Katie Rice Ms.

Grummon APLAC 11-3 19 August 2012 AP Language Activity 1 Declarative: She was so into the music that she hopped on stage and danced with reckless abandon. Interrogative: Will there be any adroit players at the chess tournament? Exclamatory: Thank you for the beneficent tip! Imperative: Appropriate me a brownie, please. Simple: Her mother’s tone was caustic. Their twin telepathy resulted in a confluence of words. The judges spoke defamatory words about the singer on live television. The aloe Vera was incredibly emollient. Compound: The robber’s moves were extremely furtive, but their ski goggles and facemasks totally blew their secretive cover. The students trembled with fear over their imminent exam, for if only they knew it had be cancelled they could remain imperturbable. Even the teacher couldn’t remember the strange nomenclature of the plant; however, a little boy genius soon shouted out its classification.

however. After observing the new product. yet I could tell that she did not sound happy. the select few are very down to earth. now people are rapt primarily in technology. however. Before the 21st century. . Since there was always prodigal food after the church banquets. the solicitous audience cheered for the new movie to premier in theatres. a passing lady gave him the paltry total of two dollars and a cardboard sign. the children all came together to give the leftovers to the homeless. it was nearly impossible to understand my mother on the telephone. Unless the vociferous screaming people would quiet down. Complex: Because the vagrant boy was drenched in mud and without shoes. the curious lady asked to touch it. Even if an essay is outstandingly structured. people were rapt in the essence of adventure and nature. Compound-complex: Even though the silly boy was trying to make the class chuckle. but his teacher took his joke the wrong way and he sent him to the principal’s office for being facetious. As the lights dimmed.Most movie stars suffer from extreme megalomania. it is nothing without the proper use of effective rhetoric. so she could have a tactile feeling for what she was about to purchase.

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