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[Director/ HR Manager] SUBJECT : DEPARTURE NOTE With mixed feelings, I am writing this note to inform you that, I am resigning

from [Co. Name] with effect from 27th November 2012. It was difficult decision to take, but my personal circumstances lead me to leave this excellent group. During my two and half year stay, I learned a lot from you and felt as part of [Co. Name]. Due to the nature of personal issues, I have to leave by 25th of December 2012. Since a two month’s notice is required, I request you to waive 1 month notice period and allow me to leave by 25.12.2012. In the coming 4 weeks, I am available to handover the ongoing tasks to [Mr.X] and would be available after that on phone or emails, if any information is required. At the end I am thankful to [Name or Management ] and entire team of [Co. Names] for being supportive all the time. I can be reached anytime through email [] Thank you.

[………………] November , 2012