Software we used.

When creating our blog, the software that we used in both creating our blogs and the opening sequence of our horror, we used software that we already knew how to use. The first piece of software that we learnt how to use was 'scribd', we used this to create a much more effective and professional look to our blog we included the production schedule and a lot of our work on ‘scribd’. We found it quit easy to learn and we were happy with the outcome.

The next piece of software we again had to learn how to use was ''. We used this piece of software in creating our brainstorm, which allowed us to be able to create our brainstorm with ease and also helped make it look more presentable.

For the editing we used ‘Finalcut pro’, it was the main way of editing and it took (Sunraj Bolina) a while to really grasp the software but now with a bit more practice we are confident that our editor can use this software to good effect when editing our opening sequence of a horror.

For the sound, we will be using the software 'Soundtrack pro' within the editing process. Although we did not use any music in the preliminary task we feel that we will be able to use it in the opening sequence of our horror. Along with ‘soundtrack pro’ we will also be using 'Sound cloud' to upload the score music for our final opening sequence.