CreativeHatsTeamWork by Denny Stein

A Smurf, a Leprechaun, and Tom Mix walk into a bar. The Smurf says, “Okay, let’s get up on these bar stools by height.” The three guys look up and down the stools. }No no! OUR heights. The bar stools are all the same height.” The Leprechaun jumps up and down. “I’m a different height every time I jump UP! And then shorter when I come DOWN. You try it!” Tom Mix looked around the bar and said, “There aren’t 3 stools in a row here. One has a Catholic Cardinal. Then there’s a Chimney Sweep cozied up with one of the Lemon Sisters.” The Cardinal looked up, “Ahh, bless me if it’s not the Creative Ventures team, come by for a drink. I bet they’ve been up all night and finally turned in that damn sleep project. Come on y’all, have some wine! It’s a soporific.” “Hooray,” said the Lemon Sister, “I love a party! Everybody grab a seat.” “Whoa” hollered the Chimney Sweep. “Hold on there. Not so fast. Where the hell are they all going to sit??”

At this point, the bartender, tired of all the confusion, put on his Red, White and Blue hat. “Okay! Everybody OFF the bar stools. Line up alphabetically, by the first letter of the color of your hat. Good. Now stay in that order and belly up to the bar. Wine’s on the house.” Hats Chart property of Crash Course on Creativity, Prog. Tina Selig, Stanford University.

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