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com Would you like to support a historical area of New Orleans? November 29, 2012 Dear Kathryn Kissam, The Bywater neighborhood is located from Press Street to the Industrial Canal. The Bywater Community Development Corporation was started initially to focus on the area’s improvement. Their mission statement is “to promote the safety and well being of all New Orleans' Bywater residents by nurturing a sense of community through strong support for the arts, commerce, home ownership, and education.” This neighborhood is filled with so much history from the beginning of working-class New Orleans. It is filled with historic churches, small businesses, warehouse structures and residences. Although the Bywater Community Development Corporation is a strong group, it still needs support monetarily to keep it as well as the neighborhood associations afloat. We are contacting you, Kathryn, in hopes that you and Denovo Communications will aid in the efforts for BR PRessworks event, which will be held on November 10, 2012. We are a public relations service-learning firm based out of Louisiana State University that is putting on a SCVNGR event for the Art Walk on St. Claude. SCVNGR is a mobile app that is similar to a scavenger hunt. A participant earns points every challenge they complete. This is where your help can come in! We are hoping to raise money for our grand prizewinner. The Bywater Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote business to its local vendors and artists. All money that goes through them eventually gets returned to the Bywater neighborhood in some fashion. This is through events such as the Mirliton Festival, PhotoNOLA and the Fringe Festival. For this reason, we are left with a very small budget that will not

cover all of the costs for the event. Please be a part of keeping this historical place alive. With your donation, we will be able to have the event and award someone with a grand prize. This will promote the Bywater Community Development’s Corporation mission to allow more people in the Bywater area to have access to the benefits the nonprofit has to offer. Sincerely,

Kirsti Ortego BR PRessworks Account Liaison

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