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Narrative Script

Narrative Script

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Published by Chris Kohl
Narrative Script for Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric
Narrative Script for Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric

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Published by: Chris Kohl on Dec 04, 2012
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My mind was spinning in circles from everything that accompanied the middle of a week in the fall term of senior

year. I sat in my room aimlessly gazing at a blank screen with the first of the three puzzles the Notre Dame Application had forced me solve. While I was locked up in what seemed to be a prison cell of a room, my family was scattered around the house, enjoying each other’s company. Aside from our short dinner conversations my busy schedule made seeing my family members almost a rarity. Each day, I came home from school dragging my overflowing, ripped backpack along with me. Once home, I would trek up to my room, while not saying hello to anyone, start up my laptop, and work until dinner. At dinner, I would eat so fast, that I barely left time to talk to my family in between bites so I could quickly head back up to my room. On the few occasions I did finish my work early, I would spend the rest of my night lost on the internet before finally falling asleep, only to repeat the events of the last day over again. This time, however, there was no completing my work early. To no avail, I tried to come up with some response the application prompt in front of me and I decided I needed a break. After doing the usual checking up on Facebook, I checked the weather, expecting the crisp beauty of the fall to continue. To my amazement, the forecast called for snow that Saturday. After some more procrastination, I decided to get back to work, only to put together a mediocre set of 150 words and called it a night. When I woke up three days later on Saturday morning, it seemed as if a white-pasty glue had fallen from the sky. It glazed onto each and every little thing outside, including the golden brown leaves that clung to the late October trees. The immense weight of the snow caused trees to droop, and more resemble the shape of a Christmas tree with ornaments to heave to be supported by its branches

After a few hours of working on my applications that morning, the screen on my laptop dimmed and with it my hopes sending in my applications on time. A tree in our neighborhood had finally split apart from the immense weight of the snow, and decided to take a power line down with it. After consulting my parents, we decided to relocate to a motel so I could finish my applications. But, while we were packing, things quickly went from bad to worse. [Tree falling]. Living on a dead end were stranded. The mighty old oak tree in my neighbor’s yard collapsed across our only route of escape. With no internet or computer--I had two days to send in my applications That night, my family and I slept in the basement as the cold air gradually seeped into out house, all the while my mind left me sleepless. The next morning the sounds of chainsaws echoed throughout the neighborhood. After a several hours of work my father, a few neighbors, and I hollowed out a path along our road, and finally freed ourselves. That afternoon we finally made it to the motel, and I began push through my applications again. The motel room itself, wasn’t much more than 4 walls a floor and a ceiling. The room consisted of two beds saturated with cigarette smoke, an off level table, a continually hissing toilet, and a fuzzy small TV. However, as I worked this time things were different. This time, my parents were beside me to calm my nerves, and keep my stress from influencing me. With my Mom, my dad, and my sister around me, the dimly lit- small motel room- filled to twice its capacity, didn’t feel nearly as cramped as I felt when I worked in my room all by myself. I finally wrote some essays that must have been up to Notre Dame’s

standards, and sent them in a mere 4 hours before the deadline. My family had finally freed me of the stress I put on myself. Since school was cancelled, I now had no real plans or commitments for a few days, and I finally began to spending real time with my family. I

watched the Monday Night Eagles game with my dad and yelled and cheered with him in front of the fuzzy-- 20 year old TV in the room. As my family and I sat on the edges of the beds, talked, and ate a pizza my and the storm in my mind finally calmed. For the first time is a while I remembered why my family sits atom my priorities list, and I began to enjoy myself.

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