Dictionary of Metis Biography

Volume D
Edited and Compiled by Lawrence J. Barkwell !"#

(Daigneault) Dagneau, Daniel. (b. 1855) Daniel was born at Fort a la Corne, the son of Isaac Daigneault and Julie Larence, both listed below. Daniel signed a e!te"ber 1#, 18$$ %etition fro" John &unro and other &etis at 'lac(foot Crossing that was !resented to Lieutenant)*o+ernor Da+id Laird Lieutenant *o+ernor, ,.-... In this !etition the/ as(ed for far"ing i"!le"ents and seed to begin to settle and till the land. .he/ also re0uested hunting rights. Daigneault, Daniel ) Concerning his clai" as a child ) 1ddress, 2d"onton ) 'orn, 1853 at Fort 4 la Corne ) Father, Isaac Daigneault, (&5tis) ) &other, Julie Larance, (&5tis) ) &arried, 1886 at 2d"onton to 'ets/, (Indian) ) cri! for 71#8 ) Clai" 1189. Daigneault (Daigneau), François. Francois Daigneault is one of the "an/ %e"bina &etis who "o+ed to &ontana and was one of the original grou! who settled at !ring Cree( in the su""er of 18$#. :e "arried 1ng5li0ue *agnon at t. Jose!h, in 1858. :is oldest son, born in 183; at t. Jose!h was also na"ed Fran<ois. Fran<ois r. was a signator/ to =iel>s 1ugust ;9, 1889 !etition to &a?or *eneral ,.1. &iles re0uesting su!!ort for the &ontana :alf)'reeds (Daigneault) Dagneau, Isaac. (b. 189$) Isaac was born at 2d"onton, the son of =ichard Daigneault and Li@ette 'ernard. Isaac "arried Julie Larence, the daughter of 'asile Larence and 1gathe Iro0uois in 186$ at Fort des %rairie. .he cou!le had thirteen children. Isaac signed a e!te"ber 1#, 18$$ %etition fro" John &unro and other &etis at 'lac(foot Crossing that was !resented to Lieutenant)*o+ernor Da+id Laird Lieutenant *o+ernor, ,.-... In this !etition the/ as(ed for far"ing i"!le"ents and seed to begin to settle and till the land. .he/ also re0uested hunting rights. Daigneault, Isaac ) Concerning his clai" as a head of fa"il/ ) 1ddress, 2d"onton ) 'orn, 189$ at 2d"onton ) Father, =ichard Daigneault, (French Canadian) ) &other, Cree Indian ) &arried, 188; at Carlton to Julie Larance ) Children li+ing, nine (na"es on declaration) ) Children deceased, four ) cri! for 7118 ) Clai" 6$8.

Daigneault, Julie ) Concerning her clai" as a head of fa"il/ ) 1ddress, 2d"onton ) 'orn, 18;9 on the %lains ) Father, 'asile Larance, (French Canadian) ) &other, 1gathe &ichel, (&5tis) ) &arried, 1888 at Carlton to Isaac Daigneault ) Children li+ing, eight (na"es on declaration) ) Children deceased, four ) cri! for 7139 ) Clai" 688 Harry Daniels. (1#69);996) :arr/ ca"e fro" =egina 'each, located on the shore of Long La(e as(atchewan, the son of :arr/ 1lfred Daniels (b. 18#8) and 2""a &cAa/ (b. 1#98 at Loon Cree(). :is !aternal grand!arents were 1leBandre Daniel (b. 183$ on the ouris =i+er) and 2lise &artin (b. 1831). :is "aternal grand!arents were -illia" :enr/ &cAa/ (b. 1858 at :igh 'luff) and &arie t. 1nne 'ellegarde (b. 183; at -ood &ountain). :arr/ was the great)great grandson of fur traders John =ichards &cAa/ (b. 1$#;) 1 and Jacob Daniel of Fort 1lban/. :arr/>s great)grandfather was -illia" Daniel, the son of Jacob Daniel (b. 1$#;) and &argaret *oodwin (also &etis), born on 1ugust ;9, 18;; at t. 1ndrews. -illia" was first "arried in 1868 to &argaret Lin(later, the daughter of John Lin(later and 2li@abeth anderson. :e "arried 'ets/ =oss in 186$. :e then "arried Isabelle .rottier &itchell, the daughter of Colonel Da+id Dawson &itchell and Jose!hte ,anc/ Descha"!s, ; in 1858 at t. Francois Ca+ier. -illia" had one son, John with &argaret Lin(later and then he and Isabelle had thirteen childrenD ele+en bo/s and two girls. -illia" Daniel, (nown as E'ig -illia",F was renowned for his strength and courage. -illia" was an :'C inter!reter and guide at Fort %ell/ fro" 1835 to 1838. :e was guide for the brigade to Gor( Factor/ in the s!ring of 1838. 1s inter!reter, he was in charge of the HuI1!!elle %ost after C/r. Daniel also wor(ed with C/r under 1rchibald &cDonald, 1!!rentice Cler(. :e beca"e a free trader in 183#. :arr/ had a long and di+erse career as a !olitical acti+ist at the !ro+incial, federal

John was the &etis son of John &cAa/ r., a cottish fur trader and &ar/ Fa+el a &etis. Called Ma-akgy-gan-naise or E.he 'ear (in,F a s/"bol res!ect, &cAa/ was educated in 2ngland before ?oining the :'C in 1898. :e wor(ed initiall/ at 'randon :ouse under his father then at %e"bina =i+er, and at Hu>1!!elle :ouse where he su!er+ised its> reconstruction. &cAa/ subse0uentl/ wor(ed at Fort :ebria in the wan =i+er district. John lost his ?ob as a result of the 18;1 a"alga"ation of the ,-C and :'C, briefl/ o!ened a school at =ed =i+er, went bac( into the fur trade on the u!!er &issouri, then was rehired b/ :'C in 1881. :e too( charge of Fort 2llice in the su""er of 1888 and was cler( then !ost"aster until 1868. :is dis"issal b/ the co"!an/ in 1868 is so"ewhat of a "/ster/D howe+er, he was rehired in 1863 as !ost"aster at %artridge Cro! (Fairford), then fro" 1868 to 1856, he ser+ed at hoal =i+er. :e retired in 185#. ; &itchell was born on Jul/ 81, 1893, he "arried Jose!hte ,anc/ Descha"!s in 1886 in Fort Jnion. .hus, Da+id &itchell was son)in) law to the notorious Francois Descha"!s, who was one of Cuthbert *rant>s "en at the 'attle of e+en Ka(s. :is neBt "arriage in 1869 was to &artha 2li@a 'err/. &itchell was the u!erintendent of Indian 1ffairs for "ost of the ti"e fro" 1861 to 1858. 'orn in Louisa Count/, L1, he beca"e a cler( for the 1"erican Fur Co"!an/ in t. Louis in 18;8. :e built Fort &cAen@ie in 188;. 1nother fur trading !ost, Fort &itchell, was na"ed after hi" in 1888. In the &eBican -ar he was the Lt. Col. of the econd &issouri +olunteers, co""anded b/ Col. terling %rice. -hen %rice an Col. 1leBander Doni!han beca"e in+ol+ed in Indian troubles, &itchell was ordered to lead the ad+ance towards Chihuahau. In 1855 he !ro"oted the &issouri and California o+erland "ail and trans!ortation co"!an/ and beca"e its !resident. :e su!!lied "ules for the ar"/ in the &or"on war of 1858. &itchell died on &a/ 81, 1831, in t. Louis at age 56. ;

and international le+els. Fro" 1#$3)1#81 he was %resident and Chief 2Becuti+e Kfficer of the ,ati+e Council of Canada. :e also co"!leted a ter" as %resident of the Congress of 1boriginal %eo!le in 1##$ to ;999. Kne of his "ost i"!ortant contributions to the &etis co""unit/ was ensuring that the &etis were legall/ recogni@ed and na"ed as an 1boriginal !eo!le in the Constitution 1ct of 1#8;.

:arr/>s first electi+e office was that of Lice %resident of the &etis 1ssociation of 1lberta. During 1#$6)$5, he held the elected office of ecretar/ .reasurer of the ,ati+e Council of Canada and as noted abo+e beca"e %resident of that organi@ation in 1#$3. :arr/ was well (nown for his writing and acting abilities. :e was in the cast of ,ational Fil" 'oard !roduction Mistress Madeleine fro" the Daughters of the Country Series which won a *e"ini 1ward in 1#8$. :e !la/ed *abriel Du"ont in Big Bear a 1998 TV mini series.8 :e !ublished se+eral boo(s, including We are the New Nation, The Forgotten People, and A De laration of !ndian and Metis "ights. :e recei+ed his &aster>s degree in 1#85 at Carleton Jni+ersit/ in Kttawa. :e had guest lectured on 1boriginal issues at uni+ersities across Canada. &r. Daniels was a "e"ber of "an/ research tea"sD in 1#$8 he was a researcher for the .reat/ and 1boriginal =ights =esearch *rou! of the Indian 1ssociation of 1lberta. In 1#$#, :arr/ ser+ed as Co""issioner of the &etis and ,on) tatus Indian Cri"e and Justice Co""ission. In 1#81, he was Co""issioner of the &5tis and ,on) tatus Indian Constitutional =e+iew Co""ission (,ati+e Council of Canada). In 1#88 he was a researcher for &anitoba>s 1boriginal Justice In0uir/. :e also wor(ed as a constitutional ad+isor for "an/ !ro+incial &etis organi@ations. For these "an/ contributions he was awarded honourar/ "e"bershi! in "an/ 1boriginal !olitical organi@ations across Canada. In ;998 :arr/ recei+ed an honorar/ Doctorate of Law fro" the Jni+ersit/ of Kttawa and on &arch 1;, ;996 he was awarded the #rder of the Metis Nation b/ the

*ordon .ootoosis !la/ed E'ig 'earF and .antto Cardinal !la/ed E=unning econdF in this series directed b/ *il Cardinal. 8

&etis ,ational Council.

E:arr/ the :atF was a larger than life !ersonalit/ (nown for his sartorial elegance, his 0uic( wit, his stor/telling and E?oie de +i+reF. :arr/ is shown abo+e in his blac( hat characteristic of the ones worn b/ the &etis buffalo hunters of /ester/ear. -hen %o!e John %aul II "ade his historic +isit to the ,orthwest .erritories in 1#86, he intended to go to Fort i"!son, but couldn>t because it was fogged in and his !lane was di+erted to Gellow(nife. :arr/, then +ice)%resident of the ,ati+e Council of Canada, greeted hi" in Gellow(nife, and in a gesture of welco"e, :arr/ too( off his ?ac(et and !ut it o+er the %o!e>s shoulders as a gift.


.) :arr/ and 2""a Daniels 2""a>s father. 1nne 'ellegarde (b. A. :er "other. !g. during the %o!e>s +isit to Gellow(nife e!t. . 183. 18. 68.o. Harry Daniels Genealogy %arentsM :arr/ 1lfred Daniels (b. a &etis beaded ?ac(et.:arr/ Daniels (left) gi+es %o!e John %aul II a traditional gift.-&% in Fort Hu>1!!elle. 18#8 =egina 'each.) 2""a &cAa/ (b. 1#98 Lestoc(. 1858 :igh 'luff) &arie t. &aternal grand!arentsM -illia" :enr/ &cAa/ (b.8).he/ were "arried at Lebret. -illia" :enr/ &cAa/ was a scout for the . fished and wor(ed the far"s during har+est. -ood &ountain) 5 . 1#86 (%hoto fro" !ndian "e ord$ Lol. &arie 'ellegarde was fro" the area north of 'elcarres. 6. . ubse0uentl/ when the/ li+ed at =egina 'each he tri!!ed. A.

he/ had two sons (illed in battle during -orld -ar I. &ar/ &argaret &cI+er.F Daniels was born at t. 1ndrews. 1861) Daniel(s)..reat/ Indian but withdrew fro" treat/ after 1885. .8) usanne Josette Lersailles (b. road use agree"ents and ease"ents. Daniels has a di!lo"a in social wor( fro" *rant &c2wan College. 1831) %aternal great)grand!arentsM -illia" Daniel (b. . Daniels is res!onsible for leading discussions with 1boriginal co""unities regarding co""unit/ agree"ents. t. 'oniface) =ose *er+ais (b.-. and has o+er 16 /ears of eB!erience in the oil and gas sector. 6 Douglas -. =ed =i+er. 1lberta. Ju%e.&. 18.%aternal grand!arentsM 1leBandre Daniel (b.6 Daniels. he ser+es on the 1boriginal %rogra" Council of the 'anff Centre. 1ndrews) Isabelle .echnical Lead in 1boriginal =elations at . he is a director of the Indigenous 'ar 1ssociation Law tudent cholarshi! Foundation. Jude Daniels is a enior . Francois Ca+ier) &aternal great)grand!arentsM -illia" :enr/ &cAa/ r. :is wife. a degree in social wor( fro" the Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta and a law degree fro" the Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta.%. ..ransCanada. t. &s. :e then beca"e a free trader and scout and inter!retor for the .urner)-arwic( %ublications Inc. (18!"#19$$) Anown as EJac(fish Johnnie. Footprints in the Dust. he has been wor(ing in 1boriginal co""unities for "ost of her career. &itchell 1braha" &artin (b. he is also the coordinator for 1lberta !i!eline !ro?ects. was a "e"ber of the &ooso"in 'and. 189$ ouris =i+er) 2lise &artin (b. 188. For "an/ /ears he wor(ed for the :'C at Fort 2llice and Fort %ell/.998. 1t the ti"e of the =esistance he was a .orbert) Jose!h 'ellegarde &arie Al/ne (b. during the 1885 =esistance. 18.ransCanada in . Light.. &s.. 1868 t. 'ased in Calgar/. (b. Jude is also a "e"ber of the &5tis . Daniels ?oined the 1boriginal =elations tea" at . the son of -illia" Daniel and &argaret Lin(later.orth 'attlefordM . &s.ation of 1lberta. Jo nnie. 1#8$M 5$# 3 . 1888 t.

1fter lea+ing the &issouri the/ "ade their wa/ through the coulees and across the !rairies.o one see"s to (now for sure who were the first settlers in Lewistown.Daniel. *a"e was !lentiful along the ri+er.).he/ settled at =oc(/ %oint on the &issouri =i+er where he o!erated a wood /ard su!!l/ing wood for the stea"boats as the/ "ade their wa/ between t. %ewistown De&o rat News article Dec. &orase had ?ust !ut her bab/ to slee! and returned fro" the bedroo" to find siB Indians in the (itchen.he/ headed for Judith 'asin and =eedIs Fort. &oraseIs house was near JaneauB treet between Dawes treet and First 1+enue outh.erritor/ fro" Canada where he had been a fur trader. whether it was &orase or Francis JaneauB. (183. Kne da/ in the su""er of 18$#. &rs. he told hi" that her husband and the "en would be bac( shortl/ for the noon "eal. &orase "arried %ete hields. and "arried French)Canadian fur trader %ierre Leon &orase (1865) 18#6). . 'oniface. fro" who" hields treet in Lewistown is na"ed.. . &issouri and Fort 'enton. su!!l/ing the" with "eat. .his was the location of =eedIs Fort and later the site of the cit/ of Lewistown and Fergus Count/. &argaret. Louis.heir sta!le groceries were brought in b/ boat fro" Fort 'enton.)1#. &orase treet is na"ed for $ .his Indian told her about so"e Indians on the war!ath who were !ossibl/ co"ing in their direction. he at once recogni@ed one who had traded at the trading !ost in Canada and he also re"e"ber her because of her red hair. JaneauBIs clai" was the north !art of what was to beco"e Lewistown and &oraseIs ?oined JaneauB on the south. . !assing !rairie dog towns and the bleaching bones of the buffalo. but "ost agree that the/ arri+ed about the sa"e ti"e. . . 1fter the death of &orase in 18#6. (%at) 'rown) In the 18$9>s %aul &orase and his wife. &orase had se+eral "en wor(ing for hi" and the/ stoc(ed the wood /ard during the winter "onths. ca"e to the &ontana . a large su!!l/ of which was stoc(ed for the winter "onths as ice would curtail the stea"boat traffic until the ice brea()u! in the s!ring. 1fter hearing about the hostile Indians and the danger of re"aining on the ri+er. &orase decided to "o+e and loaded the wagons.8) &arguerite Daniel was born in t.he cit/ of Lewistown &ontana is on the site of their original ho"estead. . :e as(ed her to go out and "eet the "en and tell the" that the/ were friendl/ Indians. !ros!ectors and tra!!ers roa"ed the countr/. . . he had learned "uch of their language while li+ing in Canada. 1t that ti"e Indians.he/ ca"e to a +alle/ where a cree( wended itIs wa/ towards the Judith =i+er. the &etis daughter of a :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/ e"!lo/ee. &rs. &argaret.3 (John 2.

he/ saw &ontana in the . :e then beca"e a free trader in 183#. 'a!tiste was born in . 8 Januar/ 18$9. his brother John Daniel also wor(ed at Fort %ell/. 198() tan was a -orld -ar II +eteran who ser+ed as %resident of the &etis . Kn Januar/ .oucane. the son of &ichel *enthon dit Dau!hinais and +ictoire Kuellette (Fa"il/ N 19$ in the 1859 %e"bina Census). :e was a French :alf)'reed who ser+ed as the t. Daniel (s).he/ saw the co"ing of the railroad and the ad+ent of the auto"obile.) -illia" was born in 181. later (before 1835) he "arried Charlotte Fournier. 181.he &orasesIs daughter. .his !etition was sent to 2dgar Dewdne/.8. (b. all of who" li+ed in Lewistown at one ti"e or the other. Daniels. 1ll of the original &orase fa"il/ ha+e long !assed on. fro" the Hu>1!!elle Lalle/. (nown as E'ig -illia"F.erritorial da/s when roads were but di" trails tra+eled b/ wagons and =ed =i+er carts. 'ertha. changed the countr/.he/ had a son.ation of 1lberta fro" 1#3$ to 1#$1. :e was guide for the brigade to Gor( Factor/ in the s!ring of 1838. was renowned for his strength and courage. 1!!rentice Cler(.). .%aul. Fran<ois Ca+ier delegate to the 183# Con+ention and then beca"e +ice)!resident of the %ro+isional *o+ern"ent. -a*tiste. . . . &erw/n &cChesne/.8) 'a!tiste signed the &etis %etition of 1ugust . to 1#$5 and again fro" 1#$3 to 1#$#. Dau* inais. an Indian. he is buried in Cal+ar/ Ce"eter/ along with &orase. In the beginning the/.. :e was later a!!ointed to &anitoba>s Legislati+e Council (J!!er :ouse) in 18$1. . 1815. the last of the great buffalo and the da/s of the o!en range. the son of &ichel *enthon dit Dau!hinais and Lictorie Kuellette. Daniel was a District *uide and Inter!reter at Fort %ell/. the son of *riffith Daniel and his first wife.6. )illiam. 1888.he tan Daniels :ealing Centre in 2d"onton was na"ed in his honour. . (b. the Lieutenant *o+ernor of the . During the !ost 18$9 Ereign of terrorF he. John (%at) 'rown.8. . &rs. he was in charge of the Hu>1!!elle %ost after C/r. . (. the daughter of Francois Fournier and 1ngeli0ue &ethote. François.o+e"ber 18. suffered the hardshi!s along with the other !ioneer settlers. too. the brea(ing of sod and the building of barb wire fences. &orase hields died in 1#. 1s inter!reter. but the/ found ha!!iness in li+ing and raising their fa"il/ in the town the/ hel!ed to build. she was the daughter of Jean 'a!tiste collin and 2li@abeth :enr/. 'tan.) Fran<ois was born Januar/ 1. . Daniel. at &oose Factor/.erritories stating that the Kntario and Hu>1!!elle Land co"!an/ was dis!ossessing the &etis of their lands because the sur+e/s that had been done showed so"e of the" to be on railwa/ land.he/ saw a few scattered tents and log cabins change to a cit/ with "odern business buildings and residences with !a+ed streets to re!lace the rutted ones. 188. Daniel also wor(ed with C/r under 1rchibald &cDonald. :e was a buffalo hunter. :e "arried &arguerite Collin at %e"bina. 18.#. "arried -illia" 'rown. Dau* inais %it Gent on %it +a. (%.he/ li+ed at Lebret and had four children. %eter %oitras and %ierre %ag5e 8 .orth)-est .heir daughter was &rs. 181. -illia" "arried &argaret Calder. 1#$.he influB of ho"esteaders. Dau!hinais was "arried to Fran<oise %aul and later &arguerite &orin (188.

) # . 1nn>s Centennial Co""ittee.ribal Council in 1#63 and ser+ed on the local school board for .urcotte (see abo+e).urcotte and 1ng5li0ue %a0uin. Da/is..orth Da(otaM t. the daughter of J..ribal Judicial s/ste" was established as a Court of Indian Kffenses. Center for Fol(life %rogra"s and Cultural tudies. 'elcourt. born . 1nn>s &ission on June .5.9 at the ti"e that a .urtle &ountain .(+)*..he cou!le had twel+e children.Metis Musi fro& Turtle Mountain.urcotte at t. 1##. (-ashingtonM "ithsonianOFol(wa/s =ecordings. &ontana. Reference t.a!u(F Da+is was the first . Plains Chippewa. 18$3 at t. whose "usic a!!ears on the "ithsonian Fol(wa/s CD. :e "arried 1ng5li0ue . :e is "arried to 2l+ina Da+is the daughter of Fran( Da+is and 1ng5li0ue . . Gregory 04ing. 1nn>s Centennial Co""ittee. &innesota. 18#. Fran( E. Ann's Centennial ())*.3 (18"(#19!") Fran( was the &etis son of -illia" Da+is and &arie Lallie.urtle &ountain 'and. 1#85M 1#8.were arrested and ?ailed b/ -olsele/>s troo!s.'. :e was an elected "e"ber of the . Da/is. 'oth *regor/ and 2l+ina are noted "usicians. 195") &ichif "usician *regor/ Da+is is the son of Louis Da+is and &arie =ose %arisien..o+e"ber 1. 1ng5li0ue was born &arch 13. .ribal Judge of the . a!!ointed in 1#. François 01a*u2. /ears (1#51)1#$8). 895. :e ser+ed as Judge until 1#65. 18$8 at -hite 2arth. . St. %eter &ission.3 (.

1leB Jannott (58)D . then &arie Lall5e at %e"bina in 183.ational 1rchi+es. :e died before 1#88. Children of Jean 'a!tiste Da+is and Julie Desno""eM :elene Da+is was born in 1888 at =ed =i+er and "arried &ichael Al/ne. :e later "arried 2"erise La+allee.urtle &ountain %olice in the earl/ 1#99s. CS119.)1#9$.3. -illia" Da+is ($9).. :elen age 1. the son of Jean 'a!tiste Da+is and 'ets/ Josette. 3 Lists 'a!tiste Da+is. his wife &arie Lallee as age .9 and their son -illia" as age siB. Julie age . the daughter of Francois Ca+ier La+allee and *ene+ie+e &orand. Julie age 19. 18. Francois Des"arais (55)D . &iles re0uesting su!!ort for the &ontana :alf)'reeds. and 'a!tiste age 6. age . who was also a "e"ber of the late ChiefIs council. :oule. . Jose!h Des"arais (53)D 'a/riss. were both "e"bers of the .urtle &ountain 'and.8) is also listed on the 1859 %e"bina census as a hunter as fa"il/ N113. =ecord *rou! $5. -illia" is shown as age . the son of Charles :oule and Catherine Farlardeau.88. -illia" was also a counsellor for chiefs Little hell II and III. 1$$$) and Jose!hte ( aulteauBOChi!!ewa). La aulteuse.. 'a!tiste Da+is signed as a witness to . :e signed the 18$8 C/!ress :ills !etition for a &etis =eser+e. a son of 1uguh()0ua/D harlo 'ottineau (38)D Kssaotit. . :e also signed the 18$8 C/!ress :ills !etition for a &etis =eser+e. 19 . Louis LenoirD 'oin)ence Da+is ($8)D Aar)/ence Delor"e (59). and &adeleine &illet dit 'eauche"in. -illia" was born at =ed =i+er. the son of &ichael Al/ne r.cheer)(uh(. :e signed the 18$8 C/!ress :ills !etition for a &etis =eser+e. Jean -a*tiste 6 -oin#ence 7 (b.Da/is. council"an. !ecial Case 119. hunter. Josette age 3.$ :e signed the 1ugustin 'rabant &etis !etition fro" La(e Hu>1!!elle. &aguerite Da+is was born in 1863 at t. 5 he "arried 1leBandre =eferencesM . .5. Jose!hte was Jose!hte &i?a(a""i(i?i(o( (&e@he(a"a(ui(o() who was first "arried to fur trader 1leBandre -il(ie. R=*S$5.1. 5$).heir son Louis Da+is (b. the son of Jean 'a!tiste Da+is (b. :e and his brother Jean 'a!tiste Jr.orbace Lalle/D 1h(ee)win)nini. . 'oniface. 18. 'oniface. son of .his fa"il/ a!!ears in the 1859 %e"bina census as fa"il/ N 115.he/ "o+ed to %e"bina in the late 1869s.. -illia" EAug)(a/)dwa/)wash)(ungF Da+is (b. :is brother. .urtle &ountain 'and of Chi!!ewa Indians. Catherine age 8.8. the daughter of Jean 'a!tiste Lafontaine and Francoise &artin in 18$9 at Lebret. 1889 !etition to &a?or *eneral . Jean 'a!tiste Da+is III was born at =ed =i+er in 186$.. the daughter of %ierre Desno""e so"eti"e before 1888.. %a/dwa/)walsh)(u". 183#) beca"e one of the "e"bers of the .hese "en also ser+ed as counselors for Little hell IIM 1/se) senseQ. the son of Jean 'a!tiste Da+is II and Julie Desno""e. at t.reat/ Four at Hu>1!!elle in 18$3. 1ntoine :eneult (5#)D and Jean 'atees *orin (Cha"!agne. his IBI "ar(.hus Jean 'a!tiste Da+is and Jean 'a!tiste -il(ie were half)brothers.chee)(ee)tarn %arisien (38)D 'atees)shish Lalle/ (58).9. 3 :e was a counselor and :ead"an to Chief Little hell.)5 Jean 'a!tiste E'oin)enceF Da+is was born in 18. Corbet *rant (55)D Aarn)nar)dah.ational 1rchi+esM Council &eeting 6 Kct 18#. . $ Counselors for Little hell III in the 18#9s P. -illia" was a signator/ to =iel>s 1ugust . as waine %oitras (3$)D Aug)(a/)dwa/)wash)(ung. :e "arried Louise Lafontaine..Q. 8. Jean 'a!tiste E'oin)enceF Da+is $8 /ears old Pin 18#. Jean 'a!tiste Da+is "arried Julie Desno""e. on 11th e!te"ber 18$6. :e "arried &arie 2nno :eneault.

d. the &etis son of -illia" and &arie Lall5e Da+is. he "arried Jose!hine :a"elin at -ood &ountain. the son of :ector E tarF &c*illis and 2lise 'aston. ca. =ose &ar/ li+ed both in Canada and on a tract of land north of t. Da/is. &ary 9ose (&cGillis).ina /and0 Annuity Pay&ents and Census . he was also the son of Jean 'a!tiste Da+is and Julianne Desno""5. 19 =e0uesting a re)o!ening of the buffalo hunt between . Da/is. # =e0uesting a re)o!ening of the buffalo hunt between . :e was a %lains hunter and "o+ed to the Judith 'asin of &ontana with his fa"il/. he was also a son of Jean 'a!tiste Da+is and Julianne Desno""5. :e "arried .# Louis was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 2douard Du"ont>s co"!an/. the son of Louis Lallee and Louise &artel. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. n. +ouis.his stri! was to be fift/ "iles fro" south to north). Louis signed the 18$8 C/!ress :ills !etition for a &etis =eser+e.he/ 8 *ail &orin. :e signed the 18$8 C/!ress :ills !etition for a &etis =eser+e.. :is brothers -illia" Jr. :e "arried . Fran<ois Ca+ier. (.heresa Des?arlais at t. In 188. Fran<ois Ca+ier. . . Louis was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 2douard Du"ont>s co"!an/. 18. 19 Louis was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 2douard Du"ont>s co"!an/. . the daughter of 1ntoine *ladue and Catherine Fagnant.8 1leBander was "arried to 2ulalie *ladue.Lareine 2lise Da+is was born in 186$ at t. :e "arried . :is father was one of the &etis hunters who had signed the :alf)'reed !etition fro" La(e Hu>1!!elle in 18$6. Turtle Mountain Chippewa$ Pe&.. Da/is.6. :er husband was %eter &c*illis.his stri! was to be fift/ "iles fro" south to north).. Huinton %ublications.o+e"ber 16th and Februar/ 15th each /ear and the granting of &etis Ereser+eF land (1 stri! of land 159 "iles long along the 1"erican border beginning where the %e"bina =i+er crosses the border. 1leBandre E%ug)un)auc(F Da+is was born at %e"bina in 185. :is !arents were both "e"bers of the . . .. he "arried &oise Lallee. 'oniface. (18"8#1985) &ar/ =ose was the &etis daughter of &ichael Da+is and Fla+ett 1ller/. (. Louis Da+is was born &a/ . :is father was one of the &etis hunters who had signed the :alf)'reed !etition fro" La(e Hu>1!!elle in 18$6.heresa Des?arlais at t. .he/ had siB children. :is father was one of the &etis hunters who had signed the :alf)'reed !etition fro" La(e Hu>1!!elle in 18$6. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. and &ichel are listed below. :is !arents were both "e"bers of the .orth Da(ota and "an/ other locations since her fa"il/ were trul/ no"ads of the !lains. Jose* . 11 . one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. Fran<ois Ca+ier.heresa Des?arlais at t. !.8.urtle &ountain 'and.urtle &ountain 'and.8) Louis was the son of Jean 'a!tiste Da+is and Julianne Desno""5. 188$) Jose!h Da+is was born at %e"bina. 1853.o+e"ber 16 th and Februar/ 15th each /ear and the granting of &etis Ereser+eF land (1 stri! of land 159 "iles long along the 1"erican border beginning where the %e"bina =i+er crosses the border. John.

183#)1885.urtle &ountain. 18$() -illia" was born at =ed =i+er. )illiam Jr. the Little &issouri and C/!ress :ills before returning to . :e "arried &arie 2nno :eneault. .urtle &ountains. waited and waited for so"ething that ne+er ca"e.1. -illia" r. 1.99#M #8. 1nn>s Centennial Co""ittee. :e "arried Fla+ie :enr/. the son of Da+id and 'ets/ Josette. Ann's Centennial ())*. . &.he fa"il/ "o+ed to the Judith 'asin of &ontana in 18$#. 1889 !etition to &a?or *eneral .his stri! was to be fift/ "iles fro" south to north.F 2d"ontonM Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta. ca. . then &arie Lall5e at %e"bina in 183. he was !assionate about the treat/ !rocess in the J 1 and how it affected the &ichifs down through the /ears. how the turtle eggs were found in "ud holes along the ri+er ban(s ) how the "eat and eggs were dried out for future use ) she said that she had alwa/s (nown that !art of the countr/ to be called Les &ontagnes .. he recalled how the/ were (illed for food.ortue (&ountains of the .urtle &ountain after 1838. . 11 In 18$8.$) &ichel was born in 185.(+)*.. &iles re0uesting su!!ort for the &ontana :alf)'reeds. Da/is. (. were signatories to =iel>s 1ugust .he %lains &etis and the 6# th %arallel. !arents. the fa"il/ and ten others tra+elled fro" &il( =i+er. (.1.o the &etis ) to share and share ali(e was a +alue well res!ected. 1nn>s Centennial Co""ittee.urtle &ountains.he land she sa/s. the Crees Chi!!ewas and so"eti"es iouB. :e "arried 2u!hrosine :a"elin (b.here was an abundance of turtles ) turtles two and three feet in dia"eter. . the/ alwa/s returned when not out hunting on the !rairie. 1889 !etition to &a?or *eneral . EFro" 'orderlands to 'ordered LandsM . (. 1868). E-ith tears in her e/es she "entioned how her fa"il/. dissertation.F Contrar/ to what historians sa/ about the na"ing of the . 1. 'elcourt. -illia" r. St. E-as "ade for all !eo!le and was not to be fenced off for one>s own use. ca. &ar/ =ose said that the &ichifs were the to call those hills the . friends. &iles re0uesting su!!ort for the 11 Aatie %olloc(.he/ "o+ed to %e"bina in the late 1869s. In 18$$.o+e"ber 16 th and Februar/ 15th each /ear and the granting of &etis Ereser+eF land (1 stri! of land 159 "iles long along the 1"erican border beginning where the %e"bina =i+er crosses the border. the &etis son of -illia" and &arie 2nno :eneault.. 1lthough the Da+is fa"il/ did not li+e !er"anentl/ at .1.9. the Judith 'asin. 1s a child she recalled the stories and turtle hunting tri!s the &etis "ade following the &ouse =i+er through its course to the &issouri.orth Da(otaM t. was a signator/ to =iel>s 1ugust .F . 'ear %aw.. 18. )illiam 'r. La aulteuse. =e0uesting a re)o!ening of the buffalo hunt between . . 18!!) -illia" was born at =ed =i+er. Da/is.. Da/is. "eferen e t. &ic el. the son of -illia" Da+is and &arie 2nno. &ichel and the other &etis buffalo hunters at C/!ress :ills wrote a !etition as(ing for a s!ecial &etis reser+e of land.he fa"il/ "o+ed to %e"bina in the late 1869s and on to the Judith 'asin and !ring Cree( in &ontana in 18$#.1. :ow it was so long a ti"e to wait.. &ichel and his father. 1#85M 638)636. . . fro" hunting enca"!"ents on the !lains to those of their friends.ro+ed fro" the ban(s of the =ed =i+er to those of the &issouri =i+er.9.urtles) b/ the &ichif because of their abundance. .. relati+es.

he "arried %ierre *ladue (Louis =iel r. :e "arried &arguerite *enthon. . • . :is father was a de!ut/ su!erintendent of the Indian De!art"ent.>s !artner) and was the "other of -illia" *ladue who "arried 18 . a cottish :alf)'reed. (18$(#1888) John Dease.3 and returned to Canada. John "arried first to &ar/ Cadotte (b.. June #. (1"8(#18$9) John Dease was a brother of the better (nown %eter -arren Dease the 1rctic eB!lorer. Fort 1leBander. or 'enoUt. he was stationed in the 1thabasca districtD and fro" 18. of =ed =i+er..he/ left Fort *arr/ to settle in . was a!!ointed a chief traderD he also ser+ed at Fort . stationed +ariousl/ at =ain/ La(e. 1831. 18. born Jul/ . . (. then "arried Isabelle *ladu.3 in the &ac(en@ie =i+er district. . • -illia". John Dease was a Chief .orthwest and :udsonIs 'a/ Co"!anies. John '.3. and the/ had fi+e childrenM • &argaret. John '. born Kctober 16. Jose!h as a trader and died there in 1833. John Dease r.. he "arried . John was a!!ointed to the Council of 1ssiniboia on &arch 5. Jo n )arren. Dease.&ontana :alf)'reeds. he "arried -illia" &c&illan. :e died at the Dalles in 1889 while enroute to Fort Lancou+er.8. 1ancy (Gla%ue). 1818 at =ain/ La(e. (1"9"#18$8) Charles was the /oungest son of Dr.6 to 18. -ith the union of the .# at Colu"bia La(e.orth -est and :udson>s 'a/ Co"!anies in 18. In 18.) . born e!te"ber 1#. :e assisted Fran(lin>s first o+erland eB!edition of 18. Dease.anc/ "arried %ierre *ladu. :e "arried 1ngeli0ue &c&illan. Louis =iel>s sister.orth -est Co"!an/ and b/ 1813 was in charge of the !ost at =ain/ La(e and was then chief trader at Fort 1leBander. Dease and *ene+iT+e 'enoUt. Kne of their grandsons "arried 2ulalie =iel. :e re!ortedl/ had another son.5. Dease and Jane French a Caughnawaga &ohaw(. :e entered . 18#8).5)18.e@ %erce and the Flathead %ost. John was the son of Dr. : arles Jo nson.orth Da(ota in 1838. was "arried to 1ng5li0ue &c&illan. Dease.e@ %erce and Flathead %ost. and after the 18. :e wor(ed out of t. ca. born &a/ .3. :e also entered the ser+ice of the . Dease.a!oleon Dease with a Flathead wo"an. Fort . *ene+iT+e 'eignet.1.anc/. :e retired in 18.ho"as Logan.1 a"alga"ation with the :'C ser+ed the" as a cler( for se+eral /ears. then to another &5tisse.orth -est co"!an/ ser+ice in 1816.rader in the .9 at Fort 1leBander. born Februar/ 16. 18$!) . Dease and Jane French a Caughnawaga &ohaw(. 18. John was the brother of %eter Dease. 18. 18. • John -arren Jr. :e died at Fort Col+ile in what is now the tate of -ashington. b/ who" he had two children.8. • &ar/ 1nne. Jo n. :is father was a de!ut/ su!erintendent of the Indian De!art"ent. John was the son of Chief Factor John -arren Dease and *ene+iT+e 'eignet.anc/ was the daughter of John -.$.

For this acco"!lish"ent he was offered a (nighthood but declined the honour.rader John -arren Dease and *ene+iT+e 'eignet. Later. Fro" 1883 to 188# he was. was a !ro"inent French &etis o!!onent of Louis =iel. =iel atte"!ted to arrest Dease for co""unicating with chult@ and the dissidents of %ortage la %rairie.1.5)18. :e son. %resident of the %ro+incial 1griculture 1ssociation of &anitoba and a candidate in the !ro+incial election of 18$6. he was a!!ointed a chief trader and in 1881 was "ade Chief Factor for the district of . then on the &ac(en@ie =i+er and *reat la+e La(e. Lol. John '. 2ns indicates that -illia" Dease led the &etis struggle.eter )arren. 1##6M 111)1.F 1ournal of the Canadian 2istori al Asso iation. :is father was a de!ut/ su!erintendent of the Indian De!art"ent. a &etis of franco!hone and anglo!hone heritage. (18$"#191() Dease.ho"as i"!son. Dease and Jane French a Caughnawaga &ohaw(. .$. %rior to the e+ents of Kctober 183#.he/ "o+ed to .ew Caledonia. 5.orth Da(ota. a &5tisse. Dease. . 2ns feels that if -illia" Dease and his followers were able to lead the =esistance. Catherine on Januar/ 1$. %eter "arried 2lisabeth Chouinard his long ti"e Ecountr/ wifeF in an 1nglican cere"on/ at =ed =i+er in 1869. In addition. 1891 at age 18. the daughter of &arie Louise Jero"e and &aBi"ilien *enthon. he argued that the whole transfer to =u!ert>s Land b/ the 16 . an 1boriginal rights agenda would ha+e been ad+ocated. Dease. the son of Dr. :e was a leader of the -inni!eg "eeting on Jul/ . 183$. -ith the union of the .orth Da(ota in 18$3 where he wor(ed as a co""issioner in %e"bina Count/. .$.Louis =iel>s sister. along with .he/ later retired to &ontreal. in co""and of the eB!edition that eB!lored the 1rctic coast fro" the "outh of the &ac(en@ie =i+er to %oint 'arrow. the son of Chief .#th that de"anded Canadian recognition of 1boriginal =ights. a "edical doctor. :istorian *erhard 2ns has co+ered Dease>s !olitical acti+ities at length in the article E%rologue to the =ed =i+er =esistanceM %reli"inal %olitics and the .riu"!h of =iel. :e died on his far" at CWt5 te. )illiam. Dease was a ?ustice of the !eace for %ro+encher.. which cul"inated in Louis =iel>s leadershi! of the resistance. who li+ed at %ointe Cou!5e ( t. 1dol!he). (1"88#188() %eter was born at &ac(inac Island.8. Dease.orthwest Countr/. :e was stationed at Fort Chi!ew/an. &etis researchers "ight find so"e disco"fort when reading this essa/. 1#18 at Lero/. howe+er Dease esca!ed before being !ic(ed u!. Following the a"alga"ation of the CG and . . 2ulalie.orth -est Co"!anies in 1896 he beca"e a cler( and was !osted to the 1thabasca De!art"ent and then to the &ac(en@ie =i+er District. -illia" Dease was "arried to &arguerite *enthon. %eter -arren Dease Jr. :e was born in 'ritish Colu"bia on e!te"ber 1#th 18.orth -est and :udson>s 'a/ Co"!anies in 18. %eter signed on with the CG Co"!an/ on 1!ril 11. In the confusion of e+ents in Februar/ of 18$9. had died at the sa"e !lace in 1!ril of 1858. For a salar/ of V$5 !er /ear !lus food lodging and clothing. :e was a no"inated to be "e"ber of the (a!!ointed) Council of 1ssiniboia on June 11. 1fter the e+ents of 18$9 he beca"e !resident of the 1gricultural 1ssociation of &anitoba and was a candidate in the !ro+incial elections of 18$6. :e died on 1ugust #th. he agreed to swear an oath of allegiance to the %ro+isional *o+ern"ent. he was assigned to the Indian or . .ation>s languages. :e assisted Fran(lin>s first o+erland eB!edition of 18.he/ "o+ed to =ed =i+er three /ears later. "a/ ha+e been the ideal leader of the =ed =i+er &etis because he s!o(e all the region>s First . 1838.

orbert was born on Januar/ 19. 1859. 188$ on =ed %heasant =eser+e near . . (188"#191") 1leB was born on . .) Decoteau (Descoteau<). 18#$ . :e later transferred to the 6# th 2d"onton =egi"ent. it can be said that =iel lost the su!!ort of the 2nglish &etis. 1$#$). Decouteau ( Descouteau<). who" felt his close alliance with the Catholic Church was distasteful. both of who" too( treat/. not in the &etis> !eo!le>s best interest because he ad+ocated a FrenchO=o"an Catholic agenda rather than an 1boriginal one.9. Isabelle La+erdure was the daughter of 1leBis La+erdure (b.nd 'attalion. 1#1. %r5fontaine. -hile his argu"ent "a/ at ti"es be a bit contri+ed. Dease sought to construct a coalition that united both the French and 2nglish &etis b/ down!la/ing religious differences. 1or. 18. the &etis could clai" to be the direct blood descendants of the Cree X the region>s "ore long)ter" residents. =iel built an alliance with the =o"an Catholic Church and allied hi"self with %Tre =itchot. Kn &a/ . 18#5 2"er@ b. In the !rocess. 183$ at C/!ress :ills).:udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/ to the Do"inion of Canada was not legiti"ate because %eguis> 181$ treat/ with Lord el(ir( was 0uestionable since the aulteauB chief was a recent arri+al to the =ed =i+er region. &oreo+er. 18#$ &arie b. :e de+elo!ed leg cra"!s during the race and had to withdraw.orbert "arried La =ose 'elgarde (b. in the end. Instead. (Contributed b/ Darren =.8). :e returned to the !olice force but resigned in 1#13 to ?oin the Canadian 1r"/ as a %ri+ate in the . 1#99 15 .orth -est.a!oleon b. =le<an%er. %ierre DescoteauB and &arie -uttunee. :e was the son of &etis !arents. :e is buried in Flanders Field at G!res. :e is re!uted to ha+e been the first 1boriginal !olice officer in Canada when he ?oined the 2d"onton %olice force in 1#11.orth 'attleford. 1$35) and 1ngeli0ue EAisi)(aw!s(u!F &ontour (b. Kl/"!ics at toc(hol" in the 5999 "etre e+ent. Kn Kctober 89. 181$) and Isabelle ELi@etteF La+erdure (b.he/ denounced Dease and his followers as being Canadian %art/ !u!!ets. :e re!resented Canada in the 1#1. '/ contrast. 2ns argues that Louis =iel>s leadershi! of the &etis cause at =ed =i+er in 183#)$9 was. 2ns de"onstrates that the 183#)$9 =esistance is not an eas/ e+ent to anal/@e. 'elgiu". . In 188#.6. 1#1$ he was (illed b/ a sni!er at %asschendaerle.o+e"ber 1#. at the Kl/"!ic trials at Fort as(atchewan DescoteauB 0ualified in the 19 "ile e+ent b/ running a full 5# seconds faster than the 0ualif/ing ti"e. 1863) .ert 09e% Dog3 (b.he/ had the following childrenM • • • • Jose!h b. he is correct to indicate that =ed =i+er &etis societ/ was fractured along nu"erous fault lines. and sought to create a French)Canadian !ro+ince in the . 2ns argued that this would ha+e been a better route for the &etis to ta(e since it would ha+e a+oided i"!orting the 2nglish)French ri+alr/ fro" Central Canada to the region (which the =iel) led agitation did). while =ielIs "o+e"ent encouraged differences. the son of Louis E1r(e)wen)@eeF Duchar"e d it Decoteau (b.

. • o!hia.orbert was elected to the council of 1. :er !arents were -a)ta)nee and Aa"a)/io)wa)wis(.hree of their sons. on behalf of the &etis of the four districts of 1ssiniboia to ?oin . 1lfred and 13 . • Isabelle. :alf 'reeds and Full 'loods of .rootsweb. b. the daughter of Jose!h 1"/otte and &arianne %ang"an on . 1869. 18$1 at Lebret. the son of Louis Descouteau and Isabelle La+erdure. :e was arrested on June 1.o+e"ber . signed on behalf of the band. 188#.co"Ocgi)binOig". b.. "arried -illia" *osselin.ancestr/.• • -illia" b. b. 1868. 1885. b. 1#98 Jose!hine b. %ierre was a "e"ber of the =ed %heasant 'and although a &etis. "arried Jean Louis 1"/otte.81[idZI95#1. +ouison. 1leBander. 18#1. De :oteau (Descouteau).heir daughters Isabelle and o!hia were "arried to "en who also signed this !etition. Kn e!te"ber $..9. :e "arried *ene+ie+e 1"/otte. • Lictoire. "arried Jose!hte %elletier the *ene+ie+e 1"/otte. 185$. 1#95 In 18#8. :er father led a grou! of =i+er %eo!le but was s(e!tical of the . "arried *ilbert 'elgarde.his had to do with the ongoing dis!ute as to 'and &e"bershi! and who was entitled to reser+e land. +ouis 'r. During the 1885 &etis =esistance %eter !artici!ated with the other band "e"bers in the fighting at Cut Anife :ill on &a/ .urtle &ountain. 89 &etis at Fort -alsh sub"itted a !etition. 89 &etis at Fort -alsh sub"itted a !etition. (%. b. 181$) Louis DescouteauB r. %rongua>s house on Februar/ 8.cgiYo!ZD2 C[dbZtho"as.reat/ 3 negotiations and ste!!ed down at Carlton during the negotiations thus his brother. :e was "arried to Isabelle La+erdure. (b. under Chief Little hell III in o!!osition to &a?or -augh>s co""ittee of 8.6 Descouteau< (De :oteau). . Decoteau (Descoteau<).ierre. =eferenceM htt!MOOwc. Kn e!te"ber $. "arried &ar/ *agnon. 1839. &arie withdrew fro" . 1869) Louison Descouteau was born on e!te"ber 1. 1fter his death &arie re"arried to Isidore %ang"an r..orbert>s siblingsM • Francis. • 2li@a. 1891) Anown as E%eter Da(otaF either because of 1nglici@ed !ronounciation of his French na"e or because of his 1ssiniboine Indian heritage. . born 1869. 186. .reat/ 6.. =ed %heasant. 18$3. 1885 and sentenced to two "onths hard labour for theft fro" the warehouse on the =ed %heasant =eser+e. he was born in 1858 at Carlton. "arried 1leBis 'onneau.reat/ 6. on behalf of the &etis of the four districts of 1ssiniboia to ?oin . • Louis. the daughter of 1leBis La+erdure and 1ngeli0ue &ontour. . was the son of Louis DescouteauB and Li@ette (Indian). (b. .reat/ in 1883. :e was shot to death in 1. &arie was also a "e"ber of =ed %heasant 'and although a &etis. 18$3. :e "arried &arie -uttunee in 18$8 at 'attleford.J.

1$ . and "aga@ine founder. :e ca"e out with . 1#1$.99 "usical co"!ositions to his credit (?igs. 1#39. 1nd/ was signed b/ London =ecords and as(ed to go to &ontreal to record. was called the E=ed =i+er 'ard.eBen Inc.1#39) Laura was born on e!te"ber . Kl/"!ics at toc(hol". &anitoba in 1#16 and na"ed Jose!h %atrice 2.'en?a"in ser+ed in -orld -ar I. 1nd/ De?arlis had "ore than . 1leBander was a fa"ous trac( athlete and re!resented Canada in the 1#1. he recei+ed an award for 'est co"!oser of Kld ti"e &usic and Canada>s 'est eller of Kld . Laura de Jonge is a enior %ro?ect &anager. was a good !la/er. (b. De>arlis. fil""a(er. 1fter a so?ourn in -inni!eg 1nd/ returned to the on &esser show in 1#3$. :e co"es fro" a fa"il/ of &5tis fiddlers.. where his fiddler fiends were artists such as Frederic( *enthon and %ete %a/ette.5 L%>s containing 1$5 original songs. %ierre Des?arlais. +aura (+olly) =nne (n5e *oulet) %h.F 1nd/ De?arlis was introduced to the +iolin at the age of 15. D.. Kne of his ancestors. In 1#3.F because radio announcers couldn>t sa/ his na"e correctl/. 1nd/ ca"e fro" a long line of fiddlersD his father. he also beca"e the first Canadian to win the annual 'roadcast &usic Canada Inc. weden. the &etis daughter of *eorge =. !ri@e.) %e Jonge. (Contributed b/ &arcel &eilleur. -hen he died in 1#$5. reels. Des?arlais. 1t an earl/ age his father would ta(e hi" along to +arious fiddling ?a" sessions.he 2arl/ ettlers.L to lead off a wee(l/ "usic show with his band. In 1#3#. Laura is a fa"il/ ad+ocate. . afet/. %ierre Falcon. !ol(as and walt@es) as well as 88 records. :e was (illed in action on Kctober 89. :ealth. 1nd/ changed the s!elling of his na"e fro" EDes?arlaisF to EDe?arlis.D. *oulet . near %asschendaele. n5e 'o/er de la *iroda/. -hile there he was hired b/ Channel 19 . =n%y. :e was a regular on the radio (CJ=C) fro" 1#8$ to 1#68 and in the 1#39s a!!eared on C'C tele+ision with the Don &esser show. :e was born near -oodridge. In 1#38O3#.herese E. long ti"e friend and fiddling !artner of 1nd/ De?arlis.) 1nd/ De?arlis is one of &anitoba>s best)(nown &etis fiddlers and bandleaders. and sold o+er half a "illion records. cor!orate social res!onsibilit/ !ractitioner.i"e &usic. :e ca"e to -inni!eg in 1#86 and won his first fiddling co"!etition in 1#85. (191!#19".err/F *oulet. In 1#35 Don &esser as(ed hi" to ?oin the networ( show in :alifaB. 2n+iron"ent [ ocial =es!onsibilit/ at .

*lobal 'usiness %ractices she ser+ed on the 1d+isor/ Co""ittee of the Cor!orate 2thics &anage"ent Council for the Conference 'oard of Canada in addition to ser+ing as the Lice Chair of the ocial =es!onsibilit/ -or(ing *rou! of the International %etroleu" Industr/ 2n+iron"ental Conser+ation 1ssociation (a !artici!ant of the 'usiness 1ction for 2nerg/) which included chairing the hu"an rights tas( force. During her ti"e as the Director. for o+er fifteen /ears. &i(e de Jonge. sustainabilit/. Laura has ?ust co"!leted a %h. 18 .Laura 1nne de Jonge at Con+ocation with her !roud !arents *eorge and .D. Laura earned a &asters in 2n+iron"ent and &anage"ent fro" =o/al =oads Jni+ersit/ where she recei+ed the ChancellorIs 1ward for highest acade"ic !erfor"ance in her !rogra" as well as the Founders 1ward for the graduating learner in each !rogra" who eBe"!lifies the 0ualities of leadershi!. he has also sat on the boards of Canadian 'usiness for ocial =es!onsibilit/ and the Calgar/ ociet/ of Inde!endent Fil""a(ers where she was also the %resident. Laura and her husband. Laura has wor(ed with .oronto.919. Laura was the reci!ient of the !restigious -.err/ Laura is a 18th generation Canadian &5tisD a descendant of Louis :5bert and &arie =olletD Canada>s first !er"anent colonial settlers. he is also a graduate of =ed Deer College. the Jni+ersit/ of Calgar/ and the Certificate %rogra" in Cor!orate ocial =es!onsibilit/ at the Jni+ersit/ of .911.ra+eling cholarshi!. and in . and !ersonal de+elo!"ent. In .L. established an acade"ic bursar/ at =o/al =oads.eBen Inc. &ac(en@ie Aing &e"orial . in :u"an and Krgani@ational /ste"s fro" Fielding *raduate Jni+ersit/. she recei+ed a &aster>s Degree in :u"an De+elo!"ent.

-riterODirectorO%roducer P hort Fil"Q.998 and . -illy>o. Laura !roduced and directed the fil" What 3oes Around Co&es Around which was recogni@ed b/ the Cr/stal Lision 1wards in ..99$). &c-illia"s. Laura and her husband &i(e de Jonge. &ann. ociet/ of %etroleu" 2ngineers (Auala Lu"!ur.In .996. childbirth and !arenting. '. *ossen and *arr/ J.) DKIM 19.etwor( K!eration &iner+a %ro?ect ) 1boriginal *irls %rogra" for students fro" the Calgar/ 'oard of 2ducation. What 3oes Around Co&es Around. In ..991 which was translated into three languages and shown on siB continents) 8n:iron&ental$ So ial and 3o:ernan e Considerations in De ision Making7 What Are the "esponsi.998 in addition to being one of the donors to establish the andra 'otting 'ursar/ at &ount =o/al Jni+ersit/ for students in the 'achelor of &idwifer/ degree !rogra".ilities of Corporate 89e uti:es. fro" Duc( 'a/. (1 case stud/ of -estJet 1irlines).118O$695#) & De+a9on%e. 1# . Select Publications Creating Shared 6alue7 4sing So ial Media to 89tend a Corporation's Co&&it&ent to So ial "esponsi. 1t one ti"e he ran for the !residenc/ of the &etis . !ntegrity Progra&$ -riterODirector P.995. Laura facilitated a !resentation on the di+ersit/ of the Canadian Landsca!e for the 1lberta -o"enIs cience . &anitoba.eBen Inc.995) Preparing for 6erifi ation and Monitoring. (b.ation co""unit/. 1#58) 'ill/?o DeLa=onde. Laura is an outs!o(en ad+ocate who su!!orts natural !regnanc/.918). In &a/ . the Catholic chool /ste" and the i(si(a First .18$#31).al 1usti e$ 4sing 5our Money to Change the World.996)D recogni@ed with a Certificate of &erit b/ the Cr/stal Lision 1wards (. Laura was recogni@ed in the 1lberta legislature when the funding of "idwifer/ ser+ices was announced in . established a scholarshi! for Canadian students attending Fielding *raduate Jni+ersit/.99..ed !ntegrity into the Workpla e$ -ith =andall *. 1 &o+ing 2B!erience Inc.o.ility$ Doctoral Dissertation (. . he !la/ed an acti+e role in achie+ing recognition of "idwifer/ as a !rofession in 1lberta in 1##. -ith J. 1+ailable fro" %roHuest Dissertations and . 16$.91.$ &aster>s .heses Database (J&I .99.. . &ala/sia. 1$th -orld %etroleu" Congress (=io de Janeiro.ation. (.raining LideosQ (.) !ntegrating Corporate So ial "esponsi.al Profit and 3lo. . 'ra@il.ility into a Corporate Culture$ the <uest to 8&. he is also the founder of /irthing Maga-ine !ublished b/ 'irth Jnli"ited.ational Council but was defeated b/ Cle"ent Chartier. 3lo. Laura>s wor( as a cor!orate social res!onsibilit/ !ractitioner was !rofiled in Deb 1bbe/>s bestselling boo(.hesis (.919. is a for"er %resident of the &anitoba &etis Federation and a for"er Chief of %ine Cree( First .

aulteauB)Cree. . 'a!tiste.8. 18$5. 18$5 at t. he "arried -illia" Chartrand.M .D date of issueM June 1. 1898) and &adeleine 'oucher (&etis). cri! affida+it for DeLaronde. 18$3D a"ountM 7139. LouisD bornM 15 1ugust 18. 16 &ichel was the son of %ierre Chartrand (b. 8. Laurent.o+e"ber 16.M #3#8 to #3#8D date of issueM 1ug. and aulteauB)Kr(ne/ &etis indi+iduals when . Laurent. born 1888 at 'aie t. 'ill/?o is the son of &agloire DeLa=onde13 and Li@@/ (2li@abeth) Ca"!bell. 1$ Judith died on &a/ . 1885 1$) the daughter of 1ntoine &orin (b. born &arch .9 .18 -illia" Chartrand is described as a \"erchant> at Duc( 'a/.8. :is cousin &ichel Chartrand (b. 18. 'ill/?o>s !aternal great)grand!arents were Louis DeLa=onde dit Laronde (French Canadian b. the daughter of 1ntoine LedouB and &arie Falcon.he Ae/ First . 2lise.reat/ Four.M for" 2. Laurent. Laurent. 1889 at Ainosota and ba!ti@ed at t. Jose!h. .he band included aulteauB. 13 &agloire was one of twel+e children born to Louis and Judile DeLa=onde.8).6.reat/ 6 e!te"ber .D "otherM &adeleine DeLaronde ) -ifeM Judule &orinD diedM &a/ . &athe. 'ill/?o>s "aternal grand!arents are 2li@abeth =ichard and John Ca"!bell. Charles. a "e"ber of the Duc( 'a/ 'and (!re+iousl/ the Duc( 'a/ 'and) in 18$8 about two /ears before the hoal =i+er 'and signed . *as!ard.6.'ill/?o DeLa=onde is a descendant of the aulteauB &etis followers of Chief Kw)tah) !ee)(a)(aw (E:e -ho Jnloc(sF or E.6 &arch 1889 at AenesotaD fatherM Jose!h 1leBander Ca"!bell (&5tis)D "otherM &arie %aul (&5tis)D "arriedM to 2li@abeth =ichardD scri! cert. 1839 at &anitoba house) and &arie %aul dit t. 15 Isabelle was born on . 18 . the son of Jose!h 1leBander Ca"!bell (b.6. -illia" and &adeleine both left treat/ to ta(e &etis scri!. Ca"!bell.he Ae/F).5D scri! no.. JohnD addressM -inni!egosisD clai" no.he Ae/ signed adhesion to . &aglaoire Laronde was born on Februar/ 8. 18$5D heirsM her husband [ children Louis Jr. . no. 18. 188. Louis was a trader at t. Francois Ca+ier.85D bornM .#98 'ill/?o>s "aternal great)grand!arents are -illia" =ichard called E&enogeesic(F (b.5D fatherM Louis DeLaronde (&5tis)D "otherM &adeleine 'oucher (&5tis)D clai" no. 1856 at t.15 was a cler( with the :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/ in the Duc( 'a/ 1rea. 18$9 at t. [ &arieD clai" no.he hoal =i+er drains wan La(e into Dawson 'a/. &anitoba. LouisD fatherM Louis DeLaronde r.ation X &ost of the followers of Chief Kw)tah)!ee)(a)(aw (E:e -ho Jnloc(sF or E. :is !aternal grand!arents are Louis DeLa=onde dit Laronde (b. at the northwest eBtre"it/ of La(e -inni!egosis. Jose!hte.5) and Judile &orin (b. . cri! affida+it for DeLaronde.M 815. 1858) 16 who was "arried to Isabelle LedouB.c. . %aul)D the/ "arried in 1853 at %ortage la %rairie. 1leBandre. :e is the great)grandson of o!hie *enaille (Chenaille) who was a "e"ber of this band. 1883) and &adeleine -est (&etis. 1$8#) and %elagie 'oucher.$) and &arie %ang"an (b.he Ae/F) were residing along the hoal =i+er in western &anitoba in the "id)1899s. Kcta+ie. &agloire. Jean. 18..

-estbourneD bornM 1888 at 'aie t. =ichard.99D clai" no.99D clai" no. 1ntoine. -est. Ae(eshe!eness)D "otherM &adeleine or 1ttange) (a!awee( (&5tis)D "arriedM 1853 at %ortage la %rairie to -illia" =ichardD children li+ingM #D scri! for 7139. &adeleineD addressM and/ 'a/. 1ntoine. 1ngele and no na"eD scri! for 7139. Jose!h. Jose!hte and &arieD children deceasedM Jean 'a!tiste. . -illia"D addressM and/ 'a/. -estbourne bornM 1883 at &anitoba :ouseD fatherM Jose!h =ichard (&5tis)D "otherM Isabelle (&5tis)D "arriedM 1853 at %ortage la Loche to &adeleine -estD children li+ingM -illia". 1635. &arguerite. 1666. ara. -illia"D addressM and/ 'a/.99D clai" no. 159$. &arguerite. Jose!hte and &arieD children deceasedM Jean 'a!tiste. LaLouise. =ichard. 1ngele and no na"eD scri! for 7139.69. &adeleine. -estbourneD bornM 1853 at %ortage la %rairieD fatherM -illia" =ichard (&5tis)D "otherM &adeleine -est (&5tis)D "arriedM 18$3 to :elene !enceD children li+ingM &arie and 2liseD children deceasedM :elene and no na"esD scri! for 7. LaLouise. ara. %aulD fatherM &ichel -est (&5tis.99D clai" no. -illia"D addressM and/ 'a/. &adeleine. -estbourne bornM 1883 at &anitoba :ouseD fatherM Jose!h =ichard (&5tis)D "otherM Isabelle (&5tis)D "arriedM 1853 at %ortage la Loche to &adeleine -estD children li+ingM -illia".=ichard. 1635. Jose!h.1 .

'ill/?o is best (nown for returning the 'ell of 'atoche on Jul/ .ora +. which began in 1##3 to connect children and teachers around the world in a reading and writing acti+it/. .ationM .9.8) . Delaronde to honour her &etis heritage. Fal( offers a fa"il/ literac/ !rogra" on two unda/s !er "onth. iB schools wrote a stor/ together b/ each contributing a !aragra!h.his &etis author of se+eral children>s boo(s is a Librar/ . In 1#8$ she initiated the 'oo( 'ag %rogra" for children aged siB to ten /ears and their !arents in which children ta(e boo(s ho"e fro" the school librar/ in !atchwor( bags "ade b/ ?unior high students fro" donated deni" ?eans.918 during E'ac( to 'atocheF da/s.co"OdocO159$66$36OLa) aga)de)La)Cloche)de)'atoche htt!MOOwww. :er "edal citation readsM Deborah Delaronde)Fal( has wor(ed at Duc( 'a/ chool as a Librar/ ..echnician and &edia !ecialist since 1#83. &s.scribd.co"OdocO15.scribd. 1 !rogra" was added in the !ast two /ears for children fro" ages one to fi+e who ta(e ho"e durable !re)nurser/ boo(s with thic( cardboard t/!e !ages.. the reci!ient began writing under the na"e Deborah L. (Fal2).1. 1###) and %ittle Metis and the Metis Sash. De..scribd. In .#856OJne)reconciliation)histori0ue Delaron%e. Fal( co)ordinates the Internet tor/ -riting %ro?ect. a !ro+incial residential school. &anitoba. ee our articles !osted atM htt!MOOwww.995) . :e has also ser+ed on -est =egion Child and Fa"il/ er+ices Co""ittee (. 2Becuti+e Director.998.998) and on the board of the Frontier chool Di+ision. 1s a librarian with Frontier chool Di+ision.he ani"ated literac/ co"!onent where a letter of the al!habet is introduced through stories. 19. action songs and a drawing acti+it/ has doubled attendance.999). =ecogni@ing the lac( of stories that include a &etis !rotagonist or are written b/ a &etis author.echnicianO !ecialistO Co"!uter Coordinator at the Duc( 'a/ chool in the &etis co""unit/ of Duc( 'a/.'ill/?o too( his high school education at Cranberr/ %ortage.99. &s.he !ro?ect has "oti+ated students to write and teachers to integrate other language arts acti+ities. Kffices heldM • • • • • 'oard of Directors &anitoba &etis FederationM 1#83. -inni!eg Indian &etis Friendshi! CentreM . .996). . .998. . :er first two boo(s wereM A Na&e for a M=tis (-inni!egM %e""ican %ublications Inc.co"OdocO1593#6385OLa)cloche)de)'atoche)&arie)1ntoinette)retentira htt!MOOwww. (. she was awarded the Lieutenant *o+ernor>s Literac/ &edal for her inno+ati+e school !rogra""ing and "ost recent children>s boo( Flour Sa k Flora (-inni!egM %e""ican %ublications).. %resident of &anitoba &etis FederationM 1##6)1##$. Chief of %ine Cree( First . . (-inni!egM %e""ican %ublications Inc.

as the three sons Lawrence. Fred was elected !resident of the as(atchewan &5tis ociet/ fro" 1#65)1#6$. reali@ing that a good education as well as a (nowledge of histor/ and the Constitutional de+elo!"ent of the laws of our countr/ is essential to a successful life. Fre%. :e i""ediatel/ !ressured the CCF go+ern"ent to deal with &etis issues and ac(nowledge the renewed leadershi! of the & .F Delaronde beca"e !resident during a +er/ difficult ti"e for the & .8 . 1fter this 1#63 con+ention the & went dor"ant for a while after a disa!!ointing "eeting with go+ern"ent. Fred is re"e"bered as being +er/ "usical and he lo+ed to !la/ the +iolin. In 1#63. --II affected the Delaronde fa"il/.he &etis !eo!le of this Con+ention. at Ka( %oint &anitoba that was traditionall/ a &5tis settle"ent. the & "e"bershi! was at it>s lowest which was due in large !art to the i"!act of --II.oda/. as(atchewan and had siB children. . as(atchewan where he co"!leted u! to grade eight. Fred could fluentl/ s!ea( the Cree and 2nglish languages. 1t a "eeting of the & in June . 18#. :is father was %aul Delaronde of French bac(ground and his "other was &aria %ri"eau a &etis.ebo with other &5tis !eo!le and fa"ilies such as Joe Ca"eron. Fortunatel/. John and :enr/ Letendr5. :e e+entuall/ "arried Clara chwart@ and li+ed near &ont . Dubu0ues and the Drea+ers.5). . contributions "ade b/ leaders such as Fred Delaronde are re"e"bered. .Delaron%e.ebo. he had a difficult ti"e tr/ing to get go+ern"ent to "eet with hi"D the %ro+incial go+ern"ent would not recogni@e the frag"ented & . 1#68 he !assed a resolution which stated thatM E'e it resol+ed that the *o+ern"ent be as(ed to gi+e s!ecial attention to the unfortunate circu"stances in which a +er/ great nu"ber of &5tis children find the"sel+es as to schools. a con+ention was held in June for the !ro+ince>s &5tis !eo!le. Fred Delaronde was born on Jul/ #. (189$#1989) . &ichael>s chool in Duc( La(e. . %rior to that he was acti+e in the societ/ in the earl/ 1#69s. as the/ wanted to deal with onl/ one &etis !olitical organi@ation that was the one +oice of the !ro+ince>s &etis !eo!le. the =obillards.3.reat/ !ri+ileges because the &etis had ta(en scri!. :e was educated at t. -hat got hi" first in+ol+ed with the as(atchewan &5tis ociet/ ( & )Y Fred !ersistentl/ tal(ed to other !eo!le about how the &etis were "arginali@ed or left out of the benefits of "ainstrea" societ/ and had no su!!ort. In 1#65 and 1#63. It were these issues that "oti+ated hi" to get in+ol+ed and !oliticall/ organi@e the &etis !eo!le at the !ro+incial le+el in order to strengthen &5tis organi@ations at the local le+el. Kne of his !olitical co""it"ents was to raise awareness about the need to educate &etis !eo!le. :e ada"antl/ told stories about how &etis !eo!le "issed out on . 1rchie and Lerona were in+ol+ed in Canada>s war effort. "ost !eo!le can eB!lain the i"!ortance of &etis leaders such as *abriel Du"ont and Louis =iel but o+erall "an/ !eo!le are unable to na"e a few of as(atchewan>s earl/ &etis leaders fro" onl/ fort/ /ears ago. In 1#65. :e was alwa/s interested in far"ing. Fred Delaronde was elected !resident of the & and gi+en the enor"ous tas( of re+i+ing the organi@ation. In 1#66. :e was instru"ental in organi@ing the first &etis local at &ont .he %ro+incial go+ern"ent was not sure as to who re!resented the !ro+inces &etis !eo!le because there was also another acti+e &etis organi@ation called the as(atchewan &5tis 1ssociation ( &1) that re!resented .orthern &etis !eo!le. &etis culture and fa"il/. 1t that ti"e "an/ locals of the & were inacti+e. hereb/ re0uest the *o+ern"ent to gi+e e+er/ assistance !ossible to this organi@ation in its efforts to see that each child gets a good education.he !ro+incial go+ern"ent !ressured the two organi@ations to unite.

ho"as cott to death. (. the & had a "eeting. Jose* .In 1#6$. Fred was gi+en an i"!ortant leadershi! role during an intense de+elo!"ental ti"e for &etis !olitical organi@ation in as(atchewan.o close it.he/ had fi+e children. 1856) on Februar/ #.F Lern Delaronde Corres!ondence %rince 1lbert.) "eferen es Ji" 'rad/ %a!ers at the *lenbow &useu". 18($) 'a!tiste was born at . :e "o+ed to the Fish Cree( area on the outh as(atchewan in 188. :e was wounded and ca!tured at 'atoche.o+e"ber . Jean -a*tiste. 18$5 at t. . 1fter 1#6#. Delorme. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. Jose!h "arried Li@ette &cLeod (b. 186#. .orris and Joe =oss were a!!ointed to wor( on establishing a !ro+incial organi@ation and drafting a constitution and b/laws..6 .his was a hunting fa"il/ and "o+ed a great deal although "ost of their children were "arried at Duc( La(e. :e was found and loo(ed after b/ the 2nglish. (Contributed b/ Leah Dorion.ati+e %olicies of . :e is shown as a =esistance !artici!ant on *arnot>s list.orwa/ :ouse. he too was one of the heroines of the 1885 =esistance. Fred Delaronde was still recogni@ed as the !resident as no elections had occurred in the !re+ious /ear. Delor"e was in+ol+ed in the 1885 =esistance at Duc( La(e with *abriel Du"ont. :at erine (9oss).here were huge fla!s of s(in on both sides of the wound. :e also stated that. Fran<ois)Ca+ier. Delorme. :e "arried &arguerite %e!in. Delorme. 18$. now at Dau!hin.. E-al(ing in Indian &occasinsM . &alcol" . the son of Jrbaine Delor"e r. the wo"en !ut hi" on a table and wanted to !ut hi" to slee!. 'aron. and &adeleine Li+ier.) Catherine was the daughter of Jrbaine Delor"e r. 1#3# in Lancou+er. Catherine and Donald =oss had siB children. Joe Ca"eron was the last elected secretar/. Fred Delaronde now focused his leadershi! efforts on wor(ing to organi@e a unified !ro+ince wide &etis !olitical organi@ation.o""/ Douglas and the CCF. . 18!9) Jose!h was born on Februar/ 1. and &adeleine Li+ierD and was the /ounger brother of . which is now al"ost a forgotten !art of &5tis histor/. Fred Delaronde re!orted that there were 89 !aid "e"bers of his local at &ount . . In his "e"oir. 1#6$. (.orbert Delor"e.he bullet also went through his thigh.ebo. Du"ont recallsM EJose!h Delor"e. Laurie. Jose!h fought as a "e"ber of Ca!tain Daniel *ari5!/>s co"!an/. and laughed while the/ o!erated to show he . he was "arried to Donald =oss (his third wife) who was (illed during the last da/ of battle at 'atoche. lost both testicles at the battle of 'atoche. .. :e refused.. .he & faced enor"ous challenges tr/ing to establish a new !ro+incial wide organi@ation. 'ritish Colu"bia..he . Delaronde !assed awa/ on . the &5tis !olitical organi@ations were relati+el/ inacti+e until the renewed interest of the &5tis !ublic and leadershi! in the 1#39s. (. . In.he fa"il/ still !ossesses the !a!ers fro" his in+ol+e"ent in earl/ &5tis !olitical organi@ations. :e ser+ed on the court &artial that conde"ned .

K+er the neBt two /ears. 2lise.5. Cuthbert wor(ed as a contractor hauling freight for the :udsonIs 'a/ Co. 1lthough accusto"ed to con+ent life.5 .) &other Delor"e too( it u!on herself to ado!t hi" and raise hi" as her own. &arie Des"arais (1888)1#. !otting a traders ca"!. and induced his neighbors to refuse to do the sa"e. :e was alwa/s a +er/ res!ectable. is a cri!!le for life.he newl/)wed cou!le left the far" and headed out for Fort 2d"onton with twent/ =ed =i+er carts and thirt/ head of horses. . Jrbaine. who was half aulteauB. &other *er+ais decided her daughters had a"!le education and "ade arrange"ents to ha+e the" lea+e the con+ent. 'oniface Con+ent in 18$. -idowed.alon 'oo(s. . and his ho"e and fa"il/ utterl/ ruined. It was onl/ b/ force and threats that he was co"!elled to ta(e !art in the rebel !art/. (1881#1985) &arie =ose was born in 1831. 2ach daughter was gi+en a su" of "one/ in trust for education. Lol. but that his wife &arie Des"araisDelor"e is gi+en the right to li+e there as long as she wished. honest and well thought of. the girls grew u! to be "odest /oung wo"en. but the fa"il/ s!ent their winters in a two)roo" cabin on the -hite :orse %lains along the 1ssiniboine =i+er. 18. . deal lightl/ with hi".ranslator). :e has a wife and four children and has lost e+er/thing. %ierreD load u! with goods to trade with the Indians and set out to barter whate+er the/ needed to re)su!!l/ the"sel+es for the neBt winter.6). :er father was a wealth/ and +er/ successful free trader. he was a daughter of a trader. &agdeleine and Charlie =oss.had no fear. !!. .he/ would begin their ?ourne/ in t.F 18Delor"e was tried at =egina in 1885 on the charge of treason)felon/. and the hand of ?ustice "ight with "erc/. 2ach /ear. &other Delor"e found Charlie as a toddler on the trail. &arie Des"araisDelor"e was left alone to raise fi+e children. the/ went forth to see what goods the/ had 18 &ichael 'arnholden (. for a long ti"e. Jrbaine Delor"e (1885)18$1) and a &etis wo"an. :e has been se+erel/ wounded. con+icted and then released on his own recogni@ance. on Januar/ 15th. s!ring called the" bac( to the trail. &arie =ose and 2lsie were enrolled into the t. &arie =ose. 1##8M . he li+ed her adult life around %incher Cree(. refused to ha+e an/thing to do with =iel. &arie =ose was tra+elling with her ste!)father freighting for the :udsonIs 'a/ Co.riel Du&ont Speaks. he grew u! on the trails of the =ed =i+er carts. 1883. Lancou+erM .. 1 /ear and a half later &other Delor"e was re"arried to Cuthbert *er+ais in the church of Fran<ois)Ca+ier on the -hite :orse %lains. It was on this return tri! fro" Fort 2d"onton to Fort *arr/ that &arie =ose "et her future husband)to)be. (C %. the eBcite"ent of a tri! was o+erwhel"ing and the two girls said their good)b/es to the isters. 18$9 was the last cara+an tri! &arie =ose "ade with her father. (It was not unusual for an Indian husband to ha+e two wi+es. :e. &arie 9ose ('mit ). If he has offended he has been +er/ hea+il/ !unished. 18$1. 'oniface. In his testi"on/ of 1ugust 18. burnt and abandoned b/ what would see" to be a ?ealous second wife fro" an Indian ca"!. :is will stated that his land would go to his onl/ son Jrbaine Jr. hard wor(ing "an. in 18$3.he fa"il/ later "o+ed to Calgar/. 3a. Jrbaine Delor"e died in the !ri"e of his life at the age of 85.1885 at the =egina trial Father 1leBis 1ndre sa/sM EJose!h Delor"e I (new in &anitoba and during the three /ears that he has been in the as(atchewan. &other *er+ais now. under the watchful e/e of &other u!erior. thought it was ti"e for the older girls to use the "one/ in trust and get an education. he was educated at a con+ent in t. 885) 883) Delorme.

&/ na"e is Charle/ "ith. which was a fortune then. u!!lies eBhausted Charle/ and Cuthbert "o+ed their ca"!s to Frenchtown. was born that winter Januar/ 8rd.F &arie flew fro" her bench sa/ingD E&other I (now not of what he said.he northern winters were too cold for the cattle so the following .3 . :e left his ho"e at the /oung age of 1. EFather *er+ais.he/ were greeted b/ a fair)haired "an with a dee! . E&arie =ose. K+erwhel"ed b/ her /oung beaut/ he (issed her and "uttered so"ething in his own tongue. Charle/ !ac(ed his winter ca"! and went to ?oin &arie =ose and her father. Charle/ got word that a trader na"ed *er+ais was outfitted on the 2d"onton trail near the Kld 'ear :ills. Charle/ continuedD EI as(ed her last night an she said /es.orwegian accent. . her (nowledge of the wa/s of the !rairies. . Charles Jr.F &other *er+ais was i"!ressed with the rich trader.eBt s!ring the/ set out to !urchase their herd and ca"e bac( with .F and ran the rest of the wa/ ho"e. he tried to hurr/ herself ho"e and sli!!ed on ice. as the/ had little regard for it. Jose!h.F 1fter a while &arie acce!ted the fact that she had no sa/ in the "atter and was thrown fro" the carefree world of a 13)/ear)old girl to the hardshi! of life as a &etis wo"an.he neBt winter that ca"e. he would be the !erfect "ate to acco"!an/ a trader. Charle/ was an ad+enturer and a darede+il. Charle/ threw hi"self to the ground to hel! her.he Indians !arted with their "one/ easil/. Charle/ was born on a shi! off the coast of the &editerranean ea. ?ust o+er a /ear later on Jul/ 1.F &arieIs "other re!lied. EIt will be a good union. 1round that ti"e. now let "e go.to barter. but e+entuall/ the/ got to (now one another and grew fond of each other. gesturing with his hands to his ca"!.orthwest . In her haste she re!lied. 1889. ELelco"e to "/ ca"!. .he life of a fur trader was co"ing to an end. . . Charle/ ga+e &other *er+ais a !resent of fift/ dollars. Charle/ sold his goods for "one/ instead of furs. 1fter dinner was o+er the "en lit their !i!es and !oured their s!irits. &arie =ose "ith ga+e birth to their first child. -hen the/ arri+ed &arie was !regnant with their second child. &arie =ose Delor"e was "arried to Charles "ith. he could read and write French and 2nglish but also s!o(e Cree. EGes)/es. /ou !ro"ised to "arr/ this "an. go+ern"ent agents were established on reser+es to !a/ the Indians treat/ rights. I +oud li(e to ha+e da hand of &arie =ose in "arriage. .erritories. &ontana in the late su""er of 18$#. . I +ant to "a(e her as "/ +ife. "uch less lo+ed Charle/. . L/ don>t /a sta/ da nightDF he said. &arie did not understand what this "an wanted and was a little afraid of hi". :e was deter"ined to "a(e her his wife. he sat &arie with her tr/ing to con+ince her. Charle/ soon sa+ed enough re0uired for the ho"estead and cattle he !lanned to bu/ for his fa"il/. . 1fter ha+ing arri+ed and settled in. 1fter Charle/ "et &arie =ose he 0uic(l/ beca"e fond of her and all her good 0ualities. &arch . . he is rich. and e+entuall/ beca"e a trader. :e has said so.3th.he neBt da/ Charle/ showed u! bearing gifts. 18$$. :e suited buc(s(in as though he>d been born to it.. her energ/ and resourcefulness. one night Charle/ wal(ed &arie =ose ho"e fro" the "a(eshift church built in the ca"!.59 head of cattle. he hardl/ (new. fresh "eat and s!irits for the whole fa"il/ and in+ited hi"self to dinner. 18$8 at %rairie Chic(en. Charle/ stood u! and "ade a state"ent that would affect &arie =oseIs entire life.F o &other *er+ais settled with Charle/ "ith for her daughter>s hand in "arriage. 1lbert and the fa"il/ built sleighs ?ust for the occasion.he/ rented a furnished house and "ade ho"e for the winter.he wedding too( !lace in t. 1s !eo!le !ushed westward the herds of buffalo were scarce and whittled down to a few s"all herds.

-ord filtered bac( that 2lise>s husband *eorge . in 1886. and &agdeleine and Lugar>s house was burnt down and their stoc( scattered. &arie grew u! on the trails of the !rairies and al"ost li+ed to see the first "an on the "oon. Lethbridge. During all this eBcite"ent &arie =ose>s fourth child. . Charles. 188$ at t. as a trader and a settler.orbert was one of the &etis hunters who had signed the :alf) 'reed !etition fro" La(e Hu>1!!elle. In 18$8. but before his death he beca"e a =o"an Catholic. &an/ of the" did not li+e !ast a /ear through the rough winters. :e "arried Charlotte *er+ais. Fran<ois Ca+ier. he s!ent her re"aining /ears with her daughters &agdeleine 2+a and &ar/ =ose. :e was then in+ol+ed in freighting and other wor( with the :'C. 1lberta in 1883.3 (18("#1898) . 1rthur and &ar/ =ose 1l+ina).he cou!le hunted buffalo on the !lain for "an/ /ears.F :er sister &agdeleine left the scene of the fight but her sister 2lsie and her fa"il/ had sta/ed. Jean . Ludgar *areau built E'atoche>sF house.orbert was the son of Jrbaine Delor"e and &adeleine Li+ier. Jonas. &arie =ose>s brother)in)law. to start their life o+er. :er life see"s to s!an o+er centuries of change. &arie 1nne. (=e!rinted courtes/ of the &etis =esource Centre Inc. he too( each da/ b/ da/ and ne+er loo(ed bac(.hrough all the sorrows of her life she beca"e a figure of strength to others. the faith that had sustained his wife all those /ears. adl/. Charle/ died at the age of se+ent/. was ta(en !risoner. (Jose!h. 1858 at t. 1lberta on 1!ril 6th. -illia" *eorge. Joc(. &arie =ose led the true life of a &etis. John =obert. &ichel 1rchangel.orbert and other &etis buffalo hunters at C/!ress :ills wrote a !etition as(ing for a s!ecial &etis reser+e of land. Laurent on the outh as(atchewan in 1889 and wor(ed as a freighter for the :'C.A Chronicle of Metis Life n !he "#th Century$ Delorme. Laurent ho"e ser+ed as "ilitar/ head0uarters for the &etis .ert 0&an2ac ee.he Gear of the =ebellion. the daughter of 1leBis *er+ais and &adeleine *er+ais on June $. John =obert.ess. Catherine.s!ring of 1881. &agdeleine 2+a. 1or. was born in E. &agdeleine and her husband Ludgar *areau "ade their wa/ to %incher Cree(. :e "o+ed to the . Fran<ois Ca+ier. Marie Rose Smith . Fran<oise Jose!hine. a Justice of the %eace. &arie =ose>s two sisters were settled in 'atoche at the ti"e of the 'attle of 'atoche. 1885. 1lfred 1lbert. &ar/ :elene. he out li+ed her husband and all but fi+e of her se+enteen children. In 18$6 . &ichael>s :os!ital. Delor"e>s t. the/ too( land along a strea" called %incher Cree( in 1lberta. &arie lost one)/ear)old &arie Louise. . b/ order of *eneral &iddleton during the 1885 =esistance. he watched the fall of the buffalo and the no"adic wa/ of life of the &etis. but each traged/ onl/ added to her well of strength. . :e was born on &a/ 8. :e was a "e"ber of =iel>s 13 "an Council (2Bo+edate) at 'atoche during the 1885 =esistance. =ichard. .erritor/ in 18$6. he died in t.orth -est . . . 'oth &arie =ose>s first)born Jose!h and her husband Charle/ "ith died in 1#16. Luc(il/ Charle/ had the good sense to lea+e the trading wa/s when he did and began their successful life as ranchers. 1#39 at the age of ##. &arie raised all these children. Fifty Dollar Bride. &ar/ Louise.$ .) Reference Car!enter.heodore. &arie was !regnant with their 8rd child. :e was older brother to Jose!h Delor"e.orbert settled at t.ogether the/ bore 1$ children in all. In 1885.he/ settled and built a ranch (nown as Jughandle.

. . (188. In 18$8. traded and ran a boarding house for %e"bina . 1dol!he) where the/ built a log)fra"ed two) stor/ house. :e contested the 18$9 election. defeated in the neBt election (18$6) and re)elected in Dece"ber of 18$8 b/ accla"ation. Fred.) Delorme.)53. Louis =iel and the other &etis !olitical leaders started "eeting at Delor"e>s ho"e to strategi@e on their res!onse to the !lanned transfer of =u!ert>s Land to Canada.orbert and Fine Da/ too( so"e !risoners at the 'resa/lor ettle"ent. Fro" 18$8 to 18$5 he ser+ed on the Council of the .he/ raised fi+e sons and two daughters.ault but the o+erall leaders were Delor"e and =attler (Fine Da/).orbert. in t. 188.. &.89). he was elected b/ accla"ation for the riding of t. .ca"!aign.orbert. he wor(ed for the :'C at wan =i+er as a "iddle"an.) "eferen e hore. Lol.he 1sseniwuche -inewa( of western 1lberta are largel/ descended fro" Iro0uois "arried into Cree and . Delor"e was again acti+e in atte"!ts to no"inate =iel and ha+e hi" elected for %ro+encher. Kn 1!ril 13. Fro" 185.)1#1.orbert led the &etis fighters during the battle of Cut Anife :ill.rail tra+elers and later o!erated a cart brigade to northern as(atchewan. . 1885. 1s a Ca!tain of the &etis he ca!tured &a?or 'oulton and others when the/ atte"!ted to ta(e J!!er Fort *arr/ on behalf of the Canadian %art/. E%ierre Delor"e. which he held until defeated in 18$6.=.erritories. . CIL (1#11) 1#.he historical record notes that the Indian and &etis ca"!s were se!arate. .ation of Canada 1# '/ 1889 %ierre Delor"e was an 1sini -achi -i Iniwa( Chief of the Jas!er 'and.81.8 . 1##8M . %re"ier .oronto %ress. . . 188#) '/ 1seniwuche -inewa( . :e argued for =iel>s a"nest/ and was dee!l/ in+ol+ed with the &etis lands issue. In e!te"ber 1856. (-ith contributions b/ Larr/ :aag. for %ro+encher riding. 1fter Cartier>s death in 1888. In 18$1 he ran federall/ in the %ro+encher riding and beca"e one of &anitoba>s first "e"bers of the :ouse of Co""ons. %ierre far"ed. During the late 1839s. .ierric e 19 (b.1 at %ointe)Cou!5e ( t. .orbert Delor"e and 1ndr5 . &etis =esource Centre.orontoM Jni+ersit/ of .orbert fled to &ontana then "o+ed to 1lberta after 1885.orth)-est .a(oda.F Di tionary of Canadian /iography. In the !ro+incial election of that /ear. :e was elected as a federal &% in 18$1. =iel sent hi" to the 'attleford area to enlist the su!!ort of the Indians in that area. 1dol!he as a far"er and business"an. In the first !ro+incial election of Dece"ber 18$9 he was elected as &L1 for t. but it was withdrawn so he could no"inate *eorge) ]tienne Cartier. he "arried 1d5laide &illet dit 'eauche"in and in 185$ the/ bought lot .ierre. &. who had been defeated in his &ontreal riding. he returned to t. . In 18$1 he was elected a Ca!tain of the &etis fro" %ointe) Cou!5e to defend &anitoba against Fenian in+asion fro" the Jnited tates. . Delor"e too( an acti+e !art in the %ro+isional *o+ern"ent and in 18$9 was elected to the Con+ention of Fort/ as the "e"ber fro" %ointe)Cou!5e.or0ua/ na"ed Delor"e &inister of 1griculture and %resident of the 2Becuti+e Council... (Contributed b/ Fred hore. the son of Jose!h Fafard Delor"e and Jose!hte 'ellisle.orbert outh.. Delorme. .) %ierre was born Kctober 1. :e no"inated =iel for the seat in 18$. Cartier was elected b/ accla"ation. .9).+. J!on retiring fro" !olitics. running as a Conser+ati+e and won the seat of t.he &etis leaders were . 'oniface.

. . he won the bare bac( e+ent at the :inton =odeo in 1#83. :is !arents died at age siBt/ when Louis was fourteen /ears old. :e ca"e second in the Indian :orse =ace at the sa"e e+ent.8. %ierre =iche Delor"e was siB feet eight inches tall and blind. Louis and 1dol!hus &oberl/ had a whi!saw !it to cut lu"ber.orth Da(ota and ca"e to the %incher Cree( area of 1lberta where the/ gathered horses. For eBa"!le.arcisse who was born in 1861. who had lost a daughter to the flu. %eter died at Lictor La(e. In 1#85. . 1#16 at *rande Cache and died on e!te"ber . 2li@abeth &ac!herson "a(es reference to an old Delor"e being in the area in 18. -. In 1#. . which was built at Lictor La(e in 1#85. 'ertha. Louis is significant for a nu"ber of things. Louis "arried Flora Joachi" (daughter of 1da" Joachi") with who" he had fourteen children (-alter. *ordon. =on. !robabl/ after the -ar of 181.he/ had two sonsD %ierre =iche Delor"e. 1##3 at *rande Cache. :e was able to ride on a little further. who was born in 188# and .he/ had two sonsD %ierre (born in 1881). while :enr/ Joachi" ca"e third.here is a large Es!irit houseF there. b/ horse and sleigh fro" &us(eg to Lictor La(e. Louis li(ed to !artici!ate in rodeos.8. %ierre "arried u@anne Joachi". when he fell off his horse and hit his head on a roc(. 'ig *ra+es is at the base of hee! &ountain in the "iddle of a "eadow along the ul!hur =i+er.orth 'attleford in as(atchewan and one ca"e to the =oc(/ &ountains. Charlie.he un . . 2rnie. where he was beaten b/ Fran( Joachi". Florestien.. Kne da/ he was riding through =oc(/ %ass. =oc(/ %ass was na"ed because of the huge roc(s that ca"e down off a "ountain. he goes on to sa/ that there was an 1ugustin Delor"e in Jas!er in 1863. . one went to the Cochin area near .he fa"il/ li+ed at Lictor La(e. Kne brother. Fila"on>s fa"il/ was originall/ fro" the 'atoche area in as(atchewan. *ardner. . who was born in 1859. where the final battle of the 1885 =iel =ebellion too( !lace. had two childrenD Louis and a daughter buried at A+ass Flats. but died at what is now called 'ig *ra+es in -ill"ore -ilderness %ar(. =oland. to construct a house for the !riest to li+e in when he was at Lictor La(e. when the/ !erished in the sa"e flu e!ide"ic in 1#1#.his too( !lace about 1#9$. . who went b/ %eter and %hilli!.ational %ar( in 1#19 to "o+e to *rande Cache. Louis was ado!ted b/ the fa"ous fur trader. :elen. which ser+es as a gra+e. .he/ cut the lu"ber for the first =o"an Catholic Church.9 and died at Jas!er house in 188#.. In 1#6$)8. In his /ounger da/s.here is so"e e+idence to suggest that the Delor"e fa"il/ "a/ be descended fro" the Iro0uois who ca"e west in the earl/ 1899Is to tra! for the fur trade co"!anies.ra+eller. *illiat indicated that the 1boriginal !eo!le would often !lace trin(ets and tobacco inside the structure at 'ig *ra+es in tribute to the "an buried there. Colin.eil -. :e "arried Isabelle Awara(wante who was born in 18. 1t that !oint. &orris and Del!hine).he/ were li+ing in *rande Cache before the Jas!er 2Bodus when the &oberl/ and Joachi" fa"ilies left Jas!er . during the great flu e!ide"ic of 1#18. Louis was born in 1#96 at *rande Cache. *ordon Delor"e states that "an/ /ears ago.# . %ierre *re/ of Isle La(e. Louis and &i(e &oberl/ trans!orted finished lu"ber. . In her boo( . 1 forest ranger na"ed . 2ileen. three Delor"e brothers left .#. settled in 2astern 1lberta. Flora was born on 1!ril 1$. In 1833. while Fila"on died while +isiting &cDonald Flats or usa Cree( on the sa"e da/ as %eter.he Delor"e fa"il/ has had a long and interesting histor/ in the *rande Cache area. %eter and his wife.he *re/s ado!ted Louis because the fa"ilies were related. -e (now that Louis li+ed with the *re/s for less than a /ear. "uch li(e what ha!!ened with the Fran( lide in the town of Fran( in outhern 1lberta. Fila"on Des?arlais.

Fro" . diedM 18$. *ordon was not sure who na"ed the "ountain after Louis. at the age of eight/)eight. but he thought that it "ight ha+e been one of the forest rangersD !erha!s hand :ar+e/.rans) Canada %i!eline in 2dson. In his later /ears.-C and :'C.. diedM 19 da/s old at Jas!er :ouseD 2dward. 1998. %ierreD bornM 1869 at Jas!er :ouseD clai" no. The Western Cree >Pakisi&otan Wi !niwak?7 8thnography.hirteen Iro0uois under the co""and of a cler( na"ed Jasson "anned this canoe. Louis was a tra!!er. 188$ at 1thabasca =i+erD 1leBis.ation of Canada (=oc(/ &ountain %eo!le)M htt!MOOwww. bornM 18$1 at Jas!er :ouse. :e was !rudent in all his 89 . where he is buried. #$8)9)55$)6#$35). at 'a!tiste =i+erD 1leBander. he won the bare bac( e+ent at the =io *rande =odeo near *rande %rairie. who sold his furs at 2ntrance. I '. (185$#1888) Jrbaine Delor"e. 188$ at 1thabasca =i+erD addressM Jas!er :ouseD fatherM %ierre Delor"e (&5tis and de!onent)D "otherM u@anne Joachi" (&5tis)D scri! cert. Jrbaine li+ed there with his aunts until age 1$. &ount Louis near *rande Cache is na"ed in his honour. he wor(ed for =eB Logan of undr/ doing seis"ic eB!loration for oil and gas. -hen Jrbaine arri+ed at Fort Douglas. Louis Delor"e died on &a/ . bornM 183# at Jas!er :ouse.. he was a well)(nown and res!ected guide for siBt/ /ears. she cried out E&ounia Kuinion ) the "an fro" &ontreal. diedM 1!ril. Later. -hen she reali@ed who he was. on the -estern %lains. bornM 18$8 at Jas!er :ouse. he li(ed to ?udge rodeo. bornM 18$8 at Jas!er :ouse. In an/ case. Louis also wor(ed for Inland Ce"ent at &arlboro in 1#59. In addition. :e went there to s!ea( to her but the/ did not understand each other in that Jrbaine onl/ s!o(e French. died 1!ril. &etis cri! a!!lication? Delor"e. so he had to ha+e an inter!reter to s!ea( to her.#9. Jrbaine at age four was ta(en b/ his father to 'erthier+ille. . which was sent twice a /ear to bring the "ail west. the son of Fran<ois 2nos dit Delor"e and &adeleine (Charlotte) de aulteuse (K?ibwa/) was born around 189. Jrbaine !ro+ed hi"self to be a good hunter. =i+er of no =eturn starring =obert &itchu".aine. 191. :eritage ConsultingM . :is father had co"e to &ontreal in e!te"ber 181$ to testif/ at the trials about the e+ents at =ed =i+er that were a result of the war between the . Delorme. @r. 1##.ht"lN =eferenceM Joachi" Fro"hold.D heir to his deceased childrenM Daniel. Jrbaine returned to =ed =i+er in a canoe. nos. the "ountain was na"ed to honour the "an who s!ent his life li+ing at its foot and tra!!ing its bount/.aseniwuche.he 1seniwuche -inewa( . which was fil"ed in Jas!er. Louis e+en a!!eared in a :oll/wood "o+ie.F 1t =ed =i+er. In addition.. =eB -/nn or a ranger na"ed Cha!"an. Gou can still see the s"o(estac( fro" the ill)fated !lant that was su!!osed to !roduce bric(s fro" the cla/ in the la(e. &aril/n &onroe and =or/ Calhoun. 1uthor. at Lictor La(e. bornM 18$3 at Jas!er :ouse. In 1#55. . 1919.M for" F. 2d"onton and 2dson. Huebec to be ba!ti@ed along with his sister era!hie. 1916 and 183$. diedM 1!ril.919. Louis raised cattle. who built the ranger cabin at 'ig *ra+es. one of the indi+iduals showed hi" a tent near the Fort where his "other was.1t the age of twent/)eight. 188$ at 1thabasca =i+erD Isabella.co"OourSstor/Ofa"il/Sna"es. he wor(ed for .

Demontigny. Fran<ois Ca+ier !arish and in his region. Fran<ois Ca+ier.o+e"ber 1. Judge %rud>ho""e related that one da/. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. . Kn Kctober 13. :e told the ister.hese ca"!s nu"bered a!!roBi"atel/ 599 carts. 19 head of cattle and se+en carts. the/ had fi+e children. . Jrbaine and &adeleine had ele+en children. E ister. It would be better not to lea+e it on the table. 1t the ti"e of the 1885 census he owned 5 horses.5 consecuti+e /ears. Jrbaine was an influential "an in his t. -illia" was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 1"broise Cha"!agne>s co"!an/. Fran<ois Ca+ier con+ent and as(ed one of the isters to ta(e care of a s"all chest. in the !arish of t. re!rinted courtes/ of the &etis =esource Centre Inc. 181#. there is four thousand dollars in gold. Fort 2llice and 'atoche.. (b. in this s"all boB. Jrbaine died 1ugust 18th.wo hours later Jrbaine returned to find his chest sitting on the table. 181. the daughter of 1leBis Li+ier r. :e was chosen ca!tain of the buffalo hunt ca"! for . the son of . 1859 he was a!!ointed to the !osition of &agistrate. :e "arried 1delaide Ca/en dit 'eaudreau in 18$8 and Jose!hte Des?arlais in 1881. &anitoba. (Contributed b/ Lorraine Free"an. Father Du"oulin blessed Jrbaine>s "arriage at age . Fran<ois Ca+ier.endea+ors. and his 1ssiniboine wife. : arles 'r. children fro" this "arriage. Jrbaine and his fa"il/ li+ed on Lot 13. Francois Ca+ier.) Charles was born on . 1815). &anitoba. )illiam Jo n. before lea+ing for the %rairies.9th at t.ach5 to in+est V899 sterling for hi". '/ his hard wor( Jrbaine "anaged to a"ass a s"all fortune. Jrbaine was "arried to &adeleine Li+ier (b.) Delorme. in !resent)da/ 'ritish Colu"bia. he was +er/ in+ol+ed in the trial of *uillau"e a/er and in the successful efforts of the &etis to brea( the :'C>s "ono!ol/ of trade. . the son of 81 . (18.8#1889) -illia" was born at t. "oderate and !atient. &arie 1nne.F Jrbaine later as(ed 'isho! .orth 'attleford. 1883 and was buried on the . In 186#.. Jrbaine sto!!ed off at the t. to &adeline Li+ier at %e"bina.he fa"il/ li+ed at .orbert Delor"e (noted abo+e) and Charlotte *er+ais. Jrbaine and &adeline had 1. of a cal" character but fir" and resolute.

eton ( iouB) go hunting on the other side of the line nu"bering 899 "en. b. as the/ can be found in the censuses of :alf)'reed Chi!!ewas of . &aryanne (. 1ntoine 'rillant the elder. .eton with itting 'ull are at the &ud house on -hite =i+er (Jtah). :er"as. was one of the "e"bers of the ECo""ittee 2lected b/ the %eo!leF of the =ed =i+er in 1863 to see( "itigation of what the French)Canadians and &5tis considered to be the eBtortions of the :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/. but fi+e /ears later was in the !arish of 'aie) aint)%aul (&anitoba) when he a!!lied for &etis scri!. I ha+e learned that the/ are about 1. b.reat/ List of Chi!!ewa Indians of La(e u!erior and the &ississi!!i. because the 'uffalos (bison) are +er/ scarce in the neighbourhood. Da(ota . . had wor(ed for 1ntoine Des?arlais at Fort Des?arlais in the ouris =i+er Lalle/ in the 1869)59s.o+e"ber . 18$8M . without being fined !ro+ided the/ donIt return and tell fol(s that other !risoners will be !ut in gaol for two /ears and their horses and carts ta(en.o+e"ber . but there is great incon+enience to go and hunt in that direction because the 1"ericans defend it. 1858. :elene.he daughter of =a!hael Fagnant and a . on which it is declared that he was li+ing a %e"bina. %atrice. a French)Canadian. 19$() .eton are not nu"erous here.he/ were arrested at Fort 'el(na!. %atrice 'reland writesM .horne. 186#. the/ ha+e "ade !risoners.ogether with Louis =iel p@re and se+eral other &5tis.6.. Da(ota . De &ontign/ certified the +alidit/ of the #$$ signatures set down on %Tre 'elcourt>s !etition. 1865. :e was bac( li+ing at aint)Fran<ois)Ca+ier when the 18$9 census of the =ed =i+er countr/ was ta(en. 1861.. a &5tis. I ha+e learned that the . b. although not +er/ good. then &aria 'ranconnier. I thin( I will go +er/ soon to trade with these !eo!le. or Ede &ontign/F as he is so"eti"es (nown. Charles and his fa"il/ see" to ha+e "o+ed south of the international border again. b.he news here. .9 Charles can be found in the !arish records of aint)Fran<ois)Ca+ier (&anitoba) in the "id to late 1889>s.erritor/ and could write his na"e. the daughter of 1ntoine Des?arlais and &arie Catherine 1llar/.he . "arried %ierre Chabo/er. 1"broise Chartrant. (. "arried . Denomie. 1leBander 'rillant. %hilo"ene. the/ are !lentiful on the other side of the line along the &il( =i+er. . b.ati+e wo"an.his was one of the &etis fa"ilies arrested at Fort 'el(na! for hunting in &ontana.Da+id de &ontign/. 8. Charles &ontign/. .horne. . "arried Leocadie ansregret. 1!!oline. ECharles De"ontign/F can be found on the 1856 . Charles r. . b. born in 1!ril 181$.he/ had the following childrenM • • • • • • • &arie. the/ ha+e all been "ade !risoners with their fa"ilies.oitras). b. 1853. o"eti"e before 1861. . . Charles De"ontign/ and Jose!h 1@ure.he/ are about 59 lodges and the ante about 89 lodges.. %eter La!ierre.6M C/!ress &ountains. Charles. "arried 2douard -ills. and the re"ainder of the .erritor/ fro" 1885 through 1888. 1851.anc/ .urtle &ountain. he "arried &arie Des?arlais. "arried John . 1868. %ierre Labruler. "arried :onore %ariseau.9 . the/ ha+e been released after $ or 8 da/s after.999 lodges. and Jose!hte Fagnant.

:e set u! a trading !ost at this location. and the E:alf)'reedsF were "o+ed to their own reser+ation. ..his was a!!roBi"atel/ 188. the Ktoe and &issouria surrendered !art of their landD !art of the treat/ the/ signed !ro+ided an allot"ent of land for the *reat . nee 'oucher. 1#. . Jose!h too( two "ore &5tisse wi+es.999 acres. 'eddow was the white husband of an Ktoe &5tisse. =oin. Julis and oula ( usee) 'as(ette.9$#.e"eha. In 186. '/ 1858 there was a +illage at this site that beca"e (nown as t. was born near 'elle+ue.1 was set u! Jose!h is shown as recei+ing allot"ents N $6 and N1. the Iowa. the son of 1"able De=oin. . his first wife "o+ed bac( to her ho"e +illage. &ar/.he allotter>s roll also indicates that &ar/ and usee recei+ed land on *reat . 1858. (Contributed b/ Aath/ :odgson) "ith. De=oin had a further eight children with these two sisters. Jose!h was shot and (illed b/ Ja"es 'eddow while tr/ing to settle a debt owed b/ 'eddow.8. (1819#18. . &ar/anne has been "arried for o+er one)half centur/ to &orris %oitras. -hen the *reat . Jose!h>s fa"il/ inherited a fair a"ount of "one/ since De=oin had notes outstanding for 76.1 In 1889. 88 . ..e"aha reser+ation to the Jnited tates. '/ 1853.e"eha :alf)'reed =eser+ation.ebras(a.ebras(a. gi+ing E:alf)'reedsF their own reser+ation. De=oin had a!!arentl/ got drun( and then ar"ed hi"self and bac(ed b/ a do@en "en a!!roached the 'eddow ho"e where he was (illed as he tried to cross the fence.e"eha :alf)'reed =eser+ation '/ &a/ of 1888. K"aha.. 1t age 1$ Jose!h left his !arents ho"e and "o+ed into the "ain +illage of the Ktoes at the "outh of the %latte =i+er. &ar/anne was a sister to eight siblings. an K"aha wo"an.&ar/anne was born in Lestoc( on &arch 89. the daughter of :illiard 'oucher. :er "other was Francis Deno"ie. .ebras(a. the daughters of 'alone 'as(ette and an Iowa wo"an. .e"eha =i+er to the north and the *reat . Jose!h "arried &ee()Aa)1hu)&e.599.93.he E:alf)'reedsF originall/ did not agree to this treat/. In 1868.) De9oin. :er father was 1ntoine Deno"ie. Felicita =ogers 'eddow.his land ran between the Little . &ar/anne was raised b/ Lestoc( on her !arentIs far". Deroin. a treat/ was finall/ signed. a &etis trader and his Ktoe Indian wife. was born in 1861. 71. . =ead their stor/ under the listing for &orris %oitras.e"eha =i+er to the south. the founder of t.heir first child.8) Jose!h De=oin. and Ktoe signed a treat/ agreeing to sell the .99 of this was "one/ owed to hi" b/ ele+en Ktoe .1. Kn 1!ril . Jose* . the son of Francis Ca+ier Deno"ie.

:e was wor(ing at Lac 'rochet when he retired in 188#. 1llen had been awarded J. . 86 . For se+eral /ears he ran Fort La(e 'rochet. &arguerite. 195!) %ierre was the son of :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/ trader *eorges Descha"beault of the Fleury d'8s ha&.$. now . &arguerite Descha"!sD clai" no.ation.he/ also re0uested hunting rights. at 2d"onton to &arguerite 'erard ) Children li+ing.ational Council with . =eferenceM . 1llen Derouin ser+ed in the Canadian 1r"ed Forces fro" 1#5. held in 2d"onton. while li+ing at Fort Cu"berland he "arried ara 'ruce at t. 1859 at -inni!eg ) Father.he *o+ernor *eneral of Canada. -a*tiste. In this !etition the/ as(ed for far"ing i"!le"ents and seed to begin to settle and till the land. Descha"!s. Descha"!s. their co""unit/ and to Canada. 'a!tiste ) Concerning his clai" as a child ) 1ddress. recogni@ed the outstanding contributions of &etis Leterans to their fellow citi@ens.orwa/ :ouse. The Many 2ands of My "elations7 Fren h and !ndians on the %ower Missouri. (&5tis) ) &arried.. . In 18$5. Iowa/ Cultural Institute. :e "arried &arguerite 'erard.-. 'a!tisteD for his deceased "other. Iowa/ .9 &etis Leterans who acce!ted the" on behalf of the"sel+es. . . (%.he/ chose to award these "edals to .ierre Fleury.9 *olden Jubilee &edals. LouisM Jni+ersit/ of &issouri %ress. (b.69 ) Clai" . %ierre>s "other was &arguerite Lo/er a Cree)&etis. Desc am*s %it 9a. %ierre was born at Fort *ood :o!e in the &cAen@ie =i+er District when his father was chief trader there.. co""e"orating the 59th 1nni+ersar/ of :er &a?est/>s reign. . t.asca..anis. In 1836. =llen =le<an%er. their fallen co"rades and their fellow &etis Leterans across Canada.eault. .ational Council awarded hi" the *olden Jubilee &edal. :e was li+ing at t.6#.orbert when he died in Januar/ of 1#96. .orgOgenealog/Oderoin?ose!h. :e was stationed in *er"an/ and Aorea.he cere"on/.Chiefs. 'oniface. he beca"e a petit traiteur-en. . %hotogra!h. Kn e!te"ber . %ierre was educated at =ed =i+er then entered the :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/ ser+ice at wan =i+er District then at 2nglish =i+er and Cu"berland.the daughter of 2ustache 'erard and &arguerite %ri"eau at 2d"onton in 18$1. 1859) 'a!tiste was the son of Francois Descha"!s dit =abasca and &arguerite Canada dit :enault. siB (na"es on declaration) ) cri! for 7.he cou!le had eight children.nati+eweb. 18$. to 1#55. !ro+ided the &etis . downloaded fro"M htt!MOOiowa/. &a/ 5.eault et de la 3orendi@re fa"il/. Desc am.horne.99. Calgar/ ) 'orn.hef and then traiteur-en hef in 1888. 1##3. Fran<ois Descha"!s. the &etis . . 18$$ %etition fro" John &unro and other &etis at 'lac(foot Crossing that was !resented to Lieutenant)*o+ernor Da+id Laird Lieutenant *o+ernor. %aratroo!er "edals. (&5tis) ) &other. . 'a!tiste signed a e!te"ber 1#.ht" Derouin.

. 18$$ %etition fro" John &unro and other &etis at 'lac(foot Crossing that was !resented to Lieutenant)*o+ernor Da+id Laird Lieutenant *o+ernor. was with his father and Cuthbert *rant at the 'attle of e+en Ka(s in 1813 on Frog %lain.he fa"il/ had an ongoing feud with Jean)'a!tiste *arde!ie.. the resident>s of Fort Jnion resol+ed to rid the"sel+es of this !roble" fa"il/. Fran<ois.3. two ) cri! for 7139 ) Clai" 668 Desc am*s.he !o!ulace then (illed her eight children.3. 'a!tiste was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Isidore Du"ont>s co"!an/. In 1888.he fa"il/ "o+ed to the u!!er &issouri =i+er in 18. (&5tis) ) &arried. &rs.3$D Ca"!bell Descha"!s.33D Francois Descha"!s. 1lbertD addressM 2d"ontonD fatherM Canada (French"an)D "otherM &5tisD "arriedM to Francois Descha"!s (deceased)D heirsM 'a!tiste Descha"!s. (b. . $33#18 Desc am*s.. 1865) Francois was the son of Francois Descha"!s dit =abasca and &arguerite Canada dit :enault. 2d"onton ) 'orn. .3. Desc am*s. he 85 . :e "arried Catherine Landal.3$D file ref.3$D 1leBander Descha"!s.ourond>s Coulee on 1!ril . (. (&5tis) ) &other. . 7. &arguerite Canada alias :ainaut.. (b. one of who" was onl/ ten /ears old. In re+enge for this the/ (illed Jac( =e" whose son the/ had (illed earlier in a drun(en brawl. '/ all re!orts the fa"il/ was in+ol+ed in robberies and other +iolent acti+it/. 718. 183$ at t.o+e"ber. . :is na"e a!!ears on a . 18!9) 'a!tiste was the son of Jean 'a!tiste Descha"!s and Isabelle 1llar/. 1s a result in 1883. Descha"!s was an inter!reter at Fort -illia" on the u!!er &issouri and in 1885 was wor(ing in the sa"e ca!acit/ at Fort Jnion. he then "arried Lirginie Descha"!s the daughter of Jose!h Descha"!s and rosalie 'erger dit Lafra"boise in 18$1.3. ) Concerning his clai" as a &5tis head of fa"il/ ) 1ddress. :e "arried LaLouise Couteoreille in 183#. 7.orthwest. second wife Lirginie Descha"!s ) Children li+ing. .$.he Descha"!s were holed u! in the Fort. François Jr.. Fran<ois. 7.33D Jose!h Descha"!s.ourond>s Coulee. the daughter of Jac0ues 'erger and Cecile du"ont in 1869. Desc am*s.he/ li+ed at Calgar/ and .6th. In this !etition the/ as(ed for far"ing i"!le"ents and seed to begin to settle and till the land. 7.reat/ %a/ list of a nearb/ reser+e in 1886.he/ also re0uested hunting rights. his father>s (iller. 18$9 at t. Francois. -a*tiste. siB (na"es on declaration) ) Children deceased. 1865 at t. Descha"!s. one of the 1# co"!anies led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. he was e"!lo/ed with %rince &aBi"ilian of -eid>s eB!edition to the Kld . . 7. 'a!tiste is noted in *abriel Du"ont>s account of the fighting at .3. although barel/ into his teens. Lital ) Father.18$3D bornM 1889 at -inni!egD diedM 1$ .he %rince noted that Fran<ois was bra+e in co"bat and an eBcellent "ar(s"an. Francois signed a e!te"ber 1#. Jr. 1813) Jose!h was the son of Jose!h Descha"!s and &arie 'reland. . . 1lbert to LaLouise Courtoreille. Fran<ois Descha"!s alias =abasca. In 188. Jose* .3$D &arguerite Flett. :e "arried =osalie 'erger dit Lafra"boise.-. Descha"!s ca"e out with a !eace !i!e to negotiate and was i""ediatel/ shot through the heart. 1885.

he fa"il/ resided on the eastern slo!es of the =oc(/ &ountains as well as at Lesser la+e La(e and Lac la 'iche. 'a!tiste and sons)in)law Charles De&ontign/. 1lberta. =ntoine. In this !etition the/ as(ed for far"ing i"!le"ents and seed to begin to settle and till the land.. 1$56). =ntoine 0)a*umun3 $$ (b. :e died on 2aster -ee(end in 1#1# and is buried at Lac te.. but that his fa"il/ alwa/s s!o(e Cree.9) '/ 1seniwuche -inewa( . &adeleine was born in t. %aul (later t. -hen 1be Des?arlais was as(ed about this. e+entuall/ reaching the =oc(ies.. Des>arlais. .orth Da(ota. he suggested that it was !ossible.9. Jose!h Descha"!s.ishecaboF Des?arlais who located at Little For( on Hu>1!!elle La(e. &arie 'reland. :is brother Jose!h Jr. &ost notable was 'a!tiste E. (1$#6)18$. his son. :e "arried Jose!hte Fagnant in 186$ and the/ had nine children.he Des?arlais na"e has also had a long and interesting histor/ in the Gellowhead region. o"e sources suggest that the na"e could be K?ibwa.he/ also re0uested hunting rights. . 1888.herese.) was "arried to Jose!hte E u@etteF Cardinal at Lac la 'iche in 18. 1#11 in *unn. a fur trader fro" Lower Canada and his wife. Fran<ois Ca+ier in 1!ril of 18. (b. three ) cri! for 7139 ) Clai" 663 Des>arlais. In his old age (18$1) 1ntoine went to li+e at Father Decorbe/>s &ission at Lebret on the shore of Hu>1!!elle La(e.erritories ) Father.he northern !ost was o!erated with his brother &arcel. K(i"as(wew.. 1ntoine was Fort Inter!reter at Lesser la+e La(e but e+entuall/ "o+ed east where he established inde!endent trading o!erations at Fort Des?arlais on the ouris =i+er. Descha"!s. Jose!h ) Concerning his clai" as a head of fa"il/ ) 1ddress. Fran<ois Ca+ier). the son of Fran<ois Des?arlais and Fran<oise =o/. :e was acti+e in the =esistance along with his son)in)law Louis Da+is who was "arried to his daughter .-. 2d"onton ) 'orn. 18. '/ 1869 1ntoine Des?arlais was an 1sini -achi -i Iniwa( Chief of the 'ea+er La(e 'and. 2usebe LedouB and i"on 'londeau. (&5tis) ) &arried. . :is !arents were -illia" Des?arlais and &adeleine Laderoute. 1$#. near 'randon. 1lbert in 1885 and died in 2d"onton on 1!ril 18. where . ..he/ "arried in 1$85 in &anitoba. (&5tis) ) &other. 1ntoine was "arried first to &arie 1leBis and then to Catherine 1llar/. 18$$) 1ndr5 was born at t. (. 83 . . as so"e K?ibwa !eo!le fro" northern Kntario did "igrate to the =ed =i+er area in &anitoba and then out to the !lains. -illia" was born at la+e La(e on Dece"ber #.. Des>arlais. which is an 1lgon(ian language as is K?ibwa. .) 1ntoine was the "iBed)blood son of Kld Jose!h Des?arlais (b.subse0uentl/ "arried &arie (Indian) in 18$5 at Lebret.orth -est . three (na"es on declaration) ) Children deceased. . and another s"all !ost on the ouris near !resent)da/ &inot.he rest of his relations a!!arentl/ settled in the &etis co""unit/ of 'aie t. 1869 at t. 1#1#. 1nne. ca.. In 183#. Jose!h signed a e!te"ber 1#.ation of Canada . 18$$ %etition fro" John &unro and other &etis at 'lac(foot Crossing that was !resented to Lieutenant)*o+ernor Da+id Laird Lieutenant *o+ernor. 1813 at %e"bina. 1be Des?arlais was born on &arch 8. 'oniface to =ose 'erger ) Children li+ing. =n%rA. . se+eral clan "e"bers "igrated to the Hu>1!!elle =i+er +alle/.

1be wor(ed in the bush around &arlboro cutting trees. who was a +o/ageur for the :udson 'a/ Co"!an/. the fa"il/ "o+ed to &arlboro. 1ugust 81. :e recollected that sta"!s were three cents and that /ou could get three cans of sardines for two bits. he wor(ed at Aenned/>s Ca"! at %olecat Cree(. as 1be got a ?ob wor(ing for Forestr/. -illia" (1#55). 1be>s grandfather on his father>s side was Kli+ierO-a!u"un Des?arlais of la+e La(e. in 1#68)6. &ar/ and 1be had siB childrenD Caroline (1#59). near Jas!er. Kne da/. who was born in 1$#1 and "arried a Cree wo"an na"ed .he/ were "arried in 1#98. he was a coo( in the bush ca"!s. 1be had a near death eB!erience as so"e hunters shot his dog and had hi" lined u! in their sights.he/ trained to fight fires.he store also included a !ost office.9 at Lesser la+e La(e. s0uirrels. 18$3.his is !robabl/ the Kld 1ntoine Des?arlais. 185# in Lac te. During the *reat De!ression of the 1#89>s. dri+ing a tea" and ser+ing as a "echanic. but continued to li+e at &us(eg. where he sold food and tobacco. . In 1859. "arten as well as the odd l/nB or wolf. 1be ?oined the :ighwa/s De!art"ent because Forestr/ was centrali@ing things in :inton and he wanted to sta/ in &us(eg. 1be>s great grandfather was 1ntoineO-a!u"un Des?arlais. 1be started wor(ing in logging ca"!s when he was about twel+e /ears of age. 1nne. Ja"es (1#58). Fro" 1#66 to 1#63. . he "o+ed to a 8$ . Fro" 1#53 to 1#3.). Chicouti"i and &uir La(e. ir *eorge i"!son described hi" as a tra!!er who had been in the e"!lo/ of the . Caroline was the daughter of John :enr/ &oberl/ and &ar/ Joachi" who ho"esteaded southwest of :inton. :e tra!!ed foB.. who was said to be in Jas!er in the first half of the nineteenth centur/. near %etawawa (%etawawa "eans ^bring the eggs^ in Cree). Ji". :e wal(ed the line with his dog. 1be was in a !art of the forces that s!eciali@ed in forestr/. In 1#89)1 he started a tra!line at &oberl/ Cree(. he was wor(ing for C. . bea+er.he rest of the gear was !ulled on a toboggan. Later. 1nne. build saw"ills_ 1t &uir La(e. In 1#6. . who was born in 18. . :e died on Dece"ber 8.orth -est Co"!an/ and was a resident of Lac La 'iche when the/ "et. the fa"il/ "o+ed to &us(eg.. :e re"e"bered stuffing tur(e/s during this !osting. the !atriarch of the &oberl/ clan in 1lberta. 1be and his crew would follow seis"ic linesD !iling and burning brush. .5. :e was discharged on 1ugust .. .she is buried. John :enr/ was the son of :enr/ John &oberl/. Dale (1#5#) and Leon (1#36). Lal Cartier. he "arried JulieOLucieO&arie Aa(etta who was born in 1886 at %igeon La(e.a!itch. 1be retired in 1#$6 or 1#$3.he/ did the sa"e ?ob along the newl/ constructed road to =oc( La(e. :e trained in *rande %rairie before going on to Calgar/. Kli+ier "arried Isabelle *ladue of la+e La(e (b.. 1883. . but he also ran a s"all store at Kbed. :e was born in 1885 in Lac te. for which he got 7. s(idding logs. In 1#3.he !atriarch of the fa"il/ was 1ntoine Des?arlais. he re"e"bered cutting green birch logs into siB)foot lengths to be shi!!ed out for firewood. :e "aintained the road in the su""er and sanded it in the winter. co/ote. he +olunteered to ?oin the ar"/. 1nne) on &a/ . =ail at &iette. Leon was born in their log ho"e at &us(eg. south west of 2dson. In e!te"ber of 1#6. which he wor(ed until 1#88. &ar/ was the daughter of FeliB %lante and Caroline &oberl/. 1#66. For fire !re+ention. where 1be built a lean)to as their first residence. . :is outfit was to ha+e been !osted o+erseas.he/ bac(ed off when 1beIs son. 1be went bac( to wor(ing for the railroad.he "arriage too( !lace in Lac te. 1be and &ar/ %lante were "arried. wor(ed on fire !re+ention and at fire fighting. :e trained fire fighters. Jose!hine (1#5.. ca"e out of the cabin.8 a "onth fro" the Federal *o+ern"ent. which so"eti"es carried a !ac(. 1t that !oint. but so"ething ha!!ened and the !osting ne+er too( !lace. Julie died in 18$$. where the/ were cutting ti"bers for railwa/ ties. In 1#6$. :is final !osting was in the foothills. In 1#$9.

siB ) cri! for 7139 ) Clai" 388. Interior . 'a!tiste was born at Lac la 'iche and was "arried to Li@ette Cardinal. . Kne sister is buried at %i!estone Cree(. 1859 at Lac te.he genealogical records indicate that Des?arlais and . although he had no !roof that the/ were related. 1lbert has no record of a" under an/ s!elling of his last na"e.o.orthlands to construct a school at the site. 1$56)D a fur trader fro" Lower Canada and his "other was K(i"as(wew. a aulteauB. which went through *rande Cache. "arried %egg/ Aara(untie. 1nne to &arie Aa(etaw and 18$$ at Lac te.o@ale were different !ronunciations of the sa"e na"e. Des>arlais. three (na"es on declaration) ) Children deceased.itleM Des?arlais. Fro" .3 (1"8"#18"1) 'a!tiste was also a "iBed)blood son of Kld Jose!h Des?arlais (b.aseniwuche. -e do not (now what ha!!ened to a" after that. 1be got Llo/d 'ossert to write letters to get the ball rolling. the sister of olo"on Aara(untie.a!itch. 1s a result. who is the father of 1delaide Joachi". the wife of 2"il &oberl/. #$8)9)55$)6#$35). 1be Des?arlais said that he called a" his uncle. which was called *usta+e>s Flats at the ti"e. 'a!tiste held to his aulteauB s!iritual roots and was a feared &idewewin &edicine &an. 1nne to *ene+ie+e ) Children li+ing. the &ac!herson database at the &usee :eritage in t.he/ had a son na"ed FeliB Joachi". %hilli! Aetchu" was a!!ointed to re!resent the local !eo!le.$ . -a*tiste 01is eca. where he resided until his death in . .he first one in+ol+ed the school at &us(eg. as 1be was instru"ental in getting . =eel C)16#8$ . -e (now that a" was li+ing at hee! Cree( in 1#16 because the %rescott Fa/ 2B!edition. (Cree Indian) ) &arried. eries D)II)8)b . while others !ronounced his na"e . I '. 1be Des?arlais was reall/ !roud of two acco"!lish"ents. 1lbert ) 'orn. File . -e do (now that a">s "other was "arried to *usta+e EAustaF -an/andie. :eritage ConsultingM . In addition. . he had an accident on the ice on the "o(/ while tra!!ing with *usta+e -an/andie. while his brother is buried under the highwa/ on Joachi" Flats. (&5tis) ) &other. &etis cri! a!!licationM =*15 .o@aleODo@aleODo?arlais li+ed at hee! Cree(. 1!!arentl/. where it flows into the "o(/ =i+er.9 at Lesser la+e La(e ) Father. Lolu"e 18. 1uthor. . a" Des?arlaisO. but there are "e"bers of the fa"il/ buried in one of the gra+e/ards at hee! Cree(.ation of Canada (=oc(/ &ountain %eo!le)M htt!MOOwww. 18. who was !robabl/ fro" the %eace =i+er area originall/. which ga+e the local 1boriginal !eo!le a "odest land base.998. before settling in :inton. t.919. he was his second wife. 1ntoine Des?arlais. 'a!tiste is "entioned in :'C cler(.he 1seniwuche -inewa( . 1be>s other "a?or acco"!lish"ent in+ol+ed wor(ing on the land clai"s for the local 1boriginal !eo!le.o@ale or Do@ale or Do?alais.co"OourSstor/Ofa"il/Sna"es. a" had a brother and at least one sister. too( a nu"ber of !ictures of hi" and his fa"il/. who li+ed at hee! Cree(. o"e of the local !eo!le called hi" Des?arlais.senior citi@ens> ho"e in *unn. 88 . Jnfortunatel/. 1ntoine ) Concerning his clai" as a head of fa"il/ ) 1ddress. a". so that the/ could tr/ to carr/ on with their traditional lifest/le if the/ wished. The Western Cree >Pakisi&otan Wi !niwak?7 8thnography.ht"lN =eferenceM Joachi" Fro"hold. :e was a law/er and e+entuall/ negotiated a land settle"ent for the local co)o!s.

In the 18.orontoM -illia" 'riggs. In the su""er of 1868 and again in 1866 Des?arlais "ade a tri! to :udson>s 'a/ as a boat hand for the :'C. 18. It onl/ re0uired one da/ to descend the teel =i+er but three da/s for its ascent. co""enced bla@ing awa/ at the sun. Jean 'a!tiste was the son of &ichel Des"arais and Jose!hte =ochon. but decidedl/ "ore aulteauB than French in tongue and tone. (. .#. or actuall/ died that winter. 1$#8). Kn both these occasions he ca"e to life again after two or three da/s. and his "other. *reat s(ill was re0uired in rowing down this ri+er as the current was +er/ swift and the ban(s strewn with great boulders.5. .he tri! was "ade b/ wa/ of the teel =i+er.orth) -est . '/ the ti"e he fell into the third trance. ca. usanna (b. . :is father. Isaac. 'oniface.9 and 18. 1ntoine Des?arlais (b. (Cowie.he boats each had siB oars"en and about ten such boats were sent down to :udson>s 'a/ at a ti"e. l/ing so long in that state that during the winter his sons twice thought he was reall/ dead. Des>arlais. . in his grief and rage old Disgarlais.). The Co&pany of Ad:enturers on the 3reat /uffalo Plains . and the/ returned to -inni!eg with su!!lies of all (inds for the :'C. a strea" flowing into :udson>s 'a/. Des>arlais. as the "en had to !ull the boat u! the strea" with ro!es. Fran( grew u! near t. where both of his !arents died while he was still a child. na"ed -ah)ween)shee)ca!)!o.his !etition was sent to 2dgar Dewdne/.heir cargoes consisted of furs and dried "eat. -hen one of his grandchildren had died during the !re+ious su""er. fro" the Hu>1!!elle Lalle/. with !owderhorn and ball)!ouch slung o+er his shoulders. was a full blood Chi!!ewa wo"an. was a guide and !lains hunter of French Indian eBtraction.9s his band was fre0uenting the Carrot =i+er Lalle/ and then south arounf Fort %ell/ where 'a!tiste Des?arlais was again designated as a trading Chief (1889)188. . 18$5#18$. François. challenging the !ower u! there Ito co"e down and fight hi" li(e a "an instead of (illing innocent children.Isaac Cowie>s writingsM 1"ong the free"en wintering about the la(e (at HuI1!!elle in 18$9) was one of the wides!read Disgarlais PsicQ fa"ilies.) Fran( Des?arlais was born at =ed =i+er.. . was a giant in si@e and ancient in da/s and de+il"ent.erritories stating that the Kntario and Hu>1!!elle Land co"!an/ was dis!ossessing the &etis of their lands because the sur+e/s that had been done showed so"e of the" to be on railwa/ land.he father. 1$#3). ar"ing hi"self with his long flintloc(. :e "arried 2li@a Fisher.. and he a!!eared to ha+e the facult/ of either h/!noti@ing or !utting hi"self in a trance. the Lieutenant *o+ernor of the .) Jean 'a!tiste signed the &etis %etition of 1ugust . his sons had no occasion to co"e to the !ost for winding sheet or coffin nails. -a*tiste (. . and ca"e to the !ost for "aterial to bur/ hi". of which he related his eB!eriences to his fascinated and awestruc( fa"il/ and audience. 1#18M 613)61$) 'a!tiste was "ade a trading chief in 181# at the Lesser sla+e La(e %ost. &r. Des?arlais noted that the boats which brought these su!!lies to :udson>s 'a/ had great "asts which loo(ed li(e gro+es of dead ti"ber. during which he said he had +isited s!irit)land.he/ were then wintering at the Fishing La(es in the Hu>1!!elle +alle/ in 1888)86. 188. so"eti"e between 18.I 1s a !rofessor of Indian "edicine and blac( art in general he was dreaded. the daughter of John Fisher and 2li@abeth 'rabant in 18$5 at Lebret.. . :e "arried Francoise Ksh(ene0ua/ 'ottineau a &etisse.he/ anchored a long wa/ out fro" the shore while s"aller boats which 8# .

:e was at that location when the troo!s of *eneral . Jose!h to -ood &ountain in what is now as(atchewan. . =uffee. In 1838 he a!!ears on the 1nnuit/ =oll of -a/(ege(e@hic(>s 'and as N.reat/ with the =ed La(e and %e"bina 'ands of Chi!!ewa Indians. In 1836. %e"bina Count/ in 1859 where his occu!ation is shown as EhunterF. the traders had robbed the" on these. During the first tri! the wo"en acco"!anied the hunters and !re!ared the !e""ican. . were used to haul bac( the furs.erritorial Census.he boat"en fro" -inni!eg s!ent se+eral da/s resting on the shore of :udson>s 'a/ before beginning their return tri!. For a ti"e the/ brought se+en dollars !er !ound. Crows. but the hunters went alone on the fall tri!. the "en bro(e u! into s"all !arties of four or fi+e. In 1838. . 1t the trading !ost of Co""odore Aittson in t. Jose!h were of considerable si@e. and each "an usuall/ had one such train. howe+er.otten. 1fter his return to -inni!eg in the su""er of 1866. and "ost of the" had at least three or four. one beginning earl/ in June and lasting until about the "iddle of 1ugust for the !ur!ose of obtaining su!!lies of !e""ican and the other late in the fall for securing furs.he *ros+entres.18. three or four to a train. north of the &il( =i+er Lalle/ of &ontana.he iouB used stri!s of otter hide to braid in their hair and would often trade a horse for a single !elt. Jose!h. During the fall tra!!ing. :e a!!ears on the &innesota .wo tri!s were "ade each /ear. Jose!h the otter hides brought fi+e or siB dollars. around which foBes and wol+es were tra!!ed. 'esides the :alf)'reeds fro" t. the bea+er !elts had been the "ost +aluable of all. Fran<ois recei+ed :alf 'reed cri! !ursuant to the 1836 . Des?arlais soon left that !oint. o"e of these :alf)'reed hunters had as "an/ as twent/ or twent/)fi+e carts. and iouB had been at war in this region for /ears and the fur bearing ani"als were left co"!arati+el/ undisturbed.err/ arri+ed. Des?arlais was assigned a station on the south shore of De+ils La(e near the !resent site of Fort . Jose!h. although so"eti"es the/ went to the . brought their cargoes to land. . he a!!ears as N19# on the %e"bina 1nnuit/ =oll of &is(o"uc(wah>s 'and. Jose!h where Co""odore Aittson had established a trading !ost. Fran( Des?arlais was e"!lo/ed as a "ail carrier b/ an agent of Charles 1. Kf all the ani"als tra!!ed.otten.he !elts "ost +alued after otter were those of the blac( and sil+er foBes. In the s!ring of 183$. . before the/ began to "a(e hats of sil(. cri! N 53. earl/ in the su""er of the sa"e /ear. :ere he engaged in hunting and tra!!ing with "an/ other Indians and :alf)'reeds. and the carts were usuall/ brough bac( hea+/ laden with !e""ican. the !elts of otter were "ost +aluable.urtle &ountains. &r.he general route of the hunting eB!edition led out fro" t. then stationed at t. which re0uired about twel+e da/s if the weather was fa+ourable.urtle &ountains "o+ed into the 69 . Jose!h a great "an/ fro" %e"bina and the . and as the :alf)'reeds generall/ sold their furs there. . In the su""er of 1838 there was a great scourge of grassho!!ers. and the season was so dr/ that the hunters went as far westward as the Coteau du &issouri in search of ga"e. but as the :alf) 'reeds disco+ered later. Des?arlais re"o+ed with a large band of :alf)'reeds fro" t.hese hunting eB!editions that went out fro" t. as he had been engaged for but a "onth and the "ail ne+er did get through to Fort .ca"e in with the tide and went out with the tide. 'uffalo carcasses were used as bait. :e returned to his ho"e in t. Dogs. that gentle"an is belie+ed to ha+e "ade and inde!endent fortune.he buffalo were nu"erous.here were often se+eral hundred carts in the eB!edition. . Jose!h to the east end of De+ils La(e and the he/enne =i+er. Des?arlais went to t. .he/ brought fi+e dollars. In 18$8 he recei+ed scri! for 139 acres. . . In the +er/ earl/ da/s.

:arle/ wor(ed as a consultant in the 1##9s and learned a great deal about the &etis !olitical scene b/ wor(ing under *erald &orin>s leadershi!. and -illia" -hitford in the o!eration of his business.orth Da(ota. *erald at the ti"e was the %resident of the &etis . :e also established a store at %eace =i+er Crossing at the downstrea" corner of the :eart and %eace =i+er ?unctions ad?acent to land now occu!ied b/ the %eace =i+er &useu". In fact he acted as inter!reter for that chief at -ood &ountain.&il( =i+er Lalle/ at about this ti"e. =eferenceM htt!MOO!eaceri+er"useu".F Colle tions of the State 2istori al So iety of North Dakota.18#8). 1rchi+es and &ac(en@ie Centre.188#)D Kli+er (b. John and Lesser la+e La(e. c. :e +alues his !ractical learning eB!eriences and fondl/ re"e"bers wor(ing with the . :arle/ graduated high school in Aa"loo!s. Jean Des?arlais.heir furs. she was a strong &etis wo"an.ational Council (&. 1833) *uillau"e Des?arlais was the son of Jean &arie Des?arlais (b.ation X 'ritish Colu"bia.he/ had the following childrenM &arie =ose (b.16)). :e wor(ed with "an/ 1boriginal organi@ations o+er the /ears. Des?arlais li+ed on the =ed La(e 1genc/ in &innesota. Des?arlais was assisted b/ FeliB 1(ernu" haw. 1#19M . 'ritish Colu"bia. where he !racticed "edicine a"ong his !eo!le.ati+e Court -or(ers and Counseling 1ssociation of 'ritish Colu"bia. 1#31) 1 for"er %resident of &etis . &uch of :arle/>s education has been gained fro" his !ractical eB!erience in the field a"ong the &etis co""unit/. Des?arlais states that itting 'ull was a +er/ hu"ane chief. Lol.18#6)D %hili!!e (b. was born in 1#31 in Dawson Cree(. :is "other was a &etis originall/ fro" the Lac te. :arle/ was also influenced b/ different 61 . :is "other. Cree. the daughter of Louis 'atoche and &arguerite K(i"awas(a"i(ina". :e later decided to further his education b/ enrolling for a ti"e at the Jni+ersit/ of 'ritish Colu"bia in the field of education. Guillaume. *uillau"e "arried Jose!hte Courteoreille (b. *uillau"e was a successful free)trader and owned trading stores at Fort. where an agree"ent was "ade for the re"o+al of the iouB fro" Canada bac( to the Jnited tates. 1835) the daughter of Kli+er Courteoreille and arah %ruden.C). 18#3)D and &aria (b. 'ritish Colu"bia. a resident of %rince *eorge. In his later /ears &r. 1889) and Li@ette E=osalieF . &r. Des?arlais "et itting 'ull in Canada.blogs!ot. 1fter the Custer defeat at Little 'ig :orn. :arle/.998O9#Oaboriginal)!ioneers)of)!eace Des>arlais. Harley.co"O. and that he alwa/s ordered his "en to s!are the wo"en and children of their ene"ies. and other Indian languages. Des>arlais.13. !la/ed a "a?or role in his life. Chi!!ewa. 8.a)0uis 'atoche. :e s!o(e French fluentl/. and carried the res!onsibilit/ to raise the fa"il/. 1nne area in 1lberta. E1!!endiBM Fran( Des?arlais. Sour e tate :istorical ociet/ of . (b. t.18#1)D Flora (b. as well as the iouB. . (b. . !e""ican and other !roduce the/ dis!osed of at !osts on the &il( =i+er or so"eti"es too( it across the Canadian line to stores of the :udsonIs 'a/ Co"!an/.

o.ational Council in Dece"ber . the son of *abriel Cardinal and &arie %iwa!is(a!aw 'runeau. b. "arried &arguerite au+e. %eea/sis. 2li@a. a as(atchewan &etis acti+ist. b.i!issing. 1858. 1 . :arle/ was !roud of his wor( on the &%C'C constitution. the son of Jose!h Ladoceur dit Des?arlais and Jose!hte Cardinal who was the daughter of Jose!h oldat Cardinal and Li@ette &as(egon. died at . who was +er/ +ocal about the recognition of &etis rights issues during the constitutional tal(s in the 1#89s. 1fter he heard of the fight at Duc( La(e he tra+elled 6. 183$. Del!hine.ote that Jose!h oldat Cardinal>s fourth wife was Isabelle Ca!ot+ert or &atche"utow. :arle/ was elected !resident of the &etis %ro+incial Council of 'ritish Colu"bia (&%C'C) in . During his leadershi! tenure he has hel!ed create stabilit/ in the organi@ation and wor(ed +er/ hard at restructuring and go+ernance. "arried Jose!h Cardinal.reat/ . 185$.6) Francois (%ea/asis. b. "arried 'en?a"in inclair. "arried Francois Castor. signed .herese 1uger. "arried ?ohn Cardinal the son of %ierre Cardinal and &arguerite Isi"a(its. . or %ea/asis) was born at 'ea+er =i+er in 18.&etis !eo!le o+er the /ears and recalls the strength and elo0uence of Ji" inclair. (b. b. b. Fran<ois Des?arlais. "arried 1ndrew %ruden. 18$1. "arried . Francois %eea/sis Des?arlais and 2u!hrosine 1uger had the following childrenM • • • • • • • • • • 1ngele. &ar/ Jane. b. François 0. Leroni0ue. he was the daughter of 1ntoine 1uger and &arie . Des>arlais. :e was a!!ointed the &inister of :ealth for the &etis .eBt he "arried &arie Cardinal the daughter of -a!!i)"ostionos in 18$6 at =ed Deer =i+er. :arle/ eB!lains that 'ritish Colu"bia has a strong and +ibrant &etis !o!ulation and there is a great deal of wor( to do to !ro+ide ser+ices and su!!ort to this growing !o!ulation. . "arried Jose!h Descha"!s. b. b. 183#. 1839. 18. c. Fran<ois Des?arlais was in+ol+ed in the 1885 =esistance. then "arried John -illia" E%isconF &unroe. "onths. *uiau"e K(anis or Des?arlais. Christine. 1853. &arguerite.c. 1851. 1838.991. 3 in 18$3.o+e"ber .999. b. 1863. Francois "arried 2u!hrosine 1uger in 1865 at Lac la 'iche.6. Chief Peeaysis. &ichel.ayasis3. Jose!h.

$$ Des?arlais. 5$8D bornM 1831 at Lac la 'icheD fatherM . 71$. 71$. Francois E%ea/sisF Des?arlais. $18D bornM 1858 on the %lains outh of the as(atchewanD fatherM Francois Des?arlais or %a)/a)sis (&5tis)D "otherM 2u!hrosine 1uger (&5tis)D "arriedM 1885 at Lac la 'iche to . *uillau"eD addressM Lac la 'icheD clai" no. 71$. The People Who #wn The&sel:es.$$D Jose!h Des?arlais. . 3#$D bornM 1851 at Lac la 'icheD fatherM Francois Des?arlais (&5tis)D "otherM 2u!hrosine 1uger (&5tis)D "arriedM . :e ne+er returned to li+e in northern 1lberta.99 Des?arlais. o+er three hundred "iles south of Lac la 'iche. 71$. Des?arlais.6 at 'ea+er =i+erD fatherM Jose!h Des?arlais (&5tis)D "otherM Jose!hte Cardinal (&5tis)D "arriedM in 1866 at Lac la 'iche to 2u!hrasine 1uger (deceased)D and in 18$6 at =ed Deer =i+er to &arie Fleur/D children li+ingM 19D scri! for 7139. had gone south.96M 1$$)1$8.69.D scri! for 7.to ?oin the resistance fight at 'attle =i+er. :eather De+ine notes that in late 1885 E&an/ of the local leaders of the rebellion had long since fled.8 Following the 'and>s in+ol+e"ent in the 1885 =esistance their annuities were cut off. FrancoisD for his children.F. Li(e "an/ others who had !artici!ated in the u!rising %ea/sis was sus!icious of an/ a"nest/ that was offered b/ the go+ern"ent. he filed his affida+it in Calgar/.8 Francois and his first wife and their children a!!lied for scri! while li+ing at &etis Crossing. 18$9 to &arguerite au+5D children li+ingM 6D children deceasedM . -hen he a!!lied for and recei+ed scri! /ears later. 71$.99 Des?arlais. Jose!hD addressM Lac la 'icheD clai" no..i!issing (&5tis)D "arriedM 1868 at Lac la 'iche to Francois Des?arlais. 68 . .$$D L5roni0ue Des?arlais. 2li@aD addressM LictoriaD clai" no. 18$8 at Lac la 'icheD heirsM &arguerite Des?arlais. where he died in 18##. !articularl/ after the eBecution of Louis =iel. clai"s N 188 and 558. but "o+ed east to 'attleford instead. Calgar/M Jni+ersit/ of Calgar/ %ress. 71$. Chief of the Cree at Lac la 'iche. 558D addressM Lictoria ettle"entD bornM 18.h5rTse 1ugerD children li+ingM 1D scri! for 7.$$D &ar/ Jane Des?arlais.6 :eather De+ine. 71$. 71$. as had "an/ of the dissidents fro" 'ig 'ear>s band.$$D 2li@a Des?arlais. as heirs to their "other 2u!hrasine 1ugerD clai" no.99.8 at Lesser la+e La(eD fatherM 1ugustin 1uger (French Canadian)D "otherM &arie . de!onentD children li+ingM #D children deceasedM died /oung and intestate and without issueD diedM u""er. FrancoisD addressM Calgar/D clai" no.6 1ccording to a census ta(en in 18$. Lac La 'iche once had a larger !o!ulation than 2d"onton. 1lthough "ost of the residents of Lac la 'iche had ta(en treat/ under Chief %eea/sis in 18$3.$$D &ichel Des?arlais.69. 188D bornM 18. Des?arlais.$$D *uillau"e Des?arlais.$$D 1ng5le Des?arlais. "an/ band "e"bers were re"o+ed fro" the annuit/ lists as !unish"ent for !artici!ation in the 1885 &etis =esistance and "ost subse0uentl/ a!!lied to withdraw fro" treat/ and ta(e &etis cri!.$ Jul/.

Huebec (b. Christine ) Concerning her clai" as a child ) 'orn.-. near Lauder.Francois Des?arlais (&5tis)D "otherM 2u!hrasine 1uger (&5tis)D "arriedM 18$8 at Lac la 'iche to Jose!h CardinalD children li+ingM 8D scri! for 7. Francois Des?arlais.ishecaboI was . the daughter of Jose!h ^&atchi)%a)Aoos^ Cardinal and Louise ^&as(e(ost(oes(^ Frobisher.. Kn 6 .ishecaboI Des?arlais was born ca 1$8$. 2u!hrosine 1ug5. Jose!h also had a son called Jose!h (b. Jose* BC2its etaB (b. %aul.o+ 1866 Jose!h "arried Jose!hte Cardinal. Jose!h had enclosed his fur trading store because of the "an/ attac(s b/ the aggressi+e iouB. L5roni0ueD addressM LictoriaD clai" no. . =ed =i+er ettle"ent..orth Da(ota. . three (na"es on declaration) ) Children deceased.ownshi! 5. . .69 ) Clai" 898 Des>arlais. in winter 18$1D he was 86. 1855 at Lac la 'iche ) Father. . Kct 1888D he was $#.he/ "arried in 1$85 in &anitoba.3 Jose!h died in wan =i+er.5 'a!tiste I. . HuI1!!elle La(es. *rant.he Indians had (nown Jose!h b/ the na"e of E&isigadeF.69.ishecaboI died in Little For(. (&5tis) ) &other. Jose!h E&itche CoteF Des?arlais was born in 1893 in Lac la 'iche. one ) cri! for 7.99 Cardinal.99 &unro.3 and his Chi!!ewaO&etis wife K(i"as(wew. 1$#1). Jose!h was the son of Jean 'a!tiste Des?arlais . In 1815 when 'a!tiste I.he northern !ost was o!erated b/ Jose!h and 1ntoine (b. fro" Contrecoeur. he had been the daughter of Jose!h =ichard and her "other had been na"ed Isabelle (Chi!!ewa). when he had enclosed his trading store within an Ka( %alisade on the ouris =i+er near !resent da/ Lauder. %aul des aulteauB ( aulteauB Lillage) and Li@ette Charlotte Cardinal and was the grandson of Jose!h Des?arlais r. It had been Jose!h (1893) that had built Fort Des?arlais. and another s"all !ost on the ouris near !resent) da/ &inot.6). =ange . (&5tis) ) &arried. 66 . . It was located about fi+e "iles fro" Fort &r. in Lac La 'iche.8. !ro+iding the "uch sought after %e""ican for "an/ tra+ellers. on .5 born 1$8$ at t. .he Des?arlais fa"il/ established one !ost on the ouris =i+er.69. . in 'aie t. 1ng5leD addressM Lac la 'icheD clai" no. 3$6D bornM 1863 at Lac la 'icheD fatherM Francois Des?arlais (&5tis)D "otherM 2u!hrasine 1uger (&5tis)D "arriedM 1833 to John Cardinal at Lac la 'icheD children li+ingM #D children deceasedM 1D scri! for 7139. 18$$ at 'lac(foot Crossing to Jose!h Descha"!s and fall of 1886 at :igh =i+er to -illia" &unro ) Children li+ing. Jose!h had started the fur)trading store on the ouris =i+er in 1883. %aul. Fort Des?arlais was located on the ouris =i+er to the north)west of !resent da/ Lauder. he first "arried Charlotte ^Li@ette^ Cardinal. &anitoba ( ection 81. :e had also stoc(ed his trading !ost with whis(e/. 1893) Fort Des?arlais was built in 1883 b/ Jose!h Des?arlais. 533D bornM 1836 at Lac la 'icheD fatherM Francois Des?arlais (&5tis)D "otherM 2u!hrasine 1uger (&5tis)D "arriedM 1886 at Lac la 'iche to 'en?a"in inclairD children li+ingM 1D scri! for 7.99 Des?arlais. Jose!h had "et and "arried LaLouise Jose!hte =ichard in 1886 in 'aie t. 1$36). 'a!tiste I. &anitoba.

running fro" a !oint twent/ "iles fro" Fort *arr/ u! the 1ssiniboine and ouris =i+ers. Father %icton.8. 1819). Fort Des?arlais. . *arrioch also noted that the "agistrates had Ethe good sense to refuse to ha+e an/thing to do with this business. the "iddle son. %aul. chose a site in the Lauder sand hills for his trading !ost.F Chi!!ewa na"es ha+e sur+i+ed for two of the Des?arlais sons.F 1ntoine Des?arlais. was ser+iced "ore b/ =ed =i+er carts than b/ canoes.F or E:air/ Legs. &arcel. .he site was about thirt/ feet abo+e the le+el of the ouris. %aul.F Kne that he called EHuewe@asF`the Indian na"e for &arcel Des?arlais. which ran !ast the south wall. HuI1!!elle La(es. "arried Cuthbert *rant>s daughter Julie. . :e o!erated a !ost in the . he "arried La Louise EJose!hteF =ichard. %eter *arrioch.ishecaboI Des?arlais was born ca 1$8$ in Lac La 'iche.rail. Kne would assu"e fro" *arrioch>s co""ent that the third Des?arlais brother.-.he elder Jose!h "a/ ha+e been a fur traderD licences for 1$88 included one for a Jose!h EDes?erlais. ordered that the sender>s na"e be !rinted on each en+elo!e sent so that the "ail of an/one sus!ected of illicit trading could be sei@ed.urtle &ountains. .6. Jose!h>s brother`was fore"ost on the list. 2usebe LedouB and i"on 'londeau. ince *arrioch did not "ention hi".$ with their brother &arcel (b.ishecaboI died in Little For(.orth Da(ota and the . In 1815 when 'a!tiste I. -ithin the stoc(ade`!erha!s as large as one hundred fift/ feet s0uare`there stood one long log building and se+eral s"aller ones. Christie had forbidden the i"!ort of goods in Co"!an/ shi!s b/ settlers who would not sign a declaration that the/ did not deal in fursD and. .. . =ed =i+er ettle"ent. 1898). brother 'a!tiste. Jose!h Des?arlais Jr. . was also at the fort. Jose!h was the son of Jean 'a!tiste E.. 'oniface :istorical ociet/.he Gellow Huill . !assed through Fort Cuthbert *rant in Januar/ 1863. in his !a!ers in the t. . 1ntoine>s son.rail that ran north through the sand hills fro" Fort Des?arlais.8. who was with his Jncle Jose!h at the !ost.. he was born at Fairford in 1816.$ 1ntoine died in &ar 18$9. Charles De"ontign/. in addition.F It is !ossible that *rant>s 1863 action against Fort Des?arlais was in res!onse to *o+ernor Christie>s 1866 crac(down on inde!endent traders. in winter 18$1D he was 86. u@anne ^Catherine^ died in Lebret. 'a!tiste I.esche)(a!owF Des?arlais (1$87-1871) and Li@ette Cardinal (b. . &arcel was called EHuewe@asF and Jose!h \&itche Cote.urtle &ountains in the 1859s. 65 . 1ntoine first "arried u@anne ^Catherine^ 1llar/ born ca 1$8$.# and sons)in)law Charles De&ontign/.-. &anitoba. he first "arried Charlotte ^Li@ette^ Cardinal. as it ca"e to be (nown. in 'aie t.# 'a!tiste I.urtle &ountains as an inter!reter fro" 1868 to 1855. on 1$ Jan 18$8D she was #1. in 'aie t.1$#8). ser+ed both Forth Cuthbert *rant and Fort Des?arlais before s!litting into inde!endent branches ser+ing . as(atchewan.ishecaboI was . daughter of Jose!h =ichard and Isabelle aulteauB.-. :e recorded in his ?ournal that E&r. *rant had sei@ed the goods and furs of se+eral of the traders. was also there !eriodicall/. In addition to this. there was the :udson>s 'a/ . who o!erated a !ost on the ouris =i+er south of the 1"erican border briefl/ in the 1869s. Jose!h was born in 1893 in Lac La 'iche. Jean)'a!tiste Des?arlais. entered the ser+ice of the :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/. notes that 1ntoine and &arcel were in the . . In 1889 when Jose!h EK(itshetaF was .8 &arcel ^*wiwisens^ "arried 'rigitte Cardinal. it is li(el/ that Jose!h was not in the !ost at the ti"e. 1ntoine>s son)in)law.he cou!le a!!ears as N5 on the aulteauB Lillage census of 1869. 1s alread/ noted. 2ither De"ontign/ or &arcel could ha+e controlled the o!eration when Jose!h was absent.

-estbourneD bornM 1816 at FairfordD fatherM Jose!h =ichard (&5tis)D "otherM Isabelle (Indian)D "arriedM 1886 at 'aie t. :is father. 1858 "arried &aria =olette • %atrice b. 18!") &athias signed the &etis %etition of 1ugust .919. "arried Francois Les(o( :oule. Des>arlais.#188. 1869. • Julie. the Lieutenant *o+ernor of the . :e "arried &elanie %elletier. first !ublished in the Souris 6alley 8 ho. Interior . • 1ntoine b.heir children wereM • Francois. 1#8$ and Jul/ 3.erritories stating that the Kntario and Hu>1!!elle Land co"!an/ was dis!ossessing the &etis of their lands because the sur+e/s that had been done showed so"e of the" to be on railwa/ land.. Lolu"e 1835 . • Jose!h b. Jose* . &ichel r. June . 1868. • Caroline b. 1861. Interior .99D clai" no. 1689D bornM 1893 at Lac La 'icheD fatherM 'a!tiste Des?arlais or . Lolu"e 1866 . EFort Des?arlaisF. &ic el. the daughter of Jose!h %elletier and Louise t. 1#8$. 1836. %aul to Jose!h Des?arlaisD children li+ingM 19D scri! for 7139. b. %aul to Lalouise =ichardD children li+ingM 19D children deceasedM 1D scri! for 7139. &at ias (. "arried &arie Chartrand • 1leBandre b. &athias was the son of Jean 'a!tiste Des?arlais and &arie &artin. Fran<ois Ca+ier the son of &ichel Des?arlais and Julie 'onneau of Lebret. 1858 "arried :arriet &oore • Isidore b.orth)-est . • tanislas b. "arried %ierre Chartrand. b. . 1888.echo)(a!ow (&5tis)D "otherM Lisette Cardinal (&5tis)D "arriedM 1889 at 'aie t.. 1856. eries D)II)8)c . (191!# 19". was one of the &etis hunters who had signed 63 . Denis in 188. "arried :enriette -is(u! *ladu -is(e/s..) &ichel was born at t. LaLouiseD addressM and/ 'a/.#. =eel C)16### . • &arie b.) 'ee =n%y De>arlis. 1863. fro" the Hu>1!!elle Lalle/.1 Jose!h Des?arlais cri! clai"M =eferenceM =*15 .#. Des>arlais. 1ccess codeM #9 File . . "arried .orbert Aatsi!ela(is(ese(ew. • %ierre.itleM Des?arlais. Jose!hte =ichard Des?arlais cri! clai"M =eferenceM =*15 . (18. 1681 Finding 1id nu"berM 15). "arried &arie later.itleM =ichard. • 2ulalie b. 188. 1851.1 =eferencesM 'ruce -ishart. eries D)II)8)c . 1ccess codeM #9 File . -esthouse %.KD clai" no. =eel C)16#36 . at Lebret Des>arlais.99 Finding 1id nu"berM 15).atrice D. 186#.his !etition was sent to 2dgar Dewdne/. Jose!hD addressM and/ 'a/.

the :alf)'reed !etition fro" La(e Hu>1!!elle in 18$6. &ichel Jr. "arried Louise :a"elin in 18$3 at Lebret. &ichel was *abriel Du"ont>s ne!hew. :e fought at the battle of .ourond>s Coulee. :e was wounded on 1!ril ;6, 1885 and died three da/s later. It is re!orted that when &adeleine Du"ont and &arie :allet were nursing hi" the/ found a !iece of his s(ull in the straw that he was la/ing on. Des>arlais, ;aul. (,. 18.() %aul was born at t. Francois Ca+ier the son of 1ndre Des?arlais and Jose!hte Fagnant. :e "arried &arguerite Fidler. %aul was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 2douard Du"ont>s co"!an/, one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. Desmarais, George *eorge Des"arais has co"e out of retire"ent and now ?oined the &anitoba &etis Federation in the !osition of 2Becuti+e Director. :e brings considerable eBecuti+e eB!erience fro" the construction industr/. *eorge began his construction career in 1#$3 with the fa"il/ business as a labourer and ten /ears later as a u!er+isor with the Ledcor *rou!. ince that ti"e *eorge held +arious !ositions within the organi@ation. In !re+ious roles as Director of Construction K!erations in Canada for 839networ(s and enior Construction &anager for Ledcor, *eorge was res!onsible for all Canadian .eleco""unications construction !ro?ects and their 1boriginal interface. *eorge has o+erseen all hourl/ e"!lo/"ent and ub) Contractors with a strong 1boriginal co"!onent. 'efore his retire"ent *eorge>s efforts were focused on de+elo!ing Ledcor and Client relations with 1boriginal *rou!s across Canada. *eorge was instru"ental in directing 1boriginal .raining !rogra"s.

*eorge Des"arais (centre) Desmarais, Jo n. (,. 18!1) John was born at t. Fran<ois Ca+ier, the son of Jose!h Des"arais and 1delaide Cler"ont. :e "arried =ose *er+ais in 1836 and "arried :elene *osselin in 183#. :elene and John li+ed at the 'attlefords, Fort -alsh, -ood &ountain and 'atoche. Des"arais li+ed on lot 35 in 'atoche. :e had thirteen acres under culti+ation but was !ri"ail/ a

hunter and freighter. John was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Daniel *ari5!/>s co"!an/, one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. Desmarais, Jose* (,. 18(") Jose!h signed the &etis %etition of 1ugust ;#, 188; fro" the Hu>1!!elle Lalle/. .his !etition was sent to 2dgar Dewdne/, the Lieutenant *o+ernor of the ,orth)-est .erritories stating that the Kntario and Hu>1!!elle Land co"!an/ was dis!ossessing the &etis of their lands because the sur+e/s that had been done showed so"e of the" to be on railwa/ land. Jose!h E.cheer Auh(F was the son of &ichel Des"arais and Jose!hte =ochon. :e "arried 1delaide *esson dit Jannot. Desmeules, +arry. (%. 199$) Larr/ was the %resident of &etis ,ation of 1lberta fro" 1#8$ to 1##8. :e died of a heart attac( one /ear into his second ter" as %resident. :e established the &etis Jrban :ousing %rogra" in 1lberta and signed the first fra"ewor( agree"ent with the %ro+incial go+ern"ent. Dic2ason, Cli/e ;., :.&, ; .D., D. +itt. (19$5) Kli+e Dic(ason is a renowned historian, ?ournalist, author, teacher and "entor. he is an acco"!lished ?ournalist who won nu"erous writing awards at the 3lo.e and Mail, the retired Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta histor/ !rofessor ca"e to acade"ia late in life. Kli+e was born in -inni!eg, &anitoba to an 2nglish father and &etis "other who traced her roots to the buffalo hunters of the Da(otas. Dic(ason too( her high school b/ corres!ondence, because the fa"il/ was then li+ing north of -inni!eg. he then studied at ,otre Da"e College at -ilcoB, as(atchewan co"!leting her '.1. in 1#68. he then wor(ed for three decades as a ?ournalist for a nu"ber of !a!ers including the "egina %eader Post, the Winnipeg Free Press, the Montreal 3a-ette and the .oronto 3lo.e and Mail. Dr. Dic(ason was dis"a/ed b/ what she found when del+ing into Canada>s !ast. -hile there was !lent/ written about Canadian !oliticians, hardl/ an 1boriginal face or +oice was to be found in the historical record. Dic(ason returned to uni+ersit/ to stud/ the histor/ of the relations between French settlers and 1boriginal !eo!le. In 1#$;, she co"!leted her &.1. then did her %h.D. at the Jni+ersit/ of Kttawa in 1#$$. :er dissertation, The Myth of the Sa:age and the /eginning of Fren h Colonialis& in the A&eri as was subse0uentl/ !ublished b/ the Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta %ress. he subse0uentl/ !roduced the !rodigious, Canada's First Nations7 A 2istory of Founding Peoples. For her wor( in Canadian historiogra!h/ she has been awarded the &acdonald %ri@e. he is a reci!ient of a Lifeti"e 1chie+e"ent 1ward bestowed b/ the ,ational 1boriginal 1chie+e"ent Foundation in 1##$, and a "e"ber of the Krder of Canada. -hile teaching at the Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta she was a "e"ber of the &etis ,ation of 1lberta and the -o"en of the &etis ,ation of 1lberta. he currentl/ ser+es on the &5tis ,ation of Kntario Cultural Co""ission. (-ritten with the assistance of notes !re!ared b/ the 1boriginal 1chie+e"ent Foundation.) De/ine, Heat er. ; . D. :eather De+ine is a historian s!eciali@ing in Canadian ,ati+e :istor/, 1"erican Indian %olic/, and -estern Canadian ethnic histor/. he has !ublished nu"erous articles on fur trade social histor/, and is a fre0uent guest s!ea(er at genealogical se"inars. 1t the

!resent ti"e she has a ?oint acade"ic a!!oint"ent at the Jni+ersit/ of Calgar/ as 1ssistant %rofessor in the &useu" and :eritage tudies %rogra" in the Facult/ of Co""unication and Culture, and as Curator of Indigenous :eritage at the ,ic(le 1rts &useu". :eather is a &etis with roots in the Hu>1!!elle Lalle/ and aulteauB Lillage ('aie t. %aul) in &anitoba. :eather De+ine>s great grand!arents were .ho"as Des?arlais born Dece"ber 1;, 1859 at t. Francois Ca+ier and &adeleine Al/ne (b. 18;9) the daughter of &ichel Al/ne (b. 1811) and &adeleine &illet dit 'eauche"in. .ho"as Des?arlais was the son of Jean 'a!tiste Des?arlais (b. 1811) who "arried &arie &artin, the daughter of Francois &artin and &argeurite =acette. Jean 'a!tiste was the son of Francois Des?arlais (b. 1$38) and &adeleine =o/, his second wife. .his fa"il/ was enu"erated at aulteauB Lillage in &anitoba in 1869 as Fa"il/ N ;. ;. Fran<ois Des?arlais. 'orn on 16 Kct 1$38 in =i+iere)du)Lou!, %.H. Fran<ois died in t. Fran<ois)Ca+ier %arish, =ed =i+er. Francois Des?arlais, was a French Canadian "arried to a &etis wo"an, he wor(ed on the =.C. &ission land as a hired hand. Fran<ois "arried Francoise =o/. .he/ had the following childrenM • Francois Ca+ier Des?arlais, b. 1$#5, "arried &arie Ktshi((an Kutehi0ue 'ottineau. Francois then "arried &adeleine =o/. .he/ had the following childrenM • &arie, b. 1895, "arried Jose!h &orisseau. • Charles, b. c. 189#. • u@anne, b. 1819, "arried Louis *ladu. • Jean 'a!tiste, b. 1811, "arried &arie &artin. • 1ntoine, b. 1818, "arried Louise =ichard. • 1ndre, b. 18;;, "arried Jose!hte Fagnant. .he/ had nine children. :e was acti+e in the 1885 &etis =esistance at 'atoche along with his son)in)law, Louis Da+is who had "arried their daughter .herese. :is son %aul Des?arlais (b. 1858) fought in the =esistance in Ca!tain 2douard Du"ont>s co"!an/. • Jose!hte, b. 18;8, "arried 1ntoine *ladu. &ichel Al/ne (1811)18$5) was born at Fort des %rairies (Fort 2d"onton), the son of &ichel Aline r.89 (b. 1$81) and u@anne Lafrance (&etisse, b. 1$#9). Al/ne r.>s father, Jean 1da" Al/ne, was a !ri+ate in the *er"an 1uBiliar/ .roo!s in Canada, the E:esse :anau Chasseurs,F and had fought in the -ar of 181;. :e was "arried to a &arie *ene+iT+e 'isson, also of Huebec. &ichel r. signed on as a +o/ageur with the ,orth -est Co"!an/ at 1$ /ears of age, Feb. ;8, 1$#8. In the earl/ 1899s, Eb/ custo" of the countr/,F he "arried another teenager, u@anne Lafrance (b. 1$#9), a &etisse. &ichel r. was (nown to be %ost"aster at Jas!er :ouse in 18;#. .he/ a!!arentl/ retired fro" the fur trade !rior to 1888 and this was a buffalo hunting fa"il/ who was often out on the !lains. .he/ had "o+ed !er"anentl/ to Fort Hu>1!!elle b/ 18$1. .heir son, 'en?a"in Al/ne, went on to beco"e one of the founding fathers of !ring Cree( (Lewistown), &ontana. &ichel Jr. "arried &adeleine 'eauche"in, (&etis, b. 18;9) on Januar/ #, 1888 at t.

&ichel Al/ne r. entered the e"!lo/"ent of the ,orth -est Co"!an/ in the late 1$#9s as a fur trader 1fter the 18;1 "erger of the ,-C and the :'C, he was !ut in charge of Jas!er :ouse. :e ser+ed as !ost"aster for 11 /ears, fro" 18;6 to 1885. 1lberta>s Cline =i+er and &ount Cline were na"ed in his honor.


Francois Ca+ier. he was the daughter 1ndre &illet dit 'eauche"in, (b.1$$8) and Charlotte %elletier (&etis, b.1$85). 1 hunting fa"il/, the/ had thirteen children and the/ li+ed +ariousl/ at t. Francois Ca+ier, %oint Douglas, t. Jose!h and, De+il>s La(e. .heir son, 'en?a"in Al/ne (b. 186$) was one of the founders of the &etis co""unit/ of !ring Cree(, &ontana now Lewistown. &ichel died in 18$5 at -ood &ountain, as(atchewan. &ichel>s sister, Jane Al/ne)&cDonald (b. 1898) was "arried to 1rchibald &cDonald a chief factor of the :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/. :is brother *eorge Al/ne (b. 18;8) beca"e an &L1 for te. 1gathe =iding in &anitoba (18$1)18$6). In 1885, when &adeleine, his wife a!!lied for &ichel>s &etis cri! she statesM .he late &ichel Al/ne, was a :alfbreed head of a fa"il/, and resided in the ,orth)-est .erritories !re+ious to the 15th Jul/ 18$9. .he said late &ichel Al/ne was te"!oraril/ absent fro" the .erritories in 18$9, but returned to the .erritories and too( u! his !er"anent do"icile at Fort Hu>1!!elle in the Fall 18$1. .he said &ichel Al/ne was the son of a -hite "an b/ the sa"e na"e and of an Indian wo"an X he was born at 2d"onton X in 1811. .he said &ichel Al/ne died at Fort Hu>1!!elle on the # th Dece"ber 18$5 and I !roduce his burial certificate. 'esides his widow he left the following childrenM 1. 1ndre Al/ne, aged 66 /ears, li+ing at fort Hu>1!!elle. ;. &ichel Al/ne, 68 /ears, at !resent absent Fort Hu>1!!elle but do"iciled here. 8. &arie Al/ne, wife of Jose!h 'ellegarde, of File :ills, aged 61. 6. *uillau"e Al/ne, aged 8# /ears, a resident of -ood &ountain. 5. 2lise Al/ne, wife of .ho"as Aa+anagh of Fort Hu>1!!elle, aged 8$ /ears. 3. 'en?a"in Al/ne, 85 /ears, of &il( =i+er. $. .heo!hile Al/ne, 88 /ears, of Fort Hu>1!!elle. 8. Leroni0ue Al/ne, 81 /ears, wife of .ho"as Aell/, of Fort Hu>1!!elle. #. &adeleine Al/ne, aged ;# /ears, wife of .ho"as Des?arlais, of Fort Hu>1!!elle. 19. ,a!oleon Al/ne, ;1 /ears, of Fort Hu>1!!elle. =eading ListM /ooks :eather De+ine, ed. 8:erett Soop7 1ournalist$ Cartoonist$ A ti:ist (eBhibition catalogue). Calgar/M .he ,ic(le 1rts &useu", ;99$. :eather De+ine. The People Who #wn The&sel:es7 A.original 8thnogenesis in a Canadian Fa&ily$ (AAB(+BB. Calgar/M Jni+ersit/ of Calgar/ %ress, ;996.81 Chapters in /ooks7 :eather De+ine ^%roso!ogra!hical 1!!roaches in Canadian ,ati+e :istor/^.A. .'. Aeats)=ohan, ed. Prosopography Approa hes and Appli ations7 A

.his boo( was awarded a :arold 1da"s Innis %ri@e ) Canadian Federation for the :u"anities and ocial ciences for best 2nglish)Language boo( in the ocial ciences, (;996)95).


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Joe was alwa/s acti+e in the =o"an Catholic Church and was in+ol+ed in annual !ilgri"ages to the high hill near his ho"e that was called &ount t.ho" was forced to ste! down due to illness. the fourth chose the na"e %aul and the fifth chose the na"e of his wife>s fa"il/.6 /ears at the Aihewin Indian chool.ati+e organi@ations.. Dorion.9s he started to get in+ol+ed with . the treat/ "a(ing !rocess. . In 1#. the !eo!le of 2li@abeth and Fishing La(e raised "one/ for his tra+elling eB!enses. 2d"ontonM JLI CK %ress. :e was elected !resident of this for"er 1ssociation in 1#.ord)Kuest that e+ol+ed into the &etis 1ssociation of 1lberta. he used to sell crea" to hel! raise "one/ for her husband>s tra+elling eB!enses. he and 2li@abeth were su!!orting their fa"il/ on a tin/ far" o+erloo(ing Long La(e. :e was instru"ental in for"ing the L>1ssociation des &etis d>1lberta des 1lberta des . and 1nne. In 1#1. Joe was a teacher and ser+ed . &ariah. !iritual and natural laws. treat/ relationshi! and rights.reat/ and . 1ugust and his fa"il/ "o+ed to the Aihewin area in 1#98 after losing a "e"ber of the fa"il/ to the e!ide"ic at Knion La(e. as(atchewan. In the 1#89s he organi@ed a grou! of &etis dancers and fiddlers who toured 2astern Canada. 8li-a. 1lbert. which left her with the res!onsibilit/ of raising their children and loo(ing after the li+estoc( alone. &anitobaM Friesen %rinters 1#$#.Joe was born at Knion La(e on Jul/ .eth Metis Settle&ent7 A %o al 2istory. 1t the signing of treat/.on) tatus .. :is third brother chose the surna"e 'l/an. anderson (Dorion) was born on . 5. "an/ of 1ugust>s brothers chose different na"es. -orld Liew. he was raised in the eBtended fa"il/ s/ste" b/ her "other Cecilia Dorion and three 1unt>s :elen. 2li@abeth Dion suffered greatl/ because her husband was awa/ fro" ho"e so "uch of the ti"e. 1lbina. he "arried 2li@abeth Cunningha" of t. 'isho! %. 2lsie has been influenced b/ "an/ 2lders and has been ado!ted in custo"ar/ fashion b/ res!ected aulteauB 2lder Dann/ &us0ua. Jac(nife. Jose!h was educated at Knion La(e &ission chool to grade nine and finished his schooling b/ corres!ondence. (.erritories du . he herself is a natural leader and has taught acade"ic courses such as Indigenous %eo!les %hiloso!h/. &arie was !art Cree and !art aulteauB.8 and ser+ed until 1#58. Lussier awarded Jose!h the E'ene"erentiF gold "edal fro" %o!e %ious CII. 'uffalo. Dlsie ('an%erson). "eferen es 1nderson. L/le was the interi" %resident of the &etis .he 2li@abeth &etis ettle"ent ca"e to be na"ed after 2li@abeth Dion. (Coordinator). Donal%. 1888. :e was also the first teacher at the 2li@abeth ettle"ent. the oldest child of 1ugust Dion a &etis and &arie &ountain.. A New Nation . In 1#5$.he Dion>s were descendants of %aul 'lanc Dion who e"igrated fro" France to settle in the Knion La(e area of what is now as(atchewan.o+e"ber . 1ltona. 1#61 in the historic &etis co""unit/ of Cu"berland :ouse. Jose!h. 19!1) 2lsie &. 1ll the while he was !oliticall/ acti+e. :e too( o+er when *erald . Joe was ne+er !aid for his co""unit/ acti+ities.. 1#85M 18#) 1#8. +yle. . 2lsie has grounded herself in traditional (nowledge and has been a student of traditional teaching for o+er thirt/)fi+e /ears. 1nne. The First Metis.ation of 1lberta fro" 1##8 to 1##3.. .

Isa. e+aluating social !rogra"s and ser+ices. he is often called in as an 2lder to deal with difficult situations. 2lsie is a leader affected b/ 1boriginal gangs. traditional life s(ills.2lsie has had holistic training and is eB!erienced in running wor(sho!s on to!ics such as anger "anage"ent.his training led her to hold "an/ !ositions such as the 2Becuti+e ecretar/ to the Cler( of the town of La %as &anitoba until 1#36. Leah Dorion. o"e of hr "ost "e"orable !rofessional acco"!lish"ents in being a "e"ber of a tea" that conce!tuali@ed. and other wo"en in the co""unit/ of Cu"berland 58 . (. training and consulting ser+ices. 2lsie is also an acco"!lished writer and researcher she was +er/ in+ol+ed in rewriting and editing curriculu" for the First . 2lsie>s consulting ser+ices are as di+erse as her bus/ life. . Dorion. she began as a secretar/Orecorder for the Federation of as(atchewan Indian . de+elo!ing and deli+ering First .ations (F I. educational and social !rogra"s. In 1#31 she co"!leted the two)/ear 2Becuti+e &anage"ent and 1d"inistration !rogra" at the Institute . as(atchewan to attend the 1cade"ic %resentation de La &arie. 'etween 1#89)1#83. he is +er/ !roud of her wor( conducting research.he co""unit/ offered no higher that a grade nine education so in 1#53 she "o+ed to %rince 1lbert. %err/. in Cu"berland :ouse. negotiated for and is table shed the as(atchewan Indian Federated College and other F I. François.ation %ublic %olic/. In 1#8$ she beca"e a self)e"!lo/ed consultant. Chief ol anderson. 19!!) Isabelle was born in 1#66. de+elo!ed. she was the 2Becuti+e ecretar/ to the !ublisher of the %rince 1lbert Dail/ :erald. and curriculu" de+elo!"ent. 2lsie currentl/ li+es in %rince 1lbert.ation %ublic 1d"inistration.) Dorion. and Jason and a grand"other to "an/. she wor(ed for nu"erous !rogra"s within F I. hortl/ after that she wor(ed as an ad"inistrator for the %rince 1lbert District Chiefs. 2lsie has a uni0ue blend of traditional education co"bined with for"al "anagerial training. 2lsie is fluent in the wa"!/ Cree language and is !roud of the bush s(ills she learned growing u! in Cu"berland :ouse. (Contributed b/ 2lsie>s niece. he has filled her ti"e lecturing for uni+ersities.ations Foru". he learned to do beadwor( fro" her "other Cecilia. Curtis. In 1#35. conte"!orar/ life s(ills. 2lsie en?o/s "usic and still finds ti"e to sing and !la/ guitar with fa"il/ and friends. he is also a founding "e"ber of the First . he is a !i!e carrier and !ractioner of traditional lifewa/s.elle (Im*ey). In 1#$8)1#89. as(atchewan.). !ro!osal writing. he is a !roud "other of four bo/s Ja"es. 2lsie recei+ed her earl/ for"al education at Charlebois chool in Cu"berland :ouse. and !la/ed an i"!ortant behind the scenes role for the organi@ation. . he is well res!ected for her incredible "e"or/ and abilit/ to recall and share i"!ortant oral histor/.. she wor(ed for the F I. fa"il/ +iolence. Fran<ois Dorion was the !ost co""ander for the &issouri Fur Co"!an/ with the Ktoes fro" 1$#3) 1$#$. an institute established for de+elo!ing and !ro"otion of First ..raining %rogra".ation *o+ern"ent !ecialist . In 1#3#.otre Da"e de la %ro+idence. and writing for the de+elo!"ent of a healing and traditional !arenting !rogra". as(atchewan with her longti"e !artner For"er F I. :er s(ills and abilities include being a s(illed orator and stor/teller. Isabelle was in+ol+ed with the !ro+incial and federal :u"an =ights Co""ission and is a !ast 2Becuti+e Director of the *abriel Du"ont in her fa"il/ and co""unit/.

ational 1rchi+es of Canada. he contracted out his labour to +arious co"!anies as a free trader. (Contributed b/ Leah Dorion. then in Cu"berland District where I li+ed at *rand =a!ids on the 15th of Jul/ 18$9 and here at Cu"berland :ouse for the last 15 /earsF (.he teachings she recei+ed were trans"itted in the wa"!/ Cree language in which Isabelle is fluent. 1s !er fa"il/ tradition. as(atchewan. &anitoba. Dorion was docu"ented as being born in 1899. :is accounts are in the :'C archi+es. and &aria Dorion. Isabelle sa/s that.9 with the .-C.owa/. were also influential in teaching her how to sew and do beadwor( on clothing. 'oth *abriel and Jean 'a!tiste Dorion held the accounts in 18. Jean#-a*tiste. he currentl/ wor(s for the First . a tea" of 1boriginal facilitators wor(ing with those in+ol+ed or Institute.-C +o/ageur at the Lac . Isabelle also ser+es as an 2lder on the steering co""ittee of the 1boriginal *ang Initiati+e.orthern &etis wo"en. which states thatM EI li+ed when /oung in &issouri and afterward at Colu"bia =i+er. Iowa and 2nglish.F Isabelle !refers bright coloured beads on a +er/ dar( bac(ground. both located north of La(e u!erior.9 and 18. In 18. :e was also "ultilingual and could s!ea( French. Jean)'a!tiste Dorion eB!lained his longti"e career on the 188$ :alf)'reed scri! a!!lication.5!igon and Lac des Iles !osts. (1855#1889) Jean)'a!tiste was the son of %ierre Dorion and &arie . containing the 56 . 1nne. he re"e"bers that traditionall/ wo"en did beadwor( in s"all social grou!s and to this da/ she still does beadwor( with fa"il/ "e"bers such as =osalie inclair fro" %u(atawagan.raining %rogra" in %rince 1lbert. iouB. on the &issouri =i+er and ca"e into the northwest to continue life as a +o/ageur. . E&/ fa+ourite designs are the &etis st/le flower beadwor( and I en?o/ beading the northern flowers. then through the =ed =i+er region. which is a co""on !reference a"ong "an/ . then I ca"e in &ac(en@ie =i+er District also at 1thabasca =i+er. :er aunties.1 he was hired a . which later beca"e his !er"anent ho"e.ations *o+ern"ent !ecialist .) Dorion. then the &ac(en@ie trade region and e+entuall/ into Cu"berland :ouse. Jean)'a!tiste Dorion was one of the first &issouri =i+er &etis to go through the *reat La(es trade s/ste". cri! 1!!lications).:ouse. :elen.

rousers ) 1O.his is e+ident b/ the fact that his !ost accounts ha+e "an/ ite"s that could be classified as wo"en>s ite"s. at Cu"berland :ouse.he relationshi!s these traders had with local Indian and &etis wo"en were !robabl/ the "ost i"!ortant ste! in de+elo!ing trade relations.6O.O. Do@.C.he %as. 88 ee the :.6 and :..eedles ) 1O.-C. Jean)'a!tiste and . %ierre Carriere. :e "arried Charlotte 1rchie (the daughter of . born 1866 at . . 1 woolen cloth.C. J '!t.8 ) 1 %int =u" ) 1 :at Cord ) 1O.anc/ 'udd) in 183. *unflints ) 1 loaf of bread and %or( *abriel Dorion 18. :e later held a contract with the :'C as a steers"an in the Cu"berland District and held an account at the Cu"berland :ouse !ost in 18.1 F. 'lue trouds88 ) 1 'lue trouds ) 8 ou! ) 1 %air Cotton hawl ) 1O6 Coloured . 1t that ti"e he wor(ed on Gor( boats with other "en such as 1leBis &cAa/. born 1886 at 1thabasca =i+er. Fin 'rown Coating ) 1 fin Fine Cotton ) Cotton hirt ) -o"en>s fine :at Jul/ . 55 . 1#88). Jean)'a!tiste (John) Dorion "arried .h5rTse Constant at the La %as &ission in 18.3 E18. &ar(en La+alle..1 FO. er+ants 1ccounts. and raised in the co""unit/ of La %as.hread ) 1 Do@en *unflints Jean 'a!tiste>s abilit/ to s!ea( French would ha+e been an asset when wor(ing with the .he Constant fa"il/ had eBtensi+e fa"il/ relations in the fur trade co""unit/ of *rand =a!ids and was connected to the northern :'C trading s/ste". Dorion Jul/ .9 Jul/ 6th ) 'lue trouds ) 1 'lue Cotton Y ) 1 !air *artering ) 1O6 Coloured .hread ) 1 'lue list Ca!ot ) 1 %air Corduro/ .3).h5rTse had the following se+en children togetherM • %ierriche. Iro0uois and then &etis.'. . • 'en?a"in.h5rTse Constant was a &etis wo"an born in 1819. whose !ersonnel were "ostl/ French Canadian.-. .5. . 1"able Lucier and Isidore Fleur/.6O. Fin 'rown Coating ) 1O. &ichel La+all5. In the 1889s he wor(ed for the :'C inter"ittentl/ as a "iddle"an and steers"an ( !rague.following ite"sM8. :e "arried &arie &ooswa! 1rchie (Charlotte>s 8. (:'C1 F.orthern &anitoba.9 . Do@ . J!on his arri+al in what is now .'.6 ) 1 1O.C.

he as(atchewan tea" won the sil+er "edal. born 1859 at . :e "arried Jane 1t(inson (born 185$ at =ed =i+er).he Dorion fa"il/ is recorded in the *rand =a!ids !ost accounts for 1858 that lists Jose!h 1t(inson. wi""ing allowed Leah to tra+el all across Canada and "eet other /outh. and %hili! . at *rand =a!ids.C. :e was a +eteran of the First -ord -ar. . In 1#83. the . J!on his legal "arriage. her coaches encouraged her to tr/ out for the as(atchewan -o"en>s %ro+incial . In the sa"e /ear the tea" !roudl/ won the gold "edal for 86 ee the :. born 1851 at Cu"berland :ouse.1. Jo n Gregoire. La %as. :e ser+ed in France and was wounded three ti"es. • Jean)'a!tiste. born 185$ at Ile 4 la Crosse.ert. he "ade this tea" and subse0uentl/ !la/ed for the" fro" 1#83 to 1#8#. as(atchewan.orthern as(atchewan =i+er s/ste" beca"e his !er"anent ho"e. 53 . o"eti"e after 1835 she "arried . he is the daughter of Louis and =oberta DorionD a &etis fa"il/ with roots in Cu"berland :ouse. (. and Cu"berland :ouse and inter"arr/ing with cottish)2nglish &etis. John was a d/na"ic "an. labourers. as(atchewan.he %as.h5rTse Constant continued to wor( in Cu"berland :ouse and !arts of northern &anitoba as free"en. Cu"berland :ouse 1ccount 'oo(. while she was !la/ing +olle/ball at Carlton Co"!rehensi+e :igh chool in %rince 1lbert. • 1ngeli0ue.he %as in 1836. Knce he inter"arried into the northern &5tis culture he soon learned the regional and local Indigenous languages and custo"s with the assistance of his wife>s fa"il/. • Jose!hte. guides. he "arried 1ntoine Chartier at .ea".) Dorion.heodore Carriere (his second wife) at *rand =a!ids. . &en li(e Jean)'a!tiste Dorion and other &etis +o/ageurs were absorbed into the local culture of these northern &etis fur trade co""unities.i!awin and grew u! in %rince 1lbert. 1&63.urner as holding accounts. an intellectual thin(er grounded in the EKld &etis -a/s.. as(atchewan. 1858O185#.) Dorion.. • Louison. 1fter lea+ing the ar"ed forces. "iddle"en and Gor( boat e"!lo/ees. +ea &arie. John and %ierriche Dorion.he "an/ children of Jean 'a!tiste Dorion and . born 183.he %as. :e also wor(ed on the City of Prin e Al.86 . "f.-&% for nine /ears. at *rand =a!ids. (1899#19"8) John was born at Cu"berland :ouse. the fa"il/ was establishing regular !er"anent residenc/ at *rand =a!ids. :owe+er. John to+e. • Isabelle (no infor"ation). then ser+ed as a !ecial Constable in the . !lacing second to gold "edallist *reece. (Contributed b/ Leah Dorion.'. John 'allendine. In 1#8# the %ro+incial tea" tra+eled to 2uro!e for the -orld Junior Lolle/ball Cha"!ionshi!s. Charles Fidler.sister) in 1836 at Cu"berland :ouse. a freighter between Cu"berland :ouse and . 2dward Coo(.6#OdO88. he was e"!lo/ed with &id -est Dia"ond Drilling at Flin Flon. 19"5) Leah was born at . '. Leah entered co"!etiti+e swi""ing with the %rince 1lbert Lions wi" Club as a /oung girl.F (Contributed b/ Leah Dorion. and inter!reters. 'etween ages 19 and 18 she won nu"erous !ro+incial cha"!ionshi!s in the 199 and 899 "etre freest/le and the 199)"etre breaststro(e.

orth 1"erican Indigenous *a"es held at %rince 1lbert.ea".ational 1boriginal :ealth Krgani@ation and has been teaching &etis Culture and :istor/ at the First . he has taught . illustrated this boo(. t. Leah wor(ed with %rofessor Fran( . In recognition of this she was chosen as one of as(atchewan>s 1boriginal Gouth =ole &odels.reeds ha:e finally .ough to research and write. EThe lai&s of the 2alf-. Dorion. In the last two /ears she has !roduced se+eral +ideos on &etis culture and histor/. In 188$. a &illenniu" %ro?ect of the Louis =iel and *abriel Du"ont Institutes. Leah Dorion !la/ed for the Jni+ersit/ of as(atchewan :us(ies -o"en>s Lolle/ball . t.ations Jni+ersit/. he notes that s!ort has encouraged her to be the best !erson she could be in all areas of her life.his tea" won a gold "edal for as(atchewan. +ouis. and has been a Lolle/ball Ca"! !rogra" de+elo!er in co""unities such as turgeon La(e =eser+e and La Loche. %e""ican %ublications Inc has ?ust !ublished Leah>s children>s boo(. :er "other. Ktoe and &issouri languages. he was coeditor and contributed a cha!ter to "esour es for M=tis "esear hers (1###) and has si"ilarl/ !artici!ated in the boo( Metis %ega y.ati+e tudies in 1###. &ichael>s College (Duc( La(e). . In . Fro" 1#8# to 1##6. he again !la/ed for the as(atchewan enior -o"en>s Lolle/ball tea" in the .he :istor/ of Kur Lord Jesus Christ. he belie+es that her !artici!ation in s!ort has hel!ed her to lead a !ositi+e. Leah is also +er/ connected to the 2lders of the &etis co""unit/ and ne+er "isses an o!!ortunit/ to interact and learn fro" the". *abriel Du"ont Institute>s interacti+e CD)=K& The Metis7 #ur People #ur Story was releasedD Leah was one of the three !eo!le wor(ing on co"!iling this "a?or educational resource for &etis studies. (1"9$#1895) Louis was the son of %ierre Dorion r. In Jul/ of 1815 he was a signator/ to the %ortage des iouB treat/ with the Da(ota.ational Lolle/ball Cha"!ionshi!s. &ost recentl/ she has wor(ed for the . EIt felt wonderful to ha+e s!orts co"!etitions at an international le+el a+ailable for 1boriginal athletes. Leah !la/ed +olle/ball in the .99. In 1##8. 1t one !oint (1896)1893) he was 5$ .F she sa/s. Leah has edited or co)edited se+eral boo(s and contributed articles to other !ublications. as(atoon Ca"!us.999. . =oberta. In 1##8. and :ol/ =ainbow (a Gan(ton).een losedF7 A Study of Treaty Ten and Treaty Fi:e Adhesion S rip.F into the Iowa/.as(atchewan in the JeuB Canada *a"es. the/ were sil+er "edallists. born in Illinois. Leah Dorion was Curriculu" and %ublishing Coordinator for the *abriel Du"ont Institute.ati+e tudies at the Jni+ersit/ of as(atchewan.ea".orth 1"erican Indigenous *a"es held at -inni!eg. health/ lifest/le. Dorion. %eter>s College (&uenster) and at the as(atchewan Indian Federated College. In the 1##9)1##1 season the tea" won the sil+er "edal in the CI1J . Leah co"!leted her grade twel+e at Carlton :igh chool in 1#8# and then attended the Jni+ersit/ of as(atchewan where she was awarded a 'achelor of 2ducation Degree in 1##6 and a 'achelor of 1rts :onours Degree in . +ouis Jr. Louis "arried a wo"an called Julia in 183#. deter"ination and co""it"ent. a research re!ort co""issioned b/ the =o/al Co""ission on 1boriginal %eo!les. he assisted "issionar/ &. &errill to translate E. It has also taught her about goal setting. The Snow Tunnel Sisters. he has also !artici!ated as a coach for the Jni+ersit/ of as(atchewan :us(ies -o"en>s Lolle/ball .

'oth of these "en !la/ed a +er/ influential role in his life. :e is +er/ well docu"ented in fur trade literature.991.hese eB!editions were financed b/ John Jacob 1stor>s 1"erican Fur Co"!an/. In 1#33 he co"!leted his training as a Journe/"an Car!enter. During this !eriod he wor(ed for the %rince 1lbert *rand Council as director of "aintenance and engineering for the band)controlled residential school.ati+e tudies. 58 .ierre Jr. 1#6. 1s a /outh.raining chool in as(atoon.he 1storia eB!editions were de!endent on Canadien. Dorion. . -hile wor(ing for "an/ /ears in the construction industr/. the . In . a Gan(ton wo"an.o get further education one had to lea+e Cu"berland :ouse and this was an eB!ensi+e !ro!osition.991 after a decade of effort he graduated with a 'achelor of 1rts Degree in . was the eldest son of %ierre Dorion r. Louis was onl/ able to co"!lete a grade eight education.his was !art of a go+ern"ent initiati+e to train northern &etis and Indians in the trades. %ierre Jr. Dorion. he !racticed !ol/ga"/.orthwest. (Contributed b/ his daughter Leah Dorion. :e was the son of &aria Dorion and .a!oleon &orin. in 1#39 Louis was selected as a car!entr/ student at the Canadian Locational . grandfather John *regoire Dorion and Ji" 'rad/. . First . For instance. :e then entered the Jni+ersit/ of as(atchewan in 1##1 ta(ing night classes at the %rince 1lbert -oodlands Ca"!us and the *abriel Du"ont College.owa/. had considerable trade eB!erience and wor(ed at one ti"e for the &issouri Fur Co"!an/ at its &andan %ost. ee &arie . the iouB of the La(es. as(atchewan on . he had o!en)heart surger/ to re!air heart +al+e da"aged b/ childhood rheu"atic fe+er. (19!$#$55$) Louis was born at Cu"berland :ouse. . !racticed social and cultural custo"s si"ilar to his father.eton iouB and the iouB of t. +ouis Hilliar%. a tribute to his belief in education and the +alue of lifelong learning. "ainl/ in the north he also too( his grade nine and ten *2D. to ensure inland eB!loration and eB!ansion. %ierre Jr. now (nown as Aelse/O I1 . :e was an inter!reter for the Chouteau>s and witnessed three iouB treaties in 1815. :e then had to reconsider his career in construction and co"!leted his grade twel+e ?ust fi+e "onths after his second heart surger/ in 1##9. in 1#$$. Louis de"onstrated his lifelong lo+e of &etis culture..) Dorion. (1"85E8$#181!) %ierre Dorion Jr. &arie. Louis re"e"bered fa"ilies holding dances and fundraisers to send /outh awa/ to school in larger co""unities. :is adult students who" he taught the Cree language s!ea( of his encourage"ent and (indness. In 1#$8 he too( a /ear off wor( to co"!lete grade ele+en at Carlton :igh chool in %rince 1lbert.ations and &5tis guides li(e %ierre Jr.. %eter>s =i+er.8.o+e"ber . 1s a result. Louis was raised b/ his eBtended &etis fa"il/. .orth -est Co"!an/ at the botto" of the =ed =i+er (le bas de la =i+iTre =ouge). :owe+er.hen. and :ol/ =ainbow. which controlled the *reat La(es trade and later o!erated in the northern =oc(/ &ountains and the far . is !robabl/ "ost re"e"bered for his role as inter!reter for the 1storia 2B!editions (1819)1816). . language and fiddle "usic b/ creating the %rince 1lbert &etis Fall Festi+al and was its %resident fro" 1##5 to . :is father was (illed in action during -orld -ar II and is buried in France.e"!lo/ed with the . %ierre Jr. .

but it was fa"iliar ritual to %ierre Dorion. %ierre r. 1#96).%ierre Jr. !re!ared b/ boiling. . according to the custo" of the countr/.F In 1893 %ierre Jr. b/ Dorion. was in+ol+ed in strategic "arriage alliances as he was "arried to both a Gan(ton iouB and an Iowa wo"an. was (illed b/ a grou! of 'annoc( Indians on Januar/ 19. %ierre had four "iBed)descent Gan(ton iouB children with :ol/ =ainbow -o"anM %ierre Jr. and laid in a hea! near the great chief. . &r. brothers. cousins. li(e Jose!h Dorion.ierre 'r.F In the literature there are "an/ stereot/!ical +iews of the Dorion fa"il/ and it is difficult to (now how the fa"il/ "e"bers actuall/ self)identified.. In the su""er of 1818 %ierre left 1storia with a grou! headed b/ John =eed and the/ headed into na(e =i+er countr/ and s!ent the winter on the 'oise =i+er in Idaho. . %ierre is docu"ented in "an/ different eB!lorer ?ournals as acting a guide and inter!reter. E. was also influential in "aintaining !eace between the Gan(ton and the Iowa !eo!le because of the connection to his "other>s !eo!le. :alf)'reed. %ierre Jr. 1ccording to =onda. Dorion. &arie and %ierre Jr.he council now bro(e u!. . was largel/ based in the trading town of t. had three children together.) Dorion. E-hen this cere"on/ was ended. Jean 'a!tiste. 1ccording to =onda. &argaret and %aul. (Contributed b/ Leah Dorion. and as "an/ bags of corn.he !ractice of &5tissage was beco"ing an eBce!ted "arriage !ractice b/ the Dorion fa"il/ in the t. tra!!er. 1816 near a %acific Fur Co"!an/ trading !ost on the J!!er Colu"bia =i+er.owa/ (L>1/+oise). In 'radbur/>s tra+els to the interior. French"an. which was translated as he !roceeded into the iouB language. is identified as a free"an. and his father. 181$) %ierre Dorion r.he !rotocol of !lains di!lo"ac/ "a/ ha+e been new to :unt and 'radbur/. (%.here are se+eral EoutsideF ter"s used in the literature to identif/ the Dorion fa"il/ bac(ground. he states that. "arried.hwaites.he !rotocol of !lains di!lo"ac/ "a/ ha+e been new to :unt and 'radbur/. 1bout fifteen carrottes of tobacco.F85 1 large !otion of the literature ties their identit/ to their occu!ation. contracted their labour and inter!reting ser+ices out to +arious fur trade co"!anies. who then rose and began a s!eech. &>Clellan. &>Aen@ie. :unt. 85 ee the website at www. where there was a feast of sweet corn. Dorion was also !resent during i"!ortant gathering following the councils. and "ade a s!eech in French. E. he states that. &arie was ac(nowledged b/ so"e authors as being of half Iowa Indian and half French)Canadian. %ol/ga"/ was an eBce!ted cultural !ractice b/ "ost of the French)Canadians and Indians in the &issouri region. which was re!eated in French b/ Dorion. and "iBing it with buffalo greaseF (. and Indian. :unt rose. Louis area. %ierre Jr. but it was fa"iliar ritual to %ierre Dorion. and "/self were conducted to the lodge of one of their chiefs. such as French)Creole. free tra!!er. In the 1816 account boo(s of John Jacob 1stor>s co"!an/ in the na(e =i+er Countr/ %ierre Dorion Jr. di!lo"atic relations and trade with the Iowa Indians.F 1ccording to 'radbur/.. and &essrs. E. Free"en. &esti@o. Canadian. 1s was the local custo" this "arriage secured !eace. &ountain "an.Ba+ier"ission 5# . It is i"!ossible to (now if the fa"il/ self)identified as &etis. an Iowa wo"an na"ed &arie .here was so"eti"es intense co"!etition between fur trade co"!anies for their ser+ices. were now brought fro" the boat. Louis and li+ed so"e twent/ /ears a"ong the Gan(ton iouB near the Des &oines and Ja"es =i+ers.

Lewis deli+ered a s!eech in which he eB!lained the change in go+ern"ent. es!eciall/ %ierre r. 1t 1. . and 'a!tiste. beca"e directl/ in+ol+ed with the Lewis and Clar( eB!edition in 1896)1893.he /oung warriors had (illed two el( and siB deer enroute. %r/or and Kld Dorion. -e !re!ared so"e !resents and "edals which we intend to gi+e to the Indians.#. -e sent Kld Dorion o+er in a !irogue for the chiefs and warriors to bring the" to our council. 1uthor =ichard Dillion (1#35) eB!lains the !olitical and di!lo"atic i"!ortance of the &5tis guides and inter!reters in the Lewis and Clar( 2B!edition he clai"s that. . . o>cloc( we "et. %r/or anBiousl/ re!orted that the wo"en in the iouB +illage are "ostl/ old and ho"el/. 1ugust 89. 1ccording to .he fa"il/ had "an/ di+erse cultural traits. %ierre r. . and &ongraines did not cease their !ri+ate trade in furs and hides. I ha+e sent u! the &ississi!!i so"e wee(s since to co""ence the wor(. %r/or and /oung Dorion carried o+er to the" so"e ho"in/. with his son.. which were i"!ortant in the for"ation of the "iddle ground. EDorion had li+ed with the !owerful iouB or Da(otas for twent/ /ears and was a confidential friend of theirs. en?oined the" to "a(e !eace. or rather !ossesses their confidence to a greater degree.Louis. %ierre r. . and we caught "an/ large catfish. . were instru"ental in gathering ethnogra!hical and geogra!hical data for the Lewis and Clar( eB!edition. alread/ coo(ed.here are "an/ a+ailable !ri"ar/ sources fro" the Lewis and Clar( ?ournals that indicate how i"!ortant the Dorion fa"il/ was in the di!lo"ac/ of the eB!edition.F Dillion also 0uoted eBcer!ts fro" Lewis>s ?ournal about the i"!ortant role of &aurice 'londeau with states that. these children were all gi+en French)Catholic na"es and the first)born son was usuall/ na"ed after his father. was a!!ointed the inter!reter to the Gan(ton iouB and his son Louis Dorion beca"e the go+ern"ent inter!reter to the Iowa/. who ha!!ened to be trading with the iouB. inter!reted for the fa"ous 1"erican Lewis and Clar( 2B!edition in 1896)1893.anis . b/ the na"e of (&aurice 'londeau). Clar( is engaged in writing a s!eech. gt. intelligent "an who was also in the e"!lo/"ent of the 'ritish "erchants. -e s"o(ed the 39 . with Kld Dorion. and she was reloaded. the Chouteaus. arri+ed and brought with the" siBt/ Indians of the iouB nation. :is &5tis children. %ierre>s children were in great de"and as labourers and inter!reters in the &issouri trade s/ste" as the/ had +aluable cultural. . tobacco. Ca!t. In the afternoon. of which the/ heartil/ !artoo( and found well fla+ored. which the/ use to feed the"sel+es. . who was called EKld Dorion. %ierre Jr. 1ccording to French custo".he/ a!!ear to be friendl/ and ca"!ed on the o!!osite shore. &argaret. was in+ol+ed in the Gan(ton iouB councils in 1ugust of 1896. Dorions. gt. gt. %r/or first found the iouB ca"! the/ !resented hi" and his !art/ with a fat dog. and Ca!t. Drouillard (illed a deer.horne.horne. Lewis ho!ed to use hi" as an entr5e to iouBdo" as well as an inter!reter. E1lso a +er/ acti+e.F 'elow are eBcer!ts fro" the ?ournalsM 1ugust . In the late 1$#9s. who had "uch influence with the au(s and FoBes.he "en are "a(ing a tow)line out of the green el( hides.F Inter!reters such as %ierre Dorion r.hese !ersons. and 'a!tiste. but rather used their go+ern"ent ?obs as a co"!le"entar/ acti+it/F (. %ierre Dorion Jr. :is son. than an/ "an in the countr/. as the Indians are to "eet with us to"orrow.he !irogue was re!aired. Ee+en though the/ were !ublic ser+ants. 1##3M 118).his "an has "ore influence with the au(s and FoBes. (ettles. and in+ited the" to send a chief to our %resident in -ashington to recei+e his good counsel. %ierre Jr. social and !olitical (nowledge. -hen gt. etc.

-e co""issioned Kld Dorion to "a(e !eace with all the chief nations in the neighbourhood. -e ga+e Dorion a bottle of whis(e/. 1#$9M 199). Dorion.he chiefs retired to di+ide their !resents. .wins^ which won the !ro+incial title three ti"es in a siB /ear s!an. Fro" Februar/ . etc. =obert held the !osition of ecretar/ on the %ro+incial &5tis Council of the &5tis . Fro" Februar/ 18.3.he/ said the/ would "a(e !eace with the %awnee and K"aha... French and 2nglish and was literate in 2nglish. but had onl/ co"e to "a(e the road o!en for the traders who would follow. agreed to re"ain with the Gan(ton iouB to "aintain good relations and encourage !eace with the K"aha !eo!les. .2% !rogra" in as(atoon. .991.). (&]. -e ga+e hi" a flag and so"e clothes.#.ebras(a. %ierre r. 9o.he Indians re"ained with us all da/. (Clar(e. 1fter the eB!edition. and said one of the" would +isit our %resident neBt s!ring. =obert was elected to the !osition of Lice %resident on the %ro+incial &5tis Council of the &5tis .) =obert was born on Februar/ . . he attended the Jni+ersit/ of 'randon.ation of as(atchewan.F =ecords indicated that %ierre r. :e is !resentl/ the %resident of the &5tis .he Lewis and Clar( 2B!edition records refer to hi" as EKld Dorion. and who would su!!l/ their habits and custo"s.ation` as(atchewan. near 'rowns+ille.he ca!tains told the" we were not traders.ert Glen (b. "edals. coc(ed)hats and unifor"s..raining Inc.ati+e tudies. 'randon. :e recei+ed this with !leasure and !ro"ised to do all that was necessar/.I Inc.arrows. . 1#3. =obert has been acti+el/ in+ol+ed in &5tis !olitical life and has been e"!lo/ed with a +ariet/ of &5tis social ?ustice !rogra"s. died in 1!ril of 181. as(atoonM *abriel Du"ont Institute. :e has ta(en his !ost)secondar/ education the J. %ierre r. which we collect for our *o+ern"ent. as(atchewan the son of &arcien and =ita Doucette. while the/ sta/ed to wait for &r. :e is a for"er 2Becuti+e Director of &5tis 2"!lo/"ent [ . .99#. &anitoba. Dorion could s!ea( Gan(ton iouB.) Doucette. !ossibl/ 1lgon0uin. Jnfortunatel/. =obert is an a+id collector of 1boriginal)s!ecific !ri"ar/ docu"ents and is the author of The Ar hi:al "esour e 3uide for A. in 'uffalo .. :e too( his !ri"ar/ and secondar/ education at %rince 1lbert. 1#3. . 1ugust 81.. while Ca!tains Lewis and Clar( went to dinner and to consult about other "atters. tobacco.!i!e)of)!eace and ga+e the" !resents of clothes.2% !rogra" in %rince 1lbert. he !la/ed on a softball tea" called the ^Kld Dutch . Kld Dorion was dis!leased that he was not in+ited to ha+e dinner with the". . an elected !osition. and as -estern =egion . . . .he ca!tins ga+e the" "ore tobacco and corn to ta(e to their lodges.he chiefs sent their /oung "en ho"e. Jni+ersit/ of as(atchewanD and fro" 1#88)1#8#. . and the ca!tains were sorr/ that the/ had o+erloo(ed in+iting hi". . Jni+ersit/ of as(atchewanD he co"!leted the second /ear of an 2ducation degree in the J. stud/ing towards a double "a?or in %olitical cienceO. a flag.991. no written "aterial is a+ailable fro" the !ers!ecti+e of %ierre Dorion. 1##8 to Januar/ 1$.he/ want Kld Dorion and his son to sta/ with the" so that he could acco"!an/ their chief to -ashington. and he and his son)with the chiefs) crossed to the other side of the ri+er to ca"!. %re+iousl/ he ser+ed as %resident of as(atoon &etis Local N 1. as(atchewan. :e re!resented %rince 1lbert in three 31 .he chiefs returned with an elo0uent account of their dire !o+ert/.ation of as(atchewan.991 to 1!ril #. .he/ also wished the ca!tains would gi+e the" so"ething for their s0uaws. .1 1rea Director 1##5)1##8. 8rd /ear. 1s a /outh.original !ssues. (Contributed b/ Leah Dorion.

(181$#95) ee 1"elia Connoll/. the winter gloo"ing and the bright fire as the onl/ light`then were these legends beautiful. . Douglas. Douglas. &art a (Harris).he/ need the 0uaint songs and the sweet +oice that told the".!ro+incial trac( "eets. .F she wrote in the short introduction to 3. &artha Douglas was the daughter of 1"elia Connoll/ and Ja"es Douglas. -hen written the/ lose their char" which was in the telling. and !la/ed on nu"erous cha"!ionshi! hoc(e/ tea"s. and in order not to lose the". I ha+e written down what I can re"e"ber of the". &artha Douglas :arris would !a/ tribute to her "other b/ including a half do@en of her stories in a boo( of Cowichan legends she co"!iled in 1#91. =melia. E1s a little girl I used to listen to these legends with the greatest delight. a :'C Chief Factor and later the *o+ernor of Lancou+er Island.

In Februar/ 1895. 83 &artha Douglas :arris. :e was said to be the "ost co"!etent hunter on the eB!edition and led "an/ hunting tri!s. 1s a "e"ber of the Cor!s. . :e often tra+eled with Lewis. :is leadershi! and courage enabled the Cor!s to hold its ground and sur+i+e the attac(. *eorge acco"!anied Lewis u! the &issouri south for( to *reat Falls. *eorge "igrated with his "other>s !eo!le to Khio. Illinois on the Khio =i+er. :e was fluent in se+eral Indian languages. The Pioneer Wo&en of 6an ou:er !sland. *eorge was li+ing on the !anish side of the &ississi!!i =i+er as !art of the dis!ossessed co""unit/ (nown as the 1bsentee hawnee when Lewis and Clar( "et hi" at Fort &assac. &issouris and &andans. called the Cor!s of Disco+er/. 1#91). the Jnited tates -ar De!art"ent set u! a "ission led b/ &eriwether Lewis and -illia" Clar(. gi+ing the Da(ota a s"all +ictor/ and sa+ing "uch loss of life. :e also led the grou! during an attac( b/ the Da(otaOLa(ota. de"onstrating his bra+er/ and s(ill. . when the !art/ s!lit. %ierre Drouillard was a tra!!er and an inter!reter for the -/andot Indians and had acco"!anied their delegation to Congress to !etition for assistance for a tri! the/ !lanned to France. 5$.#1815) 'orn in 1$$5 in the !resent da/ -indsorODetroit district. %ierre Drouillard. &artha did tell the author. the !art/ was attac(ed b/ o+er 199 Da(ota Indians. %ierre Drouillard was fro" the andwich (Kntario) and Detroit (&ichigan) area.5 "onthl/ salar/.o+e"ber 1898. Ca!tain Lewis recruited hi" in . 2istory and Folklore of the Cowi han !ndians (Lictoria. a shorter one about the refusal of a wife to i""olate herself on her husband>s funeral !/re.he eB!edition to the %acific "ade Lewis and Clar( leaders in disci!lines such as botan/. Drouillard ad+ised the !art/ to hold their fire. including the Ktos. Drouillard was also res!onsible for "oderating "an/ of the encounters the Cor!s had with different 1boriginal grou!s. where he ?oined the eB!edition. cartogra!h/ and ethnolog/. and a hawnee "other b/ the na"e of 1soundechris. George. de 'ertrand Lugrin. who stole two horses and se+eral wea!ons. which was included in the 1#. 83 . :owe+er.8 boo(. the Cor!s s!ent the difficult winter of 1896)1895 with the &andans. Drouillard>s !artici!ation in Lewis>s 1893 eB!edition to &ontana hel!ed deter"ine the northern boundar/ of the Louisiana %urchase territor/. 1t the turn of the nineteenth centur/. Kn this tri! Lewis co""ended hi" in his diar/ for being able to co""unicate +ia sign language with the hoshones the/ encountered.the Cree stories included in the :istor/ and Fol(lore of the Cowichan Indians. and Drouillard was no disa!!oint"ent to the tea" X he beca"e an eBtre"el/ +alued "e"ber. *eorge Drouillard>s s(ills as a hunter and sign language inter!reter "ade hi" arguabl/ one of the "ost i"!ortant "e"bers of the eB!edition fro" 1898 until e!te"ber 1893. Fro" these negotiations..one of these stories is short enough to be included here. Later in 1895. Lewis trusted Drouillard to deli+er to the !ost"aster the letters of the eB!edition that were later !assed on to %resident Jefferson. (1"". :e also negotiated trade with the 1boriginal !eo!le to gather food for the eB!edition>s sur+i+al. wor(ing in the Ca!e *irardeau area on the west ban( of the &ississi!!i ri+er. 38 . It was Drouillard>s (nowledge of the 1boriginal !eo!le and their sign language that had !ro"!ted Ca!tain Daniel 'issell to reco""end hi" to the Cor!s. Drouillard recei+ed a 789 ad+ance and a 7. Drouillar%. 2nglish and French as well as a "aster of the Indian sign language of the !lains. he had a French Canadian father.

99. :e bought the land warrants of John Collins and Jose!h -hitehead. Kn 1ugust 16.he/ had se+en children.8) 1"broise was born 1ugust 18. and !ro+ed honest. .9.hree For(s in &a/ of 1819. :is father)in)law and brother &aBi"e were also acti+e in the =esistance. :e is "arried to Ca"elia 1llard. *eorge Drouillard was (illed b/ an attac(ing war !art/..ois.he/ were e+identl/ a !lains hunting fa"il/ as their children were born at t. and is now a !risoner for the reason abo+e. Du. *eorge and Ca"elia ha+e two sonsM the well)(nown singer. the daughter of Jean Caron and &arguerite Du"as. the son of Fran<ois Dubois and &adeleine Laberge. Charles Duchar"e fought and died during the 1885 =esistance at 'atoche. the widow of Da"ase CarriTre.(#19$5) &aBi"e was born on Dece"ber . &aBi"e then re"arried to &arie)%5lagie %arenteau.1885 at the =egina trial Father 1leBis 1ndre sa/sM E&aBi"e Dubois I ha+e (nown since he was a bo/. In his testi"on/ of 1ugust 18. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance.F (C %. 18. . Fort Hu>1!!elle. =m. !. he li+ed for a few /ears at Ca!e *irardeau.-hen the Cor!s of Disco+er/ reached t. Laurent de *randin he "arried Catherine LedouB. belie+ed to be 'lac(foot. Jnfortunatel/ she died the following s!ring at age 89. :e ser+ed !art of this !rison sentence and was released so"eti"e before 188$. :e has a fa"il/ of se+en children. which. at . (. along with other land. . &aBi"e was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Isidore Du"ont>s co"!an/. 18. at t. and has alwa/s !ro+ed +er/ worth/ of being trusted. *eorge was born in the &etis co""unit/ of t. in -/o"ing.his !oor "an was induced to surrender hi"self b/ the ad+ice of Father Legre+ille. :e is about thirt/)siB /ears of age (sic).orbert Duchar"e 36 . &a<ime. :e was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Isidore Du"ont>s co"!an/. wift Current and 'atoche. :e was "arried to 1ngeli0ue Caron.) Du. 1858 at t. and beca"e !art of &anuel Lisa>s fur trading +entures on the u!!er &issouri =i+er and the Gellowstone =i+er where he hel!ed establish the &issouri Fur Co"!an/. (18. &issouri. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. In 18$3. born in 1853 at &oose &ountain. recording artist and sound engineer.orthwest. at =egina he was sentenced to $ /ears i"!rison"ent for his !art in the =esistance.hree For(s. faithful and reliable.roise. . Drouillard returned to . he sold in 1!ril of 189$ for 71. Lol. 1853. :e "ade a return tri! to the =oc(/ &ountains and ga+e -illia" Clar( to!ogra!hical details of the "ountain countr/ which Clar( later incor!orated into his "a! of the . Lital. Louis in 1893 it was Drouillard who was entrusted to ta(e the eB!edition re!orts to the !ost"aster at Caho(ia to be forwarded to %resident Jefferson. a descendant of *eorge Drouillard. Catherine a!!lied and recei+ed her scri! at Fort Hu>1!!elle in 1ugust of 1885 while &aBi"e was in ?ail. Laurent. the son of Jose!h Duchar"e and 1lice La+allee. and his wife is a cri!!le. (Contributed b/ &organ 'aillargeon.ois. and &adeleine Laberge. the son of Fran<ois Dubois Jr. 1885. Duc arme. 1883. Knce the Cor!s disbanded. George. :e was in "/ ser+ice for so"e ti"e. -hile tra!!ing near the . &anitoba. : arles. 883) Duc arme.hree For(s on the J!!er &issouri in 1819.899. 1lbert.

. Louis =iel Da/ and . *eorge retired fro" the Canadian .9.heir daughter. Daughter %hilo"ene b. Kn e!te"ber $. . 1 hunting fa"il/ the/ had children born at Dunseith and at Lebret.and oldest son.6 "arried *ene+ie+e Delor"e and beca"e an &L1.reat/ 6. 1ndre was a .. &a%eleine. ubse0uentl/. 1868 "arried %ierre Carriere. :e coordinated cultural e+ents and "usic galas for 1nnual *eneral 1sse"blies. In the "id)1##9s *eorge ser+ed as E1ide de Ca"!F for -.ation of 1lberta for a single /ear in 1#$1. Jim.. 1$89) the son of 1ntoine "illet dit 'eauche"in and &arie Jose!hte La+allee circa 18. "arried Jean)'a!tiste 'ruce .. 35 . 188. &adeleine "arried 1ndre &illet dit 'eauche"in (b.999 he has wor(ed as Cultural Coordinator for the &&FD he retired fro" this !osition in . born at %e"bina. (b. Jose* (b.he/ were "arried so"eti"e before 1863 and had four daughters and two sons. Daughter Fla+ie was born circa 188$.olin and Julie &artin dit La+allee in 18$# at te. ince .o+e"ber . 1nne. Daughter &arie Do"tille was born Kctober 19. Catherine %errault. Duc arme. he "arried Louis %erreault (b..he La Loche boat brigades had one of the "ost de"anding ?obs in the fur trade. Jean 'a!tiste 'ruce was a leader for one of the La Loche boat brigades. 1885 "arried &etis !olitician %ierre Delor"e the first &etis to ser+e in Canada>s !arlia"ent. he was one of 89 &etis at Fort -alsh who sub"itted a !etition. 1$#$) circa 18. .6. Daughter 1delaide b.orth 1"erican Indigenous *a"es. the son of Do"ini0ue Charron dit Duchar"e and o!hie :enault. Duc arme.orth -est Co"!an/ +o/ageur ("iddle"an) with 1leBander :enr/ the Gounger at %e"bina in 1891.ational =ailwa/ in 1###. 18. . Laurent 1boriginal :ead tart. G+on Du"ont Lieutenant *o+ernor of &anitoba.$ "arried Jean 'a!tiste Larance.he cou!le had the following childrenM • • • • • • • on 1ndre b. 18$3. &arch 8. 1889 "arried 2douard %erreault. 1lbert Duchar"e who is a "echanical engineer and is "anager of the engineering de!art"ent of 'oeing 1eros!ace in -inni!eg.heir son was a su!!orter of Louis =iel and ser+ed as a &anitoba &L1. *eorge is the 2lder for the t.91. :e has been inducted as a E&e"ber of the Lo/ageurF under the Lo/ageur na"e E1ugustine ChartrandF. Daughter &arie b. :e "arried =ose . :e has also done eBtensi+e cultural !rogra" de+elo!"ent wor( for the *abriel Du"ont Institute and the Louis =iel Institute *eorge was the +olunteer coordinator for &etis Culture for the .ational 1boriginal Da/. . 'oniface.99. Daughter &adeleine b. 185$) Jose!h Duchar"e was born on .olin. 1$##) &adeleine was the daughter of %ierre Duchar"e and Catherine ( aulteauB). on behalf of the &etis of the four districts of 1ssiniboia to ?oin . Ji" Duchar"e ser+ed as %resident of the &etis . the daughter of John . Duc arme. 18. 185$ at t.

1. &r.. In 1###.he/ had recentl/ "arried in the Cathedral in t.. . .&. he was with &"e =iel (who had been coughing blood for three da/s) and her two children. born between 1888 and 1#96. :e is certified as a s!ecialist in cri"inal law b/ the Law ociet/ of J!!er Canada and has !racticed both as a defence counsel and as a standing agent for the De!art"ent of Justice. the/ found a stra/ calf that the/ butchered and ate. has a '.here were "an/ hardshi!s but Christine was resourceful and was often as(ed to write !ersonal and business letters for relati+es and neighbours. :er widowed "other. a distant cousin on the Landr/ side.ationaleF at 'atoche in 1885 (referred to as the . (Contributed b/ the &etis . :enriette Landr/ (18.his was e+idenced b/ the fact that in the .he/ had siB children together. . . 183# at t. acco"!anied her.oronto.orth)-est =ebellion in 2uro)Canadian literature). fro" Gale Law chool. the/ wal(ed the 18 "iles bac( to 'atoche. there was little food and after the debacle on &a/ 1. Duchar"e was the first 1boriginal !erson elected as a 'encher of the Law ociet/ of J!!er Canada.oronto and an LL. &r. .)1#9#). 18 "onths). Duchar"e is +er/ well regarded in the legal co""unit/.ati+e Child and Fa"il/ er+ices of .odd Duchar"e beca"e Canada>s first &etis ?udge when he was a!!ointed to the Kntario u!erior Court of Justice on &a/ $.here.hese con+ictions and her strength in ti"es of ad+ersit/ were re+ealed in a !oignant account of her trials during the E*uerre .!) Christine Du"as and her husband 'arthele"/ %ilon arri+ed at the &etis settle"ent of 'atoche in the s!ring of 188. ECe nIest !as Louis =iel "ais le gou+erne"ent lache 0ui est +enu en guerre che@ les !au+res gens. : ristine (. he was cold. fro" Gale Jni+ersit/.he /oung cou!le settled near their fa"il/ and began building a co"fortable ho"e on their ri+er lot on the outh as(atchewan =i+er. &r.ilon). he defended the actions of the &etis leader.. :e was the first Clinic Director of 1boriginal Legal er+ices of . . Louis =iel. To%%. It was his second "arriage. a &5tis law/er fro" . &an/ of her brothers and sisters had !receded the" to the new Eho"eland.ational Council) Dumas. a +alue which she instilled in her eight childrenM fi+e bo/s and three girls. she was forced to flee in the woods (&inatinas :ill area) with her /oung EbibiF (Louis. (188$#19.F Christine and "ost of the wo"en and children had sought refuge in dugouts and tents down b/ the trenchesD the ad+ancing *o+ern"ent troo!s had burned their new ho"e. and recei+ed the second highest a"ount of +otes in the !ro+ince as a whole.oronto candidate..) 1ng5li0ue was for"all/ "arried to Louis Letendre on June 1.oronto.F .'. . . &"e %ilon was !roud of her fa"il/Is dual Canadian and &etis heritage.Duc arme. an LL. beco"ing the =egional 'encher for . 1ng5li0ue was one of the heroes of the 1885 &etis =esistance. fro" &c*ill Jni+ersit/. E=iel returned three ti"es to sa/ adieu to his fa"il/ 33 . an &. =ngAliFue. 'oniface.odd Duchar"e. Dumas. (b. 'arthele"/ !ursued "iBed far"ing and su!!le"ented the fa"il/ inco"e with freighting and car!entr/ wor(.oronto and currentl/ ser+es as a Director of .996. 1fter da/s of hiding in the bush.1.. 'oniface. and :enrietta Landr/. 188.oronto>s 1boriginal co""unit/ o+er the last decade. fro" the Jni+ersit/ of .. Duchar"e has also been +er/ acti+el/ in+ol+ed in . &anitoba.oronto. .998 'encher 2lection he recei+ed the "ost +otes of an/ . 1ng5li0ue was the daughter of &ichel Du"as Jr.

Daniel 0Da/i%. Lital.before he ga+e hi"self u!.F Christine and 'athele"/ had lost e+er/thing.. she died in a little house neBt door to her daughter 1delaide at the age of #. re!rinted courtes/ of the &etis =esource Centre.. Christine and her Echer "ariF celebrated their golden anni+ersar/ in 1#8. Inde!endent to the end. It was so sad.F 'ut the/ !ersisted. (Contributed b/ Diane %a/"ent. the son of &ichel Du"as and :enriette Landr/. 'oniface in 1838. EIl nous restait 0ue le courage de Canadien et de &etis !our +i+re. 18!() Daniel was born on .he/ later "o+ed to 'atoche. :e "arried 2lise Ferguson at t. 1 new ho"e was built. cro!s were sown and a second ho"estead was ac0uired. :e re!orted seeing a bullet !assing 3$ . .) Dumas.o+e"ber .. 1868 at t.. Daniel was one of the fighters at 'atoche..3 (.

ourond>s Coulee was the "ost difficult one. ELes roles et les souffrances des fe""es "5tisses lors de la =5sistance de 18$9 et de la =5bellion de 1885. 'oniface on Dece"ber 1. 88 &ichel Du"as r. (18". Dumas. Dumas.1#19$8) Isidore was born at t. 'oniface riding in 1#15. Isidore was one of Du"ont>s Ca!tainsD the soldiers in his unit were Jero"e :enr/. at age 5.ellion. 1fter 1885.. 'oniface on Dece"ber 18. the son of &ichel Du"as Jr. the son of &ichel Du"as and 1delaide Les!5rance.. Fall 1##8M 139. :e was (nown as a hea+/ drin(er and this contributed to his earl/ death at t.$.F Prairie Foru&. Du"as recountsM E. Louis to the %rince 1lbert Coloni@ation Co"!an/. 18$5. Jose!h was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Corbet Fla"ant>s co"!an/..F 8# 1fter the defeat at 'atoche.8$ Dumas. Dumas.=. Louis to the %rince 1lbert Coloni@ation Co"!an/. the son of C/rille Du"as and Charlotte Lenne.ourond>s Coulee and 'atoche with Du"ont. :e "arried L5roni0ue Kuellette (Januar/ . (18!9#1951) &ichel was born at t. 1888 he had signed a !etition !rotesting the 1888 Krder in Council transferring the &etis lands at t. at t. 'oniface.5) Jose!h was born on Februar/ 1#. &ichel was educated at "ission schools. &ic el. Isi%ore. I can honestl/ sa/ that I was scared.onl/ three fingers abo+e his wife>s head. .+. Kn . :e was one of the "en who tra+eled to &ontana with *abriel Du"ont to get Louis =iel !rior to the =esistance of 1885. . but at . . Jose!h "o+ed to southern 1lberta where he was e"!lo/ed in ranching.o. Jose* .o+e"ber 1#. Laurent. he "arried &ar/ . 1#.esbit. #86. 8$ Cited in . Louis de Lange+in in 1889.D his "other was &ichel r. Leon Ferguson. 1#91.ierre.. &. 188() Jose!h was born on &arch . %ierre :enr/. 186#. Kn . 8# =ud/ -iebe and 'ob 'eal (2ditors).. held :'C lots 818.atrice. 18$5 at t. 1#85M #9. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. Lital the son of &ichel Du"as r. :e was elected as a !ro+incial &L1 for t.9. Ji" hort.$. Jose* . he was defeated in 1#.orbert). :e too s!ent ti"e in 'uffalo 'ill>s -ild -est how. 1t 'atoche we (new that we could esca!e. Isidore fled along with *abriel Du"ont and others to &ontana. 1888 he had signed a !etition !rotesting the 1888 Krder in Council transferring the &etis lands at t.ourond>s Coulee we were surrounded and in a hole. (18. 88 and :enriette Landr/.athalie Aer"oal. Lagloire 'o/er. 38 . :e is the uncle of &ichel Du"as Jr. Lol. 1838 at t. 18$8 at t. (.o+e"ber 1#. #. and :enriette Landr/. *ilbert 'reland and Isidore Lilleneu+e. In 18#8. . :e is the brother of Isidore Du"as and the uncle of &ichel Du"as Jr. %ierre La+erdure.he fa"il/ "o+ed to t. &ichel fought during the =esistance then fled to &ontana with Du"ont after the battle of 'atoche. Du"as was the Kne 1rrow =eser+e far" instructor and ser+ed as the secretar/ of =iel>s go+erning council. Isidore was in+ol+ed in the 1885 =esistance at Duc( La(e. #. Lital.# 19. . #85 and #83 at =ed =i+er.6.>s second wife. :e "arried %5lagie "ith on Februar/ 1$. War in the West7 6oi es of the ())* "e. .orontoM &cClelland and tewart Ltd. then &arie 1nne La"irande.he battle of .

1udre/ wor(s hard to be fair and accountable. 1udre/>s fa"il/ is lin(ed to that of the fa"ous *abriel Du"ont. he and her husband *ordon are d/na"ic !artici!ants at the co""unit/ le+el. Laurent. -ruce. Kn Januar/ . (b. .985. .rustees of 1!eetogosan (&etis) &etis De+elo!"ent Inc. :e was acti+e with his father and brothers during the 1885 =esistance. 1889 he "arried Justine hort at t. 1853) 1"broise was the son of Jean E%etitF Du"ont and Do"itilde *ra+elle. =m. For a nu"ber of /ears the/ ran a dr/ cleaning franchise (&aster Cleaners) o!erating as %oitras Cleaners fro" 1#$# to 1##9.5). 1#59) 1udre/ was born at 2l( %oint. and to listen and act on the as!irations of the &etis !eo!le. In 1##3.oitras).orthern 1lberta Institute of . he attended the . (b. Dumont. In the late 1#89s 1udre/ returned to school while still wor(ing.o. :e was "arried to 'ets/ Ainawis and arah &orin. 1leBis was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 'ernard %aul>s co"!an/.his is situated near the &etis ettle"ent of Fishing La(e. 19!!) 3# .8 Dumont..1. Following her graduation fro" the . Jean 'a!tiste was born at the &etis co""unit/ of t. . 1lberta. Dumont. a &etis fro" t. :er "other &abel was fro" 2ngland. :ere she acted as a (e/ ad+isor in the a!!oint"ent !rocess for the .heir fa"il/ "o+ed to the Duc( La(e.9.echnolog/. 1udre/ was raised near the far"ing co""unit/ of 2l( %oint. Laurent area in the earl/ 18$9s. he was one of the founders of &etis Local ### and currentl/ a "e"ber of &etis Local . the daughter of Jean 'a!tiste Du"ont and &abel Ainch. Kn the !ublic ser+ice front the %oitras> were in+ol+ed in the founding of &etis Local 1885. 65.ation of 1lberta. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. *ordon %oitras is a descendant of %ierre %oitras.ation of 1lberta. 1udre/ was one of the (e/ initiators in de+elo!ing the 1lberta &etis -o"en>s organi@ation. had signed a !etition !rotesting the 1888 Krder in Council transferring the &etis lands at t. 1udre/ %oitras beca"e the first wo"an elected to the %residenc/ of the &etis . %aul. and he wor(ed as a tra!!er and far"er. !!.his local initiated structural and organi@ational changes in the &. 1s a &etis leader.o+e"ber 1#. .roise. 1883.. Fran<ois Ca+ier who re!resented that !arish in the con+entions of 183# and 18$9 when he ser+ed on =iel>s Council at =ed =i+er. 188!) 1leBis was the son of Jean 'a!tiste E%etitF Du"ont and Do"tilde *ra+elle. ubse0uent to that she successfull/ ran for the !residenc/ in 1##3. . 1lberta. (C %. 1udre/ too( the !osition of Director of Finance for the &etis . &ichif and French. (. t. =u%rey (. =le<is.orthern 1lberta Institute of .echnolog/ and beca"e a Certified 1ccountant in 1##9. 1888 1"broise r. Louis to the %rince 1lbert Coloni@ation Co"!an/. . 'ecause of her s(ills and eB!ertise 1udre/ was a!!ointed as the re!resentati+e of 1lberta &etis -o"en to the election Co""ittee of 1!eetogosan (&etis) &etis De+elo!"ent Inc. and Du"ont>s s!irit is +er/ "uch ali+e in 1udre/. 1udre/ and *ordon %oitras are successful in both their !ublic and !ri+ate underta(ings. (.Dumont. 1lberta. he s!o(e Cree.

&ar/. 1lberta. Daniel 1nasse was born on Jul/ 1#. 2"elie. 1#66 at Klds. :e was elected Lice %resident of &%C'C in . 1#9$. Isidore Du"as and Chief Fine Da/. &iddleton who" led the 'ritish against the &etis in 1885. 1lberta. . :e was ba!ti@ed at Lac te. 1lberta. as(atchewan..996. Laurent)de)*randin &ission in 18$1. "o+ing to undre. li(e his brother. &ontana for se+eral /ears then e+entuall/ returned to the +icinit/ of 'atoche where he died on Januar/ 18.anai"o. Laroc0ue.orth Island &etis 1ssociation 1##3. 5#5) sa/s that 2douard and his brothers 2li and *abriel could read and write French and that 2douard could also read "usic. Dumont.5th. E&ission to LebretF (on !g. 5 bo/s and 5 girls.he/ were "arried in 1#8$ at t. 1lberta with 6 children. 'C.rottier. :e is !resentl/ &inister of Culture for the &etis . J. Francois Dufresne the father of 1nna Dufresne was a coutOInter!reter for *eneral *.'ruce Du"ont was born on &a/ . . :e fought right to the end of the 'attle of 'atoche but was not !rosecuted since he. Francois Dufresne was ca!tured b/ 'ig 'ears warriors (-andering !irit) and held for ?ust o+er .#195") 2douard was born Februar/ 1865 near Fort %itt. esca!ed to the Jnited tates. :e was a!!ointed a ECa!tainF in =iel>s ar"/ with ten "en ser+ing under hi". as(atchewan. "onths before esca!ing. &ar/>s grandfather was Francois Dufresne. 'C and Calgar/. 'oniface Cathedral. 1885 at Calgar/. &ar/ Du"ont assisted organi@ing .rade Hualification in 2lectronics at the outhern and . o!hie and 2douard are also listed a"ong the &etis wintering at t.6.999) :is father. (18!. &a/ . D%ouar%. 1"brose was. :e "arried Catherine %iche dit &orin. far"ed and logged there until 1#6. 1nne. 1865. a great. "o+ed to the Ai(ino &etis ettle"ent to his !arents. Daniel>s "other.orthern 1lberta Institute of . great ne!hew of *abriel Du"ont. %ierre and &arguerite Du"ont>s ho"estead and tra!!ed.998 and has ser+ed as acting !resident since .8.a. born Januar/ 1859 at Fort %itt. 1835 in t. died at Knion La(e on 1!ril 1. 'ruce was educated in undre.echnolog/.ational Council. (Contributed b/ :eather $9 . is the daughter of 1nna Dufresne and Daniel Lanasse (or 1nasse). 1"brose and &ar/ Du"ont had 19 children.reat/ Da/s at Knion La(e and she was a co"!etiti+e =ed =i+er Jigger. :is !olitical career began as a Local 'oard &e"ber and %resident of the . the son of Jose!h 1"brose Du"ont (1#1$X1##. 2douard fought alongside his brother *abriel at the 'attle of Duc( La(e. 'ruce>s "other. brother to Isidore. he was the daughter of &arie Julie :allett and Louison Letendr5 dit 'atoche.) and Cecile &arie Lanasse (1#1$X. 1lberta on 1ugust . 1"brose and &ar/ had &etis "e"bershi! cards since 1#$. fished. in *olden. :e li+ed at Lewistown. Charles . :e was also at the 'attle of Fish Cree( (actuall/ . :e "arried o!hie Letendr5. great grandson of Isidore Du"ont the first &etis (illed at Duc( La(e. 2douard was an acti+e !artici!ant in the =esistance of 1885. in an article.rained as a afet/ %rofessional with the -or(ers Co"!ensation 'oard and is currentl/ e"!lo/ed as a afet/ Kfficer in . :e recei+ed an 1!!renticeshi!. the son of Jean 'a!tiste Lanasse and 2"elie Calder. %aul de &etis. Jean Caron. 1t the last count there are 119 direct &etis descendants of 1"brose and &ar/ Du"ont. Daniel Lanasse was the Indian 1gent and Inter!reter for the Federal *o+ern"ent at the Knion La(e =eser+e. 1lberta. 1"brose Du"ont was a great. in)turn. as(atchewan at the beginning of the =iel =esistance of 1885.ourond>s Coulee) and brought reinforce"ents that sa+ed the da/ there. 1#6$ at 8# /ears of age. :e was the brother of *abriel Du"ont and the son of Isidore dit 2ca!ow (1/)sa)!ow) Du"ont and Louise Lafra"boise. .

2nglish. Cardinal>s and 'runeau>s were also !art of this 1sini -achi -i Iniwa( 'and. 1 Feb. &arguerite was a "e"ber of 2noch>s 'and but left treat/ to ta(e scri!.9 &arch 1818.) Dumont. . Dlie. :e associated with Cree grou!s and was recogni@ed b/ the" as a "edicine "an. . Laurent in what is now as(atchewan.5) 2li@abeth is best)(nown as the aunt of Louis =iel>s *eneral *abriel Du"ont Jr. D%Gar%. DliHa. &ar/ 2li@abeth (Lisette) Du"ont (b.:allett. Cree and aulteauB. :e is !robabl/ the 2douard Du"ont described b/ *abriel Du"ont as Ethe son of an 1ssiniboine &etis. 186$) and the/ had two children. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance.) Dumont. and a ne!hew of *abriel Du"ont. 186$. d. 1$#5 who "arried u@ane LussierD u@anne b 1$85 who "arried . 1$#9). Kn .>ina ( arcee) wo"an.his fa"il/ li+ed in the 2d"onton and 'attle =i+er area of 1lberta.ho"as "ithD Jean 'a!tist dit Lar(in Du"ont b.he Du"ont fa"il/ were "e"bers of the %esew 'and of &ountain Cree headed b/ Louis Jose!h %iche. . Dumont. 1895 dd. (1855)1#89) 2dward Aa!ee!i(wanew dit Du"ont was the son of *abriel Du"ont r. who led the &etis =esistance at 'atoche in 1885.) 2lie was the son of 2lie Du"ont r. 1885 "arried &arguerite Lafra"boiseD Isidore Du"ond dit Du"ont b. 2dward "arried &arguerite utherland dit Aa!eta(us . a .et . Dumont. the son of Isidore dit 2ca!ow (1/)sa)!ow) Du"ont and Louise Lafra"boise.F :e was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 1ntoine Lafontaine>s co"!an/. :e s!o(e French&ichif. raised b/ "/ uncle Jean 'a!tiste . :e was born at t.3 at t.suu .$ Kct. . Louis &issouri 2li@abeth for"all/ "arried 1ntoine $1 .he Delor"e>s.rottier. and u@anne Lussier. was the daughter of Jean 'a!tiste Du"ond dit Du"ont and Jose!hte (Josette). . Dlie. (1888#198.a!otchi/is and the/ li+ed near 'atoche. (18!") 2lie was born Kctober 15. horse ?oc(e/ and general labourer in -estern Canada and the Jnited tates. (1"95#18. 18. :e was a Ca!tain of one of the 1# co"!anies led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the =esistance. 1885 who "arried 1ngele Landr/ and Louise Lafra"boiseD and Cecile Du"ont b. 2lie tra+eled fro" Fort 4 la Corne to ?oin his brother at 'atoche during the =esistance of 1885. :er siblings wereM *abriel b. (Contributed b/ Diane %a/"ent. During his life he wor(ed as a ranch hand. :e "arried Fran<oise Kuellette (b. 1899 who "arried Jose!h Des"arais. and Fran<oise Kuellette.o+e"ber 16.

. Francois and Aatherine were born in Florrisant. Francis Ca+ier. 1lthough &etis.Cla/"ore (the French ECle"entF beca"e ECla/"oreF). 1fter the :udson>s 'a/ Co"!an/ bought out the .6D twins &arie and &arguerite born 18.8. 18.ail Cree( near 'oss :ill. (. and Ja"es =ichards were the great buffalo hunters of 1lberta. the son of *abriel Du"ont r. later (nown as Duha"el ettle"ent. and 2li@abeth were ba!ti@ed in the t.1. c. the daughter of a iouB wo"an. . and u@anne Lucier. . he had ta(en treat/ and was a "e"ber of Kne 1rrow>s 'and. 18#3. .3D 2li@abeth. born 18. the /oungest. Francis Du"ont beca"e a "e"ber of the K(anese 'and in 18#3 ha+ing been transferred fro" Kne 1rrowIs 'and (Duc( La(e 1genc/). =eference is "ade also on the De!art"ental %a/ List to an 18#3 letter concerning this transfer and the funded 1nnuities of one bo/ and two girls. born 18. Fran<ois *abriel Du"ont. 1lbert.he/ had ten children. were born on in 18. the cou!le had "o+ed to a s"all far" in t. 18$. twin girls. Cl5"ent was the &etis son of a Cree "other and a French)Canadien father.#. the son of *abriel Du"ont r. he acco"!anied Da+id . and u@anne Lucier.orth -est Co"!an/ (18. Fur Co. . 2ither in Canada or t.anc/ *ladu of la+e La(e at Lac te. :e "arried . 'asil. :e "arried.o. e"!lo/ee. Louis. .#. (. 18. :e was re!ortedl/ a crac( shot whether using a rifle or the bow and arrow. ca. *eorge -ard. &ost of the children were "arried in the t. 1888 at -illow 'unch. . In 1896. and . ?ust to the northwest of t. 1braha" alois (the brother)in)law of Francois). he was wor(ing for the . 1$35). 1ntoine died ca. 1lberta)..5. Fran<ois Ca+ier.odd>s Crossing near %ono(a. 69 on the K(anese %a/ List of Kctober . Louis cathedral.his &etis co""unit/ was located at the !oint where the addle La(e X 'attleford .3. :er *ood *round -o"an.1).he 'uffalo La(e site is located between L/nn and 'uffalo La(es southeast of 2d"onton. $. Lac t. . Dumont.) Fran<ois was born at Kld Fort 2d"onton in 18.he &etis fled fro" locations such as t. François. !u!ils of the HuI1!!elle Indian chool. John '. 1nne in 186#. the son of Lital Du"ont and 1delaide *agnon. . :e had four iouB wi+es. 'uffalo La(e and the 'attle =i+er Lalle/ ca"e to !ro"inence as a &etis gathering !laces after the great s"all)!oB (la pi otte) e!ide"ic of 18$9. Francois was born at Kld Fort 2d"onton in 18. 1868 and Li@ette died after a re"arriage. %re+ious children.he/ had the following childrenM 1ntoine &ichel. 1nne and 2d"onton to esca!e the disease.. 1859. Later. François Ga. It is on the stretch of the 'attle =i+er between the "odern da/ cities of -etas(iwin and Ca"rose. &arie [ &arguerite.) Francis was born at t.he na"e of Francis Du"ont a!!ears as . born 1811D %ierre. Francois was a leader of the &etis 69 Cl5"ent was in the co"!an/ of Jac0uot Cardinal during the eB!loration of the =i+iTre la 'iche and as(atchewan =i+er. born 18. 1nne in 186#.rail crosses the ri+er.anc/ *ladu of la+e La(e at Lac te. Dumont dit :ayole. born 1813D Jose!h.here were four nearb/ &etis wintering sitesM alois> Crossing near Duha"el. Fran<ois *abriel Du"ont was the founder of what was to beco"e the Laboucane ettle"ent.$ and Francois Ca+ier. born 18.riel.8. was born 1ugust 18. Louis area. :e "arried &oni0ue 'ellerose on &arch . 1ntoine 'a@ile Jac0ue &arie 61 b. :e "arried .wo /ears later.69 .5.ho"as Lestang ar!/. Louis. including... Ferdinand de Florrisant.-C at Fort des %rairies (now 2d"onton. &ar/ ar!/. .Cle"ent (b.ho"!son on the tri! through the =oc(/ &ountains fro" Fort Aootena/. 61 'a@ile went u! the &issouri in 1869 as a =oc(/ &ountain. and Dried &eat :ill. :e was acti+e during the 1885 =esistance at 'atoche along with his older brother Louis and his father Lital.

'oniface. . the third child of Isidore Du"ont and Louise Lafra"boise. 1braha" alois (the brother)in)law of Francois). guided hi" to Lac t. 1nne.he la(e is located about 65 "iles northwest of the cit/ of 2d"onton. :e also brought the first !low. Francois was the !erson who tra+eled to -inni!eg to bring the first !riest bac( to establish a "ission at t. acco"!anied hi". 1t the ti"e his brother)in)law 1braha" alois and alois> two sons. Fran<ois)Ca+ier. *abriel Du"ont r.ail Cree(. Ga. Francois was the !erson who tra+eled to -inni!eg to bring the first !riest bac( to establish a "ission at t. and Ja"es =ichards were the great buffalo hunters of 1lberta.hibault blessed the la(e and rena"ed it Lac t. .. (1"9.he first /ear after the/ "o+ed the go+ern"ent a!!ointed Francois to be the agent !a/ing out .3th of Jul/ and the nearest -ednesda/ is alwa/s the first da/ of the 1lberta &etis !ilgri"age.#1885) *abriel Du"ont r. :e was a leader of the &etis o!erating out of the 2d"onton area and 'oss :ill and . later (nown as the Kld Duha"el ettle"ent. Du"ont died in 1889 at 'attle =i+er. "arried u@anne Lussier. 1nne falls on the . ha+e ins!ired generations of &5tis. tra+eled to t. 1nne. Dumont. Lac t. :is father was a &ontreal fur trader who wor(ed on contract for the :'C. little is (nown of *abriel Du"ont !rior to the 18$9s.reat/ "one/ to the Indians. was the son of Jean 'a!tiste Du"ont and Jose!hte arcee. In 1866 a "ission was set u! and a s"all house built to house Father . which he used on his far" at Lac t.riel. Du"ont !artici!ated in $8 . in t. his fa"il/ was in+ol+ed in the bison hunt. 1leBis %ich5 r. is the site of an annual &etis religious !ilgri"age. 1nne. 1lbert. '/ 188$ the buffalo had disa!!eared and the la(e lost i"!ortance as a traditional gathering !lace. a &etis who li+ed in the area. 'oniface to as( that !riests be sent to li+e a"ong the". .his was the first !er"anent Catholic "ission west of -inni!eg.. Father . :e did this in the area (nown as the Laboucane ettle"ent. 1nne. *abriel Du"ont was a "an of action.he feast da/ of t.99 &etis li+ing at this location. the /oung !riest who acco"!anied hi".ail Cree(. (18("#1958) *abriel Du"ont X the na"e con?ures u! a host of i"agesM the di"inuti+e but courageous E hef &=tisF who led his !eo!le in ar"ed struggle against the Do"inion of CanadaD a nineteenth)centur/ Che *ue+ara !assionatel/ concerned with his !eo!le>s self) go+ernanceD the 0uintessential l'ho&&e de prairie who li+ed freel/ as a bison hunter and entre!reneur and a hu"anitarian who shared his bount/ with the less fortunate. In 1861. :e also brought the first !low. sense of dut/ and lo+e of his !eo!le. :e and his eBtended (in grou! of bison hunters established Lac t.hibault and Jose!h 'ourassa. Dumont. 1nne to the 'attle =i+er. Ga. :e was na"ed for his uncle. 1nne west of 2d"onton. also &etis. Laurent and *abriel. Des!ite being so lioni@ed.riel 'r. =ed =i+er ettle"ent. a hard drin(ing buffalo hunter and . In the 1859s there were well o+er . which he used on his far" at Lac t. Fro" an earl/ age. Fran<ois *abriel Du"ont. 1nne. also (nown as Iacaste.o!erating out of the 2d"onton area and 'oss :ill and . In the earl/ 18$9s Francois "o+ed fro" Lac t. including his selflessness. :e was born in Dece"ber 188$. *eorge -ard. the uncle of *abriel Du"ont of 'atoche fa"e. 1longside other &5tis fro" t. (nown as &anitou a(ahigan to the &etis and Indians. 2+en though !riests were scarce bisho! %ro+encher sent Father Jean)'a!tiste . . courage.hibault who was a Cree s!ea(er to chec( things out. 1lbert. *abriel. whose "an/ ad"irable 0ualities. =ed =i+er.ati+e leader.

a &5tis bison hunt leader and trader X at t. Du"ont had beco"e the leader of se+eral hundred &5tis li+ing in and around t Laurent de *randin. .-&%) disbanded it after it atte"!ted to le+/ a fine against those &5tis who contra+ened the conser+ation "easures of the %aw of the 2unt. Jose!h (-alhalla). the &5tis> resistance was doo"ed. Du"ont (new his li"itations. elected hi" Chief of the :unt in the 1839s and %resident of the t. the great herds of bison. Jnder Du"ont>s leadershi!. as(atchewan. In 1858. although the/ had no children of their own. :owe+er. the &5tis fought an entrenched battle at 'atoche against a larger.orth -est &ounted %olice (. ra!idl/ dwindled. the 'atoche area &5tis were des!erate for redress fro" the federal go+ern"ent.he/ had a war". 1leBandre Fageron. through disci!lined "ar(s"anshi! and the use of barricaded rifle !its.. a "uch larger !art/ of Gan(ton Da(ota at the 'attle of *rand Coteau. ee(ing new econo"ic o!!ortunities. 1fter 1885. . well)ar"ed force. =iel then beca"e the undis!uted !olitical leader and Du"ont. '/ the 1839s.he cou!le>s earl/ /ears were s!ent on the hunt. when he used the sa"e defensi+e rifle !it s/ste" in 1885. .ired and out of a""unition. &ichel Du"as and 1leBander Isbister brought Louis =iel bac( to Canada fro" &ontana in order to negotiate with the federal go+ern"ent. . Du"ont>s life as a /oung adult was t/!ical of other &5tisM he "arried earl/ and hunted bison. better)e0ui!!ed ar"/. :owe+er.he ease of the &5tis +ictor/ X onl/ one fatalit/ X "ade a huge i"!ression u!on Du"ont.orth Da(ota. the bo/ who e"braced the hunt with so "uch gusto would beco"e a buffalo hunter !ar eBcellence. %r5fontaine. he "arried &adeleine X daughter of Jean)'a!tiste -il(ie. on &arch . against *eneral &iddleton>s forces. In ti"e.orth Da(ota for the first ti"e in 1851. lo+ing relationshi!.orth as(atchewan =i+er and the rich bison)hunting grounds of the Da(otas.herefore. once the resistance bro(e out. des!ite successfull/ e"!lo/ing guerilla tactics and su!erior "ar(s"anshi! at Duc( La(e. throughout the 18$9s and 1889s. he would be less successful. which was steadil/ being aug"ented b/ 5"igr5s fro" &anitoba. *abriel Du"ont Institute. he and 899 other &5tis decisi+el/ defeated.5 and on 1!ril . Kn &a/ #)1. the "ilitar/ co""ander. 1#93. as(atoon) $6 . :owe+er. !articularl/ regarding their land tenure. . the &5tis +aliantl/ succu"bed to a hast/ charge b/ Canadian +olunteers. (Contributed b/ Darren =. 1nother e+ent ha!!ened in 1851 that would !rofoundl/ i"!act u!on /oung Du"ont>s !s/cheM Kn Jul/ 18 and 16. . which !ro+ided "an/ &5tis with their li+elihood. Laurent Council in 18$8. :owe+er. constantl/ "o+ing between the . at Fish Cree(.hus. *abriel Du"ont>s role as the &5tis> "ilitar/ leader during the 1885 =esistance is where he is best re"e"bered. against the . .-&%.he &5tis co""unit/. in what is now central as(atchewan.hus ended *abriel Du"ont>s role as "ilitar/ leader. . which he dictated in Januar/ 188#D a far"er X he recei+ed land) scri! in 18#8D and a hunter and tra!!er. Du"ont li+ed a +aried eBistenceM a !olitical eBile in the Jnited tatesD a widower X &adeleine died of tuberculosis in 1883D a -ild)-est how !erfor"erD a brief and failed tenure as a !olitical s!ea(er in French)Canadian nationalist circlesD a raconteur of the e+ents of 1885. li(el/ of a heart attac(. the cou!le ado!ted a daughter. although he was alread/ ear"ar(ed for leadershi!. Du"ont !resided o+er the Council until 18$8. Du"ont (new that his force of 199)899 could not defeat the Do"inion>s larger. 1nnie (born 1838 at =ed =i+er) and a bo/. hi"self. when the . Kn &a/ 1#. being unlettered and unco"fortable with 2uroCanadian !olitics.the hunt in !resent)da/ . bac(ed ulti"atel/ b/ the "ight of the 'ritish 2"!ire.6. in !resent)da/ . Du"ont o!erated a ferr/ ser+ice at E*abriel>s CrossingF and e+en owned a general store. he died suddenl/ at 'elle+ue.

$).liography7 'arnholden. 3a.orbert. &ichael.. 18. Laurent area fro" t.he/ were "arried on June 19. Francois Ca+ier in the earl/ $5 . Isa. 183$ at t. Dumont. . Lol. (18((#1899) Jean E%etitF Du"ont was born at t.he/ "o+ed to the Duc( La(e. Jean Jr.998. 2douard.. Jean 0. . . was !art of the original 18$1 t. was !art of the original 18$1 t.elle. Jordan. these were the first shots fired in the 1885 =esistance.6#) . Jose!h. 1lso elected as a Council "e"ber in 18$8 and 18$6. KntarioM 'road+iew %ress.. 185. 1885F.) Jean and Isidore r. and 2lie. the daughter of Jose!h Landr/ and *ene+ie+e Lalonde. . dit Dca*oo. he was the daughter of Jose!h %arenteau and 1ngeli0ue *odon. 2d"ontonM .riel Du&ont Speaks. :e first "arried Louise Lafra"boise and the/ had se+en childrenM Isidore Jr. 3a. :is nic(na"e was E2ca!ooF and the Cree Indians called hi" E1i caw !owF (. 2ditor. he was the daughter of Isidore dit 2ca!ow (1/)sa)!ow) Du"ont and Louise Lafra"boise. 8 ( e!te"ber. 1t the sa"e ti"e &cAa/ shot and (illed 1si/ewin. CCC./i. *eorge F. Dumont. *eorge.orth -est =ebellion. 18!!) Isabelle was born on Jul/ 18. t. Isidore Jr.etit3.orbert. (.he Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta %ress. Isi%ore 'r. :is second wife was 1ngie Lafra"boiseD the/ were "arried on June 19. Laurent on the outh as(atchewan go+erning co""ittee. Jean Jr. Dumont. 183$ at t. Laurent on the outh as(atchewan go+erning co""ittee. Laurent Council "e"ber in 18$8 and 18$6 and was in+ol+ed in the 1885 =esistance at Duc( La(e. . Dumont.riel Du&ont in Paris7 A No:el 2istory. 1###. :e "arried Do"itilde *ra+elle and the/ had twel+e children.3#. 1885 along the Carlton =oad b/ . Lancou+erM . Isidore r.3. E*abriel Du"ont>s 1ccount of the . *abriel. Isabelle.o. was elected as a t. Jean %it : a2as2a.) Isidore was *abriel Du"ont>s brother.he/ had ele+en children together. 'oniface.. :e is "entioned in the docu"ents of the 1859s as trading at Fort 2llice. 1##8. (1815#188. 1858 she "arried &obse Kuelette.riel Du&ont %eterborough. .=.ho"as &cAa/ ( u!erintendent Cro@ier>s 2nglish :alf)'reed inter!reter). aino+ich. :e was a resident of t. !!. Dece"ber 81. :e was (illed on &arch . The Canadian 2istori al "e:iew. . &anitoba. were brothers. :is second wife was 1ngele Landr/ (b. Dumont. &iller. tanle/. Laurent on the outh as(atchewan go+erning co""ittee. (.he tander). %5lagie.) Isidore was *abriel Du"ont>s father. 'oniface. Isi%ore Jr. 1#6#). 3a. 1866 at the =ed =i+er ettle"ent.he/ had ele+en children. Laurent settle"ent and on the original 18$1 t.. (18((#188. the son of Jean 'a!tiste Du"ont and &arguerite Lafra"boise. . :e "arried Judith %arenteau in Dece"ber 186$ at t. J.alon 'oo(s. Dumont. Kn &a/ 1. :e died ?ust after the defeat at 'atoche. -oodcoc(. . :e was *abriel Du"ont>s cousin.

s!ring of 18$.-.996M 5#)39. bo/s [ 5 girls and arrears for eight !ersons.$) Jean was born in la+e La(e. Jean 'a!tiste "arried %hilo"ene Lanasse dit 1nas and had 5 children. 1lthough &etis. (. 6. Dumont. when he crossed bac( to wift Current and is still there wor(ing for the .ogetherM Clothing.he/ also re0uested hunting rights. Jean -a*tiste (.erritories. :is father Lital and brother Fran<ois were also acti+e in the =esistance. after which he went across the line and re"ained there until the su""er of 188#. Isidore Du"ont was Jean>s uncle and *abriel Du"ont was his cousin. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. Calgar/ %.heir na"es all a!!ear on *arnot>s list of =esistance !artici!ants.. dissertation. 185. . . one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance.86 Dumont. =* 19. In this !etition the/ as(ed for far"ing i"!le"ents and seed to begin to settle and till the land. 18.. Du"ont. &a!le Cree(. Cited in herr/ Farrell =acette. 53 of Kne 1rrows band and was in the =ebellion at 'atoche in 1885. . Louis Aa/oleF is a son of Lidal Du"ond . . 18. Canada in June 185. (18!5#1888) ee &adeleine -il(ie. Jean -a*tiste..K. +ouis %it :ayole.68 Dumont &a%eleine. 'a!tiste Du"ont. :e was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Ja"es hort>s co"!an/. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. 68 Cited in =acetteM File #. to Jean 'a!tiste Du"ont and Isabelle *ra/. Fran<ois Ca+ier. 18#.F -inni!egM Jni+ersit/ of &anitoba. Isabelle *ra/.orthwest . C/!ress :ills. =.reat/ annuit/ !a/"ents under the na"e of Louis Aa/ole in 18#.I find in !a/ sheets that Lidal Du"ond (his father) was !aid or 1 &an. (.. . E ewing Kursel+es .. 8889. 18$$ %etition fro" John &unro and other &etis at 'lac(foot Crossing that was !resented to Lieutenant)*o+ernor Da+id Laird Lieutenant *o+ernor.. 1881) Jean was the son of Jean E%etitF Du"ont and Do"itilde *ra+elle. :e was acti+e with his father and brothers during the 1885 =esistance. P%ost KfficeQ ) 'orn. :e "arried %hilo"ene =oussain in 18$3 at 'uffalo La(e.D. $3 . fi+e (na"es on declaration) ) Children deceased.1C. at la+e La(e ) Father. Jean 'a!tiste ) Concerning his clai" as a child ) 1ddress. Decorati+e 1rts and the 2B!ression of &etis and :alf 'reed Identit/. +ol. :e was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Ja"es hort>s co"!an/.. to %hilo"5ne Lanasse dit 1nas ) Children li+ing.. Jean was a "e"ber of Ca!tain Ja"es hort>s co"!an/.() Louis was born at t. Fort 1ssiniboine and 'atoche.he/ were a buffalo hunting fa"il/ and li+ed at +arious locationsD wift Current. %h... (&5tis) ) &arried.18$9s. I wo"an. the Indian 1gent for Duc( La(e clarified his status b/ wa/ of "e"o on 1!ril .-&td %olice and others .. Jean 'a!tiste then "arried &adeleine La!lante de Labourliere. June. one ) cri! for .o. &cAen@ie.M6. .69 acres of land ) Clai" . Louis a!!lied for . he had ta(en treat/ and was a "e"ber of Kne 1rrow>s 'and. (&5tis) ) &other. . . . Jean signed a e!te"ber 1#. the eldest son of Lital Du"ont and 1delaide *agnon. Dumont.853.

&ar/>s grandfather was Francois Dufresne. 1#55) is a descendent of *abriel Du"ont>s brother. a great. 2"elie. 1#6$ at 8# /ears of age. -indsor. in 1##1 and has a &aster of Fine 1rts degree fro" the Jni+ersit/ of 'ritish Colu"bia (1##8). and was at *rant &ac2wan Co""unit/ College in 2d"onton while teaching 2nglish.e-est %ress 1##9). 1885 at Calgar/. died at Knion La(e on 1!ril 1. &iddleton who" led the 'ritish against the &etis in 1885.) and Cecile &arie Lanasse (1#1$X.reat/ Da/s at Knion La(e and she was a co"!etiti+e =ed =i+er Jigger. &aril/n writes in a +ariet/ of for"s to eB!licate the e"otions of li+ing between two worlds.). &aril/n Du"ont (b. The Colour of "esistan e ( ister Lision %ress 1##6). he has been writer)in)residence at the uni+ersities of 1lberta. . Francois Dufresne the father of 1nna Dufresne was a coutOInter!reter for *eneral *. he was born at Klds. brother to Isidore. "onths before esca!ing. &ar/. as(atchewan. The "oad 2o&e (=eid"ore 'oo(s 1##.&arilyn Dumont. as(atchewan at the beginning of the =iel =esistance of 1885.998. Daniel>s "other. Daniel Lanasse was the Indian 1gent and Inter!reter for the Federal *o+ern"ent at the Knion La(e =eser+e. the son of Jean 'a!tiste Lanasse and 2"elie Calder. A "eally 3ood /rown 3irl.1. and Mis egenation /lues ( ister Lision %ress 1##6). Newest "e:iew and four anthologiesM Writing the Cir le (. he is best (nown for her boo( of !oetr/. he taught Creati+e -riting through 1thabasca Jni+ersit/. C6!!. &aril/n co"!leted her '. 1"brose was. &ar/ Du"ont assisted organi@ing . &aril/n>s "other. 1"brose Du"ont was a great. &aril/n has been !ublished in nu"erous Canadian literar/ ?ournals and her wor( has been widel/ anthologised as well as broadcast on radio and tele+ision. 1#55) &aril/n Du"ont is of CreeO&etis ancestr/. was the 2d"onton %ublic Librar/>s -riter in =esidence for . A "oo& of #ne's #wn. :e "arried Catherine %iche dit &orin. in)turn. (b. born Januar/ 1859 at Fort %itt. $$ . 1lberta. (London. :er father. Daniel 1nasse was born on Jul/ 1#. the daughter of Jose!h 1"brose Du"ont (1#1$X1##. is the daughter of 1nna Dufresne and Daniel Lanasse (or 1nasse). &aril/n Du"ont has been !ublished since 1#85 in literar/ ?ournals such asM /lue /uffalo.999). great grandson of Isidore Du"ont the first &etis (illed at Duc( La(e.oronto. ince 1#85. great ne!hew of *abriel Du"ont. Francois Dufresne was ca!tured b/ 'ig 'ears warriors (-andering !irit) and held for ?ust o+er . and is wor(ing on a docu"entar/ about her fa"il/>s connection to *abriel Du"ont.

t.elonging (Ca!e Cro(er =eser+eM Aegedonce %ress.C %resident fro" 1#88 to 1##8. G+on was a founding +ice)!resident of the .ati+e !olitical leadershi!. three)0uarters of which is &etis. In . te!han *. :is "other was &arguerite Lafra"boise. 1t twent/)one he beca"e !resident of the . -.F :er second boo( of !oetr/. 1 &etis. won the 1##$ *erald La"!ert &e"orial 1ward . 19. (.. Kn Dece"ber #. he has wor(ed in +ideo !roduction and as an intern at the . Laurent is located on La(e &anitoba about 6$ "iles northwest of -inni!eg.991 she occu!ied the -riter)in)=esidence !osition at the Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta. Dumont. :e held this !osition fro" 1##8 to 1###. 185. Kn Kctober 6. :er third boo( of collected !oe"s is that tongued ..ati+e Council of Canada and is a !ast !resident of the &anitoba &etis Federation and the &etis . te!hansson 1ward for %oetr/ fro" the -riter>s *uild of 1lberta.KntarioM 'ric( 'oo(s.arenteau). G+on Du"ont was a!!ointed b/ %ri"e &inister 'rian &ulrone/ as the lieutenant go+ernor of &anitoba.ati+e . &aril/n taught Creati+e -riting at i"on Fraser Jni+ersit/ and Awalntlen Jni+ersit/)College in Lancou+er and at the Jni+ersit/ of 1lberta. green girl drea&s Mountains (Kolichan. :e has been awarded an :onourar/ Doctor of Laws and was *o+ernor of the &etis .orth 1"erican to enter into . 1#51 in the town of t. at %e"bina. . . he "arried 1delaide *agnon.ational Council (&. ). :e was the first Chief 2Becuti+e Kfficer of the Louis =iel Institute and was a!!ointed to the 1boriginal :ealing $8 . 'ruce Du"ont (b.ational Fil" 'oard.99.1. In . he had ta(en treat/ status and was li+ing on Kne 1rrow =eser+e as 'and "e"ber N 53. 18(. :e was a "e"ber of Ca!tain 1ntoine 'elanger>s co"!an/. he "arried :elene LedouB at t. :er wor( has also been broadcast on radio and tele+ision. :e was also (nown as Lital Creole or Aa/ole. 18$1..ation)'ritish Colu"bia Dumont. . !resented b/ the League of Canadian %oets.993 she was "entor for the wired -riting %rogra" X 'anff Centre for the 1rts. for the best first collection of !oetr/ b/ a Canadian writer. one of the 1# di-aines led b/ *abriel Du"ont during the 1885 &etis =esistance. he was one of the heroines of 'atoche. he was *abriel Du"ont>s sister.999).) won the . beco"ing the first &etis to e+er hold that !osition.). (.199. with a !o!ulation of 1. Dumont.99$). (18(5#189. is currentl/ ser+ing his third ter" as %resident of the &etis .e and Mail re+iewer Judith Fit@gerald has described Du"ont as Ea !reternaturall/ gifted artist in !ossession of a world)class bag of !oetic tric(s.all/ =obinson 1boriginal 'oo( of the Gear award in .1) In Januar/ 1##8. 1#66). Jean 'a!tiste Du"ont also (nown as ha)ha)taow.) Lital Du"ont was the son of *abriel Du"ont>s uncle. &aril/n>s brother.99$.ational Council. Laurent.his boo( recei+ed the &c. +ieutenant Go/ernor. %5lagie "arried Jean 'a!tiste %arenteau (b. I/on.ati+e Council of Canada. 1t the age of siBteen (1#3$) he was elected secretar/)treasurer of the t. 3lo. :er first collection. Laurent on the outh as(atchewan.C) :e was &. &anitoba. 2d"onton. A "eally 3ood /rown 3irl. Vital %it :ayole. Du"ont is also the /oungest . Laurent local of the &anitoba &etis Federation (&&F). 1##3). 1##.) %5lagie was the daughter of Isidore dit 2ca!ow (1/)sa)!ow) Du"ont and Louise Lafra"boise. 188. G+on was born Januar/ .Alagie (.

ational 1boriginal 1chie+e"ent 1ward for %ublic er+ice in 1##3. :e ran again for the !residenc/ in . &arlene. :e was one of se+en children born to :er"aline Caisse and %ierre DurocherM &ar/. at the age of 13.ation began in 1#3# under the leadershi! of Ji" inclair. Ji" returned to the north where he wor(ed as a fire !atrol"an for the as(atchewan De!art"ent of . when he was a!!ointed to ser+e as the Lieutenant)*o+ernor of &anitoba. and Celistin and 1delaide (nee 1lcrow) Durocher were the !arents of %ierre. Ji". he trained as an aero)engine technician. Ji"Is first ?ob with the &5tis . Huebec (for boot ca"!) and Ca"! 'orden and . Durocher co""ented. he re"ar(s with a chuc(le.99. Kntario. G+on was elected ecretar/O. &r.^ as he is (nown in the &5tis co""unit/. Jim. ^Aa/as^. G+onne. 'ut I was such a /oung "an at that ti"e I didnIt (now to sta/. Ji"Is "other. 1t Ca"! 'orden. he was elected to the &&F)Interla(e =egion board and was also elected as Lice)%resident of the .renton. Ji"Is father. . he ran out of "one/ and returned to as(atchewan once again. Laurent Local.991 he was a!!ointed to the Krder of &anitoba. :e was reci!ient of a . :is "other . ^If I (new then what I (now now^..orth 1"erican Indigenous *a"es held in -inni!eg in . :e was tationed at t. Ji" inclair had +isited Ile)a)la)Crosse. (. ?oined the =o/al Canadian 1ir Force and trained for al"ost three /ears. Duroc er. Jean. G+on was elected as a director of &&F for the Interla(e =egion and beca"e Lice)%resident in 1#$8.atural =esources. In 1#$8 he ser+ed as 2Becuti+e Lice)%resident of &&F. or ^Ji""/ D.Foundation board. along $# ..herese ca"e fro" the Chartrand fa"il/ who were in+ol+ed in negotiating &etis land agree"ents at the ti"e &anitoba ?oined Confederation (18$9). In .ot too "an/ /ears later. :e went on to as(atoon and co"!leted his Co""ercial %ilots License in 1#38.^ Lea+ing the 1ir Force. Irene. :e ser+ed as &&F %resident fro" 1#86 to 1##. John of Jerusale" in e!te"ber of 1##5.. In 1#$. where he studied for two /ears. :is fa"il/ has a histor/ of !olitical in+ol+e"ent. -illie Du"ont. In 1#3$. 'ernice.. and related fields and began his studies in these fields. :is father. Ji" Durocher grew u! in Ile)a)la)Crosse and after high school. as(atchewan. sociolog/. that we (now best is the &5tis !olitician and leader.reasurer of the &&F. 19!5) Ji" Durocher was born in the s!ring of 1#69 in Ile)a)la)Crosse. 2dward and 1ldina (nee Daigneault) Caisse were the !arents of :er"aline. 2dwin and Ji".991 he was a!!ointed Co)Chair of the . :e subse0uentl/ held the a!!oint"ent of *o+ernor of the &etis . Ji" Durocher had an interest in the social sciences anthro!olog/. he registered and attended the -estern -ashington tate College in 'ellingha". 1fter wor(ing +arious ?obs and going to school. 'ut the Ji" Durocher. -ashington. t.998 but was defeated b/ the incu"bent Da+id Chartrand. Ji" then registered to ta(e !ri+ate !ilot training through 1thabasca 1ir in %rince 1lbert where he graduated with his %ri+ate %ilots License. Du"ont has ser+ed on the 'oard of *o+ernors of the Jni+ersit/ of &anitoba and was honoured with the title of Anight of Justice within . :is efforts at cleaning u! -inni!eg eine =i+er earned hi" a Co""unit/ er+ice 1ward fro" the Canadian ociet/ of Landsca!e 1rchitects in 1##5. :e was elected %resident of &&F in 1#86 and held this !osition until 1##. hel!ed to for" the &anitoba &etis Federation in the 1#39s.ational Council.he &ost Lenerable Krder of the :os!ital of t. In . ^I would ha+e sta/ed "uch longer in the 1ir Force.ati+e Council of Canada. In 1#$.

:e also recalled the :ousing ur+e/. It caused issues in the &5tis co""unit/.^ For 7699 !er "onth.^ Ji" recalls. Lice %resident and =ose chneider of Fort HuI1!!elle who held the !osition of ecretar/. ^-e as(ed the %ri"e &inister for onl/ one thing that ti"e^. a title coined b/ . and the/ offered Ji""/ D a ?ob finding wa/s to organi@e the north to address the ^bread and butter issues. ^.a! Johnson (Ile)a)laCrosse)D Kscar 'eatt/ (-e/a(win)D &artin "ith (%inehouse)D . ^.a! Lafontaine as the ^-inter -ar"th^ !rogra" of ho"e re!air and the building of old fol(s ho"es in Duc( La(e.he/ con+inced the .orthwest Kntario and northeastern 'ritish Colu"bia were also felt to need re!resentation at the &5tis table. ^If we are going to bring our issues to the forefront. If he is not successful at this. as(atchewan and &anitoba as the founding "e"bers. Cu"berland :ouse. too. including . . . now the &5tis .ation. Ji" feels that the &5tis ha+e to ha+e a +oice in all le+els of go+ern"ent and encourages &5tis !eo!le to run for election in these arenas. once federall/ and once !ro+inciall/. creating !ublic awareness on childrenIs hunger. Ji" Durocher recalls this as the beginning of core funding for the &5tis ociet/ of as(atchewan.reasurer of the &5tis ociet/ and ser+ed in this ca!acit/ along with Ji" inclair. also. 'ut /ou will alwa/s answer to the !eo!le who +oted /ou in.ation as(atchewan. ^&an/ ti"es our &5tis leaders are ta(en for granted. In the 1#89s. . Ji" Durocher was also in+ol+ed in "ainstrea" !olitics for "an/ /ears of his life. -e for"ed the &5tis .his is the !ower of being an elected official.he/ sent a delegation to Kttawa to s!ea( to these issues and Ji" Durocher recalls a few of those in attendance with hi"self and Ji" inclairM John 'eatt/ (. and not ?ust for the Liberals. o"eti"es hard decisions 89 . :e has the !ower to bring &5tis issues to the table within go+ern"ent now. recounting the e+ents around the !atriation of the Canadian Constitution and the establish"ent of the &5tis .here were "iBed feelings that ti"e^.hatIs what the !olitical s/ste" is about. we were gi+en our seat which was filled b/ Cle" Chartier and Ji" inclair on behalf of the &5tis . ^It is tough being the leader and /ou alwa/s need the grassroots !eo!le behind /ou when /ou are out there fighting for change within go+ern"ent. -e had to ta(e the %ri"e &inister to court for den/ing the &5tis a seat at the Constitutional . 'ut the Flour %ower ca"!aign gained the attention of the federal go+ern"ent and +arious Cabinet &inisters.o o!en doors for us so we could "eet with who" we felt we needed to. Ji" Durocher began his !olitical career in &5tis !olitics in 1#$1 when he ran successfull/ for .ational Council.a! Lafontaine. the !eo!le will call hi" on this at election ti"e.i"ber 'a/)D . Ji" statedM ^.^ and that is what he did.^ Ji" Durocher also urges &5tis !eo!le to get behind their !olitical leaders. an/ !art/. Loo( at leaders li(e 'uc(le/ 'elanger. Ji""/ D has been in+ol+ed in the Liberal %art/ running for election on two occasions.ational Far"ers Jnion to donate two truc(loads of flour to northern residents and ei"ens .ati+e Council of Canada where the eastern +otes out+oted the west. and the resistance was there b/ so"e indi+iduals. .^ he sa/s.able and ?ust da/s before the tal(s were to begin.hose were !owerful ti"es. ^as not e+er/one wanted that i"age in the north^. . we ha+e to be inside the go+ern"ent. we felt the need to lea+e our affiliation with the . Ile)a)la)Crosse and Fort HuI1!!elle. %resident. :e recalls the effort to bring attention to the issues of !o+ert/ and housing in the north and the ^Flour %ower^ ca"!aign. .with :oward 1da"s.ational :ealth and -elfare &inister John &unroD :ousing &inister 'arnie DansonD and "ost i"!ortantl/ %ri"e &inister %ierre . des!ite eastern o!!osition and recogni@ed 1lberta.ational Council in addressing &5tis issues. Ji""/ D began his long career with the &5tis .rans!ort donated truc(s to haul it north. Ji" states.rudeau.a! Lafontaine (Lestoc().ation.

'oth of these !eo!le were one half or "ore degree of Indian 'lood of the Chi!!ewa . and "e"bers of the %e"bina 'and of Chi!!ewa Indians who were then under the leadershi! of the Chief .ho"as Little hell.orth Da(ota she subse0uentl/ "arried John Des"arais. Jose!h Dusso"e hel!ed to for" what was called E.3. . at age 8.his organi@ation largel/ drew su!!ort fro" the :i)Line (co""unities along the railwa/ fro" -olf %oint to :a+re) and Lewistown ( !ring Cree() areas. . 1#13 at *lasgow Lalle/. -e "ust be careful and we "ust "aintain the big !icture. . because of his wor( on behalf of the &etis !eo!le of &ontana. 1lthough Ji""/ D has left !olitics behind.)D "arried Jose!h Laurent Dussiau"e on 19 &a/ 1838 at t. he died in 1#.^ Ji" Durocher holds the !osition of co)Chair!erson for the %ri"rose La(e 1ir -ea!ons .he 1#. -e need to re"ain focused on three thingsM &5tis rightsD nationhood. :e was the son of Jose!h Dussiau"e66 and &arie Frederic(65. Dusso"e beca"e the tate %resident of the Little hell 'and and continued in this !osition until his death in 1#38.F In 1#. &rs. %rogra"s are i"!ortant. !ur!osel/ gi+e us "eaningless s"all !ro?ects to (ee! us fighting a"ongst oursel+es. ^-e need to wor( together. -e "ust guard against fighting o+er !rogra"s. howe+er. &ontana. and get behind the !eo!le who are elected. loo(ing at the big !icture and at the real world.$. (1885#198() '/ Jud/ Jacob/ and Lawrence 'ar(well Jose!h Dusso"e was born on Februar/ . !articularl/ the Little hell 'and of &etis who were in the late 1899s under the leadershi! of Chief . son of Jose!h Des"arais and 1delaide Cler"ont. 1889 at &il( =i+er.ha+e to be "ade and the leader is the one who has to "a(e these calls. &ontana.. . which consisted of 1#$ or "ore Little hell 'and "e"bers fro" around the state of &ontana. &ontana. and the stablish"ent of a land base. :e "arried &ar/ Frederic( who was also born in the =ed =i+er Lalle/ in 186. the/ are !art of our rights as &5tis !eo!le.orth Da(ota in 1865D he died in 1886. *o+ern"ents.his is the big !icture.) Dussome. 'orn fro" this "arriage were sonsM John and Jose!h :. Dusso"eD daughtersM &ar/ =ose Dusso"e Done/. that is the onl/ wa/ we will see !ositi+e change^ Durocher sa/s.he First 1"erican . 65 &arie Frederic was born 15 1ugust 1868 (1l Gerbur/. he "arried Caroline %a"brun.5 and is buried in &alta. In 1#61.ew 'reed &aga@ine. and is buried in -alhalla. Dusso"e did s!ea( se+eral languages. Jose!h.egotiating Co""ittee that continues the 59)/ear struggle for co"!ensation for dis!lace"ent fro" the wea!ons rangelands for the &5tis of that region.ribe. and =achel Dusso"e Leed/.. and the 1#6# iteration (nown as the ELandless Indians of &ontanaF.$ organi@ation was for"ed in :a/s. we need to set our differences aside. Cle"ence Dusso"e 'rewster. &ontana and Dusso"e was the leader of subse0uent organi@ations under +arious na"es in 1#85. . .his grou! was !art of the &etis and Cree who were (nown as the ELandless Indians of &ontana.C. Jose* . I feel. but the/ are not gifts fro" go+ern"ent. was born in =ed =i+er Lalle/ of .ho"as Little hell.either of the" had e+er attended an/ school. . It is a conscious action. before 188$D died 18 &arch 1#. Lern Dusenberr/ gi+es the following stor/M 66 Jose!h Dusso"e r. . .he/ can create ?ealous/ in the co""unities. 81 . 'etween elections. daughter of Isidore %a"brun and Isabelle Dufresne.he leadershi! needs to (now that the/ ha+e the su!!ort of the !eo!le.3 &alta. &ontana. Kn e!te"ber 8. (Contributed b/ Aath/ :odgson) "ith fro" an article she wrote for . he re"ains acti+e and reflecti+e. Jose!h Dusso"e was well (nown throughout &ontana and in -ashington D.orth Da(ota.ee!ee ClubF. donIt get "e wrong. 1#8#.

1nd then there was the go+ern"ent =esettle"ent %lan that was al"ost acco"!lished.orthern &ontana. 8$)88.hat . . where the Far" ecurit/ 1d"inistration did re"ar(able things for white far"ers. . !erha!s for a da/ that ne+er co"es. the !urchase b/ the go+ern"ent of a fort/)acre tract of land near *reat Falls in the 1#89Is.F the ELandless Indians of . the landless ones fro" the .F or as the ELandless Indians of &ontanaF (LI&). Joe Dusso"e still belie+es that the federal go+ern"ent will e+entuall/ !ro) +ide a rehabilitation !rogra" for his !eo!leD that the Indian clai" to the hunting rights of the . In %hilli!s count/. Jose!h Dusso"e sits in his cabin at aort"an and waits. lead a grou! of Landless Indians under the +arious titles of E1bandoned . fro" Montana The Maga-ine of Western 2istoryG Lol. .he truc(s fro" the "ines roar b/ his cabin b/ da/. Initiall/. e+en now.F the ELost Chi!!ewa. too. ( !ring 1#58). &ontana. is not entirel/ dead. Jose!h Dusso"e of aurich. to li+e in less s0ualid conditions and to ha+e subsistence garden !lots.oo +i+id in Dusso"eIs "e"or/ is the o!!osition fro" *reat FallsI residents to the occu!anc/ of the site b/ the Indians.ribe of Indians of &ontana. and the idea beca"e a forgotten one. Kn this land. 1t night wind blows down fro" the little can/on !ast his door.urtle &ountain area will so"e da/ be recogni@ed as being as significant as those culti+ated rights of the white "anD that e+entuall/ right will triu"!h and so"e of the ine0uities of the !ast will be rectified. . 8.e+er Co"esF.urtle &ountains.his organi@ation ser+ed to re!resent the !olitical and social interests of Landless Indians in the state. 8. :ere was to be a chance for the Indians of :ill 5$. . so the o!!ortunit/ !assed.$ and 1#. It is a su""ar/ histor/ of the Little hell tribeIs struggle for recognition fro" the J go+ern"ent since the 1899>s.63 2li@abeth !err/ describes Jose!h Dusso"e>s wor( in this wa/M 'etween 1#. 'ut ho!e.Dusso"e recalls. and other areas around the state of &ontana. earl/ in the 1#69Is.#. ^-aiting for a Da/ . 'ut the war ca"e. Joe Dusso"e 63 Lern Dusenberr/. eB!erienced Indian far"ers would ha+e se!arate unitsD ineB!erienced ones would wor( coo!erati+el/. the !lan de+elo!ed whereb/ all of the 'en %hilli!s> !ioneer land holdings were to be !urchased b/ the go+ern"ent for the Landless Indians.he article chronicles con+ersations with Jose!h Dusso"e and the !light of the ELandlessF &etis and Indians on :ill 5$ at *reat Falls.

Jose!h Dusso"e s!ent the "a?orit/ of his life fighting for his !eo!le>s rights. to testif/ in the court of Clai"s. he was instru"ental in obtaining the 'rown =anch and the late enator Cowan>s =anch near 'oB 2lder. 1#35M 88)195.ribe of Indians of &ontana. Montana The Maga-ine of Western 2istoryG Lol.hrough his lobb/ing efforts in -ashington. Dusso"e argued that the Landless Indians of &ontana (LI&) retained title and rights to land in &ontana through !ossession and occu!anc/. :e was (nown to one)and)all as a E"an of lo/alt/.dis!uted that the LI& had an/ affiliation with the . . acco"!anied b/ Da+id Done/ of :a/s.en Cent . Lern.erritor/. In 1#3. Dusso"e asserted grou! ancestr/ a"ong the %e"bina band of Chi!!ewa under the leadershi! of Chief =ed 'ear.hese were later lost along with their other lands (1#86). *reat effort has been underta(en to geneticall/ !in!oint the descendenc/ of this grou!. &ontana.1## Later. a descendent of Chief Little hell of the .F in &ichael .e+er Co"esF. Jud/ has ser+ed as a 'and counsellor for the Little hell 'and of &ontana. &issoula.F &a/ 1##6) for so"e of this infor"ation. Lern.F For "an/ /ears he was e"!lo/ed with the =ecla"ation er+ice on the Crow =eser+ation.#. %hoto creditM htt!MOOwww.F &. .hesis.F re0uesting *rorud>s assistance in securing title to land in &ontana for his grou!.ho"as Little hell. Conte"!orar/ research illustrates the confusion surrounding Dusso"e>s grou! and their eBact ethnic affiliation. Cree and Chi!!ewa in . ( !ring 1#58). :e was also acti+e in the De"ocratic %art/ and held the !osition of congressional Co""ittee "an in %hilli!s Count/. Dusso"e wrote to attorne/ 1. Dusso"e began to re!resent indi+iduals clai"ing descendanc/ under the leadershi! of %e"bina Chief . and the nu"erous a+enues for identification this "ulti)ethnic co"!osition creates.littleshelltribe.he Jni+ersit/ of &ontana.1.his article was written with contributions b/ Jud/ Jacob/. Dusso"e>s great grand)daughter.99$M88)86. &ontanaM .his infor"ation is eBtracted fro" a genealog/ !resented as a gift to Jud/ fro" *ail &orin.co"Oi"agesOi"garchi+eO?ose!hhdusso"e. or for Indians who were enrolled "e"bers of a reser+ation but were unable to settle on their reser+ation due to a lac( of sufficient land. *ail sites 1l Gerbur/ (E&/ =ed =i+er Lineage.his act !ro+ided land for Indian !eo!le who had not !re+iousl/ recei+ed rights to a reser+ation. . 8$)88. 8. . 2li@abeth !err/ E2thnogenesis of the &etis.?!g 6$ J. *rorud in behalf of the Eabandoned . Aenned/ (2d.1.) The "ed Man's West .his is nearl/ i"!ossible to do if we consider the "ulti)ethnic co"!osition of landless Indian !eo!le in &ontana. =ather. E. citing . . . =eferenceM Dusenberr/. 88 . where he built da"s and other water "anage"ent structures.ew Gor(M :astings :ouse %ublishers.urtle &ountain Chi!!ewa.orth Da(ota. Dusenberr/.he &etis of &ontana. howe+er. In 1#. concerning the .wentieth Centur/ &ontana.urtle &ountain Indians under the leadershi! of Chief Little hell who too( allot"ents of land in eastern &ontana as !ro+ided b/ the !ro+isions of the 188$ *eneral 1llot"ent 1ct..urtle &ountain band originall/ fro" . E-aiting for a Da/ that . .6$ . &ontana for his !eo!le.reat/ of the Chi!!ewa)Cree)&etis of the Da(ota . .C. he was called to -ashington D..

-C.rader for the =ain/ La(e district but soon retired to Co+entr/.he/ had fourteen children. Daniel -illia"s :ar"on.Du/al. :ar"on beca"e Chief . Ler"ont and later "o+ed to ault au =ecollet near &ontreal. .et (Harmon). 2li@abeth was a Cree :alf)'reed "arried to fur trader. DliHa. 1fter the a"alga"ation of the :'C and . 86 .

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