Open Call for Womyn of Color and LGBTQ Healers, Artists, Activists & Organizers Throughout New York City

In response to the economic crisis, Casa has launched the Womyn of Color Healing Arts Collective to address the internalization of historical poverty and scarcity mentality that womyn of color have been subjected to, oppressed with and internalized. Casa is excited to be opening its healing space for womyn’s individual and collective economic, mental, emotional and spiritual sustainability. We are looking forward to collaborating with you to create a prosperous and abundant organization! As a result, Casa has invited you to become a member of its Womyn of Color and LGBTQ Healing Arts Collective. We are outreaching to sisters and comrades like you and likeminded organizations like yours that want to become a member, offer workshops, rent out our healing space or become a referral to our community. The WOC and LGBTQ Healing Arts Collective was birthed out of a collaborative desire for a transformative space of culture, spirituality, creativity, liberation and healing within our communities. We aim to establish a support network of womyn of color healers and artists manifesting economic sustainability and providing a valuable tool for the self empowerment and self sustainability to one of the most valuable resources in our community, womyn! WOC Membership: The idea of membership is a financial commitment from the collaborators through mutual sustainability and financial efforts. 1. An extensive and ever-growing network of stakeholders of womyn who are personally and financially vested in the space. 2. Organize a yearlong calendar with continuous programming for young and adult womyn providing low to free lost healthcare and self empowerment and healing/cultural workshops towards womyn of color sustainability mind body and spirit during these tough times. To become a member Contact us @ 718.585.5540 or Email:

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