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Published by: Saba Stephen on Dec 04, 2012
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People say that books are man’s best friends, though we are very good at forgetting our friends over time. Human beings are breathing creatures with fleeting minds, always searching for new experiences and quickly replacing the old ones. Unfortunately, the worst victims of this very tendency are the books we read. We lose interest in them the same time they lose luster of their covers. They fail to stand the test of time and eventually meet their old fate of sitting, unappreciated and unclaimed, at the corners of a dusty bookshelf. We heartlessly abandon them and all the things which seemed so true, at the time their essence was all shiny and new. We humans always yearn to make a very strong and insightful book our source of guidance. We believe that biographies, autobiographies, and political compilations hold a greater potential to change our scattered lives. Though, it only takes one book in a lifetime to completely change who we are and resonate with us for the rest of our lives. If you simply have the ability to see beyond what’s obvious, any book can work wonders for you. You just have to believe in the power of the words and engrave the lessons learnt at the back of your mind. I have always defended the utter notion that practicality keeps you away from humanity. Thus, it’s okay to believe in a little magic and passion if that helps you to become a good person and make you realize who you really are. There are very few people whose favorite words and stories are a part of their life. Well, I am one of those lucky ones. When I read the bestselling fictional vampire book series by Stephanie Meyer I strived to see beyond the unreal idea of vampires and werewolves living amongst us, and I somewhat succeed in that. So, here’s my feeble attempt to thank and say goodbye to my greatest friend who has changed my life in such an unforeseen way and taught me lessons which I’ll remember all my life. Since, best friends are never meant to be forgotten with the flow of time. “Dear Twilight, Thank you for walking by my side for the five most dazzlingly memorable years, and allowing me to share a common craze for fiction with my younger sibling. Thanks for making me believe in true love, romance, and soul mates; the things which seem so surreal in today’s cruel world. Thanks for telling me that average people can experience magical love in their lives too. Thanks for showing me that one can fall for the wrong person for all the right reasons. Thanks for letting me know that some connections can never be broken, even if you steer your life in a completely different direction. Thanks for teaching me that one should not replace people in their hearts to accommodate the new ones, but rather make their hearts bigger. Thanks for letting me know that lasting feelings don’t stem from shallowness and superficiality. Thanks for telling me to hold on to good old traditions in this current modern society. Thanks for teaching me that it’s okay to fearlessly follow the path which your heart suggests, and never to let go of people you really care for. Thanks for showing me know that once your heart belongs to someone else, that person gains the power to cripple you. Thanks for letting me know that no

matter with how much care we walk our path, we happen to break people’s hearts. Thanks for teaching me that a single moment can quickly change your life’s numerous parts. Thanks for telling me that once you fall in love, you’re in it for life. Thanks for teaching me that making new relationships doesn’t warrant leaving the old ones behind. Thanks for showing me that true love doesn’t fade and loose its expression over time. Thanks for teaching me that loves’ other names are costless sincerity and selfless sacrifice. Thanks for letting me know that if the feelings and emotions are pure they can become any person’s superpower. Thanks for teaching me that sometimes you have to let go of what you desire, and spare yourself from becoming a coward. Thanks for showing me that all a person really need are love and support to endure all the adversities of life. Thanks for telling me that life is a collection of irreparable wounds and unforgettable sights. Thank you for pushing me to cling on to hope, no matter how my journey may change. And last but certainly not the least, thanks for molding my ordinary imagination in such an extraordinary way. You’ve become an irreplaceable and unchangeable part of me, which I shall preserve for the rest of my life. So, thank you and goodbye my friend.” Saba Stephen

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