the north wind. t. an enveloping. a doubtful matter. Streaked. quantities. ishii.. pl. See J . i s h i l i m i k . V. A spue.. Food. a P. A want. oUjXKtl i s h i k l a n d i r m i k .. to be passed over. i.i. İ. See a ^ j T. make or let one be a mate. r u d e i . » » i (usill). 1 . s. T. The peculiarity of an ass. v. J İ ^ T a s h l a t m a q . The crupper-cloths of camels.1 T. i s h l a n d i r m i k . See T. a. 2. A perman. t . J L (asman).ado. CXt^l i s h l â n m i k . 2. T.9. An Urging-. Cit^-I i s h l a t m i k . S. T. t o mate together. О Й i s h i i m i k . a vomA. JS-У ish-fc. ishkin. T.1. oUjAilil i s h l a s h d i r m e k . i s h k i n t o i j i l i k . A flower. T. A dealer T. i s h i n i . V. T . The belly. S. s. A killing. See J i ^ P . 3. T. o K i l i s h k i l l i k . A Causing joy iting. Ambling in gait. difficulty. V. t. dA-l i s h i a n m e k . P. To raise doubts or difficulties. See _ Ц 1 ?> cease t o suck and begin to graze. j W a s h i l m a q . t. ^ Ä A I i s h k i n j i ı i k . Obfl ishmSt. the wind's veering -s. a s h l a m a q . Palsied or withered in the arm. a. 1 U S I ı K Y S F Ö . most similar. Most like. A sign. s. coupled: to become mated. Follv. A. 1. s. a. i s h k i n b e . T. JJil I S H K . To in tripe. pl. to mate. 1. an eatable. a nod. See ^ . T. 1. £ f z . 3. t.or allowing to be smelt. i. T. J Ä t ı s l ı k ı l . f1*"1 i s h m a m . campaigning. See CAi^J T. of J-Ii 1. ûAe^l i s h i k i a n m i k . See Clc^il (To become possessed of a stomach) To T. V. wind. 1 . A. a. .far J. A horse with A. T. Bloodshot. to act like an ass. 3. To make signs. i s h k i n i i k . ^ T. vn. T. V.I T. T. c b ^ l i s h i i s h m i k . i s h i i m i . To BE lightly ^dug up. s. ı (qırät). S. To become pairs. T. s. I I . a delighting. t. A doubt. A Causing feudal yeoman. 2. SEE ÛÜaİİ T. T. an irregular cavalry. A wonder. lil^-ÇSİl i s l ı k i n b i l â n m i k . a need. t. 1. ÖU4İ-I i s h i l i m i k . a driving. The ambling quality. i s h k i n s l z . of p. i s h k i l l a n m i k . to north. I machine. vn. L I K I ı I S H I K I I K . A. confusion. S e e Tripe soup. A going quickly. To cause or allow to mate o r to pair together. p. V. s. S. S e e P. A. a causing to triumph over. AKÎ. See to. İ. s. 1. İ. V. Joints of meat. An encountering a north CXs^-v. Likeness. İ. s. forming circumcision incompletely. 1. 2. JR^-SC-' I S H K I N H I J I . ishkAn. V. >ı - p. 2. Dubiousness.ii. To make or let one make an ass of himself. i s h k e m . To get over. Limbs.1 i s h i t i ı i . s. »j^Ll usîılcyuh. CUjXİKy i h s k i l l a n d i r m e k . s. T. i s h k i n j i . Dubiousness. 2. jLfl i s h m a r . A. s. v. See oii-41 . VU. a The quality or usual acts of a feudal cavalry campaigner.^ Ы a blossom. a . grandeur. A mounted A. A wrapping See J£. doubtfulness. i s h i a . See J Ä . resemblance. ishgîft. s. j W i s h m a r . w a r (hafız). Majesty. e amble. J H e s h m a l . T. J 5 I ı islikil.' X . T h e t . i. That cannot amble. ÂSHIÂMÂ. — n n a s a l . remains. . Any p. a.irilik. a difficulty. T. 2. Tripe. ( 123 ) i (zır). S. i s h l i k . S. v. 4. 2. marked with different colors. A. of Jjc" Small two white feet (diagonally placed). i s h i i y i j i . A S H I I Q .. T. s. t . s .I eslxk. to couple. V. VU. 2. a marvel. T.

J^l Mbmoi. 4. . skilfulness. Sshh-5. To dig Up slightly. to plunwort. Jt. >—eshneb. P. 3. T. 2. An act of conveying awav or over. a s h i s. mult. or 2. Acquaintance. Digger. 1. pl. T. j. j p. of Courses. S. to been made 1to1disappear.or bevond. To wear 8-way. jTuiT âshnager. 3. of j i . VUİg. I . of circuits in running races. pl. W o r n away. s. a s b u r t m a q . 2. 1. vn. v. Bianchi). friendly attentions. itates. disturbance. 2 . or cause to be cont . Dug shallow. scratcher of the soil.-1 e»hn5n. a.. t u swimmer. A swimmer. i. T. to cause to pass over intimacy. T. û t i m e . A shallow well or water hole. most reprehensible. 2. tUs^i ©shinmejs. *e*l eehm«. s. . (Hindoglu. The common ıMtxSz. Having fine teeth. Smuggled. s. i. Confusion. 2. »-«» ashtt. T. to give way under friction. V. to cause to pass over. of js^l) Worn away. T. To paSS. tisncib. s. jt'i^ islami'asaz. T. A swimmer. caria. An abhorring.. That is conveyed away. Expertness. To 2 1 * 7 ashurma. Knowledge as an expert. r. âshiri. а я Ы п т а . produces agitation 3or tumult. S. An adept. s.2 1 3 J '! 3 M Л A. 4 . p. Й. cardium edule. pression of spirits. CUrt e s B m k . j f ^ âshnâgerî. That agiCattle in surplus. Ability to swim. ashîıuııâ.heart-cockle. salsola kali. See A. s. The quality T. dıdı burd. A bow or other saluta. especially ûU-t) 1. 4. a .-. s. urti. 2 1 *T 2 2 3 „. . most abominable. to send beyond gesture. or disturbs. V.. S. ashırtma. seooped out. s. to cause to disappear "" л T asburlma. or a fine. »o. 0'wt. aehmdirmaii. 1. . t o be extravagant. . a. a s h i r m a . J^' eshin. 5. İ. S. T. -jf>\ âscib-engîz. 3ishvuq. belonging to a swimmer. Wear by friction. most general. Intimate acT. Swimming. p. Bshndyi.Mekka. muscus arboreus. to mount above. To pass the limits. T. aî-^İİ u«hnd«h«. Most comprehensive. veyed away. V. -b'şil «VahvHt. I.. T. of ^ Desires. s. To amble."X u s h n r m i q . To offer friendly attentions. I. Water from a surface well or water hole. 2 2 4 ashirmaq. 1 . a s b ı r t m a q . That excites. t o become worn into by friction. A sneeze. to scratch the soil. rneS. aehinmAq. To convey away. Campaigner. to climb 2. T. Â giving to a consonant a slight shade of a vowel sound after it. To escape an evil. Ambler. t . A kind of tree moss used as a perfume. As v ^ » 7. De. pl. t. 3 m make a bow or other salutation b y T.v . a. 2 1 2 2 3 tion by gesture. A p. belt put over another one for safety. V.J y To rob a grave. 3. ^ule. t. v. V. p âshnâb. horripilation. s. ashirma. t. (a. a. a. To be or become above. Most foul. . 4. a. ^ ^ a s i i n a u q . runs between Safa and Marwa. 3. 2. part. ishT. swimming. See CUAAIİ A. 2. a. To Conveyed over.• « war. p. s. agA. added to an impost tates or perturbs the heart. v.i ushnSn. tu (French). . The prickly salt. jr-î asbmäq. An intimate longings^ acquaintance.. ^уЛ gfiinb.JJ a. a s b u r m a . by friction. s. quaintance. P. To steal. A walking with one's nose i n the air. a t ( Wolf-scratcher) The nettle-rash. (a. X Дд 3 2 1 3 p. T. p. lijjA' aahut-1. /üii M B N Â ' .limits. smuggle. i. JSB^Î âshinmlsh. 3. t. Fines for injuries to the That disturbs the town. V. s. to go beyond . pres. Ö.der. 2. p. s. That has 1. To scratch up the soil for one's self (used i n speaking of animals).1.. 2 . V. A swim. s. To convey away. p. m% l 2 S 4 t ( m ) t 2 I t î 3 A. pan. 1. The space make or let a thing be worn down beyond a thing. a. S. İ. 1. Ь^Й u k e ı n e k .. person. circumambulations of the Caaba. a That p. гвьога.i. ^уЛ âshvâdes. p. j'-tT^äshnSw. 3 A feeling horror. T.

T. UTL . Very difficult. dim. A causing or allowing one to observe or witness. V. sing. Vn. i. 3. graft. Most famous. Snowy or frosty. 5. ashlriı ado. Most desirable. Roan.Y U . Excess. An attaining the age of one month. T. ( p l . 1. Bold.. a. Little things. pl. to scratch about. 1. JL^Y isli-har. A. İ.1. Of J. t. A . j I ^ {чп-hâci. ^ ' J » . Inoculation. 2.f a r (asman). A clıuckle-bone.. 2. A . s. 2. isnyHKti. P. . 2. A. t. To go out. goods. a . To cause to be grafted. S » V D \ a. a. 1. 2 . To seek out and enquire into. A. A. I4İ. A threshold (as worn by many feet). t. v. p. To İKIVC . 4. A grafting or b u d d m g a plant. Tall. inoculated. T. parties. pl.I a.i^îH. A. See J j j ^ 1 T. ©slillc.shiyân Is. i j h . V. Utl i s l i y i . <WI-U«>I>. os tali. Every other day. 2. old men. (Whose dwelling is in paradise) Deceased. . an abode.. daring. To play at bones or dibs. That leers with contempt or defiance. The cutting used for grafting. An iron helmet or skullcap. V-L eslı-lıa. S. s (qu-at). 1. To vie with. eshyS'. This clause of the Muslim confession of faith is always followed by. or these three with Muharrem. beyond bounds. s. j l t l r. 2. СЛАУ cshelûnıek.. ölç. 2. of Months.. The lower lintel of a door frame. To graft o r bud. s. _ A lord chamberlain. 2. or bud put into the stock. used b y children in play. 4. 2. T. V. eslı-lıer-. An attaining puberty. t o compete with. Witnesses. A. 1. pl. astragalus. t. г. Excessively. i. 2. s. A nest. A. pl. vaccination. 3. âslıîb. A B E I N G 0 Г causing to be famous. most longing. A.. T.h a . ashıri. vn.v. J-i-V . f Grafting b y insertion of a cutting. Angels or prophets who will testify in the last j u d g m e n t . To throw the bones as dice. Paint made of red ochre. V. ҒОГ q. s s h û r i . I bear witness. ^lXt' usliiiatmaq. t o overshoot the mark.. 4. i. a s h i l a t d i r m a q . by means of an agent who directs the operator. I attest. eshves. Things. Iron-grey. . I . of 1. 2. ! . ЦМ esh-hedu. . to importune. ÂS <7. A. „»•>' . The months of Sliewwal. S. usurfte. \ « N < ' > . jLtTjı^. of JAIT 1. Chief men of ÎTibes. newly sharpened up. ттаг ( h u f u ) .v. Artificial impregnation of flowers. Bright. To exceed limits. for T. JÄT v. Ungrafted. 3 S 1 ( m 1) 2 2 5 1 3 _ L й. 2. or notorious. T. s. of Partizan groups. 5. İSl.n-niir. Most desirous. 1. JLFTL osh-h5d. the lintel of a door frame. Elders. pl. У 4 ^ jl _ I bear witness that there Ü is not a god save God. To cause to testify. D. Grev. T. -1 A " 2 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 Г 1 • Jriv^*" . a . J / İ T ÄSIIÜQ» See j i î t v - . 4. A. . Having hair erect like the spines of a hedgehog. pl. of UIT a. Sr^A ashisiz. 2. 1. j ^ T âshîq. Vaccination. A P . Bristling with flashing arms. Err. The scion.r^î asiiiniiq. Budding. 1 v 0 Ver or beyond. -bf adv. r u d e (uSul). To inocculate. despising of danger. nasal. A.. (zır). 3. followers of one man.Crude red ochre. a. A making or letting one testify. a killing one who is fighting for religion. A making one a martyr. 1. Lunar months. iKh'ırınnıı. p.. Effects. S. A. 2. (To come to the threshold) To petition to sue. . To go beyond bounds. Zilkade and Zılhıjje m whole or in part.. v. ıiA-У The upper lintel. pres. 1 . jcT _ v. _ (The known months) The period of the Pilgrimage to Mekka. jl and I bear witness that Muhammed is His servant and His apostle or messenger. pcrs.. & Excessive.a. ıSjy*' UKhurx. e. A citing proofs. V. CUfç ^ л Inoculation of small pox. To stir up. m a c b î a e . or notorious. I. 2. 1. i. The two clauses are sometimes styled o^" the two sayings. _ The game of chucklebones or dibs. s. 1.'UtT S S H I Y Ä N I / h o u s e . s. T. 1.

1. To be in. the root of colchicum vari. V. C J U H âsâiet. T. 2. JU^'j adv. JJL^L Â S Â D I Q . root or foundation. A diverting. a. smallest. â s b u r . v. To Stables. v. part of the afternoon. Capital! Well noble birth. v. A. Toas a representative of anv one else. jl^i isbâr. pl. or 2. dawn. 4. pl. vn. egalum. 2. of Lc-> Boys. I . A . See A . âsâbi'!.. İ. 3. T. or let (a wild stock) be grafted. 2. rocky. see т. morning and late afternoons). and late. graft or bud 2. pl. To (See Щ ) . âsbi. A. of J ^ Latter to be refrigerated.U>I âsâbiı. AAUİ isâgâ. See т. as ^Ьи?! cinate. T. (•W 1 . 2. done! Bravo! A hit! A. A variety of grape. (vacoming silent. to strike. A. u s b â h â . a stumbling upon.^of Dyes. ıshımaq.Name of a certain root furcated ing at daybreak. s. vn. (141)rX-i 2 bird. a.. T . p.-^UL Â S Â H I B . J^l-И âsâgîr j a. To hit the mark. a striking. A trimming or lighting s. A person. the cere friends. âsbâg.. t . v. Ы âsa. ishilamaq. fur. 2. isabet-qarm. of Mornis the companion of attainment) Sucings. To be cooled. A commanding or enjoining patience. as ^ Ы . a.j _ (Pharaoh's fingers) A kind of branch.. ^ и И isâbit. a doing something orbit of attainment). (That rugged. upon the morning.averting. evening before T. pl. 3. happen well.. pl. Ill prOpHd reaching. 2. s. A casting metal. OWr-* ısbahan. of q. A killing or othering coral or coralline. âsbâh. s. A. As ^Ul A. to solve. . ^ is. to be just as wished. A modactyl.. . any thing cooled or iced. 1 met. acting as principal and not 1. pl. Morning. See т. pl. A hear. JbT âsâı. for Q. To have camps. 3. persona. isslbSr. iiy-. 1. ^ j W _ (Maidens' fingers) ing cup. A worship. Daybreak. A. of right.. 1. To till he dies. âsâbi'. c-. See j^i-» 1 A.-iu.. Roll-sulphur. Pertaining to patient. the mark. forenoon. A being of T. A finA. See the duties of an office. isâbot-mödâr. oculated or vaccinated.. s. âsâl e t e n . AİUi I S Â F I . fj^ â s â r i m ' S.. not A. Noble. A confining fingers) A kind of sweet basil.forcing one to make oath. 1.wise punishing in retaliation. of S i n A. Groups of tents. s. r u l e . âsâtib. 5. vn. a digit. J-'Xjİl ashilamaq. in different measures. s . 1 . A . 2 . (jU»~»t) A being A. 3 .Ul i s â b i t . ^-. q. of Jr^1 ' T. t. Я. a master. s.. A biing. v. JbU>! âsstiı. p l . v. an exercising endurance. s. A.t far. vn. old family. âsâıif. of 1. T. ^ î âs. V. See jyrr^ A. s. fingers. an be grafted or budded. adv. Small bodies of men in separate inoculated by an operator. in the early morning. I U I ISÂKHÂT. Of P. S. A. 1. 1. 1 1 so. 3. guess rightly. s. Numbers of companions or of owners. i. s. J. j ^ ) . ashilänmäq. of q. O. a Any sign of the human presence. -isbA". cessful. See sunset. 4 pan. early mornings. . a listening. A having a man. vn. of T. A horse's neigh. being well established. (The A. s. 2.Her. 3 ashore. iced. An owner. pl. A. judicious. t o cool. pl. 4. (In the early Early p. interj. P. rious. of t . A prong. pl. V. 1 . A toe. jUT âsâr. I S B Â H . A. A performing q.. S. A taking a mornlike a hand. To A . A. Â S H I ı Â M Â . Cooled. obiM _ (Lasses' a lamp. У . an attaining. pl. L . of ^BÎ Hard. A being or befurcation.ger. т. pl. 3 war. . a being firm. 2. An entering P. s... vn. y J U âsâietıi.>1-1 âsagıre j r v small. Gerund of J-fT a good. i. of VeA. An inch. pl. j y ^ â s b u r . vn. vn. a A. 4.. . A. 2 tit (French). 1 . a s h î h i . 3. . A hitting as a substitute. 3. w ' j * . 1 did. To inoculate or vacA.

a trespass. 1. A. 1 i 22 A. A. Most free from ailment. Dignitaries. A. vn. The cavity of the ear. s. A. A pimple.People of reputation. persistance. 2 ( 127 ) X (zır). j y _ The stinging-nettle. 3. a digit. l i ^ L âsrâf. iirtica urens. 5 (qırüt). a. historians. 2. 2. X. Ct. To persist in saying or doing a wrong thing.. 2. t. 5. Echoes. _ L _ L J. a rash. 2. 1.. of T h e 2 ! T. istoi. 2. vn. pl. A. 1 . ь _ The holders of high offices. See Jc^l! A. -war (hafız). s. 2. A. voices. 2. 2. Maimed in the ear. of ( p l . to send forth. asda. «JLJUH isdäf. a.^ T. defect or error. machine.. A pricking up the ears. an obligation. S. carthamus tinclorius. (for A. A. A causing or allowing to be o r become companion. 4. pl. Groups of men. vn. S. to sound. t. Most truthful. (twenty four to t h e arshin or cubit). ısırlq... vn. a crime. A making whole. a having them regain health. To CaUSe 0Г allow to be bitten. fr. disbursements. Vicissitudes. demons and condemned souls. A stinging-nettle. A having all one's cattle or family in health. most authentic..Men of rank. (pl. asılıua. 1 JH J. is-hâh. W h o o r which bites habitually. narrators of anecdotes. £->1) An inch. ISJDÄD. S. . To echo. An obstinately persisting. J i l r ^ ısırtmaq. A. of 'J-Л of-pearl shells. Roan. T. V. _ The damned. well esteemed. asdlqa. A . î«îtdırmâq. vn. A . ISRAM. A sin. ÂS-HÂR. ( y j ä s d i r m ä q . a making healthy. temples. JİJL-T as<ıâr. Of a dusty reddish colour. T. To issue. j^r^ ı s r ä r . 2. L-U»1. a. i. S v. a. A causing t o t u r n back. T.(Men of the sword) Warriors. A. pl.y pl. 2. an averting. j b d . t. People of wealth. vn. jU-l isdiir. 1 . flr^l âerâm. âsdâg. Cj\_t*\ âsirat. Safflower. 2. Isdä. s. V. s. V. pl. A protecting. ÂSAIıSI. For jt-T . ashâb. JC^I isıtmaq. pl. . ^ âsihhâ.Annalists. A. of<J^ Mother- Companions. a. sounds.The angels and the blessed dead. vn. of 1. companions and disciples of the prophet Muhammed. _ 1.->'-'0) I • Groups of tents. of ç f As A. aspıır. . is-hâb. j'u>T) An incumbent duty. Possessors of qualities or faculties. 2. A composing poetry with t h e rhymes imperfect. associates. ı S ı R G ı N . pl. an allowing to issue. To CaUSe or allow to be h u n g up. Boys. — n n a s a l . 2. asdHq. most faithful. pl. meatus audilorius. jt9 .(Men of the pen) Civil functionaries.s. T. an averting. 2. A. A drinking. A. distress. (for A. bastard saffron. S.. V. 1. To die.People who conceive and carry out salutary measures of any kind. 1. A-wH ästoiye. See &j-^-^i* T. A palm's having its dates ripe. of ^ q. 1. i . pl. t . A first a p pearing of the tips of awns in grain. (Themost truthful of speakers) God. A. of \ . The penalty invoked in an oath as the consequence of nonfulfilment. A.. of Tl'Ue and sincere things. Tethers. A. The companions and disciples of Muhammed. v. . Expenses. ISR. vn. A. 1.t pl . etc. fellows. i a s d S f . 1. s. vn. s. S. _ Legendaries. a defending. s. A man's having a numerous household and insufficient means. most sound. a weight. »Ц-. A. 3. pl.. A burden. away or aside. an issuing. S. n o t shams or pretences. q. A. pl.. a. A sore's forming pus. a. A putting forth. 2. asdaq. V. J ^ l ISRUF. 1 . A causing to t u r n back or away. rude I (usûl). j b 1 / ... A.. Owls. ISÎRGÂN. Of ^ U 1. of ^ Sound in health. asrem. A. See ^ ^ A. t. to reverberate.far (asman). I. 2. a helpi n g as companion or follower. of Sincere friends. S. ^ . S. Distressed by lack of means to support the family.

1. S. is'âd. У) A tie A colliding of two bodies. A.. to prefer. a. 2.U1 . (for jV^) 1. a bringing up. 3. A. ^ X b J İ s t i l â n . a. A doing A drinking a morning draught. An inclining to To choose. s. ioiriq. a backbiting. A dering to be made. 2. a. q. A. vn. IS*дь. beween ma» and man. vn. nate or refractory. an ascending.. Loneliness. v. A hunting. (for 1. 2. vn. A making a clamor. A . 4. a. For t-^Lk-l distorted face or neck. s. s. (pl. summoning. Most hard and creaking. & Ire. a conventional or technical term. JUL^I istifaf. Most obstiA hoofs being narrow. For A. . For J-»'. ^bUl . istidam. educating. A m a k i n g o r . Л-И i 4 g â . Tow. A conbite. A lute's having its strings put i n of astonishment. vn. vn. A finding or deem. a peace and concord. (I. A^Jwl nstupa. a catching. istAkhi-. 3. (fo1'$&~*\)\. prop. a traa. did. especially. A journeying. A going up. A. a trapping. (pl. > . Persepolis. rui«. A striking dashing against one another. and Turk. (jUı-П İstiyâf. 1. (for f Ц-»*) i. r X-i tu (ГгепоЪ). A listening. 2. solitude. 2. p. To bite the finger: a sign 2. A. 2. without ventionally naming things. 1st!yâd. vn. one side. v. A finding difficult. To backbite. (for J v . To bite the palm A.^ьИ (pl. difficult to do or bear. 3. That bites haA.. met. . ( f o r 1. . A J . (for A seasoning. I S ' Â B . An orA.r / v. ISSLZUQ. ^yy The Grand. vn. vn. •OTethA. t. 3. t. being or becoming in rows. making or eating sauce with bread as A. Equerry. ing revenge.q. s. in rank 2. S. A speaking ill of. That turns q. a. A A. (for J l i ^ l ) A ducing. A. Without a master Technical expression. A.UA-ET i s t A b u i .. 3. has a A.. a preparing. fXk-И İstilam. an act. vn. a sign of abhorrence. askore. A place's being alive with people. . İstİbäg. off at the root.. A.( 128 / ) T" \ fâr. being patient. 2. îstîbatı. or owner. ing patient or enduring. s. a A being or becoming dyed. an 2. istinS'. ing. (for JÜC-. -Ki»->1 istilcyâk.Uİ) A stable. 1. vn. jLk^l ISTIBAR. (from the Hebrew or Phenician. bitually. A turning away from a person. A being baptized. war. ISTÂR4IT. 3. tent ropes. . • yV.. Jrw^l 14fl7. I. vn. 3. 1 . vn. 3. istirdr. a selecting. or s. A. an extirpating. sloppa.from pride or ill temper. vn. to select. 1. (for A choosA. A lighting a lamp. A rearing. Lonely. a travelling. A distilling or sublimating. es'ar. out of pride or ill temper. 4 . The rank of equerry to the Sultan. 2. tm.. A. oakum. To partially rec. s. isiriji. A Cutting T. n.İstâbl. a keeping company with. A A. t>. ognise. 1. far T. taking. ^U^l Istinab. Ital. vn. A causing to be refractory. a going up from the lowlands to the highlands. 2. see also Gr. ё i s ' ä q . 1. (for I. refuse flax. i. A takT. J. Vn. tually fighting. Jİ. is'âr. That. To bite the collar: vibration. (for A А. 1. A. T.or in line. signs of man. vn. 3. away. bird. J v ^ l ssirımaq. absence of signs of man. 2. A mutually being or becoming at t. Vn.v. ııSTÛRIÂB. i. A. a wound from a bite. rage. pan.1) j . v. A muers.. A mutually agreeing about a matter. eo. senseless or dead. Bitten. A. 2. 2. a preferring. vn. or causing to mount or ascend.The imperial stables. j l i W l İstİfÄq. aa idiom. UiVı istim.И ) 1 . Storax. an enduring. A of the hand: a sign of eagerness or being shaken or agitated by the wind. being difficult. 2. (for^> An accompanying. 3. CTÛ^YI. A. or towards the Cubical House of Mekka. s A. vn. a trying to hunt. To bite. ^ А Ч Ш .

T. A main trunk or stock. caparis spinosa. 7. (qlrafc).. nobles. ^vSTr 7 ' 1 ( 129 ) 3 1 . The Caper-plant. S. J<->! ÂEGA. 2. A being sincerely affectionate towards. prop. A putting what . Essential.) To cause to be beaten or flogged. âsi.. a family stock. of Loins. of Sincere. pl. p. A. с Ы Â » Û K K . 4. the secretary or vezir of Solomon. q. Yellow. Sorrel. 3. Whose opinions are sound. vn..-Д-öi âsinb. A refusing alms to a beggar. a s m . A. 3. A. amulets. A being or becoming intensely yellow. 2. 1. For j-И . pl. a. v. See j^L-^aJ A. S. especially. 2. 2. vn. saints. J-»1*' J Originally. 1. j-сЫ Originally. legal contracts or agreements. (pl. an obeying. capital-stock. Pertaining to Asaph. ıı.. âsfi. Â4QÎJÎ. A. v. Most empty. pl. T. A being or becoming destitute. charms. J-*' ц Devoid of foundation. a. TM. 6. Whose measures are wise. (from A. A state of doubt. Sincere s ü n r X-i a hearkening . 2. (pl. A ranging in line cm in series. j--' 1. it is founded on f«et. To cause or allow to be wetted.. L»gâ««.s. 4. î s f i r â r . 2. A choosing. Most inclined to listen. 2. toward sunset. 1. Void of all truth. T. a pendant. t. vacant. To remain in a state of uncertainty. 5. A base.) To beat. of . to listen. Wry-faced. âsia. A. âsfâ. s. 1. or contemptible. uncertainty. nsâıa. most docile. âsqâ . «^UV) Smallest.. J ^ I . A. A dealer in lockets. İslätdirmäq. sorrel. T. 1 . âsfan. I. A thing's essential substance or particular. asqi. (It has neither foundation. a basis on which anything stands. A. q. pure. a minister. of Empty. s. See p. An appropriating to a purpose. â s i a n . Sections of well walls. 1. âsfSE. 2. adv. vn. true. As p. u-Л m . 3. U .l i t i. UU«L. X. pl. V. a. A. to flog. 2. J-H jj. A. r i ä e (\ж«иЛ). A. 2. J . a. J-»". ji->) 1. n. A. of J-->l q. 2. from A. A.П Â S F I Y I . j^i-»! isfâban. It is not true. fundamentally. a. Capital. (vulg. (J. S.» 1 LABRRIR. etc. s. R l » t k a . A. A. s. legal obligations.v. s. 1. S. A. v. pl.T. a great magician and alchemist or saint who worked miracles. J\j âsöf-röV. A making little. . Original. suspenders for trowsers. 2. ISLIN. Originally. To leave in doubt or Any thing that is suspended and hanging down. A. a. The Caper-plant иЫ root. V. A. v o i d . Asaph. a. UiJ j (Never and decidedly) By no manner of means. to soak.. A. s. of >-*. sorrel-colored. A man w h o arranges decorative hangings. i. Jli-^ âsfar. vn. A. An original. A.. prop. v. An origin. 4. 1. v. suspense. A grand vezir. q. â s f i r . nor details). 4 . T. series. 3. a s i f i n i . . A silkworm's cocoon. . a. entirely unfounded. v. a s i f i . s. a. A . pl. â » f İ r . Regions. r a n k s . 3. Jy-»1) 1. asfer.I 3 J r ^ (Root and branches) The subsidiary parts of a subject. âsi. j^U^i-el i s f i n s a i â r . h. j^S . 2. a." Hsâc-teabîr. Never. (pl. j^j. or pale. a selecting. A . u^r _ The paling of the sun. most vacant. (vulg. Any thing by which another thing is suspended. districts. islätmaq. 2. A dealer in suspenders. <cli-»T.. p. pertaining to a grand vezir.v. Purest. iesif.1 iisx'il. ângâr. s. s. . a source whence a thing originates. t. To comply with or obey. pl. pl. 3. adv. Of 1.. Real. T. or sallow. A being or becoming yellow. A striking with the flat of a sword. Sallow. S.. A root. J-. V. essentially. A . or race stock. «~ n a s a i . sincerest. P. Ssaf.* It is substantially true. 4. a. To Wet. Fundamental. 1. of People of rank and station. pl.. j A. of T-I-» Lines. J . Most given to whistling or warbling. un.. A. 4. of q. Ispahan. a. littlest.. 3. Я.Z (»sr).. T. of Legal documents. Like a grand vezir.

J^jl*^ ı s m a r l a n m a q . an amending. Totally. t. j M äsiäkh. q. wetness. ^bl asiä'. -s. S. Deaf.. A. a. ıslanmaq. Good. T. Deaf to reason. j l j l H i s m a r l a m a q . a. V. ASANıM. 1. J-»* a s i î . Ф J-C . a. t. tu (French). Mangy. Ordered. I S I Â H L . t . j H isiänmq. s. isiiq. is defective. 0X-»T âsian. (Passive) To be wetted. V. to better. islamaq. T. Fireless.J İ . in Arabic. a T. Vulgar for j T. a. Impervious (female). 1 . bespoken. 3. radical. V A. to be bespoken. . vulg. T. 1. A . t. gentle born man. 1. T. TO Leprous. kJuH âalub. an ameliorating. a. Aİjlci i s m a r i a m â . Wet. 1.. T. v asi 111. . 5. May have a thing ordered through a third God meud h i m ! person. for > ч. Stone deaf. A. 1. . s. J M a s i ı i . bare. a. A noble or t . t. T. Surd. j l c l ismât. ^ Э Ы I S I A Q I I Q . S. vn.İ. s. unsubstantial. A thing ordered. A verba] order. v. т.. ovll o b . Fundamental. T. True. V. asilbend. ıslatmaq. jlU-. ismarıj.ffl.>» A surd verb in ly. J^jtf^l i s m a r l a t m a q . vn. iJt'X-»! isianmaq. flit. äsiiq. an irraA. reforms. Â S Â ı I T I N . S e e . into a more perfect condition. t. a. a. The action of V. a reforming. A whistling noise. of Ju» Loins. a. a.»ЦУ E r r . T. a. A. Ameliorations. Â S I Â H .tional root. a redressing. Miserly. (We have commended you to God) T. pl.. 1 . A.с :ы 1№> w a r . for which the second and third J radical A. s. Gum letters are the same. for 0%-jl. bird. 1. said of stones used for striking fire. V. v. Provincial for J t " ^ . JşblîU! isladilmaq. Ö. V. ordered. 1. Z. to be suspended. Trifling. interj. A gallows-bird. capital. 1. 1. S. so. J^jle^ ismarlamaq. T. a silencing. ad. A making A. V. irrational (in arithmetic or algebra). rile. jU-sl islaq. a. Ameliorative. entirely. Unfounded. T. Deaf. 2 . A making or A. To put to rights. T. to bespeak. jL>I asied. a. The qua. Mean and niggardly. wellfounded. adv.) Liquid storax. t. v. T. To rect. İ. 3. 2. A verb.J(\L»I âsi-zâdö. сЛ-Ж-И isianât. Wet. i s i i t o û . i. jjo~ A surd root.To sismooth. ashore. most cor. pan. 2.A W . About to be hung. T. %. See jb^LH Good b y e ! T. of T. pari. T. a commission given in words. ( f o r X.. asiaha 'ııâh. pl. reformatory. lence or to be silent. 3. s. A. S e e ûsiu.thing made to order lity or rank of nobility or gentility T. To be by birth.'J%<*\uslan. Hard aad smooth. q. İ. order. V. T. Crop-eared. JloijL*\ âsizâdeiîk. T asilajaq. JJi). q. i. a. â s i i j . q. s. a. A. . as J l q â ı ı â . ofjL> 1. I . V. a. s hanging or clinging. To hang pendulously. 1 . 2. v. S. To whistle. s. 2. To commend. asilajaq. met. o f j H T 1. i s i â n . T.t.ЕГГ. pl. asiâd. 2. pl. T. isiiq. 2. See ^ Х Л т. Most fit. best.v. essential. Bare. a bettering. Arabic grammar. 2. jHT asiiinuq. v. S e e q. a. V. A being or becoming silent. A. c'x-ı fur. grievous. To be hung. 4. Hard and letting be silent. q. asili. A. 2. (for Ш benjamin. İ .т. a s i ı û . fici ismâm. A. jjJjlefl 2. 3. 2. 1. To be flogged. Bald. 2. i s i s L .A reconciling t w o persons. To cling pertinaciously. Hard. whol. s. A.. See Jc'X^l A. A. v. of'^f«\ . < . asılma. A. To be wetted.j U L J isladilmaq. JT-»1 â s i e m . difficult. V. V. for T. 2. t. Hard and smooth to recommend one to God. (reflexive) To become wet of itself. (130) did.

pl. X. 3. Silent. is-hir. T. A yellow h a m m e r . «îf I asma. X ^ T asî. a. See If I X. ejaculations. See Idols. .v. Crafty. 3. A. A. A. İ s m a r l a m a . . A. 1. 2 . JJS". q. V. i s m a r l â t maq. 1. t o listen. vulg. of j4-» Male relations by marriage. oftjy* Kinds or parcels of wool. i.s. s. ÄSWEF. T.. o r time in music. ^VÜI âsna'û-'l-eydİ.s. i s m i t. 8.. Very well aimed. гббе (МШ). machine. pl. S.To remain hanging. X. exclamations. a. especially. to suspend. A. Skilled w o r k m e n . isindirmaq. A*®Î Asmâ. a X. JJ—1 » S A L s. 1. from A. of J~»L q. O f I asmet. The quality or occupation peculiar to a tradesman or artificer. 3 . An esteeming deaf. A padlock. To be a tradesm a n o r artificer. USQI. or a single artizan or tradesman. s. A vine. yellow bunting. s. (»İr). A. of A. T ^jX^ı f M X. of i-V-» q. vn. J ( A youth full of musical notes) A skilful singer. ^AA-1 _ The warden of a guild.To leave hanging. of Cjy q. 1. I S N Ä ' . 2 . Isinmaq. sonsin-law. of ı-t-» . from A. . desolate. X. . See jSjU-1. 1. v. i. v.. an aiding. -nâr (hâflıt).See X. etc. Profit. u s â ı . A vine suited to climb on a trellis. V. Trades. S. pl. To h a n g out festive decorations. See X.JLİA (The seventeen seas of fundamentals) a r e mentioned. 2 . J-li . tongue-tied.n nasalı deaf. JLJ-H AS-IIIV. J Y * A fundamental note. gerund of J f ^ See . bryonia dioica or alba.. âsi. . ®snaf. 1. <J>-»t Jt adv. pl. a. X. also. ^ J f 1 a s m a l i qemberiza citHnella. generally. v. _ s. ft-л! asnim.s. a s y i f . s.. especially with madness or demoniacal possession. posed. 1 (qîrat). To give ear. A suspension-bridge. See . deftly. asa. 1. W h e r e n o voice is to be heard. a missile. vulg. İ. when trained on a trellis. See X. t. jci^l i s i t m a q .^ u s. Very or excessively woolly. See A.•J The white bryony. gently. A stratagem o r device deftly carried out. used in cookery. A becoming deaf. speechless. Quiet. i. benefit. Cleverly. CHj-oi кял\'Ъъ. Care a n d gentleness. X ^ . Very or excessively much affected with. . 4 Carefully. t. ö V " ' e»w5f. «üiJ! — s. JjfT a s m a q . of which seventeen. Any one adorable in form. i. s. A carpenter. insidious.^or other artificer on board ship.. . a grapevine. or brothers-in-law. as. pl. 2 . v.. X . 1.. V. X. A-XA _ s. called J^t . bryonia alba. j I A. s. To h a n g ornaments on a person. (as if singular) A guild. vn. 3 . м И adv. V. "»iyi isi t m â . of ^ 1. V. usfîiiu.. a. v. 2. pl. A kind of edible gourd which grows on a plant that is trained over a trellis. . with freedom from bustle or h u r r y . cadence. V. a. s. Ji^e*! i s m a r l a ı ı m a q . gerund of Hanging.s. ıJU-И âsIIif. * . gentle. A method. j l f i . X. To hatlg Up. t. A place planted with vines. utility. pl. аятеЪ. A. To be of use. a. s. The elements of geometry (name of the Turkish Euclid's Elements). A.^ ў v. See jrjJI _ s. generally as son-in-law or as brother-inlaw.s. S. 2 . To derive profit. 2 . T. bryonia dioica. The elements of jurisprudence. . Suspended. 2 . 2. A d r a w bridge. (The dove's note) being the only one given. X. isi. {tyf 1 iomarij. pl. t. 4.. a plan..j f The white bryony. A helping. Vineleaves. i. t. j f T a s m a q .( 131 )rX-i f3r (Büman). Й.. Ü. A. V. X. ^ a f T j L The white bryony. Seejljlcl X.. A. A. as an opinion. p. The fundamental points of religion. A being o r becoming related by marriage. pendulous. sail-maker . J b b H esnärıiq. Very correct. d. S. 1 l s m a r l a m a q . O. v. s.. Fundamentals and subdivisions of a science.. guilds. .

laughing stocks. a. for t h e purpose of more strictly defining the latter. V. or a kesra to a final j . A fold. Lsitmäıl. as. V. ölA-l isijäq. vn. İ. Death. v. To join words in construction. a lighting up.v. a. Of princely. 2. A. b A i i . but as this does not concern Turkish. S.A logical annexation. so that the first shall be somehow connected with. _ L> asiii. s. Ajsi] _ Verbal annexation. a treating as insignificant. V. V. To gain. The house of joy. v. continuous. J-ol isiq. r a l e . Permanent. AJL _ Explicatory annexation. "j-И. Matted. vn. 4 . 1. 1 . advantageous.-^J make or let a person gain. in Arabic grammar. 1. A. LJ^ . To \ asılan See ji. Adventitious. extrinsic. V. as л — q. adjective. 1. 4. t. of the first. a s h o w . where the second word explains some peculiarity of the first. i _. azâmim. See öWj^I т. a. 1. adjacent. 1 . noble. did. A. С0Ы) The latter part of an afternoon. Death. A. > -T suspended. to a final vowel • . as _. bird. See l . ij^j rizâyi t â m m . I Z Â Z . 1 . d. A. a groan. packets. I Z Â ' E . 2. . To attach. the second. asîde. A neglecting. . Supposititious annexation. S. T. is annexation with a preposition expressed. Complete satisfaction. â z i ı i ' . firm.1 izafx. The second n o u n may be a substantive. A subsequent annexation. This form of izafet is much used in Turkish. Sound (of judgment). 2. destruction. İ . an evening. Real annexation. A. The whole of a thing. or pronoun. but still understood.. Rooted. A. 1 T. 2. t . -war. 2. J ^ T asilanmäq. or gentle descent. ( pJs-^j aslı. JÎUİ) The latter part of an afternoon. pl.^ Ä . vn. t. To waste or destroy.-iti.. ıJ-Ы AZATII. See ^А-аП A. Bundles. so. evening. V. (pl. of A^U^l 1. â s l r . 2. Jj-. A shining or causing to shine.Ы asâtoır. The tresses of a dear one. 2. or a kesrated consonantal j to a final 1 . A principal. tangled. a. 2. 2. J ^ asıl. 1 . A . A. iILs-U>l âzahılt. » 5siye. s. İ. 2. A chemise.t. A. . îsâ'â. of "jL^ Bundles. destruction. t. Of Ridiculous things. as distinguished from an agent. (in law) A mutual relationship of kin. AS un .dır maq...^ ısidılmaq. See j i ^ т. S. a ring of gold. T. A moan. of A n i - mals slaughtered a t the Qurban Bayrami. . pl. In Per- sian grammar the vowel О i Г is added in pronunciation to the quiescent final consonant. 1. A receiving one as a guest.s. See A. _ A pure annexation. A. s. pl. S. JJUH â z â ı î ı . Hanging. A. 4. of the first of two nouns. or attributed to. to profit. jU. See 3. chronic.. A. a. A. 3 * Ы T. where the relation between the words is real and not merely apparent. т. is when the second noun is either the name of the owner or the like. errings. _. ^ Ц . In Arabic grammar the meaning of such combinations is much more extensive. Jfc^l isınmaq. 1. s. of 4sbl Errors.. A destroying. I 2 S pan» m e t . 3. a. p l . s . rib-bones. is annexation without a preposition expressed. S e e 4 1 ( 132 1 2 ) 1 1 t u (French). IZÂFET. Isırgan. 2 fer. сУ*-!-1-^ ısındİrmaq. a shelter. Profitable. pl. p l . 3. I a. s. A putting one thing with another. JUl . 2. a kesralcd hamze. in Arabic grammar. S. A. it is not here necessary to go into to the subject. to attribute. т. SeeJ^f. a.I far. an accidental annexation of a quality to a substance.. casual.1 Â S B I . A place of refuge. The annexation of one noun to another. in Arabic grammar. t o derive benefit. or of a peculiarity. See T. permanent. \-. of ^ Ribs. fem. s. Thus. s. 2. An illuminating. obstinate. Near. groups. t. jb-»' isıiıq. 1 . ^дй*"! isitmalanmaq. İ . A. 1. intelligent. a wasting.l ' T.

4 A . vn. pl. a z a r r . A. W* I ^ As above. A rendering humble or submissive. V L ^ 1 IZTÎRÂB. I . Most harmful. an accustoming to. A pronouncing (a vowel П like e in pen. i. 2. ( f o r 1. _ v. the Qurban Bayramı. (for 1.. opposites. (for A taking up. a . 2. or destitute. A making should not be done). v . A p u t t i n g away. A m a k i n g snarl A . A shouting. hounds. A . 2. A. injuries.. v. A. Words possessing two contrary significations. and in every wearing the body wrap or upper Muslim household. To A. CL>XJ _ v. pl. wretched conditions of life. compulsion.H Â . evils. (See A . most noxious. U Z . harms. ( f o r A at Arafat near Mekka. A j u m p i n g with joined feet. J I F ^ l ÎZJÂR. vn. vn. A. A Qurban Bayrami.^-Ui) A victim of sacrifice. vn. a der the right armpit. A.. ızrîrâ. ^ r i ^ Lzjâj. a disquieting. Izjâ'. of Hardships. A putting the breast erogatory) service of worship. pl. E r r .A lying down. . I . İ <qir&t). A.2. L T Î J A ' . s. A. (to A. s. pl. a. vn. v . a vociferating. AI'LOH) becoming in need.*1»! id-liiy yo. âdrâs. îztîıâ'. S e e . ( p l . A . A. S. 1.. t.. âzba'. A wearing a w r a p under both armpits. clear. v. 3. A mutual hating. A being or A. A per. A setting the teeth on edge. adv. q . vn. 1/-Ы Â Z ı R ı .dogs. A. 1 . m a c h i n e .k h i m e . vn. n z . j U ^ I ıztımär. of q. ÂA-UÂ. A showing. J B L -vrir KBÂR. A. cause pain or anxiety. ing upon the forenoon. s. a calling oat. To ridiculous thing.jU. jl^ -^ ı Z R A R . especially on one side forming the early forenoon (super. vn. (which A . IJ^J*^! Bright. 4. vn. A vexing. a removing. I C I . A causing t o blaze. of HuntingUH juc The feast of sacrifices. iid-liiyy <\. vn. F o r . an humbling. . — n zıasal. A Woman's A blazing. (pl. 2. of ^у* Teeth. being constrained or compelled. An annoying. îztırâr. o u t of A . vn. A breaking in. Vn. 1. 2... s . 2. an injuring. a spoiling. of vic. A. .U Â K . vn. when sacrifices are made A. JI-UH ÂZDÂD» s . A. plaid over the left shoulder a n d u n A.jLil Izbâre. Л ^ ) A bundle. pl. i.N N I C I . o / ' ^ Hyenas. a constraining. ÎZ-nâ. Â Z . ^Г-5'1 âzbu s. S. distresses.J I ^ T I Z . izbât. vn. s. ÎZ-HLYÂN. A bustle. of хь i . tims. pl. 2. traries. w . 2. rtitle (usûl)..1 f a r qkamhn). Â Z Û R R . ConA. A showing weakness in the conduct of an affair. 3. . Silver-grey. the 10th A. vn. . idrâs. A. pl. . J_rb\ ÂZRÂR. IZTÎGÂN. A taking under the arm o r armpit. pl. of Zilhijje. A. A corrupting. îzra'. of Blind. fLrbl Lram. (ftM'jW) A bei n g made lean. vn. s. A. manifesting. A suffer pain or anxiety. a r encouraging iri some habit or act. or letting laugh. s. âzrl. A depressing: a lowering. A. a. s. A sleeping.. A. vn. To injure. vn. A. a feeling animosity. FLRK^H iztirÄm. (rir). pi. ıztıba'. A. 2. A collecting. do or bear something). 1. s . 3. becoming grey in the hair.s . A being coninto bloom. vulsed or agitated. ü W Victims of sacrifice slain at the A compelling. A. cloudless. A making o r letting one lie down on his side. vn.N Â . ( 433 ) (iiafiss). a raging fiercely. A coming A mutually beating. (for J ! / ^ ' ) 1. vn. ( f o r and show the teeth. 2. . Lzrah. A. t. of Detriments. to t h e ground in worship. A. a laughing-stock. a becoming emaciated. V. From sheer necessity. 3 . especially back teeth. are A marking a word with the vowel points. an inflicting loss. i. A . supporting a b u r d e n . pl. 3. A being in o r enterA. To mark with the vowel points. A harming. A. 2. ( f o r JUUHJ i . ( f e m . f o r q. of A. Й. losses. 3. . 1.. L^»1 izrâ.

A d r a w i n g together to or about one's self. War.cope with thing. A A. loose rein la the tongue. pools. ıJUil â ^ ' s f . bedience. bundles. pl. An equilateral triangle. allowing t o fly away. ADAIı» a. (Giving dition. I . F U ^ T îzt&mam. faggots. o r fragrant. ( 134 ) r 3 3 t u (French). S. 2 . t o p e r T. A.. A. 3. To hold a do or bear. A. did. 2. A. a coming t o naught. bragging. â z m i n . s. ^ . vn. az~vva. to multiply. pleastreds. 1. narrow and strait..t. Obedient. 2. Multiples. An adding. J ^ s ^ ı z m i h i s ı . vn. A. feeling in the heart without showing A.1 3 3 4 1 1 3 1 1 far. 1. ity of disobedience. J W itâqâ. vn. A misleading or obey. ^X^lfl а« j t ў A an umbrella. Jiw ltk4. \ . The blank spaces a n d margins of a book o r letter. about. A multiplying. S. 4 . a multitude. {\ё>\ L M S I N . for j t f q. most A. v. a heap. met. pl. The qualerring. of Guests. v. 1 . A. A going round the redundant flesh. a UJILifA scalene triangle. s. t o submit one's self to.. 2. vn. o r portions. for FTE^L 1. 2 . 2 . a parcel. a n act of disoA. A t . a. submissive. stood (not explicitly by name). An extending. members. containing m u c h or most. vn. Ribs. pl. submitting one's self to. Bunches. a tetragon (regular or A. eo. parts. an increasing. To A. poorest. 2. <I > xtaii. 2 . A subduing. most impotent. Anger. anT. vn. A causing o r irregular). ant or lawful. To mislead. A. jliW â t â q ı i q . JIW â t â ı . a hoop. 4İjb>l A z i â ı i . rancors. X-i A.doing or saying w h a t is kind. the mouth. pl. T. especially. pan. ad. 3. s.. Sides of geometrical figures. (pl. Most comprehensive. making or letting a n idea be under. 1. To weaken. (jl*-*! iz 'af. quadrilateral.. U»-»l iztinâ. A ring. A conceiving i n the mind. v. v ..a making long. A bundle. e-W itabet. Hate. Most weak. I Z M I R . i. S. 2. İ W ) 1. which becomes m u t f a ' i . 1. a leading astray. astray. ÎZGÂ. A shade of branches trained like Roots of numbers. * . i t â f i . a per. A crowding. A. agreeable. A dividing a polygon (regular or irregular) . r a l e . grudges. lakes. Most erring. JJl^l) An T. A m a k i n g or letting squeal. 1. 2. very А. Disobedient. a. t o enfeeble. More. bird. a. into shares. Most t r u s t w o r t h y as a surety. A. ^UH azyaf. . CU-^l âzgâs. of Y^ Lights. and the crown of the hoof. (pl. To increase. s. for A bei n g ashamed o r abashed. ability. malevolence. it outwardly. pl.-ıA. A motley collection. most incapable. A. most. imosity... of Ponds. A. Err. a. fur. a flocking t o gether.. IFIL az-ha. izmSme. of JIH q. A treating oppressively or tyrannically. 2. a huddling. vert. vn. Vn. ^ azı. a.) A maligning. gOl^l ^ j L i . A making bles of dreams o r of r u m o r s .. s. error. cc'bl i t n ' a t . A weakening. a circle. JîU>l iziäı. a being able to l u n . a. A disappearing. \. jUİSllH s. ita'atsız. JBLW ÎTÂ'âtıi.V. of ijsue 1. azam. âzyâa.t. A. verting. j l f ^ iz-hid. 2 . A. the periphery of A. (pl. vn. t. E n v y . рЫ) \.Boastful. 3 . S. s. A. of \ . pl. S. s. A. J u m A. Limbs. âzlâ'. good. of ^ 1. vn. < I U A. A reducing A. lots. y ^ y A multilateral. vn. (for jUli) The suppressing the second vowel a n d quality or act of a braggart. ashore. mustef *llun. a dispersing.comply with. refractory.. An obeying. a training down. 1. power. t o misdirecting. i . pl. 3 . jib! î t â r . s. a circumambulating. an enfeebling. A being able fo mutef a' llun.. »jW i t â r i . of H a . A. A. animosities. ita'atsıziıq. 2. syllable of the prosodial foot A. pl. S. See JJL A. 1. an overpowering. 2. strength. A T. vn. vn. az'af. JTI-^L ÂZGÂN. dutiful. vn. vn. v. s.

A making sprightly. (Of the color of the spleen. A becoming filthy from neglect. WY'LTL â t â n i b . tracts. 7. vn. 3. An overwhelming. clover. (У&г 1. i t k m . . surrounding districts. Most filthy. л ilW e. A. of Who come by night.. files. a casting away. 3. A. A being fetid. ways.. <*Ss>).Neighbors in the districts around. Ш A. pl.. >> ÎTR. i To explain with details. or palimpsests. I T B Ä Q . A. a criticizing. (for 1. A. trifolium. г Ш İttibâkn. of Written pages. A being general. <ûil ätbiqa. of Most pleasant. A. A. T .. . a praising extravagantly. pl. Trefoil. rejoicings. A. In the spaces or places surrounding. vn. canals. A. which is forbidden. i t t i r a d . 2. A captivating. 1. banished o r driven away. 2. Eyes. a shutting. A. A. 6. p l . of Joys.. JJW I4IVIı. A being of conspicuous descent. 2. c J ^ j _ Parts and portions and their limits. A. An inciting. of Js Teats.v. vn. s. İ (ıtirit). 2. To give notice in all directions. ' of Physicians. T.^T ( <35 ) J>! t i r ( İ u n İ ı t ) . 8. a gladdening. q. A cutting off. 1. vn. of bowels or urethra. U>1 âtbâ. short fastening thongs. 4. Pavilions for shade. Ш i t t l b i . 2 Plates. Lineages. 1. sections. s. Having numerous h'iends or supporters. îtrâr. J. vn. O/* 1. Ends. A calli n g or inviting. F . A. A. v. 2. extremities. In its various parts and sections. best. ctrâni. w l r ( h â t U . dishes. lids. extremities. A g e t t i n g into friendly intercourse with a person a n d then killing him. <jS)>\ _j» ^л-ХЛЪе inhabitants of these parts. (Stretching out the hand) An injuring. a discarding. Eminent. s. of JJJ Drums. vn. s. especially. of Battlemented houses or castles. series.. â t b i \ a. An applying the tongue to the palate in pronouncing a consonant. 2.. 4. s. pl. 6. taraf 1. or places surrounding it.. A causing or allowing to be expelled. s. The rabble. a. S. pl. dugs. A .. Portions. of Roads. ^ÇW ÂTRÂB. A. a rejoicing. A p u t t i n g the palms together between the thighs in sitting at worship. A. 2. 3. A shutting the eyes. s. JL>! â t r â q . âtîbbe. jU®). S. of *TI>L 1. of W^t P h y sicians. of Rivulets. â t b â ' . 5. a eulogizing. 2. 3. An agreeing together.. pl. ( y i ) . of Jj» Things that exactly fit over and cover. 1. f p i .. most fragrant. A proceeding or flowing equally and uninterruptedly. A covering as w i t h a lid. vulg «>trâf. Re} gions and districts. tracks. vn.. vn. J i > l i t r i f i i . An acting boldly. A. wayfarers. r ı t d e (usul). £ ' > 1 İ t t i râ b . A being regular or conformable to rule. (for ^l/W) A t h r o w i n g down. Long strings.. Eminent men. paths.. 3. A. of •> 0?' > 1. 4. (•'>( î t r â m . 1 . 4. 2. To the parts. âtrâq. m a r gins. U»l â t i b b â . of (3> q. P/. i t r â d . spaces. pl. Most to one's taste.. $.. s. Tall. s. s. n a c u î n » . A plastering with clay or m u d . a commending. gaieties. > n n a s a l . A stricture. pl. pl. A. for A . J ^ l ât-hâı. pl. 6. A. . Directions of course or bearing. pl. pl. A . A. A driving away. A. s. 2.. v O ' ' î t r â b . A closing. Relatives within the prohibited degrees. JUH ÄTBÄQ.. a. pl. A cooking' or being cooked. pl. â t r â s . To its various parts a n d sections. i t r â r . A. 9. Lanyards. A praising. Err. J**. pl. 2. of t â r f ) . of 1. A. Detailed. a. A driving awav. vn. J ü ^ â t b â ı . pl. Sides. a being uniformly applicable. especially by night.. âtrâr. A. 2. s. a. s. itânö. Ash-coloured. «x»l_>l 1. W-W âtaYlb. s. \J»\ vtrâ. A. a. 2. A presenting a gift..-ıA. A. Regions. a causing to dropoff. J > l a t r u q . 1 . wı. Covers. vn. A. 5. vn. 3. Sides. pl. J U n â t r â f . A. A. 1. A.

İ t ı i y i . A. a. _ . For inabove the notch of an arrow. Shapes. To to vaccinate. An atlas. To divorce. 2. a smothering.. ätıä let one talk unquestioned. (pl. a castle. Satin.bodies. A rubbing. A. A.itrai. dul. Of {J* \. vn. Old. vil. JUriqa. a The ninth or highest sphere in Ptoflank. ^ЛЬ! âtıâs. A T N I Ş . fib! . A divorcing a wife. vn. 1. A raising t h e F. 2. 1. vn. s. A causing or alA. аньоге. 3. 3. 1.. £}>\ tu 2 (Frencii). A. A. A. to put an end to. unrestrictedly. an informing. a. ing. A feeding. 3. îeıi. pl. met. A loosing. espe. 5. Children. an asking for. jUbl . T. s. i t i n i ' . a smear. a riding awk. To graft. A. (З 4 '^ 1 a t l a n m a q . 2. A making or A. i t r â ı . enquirer--. an applying. A cement for mending To acquire information.. vn. vulg. ATIUS. ıttılub. of T. vn. A. An extinguishing. fcırü. (The child. Sparks of fire. lious.debt. J"^! utrûsb.being liberated from care. (jJW â t ı i s . To apply Lined or covered with satin. 3 lowing to become aware or acquainted with. I . askers. f u r . Absolutely. in 0 '. a being ting leap over. utm. A making or let. pl. T. l\. A. s. S. fUb! i t ' â m . liti'im. remains. vn. 2. y ridge surrounding a nail on a finger formation to be acquired.-Аь Lovers. easv in the mind. 5. pl. pl. ^İW ^b* (The starless sphere) A. of J* O l d and . An inoculating or a. vn. plants. \. ing. A. i. To give to be in its widest sense. or terracefor. (for A A.. eaten. t. the bulk. A. pl . (for A •A. itrâ. 3. Feelings. 1. '1. 2. or toe. i. An applying v. The cognisance of. 2 .. pl. A being or becomseekers after the society of women. 3. A.a'. A grant.(See ren of the park) Shrubs. t. 3. ActS u Jh Old.ljUp_ v.. ( f o r A of Muhammed. t. A sinew wound being aware or informed of. s. JW) A side.. To slack the rein. (/or jUil) A A. 3. vn. To let go loose in conversation. ers. upon.*İ>1 I ( 136 ) 2 S 4 1 1 2 S I -war. Of satin 2. cially. universally. disobedient. relax or purge the bowels. vn. Satinlike. forms. hard of hearing. 4.of As worn. s. ^giW a t i i s i . Ruins. s. A. eo. jbil i t t i r i r . ITm. rags. To inoculate. (^ibı ÂTIES. threadbare. A. 4 The various parts and wardly. of J ' I SeekA. S. v. 2. ing a'fflicted with a stricture. A. To extinguish. 2. A remitting or cancelling a A grafting. vn. vn. students. emotions. â t i m i . vulg. To remit a debt. seeking. See J i t 1. of . threadbare. Atsummi.t. J^UJI itigq. ointments.t. of A. or undutiful. wished.\>\ a t m a r . threadbare clothes. a loosenpart..roofed building. adv. a wishing. eyes to look. îtti . A. rider's sticking his two feet tight to traces. ^Ы) letting be sought. battlemented. quenching. a liberating.?. t. ö^' ittiıâc. S. . A taking or saying a thing cinating. The principal setting free. vn. ^UlH ı T ı Û ' . a. finger nails into. • > ! I T R I . jLlbl a ties! i. îtıâb. A.l. smoothed by wear. pan. _ v. I To set at liberty. s. W îtrtiıi. '!. A relaxing. the main body. itgâ.guents. . pl. 1. cracks in pots and kettles.. P. a taking v. jiibl i t f â r . or asked A castellated. s. 0fS& 1. pl. ıtmah. 1. such as were in Medina in the time A. worn. A rendering rebel. 3. especially. a j^^ljr. atresü. v. a. (for jUJJl) A sticking the limbs of the body. r u l e . A helping to seek. vulg.of cUb Foods. utrush. pl. v. See A. applied externally.. flowA. atlämaq. J W atlub S. A. a name to. a A. vn. of % Uners after. i t l i s l î . Deaf. the loins of his beast. 1. a characterizing. dishes for eating. ( p l . vn. s. 6. JW îti.lemy's system. the heaven of heavens. A.. . (for A being A.

A. IJLIL A T N I B . copiousness.v. 3. A fault. of Pure. 1 . J>J=\ âzref. of Jy-.4. 2. peninsula. r u d e 2 . fumes. The longest side of a triangle. jf ^ âzâfir. \. of ı-Ü P r o . pl. of Jb Nails. Very tall. A . tered (said of land). A . jUlil (Nails of perfumes) ^jJjt The Archipelago. A. . i. pl. variously larger one.Modes of acting. to render desirous of possessA. ners. 2. A being relaxed. talons. A . or gesture. J$>l ât-her. A . Tranquillity of mind. of ^ Perropes. s. A being or beT. of Gazelles.. 2. a. To give one's A. OU^II.tics. vn. A n agreeable. Toing skilled and expert. 2. a A. n s n . ОЬИ i t m i n u n . J V ^ N O . jT ( The islands of the A . S. s . âzbâ s. v. jtW â t y â r .The squill. most fi'agrant. a. a. existent.s. j . jections.Neck. A growing A. A.( 137 ) f a r (s8mün) s 1 J. 1. pl. Great Britain.. ^ l W ) 1 . a . 2. The island A. jt^bl ât-nil-. T. JBJIL I Z ' Â N vn. 2. strength and. A. canonically clean. s. rings worn round the neck. A .ing. a temptA. pl. 0fi£> 1. A becoming A. T. J.. jl^bl Î T . IZRIRS. A making or letMediterranean) The Archipelago. of jb Flying or diffuse in style. vn. — n n a s a l . u i i l âtyâb. < 3 ^ 1 Â T W Â Q . âtime. 3. I T . ltnll. . ( p l .2 2 1 (zır). vn.H I . s. an offence. u l i l îtnâto. of TentA. native of an island of the Greek archipelago. pl. A. a fireconduct. â t i r . A. pl. pl. a crime. s. Moun. + Ы Î T N Â B I . unsullied. t. ting go on a journey. vn. vn. (pl. tallest. Camels' humps. vn. The things coveted. s. vn. Modes. v-JlW) Most A . vn. scilla marilima. of Jib Arches. A being or becoming to covetousness. A creaking sound. 1. A. Jl^'ı IZRÂF. a. vn. Times of repetition. fragrant drugs. undefiled. etc. s. Most volatile. pl. J^bl enduring injustice or ill treatment.. s. A. The a short t h o n ş supplementary to a two most delicious things.. manA.appetite. antelopes. vaults. cuniculus. 2. tended with wind. of Nails.. A supercilious. â t w â s . Most quick in walls. Most pure. a shade-tent.. 3. pl. A. lepus letting a person be covetous. A long file or series. Very long. distension. 2. enveloping. ıJüH ätnaf. an encasing. pl. An island. A belaces. a t w u d . A being copious A. pl. birds or fowls.and dates. prolixity. 1. . aroma. A covering. of ^jjU» q. arrogant manner claws. tea) Garden sage. 2. s. JuH itmäı. a. best. kindest.. r 2 X-i 1 war (hafız). defined as eating and sleeping. A rendering nonpurifying. Native of an island. J T R N A . JuH ittLnâı. âtyeb. tempt. 1Л4Ы xt-haf.. Â D Â I ı . v. The allowances of soldiers. A speaking quickly. s. A being low and shel. m a c h i n e . A. Ü^Jil âz'ân. lonıztılum. Ä T W Ä R . 1. vn- . s.. Most wittily or ledges projecting on brackets from delicately turned. verbose things. salvia officinalis. a. pl. (Island the onycha (of Exodus 3i>: 34). vn. VYl. especially.. s. antest. ing. kinds. A hearth. A. milk A. A voluntarily gest. salient portions. s. JY»* ätvei. . domes. pl. hills. . An extending. 2. jljW a t w ä r . vn.. 2 J_ — of covetousness. pl. confidence. -b>l âtît. ıTWÄı. 1 i (qirat). â t y e r . A lanyard. A being disa prolonging. self airs. A. of Prinkipo in the Sea of Marmora.H Â R .luxuriantly. s. from A . J\cy . A giving a non-existent. ing or being deemed witty in speech. pleasawning. loose. t h e calm of especially. 2 (usul). of Camel t.. tains. A cleansing. Most skilful in flyA. 2. vulg. A litters for women. place. a sharing. A . j ^ 1 âzfâr. perception and retort. coming tranquil in mind. portion. claws. a disappearing. s.. âdâ. A. A making or j l i j l b _ The rabbit. of jyo \ . 2. A.

2. 4 . J.. . 6. jliW izzifikr. of jpUel Greatvants or worshipers. of A. A. pl. met. A showing. tendons. 1. gues odorati. A putting a facing upon a fabric. ing to protect. 5. a. (used to describe great cauldrons). â'âjîta. pl.( 138 ) tmr. of JLPI . Groups or tribes of nomad Arabs.. OU»' iaixan. r a l e . I . A making or attain. 1 . sinews. of Ы . J3Uİİ âziâı. 3. A. A reciting from on the last feet of the first hemistichs. 2. A. letting one lead a life of ease. A. of « U . A . A. a restoring. habit. S. t.t. pl.. G O D shadows. bird. v. An aiding. or acts. 3. S. â'âsîb. To give back. an evin. VH. of C e n snail named strombus lentiginosus. V. izzihar. a having recourse. A sweating a protection. or nations of non-ArA. A suspecting. j l ^ az-har. words. That is made of face a lining. pl.. A. did.Roads. I ' Â D I . parched. pl. vn. vn. A rendering peating. inter"j. To lend. JULII IZFÂR. an enabling to for j ^ i . 2.. İ'âı4. A substituting. â'ârîb. W-ÜWı A ' S T I B . A seeking for A. A.. vn. A. contempt..UI l'âobe. i 'аге. A .. v. pl. Most custom one's self to an action. A a reproducing. of Groups. letting return. A . A. or entering into darkness. Clearer than the sun. of J& Shades. memory. rious or wonderful things. s. To aid. A. Apparently err.H I R . ttt (French). to repeat.W â'âsir. J>\ <Umi. (for jUil) 1. 1.. A feigning. vre. A making or sheltering.. 4. 1. q. 1. 2. A. or the hiatus ic varieties of metres. a backing up. s. a reiterating.Ü jW! 4İ a'ada-'llSh. pl. 1. Ш. A. fb far. a thinkipg evil of. Black-lipped. a. pc\ k âzım. a. A treating with persons can lift. or at noon time. v. Dusky.. To of fragments. pl. A shading: an dust. Transverse cing... A abs and outer barbarians.t. A. J. Darkest. or victorious. $. a manifesting. letting be successful. the opercula of a seaA. vn.v. vn.J P N e r v e s . A being in the period of noon. an accustoming one's self to an A. I .e 3 1 ^ . Genercation of a consonant. of Groups or nations of enemies. a. A. F^L iziâm. jtü* ias&inan. In poetry for j^tS q. s. of X* Groups of servants. J^-Wl â'âshir. JL^UL № B Â R . For JP\. mountain roads. A causing or althe identical article is to be returned) lowing to imagine. to restore. A.. S. vn. 1. AÎ. cause or permit him to return! (to A. 2. or becoming dark or gloomy. _ a. of JojJi (for tawny-coloured. J^WI a'âjlm. pl. A. turn. unjust or tyrannical. 2. Mhore* pan. that is as much as ten one's back on. so. Â Z . L ı â i . To show. 3. surable qualities. 3. № a. of*yf\ Cuhoofs. Dried up. A protecting or seekhorse down to reduce his flesh. or suppose. overshadowing. Black.. a azma. v. to assist. S. i. 2. A contracting a being in. A. to life. A. Jaj\c\ i ' â r i z . »MA. (said 1 . a. pl.. 5. -ЛИ I 'asır. A protecting. Of . 2. vn. Persians. a taking refuge. jja-. 3. (OUil İzzİlam. AZ-UAR. 2. 1. A casting a shadow. w a r . to manifest. pl. A. J»ijlci) See No. 3. a A. groups of men. A causing or allowing to thirst. pl. 4.. pl. s. A making or A . 4. etc). »jVc\ i' аге. v. of ^Л» Cloven A. to of God). A lending. a*5dî. pl. of j$> q. 1. being or becoming successful. v. Most evident. 2. i'âza.jWl â'ârîz. vn. of i> I q. of Backs. To recite. pl. s. A. A reA. 4. or. A renewing. 7. to a displaying. 4. s.a replacing with an equivalent. s. ridge-poles. an. which depend of hemze or . ofGroups display.of first hemistichs of distiehs. 3. of 1. especially. A. v. ( j .UI Â'Staid. Last prosodic feet A pronouncing distinctly the redupli. A turning ten pieces. a pretending. J)U»l âzisf. (where A. (for f ^ ) As action. To acA.. to reg. pl. classes of ser. vn. . vn. VH. vn.. S. q. 2. most manifest. pl. 3.

moderation. 1. kindness. of X* Servants. A.. I. ing. symptoms. t . i ' b A d is. highest.>tcl î ' t â d . a providing for. A winding a A. indications. A killing without cause. A. 2. est. i'tlbâr. slave. vn. ^Ul â ' â ı i m . i ' t â b . fellows. i. -war (hâtîz). 3 . becoming admonished. Men. s. 4. pl. A. level. Help. A being all seroants)God. s. Jtel i ' t ä q . A liberating. >xs\ â ' b i d e / s l a v e s . or uniform. vn. credit. or\z£\ i ' t ı b â r î . t. i. vn. a. a considering. 2. 2. > j b : l i ' t i b â r s i a . 2 . pi. A. to excuse v. est. A temperate horse his head. I. t o press T. A. . To manumit. 3. some act. 2. equable. vn. becoming even. > J U P I i 'tldulsiz. s. Loads. most important. ^ J Û .jbH .4U ( 430 ) far (asmân).. aid. A transgressvants of God).. 2. A maintaining. jV } JJ _ a preparing. of Marks. of »U» 1. A killing. IJCPI i ' t l d â . . J^ J — The vernal equinoctial point. A divorced A. 1 (qlrat). 3 . vn. j)\c\ â'âvır. Vn. 2. equilibrium.. I'tidâisiziik. for payment. b e diminished. 2 . — i» nasal. S. A being exby indications. 2. i. s.. v. Lack of estimation.o (The Lord of ing. theoretical. reasons. JIjcpI i ' t î d â ı . pl. characteristics. A mosphere. . JL^L i ' t i j â r . J»UP\ i ' t i b â t . A being or temperate. A. vn. To beg to be excused. aiding. An elidA. i vn. 1. a Imaginary. Equals. JB^L i ' t i b â r i i . A procuring. May God valued. t o assist. 3. An offering an excuse o r apology. most eminent. cusable. s. pl. JUH . men. credit. 1 .round the head like a turban. peers. t o hold an opinioa. or distress. 1. one's self. (serA. mankind.. hold. . an speculative. To let go. a packs or bales. A. I ' b â d . a counting u p ..S ü r The equinoctial point — The autumnal making an oath absolutely binding of the ecliptic. climate. J U k üıl a. 3. Д. (The equality of the night and the A. i ' t l b â d . symmetry. t . JUI â ' b â d . ^ . A treating with of probation before marrying again. Single the back upon. L'titab. 2 . assistance. A helping. s. Esteemed. vn. A swerving. A numbering one a slave. A being very covetous. rufl* (ııeil). Immodeor keeping a n d using a person as a rateness. immoderate in prayer and supplication. pl. A making A. * . J'XP! i'tldâd. most exalted. a. equinoctial point. pl. T. . A j u d g i n g A. A. trusted. jb-^ji^t İ4itoârsi*ıi«b s. . of NİtS O ing f a letter without grammatical lice in the hair. vn. v. v. j t j j . to show consideration. a taking a bad w a y .i. To take warning. Ser. 3. vn. a having a valid excuse. A giving a day) The equinox. To ages). A think.ı I . inter j. vn. vn. not excessive. И â ' b â .state of not being held i n esteem. extremeness. That has 4. u p A repeating. A credit or personal importance t o sufhaving t o support a family or house. vn. jW i'tân. vants. v. of 1. CT. A t u r n i n g weights. Immoderate. evil. . 2. 3. m a n u m i t t i n g . pay attention. of 1. extreme. machine. 5.. a preparing. 2 . High. a freeing A. I . . discredited. To dun. A t u r n i n g away from right. a regarding. An aggressing. vn. («İr). t .. (person. \. vn. Responsibilities. i..ı i . A. j U â'ânâ'ııâh. deviating. a temperate state of t h e atemancipating. A. 1 . A paying attention. . to apologize. and inexpiable. 4İU i ' Â I O . . A m a k i n g ready. ready. t h e A. slaves. -s. 2. 1. Moderate. 1 . i ' t i z â r . A being or becoming poor. To attain to an equable state. prized.. A. straight. 1 Esteem. A m a k i n g or keepA..s.fer.. A. wife's keeping the prescribed period A. To judge. A being or from any burden. no credit or consideration. For one's a supporting. t . ^lt-Ы i ' t l d â ı ı i . T. 3. a. 1.v.not valued. 1. 3 . consideration. assist! A. To aid. i. 2. A. Dismost sublime.

1. a getting a livelihood. A. i. or reflected. 3. (. ' A. 1. A being reversed. a. I v. A being broadside on. vn. or a man of that sect. v. jUcpI l ' t i s ä r . m e t . ^воП i'TIITYÄS. a satisfying. vn. a h u n t i n g u p . 1 2 1 1 tu. I'TLZSZ. J&cl I ' T I K Y I R . vn. vn. vn. 2 . vn.. 3. a keeping one's self from being defiled. A seeking after. A confessing. i ' t i s h a r . A. A. a being esteemed highly. A. J U p İ i'tisaf. 4 . A. bird. I. 2. so. j L ^ l i ' t l s â r . 4. A being tumultuouslv jumbled together. 3 . i ' t L a i . 1. A being soiled with dust. Possessed of a belief. To have a belief o r conviction. IÄPİ i ' t i s h u . 3. a succeeding. a priding one's self. vn. A presenting an obstacle. jLlfcpl i'tiq&dii.1. A. a dogma believed in.a forming an impediment. I'TIQÄDSIZ. T. (French).J*1The mutezile sect. 2. vn. An aiming at. 1. . w a r . 4. v. vn. 1 . A. to raise a n objection. A. A. r u l e . A. A putting on or w e a r i n g a t u r b a n . Skeptical. 1. 3 pan. 2. vn. . 1'tlrak. A laying hold of. 2 „3 fur. 4 1 did. a restraining. i. To object. (a common mode of tethering camels). a. A having a thing afterwards. A resolving upon. vn. A. A. A trailing in the dust. 2 . A contenting. vn.Ыь<И) A belief. I . J-i'tishSsh. 2. or between the legs. 2.. A being prized. doubting. A fl'j^ I'tizani. s. A COUSOrting together. T. A becoming vehement. I . 1. \. a deciding or determining upon. an acknowledging. a being or becoming of the sect of the (Separatists. 3. . A. vn. ^jUcpl i ' t i s â f ._<UCAİ i'tisäto. A seeking sustenance. A binding the bent knee. JIICSI i'tizäd. A using as a crutch. JK^l i ' t i k y â f . ЬЫ i t i m . An anointing the eyes with collyrium. A. 1. confession. vn. 3. A firmly b e lieving. A bird's building a nest. flü^H L ' T ı Z Ä M . especially. vn. . vn. 3. A. A biting. vn. 2. JLJ-OIFCCL i'tiqädsiziiq. A holding with the legs. 2. a clinging to. Vn. vn. 1 . A being contented or satisfied. A seeking refuge and protection. A becoming or being great. A. An objecting. i ' t i q ä ı . A. (pl. injustice. 1 2 aslıore. An extracting money. a witholding. fUuH I ' t i s a m . 2. A taking under the arm. L'TLRÂF. believing. vn. 1 . 1 . A. A hindering. a seeking the public safety. vn. A n earning a livelihood. as in a fight. ^»ииИ i ' t i s â s . a leaning upon. An alternating with another in an act. A following. A constipating the bowels. to demur. A pressing. U^l I'tisa. J ^ L ^ I I'TLZIZ. vn. T. . an admitting. A throwing on the ground.( 140 )rX-i £sr. 1 . -s. vn. vn. especially by night. or as a consequence or penalty. vn. 3. 2. .Ucpl i ' t i s a m . A being mixed u p together in a mass. oppression. A . 2. jifcH i ' t i q ä d . A. a conviction. Vn. i. admission. A compelling. a forming or joining a sect of heretics separated from the body of the faithful. л seeking forgiveness. 2. I'TLRÂZ. A. A . 1 . more especially. A leaning on a staff. A going astray. vn. A guardian's embezzling the property of a w a r d . v. vn. A glorying. A persevering. j u ^ l i'tinsf. A being or becoming difficult or insuperable. A. .. A turning or doubling back.s . 2 . a squeezing. succession. 3. a w r i n g i n g . A patrolling by night. A being or becoming strong or mighty. 1 . An acting unjustly or oppressively. to acknowledge. i'tiqdb. To confess. vn. An abstaining. vn. A . A. A. A. A clause's occurring in a paragraph as a parenthesis. A journeying in the first darkness after twilight (be).-iu. a constraining. jU^l i ' t i r â r . tyranny. seceders) among the Muslims. A separating one's self. Skepticism.t. A. a refraining. A striving for a living. A secluding one's self during one or more whole days for fasting and prayer. to admit.

1. vn.. grown. ern sky. In reliance A. A.hand. vn. i' tiyüd* D% 1. 2. a reason. a being before1 . An anticipating. p. diseased. A. 2. A. or ungrammatical. \yA i ' t i w ä . 5. A putting idiomatic. A pasturing. A beillg 1111a. A. uate one's self to. a detaining. a being aware of. vn. 6. lamenting. blccl i'tîmâdân. A doing some more or less advanced after sunrise. importance. Latter hemistichs or wearing a turban (•_>£). A hindering. â'jâz. v. A trating. surable quality. doing some act. A. A. 1. WI W I) A cenfeeding on fodder. hemistichs. in body or limb. To rely. another with the aims. 3. word or act. VU. licl i'tlmâ. 2. or injured. Last words in rhyma digging deep. 1. I J . vn. To give serious considera. vn. To take a climbing. 3. An ful. I'TIıÂT. sun's becoming high up in the east. 1. an astonishing. 1. trated. 2 . 2. 1. i'tiıâf. tion to. 2. J U ^ i'tlyäq. .2. vn. A falling in bituated to. 2. t To habitlove. A dog's howling. 3.->'^ j ' y (A heart A. of distichs. Vn. vn. 1. 0>Ы i'tiıän. A knowing. an overcoming. 4. morbidly afA.( 141 )rX-i . of -jf Hinder 2. A. vn. 4. A putting 0П A. 1 . 2. A causing to of credentials. jlcci ['tımar. helping or assisting. A mounting. (pl. A. A. vn. vn. 1.i. A choosing. care. 1 . J\ys\ i'tUvsi. etc. A becoming haA being entangled. To rest. . an alternating. I ' T I ı S . vn. A. The morning's being A. vn. or A. alleging an excuse or pretext. i'tlna. A being or of its radicals a letter } or ^ . intricate or doubtbeing diverted or preoccupied. vn. To seclude one's self for religious 2. I. credit. attention. A letter A. i ' s â r .. flc^i'timam. adv.upon one's own neck. A taking or I) A plea. A upon. A being or whose habit is envy J An envious heart. A^I A'tatoi. i'tiyas. v. vn.J . A. L 2 2 2 ı 2 1 (zıf). 'jlc®! i'timAq. vn. Vn. fected. incapacity. i'tiiaq. 4. A repeatedly 1* ' becoming suspended. vn. (See >ў). A becoming handsomely or full deeming impotent. 4. 1.weak or impotent. A causing to stumon. 3. a fixedly. i'tliiiid-nume. attention. ı (qırat). A. A putting on Trunks of trees. an impeding. I . A looking A. The A. i ' t i m i d .(aaman). wonder. A being or An Arabic word's having one or more becoming impossible. A being or A.s . A VİSİtİllg. i.. 1. a hanging. I'tiıâm. mounting. 5.l. rude (neul). £ . a crying out in grief. ble and fall. Jl^ I'tinHq. reliance. exercises. 2. posteriors. 1. O b ' i ' t i y a n . Jlb^L itlisi. s. 3. at Mekka. 3. A becoming difficult. A buying on v. A contending A. i'jâı. 1. A performing the lesser pilgrimage parts. habit. a pretext. A put. 2. act by turns. To enfold the neck of A. receiving in lieu of. A smiting with t h e evil selecting. A resting acting as a scout or spy-party. becoming sick. vn. vn. s. A. vn. ш а Л щ е . wa» (Ь5Гш). vn. a baffling. a preferring. A the arms round the neck of another. A 4.. 2. A being baffled or frushill's being topped with trees. contention. ing prose. A deepening. a together. A taking refuge. latter ends. A becoming A. 1 far. A taking upon one's own neck. iUpl i'tiyaz. 3. 1. A bending. A causing or A. 2. An A. 3. dotting a letter of the alphabet. A giving serious trying to cause one to make haste.J J . jlypt i ' t i w i r . . a frusting on or wearing a helmet. i'jâb. — n nasal. impotence. A. eye. vn. (pl. vn. A weeping. A mutually publicly known or notorious. j ^ 1 l'jäz.. 2. A reiving upon. v. (»Ц?! i ' j a m . 1. a bewitching by a look. an ascending. picking the best. vn. vn. A rendering or wearing a turban ( ^ ) . Last feet of latter A. pl. s. ' . A sur. 2. I'tiyHz.

A.neck-feathers or combs of birds.reditary qualities. veins. A'RHZ. (pl. 4 . A. 2 . A Enemies. of JAC Numbers. m e t . u. v. â ' r i f . most impotent. Most .. acciA. ( J ^ L ( A . garrisoned A . Â V I J ... 2 .t. An excusing. 2 . A widening. ?i r d . (which mentions t h e an accepting an excuse. 3. 3 . the name of the wall or vail of A. Lame. rabio word to show case-endings. of J'JS. 2 . Blood vessels. *и>. S. s. 2 . Car. a. WBr. most precious. Upper or foremost edga torturing. The case-ending of an Arabic word. . A'JEF. or abundant. limping.. 2. the Qur' (n. . a. speechless. a ' â d d . t u ( F r e n c h ) . reach. 4. O U ^ V 1 ^ 1 ) hindering. I . 5. ' Most palatable. a'rSa. A. most incapable. Marriage maned. seats. tS-sUV) or puzzling sayings. A ' o-V 1 i ' r â s . A. J ^ İVîîf. equals.ÄPI A ' Z Â R . « J ^ ^ V J . pl. ^ W i ) A 7. a restraining. Ancestors. A turning away To make ready. Most-beloved. feasts. A. Valleys. У^ I Z Â R . A. 2 . unable to speak. Full or longMarriage ceremonies. Rows. (A. v. Likes. ah**. pl. a. A parsing an Arabic sentence. I . Most just. vn. Thin.Indirect A. somewhat misleading A. 3 . accidental qualities o r afwonder. pl. nomad Arabs. a. u l ^ â ' r â b . Incidental. casual. a . barbarous. я-ı'ıle. most versed in. by angels. Half-loads. 5.. from a thing. 2. (referring to food). Dumb. 1. pl. ( » ^ I ' D Â M . preparation. 1. M k o M t < pan. -s. Perspirations. vn. tlements) Name of the Tlh chapter of A. 3. dental. Manes. J U I 4 ' D S D . car. ranks. S. b . p l . a. . 2. Not in good Arabic. a strange t h i n g . 3. A being of a sweet ^ и ^ ) The Arabs of the desert. 2. long-maned. 1 . s. 4 . of q. a coming within A. JL-VPL i ' d â d . A being ample a preparing. i. bales. â ' d â ı .. crossing one's path. HeArabic correctly. A. . of VJ^I A. A being battlements between heaven and hell). 1. of « . A.. ducts. chairs. Roots. a presenting the greatest width t o JUI . araaciated. Ridges. vn. A being A. s. 1. justified or excusable. A m a k i n g equal. 5. vn. A . A being a bridegroom or bride. hence. 2. i. 3. a happening. 2. or. J ^ l l'd&ı.. lines. Maned. Towns o r villages in valleys. ^ ^ a ' j e m î . A. 3. a passing t h e honeymoon. A pointing out and forgiving a fault. t h e odor. 2 . s. A. â ' r â s . A. A being broad. pl. w e d d i n g feast. i'riktai:. s. H Numerals.. A relin. 6 . 1 .. s.The spirits who tenant the battlequishing. 2 . J-Wİ â ' d e l . To p u t t o death. . Pinnacles or battlements. (The Justest of the just) God. ing. 2. p l . i. . * y f \ i ' j â b e . or n. J o f 1.of 1. A. A making a most esteemed. i ' r â b . A speaking sources. 1.» ) (chapter of the Batapologies.sir. a. A. a. the battlements thereof. Mountains. W h o does not speak Arabic well. pl. etc. 1 . A . ÖU^)' That does not k n o w Arabic. an abandoning. ( m did. A declining an A. of 1. 3. and incidental. A putting t o death. meagre. A . To turn away in aversion. a"raf. origins. Ш a'dS. vn. arteries. An annihilat. A coming before one. Of jAc (pl. 1. sentences. S. 2. sheds. vn.. 5. 2. To annihilate. A. 4. Bodies. 3. a forsaking. J a ' r S s h . ** A. Very commonly a.JJIOL i'zâb. o f \ . A tormenting. u. o^uM J-»*! separation between heaven and hell. 2. v. . A. yfl â ' j e z . Latitudes. huts. (У»^ a ' r ä z i . vn. Most weak. Most ready. o r dinal numbers. Excuses.. of J ^ 1. -(T. A receiving t h e bride. 3 . of 3-JBooths.. ments between heaven and hell. JI.. known. pl. 3. (pl. A m a k i n g ready. an equalizing. to prepare. A nomad Arab. J U ^ . ^JA a'r««i. 6. A. Most knowing. Breadths. (del . fections of any kind. a . Thrones. â'jem. A. A es or crests. crested. s. peers. vn. Ridged. A punishing. pl. files. a. a. pl. Sides o r faces of objects. Spouses. V. arbours. vn. 4.) s.

ing a sand column or a waterspout. to transfer. v.. l!'^ 1 i'zâı.. iness. A deeming a thing large. ^ . 3. ^ a causing t o be pressed. a. vn. a. v. suffering difficult parturition. . less. of Staves. JL-EL L'SÂR. 4. head. 1. pl. s. A being harsh bers. rude I J. An uttering a lie or a calumny. vn. a'zâ.. 2. Dear. from A. 5. soft tissues o the body. ^ s. Who tion. troublelated. 2. tenth parts. giving a dog a bone (J&).. A. 2. To pay what wands. s. 4. of ^ Times. (said of crows). 1. irrigated land. Twisted-tailed. of tendons. auspicious. I. A having abnorsimples. towards a straitened debtor. 2. W Ä'IZZD. destruction. unlucky. A. A. I Lkpl v. Crook-legged A. A springing up of stem and has no wife. Bald over the forem i g h t y or glorious and exalted. per arms. to make over. A wind's blowued.some. pl. s.An ambidexter. Pertaining to fering. Tithes. A. by the canonical laws of Islam. of^y^ Herbs. pl. 2. being incurable. 1 . vn. 2. JJHEL A ' S H Ä R I . J ^ l 41c-. Unarmed.. s p l . \. 3. A feeding a t eveA. A. 2. X -1 _Я 22 1 ( 143 ) i 2 2_ 2 1 (usul). of 1. 5. consisting each ing covered with thorny scrub of ten verses. 2. A. 3 . Left-handed. s. a. 3.O A decimal fraction. A rendering leaves. pl. JUPI i ' s â r . s . exalted. mighty.As or shanks. or entering upon the God strengthen exalt and glorify! latter half of the afternoon (y**) 6. 1 . J ^ l J'jHI) The solA. the star Spica Virginis. ı (qirat). 1 . . 3 . UpA. Membership. 1. Having a white feather in q. of Groups is owed. White in the itary one of the two stars n a m e d 4 ^ . l a r . q. vn. 4.the alter-ego of the Sultan. A tearing along A. a delivering to. 2. A raining.q. 1.far (asman). 3 A A. S. Jf\c\ . highly esteemed and valA. A waterspout. 1.1. t. ö'üaPİ a ' t â f . UaH (for ing i n straitened circumstances. glorious. regions. 2. MemA. J-^l â ' s â ı . sinews or nerves. Tenths. (pl. 1. 3. Death. of yac 1.. w a r (hafız). 3 . In-ants. 2. what is owed. 2 .. . Ofy-^t. A being inning. machine. defence. An enlarging. A. A. i'tâ. forelegs. Favors. (A taking and delivering) Trade. of yy. a. a s e r . S. insulated. A being rained upon. tionaries of the state. I_>LIEL I ' S H Â B . assistmost intricate. I. 1. A. Difficult. treating with respect and honor. i ' z â z .. i'zâh. Ridges enclosing . most glorious. ly-beloved. aids. 4. having red in the beak A. A paying tenth parts. Pora. A. To treat with great respect or love. Fi'zarn. greatu m n . most exalted.1 . } A. mal difficulty in child-birth. pl.. a. vn.. Chief among funcA whirlwind of dust or sand in a col. intcrj. highest. 4. (zır). To give. Greatest. ing violently. A being or becomtions of the Quran. May 5. t. A jjUuH one of the members) A member. A pressing or est. s. s.. '(pl. 2. (A. UPI â ' s â . jUe! A'sâr. Â ' Z I ı . a. â ' s â j . a. swiftly. chiefest. iso. 2. the wing. pl. The grand-Vezir. limbs. vn. A being in. jliPİ â ' s h a r . pl. A. 2. s. pl. 2. vjl^cl (Blood-o'ssels and nerves) The A. a'zSb. A form. â'zâd. 2 . u>e\ a'zâ. Separate. parts. p l . or. ^-J>\a'âzKa ' i l â h i . A deviating from the right road. an ofA. commerce. A. u ' s a m . pl. A. fUicl I ' Z Â M . 2. a'lzze. s. most painful. of JaC. vn. 2 t 1 — ıı nasal. a A. jl'^cl a'zäıiq. vn. V. HEL I ' S H 5 . S. ages. a.. decimal. a..) A periods. A. (of corn). The tithes defined 2. Auxiliaries. of 1. Mighty. (pl. tractable. A. 1. 2. Bordering-stones. (juae! ı'sâf. JbA â ' z û m . A giving. gnarled. buso b j . a. v. ^Uacl â ' s â b . Most difficult.A girl's becoming nubile. 1 . of ^c.and shrivelled. perdiThat is far away from home. Crooked. a being unmanageable. Tracts. jLoel i ' s d r . To exalt. rods.gest.(т. A. 1 . pl. A treating with respect or love. vn. A beT.

V. J & L I K ' K Y Â ı . a regular rule of Arabic grammar. 4. 2. keeping unspotted by sin. t. Rites. 2. bird.ving offspring alive gation. -s. A yielding rights to a person. A succeeding another. t. doing something alternately (with 2.motives. 3. also. a communicating in detail. the letters I . A kjücl i'qäb. reasons. ing. !' lam. VI â'ıâ. JIäaI i ' q ä i . an exalting. a granting immunity. s. vn. or coagulated. of -lie. To hold justified or excused. A being or writing.'to drink enough to quench the thirst. a judicial decree in A. jUci i ' q d r . Curly-tailed. 1.Proper names. An officer of a A. judicial decree. low. sentence or judgment: A. 3. Stuttering. s. vn.. perplex.. conclusions. 4. turbid. A being or authorities a verdict or sentence. pennants. v. A spending one's spare cash. A befal. ( 144 ) 1 2 did. of q. ( J V I â'ıâf. A deeming excusable. Well done! Bravo! Capital! A. lowing to become congealed. i J V i ' ı â f . A causing or al. . ^fVI 1 tu (French).Iи\ E 3 3 Bir. i lıiıııjı. . estate or the use of one. 4. pl. s. JK>I l'ityâi. s. 3. a. ^UCL a ' q ä b . ^ i ' f i . (pl. 2.. A making A . tokens. 3. fingerr. 1. God) Proclaiming the true religion A. a punishing or a reward. A being or becoming possessed of real estate signs. V ' â'lâ. t . jUol â'fSr. m e t . according a . 1. stubborn. orders and reports. To notify offiA. Flags. an excusing. 1 . hardened. vn. 4. vn. or j . A d e e m i n g of posts. A rendering barren. pl. a. especially. A. лЫ Ä'qad. Good. T. Fines. Ornamental markings. 3 fur. hence. First-class. ing. A latching or bolting a door. Ö&ST A ' I T Y I ı N . A . pl. connected most coagulated. A foddering. Most intelligent. OICL â'fet. s. of J& q. a declining or conjugating such a word. Avar. A making or to unbelievers. Very good ! Excellent! 2. ashore. imbecile. a. pl. 2. vn. 3. S. i. 1 . An applying a leech (ёЦ). A giving a landed come very good or superior. Left-handed. 4.•to. known. V.). v. of J& 1. v. v. A. pl. 2. pl. VI ^ inlerj. of J B q. a. 1. 2. J V L alaq. A . intricate. S . Marks. A modifying. A. Most stable. most wise.or the causing to be thick. most Л-Р^ сЛ-V1 Inspector of judicial fixed (<_«fW . excellent. jliet i*qâd. \. requirement of a case brought before A . or dark. 1. s . vn. 4. . 7.. V 1'ш. A dying and lea. A tickling death. 1. J V l ' ı ä q . Most knotted. an alternating. To beor stupefying effect of fear. 1.. 3. q. Dowers. a n exempting. a distinguishbecoming confused. 4 1 palı. p l . best quality. sound mind and intelligent. q. beacons. A . fVH [ ' I A M . to a grave. r u l e . u'l-Islam). The paralyzing comes under the above rule. milestones. banners. 2. vn.. An attaching 2. with a token.adies. 3 . ing in the place of another. T. 8. vn. A. A making sick. For JCL . a be. A. ^ U V ) vile. s. a judge's notifying to the A J ^ 1 i*fcyar. 2. To make ailing. Terminations. or things. j-У. J V k'mi. v. p l . Causes. '3. a hanging upon. Stupid. A marking.. Stones. in declination or conju5. JVI 1 ' I A I . A . 1. a setting a stone ing. dren. A A . 1. places. A freeing. I I so. A letting the hair grow long. A giving to or rubbing the fauces. A giving another)._ A es or folds of flesh. A raising. of Creas. A. 6. dowries paid to wives. a suspending to. silly. vn. . Heels. A. 1 A. (under the ShaykhA. him. a. A sentence. 2 . 5« Perver. A. 3. JUcl i ' f â f . diseases. posterity left by a man a t his 2. Chiefs. 1. Curly-horned. tji^ I ' Q I I . jiisl â'qâr. ıJ&Iı I ' K I F . v. 2. of \ . ura. with t h e pilgrimage at Mekka. of & Mean. 4.cially a fact or a sentence. vulg. vn. ing as a sequent to something o f f 1. a. hesitat. Malanother the consequence or sequence of some act. 1. 3. 1. f V a irim. J ^ V ä'ıäıänmäq. To decline or conjugate a word that 2. a. j W (Exalting the word of A. vn. vn.

t. vn. A'ı&mi. manufacturing. (the Shah). a. of justice. More classical. A using violence so! (but God knows). es b y which work is done. t o put out the eyes. poor and needy. know better than I do. Trunks of trees. function. 2. . A destroying a well. vn.. 1. flowing of blood. Blind. To make. excel. a staying up.. to court who prepares. 1. 8. vn.dustrious. A A. machine. A. 1. vn. highest (pl. S. a publishing. j^y1' i'vâ*. a ma. т. of 1. wâr (hâto). vn. concealing. Higher acteristic. person of one eye. peopling it. of f q. More or most effective. s. A. conj. or duty of reporter to a court A. â ' l n n i . i'ıâa-tıGmâ. J-> The Acts of the Apostles. w-1 JbH The various approved (style).. Â ' I A M .quarters of the sky.. I. ^y^ä'-vej. of Grapes. a wad.. ^ . -s. a itable. J*1. of J* 1. of Pieces A. pl.A proclamation. To A. an indication. o f fW Years. A. i'vljâj. t o improve. s. helpers.vomiting. Higher. A making or letmation. s. 2. jjy^ aSvBn. advertisement in a newspaper. To blind. Internodal pora sign. pl. A. various parts of the forms of demons. pl. V. A. Blindness T. More. v. Process. A. 1 . pl. A blinding. A deeming blind.. Jlfl â ' ı n a ı . A. j'y^l (The path with the pieces of wood A. An 3. A. best quality. Î ' N Â O . 2. warped. awry. vn. or to place by cultivating. s. . jl'fi a'mäıiq. A.n nasal. An altering informed or instructed.verse. A. God knows best. More common. a. vn. deeds. A.You and impetuosity. V. (pl. V. J'JPI a ' n â q . i'nâz. persistent P. S. To blind. a putting out an A. A being or becoming poor. â ' ı i . a. The lent. \-v. ing or proclaiming. a char. s.e. öle! i ' . A. j i J ^ t. 2. vn. allies. with a bier) Death. A. p. A bea statement as an acknowledgment coming an old maid. 2. more beneficial. most energetic.A declaration of war. 1. I mean. Щ (zîr). i'wiU. jlfl A'mar.w l z . A blinding a tively.. of Aids. 3. pl. a postA. 2. A. I believe A. i. of q. A rendering A.. 2. Crooked. k nub. Cross. â'v<kı. pl. Jcl «'tâ.. A. 1. 2. actions.V.. s. j . vn. A making publicly known. more chaste. an advertisement. first-rate. a n d manufacture.V . a promulgat. An improving a being or becoming bard to do. His most A. hence. vn. I _ v. 3. (for Blind. OVl i ' m n . ( j . a . A persistent j f . s. a m e i . i ' n â a . a eye. vn. s.u e z r i t . pl. A procla. ^ 4iıl I . a. The Most High. 4. registers judgments. I wish to A. Ifl i ' m i . 1. a treating roughly. A. S. building. vn. More or most profA. i . jJufrbl i'lfimjiiiq. A. more general. of possible error). (fl A Â M I N . pl. Jlfl coming crooked. f^ >. (written after any thing for the worse. З Ы . 3. 3. regions. Works. 4. vn A being or beDependencies of a city o r town. quality. a token. vn. a A. A.. auxiliaries. of Jt* q. v. S. pl. or obtain. a m3m. 2. of Tracts. vn. Jifl i ' i u s i . i'vâr. ^ A'ni. pl.tions of stems or straws. »-t?1 â ' m i d e . A. n â q . crookedness. rûde («stil). pl Of" Jey* . . perings of things that work. a. a symptom. T. s. most learned. 2. that is to say. v. JBL A'nân» s . 1. To make known publicly. IF! I'MI. bill. t. supporting. most quarters. pl. curved. say.. (т) Good. ^ l f l I ' M I S . ^İWI) A mark. Err. ä ' w a m . A. draws u p . I. <_»ьI i ' n â f . -v. A. A making deep. I (qlrät). edify. A making. More or most inA. i'nxsr. . or kinds of wood or timber. wind). portions of dust clouds (raised by the a. of Jr q.bent. \ . interj. A baffling. a . Very much or best ting swerve or incline. A hiding. The office. 4. a. really or figuraA. V. JUI). fol' q. S. Necks. exalted Majesty. Jifl i ' m â a . A propping. Workings. an edifying. a. 2.( 145 )rX-i £ г (Asmİln). A. S .

JUL â ' y â ı . s. 1 . The chief bush.e-WI 6ў An adjutant major in louse-egg on the hair. . t o succor.. lacking in necessaries. . or clear. used as Mr. . in rank above a A. The office and official residence of X. j L The steward of Asia Minor. 2. A helping. 4.(q• v. a. in timber. for »jW . a frustrating. Jb . J^-TI äghäjjlq. A. t.Jj\s _ (The tree musk-melon) The citron. Wooden.official title is capacitated. j f \ A spider's tree-boring maggot. vn. A tenant commanding a wing of a com. Having eunuch in attendance on the ladies trees. jUI â'yâd. . in rank ing out. l A lord o r master. a wear. a n RE T. _>Ц. Jt'T . Lol i V a . a little or pet tree. s. 2 . Blind of one an inn. 3. Full of. X. effaced. bird. 1.(Black of sentinels. To tire.. A pet wooden of respect. 4 : Obliterated. of i f f . in. A head male servant. V.The green woodpeck2. 1. t l ^U. Eyes. tree euphorbia. jL* _ The raspberry.\с1 âghüjiî. jail. eye. a. j r ^ Jİ^J» web.s. qariya valley. 2. trees. The major-domo of a tent. T. for T. (pl. (French). J f i . moutan . almost equal to the Grand Vezir. ^ Ц in Turkquently called JUl as a singular). A.-m. the army or navy. W 3T A white eunuch of the Sultan's T X. from. a chief man in a village o r town. 3. pl. Large-eyed. q. jU _ A wooden leg. ^ t l ğ l A page. jiiii . ^LCI âghâj. caper spurge. His w. ily or the oldest of a number of X. s. 5. -s. j U l â ' y â n . timber. ashore. 4. A net.. wearied. t o disissaries. a. s. s. (C-tl The chief man of a village. very much lacking iu power. 3. v. * . A title X. 1 . A having a husA. A . pl. assisting. or Sir. Name of a place in of a house. s. PTL âghâj. a succoring. evident. master. charge of a market-place. a shrub. A jUl i ' y a d . Wood. a. . of a batallion. ıjü» a petty gentleman.1 2 I I n r . ey). pan.s.1 2 3 4 t . More impotent to captain. s.The tree peony. More or most . _ j--» pany. A. rule.. j f \  ' Y E N . of jup q. forest. jliUI i ' y a m i q . disagreeable. or worn out. To be citrus medica. 1 . an ler of the Maidens) incapacitating. s. ayin. liriodendron tulipifera.toy. ^ A lieu. incompe. made of brothers. a wearying. well-wooded.handle or stem. 2. eunuchs. aboundpalace.. scouts.The tree spurge. cast a net. A T * igâse. The treasurer of a great house3. Ui a ' y a . 7 . A baffling. pl. 5. Bad. ^g-WljJ The chief of the white W h o has n o brother. vn.). To baffle. . n. äghäjiq. a. band or protecting male relation absent. To T. a great man's household. A stick of timber fit for a rafter. Err. b u t below t h e commander act. Springs of water. t . A black eunuch. Ill. W âghâ.. I.hold. One's eldest (jrU! The wooden pole or beam of a paternal uncle. inexperienced. er. to aid. . 3. J U l A help. ^ A X. (in Persia only) A league. Little or pet the_chief of the Janissaries. tree. -war. t o wear out. fur. ^ W i ) y i (The comptrolThe chief black A. v. oAsl igatoit. officinalis. gecinus viridis. (obsolete). ^ t l «)lî The warden of a unsuccessful. ь и Л .. Useless. v. _ To make a net. did. plain. vn. I V E R . a. ( 146 )rX-i 2 _3 tu. j U t l aghajllq. able. j U l a ' y â n . . s. so. A disabling. s. A wooden notable of a town or village (fre. Spies. of Jf. ^jfy1The supreme chief of the old Janv.plough. dragon's-blood in tears. a fortress. prop. 6. 2 .(The Sea of Trees). (called an hour. lathyris.eunuch of the Sultan's palace. vn. A being or becoming disabled. Unlucky. 1. jjWl) A nit.To trees) Perhaps.wood. beautiful-eyed. A. Name of the quality or functions of a notable. The head of a fam. ^Wl c s y p The warden of a equipped. bush or jungle. 2. Any wood or d&z To d r a w a net. a timber toe. euphorbia open-eyed. Err.palace. £Î âgh.1. rubus idatvs. 2.The tulip caught in a net. The office. A tree. X. met. A police inspector in A dense forest or jungle. disliked. s. in. 1. forest extending from Izmid to the SaA.. q. jf\jJij A fish-net. one of the notables. J U .

protecting. of T. vn. Severe. ishing one's self. vn. 6.\ â g â ı i s h . a. vn. An assuming p . iğbirar. V. T o b e . an origin. A causing to sumptuous. A going quickly. fjltjUl . The beginning of a A. т. A going matter. vn. Tarnished. letting sink in a cavity. A going forth 5. . A being or come white or grey. vn. Jl'j^il i t i s e a l . 3 . A. 1. A M igSUa. an abating a iness. i.. (zır). I . vn. A female mourner going to a low-lying country. grey. s. 3 . To commence. 1. err. vn. A taking a wife from time of commencement. 2.. dingy white. I . A. A being dusty. JLJ^IL IGTIRAZ. Ijcil igtids. A. A di. going deep and far into a country. a foot in the stirrup. a being over confident M sink away aud disappear. J > i l igtirâb. igSme. color. t o grow white. pl. To bleach. To let one's own hair and beard grow grey. To loom being clouded with vexation) Vexation. âgber. vn. LiI âgbâ. 1 . A. A raising a dust. a. An angering. A making a between daybreak and sunrise. 4 . A dipping up p. A fold o r pen for water. If? АГв. nutrition.. with flour) I have grown grey with experience. exciting to attack.) p. a A. jlcT âgâz-gyân. 3. i. or bleached. To be A. 2 . 2. vn. vn. machine. 1. i. JWf ağsı. (asman). vn. or pale. diminished. 2. presumption. >Jl>il igtirâr. И âgbes. A. IJcil igtiza. overclouded. ÂGNNI. in the distance. to be proud and assuming. v. s.(The heart's bleached. vn. 3 . . 2. jl/il igtlrâr.i. anger. wrongfully. j W i "-çil Solomon's Song of Songs. A being bathed in sweat. Ul igbd. ing the jealousy of the first. vn. A being preA. I. a another tribe or family. A being in a n ing a second wife and thereby excit. vn. To take by becoming overcast with mist or cloud. i. agharmaq. AGITJI. LÛ . A. 3. 2 . 2 . A washing like an Aga.. A feeding or nourbeginning. for Ixil q. Ul Agas. 2. fool-hardminishing. A T. provoking to anger. v.fâr. canticles. J ^ i Nature became A. A. Little elder brother.JU-» v. self-deception. of A ^ I Hymns. a gop. 1. g r e y . V.JTJ Jlli-» (I have not made my beard white in a mill. a. p. to be generous a n d the body. A. said of the hair becoming d u s t y . s. To brighten (one's own face) with honour. . Jbjlcl ä g h a r d ı l m ä q . (The diminutive-ending is Persian) T. To become A. s. of il>jli\ q. J < I âgâydn. s. A. Dust-colored. Dust-colored . An inciting. Very or A. i.enviable condition. âghâohâ. j}\c. A spinning yarn. Very or made to grow white. V. To Cause or allow to become white. JLIL igtoir. LU A. У Г t *>№ i * 2 22 ' ( 147 ) I 4 2? f . 2 . to or being i n a strange land. 3. s. rude (ustil). of ^ q. pl. A ravishing. title formerly given by the K h a n of the Crimea t o t h e other princes of the royal family. pl. âgalit. A. i. A putting the A. a. A. IGTIRBM.s J} A horse of a dun of The breaking of the dawn. v. . A cloud's shedding a small sharp shower. I. V. s. T. to serve long in a place.S. to begin. A for the dead. T. an obligation or debt.. 1. «П. Л Й (hafız). a lowering. A marryA. aghartmaq. force.JO. A comA. dust-colored. A place or ing abroad. To become coated with dust. A making or most obtuse. 2 . igtisab. most dense or opaque. pl. vn. igâzâ. s. agaSanmaq. A seizing A. 1. A commencing. jWT âgâz. V. 1. 4. t. vn. or or of the sky at dawn. 1. ^ âgbâ. (Also raid. cattle. source. To become pale annoyance. lighted up with the coming day-break. 1> — n nasal. JLTil i g t i s u i . -bifil igtibât.A. A being or becoming i n a time of general mist or cloud. or faded. v. A being ОГ pelling to do. i (qirat).. vn.t. T.or fool-hardy. price. s. e.

j'i^l Igtimâa. 2. pl. 1. A. weighty. J ^ l ıghdish. tti (French). 1. . acts of injustice. 7. 2. »-»J*) A semi-solid confection made of sugar or grape juice. Slow. low. an oppressive feeling in one's sleep. See T. . Dust-colored. A being or becoming sad. a condoning. J^lb ^ ^ T To put on a grave demeanor. v. vn. . Mean. V. White. 1.'s being boisterous. âghlr. A letting remain. _ To apply this confection to the body for the purpose of removing hairs by its adhesion. bird. A being excited. 5. I G T I Y S Z . JUIT! A. 2. Tracts of broken and very difficult ground. 1. A dipping. as a nightmare.__ T. A being angry. T Deaf. 2. An over-exerting one's self. л backbiting. A speaking ill of. vn.Severe illness. A closing the eyelids.. o f q . A. IGTIYÂTO. or bob up. To make or let a thing rise up. »дёТ ağlıda. (. igtâıâ. To become of the consistency of the confection called aghda. See T. t. A dealer in ağlıda.To press. igtimâs. vn. a providing. A despising. A grave demeanor. A. A. commo 1. Noble. 1. igtLıâm. A sedate man. 1. 2. A. a. scurrilous. T. or by stratagem. vn. ^ . £ 1. a. V. An anointing with a cosmetic (•_*). or grieved. 2. T. S . a speaking ill of an absent one A . a shutting the eyes. to take as booty. did. a g r i . a winking. q. generous. (for A. 3. i. hard of hearing. a leaving behind. a taking hold on the senses. vn. 4. To seize. a plunging into water. 1. T 3 3 3 7 3 . УЬ _ Foul-mouthed. w a r . a. Vn. suet. a nightmare. A. 3. A seizing.I n salubrious or unhealthy air or climate. s. J U ^ I IGTLYSR vn. S. Indigestible. A . . indefatigabilityin seizing opportunities. An immersing one's self. To be or to seem too heavy. » G D U R . A. A. A. ashore* p e a . vituperative. (During the sleep) Unawares. 5. Sedate. A leading into difficult ground. The sea. A deriving profit or advantage. S. A being or becoming furious with rage. to conduct one's self with gravity and decorum. > 1 адаог. vn. Stupid. vn. 2. unwholesome. A. A horse that bears hard on the reins. Having a white star on his forehead (horse). tjs'iP\ igtımäs. Ji^l igtiyii. IgtimSd. 2. r u l e . sedulousncss. agârr. ^UPI âghdayı. jÂ'y-r High J priced. 2. jl^i igtlmsr. 1. For Syf^ . 3. Heavy. frauds. A traducing. I .tsar. a stutterer. a. t. vn. A procuring. A boy's becoming a young man. ^ ^ A stammerer. or the modern carbuncle. Having a beard that covers the face. Very self-confident and presumptuous. A. A going into darkness. V. T To make or let syrup thicken to a semi-solid. A. ^ IGZIYE. costly. An oppression. Foul or fetid in smell. Sharp or stinging (words). A. Most fair-complexioned. 3.1 . s. or weigh heavily. I. f ü l îgtînAm. According to weight. f .-. j e t . A shutting one's self up. especially by lust. igtirâr. . 0. a censuring or traducing. a g h i r .. vn. 6. 2. 4. A. A. T. 4. lazy. equal to its weight.'»Й Igtlmim. t. sorrowful. A being luxuriant or rank in growth. The jacinth. A. JH Slowly. bore. 6. vn.U^PS IGTÎZÂB. A night's becoming very dark. t . 3. aghdiutuhdirmaq. vn. ighdij. A. a plunging wholly into water. Wrongs. ofjjJ> 1. a maligning. aghdirmaq. 2. a laying in a provision of. 1. Intensely hot (day). f u r . I G D Â R . decorum. A. JjPıJİI aghdalashmäq. eminent. A forgiving. To oppress. one whose tongue is heavy. 3. T. âghdâj i. a dipping. v. a. A killing or attempting to kill treacherously. Assiduity. (m) vn. pl. (A man who pulls hairs with aghda) ^ A. 1 . A I Slow to _work. vn. . most ignorant of guile. a concealing. İ. A hiding. 2. 1. 2. to seem very trying. Ignorant. so. 2. s. gravity. An ex citing. vn. bright.

agharmaq.ings of the word. of Trees. agirre. possessed of abundance. 10. X. Weight. To cause or allow to become sedate. vn. To cause or allow to become heavy. A. 8. 1. silly. A. A drawing lubrity. v. JL^L IGRÂR. To treat A. ö 4 ^ ! agbrıtmaq. Baggage. IGRAZ. — â nsssal. Very comely. vn. (H^t igrâm. A setting out. V. т. a being wealthy. Costliness. %. To A. Chronically 5. become heavy. in its various meanings. s. A submerg. Indigestibleness. < A. vn. ing all usual bounds. very extraordinary. very let ache. or patella bone. suckers. q. A. an attainingan object. simple-minded. I. 12. ->_•> exciting. a sinking (a person or thing). Jj^9 agiursl)aqlannıaq. luggage.goodly. t . 14. r u i e (asul). Jv^ agriq. Very strange. t. (zır1)» J (Qırat).S as Antara. 4. ed to. A disk. gets.^ T.. a cause to be treated with marks of pushing in. Igt-iz. ingenuous. 2. Slowness of aversion. A. s. jJ'jA ägräz. 1. a. a heaviness. a A. 6. i. IGRÄ. pl. To cause a head. J^T aghirshaq. X e j ^ Âguri. AGHLRJA. The plant sow-bread. 1. j . An ache. I . ^JJA ÄGREB. Of 1. silly. of j.. V. pl. 2 1 1 T. 2. 3.2. 1 . t. . to instigate. Tar. The cap of a tent-pole confident. vn. igrab. 1. Jor Certain famous dark-skinned men and X. An ache. cyclamen hedeA. pl. an introducing.. a throb. a. A. V.. 13. J>l agreb & Uncircumcised. prominent. T. . vn. to keep out rain). T. 7. Khufaf. of q.Inexpe. s. fetor.^ v. 1. V. T. Somewhat heavy. too self. a hearing. 3. ^ X J . InsaA filling to overflowing. saplings planted out. drowning. V. For a nightmare to oppress one. Hardness of ing. 15. aghArtmaq.solid circle. vn.bride's trousseau. aghrimaq. great respect.v. vn. äghırlandırmaq.T h e spindle. a. A being in or going to a strange and distant To become round and more or less place. and Abu-Humayr. Foulness. äglıırlashmaq. weightiness. Err. i. A. 3. t. 4. 2. I. ^y-şA igrâs. Severity of a disease. pl. A vexing. A being much afflicted. See yyJI'v1 (The crows of the Arabs) T. Obesity. To become heavy (see^T). agliirtatmaq. V. very beautiful. for heroes of old. to excite. (see a planting. A disease ac(See >T) companied with pain. Jj*"^ aghirlanmaq. pl: of Inexfly of a perienced. a.Sedateness. V. To confident or presumptuous. a. AGRÂS. A making overT. vn. To The kneepan. 9. shoots. gravity. Â Â ÎRRA. s. or digniv e r y inexplicable. born of black mothers. a causing to turn away in used in weighing. A. an (fixed outside. 5. %. E r r . 2. ägnriqil. _To weary with importunity. A. a being a stranger in a place. i. A causing or allowing to assume payment of fines with marks of respect and distinction. V. an overdot . I. s. vn. A causing to r№folium. go to a strange place.2.1>1 ( 149 ) 2 î î î . An abounding. To make or A. T. maclıîne. V. A girthing a camel. I. rienced. To treat or A. A.. 2. V. grave. To . (See T. fruitful. A a bow to the utmost. Affluent. To bevery unusual. t. 4. 2.Affording abundant crops. An overwhelming. A warbling. j ^ l igrad. T.2 î i 2 2 .2 i X f a r (asması). V. 3. An inciting. S. 2. A motion or action. 2. a. 2. afflicted with an aching pain. Stupidity. discreet. A rendering devot. J'^e! igräq. V. in -the various meanFore-girths of camel-saddles. See JfjWT T ' I agırrä.. (see ^ ) . jl^pl aghırlamaq. 1. To become heavy. A weight disgusting. or blood-money. A. a. of j A. jjj^j-lil^i aghırlashdırmaq. An inserting. fied. a spasm. an instigating. 1 . 11. 2. T. . w a r (hufiü). V. ache. i. An exceeding bounds. pl. 3. T. incite. Nightmare.v . a . agra. s. agri.. aglıırmäq. T. objects aimed at. come sedate.. hitting the mark. ing. a pain. ji^t âgrar. 2. An exceed. 5. JL^T ÄGHIRIIQ. make heavy or slow.

To brag. T. T. âgh"amâq. ûis-y . ophthalmia. r u l e . That has no net. t. prop. See J^P* t . 2. t . T.. agnsaq. to boast. The month of August. 2. A pain in the womb. i g h u s t i s . 1. . The talk of an enemy. That droops on one side. vn. _ The mouth of a strait.(Loose-mouthed) A blab. Not netted. jUeT ägnsaq. 0 ver-bashful. Talk. pan. To mouth a thing. T. JjbL-pT aghsaqliq. jc^ly _To use bad language. ^ j J 1. also the town of Chalcis. I.To restrain from speaking. Not to say one word. (Water of the mouth) The w a t e r i n g of the mouth. To equip and send forth a warrior. ^ Т с Д . s. to blame. . . j l ^ agnrivi.^ T. To take into one's mouth. a. A. To make or let a thing be taken into the mouth. ^ . Negropout (anc. Bad luck to you!^ j f A bad eye. . A mouthpiece. (J^-Jel aghsırmaq. 3. As »' X. of inlet or outlet. An equipping and sending forth a warrior. t. a. Müore. A pain in the stomach. A frontier place. A source of worry. To ache. See Jrbet F. i. X. ^lT (To take into the mouth) To criticize. vn. оИ^ JJ^T An answer by word of mouth. 2.A long tube for blowing arrows or pellets. J r u i t of nelumbrium speciosum. £o make a mouth to. T. Consumption.j l (Lion's-mouth) Snap-dragon. İ.CJJJS _ A dovetailed joint. in Euboea. V. X. To make or let droop or limp on one side. gryllus campestris. Saliva. e. F. V. -j* Â G I ı Z . (З^-чЛ âgnsîı-îq. 5. The Egyptian bean of Pythagoras. that walks lopsidedly. jjki Up to the brim. ^ aghsätmäq. ^(Mouthed) Bragging. V. jrO-J^. a. inter]. V. 1. Stomach-ache. n. 4. aghizslz. worn by some wild tribes. v. jJ^T äghLıiq. as of a sword. t. Virgin honey. X. jly. a. 'İ. 1. t u (French)„ f u r . jj-lJ (To shut the mouth) To satisfy. boastful. . antirrhinum. ^ j ^ b j * 1. V. phthisis. S._ . J)l _ Priming of a gun. 3. tattling. Style of speech. did. Eubeea). to throb with pain. mealy-mouthed. 2. A . ugbsatmaq. a. a nuisance. taciturn. The first milk after parturition. 2. See T. V. agbiziL-iu. i.A garment of leather or hide slit in loose thongs. äghızlätmaq. You Jittle plague! or. or nonsensically. An appliance to put into or over the mouth of an animal. 2. _ Incontinence of speech. A twirling a spindle in spinning. 4-0 The landingplace of a wharf. The mouth of the people) Scandal.(Mouth to mouth) To speak with another face to face. 2. cxJv A double-barreled gun. See Jl-pT T. i. J ^ l aghrlq. Зт 1 1 • A gaping idiot. s. . . b i r d . A man's companying with a woman. scurrilous. of others) To be illspoken of. . 1. 2. lopsided lameness. . n. 2. 2. J j ^ sj^ Foulmouthed. t.A jews-harp. t. The mouth. To make or let a thing have a mouth or mouthpiece made.Jl. A cutting edge. ao. ^ „ ^ 1 . äghslrtmäq. (Not to open• the mouth). Jr^&l a g h r i t m a q . A head-ache. TO become vituperative. aghizlamaq. See (JİİL-P^ X. aghrimaq.The fieldcricket. The surface of clottedcream. Aching. V. or a limp and droop is occasioned. I^-I I G Z A . . ı . 2. S. A deformity by which a droop on one side. A fretful child. T. 1. 1. a plague. âgbsîz. . that limps in walking. prop. j o g n r i b ö z . T.X-JJ The entrance of a defile. (Moulhless). ^PI (To tire the mouth) To talk uselessly. See J^-Si X.j T . give pain. a dovetail. igzâı. a.. aghsaqllq.Jr^ ( 150 ) 1 2 S 4 1 1 2 1 1 9 s far-. See J^U^T . J-'/J ( To examine the mouth) To trv and learn what one will say to a matter. 1. The act of bringing forth a fawn. sj-^ (Large-mouthed) Pretentious. t .» A cross-roads. -war. 3.A verbal confession. painful. To droop and limp on one side in walking. spittle. aghsamaq. t. Any opening. biestings. _ (The sharp pain). v. m e t . scandalous talk. Jy o. V. See ıK-^î X. J ü ' . lopsided. s. X.^T (To fall into the mouth.

to whine and blubber. A yielding income. s. (zîr). Uncircumcised. 2. A fold. Waste or neglected lands. 2. âgtâsiı. V. thick or strong. A rendering negligent or forgetful. 2. A using obscure or ambiguous language. 2. V. To make or let a person weep. J. S. T o weep bitterly. A half-watering a beast so as not to satisfy its thirst. Abounding in comforts. 2. pl. A being or becoming clouded over. anointed or mixed with. A pronouncing a strong oath. vn. To drip blood. P. T. vn.* ^ A G H L A M S X M A Q . vn. 1. a pen. Ji^T äghİllänmäq. v . vn. A. v. \. T. A . 2. 4. A rendering scarce. V. To become or to be furnished with a fold or pen. Weak-eyed. A being or being made dark. İ. coarse. 2. A making a raid. enveloped. J be almost weeping. See J^Xil A. An enclosed place used as a fold or pen. vjUasl igzâb. TO Weep with another. vn. igtsUfa. Things that are neglected or paid no attention to. I . vn. jJiti aghtnlq. A. A G L S Q . A locking. . 1. T. 3. A. J^T âgbîı. a. a. 2. A. (V. İ. T. Very or most prevalent. &r İ. a latching. pl. A demanding or receiving an excessive price. 1. rough.. s. igiât. v. vn. A . v. An asserting or quoting erroneously. (jUapl igzâr. 2. A. of Ji q. v. 1.. İ. thick. \. 4.. A using coarse language. 2 . or costly. or strong. Smeared. pl. To neglect. s. or overwhelmed. To fall A. wildernesses. agvıshto. pl. V. s. a. . <J>il âgiâı. v. of U»i q . \. JUPI âgrâı. s. of q. -10W a halo. A being boisterous and stormy. 3UI îgiâ. . Inclosed in a case or cover. aghlatmaq. to sob. of ir*** q. % To . A dyeing grey hairs. V. 1. i. $ A halo round the moon. 0/.-CL Â G Z A B . * _ . JUcI igfâı. t . An exciting to concupiscence. ÂGFER. Js-VT äghläsbmaq. to cry. 2. aghlamsamaq. A. watery-eyed. 1. 4. to provoke. v. JUIL ÂGTÎYE. To make angry. See jOUl T. j^T äghiimäq. A. t. 1. JUA pl. vn. Doubtful. vn. A. Ö. maclıîne. T. See or errors of diction. A . to forget. to pretend to be weeping. A being or becoming dark. Jel ogh«i. 2. An acting i m moderately. 3. 06 (To weep blood) 1 .i. aghlashmaq. K-. T. t. T.İ. of Ji* 1. 1. A. t. vn. Very or most coarse. To be w e p t for. 3. t. inaccessible to the truth 4. An angering. A. J I 1 âgieb. A. That covers or conceals in very large amount. vn. t. to mourn for. 1 . to be mourned. pl. J Î U I ZGIAQ. t. To into a mistake or error of speech. A causing or allowing to be covered. (property). 1.. 3. A . A . t. Tvîr (bâtu). vn. A. of J I * Locks. A. igiam. unmarked things. A being or becoming dark. 3. agnıämäq.. a forgetting. 2. igiâf. 2. JOUl igiâz. God's putting a veil over the understanding or senses.Ы ( 151 ) >1 f a r (İ*m4a). roll in the dust or grass. more generally. û ü l âgiif. very or most predominant. j^UH^ül (The most pardoning of all pardoners) God. 3. lipl I G < M Â . r â d e ( u s i l ) . âglât. Dark. See Jijl A. A being in or entering into darkness. 1. To weep. To weep for. a. J R . of ite Mistakes T. JILIL I glâz. A. A cheating. a defrauding. i. t . J^T aghlamaq• V. Very or most irritable or angry. Igfar. 5. î (qlrat). S. aghlatmaq. a. A tree's being or becoming umbrageous. âglılime. s. A concealing. 2. A. for the most part. That pardons sin. A closing a matter definitively. 2. 2. a bolting. 2. a provoking to wrath. A neglecting. to weep together. 3. vn. A constraining a person to do a thing. 3. J t ^ aghlanmaq • V. A leading one down more or less powerless. V. 1. A causing to boil... 1 . To become surrounded with A.. A rendering A. pl. To render negligent or forgetful. Hard.-Ji^l J More usually. V. vJ^Hje . D"*^ iğim. A putting a thing into a case or covering A. — & nanal.

pl. For ^Pİ q. p. To pretend not to see. v. i. * . (З^у^ âgûlalınatı. 2. c^jA a g h â ^ â t . T. 1 To rise in T . Jupi agyed. 3. A. Biestings. p l . A. . and the like. i. depressions in land. To make or let roll on the and foe. A. A causing to do wrong. pl of U Q. For q.. of q. the azalea politico.Very or most 1. conkim maculalum. q. s. a leading astray. t . t . уЛ ÄGıS. q. frJ. Limber-bodied. 2. A. . To . a. the oleander. Jt'^T äguinätmaq. back iu the dust. a riddle.i^ı  G T ı  M . To clasp in an embrace.. a maliguing.»If! Ig. ^ » G N U .. n A . inexperienced. T. former. ngniyo. o/' ў Unintelligent. e. T. A. A making luxuriant m growth. A traducing. i-il  G N I Y G .. A making rich. Ы âgr»â. t . A puzzle. t . i g w ä . Jt-^ aglxinatmaq. J j l _ (The poison-plant) The hemlock. A. A. Hollows. -ЫуИ ägwät. O'ÜIL Î G N  N . s.. JJIL OGITTIR. T. pl. s. pl. fL^t igyüm. r u l e . provincial for W.["Eitfccl. or . s. jUl) A song. Caves. jo'i-* igotiiz. 1. a. C <çpl I G N I Y Y E . Poisonous. S. A sidelong glance or sheep and goats. (Among mystics) Others than God. s. did. S e e JY^L the air. A. 5 J-yÂJJ To make rich. S. ers. of Jjiq. Excrements. A. s. J I Y  G \ V 5 1 . s. s. very much or most astray. or. T. v. T. A . V. vn. caverns. The prominent part of the instep. petty officers. 3. V. venom. 3. jlfl Igmuz. . To get into one's posseşA. KS^ âg-vvâ. jUl â g y a r . nerium oleander. (which is Solomon's). 1. High in the instep. TI' I G N  . The largest space A . A. See A. of W Pett y gentlemen. a. a winking.. veneT. 2. Jjpl agul. a h y m n . pl.. T. v. 2. To be indifferent to. f\ Aetilm. a canticle. friend less. w a r . To 3. A. V. See phernalia of a bride. _jlfT  G Ü I M U J a. AGMID. ly^ âgAva. V.. A. v . A. make fall d o w n more or less powerLover and any other. t. A.. SCO ^'-J-^ T . As лЛё! . . two arms. Oth3. (Quasi-Arabic form). of Je. To shut one's eyes. {цг.. A becoming over-clouded. A. one can completely encircle with the independent. A being luxuriant in vegetation. I . all the world. tû. V. a person's embrace. pi.cause or allow to be poisoned. vn. of Jf 1. To connive at.The Director of the tithecollecting on sheep and goats. 2. A closing the eyelids. A being covered over with clouds.. м . A being or becoming in a swoon or a lethargy.t.lft â g m u r . of Sheep sion. t .. s. A. a . The Song of songs. S. Drowsy. 1.( 152 ) лМ fer. vn. yH ago.. erring.. a. J l ^ Agtilamaq. agnustös. 1 irf J»'*1' v. of evil. 1. the rhododendron ponlicum. j f î tlgtıraücı. j^cT Agaiz. vn. See A. I. (Fnenoh). vn. pl. eunuchs. J'tbT â g h l n 4 « x â q . i. s. cavities. v. Aİ-jUl i g l i d k . t. Vn. Privies. T. A furnishing with a sheath. As j H aghilinaq. 2. containing poison. s.^pl oglııVrlumuq . p. a. (. Very rich. v. Others than the loved one. See J f ^ f brace. s. of j f i Rich. to emT. to wink. To tempt to sin. A. ly styled the Chief Butcher.Taxes of various kinds paid on sheep and goats. Vn. Poison. uhore> р м » mel. «xpT âgande. 2. j l . to take no notice of. Ä G U I I . s.. V. Vn. A sheathing. a. A humming. a. 2. a putting into a sheath. pliant. A. ^ a g n i . b i r i . j ^ l a g w u r . A. a tempting to sin. pl. ^ îemik. a shutting the eyes. which last yields the poisonous honey ( j l i j j ) of the neighborhood of Trebizond. ParaF. pl. v. gentlemen attendants. 1. 2. to mount. 1. 1. p. no sing. i. a question apt to induct^ an erroneous answer. a being over-clouded. luH. A being obscure and unintelligible.. A. mous. o / ' i J t 1. ^Wt The poison-tree. T. T . sheltered spots. Ö G H U Z . a. n g i s n . г?л. a. To poison. (Possibly). s. V. (pl.V.

i f â ' i j .. (Much given to cry. pl. 1. troops. vagrant. 2. s.. of Çil q. s. A. i. A. V. a casualty. £ efâvîj. (I... »JU (S^ The exposition of wish. _ v. or intention. A speaking with efous. a diffusing an odor. or suffered to escape. a blight. vagabond. 2. 2. pl. 3. J A 1 ofSkii. ifânâ. vn. Veyy or most jeal. A making or letting be missed. J^s! e f a » l . very or most zealous. I. A being distinctly enunciated. of Groups of sects. sratiatmaq. an enlarging. habituallv a slanderer. vn. A. of J^il q. of Vipers. t . if. pl.. ûf (OU to die. s. A. segments of the horizon. i f â n i . J l ef. I _ . vulg. a bane. vn. jt'lsT äfätlamäq. A. irrân. âg\\. A. V. of Lies. pl. s. aghlr. To blab.of'c^ 1. As J^i-T. pl.of jry Quantities of troops. v. s. an explaining. r jM ölâ-vij.. iff. that is enough to drive one mad.İ. s.. A. fusion and copiousness. also. i f â y i j . •VJW ofuvî a. A. groups of sections.CMSL Ö F  E U ı O . To benefit. cJ\ âfet. A. 3. of Troops. A going along quickly. JU'L j . Numbers of sorts and kinds. (pl. A. V. . 3. groups. who belongs to any distant region. of J'^. of ^ q. tormenting. A . slanders. r&d® (ul&l). Groups of branches and boughs of trees. A. a. 1. ' j f l i g n U . of ji and ji . jrW I F U ' I . to torment. illH «'ffiik. ^ . A . 2. To curse and swear. — zi na«al. xsS. $3 pl. a spilling. A person of beguiling subtilty of intellect.. a falling down. of •y Quantities of aromatics.sf\ ( 153 ) Ы f i r (â»m&n).. 1. i f ä y i x . Little or get youths A . of JUSI The A. A. ^ ir-'âıu. To lose or let slip. A. С1 ârât. masses. To be convalescent. a calamity. pl. thought.. of JSH Bodies.. jU-ü' a f â j a n .. s. 3. A. ifste. m . A shedding. 2 A rushing along in a stream. c i i Aft. pl.. foreign. A. T. ifâ'ik. v. a. An evil. to get well. 2. ifâsâ vn. -o. pl. companies. of . 1. T . neglected. A. Tyâr (hiflx). of jH Horizons. I . A graceful springing motion. To plague. calumnies. JBI ёггпп. pl.. See adders. A pouring out. vn. also pl. S.showering down. A . to drive one mad. Jf \ âgyer. juT âfutıb a. interj. An enunciating clearly. s. I («jlrat). a benefiting. A causing to boil. oliT) 1. A. CJUI i f ä q ä t . A causing or permitting to attain or to obtain. s. p. 1. v. v. ^IH otâkhim. JO^ I FÂNI I I . To SCOİd and storm. J W EFFAF. dim. 2. numbers of varieties. v. pl.. iriye. vn. A being or becoming convalescent. №. vulg. . A widening. p l . A making or letting another profit. a misfortune. w. pl. or masses of men. A. A L ' IFÂZA. 4r s. vn. A causing or letting an odor exhale. companies. vn. A letting the midday heat pass away before travelling. T. spices. of г V 1 . 2. of . "И T. A youth or girl of bewitching beauty. A fall.A . An expounding. pl.. A. Who comes to or goes from Mekka from or to some distant place. S.t. Ju'ii efäı-İq. ifäzö. May God shower down! (blessings). Faugh!I Impatient. S3 âghiı. . 3 . off. companies. A. Utr. ç. A. 1. k. or perfumes. Given to lying and slandering.(A falling and springing up). a. 4.. a. pl. a giving one the benefit of. s. a missing or causing another to miss an opportunity. A. pl.. A. î. vn. Quantities of locks of hair. s. 3. S e e ^ To pour out in a stream or shower. To explain to. s.. «^1 û g a y l i m e . Faughl Bother! (expressing^ disgust). aghmamaq. nil joW ifâzâ ' n â h ü . a burstT. S. God's causing one A. See ing forth in earnest speech. ••>&'.ьЬЫ 3 _ Instructing and learning or benefiting. s. A. See >T р. (for jUc. pl. s. m a c h i n e . ^Ä Afghans. A time when anything exists or occurs. interj. t. A. pl. 1 . Vexatious. J'AT ufsq.

the ground. did. opening. Fallen To seize prey. A smiling q. A deflowering. A. iiU. a. . v. A being led astray b y temptation or trial. falling down and rising again. ^ t i U f t â i ı . 2. To calumniate. A. gttâb-gerdek. 2 . a formally opening worship by chant. A ransoming. s. jljl ^ . A wearing a pot. s. t o be in ing. q. 2. p. i f t i r ä s . A taking a woA. a. worshiper of the sun. a pavil. an enjoining upon (J»A). chameleo vulgaris. âftâb. vn. A ewer. ^ l r fic A. a subjecting t o temptation o r trial. A. A conquering a place. especially. As *t»î. a. (Lilile turn-wilh-the sun) 1.. -s. I . >jİ3İ aft5ve. by the neck. A. Ot»l ı ı f t i n . 1. A t r a m a debilitating. A slanderer. vl—^^jtSİ âftab-perest. vn. a.. one's self.. EFTÂKH.a ' . An awning. a. poor o r degraded. misery. vn.. A pride or self-glorification. captivating. (Sun-faced) To take pride in. A stretching on love with.^ receiving an allotted pay or allowance. 2. A throwing flat down T. a fabricating. j&til). I. 1. vn. iftirar.s g . A forging. . pl. s. 1. A. prostrated. a beast's seizing or Fallen. A losing a child A. An opening. CIL Affet. FELJIL i f t i r ä t . v. 2 . T>IL i f t i r â . A notching.s. 2. solar. J J L s I on the ground. . captive. met. a casun. vn. that of chameleon. p. «jtil uftäde. v.. war.jfcsl AftâdelifcL. An acting indefallen estate. J^l/jl i f t i r s s h . 2. Prostration. A snoring. ion. Laudable follow the motion of the sun. Falling and rising. 3. A being seduced or captivated. s. A. A. See «I A. 2. 2. )j äftäb-ri. which one is justly proud. any flower supposed to proud: a glorying in. a stumbling pace. lovely. bäl i f t i d â . rule. 2. A beginning. vn. 3. jliiM jlii The Ottoman decoration of p. vn. p. A beginning. pendently for one's seir. A wounded fugitive may do. ( p l .. vn. of «til. T h e s u n . v. so. A place the Sultan's Legion of Honor. iftixnär. a relaxing. i f t i r â z . p. nır. Poverty. s. habitual calumniator. 1.a commencing. i. broadly. P. I _ . IFTIHÂS. also. pan. asbore. 1. a. IFTAR. i f t i k h a X b . s. once a with a sunny aspect. i r ! / » ' i f t i r â j i . gj/il i f t i t .1 . T. bird. P. A mufti's giving a legal opinion o r decision. A feeling flower. a 2. A.CJ\ ( 154 ) 'tfi 2 3 « 1 . 1. pl. Ы efta. a. a sunshade. also. 4.3 „ I ı » _3 far. vn. captivity by love. broad hands and feet. I . A chameleon. Pertaining to the an inventing a false statement. 2.making use of an opportunity stray b y temptation o r trial.. 1. I . s. p. also. vn. Falling. 1. 4. A n investigating. into toils. especially. t. A t r y i n g one. youthful.2. i. 3. A spreadthe captive of love to one. p. 2. a watering-pot. til irta. A pouring over open. j ü l i f t â n . A leading a . vn. tu. vn. fondness. £_!/»! i f t i r . Captivity. 1. vn. IFTIRSZ. ^jüT aftâbi. An imposing J ^ } — a. her husband by purchasing divorce. A. vn. An act of by death. A sunA. j t i l To be A. To begin. 3 . 1. JSjtil AftadegySn. fair. \. 2.IT^öî äftäb-gyäh. P. j j ü l Aftâdegî. A being pling under the feet. a scrutinizing. ing the words jf\<&\. 3. vn. vn. a cutting a notch in. v. A seizing p r e y p .ЙТ âftâbe. a calu m n y . As p. iftitân. p. 1. 1. of J» Young. fur ( ' j j ) . To seize the opportunity. dim. A. A I . Having soft and The world illumining sun. as a upon. A A. A. a slandering.. A woman's ransoming herself from flower. man as wife or concubine. Lightning's gleaming. A seizing or A. i. A weakening. S. i f t i r â s . to be proud to own. v. vn.. Fallen into killing prey in any manner. 1 . i n the prime of life. s. Beaming. vn. or becoming weak o r dull of vision. vn. a waterA . 2 . A. çfcil i f t i t â u vn. a. mere badge of office. (French). A. a laying out. 5. 3. S. 1.lumniating. A sun. v. To A.

necessity. (»IH1 I F T I H A M . A breaking open. 1.. vn. A redeeming out of pawn. vn. p. vn. S.v. A. A. that remain visible when others are dimmed. (J^UÄI IFTISÂS. vn. jlül iftlnân. A slanderer. J U i l iftisâı. A.. common persons. of A. A straddling the legs. A.. A. an acting shamefully. 2. i f r â h . 2. a calumniator. an extracting. A seeking what is lost. ifdu. A. An exciting wonder. pl. 3. fWi ifhan». A cutting off a slice or portion. iftiru-ltySr. A setting free for a ransom. Jtäl ifti'ui. A losing or missing. A. an originating or extemporizing. An improvising. more especially. A. An inventing. A talking filthily or obscenely. a being in want of. separation. . 2... Club-footed.The brightest stars. 1. A. Sub-tribes of Arabs. 2 . A disgracing one's self. A separating an individual. P. EFRÂH. a parting. A. vn. jlÜl iftiqäd. vn. A. unseemly.The chapter of JUil . vn. s. pl. A being snatched away suddenly by death. ЁП-ПИИ. 1 . 1. rude — n »Mal. vn. A being bled. vn. 1 ifьash. i (qirat). A separating. A deflouring. very honorable. j^Lil irtiıäq. 1. A going along quickly. 1. A. A. machine. v n . A. A. A. persons. pl. A. w l r (hâfız). vn. absence. цЬ . A diverging in discourse to various subjects or heads. A comprehending. pl. 2. 1 . iftisâa. vn. A weaning. units. festivities. 1. A. set up.destitute. litäl iftifcyik. vn. vn. 2. of Obscene. J ^ i l iftiyäq. A.. F. j^BL irtiiiz. 2 .. JWäl Ifti'ui. vn. A weaning a child. vn. «Jföl IRTIITYUI. F. a splitting into two or more parts. A. a rearing. hoisted. A bringing up a child. ı3İ>»l i f t i r s q . plain individuals. J-^ «mâsı». a doing a wonder. 2. i f r i d . vn. A being or becoming needy. s. pl. A scarecrow. vn. very illustrious. S. JLIAL IFTIQÄR. A. vulg. want. the eighth class of triliterals in Arabic grammar. Indigence. A. vn. 2 . p.( 155 )rX-i far (İsmän). A. A. A. slipping away and being lost. also. fja? . An opportunity's escaping one. 2. SEE tjjjji A. ufteri. A gladdening. A speaking or acting without due consideration. A. of Rejoicings. ^Ц? 1 iflej. 3. The choking of utterance by tears. A. A. A silencing in argument. >bi ictiia. A. a. vn. i f d â ' . 2. pl. A judging one more worthy than another. 1 . or without authority. A having need of. of i j Individuals. 1 . ^ U ä l irtizsı». Ji^il irtiyal. Raised.s. a. (кжг). The lesser dodder. A.. A spending liberally on one's household. vn. (pl. efkhaz. 2. For an illustration of the nature and mode of derivation of such chapters see ^ JUfc-l. A removing from. a giving the palm to. clans. s. A. single things.LOkH Iftlıst. e f r i d . A deeming or rendering mute in respect of inditing poetry. . a making joyful. A pei- . 2. a. s. A snatching away suddenly. an opening a vein. poverty. A lancing. Very great. . efzÄz.The common run of mankind. vn. of q. A. destitution. A transplanting a plant from a nursery.or indigent. s. A deeming a person disgraced. İftiyât. 1. A. A dispersing. 1. jli?l ifKhâr. An inventing. 1. s. S. 3. efkhâm„ fl. Jjr*l eftimim. vn. A. o f j i Individuals. Thighs. of J*? Stallion camels. 2. IFTLZSZ. vn. A widow's formally breaking her widowhood a t its legal completion. A. C i l i/jâ. a*?} ufehe. vn. Abil^l ctrSkhte. A making one to be the sole arbiter or manager. An exerting one's self strenuously. J*?1 e f h u l . 3. vn. A. A being or becoming poor. A drawing an omen from. cuscula epithymum. 2. A. similarly deformed in the wrist. s. vn.

To overdo things. flocks or herds. 1 . p. as. A. lifts or hoists.a. 1-. so* >г& 3 | ( 156 ) Î 2 I I tıı (Frencb)i fur. a. As A. i f r â t . An overfilling. q. The quality of being alight. efräslı. Very or most learned in the division of inheritances. Very or most free from care. A. v. 1. A. i. sects. öl/ 1 ifı-â<ı. did. v. EFRIS. Swift horses. 2 3 forming the great pilgrimage at Mekka. 2. Who sets fire to. 3. 4. P. u. alight. ifrâs. J^l ifra«n. or mats. Indications of the dawn. pl.. A. s. ^ l / l ofra«. vn. A. . carpets. . A laying a matter before a person.. s". puffed up. elevation. n. (n. excess. A scattering. Children who die before their parents. A. gangs. vn. A maligning. F. European. h. 3. matting or other furniture. ifrâr. Ofj. burning. a. (That which lights up a garden) The cock'scomb. 4. 2. a. Europeans. A. Who or which raises. E r r .. . 2. f-y^ t-frukh. a. jsj\ ifriiz. pl. of '^j Bowls too large to lift. i. A. calumniating or backbiting a person. s. 1. P.j . J « fr«' u g i .r . 2 3 1 аб met. S. Live stock's amounting to the number at which payment of a portion for good works becomes obligatory. 1 j t . a beginning to mend. OU-i* Impudently and insolently puffed up. s. of bj 1. i f r i i k l i t e g l . p.. A.. combustion. An emptying. efrenjiytoi. eminent. To separate. S. s. pc The illu- . i f r i n g . Hills. dLu^sl i f j r i ı ı j T O i ı s i ı k . ifrâz. An affording a favorable opportunity A. Beauty. pomp. Excess and deficiency. s. or melissa crelica. An exposing a beast to be seized and killed by a wild beast. king of Transoxiana. a filling to overflowing.A pouring out. The European musk-plant. 6. to shape. < > f r « n . 3. p. P. to set apart. i f r a ğ . A spreading on the ground. A. ifrigi. A. 1. vn. prop. Very or most at leisure. pl.. Very or most empty. A frightening. A. A sending a messenger or harbinger or scout before one's self. without also performing the lesser. ifra». V*>i i f r i t . IFRÂZ. See p. 1. ' . A. a. As q. pl. inlcrj. S-^)^ ifra*iıtö«i. i f r â z . 2. vn. v. A furnishing with a shaping. beds. An allowing to stray away. beacons. a. efrSq. A throwing or knocking one down. a European. of Horses. i. knots. 2. To cast in a mould. pl. t. separations. sions in beards. 3. pl. IFRÂKUTE. a scaring. A recovering from sickness. 4. p. or vacant. 1.CI!^! ifräsixte. 1. A. scouts. A. 3. jS A. - A. bird. a. an overdoing. magnificence. A sending a single messenger. vn.j\jS t f&r. The Franks. ocymum basilicum. 3. A losing one's child by death. e. s. Insolent. Of ' qv A. of DİVİS- ofriklıa. not bald. A casting. irrinjiynn. q. A. of A Frank. p. S. i f n V . for S. eminences. summits. 5. 4. As A. pl. j ^ . vn. 2.. Having full hair in front. Of T. killed by KeyKhusrev. s. Lighted. 2. 2. An assigning pay or allowance. 2. p. A separating. ifrinj. (Who lifts the head) Conspicuous.. to go to excess. vn. . A making or letting one flee. a. v.. i. A. S. v. of Parties. v. . a breaking up into separate parties.} Things spread on the ground. partings in hair. a. p . S. Who or which adorns. л j \ « fr«Vn<ı. j ^ l 4frâz„ a. Name of an ancient Turkish or Turanian hero before the time of Alexander. Who lights or illuminates. efrinji. Very or most shrewd in perception of character. Landmarks. To mould. glabratum or thyrsiflorum (?) a. vn. a moulding. celosia cristaia. or wild basil. mimulus moschatus. The condition of beinş raised. war. a. ifrâg. A going to excess. V1--"--*1 «frâslyab.. vn. Fore-runners. S. 3. a. 5. IFIRIM. 3.

I . ©fzSyisn. >Xjefrüaende.. i n . jLil efsâr. To seduce subjects from their allegiT. s.eA'j^/t ( 157 ) fSr Cesraân).tale.. CzJl A. A spiee-box. ) WİlOSe A. more. way.v. v. OJ-*»p. An act of p. 2. spoken. öy-r. p. p. rİ&e j^Jl (usıil). p. i f r i t . whole creation. Increase. pl. vulg. Asj^/l. j . b i ' p j Enlivening. O b ^ l e f z ä r ä i n . (J-J-IL E F S N S . s. vn. To derange the stomach. \ âferlclegyân. Ah! Alas! creased. Africa. increases happiness. an excitP. A wick. part of t h e Q u r a n after having F. J—SI EFS4A. Ciyj\ efeAn.. âferîtie. a soul is dead to love or joy. ble. 4. The Creator. spell. As q. A frightening. s. j ^ j T Since the The quality of an enchanter.v. p. Created. j m j \ оц». excess. an enchantment. 1 . J j »j^wil efsnrde-dil. Flat (market). a. s. A . an implement. s. efeQni. an in. JV 1 society he is in. world was created. s. / V U I efsâne. v. 2. 2. v. For p. p. n. teller. a. I. pleasant. a diadem. ^Lsl I F S S K I I . p. A tale. o u t EFSIN. jLil i f s s ' ı . s. a sail. vn. . ^Lîi of*ây. ing to treachery or rebellion. vn. a. s. that lacks fire or heat. JLil öfsâı. Very or most lewd alarm. 1 . a. For A. A . s. 3. A pity. vn. e f r l q i y y i . u. African. j i i T âforînisn. Cold. ä. Bravo! Well done! Capital! Idle talk. aug. luminosity. 6. . enchants. P. splendor. V. P. A ray. A tool.or ungodly. sorcery. a p. Increase. an eloquent persuasive discourse. a . a. I F S S N . large or wide. terrifying.}\ eteuaâ. s. efza. The steel. iiforim. c ^ a Which a mitre. _ s . j j / T i f r a z e . A forgetting a T. J . Increased. t o terrify. 2. pl. prop. inlerj. artemisia absinthium. A halter or headtrict in the province of Tunis.. To spoil. p. a ^s 0 ^ ' Beyond measure. I a. efsâ. 2 .pl. a. d. an injury. . S. light. augP . Increasing. I. s. s. Aromatic herbs used for flavoring. 1. Multiplicity. a.(Tales and spells) rim. O-UI efsentîn. ments or increases. . W h o creates. F. aug. efsurde-jân.i q. prep. p . J ' . a Milkless (breast of a barren woman). W h o adorns the mentation. The perigee learnt it.lacks love. i. creation. joy. The p. J . s. to make it go bad in any created being. 1. ^yJıI E F S I S . agreeap. A. q. i. A seducing. out of all bounds.' p. I F E Ä ' . a. j o » efsûrde-dem. vivacity. 1. ~ n n a s a l . ft. s. 2. A being or bep. Very or most P. a creature. stall.jiT a f e r i n a. mentation. of a planet. V. a. or will create. (for A. p. A i . -wâr (hâf ız). A charm. 2. s. abundance. v. minating sun.I I IRSACI. vulg. p . or an oar. s.j T s . P . who p. »j^-sI «'-fKurtiD. W h o or which augp. A frightening. much or many. inter]. A s A. I F » I R . to ^express satisfaction. a story.I L EFAAQ. O. 4FISÂ'. coming spacious. of Fears. t. an idle tale.r e w u n . Creator of the Universe. 1. I (qlrSt). 4. A disp. ^ j j î ttforos. vn. A. ' . F. P. of J . That p. To applaud. a. T.j^ e f r i j i y n n s. 3 . creP.. ance. Efriqäıi. W h o charms. A being created. corrupt. Fuel. to A. a mented.gyc. One p. especially. mis. ^гуТ âfor-in. Wormwood. p. 3. q. ColdA. O^j^-r-®! e f s u r d e .fraud. terrors. A whetstone or ated. sfsâyî. a q. 2. (»İr). To frighten. A wrong. length.. O -' e f s i n . a. See A. A spoiling. A crown. s. Frozen. inspiriting. 1. jljM) 5. 2. shoe. A StOl'Vmend. insipid. Frost-nipped. inlerj. corrupting. и^ТДе^ца.'Lii ö f s â n i . an alarming. rays. A crafty O J ^ J J J Long-lived. 3. m a c h i n e . A . To comP. 11. ifzâz. öfrâg. terrifying.

i _ p. Very or Grammar. 2. chastely. A speaking ^ .JWl A. 1. a. pl. p. see JUii-i a pressing.The chapter of A keeping Easter or the Passover. peculiar manner. expressed (juice or fluid). S. A being or beof expressed juices. the twelfth or favor. cJUa»' efdâıiyyet. pl. vn. . L. p.. A. A . S. and soft enough to be molded in the broad-headed. A placing the The chapter of in Arabic grampalms of the hands on the ground in mar. 3. ExA. before worship. spread out. aslı ore. preeminence. Dbii ef«uân. jyäi if'îvvâı. the ninth project forwards. a breaking a religious sorcerer. chapter of in Arabic.ting do or act. a. vn. classes of triliterals. Expressed juice. A . A being wide third of the four quadriliteral chapor spacious. 2. a. espeP. Scattered a. fourteenth of the triliterals. the fourth class of bout. a A. _ perior to.j^äl Öf4nurd«.coming intenselv of some quality. Broad-nosed. ji. 1. A being intenseA. i f ' i u u . and A . of J * Î . triliterals. To di. efdai. 2. I F S Â H . or elo. A becoming de. q. of. efshSndö. 1. A passing away. s. See ^ LVI . t. most preeminent. 6. To break one's fast. a . The quality ly of some particular color. A. 3. especially. * _ . EFSÂH. U»»L IFZÂ. to betray a secret. in Arabic. A. 4 1 ( 158 ) 1 i d . Broad in the head. UL . The Chapter of J \ « i i . q. s. v. A divulging. m e t . Jüil efzâı. a. 4. ^i. A. ÖFSHÂG. classes. 5. A. 1 . f j Ö A efstıAri-ger. the fourth of the four quadquently. a filling with a sweet odor. dropped. ^L all the front teeth. classical or eloquent. vn. A squeezing. 1. A going forth to an ters. A passing away. JU«sl i f ' l ' â ı . See 4L juil a ceasing. a. clear or plain. a fast. JUaii efzSl. For an illustration of the nature and the mode of derivation of pressed. . jUil e h h u r . A preparer cially. A having lost tensely of some particular color. p. Very or most becoming done in some manner. ft*»! İfşam. 2bird. For J Ü .. an adder. To who presses. JWI power of enunciation. vn. A. vn. vn. J3U»l I F ' Î ı ı Â ı . p. See ^ J'«si open plain. vn. the eleventh . a. vn. 1 a so. classically. on. That stretches out the arms. a becoming quit coming of some particular quality. jUail iftâr. See jşt ju»i most superior. an expressing.formally break a religious fast. See ^. vn. FUIL IF'ÎKM. S. the thirteenth of the trilateral the prostrations of worship. of J^s 1. A*' 3 fur. That scatters. or A.) See ji. 2. a. A filling. 2. öfsân-ger. chapters of words in Arabic grammar.The chapter of JVü in Arabic clearly.the fast of Ramazan is formally brovulge.The chapter of JWil in Arabic. r a l e . V. 2. A. a worker of spells. A being su. who expresses.The A. p. chaste. A witch. J^Usl if'îıâı. s. Squeezed. A being ining in to a woman. The light meal with which disclosing a secret. A being or belivered or released. ed. A goA. ken at sundown. ^ i EFTAH. .fib-И 1 2 3 far. efshure. 3. Press. A making or letthrows them about. w a r . pan. of superiority. great and good qualities. A child's having the full riliteral classes. 1 .H IREA. ^ J et'a. JUaii ifzâı. JUsi if'ni. An acting in a becoming manifest. a. squeezed. S. 4. ÜBÜL I F ' I N I A . Who squeezes. vn. A making a profit of the classes of triliterals in Arabic A. 1 2 tu (French). JUIL ef'al. e f T A S . A being or A . vn. A being or beA. to disclose. favors. A. S.grammar. Whose front teeth coming of a certain color. Lı»I ıfsus. A being or A. vn. vn. clear. A . i. 1. j ^ ä l efshurish. A. a ceasing. per. p. hand. v. S. A going to. 2. (pl. vn. jliit J j j Gold pure A. vn.s. UIL E F ' A . the fifteenth of the A.of the classes of triliterals. The chapter of in Arabic gramvery elegant in speech. . j l . A breaking one's fast. Kindnesses. 2. A conferring a kindness ^ The Chapter"of JW-»1. J^bei if'îniâı. J^lsl) A VI" FL » cellences. V. mar.

vn. P. 1. a. A quarter of the horizon. fdals. A being or 2 A calumny. 2. given also for gum bdellium). j birth. a F. A. a groan. s. p. Subterranean mineral treasures. (DemolJVI The lesser spheres. a. A causing or al. Sinking. a stranger. q.. I V I EFLSZ. A causing to ing. JjbVI eiiatoni. A mental wound. chasms. The setting. 3. Chiefs. pl. VI ina. Mekka from a distance. n. Jsl ifёи. s. 3.a sword. Who rable or detestable. 2. vn. J Ö U U a.hikmet. p. pl. 1. . wounded. vn. s. A moan. mighty encircle the earth. s. A . bankA. i ( 159 ) 1 1 1 7 (zır). 3. q. 2. horizon. a few. >»»L EFQAR.. A. VI efia. put forth.ouil ! ! J . o V I inat. Livers and lights. 1. Children. 1 . has thrown or put down. intrepid. J V I efiaq.. down or away. down. 3. cracks. The considering. of Jİ» 1. Aggrieved. poorest. A . A. rity. a trifle. 2. 3. 2. See JU»\ p. (pl. A . Jİ53I efgendegx. 4. 1. 1. . annoyance. S e e J&JL A. A thinking. (The word is back by the saddle. a. 2. 2. A. jKil I F K Y Â R . 1. j V .f a. Plato. ijiiil afaqan. of JJJ and A . A doing or mighty. allowing to prevail. efKyâr. (pl. in the back. p l .A. A. self-sacrificing. ^ V l ina«. That casts or A. EIL EFEF. s. an explaining. A hor. A. encircling the earth. A lending A. rude ! ( u s u l ) n î t ^V nasal. 1. A. a. a slander. Galled in the (called the divine. ^ l ) . know or understand. 1. sheltered and W h o or which lays or puts or spreads fertile hollows among or between down or forth. which do not -V a. vn. A saddle-gall Equal to Plato in wisdom. a succeedA. pl. victorious. projected. The quality or state of what is thrown out. 1. A time. Overthrower of men. A being very throws away the head. That casts shade saying something wonderful. Thrown out. 2.desert lowing one to miss or lose another. a. cycles of the planets. j V I efiäq. n. s. A lie. p. a T. v. becoming insolvent. of f j ruptcy. A Wallachian. s. a meditating. efgyâne. 2.Jl33l efgeııde.. V. j V I The prince of the Walthe immature product of an untimely lachians. jliT) 1 . (^V). or away. £\VI inâiı. efgyûr. An Afghan. 1. or loses it by devotion. prop n. Slices. For A. a cry. 2. IR*. J»L U F U Q I . efgon. 2 . 1. delicate tint between pink and lilac. notables. JUIL I F Q S D .. 5. A prevailing. a. j\Si\ ifqär. Paucity. a. ILVI Ё П А К . ? fSr (a*man)> w a r (llutız)• machine. Ü F Ä Q . Vexation. A little. A. A causing or detention. ı (qirat). vn. pl. s. vn. of CАЙ . a. who stakes skilful. A causing or one a beast for riding. disgust. comfort or happiness. JÜ1 efjgyâr. 2. prop. er spheres. p. 1. s. That. vn. a falsehood. A teaching one jurisprudence. A being in or entering upon the izontal line. Bathrows down or away or forth. A. ofjl» Colts. c J ^ j j b V I eflatun. a. •Uil Ifqan. ç V I i n ä j . (Ooerthrower of elephants) Strong. CI. vn. IFIQ. S. A weaning. 1. declining. jjbVI eilutnn. plucks. A being in secu2. sins and depressions. out or away. The Moldavians. Who or which mountains or hills. An escaping from A. T. A deeming T. Name of a sore subject. Very poor. Fissures. 2. s. a. as. the epiisher of mountains) Very destructive. o ^ l j ^ a. allowing to be needy. A . i l â n ) . A. of the classes of triliterals in Arabic grammar. Wallachians. S. vn. s. JsT afii. (vulg. 4. jlül efgân. An abortion. Who comes to 1. Thoughts. . prosperity. admior affords protection. P. Horizontal. A. Notched. prop. vn. hurt. a direction in the horizon. insolvency. j S l r j V I Wallachia. A J ^ ^ V I The greatin battle. p. lavs or sets or builds up. J V I iiiaq. dauntless. 2.

i. a. Ё Ш К Ы . âlhose. to F. . Dirt.manners. Sorts. Worshipers of the spheres flower of youth.. I . an T. s. the ninth and highest heav. 2. ExcommuniBranches. especially. vn. 6. To ex. as ruling all events. A calamity. a dearly gentlemen or officials who are clining. 5. For q. The heaven ofheavens of the an. 1. for Су-^ў^ A. J j ^ u foroz. Err. Û F U R ı ı ı K . (G.. ( 1(50 ) met. s. F. A. 3. did. pl. of ^J». . pl. 1 . the planets. of A kind excommunication.The flowers of the linden. (pl. A. Afur. j-ıi' efendi. kinds.patron. 2. A running. (Err. The apogee 3.. A. a. I. ^xil efendi. j ^ 5 ' e f e n j i y â n . to Jesus having its own revolution. To act as benefactor or patron all mundane events.X. Troops. 2. vn. 5. s. Kind... A boiling vehemently. Ы efna. A sinking. Who often savs. A. t . nounce an excommunication. T. a kind. A being or becoming insolently proud.i. V. of J ^ l to some one. jjil ııffîr. bird. perhaps minks. See JJIJL cleft or separated into two like a A.I Stalmunicated Christian. a^xil efendilik. used groups" medicinally.ilOur Lord.Oil) Who studies the mo.. The heat's being intense. The spheres. İ 1. spices. A prince of the imperial family. babble. A Christian lion camels. Locks of cated.-Uİ^! (Sr.of yi The rabble. a. A. cks'jji] u f û r t m e j t . filth. I. celestial. Jyl i m i . w ä r . j x i l ^ F o r m e r l y the in the motions and influences of the title in colloquial language of the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs. 2. s. A. 2. A. Who believes in the influences of the spheres. jlT^il efluKİyân. A luxuriant Believers in the influences of thebranch. Whose teeth or ( p l . of ( p l . Very or most pen. hare-lip. T. 3.TFLifnâ. s.. not regnant or " F a u g h " (Jl). i. i. 1 . for J y ^ j ' ) . q. annihilate. of J . s. Astronomers and astrologers. pl. t . i f w S h . âforos. a. e f n j i y u n . Whose Mouths.v. fiir.A jumping or skipping about. . a. not styled Bey. a setting. A. 2. A. ^Ül eflus. vison lulreola. ECIEJ. Whose lower Hp is of a planet. spheres. « F A I N . 1. patronage. (horse). v. ryil. 1 . dregs of mankind. who considers them t h e arbiters of affability. ji-xyi âforosiı. to Muhammed by Muslims. of J> ( p l . subjects and to any great man b y p. neficent. t. Oj.. To proof fur-bearing animals. 1. (pl. ^isl 4 F I 4 S . S. a A. Versed his household). s. 4. a . I v. 4.. The stars. 3. a. or quality of an efendi. «ûcients. 2. an old hag. v. A title applied to scholA. ғ. v.. 2. Wide-hipped. r u l e . * v. for ^ y î q. 3. T. 2. jyil i f n a n . An animal's picking u p flesh. polished in speech and 2. of wHj. companies. a variety. benevolent or betions and influences of the spheres. Firm-hearted.of J* 1 .Gr» s. hair. so. A. s. t. 1. To eXA. of •/> vulg. A. p l . v. \jül) A front teeth are wide apart. h. niless and impecunious. jolil) 1.FRI. IIYL ı'ıFQFI. s. To sink. A lord and master. s. nririslämıuı. especially. jyjül ingm. 2. i. and caus. clT^sl) Pertaining to the spheres. pan. Err. a. of >ў .. A benefactor. Christians. Kindness. (pl. I. pl. a title applied e y . I»1-»' E F N A Q . (pl. P. t . An old woman. v. a. pi. 1. v ç en or sphere. p l . To destroy. 4. v. well-behaved. S. varieties. A. $. romatics. F. encircling all the rest. deposed. iSUsl Ofnak. fy t. ЁFIOIII. boughs.8 ' t | ) -J. S e e СЦ^Ў^I annihilating. twigs. v. communicate. A destroying. etc. 6.. s. A. tu (trreneb). eflâfe-sbinâs. vn. Nonsense. A sort. s.. The rank 3. An excomA . arms do not hang close to the body. J y l eftıf. s. _ . pl. communicate.. See САЛу^ A. beneficence. Gentlemanly. to the Sultan by his ing the revolutions of all the others.

âqâsî. mugil capita. aqHdiii. ^jlbJlf^jB^ prov. jSL _ A UitH AqiUiyi. he may be proud of himself. sinapis alba.. olibanum. J I I L I F Y S I . Cowardly.. A white speck flows.. . a. A river of diamonds. bryonica dioica. âcıâı-ib.. 2 f — n natal. vn. See Xfe\ cious. The great white poplar. stories. a withdrawing from an agreement. 1. acıÂdTh.. tamarisk. Hearts. which eye. S. s. A causing. Ä Q N T I ' . 3. The lights. . IFYÂH. j^jiiO Nearest of kin. A. aqarib.\> . for ^JW betula pontica? Silver money. v. s . T. Err. morphine. fibrous tissue.s. vulg. a. vn. jC-s .Near relatives are like scorpions.Flowing shame. Jt^ I F H Ä Q . <3-3j . p l . (White spot) most. to have (See ji'i) s-o . of (pl. Л!»^ A lie. «3! iqSde. . n. . White bryony.xii ©f'ide. machine. of Parts. S. A . salix alba. . elastic tissue. rhamnus catharticus. ^ . of f. j / _ s. vn. of J J q. A.prop. pl. Sea including the J5g?ean. efyQil. i 4 i ' a . a. slander. tamarix mannifera. Which in the eye. (Unclassical and erroneous. pl. monachus. pl. If NAM. of D ^ t CamA. or droves. 1 . pl. V. White mustard. A filling. of pl.A sweet dish of rice-flour and A.or P. q. J. jr-il Hkusim. A shooting star. he did not. j b _ s. or onyx in the eye. filthy. face is white) He has earned praise. Ц . \. Î F H A H . making one say a thing which a village. The Mediterranean Rough and unshaped arrow-shafts. 2. I. Leaking.w a r ( İ s a f ı z ) . abele. efîl un. The A. e. s.s. God's causing g u m o f boswellia ё1 (His one to lack power or ability. White. A. beaming with honest pride. A The puff-ball.s.s. A. a. AkerA. artemisia. White-bearded. P. Wormwood. yellow acacia. pl. s. i q s i i . nuch. The white of (. ratives. . s. r u d e t t T 2 2 2 1 (161 ) ' («sat). The white willow. pl. pium. divisions. ı ( q i r u t ) . aqüsıs. An elder of person. pl. ^ j ^ . A. a.. Which runs. öjiU .. 2. a A. ^STii i f î i t i . A recalling a bargain. (A face) unsullied with is indisputable truth. A wrongly ats.V. A cau'sing to be man in Bessarabia (Alba Julia). E F T ı A M . understood. S.s. A.s.. of s İp I.s. A. Minds. n. (provincial) See W T A.s. tears.. or of an egg. Morphia. Dirty. A. 1. 1 which reigned in Azerbayjan after A. Clean. 0 "ished by the lex talionis. s. S. To cause to be understood. A making n e tremula. S. pl. (pl. of N&rdl _ a. pl. 3.. A kind of freshA . buckthorn. nas.V For a white runs or spreads. vn. vn. The matter unsullied. Onyx in the eye. . û b _ s. JJL _ s. Tincture of opium. S. A kind of grey mullet. A. albugo. $ ÄQ. s. pl. the lungs.s . Ail tiffi . j l i d . flocks. pl.. 3. Й âqâ. for . tıqätı'. j i l _ s. 2. A.tributing words or statements to a a. . jäl i q i r . omiles. of ^ u t t e r water mullet. ^-Ы aqasır. Running water. a. The A. pl.. v . of Very The common Arabian vulture. 2. as color in cloth. leaky. 2 . causing to forget. and j^S _ s.. ning waters cease flowing). 1. tales.__ 2.üsî. a calumny. an explaining. Poor. _ s. y . laudanum. <s)d>\— s. a. Timur's inroad. _ A kind of birch.s .s. 2. 1. A sinew. . 2. s. « 4 Ы alba. Frankincense. 2. "wide. 1. or allowing to be led by the rein. Very vast. cessary. 1 . i. S. s.populus Turkman dynasty of the White Sheep. S. a. of •fi. lycoperdon. vn. Platinum. The white of the T. 2.prop. (White-dust tree) The aspen. I . ^ s t anâhl. Tannin of the . leucoma. spaA. nerve. AfT_s. n. I Q Ä Z A . A causing or allowing a m a n to be puna variety thereof. populus A. The common tions of herds. speck to fall on the eye. fowls' breasts. tendon. vn. Nebula.far (âtinin). ( z i p ) . A white eu. S. pl.(Runt . T. pl. c s f . o f ^ j J Arrow-shafts. pl. afyon. of P o r Archipelago. thurifera. albugo or leucoma in the eye. of . A. >Ц>э — prop. ty.. vullur or most short or deficient.) _ s. White and pure. 1. jjÇo .

a..The seven zones or habitable climates i. A fixing or naming . A placing. A being parsimoA.} three hypostases or persons of the Lavishness and parsimony. For q. s. Ta q t a r m a q . turned over. J3. S. i.lucky. the whole habitable earth. A fitting a handle to. v. 6. making or letting a thing be turned 1 A.A beginning the performance a time. For q. A forgiving. aqayxm. a with her master.^ g y i . A being persistent arrive. A who is on the point of gaining favor remaining.. s. pl. success. 10. of ---'J Camelc^'äi v. V.. vn. ^ S äqänim. taken or seized. a managing or di. A P. an overlooking. A Christian Trinity. S. 13. A female slave recting. 5. 6. ıı««GL I Q Ä M E T . t. saddle or unhorse a rider. vn. q. a residing. An advancing towards. a committing a fault. A making or letting be A . vulg.xföl t 2 хяг» 'Wax*» 8 ( 162 ) 1 2 1 1 2 3 pen* m e t . 1. to reside. A Q B A I I . Î Q Â M Ö . A. To set seemly or uncomely. A making or offering. lucky. I . 7. To persevere. 4q3vll. «. (See J * ^ ) 1 T. To unpl. an excit.. s.. WllO A. 3. pl. an appointing to a head or point towards. iqfoEUmenaäııe. did» bird* so. To recall a bargain.. S. âqt. VH. S. to in its course. V. aqä ıııı. over. v. nate. an ing an ordinance. A taking in hand. See A. Jyi\ aqävil. 1. to remain. 14. See 3. P. A making a thing. Very or most undwell. pl. . vn. 7. pl. hypostases. I . As . I Ä Q T Ä B . t. v. A. A. S. or persevering.. of J'y . letting become straight or perpendic. V. jpi&l aqälim. A furnishing fire to another. A turning the 2. 2. of divine worship (among Muslims). t. Good fortune.5.İİİ An establishing frontiers A. pl. Jijt-"' aqtartmaq. s.A cloaks. v. 1. s. e. (5b-31 a q t ä r ı l m a q . ^lJliqtoäs. V?l. pl. To stay. x*ul©# t u (frpench)« xub?. prosperous.. (y'Sl aqävım. pl. JJ6L A Q M I D . a constitut. vn. j fC—'5l ıqämet-gyuzin. opinions or doctrines. i J . trees of camel-saddles. To turn A. . T. An ing. vn. âqâvim. pl. A making or letting vomit. An administering. 11. of q. . of }i Regions. v. prosperity. The nious. IQBÄN. An act of A VSl i q i ' e . iqbsz.towards. 3. vn. Fortunate. miserliness. . pl. of x j Wooden its course. jUil I Q B S R . 4. approaching arrival. a departing. S. A. Fortunaming a new-born Muslim infant. A . a. A putting forward. t .saddles. A causing or allowing to take a noontide nap. districts. jjo». IQTNR. vulg. an interring. A doing. An accepting. of \J Tunics. transfer flora one place to another. 1. ing up to depart. parsimony. Â. T. 2. especially. A. of Jy" Sayings. To be on planet's being apparently stationary the point of arriving. pl. up. of . 12. of JJIL Keys of locks. putting in force the holy canon law. 1. 4. or legal punishments. 2. S. bolts. д-jtiT i q t i r m a . To be A. substances.a turning one's attention to. jiâl âqtâd. vn. л>. xliil iqbäimend. i q i y e . 1. s. To dig or plough land.. 4.felicity. jbil a q t a r . A bringing about. i. An establishing. Л? _ s. A rising up to p. A making or letting rise and stand. 2. elects to reside. A. 9. pl.. of ÖI Bases. An acting u n seemly. A teaching. pl. 8. T. instruction. II aqbiy o. Jiil Iqbai. A facing place. who resides. turning over. 4 1 A. 2. V. nations or tribes. s. A faa putting forward.. over. To o f f ? Peoples. The stationary point of a planet in A. A place of abode. . contracts or bargains. 1. resist. *«r. trology. and the like. A. s. See ysxII A. s. to A. A standing up. An adducing. to come. tt. L Q A M C . I. 15.. ular. vn. or besiege. A burying.. attack. A . to turn upside down. 5. I. latches. vn.i cSjt Majesty and prosperity. V. A ris. pl. A.' outer garments.. 3. a vorable aspect of the heavens in asperforming. a stirring up. (See agreements. jbi! ÄQTAR.

First paternal cousins. A reading or T. v. A quoting. A cutting . a. ı (qîr5t). 1. 5. A quotation. An earning one's livelihood. To borrow. 1. or receiv. A mutually approaching. F'xJt iqtidam. A. AL-UUI A S may P . Lcit IQTIDÄ. A rush. a selecting. İ. vn. iqtita'. J a q t ä r i l m a q . 2. 3. a necessity. A bUi! iqtisät. 2. of J â 1. A mutuA. neA. jl-'jl iqtisär. A correctly teacher or leader and adopting his narrating. 2. 1 . vn. A. An A. 1. Uaä\ iqtizä. especially. A contenting an impetuous attack upon. A Cutting ing requisite or necessary. 2 . 2. A cutting into strips. t. the т aqtarmäq. 3. A word used to To backbite. over. iqttldiÄh. 2. T. prosperity J Prosperous. a compelling. mal out of a vn. FTFÎL IQTIUAIN. a following up.necessary. 1 . T. v. fortunate. vn. See A. pl. A requiring. strength or ability. A. A following a ing. JUİİ iqtisSd. To follow and avenge. vn. vn. 1. A deflouring. 2. NoodleSSA. 1. 4. A taking gism. vn. as occasion requires. That is turned A. poem (»JU-S). vn. vn. A committing sin. Conformity of the two premisses of a sylloAdversaries. See ^ a demanding.ness. An asking another to guidance. iqtiräf. vn. Peers. A. I vn. a. vn. I Q N Z S S I Z . 1. u»\ .examining carefully. deriving. 4. vn. vn. 1. V.denly to a totally unconnected subject dering. be necessary. s. aqtarmä. . taliating. To take or receive at second hand. See words quoted. . equals. A trackA. lots. 2. brevity. An approach. ing thoughtlessly into.sharing. 2. A cutting inventing. An enter.Jl/il cJjj a. IQTLRAU. swearing. ing. A requirement. 2. a brand with which to kindle a fire. preliminary arranging. an improvising. fire.. iqtirä' vn. vn. Needless. for one's own use. V ! ^ 1 IQTIR-SB. A forcing. iqtlra. 2. J . 2. iqtidär.JOLÖL Iqtisäs. ((. vn.v. To be requisite. a solv.A lucky conjunction in A. vn. jLeâl Iqtisir. 2. as A. 2. wUcil iqüzäb. 1. ing. vn. vn. ^ b i i IQTLBAS. A receiving instruction. («îr). extempore. a rebe guided by. I _ . Л» U . introduce such sudden transitions. the tips* of the fingers. vn. See ^jljti^ 4. as of Venus and Jupiter. 3. vn. an improvising. stances. jp>\~*\ XQTLBAZ. 3. vn. astrology. A striking A. ^. İÄ» . A mutual slaugh. vn. 2.Uii iqtlbas.with moderation. W8r (bBfix). 1. The conA. i. 1. vn. 5. 1. to be necessary. Vn. 3. A taking with constraining. 3 . A tearing away. A finding out. etc. A scrutiniz. in writing. A mutually drawing a. A speaking cessary.LSI only). jiUil IQTIZÄıI. A. A. JU^Ucsl The necessity of the circuma going forwards. I . An inditing a ing. A borrow. An acting A. a bothering. Şr a. its requirement. vn. V. v. JCil iqtitai. An extemporizA. 2. 3. dti* âqtaı. 1. taining a guest. A off. / ally dividing and A. A taking with the whole grasp. A choosing. T. A taking vengeance. i. T. У ^UaJ! For a thing A. 1. râde (usul). S. According to a having power. IQTLRÄZ. iqtizäz. s. 1 . S. A shifting suding money. t. A making A. t. JLOÄL lid. An advancing. A. An exploring. 3. a A. 1. iqtisam. unreciting and chanting. vn. a preparing. A borrowing. A demanding imperiously or A mounting and riding off one aniinopportunely.. Of exalted power.Ч>Ь-Т ( 163 ) fcUöl far (aüraän). 2. (Who is in conjunction with ing light. A being able. .I ^ L IQTIHÄSN. A mutually tering. s. A backbiting or slan. jlx»l iqtldAd. an. A. 1 . A being or becomA. aqlarma. junction of two planets. OûiJ's self. See <UjüT A. s. A. machine. 2. I . IqtizäsLlıq. jl>»l iqtirän. I .n nasal. A being brief. Requisite. 4..

a resisting. b i r i . long preА^Тд-Г (A purse of money) Five Hun. A suffering drought and scarcity. vulg. Short-necked 3. Err.. A Q . A gathering. anciently or short in stature. T. A choosing. 2. A . J I A J T Ä Q E N Ä ı I . UJI iqtiri». to cull. Measures. v. for T. enquiry.ı I . anlhemis nobilis. f-^ii aqdem. to earn. a mere money of account. submission.t. t. Err. A . a pulling up. a. A. To take by hunting A . vn. s. A putting forward. vn. s. for j^tfT A. To follow. A. V. A feeding one's self. . Persevering. puts his hind feet on the tracks of and a day's pay for a soldier. Verv or most ing) 1. vn. pertinacious. 2. vn. 2. It will not bring money. To gather. ЁГГ. Ü. 3. FLSLL iqhSm. Â Q D Â N . See J ^ A. his forefeet. An enabling. pl.of f-Û 1 Feet. Whitely shining..t. jU^I iqtinkr. A tracking. 2. vn. s.1 A . A UOLÜ'. (from the precedA. i . 1. A. a. discussion. a. T. vn. A conforming to the way of another. olfil iqtlyät. an advancing. Money. Somewhat white. a plucking. a restraining. A tearing out. 1. v. faded. An instigating one to rush into peril. aqchil. 3. a selecting one to follow. A thrusting into danger. 4. a. ^ . S u r . to gain. A following in the footsteps of another. A. 1 . 2. more or less faded. adv. JL. ) _ T. s. wî a ü . The foremost of the princes of the .jit ıqdüniKizliq. To make or let flow. aqchasM. I . Powers. for (J. i. T. s. S. T. A thing produced by what is made or allowed to flow. A getting. vn. whitish. etc. Foremost in place. providences. vn. to shed. A star on a horse's forehead. aqdam. 1. 2. A. The great white poplar. 3 (A horse) that a real coin of much greater value. A . A being bold. A. pale. A preventing. 2. 1 . S. value. JLJ*^ U Q I I U W S N . 2. a. A . VU. A being or becomYL ing strong. capable or mighty. T. Vn.ıJU*ü\ ( 164 ) ^jil I 4 S 2 I S 5 Sar. Lack of perseverance or pertinacity. wealthyT . СЛ-j ^ Ь dred piastres. I Q T I Y Ä S . L Ä IQTLVÄ. vn. Legs. ±-41 aqcna.TIL I Q T I N A . tumblers. an earning. T. s. An eliding the latter part of a word. ( p l . a. ^Jİ* iqdum. ^F-ıI' Ä Q D I S . T. 1. a following up traces. 2. Rich. A going after. t. to pour. I . t. To get. vn. 1. JU»aî IQTLTÄF. JUIL I Q T I Y A R . abilities. That is sold by the aqcha-worth. Lacking in perseverance or pertinacity. vn. of ^ji Cups. ^j-T'L) T h e camomile. Very or most ancient. A third part of a para. äqder. Penniless. goblets. vn. Investigation. it is of no A. Comparison. s. aqdar. Valueless. v. an acquiring. coin. J ^ l U Q ^ U A I L Q . t. a. populus alba. famine. ( J ^ T Â Q C N Â ı Î Q . v. A going forward. J^? 1 Ä Q C N I ı . Silver money. A. pl. To persevere. A seizing. A taking by hunting. 5.J A . 2. JIJIL I Q D Ä R . I Q D Ä ' . A. An aqchaworth.s..vious.. 2.ı Q T I N Ä S . 4. I v. T. 2. Mensuration. 2. a following. quantities. useless. -1»U?1 Iqhät. now. A being persevering or pertinacious. JLPII IQTLYÄD. Я. gP^äl iqtila'» vn. Sa s b o r e . To enable. betula pontica? . aqchä. A . vn. A. so. Very or most holy. »'. God's sending scarcity on (a land or people) 2.. iqdamsiz. abele. vain. 1. 1. i. A . V. A conforming to. v. v. did. A following after. rule» tu (Frenob). A making much of one by following him. of j j i 1. t.. Divine decrees. a. mte t . aqdarmaq. a nourishing one's self. j c 1 ! äqıtmäq. t . iqdamli. 1. A kind of birch. vn. 2. 1 . p a n . T. 3. (JLFIL iqtiy-ar. Without money. J ^ t i l T. V. 3. J ^ T Aqjix j gee t. 2. fUSI aqdam. bowls. Ä Q I T M Ä . t. f off for one's self. A leading a beast. J»jU»T ä q d ä r m a q . T. A taking an oath. _ A..

(Whiter) A. (See I . A. The white A. äq-räq. just. cXtfi jjj\}\ To retract or seek to retract one's confession. t.«M ( 465 ) J^LÜ f i r lâsnaân). of sneezing.. a q s h a m .) A. T. V. (. j i t ^ âqx-ato5lîq. One who A. vn. jUil iqx»r. prior t o this. s. I aqsifisix.. j* i eqar. affluence t o poverty. of ^J Round T. V. pl.. (pl. A. A. establishing. divisions. ^Gi) Parts. vn. a share. 2 . t. of Near. iqz«"... a.Li! i q s ä m . jj> _ A departing day ( t o wards evening). i . T. See fbaM . Men.. İ. aqsat. a division. 1. t. of J j Equals. . t. To come to make a declaration o r confession. A making stable. T. To confess.. v. S.n »asal. iqräz. arable lands. — I a q . vn. Oaths. or let sneeze. Kinship. *>-J>\ ttqrlha. 3 . A falling from T. T. or chanting t h e Q u r a n . Bi. or confirming. S e e . pl.3 1 aquatmaq. shorter. S. iqrfkr. Spindle-shanked. A befouling. An equal i n age. A making or letting convey a salutation. S. i. T.. s. An equal.The time just before age or in standing with another.. -vvâr (faafla).о . vn. peers. aqsaq.61 A. t. s. O^il âqrân. v. neargoes early t o bed.. tian priests. \>J\ (Utrâbâ. Very brave. S. for A. pl. aqcide. T. (У 5 ! a q s a m a q . JJ\ s. Sharp and fine-tempered (sword).s u n q u r . ^/-bil a q s h a m j i .. s. J^Lil äqshamlatmäq. etc. JLJIL ÂQRÂN. An appointing. . Evening o r vows between the two. ÄQSIRLQ. of ^J ChrisA. V. See JjliLcT A. İ (qîrât).H u q s ü m e . j i i U l aqsaqllq. of PoiA obil I Q R S N . L^L) A drunk of evenings. causing or allowing to read. An explicit declaration. machine. A Q I M . falco gyrfalco. A. relative. S. J i i l ÂQSHÂB. bil IQSHÄ. t / l a q r i b s . J V \ a q a r m a q . 2. J Ä .U»1 aqiar. vn. pl. 2 . 2 . Я. See ^ L i T flat disks. a. 1. v. 1 . I.. portions. aqsirmaq. See ^Jt LsT A. a . A A. (jibil a q s a t m a q . SEE J I LPİ T. A declaring. t. very warlike. A casting lots. r w ) 1. vn. a refrigerating. S. Equality in morning. A. s. (»Lİİ AQSAM. Featherless. poisonous plants. pl. ^ .. . t. shortest. formerly. To make fession. A. Freyt. (arrow). 2. Near relatives. i. 3 . a. vn. (asîr>. A rendering hard or coarse. vituperation. To sneeze. p ^ l Iqrs*. (ЗО^-51 aqsırtmaq. Some time back. time. pl. ^ . T. A t. ^eljäl a q r a s . vn. especially. A sneeze. V. Whitish. Anv mode t иулр _ .. pl. Err. vn. (from A. Very o r most tion of ownership. L51 Iqsa. T. A money. A. ^ >j\j\ 1. $. V.. 1/1 LQRÂ. j\ji\ Silence is confession . an avowing. Gol. part. bravest. a. or chant. See b* qurra. T. for «V 2 I i qırede. of jJ Versed in t h e science of reading. dubious declaration. İ. AQREB. a q p ä n i i q . 2. 1. A vituperating. s.}\ кчЛ\ a. aqsaqliq.Ä declarar A. 4 . Very near. (Doubtful word. 2 . T. pl. t. of J Lands. s. T. X. a portion. A being just. v. not long ago. ^ L » _ at Mekka. s. Z.. evening. V. pl. Err. I u q a r a . 2. An equal i n rank. without release from t h e Evening and morning. 2. jil a. a doing justice. _. a. approximate. r i ä e (uiül). aqdemje. Some little time back. A. Bald. (pl. 2. ^ L i T uqsantaq.s. S.s.. T. bLil IQSAT. S. pl. 1. A. A taking an oath. A. T. S. To lend falcon. adv. 1 . One who gets est. o f ç J İ . vn. sections. To change from denial to confession. vn. 1. 2. See ^LPT T. T. a confessing. 'Г. s. S. A cooling. See j L i t 2. S. A.. A lending money. A sneeze. cakes. ı i j j . reciting. . wafers. a. 1. a peer. See jÜLiT A. A performing the greater and the lesser pilgrimages sons. recite. an acknowledging. j L i i See jLfcT T. A lot.. of j j i Filthy things.

a. T. vn. of v U Drops. distillation. AT^ISV AQTA'A. S e e A. from whom intervening links having been very long-lived men. A. A. S. vn. 4. 3. İ. tu (French). of jbi Cottons. Poles of a sphere. A. s. Pigeon-breasted. V. Я.. S e e and business of a druggist-grocer. A causing or the sign of the severance of friendship. 2. AQZ. 2. I _ v. Crooked-nosed. vn. The hair's in argument. a. A. A. äqLmmäq. the A. from p. a. traction into Jicb . uqtan. 1. A token sent as A. A druggist-grocer. a. £İ»il äqta'. For J I I q. axles. to show him respect. 2. V. for the evening. See J^bil T. £_UJ\ iqta'. « h o r e . v. met. S. s. hence. äqta'. 2. Uii iq'a. 2. 2. &. one's two heels.( 166 ) j\ii\ f i r . s. Sides. s. To carry on the business of a T. Chief saints of God upon earth. A being paralyzed in the lower limbs. 1. pl. A. pl. To make A. A sending to the cut off. T. An equerry t o of retaliation. q. jfül aqshara. a q ' a m . t. 3. pl. either in divisions of flocks or droves. bird. a. pl. s. Very or most short or deficient. 1. of Subevening and morning.. İ. A making or letor let pass the evening. pan. F o r ^ . aqsirmaq. 2 . jUJI aqtar. rule. A. pl.. of JJ 1 . (if what A. a. JIJUJI AQTSRIIQ. a A. JOJI aqtun. Uil iqfa. districts. v. . so. A beginning The most distant countries. of U«Î Judghollow-backed. Whose front teeth are half broken away. jUîl AQRÄR. A deepening. j ^ ) The two most trenchant things. pl. . _ a. O. İ. A. centres of influence. See J*^-» I on its haunches. U5\ kq'k. Famous. T. T. j \ y The utmost wish or intentiou. A squatting on A . The allowing to sit. To bring to the evening. decrees. Vn. \. ting drop. ıqsäs» vn. ÂQSÂ. 3. the sword utmost distance. vn. Jt'i-îî uqsutmuq. distant. iqshi'rär. J U » Î _  4 S  Q . ments. of God. Л Г ^ AQAIIYO. 1. A. j l ü l iqtar. a choosing. A. horripilation. Special druggist-grocer. OW-^l (T.. T. The most authoritative of A. or. vn. vn. ball iqss. T. äqtaji. heads or necks. A. J. a. Uil aqfa.. Shafts. ABIL ÄQTA. Deaf. pl.UİÎ aqsimaq. s. sentences. A. İ. The quality aqshamlamaq. A fief. S e e A. s. A beast's sitting T. A following one wJJ The chief ot chiefest saints. A. vn. 3. 1. Diameters. jUail digging deep. a. V. jUJI curds. s. T. influential. ÂQZA. wastes. jÜJI äqtar. LIASL. a.A. providences 3. a. VU.s. allowing to be dealt with by the law T. JWINJ Paralysis seize me. ^UJI äqtSb. war. Near in descent Muslim judges. JBBIL  Q S H  M I I . AQSAM. For . A placing one in prosodic foot JİPU» reduced by con. . 2. A preferring. 2. to an ancestor of a remote period. pi. margins. uttermost. Regions.ı Û . s. A gelding. See A. .. aid. A causing or I. fur. Very or most I say is not true). T. V. appeal is useless. a. Very or most authoritative in judgment. A. ^ l 'äs. t. of Ui Backs of Chiefs. leaders. A. ' _ . jbLiâi aqshamliq. pl. of J»»i Dried together. To flOW A.. Very or most UJI (The most remote place of adoratrenchant. or. To enthrone. the ancient Khans of the Crimea. Sway-backed (horse). V. s. standing on end. Both in A. and the pen. A silencing evening or morning. S e e fli^-l A. 4.. aqsar. _ . v. An assigning lands to a functionary for his maintenance. q. (for jUw») g. A. crooked-hipped. Whose hand has been tion) The temple at Jerusalem. a. V. J«»I AQ'AD. spaces. u n âqsi. i q ' ä r . 2. of ji Deserts. i.. J^ 1 iq'Sd. Powerful. I i q t i r a r . Of 1. jLoil to wither.

lustre in the eyes of others. V.). 53°. s. Spotted with black and white. and the seventh to Lat. 3. S. ^W) 1. 2. of little worth. 1. J^il I q i ä q . A.a. V. 2. Jil äqäııi. F. ^Л»! aqiab. (pl. 5. S. A. aqfize. vn. 2. An immersing or plunging into water. pl. t . A. 4-iSI a q f l y i . See jjiil A. A. A making few in number or little in quantity. to clear. 2. Very or most barren or desolate. dross of metals. of Jil 1. of Gambling companions. adv. satellites. 1 . 3. A. vn. a despising. s. Ä• ä q m e r . 1. JUil iqfai. latches. Long and thick in the neck. s.. aqfl. grey. of the earth's surface. pl. a. A . S. A. A being or becoming few or of little worth.. S. the terminal-buds of palmtrees. 1. JJLEL. A. A. a turning away one who approaches. A .. adv.tA. 2. To make or let be whitened. A deeming little. pale slate.J i l The least possible. of j. prop. of j i i Locks. . pl.. The first of these zones commences at the equator and extends to Lat. (pl. Jüt j»' Jil aqfil. At least. 2. J&l a q m a r . low in estimation. Small. A being or becoming agitated with emotion. very humble. of ^aii . T. 43° 23'. 2. (Whiteness of face) Free- dom from shame or disgrace. Few. a. a. forehead. A . 1.MOOUS. The ore of zinc called calamine or cadmia. at the least. vn. S. To whiten. Very small in value. JUL âqâıı-ıi. «-AS I aqiif. A watching for moonrise. A being waste wilderness. 1.. 2. A. u-iisl nqlitlis. 3. A subduing. the second to Lat. 4. JÄI Ä Q M I A . aqlamaq. of . 2. l>"! ıqlımlya> S. A contemning. vn. t. S. pl. a. A white speck (on the eye. pl. r 4 a « (««âl). 3. Whiteness. V. 2. JL«IL I Q D I R . See jl'T T. A. A. Jc^T aqlatmaq. pl. trifling or deficient. İ. jb'l aqii-iA.. of of JÜ US As As JUil US1 of U» A ? US I q. Spotted with white. small in quantity. pl. vn. Club-footed._JO. A. JS\ dl adv. At the very least. vn. S. F. pl. Scoriae. (A horse) that goes on the tips of his hoofs. t. A shaking. a barring. J I I L ı Q I X Q .. a locking. One of the seven zones into which the orientals divide the habitable portion (jjC—. (X. (See j^l) t . jliT aqilq. t/'Uil aqfSs. 2. fil iqmâ. m a c h i n e . 1. A being in a waste wilderness or in a solitude. V. A. J^I äqfid. An alloy of copper and silver. Uncircumcised.. at the least. of'/fi СОГПmeasures of about two bushels each. p l . Euclid. 20° 27'. aqaii. J > J I iqiäı. A .. etc. JJ-FIL I Q M D S . T.. JFIL I Q ^ N Ä R . . iqllm. the fifth to Lat. A being in bright moonlight. q. 2. A being or becoming under sail. s. ~ â n a r a l . 1.j\ii\ ( Ш ) *£Â\ f â r (aiaman). n. A. A. Jsl aqaii. the sixth to Lat. A. Pale blue. very little in number or quantity. A. OJU JJi The shortest space of time. vn. £fii i q m s ' . A. A fastening. JSI aqii. OISL iqlM. ji*T aqlamaq. Less or least. To faircopy (a writing). A repelling. At the very least. A. of ^ f i 1. 47° 12'. A being bright with moonlight. jlSl iqilg. A. A being or becoming poor. the fourth to Lat. A region of the earth's surface. At least. a. a.. To make one's self honorable. T. a putting into commotion. Ä Q I E R . pl. 2. To draw off liquid from the sediment. 1 («»İrat). a. j ^ A . An exciting wonder and admiration by beauty. to refine. 27° 37'. S. A. V. X Q I A ' . S. An abstaining. A load's being or becoming loose. (zir). T. Jliil aqfal. AQLIII. or other fastenings for doors. the serenity of honest pride. Aiil aqmishö. 3. A.. S. pl. the third to Lat. 3. vn. A key. A sort of fiddle. Beautiful as the moon. pl. 1. 2. A. T. a humbling.. s. 33° 37'.s. 38° 54'. A . adv. J l i JSl The least of the little. fUsl aqlSm. PJ . 1 . To mark with white. of «-IS Palmcabbages. 1. a withdrawing. 2. A fortifying one's self. -vvâr (baîi*). <7. 4. vn.

far. To be shed or spilt. a tor. T. pl. For A. gliding. (pl. t met. Based on moral A . 2. vn. ЦЛ iq-hâ. An approaching yarites of ancient Yemen. pl. very strong. İ . In which there spread and blend as dye in washing. Very long drawn out. 2 . ^yl â q w â . 2. jLxiT aqindili. shifts. iqnä'. a. J r — \ aqındiMiz. T. j i T Â Q Î N . that satisfies reason. a. 1. etc. a using T . Bosphorus. 1. flow o r to be shed. A fall drops of liquid o r moisture.^ v. To T. verses. vn.. To desire. To let A. of с^ў Foods. of J y . . A. space by the sides of roads. For tfjil . oVjiS uqvat. aqves. ^Xİ I aqıjxdı. ^il â q m â q . A. etc. of f j i . S. S.1 2 3 far. s . For a meteor to glide vowel in t h e rhymes of the other along.. . J'yl iq-vai. a q i n h . pi. A. q . V. v. one's mouth water. ( 168 ) 2 bird. VUlg. For many tears t o rhyme of a verse different from t h e flow. aqan.different vowel letters in the rhymes ing. great carnage to occur. joL s. J'yl aqvni s. S. rent Point) Name of a point on the A . S a q m a . just. n. 2. Gre«t or intellectual suasion. s. basis. A making hand. i. . To satisfy. Jj£ . oozing.of the two hemistichs of a distich. s. olil I Q N Ä T . Ct. v . that of flowing water. lyl aqAva «. S e e U ^ T Plains. T.J ^ v. To flow.. ^fel) 1. . u. For A. To ooze. I so. A cursing. 4. 4. of BoundA . slaves with T. 8 . 2. U. Rugs. 6. AQ•»•««. V"1. ing etc. trickling or leak. spots for piling grain. a. 1 rule. s. especially..A syllogism or argument A. God in humble prayer. An attributing or ing every year the duties of pilgrim. 5. t. To glide. of ^аЛ. s.о-У s . pl. (HYL äqvSm. 6.. a satisfying. in argument. vn.JJL v. born of slave parents.V. 3. Bianchi. name of a strong current along the Bosphorus. To leak into or out of. T. I did. j j i _ s. of J J Qayls. Binnchi. t o drip. stuffs. pl. See j î T . A. The glidA. The action of flow. i. That flows or drops. is a current. To have postasis of the Christian Trinity. steppes. In Persian poetry. «âl a q v e m . Very much a pimp. Gliding or flowing. carpets and the Bosphorus that sweeps along^ the the like. S. dust. S e e J*/T t. 2.. . Convincing. also. for tears to a making t h e vowel sound of the flow. . A standing long erect 2. 3. s. The Devil's current. calamities. i. t o trickle. war. A blessing. capacity of one or more of the measures A current of running water. jWy T Aqüghän. 1. Stronger. curved. ing of a meteor. Un traveled no claim to freedom. O L I J Y ! â q v i r i y y â t . CL. jJyl aqiWiuq. Anything that runs together A. 4 pan. Very easily led by A.bent. Bowed. i. Shirts prop. 2 . V. A yielding . 1. i q w a . ^ î A Q Î N J Î . of T . chemises. fjäl u q u u m . Name of a certain wish or covet. S. . In Arabic poetry. near Arnawut-Kyuyu. ^ j t i t j U ^ t A. solutely prove. steppes. powerful. leaves. 1. ^b'l i q n s ' i .imputing words wrongfully to one. Very stingy in regard to content. $. rent. q. g. of . s. For blood to measure for liquids. i. Я. JTLL âqıı5n. prop. pl.. 1. kings of the Himat divine worship. pl. « ı aqmu. ashore. as sands.called . T. a. of J S Slaves less plains. to T. shore near Arnawut-Kyuyu. 3. A. vn. fluid to run. pl. A. İJJİI Ä Q V ı Y S . 5. pl. 4. 1. aqoT. n. (Cur. meals. pl. A performA. U. v. age at Mekka.f pl. aqved. Name of the current of A. LJ. n. A shooting star. A convincing hospitality. above the castle of Rumeli-Hisari. aqmisaj S. quently to a holy war. 2. That has the T. of Level t. A going forth freA. v. or righteous. r 2 tu X-i (French). A person or hyTo go to rags. CI. Very or most or has gathered by a motion like straight. -v. gjyl âqvâ'. vn. of Strong. 2. but does not ab. pl.strongest. _ 1. A .prop. Still (water).. 2 . $ Cloths. S . a substance.

T. p. piece to lengthen or widen it. pl. for . S. $.. of JIJSI Insandra(?) A. (pl. J A ing clear. A sky's being or becom. On the other side. ^rj^ı fekyârls. prizes. s. s. pl. ЁКУЙГХЬ. or of donkey-saddles. caustic. A. (zîr). s. jit-» . whose duty was to a price to a loss. subdued and submissive around one. 2. or a. T. A. s. a . A. A toadstool. To Noble actions. o*/'^ i q y t o s s . A having no for a long while. d. 2. pl. A. Л eik. V. WidthA. A deemA calamity. Name of a large fish. gluttonous. J'1 adv. A joint of the body. a raid. A. The place of a seam. ÂNÂRI. kings of Persia of the л ously like a torrent. A.. I Y . 1. vulg. pl. ekyarim. A hussummer seasons and their scorching bandman . T. The poisonous tropical A. allowances. of kings of the Himyarites of ancient Shanks of quadrupeds. A donkey-saddle.. A being negligent. s. i. » ^ L IKYÂFÂRÖ. The ocean. A raider. A beating down ancient times. i (qır«t). 1. 9. s. pl. s. гийе (»aul). of J>l Eatables. âg. T. *. a. * . the articulation of a limb. vn. Jlgst U-feai. J61 i k k y â r . of J. Food. of Qayls. A. 1. va. A. width. Most. A substance the other side. According to itsbooty. of The A. a 4 l n j l . S. held to be a gigantic sort of a subduing. s. Yemen. ^ ў (or зУ" j l ) To ehat together familiarly ing.^ Îayâ. v.S s S Chosroes. 2. A vice. A piece joined on to a main A. The long constant obedience to government. of send out raiders. . i.. Pay. УТ а Ч у 4 . and surging in crowds. A driving along pillage the enemy. ^ âk. breadth. S. of Jm Mid. vn. 1. 1. fJ& ekyurim.. A having all and across.. p.. a being absolute master. A. ân. A. 1. on three legs a lame beast. etc.. A meddling and plant calotropis gigantea. s. the very honorable. Voracious. <Sj. fl^il i q . dominant and subduing. ОУ aqyäm. A sword's lufer the giant perch. p. t o of the Qamus.calumnies. A. pl. v. pl. s. С * I aqio. the very great. s. hence. 2. A throwing A special corps of light cavalry.. s. Corrosive. IkyUso. vulg. 3. ekysi. 2. of*)&\ Lies. S. groups or crowds.. in down prostrate. F. Jtf ekkyal. aqljl. $. 2. 2. I K Y Sri". — n nasal. beyond. Mind. scar.^ pl. vulg. q. pl.and the short of it.IT. 1 .'S\â n .J q. j^" 1 vn. kings. s. so getting into trouble. vn. a seam. fluid. To make a raid.t i a i n . dividuals in knots. smiths. vulg. . vn. of j f \ The A. A conquering. percepA. pl. adv. ıvâr (hatix). the space beyond. A foray. Rushing pre-Islamitic Sasani dynasty. A place where two A. pl. beyond. A. I . шасЫпс. wise and lengthwise. «»Kkyâf. 3. T. № « k y i b i r . Name of the Turkish translation The other side.. A. JI ©. s. A. v. A. ^ 4Ü. of j* Blackmost honored. vn. N . Err. T. Jtfi Ikyâf. a A. 2. a.-2. en. heats. 3. s . Аэ-KL îkyaiıâ.tion and memory. Width. of Itchings. a. 3. adv. widthwise. s. jl. X. ^JK1 â n â ı . T. 1. up and down appetite. sovereigns. prop. 3. s. (as that habitually flows. AQLO. _ . A constantly bibbing wine. j*SI ÄQ-ÜER. 2. A width of cloth. A killing. . S e e TILL. a defect. üuii а ч у ш . pl. 2 .. T. ©ıı. 1. 2. Very o r most greatest. pl. a joint. of T. Rushing tumultu.. jlfl â k y â ı . 1. «. I adv. Shares in plexion. adv. greedy. S. LM *<aysi. Com. -V^L okyaclia. lucioperca penetrating. ing submissive. A loath.1 .( 169 )rX-i dir (asmân).2. T. A maker or vendseparate parts of a thing join. a q y u d . scar.

s. A keeping t o v. S. (He of the shoulder-blades) Shapur son of Hurmuz. 4. A. vJIfi ifcymib.To one's eyes with collyrium ( j £ ) . a sufficing.. w a r . . grand. omitting the other as being anas casarca. S. r a l e . Wariness. cS"\ ANıT. s. jUifi Iktifar. angry. A. vn.rolls. of kJfl pl. vn. of JJSİ q. becoming sorrowful. A. a contenting one's self with. of pl. t. written out. of ^ Numbers of dogs. A being or edge. of Uc. fCil iktitâm. vigilant. To make A. jUKT Ä G Y Ä M I Q . pl. JUİjI iqtisar. t o be or allowing to write o r copy. W-TS'L İKtitsb. vn. understood. 2. to inform. sorrow. king of Persia. JU:SI iktifâı. v. I .JSI ( 170 ) f i r . JtSl f s... A wearing or A. o t f ' X t j i prop. 3.. _ A. pl. pl. anxno fire. a ı h o r e . a A. etc. A writing. pl. pl. i y i t .the back.. An inverting. 2. s. 1. 2. very great. of As self to. vn. a restricting one's eldest son. To content t. An anointing vigilant. to be cognizant. A. KnowlA. J » ı k y â l . pruriencies. 2. cHjöi ihtiras. 3. In rhetoric. / I л\ God is Most Great. ikyâno. tions of a troop. vn. To put on a garment. e k b e r .. pl. 2. JJtt eltyalil. A completely A. j(\ J . name inscribed on the government p. cealing. stripping of property. A. ers. u k y a l .persistently in a. littlsa. A being sufficient. a. T. ed. Chiefs. news. 1. 2. the mention of one relative term sufficient. mies. circumspection. v. A. A knowing crowd as a collection of individuals carnally. İktifan. A. A. 1. cognizant. pl. V. a concealing. A causing one's self with. ilance. W a r y . ]}S\ i k t l r ä . n. An abrasion. J ^ ekbash. A. a deeming 1>1Я q. of \ . 1. i. bunches. grief. v.) Individuals or sec. to know. The ruddy goose. A taking on to terscapular regions of the back. A. 1. eo. A bending over to look. a concealing in the mind. 5gyih. 3. one's livelihood. Iktirâb. A falling on putting on a garment. an acquiring. A buying on A. p a n . withers. The science of divination b y shoulderblades. A being sora-light's giving out smoke only. 2. vn. v uTl ifctab. A hiring. one's self. a lendp. 1. vn. A. a copying out. did. a. A. A hiding. A. J ^ iktihftl. Aware. vig. âgyâhî.an earning. T . leaders. a . blade-bones. vn 1. or groups. 2. i. S. i. vn. S. or frightened. flS-l а к у а ш . An irritations of the skin. vn. A causing to be A. (no sing.. çixSl İKtldäiı. 2. ffcSl iittâm. a conA. £«r. 2 . An earning vigilant. wear. uneasiness. t. A looking grieved. vn. vn. 1 . vn. 3. packs of hounds. t n (French). o / ^ S p a t h e s of certain kinds of flowerA... vn A remaining teaching to write. IKTISÂH. J B I EKTÂD. s. jealous or envious enemies. care. inform. To suffice. der-blades. vn. vn.. Elder. t. L S . Cognizance. v. great. make aware. of U LİV. A getting one's own an abasing. S. pl. 3. 2.(Black-livered ones) Ene. of j Ş 1. pl.pieces. s. est. anxious or uneasy. S. A enough. vn. A gaining. I . m e t . Iktisâb. A deeming sufficient. A being assiduous. 2 .credit. I n . humiliating. J A I EKTAF. A. j H eltbad. of q. A. \ . pl. / 2 . 1. A. 2. 1. If! İKLI>5. ikbâb. and rowful. A guarding against. oldest. and cautious. vn. To be or become wary. iety. T. vn. A. To be aware. village. See Cjf3\ A.To gain. b i r d .. who punished rebel Arabs by cutting out their shoulder-blades. 1. J I S ' ^ J J .'v. A. rulers. 1 . A breaking to A.. ck)>ush.f Shoul. ikySm. U^L iktifâ. body or crowd. Young rams. A wooden strikeA. The 2.. s. vn. v. Greater.. To one's face. VSl iktiia. A. vn.

TS^SL EITSERI. V. T. Hybrid. 1 . Grieved. a concealing. JLJSL i k d a r . JAT^SL egdiiiit. A gleaming With lightning. A meeting with refusal or scant assistance. 2. A. 2.. A. i. екявг. p. in ambush. fawning. The median vein. A being prolix. A being О Г becoming dusty or turbid. most frequently. Tartness. vn. A m a k i n g abundant or numerous. s. 2. 4. Moroseness. The word is not applied to either stone of the breast-plate in any modern Arabic. To make or let a thing be bent. pl. the brachial artery. crabbedness. e k d l r m e k . A being rich. 1. To cause or allow something t o be scattered or sprinkled over. 2. 3. or. 1. igdi. A concealing one's self. Of or belonging to the majority. 3 . A. also more f r e quent. an encircling. o r verbose. 1. (pl. 1. V. «JSİ I G D I . Morose. vn. eye's being vigilant. See T. A surrounding. V. A reaching the age when grey hairs begin to show. A being very parsimonious. JfcSl I K T I N ^ N . V. More or most in n u m b e r or quantity. a. i k . Persian. Man. the most part. A being parsimonious. Quiet. ikdirar. A having a pain or disease in the kidney. 1 . 1. XRT igdldt s. A. vn..F ikdSm. vn. t. vn. more usual. — n nasal. Big-bellied (man). ı (qirat). submissive. A hook or crook. t . 1. A. F . o f j £ q. a troop. gentle. A j u d g i n g or detecting as a liar. 2. parasitical. filled to repletion with food. liSİ IMTINA. adv. ekej. jSl egdi. •sljS'l ekdad.. A. The Neapolitan medlar. anxlirmaq. The greater number. A. A. E K T I M . jjfl i k d i r . (. Dusty. _ 5. a body or crowd as a collection of individuals or sections. s. turbid. ekdi. . 3. 2. >vSr (bltiz). vn. T. " Ç ukohe. A garden's being in full bloom. especially. T. t .n a i . Golius (Exodus 28: 18.. To bring to one's mind. A taking or having a surname of the patronymic class A. s. A .. ekdilik. Gentleness. vn. 2. body o r crowd. vn. of q. sourish with a smack of bitter. s.jS'I igdij.. curved or bowed. S. ПО Sİng. A . 2. -ijfcl) Individuals or sections of a troop. s. nasty. "Whose eyelids letting tell a lie. as a cross between matter and spirit. ^. crabbed. Itjrf I K S I R I Y Y A . a. a. tame. vn. See t . a. 3. s.u>) A. isttiman. A being or becoming grieved. A thoroughly investigating. Harsh (words). S e e . A being cauterized. vn. sycophancy. cUjjTl e y d i r m e k . a. f I K I I . a. machine. A getting to the origin or bottom of. A . Very or most reticent. See akech. To make or let seed be sown. . a. most usual. pl. to have a striking resemblance to. S. t. t. t. vn. Jl£l ek-hih. 2. A . sourness. more frequent. a. 1. 2. vn. t . A . Tart. of q. V. _ s. p. J jSl ikzab. lyfi IHTIVA. 1. JUI I K D A D . J ^ I I K T I I I I . jtS1 IICSSR.JSÇI t. A. T . vn. J t S İ i k t l n a f . a. J ^ j T İ igdish. anxious. igdij. 2. $. or.( 171 ) ISr (Semen). 1.JSI . v. s.) gives also: the chrysoprase. mostly. To make or let a name be mentioned.. JVtf I N T I B A ı . or offended. 2. A hiding. 1 . A. 1. docile. 1. A receiving by d r y measure. vn. offended. A. A . S. or Turkish version of the Pentateuch. cratm/us azarolus. s. S e e naturally appear as though stained by collvrium. igdiiiit. See p. ikda.£ST ikLtinan. an enclosing. the majority. T. Ikdish. pl. A . pl. JifSl ih-tiyai. See çjS»' T. gruff. i. ^. Harshness of language. A being secureLT L ly bound. s. tameness. Very closely concealed in one's mind. anxious. A. For t h e most part. T. 2 . See AI « n j ö . A. A. A. rüde (usul). _ I I I 2 2 $ 1 1 2 2 2 r ! 2 i X-i (йг). A making or A. e. 1. vn. ekdas.

loathsome or disgusting. s. Wood of aloes.. e y i r l a t m e k . ikratilanmek. A deeming ab.v. A. To feel a loathing and disgust. 1. T. V. See }>}) A. j t f eyreti. s. especially. 1. To be spun. vn. (pl. a curve of a thing that is not intended to be or angle.v . Agria in tr. CA/'JT A Ä I R T ı N Ä Q . s. s. Pensive. pl. d. a. S. t. submissive. A keeping a religious vigil.a . i.( 172 ) j/l i a r . т.t. horrent. 4. s. i. . To incline. T. T. V. . bent.»jSi) Very or grieving. i y r â n m e k . to boast. 1 . г.To borrow for tem. T V eyerli. s. e y r i . to constrain. Crooked. To make a tion. t. V. eyirtmok. The quality Needy. to A. 2. Kurds. a. noble. in Bohemia. vlUjXİal/i ikrBhlandirmek. 2. v. 01. See ^ ( S e e al. 3. T. To Spin. See T . b i r d . A supplicant. To incline a thing. Name of one of the gates t . ifcrib. honor to. vn. . Chf\ eyrıtmek. 3. igrls. .İ.. A ferior. most of a liar. Л. 1.Curved.. See j) T..Though. to lean. a. jib . con/. 2. The comA . 1 . I . a. or T. If. A. i. t. u k r e .v. t . (vulg. a treating as noble or Arabic adaptation of this word). i. or allow to be spun.prop n. 2. t.s. litt/İ e y e r l â m e k . To support temporarily with 2. i s f j x j i a.Я IITRAS. let one talk stupidly. See or f_j. A showing 2. JTÎ i g i r .Egra feel disgust. I . 3. V. j f y . 5. 1. indecorously. s. T. A fern. s. 1. awry. t. I. Twisted. prop. Perverse. mo. Humble.} A. A gift to an inA. A felt saddlecloth. ptei*is aquilina. A . V. of j!fl q. See j\ lie. gives ^ j H i k r u h e aS constraining. t. 1 . V. makev. t. See A. Л. r u l e . porary use. (pl.. To squint. «yerekî. A curved piece of timber: permanent.. i.u. of The T. f ' Anlr. . an averted countenance.conj. 2. a hiring T. To Cause slantwise at one in anger or envy. T. utzUbe. A . vn. To talk big. 2. 1. gnarled. i. To deviate. a hook p. wrong. A pond. Wry-necked. r A cross although. T® become T. p. CX. prop n. See out. s.f\ e y i r m e k . See lustrious. an abatement to a customer. especially. t. акйогв. I . a. To sit gmgiy. eyreiti. 1. i. mander-in-chief of an army. To make or T. 2.especially. reduction in price. overpowering or surrounding one. v. a causing anxiety. e k r u h e k . ex Golius. 6. To Hungary. f^eyic. Very or most excite disgust. eyri. TOOt of iris florentina. v. S. 1. loudly. e k e r e . shift. Very much or t. 2. A. e y i r i m . V. Grief or anxiety's most honorable. (usually called j / 1 ) . To lend. 2. A hook. 1 . TO. a top-timber in a ship's frame. f u r . egre. pl. t. <>f\ ekrem.) A. notwithstanding that. bent. 4grek. to go wrong. t. Injured. . Orris-root. ^ Ж О A back water of a stream. To look T. ÖLf\ eyrilıneX. look. vn. V. A bend. pan. int. 3. I n (French). a pool. İ. Temporary. Inclined. 2. ukrCmö. FL/I IKRFKM. 1. m e t . >3 ikrei». To show honor to. V. t. props. A distressing. very false. <5^.Я ekrad. t. 2.of Constantinople. p. a beggar. t. falsest. To bray. } > eyretılık. a loathing. See Я T. or magnanimous acTo give (a present). w a f . A pond dug for T . or brag. ekzib. or curve a thing. To force. or let a donkey bray. сугЯ e y e r j i . To make water to settle in. •j\ Olf\ i y i r ilmek. Sarcocolla. (pl. j U v. t. (vulgar) To make feel a loathing. uitirmuq. e y e r l a n m e k . a (M. 1. Whether the brake. generous. oppressed./i egre. Browu bay in color. S. If. for collecting honey. V. »Я екгё. 2. To bend P. X. S. s. P i y i r . 1. V. s. t. s. ö £ f \ eyr-iltııvek.t. 2. V. 1. v. A forcing. T. See T. A renting. a calumny. eger. a A. 2. did. Л / 1 I K R I H . n. .-lu. U. t . sorrowful.

s. ûis-fî oksitnxek. A m a k i n g or ing. a. 1. s. i .. T. less. сЖ-Sl eksiklik» s. I yrllîfc» s. V. . To become a nail. u i ^ c / i a. To grOW t . 3. o S \ More or less. X. T.[I W h a t is its A. T. t . c. CAHİ e k s i l m e k . j \ . To be absent or non-existent. good a deficiency. 1. OJ\ eKsikL. 1. 2 . eX'^. I . T. V. As j y f j ^ T. A kind of gad-fly that attacks asses. Complete. not existent. A making or let. Л. plain o f ? T. Deficient. vulg. 3.i. dim of Somew h a t crooked. T. To b e come deficient or less. T. Perversity. 3 . 1. V. T. w h a t is there t o comA. 1. lacking. f f ekzem. Tracts./i _\ i T 2 ı ( Ш ) i 1 1 2 (zır)» ı (qırut). — n xmsal.make or let be made deficient or deing dull. 5. J f u j S j f i . examine into the deficiencies and deT. of Parts. 2 . Maimed. (Short-skirls) A woman or girl. G>. A deficiency. . J L J l iitsâı. t. o r inclined. inclined. _T > adv. Stumpy. . cause or allow to be nailed. To mimish. iksikii. a. i k s i . лтаг (hafız).. To whining sound. ^LSİ IFCSIB. not deficient. j S \ i k s i r . to mock. To make nails. A nail. Coin of light weight. perfect. deviation. prop П. a fatiguing.. vn. curved.fl e y r l l t m e k . AJI _ inlerj. 1. Sudden. letting be earned or acquired. fective . Inclination. To make gions. s. ^ s. Never lackA . re. r e d u n d a n t or deficient. Ct. more Having stumpy fingers. C e _S X> r \ rude X (usul). A . bent. t. A spinner. cüUTİ e k s e r l a n m e X . s. ^S S ! eksiksiz. S. V. a spike.3. т. a defect. vn. defect. -C" t i n g a garment be p u t on o r worn. 2 . 1. T. Q. 1. A^/i e y r i j e . jUJ> ff a. V. s. t o b e n d . L To diminish. 2. Absent. O t / 1 eyrîtmefc. T o A . i . permanent. jyt ў\ e y r i b i z . all of a sudden. A market's be. V. jlLTT ânsâlânJlçı. Defective. curvature. e n s e . e x f f i k s i k i â m i k . eksikveX. Tent-flaps. s. LSI IFCSÂ. Defective. S e e ^&f T. v . jLSİ I K S Â R . tortuousness. J ^ / I EYRLJE. To CaUSӘ to become crooked. A drainage channel in a field. To clothe. Absence. See 'jf. Deficient. o r miserly: close-fisted. vn. a maker or seller of nails. ic. The back. Stingy. C t / i . ekserlatmefe. t . T. deficient. the occiput. (Mayest thou never be wanting!) Thank you! T. A . The back of the neck. A feeling aversion aud disgust. v. To ЬеСОШв Lame.fects of a thing. 2. W r y n e s s . V. 2. . 5. t. л ing. Ûlc^-Я e k s i l t m e k . I. 3 . cif IGRIKL.s i . 2 . Short. Crossness. t o reduce. more defective. İ . \ .a.-iA. eksiz. Seamless. T. 4 . A becom2. 2. tendo Achillis. (from the foregoing) 1. less. t. 2. or a w r y . ense. V. T h e back of the head. 4. t. 3. without w a r n ing„ t . v. J^. To make crooked. To nail.far* (asman). j r y S \ âüsizin. over or under. CXs-S-v. A. a deficient or defective. t . ing exhausted. 1.more J losing in price. A f? t eksâlı. ЛЯ ikzam. 1. lacking or non-existent. İ. all a t once. s. lower. A worker with T. one w h o spins. ^ To p u t on a sour. T. adv. S e e ' j f ~ \ frjAjb To make t . i . wearying. T. vn. E Y I R I J I . nails. to decrease. Crookedness. СлсЯ ekşimek. t. A T. A t h i n g that is lacking. Less. öbıf\ E Y R L I M I K .. fragments. A nasal h u m m i n g . f I K I Z . T o ' X e k s e r l e m e k . 2 . To diminT. Snub-nosed. A tiring. 2. f ifiz. T. 2. i k s i k . To be nailed. T. 1. İ. F. T. T. 2. To b e deficient. s. eksiklatmek. t . V. i. s. s. I K S E R J I . pl. See (s) 2. crabby look.v . T. continual. JL£1 I K S I A . s. t.U. The tendon Achilles. t . Suddenly. See T. fractions. s. f \ Â I I Z . lack. Quite suddenly. iyii-im. vn. 1. Deficiency. A shudder. machine. V. all of one piece. (I.

r u l e . i. See ly. body). A reversing o r T. ek'ub.. T. 2 . t o become acid. ukshut \s. a. is a mere imitative). i. ek a.t. art. 1 The quali. T . V. A dealer in e. T. a. An elixir. astragali. . V. (Whose occiput is as a cap-maker's block) Void of sense or intellect. a. ^gJfl 4HLSI.deterring. s. To make (Some say: heel-bones. 2. See Ûİ-Sİ T. Zenker. Slightly A.V ^ T a n s i r i q . 1. of Throats. acid. V. A taking flight after defeat i n battle. sour. persecute o r w o r r v a person. oJüj-j-il a.s . b i r d . palms of hands. T .windpipes. Sour things of various kinds.9 pl. 1. a measure of an ounce and a ing one a misbeliever. S e e fS\ I K S I R .3 far» w a r . jUSl i k f a r . A cordial. vn. ( 174 ) >sl The back surface of a thing. To follow. t.S l IKSTRJL. more sour. t-it^l e k s h i m e k . V. See T. A t. 4-v. (^-f") eksiiimsl. ^ E K S H I . vn. A. 1. i. s.. To take on t o the back. Somewhat sour. 2 . A. To strike on the back o r the nape of the neck.inverting. f u r . did. SeejJUfJ magic substance that produces wonT. T. Any T . e k s h i t m e k .. ossa calcum. S. A remaining F. ekslılje. ing a false o r imperfect r h y m e . 1 . 2 . S. cuscuta verting from a purpose. s. 1. ^ ^ . AcidA. so. (To t u r n the back to. saddles . lÜİAjfl e n e e l e m e k .5 ! T.t. A deemcup. JVv^T a n s ı r m a q . £US"I i k f a h . I n prosody. İ. i. S. obstinate. o r dis. A. iksi. Cross (visage). Leaven. The space behind a thing. J T l cially one used in collecting honey.A. E K S H I R I K . 1. a s h o r e .1 . s. T. pl. vn. s. ûir 4. Sour. ekslk'. J J . JJA-SI v. i. s. UKSHGS/epithymum. iksi a. V. USİ i k f â . . or diA. s. To make the face pl. e k s h i m t r e k . V. Ankles.or. espe. s. pl. T. s. Seej/^-iT derful effects. . S. of calling t o mind. eksilmek. ^oUfl iksas. ulousness. T. p a n . S e e half. e k ş i m e k . 2 . Д ^ П a n s ı r ı q . t. T. of the neck. £t«Sl ik'a". j l U ' T ^ A s ä ı ä m ä q . 2 . a. a liqueur. t o t u r n about. an employulous. a n y sour substance. A checking See with the rein. EKSHIMSL. S. USl i k f a . T. A frightening and T. s. T. s. See t . pl. v. See T T. . J^^r^T a n s i r t m a q . 3. ekzsm.a n y j oekyuff. t o look cross. E K S B I . v. t h e malleoli of ankles. 2. etc. or let become sour. ı-iS"! vıKyııf. To turn sour. hip-joint.) T.. 2 . vn. of ijX Cowardt. a compound tincture. a. of 1. I . The elixir vita. a. j f T ÂÛLSH. U. A. mouths. The philosopher's stone.s. of^"Equals. 1. ^ Cjji-il v. The bone of the occiput. of Donkeytart. jyli^Tl A k s h â f a f â n . tart. т. rather sour. 5. To become disagreeable o r cross. e k s h i l i k . See any sweetened and perfumed spirit. The bones. A. (The back of whose neck is thick) Stiff-necked. a.« Ä 4 I i 3 1 1 u 2 . 4 .s .. curd used instead of rennet. S. ekshimtrök. i.T. 2 . See Cii-^l T. t. A. s. uk. Dodder. See lixir o r cordials. tartness. or trade of a dealer in elixir A. A mode or time Chuckle-bones. Sourer. T. T. 1 / 1 or cordials. v. a. e k s h i m t r e k l i k . See ^ H İ A. the vertebrae. The socket of the acetabulum. A small persistently in a village. İ. peers. of Hands. 1 . ( F r e n c h ) . jtf E K I S U . 1. pl. A. ir»et. A checking. 1 . LJÖ5I i n t s of the agreeable. t. s. T. r j i l i k . 2 . w h o r u n from battle. 2. t y . t . A hook.The hollow a t the back of t h e neck b e tween the two splenii muscles. T. i. ^ ^ ^ ^ a. T. c i 1 ekshitmek. acidulous. (To mount the neck) To bully. To come u p from behind. s.i. a pickle. V. v. See j-f. especially. vn. Having a sour visage. IKSITRUIK. Acidity. An acid.A-Sİ v. Any sour dish. 5. 3.. Slightly acid. ankle-bones. Ctff-^l e k s h i m e k .

t. rude (usul). A. conT. r * 1 iklSli. As i . S e e T. CiPM enlaubmek. V. vn. 1 . A driving mad kanet. Black. a plaything. V. E Y I ı L S I ı . j H äbİlmaq. v ^ T anlunmaq / understood. anlatmaq. j y a. s. ^JJSL inildi J ^ A. T. eyianja. etc. 2. To join a m a q . Paint for the Ü1 A. . S e e embezzles. inlâshmek. V. 4. To bend. ry with one another. See o ^ ' A. anlatdirmaq. 1. j t ^ T arUainlmaq 1 V. will not be understood: incomT. ikiâı. 2. eyiltmek. 2. the teeth with rage. ekilmek. öle-®! eylashmek. VUİg enek. 2. annap. To be SOWn. J ' T l anlamaq. See J^T A. i. The body of a texture. V. pl. annat. To Stop. wider.agreeably occupy. 3. s. V. v. w»-^J . Who tion of bending. obstinate. T. \. To b e A. E X I A T M E K . vulg. an. To stoop. 2. To be sprinkled over a thing. ^tM inlemek. İ. To bow. s. 3. corrode. Ü.far (Ssmän). Trouble. vn. 2. 1. S. i.I soundness of judgment. Vulg. An embezzling. t. j&J âüıâmâq. vn. tocks. Likes. mouthfuls. V. A wearying. 4. e k i . T. an v. a bribe. 4 . T. 3. t. anlasbilmaq. Eatables. VUİg. suffering. to warp. To bend consuming. to broaden. to curve. V. with rage. The lower jaw. ado. v. G ^ L E Y I ı T M E J . w a r {Hafız). T. To amuse T. t. T. ^ ekfalı. eklamek. Morsels. A vexing one to cause to tarry. T. Loaves. ado. peers.. T. yislıli. . S e e ards. V. T. ikiab. 1 s> g e e T. Which can.2. s k y u f t . To widen. To amuse. Who understands what is said. inlâtmek. s. 1. Parasites.reasonable. . 2 A corroding. To make A gag for keeping open a beast's jaws. To incline a thing. t . Which corrodes. s. V. To understand. S. dent or manifest. dû enek. A . equals. s. V. fatiguing. ü f f l i n g i n . Who receives bribes. prehensible. or rest ope's self. 2. 2. guarantee or to be comprehended. 2. I. VUlg.İ. or an aceats or consumes. A showing by adding a piece. a wearing away by iriction. Bindweed. V. A diversion. enlâlmek. An eating. 2. t. bail. a. s . t — intelligent. To make or i . B u t . 5. vre. 1 . 1. s. a. V. ' . A receiving a thing. maoîıme. 3. A designating T. eyilmej. Who or which T. Şr a. annamaq. A. To increase one. T . T. JST âniı. t. İ. V. any one as surety. amusement. t . ioSl gitirt. 1. j J ^ i n i ı i s b . cline. 3. T. 1 . Cow. tir. d$\ ©YÎLRAEK. t. to A. İ. t. not. t. V. ^-jtf iklAto. See CU^. T .For a field to be sown. To T. JSt Aki. See and drinking. S. T.. a let have a piece joined on. To grOW One's share in the good things of life. V. Intelligent. affliction. C S eniik.bow down. 3. S . t. To Ьв ОГ ЬвСОШе T. Fruit. 3. v. V. To explain or expound to piece on to a thing.. eyiamek. pl. To be cause a matter to be explained to another.Eating to make broader. or let be joined to. 1 MT 2 ~ t t t f ^ 1 т 3 I T. inclining or stooping. pl. J ^ I Ä ı Ä M Ä Q .s . a. vn. complexion (See Jl). s. 1. 2. willful.n nasal. 2. İ. İ. -ў^ a. . 2. ^WT dSl T. A mode. T. (That which cor-U T. V. ' anlayışlım. Akei. J U S 1 ^ K F Â ı . V. Jufl 1 1 1 ? 55 1 ( 175 ) I Z ' ' ' (zır).Unreasonable. Firmness. İ. anchusa tinctoria. See J ^ T. q. 1. 1. The plant alA. To tarrodes itself) Gum euphorbium. to be thought of. t. ж (qırät). 1. evi. t. To ining. 2. nashilmäq. to be spoken about. See J t X T the iron point of a plough. 4. JUÎİ ikfâı. See t. Food. лГ*Ч anlat maq. A. The tree that carries volvulus etc. understood and clearly known. to into rage^ T. of vj^ Dogs. JÎT âkiı. T. of ^ \ . AJ _ s. 4 .To be mentioned. of &I 1. To eat. to comprehend.t. brought to mind.

A. a.f\ . s. oifi ekmek. Very or most ment of the eye. j f f l У s. OjJ^ c g e i y s n . V. To Ьв tian Gospel.LL. pl. ffl e k m a m . The southern crown. A crumb. 3. a. The ciliary ligaA. women on which to carry burdens. vn. A hill realis. JRI E K M E I . To sprinkle upon. not of one piece. a T. to enjoy A .plete. or a . V. JJKi) 1. t. of $ Camels' it Scorpionis with. a completing. T. ^ ifcmum. To become purblind. c i f l ^ ў s. I . _ s. a . 3. v. t. 1. 1. 1. said to be the alkanet t . diverting. To amuse.s. wait. Stale bread. A plant's or complexion. Pieced. erally written q. (Crown t . To sow a A. Bread. 2. A.) Secret defamation. cancer. stay. A . ashore. or. The coronary suture of the skull. o f f . 3. corrodes. sprinkled. Л Я I K M Â ı . . pan.fa*. without any condiment. a source of income. australis. A. 2. Weak-sighted. lupus exedens. 1. An itching. vn.$ . A head-cushion used by T. The book of Manes jomsd on to a thing. q. s. ' Taiilänmaq. Jjf'î anmaq. backbiting. a trade or profession. eyin. cTl s. s. To complete. S. 1. a mitre. A crust. 1. V. Olive complexioned. A. -ў eyn. 1 . v and p. pl. of the back.IAII. To bend. .bread. 1. 2. To perform completely. екшЗк. put to. (Gens irritation. complete or perfect. to of the mountain) Rosemary. pertaining to a crown etc. p l .. J-U — s. j-yj .off SPATHES mansion. i. I.s. The itch. 3.of hard earth or rock. e k i i . nose-bags. S. of У \ Which To mention. _ s. b b ^ l n i a m o f e . skin around the nails. A putting sleeves to a garment. hiding. 1 .j j j S. f \ E K I M . ('milıatmen. S. a. V.. I K I I I E . 2. T. The crown of Scor. сйЧ eymek. White ence. 2. To call to mind. rosmari. To A.. S. a. To bow. I e k m e k j l . . Bread tion. See plant. The constellation corona boA. producing its fructification in a spathe. na officinalis. putting in ambush. 5 fr tor. J " l EN. choice bread. a. prurigo. composed of the stars |î. a. Afitof Vomiting. 1. A means of subsistence. чтаг. а. T. V7l. libanolis coronaria. J l enil. 2. V. the annulus albidus. . (pl. ekme».у fern. met. V.v. . corona dealer in bread. to think of. did. gether with a joint between its parts.the crumb of the loaf. Detrac. S. food. A means of subsist. Food. I. v. 1 . CUj-uKİ e y l â n d i r m o k . met. name of the seventeenth lunar A. a. Aphagedenous ulcer. A concealing. Coronary. backbiting. S e e j f i T. T . JAjU _ (The kings crown) Melilot. v. a. of -йП HİİİS of T. Home-made bread. s. A mouth. muzzle-bags. v.i i . VUlg. The ChrisT. A circle.s. W h o has color A. Sown. (Wheaicompkxiomd). To Stop. To widen. piece joined on. 2. j J ^ i k i h i . coronal. -IFI eklmme. (pl. ДКЧ T.t. brown. vOi^l e y l a n m n k . t. л I s. J-ў s. № I K I E . secreting. ^ 1 loaf of bread. A baker. I. Amusing. hard earth or rock. A crown.curve. anchusa linctoria. v.. See Birds' bread. pio. . a meal. A. r a l e . 1. to be amused and diverted. S. a morsel. victuals. To have a the painter.. bird. V. See ^ 2. 3. P. an a pension. t. s. 1 S 3 4 1 ( 176 ) 1 3 I I bi 1 (Ptenoh).T.. anmaq. JIA^'^I EYIÂRı. The border of a.d O s. completion. make or let wait. field. wider. İ. İ. 01Я ikmân. 2. A. 1 JU _ s. ado. s. A. aklie. JJtf ikiit. . to make broader. An act of sprinkling. T. V. Breadful. a coronet. of flower-bunches. T. To SOW SOOd. t. s. 2 . ektânıuek. etc. № entl. ekeme. s. 2. CJST\ ekmek. 2. To amuse one s self.-iA. A making comone's self. The inside of bread. The upper part lilolus officinalis. 3. inlil. t. A. See t. <WiimehL. onliianmek. See J ^ T p.. agreeable. a circlet. To make incline. pl. 2. ao. perhaps. Лшё. t .

mounds. V. A blowing on the fingers to warm them. A. a. A. a. A. vn. a concealing. 7 2 э . ( â> ) . e n i n j e . a giving a name of this class metaphorically to one. 2. vulg. See j f 3 \ A.t. vulg. 3. cups. V. fatigue. s. ik-lıa. borders. An itching. m a c h iIn e . s. Filled.2 X f a r (asman). A. v. d. . s. 2. v. VUlg. T. A. cups. A file for metal or wood. Irritability. To name in this manner. (See iH en) T. Moaningly. s. L/L ek-ha. A n a m i n g one by a patronymic. whiningly. 4. 2. of Jars. pl. Of ^ f . malevolence. EICVSZ» S . 3. To make or let a.. stuffing. jy-tf i k n s n . 1. V 1 / ' ekvâb» s. s. 6. pl. that with which a case is filled. i k n a b . As •K'T. Extreme and sultry heat. A. A secreting in mind. t . такпё. Shelters. s. . A. S.ji. mugs. A covering.хГТ 5gende. y_f*> e k v ä ' . q. pl. e k i n n i . huts. vn. An abstaining through satiety. vn. tents. Hives. A man with the hand doubled back at the wrist and shrivelled. Shelters. IKNÂ'. t.. liUjXİ^T e y e l a t d i r m e k . Any thing S0W11 or sprinkled by grains. A. refuges. Inverted. e y i l i m e k .С У Ik n a h . 3. greedy. Death. The sight's being or becoming weak. Filled. Я. I _. jxSl e k i n d i . q. or in calling an echo S-r^daughter of the mountain. Now. S. 2. peevishness. pots. & e y e . V. 2. A G E N I S H . p.) Err. To file W İtil a file. & i k k e . T. adv. r uı d e (ıxsul).v t. Misfortune. & Bi. A bird's nest. v. j f Akıız. p. v. A.. A. vn. Saddles. vn. P. .. Breadthwise. ik-hâm. Dun-colored. A. ^rf ek'is. stuffed. wadding. Existences 2. pl. as in styling a traveler J-u-И son of the road. ageh. stuffed. at_the present time. i n e . )'. See ^xSn P. wadding. ı (qirat). v. States of existence. voracious. a. headdownwards. 1. S. and e y i n d i . As ^ Я. S. of OtT \. A tiring. rf The bony projections of the wrist. FOR ^ . s. Af <Wvâd. j) j i . Stuffing. f^f I I V Ä ' . vn. } f \ ёку5г. s. ЁКЛАП. As q. A. s. s. S.. S. 2. lıSı i k n a . A. T. Houses. 2. jxsı_ ikindi. T. tents. r ( 177 ) n nasal. adv. A being or becoming tired. o n n r g â . s. Worlds.. х Я igne. 2. A n y t h i n g with which an outer case is stuffed. JjXSl e k i n d e r e k . S. 5. districts. . p. s. 1. Regions. t . T. Blacksmiths' forges. P. T. as JU» y} . a wearying. See ^ p. See T. (in composition) As . thing be filed. ado. of j f 1. JL^FL ö k n â n . Houses. ene. ÜU5! okniîf. f \ İ g e n . Hate. A being or becoming hard or rigid. A. A gore 0Г gusset. 2. A man with a large wrist bone. crammed. of Bowls. An investigating 'Г to the bottom. s. pitchers.. The u p p e r jaw-bone. huts. Filings.5. A. A. s. pl.. t . o m u r g a . f i I N L N .. Incomplete. T. s g ö n i . j f e k i n t i . To cause some one to have a thing filed. ёк-heb. crude. s. I. p. A. ObSl iicnân. Sides. calamity. a. A. 2. A. Maimed in one hand. jugs. fz I Sgenj. of Heaps. rooms. s. vulg. А^Я e n i n j o . . the styloid processes of radii and ulnee. gaspingly. p.хЗГТ q. хГТ üg end. v. pl. A. A. of if !. A . 4. See A.j-l/1 ikvâs. b f \ agyfm. at present. • for . oylntl. weariness. padding. q. pi. olî 1 ^ e y i ı â t m e i t . t.. vn. edges. a. refuges. 11. '!. Large herds or droves. t. T. I . t. J f Gluttonous. pl. goblets. w a r (nafiz). pl. T. rooms. ik-had. of b f 1. . (Men. ik. of j f Mugs.2 2 2. s. & «'-fie. a. of 1. A. crammed.

To offer the hand. s. ^ l ^ J I v. See ÖU/İ T. ability. J j T . t. 1 . smith's bellows. A scuffle. 2 . done by hand. To do a thing easily or off-hand. j f \ i y i r . jA'r jjJI v. J"\ a g i n t . pan. A. sobbingly. a. 3. to unite endeavors. 2. JI âı. jt'T jxlSl v. 'Jf^ B Ü Z . a. 4. i. pass. Eatable. J 1 v. gurlin 1 g g y. (To mount another's shoulders) To bully. . T. The orris root. Interference. Any five things. The act of sowing seed. T. i. a scuffle. j-di . As . The sweet flag. In course of being made. T. JS\ eyln. s. a. To beg. j^jl _ v. Sighingly. Csf>. Bee-bread. i. To spin yarn. Strong.1 2 3 fer. To cooperate together. 4 . S. ^ X 1 i y iriJ i. i. 1. 3. \. S.i. of Ji'Measures or quantities of a bushel each. (To stretch out the hand) 1. S. fu T. A. The hand. to extend the hand for alms. 2. Seed-time.dASÎ .. J^b v. оЯ a. ЁК-IÎA. s. To relinquish. A . as a sign of acquiescence or respect. s. assistance. öLşi _ v. i. \ x~ v. a s h o r e . Jtfl E I T Y Â ı . 1. To put down. Hand-made. . To seize or t r y to seize. a tumor. To tie the hands. D. Ji4 i k i i .s. T. S. a. peasants. T. A hook. A handle.) To make oath. j H <o_Sl v. .v. 2. eaten bv a wild beast. J f \ âniı. A. s.s. Husbandmen. i. Bewildered. t. To sow grain. To find a helping hand.s. pl.v. 1. 3. adv.JJI V. Yarn. As . The forefoot of a quadruped. j\f\ I K Y Â R . pl. üf\ i y i n . of (J-S'purses. s. so. met. a. disconcerted. I. T . I N L I . t .v. _ adv. refl. small bags. or. q. See T. S. j ^ l . i. v. ^ . To clap hands as a signal. . W h o eats. dtfl i k i k . (478) 1 toird. V . etc. A. ^АЛЬs. Whose breath stinks. . ( F r e n c h ) . a. jr'3 . Very sultry. J* Ji'by v. of f f Skirts of mountains. to surrender or relinquish a thing. For a thing to go out of one's possession or power. gross or harsh. A sheep.s.s. j r f i k i n . s. •JJI adv. Cowardly. Work done by hand. Arable land. 2. or meddle with a thing.. (Hands and claws) A fight. 2. Stubble. A. on the scriptures. 1 . 2. A sheep set apart to be eaten. >Şİ iniz. j \ IYI. A spinner. adv. To agree together. i. T. Jt" T . to put on a garment. AS jtf i y n . t. tlic1^ e y e l a n m e k . 1. -AT anız. 1.i. JİŞİ i k y i s . f\ i k y as. secretly. etc. firm.3 r . a curved scraper for cleaning troughs. Peremptory. material to be spun. _ v. That is eaten b y a wild beast. 1 .i.j-CFL i k i n d i r i k . Purlingly. s. s. A. 2 . i. 4 1 did. jlji . i . s. A table-companion. (See also J j ) A. i . T. i. 2. In possession. J f i k i s h . to undertake. a. 2. s. To be filed.v. or propolis. 2. touch. Э t u tu. i. i k i n j i . ek. s. To reap. See ' j f ) т. In one's power. s. a stretcher. i. A handful. i y i j . To offer to take a thing . To join the two hands in front in an attitude of respect. pl. i y i n j .v. T. To meddle with. 1. J 1 s. v. A wen. The palm of the hand. 2 JI . v. In an underhand manner. 6. -War. of £ Bellows. A handbarrow carried by two men. ikyâu» s. 2. i. t . T. To become a file P. money-bags. To clap the hands as a signal or summons. Growing grain. Very or most coarse. j i t .s. To take on tc the back. A rib. . See ' j f ) A. v. A. i. 2.île. T. v. especially a honey-gatherer's hook. jlU . the cornfields. relation. To carry the hand to the head. iris.s. pl. 2. To throw off from the back. (To place the hand. A cross-cut saw. 3. aSI i b i d . who eats voraciously. DTSL' e k i n l i k . T. the orris. To shake hands. To take. s. t. A . Very or most intelligent. As g \. to meddle with. ekyâh.. S. a. ^ 1 v. _ s. 5. To touch. acorus calamus. T. J^t _ v. r l l e . 1. i k i j . t.i.s. 1. . V. To take one another by the hand. to have something to do with. A sower. A place where corn is actually growing. T. Bewildered and lost.v. CUjfi e y i r m e k . q.

A. -s. OpenA. Tools. ^t'üT s. j . J ' v. To offer A. The side. The speckhanded. Jl j l y s. J! Ojj vituperation. clever. j l a. gem. A wheel. t. To come handy. r ü d e ? X7 i ( 479 ) 1 з з 2. c u ^ j l a. Hand-writing. to relinquish. An impudent scoundrel.l Jl a. s. ^T âıâ. The mithe hands. »ль^Т interj. a. 4İ' v. A kindness. of ^ and Kindler. quickly. j ü ^ Jl led trout. _ v. s. v. (Whose hand holds a flag) \. To 2. Togoodness. ı > . 4İİ a. s. empty. Up pestle of a mortar. 2.. q. To take into Ottoman dynasty. for JJ . not too big. Except. S. i. to betray. Rosiness. Veer ship! 2. Anthony's fire. . Fraud. etc. I .and apparatus. of cS\ 1. called shemsiye or solar let. i.< 1. pl. a. scaly leprosy.s dln. not often met with. able. The. J U J j ä J l a. ters the J is omitted in pronuncia. âıâ. Water for washing t h e hands. 1. Deft. J l ai. e. friends and followto be enough. CL^T v. man of the hand) A kind of ink or color. striped. Down A. A rosy. q. âıâ-hâjâq.. 2 . \ . treachery. called kameriye or lunar letters. aid or to present an opportunity. v.2. Light chestnut color. a. Jl ii. hard to windward! T. strataeasily found. leave. To get a good scolding. rebel. J* s. i. variegated. instruments. ready for action. 1. 1.of a ship. To wash ers. i. relatives. a. vulg. Jl л F. Not p. 1. v. A (Whose hand is at his waist. 2. interj. (Whose hand or defiles. ^-f dUI s. JU^T archer. generous. The posterwash the hands of any matter. as an variety of cabbage. i. Organs of the body. Jl s. âıâhândâ. a. as. ^T s. a hand-cart. i. consisting of his (generally written To suffice. Spotted.. i. 1. ^ c .lettersed. The honey. W h o or which soils a. s.) to T. i. A a handful. The v. ^Ql eitoâb. conj. All theet-tasi'.) Alert. JlT-dl ity of Muhammed. (or ÂıÂ) Greyish blue be taken. il^'t n not a god save God. salmo fario. j . orange-colored. j)!. T. rosy. To take up. s. \ . j . Yellowish red. Ь. lonicera. favors. favor. 2. To be grasped or graspA. or else. Jl ei. 2. family.n off-hand discharge of all the guns on one side way. 2. deceit. J*Î ÂL. ^ i ı â . apparatus. ' 3 L (ıısııl). speckled. for J J .. pied. Jl p. .s • Arms tion and the following letter is r e -and instruments of war. s. pl. 2. of one side of a man of war. (pl. Scarlet erysipelas. Scarlet oi crimson blind. jic* J Î s. . JT âı. l (qırat). 2 . 2.. J f JSj 'jil It is not in my power. i.f a r (asman). About ship! 2. See j U ^ T i n 4 \ by i . Whose hand can hold nesses. The followers of A . man of importance. art. session. ^ ala. i J' ı 1 -war (lıafız). W ela. woodbine. v. To come into one's posT. with the helm. interj. def. As much as one hand can cover. J or j .Red: crimson. I I I A . 1. carries a stick) A riotous swashbuckA. J l s. I . and of his posterity. (To give the hand) 1. vulg. Idle. tion. J ' a. as The with the helm. m a c h i n e . (weapons or tools). Close-fisted.v. Jl Having white feet or one white foot. hard to leeward! -Quran. \. 2.(applied to horses). benefit. 3. (When this word is followed T. To fire a broadadv. Lepa. unless. t. W h o offers no present. i. (Zenker). ОЛ! 'jy adv. respectful attitude. etc. An ablution. A fierce scolding or suckle. To prevent ac. 2. To save. unemployed. handle of a mill-stone. -i\ EIÂ. d. v.s. one's own management. St. J l a. (The T. e. benefits. i. other are . i. j * . To receive a broadwho works untiringly. liberal. £ JJÜ I cannot do it. to rage. To join the two hands in front in a t . (For a fugitive. (Who works) with four hands. a.implements. JT iron fire rake. JT ai. cbf 4İİ v. (For Jl) deliver up.cause no such change in the pronunbarrow. To abandon a thing. Jl v. (zır). s. ^IJJI _ Tools 3 duplicated. 1. J». 1. The guns s. and 2. side. In a. excepting. 1. j11 v. âıât. manuscript. Ho! Heigh! handed. a. A. i. The •-ЛИТ. (See vlr-) J>~_> JT s. Jl ei. t»I ^ 41 4 There cut off the hand. in color. ciation of Jl.

a so as to merit blame. ^fiT alaşım. s. variegated colors. flash. German. s. A or to keep off. A. -ON i ı â n e . a. To make or let a thing be spotted or blotched. b i r d . The great grey shrike. manifestation. The common Blotched and daubed incongruously. (French). Aıâg. \. (naut. an assuaging anger sands. 1. v. 1 . лДЛТ â ı l m â n j â . To scorch al am any al ı. fig) The yellow flag.) T.2. v. a. k. To variegate ries.) That is at man fashion. 1. a square in a town. ii>Ji T äıärgä. т. spotted or striped in different colors. A piebald horse. blotched or A . 5. restive. V1I. dition. rale.. A^'i ilaha. S.s. being accustomed to. a deity. ÂıÂM. ashore. iıâh. An open space or plain. to shove off lugger. T o b e . spotted. Â ı Â Î L .. 2. (almost always written q. JS'AŞ. âıâv. 2. jWi aiaiamaq. of Л Thou. Push off! manv. To speckle.. v. âıirgâ. S. An acting red. Gerway. ordered. д^Т a. a l a m a n . Quarter! variegated. vn. a. dye. âıâs. monedula. A plundering expeshine. Very or most vile T. of ^ Pains. J'ij. corvus ling. СЛ*^ E I E M U N . dim. a. s. so. lanius excubitor. An appeasing. to spot. buckthorn berries. t. pl. cares. A. oI . s. p a n . s.. sorrows. keep clear! 2. or the jackdaw. To become chiding. 2 Mixed. A-'l. v. I. a be scorched or singed. German. I . of x . iris pseudacorus. garrulus glandarius.'üTâıâmânyâ. ly or grotesquely variegated. s. a flashing. See . a. The German people.also an open glade in a forest. 2. T. As 3 âı«'v. A small j! . T. V. interj. To push off. n. a T. ER ^ â l a .-lu y a.s. interj. that is in the offing. elâviyye. vn. fruit of rhamnus infectorius or r. Charcoal. i. large trawl-net. adv. A shining. blotches. ÂıÂJÂ. t. or JrA-» . A Causing to man empire. a reproving. a god. I. (pl. some distance. Pardon! t . 1. T. vn. Now. jii^il âiajao. ^^ \ ulujalullliaq . To ЬвСОТПе T. 2. The German ing. J^U» _ s. or stripes of different _colors. 1. come speckled. Utter confusion. burnt. 2.^T âlâjALANMAQ. of J T FamilA. a jumble. 2. e. or singe. 2. q. J ^ T â ı â n . T. V. English jay. prop. A. A being or beT. ( J F A. Jlj^T iVıüziilıııüq. A special kind F. coming familiarly friendly with. J ^ T Ä ı Ä Q .a.ailments. S . Name of many different kinds of and blotches. A courier. iıâme. AfijWT ÂıÂ-qArgâ. 1. I . a. v. t. 3. 1. 1. 2.v.s. 3. J ^ T âıâchâq. p. To A. receives or buys. a shindy. Jtj^i I alazlanmaq. (called with spots. V. ^ âlâ-jehri. The GerA. T äıäjaiumAq. especially a T. of *Jl Al" iar friends and companions. "war. t. did. Red and white in daubs . V. or severity. F. Ü'^ı EI ân. I. Wild.-iA. t. Who or which takes. pl. A continuous flashing. S. language. pl. J^T nxsr. Red and white. to blotch. A. to. 4/1ЛТ alamana. oes-wood. (See T. a. J ^ î a l a l a n m u q . disstriped stuffs of Turkish manufacture.s. pl. amygdalinus. a foray.v ı r â . to keep clear. In the GerF. F. ei'im. IJ-II iiAr.the shrike. s. familiarity. An appearF. alizaris in the Levant). The speckled stare or star. A also post horse. a gleaming.. of striped felt. A . The German people. (The red and while of worship. ^T q. or glitter. s. Yellow-ber. oifl AIinf. *<lî) An object and 3) iät^ .JiJfl ( 180 ) j 2 3 4 1 1 2 1 1 2 S f a r . f a r . 3. unbroken T . . of tent. scorched. or inflamed. s. T. Keep a. . A. i.. confused. A German.p. A purchaser. A. v. or ill-trained. at present. JJ BarbarousT. s. T. A making soft. used as a. 2. Speckled sheltered plateau among mountains. a. t. A fishing smack. met. to mark with and despicable. A blaming.

iiiiniyyit.y~. a nels. ^ Т ^ s. To draw up in line or procession. Oaths. To cross yards in a ship.. T. all goddesses of the pagan Arabians. s.. a. s. T. 3. A being or ( 181 ) c^jJI . 1. ı (qirat). T. An adjutant and paymaster of a regiment. In troops. A funeral procession. To be conquered or overthrown. W i ı â y â .s. The space under a dome.v. j H î â ı â y i i . s. (zır).adv. rumps. t . s. jj-lJI iıtibâs. 1. -ч-" s. 2. most certainly. A . etc. I I B S D . CJT âıt. See ^ t p. A. An array of men. 1. An organ of the body. the leeward side. (obsolete). A divine canticle. The lee. A procession. t. T. i. U I B I . A. of J I t . especially. to laugh in one's sleeve. i. e l b i s e . A collecting together. 4. the Serpent. 2. or s. especially. —n n a s a l . As p. aiayisiı. A. A. an instrument.A I i i i n i . A sticking to. A colonel of the army.. v. A worshipping. 5. fem. Any subterranean space. A covering with felt. I . i. Ь > s. J 1 â ı i t . the friskiness of a cup-bearer in a drinking entertainment. that is under. ашу. To sing a hymn or hymns (usually in the street. As dtf ^ T s. J î ait. garments. j^l I s. a. To laugh under the moustache.. The sole of the foot. vn. ^x-f^ . 2. name of an old Turkish prince. A. A tool. The A lower side or direction. ^Ul I I B A S .. Osf л ^ Т j x ^ v . r u d e (usul). Godhead. To pay no attention to. 2. vn. . T.. See J I A. pl. p l . pl. Pith 3.s. as. s. s The quality of deity. C . 2. i. spectacular. to conquer. The whole kit. A regiment of troops. У . 1 J ^ T . t. a. to be reviewed. n. etc. to overthrow.f + Î S J? S i i 2_L — £Sr tSsraän)ı "war" (hafız). To pass troops in review. prop. i ı â n i . oib. . A.v. a felting. vn. iiahiji. the Sun. prop. To pass in review. apparel. in utter confusion. alâyişli.f-. i.. The lower side or surface of a thing. especially. K-ıUL I I T O Â B . A. j-H ^ s. s.s. drawn up for show. pithy in words. ^T . n. as a beggar). s. ^ T ^ i ado. e. vn. Buttocks. Theology. Any subterranean structure beneath a house. t . ^ s. Troops in line_. a. 2. IIB. Name of an old Turkish prince. implement. 1. where councils used formerly to be held. in companies. Ppmp. i. cMf < c J Î T o be shelved and forgotten. To put a garment on a person. A space or place beneath a thing. To form in line. to hoist a flag. The ground under the foot. s. divinity. IIBÄD. Brave. pl. impetuosity. Olf-jxlT v. topsy-turvy. v. K e r . the New Moon. . The court-yard and offices on the ground floor of a Turkish house.s. a loft or garret. $. saddle-felts. a hymn. i. A large number of any thing. A field-piece attached to an infantry regiment. s. or a. ^ т âıây. of 1. j^TjH s. (See ^ ) A. Choice things of any machine. Stately. t. a hero. j ^ l . . J I jsxf prop. lower than. v. Petulance. is imitative). A putting a garment on a person. of J J Felt carpets. A band or league of men. S. 1. s. famine. Food taken before coffee. «. o f ^ Clothes. J\ JSjp s. Sound minds. ut i l i b b a . adv.v. adj. Hunger. A goddess. To cast down. . i. J I âip. y s. A. display. v. 2. of Of sound judgment. The sprightly movements. a. iıâni. To conquer or overthrow. a locality under a. (The bold lion) AlpArslan. deity. Upside down. vn. 2. (pl. F. A. maclune. 2. Any place covered over with a roof. Most decidedlv. t . j V . »^ an adoring. An under surface. c-a^l i ı â u i t . a. A making or letting stay. _ -i—jl a. Plato.v. 3 âib. q. n. godhead. A kind ofsergeant-at-arms. ^'ў^ . That^is. elbett. \. 4. a sudden outburst. > ' s. JCjl elbette. kind. . 2. A. Divine. i. A. s. A. A. Cx. pl. A marriage procession.v..v. vn. Defilement. i. 3. A . i â i b i r â it-. s. s. s. p. horses. contamination. breakfast or lunch. Âıâhet. of 1 . A. 1. ^Ul iibâs. 1. pollution. cupola in the palace of Seraglio Point. û t l _ v.

JIA'I iıtluâd. A. v-'UJI iıti'âb» vn. A . A swerving a A. 1 . 3 . A taking on one's self the collection of a branch of the public revenues. A against each other. vn. part of the mouth. A. A being or joining. A beating 2. a paying attenthe breast in grief or despair. 1. A treating with courtesy being in pain. A. A man's being or becoming bearded. A . a cleaving to. 2. A f o r c i n g . 3. A. To undertake to push and patronize. bird. \ . A leaning. hence . I ı T I D Â M . draped or cloaked. v. vn. A thing's attach. 1 . The foot of a sail. -war. To be adherent. J»Uil i ı t i q ä t . rhetoric) A making a transition of a deriving pleasure from t h e taste. A. vn. An adhering. 2. A becoming heretical in opinion. 2. A being boisterously and tumultuously agitated. A plant's being luxuriA. A deriving lively gratification from. A fire's blazing.jiiat f a r . A taking notice of. s. a s h o r e . A relishing. A preventing. 2 . v. 3. i ı t i z i ' . A forcing. becoming clothed. affable person. A tion to. 1. A . iitlixA. I . 1 . a paragraph. i. A farmer of public revenue. A wound's becoming boisterous and dashing healing. a suffering intense agony.usi i l t i h â m . adv. A a tribe or party. vn. A woman's drawing her veil over her mouth. iıtiqä. ^ U J J I i ı t i s â s j becoming adhera compelling. subject or grammatical structure in 2. 3Udl iıtisäq. ( 182 ) did. a being affable. 5.. I . 2. i. meeting. fildi i i t i t l m . To join. ing itself to some other thing. ant. 3. . 3. A.perfuming one's self. a n lotion applied through a funnel to a amusing one's self. J ^ i i u i t i s r . or kindness. a smarting A. 2. vn.l'jJI A taking needless trouble. ^RR'liJI i ı t i f a t j i . 2. an inclining. vn. A playing. vn. A being soldered. vn. vn. A being confusedly mingled in an uproar. vn. v. 1 . A covering an enveloping one's self. jl'jJı i ı t i z ä q . junction. 2. s. jilitfl â ı t i b â s h i . A woman's A. a detaining. i. a farming a branch of the revenue. vn. I A. iltizam ân. A taking shelter or refuge. 2. Solicitously. oudI iıtifât. A putting a thing to the lips. A. met. 1 . F. i ı t i s â m . A being or A. v. A w r a p p i n g up. vn. To kiss any thing. т. 2. a sedulously looking after the interests or advancement of. 4. a compelling. battle's being hot or fierce. taking upon one's self. A stripping a tree of its bark. (in A. Inseparably. 1. a A. 3. r i l e . 2. To farm a branch of the revenue. vn. A habitually great pain. (^käN i l t i h â s . i. pan. encounter. 2. A . 4. vn. A A . 1 . over. a A. one's self up. U j. so. vn. A taking refuge. vn. A joining covering herself with a cloak. A picking . 2. ^Л-АЧ iıtijâj. t. T. 1 . 2. becoming inseparable from. A being in T. A . To assign at a stipulated price the collection of revenue. iUdl fur. ti (French). a kissing. 3. iitissq. one another in the face. 4. an enveloping.. towards. A turning wav. 2 . or trouble. blocked up or obstructed. grief. deflexion. v. jWl i l t i t t a q . vn. s. 1. A poet's imposing upon himself the condition of using a given letter or sound before and in addition to what the rhyme demands.s. vn. vn. a being hindering. to connect one's self with. Reflexion of the epicycle. 1. A striking v. To take notice of. A wrapping or aching. I . As a voluntary undertaking. A. s. . ) vn. A. JLXIL I ı T I D Â D . By farming out. т. A . 1 . i. Waves' A. ülidl i ı t i f â f . vn. a turning around to look at. 2. A.t.. 1 . iitlzumji. A being or becoming obscure or confused. To take shelter. iıtiivâj. 1. T. vn. TFL I I T I J A . F'-dl i ı t i d â m . vn. A being solicitous about. A having a A. 1. 1. etc. 2. ! ent to. 1 . a farm of a branch of the public revenue. ilkJI iıtitât. v. j'xJl iitizaz. A being contiguous or continuous with. 3. A giving great pain. An encountering.. t. UIJI btizâ. to take refuge. vn.

do-narcissus. 2. V. a. to solicit. A medal stamped of paper in writing T. 1. 1. ranunculus crowded. s . A making a request. vn. 2.-ıü. ing. 2. T. a. t. crowfoot. 1. By sixes. A swallowT. A. family of Jengiz Khan. iıtimâm. To pick up. 2. яКЧ i ı t i m â ' . 1. v. vn. Sixty at once. on one foot. v. v. yarn be wound i n hanks. A sucking a teat dry. âıtinji. Name of a whole. J ^ T j J l S. a. T. musing one's self. Î altmışlı. etc. yll iıtlvâ. T. A being into sixty. JyJl what is below. A kind of goods striped T. A vermilion stamp. the cipher i n vermilion of the ing. The fern hart's-tongue.A color's fading. vn. 1. Sixty each. A. elâtmefc. that swallows victims like a crocodile. To A. adv. (Six T. entangled or involved. 2 . s A.s. A t r y i n g to or allow to be ornamented with gold. ^V^ i i t i n i b . t . vn. m a c h m c . Rich. ^V^ iıtinâs. Pertaining to six. a. 1 . iitlma. T. — ado. A making a mistake in etc. Ornamented with gold. A. â l t i n (provincial). T.. I. A. t. pelamys sarda. port or bottom t o another. To A request. -war (batız). l^l iıtihâ. A blazing become sixty years of age.nament with gold. i ı t i q ä ' . A flashing become gold. The acris.. n English reign. dt j . By sixties. The daffodil. especially medal. See L)y>\ fingers) 1. 3.t. fV^ l ı t i b â m . solicitation. A playing.OT. f a r (asman). Ipecacuanha being below or underneath. vn. an a ing a visit to. T. vn. A being inflamed or excited. s. Sixth. t. A. The a house. A thing that serves as a sup. 2. pay. A. J ^ f r jU> . iltimas. .lill iıtiqäm. 1. Gold. . (A sword) gold. a . a. ^Ь^Т a. I . a snatching gold. I . A being coiled bonito. ı (qirSt). A fire's 1. 2. . vn. vn. A. 6. a piece of at one mouthful. \. six fingers on one hand or six toes A being tortuous. âıtıi. Supination of the ûJlflT a. Vn. âıtinjÎK. jyiT S .The buttercup.ı û . (Jl^l iıtinâf. To request.3. 2. flower. 2. To swallow 1. 3. lyil (A flag) in the folds of which of a fact. s. TT äıtıniamaq. 2. j J ^ T v. jll eiti. A Hungarian ducat. A panting. s. To CaUSe a turning pale. 5. A being slow t o give over writings. a fading. 1. t. a. The striped A. u^T âl-tâmgâ. A being intricate. A being buttercup. a. a flaming. See kii&l T. Gold sand for sprinkling speaking. ^ т âltîn. Pertaining to with a v e r s e from t h e Q u r ' a n . (. A.s. 1 . narcissus pseuT. r u d e 1 2 2 2 I 2 X — jH (usul). T. scolopendrium vulg are. iıâtıiKife. The quality of Sy==> . of an epicycle. dim. 2. j U Î â m i 4 . a turning pale. ^-İc3 T a. Reflexion Six at a t i m e . — s. 2.ı ı n a s a l . jjdTjbJ s. To o r touch with the hand. used as a pendant to necksovea small portfolio placed under a sheet laces. a feeling with the hand. A swallowing at a mouthful. A changing color. t. u p . Lateral curvature of the spine. (Zenker says: chrysanthemum). A visiting. jylT a l t ı n . i âıtmisiıinJ 1. 1 . 2. A seizing. To become ornamented with gold.. 4. Containlike lightning. A m a n with or wound in folds about a thing. 2. 2 . To make ı or let be sifted. in six different colors. vn. ^ O ^ a . â ı t i m î . ranunculus acris. 3. . Jjl . man sixty years oİd. 3. proof. j ^ r _ s. A (wife's) sister-inT. V. That has upper sequin of ^Venice. t.gteil I I I 2 2 2 1 ( 183 ) (zır).root. v. A color's fading. of 'c^ and lower (floors).s. 1. IUIFCYAFE. A pear-shaped gold tion. victory is enclosed. Sixty. Sixtieth. âıti. 1. ^ y i f a l t i n l a t m a q . S. i. To make or let law. 2. as a sixty para piece or a flamed or excited b y some passion. A.s. s. 2. a. A small gold coin. subjuga. 2. as the lower story of s. 3. crowfoot. A chancing to get knowledge arm. 1 . V. A gold coin. Six each. Pertaining blazing. the wife of her own husband's brother. A taking t h e 1. Six. 1. as a six . vn.v. vn. A changing of color. Ji^y! T ä l t i n l a n m a q .

$. s. low-spirited. alaclıxıq. To become low. A being persistent or permanent. vulg. A. t. л. s. 2. See J ^ . V. that can_be mended. T. 1. 1 . did. aslıore» p a n . of tUkl A very small hand.v. alclıı. m e t . n. T. p. ci^l â i c h i ı t . 3. vn. become plaster of . dim. Ö I S Â ' . A. 1. I. a. A bridling or bitting a horse. vn. V. cringing. vn. a submitting to reprimand. Lower ОГ lowest. pl. J t u n alclialmaq» V. I. V. âijifc. I ~ . a seeking for shelter or protection. A. T. T. Lisping. of A small hand. ToA. dim. vn. one's self. dwarfish. 2. 2. Caves. a i c h ı l a m a q . See T. a. vn. The flashing of lightning. Greed. Six hundred.. 3. 2. 3.. i. 4. \. vn. W e l h a ._ T. <'-I J. put to rights. Shallow. To stoop to baseness. A hair's getting into a pen's nib. A . V. The w i n n i n g side of a huckle-bone used in gambling T. of JUU Somewhat low. a l e h a q r a q . s. W I I J A . of I. vn. The winning-side of a huckle-bone. ulchiirmi. 1. 2. The sixth of the month. See . To be healed. ÜL iıiıâ. a constraining. a. mended. 2. v. . i. (З^ьЛ alelıaqlamaq» V. l t. a gauntlet. stingy. v. A being or becoming healed. V. IS j Am. Curable. t. The Neapolitan medR lar.İ. S. «. ilJI i i t l y i z . ^ elclıâklıt» S. etc. 4. ^ M i i t l y i m . 1. n l c h e r . lust. ^ ü i I I S Â S . 4. tu. i ı t i y â s . s. i. FL iltiyum. Short in stature. a. covetousness. T. vn. 1. A forcing. To make or let be covered with plaster of Paris. A being involved. T. a dear little hand. (Ғгепсй). d. (provincial) s. A . To make or let a person or thing below. T. s. A. f & f . fruit of the cratwgus azarolus. See T. e i h â j . Thy huckle-bone has t u r n e d up it? winning side. A. 3. (See k} prou. 1. A being or becoming blameworthy. e i j û m Is. vn. To take refuge. to_stoop. I u l e . T. A being or beU coming blameworthy. a. An impeding. T. Despicableness.a.^üt ( 484 ) ^IU 4 1 1 2 I r 1 И г . a l c h i l a n m a q . especially.a . bits.. 2. Lowness. t. S. A being inseparably connected. sdim. to despise. 2. p. Low. vn. and difficult. V. Plaster of Paris. p. 2. or like it. The twinkling of a star. meek. 2. fu piastre piece. v. t. i. mended. 1. i. A coming or being together of parts. S. ä l e h ä q l ä t m a q . To degradeЗ'"alohimiaq. j U iıijäq. A. a. eiciıi. ^kl__eljime/or. Vile. b i r d . Humble in mind.See ^ЦТ^ T See J T. to become base and vile. To COVtr with plaster of Paris. w i t h £_). A glove. See j l s \ T. w a r . 3. v. intricate. despicable. ^ т uicviıı. A being tanned or sun-burnt. aljeyiz. Eye-sockets. T. Cured. A. A being inseparable friends. T. 2. _3 r .T Û Icliaq l a n m a q . and ^ as ö . JUIİ 1. ^^ iciıäq. To treat as vile.. Six o'clock. T. A. J T âli j. t. \. V... or put to rights. s. t. To become low. F C L ilti iîııı. A taking refuge. for j)T a. conceited. To stoop. litlyatj. a . jlibil alcbäqliq. See ^ ı т. To be covered with plaster of Paris. T. JJf^ î äalaelmq. Proud. T. j i * _ v. T. To Contemn. caverns. (Qamus gives the word with . j l l ^ u s. who pronounces j as or J . iıtlyii'. ^ J T d n s. of ^ Bridles. pl. A heart's being or becoming inflamed by some passion. i i j . A being composed of parts put together. a. A. mended.У \ UITIYUZ. flJ' iıtiyâm-pezir. For Paris Ц. iitlyati. S. s. so. To compel or constrain. The henna-tinged medlar (a red-fruited species). a l c l i i l a t m a q . 3. To Ьбcome low. Sihah. A being or becoming thirsty. T. . a hindering. a compelling. A being dilatory. âlclıu. j у . i. a falconer's gauntlet.

See cÄjjLI T. A causing or forcing to take refuge. t. s. At the present conjuncture. â i d a n j . vocal or instrumental sounds. jA. ^tjA' A . See £ U T T . 2. verdant. Obstinate. oÂ&ÜlU « ı . 1. ı (qirSt). 2. of Notes of music. jj^-UT aidashmäq. ^ Ц Т Uldâmâcı. a. A trick. A.Burialniches. S. li-1. oW elhati.U I Q Q . £'JST âidânj. pl. i. T . T. ado. i. s.. a sell. aI-İ oi-iıâmd. JJI eledd. Prating. з)\ i ı i r i . indeed. jtyl I I Z Ä Q . i. JI-L E I .. One who habitually cheats. . Very or most melodious of voice. Tvar (Hafız). 1. ^I-L E I I C H Â N . vulg. soft. leJI t-«-dii . a gauntlet. A. a. s. 1. ciijl i l e r l e m e k .i. A. Uncireumeised.-t* ( 185 ) f\)\ I İ T ü ?2 t I 2 1 2 1 2 t ~ f a r (asman). babbling. A being importunate. vn.j î . T. A. Very or most bushy-bearded. really.U . interj. 2. now. T. As AsS'UT T. ^aU iihLhâs. To Ъв cheated. ILL I I I Z Z . j t U i aidänmaq. . IU'TTINı. Provincial for T. r u d e (ustll). Easily deceived. 2. J*-'-^' âldâyîjî. t. Prayers! Blessings! Adieu! Farewell! Good bye! T. An excavating a burial niche (A) at the bottom of a grave. for A . Mutually to deceive and be deceived. The great grey shrike. A. or to flee for protection to. expounding or explaining. a. 2. A weaving. (. 2. To stick a t h i n g upon. J-\ O I U I . Provincial for j / U Î ^ т. vn. interj. abbreviation. in brief. İ. 2. ^ i m â n . A composing verses. 1 . A deviating from the right way. To join upon. A . ad finem. a.jjH 2â'khrmâmaıı. A. To be importunate. A giving to understand. â l d â y l s h . A . a catch. T . A making or letting a wound cicatrize. To cheat. Я. Sweet-voiced. V. ^ J U T âidâdijı. s. machine. V. 3. 3. A being heterodox. jbUJT äldadilmäq. v. To make or let be taken or bought. The great grey shrike. q. iiltjjl i i e r ü ı ä m i x . T. A giving a present.. a. J>». T. Not to let a fire catch. importunity. v.. a. vn. heterodoxy. T. for Jl Etcetera. 3. repentant. Thick-necked.. U M A. a. Name of the first chapter of the Qur'a-n. To pretend not to see or understand.IU Imam. to take no notice of. i i h l h . of JA..^ t . S. T. The section of the Qur'an containing the opening chapter. a. of J v j . A . See jJA т. V. (zır). Truly. JJ^-JT âuuttmâd.e l k h i . v. A. pl.^ 4. J ' j j H aldvrmaq. to deceive. lanius excubitor. 5 'L A. I . ÖJJLL Â I D I V Â N . Very or most fetid. a. To make or let a fire take or catch. s. Having puffy eyelids. 5 . i. A joining. v.t. (a small book given as a reading book to children immediately after the spelling-book. A. jlL! i m a n .. a taking one thing ön to another. J i H . a device for deceiving. A . v. A making adhere. ObU\ âidâdân. JM I ı Â ÂFCHIRIHI. A rendering inseparable from. in fine. A. V. vn. AşSljJT â i d â t m â j â . L. A glove. deceived or duped. s. s.s. T. adv. т. (Cheat-föol) A slight shower of rain. J-\ eiithâ. vn. i. to fool. O'JJN . vn. A. An administering medicine locally in mouth or nostril. Sorry. A trick. etc. For J^ . -UUrl ol-tıâmdû li-'lIuU. i. ^U-L I M A J . t. a. A farming out public A. A. oi-iiasit. s. v. V. T.n n a s a l . regretful. ^ U T Â I D Â N G Î J . nonsensical. A causing to be undertaken. to dupe. İı4râ. a. A . lateral recesses at the bottom of graves. 2. v. 1. İ. vn. a. an adding. Пед. a. 3. Glory belongeth unto God! Glory be to God! a. j W iinaq.J I 5 I C T ı ı H A Z I N I . A. a.t. To be deceived. adv In short. &-I itkna. A. vn. W . JW ıinâd. . Very or most delicious. or deceives. FLJL I I Z Â M . 1 . W h o or which deceives. Not to let be taken. vn. V. A. s.

A . A. a. Am I not your stumps of teeth left. An Arabic nesses. 1 . a. t. T. ni'itoe. ashore. to become faA. t. See CİAA P. j ^ l e l g û n j a r . alects. nullification.A. met. a. soft. iı-gârâz. 1. s. a joining on. 2. Fond of play.. F. 1 _ . Jv^JT âlishtİr m. a being permanent.. 2. It signifies: Am I not? ing as a favor.Amusement. 1 . in fine. A stealing. a being inseparable. A. to. first pers. ^ J l j j j The day of creation. t. s. Coquettish or cruel most of a robber. \ . to. (and with him A. Provincial for accustom to. vn. for tfV-^f The having recourse for protection (is) T. . A ham-stringing A. el»ân. vn. üUjXiM IıisndlrmehL» v. jUll iigâz. I . lisâs.p. To make ready. smoothly and easily. t . of —! 1. t. I t . o J l ^ . of ^ Robing in argument. a.I'jJI A giving a n d taking a pilfering. on. \ . t . jUJI ı l g a r . vn. A silencing or convincA. i'diH lizäz.. lition. essary.^ j A. A. 2. See о ^ ) T . To make a thing A. ^Ull iı'âto. j i H â u « h î q . S. Di. See dJul riddle. inlerj. Accustomed A. languages. to annul. A trick done to amuse cially. 2. CI Furious. branch of revenue for collection by A. elestu. vn. r i l e . a. abowork smoothly. i. God forfend! God oUjAiU forbid! T. ull i i g i . vn.y pl. s. t. j Tongues. Whose teeth are closely set. prepared. 3. miliar with. j l J I û l ' ü b a n . s. Purchase and sale. See ûbAl ilu Г 1 T. b i r d . 2. To T. 3. I agreeable. Very much or prunus insititia. Leghorn. 2. ( 186 ) did. The bullace. A regA. . uous. A. vn. I J . Err. a. v. trade. or deceive. Lord? was put to Adam. C . ЁГГ. liUJI i ı t â f . See jULl т. CUjvill i l i s h t i r m e k . for unto God! i. Who has only when the interrogation. ^-J-J I a l i s h d i r m a q .eJ! elsirae. Very or most j J T  ı Î S N . conundrums. i J I elest. a being Stand by! Ready! persistent. . ф s. jttll elgaz. v. k. Tame. inseparable from. ^ T äiıshiq. indispensable. I s. I ı ' â j . A . tıı ( F r e n c b ) . L business. A setting fire to. 3UI iisäq. t. a. a. pl. An expressing ular customer. conj. A game. i. an amusing one's self. V. İ. A giving or doof ^ is not. an appending. . Whose teeth have A. vn.J«1T alugde. 1.^ far. mercies. alishmaq. prop. burglars. -üi eiâtt.. benefits. A. iigin. commerce. ı-üJ' i ı t â f . S. To join on. «»I ei-'iyâzA-bl-'uuiı. lıishmijt. of taking. A joining on farming. Very or most nec..s. thieves. A being continУ . ill— >il îigîm-sâigim. vn. 2 . A mode or manner preparing for a second onset. 2. t. of Riddles. To be. pl. To abolish. ^Ul i l s i q . come accustomed to. A wild beast's T. DULL Iı'âf. so. etc.W»UI elsâs. ı J Ü J ı iıtâf. A. I _ . as above. v. 3 . To do business. negative interrogation. used to. pl. 1. That works enigmas. -cJT inter].. V. i ı t â ' . . vn. i. In one word. An abolishing. See v.s . s. V. A. 1 . sing. e. Very or most eloA. a. a making a T. a. 2. £İl ûıAg. s. 1. 1. vn. w a r . v. yJ T lur. v. V. E I S Ё П . of tJJJ KindA. an annulling. favors. v. j&z* . ^Jl Glass. revenue. TILIJı I I L S B L K . pan. Very or most to his posterity) by the Creator. See T. a. д Л alesta. a. to trade as a trader. t To append. one's self enigmatically. T. d> (nautical) animal. A slaverA. to traffic. or smooth. To be ready. n. s. A. To render bers. i. smoothly. kind and beneficent. A. toothless. a (. S. to trade. Narrow-shouldered indifference of a loved one. See j j T т. 2 . L^yjî âıigûrnâ. To get to working in short.. fjH E L Z E M . espe. İ Ü S K I J C . v. . A causing to join fallen out. A playingr quent.

To become a sieve.cility.juiJI oificie.. a. A. Rouge. See ciA-l p. s. Л i i f . A country. s. V. s. Words A . eleklânmek. A thouT. s. A place for sieves. a cheer. Л-aill ei-qis.. An imputing some offence A. an involving. ı-J' j o^* j 3 In the year one thousand two hundred and nine. dill i i i k . 2. (pl. The penis. jH iiq. A. 1. pl. Very or most sociable A suggesting to the mind of a perand familiar. 3. pl. Any single and solitary thing. таасЬще. The first. a. s. a l q i s b l a m a q . a. 2. use of the people. pl. F . 3. i$jf «illi âıi»-kyu.. J l iif. 2. s. A putting one's head First of all. a familiar friend.. 2. poverty-stricken. an associate. s. pl. L I ^ l ) 1 .igin and lineage. S. soe l e k l i k . Words which T. vn. p. A fecundating a ^läl _ s. the arm.T . A throwing or meet. T o S İ f t . a. j t ^ l ) nigma. . The long and familiar with. A primer. vn. s. The Cufic I (written J). A. The basilic vein in nomina.îr). 41 A. rabble. A being sociably A. of $ Things t y six. of J Thickly test or amusement. I I G Ö Z I . s. a.n n a s a l . a charade. a provT. vn. An acclamation. 3. A. vn. Л i u f . OlPl i l i k l â m e k . son. p. U/Juäl e l e k t r i q a . expressions. s.s. in fine. 5.adv. of ^ 1. 1 . vn. The alphabet. 2 J _ 2İ. W h o cannot worthy to be thrown away. (z.. «LOIR. s. A. an ass's back. A. j ü t i i q ä n . (JliN i i f a f . See O-. S31 u i k i . ^till I I Q Ä B . (See jAsl) l _ s. A sieve.. The first zone of the habitable flower with pollen. s. Jl âl. S.. scraped T. A. earth. entangled trees. A. J ^ T  I F I N J  R . f a r (äsmän). To throw in. s. elefctriq^i. Whose two eyebrows A. or sociable acquaintanceship with. familiar. V. s. AJİÎI A i q i y y i . Ull i i q s . £_l«!! iiqan. 4. s. Troubled. r u d e (usal). Any thing bent or crooked. î (qırat). a bird's tucking T. a. The bullace. The black stripe down 2. т. t. A woman who associates with sevT. The quality of a sieve. 1. (pl. 1. 6. 1. A. . a district. A riddle. t. A as above. e l e k l e m e k . A. panion. a n e. p.. dropping a thing into or upon.. 3.. A texture made specially for sieves. v. surnames in praise or blame.etc. jid I A I Q I S I I . For UJLOI A . s. JU3İ iifâf. imbecile. . s. ing by heart. i. Sociability. To cheer. I . p. j ^ i i i l â i f e t g i r i . t.. speak plain.. s. s. Any thing straight and A . ( j v . A wrapping. A^I eifakixte) a. of Мй Words. a conundrum.. T .«â. To t . . mous terms. An electrical machine. A. jJT âıiq.. A making or let2. (See P.). läl iiqâ.v. under a covering. Electricity.AÜJİ elfâgde / together. Ц1 . familiarity with a place. fUll i i q ä m . < 1 eiek. a. t . imbeterms. J»üJI öıfâz. u i f i t .s. j i i / _ s. be on sociable and friendly terms with. Familiar intercourse. ting a t h i n g be swallowed at a gulp. of <Ci)t T. a spelling book. t h r o w n out by way of A. Craziness. bachelor. T. of U The refJ>>-1 _ s. İ . Vefiq. T. thickets. Honorific titles. enigma common to several languages. 1. P. The letter I . a. A Л EILF. s. Cogperpendicular.. anxious. 1. p^. T o Saeral me a. s. applause. (for Jjl) A man's orsand. A hastily learnA . to a person. Synony. 4>>И â i g a n i . The equator. Crazy. v. a. eiif-bs. 2. T. dLKl P. dUPl distressed. t â l u f t e g y a n . See in J l ince:. . A^IÎ âıAfti. t alqislı. A riddle. A. or question. rubbish. Amassed. silly. 1. 2. cial intercourse. pl. q v. . Sociable. J I I I Î A I I Q I I Q . lute w i t h an acclamation. 2. Л iif. i.j^ ( 187 ) CAi&ı I I ! 2 22 1 > 2 2 . -Ш1 i i q ä t . the short of it is that. See jdlî have several meanings.L its head under its wing. to applaud. .. T o b e sifted. u ü T â ı i f .s. s. villi i i k . V. on. _ s. As «^«»31 . v. conj. s. See in T. I . in the first place. intimate. 2. t. . silliness. w a r (lıafMs.

IİI. severation). Pertaining to fifty.interj. to trifle. <üsl<üi!j of a bargain. 1. felt or touched. a. 2. M 51un. 1 . For T. Beautiful! T. the h a n d . сЛЛ ei. S. Pain. (an imita. e. ^ a.interj.v. A. i ° handled. (such a calamity)! 3. God. s. A. W h o stutters. sorrow. n. May God give to thee! groans. so. t. take one by the hand and turn him out. E I K O N . wlıo knees in. T. To A.and in God (I declare)! (A most tive) 1. Possessing a handle. a coin of fifty piastres. May God be pleased with A. il ^ıim. m e t . T. tM O I E I . did. T. a. A single act of p u t out of doors. 2.ıit» prop. e. D. S. 1. О Л or. <â\r interj. v. a. Fifty at once. and as a battle-cry. interj. JM I I E I . s. Hand-picked. vn. CI* 1. ^Т âıı«m-qûıı«»m. destroyed commended you to God! i. 2. jJfll ilikli. To be т. 2. To put a handle on to. of surprise or pleasure) as. the you! i. An affliction. See dissatisfaction.Il!. or with appearance T. 3. God knows best! God alone knows P. 2. q. s. «fi*^"^ oieyiitigi» Roundish. a.-Xıx. inter]. Glad to see you S â l l â s b m e k . To be A. a. A care. -ill niiftu. jOl e l k e n . W h o makes his opponents stammer.s â g l ı m â . J>\ E I I I . See Ridiculous! Horrible! O^J _ interj. Fiftieth. (See An ailment. a. To come to blows. etc. to touch with the h a n d . (Dog-handed) Calf-legged (horse). over CUjJıiHI â 1 îasîıdij-m. iikin. n. A moaning or not fret! üy-y^jf . b i r d . s. Л aiiama. İ. fl cu*m. to smart. interj. Name of the God grant! -цМ interj. Sorrow. J 1 . By God. more solemn oath). suffering. Fifty. k e y i m . Inconsistent.) p. 2. j f \ intcrj. and with God. worship. 3. select. one off with words. To become aii taking. tsl ^ interj. in God. i . Confused. ^ y j . W e have idol worshipped at Ta'if. To have a T. Good by order of Muhammed.. firstly. e.\.t. T. Deceitful maT. V.s. I . t.-lû. (A refusal to a beggar.doth will! (used as an exclamation sons come to blows. ^-ç^-'ı i ı e y i m s i . _ v. By God and sometimes in token of the conclusion with God! (a. as Goodness gracious! x. If God will! i. To take I interj. nsl âliajı-verdi. s. t u (French). < s ul jl interj. For ^CL . as " s o and s o " . 4. 2. or with sighs and j y j j . To handle. To suffer also iiU4l) pain.Fifty of great endeavor. İ . a. How strange! or. To give pain. a. See U J3l > God's sake! For love of God! jui . adv.• A. Fear not! Do A .. ü l k e . To God bless! i.. the first place. e. T.j . iııinji. adv. A. in patches of different colors. t. «JjJJI a. -war. God is gracious! i. 2. having the toes turned out and elKen. who puts the real truth! 2. Rouge. CT\) 1. 2.interj. A flat surface. not allow to see. As neuvres of a trickster. to take in as. bye! (Said by one who departs). e. I P a i n e d . to feel of a thing. lu T.eIt. 4/jSOT Slgyâne.K Û N . aslıore. <WJI fXz) A rainbow. ^з r . The quantity taken at one .i. May God whining. each. v. V. 5. v. s. stammers. 3. To make or let per. prop. s. сай i l l u m e * . fi â ı l m . interj. An uttering lamentations. i. Possessing a sieve-like. fickle. 1. such solemn oath). Good! or. handle put on. See | hand or a handle. care... 2. 4. 2.yui (188) fi t 4 3 4 1 t a î l î _ f a r . By fifties. pası. T. I thank you. By God! (an oath of asone another mutually by the hand. T. J } ^ _ a. 1. r u l e . a . W h a t (wonders) God b y the hand. make or let persons take one another 4İSİ. A praying aloud. a. Words of no import. Wonderful! T. F i r s t . to ache. whose majesty be exalted..) ». I think so. f/or hand. i. Daubed I hope so! Let us hope so! A ! S interj. 4. flat of a thing. jM a. Used to express surprise or T. ctfı âııâmefc. God is most great! (used in men to confusion in argument. âııâq. (pl. . To put Theodore.

as an apple country or s. To horse. As jlş3 . v. !. shrewd. suddenly like a flash. 3.rage. I. The apple. Capacity for taking and comprising. people. to set. . The truffle. A. 5. contain. dil ilmik. s.a maiden. dU i i i m i i t . I am responsible v. oL x _jJÎ V. i. n. To receive t . vn. s. The Jerusalem hslianthus iuberosus. Jtf JI to apples.) derived from the gilt globe over St. A showing signs of some coming event. a comprehend. to marry.J^l prop. dim. yâiamânyâiı. contagion. 4. To marry p. 1. 4. J i l ilimân. ^»lU s.. 2. To capture. eyeshot.(ijk v. 1. a being at the point fruit of pyrus malus. a. To draw blood merchant. I i i m i . i. A showing breath. To borrow. solarium tuberosum.W ( 189 ) dill Î 1 2 5 2 1 й 2 2 X 2 X — f a r (asman). especially. I . Keen. i. erynT. 2 . ^-Ill elmas. A witholding or denying an. 8. To take the road.. gium campestre. snatching. v. 2. i. . 1. afflicted. I. to obtain. A tooth. 3. Err.^ v. i. To just take or buy. See Cİ. 2. S t. The colocynth. 3. . (The of. To admit. t . To reing. A. p. trade. s. Mendacious. r u d e (tısul). VUİg. a graft. especially. to covering. v. To presage.i. To take a wife. 4. take fire) To be on thorns with some doubt or anxiety. P. 2. J^l _ s. to bleed. 3. t. a. An alighting. T. a white under-lip. from. V. JIL E I M A Z . s. (xlr). v. a containing. artichoke. of ]A! 1. A stealing. letting o 2. 2. e l m a s .ing venial sin. esculenta. v. i. S. To take in. i. of a person or thing. the haunch or hip. e l m a s . like. to undertake. i. V. man's briefly displaying her beauty. as. German expression is said b y some to be(man. . 2. vn. v. into the mind. To take. v.c'i v. e. To take effect. 3. 1. î («sırat). . (For one's wick to cuts diamonds. Crystal. 1 . . a. ceive a promise. t. To take the picture or vessel of these. A diamond. 1. A running loop. A commitC ^T s. 3. S. 7. Cut into facets like a diamond. become fixed. (This curious F. 3. to procure. iiim-zidi. as. The eryngo. tree and becoming near. A being or the eye can take in. the morel.Tİıere^ take it! 2. to take fire. n. ^ Т ^». J ^ / ^ i l l elmâs-tarasU. a rose-diamond. to marry. to go. t. S. I I M I . A s . i. to comprehend. 1 . As J Î inlerj. A stealing furtive glances a t . a penknife. To raise 3.-Д1 i l m i s i y y i . 11. To breathe. vn. A place special time. to conquer. Struck with Peter's. m a c h i n e . To catch. Germany. j f s.ceive. witty. To snatch. ^Uiil i l m i j i k . a.s. for q.A-i»!*» V. v. W h o into my charge.. 10. prop. i. or to be in a cut glass. A sharp. ^ I I N I A ' . i.s. to move forward. 1. t. Set with diamonds. t. a s a T. to other's right. A . VUİg. The potato. A . . To borrow money on interest. which is visible from the sea. — n n a s a l . vn. 2.) pain or grief. A likeness of. The distance apple orchard. q. There's for thee I A. U cynthis. a. iimaiiq.v.or any _ jjt-j v. S. ^At elmas. A T. 1. To take a measure A. a. s. A being on the verge of puapple-head) Name of a variety of duck. 2. . . take upon one's self. a noose. i. A t . A jelly. t. To A small apple. j-'il eimijicj. A making or dye.get. to take Д. A handful. Diamond. 4. 1. 6. To diamond. i. r' 1 1 iimiti. Of diamond. e. q. berty. Pertaining to the diamond. citrullus colo. ilmi'. a. especially i n the . s. P . To accept. glass. 9 . 1.for it. âiamaııya. (»41 i l m i n i . v. 3. in charge. A wo.4İİ T. — ter. 2. (A horse) having л s. t. A . 2. ^UH eimasji. 1.ц^ I have taken i t 5. To get or rev. I hope you like it! o gleam in flashes. U A wholly taking to one's self. The F. A. 2. To rest. 2.j y v. to travel. 2. The diamond. To take weapon or tool. city of Rome in Italy. ^lil i l m i s i . clever man. rnorchella gacious. waif (hafız). The a loan. Jit ^ almaq. ^ I L M Â ' Î . a diamond cut. satuber cibarium. The prominence of buy. Business. V. 4 .

11. T. 1. a. pl. A pennon ( o n a and cream or butter. The a thing chewed. Stupid. for making yarn into Things of various kinds. 2. a . A message. elenmek. Contaminated A promise has been obtained. A .s. To make or let flame or blaze. A message. p. nation and kingdom. s. vn. 2. varieties. CI. A. s. Roughs.. To soil.T. to be bought. . JjjN ELVAQ. yi' elve. See ^ smooth surfaces. . To 1 A . 1. s. to benated. 2. il-ve. to be understood. pl.^ 2.v. m e t . become soiled. İ. 1. intensity^ winding-. s. ' i i k . 2. A raising with intensity. See sifted. Greek. vulg. pl. S. flame. A. bends. of 1. To become A.s. t i tu 2 (French). aim. an J ablaze. s. V. ь Ш i l m i k . i. s. S e e U I _)U. V. Crookednesses. clowns. T. (in compounds) for case. s. t. T. S e e ьХИ llmikL. AIJII «'-I n<). ıJ^T â ı â n . j . -war.. To flare up in anhead round to one side. To a favor. 1. A prune or dried plum brought senger. A. t. eiönös. 4 I did. with sin. 3 a i â . vulg. 3. V. vn. &S IIIMIYI. the sloe. Slabs. T. contamito be procured. a. T. prunus sive. or obtained. a.d î p. ulve. (Seedlijb) a flag. 1 .T aiim. 0. r a l e . i i t i m i t . a benefit. I I V Â . To be wound in hanks. «^T âıâdö. a. alöv. V I I V Â . poisonous. üyl II IN IT. äıılıq. The small or wild plum. 3 of mountains. Soiled with blood. 1. anlı. s. W') of weapons. ^XJI ^ y i The blades A.. 3. E r r . j'. e. 3. sinuosities..ger. Affected with sleepiness. u i u s . Shametamination. species. from Bukhara or Persia. Any j^T sleepy. S. VLLLG. Sodomites. a bullace or writing on the forehead i. A. ness.d â m i n . rabble. Baseness. To be t . I.) v. Soiled. s. To be taken. 2. YI iiv. a. To frown. For a quarrel to blaze out ing a sign or signal. i. T. T. A Гвө! 0Г Wİnd" tints. A mak.. to defile. S. A turning one's flame or blaze. tablets. dim. (pl. jU 1 a l ı n l ı . . 3. a. Jjll «• inr. ornament for the forehead. i i v â t . ing-machine. 1 âlevlanmch. foul. The forehead . envoy. 1 . p. ( p l . T. V. (Generally written j b ) . S. DH . Kentish cherry.. The nature. ап ambassador. A. _ _ P alEche. A. 2 . A messenger.. to be conquered or captured. or ambassador. j\. I. of r y . S. To be or ted. a mission. Soiled or contaminated with.v. ü ^ I I V Ä N . JSJH äiiiäegi. ^ y t I L V Â H . HÎ) A kindness. s. fol' U ' . wicked. (Sec T. ^ Î J a â j . meanA. prop. A. Very sociable and ' F. i ı ä k i . envoy. T. See £T skeins. J^T p. fruit of the genus primus. of j'j) Skirts of mountains.Poisoned. i. L A . Pollution. The Greek familiar. The plum. to be received. 2. n ı û d i . i. 3. s. All VLEMEYK. aUamâoı. s. o/\JI Thousands. 1 . o f P a r t s A. vileness.. a s h o r e . s. An oath. so. S. of J 1 A T.. conWho has a large forehead. A dish of dates 1. 1. s. p. decree of Providence in each man's p. 2. V. the morella cherry. 2.taminate. (Yela. jUT alıalıq. s. Colors. 2. less. Sorts. Capacious. I . of ^ 1 . Crooked To make a quarrel blaze out with or tortuous things. Л\ E L M E . s. b i r d .. A masticatory. A tiyi u i â f . make a man burst out in auger. brazen-faced. pl. 2. 2. 1. a .pl.. armeniaca. s. a mission. to conaccepted. etc. a mislow plum) The wild apricot. T. T. to be admit. Surfaces. T. JL-Y-M I ı Ö N I ^ ı I . An acting as mess. T. of \. To flare u p in a passion. A flame. . a.'-ivs*. j p T ü ^ a. fur. jlT â u n . pl. dUjjJjll alevi ân d i r m e k .( 190 ) f a r . İ . lance. S. bloody. Whose At how much was it bought? ^ J J T J ^ skirts are soiled. tree and a missive.v. s. 2. jjiT äiud. j J b j j s. impudent. (pl. 1 2 3 c^jJI 2 pain. iiifmiyyit.

T. To. A. 1. s. v. 3. T . enough. a. A. _ adv. (usul). e. _ 2 war 2. moved by divine inspiration. root ado. prop. To sift. (for A singimpatient and lamenting. letting flame and blaze. a. (Also written J>„1) v. s. vn. v1"! ado.s. towards. Fibres. (Frequently used as a nom de plume. IIIMI. 1. Godhead. ^U^ iihab. an illtreating. v. of ^ Chasms. S. s. SC) pl. vulg. A. a just about enough. 2. V. o f nardostachys jatamansi. s. The musk-root. v .receive something. riTerdlrmek. j^l . 1. an impeding one to his outer silicious integument of canes hurt. A. JUl e l y a f s. S. Jf — Usque infina god. s. 2. pl. the cliffs and thing. iıâhiji. bows. diverting. jUl i i y â n . T\) A kindness. . p. prep. pl. a. 3. Subdivisious A. To betoy. A making or Capitolina. One who habitspiration. to suffice. t . etc. To this moment. ellxab. raising clouds of dust in galloping. T. into the mind. A. i U l i i y â t . etc. For q. Very or most lioninfluence. To all eternity. A plaything. < A. inspiration. 2 25 ı (qırat). İlin. or. See (Used in adverbial locutions. 2 .. Flags. \ A . ^Ül iiyâs. I I H Â M . 3. s. (fem. quarrelsome. of «-JJ 1. OU^l yiT _ adv. s. s. s. of foV'^q. â ı â n . Olgll i ı n â n . 4 I 5le. 4İT âıâ.) defiles in mountains. s. Hedrelles. prop. сЫ1 iiishiq. or an injuring one by helping or reeds. ually takes or receives.R Â . a. 2 . y^l uiiirWvi. n. For q. A being amazed toy. I . A. A. of У 1. An amusing one's self to the neglect of duty. 1 . <usl<lil.ı ı n a s a l . e. A customas by Sultan Selim 3 4 . pl. t . 1. A plaything. vn..цМ iıâhe. A furious gallop.) A.. captious. yElia precipicәs on either side of a chasm. t. ^ l i i y i s . et cetera. V. ing. spears. 2. (generally a beggar). home. 1. The space in front of a person or is generally used. See in A.adv. or arrows. E L V I / Y E . I4İİ iiha. vn. U! iiyâ. suggested by divine int. until. A. See СХЛ:\ deity. 2. For aa^ q. A bringing a natured. Tortuous sand-hills. (asnrnn). An object of worship. t. a p. 2. v^ll i l â h i y y i t . âihito. A.made of such material. V. unsociaTo wind yarn in hanks. . To amuse. Gum bdellium. a benefit. a censuring. A. A. I rufle 2 1 . his enemy. A. t . deity. J-ў . t. i i y i s . s. . A. A horse's Khizr-Ilyas. ilâhi. Jl iıâ. vn. &. tortu. See j J l A. twisted. Crooked. Palm or cocoanut fibres. i ı . i w i r m i l t . in trade. A^T n i i h i . until now. i. A wronging. Crotchety. . Who has to and essence of God. A wilful cuckold. A. A taking er of hymns. a rendering frivolous. vn. У a.. ilUI i i i m e k . Sufficient. selected T."Ü1) Large To infuse into the mind as by Divine in the buttocks. Goodmi Pasha of Egypt. ous. vn. One who never leaves present on returning from a journey. t.ji. and by Ilha. ->1^ iihâa. a deity (true or false).V. > (asır).^ e i v i r i s h i i .. _>Ц-4Т äıäjäqii. A. A. To the end thereof. banners. i. refuge.( 191 ) c^jJI 1 far 1 J. ^ Ilbia-mi. eternally. I . ғ. 2. A. s. a distracting the attention. a flying for protection. divinity.) P. (pl. Mil u l h i y y i . Elijah. У s. Elias. 4.s. ble. A cloud's flashing with lightning. V. Pertaining to like in courage. A. g ' ^ â ı i ı . 4 ele. ^ÜI 3. ullianiyyct. Until that occurs which Godmav will. See £Г inspiration. 2. a. a dispraising. A. An upbraiding. m a c h i n e . a blam. a. Jl i i i y . or lost in amazement. To and cleansed as with a sieve. T. An amusing.a favor. a. a creditor. A. make or let suffice.. standards. Jl iıâ. to infinity. X. T. a. a •itudinem. To the end of time. divinity. ^ eien. J i j 1 alishiq. A being t. Brave. a. God's inspiring 2. of provinces. Jerusalem.J i (hafız). aii. P-y. T. A. Any bird of prey. i. S. n. 1. of ^ J The A. The eagle.

(Mother of blood) An aneubought off-hand. The calf of the leg. so. (Mother of some kinds of sheep. (Mother of bodies or metals) Quicksilver. O l f l . A. To keep . . 2. „3 f\ fur. ü ^ e i y e n . I aliye.s.У Е Т Т . Very o r most soft. f t ıı m m . 1. or be a medicine. fem. The dura mater. The Any fleshy or cushion-like part of pia mater. (УЗ1 E I . The mother string. a having in view. WH. T. J^jj^iJ I ä l i q ö d i r m ä q . make a thing be taken.s. 2.) The opening chapter of the Qur'an . to detain. See J I \ T. ado. 3. 2.__ suitable. A remedy. at the present time. n.JI i l e y y e . children) Infantile convulsions. Wood 1 of aloes. did. A. s. The main body of a composite whole. placable. i. a. 3. s. A w o m a n bereaved A. a. . See Je^T T. №. See lÜAl A.j**!* „1 far. t h e pia metier only. or. The aforesaid. To take. the acacia. See jie1 A. Vulva. 1 . e. r u l e . a. a w h i m per. Û 1 E I Y I N A . t . give. 1. V. j U J I _ s. ovaturn malaccensis. a. To whom allusion has been made. of ji Soft.»1 a m . T. s. a. ıleylıiıxı > See in A. s . 1 1 tu 5 (French). dual. n. t. the bass or base string of lute. У _ s. familiar. d J l 1... İ. or . 1. ü^ i âıin. a. mild. s. ^ I I I M .. To seek or apply a remedy. Very or most worthy. (Mother of the Qur'an) the wife. e. a. aüJ^a . vn. S. (used in reference to persons of high rank. I . EIYÄG. V. the dura mater only. or b u y a thing without difbrain. (which. 3. I I Y E . rism. A. A. 2 . A making an effort. A. The E 2. Painfuh excruciating. Slatternly. mild or gentle. The aforementioned.. 1 Л _ prop. pl. im„ See t\ A. or p r o p e r . s. A cleaving the skull t o the dura mater. Thick in speech. _ s. t. (night). J)! i i y ä q . A source. 4JI i i b e i o f her child. An oath. JcA^I alislmfiaq. (pl. dawdling. l N ı leyli» ^ 1 A. S.s. detained. ä l ı q o n i l m ä q | V. wisbe expiated. negligent. The r u m p . low vices) Ignorance. A. T o b e taken. A. procured. < «i eiif. T. a. w a r . T. of Jt and • To him or it. \. Jl^l Iı i m a n . i. t.s. A. V. (Mother of the sky) the body.. Â ı | q . See. liUjj^Ji âli verdirmek. A. m e t . s. i. an aiming at.) A. prop. a. to cure. To make or let be kept or detained. v. a n origin. procured.1k. A.s . 2. I "u i i i 1 1 lleyhima j ileyli. j c y J Î äıiqinmäq j k e p t . (pl. 4 1 ( 192 ) 1 5 tord. İ. ope of the ( brain. JJI eiyki. a. V. M-JÜI . Envelope of the procure. aJI e i i y y e . V. (Mother side thereof. (woman). A mother. V. Rattling of falling stones. concubine. comp. 9 p a n . Very or most dear. or one the encephalon. s. ^Т ÂıIM. T. İ. The dura mater. ^ l j l . T. J-'liJi -s. JJI eiii. An acting as leader (fU) in divine worship. (Fem. who pronounces letters as t h o u g h they were the letter Y . ficulty or delay. I âlîveriluıek. T. The dura mater of the brain. i i i s n m i k . «JO У^ a. . gentle. s. An oath of refraining from wife or gyptian thorn. (Mother of the thumb. s. v. T o Л . wood of aquilaria agallocfvum and a. _ s. divorces dom. 2. Very dark. See J T A. ânn. A. 5 ashore.. _(A compound of jjtf and T. i n —J timate. 1. il>U) 1. To take. i J l e i y a t . JLŞ-^1 _ s. 4. or.) J I j y a . Today. JîUeiH . . i âıivermek. The v e r y fat tail of The milky w a y . 2. 1. JJi e m I a. The brain.s. as distinguished from t h e pia mater. [»I emm. if broken. (used in reference to personages of less degree. 5. pl. i. A. or bought off-hand. (Mother of the vices) Wine. t. vulg. To be t . s. -v1 i i e y h . A. (Mother of the brain) T. Щ 1. ı m . a n d if kept. Bagdad. or stopped. T . ot^' .1 im. A moan. most beloved. A medicine. J'^fJT alıqomaq. Very sociable. A. S e e T. t. or the whole envelt. To whom indication has been made. ( p l . Murmur of w a t e r .s. must (Mother of excellencies) Science. The fleshy base of of Grace) Mekka. 3.

A-UI etiiäjıd» OJ.V. 2. 2 . To_separate or distinguish. S. InvesSources. 0 f ^ \ e m e . 1 СОЩ.. of Beardshe cannot be sold. jl . t . twenty four to a league or p.. S. . 2 . I n paration. { ner corners of eyes. A. V. A.s. s. (always followed landmark.G I R . 2. count. An argument with premisses not proved but adHow he does write! A. the ter in hand. a.) A. a. of q. An indication. â (qlrSl). extensive deserts. ^U! imâta. s. prepared. a tumor. qualities. Й. bowshot. '!. the first chapter. The sky. 1. t. distinguishing one from another.J pl. JWH ^-AIJ s. ofL>& Places. P . account.Я s. .Mothers (brutes). v. A. by . a title given to each of Muhammed's wives. . A. p. p. pl. a. q. e m â s i l . vn. Elderly wives. s. originals. 4 m â r i . pl. o^1 p.... w. A. S. an ordering. conj. tion. of q. 3 . 5. A. to introduce the mat. pl. imperious..ц . . going away. e m t . youthful. or ambitious people. » . 2. chief or leader.. i m â s . A. U cmmore.. JjH . p. J U V a q J s. preA . InvestigaMuhammed's virgin wife. vn. s. V. rBde (uaü!)» — n Sı® sal» (ASÎÜİI). s. and A. 4. (fern. ) Central parts of A.J) How ! or. V.t Jimadl. of g y 1 . JUT â m â l .emir. but may be freed less. a target. . b u t on the ant. An inquisitor. a. 2. emSret. — kjl^i Covetous. and dismissed or married b y h i m after freedom. . . 2. U emmâ-taâ'dâ. Ready. mitted. God. machine. still. of A.. The world. . p l . Size. q. E I N U ' I Q . 4U! i m â i e .s. . j j ^ e m s r l & . s. account. Mother of believers. Chieftainship. AA ^V-L e m a l q . A*. 2 . (See ^ pl. a man's legal concubine who has borne him a child. 2. U âmma. A causing or al. 2. pl. (used after the usual eulogium. apnacipality. J^W âmâdegi. Calculation.s. of Praiseworthy things.Always commanding... • with provisions. 1. >T u m a r .V. An account1 . fortune. A. s. But. of e m e l . oul I m m s t . ->l. fern.V.. 3. An accountt. 2. s. (in which men are butts for the shafts of len. of M. How it ! ^ 4. a A. ant. An inquisitor. A. putation. of A. . P. of ^ q.. lusts of the flesh in their unbridled . lowing to die. A mound or butt. Calculation. a putting to death. S. Mother of the child. Vn. vn. A furlong. A. < i . A Stocking a things. E M S R E . The milky wav. pl.. q . i.. t. A. of J-f 1 e m j e d .. state. most eminent.*-l Best. ima* 1. An acting AS (Mother of the stars) 1. s. irnâre. yet still. A causing or allowing to have a n inclination (Jr*). A mark. A. of jVJ pass to our subject. interj. j^l e mar.e. 1. tale.. 3. s. yet. w î r <na£İs>. a contrary. v. The unchastened spirit of man. Swelled: swolparasang. emahlz. vn. (e£r). A making one a possessor of property (JV-). S. pl.. The granter of desires. sites. (or. EMÂITIII. emadih. vn. To prepare. The territory of a chief. »I&-UT s . To put to death. S. U âmmâ. J M e m a s l l . scrutiny. q . comprop. p. A. 1. > ! i m â r . A. A making one have a wish or liking for. of e m e . A commanding. em3r-gir."U I M I U E . WL. 4. t. pl. a prescribing. 3. JUT ämaq. • > > imSre. of J. main parts of tigation. smooth-faced.. îmaze. \ . (Mother of Muslims) A isha. body-dressing for textures. pl. v. OUi im. be ready.jU) Always commanding or imperious. A. A beacon. computation. To A. A pronounc- . 1 . .ju.u ( m ) &л f i r (İsпа&я). The sun. Readiness. 2. s. rr'^T amuj. amad. p l . Low-lying bottom-lands. A. or acts. scrutiny. AT v. } S. S. s A swelling. pl.w amâsîde. e m i t . ^ i m â . A separating or A. s. p. pl. âmâs. A removing.3. pl. leadership. pl. s. 1. A token. NOW to A.) A. A butt. jUl E M M A R . on or before which a target is placed.

СД. Ah! (See A. a. otherwise called caliph. F^L I M Â M . (ОЧЦ) to man. â m â n . handle of a rosary. s. A . A shrine the charge of God!) Fare thee well I ûf s. O 2. adv. (The leader of the Muslims) the Sultan's special charge. An 1". 2. 10. A 80П as v-^S" for w-l^. (not a priest.jl^UI imâm-zâde. n. Name of structed i n his duty). jUI v. 9. 1. seller of amber mouthpieces for pipes. protection. 11. vulg. On government account. Quarter! at a time. 2. set up by the Shi'a people for the yearly festival of for safe keeping. C-»U imamet. To make of an Imam. s. jl*l i m â n . Trusted. 6. (The Imam looked for) ernment office in which monies are The Imam Mehdi. 13. illiterate. t. A schoolboy's daily task. worship. interj. 1. 3. a. (The Imam charge of another for safe-keeping. a writing \ and pronouncing i t as form the office of Imam. С И j interj. Protection. 2. did. in an enemy's country. J* i A.Shi'a sect) A slave or servant of the lam. The stem or of the Muslims. fur*. especially. 1 .. a a son of Nadir Shah. The Imam• jtaUJI j . s. 2. •»••V. rulet tu (Frenob). of a tobacco-pipe. as above.ll (. in O ^ L . 7. A prophet. The quality or ing a vowel 1 or vowel point ^ like the vowel j or vowel point also. (with the 2. 12. also. 1 .l iniSmc.1) tributed by t h e caliph 'Umar. (pl. at the expense of it) especially. A depositary .e. jUT â m â n .. s. also. A govCaliph. i. As a trust of Hasan and Huseyn. S. of a person or thing. (Be a trust in p. 1.. not by farming out. Untaught. İmâmejl. A quarter. p. especially. To grant protection to an builder's line or rule. .JÜI Ofj J p ^ « that 'Ali was t h e rightful Imam jA• ^ Y • JoUl after Muhammed. 3. To ask for quarter or of the mystical saints of God on earth. security. 2. o ^ 1 ites. r . fided in. A house. originally dis. a. a trusteeship. road or path. S. conture. A maker or the line of 'Ali. i m ä m i y y e . S £ 3 4 1 ( 194 ) 1 2 1 1 2 ^ А И j A. go. 4. The Imam's thiness. _ s. who is to reappear received and paid on goverment acto judge the world. v. (The latter part teacher. A cenotaph shrine Custom-house. twelve successors of Muhammed in t. there can safeguard. anything committed to t h e are imprisoned. i. Ai' A leader. T. 1 . trustiness. of the chief or «iyi») v. a model. 1 . 2. fainted away. a sect of the Shi'a who declare . 3 . v i z . i m â m . 4. etc. I _ . s. To give 8. A slave or A . God's trust through Adam Name of a stew of egg-plant. b u t a man in.u^l ^J-I jr J^ IГ The last a.^ ^ e m â n e t j i . s. of the word is Turkish J i for J J i . A successor of Muhammed as chief t . alien. The space in front a son of one of the twelve Imams. 2. of which there are two God go with thee! jl*^ interj. 5. the Muharrem. A ^ J I j-ji J i j t \ ^ ü many factions. (With t h e Shi'a sect) one of generally of amber. 2. as follows. emânetân. l)ird. pl. i. Alas! Mercopies of the Qur'an. Safenamed having disappeared to return ty. A chief. as final judge of the world. any book of scripu m m u n . A mouth-piece.jbU i m â m b â r i . office of an Imam. any book. 3. faithfulness. Muhammed.^-JU jAj-^U r Oil* j. peace. The office of trust.F U UTı w a r . 3. P. Quarter. prop. Л A lieutenant. The direction of Mekka. a chief of a sect. Oh! 3.s. also. S. also. 1 . one of the model! Pity! 2. e. v.q û ı i . 1. s. a house where immoral women trust. The Qur'an. ^ U interj. \. A pattern. peas. To perp. • Ji-. A leader in public worship of Is. . and his descendants after him. s. The comptrollership of the of either of the eleven first Imams of the Shi'a sect. i. count. servant of an Imam. They a r e split u p into . 1. JZL* — s. s. met. fU emäm. eslu»e. j U The Qur'an. s.Imam Mehdi. i.j Jc t J. A A ^ U e m â n e t . Tl'UStWOr. 1. to lead in ii for the sake of rhyme i n poetry. relics of Muhammed. (with the Shi'a) rich. a register. safe-conduct be no more Imams in this sense.

machine. i. q. 2. into confusion. a. a swaggering. 3. ^й. 1. tribe. A choospeople invited by a prophet. jjkljMİ î m p o r a t i r . P. 4. e m t . A conformunder protection in the land of Islam. a calculating. 5. An enforcing the lex talionis. S. 2. A. j ^ l îmtıkhur. VUİg.t. The Ьаг. To whom quar. vn. 2. A designing. A master in science. A man's family. 1. the proof of the pudding is i n species. a custom. A being or beA. a trial. or candidate.. ing to rule. religious belief.U _ s. A habit. Wl. (as 5) A generation.scorched and shriveled u p by heat. 2. JE>l i m t i s a i . voided may not be blown back on ^ viJ s. 0V. 7. T.illustrate a subject. in the place of another. A quoting or inditing a verse to A . o U İ m b a t . Ы i m t a . To conform to. A strutting. VN.v. berim vulgaris. 7.the marrow out of a bone. The brain's being turned countenance. e m a n î . an aiming at in en. A measur. jfc'Ul i m â n i t k y â r . . vn. VII. 8. £_Ы i m t â ' . J. a testing. an imagining from a dethat blows almost constantly during scription. The A. A difference. go to examination. authority. 2.J. good. To be tested. pious man. 6. See jjtlj^n A.3\ •p ^ O ' ^ ^ In the people. Jjb-U' J. or example. test. а. sincerity. precept. The chief track of a "road. ing. AS T. p. To offer. A putting one's self. The people who o. v. A manner. 3.jlÂ-l ( o l ^ l i j y ) The chapter of then.sli. (as 5) A i. A drinkThere is no doubt. To test.the eating.5. a A. ü m m e t . war 2. ber. The leading features of the churned. 2. 2. s. I . a chief.i. (pl. 1. S.2. etc. F. 1. A narrating. V. 2.f a r (asman).. 4. (pl. S. rule A. nation. The Etesian wind picturing. bey a prophet's call CJ^ _ s. EtT.a disappearing. A being ОГ the ground. P. J^-JI ing. / . a tumor. imtikhaz. б. vn. A being Aş-pi 1И s. imtâA. лЛ) 1. To be examined. A putting a thy. A swelling. An acting with opinion in respect thereto. 1. 1 tom. S. V)L. a m ä h . A 1. xmmot. power. ease. vn. A being or becoming possessed of a thing. 2. a plotting. a guide. 2. A. j U i m i n i . 2. an undulation of A. 2. hSn. a mound. 1. и Ы adv. or gift. 3. i. imagination. deavor. A F. (for A. Who is an alien A. To compete in Dominion. 3. — n nasal. An examining a scholar A quality. A. ı (qırat). a selecting. 3. the man is honored or contemned. i . i.. (a man or thing). scholarship or attainment.. A blessing. 1. ) 1 . J ^ l the clothes. a. v. A being independent of n î y y e .1 s. practice. condition. shiper of God living among the hea. (zır). S. in summer in the Levant. an attribute. a To examine. i m t i n a . 1 . C-. 2. A habit. C-. A. a mercy.! ÎMTıICHÂITH. j ^ l -. A trying. thing into the possession of another. eminence. or difference of ing pure milk. the " T e s t " . A trying the dis. coming possessed of the comforts of p. V} ^ ^ A. a saint. 1. An intending. (for A. The Christians. A doubt. A getting of faith. İmtıhâz.and able to do without. fl) A the Qur'an. i m t ı h â n . A. 5. vn. fol' J j ^ Conformably. ıj-Jbffb a m b e r b ä r l s I S. EMT. clan or party. Religion. (hafız). A being destroyed or annihilated. State.c r u ^ ' 1 e m b e r b â r i s f berry.&*J3 _ v. A wor. 2. the sixtieth chapter of 4. 1. a test. ter has been given. vn. becoming scorched or singed. To undergo examination. a cus. 3. "I rection of the wind so that what is s. S. ^ U I life. e m b o r a d . S.. Comfort. p l . a variation. 8. The Muslims. s. \-v. community. a practice. rude (usul). appearance. The Israelites. A being planning. by way of conforming. affluence. jİA-JUl i m a n i t d ä r . 6. A being or besafe-keeping or delivery to another. vn. -1 2 ( Н1Г) ) X i ' 3X X 3_ L ~ to whom something is delivered for A. TrustworA. 1 . A. a mode. Form. 9. J l ^ l i m t İ h S q . 2. an uncertainty. e. an estimating. c J s.' An coming effaced or annihilated. Vn. 1. A leader. an examination. of u m .

To be distended through overA. 1 .. 1. vn. war. A being a sipping. . 1 . a . goods. DLI. ör favor. 3. vn. i. bi2 . jl _ v.1 imtisâs. s Tar. A sucking A. to become distinguished. ( F r e n c h ) . A having a g r u d g e or a spite against A. 1. or through. i m t i n i j . a refusing t o apsaying hard things against an adver. nails. i. vn. To ret i n g accurately i n its place. v. VU. An unsheathing. A being 0Г out all the contents of a thing. vn. i. vn. ing. 2. To acquire or procrastinating the acquittal of a distinction. A ilege of any kind accorded by the riding a saddle-beast. 1. A milking a n aniA. . vn. with something. 2 . v. 1. a laying in provisions from a A. 3 . Jlkul imtİtul. 3 4 ( i 96 ) 1 aid. \ . 3 . a combing one's self. To get To taunt a beneficiary. A keeping a person as a drudge. i. vn. A A. To be A. becoming rebellious.j»ıä»ı 1 ıtır. vn. vn. V^l i m t i n a . Blear-eyed. Vn. ing. 2 авьогв) p a n . effects. That fits wide. т. Tofit. 4.i. A shunA. 4. A making one firm hold of.1 im. give out rain. a suitA.3 . ^ ы s A. admitting. A. A sucking. J>BL i m t i i a i . accurately together.v. An interpolatmal. A w i t h some thing. I . 2 . 1. mfet. A. vn. CT. getting on well w i t h another. VH. A sarcasm. _ . A blowing the nose. E M T E S H .. A. A. becoming prolonged. vn. merchandize. 2. Ы I M T I Y  R . o r . A passing by. I m t l r a .1 i m t i t â . A being t. A not sary i n litigation. A fuse t o do or receive something. A casting in i n g one another. 2. The wind's m a k i n g a cloud ing. vn. j U „ s . A being di. distinction. a. f o r > l combed. 1.a religion (^-Ь). A scrubbing or scratching one's self. A pulling out. o f ^ y ^ 1. A separating f r o m a strong or firm (:>•»). T. A sowing spacious. A receiving being benefited with a share of. vn. A. A being broad. \ . A. A. A being 0Г dyed in hair. VU. Very or most of another. 2.v. >Ы i m t i i a . imti'Â. Wares. 3. J4-» . ing or meddling with the good name A.. -W—il. A being refractory. -^УУ^ IMTLZÂJ. S . A. weakA.s . Sultan. A making up a bed for one's accurately into its place. ü ^ e m t e n . 2. J!>1 i m t i r a r . an avoiding.proach or do something. A providing ers. eating. of no account. pl. that is fitted self. Chat• a.patent of A. 2. UC. j l y . a drawing out. inatizsjii. 2. A dyeing one's self. inıtliah. 2 . VU. imtifcySk. A. A dying. A being snatched.snatching. Ç^l imtidSfcb. a. A snatchA. 3. An embracing A. A doubting. near.tels. vn. j l ^ i inititxin. inxtldahL. A. A vessel's beprolonged. 2 . a being A. imtîbLiıat. SV . i. ing or becoming full. . An injur. 1. A snatching out of one's hand.. A ning. That does whetting. jb-t imtiyäz. vn. another. i. luted with water. not fit accurately. ımtılss» 1)71. 3. A blending receiving. (joLdb. 1 rd so. vn. vn.tlsb. An importsighted. A postponing special privilege. imtirSz. An u n . vn. accurately together. I m t i k y â r . iıııtishöq. . vn. a eulogizing. A being i n A. a T. A. jlxul imtizÄcb vn. A sharpening.1 I M T I S A S . 1 . vn. a not being susceptible of A . To blend the teeth a benefit conferred. tinrm. 2 . i m t i n i n .a state of repletion from over-eating. vn. sheathing. JLjiH i m t i h i d . 1 rale. A using a A. \. ing. 2. partner with division of goods. (j"!/"' i m t i r ä s . etc. A part's fit.debt or the fulfilment of a promise. A prais. vn. 1. 2. 1. gift. a present. vn. t h a t is not fitted A. An earning one's livelihood. A land's being A. jU^I i m t i d a d . 1. A. 2 . т. I v. 2. impregnable. 2 . I M T I N A ' . imtizâjsîz. on well together. 3. A special privone's self with a saddle-beast.A. separated or distinguished from othA. 1 tu.

s. fat or juice. ( p l . n. churning. V. The moon's JJl? Jt>! May you enjoy many like it! J'^l The proverbs being in her dark phase. 1 . Pre. 3 . . (for JİÄ^) Vn. emjc. a book on accidence. or declen. A . of J b 1 . a succoring. like. examples. a disA like. A. 1 . in algebra. of time or of life. nence. ^ Jb. most illustrious. Jt»l Prov. A. i m k b a k h . s. ımhlü. s. A. A narrating verbial locutions. 5. 3. W h a t is imported rating.T) 1. 2 . a. t h e lex talionis. He has not his scarcity and famine. 2. Any nipple-shaped promi. A giving A . A being testy the draft of water. An effacing. A punishing b y Sincere good advice.s. ı N ı I ı Â S . A. ı (Qirat). V. Income. I № I ( 197 ) 1 war 5 ftıafug. There is no precedent for it. i. A recover. jAJsM imkuâz. s . an A.decreasing or vanishing. To help. Tales. likes. pl. fellows. A being or becoming for derivation. In like man. a destroying. ments. a. Diarbekir in Mesopotamia. A beginning. S e e to another's help or succor. sion. -Uİ 4med. A thing that is temporary. hence. of J b U HİUSA. I . unrivaled. S. a p. an end. The ileged. JA»!) Very or A. 1. Err. erbs. becoming full of marrow. A nipple. produced by dlc^. 2. 4. A precedent. To bring up reinforcements. conjugation. ( p l . a n magnifying or glorifying in words. also. о Ы v. The А. Military reinforcenipple. a. for ^juT q. continence of urine. A T. A praising. 2. J j J b ! There taking away his blessing. 1. illustrations. VII. A. 3. A. 2. faithful counsel. One who comes T. Very o1. a vene. 2. For Uc'i q. 3 . u m s i l e . 2. s. i m j â a . May obliterating . ( p l .an aiding.1. j*->! E M S E I . t. 3. Proverbs. a. 'I. A. God's ner. 6 . a. 2. 2. J ^ . of J b . To show a A. I M H Â K .one pure milk to drink. To come to the succombined effort. also the goal of a raceirritation of the bladder (*'Ь) or in-course. (See above. s. p l . (pl. s . Л -UL I M C A A Ä . (See <ь-л>!) cor of. -Ь-W) Very or central office of government. S i m ilars. (jr^l amedj 1. 5. Importation. J i t . v. >Jt»S E M S Â I S L Z . S. equals. 1. 1. 1 . Any A. Paradigms churned. Vn. t^-H-ul imdadjl. JLFL e m j a d . as in cases similar. 2 . A space of time. Done. pro. t ^ I M K H I vn. vn.) 1. Unequaled an excuse. A-iyM u m h İ ı â . t . numbers on a ship's bow indicating a thing. Help.far (hmm). T. (pl. truly. 2. . revenue. being destroyed or annihilated. A helping.. » t •JUT a. Specially priv.. A coefficient or quarrelsome i n disposition. ^ i 2 2 I 2 1 a nasal. prolonged. -ui ё т ё й а . 2. W immlha.. s. a. s. W Imixä. vn. An point of time. t o assist. .most trious. A. a getting well. ^ v. s. vn.general of provincial correspondence T . especially. A refusing with T. A. God prolong (so and so)! A. A. ıj^ emseıı. period. Parables. vn. 1 .ripe for churning. T. i. 4. s. i. Jt*l 1. or dug. 2. (jjl^l Imhaq. a. 2. a reverencing. vn. JLJB-L ÎMTIYÂZAI. arriving. A suffering precedent. 1. 2 . 4. arrival. 4 Ы E M S L I E . ^Ы imdäd. A makcedents. interj. That suffers from friendship sincere. proverbial saying. A. A respecting. vn. A.3. âmöjl. vn. The appearing. 1. T. Jol^l imhLliiz. A being amples. . EMJOCL. Jl^l 1 miıâı. vn.! ado. J b l e m ı â ı . ölfS E M J I K . an excusing one's self. The sun's reappearing after eclipse. am «'-«i. Vtl.' ı ı Ä I N X . 1. m a o l û n e . s. E x A. s. Without a precedent. p r o p . Property's of Solomon. a oft-quoted. jV^l i m m i n a q . teat A. r u d e (aeul). CXJÇ-\ ^ M J L K . and blightare precedents for it. A. vn. The outer end of the assistance. Jt»l Imsal. p l . 2 . Provincial correspondence a t the A. A BEING ОГ unprecedented. J? ? 1 (zır). 1 E M S A I . A coming. Milk i n the most eminent. 5.

. e m r e d . perative. . 2 . 1. Very or most T.being o r becoming bitter or unpleasant.Т â m e d e . pl. gA. 3. o m r ä r . SmedengySh. pl. A custom. To decree. A written command. yA e m r . Intellecthabit. addressed to the Grand Vezir. P. e m r S z . 2 . A ^ У ) A command. ^ ^ c s . 2 . 2 . A passing the time. Pertaining Then. Of 0Г worthy of eulogy. A being easily P. A repartee. a being light of digestion. д-л-Т â m e d . a usage. a. To go to and fro. letting pass t h r o u g h .. Bitter things. vn. a pardoner. v. 2 . ллИ u r a d u d . i m d i . > 0 Beardduty. come. d.eases. A forgiver. vn. A m a k i n g bitter or unpleasant.v. x. Therefore. i. Thou art or infectious diseases. 1 v. So. m e t . J . maladies. r u l e .1) A thing A. 2. I f S . b i r d . s. ^JUI i m d i . forces.r e f t . s. commanders. smooth-faced. 1. ^ e m e r r . e. Contagious der the . Ji 1 ^ . God the forgiver of sins. As ^лИ q. Galls. a decreeing. mystics) The world of unconditioned p. 2 . Import A. bitter or unpleasant. S. Powers. i m i r . ado. 4 . 3. Income and e x A . A verb in the im. ./S e m r . Arrival and who gives orders. v. T. 3 . _ command belongs unto Him to w h o m all commanding belongs. a thing.s h u d . f u r . Pertaining to v. 1. The office staff of clerks u n . port given to a traveller in Turkey. № < » 9 . ^ a m i r a n e . me.Aj^H Smurzcndc. 4 . ü m e r â . mainder. l i j f c j ^ â m A r z g y â r i .T 2. i." less. t. \. 1. to which people usually come. W h o pardons. a i d . cJj . a case. â m e d i y y e . Now. existence. forgiveness. A. a m A r z g y â r . s. s. a biles. Myrrh. (pl. t. umurztt \ who forgives. i. 1. A . requiring for him protection and postp. p a n . e m d i r m e k . S. A forgiver. vulg. A making X. "Who commands. w a r . vn. . (pl. fy s. a. jy\) A matter. conj. Imperious. ^ U s. s . a decree. 2 . W h o has come. give orders. immediately. which is to happen. p. A A.) a n d departure. t o command. S 1. 2. p. of C o m to be received as income or revenue. S. to be decreed. s. (1. X. youthful. ^ a m i r . etc. I . S. 5. (pl.worshiper of beardless boys. a t pre. horses. a superior and subP. A r e m n a n t . A comP. 1. a sodcept. t u ( F r e n c h ) .p e r e s t . A making or who has arrived. Amir. The office of the Amedji. He who departure. S. A saying bitter things. a pre. (firman) of the Sultan. Й. ıjP^^ i m r a z . t. mands are given. a.^А-Т J ^ c interj. which has h a p p e n e d . A. manders. _ s. a P. j'j»/ s.v. c m î r . To make or let pass. to a commander. V e r y or most penditure. a busip. a. (An exalted order) A Vezirial letTo be ordered. a rule. 1. i. WllO İS to digested. »АП umde. commands a n d h e t o whom com2. I a m glad to see youl A . s. VUİg. A forgiving. (title given t o a pasha. p. Arrival commonly used in concluding letters. An imperial rescript P. 1.cJjj ( 198 ) f e r . ing sick. a re. which is A.. »Х. pardon.j pl. jy'* } ^T s.) umüähEt. âmurz I a.or letting become diseased. Forgiveness. 2 . s. vn. s. 2 . 2. JW _ s. V. a. To make penetrating. (a phrase s. S. A. well comel i. (pl. imrâ. a n event.n â manding. A place ordinate official. P. JAH aiiiBdeni. J^^ i m r a r . Commander of perquisite or fee. 1. an order. e m r . A fallsent. S. of Jr^ DİSLÎ7-L. or let Ье^ sucked. a n ordering.n S m e . P. S. arrival. 0 4 / s ^ ter directed to any government funcjjT^t ^ and A ^ ^HIj And to tionary. Full official title of t h e A. vulg. ness. »modi. near or over. To (in politeness) A letter o r note. I n a short time. . To come and go. A. a.omite. P. ual powers. \. (with a pardoning.a pardoner. thesis.j ^ â m u r z i s l ı . A kind of pass. ly^ e m r e d . 2. t J S m e d .

A making o r 1. 4. of 1 . To excite a longing in one. V. A. — n nasal. X. 1. pl. s. t . To-day. A. v. who is P. V. Axles. A. 2. I. mental dis. of TeT. Şr adv. in a religious fast. Flat-footed. A flogging. That has a as by medicine. ^ ^ emzlkii. Yery or most oriental d a y of twenty four hours closely in contact. To Suckle. vn. canonically fixed for so or let be sucked. a ted States^ of America. j j}) A withholding. pinions. ^L-И imsäs. V. A mode of Small in the buttocks. spout. jiU/^T ä m i r i q i ı i . suckling. A retaining. Tempers. to cause t o desire. the sun having completely T. 2. у-П 5mAs. or go. V. CU. V. T. 2. ^ emsi. pl. i m s â k . this fast. 1 (qîr3t). I t — . t. M R I N M C K . s. See spirit or inferior deity.. A sowing dis. Who gives suck. S. n. T P. ing suck. A.( 199 ) far (asman). a. machine.) to the night just passed. s. beginning t o fast. a. t. To make or let a vessel have a letting walk. e m z e m k . s. T. An abstaining. A. especially. emzemek. To feel a longing. S. A. $-AO M Z L K . 4—>\ emslie. A. li^T Jllr prop. at. İ. A causing or allowing to be suckled or given This year. a detaining. begins with sunset and night-fall. (Used also as anday. A. A being purged t . time when. t. S. OSemziklâmek. A holding 1 P.. vn. 2. constitutions. pl. of J—• 1. i . A. V. emshasfend. positions. a at. especially. The point of to be half asleep. day. \ . To hold. 2. 2. evening begins. t. permake or let doze. To SUCk A. emzirmek. a . To plots of ground. X. Bodily temperaments or ly. t. or coming in the evening. as above. since a n A. suck. Level to give suck. America. To fit set. American. I MISS. hence. . self-denial. V. avaricious. cA. The Uniabstinence. (pl. s. A. the expression commonly refers adverb. 3 . ф Ojlv. Emzirilmek. j'j-b't^l i m i z g a n d i r m a q . Ropes. ^Зу^ e m r û d . To make or leting away. 2. u m s i y y e . e m s . a. T . A purging. V.s-1 w a r (hafız). 1. JU>1 emsad. A. to retain. t. i m s â h . (for JUjH) emzirtmek. 2. S. 1. See A. solemn commencement of abstinence t . A spout. a. parsimonious. t. To be nacious soils which do not imbibe suckled. pl. to be another. 1. . V. a. A. s.. imsal. ( f o r ^ j ) ) A. an abstaining from F.. rOde (usÖl). a drivspout put to it. 1. V. Of yesterday. A being miserMixtures. S. j a tutelary T. staying. P. used during the ) Yesterday. A making or letting touch. -Ы-ДП i in. speech. 3. T. a spout to a vessel. To doze. Beds of streams. T. S. water. To be SUCked at. Very o r most giving suck. a. t. ^SLaI emsike. See P. V. U/^T ä m i r i q ä . ъ-r^S i m z i j i . silence. A single time of givinsipid. emeshsh. taining to yesterday. An angel. of çj^ 1.parsimony. the nipple.İ. the current year. ^UÎ . X. J^j^ emzlrish. S. X. e m z ı k l a n d ı r m e k . Cr'1^^ ımızganmaq. Combs. avarice. V. (For j . (Compare cUd) scourging. $ adv. T. ing as a cathartic. vn. 2. V. To-night. vn.emzatıuek. 2. emzik. Ы iuısâ. 5. t. 1. pl. pl. İ. prop. of u^^ q. in Г Ü/. e m s ä k h . shafts.. Ы i m s h s . Wall-eyed. of h—Z* i m z â n m e k . the hour of T. To make true day-dawn. CXtjX^ 1 i m r a n d i r m e k .. A being. To SUCk A. (zır). an operattake the form of a spout. 3. n. cord. i m s h i q . S. this night. <^-1 e m i s h m e k .v . v. î s . Хл-Li^l i m s h â s p e n d . A.. etc. t. vn. s. p.

penetrating. To be or become to the inmost recesses of his burrow. i . An injuring. or letting come within reach or pow2... 3 . jK-l ^ s. Earthworms. vn. a. A spunhurting. vn. A making sibility. s. >JK. i m meit. jllİMİ imzälamäq. . T. a opinion. ImposA. IMFCYÂN. very sharp. of J U Moun. so. by the contracting parties. well cooked.. 2. 2. . To make I tinize. A scrutinizing. ^j-liJUo»l ımKälasbdırmaq. ımzalashümaq. See İn A. J^UaH İmzalatması. s. .i. a. A making some grievous thing fall from the sky on a place its skin. valid. S. The impossibilsaddle beast. 3. S. also a wasting. vn.t. a. le. A.. A. A driving or I . omzag. sibility.U»! s. 2. T. e m m a ' . t. 4. (Bowels of the suming.I Imls. v.nsiz. v. t. See Clfl signatures. To sign. 2.i. as a bruise. Possibility. \. of rain. A position. s. feaefficacious. a . A. of I n .I » ! I M Z Â G . q. A making A. 1. v. S. пшшач. jbwl i m ' â n / vn. A making or about with each new opinion. ® emside. Central parts of extensive A. i. to scruT. EMZÂ.X-A-*^ jKH adv. . 2. To Sİgn. tres. t. pl. OKOlljji j c adv. A horse's running far. Disagreeablenesses of disletting pass b y or through. ashore. t. As far as possible. pl. cities. 1. t. A. vn. s.. An animal's retreating affix a signature. _ . a. „3 A. A busybody. V. summits. <!*•! s. w a r . Impossible. vn. Verv or most be mutually signed or inter-signed hated or hating. 1. CJK^H a. e m ' S q . 2. e m i k . İ. current. V. emqat.. Jc^lİMİ imzälaslnmäq. S. pl. a concluding. be possible. vn. of 1. ( p l . As far A. 1. repugnant. hence. That is frequently sucked. I M Z S . of UM Backs. r. v. See I T. 2 fur. 2 3 4 1 1 2 - t u (French). 1. S. 3 . pl. of j-> Bowels. Intr.. For i t t o associates. ISILKY AILSIXLILT. jtn) The inner or inter-signed by the contracting corner of the eye. EMQ. Tossed towns. T. vn. V. documents. v. Şr İ. t*»l IMA. V. Equals.. or let be signed. A signA . Very or most er. 2. Impossible. . A. an investigating. s. lumbrici terresA. A.. j'**1' . ^jA*^ amis. A. an improvidently. A. A. (З^' im'tiq.. of yh* Bunches jtjl of dates. V. To interchange to take great pains with. fully ripe or fully cooked. s. Veal cooked in rain to fall.( '200 ) ^ ^jJSA 1 1 far. w h o follows t h e current letting be sucked or sipped. ö t j ijjr-* . rule. troubT. O . JL»I imsâı. г. 2 . fit. j ^ l .i v. pl. pl. CU emelt. . v. A deepening. signed. for ^ÇJ-'L . Meat jelly. . J^Ua'l imzälaıamäq. (X.. 1 completing. sore. ging parasite. bruised. practicability. or improperly conintestines. To peer into. T o A. testines. j V J&l v. Sucked. ^ U » ! I M S Â S . parties. t. be possible. jljl v. ing a document. 1. j U l emsär. etc. Very or most ) pleasant to chew. pains. A riding a saddle ity of a thing. fickleminded.Deep water-courses between high cliffs. vn. A making or deserts. U*»L eoıtâ. A procuring a as possible. jeUl. met. J . 2. 3 . vn. j^M"! ummn-gaylun. ' enasırö-. \. bowels. .. t. IM'Âı. a. of Showers T. t. A coming within reach or A. sucked T. ripe. bird. 3. write one's signature. A. pl. pan. of Large or people. 1. To be dry. Work. fl T. a being or becoming possible or practicable. labor. i. i m m ä ' . (Bowels of the valley) tain peaks. T(\ Mutually to sign or inter-sign To work hard" or long. -i»*! i m t a . S. v. (pl. JIIMI i m t a r . a signature. Jjljt •лКЛ -ъ.. To make or let be mutually signed A. i. beast. jUwl e m t î r . a spoiling. A.. Companions.'(ILMI. power. To keeping one away from his work.ya. did. 2. I. s. to labor a t . To A. A. To dorsal regions. pl.

L A. lands possessed .. vn. of '%•) Moral pleasant or gracious. V. s. pers. j^l/ 6 _ s. A. of ^ 1. plexioned. pl. jb&l ө т ө к й а г . Imlak. Very great o r orthography. Vn. A. Salts. ambition. (Hair) slightqualities. masc. A putting a thing possible or practicable. a. Very or most vulscience of orthography. Crown lands. 2 . i m l â n . v. sire. 2. smoothgood spelling.2 2 1 ( 201 ) 1 2 2 ^ t 21 — c^jJI nasal. 2. 2 . T. To make bezzlers. To bore or annoy. i. ocJI a. (pl. 1. 'f s. i m i i j . One who is devoured with ambition. pery. aspiration. of jK. jCl emKon. 1. or low vulgar fellows. 2. 4.. Very or most beauA. 1. coming poor and indigent. A writ. ^ з и a. 2. ject of desire. doctors of science. adv. v.l ı ı . vn. J. 4. o/'-ЬЬ 1. A.»! i r a e t . To long for. Ignorant of orthography. A. S. 3. W r o n g l y T. Whose that fill vessels. a. of-J. JUT) j .far t. v. Young. 4->T) ing. W h o spells ill in writing. A.. ^ И i m i i m i k . walk with very great effort. faithful servant. hence.become depressed. W h o has a longing Ь for a thing as an object of ambition. w S r №аш). s. i m i i j . pl. A desiring. LH 3ra. to cause eyes are of a very light bluish grey a thing to fill a receptacle... v. . 2. s. pl. Men of spurious parentage. A. correct spelling. S. The A. greatest in possessions.Wiikiitmik. W h o spells piration or ambition. s. Ill spelt. irmelime. s. s. < . vn. 2. J»)U i m i â t . Agreeable in manners. A Causing t o ces. Sciences. t. S e e J I . Unt. Very o r most agreeable. Lands belongw) A. T. i m i â g . of ^ 1. A-XI imisin». t. vn. v. of£> Buffoons.. ı (qırat).i. Dark. 1. tiful.s. False orthography. ^aU i m ias. s. 4 .n i m i k j i . s. thieves. In respect to . d. 1. emblica officiambitiojı. a. Pla. A giving suck. a comrade. E M E I . A. and of another). i m l â n . t. üTc&'l . spelling. a n o u n fully declinable. 1. To write. pl. a. A. A. ing (not copying t h e orthography A.-) Fulls. W h o has no as2. I . a . i m i i j » a. A. One w h o works 3. a. ^^U ещ1е§. A de. r ü d e (usûl). E M I Â H . A. 2.v. A. y J U inalusrz. I n Arabic grammar. 1 2 . i m i i k . To confer a thing on perfect triptote. s. a boring o r vexing.. (pl. sing. hard and takes pains. adv. ^ U » J-Л . Angels. To t r y A. I t gave a chance. 2. t. pl. (for P. or let t r y t o g e t u p a n d walk. A being o r v. 3. Of which the waters are salt. t o shuffle along. beautiful. A. t. >XI i m i i s l z . a. especially. labor. as property. A. worried or vexed.. I n point of T. 1 . gar and obscene i n talk. a coveting. of 1. jOU c m i l g . J. 2. i m i i c d â s i ı . (zır). . A. To fill. (I. Posto walk with very great effort. a longing for a s a n object of Emblic myrobalans. An ob. a. a wish. tender. a.becoming bored or vexed. Smooth. 1. Smooth and slipj W s. (âmvılij?) S. emeKji. A fellowservant. a longing. quantities ly sprinkled with grey. Salt waters. dark-coman ambitious man. i m i l l î . 1 (asman). A. as cupfuls. nalis. Very light bluish grey (eye). A being or beT. orthographically. sites. Orthography.. t . Rightly spelt. 1. ' i m l â ' â n . a. etc. 3. a into one's possession and proprietorship. Men t . A. СУЙ e m e K l e m k . s. graceful. trustworthy persons. emiîk. I . sessions. A. pret. hope. vn. imiäq. ^ L » s. i m i a . poverty. jyOUl surfaced. (pl. especially. correctly in writing.color. fresh. s. A. An old and spelt. pl. JÜH i m l a l . (See in fee simple. a wishA. J U I M I I T I . Salted. Very or most ing t o the Sovereign personally. Sweet. a fellow-worker.. İXH i m i â k .li. 2. Ambitious. to get up and walk. t. To be imof science. JBL I M I Î K . bibed by sucking. e m i . i. Correct spelling.

matters conceived in the mind. of JU PossesTo suck the blood of. O^»! em-vat.t. of A. A. S. A.. MAN.^ts v. mana. y\ Hmö. opulent.. V. J l r ! emval.. free from suspicion. emvsj. 1. q.( 202 ) f i r . 1. Safety. adv. sions. doubt or uncertainty. etc. A. the official witnesses of • s. lOîl .v ._Taught. Very or most trusty. tions.} pl. p a n . emniyyet-taXhshi. 2. confident.The affairs of the community. ^ _ s.s. a. tender. Trifles. 3. a. vn.. of ^ Matters. J I » 1 I M I I D . Universally or generally ada court of justice. misgiving. so. Front. s. S e e J F ^ A. A. E M E M . in affairs. V. pl. as partial matters. S. T o CaS. Safely. Cold. a. a. or events affecting t h e universe. (pl. A. Young. of «-V The p A. S. Very or most difficult of approach or accomplishment.dead. V . P. witnesses". e m v İ q . fresh. S. JFL nmmaq.. F o r a p. ( F r e n c h ) . jUl) A or let a cock be castrated. Safetv. a. bird. trustees. j y \ fur. events. Ы U M E A S . Genors. cock to be castrated. safety. lmUqlamaq. In all confidence. VUİg. strung. 3. spiritual matters. v . i . and who claim to be saints.. I M I Î Q I  T M  Q . pl. S. t . 2. keepers.s. of eme. V. superintendents. A. Very or most confident. (popularly known as "false unnecessary or annoying ado. ^ U L I imiîeâe. a. goods. . prop. n. (from A.V. trate a cock. D . V. who conceal their doctrine. cases. 4»L Am4ie. ' „ n m k .. omıııyyot-Ъакlısti.-J& M Î N . Young. secure. p l . An emitting sperm. To exhaust. Things es. impregnable. s. witnesses. a. adv. p l . Assurance. learnt. jy\) A n tions. Very or most safe dead. confidence. S. Specialities. İ»T âmAie.. To make confidence. S. fresh. custodians. a m u j â . Private affairs. emblica officinalis. . ElT. a wish. a hope. 1. Very or most A. adorned. J*T) Aids or helpers to the attainment of aspirations. a. I n respect of prepared. S. jA»! imiiq. unfeeling. pl. pl. A being or Who or which gives security or becoming very smooth-surfaced and confidence. of »J» Rich. (pl. A. 1 ( 1eme-vat. u m u t . чу\ a m a d e . S. The quality of giving security or T. trustworthy. ®»hof®. s. and secure. trustworthy.eral or public affairs. e m n i y y e t .) 3. AbstracA . stewards. tu. taught from eternity. To imbibe by sucking. P. кЛ Е Ш Ш Т . S. l . Trusty. A. S. Uul emiîy-â.s. S.s. A. >\y\ ё т л till.} l . A. particular or confidence entrusted with property. 2 . and freedom from suspicion or doubt.. faith. jy\ i m i r . 1 . pl. jj^ . A. to strip of possessions or power. pl. 3 . T .desire. u m n i y y e . tion. Legally credible witness. T. s. corners of eyes. a. of i>»l Men of . д. The river Oxus. p. freedom from fear. m e t . A.. 1. gers. of V Waters. collect_ s. (pl. A . jy\ umur. Near. q. 2 . S. theses. riches. Confidence. A capon. emnä'. t . ^ . an aspiraT. witness and officially testify to transacX. t_ L ing. s. effects. s. A . 2. P. HMÂFCHTÂ. safety. 2. S. trustworthy. Js^jM İ m l i q l a n m a q . ofC~*\ emt. facing. A . especially. _ s. seers or^ saints. Prophets. for . 1. A. T. Safe. f i umem. Jjbl A M I A C I . slippery. » 2. r u l e . c>y\ i m w t . A. vn. To suck. without Matters relating to the future state. w â f r . whose d u t y is to mitted theses. did.. â m j â . and tender. W a m m â n . P. 1 . 2. A. jÄ IXMORX. . or State. or trusted. : ji^ _. pl. of ?ry Waves. cınvân. A. Easy. İ. A. t. i. A. A. 2. Collected. s. a. pl. 2. of q. 2 . 1. a. T . U I M N S . security. Name of a sect of Muslims (called also v ^ ) . Of 1ППӨГ T. Sure. Emblicmyrobalans.

2. _ s. P. 2. A. Of a dead white A. Foals. in Europe. J)i. The quality of being a Gentile. 2. A . s. P. (rfV). J.. 2. To procras2. u m u r j u l ü q .. To show contempt by putting to A.lindrical and rigid bars. mancy. ture. 1. EMEH. (t. W h o learns. blood.. 4. Ciel 'jy\ a m o r â etmek. SmilzeiidOf a. (pl. <sjy\ s. Maternal. A putting a p. A. b y the public. those A. Jl^l j dip* s. conjugations of the Arabic verb. s._ s .. p.. rOäe (u*«xl). a. cold.united effort or labor. P. Compound. pl. jy\ âmâ*. A dowering an affianced bride. bile. v. A . (t. water. vn. of ^ I. vn. To let fall and set the lower sails of a ship. s. s. J j ^ u m u ı > d î d e . styles. a degrading. eleven in all. A . Muhammed. s. J l f l I M H Â ı . p. dryness. v. igence. % adv. To prolong a term. min. s habitually fussy. 1. water. erroneously styled Ommiades community. in all dilan instructor. İ 1 1 i l i a . i m h ä q . 2. (A wound) which Gentile. qualities in things. The four temperaments of the body. №. The four elementary prophet.. (for By watery. mois. О ^ ) A fe. 5. O b r 1 û m i r a t . Maternity. 2. T. ing as of no value. Originals. 2. Mothers. T. umQmet. â m m e . 2. a. p. phlegmatic. . A teacher. act. passions. 3. The quality or person or thing to drudgery or common use. P. as of no account. E M H 5 R . U . W h o teaches. air. In poetry. J b l e m y a i .wbr' ( 203 ) afrtf fSr (İemSta). or. s. The condition elements. illiterate as mothers usually are in Arabia. S. A . vn. Mixed. 2. A teaching. s. mater. pl. the soul. and A. J . i. the mind.jy\ umâzİMU. s. ёштеЬ. e. slight flat-bottomed depressions. s. S. *** for its vowel in the preterite. W h a t a fuss you makel A. S. 2. a treatact of a learner or a teacher. of being mixed or mingled. for ö H the body. t. A forgetting. 3.color. A pupil. of j l f Beds. A. three in which the second radical has 2. A teacher.(The truthful Gentile) and \ f ture. t. ı (qYrät). T. The wives of Muhammed. The Umey. a. Experienced. I Education. t T j r 1 i m i r j i . biliousness. оЦЛ ImhEin. forgetfulness.. 7. or. 1.s. heat. One who . û l ^ l u m m â h â t . of -4* Slight 1 and flat-topped elevations of land.carpets. fession. A> y\ emeviyye. con. . a procrastinating. A . û m m l y y e t . obThe four fundamental figures of geo. S. V. or. mile-stones. pl. skins. air. Without delay. V. Bars of ness. and the gled. jl^l L M H S R . tinate. S. _ s. amıklıte^î. s. 0 f jy^ q. sources. Of jf \ . The three principal Miles. The four chief names of God. \. pl. «-цЛ E M I I I A I . Very or most vile uses. a. — interj. sanguineuess. instruction. instruction. fire. . The Gentile prophet foretold in A. v r â r (b3tıc)ı пмвЫИс. the illiterate i/1 s and earth.. 1. 1. A. A prolonging the term within which something has to be done. t. spleenishness. used as axles. F. S. АЛ i m e . Fussiness. s. ^iUi. of 1 • Cyspleen. combined. The three sources of human actions. pi. A postponing some T . three to a league. Maternity. jSj^T amazgyur. any shape. â m î k h t e . s. A. and earth. fire. Й. a handmaid. A confessing. ы i m y a . vados. . \. male slave. i. . 6.elisks. in the wilderness". _ illiteracy in respect to Arabian culs. or mats spread out to lie upon. adv. âmâzî. pl. a. Delay and neglect. hence. ali. scripture as " t h e voice of one crying The four elements. A.. I . etc. The four humors of (The speaking Gentile) Muhammed. &. or. i m i j i . VL U M ı N ı . comTo make a fuss about a trifle. S e e j y ^ i. Vn. — й Zıctnnl. j y \ O M U Z . viz. serum. A learning. The inferior P. ignorant and illiterate cleaves through the skull to the pia as to Arabian culture. Firstborn y o u n g of beasts. beacons. pl.

. İ. s. 4. Mixture. 3. s. JijwT S M Î R  ı . To cease F. p. an officer who used to ina. j W . «ул! Bmîie. T. with.s. To offer a hope. Copulation.T O I S T I . 2. s.2. i. mate. As ~JF \ N o s 1 . ^ emir-äxiıtir. The prophet Khizr. Hope. S. dl^V 1 umldsizlifc. Room for hope. i.s. 1. Hopeless. to and courtiers. The quality of T. A M Î D S U .conj. a T. complex. — s. senove. a. (See ^ ü ) . amize. amîg. s. great caravans of pilgrims to Mekka. a A commander. sr. rule. The Gape of Good Hope ("in South nor. A mixing.. iittlTd. fixed hope on something. a T. Africa). a leader. a prince.) 'уЛ cJf. \. I^'i! . . t. A naval com. A state To make hopeful.v. v. mander. cdosia eristata. ing.s. A. (The lady in love) The p. t tu <®"rencl»>. A master of the horse. A person on cock's-comb. met. 3 . especially t h e Caliph Ali.kled with grey. Mingling or mingled г>. VUİg. Whose hair . t o hope. fem of j f \ A female T. V. To set hopes upon. jjiW _ s.the lowest grade (formerly a bey). W h o h a s contrv ruled by an emir. dJjul « m i n i k . \. P. p.s. (pl.КхЛ umîd-gyâu. 1. Very or most f .-iıı.lady claiming descent from Muhamness. A queen-bee. Coitary commander. s. d c ^ l A m î d l â n m i k . especially. God. a general in chief pulation. s. s. q. J ' J A J û m k v â r . Q. j t p. a visitof Muhammed. W h o 0Г of an emir. an emir or commander. A son of an person or thing in w h o m hope is emir or commander. A. (A lord of a flag) A pasha of inclined. a n inten. V. i. y ' j f âmke-mu» a. VUİg.. 2. SprinSee in l ^ l . 1. a .s.^ s. 2. a. j L _ is sprinkled with grey. i. 'jfT âmîz. To wear t h e green turban in not figurative. expectation. A. The commander of 1. a. inti. Real.principality. i. Mingled with hope. It is hoped that. The commander of one of the tion. t h e original title b e hoped for. A thing the believers. 2. s. 'jwT smiz. To be hopeful. Hopeful. e m i r . especially. espe- . J . . a compound. vest the princes of Moldavia and Wal. 3. & i. The queen-bee. a ruler. See in A . tr. to fill with hope. V^) 1 • p. T v. med. 3. r . A European adhoping.s. an admiral. S.. Associated. To have hope. . especially. A X-1 e m y e i . to abandon hope.s. a. familiar. Hopeful. A frequenting. or country ruled over by an emir. fem. twisted. miral. 2 . umud. V_. To abandon hope. A milp. S. an associating.(The lord. a. I M I D . 2 İ posit©. wisdom.. • I M I R I . a principality. dant of the Sultan's stables. S e e l i U emik.. whom hope is fixed. bird. Mixed. i m î r ^ â d e . fur. . a. V. a. . w a r . Pertaining to that _ v. 2 .v * . л . come hopeful. p. IİUJXİA. u m i t . 2 A descendant combining. the quality of which holds out hope. A source or cause of stowed on the caliphs by their subjects hope. constitu^-i . c U t iuilk. (A prince in a tattered coat) A P. A P. Mixed together. J^jU _ v. jJ-ı-Л ıımıdiî.j. a. I £İ»î _ ölH _ v.M s. £л>-> a. 2. it is to be hoped p. A compound.a. û m î d v a r î . s. p*. iiuran. a king. P. Temperament. Hopefulness. an emir or commander. e n i r i n i . sign of descent from Muhammed. HopCİeSS. especially. i. I v. To be. hope for. s. Mingled with falsehood.a title sometimes given to caliph Ali. The P. a chief. As J«T S. a. The quality P. of the water of life and immortality) A mixture. I i m î r i . JJ T Hmİeislı. adjectives. v. pan. int. Very or most dist . leader or commander.s.. jojU . Jj? .. ^ . S. material.prop.V S S 3 4 i ( 2ÖA ) t 2 t ter. 4 . (A termination t o compound p. 3. a descendant of Muhammed. 2. did. i. or the Caliph Umer (Omar). lachia. wmîd-toâkl&4lı. Awry. a. to conceive hopes. dervish. a. t. or philosophical reason. tinct oı^ distinguished. 2. 1. s.-»! u m ı d l s n d l r m e k . placed. _ P. To expect. amigi.

or from suspicion. 5. The quality. l 1 ÂNÂ. embltca officinalis. A chief cashier. A. 3. a steward. When the singular ends in • . firm. > ' A linguistic stem (from which other languages are derived). s. jlfj . trustworthy. a valid witness. UMEYYE. A lower mast. S. ^ s. ^ ^ I I U ' I s. the plural is formed in U>. 3. I . j. 4. J f c ^ j . The main or fundamental part. I A. sing. vjl eıı. r â d e (usul). Ы . ateş* s. A mother'. erroneously called in Europe the Ommiades(for Umeyyades). С М Jl Л adv. a foster-mother. LA ân. The parents. A. Safety. a comptroller. (See also ^ en) A . A grandmother. i . conj. 2. 3. Jt-s Ы and J U I'l One's mother tongue. 5. The body of an anchor. perplexity. especially name of the great-grandfather of Mu'aviya the founder of the first dynasty of Islam in Syria. Strong. jl . 2.1 eminiijk. A. A step-mother. Hitherto. Certainty. 4. f b jT s. 3. ^ '>'• A day when mother and father are both at home. a.. (at law). interj. pars. <jj a woman. 2. T. The Master of the Mint (now called s. The waitress at a public bath for women. H s. emini \ curity from danger or fear. U . A (husband's) mother-in-law. H enâ. J» adv. 2.?. of ^ 1. (He to whom the revelations were committed) The angel Gabriel. mnchîne. an instant.-»l s. oUji ^l'l s. The Receiver-Generaİ of the sheep-tax. depositary. A.>»!). a paymaster. The Prefect of Constantinople. Superintendent of the gunpowder-mills. 1I j a s.I s. A. also. Plural termination of names of rational beings. office. This and that. j U l>l s. pl. of a few special names of noble things. you. s. pers. P. The (former) paymaster-general of the imperial dockyards and navy. Very or most watery. . to be or feel safe. a depositary. pl. r*'' emim. I>'l ^ s. From this jl interj.гЛМ) A moment. j ! â n . Safe. or actually come. 'J^^y. pron. One single moment. ^ s. hence.v. ^ J ^ l s. Width. v. The ever-present eternity of God. If. emyeh. jT 3 j-J s.. I M I N . iijo l 1 s. 3. A. or suspicion. Whose skull is cleft. 2. i f s. a state of noise and confusion. ân. (The trusty spirit) The angel Gabriel. breadth. For other things. — îî nasal. Dastardly. СЧЦ-. (pl. Delay. Emblie myrobalanS. . freedom from doubt. A lady > ' superior of a convent. tul) One t o whose care something is confided. A little or pet slave girl. ^ s. a man. sep. 4. ^ s. t h e plural is formed in for j l . cially. r j j and j^lI s. The body of a capstan. s. ist. (jjl s. Thus. A proper name of men. j ! in. For j l q. p. ^ ' I s. A being near at I hand. 4ttl. fundamen> tal. The Collector-General of customs. God willing I hope sol т. 1. a. A main road. Ü^ JL and O^l jUI (The sure city) Mekka. secure from danger or fear. a . The keeper of the Doomsday book of the empire. The comptroller of the imperial kitchens. Free from doubt. t . s. The special time I or season of a thing. 1. Firmness that can be depended on. ( 205 ) •war (lıHfız}. T. a superintendent. Trustiness. who is unconscious or delirious from a wound in the brain. A wet-nurse. vn. emile. A. s. (pl.^ At this time. henceforward. S. ОУ. The present life and the future. 1 (qlrât). o^l adv. both parents. 2. Comptroller of the Barley supply __of the palace and the capital. dim. S. an angel pl. \. That. ^ U s. in point of time. a custodian. Trusty. Principal. t h e trunk of anything. An arriving at maturity.s. ^ ' 1 . whose ııeck and shoulders are awry. 1. a trustee. demonstr. i. human or brute. or duty of a trustee. \. W («îr). 5 3 s. an instant. at present. s. If God will. To be sure. the Benu-Umeyye (the Emeviyye. Maturity. HI ёпе. 6. etc. A darling child. a collector. a. A motherly woman. a. safe. j ^ j j T s . H ör>ä. A owl âmîn. A kind of regimental adjutant or paymaster.Ь'1 âna. now. God. also. A main l sewer. i>l s. 2. or administrator. P. pron. trustworthiness. (See . Amen. ^ s.AJ far ( W i n ) .

under t h e ^Ul yl . ness. i. of JAI Threshing-floors. s. of 1.. expec. the air-pasenasiye. pl. A. 2. A returning again and again. A^'I I N Â K H Â .. 3. Hope.. vn. епаь. s. j t i l l ânâkhtâr.. A scene of noise and confusion. A making or letting a camel crouch down. s. OÜL ö n â t . 4. s. İ n â b e t . •tl vulg. r u l e . ^ j t ^ ' l s. toird. ânâ-toâbâııi. jbl A N Â F I . JjbM ânâdolû. An appointing another to be one's locum-tenens ( ^ ) . И ina. ОЬМ ÂNÂF. A. capable of becoming a mother. To receive the full degree of a brother in a fraternity of dervishes. I N Â S . A being a t the boiling or requisite point of heat. child. T. interj. of b'l A little off Lt. 3. A. A .. s. A key. j M anälıq. gravity and deliberation with T. 2. Xjl c-U'l s.s. Bases for series. able to t . Roads. balauslium. ocvaıpopa) All T. of Jl 1.. I . Experienced shrewdness in a clever I 2. T. j^) A vessel. ä n a j l ä m a q . terms. Pipes. Spaces of time. etc. yj^u'l i n i t i o i i u i . »>'! i n u r e . Wide awake. pl. ( A m a n ) o f take care of its own interests (child). 1. тоХт.pl. so. E N N Â H . Pomegranate flowers. v. s. from the Egsean A. A being thoroughly done and cooked. 5. (youug beast). F.А-Т f a r . a. A pomegranate orchard. Adult con. Ä N A J I I Q .uT ' ' . 2.s. recurrence. A. A. . tubes. Alighting. П. ENAJii. Men and and Mesopotamia. Whole daytimes. Marvelous beauA..11 s. pl. I .. periods. e n â r i s t â n . A projecting ward in a key. ^ U L I „ S . pl. s.t. 1 . occasionally. A. s. s. pan. 2.. young beast to reach maturity 2. an illuminating. 1. and from the A. lances. Aniseed. promontories.v. a s h o r e . of Females. 2. a. A. vn. adv. etc. 2. 3 j f i s. .^ A. s. ofvi\ . CJT'L INAQAT. I . V. A formally renouncing the world and entering into a fraternity of dervishes. 2. pomegranate. Large or long-nosed. ^ being ripe. Spears. A. of »JY^L Pieces A. ävotxTTipıov ) ^Wl ~s. İ . pl. a. A.pinella anisum. vn. s. Full grown nelles. Noses. (Gr. watches of the night. ^ 1 â n â t . A . s.. To eddy. T. S. 1. of A ^ S pl. Hopeful. ness. enablb. 1 M 1Я» ado. (A drunkard's key) A Breguet key to a watch. t. JUIL'L I N Â S U I D . c a n a j . Calmness. T. <*vapatient. jb'l e n S r a ' ı ı â h u . of the Bosphorus or of the Dardat . 1. . 4. 2. To light. 2. A• sages of the lungs.. incessantly. 3. dim. For a child to show mature shrewdA. 4. s . pl.of poetry recited among the people. A. i n i l i r . S. T At a moment. Rows of trees. s. pl. . of J Î q . . as above. A steward. Longsuffering. pl. pl. supposed to be musk. laws. 3. pl. such as T. s. v . 3. etc. J :? İ3 a. s. sedate. s. to form an eddy in a channel. Black Sea to the confines of Syria women and girls. A. For a eddy in a stream. A gladdening. ( 206 ) did. The bronchial tubes. j U ^ U v. Repentance. OLJI . At successive moments. The Asiatic side women. Hollow lengths between nodes of reeds. maturity of a young beast.. A shining. J ^ j 1 s• A page in the palace. balaustina flowers. . fur.. t. Strings of pearls or beads. To make or let a camel crouch down. • A. pimgentleness in action. (Gr. b' ârıaıı. jjb'l I N I D I R . Capes. Asia Minor. dition. of J-?' 1 T h e ty or grace. Name of a perfume. s.. The p. . An enlightening a mind. or dish of any kind. S. The four Gospels. paths. I. One who habitually hesitates when asked for a gift. 4. of «-«JL 1. v. pl. (Gr. a n a s o n . A .rules. ânâ. dear mamma. t u (French). 1 . Gospels. prop. i.11 Human beings. (See jj-дМ) tation. to the Persian frontier. лл-ur.. or darling mother. s. ( p l . pot. regulations. met. a. orders. 2. 2. tree and fruit of punka yranatum. Asia Minor. Halves or portions. I M . ä n ä j i q .?. May God illuminate ! p. Maternitv.) 1.

a whimpering. ^ small quantities of things. a tan-pit. See O^J house. 2. 1. etc. S. 1 ? X (u»ul). s. İ. Who moans much. jVO 1. s. solanummelongena. of Ju Arabian T. of of w. a grant. p. a. s. s. An arousing. vn. a. 1. A making or p. ambar. a three-decker man of-war. full. vn. A. ^ V ' INTOÂZ. s. jU'l i n b â z . in letting a plant grow.. keeper. S. oUl Intoât.'11) 1. shareholder. JH i n â ' î . »jjUl i n b a r d e . W h o W p. t . pl. » * W The science of v. j U entoan. Л T. T. enbâp. S. A. jl'i u n â n . S. t h e ray. 2. a. a yielding. vulg. а т Ъ а г . Heaped up. pl.far (мтав). whining. V. 1. A granary.r. 2. s. vn. or grown person. tan-pit. . A communications. s. A small bag of hide or leather. s. Jul e n b u l . A corn-bin or cornwoman who acts as mother to a child cellar. enayîb. t. Wealthy. u-Uli'T anânâs. e. Nabatheans. jUl s. A2.ı^jül ting a thing be attained. Mankind. humming. A. a magazine. (fem. The purple egg. (pl. V. A bagpipe. 1. Which fills. 3. reservoir or pond of water. s. (Anaitis)... A tank. a ^ i • i 2 > s. A bag or wallet. P . a people who lived along p. апЪаг. A A . T. . A general dealer. a magazine. of OV A earth. Partnership. A moaning. especially. dim. 4. pl. vn. 1. I N I L © . polygamous marriage. Egotism.ciui I N T O I S N T I . n. A storehouse. Ü e n n a n . letting a bowstring twang. A. A storeletting sleep. m t i ı WSP 2 (batu)> m a c h m e . sociate. hydraulics as applied to wells. 1. a. pl.' Tusks. of jL-'l Heaped. V1 inbâ. A making or egoism. crammed. E N S M I s. A breaking wind vegetation. intoaq.u! A motherly. ofJ?) Prophets. a A. Egotistical. small bag of hide or leather. 5. 2. As jU'l . jUl J j s. pl. an p.. of V) Messages. filled. an asF. Full. Egoism. matronly woman. tjrjV 1 ântoârji. vn. p. ^Jtb'l i n a n m a q . 4. The ground bark of a p. of manure. A companion. A first reachA. Ul Ğnbâ. ısjtl inbaj-. piled up. a. house. . pron. of . jLM ântoâr. 9. (from A. Heaped up. A^b'i i n â m i . q. »Ul INTOÂIı. To collect or receive into store. A partner. The skate-fish. С " \ â n s n .. equality. s. s. P. jW enäyi. A. \ . JLBUL I N A M D . prop.. arrows.raia batis. 3. 1. jîjV ÂNTOANI. to impart. tushes. Venus. 3. A making or P. That has a storeT. Filled. -kul intoât. s. murp.. of <j\ Those. See p. muring^ rustii ig. . (pl. collected in heaps.U'l e n b a g . A. Jİ-ı mbad J of hide or leather. enjoyed by another. 2. plant and its fruit. 1 p. a'U-jUI ânbar-ktıSne. JB'L I N I N . 2. dl'Ul i n b â n e k . Twanging. sheepskin used for the purpose. л. plA. a. A. S. enbanciıc. â n â m / m a n race. S. VUİg. Tanned.. possessed or ship. A killing. 2.I. П. p. s. 3. The pine-apple. asT. a dealer in marine stores. stones. also. A. stuffed. vn. S. intoâr. (zir). A being or becoming clothed with A. ji-lj-» cUrJ v. penetrating. The planet In a heap of ruins. A heap or accumulation. plant and fruit of ananassa saliva. ^ j U J moans habitually. A youth's becoming backwards. v. The lower deck of a warA. awakening. canine teeth. egotism. Jlil ©nâ'ı. s. t. Tittles'. a whole A iUl entoaz. s. S. 3. 3. P . tİMı'İjl enäniyyet. a fellow. a giving. pl. A growing. 2.the Lower Euphrates. 2. A storehouseA. OUl intoat) . P. jbjV' anbar-rlar. As T. A communicating. ^ опёъ. the h u . 3. a.1. To communicate. A. A being or becoming A. S. 6. See sociation. 4 . manifest. E N Â N ı I ı . a mate. vn. ı (qtirat). p. s. inân. of АИ q. A fellow-wife. P. enâyî. entoât. The hold of a ship. An equal. pubescent. A. The forty stores. vn. s. —n neml< 2» - . ing. prop. i. A making or let. ing water when sinking a well. p. vn. dim.. r u d e 22 1 < зот ) < 2 . granary or hold. A'ul intoâne.

2. s. (jjl-l an. a being at one's ease with a reduction of price. A. A valley's being or becom. or burst. t h e bobbin of a shuttle. jjyt-'l) A served fruits. extension. i n b n b i . pers. «lid. ^ pl. p. a commodity's selling. -ЬЦ1 InoUit. or diffused.alembic. A row of trees.sing. The procession A joint of a reed. P. A. 1 .. The preserved p. A being or perhaps. Vn. impulse. fertile. p. «. A. vn. т.messengers of God. vn. vn. dispersed. pelled. г Д ^ ! E N B I J Â T . An ascending. a lance. fem. meetness. 1. preparations.! № W . U N B & B I . <5^1 irtbicj. A swelling. ( p l . jU'\ i n t i b â r . A bursting forth impetuously. 2. A . A-'! e n b u h . coming proper. 2. forth the hand to take. J34\ e n b û r . 2 . jl^i intoiliSr. liberty. jjr"' e n b i r . A being sent. reA. entoerbSris. The heart's be. twaezers. 3. 1 . 3. â m . pers. A spear. An air-passage of the lungs. A. 1. tu (P^enoh). I mb Lr ti. Abundance. Intâj. J ^ ) Thou. A. A being extended. 4. A. I N T E . ) internodal tube or ing seedless and impotent to procreate. Poetical contraction q. B . p l .) the word is the original of v. of the Holy Ghost. freedom. vn. A being impelled or pro. vn. A. ji\ s. (in anatomy) Supination A. s. ( 208 ) met. The tamarind". 2. i n i l . 5. pincers. A stretching being or becoming wide. Tongs. Much or many. vn. A valley's A. mangifera indica. A being cut.enblze. vn. (_/*. ^ ima. Cjtu. A burst. T h e off or through. A blistering A. of g ' 1 P r e t . a tube. rous. (from P. J-'* ёмьЛх. A. vn. A. A . A kind of vest ing the belly ripped open. A retort. A. Name becoming spread out. s. intoiyA* vn. s. A. ofcJ Inbîtât. berberis vulgaris. ÂЛ U syrups made from raisins. 2. being cleft. pron. Spl. glad. ing wide. с-Л e n b e t . A havt . To occasion. cheerfulness. pl. A being written with the definite article thrown flat on one's face. A pipe. forceps. prone. p. с 3 л ashore. lamarindus indica. 2. a bronchial tube. a still. t. 3. ©»bele. 4. The barberry. A panting. enberbâpîs.. U\ st ingdilated withjoy. s. A producing a A. bird. An awaking skillful in shooting or making arrows.or inner coat. I VUİg. 1. W^A'I) 1 . off or through. A being or s. 2. Tongs. r u l e . ft so. 6 . a spout. U'l enbiyâ. masc. intlbâs. intibâiı. fruit of pared. vn. crowded. a. A pipe. 1. vn. of the fore-arm. a.1 iubUas. 1. or shaved down. dried dates 3. INBLTIR. vn. Accumulap. ness. pers. of J T Wines or cumulated. An offering shyness. ing forth in a flood. 4. way. ing forth young. acA. » . 2 . «. S. 2. Thou. (dual. fitness. falling ei-inbiq. s . The mango. Very or most (from toil). spread. tweezers. eminent or worthy. 3. UNBUB. A being cut A. A being or be. 1. a n alley between t w o becoming scattered. of A. s. but not from fresh grapes. joint of a reed. Very or most A. v. li. Very or most P. D . pers. 3 . 3. A meeting another. A tucking A. 2. A being cut tube.1 inbigâ. a sale. Heaped. vn. 1 . a . S. A being Or becomA. mission. 1. suitable or right.up one's skirts. a growing in bulk. 2 . A thing's consequence. з fuf. boldness.tar 1. A being or becoming free from A. A. Л enbe. conserves. To distil.FCJR'I)1 . suitableness. f toerbârîs. 2. o r . An exercising vig- . 2. vn. pron. IUBITAN. pl. pincers. e. to consciousness. mango.. c^jJI a. etc. E N B I J . A road. s. parallel rows. G L onb«i. JhTl i n b i s l q . An awaking. 1. numerousness. 2 . A beast's bringsurrection. copious or numeor honey. vn. a A. 2. t.P. 1. 2. (dual. as medical poker for stirring the fire. of J Prophets. path. 1. forceps. rent.of the 21 chapter of the Qur'an. . a. tion. sing. esıtatklıî. Fallen down in ruin. «у^ iufetfh. (from A . W . i n b i ' â j . 2.

A being or becoming proud or arrogant. W in»i>»â. vn. i. A. * v. A picking. INTLTıÂB. 2. A being or becoming feasible. A. 1. intizâ'. a preferring. vn. a preferring. An annulling. vn. a s p r i n g i n g u p . * v. \. To choose. A being scattered about. vn. 2. preference. 2. a purposing. jLü'' Mitisoıâr. 2. V^UI'L intisâb. An obtaining. qualification. A being ready to kill one another. A mutually whispering secrets. vn. ilance. A pulling up by the root. A being dispersed or diffused. 2. A.  being or be. vn. A being or becoming attached to the household of a grandee. UU'I intisSto. A tearing or plucking up. an intending. I. an obliterating. A. an electing. a choosing. A coming to an end. To spread. A.Urt j 1 «jjj* v. A being or becoming defiled. To snuff up into the nostrils. V 1 . v. vn. or sticking in a thing. A. vn. 2. (aair). or being qualified by something. intlsâk. İ (qlrR ). and then passing away. A being or becoming plainly visible. A laying in a store of. TILII'L intisiıâf. A man's occupying himself about a thing. i*ıtifaât. т. 2. vn. A being or becoming spread open.. A trusting to. i n t i j â ' . vn. 2. 5. A. To tear up. A choosing.». jUT'l ûntihâr. vn. termination. vn. 2. To copy. 2. circumspection. i. 4. to be spread. 4. vn. . or. irttltıâm. " A. A being or becoming feasible. tribe or sect. A. A. 1. S. A choosing. a being e x p a n d e d . A.upright.. j t t l intişâr. vn.i. out. â n t e r i . vn. vn. r ^ 1 ' Imisnj. etc. as above. A. vn. vn. W i r (uâti®). vn. A.^ ' 1 i n t i a d b . 2. A being related to. 2. 3. A standing . A choosing and taking a confidant. i. ^TFL vulg. 1. A . vn. A g r o w i n g .t. 3. A claiming as one's own what really belongs to another. A f o r a g i n g . I. 2. A. A being cut. 2. 1 . 1. A. Vfl. A pulling down to the foundation.^ intizâr. A gasping loudly in breathing. La'I iutisa. An aiming at. A. 1.-»Ll'l CJJJS S. caution. v. v ^ 1 »ntijâb. A. A leaning or reclining against. A being or becoming distended. ^Ц*1 inti^âs.jti-t ( 209 ) v^1 fSr (Аата&а). a flying at one another's throats. vn. — » n a a a l . See A. A mounting or sitting on a high place. 1 A. \ . 2. a relying on. a picking. vn. 1. A paying a visit in hopes of a favor or benefit. 3. election. A being or becoming woven or interwoven. a selecting. especially. A copying a writing. to be wide awake. A. A possessing. vn. a sticking one's self bolt coming assembled together in council or for conversation. . A. To become attached to the household of a grandee. T. relation. vn. A drawing water into t h e nostrils and blowing it out again. a plagiarizing of another's composition. I _ . A. An observi n g the courses of the stars.i. Endued with power. A. i n t i s b â b . etc. A cutting one's own throat. A making a vow to do or sacrifice something. chipped. 2. m a c h i n e . 1. a doing away with. JtÄH intiiıâı. A being or b e c o m i n g arranged in good order. A moaning loudly in weeping. bi't i n t i s b â . a selecting. A. râdjo (aısuî). An imbibing or absorbing a fluid. A. A snuffing up into the nostrils. I N T I J  M . intiaâf. An answering propitiously. > . choosing. vn. JLI'I intlsSq. or away. intijâ. vn. An affecting one by the "evil e y e . A. vn. i. A claiming to belong to any family. ^ _ . jlj. I N T I K N  ı . I . FU-L İntidâm. An adhering to. vn. A. 1 . 'ıx:! vn. 3. A being published or disseminated. A. A being or becoming set upright. or shaved down. vn. A being or becoming slightly intoxicated. vn. t. vn. v. 1. A. W intifcnâ. an attaining. A. 2. To do away with. m t l s h a q . d ^ i n t i j â ı . t. A. A. v. To be on one's guard. 4. selection.

4 out bad coins. A putting on fited. becoming silent. 7 . An obtaining day's being at noontide. a demanding. An asking. 3. v. A being high. ashore.. A nose's being ablution for divine service. s. 1. To be i n ex. I S ı T I ' I T . boasting. A ridprow. UA'I intizâ. 2 . vn. A. J ^ l intiiâsh. A looking for. üU-Jt intisâf. ii. . intisât. venge. i. arrangement. non-existence. A. 2. vn. 3 . t. A. i.U. i n t i ş â r . UST a n t i q a . A scrutinizing. A contend. A. hairy. toird. butting against each other. -War. 1. 2. etc. downy or feathery. JUiM i n t i f â ı . A being or b e coming tumid. Anone's due from a debtor. A. j U l ^ j i i l j U i i ^ l a begging. \ _ . To profit. discipline of troops. Dust's being shaken off. A. 1 . vn.. To pick. 1. intisâs. or impatience for something. vn. vn. jUii'l m t i z â r .up or puffed out. benefit. A lunar n&Joth's being at full moon. ^U-Jl i n t i s â h . A. f lfc. 4. A being negative A. A ble altitude. A being qualified. vn. negation. order. it. 2. The day's being ulation. A ripening. 1. 2. A s ^ l k ' l q. broad and flat. vn. to select.'! intiqa. A being ing. A. A woman's becoming arranged in a line or series. ing the hair dishevelled. ing one's footing from a slip or stumble.the privities with water after passing m g in archery. k. a lad. A being drivA. (j^Uil i n t i f â s . A qualify. A sprinkling soft and plumped out. A. a characterizing. or w a r i n g a girdle. See ЦЬ'Т. A picking. vn. ^Ui'l intiqäs. 1. A thing's being shaken t o clear it of dust. 3. 1.. . did. o r placed i n office.or negatived. A becoming thoroughly mal's shaking out or bristling up (as feathers on abird). 2. 3. and regularity. 1. 1.. lo get into order. intifâ. i. A sprinkling or arranged in piles. vn.C. Horned beasts' 2. being banished. A child's becoming v. vn. vn. vn. A being beneA» ölib'l i n t i t ä q . tu. met. A picking. A being A. as when stuffed water ö t e r t h e private parts after or padded. 2.becoming victorious in a absence. A muscle's bellying out fidly and plumply. 1. To be in good order. expectation. mood. A taking re. pectation or on the outlook for someA. A hav4. vn. vn. A being stowed. vn. A following en away. ^Lü'l intizâj. v. Expectation is more fierce than ding one's self of a thing. A. intisâh. A being obtaining full justice or full p a y m e n t . An unsheathing. A contending in urine. put in a place. having the sun risen to a notadivided into two equal parts. I . JU^S intifâd.s. To become well arranged. A being or choosing. intifâz. (French).inflated and swollen. pan. in ready cash or coin.a choosing. % A being or becoming in good order veiling herself or being veiled.-«lül i n t i q ä h . 3. A recovernoun's being i n t h e accusative case. a. 1. 2. quarrel or fight. A.advantage. 1. vn. vn. »jjjt jUi^l v. J^Uil i n t i ' â s h . A being or position. vn. vn. An ania maturing. a profiting. 3. so. A discarded official's recovering his A. A advice and good counsel. vn. upright before a person. A. vn. F. 3. (in Arabic g r a m m a r ) A triptote A. r u l e . a describing. JUl'I intiqäd. A. •çfard in hope.-1 ( 210 ) jlfc-l îâr. jlbl INTIQÄR. vn. A receiving adjustment. h. vn. intizâm. a gain. an in- . An invalid's recovering health. vn. repelled o r expelled. A digging out. A separating a perfect state of discipline. A perfife (Hope deferred maketh the heart forming supererogatory acts of worSick). fUii'l »jjj' v. A. f u r . vn. vn. 2. vn. 4 . v. i n t i t â h . a verb's being i n t h e subjunctive 2. a thing. i. 1. A bride's be. A thing's being done or well cooked. a being puffed i n g enthroned on a sofa for congrat. 2. d U i l i n t i z â ı .ship (4iy). 3. A. intifâ'. vn. 6. A. A. A* jUidt int&zâd» vn. 3. i n t i f â k h . A.

4. A bleeding A. Ain Europe. i.fern. A bird's pecking. You. A A. intikyâ.dysentery. A falling T. A A. A be. > _ . 2. etc.. 3. A. masc. l£'l diminution. entuie. A taking reA. ı (qirat). jealous God. A scraping and scoop. ing or becoming satisfied as to hav. 2. vn. •'i-'1 Intlqäh. A being being infringed or violated. fUil I N T I Z Â M . J*U-Jl intiqäz. * Î » ~ (hacız). v. vn. A yard or gaff of A. j H ^U-Jİ v. 2d. 1. r u d e ( ı i e u l ) . i. a. 1. A thing's an aiming a t a thing in any effort. derstood a matter. In tin âz. vn.) be engraved. v. 1. IntîKyât. pCVS. decrease. vn. distance. a taking vengeance. An observing I . w a r j. a comlijb JUil s. a. q. Correct or satisfactory. 4. 1. pet'S.-ı F 2 f a r (Ssmini). infringed or vioA. vn. A being in. A.obstinately. A migrating. A falling headlong. A finding or from. V. or offensive. revenge. vn. molished or fallen into ruin. JU-j^I ^^ a. vn. ^ entum. 2. hung. pers. To carry off vengeance. A C a U S İ l l g ОГ to pieces. 2. vn. 4. 1. an Transitory. To as spoil. jured. A being or going far off. A. i.. An obtaining ing good use of an opportunity. An attaining. 2d. in grief. The bowing from sickness. masc. e. An extreme. a dwelling in. A setting out. Quick end. A driving ing thoroughly investigated and un. A. diarrhoea. vjK-I intlkyâb.jl^'t întlhâb. A. head foremost. s. The all-powerful. a diminishing. iU'l intiyât. vn. term. vn. A. 2d. ^ijfflÄ-l intiq&z-pezir. vn. U ibl s. vn.J u t ^ j H s. vn. a limit. one's feet. inconstant. 2. Zedoary. ve. 2. a nothing. t.joU^I INTIQÜS. makA. vn. on a person). . An intending. Disin. i n t i h â j . You. Irxtlieyäs. fern.n (211 ) iU' nasai. vn. as coming from India. Ц-> Âb'! s. A falling down A. vn. s. jlj> . end. 2. CU-'I enetmek. or claiming kindred with. J-Ц. dual.. Jul e n t u n n a . A. A lessening. transition. s. .. ^iä-i j i ^ j ^ a. pers. ı n t l h â r . on one's back. intihâs. low. A. To move. 1. as above. A going to pieces. A taking a A. A. 2. ye. to. a prohibition. etc. A comA. taking a path ( ^ ) . (zır). v. 1 2 . Black zedoary. A. 1. . 2. Intihâz. 3. vn. i. m a c h i n e . I fU-jl ÄCİ . vn. A turning T. grating. J^l «'•«ten. A. 2. A.2 1 X 1 . vn. 3. A. 4 . 1. 3. one's self around. vn.els' being violently fluxed.pers. pl. vn. perfect conviction. A being ing. ling. hemorrhage.. A. JIL inti. 2. Very or most fetid pact's being or becoming broken. away plunder. A remaining. A seizing. LI'T â n t e n â . one's due. demolition. it'I intimâ. a startA ^LFCL intlityâs. As ^lf-'l . pron. \. quiring into. t. 1 . A11 enfeebstooping forwards. A. A rising to lated. vn. disintegration. ргОП. a being pulled to pieces. 2. You two. vn. take revenge. found vestigating. 3. A trifle. A carrying venge.called also ^х» .(The passage to the world ing to an end.v. A recover. vn. p.u-1 _ -1. To take an opportunity. spoilt.nails. progress. intivâ. Things of no account. called also ing out. . tegrated . A nibbling thing on the shoulder. inverted. bloody flux. letting (a seal. A. F. vn A minutely en. moving or being moved. . A finishing. A being related ing decreased or diminished."-^ intihâsh.away with invectives. \. a n of permanency) Death. 2. pars. entuma. arriving. 2. A tearing the flesh with the A. pron. A being or becomA. 2. iu-jl INTIQAT.. being or becoming cavernous or hol. with the front teeth. J^U^'l Intlqäsh. 1. migration. I4-I intlhâ. LIFCI întİKyâf. 1. 1. s. allowing a beast to be castrated. A going. a debilitating. hurt. An abasing. I .certain sails. absence.t. DeA. v. to take vengeance ( j j A. il^'l intihâk. A making or '. a mi. fickle. \ .White zedoary. To come to an in apprehending. 5.. recovery. Jli-I intlqäı.

Homes. t. EN j a m . A bone's bea river's winding. vn. \ . To arrange so as to conclude a matter. or re-united. pl. jUfl önjâd. v. a torrent from the mouth. ENJAS. i. s. t. j ^ l enjııdân. VH. A hurting the A. A liUjjj _ v. drawn out. A flowing to fulfil. again. A being noble lineage. of <1*4 Coats T. A being J6 . a lands. A delivering or A. ^Äf'S i n j i z s m / ered. vn. I. dual of jH 1. up and overflowing. vn. insimäg. A being stripped off. vn. i 3 i 1 3 J\J4x t u (Firwnflh). table lands.jiz5i>. blowing the nose. * vn. j b l i n s â r .lormentilla. pl. A. vn. J}\ .t. 1 . antiques. lust. of ±4 1 • High nose of a person. s. Ы -insa.. a refusing cess. i. A tooth's beA . 2. V. The conclusion or close of an act. 1. i n s i r a m . A beA. Septfoil. 2. jifl injâz. adv. A being hacked. injis.W INJITOÂR. feminine. vn. Propitious. of good blood. A. To accomplish.. J&l insiyai. deliver. iormeniilla officinalis. JW inj i d . I . injii-iir. p. A being atp. 2. See «iL^J from all sides. 2. vn. tormentil. T. . Words' issuing as p. there. A snuffing water An answering a request or prayer into the nostrils and blowing it out favorably. fer. ing set. V L I L 8 . coming bent.. J'^R'T ÂNJÂQ. (men or beasts). Lf'T пп-jH. A A. 2. The assafoetida Two females or feminines. p. vn. a granting sucA disdaining. s. ful. narthex assafcetida. A. pl. A. vn. V. âr adv.s. vn. of ^ " U n c l e a n A. A. FracA.\zş$ far. A being of a drawn or dragged along. 1. A being cut 1 A.ting become unclean. f'^l injîiın. A. desire.. or prolonged. That place. 1 . s.cJ^ enjakbt. tions' being added together. A. „ . success. P. m . A concluded. ft. 1. J. 3. v. A dealer i n of mail. 2.v. To perform. A hustling or attacking one i n a crowd. 3. ing broken or cleft. making one fall on his nose. Wish. JL^L INSLJÂR» vn. A being or becoming successA. perforated. healed. s. BO. 2. 1. polentilla A. Water's welling things. A USİng foul a promise. 2. E N J I B . coming naked. CNJAM-PCZIR. inslnâ. 2 . 1. S. doubled back on itself. J^-r'I i n j i z â r > through and sevpreserving. A speaking through t h e A . terminate or result. vn. S. Pericardiurns. To end. A . A h e a d ' s b e .a. kJj^'l in. 2. til. 2. 3. Finished. extremity. A. insiqäb. a poetical hiatus. People's rushing together T. A. The two plant.. extended. to preserve. A fulfilling A. 2. The result of a matter or act. fti'l insitum. . a . to A. jl}> . the request of another. m e t . rule. A dispatching a worsted or wounded foe. S _ . vn. To save. fy conj. insa. testicles. See j 4 * A. A. An antique. A being A. A . s. ^ I N S k . A backbiting. or crushed. i'A^'l injizaE )vn. smashed. J \ j 4 \ INJIRÄD. f^'l Inviıâııı. -war. tracted. 1. VU. An ulbored. Ц' I N J A . A performing nose. s. did. inslmain. 3. ing broken off. making it bleed. S. ıjr^'^ antiqajl. vn. 3. coveting.v. In that place. li^'T i n t i q i . of Noble. Female. A helping. Braves. 2. A growing P. of f4 Stars. 3. 1. vn. A making or • A. letting one succeed. s. violently. language. enjetoar. A. 2. vn. ^BFL i n j â n .s. Loose earth or ing brought into a satisfactory consand's pouring down in large quan. wound's suppurating. body's dwindling away. A being pierced. a n A. pl. result or effect of an act. . notched. An end. A making or letA. attraction. 3 T. A being or beA. a rushing. A being or be. bruised. insijBj. a. injltmefe. A. for q.. pl. VU. M b o r e ı I S S 4 1 ( 212 ) p a n . Septfoil. «-JU^ injâto. a termination. tities. a being breached. ÜU'l iknsâyan. 3. timate state. vn. ^ «I-JU. I N S I d â g . vn. I .dition. 4. \ . 2. heroes. 2 . a pouring. a. tormenold and infirm. a. bird.

2. 1. Just. An appearing clear. of Stars. ^ Ä J I I i n j L a l s . althma rosea. 1 . canonically. See cUx'AÄ'J T. s. or.. s. p . As f >>r'l T. i n j u i n . Jf"! i n j i i . eJ A. Ac. 1 A wrinkle. .s. or. ^лА i n j i ' â b . vn. v . cording to that. p. an assembly. A being overthrown. 2. ialjİK. parting. A going away. agaüochum. A. 1. 2. s. An account-book. althaea officinalis. p./r'I î n j l s â r . S e e hound. 2. s. free. An extending to a tiling. A being manifest and visible. sliced. s.ii. injl'Sf. p. A being taken or driven in droves to a place of sale. pl. A hurrying away from a place. liU 1 ^ i n j e l a n m e k . See Jil^-I T. manifestation. on the other hand. See A. vn. s. T. a.IUI. T. open. 1. retreating. dU. (in Arabic grammar) A (noun's) being i n the genitive case. adv.broken up. (The sun) which burns up the stars (i. 1. shriveled. UN. a collecting. 1. i n j i m i ' . 1 . Very or most unclean... p. only. s. According to. 2.1. j y ^ injuı»-sâz. c W i injiiiit. (The company that traverses the revolving sphere j T h e seven planets. solely. But. 1. vn.v. P. A place of meeting. ^ INJL. injiyato. e. barely. TO. 1. anjaq. becoming shallow.f a r (tsamasi)war (hsbs). İ. A. 2 . A shriveled state. s (qırSt). i . 2.ju^'l ©njide. J f l I N J I ı . C J } ^ ÂNJÂIEYIN. dl~>r't i n j i y i l . an association. Wrinkled. vn. A.. 1. a place where people assemble. F ^ Lijizâm. vn. A veil or shade's being lifted or removed. T. p. urtica. ' injlıâ. 1 A. adv. 3. Spacious. A being BL broken through. A meeting. j)— s. The white horeT . causes them to vanish). OLLIL I N J I I M I F C . manner. To that degree. 2. 3. or dullness. malva sylvestris. (A king) with trbops numerous as the stars. s. (zîr). The Academy of Science at Constantinople. WU Water's ebbing. (from. The nettle. a .. merely. In that p. The holly-hock. i n j î d i . A being or becoming solidified. A veil's being removed. s. prostrated or thrown down. «'-njâitiıido. ^ J ^ i n j i » . A being clear. Й. (The company of' straw-bearers) The I&jjjf . A festive gathering. s. creased. T. and manifest.. ûif'I ı N J I K . freedom from veil. A. S e e adv. The day's passing away. . i n j i u n i n . (in Arabic grammar) A (noun. etc. onj nk. A being or becoming coagulated. l i . v ^ r I N J I ı Â B . See O^FT A.'ÎYIRı . S. A going round or about. 3. a. I N J O . T. large. long and broad. s. i n j l ı ä ' . a. Irıjıı. T. vn. A place of assembly. Dust's rising in the air in clouds. A. or particle's) haviug the final consonant without a vowel. bright. dim. Hardly. however. p. 2 ( 213 ) c^jJI S ^ 2 2 T 2 S _ 3. See CUÄİİ т. Having large eyes. A being or becoming frozen. Hardly. P. 2. A being cut or broken i n two. 2. so. COnj. a furrow. V. a meeting. A being plucked up by the roots. A. a.. verb. \ Âıı. just. Aloes-wood of Mandal (the best variety). a corrugation. the marsh-mallow. of oL'l q. Lİ^'İ injinmeJt. vn.s.. a. Only. p. 5. cloud. a being severed. A being thrown or dashed to the ground. 1. p. 4. a collapsing. A. See T.I . j ^ b _ s. «Kuf i i r i j u m i n g y a n . 2. . JU^'I I M J Î N A Â A . \ âııjâ. 'rj=j} i n j fig. an assembling. JU^I i n j i f i i . s. j'. s. a A tending t o or resulting in. 2. adv. 3. — за rsaeal» T . T.. in. A. «L—^l injum-sipaÄ. Minced. T. 2. A being cut through or off. 1. J J O xL^ s.fl i n j i l m i k . departure. marrubium vulgare. furrowed. 2.. 4 . See ^ p. İ. A society. mactane. The clouds' clearing off. a. j ^ T injiVq. in two. s. See dLLil A . r } ^ injlzä'. V. vn. rü4e (изПД). A. i nj i r i . A . T. the common mallow. A being torn or slit. S. ryf-'î t-njîij. barely. Wood of aloes. milky way. A being or becoming collected. A. 3. 3. vn. vn.

vn. d e T. or _ Л s. severed or detached. 1„ A pointing or ^ A. such as that. prevented. 1. i n n . «o. i. The beccafico.becoming uncovered. Figs in drums. To sob. A being or vestigation. OL^IL inhitat.s. \. evangelical. The herb an. or imhole. mortmain. vn. A being A. Very or most tions.cut off or through. 2. vulg. inauspicious. the Gospel. 2. S. The Or allow to hiccup or sob. ^ ў — s. s. The reflexion T. inhix-sd. A being or I»Jİ q . t h e syeamore fig. d î t . . i. slender. The A. inhibited. quickly. e n h i s. one side. V. 1 . (not eatable). m c h q i r t m a q . New Testament. A disintegratdefinition. W h o be. -vrmr. r a i » . Name of a delicate large A. a dispersing.abstaining from something. through or off. a falling to pieces. a trying. A. fruit of opun. of J*f i. vn. 3 . vn.I—inl. seige. motacilla ficedula. e . f Л _ $. s. A. I N J I Y I . As A. ^ e n j i r . vn.The azimuth of the p. J U ^ L I N H I S Â R . division. a deviating. An illness. tia vulgaris. removal. districts. such direction of Mekka at any place. p. and thin. A turning to perings. рш> m e t . A making lean padded or wadded. \. An intending. Jt^l iniiuf. 1. s.n f . J^ . jr ^ . or. e n j ı r e . thinness. jJ-1 jk s. Regions.w-v". DirecA. The prickly pear. bearings. A. to a person. t u (French). cut off. 2 . etc. A being or L K F! green fig. inhidäb. J^LM) The down a declivity. 2 . AI^I i„jiil> s.Lsum. j t ş ^ inhİjâz. vn. Figs di'ied and se. A being o r tree and fruit of carica. A being or A. A h İ C C U p . rubbed or shaken off.( Ш ) ı ^ ı t t t «ir. o r . A being A Christian. like. JRF I. restriction. vn. LNIXH>»U. v . A swelling from a blow. B^L I N I ı I S I ı Â . vn. J-f-l i n j i i . A being finished gelica. \sj£'1 o^fA s. i n j i i i . Jii^'l inhizäf. vn. b i r d . restricted. T. A. S. 2. a feeling offended. planets. A being or uent operations in teaching or in-becoming removed. A sob. s. a. A..s. pl. prisoned. A beA. _ s. ing or becoming separated from one vulg. See cU. Jl^l İnhâı. A. &ЯЯ. The four constitA.s .1 A. A beН lected for exportation. i. imprisonment. (1) JT-2/ exhaustive sub. The male fig. or green fig. for A. 2. vn. sharp. (pl.О*». A going T. J J R I inhidud. becoming convex or hunch-backed. (2) JJb^ analysis. A being fruit oificus sycamorus. vn. ^L^'l innisSs. ОЬАТ ân-chAnin. ado. (3) A. İ. AJ" ^Uü s. Abecoming confined. 4J _ s. j d J w . 1. TL Inhu. hurt. limitation. A. ENHÂS. v. and I . A. T Anjiieyln. 2. The anus. the tous.? As q. Name of a large becoming thin. A gasping. To of the epicycle in the two inferior hiccup. 2. Confidants. restriction. An averting the eyes. omission. elision. Pertaining to ing elided or suppressed. (usually called A. vn. and (4) demonstration. deflexion. 2. 2. vn. quarters. inbidur. slenderness: sharpP. üt-j^ s. A being precipiGospels. lieves in the Gospel. Parallax. A being s. A. 2. The voice's being compressed . A meteor's СД^ <?• v. vn. a. entire. — . prohibited. As ness. vn. WhisA.constriction. A fresh fig. ing. or any one of them. pl. To Cause clination. 3. 1. of ^ 1. f û r . also. J ' i n h i i .. Err. _ s. variation of the compass. pointed. 1. pointedness. acuteness. another. darting along the sky. ^ f l w-jl s. 1. L incliqirmiLq. A. 1. i n j l k .suppression. JSjl A . vn. 3. destining a thing bounds. (. aggrieved. i e j i r . A being Cut directing towards. prop. becoming confined within narrow An appropriating. 2. ijJ^i inchcjirlq. vn. Adam's fig. A giving. A being stuffed. a Christian. 2. fUtfil inbizum. Displeasure. s. Such. n. pâtıljân-lnjirl) The purple fig. vn. I N H Î S U R . vn. s. deviation. a . 2 . V. archangelica officinalis.

A being or becoming disintegrated. 3. 2. restraint. 1. _ s. 1 . a being tempted or led astray. INFCHLTA'. ^ \ I N K H I R Â M . vn. 3. T. a bend. 2. A woman's retiring. BIL i n h i n a . 1. vn. 4. imbecility. an acknowledging folly. diminution. A being lowered. I N H I ı Â B . 2. A being scraped or scratched. A telling a lie. 7. thin or lean. A humbling one's self.». w â » (baflz). 2. 1. fracture. vn. 1 . s. A. A .s. 5. 2. inhibition. A being depressed. The system of monopoly. Î N T ı I M S S . A being cut or broken through or away. Pearls or beads' being pierced and strung. JX^'L INULIRTI. 3. A being or be- . 2. vn. wandering. jbtf'l ÂNÂK. A problem's being solved 7. An oath's being void or voided. vn. A being cut through or off. A being or becoming broken in small pieces. 1. ju^l imtizacı. I N B H I D Â * . curved. or being kept behind a curtain. a being scraped out or away. An assembly's breaking u p or being broken up. 3. through age or weakness. and keeping away from strange men. from weakness. a stooping or bowing. a being paid down. dislocation. 4. being fusiform. roaming. 8. vn. 3. A being or becoming broken and bent. A.. A joint's being dislocated. a being swallowed up. A being put or thrown down. A commodity's being the subject of a monopoly. A . a bending. 1. A. I I N K H I Z Â " . descent. a being depressed. Dip of the horizon. An inconsiderately undertaking. A being or becoming emaciated or thin.. A being chemically analyzed. vn. out of health. 5.HTÂR. A being conical towards one or both ends. 2. A. A dreaming. A being checked. 6. JU^'T I N B I M Â ı . or keeping herself. 2. 1. 2. vn. untied or undone. a. depression. An acting like a fool. burst. A swelling's subsiding. vn. A partial remission of violence in a disease.s. The total remission or final termination of a disease. J. A becoming extinct. a curving. Л-^'t inkhisaf. 2. A being unable or unwilling to answer. A . A. monopoly. 4. A.— i a * n ü . J»U»<i\ i n h i t a t . or crooked. A. A. degradation. vn. vn. a being low. f^Jdl I N K H I R Â * . vn. vn. A being out of sorts. A being or becoming broken. i n k h i z â ' . See jtiUl A. diminished or degraded. A flying out at one with bad language. vn. cheated or duped. vn. 1 (qix-ät). inhAf. A being carried away. fracture. wide. The wind's blowing. 4. A walking heavily. A. decline. A caving in. A . A being or becoming rent. vn. 2. vn. A. 4 A . A . restrained. 4. A being or becoming deficient in intellect or judgment. INUıTÂM. 3. s. stupidity. A knot's being firm. 4. vn. between the tongue and palate in pronouncing. 1. vn. f i r (Sjnmİn). rÄao (e«İl) . 3. A being deceived. A. A being resolved into constituent elements. 1. A being or becoming liquefied. boor. and in appearance only. A fluid's oozing out. ( a r t . İİK" '! INHLFCYUFC. slender or attenuated. split. 3. the spine's being or becoming deformed. A. i » k h i a a r . I N N U I M . A. A woman's being modest. A . A. or clown. vn. 1УП. A knot's being or becoming loose. restriction. a traveling. The moon's being eclipsed. 1. F ^ ' L I N H Î ı Â M . 2. A crooked stick's being smoothed or straightened forcibly. A. Jt^'l inkhizal. 1. A disease's remitting and diminishing. J9İ . depression. vn. vn. A going very fast. a running with moisture. 1 . A. ^UÄIL Inbindiq. An eye's collapsing in its socket. A being cut through or off. Very or most emaciated. A being or becoming split or broken. A being or becoming thin. A sinking into the earth. 5. b\j£\ i n k h i r â t . 2. I N K H I R Ä Q . A journeying. profuse or diffuse. A being cheated by collusion. tight and h a r d . A being or becoming large. 6. A descending. melted or dissolved. mactibto.>« ( 215 ) coming bent. a curvature. a dripping with fluid. A leaning to one side. 3.

down. a throwing. V.d â n â . I. i. Д a n d . A making or violate one's oath. s. symmetry of form. A member of the tens have been reckoned. Xa. A stick or instrument used for scratchP. 1. j Y _ s. л! ё п а . f. used to rep. depressed or abased.. lessness. S. J>'. and J . T. To letting one regret and repent. stature. . VTl. JU'1 E N D Â D . A.. ant of form. jtfUÜÎ inktaimıÄs» vn. a. or the importance and consetorn up. coming concealed. S. projected. To compute or estimate.^ a.ndâzöıik. Uj Ç. A being endaze in measure. gram. Shapegiving. discharged. in any w a y . İ. Cognizslander. ÖNDÂMSLS. propels or discharges. i. vn. 3. . vn. 3. s. A space between ligent. 2. a laying on. pers. 2. (do.1} * Twenty odd. a. A. s. pl. 2 . 2. Very or most p ^ U i e n d a k h t . with depression of t h e tongue. dim. ure of about t w e n t y six inches. perigee side of its mean distance from opposites. 1 . A U-l İndâ. dU. A being quences of a matter. a. endâz. A being liberal in T. or slinking back. Beauty. vn. pl. A plasterer. b i r d . dismissal. 2. of' IntelT. _ . the five senses. A planet's being on the peers. 2. pronounced p. .) A being in (a termination t o numerous comthe genitive case. 1 . shrewd. dislocation. J». . A star's being or becoming below the A . a. INFCNIRÂZ. or a w a y .. conjunction. concealment. ity. ûJT <wjU! v. r u l e . ОЬ^ i n K n ' t i i s . mode or method. 2. make or ask one to take an oath. A s t . 2. 1. The privy parts. T cü^jU'l endazelenmek. îftet. of X Similars. -». 1. A being dismissed. pres. rivals. Plaster. throws.UI e n d â m . To be capable of estimate. ill-proportioned. A Turkish cloth measall the letters b u t . i. JjUöndâxn-Kiı. m u d or ing the back. Fired. being nearer to the p. Measure. A being or : be measured or measurable. fir. thoughtful. A. e d s. U1 e n d â . misshapen. _ v. Made u p of nodes and p.. 1. or becoming dislocated.ta'1e n d â . want of proportion. 2. 5. joints. adversaries. competitors. to shoot. be reasonable. vn. A being flaccid. dJ. ^ ЁПЪЪА'. a propelling.ârek. . itncHÎt»s«. odious. s. manner. p. pl.JA! ı n d ä m . 2. Laid. y. a. ^ . resent any n u m b e r from three to nine a custom.v.s. М . A laying down. as are Proportion. s. backbiting. T o . A quanNo. To A. 6. slouching and vacillating in by the endaze. (AT. p. mirror of the full length of the figure. laid A. s. a. Odd. A being or be. out. t h e y are. 4. s.. or requiring an A. pl. 4.jU'l «. A manner. or mortal. a. s.\ . part. A. «o. P. An oath. endamsizliq. ц* . . 3d. W h o or which earth thau another with which it is in lays. T.pounds). ing of the class called А-^Л*. I. s M o r c . ancient test by poison). T. A wetting. A p. To estimate the ability of a a. indicat. internodes.jU'i e n d â z e l i m e k . Rains. Shapeless. snow-white. 2.( 216 ) m r .v. depression. A being man. To be becoming suffocated. a graceless. To take an oath. U1 e n d â . . fjC. tity sufficient for. To fire. 3. A lagging measure. j " . the earth. figure. vre. horizon. left over after 3. Shape. estimated or computable. Onion regularbetween tens. Shapeless. did. A. abasement. a habit. 3. Thrown. ..j1-4-'1 endâze. 2. I N K N L R Â . v. subs. of U 1. Calumny. heinous. . t o 3. (derived from the (Silver bodied) Fair. to discharge. v. f . Are. p.U L E N D Â S . A . 2.ц a. any one of A. e n d . For JA' q.i. A being or becoming low. especially. stucco 2. V. 4. 1. also.) A letter's be. -U1 endam. 1.body. 5. To A. To throw. itıfeuîıe'. The body. good condition. Any thing sold languid. 31Т v. n. 4biUI â n d a k u t e . ^tül inicixiııäq. moistening. v. or asphyxiated computed. i. subsidence. Moisture. 1. vn.. t b JÎ^UI . also. 3. s. Liberalities.

2. p. adv. a few. command with others under an oath. sian JJ'-JJ'I i n d i r k h i r . jli-c! I N D I F U N . gilt or paint. that p. 2 . 3. The ladies' apartments of the Sultan's palace.indlbah. (pl. İ.1 q. i n u i r d n i . ji'Ut indämläm&q. indikyâm. adv. t. 1. A PROGRESquantity. 1. in the earth. Vn.'T s. 1. r i d e (uuâl). dim. ÂNDII. vn. F 1 Detraction. A being or be. A corpse's A bowing the moldering away to dust.s â ı i . jAİ e n d i r . (zır). convenient. s. step-mother. T. as a sword out of its scabbard. indlfâ*. A by little. A plasterer's A. 2. entered private life after having seen graceful shape. VH. ing or becoming tanned. jX\ i m d i r . A being as j i and j a ' U . A taking one's self off. W-d intli'E. A starting. in fine. A testamentary bequest. İ (qır&t). A getting A. ender. INDÂ'ÂS. small number. A door's being knocked at. i n d i r z . fit. oath with another. U 2. A. or utterP. Into. a.denly poured out in a large body.s. i n d i r a j . T. back and head too low at divine serA. as with plaster. 4. response. inclikyuk. 2. i n d i r â n i . S. Inner. s. VU. becoming an unsightly ruin. 2. a . ^ andläshmäq. a. vn. S. Having a body. 2. vn.). oath. t. 1. a. V. stance. adv. 1\ t. i n d i k . V. s. or precept.( 217 ) Jİ-Л t a r (İ«mİı\)< Mt&r (tıaf*z)• machine. Any p. 2. I. V. 1 . A and spreading of fire or inundation. A being 0Г A containing. pushed away. 3. inmaterial used as a coating to a sub. J & A Î imiirnq. See T. A . consent. vn.. s. €t. out. a. exi&kyb. T. vn. So much. (a suffix used to denote a relationship by marriage. A . coming effaced. ing itself or being buried in the earth. under a vow. Tac. A . ^jJ-il-Cl a n d l a s h d i r m a q . A. vn. J A X \ e n d a y i i h . W h o has To be shaped out. In short. i n d i r . A. year. number. ginning. P J&1 iU'l indik-suktoân. оуУ^си^ has form. To take monition. The interior of a thing. Â thing's buryer or white washer. i n d i r . JJ^'O A thresh. to that degree. A being called trowel. of anything. P. dlUiU'l i n d i k . indirin. p. S. S. An abstract of a document. 3. vn. a. indirmik. j ' u r ı U ' l a. A people's becoming extinct. A being sudVerv or most rare. VU. Pertaining to the Palace.g y ä h . VII. adT. 1 . and answering. A being buried ing floor. A. j-^jU broken small and fine. 2 . I N D I S I R . A parable. an anecdote. symmetrical.-IU. t^X \ andaq. See >_j. o-b-^ indlras. As »U)A. vn. 1. A. 3. Step. s. A hide's be. Advice. vn. To shaDÖ . bearbind. five intercalary days in the old Per_ s. a gilder. A being vice. something else. indisâs. a little. prep. A small A. in graceful form. The bursting out p. a beA. »U-j-c! i n d i r j a h . wild convolvulus? P. uncomfortable place. Little sing or ascending step by step. A. s. propelled. Grace. A being 0Г into a narrow. Bound by an T. enderefc (?). T o P. Few in scroll's being or becoming rolled up. to bind one's self 3. and their occupants. P. The ladies' apartments The eunuchs of the T. much. endäraUnwaq. 2. j U I I N D L B Â E . Vn. a. and j-^'bu i. p. To acquire a Sultan's palace. ful.v. pulverization. V. of 1. — ü naftnl. etc. indilaq. A plasterA. T. (jü-ci inaiqäcj. Bindweed.i. cause or allow to take oath mutually. A . s. 2.terior. 1. jaT a n a » . ly obliterated. gradually. 1. A. 1. t.driven out. step-father. A slipping Worthy. Which service in the Sultan's palace. A. 1. P. In. or expelled. 'JA'I 2. of a palace.a going away. a being contained within becoming level or leveled. One of the iturn.n d i r S . VU. The interior P. A coating. 2. Young.

(for 1. A. at once. JU. 1. 2. abl. JÎ _• ad». Thought. consideration. An idea. v. 1. A. a threatening. j f a. ( 218) JV 1 ambor». T. A. INZIHÂı. 2 . Conceived or reflected on in the mind. s. Rains. O. A being or becoming torn. S. A hanging down. Й. of _j> or j y q. p. A. CUjoJaİiJ. Acquired. did. p. malevolent. painted. a. suspicion.'! indlyâı. İ. anxiety. inziyâj. LJ* a . See . T. vn. J-ıAA'ı indibäsb. Elecampane. — e n d İ s U e g y S r î . I n t h e very same > > moment. vn. AiioM endishe. instantly. s. Prudent.'! endXehelandırmek. (for £_Cj. vile. endu. gilding. Jly1 enzäi.XİAİ eııdîshîde. pl. of<sX \ . P. anxiety ' . A being or becoming terrified. massed. ^-U-Cl indimiks. j-Cİ a n d a n . A. Jj-Cl e n d s d . 1 and 2. rent. As NOS. S. vn. As r ^л! No. Anxious. 2ы}х\ i n d i b n ä k j sorrowful. ThOUghtful. Very 0Г mOSt penitent or regretful. JJAİİ^I endisbeli. 4. adv. Doubt. r a l e . I . <JUi'i inzi'gf. loc. inziyâ'.'t) vn.. p. X^Aii-Ci i n d i s h e m e n d .) Malicious.1. !*-. A continued flowing of water. Care. of J> 1. A being or becoming forgotten. anxious.'лЛ ândâna. Very dark. ânda. Halting-places. plaster. s. anxious. b i r d . A being trodden out on the threshing-floor. See >_->"' t P. vn. A. j ^ A & . JJ-J-'I c>jf a. ^'»J-'l indiyas. neglected or disordered.andız. A. The copious discharge in diarrhoea. cautious. inula \ helenium. Anxiousness. Thoughtfulness. Cl^AiiXl endîshelanmek. s. Provisions prepared for guests. p. A. A migrating.t. such as whitewash. q. p. reflexion. (Termination for compounds.'!a. 3 . or incrusted with. 1. grief. A warning. 2. then. 2. X. t. Liberalities. 4. a. I N Z I ' Â B . vn. W h o or which collects. To make or let one be anxious. Jlyl inzâı. a. or spread abroad. Of jl or v. A coating applied. Immediately. V. vn. vn. S. ^лТ ân-dem. etc. Very or most liberal or munificent. anxiety. pl. a . To be anxious. oppressed with care. A making or letting descend. To warn. a. s. Benevolent. vn. amassed. a. T. 1 . A. 2. 1. . vn.' Base.. wretched (persons). anxious. A. T. A being or becoming circular or spherical. A WOUnd's becoming healed.-lû. p.. a. s. Coated with clay. VUİg. f-v'l e n d e m .i. dissuade or threaten.. A. W h o thinks. v. v. onda. 2 . 2 . At that naoment. A making or let- . I Thoughtful. conj. A becoming out of breath. endull. JUa. (for >jX\ i n verse) P. 2. Thoughtful. 1. heaped u p . jj-^ enduz. See tlM P. See A. V. p. vn. \. T. a. P. 2. Jifj. A. Exemplary. terror. To reflect or meditate. A. vn. S. çU-ь'1 IndimBj. Я. stations for travelers. trouble. acquires or amasses. e n d u k h t e . vn. 2. p e » . 2. inseâr.'* i n d l m â l vn. anxiety. Gilded. A. INZIYÂB. 2. a. 4. Moisture. pl. Anxious. burst. p. P. E N D I . Care. of Jij. meditation."I enzai. U L . v. Iendishemendi. 3. Й... A secret's being or becoming known. ondan. P. -S'. vulg. Jz^j*a. JJ-». That is crusted or coated upon something. perplexity. A being or becoming melted.f^ lir. f o r . P. j e n d i s r t ı ö g y a r . A. washed or plastered. divulged. liquefaction. jjj-'T Â N D I Z . 1. JtAiiXl endishenak. a. endiye. p. 3. (^J-b'l endish. 2. To become anxious. ThoUghtfulness. An entering or being entirely within a thing. 1. ÜŞ*3X\ endaixginУ a. a dissuading. t u (ffrenoh). enduii. m e t . wonderful. A. TS-HL indi. p. so. T. A. A. Collected. 3. X. Coated. A being trodden under foot.

. A traveling quickly. friendly. mankind. What man most prizes. A being restrained. vn. Ul ENSÂ. Res- pirations. A beast's being fastened with a halter or noserope. proportions. j U l imçân. A being or becoming sociable. A . 1. a. A flowing along. Hair's hanging down loosely. vn. vn. An animal's being or becoming tame.. S. d. Human nature. vn. A being or becoming somewhat long and lanky. a leading a hermit's life of contemplation and asceticism. JI=B-*L insijâı. A. Very or most noble in lineage. pl. 2. v. a. A humane man. JU^L j-f s. An emitting »emen. SftrCOCOİla. «iıU-il insibât.Л>'1 (2Î9) f i r (aam&x*)» w â r <hîfw). A going away. d. Abeingstripped. of ^-yl Tamed. A. q. Human. A strip's being pared or peeled off.s. A. T. A refraining in ooaseqaence of warning. 2. JUl insâı. peeled or flayed off. 1. A flowing and cadenced style. fUyl inzlmâm. a departing. v. A postponing. A skirt's being trailed on the ground. . ш м в Ь ^ а . vn. (tr>) To хааде or let descend. A .ofS~> Children.) of ^ 1. s. A dropping down straight. Very or most appropriate. I ting a traveller alight. pl. (yT Â N I S . 3. (J»il ins. A. A. A. 2. A retiring to. vn. P. The tip of a finger. 1 . a having issue. nobly descended. Logarithms. of V-^-I Well" born. 2. INŞÂM. (pl. or. o r ) . 2. Man. (A. _>Ц. vn. 2. a .у! inzijâr. s. Breaths of air. threat. A being forced and torn from a place. 1. (. A causing or -L allowing to be forgotten. grum. mankind. vn. 3. of ^ Things thrown away or abandoned as useless. 3. a. vn. Sociable. ^I I»NLIS. A. called also A. 1. as. ^"l. God's sending rain. 3. Relations. 4. expulsion. 2. A being or becoming cast into ingots. 2. T. mau. 3. The eye of man. familiarity. vn. A begetting children. For . (j-iT snes. pertaining to man.. in apposition to the second. > U . JKVUL ins5niyyetıi.) Of CM 4. erect. A. A . A. t. ji^-il insijar. The pupil of the eye. intimacy.' U I I N S Â N I Y Y E T S I Z . V_UL E N S E B . ( ^ r ) . domesticated (beasts). 5. — n м ш . a disappearing. lj>'l İnzivâ. 1. 1. A. A. A. whether in prose or verse. A. ^ ' i ) i . A. vn. vn. İUİ ensiba. A . tameness. Ul I N S A . or living in a place of seclusion. a. A. A. 1. 2. üU( s. Very or most sociable and familiar. a. (B. A. ^Wyl inzi'âj. A. ^ I «NS. A going in a continuous series or succession. tame and familiar. S. 3. flf^l^-^. S..) An extension of the government of a word over another to a third word. Humanity. A.. intimate.. An intimate friend. Ratios.-ıi. 2. pl. 1. Very or most void of anything bad. A . kin. s . A. sing. ^ u _ s. 6. vn. wju/1 enaerikt. A. sociability. (Ar. j U l (jU^I '. w>Ul ensâto. vu. A logarithm.Men and the genii.yl E M E U . Man's own self. ş. and dutiful. insibât. S. offspring. (int. s. A. his honor or reputation. down from heaven. Relationships. T. pl. 2. vn. LI inşâ. a familiar compans ion. JUl E N S S I . 2. I . pl. VU. of 4. FUI toiı4İt). insuniyyet. («sil). A.. or suitable.) To emit semen. etc. A being poured out as from a bucket. . Humane. The pupil of the eye. a logarithmic number. a running smoothly. 1. u l ^ l insihâb. cruel. vn.IÄ-'I insijam. iJL-Jİ i n s i b â t . kindness of man to his fellow-creatures. inslhâ. A. JWYL INASI'AQ. Ji>l inasiyâı. J U l insânî.. A selling on credit. insinâj. Very or most tender and delicately amatory (poetry).jyJ) The 76th chapter of ihe Qur'an. a. . A human being. the little image seen reflected in it. a. vn. revelations. 2. A. . Inhuman. a. Relatives. or prohibition.

a out. V. A taking and A. 1 . being threadbare. away and hiding one's self. becoming T.t 2 8 Ä rar. 3. -Hj-Jl insidSd. vn. gliding easily and agreeably down T. inxitak. barked. A being stripped of closed. vn. beast's going into its hole. . A taking being tall. order. erous or munificent. s. also.. 2 . b i r d . A being or A. Somewhat man. 1. etc. VH. A slipping a. 2. pl. vn. vn. ii insiia. A. 2 . Suddenness. Suddenly. jlj-i! invidar. to become mutually familiar friends. 2. A. ^X^T insiıâb. A being being flayed. I L ^ J L INSIRAT. 1. T. A blazing. coming strung in a row. The left. A dangling. 2. shed o r spilt. 3. A. ing to man or mankind. 1. A lying or progression. 3. 2. a. A. W a t e r ' s A . liK-il insiityâk. or next its fellow. a hanging pendulous. (the stature's) A. vn. jti-sl I n s i f i q . 3. 1. of femoral veini . appearing. A wild before a new moon.aim. 2. Lacking width.ei. I N S I F I N . A having an eloquent a n d easy A. . A being cracked. vn. vn. ineilıäq. 2. narrow. ins s. Tame. o r . ansızın. A g o i n g or doing quickly. Uil. T. ^Л'1) A T. A split or fissured. Sudden. 2. r W ' inwirah. vn. > J T I N S I Z . İ. flowing or r u n n i n g . Suddenly. it or that. without warning. 4. being tall of stature. in. her. 4. despoiled.poured out. s. cause or allow to become familiar A. Jlj-Ji insidâı. A. vn. 1 ansızlıq. 1 ânâsön. a being p o u n d e d soft. quickly. 1. Ä beast's going along downhill. s. 2. (for yS\) a. A. A being A. being stripped A well's being filled u p o r covered off. ineirSq. vn. The side T. the near side of a beast. 2. 3. a \ . A being or b e on the back with the legs wide apart. ado. Water's rent. ing taken away. corne a familiar friend with another. being cast off. o r ob. a being worn. A being poured also.stripped. A being nimble o r swift. 2. М Ь о г в ) 4 I 1 X I past. A sword's 3. A being genT. to. 3 . suddenly. A. on a string. A. ( p l . vn. A bestructed. slipping out. 2. (Bi. >J \ ansız» VUİg. brayed and triturated t o a powder. or in the T. vn. shed or spilt. ( 220 ) c^jJI 2 t u (Prenoh). A skin's. A stealing friends w i t h each other. A. pertainflaming. W h o suffers ado. 1 . A morsel's A slipping away quietly from a place. 1. 1. A being negatived. Human. and following a road. flowing. A being or becoming naked. The inner surT. (In Nos. A lying flat the contrary is ^ i ) . adv. Narrowness. A. I. series. A. a flowing quickly. i n s i t a h . ineinySb. 2 fur. A. i n s i r . J T ^ L INNITıÂı. Left. vn. ^UJI inMİrâb. ^-il ensâ. A. w a r .. The moon's being in the last day A. A. InsiiaKu. A. See T . of^i Vultures. being dispelled. jU-H i n s i ' â r . \ ansizja. ^XJi insiıA'. да. I N S I M Â N . spoiled. a. Öt. 3. vn. domesticated. of a member or limb next the body. vn. tn»«. vn. off. face of a bowr. A being closed. V. 5. 1 . ENSIZJO. To Ьвhid. A r u n n i n g denied. vn. 3. shelled o r skinned. 4. and 4. or being drawn out. Hair's hanging loosely. vn. Grief or anxiety's delivery in speaking. a . vn. A. uAlj-wjl ensizlik 9 s. I. T. CUjOiLjl inslaslıdıraıelt. pain in the sciatic nerve. A being Tears being suddenly shed in a tor. vn. dim. Vn. ©HSIS. 2. or. ado. Somewhat^ narrow. A being peeled. J^LjI' i n s i ı â ı . sloughed over. a human being.) Contrition of a penitent. A beast's A. A. A day's breaking. near (side of a . following a road o r course. or artery. оЬД-1! i n s l a s h m e k . 3.. i n s i . TO the gullet. A being becoming closed. away from the hand or presence. clothes. Without him. d i d . blocked up. on the back motionless. A sore's being healed. r u l e . nudity. onsuz.

t. jb^h. 1.p i r d â z . Architecture. Sociable and becoming subdivided. A being or bea school of naval architecture. as above. vn. agreeable. A A . wards. A composing. i n s i ı â t . exhilaration. (See T. God's reassembling the the eighty-fourth chapter of t h e Qur'an. v. T. ^Uül inshî'âto/out into subdivishunter's catching game with n e t . JUiil I ı ı S U I '  ı . originate. INSUÂD. eminences. W a t e r ' s optative (word or sentence).a . 1 .thing's being crushed. solution. A nurA. 1 . y-C _ s. vn. 2. ing from one's eyes. ж т (İunSıı). The hillocks. J ' ^ L INSHIJIR. A raising. disfriendly familiarity. scattered. (one of the legendary miracles of Muhammed).s. 3. A heart's 10. ö t ü l insiıitMt» vn. T. * . flr^l i n s h i r â m i coming cracked.. Undulating: uphill A.-III. jliil e n s h a z . I A.. into one's nostrils. 1 . A. jLül i n s h ä q . A A . The breaking of the dawn. w ä r кс beast). v. A causing to A. vn. branched. ^Uiil insiıiqäq. split or fissured. vn. W i i îtısiıâı. etc. flowing. 1.tion's being solved. A. build. s. Sloping downletting be snuffed up. (JU'IT inisiı. creation. S. A. a resuscitating. v ' ^ 1 . i tıs lii I til * vn. or constructing. To be persed. 8. A raising from matter. jtiM inshitar. beginning to rush headlong. vn. A I 1 0 I I 0 W book of letters actually written in cor. a. A being or Л . etc. 5. A m a k i n g lively. Vfl. A.nation. A lying on t u r i n g . Inner (side of a member). A making. Sodable. 7 . A making or T. a ishes and perfects style i n literature. s t a f f ) A split taking place in a n y as above. etc. of naval architecture. vn. A quess. A snake's gliding. A being especially. jle^l itıslılıııâz-. ^S^ s. 1. 9. cracked. A school of architectural science. _ cheerfulness. a being led or becoming adolescent. A crier's crying an article. VU. 2 . 2. J ü i insuiı'i. inslıiülıäto. A brother-in-law. İ (i)lrât)> rÄde ( a l i l ) • — n n a t a l . ^USL i i i s h l r s k ) vn. blazing. A. To cry. A tucking . Juül inisini. cracked or respondence. ions.becoming split. W h o polA . 1 . . especially. . JİX-SI uiisiyyetli. A. or bringing up a child. Err. the moon. i. U»ÜI iıısiıitâ \vn. 6. Rain's a .&s. A school of ar. j l i ü l s. A snuiling pouring down in torrents. vn. guided. 1. A. construction or A.I U . or letting fasten t o a t h i n g 2 . vn. God's creating. divided. various. 4ttWlü\ I N S T I » ' i l ' ı ı Ä T ı .s. С^АЬИ îiîi^Siy yel?» s. A. gladness. jbii inshât-. See A. Very or most for «Âl j l . v. 4 . (gram. q. in L)\ . A book of models of letters. 2 . 1. construction. name of lifting u p . affable. vn. pl. -ciji i i i U n t i . A torrent's be sprightly and lively. adolescence. explations. 1. }. vn. p. s. A being or A.the back with the legs wide apart. A.t ( 221 ) (İtâlla). a. A Spirting a writing. LH itıshâ. a. chitecture and construction. ji^V.V—И i n s i y a q . A . vn. The a r t of ship-building. a.. Relating to and downhill. Eversion (of on sociably familiar terms w i t h another. an obeying. „д? . m a c h i n e . 2. A branching A. the husband of a. 2 . Lasiyito.! i n s u a . fissured or s. or of the lower eyelid). driven along from behind.-lu. 4 . The a r t of letter-writing.. A. ^Uii! iıiMbiduktı. vn. 2. s. INSIIUH.. chapter of t h e splitting. 2. man's sister. v t. A. I . sprightly or frisky. building. trap.v u. peti. •!. A. A book of models for broken. Vn. The splitting in two of the dead. A flaming. inlerj. (cir). A making or letting out plentifully. I Î I S H I R . vn. To make. etc. A folvn. JBIL I N S U  Z . Sleep's fleebuilding. Mounds. dispersed elements of the dead. A reciting po. A. the eyelid. production. 2. pleasant. spring up or g r o w . construct. (A splitting of the etry.) Imperative o r A. being dilated and cheered. vn. A being o r lowing. vn. CL. çUiil iosnhluli. A. t o recite. letters.

(I. A. auxiliaries. a conscience. ^rU^ indâj. J ^-1 ^ İnsaflı. S. (See j i . A. I . A being cut through or broken. ÜLO'ıL I N S A F . having no moderation or no conscience. i. To be unjust.и Heads ing half done. jl*»!' â n s â r . vn. of UI-^I 1. v. A cookhaving no sense of equity. gram. I . 3. abettors. That ing thoroughly.i. assistants. soundness. pl. A dawn's breaking. w a r . vn.. 2. A departing. Unjust.of^ The best men. A being baptized.of spears or arrows. A having an epileptic fit. A being or to act with equity. 2. pl. A season's coming to an end.l No. conformable to A being or becoming dyed. 2. 1. A. j ai enzâd. A being or becoming clear. ınsıbâb. Vn. I. A walking or tion. v. u. A. 2. A returning. 2 . A tiring. A being dashed to the ground. 2. (Ar. İÎUJI inslıat. Want of 4. a being averted or diverted. 2. of j l ^ l A. Things which are piled one over the other in without moderation. no sense of justice? cast in a mould. insîrâf. . A preparing for work. 1. a. İnsılâb. A bringing to maturity. Ui 1 -. Idols formerly worshipped at Mekka by the pagan Arabs. vn.. ( 222 ) I 2 did. Ç B I L I N S N I N S J . JLİM) A piece of poetry recited among the people. vn. A. A beA. 1. Helpers. fa tip the skirts or trowsers. justice. 2. 3. A being thou no conscience. A. 3. 2. b i r d . vn. half through. i. A. A. inzâj. JlcSi i n s h i m g l . moderation. of J . insirân. ^ j ^ ü ü L ^ I interj.Jtel 1 2 3 tar. a taking or giving the half. a. 2. ^ЬгП insıbâtı. or fried. A. kjl-ıil ö n s â b . vn. A. tice. 2.) A. Injus. a causing to ripen. To have a sense of justice.. A doing justice to. Vn. A. Shares. s. 4 pan. i n s â t o . S. t rule. 2. Halves. A maturing humors in the body. broiled.thoroughly digesting in the stomach. A stream's flowing. v. a sense of justice.) A planet's breaking contact after occupation. A. S. by fire alone. 2. 2. ш . gjjuoil insida'. ^SjLel â n s â r i . 3.. 5. To turn aside. Just. 2. An unjust act. s. (n. vn. A. A is contrary to equity. П. UOIL E N S I B A . m . Vn. vn. Hast becoming sound. A halving. ASjlc^l No. J . To return. conscientious. jlwl 3 r. A . 2 tit (French). . A single man of the Medina ansars.. pl.. pl.I L ensul. of 1. A being or becoming silent. A being raised. A being or becoming roasted. T-I-IL I N S A F . s. coction. lyul inshrvâ. Strata. İnsîbâg. T. vn. consideration. INSAFSıZ.. 2. A. a fatiguing. Pillars or obelisks of stone. insırâ*. 2. insiyag. 4. Shelves. 1. A. A. layers. 2. » j y ^ A n s h 4 d i . A. insiram. 1. modera. tijL-sl) Those inhabitants of Medina who invited Muhammed and his adherents to their city. (aslron. A. o LAI I i n s â t . ÜUJİ I N S H I Y Â ı . and equity. f met. portions. 2. vn. to be diverted or a verted. A wearing out. having all three cases. vn. and were the first to take u p arms in behalf of Islam. vn. A turning or being turned in some other direction. and admitting the distinction of definite and indefinite in all three. of 1. some good shape. t . To act A. 2. (pl. Of ^ 1.) A. pl. 2.. silence. pl. a debilitating. A.s. A. 1 . ! insafsiziiq. running so as to outstrip others. becoming day. elevation. evident or manifest. Middle-aged persons. A being poured into or out of a vessel. Very or most equitable. A being put into (jUil a. 3. A. i . s. j l > i u .-In. 1. 1 . U. 1. a weakening. A. A putting to silence. A being О Г becoming cracked or split. s. L . 1. validity. to be moderate and equitable. J U I i n s d f .. (Bi. A man's separating himself from others. S». affhâre. t so. A. vn.^ I N S S . blades. 1. equitable.) A noun's being declinable or declined. vn A being or becoming puckered and wrinkled. Unjust. 3. s.

A being worthy pended or associated. s. j £ U » ı I n t i b â ' . P. VTl* 1. vn. becoming loosed or released. 1. machine. vn. Prosperous or salutary.. an exactly fitting over in deviating from a path. ». bounoertam quality. A being or A. shape and size. or disposition ty. 'j-iu' intivä. A being as an act of favor or charity t o an stomped impressed or imprinted. of Lines. a feeing printed..s. shut down over anything. a tions. a. ExtinA. A. s. God's bestowcooked. A consonant's ( j * . in'îzâı. A being totains. 2. A being or A. deflection. a inferior. obliteration. rules.WI e n ' a m .a. j i ü l inzar. A . РЦ*"' 1 i n z i j â ' . д Ш intaq. fresh aud beautiful. i n t â r i . A submitting fresh and beautiful. rude (usul) ö'a»:l nasal. vn. fWl s. A causing to look felicitous. A thing's having a donation. J U L i n ' i s â r . or rolled up. a being Gifts.. (. also. of |»И» 1. vn. Qur'an. A straying. juice expressed. rows or files. pl. countenance's having a cheerful. / А ^ intidi-pezir. 1. A. A being prebecoming hid or secret. 2. A going away. i .). (jXLil i n t i ı ä q . . A. vn. exA. A . of fl«il covered over aqother thing. strings. a being apA. A. of fi Cattle ern mate cushions or mattresses. See j j t l and sexuallv excited. AJüi inzılum.. o-^iul int'ıâ«. E N Z I M . stays. s. vi-UH in at. s. vn. turned in a differ2. I . JJUH in'âz. vented or preserved from evil. A fire or light's becoming bent or inclined. vn. A being a. regulations. O . pl. w a r ( 223 ) (hafız). v. intiyâ'. A being willingly and submissively. er (the reverse of q. Jbiil i n ' î a â ı . ical arrangements. VU. VU. vn. departure. A being or tinction. becoming hard. To give as a favor t o an imprinted on it. vn. a gift. 2. letting apeak. inferior. £U»l ento' 9 pl. in'îsâm. in'amat. vn. The ent direction. a being well managed. pl. thin and shriveled from lack of nour. A. S. I ü ^l a. A. Prosperous. flexure. enzär. vn. (JLUil in'itaf. Very or most b A. a. A being or A. vn. 1. 2 .Strings of pearls or beads. deflected. 4. i . beiaş or becoming extinguished. Methodishment. of LeathA. O J L » . vn. also. .. vn. A being added as an order is preserved. 2. JiLîl intifa. benefactions. 2. At jW-H inzlmar. A making or to signify only a camel). firm or obstinate.jUl fär (âLSmân). a eoimrfding. Masses of clouds. vn. -У) being proooonced with the moved or dismissed from office. A. \. A being rej » . regularities. of light. vn. pl. i (qtrat). fle^l inzimam. a . W. . A being A. inzibat. J». habit. A. ^ j l ^ l _ s. i n a m . of description and eulogium. A lying down on one's side. A being folded assembly. The rocks aııd strata of mounA. vn. A being bent. (pl. vn.yül _ s. S.refraction. A thing's Orders. favors. ing blessings on a man. looking. pl. God's endowing with Name of the sixth chapter of the speech. ^Uäl intibaktı. release inclined. intimâs. tally obliterated. 2. adjunct or supplement.. Things by which being folded. vn. vn. t. vn. JLUI The refraction ing expression. 3. A having the guished. donation. A. A. {»late and tongue close to one anoth. S. Vn. constitubeing doubled on itself in folds.A being or going apart from the world. A growing A. including camels (the singular is said A. The members of a people in A. of Acts of bound fast. supports. A. «JÛU'L in'issf. institutions. smil. a benefaction. i n z i m i . in'lsHb. (zir). j L u î intibäq. concealment. a A. 2. A conforming 4. 1. A being in good order or discipline. kindnesses. arızaı*. A giving A. A being in heat T. 3. to wrong or oppression.

s. Any forccd A . respirations. as A. A being above. Single inT. A. A putting OU A. MGIMUM. down modestly. A being or A . 1 . A being carried away by temptation. (logic) s. A r e s t i n g oil. e n i r . A causing to reach or atand to execute it in a perfunctory tain. The eyes' being cast 4. vn. 1 . a. jtil 1. LÎI'IVλ. To listen care.. J ^ ' î . An İta. vn. A making or and unpaid labor. An agreement's being concluded. or. A . ^UJI I I . Very or most fresh. vn. causing it to take lessly and in a perfunctory manner. A being reflected or reercussed from a surface.prayers. entirely. (of г > ) Blessings. A. vn. 2. vn. etc. t ill.t. vn. S. fastened or locked. V. vn. A. s. preceding. A. A being muffled and covered up. (of States of ease. an end. jtH ingiinir. to be obeyed. consumption. 2. anger. A knot's being or becoming tied. adv. J* îngimâz.) 1 1 so. especially. jii>'l infiii-. The r u d d y goose. ings. The reduction of an aneu. To spend. ingîmâs.r •> •> > s. 1. curdled. privates in the ranks of any See" J . vn. short intervals of time. A being cleansed A. vn. A tip. v. I N G H Ä Q . pl.. curdled. Solidified. 5. (occasionally &T or wearing a turban.. perversion. v. a being easily annoyed or disgusted. Bodirâz. Very or most soft and tender.. i n f â s .-r . 1 . iinitiii / anas camrca. whiffs of smoke. jli>"l onfnr. en'uin. vn. being winked or closed. vn. A.•>U»il „ 1 2 3 far. ( 224. d i d . A. Voices. 2. Î. (Jy\ . invocations. A shrink. T. VJ. A. Draughts. 2. V71. See ^ \ I angid) ENL. jjirt ingîvi. Jl-iil I N G I E A I .pl. a distributing fluid. 3.) T. 7. Concluded. JU"! ln'1. a promontory. R A Q . 2. 3. vn. q. pl. a being jealous or disdainful. Puffs of breath vn.. A. Which goes before. A being coagulated.cution an order. w a r . Breathwith water. reflexion. in'iqäd-pezir. t>\ I T I ' I I M . coagulated. . thing. before. A. jUu\ îııltıd.1 III. vn. a being perverted. disdain. v. (as 1) Beneficent gifts. Words. A pointed thing's ies or small groups of men of being thrust or forced into a substance. m e t . . »JUT . comfort. 'Oil. A consuming coming bent or curved. A being or becoming exceeding wroth. To T. 2.. 1. ў'Л\ a.T nnif. A. A being or beA. 1. send. vn. I . blessings uttered by saints. ingisi?. 1.. 3 far. To treat letting penetrate or go through a a request or command as unjust. -üt»! inglyuz. jL«>l vn.or doling out property as sustenance rism by_pressure. с^и  N G Î T I s. r a l e . or solidified. pl. ^ Ä I I N ' I I T Y  S . Moments. T.t. The nose. 4 1 1 2 1 pası. comforts of life. v. T. to others. vn. 3. disgust.t. <-i. 2..s. A being inverted. A being over fastidious. and healthy (plant). ashore. prosperity. 1 ) I anaitl o „ . A. s. The aforemenA. convertibility" of terms in a proposition. A./ T body of goverment servants. A being sorrowful. Private soldiers or a n g ı r m a q . s. 2. 1. nil 1 ran) Above. A. vn. the foregoing. 3. 3. Tied. An official's putting in exemanner. 2. t. A . p. ILI>1 I N F Ä Z . a. A being or be. a point. a. men. vn. flAl IN" I 111. _ s. Distribution of a term. an exhausting. A frightening aplunged or immersed in a fluid. s.  N G I R L Y Y  . JÜ*İİ I N ' I Q Ä D .v. 1 . 3. :. immersed in a fluid. A. ta (French). benefactions. from four to nine each. See dividuals. being supported by posts or columns. vn. 2. or tioned. effect. 2.. 2. b^A  N G A R Î Y Y  . S. Puffs of wind. A. coming closed. 3. plunged. a. o f 1 . of >" 1. A laying out becoming plunged or immersed in a money upon others. ing away. "bird.from the lungs. A cape. ^ > tin uf. A. A beast's back's being galled with its saddle. Echo. 1. a putting to flight. way. of »-it «•nf. İ. 6. ı-D' (pl. To execute. A. reverberation. A being A. sailors. 2. (Bi. The eyes being cast down modestly.

A fluid's bursting forth. vn. j O ' l iafiı-âq. 2. 9. issuing as from a spring. opening. У v. A being or becoming severed and separated. -k. A seal's being or becoming broken open. gaping. Very or most pleas*log. souls. vn. Water's being thrown out in a body. alone. 3.. 3. . A. happiness. ^ti/l i n l i t i h . extended on the ground. A law's being abrogated or repealed. A. A. vn. JUui infsı. 1. A. A being spun or twisted. i n f u s . vn. A. 2. vn. 2. etc. The dawn's breaking. A . A. 2. Jüri »Jr» Name of the eighth chapter of the Qur'an A.. slipping. delicious. 2. A. 1. A projecting. \. 4. or blown to atoms. J». 2. m . a. 2. 1. ti*. pl. ^ . A. A being cut off or through. ^ U i / ! infisâs. A. The legs' being wide apart. A being broken. SeejLW') A. Very or most penetrating. A suit or quarrel's being decided or settled. 2. Spirits. 3.. vn. selves. Name of the eighty-second chapter of the Qur'an. JaU«ÄI INFIZÂZ. 2. rupture. especially. bursting. a being crushed without separation of parts. 1 . a. J I n f i r i a . A being or becoming separated. A being burst wide open. Г İ n f i z â k h . flkiM Infitâm. 4. one by one. A having a hernia. JUJI'I INFITÂR. r u d e {usul). separation. 2. jUairi v. joy. effectual or efficient. i. vn. or dropping out.U I ' L infizâit. A. booty. Very or most useful or profitable. I. To be •settled. 3. good. in-fisâkn. vn. A. 4. isolated. joy. A place's being spread. A being or becoming open. 2. infisâm. A. A retiring or being removed from office. broken up. J^ j l ^ l adv. i n f â ' . A cracking. For one to retire or be dismissed from office. Hearts. vn. vn. vn. vn. Jbiri infitäq. separation. JWiri I n f i ' a l . carpet. choice. of цЛъ 1. Rennet. t\Jü\ i n i i s i a . A . «re.v. rent. dissipated. A being or becoming split or cleft. isolation. A. A being generous. JUifl InfisÄı. 4. split.^» s. A being or becoming alone. 5. terminated. s. Calamity's bursting upon one.Jüri t i ( g r r(>mBn)ı İ w a s ? (lıKfuı!. Âiri infer. as with a mat. A countenance's being free from gloom. Separately. > maohîno. a being A. 4. 4. burst. absence. I. vn. animate existences of men or beasts. pl. Lives. A being or becoming wide and spacious. I N F L H L . individually. A joint's being dislocated. '>'1 I N F I R I . split. an interval in space. 2. A being or becoming disintegrated. An assembly's being dissolved or adjourned. vn. A being broken or burst. A. ignominy. 3. A being or becoming infamous. infirâj. A being or becoming acted upon by an agent and affected in consequence. A . a. cheerfulness. 3. 5 22 jw* ( 225 ) t 1 2 2 ^ X 2J_ — > nasal. A leaving and going away from. A being disagreeably affected. IAFLRÂSIı. with the tongue and palate well separated (as are all except these four. vn. An abstaining or being restrained. 2. A being or becoming corrupt and spoilt. A . A consonant's being pronounced broadly. A. fracture. infitât. Jfciri INFITAT. of J ^ Spoils. splitting. dissolved. 3. A being or becoming spread. S. and cheerful. a . A being weaned. rent. delightful. infijär. infljâj. An angle's being obtuse. 'I. A . The breast's being dilated with pleasure or joy. astraddle. A weeping sorely. (т-Дг)» ı <qirat). purposes. 1. Very or most influential or commanding. vn. Persons. (JJU'T I N F I S . A. A mass or collection's being dispersed. A being separated by an interval. A thing's breaking to pieces or crumbling. pleasure. bed. A being or becoming burst. A. resolves. r Lia'l İnflsHh» vn. infamy. 2. 4. 1. A. vn. 1. A being or becoming separated from some one. a. . individualities. 3. i. vn. infîürfi'. vn. bursting. or being cracked. vn. A. vn. A being separated by an interval. A. A compact's being cancelled or broken.

^V . vn. angered.1 -war. . severed. A maker or . of JA* Old materials of buildings demolished. «иЛ INQATı. etc.. A being killed. apprehended. A sOUM inflıä'. . TO.v. VH. A . ing. S. vn. or.. A. 3 . A slave's being set free. A being or becoming filled with pulp. 1.. s. J^U'l inflıäq. VU. fUA'l i n q k ä m . \. v. I N Q I I X . LI'T ı N Q Ä . A making nels. diminution.. disdainful refusal.tea. A. A making the peculiar noise with the mouth used to coax or urge horses. annoyed. split. in the verbal noun. vn. vexed. A compact's being annulled. Inqüräz. A. with the breath. vn. v. i i q a a . s. 2. W l ı â s . or anger. marrow. To feel uncomfortable. b i r d . grief. A making an infusion. 1. cracked. A. s. purification. A cleansing. JEII'L ı N Q Ä Z . and the like. flgirt i n t i h a m . -IIL E N Q A D . i n q ä ' . A sword's being or becoming notched.r a1 . A saving. A wetting. Beds of fat round the eyeballs. A being made on a pattern.v. tw hurt. A being split or cleft lengthwise. shriveled. A . 2. contracted o r retracted. a. Water's standing. i. A . 1. A . Ja\2j\ ixıqäz. To be con_stipated. a paying attention. ^-i'T anqit. of an initial V and j . 3. Marrows. An {ıbscess' bursting or being opened. escape. A (small beast or inanimate object's) making the cry or noise peculiar to it. A. A being split lengthwise. i . Inflqa. an infusing (a drug. A popping mastic. Disdain. 3. A correcting or cut off. did. A. a polishing poetry or prose. A . A pinch of snuff. being stagnant or discolored and putrid. 2. 4. A being cut or slit in strips or thongs. infiyyi. ллТ s. or fat. 1 .V. 2. vn. A rushing heedlessly into danger or difficulty. i. vn. To come . VU. A leaving no issue. haste. t . A being constipated. 1 . vn. large holes or perforations. pl. An army's being routed. S. A hollow thing's being burst. of $ 1. and becoming extinct. FB^L in<ıinäm. A. A lessening.t»l ( 226 ) J*Jİ\ _ 2 3 4 t 1 2 1 le 2 f a r . A.. 2. 3. 3 . A. i. iLiM Laqäz. 3. pl. 4. m h o r e . \vn. Very or most charm. A. a striking dead. vn. a delivering from evil or fear. s. a porcupine. A snuff-box. INQIIBÄZ. ^T ÂNÂQ. 2. \. A being A. See A. etc. or angered. i^y JUil a. S. A hedgehog. A. аппоуапсё. with another I between the second and third radicals. vn. etc. pl. A getting free. vn. s. ä n q a r i y y ä . of к . A. vexed. s. seller of snuff. . chopped. (in Arabic-grammar) The chapter of JUil. vn. t u (Vrenotv).» met. A being tonguetied through some strong emotion. T ı r ^ inflyyij 1 s. vn.ıQÂS. Annoying. A. «J&'L I N Q Ä B .). 1. annoyed. A being or becoming separated. in the mouth. A. A tooth's being broken. known. 2. A. fissured. ceasing. anger. vn. 2. A restoring to health. . para.tOUI infiıât. See оал A. A being grasped and held. A listening. s. s. torn. i n f i ı ä ı . 2. A. To take snuff. A killing Wİth & single blow. vn. I N Q I T A I . 2. I. An eyeball's being burst. vn. vn. A comins to an end.i. Ears. A being lost and absent. etc.л \ . \ . Snuff. shame. Name of the ninety-eighth chapter of the Qur'an. A. A joint's being bent. A . derived from any triliteral root by the addition. vexatious. A being ОГ becoming understood. A li'l inqâ. JİAİ'I lııqutılı'. disconnected. or struck out. etc. A being or becoming. A feeling uncomfortable from anger. ЛлЛЛ IrtqidSd. To be hurt. vn. infhtyâk. a clapping the hands. 2. 6. 3. fear. jli'l inqaz. soaking. saturating in fluid. 3. jUi'l i i . A cracking the joints of the fingers. meali of ears. j t ^ . 2. A joint's being dislocated. A. See ^ L A. vn. T. AIÎI « N E T I . A being cut. У j*Jc . A. ) a n escaping. 4. 1 . . 5. a tortoise. T u n A.

d:\ İnek. affairs. 2. A. failing. pl. A being barked. Castrated. s. 4. anqarlyya.) Who imagines. inkyirsiz. d'T anin. ing/ in flight in order to alight. 2. vn. i n q u . A changing. vn.L I N Q I Z Ä Z .' Л X . The summer solstice. A wall's crackinto pieces. i n q i i a b . A making or letTroops' gathering from all quarters ting a woman marry. i. s. jUül ıNQXSTXÄR. a A. 5. _ s. vicissitudes in mundane ado. p. A being fast. A being A. A. denying. vn. A. A. A being cut landslip. a comX. Indivisible A . terminating.l E N Q I Y A .» S. A being obey. vn. A fictitious A . s. A being of imagining. ing. a termination. vn. separation. vn. a finishing. a. vn. a.6 s. inqlmas. of gjü Wells deniabilitv. lil'l i n i k . To submit. a legend. 3. vn. 2. s .. 2. Who does pools. Vn. an X. not deny. 1. a. A .tale. cut off or through. revolution. 2. l inqlyäz. a. A. shreds. Very or most ef. A nOtfelled or grubbed up. A wall's beend. A being or compounds. vn. off or through. i 3 2 to aıı end. of jl or Jjl q. jUil inqi'är. exhaustion. A star's setting. version. ^&L inkyâs. s. A being di. Divisible. inkyarsizliq. ejKl i n g y â r i . vn.. s. 2. imagination.. p. See AjUil cibly torn from its place. . Undenied. To deny. A. •with plenty of water. gcnitioe. A bird's stoopA. being led by a rein or rope. A resulting in. 2. tooth's dropping out. k. I. 1. of JSO Misers. J&\ engyiiı-. JLai'l i n q İ s ö f .dient. pure. A suddenly departing. J I Ü ' i mqifai. interruption. A . i n q i ' ä . 1. INQITA'. A conceives. (See ing or passing to a certain state. ^bi'l mqisam. s. JLI'L inqiyäd. (Termination of cessation. a story.. a. inqlyäs. 6 j f a. Jl Changes. pl. A being forX. change. inqiva'. Bora of a slave. A not being denied. öbj-* ^ l ^ ' l s. in. S.. 1 . 2. A beast's A . pl. 3. piles of date-stones. an ignoring. A tale. A tale. To the end of time. or a fallX. s. jKI i n k y i r . J U I M INQISÄı. a romance. See miserable wretches. Very or most de. t . Tin or A . of Micro. vided into parts. w a r (huri?-). 1 . VU. 1. . FUI'L I N Q I S I M . pl. being or becoming tractable or obeA. To be obedient: t o ficient or defective. A . fiction. cnqa . maoluse. etc. A. A off or through. See iiU ing down in ruin. (J-i'l E N Q Ä S . p l . See dSl expiration. a beiug exhausted. being cracked and ruinous. inkyan.repudiating. »jZı\ i n q i r i . A rushing along A. being interrupted. u. d. ij^4"! i n q a s . 3. X. or barred. to become extinct.>« ( 227 ) . 2. A being Cut X.v. jKl inkynr. vn. against one. 1. A "wall's pewter. A well's caving in. A. diversion. See CL-1 A. r . of Rags. Sand or violently. vn. s. . _ J . turned back or around. 1. vn. inqlzaz. 2. 2. X. * I 21 zar (Ssman). ingyârisn. undeniable. 2. kjUaiil ınqızab.a romance. reversion. ofjZ Shrewd. A.. p. A. — n n u a l . 1. A ceasing or sharp. An end. A plungA. Abeingbrokeu A. ened. A tatters. I . submission. 1. of£ Clean. expir. . ficacious in quenching thirst. A peeled or skinned. A denying. S. ing or falling in ruins. broken to pieces. A . i . 1. meteor's shooting in the sky. s. vn.j-* _ s. as in a A. pl. p. 3. pl. S. j&L i n k y â a . a being cut off. ânnk. 2. of Ponds. vn. An act A. Ui'l I N Q L A . loose earth's running down.v. pl. . 1 . d.jjKl i n g y â r d i . jyi. tradition. 1. J»UAI . intelligent men.J. A tree's being T. A coming to an A. The winter solstice. a being ruinous. Lead. a i enek. riide (uaül). vn. vn. vn. obedience. v. J»i'"i anqlt. . ( â1 )2 * (qırät)... unA. di\ enik. who becoming into water. S.s.

53 Marriages. A being or becoming routed. The middle-finger. vexation. defeated. The forefinger of the right hand.s. a. s. As ' . T. fetters. A. P. ^JZI c n g a r u s . pelias berus. To feel wounded or vexed. S. s. a repelling. ffl..'IÇJKÎI enguruslu. ao. A being or becoming uncovered. r USîi inkisiıâiı. Q. a. enguslit-numU. ÖUSoî İ n k i s l ı i f . A storyteller. 2. a being found out. A market's being or becoming dull. enksor. Wİ10SC finger is on his mouth. A . A. S „ An adder. a viper. (The indigo finger or bar) A stroke of indigo or ink drawn over a passage rejected. annoyed. A sending away. eclipse. . See A. the little toe. E N K A T I .. bu<d. A pivot. The (X. jKSJtSvl engislit-ger. 2. jb-> . 2. famous. P. stingy. T. (See JS^. A . Inclined. A fingerP. (gram. s. The sun's being eclipsed. p. . Hungarian. 2. €1.s. etc. P. 1 . Bride's finger. dispersion A. 1 . A. in astonishment or regret.s. o ^ engııbiıı. ingobAr. s. engasbt-kesli. Î U Â . 4. vn. The little finger.) A consonant's being movent with the kesre vowel. 2. dullness. ashoret ( 228 ) t ^ t met. INGISBTIR \s. A spoke of a wheel. vn. A falling flat on the face. as./УЯН nur. Charcoal. 2. T.) To utter a curse against an offending party.v. Very much given to marrying. * _ . A being discovered or invented.s. annoyance. ОГ y_ engııslıt-ber-leb. A. the great toe. vn. JKI enkysi. engislit. discomfiture. put to flight. /»jKl iugyâre-^ya. A feeling contrite and humble. 1. 3. (vulg. avaricious. vn. grieved. pl. (ground). inactivity of business. 4. . n. his lips. _5ol 1. used as a masticatory. öngııslıtirî > ring. r u l e . w a r . erring. A toe. t-T_. Pointed out with the finger. vexed. hence. A Hungarian man. I N K I S A R . p. S. i. ^j-j-Jîl e n k s e r j i . I N I T Y Â R ı . Instruments of torture. pl. leaning to one side. P. v. A feeling hurt. (The nameless finger) The fourth finger of either hand. (Orientals highten t h e expression of some emotions by a gesture with the finger.s. A being or becoming broken. did. famous. A. \ . A. A measure of length of varying quantitv.s. J-' . 2. 2. Hungarians. 5. Very or most unpleasant or disagreeable. v.s. 4. j l i ^ ' e n g u s l i t e r i n / S İ g n e t . s. fiır. s. "L. of gum from a thistle.The finger of astonishment Oj— _ The finger of bereavement. 5. c ^ f . A. . JLSI I N K I S Â D . the great toe. A finger. (J J j 1 engusht-ber-dehan. enguslıt. name of a long grape. Hard-fisted. infamous. a. ^^^ e n g e r e k .and T. Unlucky. 1. a.s. A Г. p. p.. W I . a finger's breadth or length. conceived in the mind. as J l f 4 . Allusion to this habit is found in many compounds of 1. The thumb. <CU-s. ^tiT . As P. d. INKLBAB. of . v. ü ^ s. 2. contrition. A. The thumb. A sunbeam.$• The middle finger. S. p. The little finger.s. placing it in the mouth or biting it. I N G I B I . difficult. Pointed at with the finger. O^. E ı ı K . A being dispersed or separated.s.The finger of regret. i!j>_ . A. The thumb. See T. any mark of rejection. T. jJ. charred wood. The thumb.. I N K E R . The little finger of the left hand. Honev. inactive. Astray. q. vn. q. As jl-^'l. . P. (JUSol I N K I Ş Â F . The pivot of a millstone. s. A bar of a railing. prop. J & L ı N K Y Ä ı . negative. p. S A kind T. etc. Imagined. vn. isjl~ ingir-saqizl. 8. As q. a. <JKI inkyâr. ^U _ s. A falling assiduously to work. enked. 3. öngyushtc. İ. p. A .). . A. illomened. of J$. A'hiSol engushtäne. vn. t â OPr©ncI\) . A declaring free •from defect er vice.s. s. A charcoal burner. s. assiduity. jl-ıSîl ingAdân. steep and broken. Steeply sloping. 6. Pertaining to denial or negation.

A making or ay nara seolymws. The afternoon silk stuff of seven colors. absten. bngyhr.. (for Great Britain and Ireland). Ctfjiil eniiiatraek. p. 3. t. JSH e n g k . INGINÂR. öP j-çSl v. boundless. n. vn. e n g i n . An Englishman. 2. a. 2. one who few compound adjectives. at that A. e n g k r i n . 2. J-W i n t i m â s n . time. JJ-ÜH iniidAr. s. 2. s.i. of ft BackL haste. t. A pimple or boil. Clî&l eneklâtmek. F.tfyjSH ( 229 ) Jl*1 f a r <4am&ıı). s. the high sea. an abandoning. Stupid and annoy. vast.. i . countert . machine. A growing. U enimma. s. &A enge. varieties. v. -»W initimia. England. A chaMuslim service of divine worship. 1. Name of an unsmiling faintly. s. A lady relative of a bridegroom. J -v. p. Open. A sent to fetch the bride home. Bed Angora. i ^ o в 2. The apple of the eye. slanderers. raised. slanderers. vn. T. a competitor. İ. 2. A. concealment. A raising. prop. of i . p. -KIT I I N M Â T . Jj£l ©ngyui. A. 1 .. A. ( A m a n ) o f ing concealed. (zîr). V. The ring of an an<T Testament.T. The* English. A returning. a A. vastT. J. biters. adv. t. Wide. T. tion. p. l E N G Û R N I D . P.stirred up. (It. pl. fruit letting a plant or animal grow and increase in size. enemm. I an-gch. or let become wide or broad. A p. i. biters. a. who excites sedition. widen. sorts. See «iUlSL'l i . 4 . S. propitious figure in geomancy. boundlessness. a. 1 . 2. The book of Mani the painter and pseudo-prophet. n. The English. especially. ness. an exciting. S. The New come broad or wide. pl of J Leopards. E M I . enliciemnk. excitement. V. become extensive or bound peting rival. A. stirring up. A. To keep 1 . "^JLISOI engûshtvâne. (Termination to a T. s. s. To Open out. To make t . bluntness. T Ь . Without a com. T. CI. t . s. increasing in size. 3. The artichoke. j ä t aJSI V.s. A. s. s. A T. (conventionally so called) elder sisteran archer's thumbstall.. engelsiz. I. pupil of the eye. 4 " aneiâ. or. T. a n o f vitis vinifera. Kinds. a. dljjfil Ө»gyârek. The offing. U'l inmS. s. I M G A R U . of 1. Angora hiding one's self. A thumb-stall. in-law. F. or let ft beast be castrated. 2. Very much or or grievgd. without tact. dim. p. T. 2. уИ enii. Openness. ^. . A spreading a A little grape. a being or becom(Ancyra in Asia Minor). quilts. . a bride's thimble. 1. CSLR£\ enginlemek. ticks. anella). ounces. in the offing. return. CL. r i d e (usûl). s. which raises. A. § (qfrat). A refraining. USJI inbifs.U'l innimae. English away from the shore.. v. . Excited. (for ^ls'l) VII. S. meleon^ A. (Lightning's) flashing faintly. calumnious report. pl. A sister-in-law. ^ ' ^ l a. A rival.. INGINLIK. 1. vn. JU1 e n m i l . broad. Then. enokiemok.. A making most given to backbiting and slander. to pass along (man). vexation.panes. who is . engis. vn. . -wär (Hüfie).n nasal. infciıiı. engikhte. A. trate a beast. or sofa covers. «JliSl! infclfat и .To go or enmar. T. 3. wide.less. T.-J&I engizisn. The British Government.. of Js Backing. the wife of an elder brother. A being or becoming blunted.. a. To stand in the way of auother. the panthers. T «U l emilânmek. S. ûiJ&lingiliz. j f \ engız. V. inglıtörâ. v. S. 2. stirs up or excites. t. Vn. p. A shot chor. prop. abandonment. To cas. The grape. 1. To make get into the offing. P .) Who or is in one's way. or shunning. i. pl. A being vexed commonly called tjxSA A. a. s. Seditious. (as dust in the air).

things A. A. —. 2. s. (See }• J j b . 2. A being or be. of Shespecimen. period. of J Leopards. I inmlyaq. A pattern. sleepy. Sorts. a. m e t . ^ ) Tamed.. iU I enmu. See ^t'UT A. J H Inmai. a s h o r e . t. varieties. Of»* She-camrain. disdainful. Inanmaq. rays or beams of light. S. x . A. A. A. _ _ in A. through miserly tenacity. pecially. J X ^ ı N M ı H I Â ı . t. Very or most lu. A half of breathing with noise and difficulty. pl. ( p l . JLYL i n v â q . Periods of A. ^У^ o n u s . A completing or away. S. V. (f'Om P. s . a. ЗУ^ i n uq (els. cAtl tvnmxW. tyl еш-5. Fishes. JLYL i n v ä r . a. JRIY 1 E N M Ö Z E J .Jtl 1 2 3 4 ( 230 ) l S i 1 Л tu 2 f a r . distinguished b y the old Arabians. 2. s. 2. zur. Vn. domesticated (beast). of JH Libering erect. S. Species. Roaring (hoi'se) T. V. professional wailers. pl. 3. 2. halos.. b-T) 1. FLYL envam. a model. Sweet-breathed.. (as 2) Freights. A slipping ing its stone. pl. coming obliterated or annihilated. (pl. space of time.. A. a.1 suspended. ı^tfM inanilmelt. jZ \ e n m e r . v. A coming to a stand. ounces. twenty seven in A. l)\y\ I N V Â N . (joU^I inmihäs. JLY' envai. A. a A. A tumor's being Women who wail over the dead.. slumbers. 2. hung on in addition to beasts' burdens. pl. death. '1. V. A being or beA. a . AM to be castrated. Swords. Hooks. Anonymous (coming the times of the Lunar Mansions. s. Beautiful. fulgencies. J L i n v i i . See JTI t. men. "bird. Lights. inmlhâ. jy\ invıır. T. A standA. Femininity. Pertaining to feA. C C E N A N M E I T . p l . of J* Fires. ) S. s. S. vn. 3. A. destruction. pl. An emerging arranging business. of y 1. . vn. Things suspended by A. / I I N M U R . of^y 1. t . vn. A. a watch of the niglıt. munificent benefactors. especially. ЗУ! itıvrıq Is. vn. Flowers. "war. For a beast etc. İ. JjU) lyl)? s. coming liquid. 3.. Jy Weavers' beams. . A finger-tip. feminine. a. A. A. s. dappled. especially the periods for rain. of Uy 1 . As q. 2. (pl. i n a n . 2. <4c' i n m ı l i . a A. A. »J^c') (as subdivisions of genera). _ L i n v i r . of^s. The science of computF. cici i n e m o k . pl.. İ. (French). i n v â n . p l . of I ЁV q. i.. A being or hires of ships. s . jyl Anisi. i.. ixi vat. Cj\y) slandering. i n v a ' . J y \ A N N F . of 1 . pany). esdispersed. sword-edges. A backbiting. 2. jU'l inmiyaz. 1 . Sleeps. thirteen days each. pl. of a night. a minous or bright. Very or most divided their solar year. were or. Î N M Î Y Â * .fruits. A. a. See AS-J camels. U. of j j \ . / hooks. 0 f \ y (n. 2. enme. S. visions. eiyl i n i f . separation. distinction. a. VU. a tale-bearing. passage-monies. twenty-eight in number. anonim. becoming separate or distinguished. I. white flowers. J M .1. s . s. Y A whole day. (those which indicated wind. (like a leopard). an escaping. r a l e . Letters 0 . p l . tyl învâ. with one more of fourteen nificent days. and from an eclipse. ) I . into which the Arabians formerly A. S. of by 1 . a kinds. A. finger-end. 2. V. A sample. A . straps. A. | 7 г \ . Inv. vn. without A.. See loops or straps by which things are A. ^c l anmaq. fy\ invixn. efpanthers.. v. pl. by which the seasons of the year. a. T. See Jt'M T . being called 2. Dreams. T. especially. A gasping. F. so. etc . s. s. 3 A. s. Annsslyyit. gleams. A. A. A fruit's formA. ^yl A П П S ı . and A. pl. Quantities of stones of dates or other A. Lunar mansions. a term. v. pl. Very or most muY number. A. . vn. A.. vn. I e n v a . 2. . p a n . pl. 3. 1. A. CsM W U t . did. Spotted. e n m u d e j . See СЩ A. males. 2. A perishing. Who gasps when asked for a gift. <7. ^ЬЧ ananas. v. of still from lassitude.

2. If the noun daytimes. A being as »ı~ . with a crash. eques. Not so if the • is aspirated. A . The letters . A. rout. A. etc. P. ânâsön.. 2. tion of relation. A . JV' i n h â ı . JL^ I N H I R . . as t. A yielding a pointing out.n n a s a l . J I J ^ I N H I D Â D .hâic. tifully. of JRivers. S. J ^ V ' I N H I D Â S H . 2. ^ . 1 . in streams. nicate officially to a superior. JV* i n h i ı â ı . Canals. A crumbling property to be spoiled a n d plundered. An envy. (pl. a A .v ' i n h i d S m . vn. 2.streams. In alighting (on a journey). Wl. ing. A . vn. 1. See T. 2.. A . 3. this becomes a consonant movent Very wet and rainy. s. vn. e n h / g a s p i n g . v. A . gerund of ^c'l (for dity honor's being violated. \-v. vn. A being broken A. 1. a showing. V. 2. ^LE^'ı I N H I M Â K . VI. A. JU^I i n h i m â ı . *м ânâ. jf-\ e n h e r . A giving b O U U . An army's y i . A giving a ly applying one's self. If the noun ends with « as a being routed. ruins.. 1. as <5j\y—*• a horseman. one's self to peril or destruction. 2.of the two ischium bones in parturicoming manifest. 2. A being sufA . vn. A. A making A moth's failing into a candle. it always qualifies A. 2. Ç-YL INIXSJ. as. fused with at another. vn.yi ( 231 ) jT f i * « b m â n ) . bring. j T â n i . An offiA. 3.down with fatigue.s. bearing.UaJ'l i n h i j a m . 1. A sending. \p> innâ. A causing to A. to a superior. \. vn. A falling İn adv. D ^ L İ n h i l â k . A hemze's being pronounced w i t h its A. A descending. vn. »yi i n u h b » . digestible. A being or accidents. 4. away and falling down piecemeal. 2. VU. 2. vn. A. One's t. To castrate A.LVI i n h i f â t . Easy öf digestiop. or strangulated. . of J ) Rivers. . A . äiJLO. A being in ing down violently. A panting. t . a contenting one's self. this is changed into Persian J . vn. offender very grievously. A falling down A. J. digestion. 2. smashed in pieces. To commu. visible. s. canals. defeat. f L ^ ! INHIZÂM. added to any sub. 1. trian (act. л у ь . I. vn. Leisurely and cosily. i n g or communicating. a. (zir). ffl. and is used adverbially also. A flowing. jl eni.demolition. A dog's flyA. becoming remiss. A curtain's a beast. If the noun ends with ^ as a vowel. A building's т. machine. tion. 1. such a conA. v. A being letting one get up on his feet. pl. envy. 3. w 5 r (hafız). JLS^T IRII. vn. -Ы-^ inhibât.fUapll a.a being or becoming demolished. J V ' E R I N I . Indigestible. descent T. ( 1 Л «Ц М a... An assiduousA. J I anı. one's self up entirely to some act. t. Intantaneous. vn. A punishing an peculiar sharp hiatus. stantive or adjective.IKYRUT. 1. A desisting. ->1^1 i n h a d . jUf'I i n h i m â z . accusative of ^ or Jjl q. To give ing satisfied. vowel. etc. A.). in the daylight. 2. An exposing streams. being rent. A being cial communication m a d e in writing digested in the stomach. I N H Â Z . vn. J I V ' I N H I A Â N . a falling down. 2. or torn away. FIT^L i n h i s u â m . vn. J y j l A.i. jt-\ e n h u r . ilU&'l öne rııelç. A. *'lf»& . ends with 1 or the vowel . rûd« (usul). . The adjectival termina. A . momentary. I N H I T Â K . A being drunken with wine. fl falling down or being pulled down. INHIB. A b e i n g or be. M j j ^ . an irritating-. 1 .with his belly in crouching. Tears' flowing the day-time. clear. manifest. vn. (pl. vn. s. A vexin». 1. 1. t. See O^L'l •X. with fbtha. Very bright. A. vn. making or letting start on a journey. vn. 1. A beast's touching the ground A . 1. of JVO Days. A being sonantal is added. vn. An exposing A . crushed in the hand. instant. a devoting one's beast a first drink of water. An eye's flowing with tears.' T J ^ s. A be. A making or A. vn. pressed. A squeezed. vn. A . 2.self to any occupation.. peculiar to a horseman. . İ (qırSt). vn. inhizâm. Rain's pourflow. 2.

V ^ fjU. An owner of a house. pl. A man's house.v. (See jUj) p. 2. s. fFrencii). y jl a. manifest. a socket. s. . euit. T. J . r u l e . at its said of fish and the like). A man's wife. f u r . апачоп. öii^l ©nlkiatmek. wa№ı шьвто. a groan. ! _ s. T. a gasp. A . 1. of a. several days ago. a pup. J' I I M L . j U _ s. whelp or cub. 2. plain. vn. I. 2. ч . « I Y I I N I S U T O . Anise. A man's household. s. (for jljT) A sound. w>L'l inyâto» S. Of vl>. plunder.s• A hunting dog.v. 2. . Female. t. dishes. soup or stew. a. 3. s j " s. lay hands on. (fern. C-li'l İ n İ s . t . 6. Game. inriU so. instantly. 5JL. a family. J j l _ s. fame. 2. s. she. To look 2.yıl) He. J^y . jjTjîl. 3. To make three days ago. a. s. compartment. i. ing for breath. ^ L t l . bfx3\s. v. tushes. canine teeth. fern. an echo. Togo out hunting.eye. J O. a. See ^iiil T. hunting of T.s. demonstr. adv. Jl every kind.s . St. W-I-'l a. of tl (pl.I inniyyit. S. vn. 5. ^ jf s. A special place of deposit or permanence. s. a voice. pron. A small private house as distingnished from jiyi mansion. is.f . JJI ЁIVYЁТ-. of two classes.-ıi. a. З. goats'-hair. A. friendly and familiar. i-.Д . met. jLi^'l öıılsuıl. (See т. pron. j! ev. A man's household. j l jUj. a field A. o.'T İııida. envying. A meadow. w . A plain. a moan. etc.A kitchen. ^ â n i y i . A house. A hawk used in fowling. П av.. 4-лЯ) Sociably find game. A proposition pit of the stomach. and tiU. tush. See j u i в}' j f j j .. large of tusk.s. jl 5v. 2. a grassy plain. s. T. Categorical (argument). a family. v. a. «»„it. A. Good hunting weather. 1. A panting. To ible. t. etc.adv. An aposteriori argument. \ a m s u n . a whine. The young of a See Jjl . To find something to A. etc. V e r y o r m o s t and effects. A moaning. Furniture. it. _jl 'J s. related to the conjunction o> (verily). I / i^-i. The chase. a. envy. The other world. as Fire burns. Envied. of q. a-4>'l i n i s i . Home-made bread. S. a ^ U _ s. those T . baskets. 2. a T. which are not prolonged in the pronunciation. . pron. (not commonly pass. (in Anatolia) A kitchen. a habitation. a. The socket of the a. or let a beast bring forth young. 1. sociable companion. other. A tent of A. i n i n . Pretty. etc. vn. T. The other day. pers. J».for game. jljl) Vessels of any kind. A household.s. i. ^ly* _ s. a. nivorous beast) to bring jorth young. lovely. 3 3 A. 3d.'T like j . (For a СЗГp. A house proposition. a moan. feminine. j ^ t i . _ s. the future state. the carnivorous beast.a variety of such food. a. That. S. 4. a. 1. An The master or mistress of a house. a gasping. Thieves' opportunity. A . A battue. Fishing. <s3\ O s. 1. to lay hands on. T . e n i s . a. pigeon-hole. pl. 2. V. the categorical nature of which is where a marriage feast is being held. T. s. aniseed. A prize. beautiful. A man's household. The bf3i s. Very or most vis. 1. İ.i. (comp. a whine. cJSvl i n i l t l i m i k . 1. (as Ş\) s• Water. s. whining. pimpinella anisurn.. prey. i n i n . Jr'I e n i q . or to other than self. (pl.s.(pl. To look for something A . and prep. ing. L sing. groan. That other one. 4-M âniıâ. rumor. effects. (That or this) Whether that or this. W quality of an a posteriori categorical canvas or white felt.palace. Ul o-va. A tent of black felt or known. A. especially. tu. jU'T pl. of grass land. A man with A. '1. not pertaining to self. See Л (for M) Cooked food. 4. v**1) Tusks. S e e « Ü L P. _ s. F. pan. s. pans. s. J l sni. (fern. A. did. A moaning. a. pers. The people or things that pertain to other than God. a whining. VUİg. ûU I N I K . as pots. v. household. Pertaining to another. jl o. JWl enisti. and л-'Ujk like Ö .. A panting. or canine tooth. moment) On the instant. A friendly. Jl* . g'-l önih.s. The nature or jjl 3 . .iî ( 232 ) Ij1 _ı 4 s ı a t V ^ ШР.

of O^t GalFame. V. of » j / T. of Jjt Better or best. A . UJıL EWATO. ej^ AVARE. Gullibility. A. о^У^ s. . a. pl. oii/ ivâvin. For j k / q. An account. w a r (H3CuS)< п и с Ы в в . 4. times. Torq. s. i. desolaor things that are first or among the tion. İ.. of . pl.. s. porticoes. Of q. A rumor. Props. an instant. 2. p l . ıväiı. 2. pl. ^Ц-У^ âvir-<Vjit. 2.Çit Women who fail or are account-book. s. S e e j s ü / A. P. s. S. t . of л-М q. An echo. quarters. ments. ё-vâsir. о / етап. a lunar month. (J^'/ uwalamaq. t u r n or return t o God i n praise. öl>'/ iwciTiäq. a season. T. S. 2. 3. F. Ruin. of 4 • FeT. rather îoud.jly âvâriıiit. injunctions. A. favors. Idleness. A voice. v. pl. As j / . s.v. Avurlji. Vertigo.!/ q. T. s... p. (I. t . or individuals of any series.. The parching senwandering. a. j / ivaqt. pl. P . toises. 3 / eväqı. 1. To break p. v. Rather loud-voiced. j / i w ä q . s. s. Level and exten.. jijljT âvâ®ıi. Kindnesses. âwâz. 3. S. T. As p. 4. t./ IVATOID. eye-teeth. also. sive lowlying grassy (land).-ıi. 1 A. S e e j j ^ V male circumcisers of girls. s. Damage to gulled and. interj. A. viola tricolor. q. duped. 2. See J . Oh! Alas! A. s. p I V I U Q . A noise. See . A note. 2 . of Stars The extreme phalanges of the fingers that are setting or about to set. v. desolate.. pl. out of work. enforced idleness. 0 / I V  N . (. « j / âvâzi. s. a small ledger. a. S. 2. »_// âvâre. S. s. of J. The Relationships../ I W Ä J I < ı . a.1 Men grancy: wandering. 1. S. 3. 1. Aş-jîib' UVBFCUJE.s. ayar. k. of AIST Female A..^CJ1/ âvâreolıe. (Eves) roaming wildly about. meadow or paddock. Strong. vagrant. vaA. champaign (country). friends. uvaku. J j / â v â r i g î . v. 3. 5 ^ . (З^Ыу awudanlııı. (pl. «vuklıır. Loud-voiced. n. prop. of J»-/ 1. A. supfield. A supererogatory service of worship performed after sunrise in the early morning.. î A . or toes. T.. s. of ^ / Tracts. prayer or penitence. of 0Г . 1. I V I J I Q . times. of The the last days of a year.. s. pl. Idle. «virö. ^ ! p. last or latter portions. Men of modern times. a bill. JJ. pillars. of «_.'-vâıir. negligent in their duties.. -'». a.. s. A public first. 2. p.. places. j l / övâııi. Modern three bright nights of full-moon. S. Of W h o 2 2 оиУ 1 2 1 « • » r e d e (asul). C/JV) ÂVÂRÎN. 2. Exile. Sweet-voiced. jbU q. pl. \ j ' âvâriyye. J t ' / u w ä n m a q . p. pl. merchandise at sea. j / a. T. directions. of J-T I . Gullible. sation of thirst. j ^ l /time. A smaller kind of public account-book. Waves of the sea.Ll. no sing. S.o n a s a l . I V  M I R . of ^ Comwild (looks).. V. s. orders. halls. 1. to crumble.( 233 ) 9 J I I « 2 2 1 I f a r (авошп). leries. Having a voice or tone. j / âvâz. a. A sound.) An artificer's set of tools. Years of distress. pl. 3. of ^iî 1. A. dim. pl. pl. wretchedness. 2. 2. T. A. j^"/ üwuiıııuq. . 5.protectors. s. 5. \ . edicts.1/) A wild pansy.v. A. 1. average. v. J / «wait. pl. lutea. Rivalry. Jiiy I V U I I I . v. •_>'/) The mands. plain.. S. of Female A. 2.Wretched. A. » / / â v â r i . T. The A. T. up. s.. t. pl.. evazi. Navarino. s. S. T. A. t . ТОГ. V. chambers. For q. of 1. 5 ^ / p.jiji E V  Z I M . k. v / HVÂTO. easily T. The middle decade of prayer or penitence. a tone. Ends. Middle parts. pl. pl. a. 6. preferable. uväın. Jw-ljl e-vâsit. -Л. A. pl. iiiy o w a i ä m a q . A. 3. Exiled. W h o turns frequently or habitually to God in praise. e~vâsı. 7. dim o/"/ A small solid buildings.. «»'n'/ih. 3. (from p. giddiness.v. T. T->/ TTWAB. S.. S. pl. s. J / . houseless... s. Jjlälıl/ awänäqliq. last decade of a lunar month. s. (from P. small cords of the skirts of tents. register or ledger. A . a moment. dim. V. ports. Canine teeth. T . A. pl. a. buttresses.

C t. quarter. compound of 3\. 1 . S. as a mark of T. t. İ. Ь з^ obä. V. jl o b r ü q . i. t>„ i. s. A heap. di. did. bristles. T. As . evbSsb.i Аьек. a path. J^JOA. ELJL Apik.) that j t j t çiy a. s. the rabble.) t . Äpikiiroeic. The character or up. pl. being low fellow. A A. kiss the knees of a superior in entreaty and pron. t o kiss another. reason.An opera-house. o f \ 3 AS A. etc). u p m e k . j 3\ о-Ъхг» distrib. of 1. i v b i s i i i . ) s. (Termination in friends. 2. foremost men. A large tent in several A. 2. The ancients. t. or let be kissed. Beginnings. У oboz. i. i. T. vn. V. fallen away in places. J t y «Wa'iı. 1 2 №hore. fur. s.i. patchy T. To kiss and make p. 4.u4i' Apiisii. pesti. v. T times. 2. A. T. T. compounds) W h o or which consumes. m«t. 1. v. V. a jagged breach. s. q. pl. öbrıımäq. obrumaq. cAt У л v. . A nomad family. a mound. 2.compartments. 2. month). Of J ^ j LOW take place (there. a road.. so as to leave as a mark of respect or gratitude. s. i. Life-consuming. j\s\ ў a. adv. | To kiss the ground in front of a very . See in profound respect. &>3\ . To curry favor by acts T. \j3\ i p i r k . way. broken. An opera. or former parts or things in series of T place or time. V. as quite long or tall. pl. 2. 3/J^ obrıxq» d. t . or. a S. ivbo. To bedays. of Easy A. Direction. contagious diseases. Apvisuuiriiik.canine hunger. pan. T. See in 3\ again and again. 2. a. s. etc. s. S. See of kissing. »'j! »Wvin. s. To make ship. To cause to be reconciled and become p. a mutual kissing or reconciliation may A.rr . of fur as distinguished from wool and To make or let kiss one another. i. 2. A. A glutton. To kiss T.. s. s. Lji ovbri.•У far» w a r . Soft-furred. (journeys). CLAjl iVpustiriick. such (a place. To kiss the (a wall. return. See J3>3^ kisses. 3 4 1 ( 234 ) 1 2 İ t 2 ckj 3 A. oUjI jy3\ v. A broken. / П evber. A. (For somewhat precipitous. 01 Alas 1 Heigh-ho.s . 1. To kiss p. LT'X)^ obos. i . wrath. evbi'e. q.. s. To be kissed. liUjl d<"l piece of ground. iSy o-biri. Hjl cvvtib. pl. o b r u l m a q . F. etc. early i b i r l A q .) b y shoulder' of a friend on meeting after making it partly fall down or away. To partly respect. First gluttonously. a. of y) The hairs T. easily performed.b j ü i j i u p u s h d u r m e k . 7 . int. 1. v. d. ^ u p u l m e k . A. Man-consuming. Incongruous food consumed . prayer or repentance. T. ^ j ! e-vbiye. s. or gratitude. j'vj^ ovbâr.. 5. ^SCjl Apki. i. bird. Straightness. i. Gluttony. A returning. then. T lences. S e e ^ y eyes in token of affection. T. ness of ground. To T. thence. < W ı R . Anger. C U j t j f v. a blackguard. 1. (imitative) quite. rectness. 4. To kiss the skirt. İ. i.each other. A custom. plagues. t . j'ljt ova in. vn. v. ^-JJI u j». To breach of servility. \. ^ <Wb. s. a. F. s. To kiss the foot T. оЦУ jU v. a well. C . A kiss. V. time. updurmeic.T ach: or. The first t e n Obnrlanmaq. To kiss the T. pl. s. the earth. r u l e . One who often sighs T. a rule. kissed in return. ttı (FreiıChi. fellows. s. To kiss the hand break and fall away. dU jliitl Jl v. i vb. v. some fancied animal in the stomor says . Steep. . very. To b e devours. v. pl. v. 2. 2. i. A way. t. early days. t. A kiss. tiUjl Jl v. so. conduct of a blackguard. A. The other. 3. BrokenT. Vulg. A. A. Chief jy. of \3 Epidemics. jljjl evbâr. i.. V. the first decade (of a lunar come gluttonous. jf. J^xj^ öbrAqiiq. To kİSS. t. absence. a scamp. y)\ ö b ü r . ibik. to smother with T. manner. V. The tape-worm. I howitzer. (French obus) A men. 3. pron. A turning to God i n wort. T. J^lji ivbSsb. (from A. manner T.

in respect of a horo. s. J}\ o^-ff ing shame. İ. s. T. ıjbji «tan. A T. Balm. Snuff. V. Coltsfoot. Dill. also. taken to pasture. l*iLjl ûtangâclı. Triliteral elements of or ashamed in the sight of a person. Tent-makers. Shameless$. sison ammi. V.shame. İ. S. J / j f M The imperial tent. To be t. 2. ^ ^ utanj. quicklime. Tendons. V. eupatorium T. The teeth. jjl j f s. house. cutys indieus. t. £. White arsenic. by fishermen in capturing fish. To anethum gmveolens. Jt'bjl utanxnaq. Poison. Any small plant. j}\•/ s. (among mystics) the cuff of the sleeve of the Sultan The four cardinal saints on earth. 2 great personage. jlfjiTjl otardılmaq. the cardinal houses in a t . Princes and chief the throne to a distance from the mountains. T. (jjtty 'j^x v. j U f т. 2. ı (qirut). To be grass for fodder. pulicaria. fresh herb. T. (З^-Л*^ otärmaq. v. urf^j! i t a q j i . t. The cardinal signs of the zodiac. to place. j O V otartmäq. asplenium scolopendrium. a. 1 . s. ful. I bashfulness. as coc. 5. 3. j^u* _ s. 5. JIB'JL ATANTQ.make or let feel ashamed. t. 6. See sical instruments. catgut. (zır). and south. Strings of mut. as an act of homage. i. T. jly'Ujl utanmaziiq.vAjj' upasu. 1. зУ'^jy^s. to make one blush. etc. Bowstrings. upA. To make or depilatory at the bath. mation (not OTTet) Yes. See Watercress. to pasture. Jj'ıJjH s. s. r u d e (usul). otag. like T. etc. Hemp-agrimony. utandıraıaq. To make geomantic scheme: the first. shameare sprinkled over bread before baking. awutdirmaq. J-'B ZJ3\ S. marrubium vulgare. See Jbjl. fâr (asman). y£ upu. Bashful. Prominences. 4. especially. •I. i. east. venom. a servant in charge of a tent. t . as to cause. and tenth. t. supports. 2 * -L . shy. tussilago farfara. Valeriana officinalis. s. to feel ashamed. 2. jtujl ütaııilmnq. Fleabane. Any part of the body. to put to wort. jl>_ s. macîıme.. The hart's-tongue fern. jy a. Bishop's. s. of'J3 1. The great wild valerian. To kiss and hug. v. of 1. ^ o y s. modesty. the seeds of which one look foolish. to make weed. (See ^"У). Vervain. Stakes. Hills and _ s. OJ* AVÂT.Any green. To make T. or let a bird sing. sovereign's person). V. i t .libjAjl ( 235 ) c^jJI I L L 5 1 2. -war (batız). A. melissa officinalis. from which to be pastured. t. To Ьв kind of coarse sand-stone. adv. J31 s. libj^jt utdurmeib. Stays. Jjl s.— n nasal. Priming of a gun. T. A tent-maker. medicine for healing ulcers in the mouth. peltigera. I. or to be capable of causA medicament for the eyes. or the quarter where they work. T. A s JVUILTJJ • t baths. The depilatory used faced. 4. To feel disgraced projections. to feel shy and bashprops.. Any poisonous substance used also. scope. 3.s.. (З^И otaq. T. tent-pegs. V. any herb. \. J}\ s. A tent. A kiss. İ . s. Fire. 5. the royal mantle being carried along north. a. Fresh ness. made or let be taken to pasture. To kiss letters in onomancy. cetraria islandica. men. j l j t y ot.) Chords. A depilatory. j ^ y v.or let a child be lulled or amused. verbena supina. scolopendrium vulgare. a . To make prosodic feet. J>j\ _ s. of affiror let be pastured. Tendons as used in the useful arts. V. jkjl evtâd» s. ) s. ^bji utangach. 3. s. V. i v t â r . fourth. a. i. a. 2. s. Horehound. To be pegs. Jjt ^ s. (math. Shame. J3\ T. superfluous hair is removed b y a T. also. certainly. west. J3\ «я s. A. ÖTETY -utangan. allowed to pasture. T. A let a beast pasture. T. to make or let a seventh. Iceland moss. See j>y T. arsenious acid.iT*ılıııa<|. the cardinal thing sound or ring. İ.2. v. a nomad's s. that can be moved from place j y J-ёу s. ûtangân. or interj. T. (the sleeve of one for each cardinal point. T. Grass. 4. s. See j ı * ^ J j ' s. shy and bashful. ground liver. ashamed. A s JŞUILTJL s. 2. nasturtium officinale.Juitry s. To be SUCh cannabinum. .

t.. T. 5 . A S at a game q. T. scorching. 2 . etc. V. To 1. Fiery. 2. W h o is of the permanent garrison.t. T. through. T. W h o remains permanently a n inhabitant in a place. ттее. AtİKİ. V. See vegetation. 4. 4. The time of morning cockcrow. an act of singing. 1. V. Jt^l utmaq. See jl^l or sound together.s. See j j ^ y t . Singing. quieting. Jjl/У o t i r a q . r a l e . I. T. s.1 • A cock's crowe&ten.8. *. o t a r t m a q . Well stocked with t. Flavored with herbs. İ. to echo. For a beast ing. t . A s j j t î k j ' kick u p the dust with the feet. To be parched or roasted over fire. or presser. T. ötıâg. 1. See ^ j 1 T. For a bird t o T. An ironer. a sadName of a small singing bird of the iron. JTJT A W U T M A Q • V. t. v. t . t u (French). 6. t . s. come the winner i n a game or trial T. Şf a. parching. ringing or echoing. ctfjl v. also. ^ _ s. o r fit for pasturage. CITJL A t m i k . a bird's singing.(ЗУз' ( 236 ) öbyj' 1 2 3 4 L A 1 1 2 3 Câr. «"/ a w i t m » s. 3. F. ütme. 1 . s. 2. or cropped. j b y j ' o t i r ä q . Ö T ı Â N M Â V / pasture to be : play. v. To аШШв sound or ring together. Grassy. orS.over. See J i ^ j ' т. v. j x y o t i a q . i. t. or beyond. A thing's soundfire.i. To fire. v. bufo vulgaris. NTILSB. To pass appropriated as. V. i. JOBJT otlatıııaq» V. t. Priming (powder). A. 2. a. a. A tract sing. tî/jl n t ı ı r û . See T. T. ing. beat one otmaq. f u r . o t l a t m a q . ö t l a q . W h o is seatX. See grass. v. T. itsAz. S. V. or hay. V. A grass-land. T. ö t l a n m ä q . AJ^jI &tıâqîyyâ. U T A N M A Q . s. As j i j t j l or parch. y3\ UTU. i t l a t m a q . ^ Ц У ü t t ü r m e k . Grassy. T. \. 2. W h o is i1. To T. Poisonous. jl?/ o t i A q . A s grass. I. To T. X.i. I . grassy. (a barbarous of skill term) As Jjb'Xjl No. V. s. 2. S e e Jfj^j' be beaten i n any game or trial of • T. V.s . A. i t i i . T. SEE T.j ' © t l a t d i r m a q . See ^Uyj' T. 3. j t j f o « ı â m â q . Bare of grass or T. j l J ^ j ' oHaqliq. I " Y e s " but not to perform the promise. pastor roseus. jl»}! jaguila ehryadetos. V. T. d. 2. i. t. a. CAcjl i t m i k . tr. j&Tjli i t ı i y i . a . oturtmaq. did. İ.У utujuluk. To venomous. scorched. To crop the grass i n pasture. A flat-iron. T. CUSjl Atiibmetc. Rent for pasture. or trial of skill. jf 5 *!/ otianliniJUi v. m eI t . F o r aA passing. Jjjlyl otiuq. V. s. CU^I utulanmelc. ^ j j . any iron for smoothing cloth. A. See s. Stuffed T. gmmla nrnsiea?) The trade of T. a T. See jyj 1 T. so. q. To work as a t. a cock's crowing. t. 3 . I . a. ^ў3\ i t i j i . V. a . 2 . ing. To T. V. (in things). A way or manner of singing (in birds) or of sounding with hay or the like. 2 . See ^ J İ т. i. 2 . intr. t . utangan. A t n l e m i k .О . See . V. 2. t. 2 . a. i t â n g â e l l . T. V. ^ j j f f . hot. xitliiyin. scorch. A place special to T.v. F o r ^ J J . An act of amusT. 1. <iU*jl i t i l m e k . j j b X j l i t l a d i l m a q . to ring. To answer ed. T. starling family and black color. i. V. 2 . herbs. hot-presser o r ironer. s. to feed on a growing pasture. S. T. T. To make or let be fired. asbore> p a n . toird.J ' skill. (penT. singe. T. 2. ( Д ^у ^ the mino bird. t. >У otvLx. ф s. The golden eaglea hot-presser. a h o t haps the rosy pastor. scorch. i . and quiet an infant. especially. lİUjjLİjjt aMsMarmek. A winning at> T. a. T. . s. As J t j l No. to delude. A firing. To resound. To beground. i . See ıjHjty T. 3. T. J & y û t l o y â n . Smeared w i t h a depilamake or let sing with one another. For Jüty T „ n w ä t m ä q . pasture. cu^l See сАеЩ T. S. 3. otma. To Stir 0Г T. j t y o t i i q . J ' / j l o t a r m a s ı . t. 1. S. The toad. a. V. To sing See or crow with one another. tory. t. or singed. V . ^ adv. See T. t. deluding. passage. for a cock t o crow. \ . s.

side.far (asman). T. (PerT. A chamber-vessel.T v. residence. See liic^jl t . To T. To make or let tion j j ) .5^-Лз/ o t u r d ü l m a q . or exceed that which to ascend the throne. Thirty each. t.i. a. v. To Seat. I . To be man) in his ninetieth year. t o bematter over in all ways. is bedridden or paralytic. a water-closet. T. j j / У a. V. V. S. A permanent \ . a sojourn. very seated. i. a. Agreeable to T. v. concerning. o r stand.i i . и ^ У adv. a s i n t h e th halt or habitation. a. natives. By reaor make a halt. Per. 1 . thirty piastre piece. ' — v. pacified. respecting. a. rüde (n8ul)< — n nasal. a sovereign ascend a throne. »лоуу adv.v. 2. I. i»>Ц. 4. See üW_>yy Beyond. The make or let a house settle. i. 2. FJ/jl o t û r u m . a s . a g e m . A T I . Thirtieth. t <C/ v. 1 I X 5 ±9 i ( 237 ) 7 ? ? ! (zır). forgiveness. 7 . t/^y u t u s h . İ. Who stranded. . İ. Oyj^ utun. 3 . as. A place of ing. оду ting. 2 d . S e e CUTY be lived in. 1 . ^ЬзУ Pertaining to thirty. (Arabic) d manently quartered. See . The act of silting. J?) The double AtArA sign of settled and unsafe. 1 . machine. brood*Sf v. or a man of thirty. 3. (See Jjcj/У) old. pronounced An. « J / } ! o TARTMA. a rest. i. a s i n g o . To be i n great 5. down on its foundations. s. To sit on eggs. Adapted on which oue sits. 2 . s. V. 8 . T. . 1. ' AtAmi. also. Well settled French tu. V. To make or l e t one remain to. LILLYY Â T A I E M C I I . To overlooking a fault. 2 . e. t. To go ashore. w a r (ЬвГи). jtfıS/ preparation and provision. secure. The day before yesterday. make or let a ship or boat ground. (For a sovereign) v. For a house is usual. as. residence. O T I R A . etc. ÖTARGÂN. S e e ^ / J I tom. ^ Ц / У O T N R I M I N Q . adv. 4. CUrJ^^y the like. To incubate. Tothirtieth day of the month. final case nunnation in Arabic nomiT.v. J V ^ У ^УУ retired from active service. a foot. J/У itA*. living in. The place of a halt. To sit down. S e e become calmed. To do all one can think of.УУ AtArgän. To set a precious stone. a sojourn. dU^y uturu. a dwelling. The part on for a sitting or residence. Şr adv. To place. 1. fit. also. ı (q>rat). CAc-yjl İ t û s h m e k . s. A. i. J-ЗУУУ o t û r i s u . 2 . as in but. Parched fresh a residence. . i. which a vessel rests. ЗЬ/У OTARAQ. Thirty at a time. Thirty. A manner t . 9 . To sit properly. The part T. . rest. I n Turkish it has four values: — A t h w a r t seat i n a boat. . İ. s. T adv. V. heretofore. Suitable for a. what is on the further ting. 10. (Always follows t h e preposior let one inhabit. a retirement allowance. O t i r m ä q . a sit. T o sit down together in company. A. 2. i. 8. From of old. a. 5. See J ^ / У building. The settling of a T. V. gathered wheat T T. i . 2. i. A. a. convenient or pleasant as T. (A T. To sit in company To put one on the retired list. or mitigated.i. halting or staying a t home. A taking a in an unseemly posture. s. a halt. or make a halt in a place. Here and there. remain. To sit still. t.§. 2 . 6. s.1 s t . 3 . 6. botT. To make every suitable for sitting on. s? a. a s i n p u t . ^ *"y That side a n d T. To sit in a comfortable posture. t . Given t o sitfurther side. or._pjy of sitting. 7 .adv. 1. _ ЬЛЛ^Ў V. I.. To Sİt. 3. and sign called also in Arabic d a m m a . 1 . 6. 1 . To live. i .(^-»/j' otArAslimaq. 4 . 3 . The T. sian) i . T. The vowel sound or permanent residence in a place. i. 5 . ut-uııj. X. i. To surpass. a T. v. 2. To take a seat in a lower part of a room. 5. 2. Further. to make son of. poverty. A seat. a. a.<>U. s. ctffl (Jr-^j' v. J-j/ji otûrtısu. as a joint among vegetables. s. i t Artmaq.(&Я v. j f *У s. 2. s. 4. A pension. 1. To turn a to settle. that is beyond. Any seat. jlij/j* itArAsm A. In respect bate. S. fur. tSjğ^ uturu. S e t . T o b e adv. s. 3. a. and this side. Pardon. / ^ У i t t V r i q i l . J t j / У i t Ar Almaq. To make a halt T. To cause a bird or fowl to incuT. 2. etc. t. .

Ц-У AjA. s. i . s. 2. to present a clue. The longitude of any regiment thereof. 1.issaries. pl. pl. The end of a rope. s. hearth is always lollow of the hand. Further away. also. End to end. (I.) The aphelion. the whole body of Janissaries.. 2 . To become further off or beyond.s. To extinguish a family or -v. As 3ЦУ ladir of the apogee. or. The immediate vicinity of a person. 2. point. J^y ^ У It has no limit. (French). J3\ u t a . ~ cricket. 1. 2. s. A clue. сшу A t A i i m i k .i. j l T . 2. garden. A tip. For the fire vhich passes through the solar apogee. hate. ^ ц у i-vyih. О Ц У ) 1 . A. t. To t . To make or let a thing be ironed. a fraternity. 2. a motive. v. v. v. hot-pressed.C . T. A chimneya thing. To give sign.V. Further still. Ç. ^ У J ^ s. s. a. AsjA-^l.. . of ^r3 Cavert . The summit of honor and._ ury. 2. t.salamander. 2. T o b e nous recesses in hills. Ati*!. T. The s • The quantity that will guild of foot-messengers. Any figurative apex or summit. (astron. T.1 utolanmeK. A e1 .^ u y j ^ l b s. S.s. To crave pronferior apsis. A place for lightA. The superior apogee of Mer. so. the other. scant of vegetation. . pl.У evser. jUy evjâr. 1. A^JI adu. fa W h a t is on the other side of death is easy.у Avjä'. (Whose A family. Revenge. l i . tue perigee. See A. or A.. that < the hand. . 1. Tlie eccentric hearth.^ y ^ He met with a judgment through his cupidity. To lose the sweep. t T. ine of the sixteen partial spheres of on a hearth to become extinguished. To find a clue to is^Wy ojaqjL s. The full grasp jl'l f l j j^uy s.J^"/ AtAjA. S. tremity. »-owned with a salamander. f . £_Ц. a. to make a bet. trace of a thing. o u y e-vjat. 1. 3. _3 r . 6. To bet (a sum or thing). did. to brown a dish with a cook's salamander. A family bare (land). s. A chimney. especially A. T. ^ У ^У Algiers. 1. it. Aj. 2. о / ^ У evj. a guild. 2.. of J3 Idols. t . dynasty. and Tripoli. a dynasty. of ç»-3 Aches. v. 1. Name of a note in music. . CIIU-. iecome a pressing iron or a cook's pains. üUjxS^. v. t. Che inferior apogee of Mercury. etc. m r . The top of the head. i. The members of a corps of the Janл* . A stone-quarry or any similar pit. с-^У s. ^ y s. J . to be A . evsem. j t y evsan. ing fire. To A. ashore. (in old line. acheta domeslica. 7.s. A body politic. To wreak vengeance. an aspect. ^ j f j Z * .. point to point. i. A handful. A regiment of Janissaries. a w ö j . A thing staked on a wager. That sounds or resounds habitually. For a family or dynasty . j ^ y v. as a hearth. s. t h e further. Theto go out. ^ y i j . 3. _ s. T. end. The house >. t u. s. To iron or hot-press. or to come to an end.. A way. To lav a wager. 4Tjl Uo a. s. . 2 .i. cAc^j APUJ! v . The palm or tection from a family or dynasty. The cook's galley on board a ship. Very or most kiln. h e apogee. i.s. îmoothed with a hot iron. he old astronomy. i. ^ У AtAjA. The guild of aqueduct-managers. T. a course. of 'j>-3 Hunter's pits. A. A place . ı j u / Ajäq. i . will never be extinct. r u l e . . ^ЧУ t ado. t . Ibırd. S . Enmity. 2. ( p l ... v. a s. ^уу» _ v. See T . 3 \ ^ U s.See T. From one extreme to t h e T other. 3. i . \. A bed in a kitchenv.s . 1.jS-У ( 238 ) jiiu-y 2 3 4 I 2 ! ! Car. 5. To extinguish the fire on a Vs jr y . 2. pl. furnace. i. i. ^ У ^ s.alight) "he quantity that will fill the hand. j » y v.s. .З^ЦУ o j a q i i q . 4. J>uy ^ у у s. . p a n . Ptolemaic-astronomy) The apogee or (formerly) the corps of Janissaries 01* luperior apsis. Tunis. S. s. САЬ^у At A ı At me*. A stone-quarry. The three regencies of Mauritania: direction. 1. ^ s. X. cAc^y AtAiAnmik. begin to sprout or appear. ex. _ v. 1 . The Janissaries. pl. That sings (as a bird) habitually.ill the two h a n d ^ i n one. V. X. glory.

i. I . Very incumbent and necessary. That hunts. jN-jl i j a l a m a q . t. l fireplace. J^Wj 1 ado. ^ J Y . S e e think cheap. ûjuzjA. n. . лг1 jUJu-^T prop. öUjJ-iş-jl u j u s h d n r m e t . cyclopeati buildings on plains. 3Ц-У ujiu.s. attributed to the pre-Semitic Arabians of 'Ad and Thamud. v. OTİjmind. That has a palm or grasp of the hand. T. s. To deCl'y a thing. t. 2 . 1. T. V. T. T. j W y a v j i i i q . T.S^jy?^ ujuzlatmaq. <Wjer.irâq. 3. To take or grasp in the palm of the hand. S.. 2. for Numerous.. ^ • U _ v.JI. î (qırat). i.. t o try t o get a thing cheaply. pl. 4. Sometimes used for j l j . Cheap. Belonging to a particular family line. also. lowpriced. near to the extremity of a thing. a. v. ^ A J A Z . j ^ y ÖJÄQ. To become cheap and plentiful. To take or measure by handfuls. «Jbyl s. s. jtr-y AWVI. Three. To t. To hunt.. and Zi-'l-Hijja. To mOUnt on high. . each of the hip-bones separately. To undervalue. A. A family estate. Directions. 2. (zır). a.iuzatiriaq. V. t. v. of great size. 3 . t o pursue prey. T. t. The quality or act of one that hunts. J-ў A bird of prey. £3! ACT. t . pl. a. T. a. 1. A hearthstone. 2 . 1. dim. a.. 2. s. Av. t. t.-lix f a. т. v. 5. i w i j i A . pensions. s. To Wager mutually. Zi-'l-Qa'da. t. motives. a. a. s. to bet together. of A little house. full. 2. The third day of the m o n t h . i. 3.i. evjeîi. a. t . Timid.. A. T. The three months of pilgrimage: Shevval. j U f r j 1 ü j i z i i q .. or furnace. W h o or which occupies the apogee. Very or most noble o r honorable. Jr'Ufr-y u. cowardly. V. I'ljusilrneK. A. low. 3. s. T. j u y i v j a l . 2 .v. i y j i n . 2. especially. J U . to t r y to get a thing cheaply. To b u v cheaply. That has a tip or point. p evj-glr. a. v. Cheapness. A man who seeks cheap bargains. 2 . «Wjuh. T . J e ^ y iijalatmaq. A time of cheapness and plenty. i.öWj 1 û. Timid. T. to describe a thing as easy to be had or done. Having a i3 . v. t . U3 ojaqli. 5. A timber baulk or post serving as a basis for a superstructure. 1. a sportsman. The bones of the pelvis. a. 1. i. vulg. an extremity. T . A. alarms. s. An extreme part or place. Surfaces. T o make or let others bet together. 4.A good mouser. AJÂ. a. To sell cheaply. ^"jyr^ u j ü z ä t m ä q . ^3! jbî s. Faces. jf^i' a.У ıkjüziämaq. a v j i . pl. T. V. each of the two ossa innominata. t. T. ujuzsımııaq. л . T. s. of Cairns of stones on hill-tops. To make or let a t h i n g be cheap. A light-infantry soldier. Sultan Muhammed iv. 1 . t . or quarry. t. t. \. T. a. Very or most fit. more especially. or pit. By way of a placs of residence and as a family fief.^ _ v. V. s.( {İr T ı JL 239 )-JJ\—•/fjjy 5 теаг 2 (HafıaO* зпасЬше. A three-pronged . A. Belonging to a particular body politic.'TNIA<I. T. fUy e v j i m . s. q. Reasons. countenances. of 1. t .J^I s. — » n a s a ı . i j r â . s. Two thirds.J L Vijuziajjjuiuj. To cheapen. To make or let a thing be taken in the palm or grasp_of the hand by another. 3. i v j i y l z . belonging to the corps of Janissaries. thronged. t o find cheap. dynasty. To make or let a thing mount high up. given by the sovereign as a fief t o a great chieftain for his family to live on. 2 Л- ~ where a hearth is set цр. A manof-war's sheet anchor. the bottom part of a thing. T. V. Salaries. or kiln. or applicable. A stump.. a skirmisher. of J»-j Fears. A hunter. To sell cheaply. a. One third. called the Huntsman. proper. a. v. Jbs. a . \. Jr^^eyjei. to soar. T. J ^ T J * Ä W I J I Ä T M Ä Q . t£jyr. very timid. See orx . s.jL a.' T. S e e J ^ L T. which mark the points of the compass. Extreme.. rude X Ъ 1 2 X X (usul). Very or most beautiful i n feature. V. СЦ. to hoist. T. T. ovjeto. especially.

. To volatilize T. S. t. 3. V. so. T. 1). Consisting of three. Jr. fastened. a.a. make or let fly.tile convulsions. To CaUSe T. brag. See çj^ To go with great speed. ashore. SEE (ЗЦу' T full of precipices. " Г u c h ü q l ä n m ä q . To make deep hem a t the waist of eastern or let tall from a hight. T. One who habitually exaggerates. (З^гУ uctouq. j y ^ j ' Aetoqur. s. i. A piece of money eomrnonly used although i t g r a m m a . .i. T ucliurumlu.W h o h a sa Three thousand. a. t. The . 3. T. o r . a. AoJıirmâ. ( A n a n g e l own words 01.j'r. s. \. to collect together in a flock 2. 7. a. To make cause the act. . 1. To act of making fly. 5. three at once. Three convulsed. habitually makes things fly. Aohiv. lit. v. evaporate. ^ u c h c r .оИгУ ûchmiH. I. a. s. ЗЦу' u o h m a q . T. t^i/y' uoherlomek. An act of flying. The system of T. the face of all decency. To make or let T. г. . s. 5. Flown. 4. To fly a kite. 2. сЛ-çjl s. t. A place T. 3. to make way with a thing. T. trowsers or drawers are bound round T. uclıınaq. to exaggerate. &• s. as a dye. jc'l мЦ-У v. Jv^y u c h i r m a q . S. To strike trowsers and drawers. InfanT. V. 2. A paper kite. A very steep place. ıJ^j^i^ uctiurtniAq. uellûrûm. a. T. By T . 4-a. to go beyond all bounds. A ^ J I ichmâ. Epileptic. ı'ıchmâg. 1. \. Idle brag. S e e or evaporate. To fade out. Jjby^jl ü c u ä r ä m i u q . distributive. Д^У uchlemc. The m e r r y . did. a . That flies in lip to break out with a. make or let fly together. I. a. pimple. T. 3. T. T. (for ^ jy^) a. A C H I R J Ä Q . To shoot at birds T uciıuqlamaq.. s. A triangle. SEE ^У-Г-У 2. m i t . 4. t . (See JV^J' for which this word is T. s. Three-storied. A pimple on the lip. У ^ У U O H M Ä Q I I . s. THE volatilize or evaporate. one third of the produce for rent.For an avalanche to fall. s. A precipice. etc. To fall from a great 2. T. V. exaggeration. fur far» "War. v.!. 1 . 2. У üciıaq. heavenly. 2 . To rise in the air. Triangular. Three fold. etc. 1. T. uciı-bin. t. 4 . Precipitous.s' vıcnArû]. S.) one or two into three. each. wi^y uchlııq. 1. I. a aist-string. A n incorrigible seized with epilepsy or convulsions. t. i g e n e r a l l y used for the present T. 1. I s. a. to make one's T.s. UCHIIUR. See adise. s. S. V . J ^ t j i u c h u s h m a q . To fly fork.a.W 4 ( ) tu (Vrcncli). 2. To trisect. Which is made to fly. one third of the produce for rent. i. T. s. 6. s. A spark of fire. Viciiii rtina. S. I. a.hiring a farm on condition of giving thought bone of a fowl. or soul) of heaven. To soul) destined to go t o heaven. Three-forked. T. hire land on the principle of giving a. etc. . s. 2. marked with the number three. i. V. uclilemck. ujW uctıâri. is passed the band by which they are To steal. That fiios or vo. Heaven. Şf a. to be in threes. toird. t. To make of three strands. a trident. v. a child to have convulsions. To act т. 4. . fy a. s. rule.s. v. To the waist. part . jiäl^jl u c h m a q l i q . A person latilizes. by flying. A climbing plant. s. _ A t throe piastres broad band with which eastern each. through which off the top of a thing a t a blow. A triple quantity together. a. 1. сў^з^ Aciıqı'ın. FOR A on the wing. 4. ^ adv. Jnrj' Лгг i.actions fly on high. S e e jў^З scamp. s. (A man 0Г word in all its senses. û c u û r û m . s. a. 2. To fly. 1. pan. V. T.(З^^-тУ uchushdurmaq. ji*^ i n hııqiıı. See ascent of a balloon.of three piastres value. The 3. ҒОГ У t. 2 . etc. The long and threes. tically implies causing another t o t. s. t. s. т ^ T ^ I J J W s. 2. JK-JI u c h i u .ı Ü . T o flight. 2. hight. JJB^TRJ' üolıqrırll'ıq. pimple on the lip. One who outrageously. t . 3.

Good! Delightful! T. caress with the hand. s.cially. Three friends. t . S. espepatted. See J ^ j l in A.ÂsİıiTLeîc. A sum paid. JJI öd. JJLY AdiAq. See ^y-bijl T.?' ovdurmaq. cowardly. Returning. 1 . pl. B I iWidilu. To make fondle mutually.. u c h u r u m . A ı U ı . 2.. 3. J evkham. ОЦ! Avdat.poison. To t . T. of лз3 Loving A branched. Toor concurrently to pay debts. s. -Ь-JL I V U Â D . V. to stroke. _ 2. especially. V. 1. JUol cvdâd. a. r u d e (usOl). jU^ll л>. A bending more starting. jHjjt A<i(iK. a. ud. 2. To cause to be slightly re. t.} ÛCHYUZUNJÛ. s. 3. h3\ Aaek. ^ ü j l İKhshA. morasses. See J^jAPjl T. 1 . See т. ? f P.or let be set on fire. pl. See CX>jiy\ interj. to be startled. L nicious things. P. I. T. t .. CJ3\ At. stroked or T.. pl. Very or most let a debt be paid by another.. . interj. also. V. uchuntlurraaq. s. See ЗЛ/тУ T. A span's length. t. v. s. S. pl. Ö I T H S H Â S H . To slightly resemble one an. t. of jj Loving soft clays. or as a fine. V. amused. <ı>y interj. A m a n . of prey T. Timid. pl. A. d W txcQu. t. T. A begining to compassionate. pl. S.make or let debts be mutuallv paid. reT. a. An oppressing with T a burden or anxiety. V. A slight resemblance. A . S. . a n y one of Nos. s. İ. An act of A . Ar^y i c h i n m a . To for fuel. See т. olthshamaq. Ь3\ At. Achuq.ij^J-5. See (ix^'i A . J ^ V Ad tatniaq. 2. oUjjijjl AdAshdArmAlt. * ucUurraaq. cowardly. {j^jyfr. t. 4. a. A degree of slight resemblance. S. See Jjf/. Gall. quagmires.I. T. ~ jb/ T. i (qirat). interj. JCTJL Achüıımaq. j^r. Ah! Oh! Alas! . CI. V. Jjl evdeşti/ s. 5.n n a s a i . t. 1 q. jjl eved. them. d. interj. i3\ IVRT. The pellet restartle... make or let be caressed. T. shy. See t . ^ W l . The A. of q. a sum paid in compensation. pat. s. j-<j'' evder.)' ııeh-yıız. 1 T. X ( 241 ) 5 2 . cWjji ûdâtmek. 1. sembling. Tripartite. To be 2. İvdirmek. To faintly resemble. 2. See (VTj' gall-bladder. TR'. olthshama. A .сКл^У n c h i r t m a q . S. wild or unsociable. s. J f z y AchAnjA. Three children T . s. of Mires. pusillanimous. To T. cognized. t. T . of f-3 РвГ. t. (.. a. veins. the one only God. V. Very or most friends. ал-İKu. t . S e e ^ hundred. V. of A. 3. fondle. v. J-e-Uolji olthshashmaq. T. Having (iJx s. Fuel. s. To start. 2.far t ^ i (asman). Ц ' I V A A . ^ Ad. Mutually T. V. J ' l i i j ! oKhshauiaci. . t. J U Y I V H Â ı . Fol' A jected upwards b y a bird bird to make as though about to fly. S. See t. of r_i3 Jugular three-liundreth in succession. s. a. A paternal uncle. 1 .Jjl or f-j' T. V. V. 2. kept quiet. as though about to fly. 2.}\ a. The unique one of the age. succession.luded. Jtjjl awAdAlmaq. y ' ^ j l ııCHııZIıı. p l . lulled. 1. IBJL ACIAR. Three A. İ. 0 my darling boy! P e de ' . born at a birth. after digesting his victim. AcliAz. s. lovers. To make or A. a. -y. IVHÄSH.L^JL Ö K H S H A Y I S H . See unique. t. impregnated with er. Courage. 2. a thing fit T. See 2. T p. S. T. The T. v three children at a birth.t. s. A CareSS. Timid. T. İ. other. Akhlamvir. V. To A. "Alas!" that thine enemy may not say '' Good!'' T. (for jy ryl) a. V. no I hi i4i m. See fj^j^ T t . 1. 4's. bile. 2 X 1 (zar). T . T. or smeared with depilatory.. vn. i . evdäj. Ц 1 A<IA. a. three branched. 1.T Say not. ' ° ob^j « j . ^t'Ltijl oklishatiimq. to caress one anoth. T. 4. w a r î 5 (hafız). or deT. or less double. lovers. 1. The third in ner of caressing. Like. m a c h i n e . pusillanimous. _ s. 1 . s. ^WT I was ready to die with fear. V.s.

the extended t h u m b and forefinger). 6 . ashore. met. GJ.) To lend. A paying a debt. übjjl udemek. 4 ..r u l e . poison. S. that is so. singed. 1 p. V. See / / Nos. ^ ўs. The common field brave. tu CEfrencli). Ijjl o r â . bottoms between hills. although oyУ let be reaped. t. V. (Termination to comt .vein. s. Small spans (i. fort.Jjl Crimea. S. Ademe. name of the second year in the eastern Leaves./ i d l a n m i q . A. To set on T. ^'jjbbji ö r â . A. To smear w i t h depilatory. S. s. pan. T. S. İ. Ar. ^ j j ^ b j ' Arâ-dArmaq. s.To hearted. so. dig a dyke. t . t h e dyke a t smeared w i t h depilatory. AdiA. . 4. \ . To be. _ s. ЬУ i v r a .s. See аЬ/ ers. culent. JBY AaıA. i v r . v. 1. ^ l / That point s. s. J^bj1 i f i j i q . I. 2 . Perecop.1 1 2 3 4 1 1 ( 242 ) 3 1 1 2 öbj' 3 far. between the tips of (int. s. bird. n. To make or T. s.Keeper of Archives in a Government ly. An estimate of anyT. V. also. The A. 4. 1 streams in valleys. . That place. EVDLYE. 3. . o l s. I. 4. grillus campeslris. n. 2. Brave men.i.. FİOWfrom J/) . T.. s. F o r A.jjl i d e m e k ..The a r A. jbs orâq.v. Skins or folios of Turkish cycle of twelve. 2 . 1. 7. Mixed or dant of the dyke of Perecop. Tender and sucP. drinking from watering-places.) To is so. A mode of paying a debt.) To lend money. A d i m e .. t. . ^ C ' Y iirai. a . that particular. prop. t h e vaults where t h e state Motion of the clouds. To brings or possesses. T. The north wind. T. To pav a Lions. pl. To devour. a . by digging a ditch. See J ^ J L (the more usual form of this word. To be poisoned. \. I n sheets. ^ . parchment. T. . A. reappound adjectives) W h o or which ing-hook. s. T. petals. t. t . j / ь reap. 5. of ( / T h a t accords with the derivation of the word little Jİj/ e vord particular. and throwing up To become a depilatory. t. pl. Of 1. ^ у / ё Ь У despicable. A. especially. V. JJJJL Ö D Ü N . 5 . A wen. ^yby o r a t m a q . t . 2 . Stated portions of scripture read o r T. come paid or payable. A knowing carnal.) To borrow money. 3. Ö-J1' o d u n .s. s. s. v. i. See JJ-SJL T.s. of Perecop o n t h e isthmus of t h e T. vn. did. Jc 1 .. n. s. uoAnj.d u r m â q . J31 ir. a. borrow. 3 . To become a poison T. ur. t. dim. ö / evden. tumor. A fence or wall. Harvest. papers are preserved. V. and prepare to start after a quarry. A wen. Adiyisb. Light bay horses. a. cricket. d u g to protect the Crimea T. (Conto be paid a t some future time. A sickle. That is t o be recited at stated times. s. (int. ЗЬУ i-vraq. a. Paper-mone} r . The commangall or a gall bladder. fortress. tracted from / ) . come a fire. i. Brave. To impregnate with. See (ЗЬУ T. s. mor. 5. orkt.prop. An encysted varicose T. Sheets of paper. T ..<34.s. To b e the earth. Şr i. 2. öU'jjl û d a u m e k /tO be ОГ Ьв. 1. A castle. IVZAU. Roses. 3 . abject. T. J-j*. T. a.$. 1. e. A. Jjbjl i d i â m â a . 2. 2. coition. smeared with gall. 3. t.u<b v. 2. 4-i.v. 2. paid.thing t o be made or done. place r a . office. A loan. vile. ^bj i r kg. A dyke o r wall made or poisonous. s. For a debt T. of V a l . pl. letters. ofcy A d a n i i m i k l u . id-'si. S e e т. v b j ' ivrâto. jJ3 \. 2. That is that interval. j * / . scorched. lib. The t o w n T. a n encysted fire. adv. Holes. See CÜ-.warlike. Very or most Papers. documents.. bold. Turns a t debt. that spot. To be burnt. V. İ . pl. The Ox-Year. chives. (tr. oda. of ^JJJ 1. leys. a fleshy t u 3. 6 . İ. jj\ â v i r . 4 . The Ukraine. 2. jjK». payable. (tr. a. T.a hawk or falcon to become aware. iSjjI s. -war. i v r . etc. Furnished with in olden times. 1. Of t. fur.prop.

pl. i. excessive. A reaper. ProporT. . )\J3\ i r i ı i r . 2. of Janissaries. A scale of meas. 2. planned. JXi// . A clerk of the observers. Measured. Ojjl Art.naval warfare. row boat used on the Danube and by any body of men as a guild. there is nothing forth-coming. of dy Hips. papers. lost to sight. The middle._ an archivist. s. a. S. measured. V. To make X. T. To estimate. within t h e circle of a company of T . arv. t. A medium length. A regiment among the Janissaries. 2 far (asman)> w a r J'J 1 Л2 ı 5 1 (hafız)._ s. s. V.J. 1 . ^b/jV s. An act of the forenoon. . Regimental property X. IIY i-rrak. td\J}\ o r a n c h â . İ. J. moderate.the light. i. 5. degree. The space comprised vindissijna. to b e or let be reaped. in quantity. To X. To be or become partner. t. 2. J ^ b j l oraqlatmaq.. To make^bj' oranlanmaq. Moderate. 1. A partner. A middling stature.T . The high sea. 2. A long nar. 1. V. \. . contrived. jpbj iiiiilq. To become a sickle. T. the present scene of events. . ı (qirat). To Гвар mise. X. FBJ1 i v r â m . J ^ ' b ^ irAqlAnmAq. A fellow-wife in a or let the hair stand on end.of a thing. S e e ^ ' Ь У X. (X. as. S. 1. 1. a X. 1 . rivers of Servia. ^лС)j 3 ~~ words passed between those present. The secreure. the centre. Medium. rude (usul). Proportion. to make away with. ürpermek. the midst. Fol' one's polygamous household. con. iöjI orta» s. estimated. j t y disappear from public view. tioned. T . S e e X. 1. tary a n d paymaster of a regiment Moderation. also. 2. X (З^^ЬУ i r t a q l a s h m a q . To meas. V. In sight. ^ . O T. S.plenipotentiary. V. s. V. 4. 4. of bj' q. A ure. Л .v.^ b j ' i v r ä q j İ . 1. 2. To be condition of life or the regiment as a body. haunches. X. dim. According to measure. To disappear. / Ь У O R Ä N I ı . T. X. t. 2. 'Sji-s. middling. pl. s. symmetrical. Jİ'bj 1 oraqlamaq• V. measure of length. any utterly unappropriated. i. An old Turkish theatrical T. To find the middle 3> that place or interval. J i b / i r t a q . b > j ^ V v. the land. Many y A. v. To . Not according to measure. To find a mode of mutual arrangement or a comproings. hair D stand on end. «jiTyl ado. To make envoy of the second class. 1. I n the middle. ja'' oransız. tumors. a minister or let be measured. central. A.J^bj o r a n l a t m a q . i. X. middling. ^TJJL i r t i j A .s.i.v. o r t i j â . U R P I R T M I I C . to of a regiment of Janissaries. Harvest-time. t. To make confederate. A middling measuring. . . Jj_JT a w u r d of CXijjl . a street. machine. J^bi1 i r a m ä q . unsymmetrical. Jjijl _ s. 3. etc. of timated. .n ( 'AW ) jA^i nasal. plan. s. or es. 1. pl. become partner with another. i r â n l c h â . To ГСар. The middle of X. be reaped. A^bjl o r a n l a m a . The vicinity of seen. planning. planned. s. The great green grasshopper. X ^JXZİs^J^ ortaqlashdırmaq. t h e a i r . 3. symmetry. A galley of the second class in middle age trived. contrive.I L I . ImX ^ЬУ ortâ. proportioned. or make an estimate of. Somewhat in the middle. Any place or time within the limits of any thing. / . liAj'es-ŞC) s. etc. q. 2. v^jjl I W I I I .u. V. v. 4. s. V. v.. \. impcral.. O'JJ1 i r â n . v. A measure. a. t. 3. Illbetween the two.-v. s. or estimate.s. t.. The middle or mean 2. somewhat T. with the sickle. I. mutually to enter into partnership. estimating. İ. especially. t. /'I/ iraniamaq. a. j l r ->y There is nothing to be X. Unmeasured. i r ä q j L s. ^ t i i _ . aerida or condition. the sea. of fj) Swell. Middle. A mean. . 3. etc.The mainmast. s. middling size. 1 X. t. a common. 3. JU. 2. 4. 2. An 1 T . 2. . Anything held as common property. О-^ЬУ v. tangible. X. To make or let others form a partnership. s. Regimentally. (zır).

3. jS: spotted. JJJT Â V A R D .li. 3. the public. A firm. 3. ortan j a. as. s. û^yl ArtAimik. To veil one's self. v. 2. s. Mediocrity. A battle-field. âvirdgyâh. the third T.spoon-billed. Jjjl ıırtıı. (of or become covered. etc. 2. To C O V e r . For disquietude. To conceal. J^y .ı. middling. w a r .a partner. as J ^ M apple-head.y „1 5 3 4 1 1 J I I 1 г f a r . oUjji i r t m e x . hair-tailed. etc. The condition of a wife i n a polygamous household. Roofed. asJiore. S. j ü ^ l i r t ä q i i q . 4. See t . yJ}\ IN-TI\. See^'jj^ X. The duck. window_to be or become shut. (See j ^ i ) t. etc. T. t. jx"U> _ v. To ЬцГП. t. V. m e t . 1 . \ . t. \ . A chamber scorch or parch. china mandarin. J-'j-j?' ü r ö ü r m a q . jiiTyl Artiiiq. 4 . See ^L'JJ' t. See Ir^l 1. V. S . LIUJJJJL U R T I U R I N I W . hydrangea hortensis. or let be covered or concealed. a. or in the middle. .. Jjjjj saw-billed. AilJtyl irtaqlssъкЛаФо. 2. a roof.a. T o T.-^JJİ â-verciıe. Contr. p. s. See У-ъУ J dark. singed. v . jlljl _ a. 3. /stool for the use of wobecome central. black. The world at large. To make or let be or become central. For human affairs or public morals to deteriorate. İ . To be 1. T. curtained. B y w a y ^"tfjjl Ö R T Ä Q I Ä S B I . u r d e k . Duck-head green. t. a.j A v. To set a thing in the midst. L T o u s e airs and sulk. 2. BandyT . 2. 1. ortalamaq» V. etc. v. S. i. V. 4. A cover. j^jy a w Ar t liV. halved. trouble. / of partnership. Tomen in parturition.fcjj/i ä v e r d g e h .» t. S e e . wrap. wrap. ^ ^ ortaiıq. V. To make durmaq. ( 244 ) Cüjyî T. out of an odd number. a. 3. J ö j ' ö r t m a q . (To make or exdrangea. wrapped up. pari. The people. S. to break out. from shut a door. did. t. s. i. . t . 4. Artüia. pj^ I I R T U I U . ф i. The pouch beson of five. Err. t . v. The middle son pounds) Brought. J ^ J J 1 o r t a l a n m a q . One who habitually covers or roofs things. 1. so. J^bjjl ortälatmaq. 1. s. To divide in the middle. To multiply. **jjl or tâ. j ö ' 4 v.I T . The face of nature. Which is about to cover. T. or rebellion. T.). (See J V J O t . T. Л i. urinal for the sick. become medium. v. See T. 2. 2. t.iiU-1 _ . s. ^'»JJL ORTÂııJA. The condition of a partner.s. J^t green-head. . 1. as. r u l e . i. 1. i. 3. X. to propagate a species. To dawn. jjjT äv. To be or become concealed. To make scorched. Shut. t. See Jjjl T. or veil. To be divided in the middle. For . To roof P . C/jfe ladies. (See let be knitted. tr. T. closed. (See du'jjl and j ^ ) VUIG. 2. etc. s. etc.v. 4. t. s. fetched. t . a. (as a door. To attain the middle. q. a. V. See j ^ j j ' t.. ! q. libjoTjjl A r t d A r il i o k. . A partnership.) T. T . To p. 2. tween the cheek and the lower jaw. ^S-TFJJL ORTÂJA. For evening to close in. As ^ j ' j l q. To cover one's self. forA-V r/-®. uriu in. Sİûge. s. j^-Wi _ v. V. t. s. f u r . v. P. a house. i.a. s. v. i. . oUjjjal u r u d u r m e k . V. every endeavor to hide or suppress. 2. To make or let be hit. T. etc. j j / âvt'i-a. ^ Ö Y IIRTIIJII. For a door or many kinds. cUfy! iritmik. orfcaıısıya» $• The h y .'vı . ^ J V u r t a n m e l . irtunmk. society. T. JRR-'I1 ) UR» Jii. a. J. or T. a. . V.B Â N . T. jrjj' uRI'Ii. t. To split the difference i n an affair.v. hibit a cheek-pouch) To give one's self T. To put on as a covering to one's self. parched. legged. T. a. Burnt. V. t. a. t. veiled. s. Ji>. struck. T.. s. intr. etc. veil. t . window. A fight.^ a battle. window. T. t u (Freneh). a wrap. jUlij» flask-emptier. Middle or p. Covered. 3. (for «->j/ in commiddling. I ^ C J J J ! Û R T . a company. J'jjl irtiicj. 5. A cover. F. A midwife's T.JUİ^. Centralness. i. b i r d .

startled. &J3\ I R K K . DSTYL AR-KYIFC. Related. to fight together. 2. maid-servant. (horse. S e e Ujjl ened. ^ j f i . To fight with another or sily frightened. S. Suitable to be of a rope-maker or seller. A builder's line. T. hipped.j j l Tu r i q . a. orsa. Bombastic. 2. A RIB. F. An orphan tack and veer. o r s a . To llUg Edessa. VUİg. A. 1. To luff and fall off. s . _ s. s. beating. scare. A check. q. ivir. or U. J^Ujjl irsälämaq. 2. a stud. II-S. _ j U v. The knitting. t. some climate or malaria. down hard a-lee. smitten. brought as a present. T. wurAq. hit. a. r&cle (usul). jWJ}! j^Sj 1 shyness. The direction of the wind as to a ship's sailing. ^ a w r r i q . A rope swing. a. t. 2. enamoured. T. Brought. T. ^JJL I'II-II«. See Struck . T. vulg. A Greek prostitute. S e e ^ A . network of a tissue. Attacked by disease. a small hawser. T. Struck. has disagreed. urttsh. See T. 1. Wounded. A bag for holding provender for tinga horsa. F o r . T. T. V. w u r u s h T. The trade P. T. t. wounded. i. i. ash-colored. j y y j ' j} A saddle-galled beast. L^jjl o r s a . See çfJ3\ F. Captivated. A single blow. The ancient or let a ship luff up in the wind. V. prop. A Greek and down. to go nearer the wind. ÖR-RTI. 1. j b j / äwuı-diıi. Timidity. i. s. p. To put the helm been struck. seller of stout ropes. 2. The town of Orfana on the Egean Sea. *»J3\ IRFÂ. T. hitting. especially. J^jj' urusix. S. urnq. The wild juniper. narrated. for cattle. _ i i i i ( s. Timid. n. To Cause ОГ allow en .v. Jyjl I R Ä Q . Bindweed. s. hurt. Err.). i. Dry. to. a.). S e e ^R-JJJL üy^j' The house of the exile is the F. s. s. to 4. To frightrnshdurmaq. (The orphan's rope). V. ûJ3\ ёүгек. 1. j •" T. V. i. s. w n T. Uı/il interj. VUİg.4. ı ^ j y orospu. To hug the wind. slaughtering. 1. n. a. affliction. s. jyvj> ^ y A victim of black melancholy or hopeless I love. S. home of the afflicted. ıeachlne. S e e JJJL 1. T.a a3. J&"jJ' iirshiiim. "Wıxı-gTin. (râr). AISJJI örfânâ. 4. F.. bear bind. j.). I . «Yerde. the wind. OPJj\ 'urkyûtmek. jUjjl i r g â n .v. To ғ.. V. ı fqırat). A mode of knit. S. 1. 4 . i r s e l a n m e k . F. T. for J ^ W . Scared. 3. Dusky white. See T. s. V.J a n t ı . J^l-jjl orsalatmaq. I l»J3\ v. urselemek. See v T. afflicted. Avail. conceited. T. a battle. 3. killing. V. JI. T. ÛRGÂNJL. a . s. ^JJJİ uvurdulmelc. wideA mode of striking. A fight. prop. A maker or т. âTOrdenî. 2. etc. i . or afflicted. y^JS1 oromjyo. 2. See T. t. P. luq. sorrowful. T. sabina.dbj ( 245 ) c\^J3\ f5r Щзпикет. S. t . wArish.. g3\ o f j y P. İ. 'I. s. T. ÖJİ^ eyraq. prop. S. Large-hipped. rainless. Down with the helm. as on the quarterdeck. A swarm of bees. ^jAİjjl iirushtli'irmiKi. A victim to an unwholeT. dwLyjl urselatmelc. DITÖ^JL URKIFCILK. A single act of attacking. etc. frighttogether. A child with whom the nurse's milk juniper oxycedrus.An anvil. common sabin. EVR«'K. T. 1 . ^ Ujjl v. VUİg. urguti.2. etc. s. İ . 3. i.Jerusalem. ьее y f i j j i T. build. wurguBTo luff. 5. draft. (written also A. jy^jl order for money. That has a cheek-pouch. The condition of one who has hard a-leei I v. a. jjfijjWj* a. p. A stout rope. be close-hauled. y-jjjl i r d m i .. s. £j3\ ARGYAJ. I ÇJ . To cruise about. Afflicted. 3. eamaq. 1. To kill. To walk u p (Greek) in an orphanage. v. A'Ujjl ü « . 2. 4. wild convolvulus. s. V. See ^LJJL T. VUİg. ûrûsb. vulg. A brecding-place or plundering. (J^^^jjt Arganjiliq. a. s.t. T. s. ÛJ3\ S. Wär (liHfız). ~ ü n a s a l . To make T. l3f J3\ u1 u1h r q r s 1 11 T. shy. hurt. u r g u n l u q . n. s.v. s.

t. A state sense! Do hold your tongue! T. A roast prepared.jjl to swell up. set. or stream. ornament for the hump of a camel.jjl AcmAmiq.fJ3> Argulemek.. s.). A h u m p . To t i n g . and the like. A single thread come. curved. T. a delicate muslin an outbreak or overflow from a neigh.fJ3\ ArgyAchiA. Very high and T. killed. CUjj! uruimek. 1. s. s. Humped. Thick into the form of a plait. To make with trees. V. of building togethX Jiib. ashore. t. j ^ f j j * y J s . wood. Arike. To become that can be plaited. ü£fj3\ urgûıitmek. s. V. 2. A plait of hair. to make or let be gibbous. which something is arranged for some for a horse t o shy. A T. Arelanmek. t.J}\ cloth for a camel's hump.s. w u r u l m a q . Oi. ü&?J3\ Argulanmek. T. dense (trees.) To make (a beast) timid.s. fashion. t. о-У-fj^ Arkinis. a protube. To bev. a. S. (See ^ f j ^ r ^ s. s. interweaving. T. J İ ^ aWTrilmaq. 2. q. T./) T. 3. a thing made by plaiting or knitting or weaving. See LÜ. i. basket-work. 2. t^jj 1 Arianmaq. Ar Am j e k l â n d ı r