planning to take Research I in Fall 2013, you MUST take EDTC 631 in Spring 2013. Technology Facilitator is NOT being offered in the Summer at all. Please note, this form is only to help us in planning course schedules. You still have to officially register for EDTC 622. Research I is only offered in the Fall, followed immediately by Research II in the Spring. To register for Research I, you cannot just register, as you have for your other courses. You need a permission number. To be eligible for a permission number, you must meet the following four criteria: 1. You must be matriculated in the Educational Technology program. 2. You must have completed a minimum of 24 credits toward your degree (for NPTNJ candidates that would be the 12 credits from NPTNJ plus at least 12 credits or more in the Ed Tech program) by the end of the Summer II 2013 semester. 3. You must have completed EDTC 618, Learning Theories, before the Fall 2013 semester begins. For NPTNJ candidates, the transfer course would be EDU 628, Learning and Motivation. 4. You must have completed EDTC 631, Technology Facilitator: Issues and Challenges, before the Fall 2013 semester begins. You get the permission number by calling Giulio Dininno, our administrative support specialist, at 201-2003078. Before he is allowed to give you a permission number, we check that you have met all of the above criteria. You should plan to take Research I and II at the end of your course of study. Determine when you plan to graduate and, on your Checklist, write “Spring and the year” next to Research II and “Fall and the year” next to Research I. Then you can build the rest of your coursework backwards, around that goal. In order to offer you the best thesis advisement available, please provide us with information about your thesis plans in the row below the questions. Your Name Your E-mail Do you plan to take If “Yes” where do you plan to take EDTC 622? EDTC 622, Re1. At NJCU at Wall, Exit 98 on the Garden State search I, in Fall Parkway (classes are blended and meet f-2-f 2013? on the first Sat. of the month)? (Y or N) 2. Online?

If you have not already submitted this form, please do so ASAP. Thank you.

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